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Shigarakiweek day 6; Cake

Tomura: it’s my cake, shoo

Toga probably painted the birthday boy’s nails

So, thankfully I was able to access online with my laptop after-all eventually; it seems that I should wait till the evening as daytime seems to be where the most online traffic is at, resulting in me being unable to connect to wifi. It’s not ideal tho, given I’d rather work on the boring school stuff during the day and devote evenings to more fun stuff.

Ah well, nothing I can do about it right now


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Shigarakiweek day 5: Confetti + wounds

Toga found confetti-themed bandages and wanted to test them on Tomura, then finished the masterpiece by throwing confetti on him. He’s rolling his eyes but doesn’t really mind.

I think the reason I can’t do anything else but silly shit for these drawings is because my recent fic writing has involved SHIT TON of angst, so I can’t really have it in drawing too.


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Shigaraki Tomura: I got upgrades on my villain suit. Looks pretty menacing, doesn't it?
Dabi: Hey, that's not fair! You haven't given me ANY villain suit. I want to terrify our enemies too!
Shigaraki Tomura: You have your birthday suit for that.
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When an empty game card forces Tomura out of his room and into the world, he finds himself on an accidental side-quest. Stupid microtransactions. 

Shigaraki is not your hero, and he doesn’t care to save the city or anything else. Those kinds of fantasies are baby stuff. But when a virtual quest has real-world implications…maybe something small starts to change. Not that he’d ever admit it. He doesn’t care. About anything. Does he? 

Read it at:

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So, I decided to try out digital painting again after a while, but since I knew I would not have patience to try and make a face today (I suck at those apart from side-profile. I just can’t do any other angles of the face in this style at all yet) I decided to focus on practicing texturing more.

I have made a digital painting of Tomura before that you can find here but because I’m not the best at it, I tend to do this style rarely. 

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