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#non con mention for ts
j0succ · 2 months ago
i wanted to say the stuff you said about dark content was eye opening for me! i enjoy dark content but stuff like abuse & noncon/dubcon are triggering for me since i'm a survivor & i assumed people who consumed that content are romanticizing my trauma (didn't help that there was a ship week on twitter where they called those prompts "spicy") & you helped me realize that's not the case! i've been following you for a long time & never had a problem with these things before so maybes its a me thing
hi anon! it’s totally valid to not like the more intense dark content and to blacklist/ignore certain specific contents within them - the tumblr blacklist and the block button both exist for a reason! i totally understand survivors who don’t like dark content and don’t want to see it, i just happen to not be one of them and find it therapeutic to be in ‘charge’ of the encounters (either by stopping writing, being able to make readers fight back, or by stopping reading) in a way i never got to be in real life! i don’t like the term ‘romanticisation’ personally because i feel like most dark content creators - who are warning readers what they’re going to get into, who are tagging properly, who are open about not condoning it - aren’t romanticising or normalising it in a way they would be if they just slipped it into a fic unwarned like it’s normal and romantic for it to be there. i don’t know exactly if that makes sense but that’s how i draw my personal line between romanticisation and normalisation!
anyway what i’m saying is that you should engage with people’s content, most importantly, on a level that is safe and comfortable and non-triggering for you! if that means you like dark content but you prefer, say, a character x reader where you both start out in love and the character just begins to get exceedingly over-protective and wants to take care of you in an all-encompassing way, that’s just as valid as the people who enjoy dark content who want to be kidnapped and forced into being the housespouse of their villainous fave! 
i’m happy that i could help you see things both ways but you should absolutely never compromise your own personal safety and mental health! i love u and if you ever need me to tag anything i’m not already doing, pls reach out and let me know! <3
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Fanfic asks: 24 and 44
24. Do you have any dirty kinks that you’re ashamed of?i’m actually not ashamed of any, honestly? like. i’ve become so over that in my bitter, black hearted old age. but i used to be, sure: non-con, forced orgasms, orgasm denial, lactation, omorashi, blood/cutting, violence, gore. (i have many more kinks but i guess these are probs the “dirtiest”? idk.) 
44: answered here
do the thing
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