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#just like the bath water stream
elemental-healer · 2 years ago
Powerful Self Cleansing Ritual
This is a very powerful ritual which calls upon elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Great for when you need to cleanse your mind and body from painful memories, experiences or just need to clear your mind due to excessive anxiety, depression etc! A large part of this ritual is fine-tuning your focus and become sensitive to the energies radiating from the elements that you come in contact with throughout this spell. 
Tumblr media
First call upon element of Earth by acquiring a smudging stick, or any combination of cleansing herbs in a fireproof bowl (good ones are sage and rosemary, and thyme make sure they are dry or they may not light on fire). Smell the herbs and hold them in your hands whilst envisioning the power and energy of the Earth.  Repeat the following incantation: 
“Element of Earth, I invoke thee 
Cleanse my mind and body of all negativity”
Tumblr media
Next light your herbs or smudging stick on fire and wave it around your body from the top of your head, down to your feet completely cover yourself in the smoke. As you watch the embers envision the powers of fire and feel the energy radiating from the embers and flames. As you wave the smoke around your body repeat the following:
“Element of fire, I invoke thee,
cleanse my mind and body of all negativity” 
Tumblr media
As you breathe in the smoke of the herbs, focus on the element of air. Envision that which each breath you take you are inhaling positive energy and exhaling negative reaffirm this aloud as you say:
“Element of Air, I invoke thee,
As I exhale, carry away the negative energies that reside in my body
As I inhale, bring positive energies into my body”
Make sure to take big deep breaths as you repeat the incantation, picturing the energies flowing in and out of your lungs.
Tumblr media
Lastly, the element of water. I find this to be one of the most powerful aspects of the spell and should be done LAST. Get to a body of water that you can rinse yourself in, stand in, splash in, whatever. A simple bowl of water will not be as powerful opposed to this method. I decided to take a shower (because it was convenient lol) you can feel free to run a bath if you like. Visiting a stream or river is obviously ideal but it is really the intent here that matters. Stand in the water and wash yourself whilst repeating:
“Element of water, I invoke thee,
May the water rushing over my skin carry (bad energies, and painful 
memories, pain, whatever it is you wish to focus on) away
Close your cleansing ritual by thanking each of the elements aloud. 
***edit***If you are looking for a home cleansing ritual I also have one that I just recently posted on my page
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haroldloverboy · 3 years ago
Can we pls get a blurb of harry giving aftercare? I feel like he’s be so damn sweet about everything
he’s the sweeteeeesT!!!
I see Harry as the type that loves sex and everything about it; loves to see how many limits he can push (or sometimes even reach himself), loves the specific scent it has - of deodorant, sweat, body lotion and that certain something he can’t compare to anything else, he just describes it as the smell of sex. He loves the bites, scratches and the loud sounds it involves; loves the pure filth it can sometimes consist of, or the slow passionate love making it can lead to. He likes the taste of it too; the slightly salty taste of sweat dripping down between the valley of Y/N’s breasts, the taste of the watermelon chapstick still lingering on her swollen and bitten lips, and the slightly sweet and tangy way she tastes between her thighs.
But as much as Harry loves all those things, there’s one thing he thinks he might love just a tad more - and that’s aftercare.
Right after he’s finished and feels the tingles slowly drifting out of his body, he’s already alert once again and set on making everything right for her before anything else. He breathes in slowly, trying to come back to normal and checks with her first before he makes any kind of move; “M’onna pull out now, yeah? Hold onto me, that’s it, pet.”, “I wanna hold you - can I hold you?” There are lots of praises, encouragements and gentle coos in her ear when he’s holding her tight afterwards (he makes sure to do that for a couple minutes before he can get to the clean up); “What a good girl you are, so good to me.”, “S’alright, s’alright, I got you.”, sometimes he might even sneak in a small joke to lighten up the mood, “How wonderful it is to see your face again, darling.” (and at that she just grins and rubs her sore wrists from how tightly he had gripped them behind her back).
Aftercare also depends on how hard he went that specific time; when he’s been easy on her, treated her softly and just held her tight to his chest while their hips moved together slowly, he settles on helping clean her up with some of those nice grape seed oil wet wipes that he always has on the side of the bed and holds her to his chest until they fall asleep. And there are the other occasions, in which he’s made her cum more times than he can count on one hand and he’s looking her all over, from her tangled hair, to her chapped and parted lips, neck and chest adorned in hickeys which trailed down to her hips, her thighs and tummy sticky with his release and her own as well. Her fingers are twitching and knees pressing together, body convulsing and whimpers still leaving her mouth. Those are the kind of moments in which he cares for her the most.
Right then he wraps his arms around her shaking figure and hushes her when she yelps, eyes snapping open, “S’okay, my love. I’ve got you, daddy’s got you.” He just holds her like that for a few minutes until he feels her slowly start to come back to normal, the wetness around her eyes drying in the steamy air of the room, the goosebumps on her skin fading away and her body relaxing, head leaning onto his shoulder. He runs his fingers through her hair and hums lowly in her ear, breathing her in and murmuring, “Gonna take care of you now, yeah? Get you all clean and better.”
Sometimes it’s relaxing bubble baths, and other times it’s long showers in which he helps wash her up under the hot water stream. He kisses on her a lot, from her forehead to her cheeks, nose and shoulders, pressing light ones to her sore lips and onto some of the bruises he’s made on her body. He rubs her hip gently and repeatedly whispers “shh”  when he helps clean her up between her thighs as she yips and whimpers in pain, “That’s it, doing well fo’ me, just a few more seconds.”
He makes sure she’s got something to eat afterwards, mostly foods that would help get her back on her feet, like fresh berries and granola bars (even though she almost always asks for the leftover pizza or the hidden jar of Nutella in the back of the cupboard). He helps tuck her in bed after he’s dressed her in a fresh shirt he quickly grabbed from the back of his closet and tugged some fuzzy socks over her feet. He leans his back onto the headboard as her head is propped on his chest, a straw tucked between her lips as she sips the smoothie he’s made her and they talk about everything that’s happened, because he always wants to make sure what felt good for her and what didn’t so he knows whether he should do it again or not.
“Okay but it felt nice, right? Got you screaming my name and your legs shaking, so it must’ve? ”
She feels her cheeks tingle with heat, “No, it felt nice. S’just that next time you’re eating me out and you wanna trail… to other parts, give a girl a warning, will you?” And he just laughs and kisses the top of her head.
So yeah, you could say that Harry really just loves caring for Y/N.
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embermc · 2 months ago
Lmao it sometimes feels like c!Tommy really can't do anything without half of the fanbase getting on him for it
Like, so y'all just weren't around for Season 1 where people just did semi-lore streams where they would make short-lived scams and shady businesses that lasted like one stream for fun and it didn't actually hurt anyone and it was just for funny content? The muggings? The Tubbo bath water scam? The show business? Like?? Do y'all just not remember any of that or-
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hogwartsfirebolt · a year ago
Tumblr media
Hi again! This is part two (out of three!) of my 2019 drarry fic recs. In the first part I recommended ten of my absolute favorite stories I read this year, and here I am today with ten more that I also love dearly and hope you’ll enjoy too. The banner art is by one of my FAVORITE ARTISTS, @aceveria-art who was kind enough to let me use their art for this and just LOOK AT THAT STUNNING PIECE (here’s the link for you to reblog if you want cause omg). Now, in no particular order, here’s some of my
1. Of Wands and Trees - Omi_Ohmy - 45k - All Draco wants to do is be a wandmaker, but to do so he needs to understand the soul of trees. Of course, the only man who might be able to help him is the one man who is more of a mystery to him than any tree.
We’re starting out this list with this absolute gemstone of a fic. It’s got everything: adventure, redemption, cabins in the middle of nowhere, a spin on the kind of magic we’re used to in this fandom, ancient trees, passion, wandlore, Draco being forced to work for his own food, Harry bathing naked in streams (my mouth’s watering as we speak), and it’s so, so good, the writing, the characterizations, the setting so vibrant I felt like I was standing right there. Just, a gem all around.
2. Take Into the Air (My Quiet Breath) - guardianmira - 11k - Draco is dying of Hanahaki Disease. Serves him right, Harry thinks.
This fic felt, to me, like something completely different from the eighth year fics I usually read, and, having found it by accident, it absolutely blew my mind! I did not expect to love it as much as I did, and I definitely did not expect to feel it as deeply as I did. Just the right amount of angst to give us that sweet, sweet relief at the end. Very lovely.
3. We have a Problem - @xx-thedarklord-xx - 3k - Weddings tend to have a variety of things happening at one time. With a groom as meticulous as Draco, Ron expected nothing to go wrong. When shenanigans, walkouts, disasters, no-shows, and a lack of food strike, it’s up to Ron to save the day.
SO SWEET. Just so, so freaking sweet and funny and different. Ron’s POV was fresh and lovely and so clever, and the plot is hilarious and engaging. It reads so quickly that you will barely feel time passing, and I am 10000% sure that everyone’s bound to adore this. It’s just one of those fics. I cannot recommend it enough. It will be the absolute best 15-20 minutes of your day.
4. Foreplay - @lqtraintracks - 6k - Getting a raging hard-on on the duelling room floor, pinned under Harry Potter’s sweaty body, is not how Draco saw his day going, but… Well, here he is.
Mmfffff. Can barely think about this without having to fan myself, because it’s probably the hottest fic I read all year. Aurors sparring, a Harry who is unbelievably hot, a Draco who tries but simply can’t resist him, showers, a bit of semi-public sex, and the very literal definition of “not safe for work” can be found in here. Just, goodness, it should’ve taken me half an hour to read it and it took about one because I KEPT STOPPING TO BREATHE. Lqt never fails to deliver powerful, incredibly sexy stories and you should all go see for yourselves what I’m talking about.
5. Safe Words - felix_atticus - 26k - Draco discovers his husband has been keeping a secret from him. At first he’s amused. Then he’s curious. The problem? Harry’s always had a hard time saying no.
Speaking of powerful, this one here stabbed me right in the chest and twisted the knife, but in the absolute best way possible. It’s FANTASTIC. The writing is beautiful, the characterizations astounding, and I felt every single emotion so deep inside me. It paints how difficult it is to navigate trust, how impossible it feels to put our own wants and needs over what’s expected of us, explores consent in so many different aspects of life and just presents a beautiful relationship at its core. It really is gorgeous.
6. Upstaged - @lettersbyelise - 3k - West End actor Drake O'Malley starts receiving fanmail from a (not so mysterious) stranger.
The epistolary format already makes this stand apart from our usual fic, but the plot itself is also something I hadn’t ever read before. It’s written so smoothly that it reads like a dream, and I loved every second of it and how it allowed me to build up an entire picture of what was happening with each letter. I’ve gone back to it two or three times just to experience it all over again, and I always have a great time when I do. This is so lovely, witty and just different.
7. Pure Imagination - @aibidil - 14k - An eighth-year tale of depressed happiness, reluctant imagination, and conflicted hope. And skateboarding.
My god is this fic lovely. I spent about three quarters of it clutching my chest because I loved it so much, I love these kids so much and it hit me right in the feels to see everything they go through after the dust of the war settles and they have to figure out their place in life. This is hope in a jar, it’s that light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel story that becomes a metaphor for life itself. A beautiful, beautiful ride.
8. Poor Unfortunate Souls - @doubleappled - 19k - Draco is a potioneer. Harry is trying to save his sex-challenged marriage. Everything is a mess, but at least there’s an octopus in the lobby.
Chaotic, unique, HOT!!! The whole set up is brilliant, Draco’s work is very interesting, the scenes where we get to see with Harry and Ginny are so incredibly well done that my jaw fell to the floor a little, and what can I even say about the entire buildup we get for Draco and Harry’s relationship, it was MASTERFUL. This fic is absolutely amazing and the ending is so good I can still savor it when I remember it. Go check it out, right now!!!
9. Weather With You - @quicksilvermaid - 29k - Flood. Heatwave. Cyclone. Epic storm ready to rip London apart? Something strange is happening to the weather inside the Ministry of Magic…–Featuring magical creatures, Harry wearing minimal clothes, a snarky snake, and Draco Malfoy who is definitely Up To Something.
This story is such a fun ride that can, at times, be absolutely freaking hilarious (the whole “He Is Up To Something” narrative never fails to crack me up), and at times become sweet and tender. There is nothing more relatable to me than a Draco who wants Harry so much he doesn’t even know what to do with himself, and it was a joy to read him here, and actually, both of their characterizations are so fantastic that they definitely feel like an extension of what we know about them to begin with, and I just had the best of times watching them work their way out of this mess. Sprinkle in a bit of parseltongue, witty snakes and shirtless Harry, and you’ve found yourself the best way to spend the evening.
10. A Sword Laid Aside - @korlaena - 128k - When Draco’s cover is blown during a deep undercover operation and the Ministry is compromised, Ron takes Draco to the only safe place he can think of—Potter. Hiding out with a taciturn Harry Potter, who has been missing from the Wizarding World for almost two decades after a shocking fall from grace, is nothing like Draco thought it would be. Draco has to navigate dealing with this Potter while being hunted by Dark wizards and wanted by extremists in the Ministry. When things take a turn for the worse, Draco has to decide whether he’s going to keep running or find a way to protect the world and the people he cares about most.
There are so many things I want to say about this one, so many little details that drove me wild and I want to mention but I just… I- this story is absolutely MIND BLOWING, it’s deep, it’s amazing and frankly extraordinary and I don’t even know how to tell you how much I adore every single word of it. This must be one of my absolute favorite versions of Harry that I’ve ever read, his immense power, his internal conflict, pain and sheer physicality made me weak in the knees; Draco’s characterization is also so heartbreakingly spot on that I could barely believe what I was reading. This story gripped me, squeezed me, spun me around a little and then put me upright again, and there is honestly nothing like it. I haven’t even told you anything about the plot, which… omg. There are no words to tell you how much you NEED to read this. Just typing this is making me want to embark on this adventure again. — I have no excuse for the amount of Harry thirst to be found on this list, I just- well. I really hope you like these little gems! Hahaha. If you do end up reading any of them and want to chat about them, or have questions about any tags or warnings that might worry you, my DMs are always open!!! Enjoy ❤️
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laurasimonsdaughter · 8 months ago
“Alright then,” she said firmly, crossing her arms and giving the empty shower cabin as intimidating a stare as she could. “I know you’re in there, so show yourself.”
There was no response. Just the rush of the water streaming down.
“You’re not fooling anyone!” she insisted. “And I’m not leaving this time.”
For a long, heart-pounding moment nothing happened, and then, with the shower still raining down, the water swirling around the drain slowly came to a halt and stopped running off. In front of her very eyes, the shower base began to slowly fill with water. The level rose and rose, until she hastily reached out and turned the shower off, getting her clothes thoroughly splashed in the process.
“Dammit-” she cursed, but as soon as she looked down, she shut her mouth.
Below her the shower had collected a shallow pool of water and on its surface, undisturbed by either stray drops or overhead lights, was the reflection of a face. A face with large eyes with endless depths and a tensely closed mouth.
She stared at the apparition and the reflection stared back. “Alright,” she said eventually, a little stiffly. “Thank you for coming when I asked.”
“Ordered,” a thin, but decided voice replied.
“Well, you’ve been causing a lot of trouble, I think I’m entitled,” she argued. “There’s been leaking taps and floods and…shampoo all over the place! You are haunting my shower!”
“Not haunt,” came the indignant reply. “I am spirit of water, not ghost.” The water spirit regarded her accusingly. “Humans drain ponds. Block off wells. Stop streams…”
She moved her lips in silence for a moment, taken aback. “So you want to hang out in a shower??”
“A nice place,” the spirit replied defensively. “Close to old stream.”
“Look,” she spluttered. “I really am sorry that you lost your home. That’s really shitty and I’m sorry. But I can’t let someone watch me while I bathe, just because they like my shower!”
“She,” the spirit corrected. “Not they.”
She faltered for a moment. “She, noted,” she agreed with a nod. “But my point stands! I understand that you need to live – or…be – somewhere, but I can’t shower with you in here!”
“I am not in shower. I inhabit water.”
The grimace on her face was mostly reflexive. “I do not mean to be insensitive, but from my perspective that may be worse.”
To her surprise, the spirit snorted at that, making the water splash in its basin.
“I’m glad you think this is funny,” she grumbled. She slowly let herself sink to the bathroom floor, sitting in front of the open shower door and looking at the spirit’s watery face with extremely conflicted feelings. Most of them being guilt and discomfort. Now some of the pent-up frustration from the past weeks was gone, she was suddenly not at all sure if she did have the right to demand this spirit leave. In a way, she may be the original occupant, so to speak.
“I am sorry,” the spirit suddenly warbled. “Your body has a space. I do not want to trespass.”
She glanced at the pool-like eyes. “It’s okay,” she muttered. “I can imagine it doesn’t make a lot of sense when you’re…water. I guess people used to wash themselves in your stream all the time.”
“Clothes, too,” the spirit agreed.
She nodded. “Listen, I’m- maybe we can work something out. So we can share the shower.”
The water moved curiously and the large eyes looked up at her expectantly. “I could be not when your body needs space and be when here is empty?”
“Yes, that would be good, but, don’t you need the water to be running to…do your thing?”
“You can make water run.”
“I can, but I can’t just leave the shower running all the time, that’s—” Wasteful? That sounded rather nonsensical speaking to a being made of water. Expensive? Well, that was true, but it would also lead to her having to explain putting a price on water to a spirit and she rather would not go down that particular rabbit hole just yet.
“We do both,” the spirit pressed. “First you. Then me. Then none.”
“Yeah, alright, we can do that,” she agreed. “I can leave the shower running for you after I’m done. Or before, if you like, I don’t have to be first.”
“Yes!” the spirit warbled, sloshing the water around joyfully. “And I keep clean and nice.”
She gaped at her. “You can keep the shower clean?”
“I am water,” the spirit scoffed. “I can, of course.”
“Well!” she laughed. “That is one hell of a deal. I would have let any other roommate I’ve had use the shower as long as they liked, if they also did all the cleaning.”
“Roommate…” the spirit repeated, as if considering the word carefully. She sounded pleased.
She smiled at the spirit, light and relieved. “Okay, I think this is something we can work with. What do you say?”
“I say yes,” the spirit chimed happily, but then she suddenly closed her mouth again, looking hesitant.
“What is it?” she asked. “You don’t have to decide now, I can come back later to talk about it again, if you want?”
“No! No this is well…” The spirit’s eyes turned round and pleading. “You can bring more flower soap?”
She frowned in temporary confusion and then remembered the spilled bottle of lavender shampoo. “Uh, do you need it for something, or do you just like the smell?”
“The smell please.”
She laughed. “Tell you what, tomorrow I will go out and buy some oil that smells just as nice. It will last longer. You can have it as a housewarming present.”
“As roommate,” the spirit said delightedly.
“As my roommate,” she agreed with a smile.
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sonofarathorn · a year ago
One day on their journey Legolas randomly turns around from talking with Aragorn or whatever to see Gimli, shirtless for the first time, huge pecs and even bigger (but only barely) biceps and arms bare. He's sharpening his axe while casually leaning against a rock on the riverbank, waiting for his clothes he just washed to dry in the sun. His body is glistening and muscles clenching and unclenching with his task (he's altogether just radiating powerful BEAR vibes)
There are still glimmering droplets of water in Gimli's hair and beard from what must have been a very recent bath, Legolas thinks, and his eyes follow as the droplets stream down Gimli's chest and then and then Gimli does the ultimate.
He does that romcom movie-typical shaking of his hair where time slows down and hes perfectly lit up from behind in a golden glow. It really does make his thick, coarse, wiry poofy hair look like flames, and Legolas is so caught up in all these unexpected things he can't help but noticing that when Gimli looks up and makes eye contact with him Legolas literally startles and is just like
Tumblr media
before abruptly running away.
Aragorn has already thrown his hands up and left the conversation by this point (pretty much as soon as Legolas turned around the man knew it'd be a lost cause), and Gimli is just standing there for a minute, head tilted and brow furrowed, before shrugging his shoulders and moving on to re-wrapping his axe's handle.
Legolas' doesn't come out of the trees until hours later, and steadfastly refuses to look in Gimli's direction lest he show his sudden weakness now that he knows just how ripped and powerful (but still with some cute pudgy softness) the dwarf is under all his clothes
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yandere-daydreams · a year ago
Incel yanderes who go yandere over their favorite youtubers/idols/actors are such a freaky idea to me. Like imagine pulling a Belle Delphine in the yandereverse and going to sell your bathwater, only to find out some creepy yandere has spent their life savings buying every single jar just so nobody else can have their darling's bath water.
While I love and support Belle Delphine doing her best in this capitalistic hellscape, I can’t stop thinking about Yandere just making shit so weird for social media influencers, in the Yandere-verse. Like, sometimes it’s good and you’ll get a causal Possessive who buys your entire stock of merch because they don’t like the idea of anyone else wearing it, but most of the time, you’ve got some weird ‘Protective’ (supposedly) spamming your twitch chat because your significant other decided to sit in on one of your streams. It’s not great, but at least you might just come into thousands of dollars because some kind Obsessive decides to donate their life-saving to your patron, because ‘my bby deserves the best luv u’. 
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laketaj24 · a year ago
D and L for Geralt please lovely? 🥺💓
Tumblr media
D- How do they picture the future their future with their s/o?
Geralt definitely craves someone as strong as him, quick on their feet and someone that can match him equal in a battle, or better yet beat him
Someone that is not wrapped up in the world, not a princess or a someone of status but the normal girl that doesn’t even think she’s great, but when he looks at her, he just sees the world.
Geralt does not want a home life, but he does want a person to call home. Someone he can talk to after every battle, someone to tend to him because fundamentally, he likes to be babied.
Swimming naked in rivers, Long trips across the continents setting up camp in the woods, cooking meals beneath the stars with her.
He pictures children, even though he doesn’t think he can have them, so yeah… (breeding kink)
L- How would they confess their love?
Geralt would be uneasy about saying it at first, but his actions would show it.
He’d contemplate for days just on how to say it. He’d want it to mean something, but then he wouldn’t want you to think it was rehearsed.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” You’d say standing from the warm water. The bath was much needed after the mud puddle you two had fallen into. The streams of water roll down your body.
“I think you missed a spot.” Geralt says teasingly and pulls you back into the water.
“I’m clean, Geralt.” You lean into his chest. “I swear you are spoiled.”
“It’s your fault.”
“I cannot see how I am to blame?”
“Well, when you love someone, you tend to crave their attention.” Geralt paused, thinking about his words, but then he settled into the water with you in his lap.
“You love me?”
“Something like that,” he laughs.
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sidespromptblog · 3 years ago
(Requested by anon)
The taste of blood was all that Logan could taste on his tongue, as he blankly stared up at the night sky that was twinkling away completely unaware of just how his entire life was bleeding away. The seconds stretched into what felt like an eternity for him, and the minutes felt even longer to him as he felt the cold from cobblestoned path seeping into his bones. A strange numbness was seeping into him, it no longer even hurt and right now it felt so much easier to just close his eyes and wade into the stream of his thoughts. It would have been like dipping his head into warm bath water and just peacefully fading away.
At least, it would have had the sobbing figure hunched over him, pressing his hand to Logan’s neck pathetically attempting to keep what little blood remained inside him from spilling out onto the dirtied alley ground.
He should have known better, walking through an abandoned alleyway during the pitch black night of winter with no one else around was just him begging for trouble. He had thought that it would be alright, a quick run down to the bakery and a quick jog back to his home was all that it would have taken him. At least until he had bumped into an old friend, a really old friend.
“I’m sorry!” The figure that was rapidly dimming in color sobbed out to him, faintly Logan could practically feel the shuddering of the other’s body. “I’m so sorry! I was just so hungry! Logan, please..please stay with me!”
This couldn’t have been real, this in no way could be real. It combatted almost every known science to this date, and the fact that his friend..his dearly beloved friend that he had shared so many nights with, as well as kisses, was dead.
He had gone to his funeral, he had wept and he had cried until his chest ached unlike anything he had ever felt before, and he was.
Logan opened his mouth, and a stream of red gushed down his lips and the figure sobbed even harder, especially as a cough rattled his body allowing him to finally spit out the blood that had welled up in his mouth and lungs. A tired smile quirked onto his lips before he found himself reaching up, he hadn’t had a chance to say it before when his beloved had died to cruelly but now, now he had an honest chance to say it all. His palm cupped the other’s face, and he felt those freezing cold tears mix with his own blood that stained his once lover’s mouth.
“Patton,” He crooned softly, “Don’t be sorry, it’s alright..I promise, you have no reason to be sorry about anything. I love you too much to hold this against you, and..” Another cough wracked his body, and he felt Patton’s cold grip on him tighten. “I am glad that it is you...I am glad that I will not die alone somewhere with no one to mourn me. Dying in your does not warrant a sorry to me.” He whispered out, his voice getting lighter and lighter as the darkness in his vision enclosed around him.
This was alright, Patton was holding him close, it didn’t matter what his lover had come back as, as long as he continued to hold him until his very last moments, it would be alright. Eventually, he felt his eyes slowly drift shut, and all became warm once again.
“I’m sorry,” Patton whispered once again, guilt gnawing at his heart like one of the many rats that scurried around the filthy alley they had found themselves in. He whispered it again and again, as he brought his wrist up to his pearly white fangs, biting into his own flesh and letting the crimson liquid of his own blood seep out and into Logan’s mouth.
“I’m sorry…” He whispered again, as he listened to Logan’s heartbeat coming to a complete stop, just as his once beautiful blue eyes opened once again. This time a terrifying red.
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sp-ud · a month ago
I singlehandedly fucking despise the dsmp ccs simply because they've created a new generation of illiterate fucks who have no clue what the word "lore" means. What is happening in Dsmp streams isn't the "lore" it's the fucking plot. Origin stories are "lore", myths and legends like the spontaneous forest explanation would be "Lore", but the L'manburg war? The Bloodvines arc? That's just the plot! It's the story!
yup! and the general misunderstanding that everything that's "canon" is dramatic, big, angsty, etc. but like, ranboo mining while tubbo's in vc is canon, tubbo and phil hanging out is canon, skeppy bath water is canon, puffy delivering foolish his first child is canon, and on and on.
the worst thing is this misunderstanding is like, a cycle of the fans misunderstanding, causing the ccs to misunderstand, causing the fans to misunderstand, causing blah blah blah. and theres no easy way to fix it.
the only reason i still do use lore is because its what everyone uses, even though it doesnt make sense.
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dadzathechaosgod · 8 months ago
Favourite moments from Phil’s stream!
streamed on wednesday 18th of november, 2020
Dream smp today!
He’s poor now bc the loot he got monday was just Tommys stuff so he gave it back
“hi m8” to hbomb (me crying in the corner)
today is gonna be an actual chill mining stream (AS OPPOSED TO MONDAY) as he borrows a pickaxe from techno so he can actually become not poor on the smp
(bet he’s gonna be the most geared up person on the server in like,, a month)
it’s taking him five minutes to find a piece of paper to note down gapples hes missing (the notepad he found is filled with Kristin’s doodles lol)
Phil’s house in L’manberg is gonna be next door to Tommy!
Quakity was in chat bc he thought Phil stole his sword and then immediately got called flatty patty by the entire chat
too many notifs,,, 4 hydro checks in the first twenty minutes lmao
“there’s gonna be 20k viewers less when we start doing this shit” (about the hydro check)
“oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit” as phil tries to get techno’s cows out of the cow pit that was created
the cows were in the pit so they stay in the pit lol
back in technos base “WHAT TYPE OF SHIP IS TECHNO RUNNING” because there was no coal in the furnaces
30mins in and a 3min ad is already redeemed rip
“is wilbur adopted like the rest of your children aka us?” “no that salmon fucker is blood, unfortunately”
T I M is suffering because there’s too many notifs so he can’t time his jumpscares and copypastas anymore sad ):
Phil realised it looked like he was the traitor and blew up l’manberg and then killed wilbur lol
Sneeg got timed out for 7777 by the nightbot and has now declared war on the nightbot
(i also learned today that in mountain biomes diamonds are less likely to spawn, which explains why i never find diamond bc i like the mountains whoops)
first diamond on dream smp was without fortune on accident bc he was looking at chat lmaooo
after getting questions about techno being a pig and genetics: “they were consciously adopted, tubbo we just found on the road and now he won’t go away”
“yeah I try to reply to all my dms on instagram” “i should not have said that to 30k people”
Phil played on a friend’s realm a while back and just,,, casually found the stronghold within like ten minutes lmaooo
a donation: “hey dad ily also can we get some fuck ohios in the chat”
will the ohio debate ever end
“tommy isn’t as chaotic as on smpearth, he hasn’t scammed people yet”
que chat spamming the tubbo bath water and the antfrost incident lol
person from ohio who just asked for takeout is still here, but with the added trauma of starting this whole drama rip
Phil doesn’t know whether Techno or Wilbur is the oldest bc all the lore is created by others (ITS WILBUR TECHNO HAS WAY TOO MANY MIDDLE CHILD VIBES DONT TRY ME)
“Philza takeoutthetrashcraft” as tts by momza lmao
Tommy has been called gremlin like,, 5 times already this stream and honestly? just facts
Phil has “k”-ed Fundy twice already i might actually die laughing
Fundy threatened to keep calling him grandpa and got his third k
Also Phil is notoriously bad at looking at in-game chat and is ignoring him until they vc
Fundy is attempting to trade Karl’s polar bear (called Booger?) for coal
Also is currently building his house on top of quackity’s house to then claim his house as his own
with the interesting reason that due to a dutch law that says that once you own property you own everything underneath and above as well
(Which, like, actually exists, but by that logic, quackity would actually own fundy’s house instead of the other way around...)
Phil was on his way to Fundy, but got hella distracted by a baby zombie villagar lmaooo
Speedrunning smelting iron to make an anvil so he can nametag the baby zombie lol
First up on the auction: grass block
que fundy placing and breaking it, so it’s now just dirt
Second: a treasure map! (it’s already explored)
Next: a golden shovel with unbreaking, or sharpness six (not in vanilla) or silk touch and fortune (which is also not possible without commands)
it’s silk touch
Fundy keeps saying bet instead of bid lmao
a chest with stuff in it (fundy almost put his coal in it lmao)
another chest! wHaT cOuLd Be InSiDe?
Bogey is, indeed, Karl’s polar bear
Honestly my favourite thing to come out of this is the chat chanting “END THE BLOODLINE” and “KILLZA”
Fundy has to remove his house on top of quackity’s house or Phil is gonna call Techno lol
420 SUBS HELL YES (all the newbies are so confused lol)
Momza made 30k cookies and has milk to go with it, but if you’re allergic she’s also got lettuce and lettuce juice
Tommy the gremlin child has been collected and is safe!
Tommy in a box, what will he do?
10k Toeza is nearing and I’m not sure if I’m amused or terrified
(No i will not elaborate)
annnnd there’s an offline techno chat raid again
phil put on sub-only mode ):
(I’m hoping to sub during the first stream of 2021!)
(but until then i’m a pleb)
it’s nice that phil can get actual answers from chat when chat is spamming tho!!!
tapl is in chat so phil brought up the hello kitty from mcc again and now the chat is spamming h e l l o k i t t y
the second tommy logs on: “did you come up with your wife’s name or did she pick it herself”
the satisfaction of phil putting in stairs and making sure he’s not bumping his head on the way down his mine is lovely (:
things i’ve learned about phil today: early game he hoards coal the way he hoards saddles lmao
do i believe techno is the middle child because he is or because im a middle child currently reading the art of way and projecting onto him
tommy seems to know phil doesn’t chech in-game chat, and is spamming in all caps lol
it works tho
Connor is currently claiming tommy’s house, chat (and I) is as confused as phil is
I already love Puffy, she introduced herself to Connor by killing him and I vibe with her
Connor eats pants for brand recognition
Puffy and Phil awkwardly staring at Tommy and Connor until they add themselves back into the vc lmao
Tommy trying to order Phil around and Phil just,,, completely ignoring him and stealing his wood lol
Also he’s been mining with Tubbo’s Diamantspitzhacke that Techno yoinked like,,, a while ago? but Phil put mending on it so it’s actually only improved
*jsclatt joined the game* “isn’t that motherfucker meant to be dead?”
T IM complained that despite the 28k viewers, there wasn’t enough people spamming T I M in chat (rip phil being able to read chat)
Phil smapping “vc5” to Techno and him replying with “no i’m doing my soliloquy”
Techno’s cows are gone?
Techno saw fundy do it on his stream but that would be breaking the fourth wall lmao
“Blood” “Blood.”
Techno doesn’t like Phil building a piglin farm but Phil is like “what if i just,,, get him the gold, and don’t tell him where I got it from?”
Phil is definitely making his own gold farm bc the one eret and tubbo made literally did not work lol
(in-game chat) Puffy: “Techno i have a gift for you” Techno: “is it clout”
“I think Connor might be playing the videogame now, I think he might be playing minecraft”
he keeps pausing but that doesn’t do anything on a server lol
Techno got his horse back!
I’m also pretty sure that aside from maaaybe techno and idk how much dream has got hidden away somewhere but Phil is definitely in top 3 richest people on the dreamsmp already lmao
Phil knew he was joining for like, 2-3 weeks ago lol
Which is when Wilbur wrote him into the story
And that’s why he was like,,, extra “stop spamming hastags” about him joining lmao
Remember Wilbur saying “I wonder if Phil’s proud of me?” yeah
Pancakes vs waffles making phil hungry
Kristin said they have ingredients for pancakes!
:o he carries wristbands with him in case someone recognizes him irl (i actually really want one now)
800k followers pog!
Tubbo got killed literally as he realised Phil had joined rip
Techno’s hero speech was just,,,, improvisation by Techno???
(Is it bad that I look up to him)
“TECHNOLUCK” found diamonds as soon as techno raid started
Lol he found diamonds again and then got scared by Kristin bursting in with one of those head massage thingys
He’s getting more and more sassy bc he’s getting tired
77777 time mark!
Tubbo called Phil poor
(First of all, why is Tubbo still awake?)
Tubbo got called out for making 0 progress on the guardian farm lol
(Tubbo has a project due friday that he hasn’t started yet rip)
Tubbo and Tommy are the exception because they make enough money to run a company lol
Kristin saying meeting deadlines is an important still
“Who you’re gonna listen to, mom? or dad”
This is where the stream cut of rip altho I did see a post come by already with what happened in chat during the offline bit
Honestly the “Techno is coming for us all” bit is hilarious lmao
Techno actually watching while it happened is even funnier tho
Is lettuce juice going to be a thing now?
Chat really is either terrified, willing to sacrifice, or unimpressed by techno
(I can bet which ones watch Techno’s streams)
Honestly Phil is mostly just disappointed he couldn’t give tubbo’s pickaxe back to Techno now that techno has abandoned the base rip
Sam: friend or enemy? stay tuned to find out
Honestly, Techno being in every chat at all time is a Mood lmao, I rarely don’t have twitch open these days oops
Rip the movie Phil and Kristin were going to watch after stream
Also rip me if Phil keeps up streaming for this long, I’ve build up a lack of sleep already from monday and then this one and I honestly don’t really know when I’m gonna catch up on that, rip (:
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alliummc · a month ago
I feel like the change has come with the change in George's style of content right? I've been here since since mid 2020 and the difference in George then and George now is absolutely insane to me
My streamers had a whole growth arc good for him
yes the streaming style and how he presents himself has definitely changed so much, i remember that he was afraid of streaming anything other than minecraft cause he thought that viewers wouldn't be interested and now his stream with the most viewers is a just chatting stream.
i feel like a lot of the shift in his content happened when he started to stream more with quackity and karl too, with the stream trains and trying new games and all. plus george got more comfortable on camera over time, he went from turning his camera off to drink to drinking his own bath water for 300k people to see (i dont know if this is good or bad change, but it's a change nonetheless)
and also i think that the fandom in general is starting to change their perception of george after the vlogs, and now that he's hanging out more with the other brits, cause most of the people in this fandom who aren't fans of george specifically probably wouldn't have noticed a "shift", if they dismissed his content as boring i assume they wouldnt watch it lmao. so it's fun to see people whose impression of george was "boring guy on the smp who doesnt even do lore" being like "how did he hide THIS from us” 
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