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Iolite’s new regeneration PNG

- Iolite is my main gemsona, his powers are body mastery ( power to control humans and gems mind) and photokinesis ( control of light). He was a gem from Blue Diamond and turned into crystal gem after an accidental fusion. You will know more about him reading my comics:

- Pages 1 and 2

- Pages 3 and 4

- Pages 5 and 6

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So I had the urge to offer Hera a Bismuth egg that I had and then I asked her why she would want that and she just laughed and said “Well I’m the Goddess of Marriage and Birth!”

Oh silly me! 😅😂

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Amethyst Stalactite 

High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

One of my favorite Amethyst formations. These formations are rare and can be pretty expensive depending on quality. I own a small specimen and it is well worth the price.

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