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So I think I’ve decided how I want to celebrate my Samhain - I’m going to spend part of the day making mini apple pies in honor of my grandpa who passed away in February. He was like a second father to me, and I know the best way to honor him is making some apple pies topped with a slice of cheddar cheese. He had a saying - a pie without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze. Dessert was his favorite, just like me. I’m going to have a lil dumb supper in his honor 🖤

I want to also to a new year cleansing, maybe tidy up my apartment bit and do a burning ceremony of everything I want to leave behind in the old year. It’s been so tough on so many levels this year. I’ve had so many changes and I need to ground myself. This also ties in with the full moon & needing a fresh start 🌕

I also am going to be doing a special Samhain tarot spread and spend some time using my pendulum to connect with my guides and spirits. Samhain is my most favorite day, so I want to make it special, especially this year when I can do literally anything I want since I live alone ✨

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10/29/20 - Today’s Career Tarot Reading

The cards say I need to work on work life balance. I agree wholeheartedly and I am working to focus better on that.


3 of pentacle reversed: What’s my biggest challenge at work today?

5 of cups reversed: What do I need to work on / what is the best way to approach it?

4 of swords: outcome

Personally, I’m in love with this deck. I got it from Mystic Valley which is a local new age, witchy, metaphysical shop in STL. It’s inspired by David Bowie, and was made ne an artist who worked extensively with David Bowie in the art for his albums. David Bowie was into the woo-woo hippie, New agey, witchy shit like me.

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If you’ve got kids at home, try celebrating Samhain with some of these family-friendly and kid-appropriate ideas.

1- Honor your ancestors

In many cultures, ancestor veneration is an important part of the season. Depending on how old your children are, you may want to use this time of year as an opportunity to introduce your kids to the people whose blood runs through their veins.

Study Genealogy: All of us came from somewhere, so why not figure out what that place might have been? Get your kids involved in learning about their forbears, even if it’s just something as simple as asking Grandma what it was like to live when she was a child. Take the information you learn, and fill out a family tree chart — if you’re feeling really crafty, use that info to make an ancestor altar cloth!

Got photos and family heirlooms? Set up an ancestor altar in a place of honor in your home. Is your child — or are you — adopted? That’s okay, you can still honor your kinfolk, you just have to go about it a slightly different way. Consider celebrating archetypes that represent your ethnic or cultural background.

2- Family Friendly Ritual

Let’s face it, sometimes ritual is hard to get through when you’re little. The trick to keeping young children involved is to keep them occupied – that means rethinking ritual ideas so that it can fun as well as spiritual. This ritual is designed to celebrate Samhain with younger kids.

Obviously, if your children are older, or you have younger kids who are very focused and mature, you may not need a “kids ritual.” However, for those of you that do, this is a rite you can complete, from start to finish, in about twenty minutes. Also, keep in mind that you are the best judge of what your child is ready for. If he wants to paint his face, bang a drum and chant, let him do so — but if he’d rather participate silently, that’s okay too!

Use a basic altar setup for this ritual. If your kids are old enough to not burn the house (or themselves) down when near an open flame, you can use candles, but they’re not required for this ritual. A nice alternative is the small LED tealights, which can go on your altar safely.

In addition to your Samhain decorations, place photos of deceased family members on the altar. If you have other mementos, such as jewelry or small heirlooms, feel free to add those.

Finally, have a cup with a drink in it that the family can share — milk, cider (always a great option in the fall), or whatever you may prefer. Obviously, if someone is sporting a cold or runny nose, you might wish to use individual cups.

Gather your family around the altar, and ask each child to stand quietly for a moment to take a few minutes to think about the different family members that have passed away.. If your child is too young to know anyone who has passed away they can simply think about the family they have now, and all the living people who are important to them.

After everyone has taken a moment to think about their ancestors, and before anyone starts to fidget, begin the ritual.

Parent: Tonight we are celebrating Samhain, which is a time when we celebrate the lives of the people we have loved and lost. We are going to honor our ancestors so that they will live on in our hearts and memories.

Tonight, we honor [name], and [name].

Go through the list of specific people you wish to honor. If someone has died recently, start with them and work your way back. You don’t have to unleash the names of every single person in your family tree (because it could be Yule before you finish), but it’s important to mention the people who have had the most impact on your life. If you want, to help the kids understand who everyone was, you can go into more detail as you name the ancestors off:

“Tonight we honor Uncle Bob, who used to tell me funny stories when I was a kid. We honor Grandma, who lived in a cabin in Kentucky where she learned to make the best biscuits I’ve ever had. We honor cousin Adam, who served in the Army and then bravely fought cancer before he crossed over…”

Once you’ve named off all of the ancestors, pass the cup around the circle. As you pass it, you can say, “I drink in honor of my family, of the Holy Trinity, and of the bonds of kinship.” Take a sip, and pass it to the next person, saying, “I share this with you in the name of our ancestors.”

Once everyone has had their turn, replace the cup on the altar. Ask everyone to join hands and close their eyes for a moment.

Take a moment for quiet reflection, and then end the rite in whatever way works best for your family.

Adapted from

Wigington, Patti. “Celebrating Samhain With Kids.” Learn Religions

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Magick doesn’t always have to be complicated and use a lot of different ingredients, sometimes magick can just be infusing your own personal energy and adding your intentions. 

This is something I do whenever I make a hot chocolate or an herbal tea. I take a specially charged spoon, while I have a special one for the purpose that I brought that even contains a crystal you can do this with any kitchen spoon in your silver wear, and you just stir your hot drink clockwise. 

So when we stir clockwise, we are promoting positivity and only positive energy. So stir your hot drink and give positive intentions to your day to help promote a fantastic magickal energy. For me, if I have a particular goal set in mind because I am a person who doesn’t have good focus, I will stir that into my intentions and really infuse my day with this energy. 

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The witch blog was a sub blog under the mutated account, so it died along with everything else 😞

But I was also starting not to jive with Tumblr’s version of witchcraft and a bit of the questionable things I kept seeing passed around. So it’s no big loss to me, except that I do miss some of the general knowledge posts but I think I know enough now that I don’t really have to go on Tumblr of all places to get basic info. 

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I’ve found it!  The theme to my ritual on the 31st.  

Oh baby, naturalist necromancy!  This will be a fun classic!  I have so much to do in so little time <3

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