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Jaune: it’s so weird how an 18 year old can adopt people 17 year old and younger

Ren: Jaune I need you to do something for me


Ren: do not tell Nora, do not give her the power

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A little drawing of a scene in my fic “I Hold You Close To My Heart”. JNP is playing in the rain while Ren snaps a picture cuz he loves his team. ^ω^

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Whenever I’m sad I just think about JNPR doing a clothes swap and Oscar just drowning in Jaunes hoodie

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Such an underrated seen it made me so sad, not the type of feeling that makes you cry, it’s just kinda sad

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1. Qrow is getting out of prison!! Fucking finally

2. Ren and Oscar in the same scene, please rescue our green boy

3. what did Salem do to Oscar. Why was she jamming her fingers towards his eyes. Oh god

4. Ruby… she just lost all of her fight. Is she finally going to break?

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Video footage of Pomegrenade (Pyrrha Nikos and Nora Valkyrie) from RWBY: Amity Arena. (Posted January 23, 2021)

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monster au

this au belongs to @i-like-the-stars

i’m not gonna go into deets, if you have questions about this au you can drop em in mine or i-like-the-stars’ ask box.
basically ren is a vampire, nora is a werewolf, and jaune is a human (he’s not in any of these drawings tho lol)

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Jaune: Oscars seeing someone, as his teammates we need to be supportive

Ren: he’s having hallucinations?

Jaune: no not like that

Nora: he’s finally got a therapist?

Jaune: no he’s going on a date

Nora: oh that’s nice…can we get a therapist though

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Sexuality headcanons ‘cause I’m bored

(With the help of @harmonylight 🥰)


Ruby: Aroace

Weiss: Bisexual (Female Lean)

Blake: Bisexual (Canon)

Yang: Pansexual


Jaune: Bisexual (Female Lean)

Nora: Panromantic Asexual

Pyrrha: Demisexual

Ren: Bisexual (Female Lean)

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I little sneak peak of something I’m working on.

The soft sound of the drizzling rain can be a very relaxing sound. Often times, though, it can be a sleepy one. And the last thing Lie Ren needed right now was to feel drowsy.

The day had been gloomy for the students at Beacon Academy. Dark clouds covered the sky and the slight drizzle of rain from the night before was now a bit more stronger. There was a distant rumble of thunder every now and again that made everything all the more gloomy.

Ren fought back a yawn as he half listened to Professor Port’s story about… something. He had honestly lost track. Ren felt his eyelids begin to close, despite his best efforts. It was only thanks to a soft thud that made his eyes snap open and he sat up a bit straighter.

Looking to his left, Ren felt a smile tug at the corner of his lips. It seemed the rest of Team JNPR were having trouble staying awake as well.

Nora was face first on the desk, snoring softly onto her open notebook. Pyrrha sat beside her, the red haired champion rubbing at her eyes in an attempt to stay awake. At her other side was Jaune, his head propped up on his hand and was trying his best not to nod off. But the sharp, subtle jerks of his head proved that he was doing a poor job.

Ren didn’t even realize that he was staring at his teammates until the final bell rang. The cheers that could usually be heard after the final class of the day was reduced to loud yawns and heavy footsteps as the students began to leave. Ren sighed inwardly. All he wanted was for it to be the weekend already so he can sleep longer. Unfortunately, it was only Thursday, and the news report stated that the rain wouldn’t stop until Sunday.

Shaking the bit of drowsiness from his mind, Ren collected his belongings and followed his team out of the classroom. Despite being asleep just a few moments ago, Nora was skipping in front of her team while humming a random tune.

“Finally! I thought classes would never finish!” The ginger haired girl said. She turned around to look at her friends, skillfully walking backwards without bumping into anyone. “So what do you guys wanna do? Watch a movie? Play video games?”

“How about we go to our dorms and sleep,” Jaune suggested with another stifled yawn. “All this rain is making me sleepy.”

Nora gasped at those words, a grin slowly pulling at her face. Ren dreaded what was coming next.

“That’s it!” The shortest member of team JNPR exclaimed. She stopped in her tracks, making the rest of JNPR to stop as well, giving her weary looks. Pointing a finger at her team, Nora almost squealed, “We should totally play in the rain!”

A moment of silence passed as the other three members of JNPR processed what their shorter friend had just suggested. Well… more like ‘demanded’.

“Wait, whoa, what?” Jaune sputtered. He stared at the grinning face of Nora and asked, “You want to play in the rain?”

“Yeah! Ren and I did it all the time when we were kids.” Nora proudly said, bouncing on the balls of her feet. “That’s also how I found my Semblance.”

“We didn’t have a choice, and you were struck by lightning.” Ren deadpanned.

Nora gave him a slight glare, but before she could say anything, Pyrrha cut her off. “I don’t think now would be a good time to play in the rain, Nora. We still have classes tomorrow.”

“Yeah, we could catch a cold.” Janue agreed, although, he did want to play in the rain as well. “And a cold is the last thing I want to get in this weather.”

Nora pouted but didn’t push it as the team continued to make their way back to the dorms. Ren still kept alert, knowing Nora will try something.

And he was right.

The moment they stepped out into the open, Nora jumped on Jaune’s back. The blonde yelped in surprise, letting go of his umbrella as his arms swung wildly. He wasn’t able to balance himself, though, sending both him and Nora onto the muddy ground.

Ren sighed as Jaune playfully scolded Nora about getting his uniform muddy, with said ginger laughing loudly on the ground beside the blonde. Pyrrha stood next to Ren, trying to hide her own giggles.

Just as Nora and Jaune began to splash each other by jumping on puddles, Pyrrha decided to intervene. The redhead suggesting that they go back to their dorms before the two catch a cold.

Ren saw the grin that was shared between his two teammates, and he made to warn Pyrrha. He was too late, however, when Nora suddenly kicked her foot in Pyrrha’s direction, splashing the red haired champion.

Pyrrha gave a surprised gasp as she let go of her own umbrella and raised her arms in front of her. Jaune let out a laugh as he watched his partner stare at her now wet clothes, Nora giggling next to him.

After a few more moments of shock, Pyrrha found herself laughing and splashing alongside her two teammates.

Ren stood a safe distance away, a small smile on his face as he watched the rest of his team chase each other in the rain. He would’ve scolded them, but he figured his friends needed this after having a gloomy day.

This is the first time I’m actually writing a RWBY fanfic. I hope the characters aren’t OOC cuz I don’t really have a grasp on how they really act in cannon. Maybe this is why I stick to writing AU’s.

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Like if you, too, are in denial about RWBY being a bad show and keep watching purely because “what if the next season is really good and I miss it?”

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Aggh Pyrrha.. I’ll make an alternate outfit for you someday…

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Team JNOR birthday headcanon:

Imagine one day Nora just wakes up and tells her boys “we’re gonna celebrate my birthday today” (because, as an orphan, she probably doesn’t know when that crap actually is).

And then Ren is like “Nora, you said that five months ago.”

And Nora’s like, “I just don’t understand why we only take ONE DAY a year to celebrate ourselves. I think I deserve at least four.”

Ren: “No, this has gone on for too long. Just pick a day.”

Nora: “Well I don’t know! When are your guys’?”

Jaune: “June 6”

Oscar: “November 20”

Ren: “March 10”

Nora, pulling out calendar: “… so, strategically, for maximum party opportunity, I should put my birthday in, like, August or September.”

Ren: *drags hands down his face*

Jaune: *is helping Nora find the day of equalibrium*

Oscar: “I just want to grow up.” 🥲

Oh how I love this chaotic family. 💛💖🧡💚

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“Arc… Arc… vs Arc… and Nikos… ugh… why are there three of you?”  The combat professor scratched his head as he stared at the names on the board.  “Whatever…”  

Jaune did not like where this was going, they had only been here for a few weeks but he’d seen just how good Pyrrha was.  Okay, well he could tell right away after her first fight with Nora.  He just kind of hoped they’d be together… ‘Not together together!  Just on the same team… right that’s what I meant!’  Yep he definitely didn’t think she was super darn awesome, or really pretty, or super badass or anything like that!  He also didn’t notice her well toned arms and legs when they were training, nope!  He’d never pay attention to things like that.

Of course… he couldn’t help but pass glances to her now and again, she was really awesome.  Though… he doubted he’d have a chance, and honestly he needed to concentrate on himself… right… he didn’t want a repeat of before.  Turning towards the professor he waited for the actual teams. 

“Ugh, whatever, boys versus girls.”

Both Lie and him stopped, “Uh… sir, could we uh… could you reconsider?”  

“No!  Now get your stuff and get up there!”  

Both boys turned towards one another, “Oh no.”  

Lie and him weren’t terrible by any means, heck they were in the upper half of the class!  But, well… Nora and Pyrrha were at the very top constantly competing for first place.  And there was talk about Pyrrha actually competing in the upcoming tournaments!  The trio had opted out of it, they didn’t really want the attention and honestly speaking they didn’t want to be in front of a crowd.  

“Hurry up!”  Both boys sighed, relenting to their future domination. That was till they were both pulled into a powerful hug.

“Yes!  I can’t wait to fight!  It’s going to be a ton of fun!”  

Jaune loved Nora, she was his wonderful sister after all.  But, well… he wasn’t sure he could agree with that last bit.  Though he didn’t really have the heart to deny her answer as she continued to squeeze the two boys together.  

“Nora I think they get the point.”  Pyrrha’s gentle tone caught his ears.

“Okie dokie!”  Nora let them go at the behest of her, in her own words, besty better than the resty forever!  Honestly despite his obvious… not so obvious, crush on her, he was just happy that she got along with Nora.  Like he said he loved Nora, but she had a lot of energy, a lot of energy that caused a lot of people to think she was stupid or dumb, well they always got what was coming to them.  

“Still, this should be a grand fight!”  

“Right right!  Grand.”  

“Yes… Grand.”  Lie’s response was far less enthusiastic than his own.  Both boys however gave way, once they gathered their things adjourning at the arena.  The girls had already been prepared, Pyrrha had her own specially made weapon.  “It seems they’re taking us seriously.”

“Yep… I wish they wouldn’t!”  Jaune didn’t like where this was going!  He had seriously thought about how they’d handle the dynamic duo, but every single idea and thought was always just crushed by overwhelming prowess and might.  “Well nothing left but to do it then ya?”  

Lie simply nodded, they would have to take this one step at a time after all.  

The moment they lined up with the girls the professor started the count down.  

“Alright!  3…2…1… GO!”  

Hopefully this wouldn’t be too terrible.

“This is terrible…”  

A week earlier.

Charles couldn’t believe what they’d run into, he was starting to truly and fully believe that him and his wife were harbingers of doom… or at the very least ones that came in the aftermath of great destruction.

“Who would do this?  This wasn’t a grimm attack… they don’t just set fires to homes!”  Jeanne didn’t like this, not at all… they’d been on a mission when they’d seen the smoke rise into the air.  When they got to the small farm they’d found the home razed to the ground, if only they’d gotten here sooner!  She clenched her fist as the air around her began to warp, her aura flared wildly, the ground cracking beneath her feet.  


In an instant she cooled off, “Did you hear that?!”  

“Yes!”  Both husband and wife turned towards one another, in an instant they were off, the ground cracking beneath their feet as they made their way towards the sound. 

In an instant they found themselves in front of a Cellar, wasting no time they dug through the debris blocking their way.  

“What…”  Once they’d opened the doors they’d found a young boy who appeared to be the same age as their twins.  “Oh god…”  Jeanne winced at the terrible wounds on his chest rising up to his neck.  

“No… not again.  What do we do?”  Her husband’s words sunk in.

“We…  we have to take him… see if he has family?  Find out who he is…”  

“P…please… help him…”  Their eyes snapped towards a younger woman.  They hadn’t noticed her before, but… but she wasn’t going to make it.  The clear indications of severe wounds present on her body, scars and gnashes… the seasoned hunters almost looked away.  “Please… he has… no one else…”  

“Hold on don’t ta…”  Charles stopped as he drew closer, “…She’s dead.”  

Once more they let the silence seep in, “We… we have to take him.”

Her husband stood there for a moment, “Alright…”  

They would bury the woman, and they would take the young boy home with them.  The young man who they would later learn the name as Oscar Pines, the young man that would later be known as Oscar Pines Arc.

Jaune had been wrong, he had been terribly terribly wrong!  This was worse than terrible!  This had gone downright ugly!  

His legs buckled at Nora’s powerful swing, the arena beneath his feet cracked.  “SERIOUSLY?!”  He knew that these things were supposed to be made of sturdier stuff, and he knew that if he hadn’t been pumping aura into this metal sheet of a shield it would have caved right in.  

“AHAHAHAH!”  Her body was surging with dangerously high levels of electricity.

“Your semblance is so unfair!”  

“Says the walking living aura generator!  Now on your knees my favorite minion!”  

“NOPE NOPE NOPE!  LIE!”  In an instant Lie pulled himself away from trying to defend from Pyrrha, pumping his aura into his legs he dashed over towards his manic sister, his palm colliding with her waist sending her flying.  Unfortunately she was able to stop herself from getting ringed out by smashing her hammer into the ground beneath them.

Jaune’s hand swiped past Lie as he continued after Nora, in a single burst he’d filled his brother’s Aura up once more.  WIth a burst of strength his own Aura began to refill, only to stop a Pyrrha peppered him with dust rounds.  

“Really Pyrrha?!”  

“Sorry!  But I can’t let you do that!”  She was ever the fighter after all, so he knew she wouldn’t just let him recharge.  

“Fine!”  Putting up his shield he dashed forward, allowing the bullets to graze past it or hit less important targets, like not his head.  

Upon reaching her, he did what he did best, he attempted to ram his shield into her face.  Only for her to deftly avoid him, his shield flashed black as she attempted to nudge it away.  

Ever since her fight with Nora, she’d apparently been using her semblance a lot more, taking the time to really practice with it.  Or at least that’s what she’d told them anyways.  Which was great and everything!  But it made her really frustrating to fight, so he did what he knew he could.  Pumping more aura into the shield he was able to overpower her attempt at control.

“You really do have a lot of aura!”  He would have blushed at the comment if not for her shield attempting to ram him into the face.  

He didn’t have many options, he couldn’t really avoid it, he wasn’t exactly the fastest person, so once more he did what he thought he could.  “ACHA!”  With a might slam he hit her shield straight on with his empowered forehead causing her to pull back in surprise.

“Jaune!?”  Her worried tone was apparently warranted as that blow nearly knocked his lights out.  Aura could do a lot of things, but when he messed up, well sometimes his brain couldn’t really handle the rumbling.

“I’m okay!”  Straightening himself he attempted to swipe at her midsection, only for her to parry the blow using her blade.  

“Good!”  In that moment he felt her aura wrap around his blade disarming him as her knee hit him straight in the gut.  Thankfully his Aura protected him, but that hadn’t been her goal.  In the moment that he instinctively buckled over she’d applied her aura instantly onto his shield and pushed him straight out of the ring.  “Sorry!”  

To his surprise Lie had already been there waiting for him.  “Did she golf swing you?”

“She golf swung me…”  

“Nikos and Arc win!”  

The boys could hear the cheering from the crowd, their own egos slightly wounded as no one really had expected them to win, not even themselves!  

But, well that didn’t matter in the end, “YOU GUYS DID AMAZING!”  

Pink and Sapphire eyes glanced upwards, meeting emerald and turquoise.  

“She’s right you know.  You had gotten our aura’s rather low.”  

Both boys turned towards the monitor at the same time, they’d managed to get both Pyrrha and Nora down to about 60 percent.  That may have seemed like nothing, but well, when most people couldn’t drop them even a single percent?  It wasn’t a bad thing.  “Huh!  Hey look at that, we got you guys down another 2 percent this time.”  A part of him did want to have a little snark though.

“That we did.”

“Yeah!  You guys are improving!”  Nora pulled everyone into a tight hug, her arms wrapped affectionately around her family, Pyrrha included.

“I agree you’re both improving at a remarkable rate.”

Neither of the boys could really deny it, while it felt bad to lose, well… well at least they knew they were getting better and that wasn’t a bad thing.

“Alright… well how bout… we go get cleaned up and then we can go to Saph’s house.  We could have a sleep over?”  He turned towards Pyrrha, “If you can come of course!”

“Oh!  Yes, my parents should be fine with it.  They quite like your sister.”  Pyrrha’s warm smile caused his chest to feel oddly pained.  Right, gotta concentrate on getting better.  

Pyrrha parted ways with them wanting to get ready and prepared for the oncoming sleepover.

Once they’d gotten home after getting ready, they’d noticed extra sounds coming from the living room.  “Saph?”

“MY BABIES!”  In an instant the three Arc siblings were pulled into one powerful hug.

“MOM!”  Nora was the only one to return the powerful hug meeting one with equal strength.

“Hey kids… we got something to tell you.”  As their mom dropped them they eyed a small figure behind them.  “Meet Oscar… Oscar Pine Arc, he’s your new little brother.”

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Anonymous said: Those questions about Superman and Batman in RWBY seem prescient, because I’m hearing that an official crossover is in the works

Anonymous said: Um, so there’s a legit Justice League/RWBY crossover coming

Anonymous said: So, that official DC/RWBY crossover, huh?

Anonymous said: So, how about that DC/RWBY cross, eh?

Anonymous said: No more speculating how Superman would fit into RWBY when DC themselves are providing their own answer XD

The immediate thing that leaps out beyond the Kingdom Hearts* level of utterly out of nowhere berserk this premise is: while the RWBY comic had a couple minor sequel hooks, and I don’t know how it did in its original digital chapters or in trade, as a monthly periodical it was selling poorly enough that DC didn’t bother to print its last physical issue after the return from the Coronavirus shutdown, and while I thought it was great a lot of fans complained about its art and characterization throughout. I hoped for that sequel, sure, but I wasn’t expecting the book to be regarded internally as anything but a sales failure, nevermind not only continuing it but tripling down in the most extreme and bizarrely specific way possible that’s neither intuitive (unless you have special interests like me) nor surface-level ridiculous enough like Batman/Elmer Fudd that people will buy it just to see how it works. I don’t understand why this comic is happening when no one but me wanted this.


(* The Kingdom Hearts comparison is apt because they were similarly close to the top of things I’d love to see cross over with the DCU that would obviously never, ever happen because that’s too precise and random a combination of my interests. Even if this is legally possible where that isn’t, that would still be conceptually simpler.)

I was asked a couple times in the past about how Superman or Batman could make sense in RWBY’s setting, and it turns out I was closer with the latter than the former - that rather than a dimension-hopping traditional crossover, this is reverse-engineering what the assorted members of the League would look like if they had always been part of Remnant ala JLA/Planetary, some of the old DC/Marvel crossovers, or the more recent Batman/The Shadow. Which actually fits really well with the series regularly evoking assorted fairy tales and mythologies with their characters; this bunch is just one more set to be added. Though that raises several more thoughts and questions:

* The solicit refers to them as Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Diana Prince, but will they actually be referred to as such in the story, and will people comment on them not fitting with the color-based naming conventions of that world? Or will they be renamed and evoke their sources purely through iconography, ala Ruby not literally being Little Red Riding Hood?

* How much will the origins of the assorted characters be changed? Batman, Cyborg, and Aquaman would all make perfect sense within the ‘rules’ of the setting with few major alterations, but will Superman still be from Krypton and Green Lantern a space ranger, or will they simply be ordinary humans with thematically reminiscent backstories and Semblances/weapons that evoke the classic powers? I think the latter could work, but I imagine the former is more likely (even if Bennett might keep it vague on some of the details to preserve the aura of mystique and avoid changing the shape of the world too radically) simply because everyone’s surely aware that fans would complain about being ‘ripped off’ for getting the characters ‘in name only’ otherwise.

* Speaking of changes to fit the setting, between being a Faunus and the apparent low-tech traditional armor look of his suit, is Bruce Wayne in here not operating from a position of wealth? You’d just think as a given the Wayne family would be easily plopped in as business rivals to the Schnees and Alfred would be on a first name basis with Klein, but it seems Bennett might have something very different in mind. Also, little disappointing he simply has a katana rather than those collapsible batarangs that turn into swords that Ellis always gave him which would fit perfectly here. And, as so many have already asked: how miserable is he every second of every day in a world where everything is also a gun. At least this isn’t a universe where anyone’s gonna think he’s irresponsible for training teenage sidekicks.


* And if we’re going into individual characters: RWBY Barry Allen is adorable, what the hell. He just looks so dopey and hapless, I sure hope he doesn’t ever have to die to stop the Anti-Monitor. We’re definitely getting a meeting with Harriet that retcons in that he’s the other person with a speed Semblance she mentioned running into, and if he’s tapping into the Speed Force then the jokes that that’s what Harriet does are probably gonna become at least a little bit canon.

* Are the Themyscirans magic, given all magic has a very important common root in this world?

* I don’t think there’s a dud redesign in the bunch? These are all really inspired in their own ways, which is good because unlikely as it seems this is I believe the first time we’ve really gotten any sort of official interpretation of “here’s what the DCU would look like as a Shonen”. Go ahead and say the hell with it and make it Earth 28, I’ve thought before making that an anime Earth would fit with the map.


(By Ag_Nonsuch)

* Bunch of obvious ways these characters can play off of each other: Ruby is paralleled with Wonder Woman on the cover, and I’m curious how Bennett will play that, but she makes most sense next to Flash, a super-fast fan made good, or Superman, a character she so deeply if unintentionally evokes on so many levels I felt I had to make clear when describing her that I didn’t solely appreciate her as a psuedo-Superman analogue. Weiss makes sense up against Batman either as a wealthy heir or a Faunus who’s likely faced his share of pain from the Schees who either way are cold perfectionists defined by inner pain stemming from their families, or Wonder Woman/Aquaman as fellow ‘royalty’. Yang is paralleled with Superman on the cover and that makes sense with the two country bruisers with issues regarding their lost parents, though she’d also make sense with Aquaman as the ‘temperamental’ members a lot of the time of their respective teams, or Cyborg as they both deal with their relationships with their bodies after requiring prosthesis. And Blake pretty much has her pick: like Superman she uses an article of clothing to ‘pass’ and shares the commitment to justice, she and Batman are dark children of privilege (or not in this case, though in this world they’re both Faunus), she and Wonder Woman both left the island homes where their people were safe to try and make the rest of the world better, she and Aquaman are both Faunus royalty, and Green Lantern is about overcoming great fear and in Jessica Cruz’s case specifically about the guilt of running away.

* Will this be entirely flashbacks to the pre-series/Beacon years, or will those be flashbacks set from a ‘present’, and if so when? What happened between the siege of Haven and the train setting off for Argus is the most loosely-defined period in the story and is right on the heels of the end of the original RWBY mini, so I’d imagine it fitting here. And given they apparently join together “to take on a force unlike anything they’ve seen before” rather than purely the character work of that previous book, what might that be?

* Hey, superhero comics/superpowers as an idea already exist in this universe, will that come up?


* If we can get one single scene in this and it’s going with a “yes they’re still aliens and magic and whatnot” premise I want Clark, who hasn’t thought of being Superman yet and therefore is still at least somewhat hiding his powers, being wracked with guilt over not pursuing becoming a Huntsman and therefore not being there at the Fall of Beacon. Which is a ridiculous thing to take the blame for, but of course he would, he’s Clark, culminating in trying to apologize to JNR for Pyrrha dying he feels in part because he was a coward (when they don’t even have the faintest concept for why he would think he should have been there or could have done anything).

* Once all’s said and done, how is their presence in the world justified as not being a factor in the series proper? It’s simple if they’re ‘ordinary’ analogues who can go off to quietly have adventures elsewhere, but if not then some of them either have to be shuffled off stage or presumably left with their stories incomplete, with a little afterward of “and they went on to be the greatest heroes of all…later, after the scope of team RWBY’s main adventures so that we never have to directly address them again” to avoid them becoming unavoidable major factors in the war against Salem.

In the end, will it be DC’s best comic? No, though I imagine one of their better ones this year. Will it be among the ones I look forward to most each month? Right up there with Yang and Reis’s Batman/Superman baby, this is a miracle freak of fate and I’m gonna appreciate the universe bending over backwards to make entertainment for me and me alone while it lasts. Given I finally checked out RWBY in the first place because I was curious about Bennett’s original comic, this is a heck of a full-circle moment.

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