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#Anti batman v superman

Open the movie with the end of MOS, show Bruce arriving, running into the rubble, seeing Superman, glaring, basically the same thing.


The same terrorist situation where Lois is captured. She sees some of the terrorist figures faces. Superman, without hurting people, saves Lois, but a bomb goes off in the terrorist bunker, burning everyone completely, killing everyone inside.

Then cut to a senate hearing discussing Superman and how he still hasn’t been held accountable for the destruction in Metropolis. And with the most recent unauthorized destruction of the terrorist group by Superman, as far as they think, which resulted in the deaths of 2 civilian hostages, they state that it’s time they discuss what Superman should do and not what he can do.

Show Clark watching the senator talking about how they’re now officially calling Superman out to answer for what he’s done, for Metropolis and the deaths of those civilian hostages. He’s forlorn. Lois enters their apartment, seeing him watching the senator. She tries to reassure him, telling him that he’s not responsible for what happened, he just has to tell the truth. Clark says that he is. He should have seen the bomb, but he wasn’t focused enough. It’s his fault, it all is.

Batman is a reckless, vicious vigilante. He pummels criminals like rapists and murderers into near comas. Alfred is deeply concerned about Bruce’s growing viciousness, fearful that he’ll cross the line. Have the scene where Alfred says that everything’s changed also have him glance at Jason’s costume just as he says it. Jason’s death caused him to shut down as a superhero, but after the events of MOS, he’s retaken his mission harder than ever. He has nightmares about his parents deaths and Jason’s death intermingling into the same event.

Superman is very much playing with kid gloves. After the events of MOS, he’s afraid of his powers, the destructive force he has. He doesn’t break bones, he tries to avoid destroying property. He doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. He has ptsd-esque flashbacks about the events of MOS. He still works, he’s begun a relationship with Lois, which is struggling because of his disconnected attitude. Clark is obsessed with keeping himself from being something that frightens people, so much so that he’s formed a partnership with Metropolis’ hometown billionaire to help the city…

Lex is paranoid, rich, ruthless and fearful. He’s grown and constructed his entire life around being powerful, great and untouchable. And then comes Superman, a powerful creature that is better than, more special than and more powerful than him, something that he can’t control, that he can’t protect himself from and he can’t stand it. He’s basically Batman on steroids. The Bruce Wayne worst case scenario. Only in a more self-involved way. He views Superman as a threat in waiting to him personally, not just really the world. Keep Jesse Eisenberg if you must. But make him more physically fit, not overly muscular though.

Lex’s birth father abandoned him to be adopted by a broke family in the slums. He was raised by unfit parents, an alcoholic mom and a controlling dad. When they died, he worked his way through college using the insurance money from their deaths and used it to buy stock in his real father’s company. When he was discovered by his dad, Lex discovered that his dad had abandoned him to see how he could thrive on his own, to see if he would ever be worthy enough for his company, then telling him that he’s seen that’s the case and that he’s left Lcorp to him in his will. Enraged at him, his entire life being a pawn under the thumb of his real father, Lex killed him. He then used all the knowledge he’d gained to completely change the face of Lcorp, even giving his name to it, along with doing away with the oil business and making Lexcorp a science and military contract based company, creating new medicines, cutting edge research in fringe sciences, along with DNA studies, and weapons. Not to mention all of the jobs Lex created for the city after one of Metropolis’ worst financial fallouts, due to the Gotham earthquake that caused significant damage to a part of Metropolis, essentially pulling the city out a kind of depression situation. Lex helped the reconstruction of the city after the battle of Metropolis as well.

Batman, after finding satellite footage from the world engine event of Superman being weakened, goes there to see if he can gather whatever weakened him, where he finds just particles, green dust left from crystalized rocks from the attempted terraforming effect of the world engine. But that’s it. He investigates the area more and discovers that Lexcorp was there and took all the crystalized rocks.

Superman goes to the senate hearing where he’s asked about his perception, his powers, what he plans to do about them and why he’s doing what he’s doing. Superman tells them that he just wants to help, that it’s all he ever wanted. He’s asked if he thinks the help that destroyed Metropolis by a mother of someone who was killed. Superman is visibly broken up and tries to explain that he made a mistake, he thought he could handle Zod, he didn’t know it would cause as much destruction as it had.

The senators tell him that his powers aren’t something that anyone can afford for him to make mistakes with. They ask him what gives him the right to do what he does when he can cause so much harm, when his mistakes do what they.

Someone tries to say that if Superman had done nothing, the world would be destroyed. Someone then yells that it’s because of him that they came in the first place. The other person then yells that they don’t know that for sure. A fight breaks out and Superman, worriedly starts to try and stop it, but is told by the senators that they have officials who deal with that and the fight is broken up by the guards.

Superman says that his powers give him the responsibility to try to something about what’s happening in the world. They respond that responsibility doesn’t give all say over the ways of the world. Superman’s then asked that what makes him think that they need his help, that he has the power to fix all the problems of the world. Superman says, “Nothing. I just don’t want anyone to be afraid of me anymore, when I’ll I’ve ever wanted to do was keep as many people safe I could.” They then say that he can’t ever do enough.

The hearing ends, them telling him that despite the good he’s done, it doesn’t matter what he can do, that doesn’t give him the right to act on behalf of humanity, especially if the cost of that can be the lives of innocents, and finally that they’ll reconvene the next day for a complete decision. Superman leaves.

Lex uses the kryptonian ship, which was given to him as apart of his military contracts and a sample of Superman’s DNA to create a clone, a mentally deficient clone, even a decaying one, something that he can control. He uses it to frame Superman for attacks. The first one being the senators from the hearing.

This shakes Superman. He sees the public and understands that no matter what he does, he won’t be trusted by them, that he feels he shouldn’t be, with everything he can do, everything he’s done. He nearly quits because of this. It’s really all about Superman’s sense of inferiority. He’s afraid that he can’t help people now that they know he’s out there. He’s afraid that even though he knows the attacks happening aren’t his fault he still fears that it’s something he could be capable of. He doesn’t see himself as helpful to the world, but as a negative force in it.

There’s a running theme of a feeling of inferiority in this story. Lex feels inferior, because Superman’s existence makes him feel powerless and inadequate. Batman feels helpless as ever to do good, to help people, because of such a destructive creature like Superman being around. This feeds into his already intense powerlessness at the loss of Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker due to his, as far as Batman’s concerned, inaction.

Batman and Superman cross paths twice before the fight. Once during a bank robbery and another during an altercation where Superman does x-ray through Batman’s cowl and tells him to stop his vigilantism. Batman rejects this and begins building his suit to combat Superman after he sees the stories about Superman’s attacks, that are really Bizarro. Superman does some digging on Bruce Wayne, finding out about his parents deaths and the death of his ward, Jason Todd. He sees an escalation in Batman’s viciousness ever since Jason Todd’s death.

When Alfred discovers that Batman’s making preparations to kill Superman, he tries to stop him, to convince him not to, that there must be an explanation for what’s happening.

Meanwhile Lex has been keeping tabs on Superman, tracking an energy signature that he gives off using his satelites and an understanding of kryptonian DNA that he got from Zod’s body, leading him to discover his identity. He then kidnaps his mom, framing Batman for it, placing a batarang at the scene.

Lois investigates Superman attacks. She tracks them to Lexcorp and recognizes Lex’s goons leaving the building from the opening terrorist confrontation, following them.

Superman is basically winning the fight, until he stops himself and begins to realize that he and Batman have been manipulated by Lex. Batman capitalizes on Superman’s stopping and uses his kryptonite weapons. And Batman begins beating Superman brutally, mercilessly, and we see flashes before Batman’s eyes of Jason Todd being beaten half to death by the Joker with the crowbar.

During the fight Alfred would try to convince Batman over the comm to stop, but Batman turns them off, saying that he has to.

He would then tell Superman that he’s let too much death happen because he wouldn’t do what was necessary and that he won’t let that happen again. But Superman would convince Batman that he doesn’t have to do this, to cross this line, that he understands how he feels. That powerlessness can make you lose sight of what’s right, it can make you make mistakes, big ones that you’ll regret for the rest of your life. That you can feel like you can’t save anyone. That doing this will make him lose what’s good in him and he might never get it back and then, confirming that he knows who he is, says, “Bruce, this isn’t who you are. You can be better than this. You have to make a choice about the kinda man you wanna be. Do you want to be this?” Batman flashes back to his father telling him that in life you have to make a choice about the kinda man you wanna be. And Bruce realizes what he was about to do, what he was about to become and crumbles to the ground under the weight of that realization.

Lois tracks the goons to a building, sneaking in, where she finds Martha and unties her. She then calls Clark and tells him this and hearing the name Martha, Bruce is snapped out of his guilt stupor and realizes that he can still be a hero. Lois’ then caught by Lex’s men. Batman then hears from Alfred that Superman’s attacking the city, or rather Bizarro is and tells Superman. Superman isn’t sure what to do and Batman says that he’ll go after his mom, that Martha won’t die tonight, no one will.

Superman confronts Lex and tries to make Lex stop Bizarro. Lex tells him about Bizarro with, “Aliens, metahumans, magic, it’s truly bizarre times we live in. Only fair that we make something just as bizarre to combat it.” He says he thought Lex was his partner, a friend. Lex tells him, “With you? After demolishing a chunk of the city, you expect any human to be a friend to those terrifying hands. The hands that’ll now be responsible for the city’s destruction again.”

Superman, angry now, asks Lex, “Why? I only wanted to help.”

“Why? Good question… Ya know, I was the hero of the city before you got here, grew up in the slums with 2 poor thugs, abandoned by my real father, and when he died I saw my opportunity to take what was rightfully mine, I pulled the city out of mediocrity and made my company and it a shining beacon for the world, then your alien invasion obliterated everything I worked for. And I put it back together again and you know who everyone cheered for? Superman. You stole everything that I earned. It’s what you’re here to do, take away the power human’s have, decide our fate for us. To stand above us all and lord your power so we all bow down and worship you. You don’t get to do that. You hold humanity’s destiny in your hands and I’m taking it back. The world will look at your corpse and see you for the monster here to take our fates out of our hands that you really are. And I’ll be their hero. I guess I should thank you though. You helped me see that this world was larger than I thought.” Lex then snaps his fingers and Superman’s tackled by Bizarro. The fight leads through the city, Bizarro trying to endanger people, Superman working extra hard to save them.

Batman hears about the fight from Alfred about and goes to help. Him and Superman together fight Bizarro. Batman using his kryptonite weapons, as Superman helps people. Batman and Superman work together to defeat Bizarro. After Bizarro is subdued, Batman’s about to use his kryptonite weapon to against him, considering killing him. But Superman stops him, saying that he promised that no one would die tonight, saying that there has to be another way, that he’s learned that it will only cause more pain, that this creature is just something else Lex has manipulated. Superman and Batman go to arrest Lex. Superman tells Lex he’s going to make him answer for everything he’s done. Lex stabs Superman in the arm and sets off a kryptonite bomb to explode and kill them, then jumping for the elevator, but Batman saves Superman, protecting him with his lead suit and the aftershock of the firey kryptonite residue hits Lex.

Aferwards Superman and Batman talk, Batman deeply apologizing for what he nearly did and Superman responding that what he nearly isn’t what’s important now, but we did do and what he will do. He did what was right. And that’s why he knows that he can trust him. Superman decides to trust Batman with the kryptonite, saying that if anything were to happen, he now trusts him to stop him. He says that he’s tried to be perfect, to be above people, but he’s not and that’s why he’s been tormented, he’s held himself to an impossible standard. He’s NOT God. Not a Savior. And he has no right to allow people to think that he is. He’s only human. And it’s time that he accept that and start accepting help, saying that he has Batman to thank for helping him see that. Batman says that it’s time he does the same.

Montage this with Lex in the hospital, the kryptonite having poisoined his DNA, making him lose his hair, it being publicly stated that there was no evidence to say he was behind Bizarro, due to the creature decaying, as all those associated with the ship defense projects are dead, and Superman confronting him, telling him that he’ll put him away.

Then Batman coming back to the batcave to see Alfred waiting for him. And he helps Bruce clean Joker’s message off of Jason’s costume, making it no longer a reminder of Batman’s failure, but a memorial in Jason’s memory. He then contacts Oracle, telling her to tell Dick that he’s back. Alred, for the first time in the movie, smiles.

And Clark proposes to Lois, saying that he’s ready to let her in now.

Please review and tell me what you think! Have a very great day!

God bless you all!

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Any thoughts on "Man of Steel", "Batman v. Superman", & "Suicide Squad", and the characters featured in them?

Man of Steel: That movie I feel like I shouldn’t have liked, but I still liked. I realize it is a VERY AU take on Superman. That said, I enjoyed it anyway. It felt grand and epic. I will say Zod was a big part of what made it. Without naming names, I had recently experienced another fandom with a similar “superhuman alien hates humanity” villain who had completely let me down, basically by being too much tell and not enough show. Zod ended up being everything I had wanted that other villain to be and felt like a real threat. Plus, yes, I know the fight scenes were lengthy, but I LIKED them and how each one upped the intensity of the overall film.

Batman v. Superman: Now, despite liking Man of Steel, I didn’t even want to give this a try after what I heard. I have UNIVERSALLY heard it is a train wreck. The idea of Lex Luthor and how he’s portrayed here really turns me off; he seems like a “make it off-the-wall” AU rather than Zod’s “make it more threatening” AU. And while I’ve heard that Affleck Batman is loads better than Bale Batman (”Baleman”), Baleman has left me once-bitten-twice-shy for live-action Batman adaptations pitched to the mainstream. I do not want/need another edgelord mascot and am a little afraid of getting that.

Suicide Squad: I’ve also universally heard THIS is bad, but I still kinda wanna see it to find out just how much of a train wreck it was…and because it has Harley Quinn. I like Harley Quinn. I’ve also heard its versions of Boomerang and Amanda Waller make it worth it. And, hey, “Heathens.” Hoping to one day find a way to just watch this once to see if it’s an ENTERTAINING train wreck at least. No respect for that version of Joker, though. Just…eeeewwwwwww. Talk about edgelord mascots.

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“Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy.“ - x

Are you fucking kidding me? He spent all of “Batman vs. Superman” being a paranoid SOB, hating on Superman just because he was an alien (talk about xenophobic tendencies much?), and now his faith in humanity is restored because of Superman’s sacrifice? The same alien he tried to kill the entire movie?!? Bleah… 

I’ve loved Batman all my life and I’ve always stuck with him in movies with conflict between Batman and Superman, but I’ve never been more disappointed in the character and ashamed of him, as I was while watching Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman”. This Batman was not only dark, but also a psychopath. Never, ever did my Batman kill criminals for the fun of it or display so blatant disregard for human life as he did in this movie. And never, ever did he hate or want to kill Superman just because he was an alien and without a provocation. And never, ever did he let himself be so easily manipulated by a criminal, as he did here. I mean, where was the “world’s greatest detective” that I’ve always admired? My Batman was always one step ahead of the criminals and managed to counteract their machinations, but what happened here? Severe midlife crisis? I’m sorry, but as long as Snyder is directing the DC movies and Ben Affleck plays Batman, I will not watch any of their movies ever again. And I don’t care how much Batman “repents” in the following movies or that Superman isn’t even dead and they become friends. Snyder’s Batman has crossed too many lines for me to ever like him. And to think “Man of Steel” showed so much promise and I was so eager to give these movies a chance (despite hearing that Affleck would play Batman - I’m sorry, Affleck is a wonderful actor, but not as Batman).

/end rand

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If you’re at all interested in this review, chances are you’ve already read criticisms that Batman and Superman have been ‘reimagined’ in this franchise in ways that alienated many fans. Specifically, they lack their earlier versions’ moral code and concern for human lives. This bummed me out, too. Even though I appreciated the Marvel franchise, where heroes kill all the time, I mourned the fact that Batman and Superman are basically the Punisher and Doctor Manhattan in this movie. Not because these are bad characters, mind you. I just liked Batman and Superman for being more hopeful and (theoretically) non-lethal. 

I say ‘theoretically’ because the idea of a non-lethal vigilante who beats up criminals every night is laughable. Part of my criticism of Season 2 of Daredevil is that it mocks my suspension of disbelief by having Daredevil bashing people in the head with steel batons while chastizing the punisher for shooting them. Daredevil is already a wanton killer by any realistic measure. So I understand the criticism that Supes’ and Bats’  moral code is unrealistic. I don’t think that ‘superheroes are sadistic and dangerous killers’ is a bad premise. I loved Watchmen. I enjoyed Apollo and Midnighter, who are basically gay Superman and gay Batman, if they accepted that lethal violence is a way to make the world a better place. The difference is that those two didn’t hate each other for killing people.

Even if I didn’t mind that Batman and Superman are like this now, everybody in this movie seems to. Including Clark and Bruce themselves. They disapprove of each other because they put people in danger, to the point where conflict seems inevitable. It’s not a misunderstanding or a framejob: they share the common opinion that the other is a menace to the greater good, and the only real question is: how can they be so hypocritical? 

Ironically, Lex Luthor doesn’t need to do anything to instigate the fight. Superman and Batman already plan to kill each other for reasons entirely unrelated to his plans. Speaking of Lex, the man is insufferable. It’s a miracle anyone takes him seriously at all. He’s a confused bundle of mannerisms spouting a vaguely antitheistic word salad. He apparently hates Superman for being God, but gets misty-eyed over Zod’s death and cheers for Darkseid. 

Personally, I felt particularly insulted by the characterization of disability in this movie. When Wallace Keefe’s legs get amputated, he somehow blames both Superman and Bruce Wayne. The way he’s framed is such an ableist mess. When he speaks of his hardships, he mentions very superficial things like not being able to pee standing up. When Batman confronts Lex Luthor in the end, he talks about Arkham Asylum like it’s his own personal torture chamber. It’s very obvious that the scriptwriter has no understanding of disabled people’s lives.

I could nitpick more, but I think this movie already fails for having muddled themes and inconsistent character motivations, even on its own terms. The fight scenes have no clearly defined stakes, motivations or logic to them. Batman seems to be in no hurry to kill Superman, taking his sweet time to show off all his toys, giving Supes time to recover. For his part, Superman doesn’t make any effort to explain that Lex Luthor is holding his mom hostage, and seems more interested in showing off his power than killing Batman. Both characters spend half an hour posturing before their conflict is conveniently solved without either character learning or growing.  

The whole ‘my mother’s name is Martha too’ thing is supposed to be meaningful, because it reminded Bruce of his father’s last words. This makes Bruce see himself as a killer. The reason it’s not meaningful is that this version of Batman obviously is and remains a killer. So the idea that this one reference changes his views, but only on Superman, feels cheap and unearned. We, and the general public, have no reason to be any less afraid of Batman or Superman’s lethal brand of justice. Either killing people is wrong, and both of them aren’t really heroes, or it’s not wrong and their conflict is contrived.

None of this is addressed and the characters aren’t really changed by the events of the movie: they are both still committed to killing and threatening people according to their own sense of justice. The only thing that has changed is that they trust each other now. Because parents are important.

The movie has nothing consistent to say or even ask about vigilantism, heroism, collateral damage, or even the characters themselves. Similar things could be said of Captain America: Civil War. The difference is, I was given reasons to like those characters. It didn’t take itself too seriously. It didn’t assume that I would admire  the protagonists because of their brand. It tried to hide how flimsy the reason for the central conflict really was.

 This movie is so bad, it makes me wonder if Zack Snyder understood ‘Watchmen’ at all. That story is about how naieve it is to believe that superpowered vigilantes could save the world. Its Watchmen are cryptofascist thugs, psychosexually repressed sadists, or alienated demigods. The villain even takes heroism to its logical extreme by manipulating world events to postpone inevitable global conflict in the only way he knows how: by killing millions. Watchmen is an anti-superhero story. For some reason, Snyder uses the same unlikeable characters and the same dark themes to make movie after gritty movie about how awesome superheroes are. 

Maybe I’m misreading these movies. Maybe Zack Snyder hates the concept superheroes and is secretly trying to show everyone how hypocritical, destructive and pointless they are. Maybe the studio is editing his accusing deconstructions of the superhero genre to look like straightforward blockbusters. Or maybe Zack Snyder misunderstands or doesn’t care about what he’s saying about superheroes. 

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look, dc fans have been getting a rough time of it, which sucks, but are dc fans actually holding on to some idea that batman v superman was maligned bc people hate dc? ‘cause i love wonder woman (especially new 52! lord), but that movie was awful?? it had nothing for superman fans, like 80% of it was watching bruce wayne walking in a field and Feeling Things™ i mean i literally (LITERALLY) turned to my housemate 40 minutes into batman v superman and had to make sure that i was really correct and that nothing important had happened yet 

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How fucking LOUD it was. 

I mean I know I saw it in IMAX 3D but goddamn I also saw Ant Man, The Force Awakens, Deadpool and Jungle Book in IMAX 3D and none of them were nearly as loud as BvS. And thing is, it was just during certain action scenes like when Batman chases (and straight up exterminate) bad guys in his car or during the Superman Cult dream sequence. In the rest of the movie it was pretty chill in terms of volume. 

Was this even necessary???? Isn’t there a law against this because some people have medical conditions or people just don’t want to pay $16 to have their eardrums blown out????

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“Dawn of Justice has freaking Batman Superman and Wonder Woman on the same screen! They’re the best super heroes ever created there’s no way it’s not gonna be the best movie of the year! Fuck off Marvel fuckboys Bitch War can never touch this one!”

It couldn’t even beat the movie about a talking Bunny that was 2 weeks older than it and forget about the one about an Indian boy and his pet jaguar and bear…….

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I thought it was very interesting (and hilarious and pleasing) that BvS has a 33% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but a 79% audience rating. And then I see some comments from people saying that people who haven’t even seen the movie yet went through and gave it a bunch of 5 star reviews to boost it up. So of course I had to go check.

And sure enough, all of the low scores have long, detailed reasons why they didn’t like the movie. But the majority of the 4 and 5 star reviews are “CRITICS SUCK THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY TALKIN ABOUT” “THIS MOVIE THE SHIT BATS VS SUPES WOOOO” “MARVEL FANBOYS JUST HATIN” “THESE CRITICS PROLLY DIDN’T EVEN READ THE COMICS THEY’RE JUST HATERS”

Like.. do these people even read their comments before posting?

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Why the hell did Warner Bros fuel all this hype about this ‘mystery character’ that Jena Malone is playing in BvS just to cut her in the end? Though I’m not really shocked that they would cut a FEMALE character after adding Aquaman, Flash AND Cyborg to the growing list of characters present in this shitstorm of a movie.

I guess Gal Gadot was enough female for their movie.

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I’m sorry, but I still maintain that Ben Affleck is a ridiculous choice for Batman. He looks ridiculous in the Batsuit, he doesn’t look that dashing as Bruce Wayne, and I just can’t believe him as this dark, brooding superhero.

Plus the whole trenchcoat thing is just so out there. Why in the hell would BATMAN wear a trenchcoat!?

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