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hyuckssunchip · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
let’s be honest, we all either wanna be daegal, or wanna be with daegal 🐶
daegal really be living the y/n life….
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hyuckssunchip · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
okay but why do i just want to go shopping with them???
like it’s so domestic and i’d love to just wander around the store with them 
🥺 take me with you...
(sorry for the quality)
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hyuckssunchip · 22 days ago
- WIP Folder Tag -
Tagged by :: @sunryu Thanks for tagging me!!
Rules :: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Then, people can send asks with the title that most intrigues-interests them and you’ll post a little snippet of it or tell them something about it!
---> So this had me digging in my old drive and i found some stuff that i forgot i had. also some of this stuff has been rotting away in my drive cause i’m blocked...
[➵] Love Over Lifetimes - nct 127
[➵] "Do I need to Leave?” - Jeno x Reader, Jaemin x Reader
[➵] Inhumane - Taeyong x Doyoung x Jaehyun x Jungwoo                   
                 * idk if there’s even going to be a Y/N yet....                   
                 ** also may be a series, may not...
[➵] Is Love a Must? - Doyoung x Reader, ft. Jaehyun
[➵] A Million Lifetimes - Doyoung x Reader
[➵] I Shouldn’t Love You - Kun x Reader
[➵] The Catalyst - Jeno x Reader, ft. Jaemin, Johnny, Doyoung, Jaehyun
[➵] Ten Things I Hate About You - Ten x Reader
                    * idea, but literally nothing yet...
[➵] Loverboy ??? - Haechan x Reader, ft. Mark
                     * name could change...
Jaemin x Reader
Jaehyun x Reader, ft. Johnny
Taeyong x Reader
Tagging :: @bluejaem @jungcherie @hyucksbestie
if any of my followers are writers, feel free to do one of your own and tag me so i can see it!! ^u^
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hyuckssunchip · 23 days ago
okay but mark… that was lowkey hot 
idk whether to focus on mark or haechan who is being a brat as usual 
tbh his english was so cute tho
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hyuckssunchip · a month ago
[2:21 am]
Tumblr media
Pairings: Haechan x Reader
Words: 2K
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), SMUT, male receiving
gamer boyfriend drabble
hyuck asks you for a little late night favor in return for what you want, any time, anywhere. you take this to your advantage to have a little fun while he’s gaming. 
smut is after the keep reading
Tumblr media
You felt your boyfriend grip your hips and drag you closer to him. Your eyes lifted slowly, barely peeking under the heavy lids, but you were met with darkness. Only the soft glow of the analog clock let you know that it was four in the morning.
“Hyuck, stop it.” You mumbled out, fidgeting away from him. But he held his grip, and held you taut against his chest, forcing you to still.
He whined in your ear, resting his chin on your shoulder. You pushed your face into your pillow trying to find the sleep that was now slipping away.
But Haechan was relentless. His hips ground against your ass, desperately trying to seek relief. He was hard against your backside, and you felt his soft pants fall on your ears.
“Stop it.” You half heartedly push him away, just swatting at his hands. “I need to sleep, you know I’ve got a big test tomorrow.” Well tomorrow being today, but you were too tired to care.
He ignored your words, landing soft whispers of kisses on your neck, finding your tender spot. You couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh at the feeling, but as soon as they came they were gone. 
His lips didn’t leave your skin for a moment, however, they became ravenous. He left wet open mouthed kisses along your neck, using his fingers to pull down your shirt for access to your collarbone. You involuntarily complied, stretching your neck for easier access. 
His lower half didn’t slow at the new movement, still pushing roughly against you.
Although you shook your head, you couldn’t seem to say the words you needed to.
“Please.” He moans into your ear, legs tangling in your own. “I can’t stand it any more.”
You huffed, reluctantly pulling away from him, but his arms locked tightly around you.
“I tried to hold myself back, I really did. But I can’t.” He leaned in to lick a stripe on your neck, stopping only to softly tug on your ear between his teeth.
“Please, let me fuck you.” He practically begs you, hands traveling along your body. 
“Hyuck. It’s four in the morning.” You tried to reason with him, words still slurred from sleep.
“I’ll let you do it to me any time, anywhere.” He promised, trying to entice you into giving him his way.
You scoff at the proposition. “You always want to fuck though, how does that help me?”
He didn’t have an argument, instead opting for silence, and a couple more kisses creeping dangerously towards your breasts. 
“Fine, but a deal’s a deal. Don’t think I’ll forget.” You mumble in defeat, to which his body immediately responds. 
You found yourself pantiless in seconds, his hand trancing down your navel to reach your mound. His fingers got busy, dancing over your clit in order to get you ready. You didn’t have much time to focus on that, as he leaned over and brought your mouth against his, taking the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth when you gasped at the contact.
He dipped the tip of his middle finger into your folds, slowly rubbing the walls of your hole, already dripping with anticipation. He forwent his usual cocky comment about you being wet for him so fast, and instead chose to line himself up. 
His pants had disappeared sometime between getting you ready and the intense make out session. He gripped his hand around your inner thigh, pulling it up to give him better access, and throwing it over his leg. 
Slowly he sank into your pussy, your walls stretching at the girth of his cock. You moaned at the feeling, making him grip your waist, proud at your reaction. You rolled your head back, against his chest as he bottomed out. Just seconds later he began to speed up, thrusting deep inside you. You weren’t used to this angle, and it had you feeling him in places you had never had him before. 
His hands continued wandering, gripping any part of your skin that he could, ultimately landing on your breast, which he so deeply loved. He tweaked a hardened nub, causing you to tighten your stomach in response.
His pants began to quicken at the way you clenched around him moaning deliciously in your ear.
“Fucking hell, do that again would you?”
You complied, not even thinking twice about the request. At the second feeling of your core tightening around his length, his hips stuttered.
“Shit, I’m close.” He moaned out, and you marveled at the sound.
He let go of your breast and chose to find your clit once again. He began rubbing you off, trying to get you to your high at the same time as him.
“Shit. Hyuck, I’m getting close.” You panted, gasping at the familiar churning in your stomach. 
“Alright baby, just a little more.” He begged, increasing his speed in both his hips and his fingers. “Come with me.”
You let go of the tension that was building up, and Haechan muffled your moans with open mouthed kisses.
After you both came down from your highs, the dark room was left with slowing pants and the soft glow of the clock.
Heachan slipped out of you crawling out of bed to grab a wet rag. When he returned, he patted you down the best he could and turned you to face him, pulling you snug against him.
“Thank you.” He whispered, leaving a soft kiss on your forehead. 
But you were already consumed by sleep.
Tumblr media
You were laying on your boyfriend’s bed bored out of your mind. For the past forty-five minutes he had told you that ‘this was the last game’. 
All attempts of getting his attention were utter failures, as they often were when trying to pull him away from his precious game.
You rolled onto your side, staring at the back of his head in frustration, when you were hit by the sudden realization of how to get his attention. 
You decided that this was the time to take him up on his offer. Although you enjoyed that mid-night pleasure, it was time for you to take revenge on him.  
And you were almost certain that he would enjoy this as much as you would.
For a few moments you simply stood behind his gaming chair, hands gripping slightly on the soft material of the chair. You leaned down and left a small trail of kisses on his neck, rubbing your hands up and down his chest from behind.
For a moment he looked startled at your sudden show of affection, but he quickly pushed it away. “Not right now, give me ten minutes baby.”
You smirked to yourself, already having predicted his response. With your lips inches from his ear you whispered as tantalizing as you could, “Did you forget your little promise?”
He pauses, fingers tensed over his mouse while staring at the screen. You noticed the way that he gulped slightly, and his eyes shook, but you took the lack of protest as his silent agreement.
You snuck under his arms, choosing to straddle him with your arms wrapped around his neck. You were kind enough to move your head out of the way, letting him still have a clear view of his screen. Instead you continued with the kisses, which became louder and more erotic as you worked your way towards his sweet spot under his ear. 
Your head was so close to his headphones that you could hear the faint gunshots and the yells of his teammates, and you decided that you would make it your mission to give them a little show.
Your kisses got even sloppier and louder, the sucking noises became more lewd. Haechan had the decency to switch it onto mute for a moment and pulled away the best he could to give you a look, to which you returned with your own. 
‘A deal’s a deal.’ You mouthed tauntingly at him. You admired the way that his Adam’s apple bobbed as he gulped, then smiled proudly at the newly formed marks that adorned his neck. You softly traced a hickey with your finger with delight.
But that wasn’t enough, you ground yourself into his lap, causing him to let out an unwilling moan. You continued this as you connected your lips with him, sucking him into a very deep make out session, while he was still very desperately trying to keep up with his game.
You bit his lip, asking for entrance, and to your surprise he immediately abided. You laced your fingers into his already messy hair, gripping tightly at the roots. He loved the way you would tug at it, and it never failed to elicit moans from him, this time was no different. You pulled back for air, staring at his now swollen and puffy lips, that made them more irresistible than normal.
Before you could return to them you hear the loud shouts from his headphones. You found it difficult not to giggle at the way his teammates were yelling at him. He wasn’t one to back down easily, defending himself at the accusations that his gaming skills were in fact trash.
But just because you were pleased with the reaction didn’t mean that you were satisfied. You scooted back slightly, revealing the now very hard member that you were steadily grinding on moments ago. It was quite easy to slip his member out of his pants, almost as if it was trying to escape. You pumped him a couple of times, and he hissed at the sudden contact. You slid off his lap, kneeling in front of him, pushing his knees away so you could be situated between his legs.
You licked a long stripe up his dick, leaving a kitten lick at his sensitive tip. His hips lifted at the sensation, but you pushed them back down. A few more times you teased him, before you wrapped your lips around his member, going as deep as you could. You continued to bob your head, occasionally adding a soft hum which had him jolting at the vibrations.
The lewd sounds were getting louder and faster, but his grunts and moans soon took over the room. You gave one last push, deep throating him so that your nose was unbelievably close to his abdomen. At this he let go of his mouse and tangled his hands in your hair, holding you in that position as long as he could.
“Fuck.” He choked out, moaning at the feeling. “Shit Y/N you’re so deep.”
You pulled back with a pop, wiping the saliva off your chin. You stood, shimmying your pants and panties off, giving yourself a quick rub, which was unnecessary because you were so turned on from the whole situation you didn’t need to be any wetter. 
He winced at the loud yell from his headphones, no doubt his teammates complaining about his now dead player, and the fact that he hadn’t muted himself again.
“For fuck’s sake Haechan, can you fuck your girl some other time? Or at least mute the goddamn thing!”
“Shut up your just pissed cause I have a girlfriend to fuck!” He shouted back, tugging the headphones off and tossing them aside. 
You grinned, sinking yourself onto you hard on. You sighed at the feeling of being full as he failed to constrain himself. You didn’t have the chance to ride him the way you had planned as his hands grabbed your ass, thrusting up into you aggressively. 
He latched his mouth on to your neck, returning the favor of the many hickeys you had just left on his. You threw your head back, bouncing incredibly fast on his lap, the quick motions had you grunting at the impact.
You struggled to regain your breath as he continued to ram up into you, going deeper than you thought was possible in this position. He quickened his pace, as the both of your reached your highs, cumming together at the feeling.
You sat still on his twitching cock, the feeling of his cum trying to escape sent butterflies in your stomach. You sighed into his neck, regaining your breath in this comfortable position.
“Fuck we should do this more often.” He mumbled out.
Tumblr media
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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hyuckssunchip · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so i wrote another little drabble for haechan, only this one is a little less innocent because i’ve been obsessed with his lap…
also legs?! mans has legs for days and i actually cannot. his body proportions are insane
(plus had to add in the last pic, why is it so cute tho?)
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hyuckssunchip · a month ago
Tumblr media
omg thanks guys! i’ve reached a milestone, 100 followers!! It may not be a lot to some people, but it means a lot to me!
 I’m just so happy that my work is liked and people can enjoy my writing!! so i have a little something. 
following my haechan drabble i was inspired to do something a bit more mature…  

i was planning on waiting a bit cuz it’s my first smut, but this is big for me so… it’s coming out very soon!
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hyuckssunchip · a month ago
[12:16 am]
Tumblr media
Pairings: Haechan x Reader
Words: 375
Warnings: very much fluff
midnight cuddles drabble
i feel like hyuck is the biggest cuddler, like atm he’s so soft and he would never let you go. plus when i was looking for a pic for this i just found millions of pics of him cuddling with his members
Tumblr media
You tiptoed through the bedroom door, wincing at the bright outline of light escaping from the living room window. Just outside the window sat the brightest street lamp, one of many that surrounded your apartment complex. 
You turned to shut the door as softly as you could, satisfied with the faint click. You smiled at the lump on your bed, moving towards it.
The blankets heaved softly with the calm breathing of your boyfriend that was drowning underneath the pile. You slipped under the layers, choosing to scoot closer to him, to which he responded with a quiet groan.
There was only the sound of him smacking his lips, a habit of his that you found adorable. He soon reached over and wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer into his side, sliding the other under your neck.
You were now at the perfect height to dig your face into his soft neck, content with the warmth that was now covering you. 
“What time is it?” Haechan mumbled, his voice scratchy from sleep.
“Midnight.” You whispered back, trying to ignore the way his breath landed on your cheek, sending chills down your spine.
He threw his left leg over your own legs, locking you in. 
“It’s late.” You weren’t sure if he was really awake at this point, and you sighed, relaxing under his grip.
“Yeah.” You hummed, looking at your boyfriend up close. Unable to stop yourself, you reached a finger up, tracing the patterns of his moles.
After a while he must have gotten tired of it and he reached his free hand up to grab a hold of your finger, lacing his fingers in between yours. 
He sleepily pulled your hand to his lips, just barely grazing it, leaving what could hardly be considered a kiss on the back of your hand.
He then pressed your hand against his chest, finding the beating pulse of his heart. As he continued rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand he hummed softly. 
Although his eyes remained closed, you imagined that his eyes were smiling as much as his lips were, which were currently softly turned up into a content grin.
Tumblr media
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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hyuckssunchip · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
asdfkjasdf i’ve been so into haechan recently… well always… but i’ve been just been writing things for him and i can’t stop lol ahhh… can you tell who my bias is lol
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hyuckssunchip · a month ago
Grow Up
Tumblr media
Pairings: Haechan x reader, ft. Jaemin (mentions of Jeno and Jisung)
Words: 4.7K
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), angst
Watch Y/N and Haechan struggle through their relationship, discover what it means to mature and the expectations that they hold for each other. As they stumble through obstacles they explore a new territory that leads to what could be a fresh start. But will they ever really grow up?
Tumblr media
”I don’t want you seeing him anymore.”
You huffed, continuing to walk away.
“Just because you don't like a guy I’ve been hanging out with doesn’t mean you have any right to tell me that I can or can’t hang out with him.” 
Haechan grabbed your wrist, pulling you around to face him.
“Look I know guys… Guys are dumb and assholes, you can’t hang out with him period.”
You shrugged his arm off, staring him down.
“You’re a guy.”
“That’s different-”
“How are you any different?”
“I-what?” He glanced back at you with a frown.
“You heard me, how are you any different than those other guys?” You’re eyes narrowed at him, approaching your breaking point.
“I-I care about you.” He took a step towards you, but you backed away, keeping the space.
“What? And those other guys don’t? Is it not possible for any other guy to care about me?” You shook your head, incredulously. 
“No! That’s not what I’m saying, it’s just...they- they don’t okay?!” He raised his voice, but refusing to make eye contact.
“And how would you know? Hmm?”
“No! You have no idea how he feels, so stop trying to push your own insecurities and thoughts on him, own up to yourself already!” You spat out, frustrated.
“You have no right to determine what I feel, what he feels, or what I want to do about it! What gives you the right?! Huh? What makes you think-”
“Because I’m fucking in love with you! Alright?!” You took another step back, bumping into the side of his car.
“Heach-” you stuttered out. 
“No! You know you act all innocent and oblivious but you know exactly what you’re doing, don’t you? You know exactly what you’re doing and then you go off pretending to be that naive little girl you want everyone to think you are! Lose the facade already!” You felt the venom in his tone.
“Haechan-” You paused as he turned around, throwing his head back in frustration. You frowned.
“What?” He turned back to face you, eyebrows raised, in the middle of raking his hands through his hair. 
“No. You do not get to act like you’re the victim here. You know exactly how I feel, you’ve known since high school haven’t you? I’ve been in love with you for years and now suddenly just because you’re not the center of my attention anymore, just because suddenly I’m not pining after your every move like a pathetic love struck character, you think you can just claim to be in love with me?! No! That’s not how this works! I’ve watched you for years hook up with random girls and toss them away like tissues but I still followed you like a lost puppy and look where that got me? Thrown away and cast aside until you’re ready to play again! I’m so done with that Haechan! I’ve finally found a guy who actually cares about me and wants to be around me, and you think you can tear that away from me because you don’t want to share?! You think you can make up some stupid little lie to hurt me and I’d come running back to you? No! You know I can finally see just how toxic you were to me and I’m so over it!”
You took a deep breath, recovering from your spout.
“Y-you’re in love with me?” 
You looked at him bewildered. “Are you kidding me? That’s what you got out of this whole thing? Ugh! Grow up Haechan. You’re fucking 20 years old, start acting like it.” 
You stomped away, not daring to look back at him, knowing there was a chance you would cave, running back to him and begging for forgiveness.
Tumblr media
It was just like Haechan to take nothing out of your conversation.
“What the hell did you do?” You asked the familiar padding on Haechan’s back, as he was still surrounded by his friends. At this point you didn’t care anymore.
He turned around facing you with a little smile. “Y/N. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. Why aren’t you answering my texts or calls?”
You put your hands on your hips, raising your eyebrows, “You can’t be serious?” 
He cocked his head, as if genuinely confused.
You shook your head, “What did you tell Jeno?”
His eyes widened for a second, just enough for you to witness it.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The snickers of his friends told you differently.
“Why won’t Jeno talk to me anymore?” You asked, glaring straight into his eyes.
Once again, he feigned innocence. “I don’t know, maybe the same reason you won’t talk to me.” He mocked back, a slight smirk overcoming his face.
You clenched your jaw, “You know what, it doesn’t even matter anymore. I’m so done.” 
You turned away, ready to leave him behind.
He grabbed your wrist, not letting you leave. “Oh come on, Y/N, have a little fun.” The laugh in tone was enough to confirm that you were about to make the right decision.
You pulled your wrist out of his grip, turning around and glared at him. 
He looked taken aback for a moment. 
“You can go have fun with your little friends, I want nothing to do with you anymore.”
His face froze as he panicked. “Y/N-”
“Seriously. Don’t.”
As you left, you heard the faint “oohs” from his friends, but he didn’t seem to stop them, or even try to stop you at the least.
That was a good thing you suppose, one less chance for you to cave.
Tumblr media
“Please? Just one date. And if you’re absolutely disgusted by me by the end of it, I won’t bug you anymore.” You smiled at the hyper boy next to you.
You simply shook your head.
“Think about it.” He said, skipping ahead of you in order to walk backwards facing you, “You’ll finally get rid of me if you just let me go on a date with you.” He grinned, flashing his cheeky smile.
“Jaemin, I’m not gonna go on a date with you.” 
He frowned playfully, “Then it looks like you’re stuck with me for a long time.”
That wouldn’t be so bad.
Really you enjoyed Jaemin’s company, and you had absolutely no reason to turn him down. He was really sweet and not to mention good-looking.
“Please? The arcade is opening back up this weekend. Unless... Are you perhaps scared?” He asked taunting you.
You stopped, staring at him, “Why on earth would I be scared? Jaemin I could beat you at any game in my sleep.” You snickered at him.
“Really? Is that a challenge?” He waggled his eyebrows.
You grinned in response. “Nope, just a fact. Do I really have to prove it to you?”
“Looks like it, cause I don’t believe you.” He sang out.
He raised his hands in victory, falling back into step with you.
“So what day? I can do either Friday night or Saturday. Can’t do Sunday though cause I promised Jisung I would whoop his ass in bowling.”
You heard a faint bout of laughter that pulled you away from the conversation. You would recognize that laugh anywhere.
Your head swiveled in a desperate attempt to find the familiar black haired boy, instead your eyes landed on the silver haired boy across the street. Your heart dropped.
You weren’t surprised to see him with another girl, his arm wrapped around her shoulder, but it still hurt. It shouldn’t have hurt, it’s not supposed to. It’s been almost a year since you’ve even seen him.
“So? What you think?”
“Huh? Oh, Friday works for me.” You stuttered out, facing Jaemin again. 
“Great, I can pick you up around five? We could get food too! This pizza place next door is fantastic.”
It wasn’t long before you tuned him out again, stretching your neck to try and spot the silver haired boy again, but he was gone.
It was for the best.
Tumblr media
It seemed like Fate was doing her very best in trying to make you suffer. Because that silver haired boy had crossed paths with you more times than you thought was possible. She had even brought him here.
It was Friday night, a long awaited date on Jaemin’s part, and you were glad to finally catch a break from school. That is until you saw him.
It was just after you had beat Jaemin out on a game of DDR that you caught a glimpse of his hair, letting your eyes track his movements. Of course he was with that girl, and you cursed yourself for noticing.
No, you cursed yourself for caring.
“Pizza? I need something to pick up my energy.” Jaemin wiped of the beads of sweat on his brow, a light sheen that had him glowing. You wished it was him that you couldn’t get your mind off of. 
Nodding in response you let yourself stumble after his lead, scooting into a booth as he ordered at the front. 
You rubbed your hands over your face, trying to get the image of his arm wrapped around that girl out of your mind. A bout of giggles snapped you out of it. You wished you could be grateful that you were no longer thinking of this image, but instead as you turned your head to the noise, you saw the image you had been dreading. 
His arms weren’t wrapped around her shoulder anymore, but snaked her waist, pulling her taught against his own side. 
You were so busy glaring at his hand that you hadn’t noticed Jaemin returning to the booth.
“Y/N? You okay?” Bless him, he looked genuinely worried that you weren’t having a good time. And it wasn’t his fault, any other day you would be having a blast with him, you were sure of it.
You nodded, pulling your gaze away from the couple. But Jaemin quickly caught on to who you were staring at.
“Oh! Haechan!?” You froze, hearing the name fall from Jaemin’s lips.
To no surprise, the boy you dreaded turned around, finding the owner of the voice that called out for him. 
His lips upturned into a grin and he sauntered over to the booth, not yet giving you a glance. You were grateful for that, attempting to hide yourself in the corner.
“Jaemin, what’s up?” Although you weren’t looking, you could hear the sounds of some handshake that the two did. “You on a date?” 
He must have seen your figure in the corner, but you refused to look up.
“Yeah, kind of.” You felt guilty at the sigh he let out, “Why don’t you guys join us? We just ordered pizza.” 
You wanted so badly to grab Jaemin by the collar and shake him back to his senses. Of course he didn’t know your history with Haechan, and if this was a real date, why on earth would he invite other people?
But it wasn’t like you were been the most attentive of dates. 
“Really? We just ordered some too, more for everyone though right?” You grimaced at the sound of his laugh. 
Jaemin got up from his spot, gesturing for the new couple to sit across from you as he went to grab his pizza, only to return to the seat next to you.
Your head was still facing downwards, and you gulped, recognizing the well worn pair of sneakers that sat directly across from you. 
You felt an elbow in your side, “Pizza’s here. Are you sure you’re feeling okay? If you’re not I can take you home.”
You hesitated, feeling guilty that you even thought about it. Jaemin was so happy to take you out earlier and you felt like you totally blew the whole thing. Of course you would stay, and you would try to be a better date.
“No, I’m fine, I just need reenergizing that’s all. I used up all my energy whooping your ass in DDR.” You let a teasing tone seep through, content to see the grin that now spread over Jaemin’s face. 
“You did not whoop my ass, I totally let you win.” He scoffed back, pulling a slice out of the box.
“Sure you did. So if we were to rematch after pizza, you would win right?” You faced Jaemin head on, hoping that Haechan wouldn’t recognize you.
Jaemin pretended to ignore you, “Why would we waste our time on the same game? I want to beat you at as many different things as possible.”
You laughed, unintentionally throwing your head back. As you turned back to face the table and pick a slice of pizza up, your eyes skimmed over Haechan, relieved that he wasn’t looking at you.
His date picked at her salad next to him, blinking at his side profile, but not really interesting in anything that he had to say. You knew that look, and you hated to admit that you had used that earlier today with Jaemin. You felt ashamed of yourself and vowed to not let Haechan’s existence deter you, and be present in the moment with Jaemin for the rest of the night.
“Y/N, I’ll be right back, Jisung’s calling again.” Jaemin said, pulling you out of your reverie. 
You nodded, motioning him to answer the call. 
At the sound of your name, Haechan whipped his head up, freezing when he caught his first glimpse of you.
“Y/N?” It came out as a whisper, but it was clear as day to you.
Your eyes met for the first time in a year.
Tumblr media
You stood outside the arcade, scuffing your shoe against the pavement, the awkward tension making you uncomfortable.
“So you and Jaemin huh?” You flinched at his voice, cursing the way that you showed how affected you were by his presence. 
You simply nodded back, not really knowing how to respond. 
The silence weighed heavy between the two of you. 
You peeked at him out of the corner of your eye. He was sitting on the ground, leaning his back against the side of the building. His hoodie was covering a good portion of his face, but you could tell that he was concentrated on drawing pictures in the dirt with his stick.
You cleared your throat.
“It’s been a while hasn’t it?” His voice was softer than you were expecting.
You gulped, turning to look at his sitting form.
“Yeah.” You tried to find more words that would make this less unpleasant, but nothing came to mind.
“Ready?” Jaemin exited the building, wiping his hands on his pants.
“Uh... I think Minji is still in the bathroom.” Haechan muttered, not bothering to look at either of you.
Jaemin nodded, taking his spot next to you. You smiled at him, trying to lift your mood slightly.
“Are you cold?” He asked, looking at your arms wrapped around yourself. He was already moving to remove his jacket.
“No, I’m fine, plus I’ve got a jacket in the car if I need it.” You smiled at his sweet gesture.
“I’m cold.” You heard the familiar voice of Haechan’s date. You looked over at her exiting the bathroom as she stared expectantly at Haechan.
He made no indication that he was planning on giving up his hoodie. He stood, glancing at the rest of the group before turning towards the direction you assumed his car was.
She huffed haughtily and followed him, muttering under her breath before calling out for him.
“Well, I guess we’ll see them at the ice cream place?” Jaemin joked, gesturing for you to start towards his car. 
You laughed, figuring the same. To be honest, you wished you couldn’t care less if they decided to ditch or show up, but there was a part of you that you hated, a part of you that wanted to see him again.
The car ride was short, but not unpleasant, a comfortable air sat between the two of you.
“Do you absolutely hate me now?” 
You turned to face him, startled by the abruptness of his question.
“Hate you? Why would I hate you?”
“Well, I promised that if you hated me after this date, I wouldn’t bug you again.” 
You laughed at the absurd thought of him actually following through with that.
“Of course I don’t hate you. I just... I really just think that our relationship would be best as friendship.” You glanced at him, gauging his reaction.
But he nodded back, a thoughtful look on his face.
“I understand... I’ll back off.” 
You frowned at the new mood. 
“You don’t have to back off, I liked the way things were before. We can still have fun together, but I don’t want to lead you on or anything. I just don’t think that things aren’t going to work out that way.”
It was silent for a bit before he looked over at you, and gave a weak smile.
“I get it. Don’t worry I’ll still whoop your butt in DDR even if it’s not a date.” You laughed at his attempt to lighten the mood, thankful that he was trying.
“Right, I doubt that’s going to happen. When was the last time you beat someone in DDR?” 
He frowned at you, “I beat Jisung last week.”
“Jisung is a great dancer, how did you beat him?” You teased, questioning the validity of his statement.
“He sucks at DDR.” He chuckled, admitting that beating Jisung wasn’t exactly a phenomenal feat. 
You giggled, “How is Jisung anyways? I feel like I haven’t seen him in forever.”
“He’s good, he joined that dance team and I haven’t really seen him at home either. He’s really busy, practicing forever after school.”
“Well it’s good you guys are gonna hang out on Sunday.” Jaemin smiled at the thought, and you followed in suit, adoring their relationship.
“You know I think he might have a little crush on you, he always asks about you.” He snickered, for a moment forgetting about his own unrequited love.
“Aw, that’s cute. Remind me to stop by sometime, I want to see him again.” You turned to stare out the window as you slowed to a stop. 
A few spots away you could see Haechan’s familiar car, both him and Minji still inside. From what you could see, it looked as if they were arguing, or more like Minji was arguing and Haechan was ignoring her. 
You stepped out of the car, finding Jaemin next to you in a matter of seconds. 
“Are they fighting?” Jaemin asked, staring at the couple in the car. You shrugged back, focusing on the scene in front of you.
You flinched as the passenger door slammed shut, watching Minji’s back storm off past the ice cream shop.
It wasn’t long after that Haechan also stepped out, running his hands through his hair. 
Jaemin was the first to move in his direction, “What’s up? Is she not coming?”
He looked up, finding your eyes almost immediately. “Looks like it.”
You unintentionally bit your lip, coming to the realization that it was now just the three of you.
“Are we still down to get ice cream? Cause we don’t have to-”
“Yeah. Let’s just go in.” Haechan interrupted Jaemin, walking towards the front door.
“Okay...” Jaemin sent you an awkward smile, trailing after Haechan.
You let out a labored sigh, dragging your feet to follow.
Upon entering the shop you found Haechan seated in a booth and a very animated Jaemin on the phone. 
“Yeah, just give me like ten minutes.” 
You watched him with expectant eyes to which he responded apologetically, “Jisung’s ride bailed on him and he needs me to pick him up.”
You nodded, opening your mouth, ready to leave.
But he interrupted you, turning to Haechan. “Do you mind dropping Y/N off after ice cream? She doesn’t live that far.”
Jaemin patted him on the back, not really looking for an answer. He waved goodbye on his way out sending you another regretful glance.
You stood still, not yet entering the booth, and eyes fixed on your fingers which were now fumbling with the hem of your jacket.
“Do you wanna sit?”
You hesitated before sliding across from Haechan, still nervous at the idea of being alone with him now, let alone a whole car ride home.
The two of you sat in silence, neither wanting to cut in.
“What can I get you?”
The waitress was busy eyeing Haechan up while waiting for a response. 
“Just a banana split.” He nodded at her, trying to give off the impression that that was it. 
She understood winking at him as she left, not caring to check on you.
You crossed your arms huffing to yourself.
“Don’t worry, they’re big here. You still like splits right?” You could tell he was trying to put some effort in, but it didn’t change the atmosphere. 
“I can ask her to come back if you want something else.” He moved to wave the waitress down but you shook your head in opposition. One was enough, besides the faster it was eaten, the sooner you would get home.
Tumblr media
An awkward banana split later, you sat in the very spot Minji was an hour before. It had been a while since you had ridden in Haechan’s car, but it looked the same as before, neat and tidy.
“Did you move?”
You shook your head, ready to give the address.
“Right. Off of Cowell then...” He commented while starting the ignition, leaving you with raised eyebrows at the idea that he still remembered the way to your apartment.
The silence had almost become unbearable and you controlled the urge to turn on his radio to soften the deafening silence.
Lucky for you he beat you to it, letting the soft melodies of a ballad filter over the car. 
You neared the stoplight that was adjacent to your apartment, rejoicing the fact that you were almost reaching your escape when he spoke up.
“I was stupid.”
“I should have never said any of that, I shouldn’t have done that, I... I shouldn’t have let you walk away like that.” You could hear the rawness in his voice, evidence of his regret.
Your heart skipped a beat uncontrollably. But you refused to let it show.
“This last year has been hell.” He paused, taking a deep breathe at his sudden revelation.
It was sometime ago that he had pulled into a spot outside your apartment, but you couldn’t get yourself to leave.
“I understand why you reacted the way you did, but I swear, I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to push you away like that.” He frowned, staring ahead as if he was concentrating intently on whatever was just outside the window. 
“I had no idea what my feelings were, or how to express them. I was just acting the way I thought I was supposed to, but I swear I’ve grown up.”
You couldn’t do anything but stare at his profile, watching the way that his nose scrunched up.
“I want to believe you Haechan. But the way you’ve acted tonight doesn’t show me that you have.”
He turned to face you, eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “What do you mean?”
You avoided his stare, focusing on the fabric of your jeans. “Do you treat all your dates the way you treated Minji tonight? Because I felt horrible for her.” You frowned to yourself. “Did she deserve to be neglected and dismissed like that?”
Unknowingly, fresh tears had managed to spring to your eyes, something you cursed yourself for doing. But watching the way he acted tonight had you remembering the way he treated you, and you hated the fact that you still wanted him after all of it.
“I... I didn’t. I didn’t mean to neglect her or dismiss her, I was just so caught up in seeing you again that... I don’t know. And about the ice cream shop, it’s not like I told her to leave, it’s just... it’s just that I told her that I liked someone else and she freaked out. I know it makes me look bad, but I promise you I really have grown up.”
He reached out to push a stray hair behind your ear, but you flinched away, avoiding contact. 
You looked up at him, and his eyes visibly widened, taken aback by the sight of your teary eyes. 
“Thanks for the ride.” You moved to push open the door, attempting to leave, but an hand on your arm stopped you.
“Please?” It was such a heartbroken plea that you froze, a part of you begging to stay and comfort him. 
You couldn’t help but succumb to this, biting your lip in reluctance.
“Do... do you want some tea?” The grip on your arm loosened, wavering at the option. It was only the click of the seatbelt being released that answered you.
He stood next to you in silence as you fumbled with your keys, unable to stop the shaking of your hands. 
He reached for your hand in silence, his warm one enveloping yours. In one swift movement, his keys were in his hands and unlocking your door.
“Thanks.” You breathed out, unable to control your voice still.
Your bag found its familiar spot on the couch as you shuffled into the kitchen, needing something to keep both your hands and your mind busy.
The slowly increasing sound of the teapot cut through the air, leaving you and Haechan with words left unsaid. 
You stole glances at the boy, realizing that he hadn’t said a word since he had entered the apartment. 
Busy watching your figure from across the room, his jaw was stuck in a continual lock. He seemed to be focusing not on anything in particular, just your presence. His eyes seemed softer, almost in a perpetual state of mourning. Was he like that earlier? 
Throughout the night you had gotten the impression that he was cold and harsh. How did his eyes seem to say so much now? Was he losing the facade he had up for everyone else? Was he letting go for you? 
He had become soft, a side of Haechan that you thought could never exist. Where was the rowdy teenager? Where was the boy who longed to fit in? The boy so desperate to conform, that he would let you go? Did he perhaps grow up?
You shook your head, refusing to humor the idea that he was no longer that boy that you once knew. 
The sharp squeal of the pot made you jump, quickly moving to turn off the heat. You hissed at the stinging feeling rise up your finger. Retracting your hand, you immediately went to suck on the numbing finger. 
Haechan grabbed your finger, looking at the angry red portion that was flaring. 
“Do you have any aloe? We should put something on that.” 
You stared up at him, not noticing how he had gotten to your side so quickly. You nodded as he made eye contact with you, “It’s in the drawer next to the sink.”
He let your hand fall, digging through the drawer until he found the jar.
He was gentle as he smeared the cool gel over the burnt portion of your hand.
“There. Does it feel better now? Or do we need to ice it?” 
You shook your head, “It feels fine.” 
You stared at your connected hands, Haechan not once letting go as he tried to put the lid back on the jar, ultimately giving up.
It felt as if you stood like this for minutes, uninterrupted, simply in each other’s presence.
“Can we try again?”
Your breath caught in your throat.
“Even if I can’t be anything more than a friend to you now, I want to be next to you again. I really missed this.”
You faltered, watching the way that he begged with his eyes. 
“I missed this too.”
Tumblr media
But things weren’t ever the same as they were before. Not that you were expecting them to be. 
Your feelings didn’t suddenly disappear, they stayed taunting you as you watched him stumble through life right next to you.
Neither of you were brave enough to take that extra step. Neither of you willing to lose each other again.
Perhaps neither of you had really grown up yet.
Tumblr media
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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ukiyoneo · a month ago
Tumblr media
member(s): nct dream type: nct dream as dads [ daughters ], fluffy, lots of crack, very very wholesome, their daughters have names that are alike with theirs authors note: lmk if you want me to do 127 or wayv versions, it’d be very fun to do so (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
Tumblr media
- he’s that one dad discovers something new in parenthood like everyday (ノ≧∀≦)ノ・━━━★ - he’s probably going to get maya his habit where he smacks people on the arm while he laughs ヾ(^○^)ノ - maya plays hard to get when it comes to mark a lot, but when he’s out, she doesn’t shut up about him to you, talking about how cool he is (´∀`) - maya kinda is a stubborn girl but she’s a dork just like mark (ᗒᗨᗕ) - mark would put on tv shows for maya to watch but probably end up watching them himself (`・Д・)ノ=☆ - mark is kiddish himself so he gets along pretty well with his child - when you leave for their work they’ve both got that same pouty expression and you’re like nuuu they’re so cute - dad!mark will always be there for their child even at last minute ( ˘ ³˘)
Tumblr media
- okay he’s like the dad that plays hard to get ( ´_つ`) - but oMAGAWD he loves ria with all his heart (*>v<)ゞ*゜+ - renjun’s first priority with ria is to make her watch moomin walk - sings her to sleep like all the time and you’re watching from the door like OMAFGDFKSKFL ヾ(*′○`)゚.+:。゚☆ - honestly you, him, and Ria are the three musketeers, the coolest trio - ria would be really clingy with renjun and renjun pretends not to notice but his heart is like SHES SO PRECIOUS - ria = mini renjun but girl version - meaning, she’s evil too (`ε´) - she randomly starts singing, “shoulder gangster renju—.” he immediately drops he jaw and looks at his baby like “you hang out too much with your uncle haechan” - dad!renjun is so very whipped for his child even if he hides it
Tumblr media
- the dad that checks on their child like ALL the time, making sure they’re alright and happy (⌒▽⌒) - HES the clingy one (★≧▽^))★☆ - but that’s cool because his baby jeona is clingy TOO!1!1!1 (ᗒᗨᗕ) - jeno would try to prepare snacks for jeona but she’s like “daddy, what is that?” (°-°) - when he finds out someone made his baby cry, it’s oVER FOR THE CULPRIT - JENO DAD IS GNA RIOT ⋋_⋌ - jeona loves her dad so much - in fact, she idolizes how cool and nice he is (☆´3`) ☆彡 - jeona has the same habit as her dad to make funny noises when she’s confused like “eH?” “oH?” “hEH?” - when you’re with them, you notice how they’re sometimes in perfect unison which makes you go (´∀`) - dad!jeno is the dad that will protect his child at all costs
Tumblr media
- PLEASE he’s got a hate love relationship with his child (* >ω<) - it’s not actually hate, it’s playful, like pretending they’re grumpy at each other (o'u≦o) - sPOILS HER but with laughter - when she’s down, he knows his key point to help her be happy again is to sing to her ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆ - they pretend to hate each other - but they miss each other like SO much when they’re apart - like haechan, haeri dramatic af - they always deny they’re nothing alike but they’re SO alike (≧∇≦*) - they both have the same taste in things and agree against you most of the time (`ε´) - like jeno and jeona, THEYRE also pretty clingy, always bugging each other (✿◠‿◠) - dad!haechan wants his child to see all the fun in life, learning along with it
Tumblr media
- whipped culture AF (n’∀’)η゚*。:*! - he’s so whipped for jangmi like ALL the time (⌒▽⌒) - she just breathes and he goes (´∀`) - jaemin would literally cook her favourite meals everytime she asked him \(^o^)/ - when they’re apart jangmi asks you like all the time if she can call him - jangmi has one thing from her dad, and that’s ACTING cute (ノ≧ڡ≦) - she doesn’t do it for nothing though, she does it so she’s forgiven just like winwin in that one vid (≖ᴗ≖✿) - one thing other thing about jangmi is that when she talks, she has a pout - jaemin ALWAYS cuddles with jangmi and it’s the cutest thing ever - CUDDLE BUDDIES 4EVER(っ*´∀`*)っ - you and jangmi are entitled as the owners of his heart ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ - dad!jaemin would make sure to give his child the whole world
Tumblr media
- laughing center (^▽^) - there’s not a day you don’t hear chenle and chaerim laughing so hard at the smallest things(^3^)~♪ - chenle has said something about spoiling his nephew before so he’d spoil his child too (ᗒᗨᗕ) - BUT LIKE the cutest thing is that chaerim is more content with having her dad there rather than him buying her things ヾ(‘∀`=ヽ)※.;,゜☆ - chaerim loves to talk about her dad, not only to you, but also to her classmates at school - just like chenle, she’s also very talented ≧(´▽`)≦ - she knows how to make her uncle jisung feel OLD ?! Σ(・口・) - chenle and her are very close, always comfortable with each other - chenle always makes sure she has her needs cuz she’s his baby (* >ω<) - dad!chenle spoils her... but with love!!
Tumblr media
- him as a dad is a whole adventure - jisung panics SO much (∂△∂;) - like when jieun was first an infant, he thought he lost her - but she was on the back of him, in those little baby carriers - PLS HES ALWAYS SO CONFUSED - jisung literally tries the baby food because he thinks it’s poisonous after sniffing it (人・㉨・) - jieuns got the habit jisung has where he scrunches his nose ≧ω≦ - jisung always makes sure to give her a happy vibe, happy when she’s happy ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆ - jisung also loves it when jieun giggles about his gummy heart smile, always pointing it out (ノ≧ڡ≦) - jisung always is active on his phone when he’s away to talk to you and jieun (´∀`)♡ - dad!jisung always does his best
Tumblr media
copyright  © ukiyoneo 2021.
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hyuckssunchip · 3 months ago
Sore Loser Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Pairings: Haechan x reader, Renjun x reader ft. nct dream
Words: 2.6K
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), drinking
Y/N finds herself back in Korea after living in America for four years. Her best friend Haechan has taken her in after an unfortunate circumstance. In doing so he has unintentionally caused a situation that he must fix. Will it go as planned?
Part 1 | Part 2
Tumblr media
“What do you mean you forgot to send it in?! Mom! This isn’t some little parent-teacher conference thing you forgot to sign! All you had to do was send in the email saying that you’re my mom and you can’t even do that?! I can’t afford school without this scholarship! Do you know how expensive it is?!”
Silence on the other end.
“Of course you don’t, do you even know that I’m in Korea?”
More silence.
“Great. Maybe I’ll see you around someday then.”
“Your mom?” Haechan asked tentatively, you hadn’t realized that he came in. 
“Yeah.” You sighed flopping on his bed. “I just can’t deal with her anymore. She doesn’t even know I left the country.”
“So things have gotten pretty bad huh?” He crawled in next to you.
“Yeah.” It was all you could say without crying.
“Come here. You know it’s okay to cry right? It’ll help.” He grabbed you and rolled you into a tight hug.
“Yeah.” You whispered, letting all the pent up frustration leave you.
“It’s just that everything was just starting to get better y'know?” You sniffled before continuing, “I got into a great college and had a great scholarship lined up, and it finally felt like I was doing good.”
He leaned back in an attempt to look at your face, which was still buried in his neck, “Wait, you got into college AND got a scholarship? Oh my god Y/N congrats!”
This made you cry even harder and your whole body shook. “Not anymore.”
“What do you mean?”
You let out a wail, “I lost the scholarship and there is no way I can afford SNU without it.”
“Holy shit! You got into SKY?!”
You pushed your head deeper into his neck, “But my mom didn’t send in her email and I lost the scholarship, so I can’t go and now I have nowhere to live.”
“Wait, wait, wait. Slow down. First of all, that’s amazing you should be so proud to get into SKY because that shit is hard. Second of all, that’s so shitty of her but I can help you! Also what the hell do you mean you have nowhere to live?”
You pulled yourself up into sitting position while wiping the streaks of tears off your cheeks. 
Sniffle. “Thanks.”
Sniffle. “The place was a dump and I was supposed to pay $900 dollars a month. There was no way that was happening. I might as well just go home, but I don’t want to see her again.”
“Hey. You always have a place to stay here, you know that. Look at the Dream dorm, there is plenty room for one more, I’ll make sure you can stay there. Plus my mom adores you, if things get rough she’ll let you live there for sure, maybe then she’ll stop asking about you.”
“Of course! But you should definitely stay here, then I can see you all the time.” He nodded as if it were a matter of fact.
“Uh, I don’t know if living in the Dream dorm is such a great idea though. Maybe I could stay here?” You said, not looking into his eyes.
“Why? Don’t you like the guys? I doubt the managers would ever allow you here, they’re a lot more strict here than at the Dream dorm.”
“Why? What happened? I thought things were fine?”
“Yeah they are! I think the guys are great, it’s just- y’know what nevermind, I should be more grateful.”
“No, Y/N, tell me what’s wrong.” Haechan grabbed your head and held it still, looking at you.
“Okay fine,” You tugged your head out of his grip. “You know how we all were drinking the other night?”
“Yeah for Jisung’s thing, right?”
“Right. Well I think you and Chenle went to get snacks or something but we were all kind of out of it, and well, Renjun and I ended up kissing.”
You had once again averted your eyes so you didn’t notice the look of shock on his face. 
“It’s just been kind of awkward between us, and well, I’ve just been avoiding him really.”
Haechan gulped before calming himself.  “But do you, do you like... like him?”
“Huh? No! No I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t really know him, and it’s not like he did it cause he liked me or anything, we were just both drunk. It’s just weird now.”
“So it’s just awkward right? Then you guys will be fine to live together, you can just avoid him there.”
You shook your head.
“Come on! Please if you don’t then I won’t be able to see you often enough. We need to make up for lost time!” 
As much as Haechan was weirded out and slightly annoyed that you guys kissed, he couldn’t let that tear you away again. There was no way in hell that he was going to go back to facetime calls after seeing you in person again.
“Fine. As long as the others are okay with it, I’d love to stay there.” You said, giving him a little smile, but it didn’t quite reach your eyes, mostly because of the redness due to crying so much.
"But that better mean that I get to see you everyday, otherwise what a waste." You pouted at him, knowing that he was not going to let a day go by without him seeing you. He was clingy like that, and you loved it.
"Of course." A comfortable silence rested between the two of you, both staring up at the blank ceiling. "So you and Renjun huh?"
"What? No, there's no me and Renjun. We were drunk, I doubt he even remembers, I'm just being super awkward around him."
"Really. When have I not told you if I liked someone?" You sat up looking at him, "Trust me I'd tell you if I liked him. Then you could set us up."
"Right." There was an odd feeling you got in the tone of his voice, but you chose to brush it off. 
Truth is, you totally lied to him just now. 
Of course you've told him about petty crushes you've had on guys and he probably believes you, but you've never, and never will tell your best friend that you've been in love with him since you can remember. But that can never happen, it's the age-old dilemma, how could you jeopardize your friendship by trying to fall in love? How could you lose him over that? Trying to imagine life without Haechan seemed impossible, and it wasn't something that you were eager to try out. That's why years ago you decided that anything more than a platonic relationship would never happen.
It's not like he liked you back anyways.
"So how's Jisoo doing?" You asked, trying to ease your own mind.
"Huh? Jisoo? Oh, we're okay I guess."
                No we're not.
"Really? I feel like you haven't talked about her in forever."
"No we're doing good, just with our schedules being crazy and all we don't see eachother a whole lot."
                That's a lie. He had plenty of time, he'd just rather talk to you.
"Oh, yeah I guess that makes sense. God what a pain it must be to be famous." You laughed at him, giving him a little push to show you were joking.
"Yeah it really sucks to have millions of people wishing they were me, or that they were with me." He flipped his non-existent ponytail. "But I guess it's the price you pay."
You laughed, falling back down on your back.
“Oh to be rich and famous."
"Hey, us famous people like to chill too. You know I was thinking we could all have a movie night at the Dream dorm. There's that new movie that just came out."
"What that cheesy romance movie about the rich asians?" You laughed.
"No I was thinking more like that murder mystery one, but if you insist I guess we could watch Crazy Rich Asians." You giggled at his response.
"Good, because I kind of wanted to see that one. It's on Netflix right?"
"Yup, plus the Dream dorm has an epic projector, and we can bring unlimited snacks in. We don't even have to hide them up our shirts." He wiggled his eyebrows at you and you grinned back.
"Sounds like a plan!”
“Hey why don't you invite Jisoo? I feel bad, I'm taking up what little free time you guys have, plus I have yet to meet her." 
You forced a smile on your face, hoping that this could put your feelings in check. Stupid idea, but what else did you have. You would just be hurting yourself, but maybe it would help you move on.
"I don't know, she's probably really busy...You really want to meet her?" He seemed confused as to why you would want to meet his girlfriend.
"Of course I want to meet the girl that captured my best friend's heart. Plus, I need to make sure I leave you in good hands. Not everyone can handle you."
Your tight smile was apparently enough to fool Haechan as he nodded in agreement. 
"Yeah, sure, I guess there's no harm in asking, right?"
Tumblr media
This was stupid. You were so stupid. 
You hated her. You hated that she was perfect. You hated her because there was nothing wrong with her. You hated that you hated her for no reason at all.
"You good?"
You were so focused on Haechan and Jisoo that you hadn't noticed Renjun sneak up on you.
"Are you sure? Cause you're basically drilling holes into the back of Haechan's head. Did you guys fight?" He threw a handful of popcorn into his mouth nonchalantly.
You raised your eyebrows at him, unclenching the fist that you didn't know you were holding so tight.
"No, we're good." For a moment you forgot you were avoiding Renjun.
The two of you sat in silence watching the rest of the boys run away from Jaemin.
"I know you remember."
"Huh?" Your eyes widened as you swung your head to face his.
"That night, we kissed. I know you remember. That's why you keep avoiding me right?" Again, he went for another fistful of popcorn,
How could he be so cool about it? You spent the last week completely avoiding him and pretending he doesn't exist and here he is, so blunt and casual about it. Isn't he embarrassed?
"We can totally forget it if you want." Out of the side of your eye you saw his pointer finger scratching at the rim of the bowl. So he wasn't totally cool.
You looked at his side profile, as he had suddenly decided that he didn't want to look at you anymore.
"You know, cause you feel uncomfortable about it." He continued, eyes desperately following the chase in front of him. "Sorry, by the way, for doing that." He mumbled, a shade of pink barely showing at the tips of his ears that peaked through his blonde hair.
Suddenly something came over you, "Don't be sorry. It takes two to tango, y'know. And from what little I remember, it seemed like I didn't hate it."
His head snapped to yours, locking eyes. You blushed and looked away quickly.
What is going on?
From your peripheral vision you saw how hard he tried to hold back a smile, before letting it go.
“Hey are we gonna watch this movie or not?” Chenle asked, unnecessarily loud while plopping on the couch the two of you were propped against.
You took this opportunity to pull away from Renjun and standing up to grab the remote.
“Hey are you two love birds gonna watch too? Or do you need a room?” You winced at that comment. 
“Jaemin shut up.” You heard the Haechan and Jisoo make their way over the seating area. 
“Uh uh uh, you two can sit on the love seat, no way am I cuddling with someone.” Jeno made a noise, pushing the couple to the brown couch. Jisoo obviously blushed as Haechan sat down, pulling her with him. She was basically on his lap and you forced yourself to click on the right movie. 
“Jisung-ie come here.” Jaemin cried out, motioning for the younger to join him on the couch. 
“Um, nope. I’d rather sit on the floor.” He moved the bag of popcorn that had taken your vacated seat next to Renjun and plopped down, already munching on it. Chenle dove for the last single chair and triumphantly stuck his tongue out at the other two. 
The last spot was on the couch, sandwiched between Jeno and the armrest. It wasn't the most comfortable, but at least you got a seat, you looked down at Renjun who was on the right of Jisung, battling for territory with Jaemin's legs as he rested against the couch.
The movie was half way over when you realized you had no idea what was going on. It was a stupid plan. Your mind was far more occupied with the situation that was going on on your left. The constant giggling was really starting to piss you off, more than it should've. Stupid plan. 
As if they could tell you were glaring daggers into them they suddenly stopped and looked towards the couch. You shoved a handful of popcorn in your mouth and pretended like you were intently sucked into the movie until you heard giggles again. 
You sighed, looking back into the almost empty bowl before climbing over the back of the couch and entering the kitchen.
You looked up and gave a soft smile to Renjun. 
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine." You said with a breathy laugh. "Why do you always ask that?"
"Cause you don't seem okay."
"Oh. Well I'm fine. Just tired I guess." You sent another half hearted smile.
"Sure you are." He said, reaching for the cupboard and pulling out a couple packets of hot chocolate. "Want one?"
You nodded. "What's that supposed to mean?"
"Look, I saw the way you were looking at them. Either you really fought with Haechan or you really like him. So which is it?"
Aside from the time he told you he knew you remembered kissing, this was the most forward he had ever been.
"What are you talking about? Haechan and I are fine, and I don't like him. I'm just not in the mood today."
He snorted, mixing the powder in. "Right."
"I mean it."
"Seriously Renjun. I don't like him."
"Okay. I believe you."
"No you don't."
He handed you the hot drink.
"You're right I don't." With that he left you in the kitchen, eyes wide and silent.
You sat down at the table, mulling over the conversation that you and Renjun just had when Haechan walked in.
“Okay, what’s up?” He asked, taking the seat adjacent to you.
“Nothing, I’m fine.”
“Sure you are. You’ve been acting weird since we got here. Are you not feeling good?” He reached up to feel your forehead but you pulled away before he could. He frowned.
“I’m fine, you should get back to the movie. Jisoo’s probably all bored cause you’re in here.” You said, motioning for him to go back.
He frowned, “Maybe this was a bad idea.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re sick and I feel like Jisoo and I made you feel uncomfortable.”
“No! Not at all. She’s- Hyuck she’s perfect. I’m really happy for you guys, really. I’m just not feeling well.”
He gave you a side eye. “You sure?”
“Yes. Now go! She’s all alone out there.” You said, pushing him back towards the couch. 
He made his way back to the couch, but didn’t take his eyes off you on the way there. You gave him the most convincing smile that you could and sat back down when he was out of sight. 
You ran your hands through your hair and down your face, sighing.
Stupid plan.
Tumblr media
Part 1
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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hyuckssunchip · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
GUYS ITS OUT! It’s my first ever fic on here so show it some love pls and pls give feedback. I’m not done with it so I need to know who’s gonna end up with y/n
Sore Loser
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hyuckssunchip · 3 months ago
Sore Loser Pt.1
Tumblr media
Pairings: Haechan x reader, Renjun x reader ft. nct dream
Words: 3.5K
Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), drinking
Y/N finds herself back in Korea after living in America for four years. Her best friend Haechan has taken her in after an unfortunate circumstance. In doing so he has unintentionally caused a situation that he must fix. Will it go as planned?
Part 1 | Part 2
Tumblr media
“Lee Donghyuck! You’re seriously dead next time I see you!” You were furious with your best friend of fifteen years. You were gripping your phone so tightly that your knuckles were turning white, honestly you didn’t know how you hadn’t thrown it at the wall at this point.
“Hey,” he chuckled nervously, “Calm down.”
“Calm down?! Why would I calm down?! You were in L.A. for a week and you didn’t even tell me! I had to find out through one of my friends and by then you were already gone!”
“I know… but I was busy, there’s no way-”
“Does that matter?! Busy or not you should have told me!” You began to whine, “Hyuck, I’m sick of seeing you through a phone screen.”
There was a deep sigh on the other side of the line, “I know, me too…”
“Then you should have let me know!” You were right back to being pissed at him.
He chuckled, but you could hear a slight twinge of sadness in his laughter. “So… is that threat also a promise that you’re gonna see me soon?”
There was a long pause.
“Hyuck… You know I can’t…”
There was a forced laugh that interrupted, not that there was anything left to say.
“I know… you know technology is really good these days, your shitty wifi on the other hand...”
“My shitty wifi? I’m pretty sure it’s on your end, you look like a blurry potato everytime we face time.”
There was a snort from the other end.
“Well you look like a… a…-” While he was busy trying to come up with a comeback he was interrupted by loud voices in the background.
“Hey Y/N I gotta go, I’ve got to go practice now but I’ll call you later, okay?”
“Oh! And you look like a tomato, so who’s laughing now?”
Before you could respond he had already hung up.
“A tomato? That little shit, does he even know what a tomato looks like?” You chuckled to yourself, throwing your phone next to you as you rolled off your bed. Making your way out of your bedroom you couldn’t help but glance at the mirror for a second. You shook your head as a smile crept over your face.
Tumblr media
Fuck it’s cold.
You should’ve known, it’s January of course it would be fucking cold. But January in California is 50° F, not below freezing.
It had been four years since you last stepped foot in Korea, and despite how unprepared you were, you finally felt at home. However, as happy as you were to be back in your home country, you were stuck in the most unfamiliar place you had ever been.
Online it looked amazing, but that didn’t hold to what it looked like in person. It was a dump. A dump that you were supposed to pay $900 a month for. Honestly, you didn’t even think the place was livable. The moment you walked in the door you noticed the peeling, graying wallpaper, but only after being hit with an unbearable stench similar to rotting food. You immediately turned around, slamming the weak wooden door shut, which creaked back open on it’s own, not even stable enough to stay shut.
“Should I get you a key?” The landlord asked, with a weird smile on his face.
You took one look at the door, which obviously couldn’t stay shut on it’s own, and you knew damn well that a key wouldn’t do shit.
With a tight smile you shook your head aggressively before grabbing your suitcase and hightailing it out of there.
You were lost. Absolutely lost and you had no idea what to do. The home that you were supposed to have, didn’t exist. There was only one person you could call, ruining all your plans of a surprise.
You heard the familiar tone as the line began to ring.
“What’s up? Can’t sleep?” You frowned for a moment, confused. Then you realized he still thought you were in California, it would’ve been 2 AM there.
“Not really…” you sighed, it would’ve been a really great surprise if you had just shown up, “I actually need your help.”
“Why? What happened?” There was faint arguing in the background, you could make out three other voices. “Is it serious?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah.” You had been so focused on eavesdropping you were neglecting your own conversation.
“Hey! Shhh!” He hissed at whoever he was with. “What is it?”
“Ummm.... I’mkindofinabitoftroubleandIreallyneedyourhelplikerightnow… please?” You rushed out, overwhelmed with a sudden bout of embarrassment.
“Huh? Dude, slow down I can’t understand a thing. Take a breath, damn.”
“Okay, chill. I’m kind of in a bit of trouble and Ireallyneedyourhelpnow.”
“Fine. I need your help.” You say, pissy about needing to ask him for help, afterall you were older and that automatically meant that you knew more.
“Oh you need MY help? What ever for?” you could hear the smirk on his face, the slight snicker didn’t help your falling mood.
“Look. I need you to pick me up.” You let out as blunt as you could.
“I don’t have a place to stay anymore…”
“What are you talking about? Where are you?” There was a pause, you could almost hear the gears in his head turning. “Are you- are you in Korea?!”
“Yeah and I-” There was a loud squeal from the other side that had you breaking out in a grin.
“Where are you?! I’m coming right now!”
Tumblr media
It felt as though there was an annoying gnat buzzing by your ear and you just couldn’t get away. That’s what Haechan was, a bug. The entire ride home he was right next to you talking your ear off. In all honesty, you hadn’t heard a word of his updates, your mind was occupied with a slightly more important matter. Where were you going to sleep? There was no way you could afford any other place to live, the cost of living was just too high in Seoul.
“Y/N …. Y/N? Are you even listening to me?” He frowned at you, almost baffled at the fact that you weren’t giving him your full attention.
“Sorry I’m just stressed. What were you saying?”
“Stressed? About what? Falling in love with me and all my witty charm?”
You gave him a pointed look. “Why would that even be a thing? You?” You snorted before looking back out the window.
“Okay ouch. But really, why are you stressed? You just got back to Korea! We get to have fun again!”
“I-” You sucked in a deep breath, “You know what, you’re right! I’m gonna have an amazing time! I’ve missed you.”
“Ew. Are you gonna cry?” Haechan teased you, knowing damn well that he could feel his own tears welling up.
“No way! It’s just cold here. California is hot as hell, I’ve just gotta adjust again.”
“Sure.” You gave him a side eye before leaning your head on his shoulder with  a smile.
“I missed this.”
“Me too.”
Tumblr media
“Guys, this is Y/N, and I’m not sharing.” With that swift introduction Haechan yanked you into a room.
“Hyuck!” You whined, “That was kinda rude. You should at least let them tell me their names.”
“RenjunJaeminJenoChenleJisung. Happy?” He rushed through before flopping onto one of the beds.
“God. You are so annoying.”
“Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” He asked innocently. You rolled your eyes at him when suddenly the door burst open.
“Haechan-ie!” A guy with silver hair cried out in the most sugary sweet tone you thought was possible. Haechan visibly flinched.
“Jaemin, no. Don’t come any closer.” You could almost hear the fear in his voice. You snickered, taking the attention off of Haechan and directing it to yourself unintentionally.
“Oh! Y/N! I’m Jaemin, Haechan has told us ALL about you.” You frowned, not liking the smirk he was giving you.
“What’s that supposed to mean? What did you tell them?!”
“Nothing.” He said with a snicker.
“Don’t worry, he didn’t tell us anything bad. I’m Jeno by the way.” The boy with black hair, and the cutest eye smile you had ever seen spoke up.
“Oh.” You let out.
“I’m Chenle and this is Jisung, he’s shy.” The boy who was supposedly Jisung gave Chenle an elbow in the side.
You laughed awkwardly, “Haha, hi.” The taller boy gave you a shy smile before tugging Chenle out the door, who in turn gave you the biggest smile and waved as he was dragged out.
Your eyes turned to the last boy in the room who you had yet to know. By elimination this was probably Renjun.
You waited. He didn’t introduce himself.
“Uhh...Renjun’s just kinda in a bad mood right now. I just beat his ass at Mario Kart, isn’t that right Renjun-ie?” Jaemin got up and started jabbing playfully at the bespectacled member.
Renjun glared at him and stormed out the door in what seemed to be anger. You didn’t think that losing a Mario Kart game deserved that, but you also never lost a Mario Kart game so you wouldn’t know. Although Haechan can be a pretty big sore loser.
“Are you done?”
“Haechan! Don’t be rude!”
“What? I just wanna hang out with my best friend and they’re bugging us.”
“Why don’t you go back to your dorm?” Jeno asked, it didn’t seem like he was being rude, but there was a teasing hint in his voice.
“Ugh. Johnny told me to stay out, he said I was too hyper today.”
“Today? As if today is any different than any other day.” He snickered.
It was only seconds before he was met with a pillow in the face.
“Haechan! No, no, no,” Jaemin wagged his finger in Haechan’s face, “Renjun will not be happy if he finds out you’re throwing his things.”
“Wait? Is this Renjun’s room?” You asked, slightly panicked.
“Yeah, why?” Haechan replied, not taking his attention off the staring contest he was having with Jaemin.
“Is that why he was so mad? We totally took over his room!”
“No I don’t think Renjun cares, but to be honest I don’t know why he was acting so weird. He’s normally really chill, really.” Jeno said with a frown.
“Yeah, he was kinda rude. Didn’t even introduce himself.” Jaemin cut off the staring contest, straightening back up, cocking his head in curiosity.
“Don’t worry about it, he’ll come around for sure.” Jeno butted in, seeing the look of anxiety on your face.
You nodded, in an attempt to convince yourself, but not really paying attention to the rest of the wrestling match that was now happening on what was supposed to be Renjun’s bed.
You’re a people pleaser. It’s not like you wanted to be, but it really bugged you when people didn’t like you. It’s not like you think you’re super likeable and everyone has to like you, but made you upset if they didn’t like you for no reason.
You had a gut feeling that things were going to be a little uncomfortable between the two of you for a while, and you didn’t like that at all.
Tumblr media
“Our little Jisung-ah is all grown up!” There was a loud wail coming from beside you, accompanied by the baby talk that you found common for him to use.
“Jaemin, stop it, he’s an adult now, let him breathe.” Renjun said whilst pulling him back by his shoulders. Jisung gave Renjun a look of relief and thanks.
“But he’s such a baby still.” Haechan cried from beside you shaking his shoulders in the process. You visibly cringed at the sight of seeing your best friend doing aegyo.
“We’re gonna get wasted!” Chenle barked with his arm around Jisung’s shoulders. A feat in itself as Jisung was significantly taller than the older boy.
“Okaaay. We’re not getting wasted, but yeah let’s have fun!” Jeno, ever the mature one.
You smiled to yourself, it had only been a couple weeks of visiting, but it already felt unbelievably comfortable to be around the guys.
Before you knew it everyone was drunk out of their minds.
“Who’s hungry?” Chenle asked, “I am. I’m gonna get snacks.” He answered himself, standing up and not caring about anyone’s response.
“Oooh. Snacks sound fantastic. “ You lamented, smiling at the thought of eating chips.
“Me too! Guys, you stay here, we're gonna get snacks. Okay?” At least Haechan was a bit more conscious than Chenle was, and to be fair they were just gonna go to the vending machine on the ground floor. Not that them not being sober enough was going to make you stop them. You were craving chips and in no position to tell them they shouldn’t go. Soju hits different.
The door slammed shut on their way out.
The next few minutes were a blur, glimpses of Jisung peppering kisses on everyone, Jaemin crawling on top of Jeno for hugs, and Renjun smiling out of his mind at absolutely nothing.
You grinned, Renjun has a nice smile. He should do it more often.
“I’ll smile more if you like it.”
“Did I say that outloud?” Your mind was running a hundred miles per hour and you were getting dizzy.
“Yeah. But it’s okay, I won’t tell anyone.” He whisper-yelled at you, falling over slightly as he leaned towards you.
He caught himself but he was much closer than he had ever been before.
“You have amazing skin. What do you use?”
He laughed, it was beautiful.
“Thank you. Did you mean to say that outloud?” His eyes were smiling now.
“Oh you did?”
He was so close you could see every speck in his eyes.  As if he could hear you, he let his eyelids fall, hooding them. He leaned forward just enough and let his forehead rest on yours.  You could feel his breath on your lips.
He whispered, “If I moved an inch, we could kiss.”
You couldn’t focus on what he was saying, he was too close.
“Would you hate it if I did?” This was so quiet that even if you were listening you probably still wouldn’t have heard it.
Your eyes closed, an attempt at pulling yourself back, focusing on anything but him.
It was the slightest touch, he brushed his lips against yours. Oh, they were oh so soft. Then there was more, he pushed against you, more firm than before. Your lips molded together in a rhythm and you let out the slightest sigh at the feeling.
“Ew! What are you doing?” He pulled away slowly, leaving you chasing for more but met with empty air.
“Jisung-ie I want kisses too!” Jaemin cried out, leaping towards the youngest, who in turn giggled as he attempted escape.
“We’re back bitches!” Of course Chenle would be this loud, you squinted at him, ears still ringing from his entrance.
“Chips?” You asked, slightly excited at the sight of both their arms full with heaps of bags.
“Of course. Sun chips for you as always.” Haechan grinned and chucked the bag in your direction, ultimately hitting you in the face.
You pouted at him, before smiling at the chips again.
“Also I’ve got gummies!”
“Yes!” You cried out pulling your fists into a victory pump.
He plopped down next to you, squeezing in the thin gap between you and Renjun. He slung his arms around the two of you, swaying back and forth.
“Guys, I’m so happy we’re all here. I love you guys.” He grinned his toothy smile, planting a large smooch on both yours and Renjun’s cheeks.
“Ew! Gross, cooties Hyuck!” You giggle out, stuffing a handful of chips in your mouth.
Preoccupied by wiping the Haechan’s affection off your cheek, you didn’t notice the unsubtle glances Renjun was giving you.
Tumblr media
It felt like you were being crushed by a whale. No, not a whale, a whole building.
You groaned, attempting to escape the weight that was keeping you stuck to the floor.
“Ow!” Your hand was met by someone’s face.
“Oops, sorry.” You commented, not really apologetic at all. Your head was pounding and you could smell food. Nothing else mattered at the moment.
“No, mom. Just a few more minutes.” Haechan groaned from his spot on top of you. Any other time you would have laughed at him, but you were too focused on making your escape towards food.
“Oomph!” Haechan hit the floor as you stumbled towards the kitchen.
“Renjun?” You whispered out, your throat still itchy from last night’s escapade.
“Hi.” It was the absolute softest thing you had ever heard. He pushed his glasses further up his nose before turning back to the stove. You self consciously patted your hair as you reached for a glass of water.
“There’s some painkillers on the table, you should take one while you eat.”
“Huh? Oh. Okay, thanks.”
What was up with the sudden mood change?
Renjun had probably said more to you here now, than he had in the whole time of you knowing him.
Quickly downing the water and pills you headed towards the shower, hoping to escape whatever situation you were in, it felt weird.
“Morning.” Jeno smiled at you, setting a plate full of food on the table. You smiled back at him, drying off the last bits of hair with your towel.
“Wow, oh my gosh, why does it smell even better now than it did before?” You exclaimed sitting down, taking a big whiff of the food.
You basically let out a moan as you took the first bite, not noticing the six pairs of eyes now directed at you.
“Renjun, this is amazing!” You smiled up at him giving him a thumbs up before digging back into your food.
You missed the blush that crept on his face.
“Ew. Watch the noises you make, that was actually so gross.” Haechan commented, before taking his own bite, immediately making an exaggerated moaning sound, that earned him a slap.
“Seriously Renjun, it’s amazing. Aren’t you going to eat?” He shook his head slightly before running off the showers.
You all looked at each other and shrugged, figuring he wanted to clean himself up before eating.
Haechan was mid-bite when his phone buzzed. He ignored it.
“Hey we should-”
He ignored it.
“There’s this new movi-”
“Answer the phone Haechan.” Jeno said around a mouthful of food.
“Ugh, why does he always bother me when I’m busy?”
Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.
“Great now he’s calling me.” He wiped his hands off and grabbed the phone.
“What? Ugh, fine I’ll be over.” He hung up the phone, stuffing one last piece in his mouth.
“Guys gotta jet, I’ll text you later!” He grabbed his bag and ran out the door before you all could interject.
“Okay, then.” You muttered, a little bitter about his quick exit. You heard the water turn on, Renjun must be showering then.
“So, Y/N, how was last night for you?” Jaemin asked with a smirk. That smirk almost never brings good things.
“Fine, why?” You asked, skeptical as you took another bite.
“I don’t know, from my point of view you looked like you had a great time last night.” He winked at you.
“What the hell are you talking about?” You muttered giving him a side eye.
He just laughed, giving you kissy faces before putting his dishes in the sink.
“Jeno you’re on dish duty today!” He yelled, escaping to his room.
“What the hell?” You turned as Jeno gave you a pat on the back, “I’m sure you’ll remember soon.”
For the next few hours you wracked your brain, not really focusing on the book you were reading.
“Oh! Sorry, I didn’t know you were in here.” Renjun had pulled you out of your thoughts and you shut your book, not that it was doing you any good anyways.
“No, it’s good. I was leaving anyways.” You got up, heading towards the door frame, maybe a nap would do you good.
You paused at his response.
You spun around.
“Hey Renjun? Are we good?” You asked tilting your head, waiting for a response.
He cleared his throat, clearly startled by the question.
“Um, yeah, why? Are we not good?”
“No, I just- no everything’s fine. Right?” The last bit you said to yourself as you exited the room, flopping onto Jaemin’s bed, which had become your new favorite place.
As you closed your eyes you were hit with sudden images of last night, particularly Renjun.
You shot up in horror.
“Oh my god.” You whisper-shouted to yourself. “Oh my god.”
“I kissed Renjun.”
Tumblr media
Part 2
© Copyright 2021. hyuckssunchip. All rights reserved.
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moonlightjeno · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
part of Walking in a Winter Wonderland by @suh-insane​​ + @neocitybynight​ ! + of World of the Streets series !!
❆ synopsis : snowfalls seems to mark the days were you meet haechan, a series of meetings much like snowflakes all unique in the way they form and fall leading to christmas. ❆ genre : angst ! + fluff ! with sum crackheadness ❆ pairing : streetracer haechan! x mechanic!reader (fem) ❆ word count : ~ 5k ❆ taglist : @flirtyhyuck​ @danishmiilk​ @rouiyan​ @xiaojunssmile​ @hunjins​ + part of a secret santa gift for @yongiefilms​ !! hi luv !! i hope you like it <3 in all honeslty i was anxious for this bc i look up to your writing ahh but umm anywho’s happy holidays bub !! much love - luna
❆ prompts : “santa, tell me if he really cares. ‘cause I cant give it all away if he wont be here next year” - Ariana Grande ( santa tell me ) “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears I'll give it to someone special.” - Wham! (Last Christmas)
Tumblr media
The first snowfall comes later than normal, the white cold snowflakes making their way in soft flurries across the city. Snow is one of the phenomena of the world that never ceases to amaze you, the way that rush across the sky all in different shapes and sizes to touch the bottom. You think that they shouldn’t rush to the streets, that those snowflakes that had managed to remain far away from the world below them were lucky. Lucky because then they wouldn’t be dismissed by the world as slosh, becoming muddy and blurry with the streets below them. 
The first snowfall reminds you of the first time you met the infamous street racing crew YDRMZ, and with the crew came lee haechan. 
“You coming?” rouiyan asks, windows already rolled down even with the almost freezing temperature, she didn’t seem to mind her car’s engine thrumming underneath the hood. You hesitate for a second, tomorrow were midterms, and you were on the very verge of losing the much needed scholarship you had in your college. Go to the event - one you had been to many times, street racing was nothing new to your world and something you’d learned to love, the thrill and adrenaline that would course throughout your veins if only when in the passenger seat next to your sister - and not study or go home. Go home, but home would have been more tempting if anyone was actually home. There was no way you were convincing your sister from getting you home, leaving some car service as your only option, a yell from your sister breaks your thoughts “y/n !! let’s go !!” 
Looking up at the clouded sky, the darkening clouds that blocked your view from every permanent star in the night sky, you breathed in the cold air. Winter air is cutting into you, refreshing and you pushed the thoughts away. One drive and you’d go back. 
“Coming !!'' With a final breath, the small white puff escaping your lips from the cold weather, you joined your sister in her old Mitsubishi eclipse, accentuated with it’s orange highlights. The seats were cold, even with the winter jacket that you wore, making you jump slightly causing your sister to laugh, head slightly shaking from your constant complaints at her never rolling her windows up. Her only - and very repeated - response was that there was no way to breathe in the fresh air of the city, and hear all it’s sounds. How else would she know if another car was to challenge her - something you sometimes doubted as the car she drove wore the sigil of one of the street racing crews that most people tended to back away. It didn’t help that they worked at times with the Seoul mafia to get certain parts or order deliveries to customers that the mafia itself couldn’t reach. You shook your head slightly, shaking the thoughts out of your present mind and looked out of the car and into the never ensign sea of city lights. Your sister had never been one for following rules, the idea that rules were meant to protect people seemed to push her away, living by the life motto “if rules were annoying, then they were also bendable”  you couldn’t particularly say you ever disagreed. 
“I’m pretty sure you just want to see me freeze to death” you mumbled, snuggling further into the seat as you wrapped the puffy jacket around you. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said, a wild grin ever present on her face, the leather jacket clinging to her body, the rush of air wiping her hair backwards and you continued to be confused. It was fucking freezing. 
“Still don’t understand how we’re related” you mused, turning your attention back to the lights that passed by you in blurs, taking you farther and farther away from the city center and closer to the Han River, where most of the street races occurred, always way past midnight and with roads closed. 
“Half sisters bubs, not by blood but by everything else”
“Whatever, still doesn’t explain how you’re only wearing a leather jacket as your source of protection against this weather” you commented, but she seemed to ignore you, her smile never fading, eyes not leaving the road as she turned the radio on blasting music that made the car almost vibrate. The bass of the current pop song ends the conversation as you both sing at the top of your lungs alternating roles as if you were part of the actual band. You could the coldness that had chilled you before leave, by passing songs, fading lights and never ending sounds of the streets next to you that in of itself were music to your ears. 
The drive was less than twenty minutes, ten if you shotgunned it. the red lights blurring with the green until lights were a concept so foreign to you that they became one with the lights of the apartment complexes where families would be sleeping, and kids would be sneaking phones or computers into their rooms. An attempt to escape the world they lived in through lights and screens, without realizing how much of an escape sleep and the world outside became. 
Neon lights and music with too much bass marked the entry to the street racing world you’d grown so used too. Familiar faces surrounding you as your sister slowed her car down, the radio being tuned down is only slightly so that you two could take in the racers that were coming in, rouiyan in her light blue sports car was only a couple of feet behind you, but had already stopped the car jumping out to greet whoever the hell she was meeting up with. You could only see parts of a body with bleached blonde hair as they reached down in greeting before your attention was drawn to the crowd that gathered around a group of boys and you felt the engine in your sisters car shutter and die down a curse slipping from her mouth as you managed to identity the group that drew so much attention.  
The group didn’t have to ask for attention; they claimed it. Spread out across the river’s highline blocking anyway out of the highway towards the north of the road and back into the city. Their extravagant cars, all customized by years of racing and knowledge that you would store into your mind on each of the engines and the machinery they used, from their open hoods. 4 cars in total, each facing the bridges opening, their bright neon lights and the booming music that came from the bright neon green car, it’s speaker the central piece of the car replacing the back seats, vibrating the ground beneath you. 
You counted five boys each placed at different locations but all with the same leather jackets and graffiti like lettering printed somewhere along their cars or clothes of YDRMZ to tell the world they were. It was nothing you haven't seen before. The street racing gang was infamous in the streets of Seoul, a group of seven boys that would beat anyone in the streets not because of their individual talents - something that though still extraordinary, nothing that you hadn’t seen before in youtube videos or recordings from street races in the past you’d attended or had been shown - but for their coordination. The group worked as one, flowing so seamlessly from one engine to another that there was never a moment where you could question their movement, the shifts in gear almost synched to each other. But for all the stories and videos you’d watched about the boys, men, they didn’t prepare you for the audience that would surround them and the boy with purple highlights in his hair with a shit eating grin that would a charming smile to anyone who would approach him. 
The buzz of the crowd had separated you from your sister, a filtering thought you paid little mind too, as you shoved your way through the crowd eager to see more of the cars. Their engines roared loudly, checkered flags hanging by the sides of the Hangang Bridge indicating the starting line for tonight's race. By the gathering crowd you knew that the main event had yet to go, and by the continuous crows that grew around the YDRMZ they were the main event, and you had just arrived right in time. 
By the time you’d managed to shove your way to the front of the crowd the music played had died down only slightly, to let the coordinators of the race contact each other. Checking their walkies on police activities around the bridge that lit up red and green for the christmas season, the cold air whipping at you if only more by the proximity to the river only a couple of meters away with no buildings to protect you from the winds. It was when you’d seen the engine underneath the black ford mustang, accents of purple across the cars body matching the owners own purple highlights. 
You were too enthralled by the twin-turbo engines the boy had installed in his car to notice the stare that had been thrown in your direction by the car’s owner. A curious but cocky gaze as he followed your line of sight to his car’s equipment and he chuckled slightly, and with no response he moved in slightly closer ready to flirt with you and brag on how many races he’d won with the power underneath his hood. 
“Woah, woah!” it was the movement of a hand fluttering almost on top of yours that made you jump away from the hood, looking at the boy whose hand lingered where yours had been only a second ago. His eyes were bright with a rush you could explain as racing, so he’d already raced you thought to yourself. It would have explained why the engine was still radiating heat, increasing the temperature of your surroundings if only enough that you were no longer shivering. 
“Yours?” the moment the words left your mouth you almost regretted them, because why else would he be standing next to the car, but you kept your face composed, a slow nod was your response. And you got a good look at the boy in front of you, his slightly curly brown hair had been pushed back from his eyes, probably from the wind from the previous race. 
“You’ve got a nice engine, though I’d change these turbo’s probably won't last more than a couple more races” you informed him nodding towards the car, an attempt to calm your beating heart and the boy next to you chuckled, running a hand through his already tousled hair so that the sleeve of his leather jacket inched down enough for you to see the letters of YDRMZ tattooed into this tan skin. 
“Huh, thanks but I think I know my engine, the turbo’s shouldn’t overheat for more than ten races I changed it a couple days ago” his voice is almost like honey, and it feels like it slides over your skin, entrapping you sweet and soft but with an edge. There was no judgment in his voice, more like plain ignorance at the engine. You nodded towards the hood of the car, a silent ask if you could approach it, Haechan a little disoriented by the whole approach nodded a drawled out “sure” leaving his lips before you almost attacked his engine. 
The crowd that had gathered around him had disappeared the moment he stopped paying attention to the men and women who would walk up to him every so often asking for a picture, or his number. All of which he replied of course if and only if they got his good side and wrote down Jeno’s phone number for every person that walked up to him. If only to see one of his closest friends face confusion every so often by the random calls that he’d receive in which the dark haired boy would ignore or bluntly call to say the wrong number before blocking the contact. It was both entertaining and efficient, and maybe he’d help Jeno find love - something he very much doubted would ever happen. 
Haechan had assumed the person in front of him was a mechanic because their knowledge on engines was beyond anything he’d ever truly bothered paying attention too, always handing over the mechanics to either Jisung - the youngest member of their crew or Mark the only who'd actually graduated highschool and had probably learned something about the physics behind the engines at one point. Haechan mostly lived by the fast and draw attention motto. So far it had worked, worked too well where you were now inspecting his hood, and he was completely enthralled. 
From the way you would point towards the different pieces in the engine, the different tubes and cables that connected the car together to the very passionate ideas that would run through your mind at how he should be fixing the car's engine. A snapping of fingers in front of his face waving back and forth broke him from his light review about you, and a confused sound left his lips. Oh god, he’s been spending too much time around Jeno to be making strange noises. 
“Dude, you paying any attention?” you snapped at the boy in front of him, who’s eyes shone in the light moonlight that streamed through the clouds, small snowflakes beginning to fall from the sky. Making their slow descend into the ground. 
“Yeah. something about hot-pockets?” haechan stuttered and cursed under his breath. 
“Yes, and the sky is pink” your response left him confused, and you with a growing smile that he knew he’d have to see more of. 
“Well I mean, technically it isn’t blue so…” 
“And your car is going to run on hot-pockets” you laughed again, and Haechan shrugged he figured that if Renjun were here and not two cars away he would have been able to say something on the term that technically they could if the energy was broken down and the bonds changed, but he was not Renjun. 
“Of course it is, and when it stops then you can come and save me” by the end of the sentence he’d winked at you, smile never leaving his features, and he could see the growing red that tainted your cheeks and he’d thought to chop it up to his very cheesy lines instead of the increasing cold weather. 
“And when I do save you, I hope you have enough hot pockets to heat my freezing hands for saving you ass” stunned Haechan laughed, a laugh that was melodical and you thought if the world hadn’t been so cruel to you in life that you could fall in love with that laugh that seemed so joyful and free. Before Haechan could answer you the honks were blown, signaling the racers to get in their positions, and you are moving away from him but not before he has a chance to grab onto your hand for a slight second, passing a paper into yours before you disappear into the crowd as the flurries of snowflakes hurdles down into the ground. 
That year’s first snowfall marks your first encounter with lee haechan, and the day you take a chance to open up the crumpled up paper in your hand. The warm sensation of the tan boys hand wrapped around yours still felt like a phantom ghost on your hand. It’s the first time you take a chance on what could be love again, as you read the message on the paper you still haven’t figured out how he scribbled on so fast - probably while you were too busy re-enacting the fusion between metal and copper to form a new engine - for some hot-packs. xxx-xxx-xxxxx. 
You can’t help the light giggle that escaped your lips as the engines burst to life and the races begin.
Tumblr media
The next time snow falls in Seoul you don’t attend the races. Instead you walk out of your home, backpack filled with books you dread about reading and notes upon notes on the derivatives and integrals that determine the different areas under the curve. 
You can feel your legs burn slightly at the fast pace you walk, making you catch your breath as you walk through the streets already running late to the study session you’d organized with a friend, furou, had agreed to help you catch up on the material you had missed from the constant nights spend in the passenger's seat, wind screaming in your ears. Your breath comes out in small white clouds curling slightly in the air before disappearing, it reminds you of the constant cigarette drags that the world around you seemed to use in order to alleviate pain or anxiety. 
Or boredom as Haechan had called it. 
For him it tended to always be boredom, always looking after the next thing to excite him or change his way of looking at the world. Chasing after the adrenaline that pumped through his veins, making his brain sharper, everything sharper so that it was cleared to know what to do and what decisions to make. It’s the same rush that compels you to go to the streets every weekend and sit in your sisters passenger seat. The same rush that compels your sister to drive, drives you forward at times to continue with the never ending studying only to get that engineering degree. 
“y/n!” the yell that comes from the other side of the street pulls you away from your thoughts. The second you look up you wish you hadn’t, as your eyes meet haechan’s a grin set in place. You think about looking away, pretending to not have seen the boy who was walking towards you, light still red, cars honking at him to move away from the street. By the time you’ve thought out the plant of your said escape from haechan and his charm it’s too late and the boy is in front of you, breaths coming out in white puffs and you wonder if part of the fact that his breaths seemed to capture you attention, the white puffs disappearing slowly into the air are because they make shapes and forms that you can only assume comes from practice. 
“Haechan…what’s up?” your words almost come out stumbled and messy, the books in your bag getting heavier by the second, fingertips colder as the twist and untwist attempts to get warm. 
“What do you mean what’s up? I never got a response hot-pockets” his tone is teasing, but his eyes convey a different story. One embedded in the fear of being left alone and maybe just maybe not getting his way with a simple smile and joke. 
“Oh, yeah. Umm sorry i completely forgot” you sound almost defeated, guilt laced in your words, and you look behind him, to the library that could be seen two blocks away the giant clock in front of the library reading five minutes after 6 o’clock in the afternoon. 
A small chuckle leaves haechan’s lips as he looks at you, eyes taking you in slowly admiring until he lands on your zoned out eyes that are looking anywhere but him and a small idea forms in his head. 
“It’s all good hot-pockets, but i gotta repay you at some point”
“Uh huh” you are no longer paying attention to the boy that manages to steal your breath away with one smile. Your mind has left the conversation barely processing the words that leave haechan’s lips as you slightly nod along. 6:07 pm. The clock kept ticking away, and now you were gonna be ten minutes late, you could feel the light buzz from your phone in your pocket but paid no attention, mind running through the multiple different scenarios that would occur once you got to the library, books holding you down as you catched your breath from sprinting up the what felt like thousands of steps to get to the reserved table. 
A tug on your arm, a hand enclosing around yours as he calls out your name over and over again pulls you out of your reverie. You shake your head trying to clear your mind from the racing thoughts and you're met with haechan again, a smirk present on his face but a soft look in his eyes and you look away before you can get lost in them. 
“That’s it, we’re going” his honey like voice is almost musical and you're about to ask what he’s talking about until you feel yourself being pulled away from the library and you do your best to stop the movement. 
“Stop” no response, his grip on your arm sturdy. 
“Haechan, i can’t” your voice is determined, and longing because all you want to do is explore the world with the brown haired boy that has turned around and is looking at you with so much hope that you almost cave. Almost, and then your phone rings. It's an obnoxious tune and he lets go. 
You’re jumping over mounds of snow, their color no longer reflecting the sun’s light dazzling everything in different shapes performed by the snowflakes dance. This snowfall is dull, it covers the ground in slush covering your boots in a brown murky liquid, as you rush over to the library leaving part of your mind with the brown haired boy who echoed your name.
Tumblr media
You’re out of breath by the time you’ve sprinted up the never ending staircase. The giant clock that hangs at one side of the library reads 6:21pm and you curse, earning a few glares from the surrounding students that are doing their best to study whatever material they’re looking at. They don’t register because when you reach the table where you were supposed to meet up with your study partner you almost scream from joy because they're still there. Albeit their scrolling through their phone, eyebrows pulled in and when they see you it seems as if they're about to yell but they're there. 
“I’m-” you take a breath of air, still trying to slow down your beating heart. 
“You’re here, a little late but here” you friend gives you a comforting smile, thankful for understanding without question. It wasn’t like you were too late, especially when your education was on the line, so to see you so shocked and frantic was new. Your friend knew better than to ask, they knew enough about the reason why you usually showed up to school with eye bags under your eyes that seemed as if you hadn’t slept in ages. Knew better than to ask and expect a response instead of dismissing the issue, though this time there was nothing from stopping them to ask you about haechan. A boy they had only heard about a couple of times, but every time you spoke about him it was like a new light had been sparked. There was a sort of surprise that followed you anytime you’d talk about the boy and your friend never failed to grasp onto that. 
“Sorry, what were we going over?” you ask furou, who just looks at you with a puzzled expression because you had been the one to organize the review. 
“Ummm, what have you missed out on?” you look at her, but don’t see her. Not really instead you see late night drives, and feel the wind tangling up your hair. It’s been a couple of minutes, and you're already out of the library, you mind so far away, Haechan by your side. It feels like deja-vu almost, the wanting to be somewhere so far away from the life that you live. A sensation, that you’ve had re-occur so often these past few weeks that at times you forget what is the present and what is your imagination. 
The feeling takes you back to a late night drive right as finals had ended, but this time it wasn’t your sister who was driving at unknown speeds taking in the adrenaline rush. You hadn’t seen her in a while, the last time she’d been next to a black haired boy who you swore you’d seen with haechan and the group YDRMZ before. In her place was haechan, a grin set on his features that never seemed to take you attention from the road to focus on the being that was lee donghyuck. Hands held together near the gear shift, joke after joke made bringing you close to tears. Haechan’s confidence in the world makes challenging your way of looking at the world, so that conversations were never dull. 
It’s a single moment in time, such as these that make you question what exactly you’re doing if it isn’t living your life to its full extent. 
“y/n !” snapping of fingers, a blurry hand crosses your line of vision. 
“Jesus, land back to planet earth girl” you’re eyes focus back on your friend in front of you, it’s been 10 minutes and you take a deep breath before standing up again, almost dreading the run but adrenaline is already pumping in your veins. 
“I'm so sorry, but can we reschedule? There’s something I’ve got to do” before you can hear an answer you’re sprinting down the stairs catching a “go get em” from you friend. 
You’ve managed to make it out of the library, shoving your way through people with sorry’s and multiple curses muttered under your breath, and the snow seems to be more hopeful than when you’d first entered the library, that is until the last couple of snowflakes fall and haechan is nowhere to be seen that your heart falls. 
The snowfall is grey and muddy again, as you grab one of the hot-pockets from your jacket. A small wrinkled piece of paper falls out onto the slushy ground. Scribbled along the fringes a message to meet when the time was right, he’d be waiting. Too bad it’s dissolved against the melting snowflakes, the message vanishing from the world and you’re already a block away wondering if you will ever give your heart away again. 
Tumblr media
the last snowfall of the year falls on Christmas eve, covering the grimy streets in sheets of pure white. Each snowflake falling delicately, against the loud streetcar engines that race across the finish line on one Seoul’s bridges. You and your sister have already raced, the car's engine still fuming from the last sprint where turbo was used at the last second to get that advantage over the red mustang on the other side. The drinks you had combined with the rush of adrenaline leaves you buzzing and wanting to be spontaneous, but you can’t seem to find the person you're looking for. The snowflakes continue to fall over and over again, covering your hair, as they land softly on the ground and your hands. 
It takes you a couple of spins as you look towards the sky to take everything in. take in the cold air that sweeps around you, and the boy who now stands a mere feet away from you, cheeks red from the cold air. You almost stop breathing, as you take him in. the smile that never fails to make the sides of your lips quirk up, you take in the snow that has fallen around him creating a halo, his beautiful tan skin in contrast to the pale snow that falls. You think you’re able to take a breath, stop your heart from racing as you walk towards each other, but you can’t stop your legs as they pick up their pace and jump onto haechan. His arms come up around your waist, as you hold onto his head buried in his chest. 
Time doesn’t stop, it doesn’t accelerate either instead your world becomes a blur and the only clear thing is haechan. The boy who was there when you had a panic attack due to school work, the boy who after you rejected him that day at the library and then called him later showed up less than ten minutes later, no anger only hope shining in his eyes. Donghyuck the boy you’d gotten to know through time driving around the city, time spent where your heart had healed itself slowly from your past. 
“Hey, hot-pockets, I never got to give you your gift” he mumbles next to your ear, as he slowly puts you down reaching into his pocket. In a second he’s pulled out a packet bold sharpie used to label the packet as “FOR Y/N” the green and red wrapping wrinkling under your hands as you eagerly open it expecting it to be a prank. And when you do get rid of the paper, most of it now covered by tiny specks of snow, a packet of hot-pockets is present before you and you can’t but laugh. 
Your laugh haechan is convinced is his favorite thing in the world, because it’s so free so unburdened by the world around you, so contagious that he starts laughing too. And when he sees you look up at him, the world in your eyes he’s almost sure that as much as you talk about the snowflakes that surround you both and how unique and beautiful they are, you haven’t seen yourself because he sees the most strongest person in the world, and he’s able to call himself yours if only for this night. A night that will turn into weeks and months. Because it’s christmas and you know that you’re giving your heart away this year, but he has given his heart to you, the mechanic that made him double question his engine, all with a smile on her face and hot-pockets in their hands. 
Tumblr media
a/n :: merry xmas + happy holidays everyone !! i hope everyone stays safe and had(s) a great holiday !! 
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moonlightjeno · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
part of Walking in a Winter Wonderland by @starlit-jeno​ + @neocitybynight​ ! + of World of the Streets series !!
❆ synopsis : snowfalls seems to mark the days were you meet haechan, a series of meetings much like snowflakes all unique in the way they form and fall leading to christmas.  ❆ genre : angst ! + fluff ! with sum crackheadness ❆ pairing : streetracer haechan! x mechanic!reader (fem) ❆ word count : ~ 5k  ❆ release date : dec 15 !! ❆ taglist : @flirtyhyuck​ @danishmiilk​ @rouiyan​ @xiaojunssmile​
❆ prompts : “santa, tell me if he really cares. ‘cause I cant give it all away if he wont be here next year” - Ariana Grande ( santa tell me ) “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears I'll give it to someone special.” - Wham! (Last Christmas)
Tumblr media
“Dude, you paying any attention?” you snapped at the boy in front of him, who’s eyes shone in the light moonlight that streamed through the clouds, small snowflakes beginning to fall from the sky. Making their slow descend into the ground. 
“Yeah. something about hot-pockets?” haechan stuttered and cursed under his breath. 
“Yes, and the sky is pink” your response left him confused, and you with a growing smile that he knew he’d have to see more of. 
“Well I mean, technically it isn’t blue so…” 
“And your car is going to run on hot-pockets” you laughed again, and Haechan shrugged he figured that if Renjun were here and not two cars away he would have been able to say something on the term that technically they could if the energy was broken down and the bonds changed, but he was not Renjun. 
Tumblr media
author’s note : i’m having lots of fun writing this !! thought i have yet to finish it lol hpefully i can get it done it time. im at 3k currently but i think it’s gonna def shoot over 5k idk we’ll see !!
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moonlightjeno · 8 months ago
enemies to lovers/exes to lovers with lee haechan ! while being stuck together. 
Tumblr media
[ 10:32 pm ] you should’ve known that going to a frat party would have led to you to be stuck in a room with what the world knew was your sworn enemy. and ex. haechan stood - well more like hunched - in front of you. the constricted closet space that had been deemed to be the perfect place for 7 minutes in heaven the consequence of too many shots downed back, and a game of truth or dare. the game has started with laughs, that filtered around the shared room. 
through the haze of the drinks, and the loud music in your ears it was easy to get lost. and it was by a miracle that you were dragged down onto the floor, your friend by your side for a second as they explained the rules to the game that you were gonna play. you didn’t have much time to register, except the words “truth or dare” and stripping if anyone refused what was given to them. it was due to the haze that clouded your brain that you didn’t fully register your ex and his five friends joining the game. your heart seemed to stop beating for a second when you finally met his gaze. an emotion you couldn’t quite place, something amongst confusion and longing crossed his features until you were looking at the rest of the group. trying to get rid of the picture of his shaggy brown hair, it had gotten longer in the last month and the way his leather jacket and jeans defined his body. 
“truth or dare?” there was snap in front of your eyes that took your thoughts away from the boy in front of you that manage to make your blood boil with a single glance. he had no right to look like that, and be so cheerful after everything. everything that led to words shouted and yelled across the apartment hallway. the slamming of a door shut, and stomping as you left the place you’d called home for the past year. but you two hadn't always seen the world in opposing colors of black and white. there was a time, which though seemed to be ages ago had really only been a month ago that the world has shifted under you. 
“huh?” a snicker from some of the boys in the circle, which you only ignored. to pre-occupied trying to choose truth or dare, but it was renjun asking, and after some thought and glares being thrown form your side to more boys in leather jackets, “dare”. the words come out with a grin, a defiant look in your eyes. the way renjun laughs, makes you regret your choice, but the alcholo is still buzzing in your system so when renjun tells you to go into the broom closet with haechan for a round of seven minutes in heaven you simply nod. if it was seven minutes they wanted, seven minutes they would get. 
if you had looked behind you as you walked into the closet, you would have seen the glare from haechan to Renjun as he internally cursed his friend out. the last thing he wanted was to spend some time with you, especially while sober. thought he couldn’t deny that you looked great, but every time he looked in your direction pain would flare up, a longing he’d never had before until you came along. with one last glare, and an added punch to renjuns shoulder he followed you, downing the last of the beer in his hand. 
the moment, haechan walked in behind you the world seemed to stop and go in fast-forward all at once. in your slightly drunken state and the warmth of both of your bodies in the closet, you almost wanted to undress, until you remembered who was in front of you, making you shiver. it took everything to not look at him, but the small space brought you to closer. and you were very aware of the way his hands, the rings that shined slightly in the dim light adorned his fingers, where only a short distance away from yours. very much aware of the air you both shared, as you took breath after breath. 
one, two, three...the seconds passed, and the uncomfortable silence you both sat in was filled with tension and words unsaid. the alchol had begun to leave your system, making you painfully aware of the boy in front of you who had broken your heart. you made it to two minutes and fourty-four seconds before the silence was disrupted. 
“’ve you been?” the question catches you off guard, and you scoff.
“i said, how’ve you been?” the words are cautious and soft. almost as if he’s scared of your reaction, and you laugh. it’s dry and mocking nothing like the laughter he had gotten so used to. 
“how have i been? i don’t know donghyuck, how is one after finding out that their supposed partner is sleeping with my best friend” your words are venemous, and haechan flinches back, his head hitting against closets wall. the surprised by your sudden anger and poison in your tone takes him aback, mouth agape. which only leads to your eye roll, another dry laugh escaping your lips. 
“of course you have nothing to say. always talking when it doesn’t concern you, but when you’re the issue, when you...” you take a breathe, the room feels too small, to stuffy, and he’s too close, too close to hurting you again. 
“when i?” his voice snaps, anger and hurt all mixed into one, which further confuses you. the space between you two has gotten smaller, and if you looked up you could see the specks of gold that adorned his eyes due to the yellowish light of the broom closet. 
“i didn’t sleep with anyone. For fuck sakes, it was a fucking misunderstanding. But you couldn’t get that through your head” the words got louder the more he talked, and you would have flinched back not used to his anger is directed to you and only if it weren’t for the alcohol that stank his breath and your annoyance at the situation. 
“How am i supposed to believe that, if you never never told me the full story. When i found the messages, you took over a week to tell me what happened. For all i know you could have invented whatever, so i’m sorry donghyuck but i don’t believe you”  the small space had your words echoing, bouncing from wall to wall. You wanted to scream, punch, yell do anything but wait for the boy in front of you to tell you what you already knew or yell again. 
“Those texts” you can feel the space closing in, and you hold in your breath when hycuk inhales, a sigh escaping his lips, “the texts, weren’t meant for me. They were for jeno” the moment the confession is made, a weight seems to be lifted from his shoulders, and he manages to breathe again. 
“The fuck” confusion was an understatement at this point. You were almost sure, and yes it was impulsive to blame hycuk with no explanation but he’d been hiding something that week either way, so when his phone had buzzed a stream of messages flowing in, about missing him and how they should hang out again the worst scenario popped into your brain. 
“I… jeno will kill me if he finds out.  But yeah… they’ve been on and off for the past couple of months and i don’t know wanted to keep it a secret of whatever the fuck. I seriously don’t know but please know that even though we don’t always agree - well more often than no -” he gives you a  small smile, a tree branch, attempt to re-kindle your relationship, or friendship or whatever that was going on between you two at the moment, “i’d never do that to you. It’s not like i could stop loving you”
Two words. And you almost, almost break, because though it isn’t the same, there is love in his eyes. Well as much of his eyes that you can see, his long shaggy brown hair covering most of them, and you slowly reach up tugging the strand to the side, smiles grazing both of your faces. 
“And that’s time !!” the yell of chenle, as he barges into the closet, makes the two of you spring apart in an instant, but it’s the shared smile that you share as you walk back. One hand grazing the other that keeps the smile, and light red on your cheeks fro the rest of the night. 
Well that, and some liquid courage. 
Tumblr media
send me a member [ ateez + ot7 dream ] + prompt/trope and i’ll make a small drabble out of it
i’m not super happy with this, and it’s not proofread or anything but i still hope you enjoy it. 
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