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#obey me beezlebub
filthdrabbles · 4 days ago
Midnight Snack
FeralDemon!Beezlebub x F!Reader
Tumblr media
Warning: NSFW: Unprotected s*x, r*pe, overstimulation, fear play, kidnapping, implied sex slavery
A/N: Also available on my Ao3. Written as a gift for Anti-Ao3. Enjoy :*
The clock reads midnight and your co-worker is still nowhere to be found. She was supposed to be here a full half-hour ago. Lemon-scented cleaner tickles your nose as you finish wiping the store counter down for the third time. You give the reinforced glass storefront a curious glance. Nothing in sight but concrete and night sky. Where was she? It wasn’t like her to be late.
Thinking back now she was the nicest person you knew down hell in the Devildom. You’d arrived here, an idiotic human who somehow tumbled head over heels — in the most literal sense — into a maddened world and couldn’t find your way out. Not a single soul down here had offered you help. If someone knew the way out they sure as shit weren’t telling you and you had no family or friends to speak of. You were completely alone, lucky only in the fact that killing a human before death was grounds for punishment that most would not dare to welcome on themselves and that, devil or not, anyone could use an extra pair of hands.
So here you were, working in an overnight convenience store that was stocked to the brim with unrecognizable foods that cost absurd prices — if the difference between the food and your shitty, dinky apartment’s rent was anything to go by.
When the clock strikes a quarter past twelve, concern melds into fear. You can’t place why, but a curdling, wretched feeling is clawing at the pit of your stomach. You shouldn’t be here this late. You should’ve been gone an hour ago. Where is your replacement?
You stare out the window, arms crossed, searching for any sign of your companion when the flicker of car headlights catches your eye.
The next sight draws the breath from your lungs. Tinted windows, sleek black body, gold-rimmed wheels, and modern design without a single visible dent mark. It might be the most expensive car you’ve ever seen.
What the fuck is it doing in this neighborhood?
It’s too dark for you to see, but you hear the opening and closing of the car door and spy a single figure stepping out. You think you’re finally about to hear some answers when the brick red door opens. Perhaps in another life were you luckier, it would be your co-worker.
Not so. It’s a broad, ginger-haired man who strides right in without saying a word.
You watch him as he goes. Demons don’t normally care about the time of day, especially if they want something, but this one knocks you as almost familiar. You can’t place his face for the life of you, yet there’s something…
He heads up the chips aisle, grabs at least seven bags of fried bat wings, and clutches them to his massive frame as he makes his way to the counter.
“These.” He says in a deep voice.
“Alright, will that be all—?”
“You’re pretty.”
He says it so suddenly that, for a moment, you thought your exhaustion had finally caught you and you dreamt it. You rarely get compliments like that down here. Most devils turn their noses up at you. You’re lucky to get a ‘hello’.
“Thank you.” You push your hair from the side of your face, try to focus on ringing up all the different flavors he ordered. It’s difficult, especially when your eyes glaze up without you meaning to, and you catch him staring at you like fresh meat.
Your face heats up while you scan the last bag. He’s not bad-looking. Where did you remember him from again?
His hand darts forward and catches you by the shoulder with a grip so hard it makes you wince. You try to back away but he holds you firmly enough that you hardly move.
“What’re you—?”
Violet eyes light up as they trace up and down your frame. A terrifying, cold feeling settles at the pit of your stomach.
“Don’t make this harder than it has to be.”
“Listen, I’m a human and you shouldn’t be—”
It doesn’t matter, while you give him a spiel you’ve gone other countless times before, with far weaker devils, he steps over the counter like it’s nothing and corners you in between the walls. Your words grow weaker and weaker as you try to warn him of the consequences of hurting a living human. It does nothing to ease the hunger from his eyes.
“Get naked.”
“N-no, fuck off—”
He holds you with one hand and your green work apron in the other. With a quick yank, he tears the rough fabric off of you and tosses it aside. You wrap your arms around your shirt and twist your body away, but he grabs you by the side of the neck, grabs the shirt, and rips that off too. A scream leaves you. No one’s coming to help, but fear invalidates your logic; it hits you again that you are all alone, in hell and that he’s going to rape you and no one’s going to care.
You remember, all too late, about a certain ginger devil named Beezlebub. Frighteningly strong, hungry, greedy, and impulsive. Why, why hadn’t you thought of him when he walked in? Is there any point in wondering? What could you have done against a brother of Lucifer himself? Pleaded to his humanity?
The smell of spilled lemon cleaner fills your nose as Beezlebub slams you against the cigarette wall. Plastic bites painfully at your back. His wanting mouth finds your neck despite your pleas, which echo off the walls and fall on deaf ears. You push him, but you’re so weak in comparison that he doesn’t notice or react.
He suckles like he could suck the blood straight from your skin, and his mouth trails from your neck to your collar bone and then to your chest. Until you gasp and whimper. Outwardly delighting in his touch but inwardly cursing your sensitive body. Your human weakness. Your hands clutch into fists and you beat weak against his chest.
For the first time since he started tearing your clothes off, he looks at you. The coldness in his glare freezes your blood and you whimper, sinking back against the shelves and wall. “Please, please just stop.”
Beezlebub snorts. For a moment you think you've tamed the devil, but when you peek from your teary, swelling eyes you see he was just peeling off his jacket and tossing it over the counter.
“You want me to stop?”
He grabs your neck and your shout turns into a half-choked shriek. He pins you right against the window wall with one hand. The other reaches down and finds the crouch of your pants. You squeeze your knees together and wriggle in his grasp. Anything but this, anything but him doing this to you.
He snorts again and his hands shove their way between your legs and cups your clothed sex. “You don’t want this?”
You shake your head. The hand around your neck isn’t tight enough to stop your breathing, but it hurts and holds you in place.
“Then why is it so hot?” He asks, sounding genuinely confused. His fingers push against your sex, drag the fabric around your traitorous clit. You couldn’t stop the trembles that spiked through your body.
It’s humiliating.
“Off.” He says, the hand that just ground against you now pulling at the hem of your jeans.
You choke. You can’t find the resistance to scream. Beezlebub pulls you forward enough to whirl you both around. You half think he’s going to drag you outside like he’s read your mind and is going to make this awful experience a million times worse. Instead, he knocks your feet out from under you and maneuvers you both onto the grimy tiled ground.
You fall onto your hands and knees and manage to right yourself, only to feel Beezlebub’s hard, clothed cock rubbing against your ass.
“Please don’t do this I’m sorry I don’t know what you want, you can have the chips I just, I just don’t want this to happen, please.” You babble, on and on.
Beezlebub keeps a tight grip on you. Your words aren’t even the last thing on his mind. He’s not thinking of you. Only of how sweet your little, weak human body looks underneath him as he yanks those pants off and reveals a soft pair of pink cloth panties. If you were a more obedient meal he might’ve eaten you out. Alas, he tears those off you too. You scream again, this time out of the sudden shock of pain more than anything else. This is how he wanted you, entirely nude for him and him alone, writhing in a pile of torn clothes and shame.
He lets you go for a moment, to shove his pants and boxers down in a single swoop. You try to scramble away, but he grabs your legs and pulls you back like a disobedient animal trying to escape its abusive owner. Two hands guide your hips to him and when you try to scramble again, his fingers dig in so hard you cry out again.
Your stomach lurches but there’s nothing to puke out. This is happening, you’re about to get raped by one of the seven brothers. His cock is a molten pipe between your thighs and fear is running rampant through you. He’s huge, he’s going to shove that whole thing inside of you and you’re a virgin.
“Please, please don’t please go slow, go slow, it’ll hurt please—”
He sets his head at your entrance and pushes forward. You wince and wiggle, hoping to find some way, some miracle to save yourself. Nothing. Then the pain hits.
“It hurts, it hurts!” Your eyes screw shut, hot, fresh tears spilling out from either side.
Your mind blanks against your will and you scratch the floor like cornered prey out of options. Dirt and grime collect under your fingernails. One aches as it pulls uncomfortably against the cracks in the tile, threatening to rip free. Beezlebub’s cock is splitting you in two. After the first thrust, you’d hope that was the worst of it. But the next one would prove you wrong, along with the next and the next as his dick slowly worked its way instead of your tortured virgin cunt.
The red door opens again. The world freezes up and you hope, pray, that it's your co-worker, Diavolo, someone, anyone who could save you from more of this.
“Hello?” The voice calls out. It’s a man. Not your co-worker.
He leans over the counter.
It’s Lucifer.
“Oh, I was wondering where you were. Shit service around here, yeah?” His smile bites at a part of you that you’d thought long dead and defeated by this point. “What aisle is the bread in?”
“Please help me.” You whimper and raise a hand towards him.
He blinks, then cocks his head to the side.
“What aisle?” His red eyes scan over your figure. You can’t find a hint of mercy in them. If anything, you’re certain he views this as an inconvenience to him.
“I-please, please, please—” The tears start up again.
“What was that? Hm?” Lucifer puts a hand to his ear. A sinister smile breaks out on his lips.
You want to scream. You want to slam your fists against the floor and curse every devil and angel in hell and heaven. You’d once heard that Lucifer was trying his damnedest to keep his brothers in line. That was a fucking lie.
“It’s fine, I’ll find it myself. Make it quick.” He says with an exasperated sigh before he disappears.
You swear you can hear him laugh.
You’re almost thankful he said so. Until Beezlebub moves you into a new position with him standing on his knees and holding you up to pound into you, rather than down. It’s like he’s hitting something else and your breath catches, broken and horrified notes leaving your throat where pleas used to be.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” You scream at your trembling insides. You don’t want anything good to come from this memory, for Beezlebub to be the first to drive you off that cliff into mind-melting pleasure. He disagrees. His cock is so thick and you’re already open for him. He’s hammering you at a decisive, driving, constant pace. The sound of your hips slapping together is loud enough to drown out Lucifer’s laughter at your struggle. It’s like he wants to drag that orgasm out and you can’t ignore it, no matter how much you try.
A treacherous tingling feeling strikes your toes, the tips of your fingers. Your waist twists and turns. Your entire body curls down and around your pulsing core and wetness paints the inside of your thighs as it hits you. Liquid pleasure spreads throughout every part of you like lightning and your cunt practically flutters around Beezlebub’s cock. He doesn’t change his pace or stop. He keeps going until that beautiful pleasure melts into sharp, painful oversensitivity and you’re twitching on the floor for a new reason, electricity running rampant in your limbs.
Then his hand pushes onto your shoulder, forces you prone to the ground. The cracks in the tile bite into your skin, the coldness makes you shudder and lemon cleaner chemicals burn your cheek. Beezlebub’s cock starts to twitch inside you and the tears come again.
Why you? Why did you have to fall into this literal hell?
“Please finish, please finish—” You whimper, over and over again as Beezlebub’s breath turns shaky and burns at your back. Another overwhelming sensation on top of so much. Then the first heated spike of his cum shoots into you. He growls low and deep, hips not stopping until he’s empty. You lie there, waiting for an end that feels so fucking distant.
Beezlebub stills and pulls out of your whimpering, quivering form. In silence, save for his low breathing and your pathetic sounds, he finds his clothing and redresses himself. You listen, in a fetal position on the ground with your entire body tense as a bow's string. The door opens…and closes again.
From behind the counter, you wait. Some horrified part of you that’s still processing what just happened says that it is not over, that he’s going to turn around and come after you for a round two. It doesn’t happen.
When the trembling and sensitivity finally stops, you reach up and grab the edge of the counter, and right yourself. Not a single person in sight. Otherworldly calm washes over you and for a brief, fleeting moment you let yourself believe that it’s finally, finally over.
“There you are!” Lucifer pops out from behind an aisle cabinet.
All the same terror you felt when Beezlebub was with you comes rushing back twice as hard and fast. You sink, almost falling to the floor. You can’t do this again. The sound of his expensive, over-shined shoes tapping towards you is enough to make you weep.
“No, no—”
“Hm?” Lucifer cocks his head to the side, now standing at the counter looking none the wiser. You retreat against the wall, raising your hands in surrender and hoping that he’ll just leave. Beezlebub’s cum trickles out of you and soreness starts to set in in all the places that were shoved or pushed or bitten or sucked. Why are you even begging anymore? Are you hoping that somehow your brokenness will either convince him that enough is enough or that you’re just not worth tormenting anymore?
Lucifer just laughs. “I wanted bread but then I decided against it. Newport lights for now.”
Lucifer, famously, does not smoke.
“You can have it, just t-take the stuff and go—”
“No, no that’s not fair.” His acting falters and he can’t help himself but laugh at you now. “I have to pay for things I take, hell or not my little human I have appearances to keep. So, get me what I asked for.”
You turn to the smokes behind you and pull out the little white and green box he asked for. The distance between where you stand behind the counter and where he stands, as a customer, never seemed so damn short before. You toss the damned things on the counter.
Lucifer’s eyes flicker down to the box and he smiles.
He sets a black card on the counter and folds his arms.
It isn’t like he couldn’t just leap over the counter and do whatever he likes to you, but he’s got you pinned in his little game. You groan and stand there. He’s going to do something to you. You can feel it in your bones that Lucifer is going to do something and it will pale in comparison to anything else you’ve felt tonight —
The door opens and Beezlebub’s head pops back in.
“Hurry up, I’m bored.”
Your heart can’t take any more of this. With a desperate whimper, you eek forward, terrified with every breath, and grab the card from the counter. You ring him up. Every moment, hyper-aware of Beezlebub just…standing there in the doorway, waiting.
Once the reader says transaction complete, you look back up and see Beezlebub leave. A weight tumbles off your back.
You reach out to set down Lucifer’s card and he snatches your arm and pulls you until the sharp counter edge digs into your bruised hips. The pain that blooms from your wrist is another aching reminder that this night of horror hasn’t ended. You don’t even have the strength to face him. You just turn away with a choked-back sob that barely escapes your throat.
“Now, I’m not sure if you can tell but midnight shopping isn’t normally my thing.” Lucifer’s voice is a searing whisper. “Very rare I see something I like, but you—” He makes a point to grab your chin and force you to look at him. Ruby eyes drink in your ruined mess of a body and the cold leather of his gloves brings goosebumps raging back to your skin. “You look delicious like this. Dripping, shaking, holding yourself together by sheer force of fear and will.”
"J-just let me go. Let me go, I haven't-I haven't done anything to you."
"You're right. You haven't." His eyes glitter with false empathy. “How could I see something so precious and not want to take it home?” Your stomach lurches and his eyes turn filthy quick, focused on your breasts and the rise and fall of your chest, where your heartbeat hastens.
"So I'm giving you a choice, you can come around the counter willingly, and come in the car with me and my brother and we'll toy with your little body until the Sun comes up or…”
He squeezes your chin so hard it hurts. He doesn’t have to say the rest.
Your entire body pangs and aches for freedom.
“Please. Please don’t do this.”
“Force it is.”
You kick and scream, flight or fight reigniting to no avail. Lucifer’s strength is absolute. He drags your struggling form from across the counter and you only succeed in ruining your throat and bashing your ankle against the door. Cold night air bites at your skin and the only thought running through your head as he tosses you into the limo is how no one is going to even bother looking for you.
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crispyduckpatrol · 14 days ago
Beelzebub: you love me, right?
MC: yeah.
Beelzebub: but what if i did something, like, really bad?
MC: what did you do?
Beelzebub: are you sure that you would still love me?
MC: are my oreos gone?
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mvmmoney · 18 days ago
listen im a mammon girl first....but beel is right there boo, right. there.
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arcadejohn127-9 · 20 days ago
If you haven't noticed, I'm a massive beel simp and actually do have a mini story about my persona but I haven't gotten around to it just yet - thought it was fitting I did this though
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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arcadejohn127-9 · 22 days ago
How the brothers would pull a belphie chapter 16 with MC:
AU: brothers take belphies place as the human hating demon
Warning: gore, blood, angst, violence, death, dark themes, murder
You first found him in a secret passage way, when you first stumbled upon Satan finding it he ordered you to never go near it
But you were drawn to it; either out of pure curiosity or the voice that called for you
There's were you met him; Lucifer, he was annoyed when he told you his story - how Satan locked him up, how he mourned as Satan was like a son to him not just a brother
You felt awful! So you agreed to help and get him out
it was finally the moment! Lucifer was free, he could finally escape this damn study. He looked at you with a proud smile, gesturing for you to come closer.
He was sitting in his office chair; it looked as if he was struggling to finally leave the room. You could only assume due to being in there for so long he's grown attached to his condiment; you offered him a knowing smile.
"Would you mind letting me have a moment on indulgence? Before I finally face them - I wish to just hold you, it's been so long since I've had anyone around me."
You were surprised to see his demon form for the first time. Marveling at how beautiful it looked. it fit him perfectly.
you happily agreed but became bashful when he patted his lap. You hesitantly sat on his lap and he adjusted the both of you, he wrapped his arms around you. You gave him a gentle pat on his head, unsure what to do.
Your back Slightly curved when his hand trailed up to behind your neck.
"so easy, you're not the brightest human, are you?"
You didn't even get time to process his words; your head suddenly yanked back. You hissed as it smacked on the desk behind you.
"I'm ashamed this is what Diavolo comes up with when I'm not around but you were helpful to me in some parts - I'll atleast thank you for that."
you whimpered as his hand wrapped around your throat. Tears building up in your eyes as you tried to squirm. But your awkward position and banging headache was blurring your hopes; your head felt warm. It felt wet.
Just from that one attack alone you were already bleeding. Your heart was racing as he squeezed harder. You choked on air as you frantically moved, trying to pry his fingers away but it was to no use.
He hummed, displeased. He slammed your head back down on his desk giving you a moment to breathe but the air was knocked out of you as soon as it came back. Only a squeak of pain left your throat. Your eyes rolling back as pain consumed you.
His hand returned to strangling you and finally, your vision went black.
He was locked away in the garage at the back of the dorm
You didn't even know there was actually a back until you saw Lucifer go there
Your first impression on the demon wasn't exactly great - he was tooting his own horn abit too much for a guy locked up
But turns out, he was desperate to be let out and finally just be with his brothers again - he asked about Levithan alot
He looked so.... broken
You wanted to help him as much as you could and agreed to his plan
You squealed with excitement as the door opened. You rushed towards mammon, thrilled to finally be able to come properly face to face with him. The demon was grinning ear to ear as he whisked you off your feet, thanking you.
"you're a real one! I couldn't of done it without ya, human."
He finally put you down, you were laughing. Your eyes closing for a moment as you felt slightly dizzy from his excited spinning.
"That's why I feel somewhat bad for what I'm about to do to you."
Huh? You opened your eyes to give him a questioning look but it was too late. You didn't have time to realize he was now in his demon form.
You were booted to the floor, his foot slamming down on your chest. You let out a yelp of pain as you gasped in shock. He crouched down, balancing his arm on his knee. Looking down at you with a tilted head, his shades rolling down his noses just slightly.
"I'll be nice to ya, you were kind to me afterall, Its time I repay my debt."
you screamed; hoping someone would hear you but he just covered your mouth with his hand. His nails digging into your cheek and jaw, squeezing it tighter the more you panicked. Soon it turned into screams of pain as he just watched you thrash, still grinning.
Your jaw crunched under the sheer power of his hand. Blood shooting out as your jaw unhinged. Tears falling down as you lost consciousness; it was a miracle you still had that drop of life still in you. But that inch of life faded as he stood back up; slamming down his chest as hard as he could down on your heart.
He was downstairs, locked away in this giant indoor pool area
No comfy bed to sleep in....nothing to do
He kept calling Everyone, including you, Normies and seemed to not even want to be around people
But then you kept visiting, learning he just wanted to play video games with his brothers again and be able to see performances with fellow otakus
He was just alone in that room
It was a no brain-er that you agreed to help him escape
Finally! It was open! He was free!
He leaned on the floor above the pool, shock on his face as the door finally opened. You grinned as you jogged over to him. thankfully, he was wearing some swim shorts and a shirt.
You were so happy to finally be able to meet levithan properly. You sat down just Infront of him.
"you opened it-! You actually did it! You've unlocked the dungeon and ready to face the final boss."
You laughed, questioning the 'final boss'. Unsure who he could be referring to. He sprung at you, revealing his demon form and yanked you into the pool.
As soon as your head went under the water you tried to get back up but he grabbed your head, forcing it to stay under. You kicked and threw your arms but nothing was working. Your brain was burning up from all the questions and screaming it was doing.
Your neck was straining from how much it tried to lift upwards. Desperate to get above the water but he held your head down. It was too late, before you knew it you body moved out of pure instinct. It gasped for air.
You screamed as water filled your lungs, thrashing more desperately as your tears mixed with the water. Your eyes burning as he grumbled.
"didn't you learn anything? Don't trust demons."
That was the last thing you heard before your body stopped moving.
Locked away upstairs in a mini library, an old sofa as his only bed
His snap from "please help me" to pure rage scared you - all because you brought up Lucifer
But you're dumb with curiosity and went to see him again, he apologized for his behaviour and told you his story
He sadly had a constant rage due to his sin like his brothers and for it, they locked him up like some dangerous beast
He was so miserable and ashamed of himself - so guilty for something he couldn't even control or get rid of
He was nice to you and was shown to care about others, why wouldn't you help him?
When the door opened it was a surprise to you both. Satan put down his book, keeping it in his grasp. You smiled at him and he returned it. He was happy to finally be free, being the first to move and give you a hug.
"It's almost pitiful how you lack a sense of danger, you've let yourself be in the arms of a beast."
You wanted to say something, to deny such a claim as you trusted him but it was all discarded as you let out a loud yelp. You pushed yourself away from his crushing hug, nervously looking at him as you backed away.
"ah, so you do notice me as a threat but it's abit late for that now, isn't it? You're already in here with me."
Satan threw his book, it hit you square in his face. You hissed in pain before screaming, he yanked you by the head to be further inside the room. Angered by your stupidity and begging; he thrusted his knee into your gut, repeatedly.
You coughed up blood as you sobbed. He threw your body to the floor, climbing ontop of you. You kept begging him to stop, unable to get away.
He clawed and punched your face, never stopping even when his arms ached. His anger blinding him as he tore at your body, slamming his bloodied fists down on your chest and grabbed at your head.
You were barely breathing when he slammed your head into the floor. A wheeze of breath leaving you after every blow. Your blood covered his torn knuckles, pooling around your head and running down your chin. Your ribs were broken and so was your nose. Your jaw felt like it was barely hanging on to itself.
He only stopped minutes after you stopped breathing.
He was hidden away in the greenhouse, unable to escape
When you met him he was so anxious to even show his face, telling you to look away to his ugliness
You learn he's very obsessive about his looks and being unable to properly care for his skin was eating at him BADLY
he was so desperate
Though he seemed surprised you didn't seem effected when you looked into his eyes
He told you he wanted to see his brother Satan the most, he raised the little demon himself when Lucifer couldn't
You felt like you had to help him, this wasn't a man who deserved to be locked up - so you agreed to his plan
He sprung up in surprise, standing besides the small mirror in his cell. You cheered out his name and he ran towards you.
Nuzzling your cheek with his own as he hugged you tightly. Peppering your cheek with kisses as he repeatedly thanked you.
"ah~! My knight in shining armour! But, sadly this is where your heroism ends."
You gasped as slammed you to the wall, gently shushing you as you trembled. His hand was on your chest, over your heart, his eyes scanning your face down to where his hand was.
"humans are all so ugly....but I bet your heart is beautiful, don't cry - it's bad for your skin, just let me see how beautiful you can be."
He wiped your tears, adjusting you so he could keep you pinned to the wall. Licking his lips as he grew fidgety. You were hoping for a chance of mercy; squeaking out a weak plea for him to stop. Begging for his compassion, demanding for a reason for his betrayal. You were going through the stages of grief in mere seconds. He watched you with delight as he giggled.
He caressed your cheek, giving it one last nuzzle, his demon form appearing before you before plunging his hand into your chest. You gurgled on your blood as you trembled - your body going into shock as he marveled at the feeling of your heart. Still not taking his hand out, he cooed at how soft you felt.
Your body slumped not long after but he still went through with it, yanking out your heart and watched it beat for a few mere seconds.
Locked away in the in the indoor gym, downstairs
How Lucifer hid his monstrous appitete from everyone was magic itself
He immediately asked you about his twin, belphegor - was he sleeping okay? Was he holding up well?
He seemed so cold but as soon as he started talking about his twin you saw just soft he could be
He told you Lucifer locked him up here due to his gluttony, teaching him restraint
He told you how hungry he was, he was starving
Whenever you visited you'd bring him food - the door itself you were able to touch so it was just being careful when passing it through
You felt bad for him, his stomach always growling and he always wanted updates on his brothers well being
You weren't going to let him just sit there and starve! You agreed to help him escape
It was finally time. He looked up at you, a pout on his grumpy face and a hand on his stomach. His eyes immediately scanned any sign of food but you were empty handed; he looked at your face as you stared at him in shock.
He walked over to you, a smile stretching out on his face before pulling you into a hug. You cried out with joy as you immediately hugged him back, nuzzling into his chest. He lowered his head, hiding it in your shoulder and gave your neck a few sniffs. You stiffened at his actions but tried to not think too much of it.
"I'm so smell should of known this would of happened."
You let out a noise of confusion and shock. Pushing yourself away from him but his hold on you was too tight. You hastily tried ducking under his arms but he only squeezed you tighter. His tongue running up your neck as if to taste you. You whimpered and shivered as your body shook, begging him not to hurt you.
"it's because of humans I failed Someone I love, if it weren't for you - she wouldn't be dead! Stop squirming, it'll make it less painful."
You screamed as his teeth sunk into the space between your shoulder and neck, ripping at the flesh. Blood spraying everywhere as he finally ripped the chunk off. Your watery eyes began to roll back; the last thing you could see clearly was his usual grumpy face. That stoic cold expression staring at you as your blood covered half of his face, he chewed on your flesh before offering his puppy like smile.
He kept going back to take bites, wanting to finally fulfill his long lasting starvation; you were already long gone and unable to cry for help.
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crispyduckpatrol · a month ago
if you were to try and punch beelzebub in the gut you would most likely shatter every bone in your arm. that demon is a fucking tree.
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himbo-beel · a month ago
Got any headcannons for the brothers and how they prefer their eggs?
If he has time for breakfast he enjoys eggs benedict
On a croissant, but muffins are a classic choice if he has to
If no time then usually hard boiled and he’ll peel them on the way to where he has to go
Scrambled all the way
He puts it on toast, he puts it on pancakes, he puts it in rice, he puts it anything you can think of
Mixes them with jalapeno jelly and peppers
Sunny side up because he likes to dip his toast in the yolk
Is another ‘if he’s too busy he’ll eat them hardboiled’ brother but doesn’t like the texture of them 
Tea egg. That’s it
Puts it on top of avocado toast
Every way imaginable but he also likes hard boiled because it’s easy to just shove them into hos mouth one after the other
What do you mean you’re supposed to peel them?
Egg in a hole
He’ll eat eggs other ways too but he’ll put maple syrup or jelly on them too to make them sweeter
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nyxxienox · a month ago
Nox can be very scary
Nox: ...
Beel: ...
Mammon: ...
Nox: Mammon
Mammon: what
Nox: Where. Is. My. Ring?
Mammon: what ring I don’t know no ring
Beel: Give it back to her Mammon
Nox: listen to Beel...
Mammon: I- uh
Asmodeus: he’s probably already sold it
Nox: *starts laughing crazily* if it’s not back on my hand in an hour I’m going to maim you and feed you to Cerberus.
Beel: *smiling because he knows she won’t do it but that she definitely could*
Mammon: *scared* here it is
Nox: Thanks Mammon. Now Beel off to Purgatory Hall Simeon needs us for that assessment.
Nox- successfully scare a demon. Check
Tumblr media
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amajiki-is-best-boi · a month ago
i’m not the only one that read through both beel’s and belphie’s endings right?? bc it’d be weird if you didn’t...
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insect-empire · a month ago
Happy Birthday Dear Beelzebub and Belphegor Event Synopsis-
(Including Routes)
Tumblr media
Spoilers Ahead~
The story starts off with Asmo asking his brothers to wear blindfolds. The twins are hesitant at first, but the MC convinces them to go along with it. Turns out, the reason for the blindfolds was so they could bring them to the first part of their birthday; an overnight stay on a cruise ship. Once inside, the MC is instructed by Satan to give the twins envelopes. The envelopes contain instructions to find pieces of their gifts scattered around the ship. Beelzebub needs to find a key while Belphegor needs to find star fragments. 
They begin their search, dragging the MC along with them. Belphie quickly finds a sticky note, telling him to take 3 steps left. This causes a trap door to open beneath him and the MC. Once they recover from their fall, the MC can lead the way or hold Belphie’s hand as they find a way out. However, Belphegor finds his first star fragment while down there. They return to a waiting Beel, who had found another sticky note telling him to search for a switch.
However, before they begin their search, Beel smells delicious wafting from a separate room. They approach and find Simeon and Luke waiting inside with delicious Devil BLTs, which Beel takes great delight in eating. They give the small group a clue to where the switch is by yelling, “look at that painting!” They do, and find the switch behind the art. Upon flipping it, a hidden door is revealed, and inside waits Satan. Belphie tells his brother and the MC to go on ahead because he wanted to find more star fragments. 
Inside is a cozy library-esc room, where Satan instructs them to find the clue hidden inside. They search for a while, Beel even has the MC sit a top his shoulders to look for the clue on top of the book shelves. However, they quickly lose hope and Beel begins to solemnly eat cookies that were left on the table. Though, inside one of the cookies is a piece of paper with a picture of a key on it. Belphegor returns and leads them out of the room and back into the hall. He tells them he found another sticky note which shows the way to a mountain of star fragments. Though, this leads to a short argument who would have the MC accompany them to their next clue location. The MC eventually goes with Belphegor. 
They head down the hall and into a closet-like room where Asmo is skillfully arranging the star fragments. He congratulates them on making here, and allows them to scoop up the fragments. They return back to a waiting Beel, and head into the next room. There, the MC can have a romantic moment with Beelzebub or just appreciate his friendship. Either way, Leviathan interrupts in a moody fashion, but gives him a ton of shadow hog burgers that he will need for the next challenge. Though, as quickly as Levi showed up, the next challenge began. Mammon ambushes the group and provides distractions that will deter them from reaching the final trial. For Belphie, he pulls out the world’s softest pillow and for Beel, a mountain of meat. The MC has to stop one of the brothers, so the other can talk some sense into their twin. Once Mammon is defeated, they move on, back to the entrance hall.
There, Lucifer is waiting to give them the last trial. He provides a small collection of keys for Beel to choose from, which he gladly pulls out his picture and chooses the right one. For Belphie, he awards him a large star fragment for making it this far. Then, the eldest leads them to the luxurious banquet. They party for a while, enjoying the company of their friends and family, as well as the delicious food Barbatos had prepared. Though, they begin to feel restless and want to proceed to their gifts.
Beelzebub’s route:
Beel leads the MC to where he was instructed he would find his gift, upon opening the door, he discovers a giant sweets house for him to enjoy. However, when he bit into it, he found it didn’t taste quite right. He looks closer and notices a sticky note on the door telling him he has to find the “sweet devil” for the house to gain back it’s sweet taste. They head inside, and begin their search. They look everywhere until the MC spots the sweet devil under a sugar blanket. They wake him up and he restores the flavor back into the house. Beel and the MC eat until they’re full, and end up falling asleep together on the candy bed. Beel’s brothers discover them inside the house later, but decide to let them rest.
Belphegor’s route: 
Now that he had all the star fragments, Belphie leads the MC to a room where they could perform a star shower. Solomon had brought a piece of the night sky into the room and even taught MC the spell to summon the star shower. Though, the spell didn’t work on the first attempt, which makes the MC frustrated. Belphegor reassures them that it’s alright and he’s just glad that the MC is there with him. They hold hands, and the MC feels a burst of energy from Belphegor, which allows them to properly cast the star shower spell. It’s beautiful, and Belphie is very happy. He leans in, about to have a moment with the MC, when Mammon bursts in and separates them. Suddenly, it seems like everyone is in the room with them, watching the last few moments of the star shower.
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arcadejohn127-9 · a month ago
Could you do an angst with the twin mcs after belphie kills the female twin and the brother runs in after all the demon brothers just to see his little sister mangled and dying and just maybe she’s crying and weakly reaches out to him and afterwards angst and belphie feels bad cus what he did reminds him of the Lilith situation:,)
Decided to take a break from my previous writing, get some angst out of my system. Nothing like belphie angst!
(T/N) - twin name
Warning: PTSD, Gore, heavy angst, chapter 16 spoilers
Why did he let you go off through that door? He wasn't sure where you were or if you were even safe. (T/N) paced around the room, his footsteps thumping against the floor. The brothers watched as he worried but apart of him wondered; what exactly was he worrying about?
There was like some part of him was drifting from reality. He was flickering. What was happening?
Suddenly, a bang came from the main hall. He charged out, calling out to the noise. That's when his heart stopped. His stomach churned as he stared upon the slumped figure on the floor. You were on the floor, trembling with blood pooling around you.
The brothers all followed your twin brother, all of them stopping to see what happened. They all let out their own horror.
His knees kidded across the floor, lifting your trembling body and adjusting you in his arms. Tears streamed down his face as he looked down at you. You stared up at him with glassy ices, blood pouring out your mouth and mixing with the blood gushing out of your throat. Your flesh was torn and ripped. You couldn't even squeak out a noise. Just gurgling on your blood and choking on the air.
"It's okay, don't say anything, it's okay, I promise! You're fine, you're fine."
He cradled you close to his chest. Sobbing as you just shook. A laugh echoed throughout the house, Belphegor marching down the stairs and looked down upon the two of you. Each of the brothers whipped their head to see their younger brother.
"how did you get out?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!"
But the murderous demon just watched your struggle for life. His eyes landing on your brother as he hugged you close.
His eyes widened.
He shook his head, forcing his grin to stay on his face but he couldn't. The adrenaline of killing you was making him sick; you stared at him with a shaky hand rising towards him.
the world bent and turned; he was high in the air and there you were - no it wasn't you - it was Lilith. Lilith was falling down to the earth below. Blood ripped out of her throat as the glowing spear dug deep into her collar. He clung to Beelzebub, screaming and begging for him to go get their sister.
his attention snapped back to reality, your twin was charging towards him. Sobbing and raisin his fist. Belphegor just turned his gaze towards your unmoving body. Your corpse. You're dead.
Was this what Lilith looked like? Did you look that peaceful when she died?
(T/N) grabbed the demons collar, his anger rising seeing the blood splattered on his cheek.
belphegor sobbed as he thrashed. Trying to get to your body but your twin just kept him still; continuing to scream at him. It wasn't until Beel pulled his twin away from the Angry human that he stopped screaming.
Mammon was hugging your dead corpse, sobbing. He was covered in your blood; it was still warm. It felt as if you were still alive. Still warm. Still were still alive. You had to be.
Asmo was hugging Satan, clinging to the angry demon. Levithan was speechless meanwhile Lucifer hyperventilated. The eldest brother typing away on his phone, he had to fix this.
belphegor just hugged his brothers arm, being pulled back as he whimpered.
Your twin dropped to his knees, sobbing as he pounded by the demon twins feet. Demanding they bring you back. He begged and cried; he didn't care if you came back as a demon or any type of ghoul! Damn, he wished you'd come back as an angel - he just wanted you back!
"please..... please give them back...."
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arcadejohn127-9 · a month ago
Can I request? Please. Uh, can you maybe do about the boys reacting to an MC who steals their things like clothes and wears them around the house bc they miss them? (Ps absolutely love your writing you are doing an amazing job! But remember to take breaks and drink water. 😊)
Aw thank you! I'm making sure to not overdo it and I've been looking after myself!
He was finally back from a meeting he had with Diavolo
The meeting went much later in the day than anyone expected
So the last thing he wanted was to deal with anything within the house
He desired nothing more than to just take off his uniform and get into something more comfortable
That's when he saw you, his coat draped around your shoulders, you were clutching it close to you
He leaned against the wall, watching you snuggle into his coat
"enjoying yourself"
"ah-! Lucifer! I am, I missed you."
He smiled, adjusting his coat on you
"I missed you too, you look adorable right now."
He held you close, leading you to his bedroom and let you sit on his bed whilst he changed into more comfortable clothes
He cuddled you whilst you wore his coat, enjoying how big it looked on you
He barged back into the house, grumbling to himself
The witches had him running around doing all sorts of chores
He was tired and his legs were sore
You were currently walking around the house, mammons jacket zipped up
It was so warm and it smelled just like him
You were missing him all day
Mammons mood immediately lifted when he saw you in his jacket
"You look better in it than me, Should I get us matching jacket's."
"but then what will I wear when I miss you?"
"I- I guess you can keep it but only until I need it back, it's apart of my look."
He picked you up, taking you to his room
He definitely will take pictures of you
He didn't expect to come back from club to see you in his chair
You were curled up in his jacket on your phone
He slammed his bedroom door shut, trying to muffle his scream with his hand
He didn't expect to see you in his clothes!!!
"w-what are you doing?! It looks good- this is just like an anime I've been watching!"
"I missed you, how was club?"
He was too shy to have you sit on his lap but if you did it yourself, he would not complain
Asked to take pictures of you and it's now his wallpaper
He didn't expect it to find you in his sweater
He took it off as it was covered in cat fur and he was currently hiding the cat from his brothers
Knowing they'd snitch
But here you were, laying on his bed snuggling into his sweater
"What a wonderful surprise."
"you're back! I missed you, devils been keeping me company."
"has he? Well, good thing I'm back."
He was little jealous of his cat
He sat with you and cuddled with you
Devil making sure to nudge himself between you two as much as possible
He just got back from being swarmed by his adoring fans
He didn't have his usual scarf today and so they were all asking about his new look
Asking if scarfs were still in season
He reassured them that this wasn't a permanent change to his fashion
But he didn't expect to find you walking around the dorm wearing his scarf
You didn't get time to prepare for his hug tackle
"you look stunning! You suit my scarf so well~"
"you were gone for so long, I missed you."
"I'm sorry, darling but atleast I got to see wearing my clothes."
He absolutely adores this
Keeps 'accidentally' leaving behind his clothes
He just got back from the gym, ready to consume the entire fridge
Most likely eating the fridge itself if anyone tried to stop him
But his pursuit for food was put on pause when he found you
You were completely engulfed in his hoodie, you were getting a drink out of the fridge
If it weren't for his stomach growling he could of kept looking at you for longer
"you're wearing my hoodie."
"you're back! I missed you."
"I missed you too, what's new in the fridge?"
He had you sitting on his shoulders, still in his hoodie
You were holding some snacks and he kept asking for you to feed him
He grumbled as he lifted himself out of his sleeping spot
By now he's forgotten where he decided to sleep, wherever it was it had alot of boxes
He crawled out of the closet and stretched
But that's when he saw you across the way
Wearing his cardigan, leaning against the sofa on your phone
"My, my, missed me?"
"I did actually, how was your nap?"
"amazing.... even better knowing you've been wearing my clothes."
He hugged you from behind, sighing happily
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very very happy birthday to my birthday twins beel and belph ♡
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arcadejohn127-9 · a month ago
How would the demon boys react to some random demon saying that they "went soft" while they were with MC? love your page btw x
Oh ho ho I see! This is going to be fun! And thank you, I love seeing everyone's support!
Him? Soft? Impossible
The audacity that lesser demon had was almost respectable
But he wasn't going to let it slide
"Perhaps I've been too kind to beings like you, if you truly believe I've grown soft you won't mind me practising my new equipment on you-"
"Luci? What cha doing? I've been looking for you."
As soon as he saw you he didn't even realize the love sick expression on his face
The lesser demon snickered
He realized he didn't keep his mask up
They believed they were going to go free due to his embarassment
But they only made him grip the demons face tighter, his sharp nails digging into their flesh
"not right now, I'm currently putting a demon in their place-"
"oh okay! Don't take too long, you promised you'd help me go shopping, there was a really cute outfit and I don't want to miss it."
"yes, of course, now run along."
You kissed his cheek, thanking him for taking you out
He happily sighed
Quickly placing a kiss on your lips before you left
His head snapped back to the demon with a blood thirsty smirk
"where were we?"
Him?! Soft?! He's got a reputation to uphold!
Like his rep isn't already destroyed by being a bunch of witches servant
Whilst he is feared for his status as a demon, in general his rep is more 'famous guy who Everyone respects but will laugh at him at any given chance'
But Don't tell mammon that
So when a leaser demon says he's gone soft due to you he's insulted
He grabs the lesser demon by the collar, yanking them towards him, pulling down his shades just enough to show off his furious glare
"You're real bold for speaking up against me like that, I'm the avatar of greed! I can destroy your well being with just a slight influence-"
You came marching towards him, brows knitted
"Mammon!!!! Stop picking fights, you promised we'd go to cafe today, I even made sure we'd get matching couples items."
You shoved your phone in his face, showing off the link he sent you
He wanted to go to the cafe due to the couple's coupon and the fact you were allowed matching gifts you can buy
"You Damn human-! Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?! The great mammon needs to defend his rep!"
"you're wasting your time, the cafe is going to get packed if we don't go now."
He didn't budge, trying to counter you but you just raised a brow
You let have a few moments before Rollin your eyes
"I'm going without you."
He immediately hugged you and was pouting, complaining you embarassed him
But he quickly forgave you when you kissed the corner of his mouth, reminding him he couldn't jump into trouble or else his grades will be effected
Lucifers orders of course
"I will summon Loton on you for even perceiving me!"
It was a bold move on the lesser demons part
And today the ocean demon didn't feel like being talked to by anyone so hearing this made it even worse
He raised his hand in the air, magic glowing at his finger tips
The lesser demon gulped, regretting thinking Levi would be easy to mess with
"Levi, don't summon Loton, we'll get in trouble."
He didn't even realize you were there nor did he notice you arrive
He pouted, lowering his arm and started quickly moving his arms as he spoke
"But they're saying I've grown soft! That's insulting to demons! Especially high ranking ones! It's basically saying I'm a loser!"
"As a high ranking demon, just ignore them~ you're just fine~!"
You didn't want to deal with getting levi out of trouble because he flooded one part of R.A.D so you went to save the confident lesser demon
You grabbed his shoulders, nuzzling your cheek on his
He wanted to push you away due to embarassment and the fact it was in public
But he couldn't help but do the same, squishing his face next to yours with a massive blush on his face
"You're not helping-"
"You're great, let's go back home and finish the game we were playing."
The lesser demon was spared.....for now
Does he look like the type to go soft?
Sure he was normally a pleasant guy to be around but soft???!
Despite his charming smile and gentle peaceful presence, he was known for being the most aggressive out of his brother's
So some lesser demon saying he's soft? He wanted to just scoff and ignore it but it chewed at him
"Soft...? Hm, you won't be saying anything when I'm done with you, you'll be too busy crying and gurgling on your own-"
"There you are! I wanted to give the book you let me borrow back- am I interrupting?"
You looked between the cowering demon in Satan's grasp
His horns flickering in out and out, his expression immediately going soft when he looked at you
"yes but what did you think of the book? I thought the characterization of the main lead was the selling point of the whole thing."
"oh definitely but chapter 104 had the best arc."
Satan opened his mouth, removing one his hands off the other demons throat to point at the book but his finger curled
Deciding to not argue with you
"I'll have to debate you on that one - excuse me I need to finish it here before I can debate you on arcs, I won't be long."
You nodded, kissing Satan's cheek and gave the lesser demon a sympathetic look
The lesser demon couldn't enjoy their freedom for long as Satan turned back to them, snarling
Let's just hope he decides it isn't worth his time for that demons sake
"me? Soft? Honey, I'm never soft~ I'm always hard~!"
The lesser demon cringed
Asmo crossed his arms, deflating slightly as his joke didn't land
Sure he was offended Someone would call him soft
But it's not like really based his reputation as being some intimidating thing, he wanted to be loved and admired!
But being soft can get you disrespected
So something has to be done and asmo is known definitely by his brothers for getting physical when needed
"Don't look so disgusted, you do understand who you're talking to, right? The avatar of lust - I'm able to bring out all your desires, I know you like things rough so let me show just how violent i can get-"
"hey, are you done threatening-flirting? Whatever you're doing, I need help with some design choices."
You definitely didn't know what you walked in but the lustful demon was your best bet to go to
He was currently caging a lesser demon to a wall and harshly gripping their chin
You just wanted a second opinion on your clothing designs!
"I'll be right there! Can you hold on for a moment please?"
You nodded, sensing the angry aura coming off him
"sure, I got wipes in my bag incase you need them."
"you're wonderful, I love you~!"
He sent you a few air kisses as he smiled at you, you shook your head at his affection
You were thankful you didn't look back because as soon as you walked away you heard a scream
And you were pretty sure it wasn't a good one
The lesser demon sure had balls to approach this walking mountain
Was no one intimidated by jocks anymore?
They snarled and teased that he was going soft, expecting a reaction
But Beel just glared at them, his resting bitch face coming in handy
"don't talk to me."
It wasn't long before you found him, he was walking through the halls heading to the main door
"heyy Beel-y, What's up?"
"a demon said I've grown soft....have I?"
You blinked a few times, not expecting the question
You definitely didn't expect the Insecure look on his face
The closer you got to him he was definitely a softie, he was always gentle with you and is super kind
To you, he hasn't changed at all
"I think you have from what I've heard but I don't think that's a bad thing, you can still hold your ground and it just means you're letting yourself not be on guard."
"that makes me feel better, you always know what to say - I'm hungry, let's go eat."
You linked your arms with him, both of you smiling
"sure! I heard there's a nice dessert place opening up!"
"I think you're talking to the wrong demon, I haven't grown soft."
Again, lesser demons are getting too gutsy towards these demon brother's
Belphegor has never woken up and not chose violence
Sure he was a big cuddle bug and sleeping most of the time
But he could be absolutely ruthless -In words and actions!
"Belphie, I'm heading to the study room, wanna join?"
You didn't really care he was about to go toe to toe with another demon
Knowing he was going to win anyway but you did want to give him a chance to get away
He was on thin ice and could be put on house arrest if he kept acting up and pranking people
"I'm in the middle of threatening Someone right now."
"Alright, don't go too crazy or else you'll get in trouble but I'll be waiting, I bought a pillow for you to sleep on~"
You tugged the pillow out of your bag, wiggling abit as you showed it off
You were already walking away before the sleepy demon could say anything else
He glared at the lesser demon
"I'll prove them wrong another time, too much energy wasted if I did it now."
He immediately went jogging after you, looping an arm around your waist and nuzzled his cheek on your shoulder
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