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Phew. My first fanfic… it’s bad, but I hope you guys like it; please PLEASE leave comments to tell me what you thought.
Stupid encanto fanfic
10 years before the movie
“We need you Bruno, see the future, like you always do, Mirabel… I’m worried about her, we need another prophecy.” Alma insisted.
“I told you mamá, I need a break, I’m sorry; the headaches, it’s too harsh mamá, I can’t.” Said Bruno.
But Alma wasn’t going to stop, and continued: “do you not love me? Love Este familia?”
“ᵀʰᶦˢ ᶠᵃᵐᶦˡʸ ʷᵒᵘˡᵈ ᵇᵉ ᵇᵉᵗᵗᵉʳ ʷᶦᵗʰᵒᵘᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ᶦⁿ ᶦᵗ…”
Bruno muttered.
“What was that?” hissed Alma.
“Nothing…” Bruno replied.
“You're useless to this family, all of us. tus sobrinas tus sobrinos, them too. Even tus hermanas. They will never love you.” Said Alma, in remark to his gift.
“I wish I was dead. Then you’d love me, wouldn’t you?” Bruno yelled, running as fast as he could to anywhere to hide.
Bruno had his hood pulled over so his mamá couldn’t see the tears that went down his face, hot ones that seemed to burn his feelings away. He wanted them to, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it.
“I wish I was dead, then you’d love me, wouldn’t you?”
He couldn’t take that back, he couldn’t just go back to her. The cold stones of casita didn’t help. He needed to disappear, like a shadow on the wall, something… not quite there. As he thought about where to go, he leaned into the walls, hoping casita could do something, anything.
Then casita was gone. Bruno felt around blindly to see what was going on as his eyes adjusted to the light.
“I’m in the walls,” he realized as he heard Almojábana (Colombian cheese buns) frying in the kitchen. He pressed his ear up to the walls, an heard Julieta and Pepa in the kitchen.
“I’m worried about Bruno, I haven’t seen him since ah… poor Mirabel’s Ceremony went so…badly.” Pepa mumbled.
Bruno couldn’t see what was going on, but he heard the sound of rain trickling down.
“Si, Mamá has been working him too hard, with the constant demand of his powers, it must be muy doloroso, predicting night and day like that,” Julieta responded.
“Mamá has always treated him… worse then us. She’s always been strict with all 3 of us, but she is muy hard on Bruno.”
At this point Bruno stopped listening, and slumped down into a pile on the wood floor.
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Part 2 of Waves !!
The reason Mirabel is Abuela's favourite granddaughter is because she sees herself in Mira, she wants Mirabel to have the perfect life that she didn't have. In this au before Mirabel even got her gift, Abuela doted on her.
Whenever Mirabel is in her room, she plays with the water and makes what she calls "mermaids" to talk to since she's very lonely.
After all the toxic friendships Mira has had, the family is protective of her. Not too overprotective though.
Instead of "what else can I do" it's replaced wih her realising that she doesn't need to be mature all the time, she's a kid and she needs to have fun too.
Luisa and Isabela hang out alot, they can't hang out with Mira due to her being busy trying to work. And yes Mira and Luisa due come across eachother very often, Mira usually works at the farm or River.
If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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swanlike-elegance · 26 days ago
Encanto major spoilers alert!
I’ve noticed a theory going around that Mirabel will inherit Abuela’s position as candle-bearer, and although this is an interesting idea, I would like to point out that there actually might not be a candle at all anymore.
At the start of the movie we see the magic spread out from the candle creating the enchanted Casita.
Tumblr media
But at the end of the movie after the family have rebuilt the house with the help of the villagers, the magic spreads out from the doorknob Mirabel takes hold of.
Tumblr media
The carvings on the door don’t show Abuela or anyone else holding the candle anymore.
Tumblr media
And I watched closely and although there were normal-looking thin candles in the new house here and there, there was no ‘magical’ candle anywhere to be found.
Tumblr media
The doors were also in that sparkly state of flux for the ending, so the carving with Abuela holding the candle that was on her door earlier in the movie wasn’t visible either. Perhaps it will never return and isn’t meant to.
Tumblr media
So the magic the family has is no longer from the candle that originated from Abuelo’s sacrifice and Abuela’s desire to protect her family, but is now from the family’s acceptance of one another and themselves in all their imperfections, especially in how Abuela embraces Mirabel as just as special as the other family members even without a magical gift.
Perhaps Abuela carrying the candle around at times was symbolic of her carrying her worries about the magic one day disappearing if she and her family couldn’t stay worthy of the magical gift. She wanted to keep it close. She wanted to keep it safe.
Tumblr media
So there not being a frail flame for her to carry around anymore could very well symbolize how she is no longer burdened by the fear they will lose their magic. None of the Madrigals are, because together they know their worth, their courage, and their family bonds don’t come from a magical candle. They simply exist. So they’ll be just fine.
Tumblr media
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kirain · 9 days ago
So I was looking at Mirabel's skirt and I noticed something interesting.
Tumblr media
All around the skirt are little patterns that match each one of her family members.
Tumblr media
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Had the overwhelming urge to draw the madrigals being protective of Mirabel so here you go :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Hi soo Im totally in love with your writing because it’s so detailed and amazing. I was wondering if you could make an angst Camilo x gn reader where when Casita comes down and the reader is trapped inside. Camilo is super devastated and is practically going insane at this point, but then the reader is safe and happy ending :)
(No worries if you don’t feel like it, just feel like you would amazing at angst)
Falling for Fear
⤷ pairing - camilo madrigal x (gn) reader
⤷ fandom - encanto
⤷ warnings - angst, hurt/comfort, angst with a happy ending
⤷ summary - when casita came crashing down, it was camilo’s worst nightmare. when he realised you were still inside, the reality became much worse
⤷ notes - thank you so much! im still learning how to do angst, so thanks for the opportunity
⤷ word count - 1.4k+
⤷ consider buying me a coffee! 
⤷ join our discord server
Tumblr media
Camilo could barely breathe. The thick plumes of dust that billowed into the air obscured his vision and scratched at his throat, forcing painful coughs and hacking to wreck through his chest. His eyes watered as he choked, pounding a fist on his chest in an attempt to heave the itch away.
Casita had fallen. It’s rubble was all around him, crumbling like a fallen kingdom. He stumbled, sandals catching on sharp rocks and steps fumbling over smashed tile. There was a sharp ache in his wrist, reverberating in his bones with a dull throb. He cradled it with the other hand; he could only imagine it was from the fall. 
He blearily looked around, squinting to see the silhouettes of his family through the soot. Pepa, on her knees, Antonio wrapped tightly in her arms. Dolores crouched on the ground, hands over her ears as the rubble continued to tumble down around her. Behind her, Félix softly rubbed her back. Luisa and Isabela were with Agustín, seemingly soothing him as he gripped his calf, wailing to Julieta (the latter of whom was with Mirabel). Abuela was floating around the groups, checking up on each person, concern cutting deep lines into her face.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Eleven including him.
That just left...
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
With him, there should be twelve.
Where were you?
His heart almost stopped.
Camilo quickened his pace, his ankle crying out in pain as he slipped up over a piece of cracked concrete that jutted into his path. 
“G-Guys?” He called. Isabela rushed over to help him closer to the family, face contorted in concern. He heaved, allowing Isabela to shift him onto the ground next to Dolores. Abuela frowned, softly smoothing Camilo’s hair, inspecting his face for any injuries.
“Abuela,” he groaned, rubbing his wrist, “where’s (Y/N)?” Abuela’s eyes widened, her head whipping over her shoulder to scan the group. 
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
“Todos,” her voice was uncharacteristically wavering, tinged with an emotion Camilo couldn’t place. All he knew was that he didn’t like it, “who has eyes on (Y/N)?” The family went silent, eyes darting to each other as if they had just realised that they were together. It seemed like they were in sync the moment they noticed you weren’t with them.
Camilo’s stomach dropped.
“(Y/N) is gone?!” Pepa cried, swiftly rising to her feet with Antonio in her arms. It felt odd to see her so distraught with a clear sky above her head. Isabela gasped, turning to the destruction behind the group.
“Were they trapped inside?” Her dress tore as she ran back into the wreckage, hands groping blindly against the remains of Casita as she cried out your name, voice cracking more and more with each second that passed. Wordlessly, Luisa ran after her, shifting the fallen debris as much as she could. 
“What if they’re injured?” Mirabel gulped, gripping on to Julieta. The latter could only stare, expression horrified. Camilo couldn’t help but wonder if she was assuming the worst. As if you were dead.
Camilo lurched, fingers curling into his hair. What if you had died? His heart hammered against his ribs, the noise of his family scrambling to find you fading into mere static that battered his skull. His vision blurred, eyes stinging. He felt physically sick, the nausea in his stomach burning an acrid coil in his throat.
He could barely express a coherent thought, mind running at a speed too fast for him to comprehend it. You could be dead. Breathe in, breathe out. Just like he told his mama. Breathe in, breath out.
“Camilo.” The young boy jumped, accidentally tugging at his hair. He turned to see Dolores, eyebrows knotted together in concern. Her round eyes were wide, staring deep into his own.
It was at that moment he realised he was crying. 
He sniffled, wiping away the tears with the back of his hand. He shouldn’t be crying. He was Antonio’s older brother, the one who could find him wherever he would run off to. He was Pepa’s son, the one who could calm her down even on the stormiest of days. He was Camilo Madrigal, the one the town could rely on to keep on smiling.
But above all, he was yours. 
The tears kept coming. 
“Camilo,” Dolores pressed, hands resting on his shoulders to force him to face her. He let out a stuttered sob, hiding his face in his arm. She grabbed his hand, rubbing a thumb over his knuckles, “hermano, I can still hear them.” His head snapped up, gaze locking onto hers.
“You can?” She nodded, steely determination in her eyes. “Yes. I can hear them speaking. They’re looking for us. I don’t think they’re in pain but we need to find them quick.” He nodded, pulling Dolores up by her arm. Her red dress was blackened with soot, the dirt underneath her nails tainting her usual disposition. 
The two took off, Dolores leading them with an unmatched fervour. Camilo willed himself to ignore the way his ankle resisted the movement, with each step striking a pain that spiked deep into his body. 
“(Y/N)!” He shouted, voice straining against his vocal chords. He had inhaled too much dust, and his throat burned at his voice. Dolores’ gaze sharpened.
“They replied. They’re close.” Camilo could only nod. 
The labyrinth of ruins was immense, threatening to overwhelm him as Dolores deftly weaved through the refuge with a skill that was a little unfounded. There was concrete and tile obtruding as far as the eye could see, and the dust had not settled enough to allow Camilo any sort of comfort in knowing where they were going. Still, Dolores seemed to move with a pervading purposefulness, resolute in her actions. 
“Camilo?” A weak voice called out. Dolores stopped, head turning in all directions.
“I heard them too.” Camilo spoke, letting go of Dolores’ hand. 
“Camilo, D-Dolores!” The voice cried again, stronger this time. 
“There!” Camilo followed the direction Dolores was pointing to see a figure stumbling out from behind a fallen wall. Camilo’s heart fluttered. It was you. Of course it was, you would never leave him.
“(Y/N)!” He ran over, sweeping you up into his arms and spinning you around in one smooth movement. You laughed, relief clear as day as he planted you back onto his feet. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in close. You smelled like soot and earth- quite a stark contrast from your usual scent, but Camilo was just overjoyed that you were here. You were here, in his arms, wonderfully real and wonderfully alive. 
Somewhere in the back, of his mind he acknowledged Dolores saying she would notify the others before leaving, but he couldn’t take his attention off of you for even a second.
“Have you been crying?” You questioned, eyeing the red rims around his eye. He just nodded, cupping your face in his hands. 
“I was so scared.” You grinned, eyes watering.
“I was too.” He peppered kisses all over your face, from your forehead to your chin, and everywhere in between. You giggled, moving your hands to interlace his fingers with yours. He finally placed the last kiss on your temple with an unnecessarily loud sound, moving to check the rest of your body.
“Are you hurt? Do you have any injuries?” You shook your head, pulling him up to face you again.
“I’m okay, now that I’m with you.” He breathed out, awestruck wonder filling his chest. There you were, with grime dirtying your features and bruises littering your skin and yet you were still positively stunning. If he had to spend the rest of his life chasing after you, he would do so in a heart beat.
“Yeah, me too, mi vida.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Mirabel was the one to walk antonio to his door and antonio was the one to walk mirabel to her door
I’m not crying, you are 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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favorite bits of almost every character in encanto!
mirabel; the part when bruno is doing hernando and... yeah then she asks "how long have you been back here?" has made me laugh every time ive watched encanto
bruno; when the casita is breaking and he collects his rats and puts the bucket on his head, BREAKING THROUGH THE WALL LMAOOO
isabela; his nose looks like a smashed papaya, this was extremely funny to me
camilo; its hard to choose so theres two, when he was looking for mirabel and "MIRABELLLLLLL" and turns into a baby and its like autotuned? LMAO or the "what is that, not a house?"
dolores; "i know" after mirabel tells her dad about brunos vision and he says nobody needs to know, made me giggle a lot
abuela; none. i hate her so much apologies
luisa; when she brokedown on the piano this was so funny to me
pepa; "we dont talk about bruno BUT" but we sing about him! and have entire dances for him!
julieta; when she starts complimenting mirabel, "with a hugeee heart" this was so sweet i love her
antonio; "the rats told me everything, DONT EAT THOSE" hes so sweet i love him, he reminds me of my baby brother !
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I’ve had a few days to let Encanto digest and try to understand why exactly Mirabel ddin’t get a gift and what the ending means. I do wish the movie itself spelled it out better, but at least how I understand it is like;
(This will include both major spoilers and speculation based on how I interpretated the story.) 
They never fully explain the real reason why Mirabel didn’t get a gift, especially since Mirabel and Abuela’s relationship didn’t get rocky until AFTER Mirabel’s failed ceremony and the conflict between them is fueled BY the lack of a gift. So I refuse to believe that’s the reason. Especially with Mirabel being the only one punished like this for any conflict going on in this family.
The movie ends with Mirabel still not getting a gift, but when you think about it... Mirabel is the new Abuela. As in, she’s obviously been chosen to be the next leader of the family once the grandmother passes (or maybe she already is now, it’s not made entirely clear). But this does make me think... it comes across like the miracle always planned for this to happen, but then why didn’t Mirabel still get her own room? Abuela also got her own room with her only gift being the leader.
This is where my own speculation comes in. but I feel like it was to test the family if they were worth another miracle. With Abuela, who got the original miracle, causing conflicts in the family from valueing magic over the individuals caused them to lose the magic. But them rekindling their relationships and rebuilding their house without magic and instead just their own bare hands (and the town’s help), is what made them earn it again.
And Mirabel finishing it by placing the doorknob is what officially brought the magic back. With a brand new front door with Mirabel at the center. So wheter methaphorical or literal, she’s the heart of the magic now.
Disclaimer: I’ve only seen the movie once and can’t really recheck details while it’s still theater exclusive.
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¿Te has quedado con hambre?
¿Te frío un huevo de avestruz?
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We feeling some Bruno Madrigal Headcannons? I think sooooo
sad? yessirrrr. Some of them not sad? prolly. you’ll have to see ig
1. Bruno definitely missed hugging his mother as the days melted into years. He would watch her hug Julieta and Pepa, and would think to himself that he could never amount to anything more than a rat just stuck in a wall. He wasn’t even deserving of his mother’s affection…
2. When Antonio was born, Bruno definitely snuck into his nursery when no one was around to just admire his nephew. He wanted more than anything to be apart of this baby’s life, but he knew better.
3. When the rest of the family were eating and having a good time, Bruno just couldn’t bring himself to look away from his little crack in the wall. The way all their smiles lit up the room, or their little giggles as Camilo would transform into Mariano.
4. Bruno was shocked when Camilo began to grow up. He didn’t look like Pepa or Felix at all, but he looked uncannily like his uncle. This helped Bruno feel a little bit better; like he was still somehow apart of the family.
5. Of course, Bruno felt personally responsible for Mirabel’s fate. But he also blamed Alma for asking him to look into the future. He always had a soft spot for his youngest niece, especially after she didn’t receive a gift. He never wanted abuela to treat her differently, so looking into Mirabel’s future was hard for him. It felt wrong.
6. He had a set of rats who were named after every single member of his family, and he treated them like porcelain dolls.
7. He gets so offended when his name is treated like a curse of some sort. He did appreciate how Dolores never acted like he was a plague. He knows his niece knew about his life in the walls, so he liked how caring she is for him despite the rest of the family hating him.
8. Bruno couldn’t stay in his room after he saw Mirabel’s future. Just seeing the sand gave him the shivers. The association was too painful.
9. Considering how Bruno was around all the time, he knew each of his niece’s and nephew’s insecurities. When Mirabel complained about Isabela’s stuck up, perfect life, Bruno feels personally hurt by the comments. Isabela is just as broken as he is.
10. La Casita will often look after Bruno even though Alma has essentially disowned him. Bruno has so much love for La Casa.
11. In addition, he also knows Isabela isn’t in love with Mariano, so he slightly dislikes his mother for essentially forcing the marriage. But he also wishes Isabela would speak against it, but he knows the young girl cares about the family too much.
12. Bruno loves watching Isabela create absolute works of art from her gift. The flowers are absolutely glowing, and it makes him feel proud.
13. Bruno secretly wants to watch Luisa punch someone with full strength.
14. Bruno can’t get the sight of Pepa out of his mind when he disappeared. The storms that surrounded La Casa lasted weeks before they finally cleared up.
Tumblr media
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encanto modern au outfit layouts (without all the headcanons)
Part 2
(part 1)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Abuela Alma
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
hehehehehehe link in replies
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That’s the face of a child who’s whole world is about to be destroyed
Tumblr media
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gardenladysworld · 15 days ago
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encanto-side-blog · 15 days ago
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · 3 days ago
Imagine going to Camilo’s house for dinner because all the Madrigals want to meet you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and Camilo knew one another from school. You were in the same class and although you hadn’t really spent much time together you knew of one another. You knew Camilo because he was part of the most famous family in Colombia, not to mention his reputation as a hilarious prankster which made him well known throughout the school. Camilo knew of you because he’d had a crush on you for years. You were the only person he got nervous around and his confidence dried up whenever you looked at him with those piercingly beautiful eyes. So when the two of you were paired together on a school project Camilo was both ecstatic and nervous.
You worked on the project during school hours, spending much time together which Camilo greatly enjoyed. When it became clear you wouldn’t finish it in school hours he suggested you go to his house after school. You agreed, not going to pass up a chance to see the incredible Madrigal house and together you made your way there. Camilo said most of his family should be out which was a good thing so you’d have the place to yourself. True to form, nobody was around when you arrived and so Camilo gave you a grand tour and then you finally settled down to work.
That evening
Camilo stumbled into the dining room utterly exhausted from the day’s events. He loved being around you but he found himself concentrating on what you were saying so much it hurt his head. When you left he felt like he’d been in a blissful daze and it took him a while for him to get his bearings. His eagle-eyed family noticed this of course and Isabela frowned as he sat down next to her “why are you walking like that?”. “Nothing i’m just tired”. “Aww tough day at school?” Luisa asked and Camilo went to agree when Dolores spoke up “that’s not what I heard...”. “Ow that means she heard some gossip! What did you hear?” Mirabel cried excitedly. “Well, Mrs Diaz’s daughter told me she saw you coming home with a girl. Apparently you brought her inside casita and everything. She didn’t leave for hours” Dolores smirked doing that typical “oh” of hers before everyone erupted into a barrage of questions. “You know you aren’t allowed to bring guests home without telling us!” his mother cried “and unsupervised” his father added. “Wait was it a date?” Isabela asked as Mirabel cried “who was she?”. “No it wasn’t a date and you don’t know her!”. “I’m in the same year as you” Mirabel cried and she looked to Dolores who would know the answer to all her questions. “It certainly sounds like a date and her name’s y/n” Dolores replied simply. “Y/n L/n!” Mirabel cried and Camilo winced. Now they had a name they’d be like bloodhounds. “Wait l/n? I think I went to school with her sister, they’re a really lovely family” Luisa commented and finally Abuela Madrigal got everyone’s attention. “Everyone stop talking! Now Camilo, who is this girl and why did you bring her over here without telling us?”. “She’s just a girl from my school Abuela” Camilo looked down managing not to blush, very aware everyone was watching him. "It wasn’t a big deal, We had a school project and she came over to finish it. That’s all!". 
His Abuela didn’t agree. 
“It is a big deal! We are the Madrigals, there are things we have to do, ways we have to present ourselves to guests. You know I like to welcome everyone who steps into this house, it keeps the family reputation". Camilo nodded "I do and you did...in a way". A smirk filled Mirabel’s face "you didn’t". "Did what?' his father and Abuela said at the same time. Camilo smirked, egged on by Mirabel "I shapeshifted into you Abuela and welcomed her into the house. She liked it a lot so don't worry I was the perfect host". "You what!" Abuela cried and Mirabel, Isabela and even Luisa smirked. "Tell me you're lying". "He’s not" Dolores chimed in "his heart always speeds up when he’s lying...like when he said it wasn’t a date”. Camilo glared at her but gave his Abuela and parents a winning smile "it was just a joke and y/n found it funny believe me". "I don’t care we have traditions and they must be upheld so you will invite this girl back and we will do things properly". Camilo went to argue when his mother shot him a look and he groaned in defeat “yes Abuela”. Isabela smirked and leant in "remember how you acted when I had Mariano visiting? Payback time".
The next day
At the earliest opportunity Camilo was ordered out of the house by his Abuela to track you down and invite you back for dinner. He relented, realising there was no way of getting out of this and walked with Luisa who he hoped would help track you down. She was a good few heads taller than him and towered over him in the square. "Do you see her?" he asked and she paused “me? I have no idea what she looks like". "Well she has brown hair" he started. "Ow that narrows it down" Luisa commented and he rolled his eyes "let me finish! She has light brown hair, she’s about Madirgal’s skin tone and my height. She usually wears blue or something purple or green...". Luisa groaned "none of this is helping". "Okay just pick me up!" Camilo sighed. "Do what?" Luisa asked and he groaned "don’t make me say it again". Lusia lifted him easily onto her shoulder and he got a good look at the market. "See her?" Luisa called and he frowned “give me a sec". He inspected the crowd and every laugh or bright colour made him pause. Finally he saw you, not too far away from them with a vendor. "There she is!" Camilo cried, just a little too loudly as you looked up and saw him. Camilo immediately blushed and waved awkwardly. You waved back and Camilo was pretty red. "Are you blushing?" Luisa asked as she put him on the floor. "No!" He cried "I'm just warm from all of this, I'm gonna go talk to her" and he rushed over to you.
"Y/n!" he said and you turned around startled before smiling "hey Camilo, everything okay? I saw you over there with Luisa, did you lose someone?". "Erm yeah Antonio...". "Ow no that's awful, he’s your little brother right?". Camilo nodded "yeah but...it’ll be fine". "Fine?" you asked confused why he wasn’t scared that his baby brother was missing and Camilo backtracked. "I mean when we find him...want to help me look?". You nodded "of course" and hurried to help him.
The two of you wandered all over town to look for his little brother that was back at home but you never complained. Not even when you’d been all over town, into the woods and back in the square. Camilo was trying to work out a way to ask you to come to dinner but he kept getting distracted by you. You were just so interesting and intelligent. You knew so much about so many things and he kept getting amazed by your knowledge until finally he ran out of time.
You’d been all over town and no Antonio so you’d ended up back at the square where you’d been an hour ago. You sighed as you scanned the market and didn’t see Antonio. “Maybe we should go tell your parents or get the police? If he’s been gone this long it must be serious”. Camilo panicked and just said the first thing that came to him “yeah okay...ow wait there’s Luisa! She’s with Antonio so everything must be fine”. "Really? Where?” you asked cranking to see her but Camilo grabbed your arm "y/n I need your help with something...well something else". That got your attention "what is it?". "Well see my Abuela really likes having guests and she was upset I invited you over when she wasn't home so she wants me to invite you back so she can play hostess". "Play hostess, what does that involve?" you asked. "Well she’ll greet you at the door and there would be a meal but other than that it’d be just like last time...if you had any other homework you wanted to do? Or we don’t have to do homework, We could just hang out or whatever, we could...draw?" he said his brain completely failing to think of a task teenagers would do for fun. "Are you a good artist?” you asked smiling and he shook his head "nope, i have no idea why i suggested that". You laughed loudly and Camilo was sure you were laughing at him until you shot him a smile "well I think it sounds great, I'd love to come back". "Really?" Camilo asked "that's great! How’s tomorrow night?". You nodded "tomorrow works for me! I'll meet you at yours" and you walked away. Camilo stared after you in a daze until you disappeared from sight. Then he reflected on how things had gone and nodded to himself “I nailed that” he said to himself grinning smugly.
The day of the dinner
Despite Camilo’s good news Abuela Madrigal was angry he’d given her so little time to prepare. "I mean barely 24 hours to plan a dinner party" she said as she set the table with the best plates. "Well I kept telling you that you didn’t have to do this" he pointed out. "Of course we have to, now go wait by the door she'll be here soon" his Abuela cried. "Who?" Antonio asked and Isabela smirked "Camilo’s girlfriend". "Y/n is not my girlfriend!” he cried. "Yeah but you want her to be" Dolores chimed in and Mirabel nodded "big time, he’s always staring at her in school". "Where do you all keep coming from!" he cried and rushed from the room.
Camilo stepped out onto the porch and enjoyed the fresh air, it helped calm the blush on his cheeks. He had no idea how he was going to get through this evening but he didn’t have much time to figure it out as you appeared down the path. “Camilo!” you called and he smiled widely “hey y/n!”. He rushed down to meet you and paused as he saw how beautiful you looked. He couldn’t tell if you’d put in extra effort or not because to him you always looked this good. He led you up to the house and gave you what he thought was a pep talk. “So don’t worry if you forget names and just tell me if they’re being too annoying...maybe we need a help signal if they’re getting too much, how about you twirl your hair three times and sneeze as our escape signal?”. You laughed “don’t worry Camilo i’m sure it’ll be fine, your family all seem nice”. “Sure...” Camilo said and he opened the front door where one person was stood waiting. Antonio. You smiled “so you must be the little run away”. Antonio frowned and Camilo nodded for him to agree. You introduced yourself and told Antonio his toy Leopard was very pretty. “I have a real one too!” he cried and you jumped as an actual Leopard appeared. Camilo could’ve kicked himself, he definitely should’ve told you about that but you reacted well. “They’re gorgeous” you smiled and Antonio beamed.
You stepped closer to the leopard and Antonio turned to Camilo. "Is this your girlfriend Camilo?" he asked in a whisper. The only problem was Antonio hadn't mastered whispers yet so he just said it in a husky voice meaning you very much heard it. "Antonio! Why don’t you go find mami?" Camilo said pushing him away and when he turned around his family had swarmed. "It’s so nice to meet you y/n, Camilo has told us so much about you" Isabela said in a sickeningly sweet voice. "He has?” you asked blushing and Mirabel nodded "he just doesn’t shut up about you" and Dolores nodded "trust me I'd know". You blushed even more and Camilo had finally managed to push them back when his Abuela and parents appeared. "Ahh so this is the young woman I've heard so much about" his Abuela said. Camilo face planted, his family were going to make you think he was a stalker or something. You hadn't run away yet though, instead you turned and smiled at his Abuela and parents. You introduced yourself and thanked them for inviting you to dinner. You complimented casita and asked if there was anything you could do to help with dinner. Camilo knew by their reaction they liked you instantly. As you walked into the dining room you complimented his mother’s dress and she was beaming, sun filling the dining room. "Dinner will be a few moments so sit and relax” his Abuela said and you looked around unsure where to sit. Camilo realised you were looking for him and felt quite special. He rushed forwards and showed the seat marked out for you next to him. You sat down next to each other and he smiled "I feel like I should apologise already". You chuckled "you don’t need to, your family are nice. Very welcoming". Camilo raised his eyebrow “that's one way to put it. Thank you for putting up with all this". You shook your head and went to tell Camilo it was fine when his cousins interrupted. "So y/n you go to school with Camilo?” Luisa asked. You nodded "yep, have done since we were five". Isabela leant forwards "what's he like in class? Class clown I'm guessing since he’s obviously not the class brains". The others laughed and Camilo glared but you didn’t laugh. "Well yes but in a good way. He always makes the day more fun and he’s the most popular person at school because he’s so funny". Camilo sat there smiling proudly as Isabela’s plan failed and Luisa nodded "so y/n any idea what you’d like to go when you graduate?". "Geez Luisa you're becoming more and more like Abuela" Camilo commented and you laughed but placed a hand on his arm "it's fine, I don’t mind" before turning back to Luisa "I'd love to be a dancer". "A dancer?" Camilo’s mother Pepa asked returning to the room and you nodded "I love dance and basically anything related to music so i’d like to pursue something along those lines". All the adults rejoined and his Abuela heard "ahh so can you play any instruments?". Camilo snorted "she can play just about anything, y/n is a great musician". You smiled at that and Camilo noticed his family all shooting him looks and blushed. "Well you'll definitely have to play something for us after dinner then" his Abuela suggested and you nodded "I'd love to".
The night was a huge success. You were your usual charming self through dinner and didn’t get overwhelmed by his huge family once. You joked around with his sister and cousins. You were polite and sweet to his Abuela and so naturally brilliant with his parents. You played the piano as requested and it was beautiful. Camilo was transfixed just like the rest of the family and you even inspired the youngest member. At the end of your song Antoni came forwards and told you he wanted to learn to play like you. You offered to teach him a little and his family was practically gushing over the way you handled Antonio. You lifted him onto the bench with you and showed him how to play some chords. When he got through the sequence without making any mistakes he beamed at all his family who all grinned back in return. It was safe to say his family all loved you and he could only imagine how much they’d encourage him to date you as if it was up to him. You said he was popular but everyone liked you because you were just so nice. You treated everyone with kindness but were no pushover and were extremely intelligent. Camilo was pushing his luck with you, gifts and all, no matter how much he liked you, which was something his family didn’t seem to get.
When the night was over Camilo led you outside and his family all gave you heartfelt goodbyes and asked you to come again. When you finally reached the front door Camilo sighed happily feeling the fresh air. You stood beside him and looked up at the night sky, as if surprised how much time had passed. "So..." Camilo said glancing at you awkwardly. He knew at the end of dates was when you typically asked for another one but he was still trying to work up the courage to do that. He, Camilo, who had never been nervous in his life. He remembered his own door ceremony he’d actually made jokes as he walked down the carpet and made his Abuela laugh in a very undignified way. But now he was more nervous than he’d ever been staring at you. 
"Yes?” you asked as Camilo had just stopped talking and trailed off into silence.  Camilo hurried to continue "i erm...well i...was wondering I'd you'd maybe like to do something like this again?". "Come over for dinner?'” you asked and he shook his head. It was now or never and Madrigals were brave, so Camilo went for it. "No, well we can if you want but I meant more the two of us...alone". You smiled "like a date?". Camilo went bright red and he struggled to form words. "I...well...yes" he finally managed "if you’d want to of course". "I'd like to go on a date with you Camilo" you replied and he froze "you would? Really?". You nodded smiling "yep, you're the most interesting and funniest boy I’ve ever met. You have a way of making everyone feel safe and comfortable around you and that’s one reason I was so happy we got put together for our project...I’d love to spend more time with you". Camilo felt like he was floating to get such glowing praise from you and he stammered like an idiot before he saw you noticed his reaction and were blushing lightly. "Well then erm...I'll come up with some ideas of what we can do and tell you them at school". You nodded "sounds great" and looked at him. Camilo stared back at you and supposed this would be the time one of the people on a date would lean forward and kiss the other. However Camilo had used up all his bravery asking you for a second date, he didn’t have any more courage in him...but the casita did!  
The house pushed Camilo up and forward and it did the same to you. Camilo couldn’t really stop himself but he wouldn’t have wanted to anyway. The house had the bravery to do what he didn’t and he kissed you. Your eyes widened in shock at first but then you smiled and closed them enjoying the kiss.
Camilo walked back inside practically strutting and composed himself before entering the kitchen. Everyone paused the second he entered and he sighed "okay so what did you think?'. "She’s lovely mi amor" his mother gushed and his father nodded "such a lovely young girl". "I’ve always liked her" Mirabel added and Luisa nodded "very nice girl". "She’s really nice, can you ask her to come back and teach me again?" Antonio asked. "I have to admit she was perfect. Still no idea why she’s interested in you..." Isabela said. Finally his Abuela nodded "I agree with everyone, she is a lovely girl Camilo...". There was a pause and Camilo nodded "I agree...". "So?" his mother asked and he paused "so what?". "Are you two together?" his father asked and he blushed. "They are!" Isabela cried noticing his reaction and Camilo tried to deny it but Dolores smirked "he asked her out on an official date just now and she said yes". They all exploded in excitement and Camilo told them they were being crazy and excused himself from the room.
Despite his words he was secretly as overjoyed as his family and as he went up to his room he patted the house “thanks casita, you did good”.
I love Dolores and Camilo’s sibling relationship so much! The few moments we got in the movie were so funny and I need more Disney! I bet Camilo was such a handful of a little brother and Dolores would be such a funny big sister because she literally hears everything you say or do! 
Not to mention they killed their verses in we don’t talk about Bruno. I just need more of these chaotic siblings and I need it now!
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analviel · 21 days ago
Thinking of Encanto Pepa Madrigal and how thunder hurts her eldest child and lightning is just not a good thing to have around kids, how the first time Camillo was just slightly too much and Pepa was really only slightly annoyed and then he's suddenly crying, his newly received powers going hay-wire because his mother's cloud zapped him and Pepa was so scared and screaming for her sister Julieta just like she has done so many times before (when Bruno says something that spooks her and he's left munching on Julieta's hastily prepared meals) and her being so hesitant when carrying Antonio and loving him from a distance as best as she could so it's Felix and Mirabel and his siblings that hugged him the most when he's growing up.
Thinking of how the first few days and then weeks and then eventually years after her failed coming of age, Mirabel never got to carry much of anything because Luisa always did it in her stead because her little sister doesn't have a gift but Luisa is the strongest and it's done out of love but Mirabel will always remember how it feels like to be treated as helpless and in the way (just the generally albeist treatment of Mirabel her whole life, a mixture of overprotectiveness and exasperation because everything has to be done for her because she's missing something everyone else has so it must mean she can't do anything).
How Camillo eventually got used to being told of how they 'need another-' and never really heard anyone ever 'need a Camillo'. He's never had trouble returning to his original form because magic, but there are long moments where he doesn't need to and sometimes that scares him just a tiny bit.
Of the first time Isabella heard the word perfect in association to her and the many imperfect things she'd done before she got the hang of what perfect is supposed to look like, and stand, and talk, and walk, and eat, and smile, and breathe.
When Luisa was first complimented of how strong she was and the second and the third and when was the last time anyone has called her pretty, or complimented the color combination she'd thought over last night, or even how she arranged the city structures into pleasing and practical patterns and designs.
Dolores hearing too much as a kid and she repeats one wrong thing and the frown on the others' faces and their eyes as they realized what they don't want her to hear and knowing they'd have no choice in it, and having to learn which and how much is she allowed to admit to knowing and knowing things she'd rather not and then knowing things she'd rather not so it's better to keep it all in.
Julieta picking up after everyone and there's honestly nothing she'd rather be doing except her brother is missing, lost, gone and her mother is always hard on her daughter who's never done anything but strive for the same expectations Julieta had once chased after too, and her eldest is holding in too much of herself, her second is holding up too much, and nothing is holding Mirabel and she fears for her youngest eventually drifting away -pushed away like her brother must've/could've been.
Do they even have friends, how hard must it be to be held in a pedestal -gods, protectors, leaders- by the entire community your family established and still upkeep, with responsibilities (not unlike that of royalties in amount if not in the exact act) expected of you, who do you go to when everything becomes too much, because everyone in your family already is holding too much.
And Abuela fearing every day for that moment when they lose what had made them, of all people, deserving of all these gifts (she doesn't know what that is, not yet), terrified of the life they had come from and what they could return to, seeing and hearing and feeling Pedro's last moments and the possibility of it being Pepa/Bruno/Julieta/Isabella/Dolores/Luisa/Camillo/Mirabel/Antonio being in his place one day, with her having to watch their backs to her as they're run down and cut down and her screams multiplied to a thousand by the rest of the families.
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