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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#concept development

So in a slight turn of events here is my prop (plant) design for @angothemango and @michelleinteal Color Concepts Class. This is flower design under diffused and direct light. This was the one the of most challenging classes have I ever taken, but I gained so much knowledge that I will take into all my work. Michelle and Angela are such masterful and attentive teachers. This design is part of my personal project, “Stella and the Nine Spheres of Heaven” (working title).

More to come soon!

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Honestly? I think Evangeline would have been more intimidated than anything. She would have met Mal before the whole magic incident happened, and Spirits are able to tell whether or not you were a witch given their sensitivity to magic in general, so Evangeline may have been far more worried about Mal outing her at the time. o3o

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I certainly don’t mind anyone drawing the characters, and if you do I’d love to see it! 

As for your question: Mal doesn’t really speak english (or any human language for that matter) though she understands it, and will eventually learn. That said, she always was and always has been the type to use her actions and body language to interact over actually talking. Mal is very attentive and thoughtful, and despite how muted it is her affection is given openly. She’s very tolerant too, like for example Kaela often grabs her hands and likes to play with them, and Sakura very much likes giving hugs, while Evangeline likes to lean into her sometimes. She never minds though, in fact enjoys the contact, and can be really sweet. uwu

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I’d imagine so, though I kinda find it a little hard to imagine her showing much interest in someone before Kaela? If you’re curious, Mal’s demisexual, and given she wasn’t too much a social butterfly to begin with this kinda led her into believing she just lacked interest in anything romantically or sexually. After she grows close to Kaela though, that changes, and her friendship with her eventually evolves into feelings of attraction. It’d probably catch her completely off guard too; maybe it’d be something she and Evangeline talk about! :3

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