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#the cw

as payback for how supernatural ended we as a group HAVE to tank walker. especially bc jpad has decided to be on some fuck shit recently. we’ve gotta make it happen.

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…like I know a lot of people are gonna work really hard on it but I also have never had any interest in Walker Texas Ranger.

Also Chuck Norris is a Trump supporter and had to give his permission to make the show because he owns the rights to it.

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6x06- Back To The Finale: Part 1

6x07- Back To The Finale: Part 2

Does this mean they’re going to the season 5 finale? and why is the symbol of the episode a mannequin?

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So I’ve been talking about the pjo tv show in front of my mom a lot but apparently I never said that it was a Disney+ show so she just made an educated guess on what network she thought it was gonna be on and she thought it was the CW

Now of course I don’t want this. But I suddenly can’t stop imagining the kind of shit they’d do on a Percy Jackson cw adaption. Creative people pls reblog with your thoughts

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In conclusion, not making Saileen endgame was a crime and I’m still bitter over it

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Hey there,

i am 99% sure this is just bait, but in case this is a good faith question, Warner Brothers (the company who owns the CW) is in Poor standing according to GLAAD in regards to their treatment of queer representation. 

(from twitter) Here is a google doc detailing the treatment of minority characters in CW shows, 441 disappointing and in some cases triggering examples of misuse and abuse. While the CW has the highest percentage of representation, it also has the highest percentages of racism and homophobia. The rep is purely for advertisement purposes. If The CW cared about its representation, it would treat its minority characters differently. 

A few examples of The CW’s treatment of ‘representation’:

This is a pattern perpetuated by The CW. it’s not just one unfortunate finale. 

Further reading on the subject:

Supernatural’s metanarrative about censorship

Erasure and gaslighting for LGBT fans

Warner Brothers’ rep vs marketing ploy

Plus a lot of others, if you go looking for them. 

i hope this makes sense. If you want to know more, feel free to dm me on my personal @lateral-org


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All the shade to the CW cause I ain’t even LOOKING at Walker, I’m not touching it, I’m not breathing near it, get it away from me and don’t mention it again 💋

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Penn and Teller - Fool Us
Season 7 - Episode 16: Teller vs Penn - The Rematch
AirDate: January 15th, 2021, 08:00 PM

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Penn and Teller - Fool Us
Season 8 - Episode 2: Teller vs Penn - The Rematch
AirDate: January 15th, 2021, 08:00 PM

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Arrowverse Backs Away From 2021 Crossover

Arrowverse Backs Away From 2021 Crossover

Sadly, 2021 will be the Arrowverse year without a crossover.
TVLine reports plans for a more contained crossover between Batwoman and Superman & Lois have been cancelled over COVID-19 concerns. “We’re not really able to cross over because physically, we can’t cross crews due to the fear of exposure,” Batwoman executive producer Caroline Dries told the site. That also means there will not be a…


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The CW…really chose to advertise Walker on tumblr I-

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Boy oh boy, if you need some entertainment today, read the notes on that ‘Walker’ promo.

Check their icons too… bet they ALL have pronouns in their bio’s.

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The hostility the fandom showed Jared after the series ended was very very….. telling.

These same people went to almost every panel and listen to stories from fans and j2 about mental health and how they (especially Jared) struggle and you all call each other “family” and then go out of your way to target and tear him and his wife down.

Blaming him, his mental health, and his new show on why the season was rushed. As if the show wasn’t going downhill anyways. As if COVID didn’t play a huge factor.

As if the writers were gonna do a fan service and put two heterosexual characters together after 15 years. Y’all really went apeshit because two white men in their 40’s (nearly 50) didn’t get together?

Thats worth a mans over all mental health? Because…

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