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#todoroki x bakugou

I got yalll sorry there kinda short 🥺👉🏽👈🏽

Bakugou :


Originally posted by bnhajourney

* like I said before he loves ass

* So twerking … you want him to die

* And the first time he sees you throw dat ass is when you were your cleaning

* The twerk playlist was on blasting out the speakers

* The song “ booty “ was playing

* and a bitch was throwing that shit back

* Then bakugou walks in the room

* He’s on your ass

* Like deadass lol

* He gets behind you and tells you “ don’t stop now that I’m here”

* And he gripping on ya hips

* smacking ya ass

* grabbing ya ass

* The feeling of ya ass on him is just heaven

* then shit starts to get more spicy

* And next thing you know your bend over doggy style

* And your getting fuccccc up 😳

Deku :


Originally posted by kibstar

* So you Mina and a couple of other girls are having a girls day

* Y’all chilling in the common room

* And y’all decide to start dancing

* The that dancing happens to be twerking

* poor bby deku was just tryin get some juice

* And he sees you throwing it back

* his eye are just glued to your ass

* His face is red asf

* You don’t know how bad my dude want to grab your ass

* But bc your around others he can’t

* And it isn’t helping that he wearing sweat pants

* Ooo child everyone could see how your ass was affecting him

* he just said fuck it and grabbed your arm

* And pull your ass to his room

* All I gotta say is the next day you got hella hickeys and bite marks 🥴



Originally posted by uchihaharunoss

* So you were on live

* And he joined your live

* And your friends is in the comments say “oh shit y/n yo ass fattt “ “ throw it back rq “

* And shit you do bc why not lol

* He’s shook

* He ain’t ever seen an ass move like that

* And this boy is hard asf

* So goes to your room and your still throwing it back

* And he comes up behind you

* Grabs your phone turns off the live

* And he says bold asf “ I want you to that to me “

* So you give todo a lap dance and it didn’t last long

* He end up flipping yo ass over

* And he’s gripping , biting rubbing all dat

* All of class 1a can hear all mfs

* And no one is surprised when they see you the next day limping …

- I hope y’all enjoy 🥺🥺 ily and drink some water

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Just saw the anon that said Suki is down with the swirl and now I can’t stop imagining! Can we get some Katsuki with his black queen HC please???? 馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従 Love your writing! 馃挍馃挍馃挍

soo I’ve already did one here so you can read that if you want 😗 also this hc is going to be more random ig & thank you :)


Originally posted by bekonuizado

* y’all roast each other all the time

* Like y’all stay going on each other

* Y’all don’t take it to deep tho so it what ever

* I think I’ve said this before idk but this mf steals your bonnets bc why not lol

* But he buys you hella bonnets , he be getting the bougie ones 😌

* If you get your hair done at a salon he’ll be there with you however many hours and he’ll make sure nobody fuck up

* he’ll leave time to time to get yall snacks tho

* If you do it by yourself he wanna help

* Idc idc this boy is good at doing hair

* All that time with best jeanist wasn’t for nothing 😗

* His parents love you

* especially his mom

* I hc that Mitsuki is from the hood idc idc

* So if your from the hood y’all relate on that

* And even if your not she still loves you

* After she meets for the first time she’s out here calling you her daughter-in-law

* You and Masaru cool too

* when bakugo and his mom are yelling at each other y’all just in the back chilling talking to each other

* If y’all ever have daughter he wants to be the one doing her hair 24/7

* And if y’all have a daughter she’s most def a daddy’s girl

* It’s ok when you have a son he’ll be a mommas boy

* If you think bakugo gets fucking mad when someone says the racist shit to his s/o

* Imagine is mad he’ll get when it comes to his kids

* Wooo child Rip to the racist clown

* Don’t say shit about katsuki family unless you gotta Deathwish

* Bro the song “raw shit” by da baby would be his shit ik it

* When where out the house one time he put on your hoops to see how it was and yo he felt like a bad mf bitch

* Lol and you walked in and caught him you have pics of it and it’s your home screen

* HE MAKES IT HIS MISSION to make sure no one is around when open your phone

* He likes your grandma food bc black grandmothers be making the best food ong

* If you a lip gloss girl he got you he’s always got a lip gloss on deck in his car, his room , his Keychain everywhere

* Wash days are the best with him it’s makes it less stressful and more fun :)

* He takes your insta pics he be getting all the angles

* Speaking of Instagram he has your initial in his bio

* he just posts himself on his post but posts you 24/7 on his insta story

* As a highlight of you

* Pls get him some clothes other than black 😔

* So one day y’all are bored so you teach him how to twerk and child he can shake some ass ok

- lol hope y’all likeeeee :) I love y’all stay safe and wash ya hands 😌

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hello i was wondering if you could add me to ‘love isn’t illusion’ taglist?鉂わ笍

OMG, of course, you can, sorry for not responding sooner. Uni is kicking my ass right now but I am over the moon you like it so much you want to be tagged. You higher being you. 


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Hey everyone! This is a sort of pseudo fic that i originally wrote on twitter but i formatted it and edited it for posting here!

I was really in my feelings when i wrote this so i’m sorry in advance for the sad. Also i forgot to put trigger warnings on the twitter thread so i’m definitely putting them here.

TW: Loneliness, angst, self isolation, touch starved

Thank you guys for reading my sad stuff. Please follow me on twitter on my NSFW writing account (18+ Only, age in bio!) For more and usually shorter writings.


Bakugou Katsuki didn’t get cuddled a lot as a child, Mitsuki was a lot of things, but affectionate was not one of them. She was loud and brash, it was apparent who Katsuki took after. Because of Katsuki’s loud, aggressive nature, people didn’t often come near him. Even as a child, he didn’t have many friends. The only ones he had were because of his quirk, they admired his power and definitely weren’t interested in any affection.

His bullying of Deku didn’t help, they probably could have been friends if Katsuki didn’t torture the boy so much. Katsuki grew up very lonely, people shying away from his abrasive nature didn’t help his anxieties either. U.A was no better, puberty had not calmed him down at all, and by high school, his aggressiveness was a shield. Something he threw at people to keep them away so they wouldn’t see how fucked up he was. +

Class 1-A tended to tiptoe around Katsuki, being careful around him like he was a ticking time bomb about to explode. I mean, he technically was a time bomb; when his emotions went awry, he tended to lose control. Not that anyone in the class would admit to their machinations, he would definitely not be happy if he found out his classmates avoided him unless necessary. Katsuki wasn’t stupid though, he saw that his classmates got super close to each other, they were practically attached at the hip all the time except around him. Around him, they acted like they were handling eggs, afraid to do anything that might cause a catastrophic mess. No, he definitely noticed their behavior, something that made him retreat so far into himself that unless they saw him in class, they didn’t see him at all.+

He thought it was just a fluke at first, like maybe they were just shy, or intimidated by his quirk. Katsuki wanted to desperately to believe that last one, his overconfidence was definitely compensating for his anxieties and insecurities. No one ever asked him to help them study, despite being among the top of the class. No matter how many people Aizawa threatened to fail because of their work, they all asked Half and half, Glasses, or Ponytail. He started to feel slighted when no one would talk to him, Deku, he could understand but the rest of the class too? He started taking his lunch to the roof, preferring to eat in a solitude of his own choosing, rather than with people that don’t want to talk to him. His dorm became both his safe space and a prison. On the one hand, he would rather be shut up in here than sitting out there with everyone avoiding him; on the other hand, this room was starting to drive him crazy. Constantly staring at the same four walls, it was unnerving. No matter how he tried to distract himself, the loneliness crept up, suffocating him. He became more and more prickly around his classmates, his temper became shorter, and his separation became more obvious. Obvious enough that a couple of his classmates began to notice. +

Todoroki Shouto wasn’t exactly the most outgoing of all of his classmates, he didn’t warm up to people easily. Though luckily, he had been adopted by the extroverted Uraraka and Midoriya, a common thing to happen to introverts.  He, like everyone else, kept a watchful eye on the angriest of their classmates. His observance was for a different reason though, his classmates were obviously scared of Bakugou. His quirk could be dangerous and his temper even moreso.+

Shouto saw through the angry demeanor like glass. Katsuki thought that he had everyone fooled but not Shouto, he had been through too much with his mother and father to be oblivious to that sort of thing. Shouto wanted to help the blond like he had never wanted to help anyone before, he wanted to peel away the angry layers of his personality and heal the broken boy inside.+

The biggest issue would be getting Katsuki out of his dorm room. Shouto knew that he would never be let in if he tried to go to Katsuki’s dorm, so his only hope would be in the common area. Maybe during one of the class movie nights that Mina liked to organize. He approached Midoriya, asking what movie they would be watching the next time. Midoriya brightly responded that they would be watching one of All Might’s old films. This had the gears turning in Shouto’s head. +

“Midoriya, Isn’t Bakugou a fan of All Might’s films? I wonder if he would be interested in watching it with us.”.

Shouto mused to the green-haired boy who’s expression went from curious to excited in a split second.

“Kacchan loves All Might’s films! We watched them all the time as kids! I’m gonna go tell him!”.

Shouto smiled at Midoriya, glad that his plan worked. He knew that Bakugou would come if Midoriya invited him, it was strange, but their relationship was anything but normal.  The usual Friday night excitement was buzzing around the dorm as everyone was getting ready for movie night. Katsuki heard them from his room, the music he was playing did nothing to hide their noise.

Katsuki picked up the speaker remote to turn the music off, intending to try and go to sleep when he heard a knock at the door. He froze, no one ever bothered him. He waited a moment, wondering if they had the wrong door when they knocked again, and a simpering voice called through the door.


Deku? What the fuck was Deku doing at his door?

Katsuki got up from his bed, padding quietly over to the door and throwing it open, scowling down at Deku.

“What do you want, Deku?”.

Katsuki couldn’t help but notice how Deku was trembling. Katsuki gripped the door, a pit forming in his stomach.+

“Oh! Um.. We’re having night, and we’re gonna watch one of All Might’s old action films! I know how much Kacchan likes All Might, so will you come and watch the movie with us?”

Katsuki was floored at Deku’s invitation. His heart pounded in his chest. He watched Deku step back, obviously assuming that Katsuki was going to be upset.


He tried not to be happy that he had been invited, but he was. Looking at Deku nodding to confirm his question. Katsuki stared at Deku for a moment, his red eyes searching the wide, blinking green ones for any indication that this was a joke. He realized quickly that this wasn’t a joke, Deku didn’t play practical jokes and would never do it to Katsuki after what he was put through.

“I-it’s ok if Kacchan doesn’t want to..I just thought you would want to watch it like we-”.

“I’ll. I’ll come down and watch it with you all.”.

Katsuki interrupted Deku’s ramble, red-faced and embarrassed.+

Katsuki watched the surprise and happiness rise in Deku’s face.


Katsuki nodded, and Deku smiled, the sight making the pit in Katsuki’s stomach release a little. Running away from the door, he waves at Katsuki.

“I’ll save you a place, Kacchan!”

Katsuki watched Deku run down the stairs excitedly, flabbergasted but actually happy that he had been invited. He knew deep down he could have joined them at any time, but actually being asked told him that he was wanted by at least one person. The door closed, and he stepped back into his room to grab some clothes, slipping into a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt before heading downstairs.

Shouto was already on the couch sitting next to Iida as Katsuki came downstairs. Mismatched eyes watched Katsuki disappear into the kitchen and come back with a bottle of water. Shouto watched Katsuki hesitate at the doorway for a split second but then turned and walked into the common area, making a beeline for the empty loveseat.

Katsuki was so tense as he walked in, expecting everyone to stare as he walked in. They didn’t, though, only waving to him. Deku must have told them he was coming down. In true Katsuki fashion he grumbled, plopping down on the couch alone.+

“Bakubro! You’re finally joining us!”.

The always enthusiastic Eijirou called from across the room. When Katsuki looked over, he saw Kirishima with Kaminari on his lap. Kirishima was waving at him while Kaminari was on his phone, looking very comfortable. Katsuki tried not to be jealous, he looked away and up at the tv that was turned on, and someone was flipping through the movies to find the ones they were watching tonight.

“Yea. Deku said you guys were watching an All Might movie.”

The chatter around him dialed down a bit as the movie was found and started up. Katsuki knew that he should just watch the movie, lose himself in the antics of his hero. Instead, he watched his classmates, seeing exactly how comfortable everyone seemed to be with each other. Not only was Pikachu on Shitty hair’s lap, but Earphones and Ponytail were tangled up on the other end of that same couch. Deku was between Glasses and Round cheeks, leaning his head on the taller of the two’s shoulders while he ran his hands through Deku’s green locks. The movie did little to distract him as he kept his eyes on his classmates, the jealously bubbling over in his stomach. His arms ended up wrapped so tightly around his middle that his t-shirt was all twisted up.

Katsuki wasn’t the only one that wasn’t paying attention to the movie, well besides Momo and Jirou making out on their corner of the couch. Shouto had been keeping a close eye on Katsuki, and his heart was breaking just watching him. The way his arms tightened around himself whenever his red eyes flickered towards them. He recognized that ache, the loneliness that one felt so deep it was almost physical.

Halfway through the movie, he watched Katsuki’s legs tense, bouncing up and down as he seemingly paid complete attention to the movie. Shouto knew better; he could almost feel Katsuki’s loneliness. The stress poured off Katsuki from across the room. Katsuki’s leg bounced anxiously, and his eyes flickered from the screen to the staircase, indicating that he was considering going back upstairs.

Shouto didn’t want Katsuki to leave; he wanted his classmate to know that they wanted him here. Untangling himself from Iida, who had an arm around his shoulders and his fingers in his hair, he walked over to the loveseat and sat down next to a very tense Bakugou. Katsuki had finally gotten absorbed in the movie, not realizing that half and half had stood until he felt the couch depress as he sat down next to him. He looked over with his brow furrowed in confusion. Shouto didn’t say anything, only settling comfortably against the couch. He was so close to Katsuki that their shoulders and knees were touching.

It wasn’t uncommon for people to move seats during the movie to snuggle up to someone new, so no one noticed when Shouto got up. Katsuki, on the other hand, was in shock. Why was half and half sitting next to him? Whatever the reason Katsuki didn’t get an explanation, he just felt Shouto’s strangely comforting presence next to him as he tried to get back into the movie. Somehow his hands ended up gripping the material of his sweatpants as they had been unwound from his middle.

When Shouto felt Katsuki shift and untangle the mess that was his arms, he unassumingly shifted his hand, moving it over to the blond’s lap. Katsuki did not expect to be touched, and when he was, he ever so slightly jumped, loosening his hands from his pants. Just as he did, Shouto slid his hand underneath Katsuki’s and gripped.+

Katsuki froze, looking down at their gripped hands in shock. Why was half and half holding his hand?? He bit his lip, a blush creeping up his neck as he thought about how nice his cool palm felt pressed against his. Katsuki stared down at their intertwined hands, chewing on his lip as his eyes moved up to his classmate’s face. He was watching the movie, completely relaxed as if none of this was weird at all.

The movie blared in the background as the blond stared confused and concerned at Shouto. Shouto knew that Katsuki was watching him, he was still tense, but he hadn’t pulled his hand away, which was a good sign. Shouto looked over at Katsuki finally, his heterochromatic eyes searching the confused face before smiling softly. He squeezed his hand a little tighter, shifting it and intertwining their fingers tight. Katsuki’s face flushed red, the contact was making his heart race. Shouto held his breath, waiting to see what Katsuki would do. He felt how tense his classmate was, using his thumb to rub the back of his hand gently. Katsuki’s eyes darted around the room; everyone was either absorbed in the movie or in each other, so no one noticed the crisis he was having.

Katsuki was very unused to such affectionate touches, he furrowed his eyebrows. Still, Shouto only continued to rub the back of his hand with his thumb soothingly. Katsuki felt Shouto’s hand become cooler in temperature as if he knew that his body temperature rose when he got anxious. Incidentally, Shouto had a suspicion about Katsuki’s body temperature. He had very good control over his quirk when he fought, but when it came to his emotional state, he had way less control.

Minutes passed until Katsuki seemed to finally be convinced that this wasn’t some kind of trick and that Shouto actually wanted to hold his hand. He relaxed slowly, bit by bit until he was actually holding Shouto’s hand back. Shouto was shocked when he felt the hand grip back, glancing over he saw a red-faced Katsuki actually enjoying both the movie and his touch.

Katsuki tried to keep his attention on the movie but his eyes kept straying down to their clasped hands. Before he knew it the movie was over, and his sleepy classmates were waking up, stretching and cuddling against whomever they were laying on. Katsuki didn’t want to leave, mostly because he was enjoying Shouto’s touch so much, but he still tugged his hand out of the grip. He sent Shouto a shaky smile and got up and went back to his room.+

Shouto blinked sleepily, frowning softly as Katsuki got up and wordlessly left the room. He wanted to go after him and take him into his arms, but he would be patient. Shouto got up from his seat and plodded back to the other couch, sitting next to Iida, who lifted his arm, letting Shouto settle against his side. His fingers ran through Shouto’s two-toned hair as he huffed softly.

“It’s ok Snowflake, he’ll come around.”

Shouto nodded into Iida’s chest, closing his eyes and quickly falling asleep.

Over the next few days, Shouto noticed Katsuki had retreated even further than he had ever seen him do so before. Every time he tried to talk to Katsuki in class, the blond would race away, and if Shouto had tried to corner him in the common area, he would run back to his dorm. Shouto became worried, remembering how he would avoid everyone and isolate himself after a particularly bad day with his father. Something was bothering him, and he was going to find out.

It was another Friday, and the class was getting ready for their next movie night. Still, instead of heading downstairs to get a seat, Shouto was walking upstairs to Katsuki’s dorm room. Katsuki was sat on his bed, curled up with his knees tight to his chest. His thoughts swirled as they had been doing for the past week, ever since the movie night. He tried to just go on with his night after the movie last week, but his anxious thoughts overtook him. His mind had swirled with thoughts that his classmates were laughing at him, and that half and half had just drawn the short straw and sat next to him because he felt bad.

Katsuki buried his face in his arms that rested on his knees, sniffling softly as the loneliness gripped his chest and squeezed. He almost didn’t hear the knock on the door but looked up when he did.


Shouto held his breath, waiting for Katsuki to answer. He would stand out there all night if he had to but was thankful that he heard the voice from inside.

“It’s Shouto, let me in.”

He called through the locked door.

Shouto held his breath, waiting until he heard shuffling from the other side of the door. As it opened, he looked up, seeing Katsuki half hidden behind the door. He had his arms wrapped around himself, and his face was red. Shouto stepped into the room, looking with concern at Katsuki, who was avoiding his gaze.

“What do you want half and half?”

Shouto bit his lip, and he searched Katsuki’s anxious face.

“To know what’s wrong with you, we’ve barely seen you all week.”

Katsuki closed the door, crossing his arms around himself again. Shouto wanted so badly to draw Katsuki into his arms and pick apart everything that was going through his mind. Shouto’s feelings for the blond only spurred this on. He wanted to peel away the anxious layers and hold the boy beneath.

“Katsuki, are you ok?”

Katsuki scoffed, shifting from one foot to the other before turning and going back to his bed and resuming his curled up position.

“ ’ M fine.”

Katsuki mumbled, picking anxiously at the blanket that lay on the bed next to him. Shouto stepped closer, away from the door and towards the bed.

“You’re not, tell me what’s wrong.”

Shouto knew that being forceful didn’t always work, but he had a feeling it might here, he sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at Katsuki.

“Tell me what’s wrong.”

Katsuki stared at Shouto, his hands gripped into fists as frustration coursed through him. How was he supposed to explain himself to Half and Half when he didn’t even understand his own thoughts? He closed his eyes for a moment then reopened them, this time swimming with tears.

“None of it makes any sense, even in my head. That damn movie last week everyone was so touchy and close…it…I want..”

Katsuki stopped talking when his voice cracked. Shouto’s eyebrows furrowed in concern, his heart bled for the blond.

“Katsuki it’s ok; none of it has to make any sense. It didn’t make sense to me either at first. It’s ok to be lonely.”

Shouto scooted backward on the bed until he was sitting next to Katsuki, and just like at the movie, he slipped his hand underneath the blond’s and threaded their fingers together.

“My father is not an affectionate man, my mother was out into the care of her doctors after she disfigured me. I never received affection or attention as a child, never had any friends to give it to me either.”

Shouto gripped Katsuki’s hand tight, looking up at him with his mismatched eyes.

“So I know how it feels. Until I met Midoriya, Uraraka, and Iida, I didn’t realize how nice human contact could be. Iida is surprisingly affectionate when you get to know him.”

Katsuki wracked his brain, trying to picture Iida being affectionate.

“Glasses? That’s something I can’t picture.”

He snorted, mumbling into his arm. He glanced sideways at Shouto, who he saw was studying him. Katsuki looked down at their intertwined hands, trying to sort through his thoughts.

“It all seems so dumb when I think about it too hard. You seem so comfortable with each other. I want to be included..”

He blushed, pouting softly as he squeezed Shouto’s hand.

“Then why don’t you come downstairs more often?”.

Shouto asked with a tilt of his head.

“Tch…they don’t want me down there.”

Katsuki mumbled. Shouto furrowed his brow.

“Now that couldn’t be further from the truth. You never seemed interested before; whenever someone would try to ask you, you would run away.”

Shouto stated softly, remembering how Deku would try and invite him, but he ignored every attempt to talk to him. Katsuki sat pensively for a moment, was half and half, right? Had his isolation become so serious? He didn’t even remember being asked to join.

“Do you really think everyone would want me there?”

Shouto smiled and nodded.

“Midoriya always talks about you a lot during the movies you would like.”

“Kirishima pouts like a sad puppy if you come down for anything and don’t stay. Kaminari would be on your lap in a second if he knew you wanted him to, he’s a lap hopper.”

Katsuki chucked, sniffling a little and looking up again.

“I guess I could join in more often.”

He muttered softly, not wanting to show how happy the idea of being included made him.

“Everyone would like that very much. Shall I go and tell them?”

Katsuki gripped his hand tighter so that he couldn’t pull away.

“Not right now…can we just stay here?”

Shouto felt a small blush creep up his neck but nodded, Katsuki probably felt quite vulnerable after such an admission.

“Of course, we don’t have to go anywhere.”

Shouto assured, but he wanted to try something.

“How about we watch a movie? Then just relax against each other, it’ll help you get used to human touch. Iida helped me a lot when I was first getting used to it.”
Katsuki picked up the remote for his tv wordlessly and scrolled through the movies he had available until he found one. As he was scrolling through, he felt Todoroki pull their hands apart only for the boy to scoot back on the bed and against the wall, he ended up right behind Katsuki.

“Relax, ok? If you don’t like it, we can go back to holding hands.”

Katsuki nodded, trying not to tense too much as he felt Shouto’s hands near his waist. His hands were warm as he gently tugged him to scoot backward. Katsuki pushed himself back, letting Shouto wrap his arms around Katsuki’s middle. His body tensed a little at the amount of contact as Shouto pulled Katsuki gently back so that his back was pressed right up against Shouto’s front.

Shouto moved slowly and gently, letting Katsuki get used to the touch and how warm it was. That was something that had overwhelmed him at first, too. Katsuki blushed at how nice it felt, Shouto was slightly taller than him so he could comfortably put his chin on his shoulder. Katsuki liked the contact, Shouto was warm, and his touch was comforting. As the movie played, Katsuki relaxed against Shouto, letting his legs fall. Eventually, the two fell asleep, curled comfortably around each other, surrounded by the warmth of Katsuki’s heavy blankets.

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tiktoker au?? like the bakusquad + y/n are like the hypehouse in this au 馃様馃様馃様 you can pick which relationship y/n is in 馃槼

Hgvvg when I first saw this at 3am I knew I had to do it asap lol thank you for requesting this was so fucking fun to write :))


Originally posted by astralplanebitch

* Jvhvb look ^ they’re so cute 🥺

* Anyways let me give you the rundown

* Y/n is the Charli D'Amelio , the youngest but as the most clout

* Mina is the Dixie D'Amelio , really fucking close to y/n and is just chilling tbh

* todoroki is the Addison Rae , just vibing and likes to to make tic toks with his mom

* Jiro is the Avani Gregg , does the clown check tick toks / does creepy makeup for Povs and bops to hella music

* Denki is the Larray , vv funny used to be on vine and can throw it baccc

* Kirishima is the Alex warren , a fucking sweet heart is also a youtuber and just likes hanging with de friends

* Sero is the Kouvr Annon , not as popular as the rest but still really fun and is never in drama

* And lastly bakugo is the lilhuddy ( except doesn’t say the n-word and doesn’t do any racist fuck shit ) , is the 2nd most popular and is the e-boy kinda

* So instead of the hype house they have the crackhouse

* And it has 45.2 million followers

* No let’s get into the juice

* Bakugou has a fat ass crush on y/n + the fan ship them crazy

* Mina likes kiri and the fans ship that a ton

* The fan ship sero and blunts together 😍

* Mina and y/n are known for there bomb ass povs + them dancing

* y/n tries to get bakugou to do a POV and it turned out so bad 💀💀

* But he can renegade tho

* if you don’t know how to throw it back it’s ok denki got you, he legit has a license

* ok so you know how I said todo does tic tok’s with his mom well.. people like Rei more than him 🤡

* She has her own page and as more followers

* But it’s OK he doesn’t care

* also she is that tic tok parent that everyone wants to be there own and makes videos on what to do in a toxic household and relationship

* I love her 🥺

* If they happen to all be on live together it’s so chaotic

* Todo and sero are in the back getting high asf

* Mina and denki are throwing it back

* Jiro is doing her makeup for a POV

* Bakugou and y/n are yelling at each other/cooking

* And Kirishima is sleeping lol 💀

* They all have A combined youtube channel ofc called The crackhouse

* In their intro is “ hey guys welcome back our channel aka the crack house make sure to bring your whores and subscribe for more “

* kiri and y/n created that Intro together 😎

* and the crackhouse has only had one scandal and that was because the carebear gang ( dekusquad ) were kinda mean to todo so he said ✌🏽🏃🏽‍♂️ and he became A part of the crackhouse

* he fw momo tho , momo good peoples 😌

* And the crackhouse did not like the way they treated sho so for a good month They were going back and fourth

* They still don’t like each other they just settled the beef

* Butttt bakugou said and I quote “ if I ever see dekus bitch ass imma hurt him on sight “

* Let’s hope they don’t see each other in person 😳

- HDTV hope you enjoyed I love you and your beautiful:) low key wanna do a part 2 but idk you tell me 😔

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wassupp girly could you do todoroki meeting his black! Gf family preferably at a cookout thank you !!

this was so fun to write I hope you likeee :)


Originally posted by la-minxx

* your mom texted you and told you that there was a cookout coming up and that you should bring shoto Alongside to let the whole family met him

* And at first you were really iffy on it bc your family is big and can be overwhelming

* But he was like no I’m a big boy and I can handle it

* So y’all went

* And when y’all first pulled up y’all hear ‘ big poppa ‘ by biggie and you instantly felt at home

* you was looking like bad mf bitch as always and todo was looking good too

* anyways

* Before y’all got out you asked him if he was sure and he reassured you he was fine

* so y’all knocked on the door and y’all hear

* “That better be y/n ass , always fucking late “

* and your grandma was the one who opened the door saying “ y/n there’s yo ass come give me a hug “ so you hugged her ofc and when the hug was over she told y’all to come in the house

* Then she looked over at todoroki and said “ who you oh you must be her boyfriend “

* then proceeded to Tell the whole family y/n boyfriend is here

* So your cousins and uncles came out to say hey and to interrogate todo and after a bit of interrogation they say they like him :)

* Then you introduce them to your aunts which goes good they say “ oh y/n how you find a men like him “ “ damn y/n you did good with this one “ “ oh he’s way better than * insert exes name * “ and with that comment todo goes ofc I am

* And that one aunt tried to say something slick about you and he shut that shit down real quick he was not playing with her ass

* Once the food is ready you make him a plate and he wants some of everything and he pretty much likes it all he just doesn’t like greens

* After y’all eat your little cousins are on him asking about his quirk and if they want to play with them

* And you’re just watching it all it’s so fucking adorable and meanwhile you got One of your little cousins in your arm playing with your phone

* And when shoto looks back and sees you with the baby his hear fucking melts 🥺

* Anyways you’re a little cousins teach him dances like renegade and some other tick tok dances

* Then he tells them that he doesn’t know how to Cupid shuffle

* They are just shocked

* So the teach him and omg this boy is so stiff smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

* But soon enough he gets the hang of it

* He’s so adorable

* And then they play the cupid shuffle on the speaker

* And you know everybody and they mama get up and start dancing including you

* And then teach me how to Dougie plays so you teach him that

* And my personal favorite wobble baby plays and he is getting it your ass is hyping him tf up

* later on when everything’s all cooled out he decides to embarrass you

* And he shows A bunch of videos of you acting like a dumb ass and then your grandma decides to match his energy and show embarrassing baby Photos of you

* your gonna get his ass back for it later

* by time it’s time for y’all to leave todo is calling your grandma, grandma ( or whatever name y’all call her )

* And she invites y’all to come over anytime

* And your parents are asking for grand babies

* moral of the story your family just fucking loves todoroki

~ hope you guys like :) and remember to stay in the house and wash your hands we dont want no virus 😌

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Credit to Rightful Owners

Pairing: Todoroki x Bakugou, Todoroki x Reader x Bakugou VERY SLOW BUILD

Summary: Dealing with parents, picking out hero names, Aizawa helping find an agency.

Words: +- 6600

Warnings: Bad parenting, Bad parents, pictures of you online from the festival, parents don’t listen, parents being manipulative, anxiety, overthinking, thoughts of failure, pressure, stress, getting up in front of a class, presenting hero names, shaking hands, description of a heartbeat, stuttering, no friends (yet), quiet kid. This is based on the real my hero academia show, scenes will be in here as well. 

Tagged:  @kittycatspervertedheart@lemorrite@gwendlynn@marleps@thicctati2@saitamastamaticsoup@succulent-momma​ @aurorahoneybuns@imjusttireddudes@misconceptualised

A/N:  I wrote this for the fans. I do not own My Hero academia or the characters, I don’t own most of the plot for this story, I had watched the show and re-written the dialogue and plot as if the reader was the main character. Everything is centred around the reader. Please comment, makes me happy. Ask if you wish to be tagged. 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - 

“I won the festival mum” I spoke into the silence of the car. I look down to my medal, I was proud of myself even if she was not. Why did I think she was going to care, why did I think she’d watch me. She didn’t care for my achievements I did everything myself. 

“What festival,” she asked in a bored tone not interested in the topic at all, did she not care at all. I had been going on about the festival for weeks, months. Ever since I got into UA, ever since I was recommended and she still didn’t know what I was talking about. 

“The UA sports festival” I had to grit my teeth to stop from lunging out and screaming my lungs out. My hands clenched in my lap as we drove, her body relaxed and not paying attention to what I was saying. 

Keep reading

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Omg can you do Bakugou, and hawks if possible, and kirishima with an African American s/o?

I gotttt you :)



Originally posted by darkgreenmeadow

* so I already did kiri with a black s/o here so I’ll just do some random ones lol

* He loves Megan the stallion

* Like deadass ever since you got him hip on ‘ cash shit ‘ he just loves her lol

* And he tries to learn to tic tok dance to her new song ‘ savage ‘

* speaking of TikTok he loves doing Tic toks with you

* So one time you were complaining on how you wanted box braids but didn’t feel like doing them

* So for a goo week watched YouTube videos on how to do it and he asked deku if he can use him as practice

* He came to you with a bunch of packs of hair it was like I learn how to do box braids just for you

* And he’s a really good actually

* a king



Originally posted by ofindigoskies

* you’re met when he saved you

* And right when he saw you he was mesmerized

* Like damn you’re beautiful

* So automatically bc he’s bold as fuck he was like do you want to go on a date

* And bc hawks is fine as fuck and he saved you so why not

* And let me tell you that was the best date of your life

* So after a couple more y’all were official

* he loves to Play in your hair if you allow him to of course

* Will wear your bonnets all the time

* Even in public

* But he makes up for it by getting you a shit ton of them

* Y’all jam to Nikki , Megan , city girls so much

* And when he’s singing his heart out it’s so fucking funny

* Legit he will twerk on you when the music is playing 💀

* He is very proud that you are his s/o

* And will show you off all the time if you’re comfortable and if you’re not he’ll Find a way to show his appreciation for you

* He will not let anyone say anything bad about you the minute they do they’re getting their ass beat

* And he’s very protective of you

* He’s a very goofy person so pretty much every day will be filled with laughter and fun

* Your laugh is one of his favorite fucking noises

* You’re all over his Instagram

* Everyone knows y’all together

* He knows how to take the best photos of you

* And the worst

* You know them couple Instagram pages That the couple cool shit

* Y’all are featured on there a lot because y’all are just that couple

bakugou :


Originally posted by katetcake

* he was another one who was shocked by how pretty you are because I mean look at you

* He really liked how you stand out from others

* And your hair looks so fluffy he low-key wants to touch it but( he won’t ofc )

* He also likes how you don’t take his bs

* He really appreciates how you stand up for yourself and don’t let him just run all over you

* after a couple months of flirting with you and shit

* He just fucks and asks you to be his gf

* And you say yes

* OK he’s a fucking softy for you like omg

* He really likes when you cook for him although he’ll never admit it

* Bro this boy loves him some cookout food so during the summer he gets so happy when your family invites him to the cookout

* he make sure that you were taking care of your hair

* And y’all deep condition on Wednesdays and on wash days he helps you

* He wants to be the best at everything including being the best boyfriend so he’ll try his hardest to make you feel loved

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Crush asking them to give them a neck massage


Bakugou, Kirishima, Todoroki



  • You and Bakugou were the only ones in the dorms, as both of you were on house arrest
  • Him on arrest for fighting Deku and you because you missed curfew.
  • You had finished a long morning of completing chores and you found your neck giving you a lot of pain.
  • You were both sat in the common area casually watching a movie, you had forced Bakugou to watch a movie with you and though he denied your request, you had manged to pull him out of his room and watch a movie with you.
  • You were sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the sofa which Bakugou was man-spreading on.
  • “This movie is boring.” he complained.
  • “Ahh.” you winced in pain as you looked up to face him.
  • “What’s up with you?” he grumbled.
  • “My neck really hurts” you tried to hold in tears.
  • “What should I do.”
  • “Can you please massage it?” you pouted at him hoping he’d agree.
  • “Why would I do that?”
  • “Please Katsuki.”
  • Suddenly his face becomes blank
  • You just said his name and now he’s become all weak.
  • Still a no though.
  • “Fine I’ll ask Shouto later, he gives nice massages.”
  • You go back to watching the movie when you hear someone muttering.
  • “Fine I’ll do it but don’t tell anyone.”
  • “Thank youu.”
  • Looks really irritated but dies a little when you give him a big smile.
  • Surprisingly gives really nice massages.
  • Hello your his crush and he’s massaging you.
  • You moan because it hurts
  • And he gets turned on
  • “Stop making noises.”
  • “I can’t help it, it hurts and it feels nice.”
  • Congratulations you’ve given him a boner.
  • “Thanks Katsuki!”
  • You look back up at him and he has cushion covering his private area.
  • “No problem, but come to me when you need a massage not that half half bastard.


  • You don’t even need to ask him
  • You’re chilling with all the students in the common area in your pajamas
  • You had your hair in braids and was looking extra cute so Kirishima couldn’t help but stare at you.
  • That’s how he overhears you telling Yaoyorozu about the recent pain you’ve been having in your pain.
  • "Why don’t you go get it massaged?” she offers.
  • “I might do.”
  • “Y/N, I will give you a massage!”
  • He randomly says
  • And your like no its ok
  • but he will not take no for an answer.
  • So you go and sit next to him
  • And he begins
  • It’s not the best massage
  • By any means
  • A bit to hard
  • Probably leaves scratches on your neck
  • Makes you bleed
  • But he doesn’t realise it
  • “Kirishima it’s ok you don’t have to.”
  • “Nope let me help you feel better.”
  • Freaks out when he sees that he’d made you bleed.
  • Runs to get the first aid kit
  • Gives you way too many plasters.
  • “Thanks Kirishima but honestly I’ll be fine.”
  • “Sorry I’m not the best Y/N, tomorrow I’ll take you the massage place!”
  • So you make a date.


  • “Can someone massage my neck.”
  • You head over to where the boys are hanging to see if anyone will massage your neck
  • The girls had all gone and you had stayed behind because you were sleeping
  • So there was none of your girlfriends who were available to give you a massage
  • So you decide to go ask the boys
  • Mineta, Kirishima and Todoroki offered.
  • Mineta was an easy no, Kirishima would of been to hard
  • So you ended up going to Todoroki who was sat beside Kaminari.
  • You sit in front of him on the floor and he works his fingers (I’m so sorry that sounds so gross lmao)
  • Probably one of the best massages you’ve ever had.
  • He takes the mother approach and tells you how to avoid the neck pain and how you are probably causing it.
  • Seems really calm but his lil heart is going places
  • “Thanks Shouto!”
  • “Your welcome, if it hurts more come to me and if it gets worse I’ll take you to the doctors.”





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hi hi could you write some angst plz ty !!

ok so these are based of @suckersuki and there text post you can read that here I just wrote a few of boys and the  situation but in hc form so ye :)) and hope you like 😌

dabi :


Originally posted by dr-awkward221b

* dabi’s been your fuck buddy for about 7 months

* And in the time you stupidly caught feelings for him

* and he knew that and be cause he’s the toxic asshole he is he likes to exploit your feelings for him

* And you’ve just had enough

* Y’all argued a bit through text and you told him that you need a break

* And I guess he thought you weren’t serious

* And the next day showed up at your house at 1am

* Like everything was normal …

* and that’s when you just popped the fuck off

* screaming / crying at him saying ..

* “ you just toy with my feelings all the time and think that shits normal , and on top of that you expected me to put all the work in whatever the fuck we have going on your a fucking clown if you think imma just kept letting this happen “

* lol your mean

* And the fucker as a straight face and just goes “ whatever text me when you’re not overreacting “

* and he just left you there , alone crying your heart out

Bakugou :


Originally posted by katetcake

* Your boyfriend katsuki is a very jealous person

* And most times you can deal with it

* But everyone as a breaking point

* So your best friend was visiting you and when they had to leave

* They gave you a big ass hug because they aren’t going to see you for a while ya know

* But your boyfriend seemed to have a problem with it…

* When you went back over to him

* All he’ll broke loose he was screaming about how your best friend was “ all over you “ and how they were “ trying to get at you “

* but whole time they really weren’t all over you and they have a whole ass partner and only sees you like sibling

* But he wasn’t trying to listen

* So it’s going into a huge argument

* And he wouldn’t listen to what you were trying to say he just kept trying to argue over you

* So you’re just like fuck this he’s acting very childish over a hug

* a hug like ???

* And you say he can talk to you when he’s not acting like a fucking dick head

* And dipped so he can argue with himself

Shinsou :


Originally posted by naty-js

* so you and Toshi had went to the mall together

* And for the most part it was super fun

* That was until..

* You had got up and use the bathroom real quick

* And when you came back your saw your boyfriends lips on another female

* Who’s surprise happened to A friend from his class … cute

* So obviously you’re pissed the fuck off

* And you get your bags and slushy and get the fuck

* You don’t even let him try to explain but then again what is there to explain so you think

* you stay in your dorm and cry a little heart out for a good hour till you hear

* Someone outside your door banging hard as shit on the door like they the cops

* Spoiler alert it’s shinsou

* But you just ignore him so he decides to text you

* lol go to @suckersuki For the text

* And during the text he decides to ewww somehow make himself the victim

* and that was your final fucking straw

* So you hit him with the “ maybe we shouldn’t be together”

* And after that , you but your phone on dnd and take a fat ass nap

* And he’s sitting out there

- eek hope you like I’m not that good at angst 😔 lol but hope you have a great day and ily * kisses * 💚

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Villains daughter

Bakugou x reader



Bakugou finds himself falling for one of his classmates, it just so happened that that certain classmate was the daughter of one of the biggest villains.

Warnings - Swearing


It was never easy being Y/N.

See all you ever wanted to be was a hero, that had been your dream since you were little and first learned of your fathers doings. The unfortunate thing was that you were born to one of the biggest villains in Japan, he was never kind to you either, he raised you with the intention of defeating All Might and reigning over Japan. When he died you were torn, your father had left you, but then again who were you to mourn for such an evil man. At least now you could live your life freely. However the death of your father meant that you had to move in with your mother, who was no Saint. At least your father never mentally abused you.

And that’s how you found yourself in Class 1-A at the most prestigious hero school in the country. You had developed your fathers quirk and was the most powerful student. You weren’t the brightest but you could definitely fight and defend for yourself.

All the students and teachers welcomed you with wide arms, despite your upbringing, that is all of them apart from Katsuki Bakugou.

“Why the fuck would the daughter of the biggest villain in the world, want to go to UA and become a hero, believable story.” he spat in your face when he first saw you.

He first pushed you to the side and thought of you as nothing but a mere extra when he first came to learn about your educational abilities, but once he saw you fight he instantly ranked you higher then half half bastard and made it one of his priorities to beat you (that is after Deku of course.)

Despite his constant grumpy state and swearing you soon found yourself falling, yes falling for the one person in UA who seemed incapable of love or romance.

“Your so in love its adorable yet sad at the same time for me to see.” Momo said as she combed her hair. She was lieing down on your bed whilst you rested on the floor opposite her, your hands holding your head.

“Why did I have to go and fall in love with him when he clearly hates me.” you groaned into your hands.

“Y/N he does not hate you, he’s just like that to everyone, besides he has a much nicer nickname for you compared to everyone else and he even called you by your real name yesterday.” she said carelessly tossing the comb onto your bed and standing up.

“See that’s how irrelevant I am, I don’t even get a nickname.” you whined to your best friend.

“I am going to get dinner and so should you.”

(a week later)

“Has anyone noticed Y/N’s been a lot quieter recently than usual.” observed Kaminari.

“Thats a good thing, she’s too loud gives me a headache.” Bakugou said as he chewed loudly on his piece of gum.

You had overheard the begining of what seemed to be a conversation about your recent state, and decided to stay in your hidden position and hear the end of the conversation where noone could see you. You soon found yourself eavesdropping.

“It’s her dads death anniversary next weekend she’s probably sad.” said Todoroki quietly rather matter of factly.

Your heart dropped.

Shouto was right, the following weekend was to be the third year since the death of not only one of the biggest villains in Japan, but also your father. Despite the fact that you pretended to despise your father and acted as though you wanted nothing to do with him. You couldn’t help but feel sad as his anniversary neared. In your eyes, he never showed his evil side to you, he was just a man with very strong views about the world and decided to express them in a very… bold way. He brought you up to believe the same views as him however you knew better, and thought differently, but all things aside he was still your father and you hated the fact that you felt guilty for feeling this way.

“What’s that to us,, besides why should she be sad about the death of that creature, if he was still alive I’d kill him.”

“Come on Baku-bro it’s still her father.” Kirishima said, a look of disappointment coming onto his face as he looked over to his best friend who was slouched next to him.

“And.. you seriously buy all the shit that comes from her little mouth. I bet she’s full of it, watch she’ll follow the same path as her father.”


“How could you say that about her.” Mina gasped, a hand coming to cover her agape mouth.

“Especially when she’s standing right there.” A look of disgust came over Todoroki’s usual blank face.

Bakugou’s eyes widened as he scanned the room untill he found you. When his eyes met yours, you could almost see a look of regret, but he quickly went back to usual expression, a grin growing on his face as he looked down.

“You have everyone fooled Y/N, but not me, watch you’ll become my enemy when we leave this school.”

Usually, you would always be able to respond to anything Bakugou threw your way, his words never really affected you. But today was different, he had crossed a line. You couldn’t find anything in you, to reply with a witty response as you usually would.

You just walked off to your dorm as a tear threatened to fall from your e/c eyes.

“Y/N can I come in.” came a soft voice from behind your door.

You reluctantly opened the door to reveal a concerned looking Kirishima.

You let him in and he took a seat on your bed, you followed after shutting the door.

“I’m really sorry about Bakugou, that was totally wrong of him.” he apologised.

“Omg no Kirishima you don’t have to apologise for him, but yh it was kinda wrong.” you admitted.

“I know if he were to hear me he’d kill me, so can this stay between us?” he asked, rubbing his neck nervously.

You nodded your head and gave him a curious look.

“So you probably know Bakugou isn’t really the best with expressing his emotions, so I don’t want to say anything that obvious, but please get at what I’m saying. You’ll have to wait for him but he has good intentions and he may not know it but he does care for you.”

You opened your mouth in surprise, was Kirishima basically telling you that the Bakugou, the Bakugou who was just accusing the shit out of you an hour ago, had a crush on you?

“Well hope your ok Y/N, I’ll talk to him I promise, just please let me know you feel the same way so he actually believes me.”

“Wait Kirishima are you being serious? Why would he ever-”

“Just trust me, I’ll take that as a yes, k bye sleep well.”

“So class today you will be sparring with each other, find a partner and suit up, I’ll be waiting in the training area.” announced Aizawa the following Friday.

“Y/N you should partner up with Bakugou, you both are the strongest in the class.” suggested Kirishima boldly, sending a wink your way, to which you rolled your eyes at.

You and Bakugou hadn’t talked since you had overheard his awful words, he had sent you one comment to which you ignored and since then he hadn’t spoken a word to you.

“Fine but only because there’s no one else left and I want a good fight.” Bakugou hauled his suit over his shoulder and made his way to the changing areas.

“Ooh this will be a good fight.” Deku observed as you and Bakugou made your way to the open area where you took your stances and prepared yourself mentally for the battle that was to come.

“At least no one can hear us from here.” Said Bakugou as he cracked his neck and looked you up and down.

(Your quirk is basically where you can manipulate lightning and it comes from your hands, but when you get really angry you can’t control it and cause thunder and lightning to happen)

“Die!” yelled Bakugou as he took for the first punch which you easily blocked.

The fight continued for five minutes and you had blocked every single blow Bakugou threw your way by easily moving out the way. This angered Bakugou a lot.

“Come on villain. Why aren’t you using your quirk, why are you looking down on me?!”

“You’re so full of yourself Bakugou just shut up.”

“I don’t care why you don’t use your quirk, just fight me properly.”

“Fuck off Bakugou.” You said as you finally began to throw some punches and lightning of your own which all hit him.

“Why, am I angering you, you villain, are you just going to erupt and show your true colours?” he asked smirking, more fire being blown in your way.

“Please just stop Bakugou.” You whimpered under your breath as you felt the anger rushing to the top of your head.

“Just face it Y/N you’ll never be anything more than the daughter of a villain.”

The sudden noise of thunder came from the sky and you felt the control you had over your powers being lost, as the lighting surged down your arms and through your body.

The smirk on Bakugou’s face disappeared as he constantly jumped up and down to avoid the lightning being thrown carelessly by you.

“I said stop Bakugou! What have I ever done to you?!” you yelled as the thunder clapped twice as hard and your lightning came down to strike a clearly taken aback Bakugou, the bith of you being knocked out in the process.

“Where am I.” you groaned as you began to rise, you rubbed your eyes to adjust to the bright light of the nurses room.

“Where do you think?”

You looked around to see Bakugou sat upright on the bed next to you.

“Hi Y/N, are you feeling better?” smiled Kirishima who was sat next to Bakugous bed.

“A bit, what happened?” you asked, rubbing your banging head.

“You went a bit.. Powerfull on us,” began Kirishima as he tried to find the right wording, “Your eyes have changed colour.”

“Oh.” was all you could say after hearing about your episode. Your eyes usually changed colour when you lost control of your powers.

“Well I’ll leave you two love birds alone, bye.”

“Shitty hair!” Bakugou called out as he threw the book nearest to him towards the door which Kirishima had sneaked through.

An awkward silence filled the room, you sunk into your bed and pulled the covers over you.

After a while you built up the courage to ask him, “Did I hurt you?”

“You hit my head with your stupid lightning. Don’t cry though you didn’t hurt me that bad.” he mumbled as he looked over in your direction to see a pool of tears gather at your eyes, threatening to fall at any moment.

“Come on villain why are you crying.” Bakugou said with a tone you had never heard from him before. He still sounded irritated, but his voice was a lot softer then you were used to. You swore you could hear a hint of concern.

“Please don’t call me that Bakugou. Why do you?” you cried, all your tears leaving your eyes. All your built up frustration from Bakugou and sadness from your father was finally being released, and you could not believe Bakugou was the lucky person to see it.

“Hey, I don’t mean it.” he said clearly shocked at your random outburst.

“You do, you think I’m going to be a big villain like my dad, and you said that I shouldn’t miss him because he’s a creature and I know he’s evil but he’s still my dad and I miss him and I hate that I feel guilty for feeling this way.”

Bakugou just looked at you, mouth slightly agape as he tried to think of a way to make you feel better. Did you actually take what he said to to heart, when all along he thought you took what he said lightly

“Come on Y/N your stronger then this, your seriously going to let what I say make you this sad. Don’t feel guilty, at the end of the day he’s still your father and you’re aloud to grieve for whoever you want.” he mumbled as he looked over to you.

“No. I try to hate him but I can’t, and everybody hates me I can just feel it. You all probably think I’m evil, but I’m not I promise.”

“You look really ugly right now. Yeah yeah we all know your like the nicest person in the school. And no one hates you shut up.”

he stood up and made his way to your bed, you looked up to see him offer you a tissue and a glass of water. This was an oddly nice gesture from Bakugou. Had he spiked your drink?

You took a sip, tears still falling and your body shaking uncontrollably.

“Don’t lie to me. You hate me.”

Bakugou seemed to freeze when these words left your mouth.

“Shut the fuck up. Stop crying.”

You looked up to him surprised, he took a seat next on your bed. He was probably going to shout at you, you knew he couldn’t be nice to you for this long.

“How could you ever say that. I could never hate you.”

“Well your actions say otherwise.” you pouted, wiping your nose.

“I hate you for making me say this though, ” he sighed and you raised an eyebrow to hear what he had to say.

“Well?” you said impatiently after he had paused.

“Don’t rush me!” he snapped.

“I like maybe like you.” he grumbled, as he scratched the back of his neck and looked down at the floor.

You couldn’t help but spring yourself onto him and give him a hug.

“Calm down, my head!” he shouted, but only he didn’t shout loudly, you swore you could definitely hear a chuckle as he softly held you.


After you got off him, you sat upright to face him.

“I guess I owe you an apology. I’m sorry for everything, consider yourself lucky I never apologise. But yeah it was really wrong of me, I just didn’t know how to react after I found out I was falling in love with you. And I don’t think any of those things, your really strong and a good person Y/N.” he said with a straight face.

“Your in love with me?” you asked.

“Is that all you heard stupid.”

“Honestly yes,” You giggled, “I guess that means I’ll have to forgive you then huh, but that also means Kirishima was right.”

“About what? And since when were you so close with shitty hair?”

“He was right that you are bad at your emotions.”

And with that, you held his cheek with your hand, leaned in and kissed his incredibly soft lips.

You felt him tense and relax into the kiss, and even though you had lived this exact moment out in your head multiple times, it was so much better then you could ever imagine.

At least you could now say that you were the only person in possibly the world to see Katsuki Bakugou baffled.

“Ow what was that for dummy?!” he winced in pain as you slapt him in the head.

“That’s for being mean to me and making me lose control.”

“I kinda deserved that but come on I’m trying to make my girlfriend stronger.” he smirked.

Now it was your turn to be baffled.

“I’m your gir-” you began to question in shock before Bakugou kissed you again, more passionate than before.

“So you got the boy you wanted Y/N?” asked Momo.

The two of you were sat on your bed, the following night.

“I think so.”

“So you got the girl?” asked Kirishima to Bakugou.

The two of them were in the kitchen, Kirishima watching whilst Bakugou made an omelette.

“I think so.”

“Don’t ruin it Baku-bro, she won’t forgive you, you know.”

“I won’t shitty hair!” he yelled.




The next day came quickly and you awoken by the obnoxiously loud banging coming from your door.

You hauled yourself out of bed, groaning in the process and looked in the mirror to see if you didn’t look too scary to whoever decided to knock on your door at this hour.

You were wearing a pair of black velvet shorts - which had decided to run up your ass- and a crop top with the words baby girl written on it.

You opened up the door to reveal a highly annoyed looking Bakugou, holding a small bouquet of flowers.

“Awh are they for me?” you asked excitedly holding your hands up.

“No,” he shouted, “Did you not hear me knocking. Get dressed I’m taking you somewhere.”

“Ok.” you mumbled, “Hey that hurt!” you yelled, rubbing your now red ass.

“Well you shouldn’t wear such short shorts.” laughed Bakugou for he had decided to spank you, and so early in the morning not to mention!

“I hate you!” you yelled as you laughed and shut the door.


“Where are we going?” you asked, struggling to catch up with Bakugou who was walking extremely fast up the path.

“Hurry up and you’ll see.” he said.

You ran up to him and held onto his arm.

“Is it somewhere romantic.” you sighed as you tickled the side of his tummy.

“Just wait you’ll see, and don’t do that.” he said trying to stifle a laugh.

You continued to walk, untill you reached what looked like a graveyard.

“Why are we here?” you asked.

“Just come here.”

He held out the flowers and pointed to a grave that stood under a tree in the shade, away from the others.

You took the flowers and made your way over to the grave, kneeling in front of it.

After seeing the name written on it you couldn’t help but quietly cry.

“Don’t worry baby I’m here.” Bakugou said softly as he pulled you into a hug, you snuggled into his chest and sobbed.

“I miss him Bakugou, I miss what he used to be. Why did everything have to happen, he left me.”

“I know baby, I know baby,” he began to stroke your hair, “But you got me now, I’ll protect you from everything I promise.”

“Promise?” you whispered looking up to face him.

“I promise.” he kissed your forehead.

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