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#the follow up ask is pure gold
humansdni · 12 days ago
what type of men do u like. may i interset u in a mentally ill divorcee
sobbing crying etc etc
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angrythingstarlight · 5 months ago
Pierced Through and Through
Summary: Bucky has planned the perfect vacation. All he has to do is get through the metal detectors without revealing his secret. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: TFAWS Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 3.5K 
Warnings: Smut, exhibitionism, praise kink, piercing kink (Bucky has brand new c*ck piercing), mile high club public sex, airplane bathroom sex, oral (m receiving), p*ssy slapping, dirty talk,, dom/sub dynamics, begging kink, choking kink, Minors DNI
A/N: Beta’d by the wonderful @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog and @whisperlullaby and an entry for her challenge! All mistakes are my own. 
Do not copy, translate, reproduce, rewrite or repost any of my works. Comments, likes and reblogs are welcome and cherished. By hitting read more, you agree that you are 18 and older. 
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes is a romantic, you blame it on his 1940s upbringing. It’s not unusual for you to come home to flowers, chocolates, and oh his home-cooked meals. Nothing like seeing him, all six feet of thick ripped muscles, standing in front of the stove wearing nothing but an apron, holding up a spoon dripping with fragrant marinara sauce, telling you to open wide and swallow like the good girl you are. 
For the past week, he’s been acting strange, hiding his laptop whenever you wander into the room. 
He keeps staring at you to the point where you’re looking down at yourself, wondering if you spilled something. Each time he follows up with his signature smirk, pure lust in his deep blue eyes. He’s always insatiable but something is different, he’s holding back something from you, often distracting you with mind blowing sex, in fact, the only warning you get before he’s on you, in you, is his bottom lip catching between a flash of pearly white teeth. 
When he announced the vacation it all made sense, his odd behavior, his increased libido. He’s been thinking about all the filthy things he’s going to do to you in another country. 
And you are ready for it.
Tumblr media
The ride to the airport is peaceful, the sky shades of dark azure and teals, the crescent moon visible to your left. The early morning traffic is light, so you arrive earlier than expected. While it pained you to get up before the sunrise, you have to admit it’s worth it to not deal with crowds of people. His hand, heavy and warm,  rests on your thigh as he pulls into the lot. 
“You can hold my hand or nothing at all.” He says, giving you a pointed look when you try to take your bag from the backseat. With a giggle, you lace your fingers between his as he shoulders all of the suitcases and bags in one arm. The airport buzzes with activity, people milling about, shops preparing for the rush in an hour or two. You squeeze his hand with excitement the closer you get to the check-in point. 
Soon you’ll be on a tropical island with nothing but him, drinks, and the sand. Nothing between you but the salt tinged breeze and the sun.  
Bucky’s steps falter when you near the terminal, ahead of you the airport security waving people through, checking belongings.
 “You okay?” you ask when he hesitates, his Adam’s apple bobbing twice, his eyes flitting across the space. Bucky smiles briefly before setting the bags down in the grey bins.
 You go through the metal detector first and turn to wait for your bags to travel down the conveyer belt.
He follows, setting off the alarm.
 He’s never done that before, not since he has had the upgraded arm.
“Sorry, Sergeant Barnes, protocol.” The TSA agent apologizes before he picks up the thin black wand, waving it over his body.
You watch him, fiddling with the strap of your bag. Bucky sighs, his eyes closing. He seems oddly resigned. Your brows furrow when you see sweat bead along the crown of his forehead. 
Bucky feels the back of his neck becoming hot, a flush creeping up his chest. He averts his eyes, aware that you’re looking at him, his breathing becoming heavier, more noticeable. The agent pauses at his abdomen, “Are you alright, sir?”
Bucky attempts a smile, the grimace putting you and the agent on edge. The wand dips lower.
The loud piercing sound reaches your ears, at first you assume it’s because of his belt. But then you remember Bucky isn’t wearing a belt.
He’s wearing loose gray sweatpants because you told him he should be comfortable for the trip.
The wand shifts back up. Beep. Right over his dick. The agent brings it back up and down. Beep. 
You take a step forward as the agent steps backward.
You speak in unison. Bucky’s face turns a deep maroon, nearly matching the red lacy bra you’re wearing under your blush pink sundress.
“It’s supposed to be a surprise.” He spits out through gritted teeth. His chiseled jaw clenched tight, a muscle twitching in his scruff-covered cheek.
You exchange glances with the befuddled agent. Licking your suddenly dry lips, you glance around the semi-crowded airport. Thankful that few people recognize the super-soldier with his oversized hoodie concealing his arm.
“Sir, whatever you have tucked in your pants-“ The agent begins, clearing his throat nervously when Bucky’s eyes land on him. You admire the man’s bravery, not many can face down your man when he’s giving them his signature death stare. “- you’ll need to put it on the conveyor belt.” His voice cracks when Bucky stands up straight, cracking his neck. 
Bucky crooks his index finger and motions for the agent to come closer. He looks back at you and you shrug, giving him a helpless I have no fucking idea what’s happening look.
You rock onto your tiptoes to try to take a peak, failing to seeing much. You can only make out Bucky’s arm moving forward, a shocked gasp, and the sound of elastic snapping against skin.
“Oh wow. Wow, I’ve never seen anything that big, I mean-” he looks over his shoulder at you. “-how are you not waddling right now?” His flustered tone makes you blink slowly. 
Tilting your head, you place your hands on your hips. “What?”
The agent drops his eyes, “M just saying, should be walking side to side.” He sings the last bit. Your lips pull down into a confused frown, opening your mouth to ask him what the hell is going on, Bucky cuts you off with a loud groan.  
“I assume we can go.” He snarls, the sound making your belly twist, you don’t know what’s happening but you like it when he gets riled up. Bucky grabs his belongings out of the bin resting on the conveyor belt. 
“Sergeant, you can do whatever you want.”
“Excuse me?” you exclaim incredulously, eyes widening. “What is that supposed to mean?” 
Bucky grabs your arm, spinning you around. ”Let’s go.“
Tumblr media
He ignores your questions, his hand hovering over the small of your back, guiding you through the airport. You struggle to match his long strides, his blank, angry stare alone parting the crowds until you reach the gate. 
 Once you’re on the plane, you’re led into the private cabin, only three other people besides the flight attendant are in your section. You sink into your buttery smooth leather seat and wait for him to put up your bags. Suspiciously studying him as he reaches into the overhead cabinet, cursing yourself for talking him into wearing that large sweatshirt. You can’t make out a thing through the thick fabric.
Bucky plops into the seat beside you. His gaze fixated on the serving tray. He’s concerned, almost nervous. No, he can’t be. Nothing makes your man nervous. You touch the side of his face with the pads of your fingers, massaging his jaw. 
The word hangs in the tension thick air. 
He sighs, eliciting a deep groan from his chest as he tilts his head back. Running your fingers through his soft locks, you turn in your seat. “So you wanna tell me- “
“It was going to be a surprise.”
Scratching his scalp until he relaxes, you wait for him to continue, his blush returning. After a minute, you tug his hair. “You said that already. What is it exactly?” You retort, emphasizing “it”.
Bucky lolls his head to the side, his piercing slate blue eyes gazing into your curious ones. 
You stare at his plump pink lips, trying to process the jumbled words. “You what?”
Another groan. You stare at him gesturing for him to repeat himself.  
Bucky reaches down and pulls his hoodie up, the grey fabric bunching up over his chest, his darkening blues never leaving yours. Out of the corner of your eye, you see his black and gold hand reach under the band of his sweatpants. 
“What are you doing?” You hiss, looking around grateful that no one is paying attention to you. 
The flight attendant is talking to the wealthy-looking older couple a few rows ahead and the person behind you is sleeping.
When you drop your eyes back down, you gasp. Your hand flying to your mouth to stifle it. Your gaze sweeps across the cabin, thankful that no one heard you. 
His cock is out. 
Buck has his hardening cock in his fist.
The thick veiny shaft visible between his fingers, but it’s the head. The swollen tip with precum leaking out that has your attention. Holy fuck. The silver piercing going through it, making it look even larger. Your hand twitches, wanting to touch it. 
“Oh, fuck.” You breathe out, letting your hand fall from your face. “Fuck me.” You mean it, please fuck me Bucky. 
Bucky takes a deep breath, his eyes holding a hint of concern. “You know how I’ve been on the internet more.”
His hand shifts up his shaft and the rigid piercing moves slightly. “I saw a video. ”
You’re not even listening right now, too distracted by the silver gleaming under the fluorescent lights, it’s curved, two small balls attached to the ends. Your mouth watering at the thought of running your tongue over it. “Mm-hmm.”
Bucky can’t tell if you’re happy or not, holding himself tighter. He wonders if he should have asked you first. “Supposed to make you feel good. Enhance your pleasure.” He explains defensively, a cautious edge to his voice. 
“Uh. Huh.”
“I can take it out, doll.”
That snaps you out of your daze. “The hell you will.”
Without thinking, you drop your head to his lap, your tongue flicking over the leaking tip. His unique salty taste bursting on your tongue, you trace the smooth piercing, marveling at the contrast between his soft flesh and hard metal. 
“Damn, I love you.” His voice low and needy, the way you like it. 
He cradles the back of your head with his large palm, not pushing but waiting for you to guide him into your mouth, breathing through your nose, you ease down his thick cock.
 He tastes so good. His warm heavy weight on your tongue, the piercing a strange feeling in your mouth, bobbing your head, you hollow your cheeks sucking him until you feel his thigh tense under your hand. You know exactly how he likes it, loudly, sloppy with tears streaming down your face, you really wish you could give him what he deserves right now but you’re not even hiding the fact that you’re sucking his cock. 
You pull back, licking up the side of his shaft, the veins throbbing with each twist of your hand. Bucky murmurs soft praises that have you craving more, you swirl your tongue around it and he moans quietly, painfully aware that anyone can see his girl taking his cock. “Fuck, you’re good doll.”
You take him back in your warm mouth, gagging softly when he hits the back of your throat. Bucky whispers under his breath. “My sweet dirty little girl-” 
You hear a loud exaggerated cough coming from behind you. You pull off of him with a laugh, wiping away the string of spit, Bucky clenches his fists taking in a deep breath trying to control the urge to face fuck you in front of these nice people. 
Sneaking a glance over the top of your seat, the man behind you has his eyes shut, his lips pinched together. You slump back in your seat, face burning. You really gave Buck head in the middle of the plane. Looking down at his cock, you’re seconds away from finishing the job. 
“In five minutes, meet me in the bathroom.” His deep voice delivering the demand right in your ear. 
Oh fuck.
Bucky tucks himself back in his pants and saunters down the aisle. You grin at your clasped hands, containing your eager squeal. It’s about to go down. Your pussy throbs with every second that passes. You’re almost afraid to get up because of how wet you are right now. You keep your chin tucked to your chest, ignoring the chuckling from the person behind you, and dart down the aisle, mumbling sorry when you almost knock over someone. 
You open the door and peek inside. “Buck-”
He grabs you, shutting the door behind you. He shoves you up on the sink and for the second time in ten minutes; you struggle for air. 
Bucky is completely naked, pants pooled around his feet, shirt over the small toilet, the harsh white light reflecting off the piercing as his cock sways. His large muscular body crowding the small space, pushing you back into the mirror. He’s everywhere. His hands part your thighs,  cool smooth metal and warm rough hands, languidly rubbing your skin. 
Bucky grins at you. “I was going to have the first time be on the beach but I can’t wait doll.”
“Good.” You moan, his fingers pressing into your thighs.
His breath hitches when you reach out, telling you to don’t act shy now, it’s your cock doll. Even without his dirty praises in your ear, his hand guiding yours down to his throbbing erection between your bodies, you’re so turned on, ready for him. Your panties clinging to your sopping wet cunt, your dress bunched around your waist. 
“Take it.” He orders, every bit the Sergeant he is, daring you to defy him. 
You want him too bad to even think about teasing him today. 
You stroke his cock, in awe of the way the metal curves around his tip, gently caressing the end of the metal with your thumb, pulling the side of it. Bucky feels it through his entire cock, a vulgar grunt in his chest, his hands digging into your thighs. You’re going to be bruised tomorrow. 
You glimpse up at him through your lashes, he’s seconds from losing it. Your clit aches at the thought of him going feral. 
You stroke it again, harder this time, comparing the warm metal to his heated flesh and you twist your hand firmly. He groans your name, his hand grabbing your wrist, pulling you away.  “Keep it up and I’ll cum.”  
“I thought you said you could only cum in my pussy or mouth, Sergeant.” You say sweetly, biting your bottom lip. 
 The veins in his neck pop out his control splinters, his growl sending jolts straight to your pussy. Bucky leans down, crashing his lips down over yours, his hands lifting your hips off the counter, dragging your panties down until you can kick them off. 
You need him inside you, stretching you right now.
“So pretty,” he whispers, pulling you to the edge of the sink, his cock bobbing over your stomach as you grip the walls for support. Bucky is a fucking tease when he knows you’re the needy one. He knows how badly you want him, but he’s going to make you beg.
Holding his shaft, he eases his swollen head through your heated folds; you flinch when the metal taps your clit, its firm and cool on your pulsating bundle. A breathy wanton moan pouring out when he does it again. 
“Bucky.” You whine, wrapping your legs around him, trying to bring him closer. 
Bucky shakes his head, “Not until I’m ready.”  He smirks when you glare at him. “Wanna challenge me, doll?” 
His metal hand latches around your throat and you almost cry when he squeezes. You’re no match for him, he knows your body too well, how much pressure to apply to make you break, how to put you back together and rip you apart again without breaking a sweat. 
 He circles your clit, tracing intricates patterns over you, light touches that have you rocking forward desperate for friction until you whimper out please Bucky, please baby. Fuck I’ll do anything, just, please.  
“Not good enough, I don't know if you really want  it doll, doesn’t sound like you do?” He taunts, his hand tightening over your throat as you beg for him. 
 Bucky slaps your pussy with his cock once, twice and you jolt, sparks of pleasure shooting through you but it’s not enough, your throbbing cunt clenching down hard over nothing.
“Sergeant, please.” You plead, your heels digging into his back. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get him to move. “Bucky, please.”
You gaze into his eyes, the thin rim of blue barely visible around his lust blown pupils. God, he likes you like this begging and desperate, dripping for him. He slaps you again. Another whimper falling out of your mouth. You let go of the wall and grab his hair and yank hard. 
His head jerks back and he slams into you, the sudden burning stretch overwhelming you. Suddenly so full of his thick cock you can’t breathe. His name strangled on your tongue. 
“Fuck, you don’t know how good you feel Doll”.  His appreciative groan makes you even wetter and fuck he can tell. He doesn’t give you time to adjust before he’s slamming back into your velvety heat. “M gonna stay buried in this sweet little cunt all week.” Your head flies back, his hand reaching around in the nick of time to keep it from bouncing off the mirror. He pins your hand above your head as his hips grind into yours. “Gonna fuck you everywhere on the island” 
“You’re making a mess of my cock” He says looking down between your bodies, watching his cock disappear into your tight pussy, coated with your slick with each thrust.  
He whispers more filthy things in your ear, the mirror fogging as he tells you all the ways he’s going to take on the beach, the surrounding forest. You’re not going anywhere until he’s satisfied. The fast, merciless thrusts have you keening louder and louder until he covers your mouth in a hot, sloppy kiss.
 You feel every inch enhanced by the smooth ends of his piercing gliding over your fluttering walls, his lips on yours are the only things keeping the entire plane from hearing your sobs. Bucky bites your lower lip gently before soothing it with his tongue. Your own dives into his wet mouth, deepening the kiss as he fucks you. 
 A knock on the door goes unanswered. 
You don’t give a fuck who’s out there, not when you feel this good; you don’t think it can get any better; he changes his angle, pulling you up and metal strikes your soft spongy spot. Pure electricity shoots you through. It’s fast and brutal in its intensity, your toes curl, back painfully arched off the sink.
 He swallows your scream, barely muffling the sound. You know they have to hear you, but then he does it again and your eyes roll back. All worries about being quiet are gone when he keeps hitting your sweet spot.
 It’s more than you can take.
His metal fingers drop to your clit. “So much, too much, so good fuck I can’t, I can’t.” You mumble into his mouth. 
He makes out your frantic pleas, his lips still on yours, and he grins deviously. Oh, you will, doll. He grazes your clit lightly with small circles, waiting until his next thrust, and he pushes his thumb hard over your sensitive bud at the same time his piercing drags over your spot. His muffled good girl pushing you over the edge.
You shatter. An incoherent, shrill moan erupting from you, breaking away from his hold as the orgasm surges through your body. With a dull roar in your ears, you see stars. Purples and reds blooming behind your eyelids, sobs, and moans wracking through as the coil unravels. His large hands hold you steady, letting him fuck you harder. 
Sweat clings to your body, the front of your dress drenched in it, your thighs burning and trembling around his waist. Tears burn your eyes, mascara dripping down your face, the small space impossibly hot.
Bucky groans, “One more doll.” He laughs when you shake your head. “You’re going to be good for me, aren’t you?” 
Bucky plants his hands on the mirror for leverage, grinding deeper in you, fucking you relentlessly until you cum again and again. Pleasure overwhelming you, your nails scratching red trails down his chest. 
You clench down again, riding through another orgasm, his pace falters as he feels his own climax building. His hips snapping erratically in you until he drops his head with a grunt. “So fucking tight, pussy was made for me.” 
 “C’mon Bucky, fill me up, god I want it” you moan, biting down on his shoulder, letting him use your body he spills inside of you. “Yes, fuck.” 
He rests his forehead on yours, his softening cock falling out of your spasming cunt. “Love you,” you giggle. 
Bucky smiles at you, reaching over to grab a handful of paper towels. “Love you too.”
You point at his cock, “I think I love him more though.” 
His face drops, making you laugh, reminding you how much you love these moments after he wrecks your body. He playfully grumbles as he wets up the towels with warm water and cleans up the mess between your thighs.
You fan yourself off with your hand, wiping off his forehead with the bottom of your dress. You rest your back on the cool mirror, the sweat drying, you bring your knees up to give him enough space to get dressed. 
Another knock on the door. Persistent banging while you adjust the straps on your dress. 
You look at him and he shrugs, his brow raised defiantly, pocketing your panties. 
He opens the latch, smiling smugly at the flight attendant. She looks past him and stares at you in wonder. You gaze back, eyes dazed, looking thoroughly loved and fucked. The smell of sex drifting out of the small bathroom.
“Ma’am” He asserts over her indignant spluttering for the both of you to return to your seats. He takes your hand and pushes past her, you stumble behind him on shaky legs when you lose your balance, he sweeps you into his arms. Bucky places you into your seat, reclining it for you.
 Snagging a bottle off a passing tray, he helps you take a drink of water, the cool liquid soothing your parched throat. 
He looks out your window, then at his watch. You yawn, lids drifting shut. “I’m not tired, doll.” His tone has your eyes snapping open. 
Placing a kiss on your lips, he rubs his nose along your throat, humming quietly. “We land in five hours”. He tosses the thin airplane blanket over you. His warm hand slipping between your legs. “Let’s play a little game doll.”
He grabs your chin with his metal fingers gazing into your eyes. “Make a sound and I stop.” Oh fuck. He pulls your bottom lip down, leaning closer, his warm breath brushing over your skin. “Be quiet and you get to cum.”  
“But if you make a sound, you have to do whatever I want all week long.” 
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rayshippouuchiha · 3 months ago
I read “[Naruto] made budgeting and math his bitch” and all I want to say, to ask, is to consider the possibility that he’s the one in charge of Team 7’s budget? Please and thank you for your time.
It takes Naruto a bit to notice it. Takes a while for all the pieces to line up just right for him to see it.
His team, as talented as they all are, are absolute shit with money.
They're up north, huddled together on the roadside just inside of Tomi, the capital city of the midsized island that makes up Gold Country, when the truth comes out.
Their mission had been long and draining and they're all looking forward to a ship back to the mainland and a stop at an Inn for a night before they start the trek back to Konoha.
The only problem with that plan is the fact that everyone is flat broke.
Everyone, that is, except for Naruto. Which the other three would know if they'd bothered to ask him instead of assuming he was just as broke as they are.
Because Naruto's wallet is basically still as fat as ever despite the length of time they've been gone and the fact that he's done his definition of splurging at the shops in Tomi. He'd put the few hours where they'd split up before meeting again to start looking for a ship back to very very good use.
Supplies were always cheaper for him outside of Konoha proper where the shopkeepers don't know him and he's actually allowed to haggle. Plus their contractor, an ancient silk merchant named Kaede, had taken enough of a liking to Naruto to put in a good word for him at the local shops.
A courtesy that she, apparently, hadn't offered to the rest of the team or maybe just one they hadn't bothered to take her up on. Naruto isn't sure which it is exactly.
But if it's the second option then Naruto's not sure what to think. He'd never turn a discount or chance to haggle down, no matter how small it is. He knows better.
"Well," Kakashi-sensei says brightly. "Looks like we'll be running to the mainland and camping until we're back home. Let that be a lesson to all of us to bring more money next time."
Sakura looks like she's on the verge of either tears or a tantrum and Sasuke looks as blank as always except for the slightly displeased curl of his mouth.
Naruto finds himself a mix of both of their reactions because what?
Bring more money? That was Kakashi-sensei's solution? Just bring more? Like what Naruto knows was in each of their wallets before they left Konoha wasn't a good six months of Naruto's regular budget?
And they've got relatively little to show for the fact that they spent it all?
It's in that moment that the truth hits Naruto directly in the face.
He's the only poor person on this Team. He's the only one of them who has ever had to actually worry about money.
Sakura has parents who actually love and house her, all her mission earnings are pure profit. Kakashi-sensei is probably the shinobi version of rich with his rank and all the high-level missions he's taken. And Sasuke is absolutely the shinobi version of rich with the wealth of an entire Clan at his disposal.
When they run out of money they just ... go get more.
Naruto, with his crumbling apartment and trap-wire thin budget, lives an entirely different kind of life.
They can probably just walk right into the Konoha bank he's sure they all use, the same one Naruto's never been allowed into, and just withdraw more money.
Not Naruto. All of his money, whatever he's scrimped and saved for, has always either been on his person or hidden away in a hollowed space beneath his bed.
For a long moment, Naruto debates with himself. Considers not saying anything and just following along with Kakashi's plan.
But, well, he does have the money and they are his Team.
So ...
"I got this," Naruto huffs out as he holds up his still bulging wallet. "But we're doing it my way and you'd all better pay me back if I spend anything."
He doesn't bother to listen to their protests or whatever they might say or do. Instead he turns on his heel and stalks off towards the docks, intent on finding them a ride to the mainland that doesn't make him want to gouge his eyes out at the price.
Half an hour later finds them settled on the deck of a small fishing vessel, warm pork buns in hand, and Naruto not missing a single yen.
The hoard of shadow clones he has practically crawling over the ship ended up being payment enough for the weathered-looking woman who'd given them passage.
He ignores the way the others stare at him and focuses on eating his lunch, mind already ticking over what Inns he remembers them passing and what he could do to get them a night's stay for the lowest cost possible.
With him in the lead, they manage to make it all the way back to Fire Country without having to pay for much of anything at all. Naruto had bartered everything from his shadow clones to Kakashi-sensei kissing the back of some woman's hand to his own help modeling a kimono while waitressing in his female form at a restaurant in Blouder City for food and lodging.
He'd actually like that last job the most since Tsubame-san had not only let him keep the kimono but he'd made a small fortune in tips as well.
It's not until they stop at the Black River Inn, the last waypoint before they reach Konoha proper, that Naruto finally steps back. Much to the puzzlement of the rest of the team, he lets Kakashi-sensei step up and rent them a room instead.
Tatsuyomi, the man who runs the inn, is the brother-in-law of the woman who runs the Tree Bud in Konoha.
He knows Naruto on sight.
It's not until they're settled into their shared room that night, the others eating a hot meal from the kitchen and Naruto eating the last of meat buns the cook Akira had slipped him before Naruto left the restaurant in Boulder, that someone finally asks.
"How'd you get so good with money, Naruto?" Sakura is the one to break the ice. "Figured you'd blow it all on ramen or something by now."
"He didn't actually pay for much," Sasuke points out quietly. "And nothing full price. He traded and haggled for everything instead."
"Still," Sakura presses. "He's the only one of us who isn't broke and he managed to get us a stay in every Inn we came across on the way home. Kind of weird."
Naruto stops, stares down that the cold meat bun in his hand, eyes squinted almost closed and shoulders tight.
He forces himself to breathe, to let the tension flow off and away.
He takes a bite of his bun.
"I've never had parents," Naruto finds himself saying.
Around him the room goes absolutely silent.
"Don't have a Clan or a guardian or anything either," Naruto's shoulders shift restlessly, nails biting into the soft flesh of the bun in his hand. "Been living off the orphan's stipend since I was four. The pay from that is ... there's never been a lot to go around. There's always bills and supplies so I had to learn to make what I had really count. Being hungry for a long time sucks you know? Never want to do that again, not after the first few times. Not unless I have to."
"Y-You get mission pay now though right?" Sakura says, voice low and eyes wide.
"Don't get the stipend anymore though, that stopped when I got my headband," Naruto shrugs again, uncomfortable in his skin for a reason he can't properly name. "And mission pay gets split so ..."
The quiet is thick around them. Sasuke is practically glaring at his bowl and Kakashi-sensei's knuckles are white around the edges of his book.
"But yeah," Naruto finally says as he pushes himself up onto his feet, half eaten bun in hand, and turns to hop up onto the windowsill, "I learned money stuff real young. Probably the only school thing I was ever really good at."
A flex of muscle has him out the window and sitting on the edge of the roof, feet dangling and conversation officially over.
The rest of the night and the journey back to Konoha proper is quiet.
The next time they go on an extended mission outside of the village it's Naruto who's in charge of any and everything even remotely money-related as soon as they pass the border.
And if their mission pay starts getting split three ways instead of four, well, Kakashi-sensei doesn't say anything so Naruto doesn't either.
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nicebonescomrade · 9 days ago
Hello! May I request an angsty Villain Au scenario where reader got badly beaten up and ends up bleeding a lot. The archons who ordered this we’re smug but immediately horrified when reader’s stop bleeding red but gold instead. This made them realized that they are actually the “Creator” but now reader is bleeding too much and out of it. I wanna see the archons regret, panic and DESPERATE to stop the bleeding. Whether reader survives is up to you ☺️ Thank you so much and love your work!
They don't notice it at first.
Dragonspine's freezing winds whip around the three Archons and lone human sharply, but they are felt acutely and painfully only by the latter. Overhead, lightning flashes and cracks open in the darkened skies, while the snowy earth beneath rumbles.
Three Archons stand together— a sight that has not been seen for centuries but this is, after all, a special case; they're defending the honor of their beloved God after some foolish, lowly person dared to impersonate them with no shame or regret.
That they then dared to step foot into the nation and think they'd be welcomed was just a show of how incredibly and stupidly arrogant you are, and so beyond furious at your audacity it had taken the Archons very little time to agree on hunting you down and teaching you an unforgettable lesson.
That you happened to be in Dragonspine, somewhere they won't have to worry about any innocent villages and people, was just a bonus they took advantage of. They had been brutal as they chased your form, unrelenting with each swing and arrow they threw at you but you had miraculously managed to avoid a serious injury— up until now.
You've been driven to a dead end, and the fatal strike finally landed on you all three found a small, dark pleasure in hearing the way you cried out from pain.
Good, you deserved it—
"Wait..." Barbatos' tone is suddenly hesitant, his eyes wide. As the one to favor a bow between all three of them, his eyesight was much, much sharper than the Raiden Shogun and even Morax. Much to the two latter's shock, his voice devolves into panic and he rushes faster than possible to where they saw your body fall. "No, no, nononono, no!"
With wariness and apprehension clear in the way they held themselves, Morax and the Raiden Shogun follow after Barbatis to see—
A pool of bright, golden blood where it should be red. You body, unconscious and protectively held in
Suddenly, Barbatos' behaviour makes a horrifying amount of sense; only one being should havs golden blood, only one being would have not ruby red coursing through their veins but pure, unmatched gold.
Their God.
For one, single second everything stands still and then— it is Zhongli and Ei that immediately crash right beside Venti, who's clothes are stained with your divine blood. His hands shake and tears blur his vision, but his focus is steady as he concentrates anemo on you your wound to heal you.
Zhongli and Ei do not hesitate before they join as well. You really were their God? And.. and they had attacked you— caused you to be so close to death's doors, if the amount of blood you had lost thus far was nay indicator. But no, nononono they won't— they will not let you die, not like this, not by their hands oh Celestia—
"Please, please, please, please," Zhongli could hear Ei repeatedly murmuring, face pale. He knew he and Venti were in no better positions, for he knew the other well enough to already know that he, much like Zhongli, was being wholly crushed under the weight if his guilt.
But right now, none of their feelings mattered. All that mattered was saving you, and then they could think of ways to ask for your forgiveness for their foolish, stupid actions but at least you'd be alive and not dead by their hands—
Your chest rose up and you gasped awake.
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snxxiao · 26 days ago
♡ kinktober 2021 masterlist - updates postponed♡
Tumblr media
navi | m.lists | rules
♡ 18+
♡ dark content
♡ all characters are aged up !!
♡ if you wanna be put on a tag list for any specific day just lmk!! :3
♡ schedule is subject to change at any time!! While all fics are written days before they are posted, the ideas for them can change as some will be written after the schedule is posted
♡ a/n: welcome to jelli’s kinktober 2021 masterlist! Here you will find 31 days of (mostly) dark content about all of your favourite characters. Every day at 2:30 est a new fanfic will be posted following the schedule below! Please be cautious and read all of the warnings on each post before reading it fully as it can contain content triggering to some! Have a good time ~
Tumblr media
# 1 ~ forced orgasm
♡ pairing: hiori x f! reader
♡ wc: 0.8 k
♡ warnings: dubcon, forced orgasm, slight yandere, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, + more
+ + your boyfriend loves to play his favorite game “how many times can he make his cute kitten cum before she breaks”
# 2 ~ gun play
♡ pairing: levi x f! reader
♡ wc: 2.6 k
♡ warnings: noncon, gunplay, psychological torture, senses deprivation, use of power, + more
+ + you were just a disgusting traitor in his eyes, a traitor he might be able to have some fun with
# 3 ~ knotting + panty sniffing
♡ pairing: golden retriever hybrid! Bennett x gn! reader
♡ wc: 1.8 k
♡ warnings: dubcon, knotting, panty sniffing, mating, breeding, biting, hybrids, + more
+ + bennett always misses you so much when you’re away! he can hardly handle it!
# 4 ~ watersports
♡ pairing: inosuke x reader hcs
♡ wc: 0.5k
♡ warnings: watersports, dubcon for literally a second, pissing in mouth, pissing in unspecified hole, + more
+ + growing up in the woods there was only one way to claim things as your own and well- you were his
# 5 ~ breeding
♡ pairing: dragon! king! zhongli x reader
+ + zhongli was an ancient being who could have anything he wanted at the drop of a hat- a hundred wives, statues made of pure gold, but for whatever reason he wanted you
# 6 ~ incest + uncle
♡ pairing: uncle! kenma x reader
+ + what made you so uncomfortable about your uncle to begin with? you surely loved him now
# 7 ~ kidnapping
♡ pairing: bachira x reader
+ + the monster inside of him finally found a new toy- someone to finally play with, and there was only one way to be sure you'd never reject him
# 8 ~ chikan
♡ pairing: enmu x reader
+ + “extra extra!! read all about it! local train creep steals another girls virginity!! both now missing!!”
alt. + + your mom always told you to never take the train at night- you only wished you had listened to her now
# 9 ~ religion
♡ pairing: xiao x reader
+ + for thousands of years their god has asked for nothing but received everything in return. this year he gets a cute little virgin without a clue of what’s going on
# 10 ~ pet play
♡ pairing: mahito x reader
+ + you were just his cute little pet!! the best way to research a human is to keep one as his own right?
# 11 ~ aphrodisiac + massage
♡ pairing: kazuha x reader
+ + come to him with all your worries and troubles and they’ll be washed away with the sound of his beautiful voice and expert hands~
# 12 ~ stockholm syndrome
♡ pairing: dove hybrid! venti x reader
+ + when venti sees you on his morning fly he can’t stop himself from taking you home ~ you would be the perfect mate for him! he knew it!!
# 13 ~ somnophilia
♡ pairing: best friend! tamaki x reader
+ + gross. who knew your best friend was such a creep?
# 14 ~ dacryphilia
♡ pairing: tendou x reader
+ + he had no clue why he loved making you cry so much, but he would make sure those pretty tears were for him and him only
# 15 ~ body worship
♡ pairing: chifuyu x reader
+ + chifuyu hated that you couldn’t see yourself the way he saw you, he supposed it was time to show you every little part he loved about you
# 16 ~ misogyny + arranged marriage
♡ pairing: chisaki x reader
+ + chisaki hated you and all you stood for, but you will be his perfect wife. wether you wanted to or not.
# 17 ~ oviposition + merman
♡ pairing: inui x reader
+ + falling of your boat during your marine biology expedition was the least of your plans, but becoming a merman’s mate and being filled with eggs was farther then anything you could’ve imagined
# 18 ~ overstimulation
♡ pairing: yanfei x reader
+ + yanfei’s word was law. she was the law. so when you refused to abide by it, you have to get punished
# 19 ~ free-use
♡ pairing: shigaraki x reader
+ + shigaraki though it would be hard to break a human down to do exactly what he wanted, but with you it was so, so easy
# 20 ~ cock warming
♡ pairing: kuroo x reader
+ + being a gang leader is so hard, especially when you have a whiney girlfriend who won’t shut up during your meetings
# 21 ~ stalking
♡ pairing: armin x reader
+ + out of all the things in the world he could have gotten obsessed with, it had to be you
# 22 ~ cervix penetration
♡ pairing: bunny hybrid! xingqiu x reader
+ + he was so close he could almost feel it- just needed to go a little further and he could breed you in the best way possible
# 23 ~ virginity
♡ pairing: childe x reader
+ + of course your best friend knew what was best, he could take care of you so so well if you just let him!!
# 24 ~ size kink + alien
♡ pairing: choso x reader
+ + in which a human decides to move to a planet filled with giants and one particular alien sets his eyes on them
# 25 ~ knife play
♡ pairing: kazutora x reader
+ + you could never hate him no matter how many times he cut you up. how could you blame him? he just wanted the rest of the world to see you were his
# 26 ~ bondage
♡ pairing: rui x reader
+ + little sisters who don’t know how to acc get tied up. a very simple rule that you were very bad at following
# 27 ~ marking + fire play
♡ pairing: dabi x reader
+ + awww, the cute little side kick really thinks they’re in control? how cute
# 28 ~ predator/ prey + a.b.o.
♡ pairing: inumaki x reader
+ + in which the worst time of the year comes for omegas- the day where alphas get to hunt down their mate. unluckily for you, inumaki has his eyes set on you
# 29 ~ incest + brother
♡ pairing: scaramouche x reader
+ + scaramouche was a simple man who only wanted two things- control of the entire world and you- his sweet little sister. when the latter threatened, he decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands
# 30 ~ tentacles + alien
♡ pairing: toji x reader
+ + you just wanted a little taste of freedom before you were married off to a man you didn’t love. thankfully you met toji at the perfect time
# 31 ~ kabeshiri
♡ pairing: naoya x reader
+ + it was always so hard to punish a wife, lucky for naoya- he was creative
Tumblr media
thank you for reading!! have a lovely day!! my ask box is always open <3
Tumblr media
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afriendlyblackhottie · a month ago
Let’s say that Andy is your boss but you have no idea that he owns a sex club. The attire for the sex club is you must wear a masquerade mask.
So you go to said sex club to meet someone else but they stand you up.
Andy has had his eyes on you the entire time and sends for you to come to him. He still doesn’t who you are but you know it’s him because his mask is off.
Tumblr media
Pairings: Andy Barber x Employee!Black!Reader
Warnings: minors dni, smut, non/dub con, sex club, rough sex, dirty talk, degradation, squirting, creampie, mentions of anal play, dominance, size kink
(A/N: not proofread. Like, follow, comment, and Reblog 💜 ✌🏾)
»»——————————- ♡ —————-————-««
What were you even supposed to say in a situation like this.
You’d seen him from across the room and that you’d lost your fucking mind. Like maybe it wasn’t him. Maybe you’d imagined him even. Except you hadn’t. He was right there in front of you. Jaw clenched. Eyes narrowed. As if to say the fuck are you doing here.
You had a bit of a reputation. Sweet. Innocent. Goody-two shoes even. So when your friend had dared you to come out tonight, it was seen as totally scandalous. No one would have thought that you of all people would be willing to partake in such filthy activists. Your boss included.
The same boss who was standing here. Staring at you in disbelief.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” He asked with a growl grabbing your wrists to pull you closer.
You’d just unmasked yourself so he could see the pure fear in your eyes. No way of hiding yourself now. Hell you weren’t even wearing much. Totally pushed way out of your comfort zone in just lingerie. Even the heels you were wearing weren’t your usual thing. It was just all part of the game.
“H-hi, M-mr. Bar-barber,” you stuttered out, swallowing thickly afterwards. Not even bothering to fight back when he grabbed you. You were too frozen.
“What are you doing here, Y/N?” He asked, his grip still firm.
“I, um…” you couldn’t help it as you faltered. Staring into his blue eyes was making you sick. “I… I’m-m sorry. I promise I won’t tell anyone.” You closed your eyes as you tried to calm down.
God you were so awkward. Even as he grabbed your face to force you to look at him again with his other hand. “Damn right you won’t tell anyone.”
The gold mask you’d been wearing was now discarded on the floor. When you realized your friend was definitely not showing up, you decided fuck it. You had the password. Might as well have fun.
Then you saw him.
He was the only one not wearing a mask. Only one actually clothed too. It was a good thing he looks damn good in a suit.
You tried to avoid him, but it felt you couldn’t breathe without him being right there. Honestly you were a little offended that he didn’t recognize you in the first place.
He backed you up until your back hit the wall making you gasp. “Did Alice put you up to this?”
“What? No. I didn’t know. My friend invited me but i couldn’t find her when I got here.”
He frowned. “Your friend invited you to a bdsm club and left you?”
“It was a dare,” you mumbled.
He chuckled and finally let go of your face. Then sighed. “What’re you guys fucking twelve?”
“I just had a bad break up. My friends were trying to cheer me up. I promise I won’t tell,” you repeated.
“Oh I know you won’t,” he replied backing up a little. You thought you’d gotten off the hook until he turned grabbed your waist. Turning your around so now you were facing the wall. Your cheek pressed up against the surface.
It’s not like you hadn’t noticed that your recently divorced boss was hot. Come on you had fucking eyes. So when he pinned you to him you thought you were going to have a heart attack.
You maybe daydreamed this exact scenario about a million times while you were at your desk. It’s just you never thought it would happen. Except he’d asked for you personally and even after seeing who you were had turned you around to press into you.
“I’m a lawyer, Sweetheart. I can be very persuasive.”
You tried to turn to face him, but he kept you there. Fuck your heart felt like it was going to beat out of your chest. He grabbed your braids to yank your head to the side so he could have access to your neck.
“I know you’re gonna be a good girl for me, correct?”
“Mr. Barber,” you whimpered.
His grip tightened as he put his lips next to your ear. “Am. I. Correct?”
Your lip trembled as you nodded. Eyes getting all blurry. Head feeling fuzzy. It was all way too much at once.
Andy smacked your ass one and then again with a backhand making you squeal and wince. “Ow,” you whimpered. “Yes!”
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, I’ll be good for you?” You sniffled.
The laugh he let out was low. Deep. “Say it like you mean it before I make it worse.” His teeth go to your ear. Nibbling at your earlobe. Making a shiver run up your spine.
A pathetic little moan bubbled out of your mouth. It had been a minute since you’d had a man this close to you. He grabbed your boob. Tweaking your nipples gently making you make that noise again.
Fuck you hated how responsive you were. Your ass going back to make contact with his crotch. Fuck this was so bad but fuck he was so close and it felt so good.
Then he squeezed a little harder making you yelp. “You just love,” his hand moved down to your hands again so he could grab them, pulling you away, “pissing me the fuck off right now.”
You don’t know how you kept up with him in these heels. He was walking so damn fast you were afraid you would trip over air. Sitting down on the loveseat seat so he could pull you over his lap.
“I promise I’ll be a good girl,” you said trying to steady your breathing as you faced the floor.
“Too fucking late,” he growled. Popping you once on the ass and then again.
“Ah!” You squealed. Fuck your hated that it felt good. The heaviness of his large hands had send a warmth to your pussy making it twitch.
“That’s it. You fucking love it, huh. Stupid slut blaming your friend because you wanted to come to a sex club.”
“I’m not-“ but you were cut off when he smacked you again. Except this time he cupped you so that he could get your pussy too. The sting making you gasp.“Mr. Barber!” You cried.
“You’re fucking soaked, Y/N,” he tsk’d. Before you could react he pulled your panties to the side to peek back. “Look at this wet little pussy,” he hissed. Rubbing your slit up down with his middle digits.
You shuddered and he held onto you a little tighter to keep you from wiggling. Hand rubbing over your hole only to pull back and smack that too. You let out a little cry and he did it again and again.
You tried to reach back to grab his wrist. It was just too too much stimulation already. Trying to turn over so you could stop him. He pulled you to him so you had to straddle his lap so he could keep smacking your ass.
Andy twisted your hand behind your back. “I thought we were being good.”
“I’m trying,” you protested. “It’s too much.”
“I don’t fucking care,” he growled before pushing you on your back so he could get on top of you. “Look at this dripping hole. Little slut loves this shit.”
He rubbed your clit with his thumb. Your breath was caught in your throat. Fuck he looked so good above you like this. Did he always smell this fucking good.
“That’s better. I think this is what you wanted huh? Needed me to take control of you. Wanted to become my cum slut, didn’t you?”
Once again he didn’t even give you a chance to react as he pushed his fingers into you. You still couldn’t even wrap your head around Andy Barber being here fucking you with his fingers.
“Mr. Barber,” you sobbed again. Clenching around his thick fingers.
“So fucking tight. When’s the last time you been fucked, Baby?”
“I dunno,” you whimpered. “I can’t remember.” How the fuck was he expecting you to think right now.
“That long.”
Wow. Asshole. “Mr. Bar- Ah!” You screamed out as he found your bundle of nerves.
“Ohhh is that the spot, Baby?” He asked. Smirking as you buckled your hips. Not letting up against you.
“No! Wait!” You squealed not being able to hold on as you clawed at his wrists. Fuck it was too much. Just too, too much. You couldn’t fucking take it.
He held your hands tightly with one of his as he kept at it. Tears falling as all that stimulation was actually making you sob. You actually looked panicked as he watched your tummy quiver with pleasure. “Gonna cum for me, huh? Do it,” he pressed. “Fucking do it. Cum all over my fucking fingers.”
You face screwed all up as you nodded. It was like you couldn’t fucking help it. It just felt… so…
“Ah!” You screamed out as he slapped your thighs back open when you tried to close them around his hand. “Fuck! Fu-fu-fufucfuck,” you stuttered out. Bringing your hand to your face as your squirt shot out of you.
Convulsing as your eyes snapped shut. Andy didn’t even stop. Drawing it out. “That’s a good little whore. That’s it. I think you’ll like being used.” He stood up, popping you on the pussy one more time before pulling away so he could start unbutton his shirt.
As he started to undress, you tried to catch your breath. Feeling practically paralyzed from having such an orgasm. As he got back on top of you, he kissed your lips hungrily and deep. His tongue molding with yours cock pressing into your opening. Way too fucking big for you.
“Mr. Barber,” you moaned. “You’re too big.” You whined.
He just smirked down at you. If you weren’t so turned on you probably would have been afraid, but were trying to at least brace yourself. “I’ll make it fit.”He rubbed his length against your already sensitive cunt. Dragging up and down your wetness. “And you’re gonna take it.”
He squeezed your cheek between his fingers so you were forced to look at him as he pushed the tip in. “Ah!” You cried.
He nudged in a little deeper. Folding you a little so your ass was to the air. He sat on his knees. Looking down at you like he was about to fucking devour you.
“That’s it!” He groaned, putting his fingers against your clit as he inched in. “Look at that little fucking hole. You just been dying to get fucked hard, huh? That’s why you’re here? Cuz you wanted to be used like a whore.”
You stared at him with your fists balled up against your chest.
“Fucking answer me.” He growled again as he held you open with his cock threatening your dripping wet pussy.
“I wanna be used like a whore,” you whimpered.
“Ah, ah, ah, I didn’t fucking hear you. Speak the fuck up.” He popped you on your thigh again and then again on your breast before groping it roughly.
“I wanna be used like a whore!” You yelled at him.
“That’s it.” He groaned as he slammed the rest of the way in. “That’s my little slut. See it’s not so fucking hard. Isn’t that better.”
He was saying this all as you squeaked out noises from the overstimulation. The way his thickness felt like it might split you open. “Fuck! fuck! Oh my god! Mr. Barber!”
“That’s fucking it. Little stupid slut,” he leaned down to kiss you again. Fuck the way he kissed you with his tongue all in your mouth was so filthy and dominant. Like he was showing you that not only was he gonna ruin your pussy he was going to make sure you felt him all over. “Look at you just fucking taking it. So fucking wet. Need me to fuck you right. That’s okay you’re gonna be my little cum dump from now on. Don’t worry I’ll pay you extra for letting me use your body, Baby.”
Ah fuck. Why were you cumming again.
“That’s it,” he said stopping his movements so he could rub your clit. Watching as your juices flicked sround. Fuck you were sopping. You didn’t even think this was possible. The sobs you were letting out were so pathetic. Cheeks wet with tears. “That’s what you wanted, huh? To become my little whore. Gonna do whatever the fuck I tell you huh.”
“Uh huh.” You really don’t know what else you were supposed to do. It was like you didn’t even care. Like you wanted him to do his worse to you. Fuck his cock was too fucking deep.
“Use your fucking words,” he said stopping so he could grab your face again as he started fucking into you again.
You were seriously trying but it was fucking hard when he was doing you like this. All you could do was nod as you let of these loud breathy moans. “Oh my god!”
“Aw stupid little slut too fucked out to speak?” He chuckled.
You weren’t sure how the fuck he was able to keep going. Had flipped you on your stomach so he could violate your from behind while also playing with your ass. Dipping his fingers into that hole too. Telling you how he couldn’t wait to use you there.
It was like he’d wormed into your brain. You just wanted to please him. Wanted to be his good slut. Wanted him to call you to his office so he could put you on your knees to make you suck his cock. If he wanted you to be his cum dump then fuck you’d be his cum dump.
Shoving into you he held your throat as he started to cum deep inside you. Fuck. Your chest heaved as he sputtered into you. This was his pussy now.
“God I’m gonna have so much fun using that stupid little mouth at work. You better make it worth every fucking penny.”
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midgardianweasley · 4 months ago
Hello!! I love your writing and I was wondering if I can get some fluff for Loki? Maybe some ✨sleepy Loki ✨. 😘
hiya love, thank you so much! of course, I hope you like it <3
Back to bed
Loki Laufeyson x reader
Summary: You woke up to a bed without Loki beside you, so there’s no other choice but to look for him, and what you end up seeing, is the cutest.
warnings: none! Pure fluff.
Word count: 1.1k
message/ask if you wanna be added to the taglist!
requests are open <3
Tumblr media
‘it’s a beautiful night tonight’ you thought, waking up from your sleep and looking around the room with half opened eyes. It was still dark outside, the curtains hadn’t been closed fully, allowing you to look through the smallest crack and watch the moon shed some light on the end of your bed where multiple blankets lay.
The sight made you smile softly, remembering when you first started sharing your room with your boyfriend, Loki, and he’d conjured all the blankets he could, fearing that being so close to him during the night would make you too cold. You couldn’t count the number of times you reassured him that you wouldn’t freeze, every argument counteracted with another blanket on the bed. You accepted your fate.
Still laying down, you rolled over to bring yourself closer to your boyfriend, only for your hand to fall on cold sheets. With furrowed brows, you opened your eyes fully now, wondering if he’d just shuffled further away and you merely missed his body. However, when your eyes adjusted properly to the different shadows in the room, it was obvious. He wasn’t in bed.
Instead of closing your eyes and returning to sleep, you forced yourself up and out of bed, quickly grabbing a cardigan that was close by to keep you warm as you went to find Loki, wherever that may be.
You’d checked everywhere. The balconies, the kitchen, the big halls, even the little hidden corners only the two of you knew about and went to if you wanted to be alone. He was nowhere to be found, and it was getting a little cold now, but you didn’t want to go back to your room without him.
Walking around a little more, your footsteps could be heard echoing down hallways, they were quiet, but the slippers you had put on made a slight shuffling sound with every step you took. It had been 45 minutes now, and nothing. You sighed in defeat, wondering if you should just go back to bed and hope for the best. That was until you saw the door you’d stopped in front of. Large brown oak with a shimmer of gold hidden in the engravings, you recognised it immediately, almost kicking yourself for not thinking of it before.
The Library.
Of course! you didn’t know why it hadn’t crossed your mind. With a facepalm, you approached the doors carefully, anxious of making too much noise and causing a disturbance as you open one of the doors and sneak in before closing it behind you, the ‘click’ echoing throughout the room.
It was gorgeous here, it felt like the shelves were endless, filled from top to bottom with old books, some new, some old. You particularly loved the old ones, so did Loki. There have been many nights where the pair of you would sit together on one of the windowsills when it was raining, him sitting behind you while you sat in between his legs and listened to his voice read the words on the page with such a delicate tone.
And the smell. God, the smell. Nothing topped the smell of Loki’s Asgardian leather or his hair, but the smell of the library, of all the pages, it was heaven.
It was much easier to navigate your way in this room, there being so many windows, it didn’t leave much room for darkness. You ran your hand along the spines of the books on the shelves, still keeping an eye out for Loki, but admiring the feeling on your fingertips.
You’d made it halfway down the aisles when your ears tingle slightly, hearing a faint noise within the silence. Attempting to follow it, it gradually got louder with every step, however, it was still incredibly quiet. After a few minutes of following the sound, you found it’s culprit, and your heart grew at the sight.
There he was, at a small wooden table that was tucked away near a window, head reading in his crossed arms as soft snores left his lips. It was difficult to see his face through his long black hair that was going in every different direction possible. Seeing him so peaceful, you hesitated in waking him, but you knew that if he stayed there, he’d really feel it in the morning. So you approached the man, shaking his shoulder gently to wake him, but not to startle him. A muffled groan could be heard, indicating you’d done your job.
“Hmm, what?” He muttered, in a tired daze.
“It’s me love, you fell asleep in the library.”
“The Library?” He rubbed his eyes, similar to how a toddler would when they’ve been woken from a nap, looking around with a confused expression before his eyes landed on you, softening immediately.
“I’m so sorry darling, I must’ve dozed off when i was reading.” His eyes widened, visibly panicking about your reaction and fumbling with his book before grabbing your hands to press kisses on them. A giggle escaped you at the gesture.
“Hey, hey, no, don’t worry my love, I just wanted to make sure you were okay and bring you back to bed.”
He nodded, standing up and gathering his books together before tucking his chair back into the table and taking my hand, intertwining your fingers and slowly beginning to walk back to your shared room, enjoying some whispered conversation along the way.
When you both had returned, you took your cardigan off and returned it to its rightful place, removing your slippers as Loki changed in a shimmer of green, now sporting a loose green t-shirt and green flannel trousers.
You were still a little cold from the walk, especially now without the cardigan which didn’t go unnoticed by the God of mischief as he watched your arms shake slightly, eager to get under the covers and warmed back up. He shuffled into the bed beside you, still sat up a little, puzzling you slightly, you turned around to see why he wasn’t going to sleep. He only smiled at you, reaching out for the end of the bed and bringing a few of the blankets up and wrapping you up in them.
Words could never fully express how much you loved this man, and as he then lay down beside you, wrapping his own arm around you and the blanket, he leaned forward so his lips were right beside your ear.
“I told you that you’d need the blankets.”
Taglist: @horrorxweasley
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livingalifeofasimp · 6 months ago
Incurable Love
➳ Dynasty Au
➳ Warning : This content contains Yandere themes if you are sensitive please refrain yourself from reading it. This is purely for entertainment purpose, arts and pictures are not mine credits to respective owners, only the content is mine.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❖ You leap through the time to some dynasty and found yourself in the dark forest sunlight scatting through the leaves, on waking up you saw yourself surrounded by some men, the look on their faces made you feel some kind of outsider. They were dressed in traditional wear layers of clothes warped around them secured with leather belts, long hairs, head decorated with pretty accessories.
❖A man came forward glaring, your clothing style made them even more suspicious of you " What is your name? Who sent you here?", Starling you with his strict voice pointing a beautifully crafted weapon yet deadly in your direction that you assumed was sword. "Is this some kind of sick joke, some social experiment Hahah I ain't falling for this", you shouted looking around you for hidden cameras where are they? Other than that, it's illegal to bring people without their consent.  
❖"Stop fooling around answer or die" something in his voice told you this all wasn't a joke as he put his sword near your neck. You cut your skin slightly in the attempts to push the sword away realizing it's not a play. "Do you wanna die so much?, General she doesn't look like an assassin", a young looking guy came forward, "Suspicious, everything about her is suspicious, her words, her clothes, her etiquettes, which country are you from?", Everything felt wrong you took a step back ready to run for your life while they argued with each other.
❖Your heartbeat accelerated as you ran faster than anything to save your ownself, curiously you turned your head and saw an arrow shooted towards you, subconsciously a scream left your mouth before you were pinned by the sharped arrow on the woods. "How bold are you?", General guy mocked you already on his way to grab your neck.
❖"Stop what's is this chaos for?", A deep commanding voice stopped him, he kneel down and bowed followed by all the other guys. "A sceptical girl has appeared, your majesty", he reported to the tall man dressed in all the luxury who made eye contact with yours, you adverted your eyes not wanting to offend these dangerous men after glaring at him. "Is this?", The man bend down and grabbed your chin to get a full view of your face, to find out from where you are.
"I believe people don't want to die unreasonable deaths I will ask you once where are you from?",
 "I am from South",
❖You lied through your teeth making an innocent face these sharp men, hopping to not get caughted by them, his face held a cold expression clearly not showing whatever is going in his mind. "South? From felecoia island?, You hurriedly nodded your head after all you wanted was to get away from them and find your way back. "Why are you here?", "Work I need money to eat", you babbled out anything that could at least save you from his threatening presence. He was surprised, your clothing did amused him, even tho your speaking lacked manners according to the era.
Tumblr media
❖You were forced on Emperor Zhongli's laps reminiscing, if you would have not said the things that you said would you be somewhere else in life, why did it ended up like this?. "What are you thinking about? Today is my birthday, you should be enjoying", he said playing with your silky hair,  you looked at the other side of the hall court officials drinking wine, enjoying, young girls dancing who were selected by the empress dowager so that Emperor Zhongli could choose one of them to be his wife or concubines on his birthday as gift, girls of powerful and influence families, beautiful and perfect in literature were dressed in a seductive way to win Emperor's heart but here he is looking at you with his heart eyes demanding your affection.
❖His face buried in your shoulders leaving kisses and smelling your intoxicating smell that always manages to calm him down, as you try pushing his body away with your hands that he took in his slowly intertwing, pulling your form closer, his left hands encircled your waist as he deepens the kiss running with passion as if he wants you to feel all his love towards you, his overwhelming love and desire that he can't hold back. Noble women looks at you with envy warning you to not get closer to the guy that they love.
❖Zhongli holds your hand to make you walk along side with him which was not done by any other Emperor before. Zhongli knows its wrong but he wants you to love him, piecing pain passes through his heart whenever you say you won't love him, leaving him at the verse of crying. Sometimes his love, loneliness, caring and gentle personality towards you melts your heart but his tendency to get jealous easily in small things makes you think otherwise seeing you pet an animal, he pushes it way and put his head in your lap asking you to caress his hair instead, trying to keep you closer to him all time and hugs you without your consent, making you think maybe it's a good choice to stay with him since you are not able to find your way back home.
❖Whenever you mention your timeline he holds you tight in his embrace afraid to let go so that you won't disappear. Zhongli do not show you his darker side, killing officials or their daughters and maids who plot against you on the spot, cutting their wives, husbands, concubines, sons and daughters' tongue but he isn't afraid to show you his clingingness, holding you down in his bed with him and making you his hugging pillow, trying to win your affection by showing you his pityfull and pathetic, lonely self. Surprising you that the most powerful Emperor who won each battles and states kneel infront of you begs and threatens you to love him.
Tumblr media
❖You remember the time when you said, you liked cherry blossoms in one of your friendly lunches with Emperor, the next day you saw your backyard filled with exotic beautiful cherry blossoms trees making your jaw drop, unbelievable how did he managed to do such thing. 
Tumblr media
❖"My lady do you like it?, it's specially designed for you, each patterns are threaded perfectly, Royal tailors had spent sleepless nights to make this masterpiece asked by the Emperor", a representative tailor girl said as she carefully put the luxurious red robe around you looking for some mistaken errors trying not to displease the ruthless Emperor. Suddenly guards announced his arrival which caused head maids to retreat back, bow down and leave the chamber immediately as Zhongli springed towards you, trapping you in a hug.
❖"You look so beautiful my Empress, this should be enough", you tried to moved away from him "Empress who?, I am not any Empress", Zhongli poked your cheeks "Quit joking my love", he walked around you and stopped behind you causing you to be nervous who knows what he is planning?, Zhongli caressed your back or rather the pattern design, thread made of gold, it's Dragon's symbol which symbolizes protection, power, luck and wisdom most importantly possession of Emperor, with this on, no one will dare to come closer to you or lay their eyes on you and disrespecting you would be equal to violating Emperor's order, the punishment served will be execution, it's a simple warning to everyone.
Tumblr media
❖Zhongli's touch caused you to jump and due to reflex you turned around to look at him, just what is this man thinking?. Zhongli grabbed your right wrist and pulled you to him making you clash against his hard toned chest, he affectionately caressed your left cheeks too drunk in your view to realize your struggles and kissed your right cheek lovingly before whispering in your ears with his deep husky voice a templating offer, "Be mine, let me love you and I will give everything you want, you are the only one I need, I am not asking much, my Goddess please be kind to me, grant me the chance to get your love, your precious than any treasure I own", before enveloping you in a desperate hug.
❖When he hugs you so affectionately but securely telling you how much he loves you that he can kill anyone, forcing you to promise that you will never leave his side whenever he finds out about your escape attempts from the shadow guards, dangerous then any other trained soldier who were assigned to guard you more like to prevent you from escaping, no wonder you always get caughted some or the other way each time you try.
❖You where gazing at all the other princes ( Emperor's brothers) gathered in imperial garden who knew they looked so handsome when Zhongli turned your face towards him by holding your chin with his index fingers " Your Highness.....what?", his angry face scared you after all he can execute anyone he wants "Go inside and wait for me", stealing a delicious view away from you "But", "Show her way inside", he commanded your maids who draged you inside.
"You should be my concubine"
"No way I will never share my husband with anyone I want to be his only wife and him to be my only husband".
❖You smiled to yourself satisfyingly he got no chance other than to leave you but instead of seeing a disappointed Zhongli you saw a blushing Zhongli, his Chief assistant was shocked who immediately turned his head in some other direction to not get his eyes plug out by the tyrant.
❖"How can I be so stupid, you shall be my only wife and be mine forever I shall be yours forever my dear wife", Zhongli said taking your left hand in his long pretty muscular hands and kissed your ring finger as your smile disappeared realizing that you digged your own grave.
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rax-writes · 6 months ago
Fandom:  MCU Pairing:  Baron Helmut Zemo x Reader Warnings:  Sexual intercourse with a female-identifying person with a vagina + a bit of sugar daddy Zemo vibes at the end Notes:  Y’all... don’t judge me. I have a power kink, and Marvel did me dirty by randomly deciding that Zemo is fifthly rich royalty. And my girl @henrysmorgan​ did me even dirtier by actively encouraging my attraction to this fucker. So, blame Marvel, and blame her. // This is kind of really fucking long, and I didn’t edit it much, because I wanted to get it posted before episode 4, in case that episode flips the script. So, potentially some editing issues, and slightly rushed writing. Hopefully it’s alright, but please let me know if I screwed up anywhere. // Lots and lots of TFAWS ep. 3 spoilers
Tumblr media
When Bucky texted you to ask that you meet him in some dusty, old, abandoned-looking car garage, you certainly didn’t know what to expect. All you knew was that an old friend needed your help, so you intended to be there.
It had been a few months since you’d last seen him, and even longer since you’d participated in any sort of mission, but you suspected that was what you were walking into. Being exposed to the Mind Stone had granted you the power of telepathy, which meant that SHIELD was quite keen on persuading you to work for them. They trained you in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, and you went on miscellaneous missions a handful of times. They put in a lot of effort to convince you that it was your moral obligation as an “enhanced individual” to help them with these missions, but you ultimately decided that that simply wasn’t the kind of life you wanted. Instead, after the Blip, you began working a desk job for SHIELD, which is when you crossed paths with Bucky, helping him with paperwork associated with his pardon, and the two of you formed a friendship. But SHIELD kept trying to coerce you to get back into the field, constantly badgering you about it and making it clear that you weren’t wanted if all you were doing was paperwork.
The truth is, you weren’t cut out to be a superhero, and you had no desire to be. It didn’t help that your entire country had been reduced to rubble several years prior, leaving you with a bottomless pit of homelessness in your heart. So, you left SHIELD, and started a life in Berlin, where you were content to live out your days as the owner of a small bakery, residing in the small apartment above your shop.
That is, until Bucky Barnes dragged you into a particularly sticky situation, with a certain Baron Helmut Zemo.
You knew that helping Bucky and Sam would throw a colossal wrench in the life you’d created for yourself in Berlin, but after they explained the situation with the super soldiers, coupled with Bucky’s puppy dog eyes, you found yourself refraining from storming out of the building the second you saw Helmut fucking Zemo.
“We need you to keep an eye on him. You don’t have to tap into his mind 24/7, we just want a heads up if he’s going to screw us over,” Bucky explained.
"Look, we really need him. We’re obviously scraping the bottom of the barrel here, otherwise he'd still be in that cell. And neither of us want to be packing a criminal around like a rich bitch's chihuahua, so we need you here to make sure we're not gonna get bit," Sam explained.
"Fine. But you both owe me," you relented, and they both took sighs of relief. You glanced at Zemo, locking eyes with him for several tense moments. He gave you a polite smile, giving off the impression that he had nothing to hide – which he didn't, as his thoughts showed his intentions were pure at the moment. "We're good for now. He just genuinely wants the opportunity to take down these new super soldiers."
Sam and Bucky nodded, visibly releasing tension from their shoulders as they moved to head out, now reassured that Zemo was truly on their side. Meanwhile, Zemo eyed you with curiosity and awe, murmuring, "Fascinating."
The four of you walked on the landing strip toward a private jet, owned by Zemo.
"So all this time you've been rich?"
"I was a Baron, Sam. My family was royalty before your friends destroyed my country," Zemo explained, before glancing at you with a small smile. "But you knew that already."
"Wait, how did she know that?" Sam asked, then turned to you. "How did you know that?"
"I am Sokovian myself. I was certainly not royalty, but I lived there for my entire life, until it was destroyed," you explained, stopping outside the jet as Zemo greeted the elderly butler, Oeznik, in your native language. It made you smile to yourself; it had been years since you'd heard it spoken. Zemo shot you a grin when he noticed, and when you took a peek into his mind, you saw that he understood exactly how you felt.
As the butler handed Zemo a flute of champagne after you all boarded the jet, the Baron smiled politely as Oeznik stated, “Apologies if that's a little warm. The fridge is out, but I will see if there is some good food in the galley.”
Zemo glanced as you sat across from him, then in Sokovian, Zemo told Oeznik, "Another flute for the lady, please. And if the food does not pass the smell test, give it to the gentlemen."
"It's good to have you back, sir!"
As the man retreated to the cockpit, also in Sokovian, you noted, "You are a mischievous man, even more so than in your infamously criminal ways."
"You will find that there is more to me than meets the eye, angel," he responded coolly, the Sokovian language rolling off his tongue like honey. Before you could respond, admittedly enjoying speaking Sokovian, Sam grew tired of everyone speaking a language he couldn't understand.
"Why don't you tell us about where we're going?"
After a tense exchange between Bucky and Zemo, followed by a discussion about Marvin Gaye, Zemo finally got to the point: Madripoor. You exhaled slowly, resting your forehead in your palm in exasperation.
“You couldn’t have invited me on a mission to Cancun? Or Paris? Why must it be Madripoor?” you asked Bucky, who shot you a tight-lipped, pitying smile, silently apologizing for what he was dragging you into.
“What’s up with Madripoor? You guys talk about it like it’s Skull Island.”
“It’s an island nation in the Indonesian archipelago. It was a pirate sanctuary back in the 1800s,” Bucky explained.
“And upon seeing it, you would see that times there haven’t changed one bit since then,” you added.
“It’s kept its lawless ways. But we cannot exactly walk in as ourselves. James, you will have to become someone you claim is gone,” Zemo said.
You frowned as you caught a glimpse of Bucky’s thoughts as he went silent. Fear. Anxiety. Disdain. Apprehension. You reached across to rest your hand on his shoulder and give it a reassuring squeeze. He shot you a small smile, then looked out the window.
Upon landing in Madripoor, one of Zemo’s contacts met you on the landing strip with a new wardrobe for you, Bucky, and Sam, and Zemo explained that each outfit was per his instruction, carefully chosen to fit the role each of you would be playing in Madripoor. One by one, you took the covered clothes hanger to the bathroom of the jet and changed. Bucky was first, stepping out in some sort of leather number, looking eerily similar to the Winter Soldier you’d seen in photos. Sam was next, donning a three-piece suit of burgundy and gold. He looked sharp, although he was immediately complaining about how ostentatious it was. And finally, you stepped into the room and closed the door behind you, unzipping the covering on the hanger and revealing your “carefully chosen” outfit.
“Ich werde dir im Schlaf die Eier abreißen, Zemo!”
Bucky choked on his water and Zemo chuckled under his breath, while Sam looked between the two in confusion.
“I don’t know what she said, but she sounded pissed,” he observed, eyeing Zemo suspiciously.
“She informed me that she intends to remove my testicles in my sleep.”
“And why is that?”
“Perhaps because he’s chosen to parade me around Madripoor like a cheap whore,” you said angrily, stepping out of the bathroom with your hands on your hips, glaring at Zemo.
“That dress is by Armani Prive, and your shoes are Louboutins – far from ‘cheap.’ And you do not look like a whore, the dress is merely more revealing than what you are used to,” Zemo argued, standing and walking over to survey your outfit. He seemed to be enjoying what he saw, judging from the way his eyes raked up and down your body, but you didn’t dare check his thoughts to confirm or deny it.
If you were honest with yourself, he was right. It was a very nice dress; plum purple, matching the color of Zemo’s turtleneck, with long, fitted sleeves, all of it made of the softest silk you had ever touched. It was fitted at the top but flowy from the hips down, with a low balconette-style neckline, showing more of your chest than you were accustomed to, although you pulled it off quite nicely. It ended just above your knees, which was fine, as you sometimes wore skirts of that length. Overall, the luxury of it and the low-cut neckline ensured that you were out of your comfort zone, but you looked stunning – and expensive, despite your spite-fueled initial claim.
“I thought the color would look nice on you, and I was right. And I knew that the flow of the fabric at the bottom would allow for this,” Zemo said, his hand gingerly trailing from your waist to your thigh, where he pulled up the hem of your dress slightly to reveal the edge of the Glock strapped into your thigh holster. He smirked as his suspicion was confirmed. He knew you’d find a way to arm yourself, regardless of what you wore.
In hindsight, the way Zemo touched your side and lifted your skirt was all far more intimate than you should have allowed, and yet… you couldn’t deny the way your breath caught in your throat when he touched you, or how his close proximity made your body temperature rise, as he gazed down at you with those intense brown eyes.
Christ, you needed to get laid. Soon. Before you further entertained the idea of jumping the bones of a highly wanted criminal.
“Touch me like that again, and I will kill you where you stand,” you informed him sternly, and Zemo immediately took a step backwards, looking apologetic. From the corner of your eye, you saw both Sam and Bucky visibly relax, tension leaving their shoulders. You had read their thoughts briefly, and they were both wondering why the hell you were so calm about getting cozy with Zemo. The absolute last thing you wanted was for them to know that you were, in fact, inexplicably drawn to being that close to the Baron.
As the four of you walked along a bridge in Madripoor, Sam was quick to resume his complaining.
“We have to do something about this. I’m the only one who looks like a pimp.”
“Only an American would assume a fashion-forward Black man looks like a pimp. You look exactly like the man you’re supposed to be playing. The sophisticated, charming African rake named Conrad Mack, aka the Smiling Tiger.”
“He even has a bad nickname,” Sam grumbled, then looked at the phone Zemo handed him. “Hell, he does look like me, though.”
“And who am I supposed to be?” you inquired, glancing down at your clothing to see if you could guess who you were meant to be portraying. An heiress or socialite, perhaps.
“My fiancée,” Zemo answered simply, the faintest smile on his lips.
You barked out a crude laugh, “Oh, I think not.”
“There is no one involved with Madripoor who looks like you. And it is rare that there are newcomers to the island, especially not in the place we’re going. Pretending you are someone random would raise concerns about the intentions of your presence; you would be perceived as a potential threat, which would jeopardize our mission. It is far easier to simply pretend we are engaged, I assure you.”
You hesitated a moment, before arguing, “No one will believe that we are engaged.”
Zemo pulled something from the inside pocket of his jacket, took your left hand, and slipped it onto your ring finger. It was a solitaire diamond ring; not large enough to be gaudy, but enough to catch anyone’s eye.
“They will if you play your part well,” he told you, then addressed the rest of your party when he added, “No matter what happens, we have to stay in character. Our lives depend on it. There is no margin for error.”
The four of you reached a sleek black car, and climbed in, you in the back between Sam and Bucky. The ride to Low Town was tense and silent, as each of you mentally prepared for what lay ahead. When you arrived, Zemo offered you his hand as you exited the car, and the pointed look in his eyes told you that it was time to begin playing your part. You took his hand, and as you began walking into the heart of Low Town, he laced his fingers with yours. As the crowd drew near, Zemo wrapped his arm around your shoulders, gloved fingers brushing against the exposed skin of your shoulder. After reading his mind, you realized that it was both for the sake of protecting you, and showing possessiveness to make it believable that you were his girl – and because he simply enjoyed having your body close, although you suspected that he’d rather you have not known that.
Despite the fact that you had been on a few missions for SHIELD, you were not exactly incapable of fear; you did not possess nerves of steel. All of the missions you’d been on were low-profile, and you were mostly just there for the sake of gathering information from those reluctant to share it. Sure, you’d been in danger before, you’d had to fight your way out of several sticky situations, but this… this was different. You were in the crime capital of the world, a lawless place filled to the brim with crooks, thieves, and murderers. More than likely, any given person around could slit your throat and never bat an eye or give you a second thought. Swallowing your own pride in the face of fear prompted you to return Zemo’s gesture, wrapping your arm around his waist and sticking close to him, which earned a smile from the man.
When you arrived at your destination, Zemo approached the bar and leaned against it confidently on one arm, the other still wrapped firmly around your shoulders.
“Hello, gentleman,” the bartender greeted, before his eyes fell on you. “Who’s your new lady friend, Baron?”
“My fiancée,” Zemo answered, then turned to you and ran his finger along your jawline, as you looked at him in adoration. “Isn’t she lovely?”
“Very,” the bartender acknowledged, then turned to Sam. “Wasn’t expecting you, Smiling Tiger.”
“His plans changed. We have business to do with Selby,” Zemo responded.
The bartender made ‘Smiling Tiger’ his usual drink, which apparently consisted of… something he cut out of a snake, and dropped in a shot glass with a bit of liquor. You shared a look with Bucky before he turned away to survey the room, and when you read his thoughts, you found that you both desperately wanted to laugh out loud at Sam’s ‘short end of the stick’ situation, but didn’t want to risk everyone’s lives for the sake of a chuckle. You returned your attention to Zemo, opting to sell the whole “fiancée” thing a bit more by turning into him and tracing patterns on his chest as you gazed at him affectionately, while the bartender handed you and Zemo each a shot glass of your own – sans snake organs, thankfully. You both downed yours, while Sam understandably struggled a bit more with his, but still managed it.
A random man approached Zemo then, and as Zemo turned to face him, he protectively moved you behind him a bit.
“I got word from on high. You ain’t welcome here.”
“I have no business with the Power Broker, but if he insists, he can either come and talk to me…” Zemo countered, gesturing toward Bucky, who looked menacing as he pretended to be the Winter Soldier. “Or bring Selby for a chat.”
After a weary look in Bucky’s direction, the man walked away, and Zemo turned back around to face the bar, this time keeping you in between him in the bar, in case someone were to come up behind him – which they did a few moments later.
“Winter Soldier… attack,” Zemo commanded in Russian, as a different man came up and laid a hand on Zemo’s shoulder. With a pained look in his eye that quickly shifted to cold determination, Bucky grabbed the man’s hand with his vibranium arm, twisting it as he removed it from Zemo’s shoulder. Zemo took a step away from the bar to allow you room to turn and observe as Bucky beat the absolute shit out of various challengers. Zemo wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you close to him as he noted, “Didn’t take much for him to fall back into form.”
The unmistakable sound of numerous guns cocking drew your attention away from the altercation, and Zemo gently pushed you behind him as he surveyed the room to note all the weapons drawn. Sam grabbed Bucky’s bionic arm to stop him, but Zemo whispered, “Stay in character or the whole bar turns on us.”
“Well done, soldier,” Zemo then said to Bucky in Russian, signaling for the ‘Winter Soldier’ to stop.
“Selby will see you now,” the bartender interjected, and Bucky released his grip on the random man’s throat.
“Thank you,” Zemo responded, walking off to find Selby, grabbing your hand to guide you, but not before you spared a sorrowful glance at Bucky as your friends followed closely behind.
As Zemo took a seat on a couch across from Selby, you sat close to him, crossing your legs gracefully as you leaned into him, your arm wrapped around his as he clasped his hands in his lap authoritatively. You watched his exchange with Selby in silence, as did Sam – and Bucky, of course, considering he was pretending to be the Winter Soldier.
“By the way, I thought you were rotting away in a German prison,” Selby told Zemo, then smiled as she looked you up and down, before her eyes found the diamond ring. “And not engaged – to a woman far out of your league, I might add.”
“People like us always find a way, don’t we?” Zemo answered calmly, then looked over at you, staring into your eyes with warmth and adoration, and you smiled lovingly at him. “My beautiful fiancée was a guard at the prison. We fell in love over the years, and she helped me escape. Anyway, I’m sure you have already figured out what I’m here for.”
The conversation went relatively smoothly after that, until Sam’s goddamn phone rang and screwed the entire operation. In the blink of an eye, Selby was shot dead, you had shot two of the guards with the gun strapped to your thigh, and Sam and Bucky had each knocked out one, before Zemo suggested sneaking out of the bar as best you could, without any weapons. You secured your gun back in its holster, not missing the way Zemo watched as you hiked your dress up to do so, before making a break for it with the three of them.
Once you were on the streets of Madripoor, bounty hunters began to come out of the woodwork, and when they began shooting at you, Zemo abruptly grabbed your hand and ran down a nearby alleyway. As you were running, the heel of your stiletto caught on a grate, and you’d have fallen flat on your face if Zemo hadn’t caught you.
“Are you alright?” he asked hurriedly, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist as he supported you, before standing you back onto your feet. You nodded, and he glanced over your shoulder as he noticed a few men looking down the alley. “Forgive me.”
You were about to ask what he was talking about, but then Zemo abruptly grabbed you by the backs of your thighs and lifted you up, pinned you against the wall behind you, and kissed you.
The men at the end of the alleyway muttered something about “freaks who do it in public,” then their footsteps faded as they walked off, clearly thinking the two of you were some overly horny couple, not two of the people with an insane bounty on their heads. But you were barely paying them any attention, a bit preoccupied with the fact that Zemo was fucking kissing you, and much to your chagrin, you really fucking liked it.
Once there were no more voices and no more footsteps, Zemo broke the kiss and sat you down. The two of you stared at each other for a moment, before you heard more gunshots, and you broke into a run in the direction Bucky and Sam had gone, desperate to find your friends, and no time to process what the hell just happened.
As soon as you caught up with them, the two bounty hunters nearby were shot dead, and the four of you turned to see Sharon Carter emerging from the shadows.
An hour later, you found yourself in her swanky home in High Town, in a change of clothes, since the brick wall Zemo had held you up against ripped the back of your silk dress. You lied to Sam and Bucky, saying that it happened because you fell while running in your heels, and thankfully, they believed you. Sharon commanded the four of you to lay low and enjoy the party, which Sam and Bucky left her living room to go do, entrusting you with ‘Zemo watch.’
It seemed as though he was merely nursing his brandy in lieu of abandoning it for the party prior to finishing it off, but his eyes were on you most of the time. You didn't necessarily believe he could be plotting to overpower you and run off, but there is always that possibility, so you delved into his mind to check.
Expecting to find thoughts of strategy about how to defeat the super soldiers or travel plans, or even plots to escape you, Bucky, and Sam, you were astounded to find nothing but thoughts of you.
The way it felt to kiss you in that alleyway, and how he had monetarily debated just staying there, having his way with you against the brick wall before Sam and Bucky could locate you. The dress from the bar, and how it rested on your thighs, revealing just enough to have his mouth watering without being revealing to the point of immodesty. The way your necklace currently rested against your bare collarbone, and how desperately he craved to litter the area with love bites. The delicate skin of your throat, thinking of how it would look with his hand wrapped around it, just enough to cut off a bit of air but not enough harm you. How alluring your voice is, and how much he'd like to know what it would sound like to hear you scream his name. The softness and warmness of your skin when he had his arm around you in the bar, and when he held your hand as you fled the scene, and he wondered how soft and warm you were elsewhere.
"Your thoughts are filthy."
He bristled immediately, sitting straighter in his seat and eyes going slightly wide, either forgetting you can read minds or not realizing you'd be doing it right then. It only took a moment for him to regain his composure, before he took one long, last drink of his brandy and set the glass on the table in front of him. He turned his whole body to the side to face you, as you sat on the opposite end of the couch, wearing a small, somewhat mischievous smile.
"I suppose there is no sense in denying it, is there?"
"What game are you playing, Zemo?" you snapped. He was rattling you. As much as you hated to admit it, he was. For the entirety of the time you'd been around him, this wanted criminal had been flustering you, and goddammit it, you wanted to know if it was accidental, or for nefarious purposes. He could be using it as a tactic to throw you off your game, so that he could get away when it was just the two of you – like right now.
"There is no game, Liebling," he stated softly and sincerely, sensing your discomfort. Slowly, he scooted closer to you on the couch, so that the arm he had laid across the back of it was now behind you, as he stared intently into your eyes. "Merely the natural response of a man who has been widowed and then locked in a prison cell, and therefore has not known the touch of a woman in many years, sitting next to a woman of absolute ethereal beauty."
You said nothing, merely stared at him, sizing him up to see if he was toying with you or telling the truth. Zemo sensed your lack of belief in his words.
"If you doubt my true intentions, you are welcome to delve as deep into my mind as you'd like to find the truth."
In all honesty, you'd have done that already if you weren't trying to avoid being even more flustered by his thoughts about you – but you couldn't tell him that. So, you did as he bade you, and searched his mind to find any shred of malevolence towards you, but you came out empty-handed. Zemo genuinely just wanted you, craved you, like a starved man sitting in front of an endless buffet. He watched you carefully as you came to this conclusion, and although you said nothing further, he knew that you had found what you needed to know.
"Just say the word, and I will never approach the topic again, as well as attempt to quiet my thoughts about you. But if there is any part of you... deep inside you," Zemo paused, eyes grazing you up and down purposefully, before continuing, "that has any interest in being with me... I will do anything to bring that to fruition."
The ball was in your court now. You could tell him to get bent and never speak to you like this again… or you could get your rocks off, and maybe even get something more in return.
"Such as?"
"Name it, Schätzchen. Anything you want. A car, a mansion, jewels – say it and it's yours, if you will be mine," Zemo proposed earnestly, licking his lips quickly as he looked at you, visibly thrilled that he was getting somewhere with you.
You weren't the type to accept gifts from men you barely know, but… this was Zemo. A man who had done a great many terrible things, which soothed your guilty conscience. So, you said the first thing that came to mind.
"A car," you blurted out, then explained, "Mine broke down a week ago, and it's beyond repair, so… a car."
"Tell me the make and model of your preference and I'll have it delivered to your home within a week's time," Zemo said calmly, then brushed a lock of hair away from your face, before allowing his fingers to trail delicately along your cheek and jawline. "Is that all, Kätzchen?"
"No. One more thing," you replied, then looked at him sternly. "You must agree to never speak of this to Bucky or Sam."
"You have my word," he assured you, smiling in amusement.
"Then I'm yours."
Zemo's smile faded slowly, and he merely stared at you for a split second, before cupping your face in his hands and pulled you into a searing kiss, full of ferocity and sheer desperation. It shouldn't have been this easy, to kiss a man who's done such terrible things – yet here you were, melting into his embrace, allowing him to pull you into his lap and straddle him, your hands resting on his shoulders and gripping the black fabric of his turtleneck. His hands laid flat against your back as he kissed you in this new position, slowly gliding down, down your sides and to your hips. He kissed you in a way that was feverish and fast and hungry, as his fingers dug into your skin, holding you firmly against him as if he were fearful that this was all a dream and you'd disappear at any moment. Upon taking a peek into his mind, you realized that was actually exactly what he was thinking. Additionally, he mentally spoke to you directly, somehow knowing you were reading his thoughts at that moment.
"Tell me if I do anything that you do not like, and know that you have absolute freedom to end this at any given moment."
You pulled away slightly to nod in confirmation that you received his message, before resuming the kiss. Mind hazy and instincts taking over, you found yourself tugging his bottom lip between your teeth, earning a low groan from Zemo. One of his hands darted upwards to grab a fistful of your hair, right against your scalp at the base of your neck, and he pulled on it harshly, causing you to let out a wonton moan. He then laid that hand flat against the back of your neck, holding your lips firmly against his as he kissed you with even more fervor, and the other vacated its position on your hip to slide slowly up your torso, until he began palming your beast through your shirt. You moaned softly against his lips, but not as loudly as a moment ago.
Zemo wanted more, needed more; he longed to hear you loud and desperate. So he delved that hand at your neck back into your hair, gripping it tightly once more, and used it to pull your head backwards a bit, so that he could have better access to your neck. The action itself, and the tightness of his grip, earned an embarrassingly loud moan to escape your lips, and you felt him smile against your skin. He moved his hand to the middle of your back, supporting you as you leaned back a bit to grant him better access. As he littered your neck and décolletage with kisses, you felt him pull the neckline of your blouse down a little, then felt the sharp pain of a bite on your chest, above your breast. When you looked at him with narrowed eyes, he wore a cocky little grin.
"You should not be surprised, Liebling. I know you saw that I've been wanting to do that all day when you read my mind," he noted. "Wear a high neckline tomorrow, it will be fine."
Before you could respond, Zemo pulled you flush against his chest with that hand behind your back, and into another heated kiss. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and without thinking, you ground your hips down on the bulge resting against your core beneath your skirt. He groaned, both hands flying to your hips to push them down again, guiding them as you repeated the action. It only took a minute or two of this before Zemo had enough, abruptly grabbing you by the throat and throwing you down onto the couch beside him. He then loomed over you, one hand propping himself up and the other applying slight pressure to your throat, gazing at you with admiration in those searing eyes, pupils blown wide from lust. You looked right back at him, pupils undoubtedly dilated as well, eyes half-lidded, panting a little, and hair a bit of a mess.
"You are an absolute vision," Zemo praised softly, to which you smiled, then he released his grip on your neck to lean down and kiss you again. That only lasted a moment, before he broke the kiss to pull your blouse up and over your head, tossing it carelessly to the side. Your bra joined it shortly after, then he moved to your skirt, fussing with the zipper for a moment, but it seemed to be caught on something, as it wouldn't budge. Before you could interject and state that you'd get the zipper yourself, Zemo ripped the seam apart with his hands, before tearing the article from your body and tossing it like he had with the blouse. A gasp escaped you, but you had no time to think much about his actions, before he was pulling off your panties and bra as well, dropping them somewhere beside the couch.
He was then looming over you again, kissing you breathless as he rested on one elbow while the other hand toyed with your nipple, his knee coming up to rest between your legs as he laid between your body and the back of the couch. You tangled your fingers in Zemo's hair, moaning against his lips as you sought friction against his leg. He smiled softly against your lips, before your hands wandered, finding the hem of his shirt and tugging it off of him. You had just managed to get his belt off before his hand left your breast, trailing downwards across your torso as he moved his knee further away from you, before delving between your hips and expertly locating your clit.
No longer capable of focusing on ridding Zemo of his clothes, your hands gripped his shoulders, and he hissed deliciously as your nails dug into his skin when he began rubbing small, methodical circles on your clit. Small moans fell from your lips as he watched the way your mouth hung open slightly, face relaxed and eyes closed as you enjoyed his work. But again, he wanted more, needed more. Still observing you, he delved his middle and ring fingers into your core, causing you to let out a loud gasp that faded into a long, low moan. Zemo smiled to himself. That was the reaction he was dying for.
He kissed you senseless, drinking in your moans and gasps of pleasure like wine, his free hand cradling the back of your head as your arms wrapped around his neck. It didn't take Zemo long to find that sweet spot, deep inside you – as he'd subtly alluded to earlier – that longed for his attention the most.
You couldn't help but moan loudly and cry out, "Fuck! Baron!" Zemo growled low in your ear, clearly a fan of your usage of his title as he picked up the pace, fucking you with his fingers with expert precision and speed, sending you hurtling over the edge with a string of curses in both Sokovian and English. By the time he removed his fingers from you and stood, you were seeing stars, breathing heavily as you laid flat against the couch. When your dazed gaze found him, he was naked from the waist down, and was just finishing rolling a condom over his length. You had no idea where he got it from, but you were way beyond giving a shit at this point. Zemo then rejoined you on the couch, roughly spreading your legs apart as he kneeled between them, looking at you with a primal, deep hunger in his eyes.
"You are certain that you want this?"
"Yes, please – fuck," you cut yourself off as he began rubbing your clit again.
"Yes please, what?" His voice was low, teasing, as he continued his work below. "I want to hear you say it again, Kätzchen."
"Yes, please, Baron."
"Good girl."
Zemo took your leg and rested your calf on his shoulder, before easing himself into you, agonizingly slow. You watched through half-lidded eyes as his brows furrowed together, his jaw went slack, and his eyes squeezed shut as he bottomed out. He was silent, but you very much preferred it when he was a bit vocal. So, you flexed your muscles down there, and he groaned, letting his forehead fall against your shoulder.
"Do not do that if you want this to last long," Zemo suggested through clenched teeth. You smiled to yourself, then said the magic word that you knew would get him going.
"Yes, Baron."
He growled again, right in your ear, then sat more upright to begin a harsh, quick pace of thrusting. His hips collided with your body each time, causing a delicious sort of pain, and he leaned down to lock you in a messy, deep kiss.
A few minutes later, Zemo moved your other calf to his shoulder as well, and the new position enabled him to get delectably deep inside you. You raked your nails down his chest, watching as a shudder ran down his spine, all the while releasing small, breathless moans and whimpers. When he opened his eyes again to gaze down at you, he licked his lips before delving both hands under your head and into your hair, and forcefully gripped two fitfuls of it at the base of your skull. The moan that tore its way from your throat was animalistic, as your nails dug into his forearms as you desperately gripped them from their positions on either side of your head. Just then, he hit a spot deep inside of you, and that familiar, tight coil in your lower belly began to form.
"Fuck! Right there, Baron, please, right there!"
"As you wish, Schätzchen."
Zemo began to thrust even faster, careful to maintain the same angle as he released his grip on your hair and leaned up a bit, so that he could resume rubbing your clit. Moans began to fall from your lips practically endlessly, and somehow, you still needed more. More, more, more. You took his free hand and laid it on your neck, and he instinctively wrapped his fingers around your throat, careful to apply pressure on the sides but not the front, as to avoid harming you. When he opened his eyes once again and looked down at you, he couldn't stop the moan that escaped him.
"You will be the death of me, mein Engel," Zemo whispered, seemingly more to himself. All you could do was moan in response.
"Baron, I'm going to – fuck – I'm —"
"Yes, come for me, Kätzchen. I want to feel you."
That was all the encouragement it took. Well, that plus how perfectly he was rubbing your bundle of nerves, and how his pace nor angle had faltered once since you had requested exactly that. You came undone again, legs shaking as your nails clawed at his shoulder blades, earning a series of groans from him. As you came down from your high, Zemo's hips began to falter, enthralled by the waterfall you had become, soaking the base of his cock as your walls squeezed around him. His hand at your wet heat abruptly moved to grip your hip, at the same moment his hand around your throat clutched at your hair again, and he met his end with a loud, gruff moan as he spoke a mantra of nonsensical praises and your name.
Zemo rested on his arms on either side of your head, and he let your legs fall to the sides of him, breathing hard against your neck as he occasionally peppered kisses there. He remained inside you for a few moments, savoring the feeling, before you chose to have a bit of extra fun by flexing your lower muscles and squeezing yourself around him again. With a sharp intake of breath, he pulled out of you, shooting you a glare.
In Sokovian, he murmured, "You are a naughty little thing."
"You adore it."
"That I do," Zemo conceded, then stood and walked off to the restroom. You heard the tap run, and a few moments later, he returned with a glass of water for you, sitting beside your feet on the couch and resting his heels on the coffee table. He was exceptionally handsome like this; still catching his breath, sweat glistening on his forehead and chest, a content look upon his face. You spent a minute or two admiring him, before he looked over to you, and a smile blossomed on his lips.
"I cannot thank you enough for that. I must admit, I spent countless nights alone in my cell, dreaming about getting to touch a woman like that again. Especially considering the fall of our country, I never could have imagined I would be lucky enough to lay with a stunning, intelligent Sokovian woman."
"In the spirit of confessions, it's been a while for me, too. My last boyfriend was about two years ago. And I'm not the one-night-stand type. So, do with that what you will," you stated, earning a small chuckle from Zemo. You sat up so that you were sitting beside him, instead of laying down, as you continued. "I fantasized about it a lot myself, but I never even dared to think my next time would be as good as this was."
Zemo smiled, a mix of pride and joy, then his smile softened as he leaned toward you, brushing a lock of hair away from your face. "This doesn't have to be our last time, you know. I would be honored to have you as often as you'd allow me to. And I assure you, I would make it worth your while. I will give you whichever vehicles your heart desires, more jewelry than you know what to do with, take you to the most beautiful places in the world, dine at only the finest restaurants – and above all, treat you like my queen. Take care of me, and I will take care of you, Liebling."
You allowed your curiosity to get the better of you, as usual when you feared that someone was lying to you. You searched his mind for any fraction of false pretenses, but there were none. The man simply found you intoxicating, and would do whatever it takes to keep drinking you in.
The arrangement wouldn't exactly be an easy one, nor would it be all that wise – nor morally correct, in all honesty. But he was undeniably sexy, and the danger and reprehensibility of it all made it that much more alluring. And besides all that – the way his power and wealth turned you on, how good he was capable of making you feel – most Sokovians were dead, and you missed home. Getting to speak your native tongue with him, chat about your country – it made you feel at home with him.
But you wouldn't give Zemo the satisfaction of agreeing to him that quickly.
“We'll see.”
Part Two
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dismal-alien-darling · 5 months ago
Little Flower
Alcina Dimitrescu x female reader
You and Lady Dimitrescu’s vampire baby
Bela, Cassandra and Daniela Dimitrescu
b/g= baby’s gender
b/n= baby’s name
Summary: New baby fluff, that’s it.
Warnings/tags: new vampire baby, the girls are besides themselves, you and Alcina are proud mamas, fluffy fluff 
A/n: Requested by @coolninjavoid, they wanted new baby fluff continuing from my fic “Birth and Rebirth,” enjoy! 
“Good morning floarea mea,” you cooed picking up b/n from their crib. “Did you sleep well my little love?” B/n let out a laugh looking up at b/g mother. “You did!?” you sang peppering b/n’s face with kisses making b/g giggle.
“How is our floare mică this morning?” Alcina’s voice came into the nursery. You sat down in the rocking chair a soft fire already crackling undoing a few buttons on your shirt as b/n latched on for breakfast.
“B/g’s perfect as usual,” you sighed looking up at Alcina as she placed a soft kiss on your lips. Alcina knelt down next to you resting her head on your shoulder so she could look at b/n. At seeing her other mother, b/n’s eyes sparkled in delight. Alcina smiled broadly ever so gently stroking b/n’s head so she didn’t disturb b/g breakfast. 
“Hungry aren’t you draga mea,” Alcina chuckled, “you take after your sisters.” You and Alcina both laughed. The two you watched as b/n had her fill, letting go once b/g was full.
“You need to eat as well lubirea mea,” Alcina said to you taking b/n in her arms. Compared to Lady Dimitrescu b/n was even tinier than b/g already was in the arms of her giantess mother.
“Yes yes my lover I have every intention,” you said rising from the rocking chair stretching.
“How is our sibling this morning!?” Bela’s voice came crashing into the nursery her sisters fast behind her.
“SHUSH!” Alcina scolded, “B/n just ate and b/g can’t have so much commotion in b/g poor ears.” Alcina finished covering b/n’s ears.
“That’s my bad mother,” Bela said now whispering.
“See mother, this is why I should watch over her,” Cassandra said even quieter.
“You are Bela are always tied for whose the loudest, I’m quiet as mouse,” Daniela said in a barely audible whisper.
“No you aren’t” Cassandra and Bela didn’t say, but mouthed. This fracus between the girls had been going on since the moment b/n was born. The girls were in constant competition to see who was the “better older sister.” You and Alcina had mixed feelings about this; on one hand your hearts swelled with such pride you two thought you might burst when the girls would care for their youngest sibling, on the other hand it would grate on your nerves having to constantly break them from fighting not wanting b/n to hear stressed voices so early in b/g life. You and Alcina were both sure the girls had held b/n more than you two had since b/g was born.
“If you three don’t knock it off right now no one is getting to hold, play or feed b/n at all today,” you growled not having the energy to deal with the girls’ antics today. The girls immediately softened their faces and nodded so hard you and Alcina were surprised their heads didn’t pop off their bodies. You didn’t notice but Lady Dimitrescu grinned, pleased with your new motherly sternness that was starting to rival hers at times.
“I’m sure breakfast is ready now let’s go and eat,” Alcina said handing b/n back to you as you all made your way to the breakfast nook. Alcina held b/n as you ate heartily because breastfeeding a vampire baby was no joke. Just as you finished eating b/n started crying.
“What’s wrong my love!?” Alcina said voice fraught with concern. You laughed to yourself rolling your eyes. Ever since b/n was born if b/g made the slightest cry Alcina would go into fight mode. You found this very sweet and amusing.
“Again my little dearest? B/g is just hungry again drag mea calm down,” you said as Alcina handed you b/n. You got up to head to the sitting room to feed b/g.
After b/n had their fill again the girls poked their heads in the sitting room. “Come in my sweets,” you motioned for them to come in their mother following behind coming to where you sat.
“Can we play with b/g now?” Cassandra asked.
“In a minute b/g needs to digest,” you replied. “Here,” you said handing b/n to Cassandra along with a small towel. When you handed b/n over Alcina picked you up and sat down placing you on her lap. Cassandra knew what to do and before long b/n let out a cute little burp.
“Ha-ha nice,” Bela laughed burping herself. Daniela and Cassandra followed suit making b/n screech with laughter.
“Ugh girls-“Alcina started but stopped when b/n kept laughing so she couldn’t bring herself to chastise her daughters. Bela jumped up dragging b/n’s huge toy chest over to the where her sisters sat.
“Look it’s mister lycan,” Bela chirped bouncing the stuffed animal around making b/n squeal. 
“Peek-a-boo!” Daniela sang as Bela held b/n.
“Where’s Daniela?” Bela asked b/n.
“Peek-a-boo!” Cassandra sang.
“Where’a Cassandra?” Bela asked b/n. You and Alcina sat with your tea as you watched your girls play together. You had been melted into Alcina’s lap while the girls entertained their youngest sibling. B/n let out a yawn.
“Did your sisters tire you out my little darling?” You cooed walking over taking b/n from Bela. “Nap time for you.” You walked upstairs to the nursery, Alcina keeping stride next to you. You placed b/n in the crib and b/g let out another yawn.
“What a big yawn cel mic,” whispered Alcina as the two of you caressed your baby’s face until b/n was fast asleep.
B/n woke up screaming b/g head off. You were in the room within seconds. “Is someone hungry again my lupul mic?” you said settling in. You heard Alcina’s footsteps dashing down the hall.
“What’s wrong with b/n?!” She said looking very worried.
“Alcina, lubirea mea, b/g is just hungry...again. No emergency here,” you laughed as Alcina’s worry left her face. She made her way over to you and b/n watching you feed your child once again. 
“My beautiful doves, my sweet darlings,” Alcina fawned kissing you and b/n. You leaned up capturing her lips again in a gentle kiss as b/n suckled on your chest. “I love you, I love you both, so much, my babies,” Alcina continued hugging your upper body careful not to disturb b/n. 
“And we love you Alcina,” you said tears welling in your eyes. A gentle knocking on the nursery door caught your attention. “Come in,” you sniffled wiping your eyes. 
“My ladies, it’s a lovely day outside, would you and your daughters and your little one like to take lunch on the veranda?” your head maid asked. 
“Yes that sounds lovely thank you,” you answered as the maid nodded turning away. 
The Dimitrescu family sat outside enjoying a delicious lunch as Daniela held b/n showing b/g the different birds flitting around. 
“And that one there is a a gold finch,” Daniela said excitedly pointing at a nearby bird, “can you see it’s beautiful yellow and black feathers b/n? It’s such a pretty bird just like you!” 
After lunch, you mentioned something about b/n needing a bath and the girls jumped on the opportunity.   
“Can we please give b/n a bath y/n please?” Bela begged. “We’ll be so so careful and we won’t fight or bicker!” It’s not like you didn’t trust the girls completely it’s just they had never bathed an infant before. 
“Oh-um-well,” you struggled as you looked at b/n and back at the three sets of eyes that were silently begging. 
“I think they can manage y/n. They have been on their best behavior today after all and besides, it’s not like b/n can drown,” Alcina reassured looking down at you. 
“You make an excellent point Alci. All right girls you may give b/g a bath,” you said handing over b/n. The girls could hardly hold in their pure excitement as they whisked their baby sibling into their bathroom. 
“Come sit with me lubirea mea, they’ll be fine,” Alcina said patting her lap. You looked after the girls, sighing as you curled up in your lady’s lap. The moment your head hit Alcina’s chest you were out like a light. 
“Let’s show your mothers how squeaky clean you are you little rascal,” you awoke hearing Bela’s voice. You rubbed your eyes seeing b/n in Bela’s arms, fresh and clean and in a new outfit. 
“Hello floarea mea, look at you!” you smiled taking b/n. “Girls! B/g looks marvelous, thank you, well done!” you praised making the girls smile so widely their faces hurt.   
“Very well done my doves, you take such astounding care of b/n!” Alcina added hugging her girls tightly. You all spent some down time together in the sitting room until dinner was served, once again on the veranda. You held your child in your arms as you ate, the setting sun casting lovely colors along the castle. 
After dinner, you and Lady Dimitrescu headed up to the nursery to put b/n down for bed time. You sat in your rocking chair feeding b/n one last time before b/g inevitably decided to wake up in a few hours with demanding cries for more. While you fed b/g, Alcina busied herself making b/n’s crib as comfortable as it could be, turning the dial on b/g music box. The gentle tune danced in the air as you finished feeding b/n. Bela, Cassandra and Daniela silently glided into the nursery kissing b/n in your arms. 
“Goodnight love,” Bela cooed. 
“Goodnight little bird,” Daniela whispered. 
“Goodnight darling,” Cassandra cooed. After the girls had left, you and Alcina laid b/n down giving b/g kisses of your own. 
“Goodnight my beautiful one,” Alcina whispered tracing a finger along the side of b/g cheek. 
“Goodnight my perfect angel,” you whispered placing b/n’s favorite plushie next to b/g. You and Alcina looked at each with pure, undying love for each other, your girls and your baby...your little flowers. 
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forever-rogue · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary | It’s so obvious, isn’t it? Maybe not to Bucky. But you’re going to make his first Father’s Day something to remember.
Pairing | Bucky x Pregnant!Reader
Word Count | 2.8k
Warnings | slight language, pregnant!reader, references to sex
Masterlists | Bucky, Main
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
At first you were positive you’d eaten something off and were suffering from a mild case of food poisoning. With your luck, it wouldn’t have been the first time. But then it lasted for more than a few days...and then some more after that. After a couple of weeks of denying that it could be anything but a mild stomach bug, you came to the earth stopping conclusion that it was something different entirely. 
The signs were all there, and it wasn’t that you had been ignoring them had been ignoring them. The idea that it could have possibly been anything but a stomach bug was terrifying. But there was only so much hiding you could do from Bucky before he came extremely concerned at the sight of you repeatedly hunched over the toilet. He insisted you go to the doctor and knowing him, if you didn’t comply, he’d throw you over his shoulder and take you himself. 
After a little white lie of saying you’d go right away, you’d sneaked off to the corner drug store in search of those dreaded pregnancy tests. Bucky was off doing whatever the hell it was he and Sam did half the time, so you had a few hours to yourself. You felt like a criminal as you bundled up in a hoodie of Bucky’s and looked around furtively as you grabbed one of each of the tests and took them to the counter to pay before practically running home. 
You felt so silly, so dumb as you had the six tests on the counter, while your phone slowly ticked down the time. All the signs were there - how could you have ignored them? The missed period - wait, was it two? You’d been so bad about tracking them, you honestly didn’t even know. The morning sickness, apparently not food poisoning, the extra sensitive breasts, the fatigue. It all seemed so obvious now. 
You sighed as your timer went off and looked at the various tests. 
They only confirmed what you had already accepted. Pregnant. 
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
You felt like you were floating on air as you walked out of the doctor’s office with some of the grainiest photos you had ever seen. But the only thing that mattered was the small little bean that you could clearly make out in the middle of them. Your little bean - yours and Bucky’s. Your baby.
It’d been a week since you’d taken the tests and made your little discovery. After that it had become a little game of hiding it all from Bucky - you wanted to tell him and soon, but you wanted to surprise him at the perfect time. You knew he’d be over the moon about it all. You’d talked about children, and it had been decided, especially since you’d been together for a few years now, that if it happened it happened when it would happen. But you just knew he wanted this - and honestly, so did you. Despite the extreme nerves it had set upon you.
So, you decided to play a little game with Bucky to see if and when he finally realized you were pregnant. Hopefully it’d be before you were showing - he wasn’t that blind after all. But you were going to have fun with this.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“Hey Buck,” you were sprawled on the couch, resting your head in his lap as the two of you watched a movie on Netflix. It had been a long day and there was nothing you wanted more than a quiet evening in - this was nothing short of pure bliss. He made a small sound of acknowledgment as he gently played with your hair, silently telling you to go on, “what do you think you’d want to name our baby? Boy or girl?”
Sure, it was anything but subtle, but the way you had been resting your hand on your belly wasn’t either. And he hadn’t caught onto that either. 
“Hmm, I’ve never really thought that much about it,” he mused as he looked down at you and offered you a soft smile. You grinned back at him as you grabbed his hand and pressed a gentle kiss to his knuckles, “I like...and don’t laugh at me - the idea of naming a son Steve. Maybe a daughter Rebecca or Sarah.”
“Bucky,” you could see that despite his seemingly disinterested attitude, he had actually given this a lot of thought. You knew they were so much more than just names,”those are lovely names. I think any one of those would be a lovely name for our baby.”
“Yeah?” he asked, almost timidly as you reached up and touched his cheek, running your fingers over his stubble as you nodded. He practically keened into your warm, gentle touch as his eyes closed, “I love you.”
“I love you too, bub,” you whispered as he pressed a kiss to the palm of your hand, “let’s get to bed, huh? It’s getting late and I’ve just been so incredibly tired lately.”
“Come on,” he slowly ushered you up and off his lap before standing and stretching. You couldn’t help but admire him as a rush of love overwhelmed you. You really loved him more than anything - well him and your small bean now. Bucky effortlessly leaned over and scooped you up in his arms, cradling you to his chest as he walked towards the bedroom, “you’re so beautiful.”
“You’re not bad yourself, Sarge,” you grinned as you rested your head against his shoulder, “but I almost feel like I’ve just got this...glow lately ya know?”
“You always do,” he promised with a kiss to the top of your head as you almost burst out laughing. So many not-so-subtle-hints and he still didn’t catch on. 
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“Bub? You in the kitchen?” you called from the bedroom, knowing damn well he was there, finishing up a big weekend breakfast for the two of you. You tip-toed out of the bedroom, pulling on your - his - shirt to indulge in a lazy Sunday. 
“I’m in here, sweetheart,” he looked up and smiled softly as soon as you came into view. He still looked at you as though you had personally hung the stars and moon, like he was still in the process of falling in love with you every single day, “hi.”
“Hi,” you walked over to him and motioned behind, “can you do me a huge favor and get me a glass of water and my vitamins? I left them on the counter.”
“So demanding,” you both were aware of the fact that he’d never say no to you. You took a seat at the bar, hopping onto your stool as you swung your legs back and forth and waited for him to either realize what was going on, or make some sort of joke. But instead he hummed some tune under his breath as he set a glass of water in front of you and grabbed your vitamins. 
The man, this silly, lovely man, picked up the bottle of prenatal vitamins, opened them, and handed two of them to you before following up with your other supplements. Your mouth hung open as you looked at him in awe - you’d literally put it all in front of his nose and he still didn’t catch on. 
Goodness Gracious.
“There you are, pretty girl,” he leaned over and kissed you gently before turning back to the stove. You watched him with a dumbfounded expression but slowly  grabbed your water and vitamins and downed them, “anything you want do today?”
Alright. You were willing to push a little further and see if he finally caught on.
“There’s a new store that opened up downtown,” you said noncommittally, “they umm...have a lot of baby and kid stuff and I wanted to go ahead and check it out.”
“Sure thing,” nope. Apparently you were going to have to hit over the head with a two by four, “sounds good. We’ll go after breakfast?”
“Yeah,” you agreed, shaking your head in amusement, “sounds good to me too, bub.”
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
It had been almost a month of dropping hint after hint, and they had been becoming increasingly less subtle. You were pretty sure that you could have just straight up told him you were pregnant at this point and he still wouldn’t have gotten it. 
But you had one last little idea - Father’s Day had come around and you were going to make sure his first father’s day was special. Maybe it was silly to celebrate when the baby wasn’t even born yet, but you didn’t care - you just wanted to finally tell him. 
The evening before Father’s Day, you’d let Bucky go to bed first, telling him you were just going to be a little longer, needing to finish up some work. He believed it hook, line, and sinker, and told you to join him soon. Once he was snoring soundly, asleep on his back with the gold and black vibranium arm splayed over your side of bed, you pulled out all the supplies you’d gotten. 
You made quick - and quiet - work of blowing up multicolored balloons and throwing some confetti around. You’d regret it later but the surprise would be worth it. Once you were satisfied, you grabbed the newest sonograms you’d gotten at the doctor the day before and tucked them into the envelope along with the card you’d picked out. After writing on the card, you sealed the envelope and on the front side simply wrote Happy Father’s Day. 
On the back, knowing how Bucky was, you scrolled one more little note. You left it all on the counter, along with the box of cupcakes you’d snagged from his favorite bakery, ready for him to discover in the morning. He’d be up before, and he’d have the little surprise to wake up to. 
Hopefully this time the message was loud and clear.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Bucky stifled a yawn as he slowly crawled out of the bed, stretching his stiff limbs. You were still all bundled up and lightly snoring with a little smile on your face. He reached down and gently brushed a lock of hair out of your face before pressing a kiss to your forehead. 
Slowly making his way down the hall, a confused expression crossed his features as he noticed the glittering confetti on the floor. How strange.
But as he walked into the living room and saw the ballrooms all over the place he was visibly confused. What on earth was going on? He picked one that was close to his foot up and played with it for a moment before lightly smacking it across the room. He perked up when he saw the colorful box on the counter, a clear giveaway that it was from his favorite place.
Shuffling across the room, he was ready to throw open the box and indulge in an early morning sweet treat when he was stopped by the card on top. He picked it up and instantly recognized your handwriting. Happy Father’s Day!
It must have been for your father...maybe this all was for him and your parents were coming over and he’d somehow managed to forget about it all. He would definitely hear about that later on from you. Shit. 
No...he surely would have remembered that. He was old but his memory was still sharp. He felt the envelope beneath his fingers, noting that it was slightly thicker than a normal card. Curious. He flipped it over and his heart almost stopped when he saw what you had written on the flap.
Yes. This is really for you, James.
James. That’s how you knew you were being serious. 
His heart felt like it was almost bursting out of his chest as he slowly slid a vibranium finger underneath the seal, careful to prevent any rips or tears. After what seemed like a millennia, he opened the thing and pulled out the card, along with the sheet of photos. 
Bucky’s mouth fell open and formed a small o as he looked as he read over your sweet message in the card. Once he studied the grainy photos and realized that holy shit, this was your baby - his baby. You were having a baby! He inhaled - a shaky broken little thing as he fought back a few tears. After all this time, he was getting something he thought would only be a dream. 
“Surprise,” you whispered so you wouldn’t completely scare him. You’d woken up a few moments after him, already missing his body and warmth as soon as he had left. You had tip-toed after him and watched him finally realize what you had been dropping hints about for almost a month. His reaction had been everything, priceless. 
“Sweetheart…” he looked between you and grainy photos in his hand, his blue eyes gentle and glossy as you walked over to him, “we’re having a baby?”
“Yeah, bub, we are,” you promised, feeling tears well up in your own eyes as you carded a hand through his soft hair, “I’ve been trying to tell you for like a month. But you, sir, do not pick up on anything. Baby names? Prenatals...the baby store? The continued morning sickness. For a moment I thought I’d have to have the baby before you realized what was going on. I wasn’t being subtle anymore.”
“Oh...oh,” he said as a dark pink blush crept into his cheeks, “okay now it all seems so clear. I guess, I’m blind.”
“Yeah, old man,” you teased softly, “turns out that food poisoning was never food poisoning at all. It was morning sickness.”
“Shit,” he was incredulous, “a baby. I can’t believe far along are you?”
“Almost twelve weeks at this point,” you laughed, “I was wondering if you’d realize before I started to show.”
His hands found your hips as he played with the hem of your sweater before slowly pushing it up. A warm, gentle touch found your belly as he leaned in and brushed his lips over yours, offering you the sweetest kiss, “thank you.”
“For what?” you eagerly accepted his kiss and offered him a few more. He couldn’t stop himself from pulling you into his body and holding you close to him. Soon it would be a very different type of closeness. 
“For you,” he whispered, “for - our family.’s just that I never thought I would be good enough for all of this.”
“Of course you are, Bucky,” you promised softly, reaching up and touching his cheek, “you are a good man. You are. I love you so much, more than anything in this world. You are worthy of this, you have always been worthy. I will gladly spend every day of my life showing you that if I have to.”
“I love you,” he pressed his forehead against yours, “I still can’t believe this is real.”
“I love you too,” you beamed, “now, how about you eat a cupcake and I’ll start breakfast. Then we can start telling everyone that you knocked me up!”
“It sounds so dirty when you put it like that - I like it. I’m sure we had fun doing it too,” he snorted as he opened the box of cupcakes, grinning when he saw that they too proclaimed Happy Father’s Day. 
“What makes you think that, old man?” you bumped his hips with yours as you opened the fridge to get the ingredients for some omelets.
“Because we always have fun.”
“Well, it’s not like it’s a lie,” He grabbed one and took a bite before offering you a taste, but you shook your head, “no?”
“It’s not me,” you insisted, pointing at the tiny swell that was slowly becoming evident, “the bean doesn’t seem to like sweets very much. At least not right now.”
“More for me,” he grinned as he pumped his fist in victory, causing you to dramatically roll your eyes before laughing, “hopefully the bean will be nice soon and let you partake. Oh…”
“We have so much to do,” reality suddenly hit as his eyes widened and you laughed, “we’ll have to set up the spare room as the nursery. Your doctor’s visits - I want to come of course, and then all the stuff we’ll need when the they come-”
“James,” you put a finger to his lips as you quietly shushed him, “relax, bub. Breathe - we have plenty of time. There’s no reason to we’ll be lazy and relax, tomorrow we can figure everything out. Yeah?”
“Yeah,” he visibly calmed down as you grounded him - just like you always did, “we’ll figure it out. We can do this.”
“Yeah, we can,” you agreed softly as he took your hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze before kissing it. Gods, you really loved him more than anything, “Happy Father’s Day, Bucky.”
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
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angrythingstarlight · 6 months ago
Keep Your Hands Where I Can See Them
Summary: Mafia Bucky has a few rules for you and yet you can't help yourself from breaking each and every one of them. You’re going to learn to listen to him, he swears you will. Now put your hands on the table and count. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia!Bucky x Reader with mentions of Mafia!Steve x Reader
Word count 2K
Warnings: Violence (not to the reader), Smut, 18t, Dom!Bucky, spanking, fingering, Minors DNI
A/N: Wrote this quickly, beta’d by the talented @sweeterthanthis but all mistakes are my own. 
Requested: Yes. 
Do not copy, rewrite, translate or post my work anywhere. No permission given to copy, translate, rewrite or post any parts of my stories. Reblogs are wonderful! Check out my Masterlist and Taglist! Requests are closed 
Tumblr media
Technically you’re not allowed in the lower level of the mansion until Steve and Bucky have finished up their various business dealings for the day. Technically you’re not supposed to go into Bucky’s office while he’s working especially since he has a meeting. Technically you should be on the patio getting another massage from the Swedish masseuse Bucky had flown in this morning because you said your shoulder was a little sore. 
Technically you shouldn’t be in the large open kitchen, loading one of the gold-trimmed serving trays with expensive liquor while wearing the French maid outfit that Steve bought you last Halloween. 
Yet here you are sorting through the tall antique liquor cabinet, gathering all of Bucky’s favorites on to the counter. You know his tastes varied depending on his mood so you decided to go with one of everything off the top shelf. You figure he could choose while waiting for his lunch to finish baking. The rich smell of tomatoes and spices emerging from the oven. 
Bucky gets so tied up in his work that he often forgets to eat unless you make sure a meal is brought to him. He always says how grateful he is that you take care of him.
There’s no way he’s going to be mad if you personally deliver his meal to him today. 
No. Possible. Way. 
Not when you simply want to thank him for being so good to you. And maybe you get a reward for being sweet. 
You continue to list all the reasons why you wouldn’t get in trouble as you balance the tray on your hip. Your black heels clicking on the floor with each cautious step, the glasses clinking against each other, the liquor sloshing against the sides of the cups. 
So focused on not spilling any of it, you pass by Steve in the hallway without realizing it. The tall blonde stops, placing his phone on his shoulder while he watches you head towards Bucky’s office. 
“Ah sweetheart,” he says under his breath, “you never do learn.”  Steve licks his bottom lip, craning his head to get a better view. Steve debates if he should get rid of all your regular clothes and make you dress up all the time because if he didn’t have two meetings coming up, he would have grabbed you and fucked you against the wall for having the audacity to be so stunning.  
His already stiff cock getting harder when the small black garter peeks out from beneath your frilly skirt when you balance the tray on your hip. “Damn, I love that girl.”  
When you disappear into Bucky’s office, Steve resumes his conversation. “No, tell Craig we’re not settling for the docks, we’re taking the market district. If he has a problem with my terms, he can speak to me personally” 
Opening the door, you squeak in surprise, your stomach twisting into a nervous knot. You forgot that Bucky was hosting a small gathering in his office. You nearly dropped the tray when six pairs of eyes landed on you, the door closing behind you with a loud click. 
 The other men glance between you and him, four of them offering polite greetings before looking elsewhere. The mafia world has unspoken, universal rules. Don’t snitch, never disrespect a man’s mother or grandmother, do not bother a man on his daughter’s wedding day. And do not under any circumstances look at or speak to Steve and Bucky’s girl unless you’ve been given permission. 
And they never give permission. 
You can’t stop yourself from biting your bottom lip when you see Bucky. He’s sitting at the head of the table, his domineering presence making the enormous office seem small. Bucky sets down his pen with a sigh, his blue eyes snapping up to meet yours. He alluring and sexy, especially when he wears the black suit. You don’t even notice the anyone else when he looks at you like that. His startlingly blue eyes raking over you, he raises one long index finger and slowly bends it.
 “Come here.” Your panties instantly soaked when he bosses you around, so eager to follow his every command. 
You smile demurely at the table before dropping your eyes to the tray. He’s not angry, he’s not angry you repeat to yourself. On the other hand, maybe you want him to be angry. 
 Stepping around the table, you pass by a newcomer, Jake, no Joe, maybe Jeff, he looks like a Jeff. You give him a quick smile before returning your attention to Bucky. 
No one told Jeff about the unspoken rules. 
He reaches out and flips up your skirt, the resounding smack that follows makes you lurch forward, the glasses sliding to the edge of the tray. 
Bucky leaps out of his seat gracefully, his hand steading your tray, “Doll, I’m-” 
“Give me a drink, babycakes,” the haughty blonde interrupts, reaching out to pinch your ass. 
Your startled whimper of pain sends a shockwave across the room. The painful sting burning across your cheek fades as you watch Bucky’s face darken; rage, pure and unadulterated rage blooms from the depths of his chest, overtaking all his senses,  simmering in the stormy blues of his eyes. 
His pupils widening with each slow blink, then he chuckles, everyone but you flinching,  the low, deep sound shooting right to your cunt, your clit pulsating uncontrollably.  
Chairs scrape against the floors as the other men stand up, the distinct clicking of guns drawn grab your attention. “John is mine.” So that’s his name, not that it matters now.  Bucky holds up his hand waving the men down, his gaze never leaving your face. He takes the tray from your hands and sets it in front of John. 
“Doll, sit on my desk please, I don’t want you to get any blood on your pretty skin.”
You skip over to his desk, hopping on the edge, placing your weight on your other cheek.
What happens next leaves you dizzy and breathless. Everything unfolds in slow motion, you’re held spellbound and captivated by your man, the way he takes control of the room, ordering everyone to witness what happens when his queen is disrespected. 
Bucky removes his black suit jacket, placing it neatly on the back of his chair along with his tie and watch. 
He ignores John’s increasingly frantic apologies. Only stopping to growl when John tried to plead with you. You shrug your shoulder, glancing at Bucky and you almost come when he smirks at you. His broad chest flushed, his muscles flexing with each outraged inhale. You can see his patience fraying with every sound coming from John’s mouth. 
When Bucky snaps, he snaps. He’s feral yet completely in control, the contrast makes him a beast in bed. He can fuck you into the mattress with such ferocity that you can barely breathe yet whisper how you’re his good girl so sweetly in your ear.  
But only you get that gentle side of him. Only you. 
Bucky pulls him out of his chair by the back of his neck, letting John get the first couple of hits in before laughing in the other mans’ face, “let me show you how a man does it.” 
 His first blow to John’s stomach makes you cringe, the man folding in on himself. Bucky is ruthless, the fight over the second he balled his ringed hand into a fist. 
You lean back, your panties damp and clinging to you. Your pulse racing, you clench your thighs together needing friction to quell the growing ache.
His deep voice muttering how no one touches you, repeating again how no one disrespects his queen, makes you throb even more. You’re entranced by the display of power and strength. 
Bucky landed another swift blow, knocking John’s head to the side. “Now because of you, I have to punish her.” 
The words snarled out between three more heavy punches. 
Your brows furrow as you process his last statement.  “Wait, hold up,” you say incredulously, tilting your head, “punish me, I didn’t do anything.” 
Bucky ignores you, continuing his brutal assault. “Thanks to you, I have to spank her.”  He pauses to shake his hand out. “I should make you tell Steve why she’s not allowed to cum tonight.” 
Oh, oh no. 
What is happening, you think. Not allowed to cum. 
You hop off the desk and grab Bucky’s chin, “Baby, I didn’t do anything,” you repeat, his blue eyes moving from your exposed cleavage up to your face. 
His fists don’t stop while he calmly asks, “where are you supposed to be right now doll?” 
Shit. Yeah. Massage with Helga. Your mouth drops open as you splutter, trying to think of a good excuse until you see the tray behind him. “I wanted to thank you for this morning,” you say in earnest. 
Bucky stands up, kicking John out of the way. He kisses the tip of your nose, not wanting to touch you with his hands until they’re clean. “I figured, and that’s why you’re only getting spanked.” 
“And I can cum?” you say hopefully. 
Bucky’s lips drop down to yours, his blue eyes gazing over your face with adoration. 
He orders the men to take John to Steve while you splutter more, not understanding when this turned around you. Stupid John.  When the door closes behind him, he pulls out a white handkerchief, cleaning his hands off. 
“Well, I should probably go check on your lunch, I’ll be right back,” you say, inching your way to the door. Maybe you should give him some space, time to rethink this whole spanking, and not cumming nonsense. 
Bucky raises his brow, his smirk daring you to take another step. Oh, he’s angry and frustrated, you can see it in the way he’s holding himself, the muscles in his jaw twitching. 
“Or, or I-could, I mean I just-,” you drop your head and trudge over to the table, placing your palms on the smooth dark wood. 
Bucky pulls out of his chair, settling down, his long legs spread wide. He cups your cheek, rubbing his thumb over the skin. “That will never happen again,” he says, “I swear on my life, doll.” 
You glance over at him, surprised by the regret in his eyes, “I know Bucky, I’m always safe with you,” the soft reassurance makes him smile. 
His smile fading when he brings your face close to his. “That’s what you think,” he warns, the lust in his tone sends a shiver down your back, “now count.” 
Steve loves to spank you, his large hand slamming down over your ass until you’re crying out. He’s swift with his punishments, eager to get inside of you afterward. Bucky, on the other hand, he’s meticulous. You never know what he’s going to do. He likes to drag out his punishments until you’re a blubbering mess, begging for his cock. 
His first strike creates a sting that ripples up your ass. The second and third smacks follow quickly, your back arching as you cry out, the numbers falling from your lips. “You never fucking listen do you? Bet you’re  fucking soaked aren’t you doll?” he taunts. 
Between the fourth and fifth slaps, he slips his other hand between your legs, thick fingers find your aching clit, one long middle finger dipping into your warm velvety core. Your cries turn into sobs when he rubs your little bud between his fingers. You lose count when his finger curls inside of you, sensations overwhelming, you put your weight on the table, your knees weakening as the coil tightens. 
“I fucking knew it,” he groans. He pushes another finger in you, his other hand slapping you faster, the sounds reverberating around the room. Blow after blow on your ass, his fingers pounding into your wet cunt, your slick coating his hand. “Your tight little pussy’s swallowing my fingers.”  He tilts his head, gazing at your face, “you want more, doll?” 
You can only squeak out something resembling a please. “I can’t hear you doll,” he teases, his fingers moving faster, in tandem with the smacks raining down on your bruised, sensitive skin. “Speak up,” 
You try, shit, you try to ask for permission to cum, but you can’t even form a coherent thought, not with his fingers hitting your spot over and over.  He knows exactly how much pressure to apply to make you delirious. Your walls clamp down on his fingers, you’re so close, if you can just--
“Don’t you dare cum,” he warns, when you push back on his fingers. 
The mix of pleasure and pain is too much, too incredible. You try to hold back, you really do but when he’s fucking you so good, hitting your spot the way he is, the one you swear he created in your cunt, you shatter. Your arms splay across the table knocking over papers as you give in to your climax, chanting his name. Your knees buckle and over the dull ringing in your ears, you hear him laugh again and you know the punishment is far from over. 
“Oh, doll,” he tsks, “Steve and I have been discussing how we’re going to handle you,” he places his fingers in your mouth, “you never listen”.
“Good girl,” he murmurs when you suck them clean, his praise has you preening. 
He grabs your face, pulling you in for a kiss, his tongue pushing into your mouth while he places you on his lap. “S’good,” He mumbles, tasting the remnants of your slick. He breaks away, taking his phone out of pocket. 
He places it beside the tray, opening his gallery. He flips through the pictures of you, stopping when he gets to a photo of the basement. 
Is that a- 
Bucky reaches over and picks up a glass, “thank you for the bourbon, it really hits the spot.”
Your eyes widening as he casually swipes through the photos. You look closely, swallowing audibly when you see the large bed where the pool table used to be; chains and ropes hanging off the walls, toys lined up on the shelves. 
“It’ll be ready by the end of the week and maybe after a few sessions down there, you’ll learn to listen for once.”
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mintmatcha · a month ago
playground - fukunaga x reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Word count:
Just something quick i threw together enjoy
CW: public sex, established relationship, unprotected vaginal sex, cis fem reader, pet names, un-beta-ed we die like champions
Tumblr media
"It's our fifth date." you push yourself down the plastic slide and static buzzes up and across your legs as you fall. It's late- hours and hours past dusk. The park has long been empty, except for you two. Fukunaga's standing at the bottom of the slide, hands in his pocket and one leg propped up against the dirty yellow plastic. When you finally stutter to a stop, he applauds much like a parent watching a toddler.
"I'm so proud of you for learning to count, hon." he jokes with a wink, "Gold star."
"Oh, thank you. It's been a really harrowing journey." you roll your eyes and lean back on to your elbows, looking up at your 'boyfriend'. At least, that's what you've been calling him in your head. You two are exclusive, but the label makes it feel serious, feel real. He's watching you with a purely tickled smile, all teeth, pearly white things that you see too often... and can't wait to see more of.
"Why are you pointing out the number of dates? Do you have a coupon or something? Five dates with a loser, one free day with a winner?"
"Oh, shut up!" you glare at him. "You're not a loser and, even if you were a loser, I'd rather just have a sixth date with you."
"Okay, then what's the reason? Was I supposed to get you something for our fifth date or something?" he asks. There's a sea of goosepimples that rise across his arms as the wind picks up. For a moment, you debate giving his jacket back, but the smell of his cologne- musky yet fresh- only makes you pull the zipper up, nestling deeper into his scent. "Is there some unwritten rule I've never heard of?"
"No, I just-" you falter mid sentence, unsure of yourself. "It's nothing."
"Oh?" he leans forward, dipping at the hips until you two are face to face, "Doesn't seem like nothing."
He tries to duck in for a kiss, but you dodge, and he cocks his head to the side with confusion."If I have to go to the store right now and buy you a gift, I will," he goes to stand, turning to scout the surrounding area, "I'll even go to the classy 7/11 downtown with those little panda snacks you like-"
"Do you think I'm ugly, Shohei?"
The humor drains from his face. "What?" He looks like a different person when he's serious; wide eyes narrowed into slits, mouth drawn into a straight line, "Of course I don't think you're ugly, honey. Why would you say that?"
You just shrug. 
“I think you’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen,” he states firmly, like a fact, “What makes you think otherwise?”
“It’s just-” you swallow, “It’s been five dates-”
“-I know-”
“-and all we’ve done is kiss.” you flop back, laying on the dry slide, the static electricity clinging to every hair on your body. "It feels like you don't wanna do more."
Fukunaga follows you, wood chips shuffling under foot as he closes the distance, and his knee slides between yours as he moves, gentle yet firm. His shoulders are trembling and for a moment you think he's upset, but when you finally meet his eyes, you see him biting back a smile.
"It's not funny, Shohei!" your voice is tight with emotion as you smack his shoulder. 
"You think I don't want to touch you?" he's suddenly on all fours now, palms pressed into the smooth plastic on either side of your face, pinning you in place. His voice has dropped low, softer than you've ever heard him, "If you knew how much effort I put into behaving around you, you'd laugh too."
His lips catch yours in a kiss, breathlessly messy. It’s much more forceful and overwhelming than any other kiss you two have shared, his tongue quickly dipping into your mouth. The neglect of the past month of dating has left you needy and the way he kisses you, like he’s starved, makes it even worse. It's all you can do to reach up and clutch the flannel of his shirt, watching him wide-eyed between kisses. The gentle pressure of your touch pulls him closer, until your staggered breaths have you both pressed against each other.
Fukunaga breaks away. "Last week- when we kissed on the train, and you were pressed up against me so sweetly, just like this-" he drops down, lips brushing against your earlobe, "I wanted you so bad it hurt."
You nuzzle your nose up into his cheek, "I-I wanted you too-"
"You don't understand." He rolls his hips down into you and you can feel him through his jeans, cock half hard and heavy, "It hurt. You make my cock ache."
He pushes your legs apart with his knees. “I would have fucked up on the train if you let me,” he grinds against you again, harder this time, “I’d fuck you right here, right now, if you’d let me.”
You’re arching up, straining to kiss him again, unwillingly whining as you struggle to connect with him. “Sho... I’m not stopping you.” you whisper, “I’d let you.”
He laughs again, warmer this time. “You’d really let me fuck you here?” he sucks a kiss below your jaw as his hands start to wander. Usually, he’d keep them on our hips, like a well behaved gentleman, but now they’re pushing up your shirt, slipping under the band of your bra. “You want our first time to be on a playground? In public?”
You let go of him to start trying to wiggle down your pants, the friction of his weight making it difficult. “Can’t wait anymore,” you whine, “Just be fast so we don’t get caught.”
He shutters, full body wracked with the shock of arousal.  His cat-like eyes are wide, pupils blown out and hazed over. “I know it’s only our fifth date, but I might have to marry you.” He’s propped on to one elbow, the other hand struggling to undo his belt. Both of you scurry to get just undressed enough to fuck; as you get your pants down around one ankle, he frees himself from his zipper, the elastic of his boxers shoved down just below the base of his member. It rests against your thigh, hot and heavy, precum drooling against your thigh.
“Oh, fuck.” you reach for him, hooking your legs around his ass to pull him closer, “You didn’t tell me you were big.”
Fukunaga rolls his eyes, biting back a grin. “So you thought I had a small dick?” he pushes forward, head of his cock gliding through the folds of your pussy. "I'm insulted."
“No, I just didn’t think you were fucking huge.” You can tell how wet you are just by the way he glides, easy and almost frictionless.The excitement, nerves, and danger have you quivering. His eyes flutter with every stroke and you think he might just keep doing this, chasing his own high selfishly.
“Aw, is it too big for you?” he coos, starting to pull back, but you link your ankles together right below his ass.
“Nah, I like a challenge.”
Fukunaga shifts his hips, and the crown of his cock catches against your entrance. Even just his tip, barely inside, makes your body tense, eager for what's to come. “Aw, gold star. Should I-” 
Clutching the back of his neck, short hairs between your fingers, you pull him into an open mouth kiss, tongues barely grazing each other. “Just fuck me already, Sho.”
With a sharp rut, you’re filled with the unique soreness of too much inside you at once. You squirm, savoring the discomfort and dreading it all the same. You curse under your breath when he pushes even deeper, not stopping until his hips are pressed firmly against yours. He waits there, letting you wiggle and sigh as your body adjusts.
“Fuck, you’re thick.” you repeat after a while, once your voice is yours again, still wavering and breathless. Fukunaga pulls out and in again in one steady, patient stroke, eyes never leaving yours, swallowing down your expressions as you’re emptied and filled once again, “G-- god.”
He groans, catching you in another kiss. “Say it again.” he says into the plush of your lips, “Tell me how big I am.”
With your canines, you catch him by the vermillion, nibbling on his bottom lip. “B-biggest I’ve ever had.”
Shohei dips down, suddenly fucking you hard and fast. The tightness and slickness of the play set doesn’t lend itself to sex; every couple of trusts, Fukunaga’s knee slips against the plastic slide and his weight falls against you, but his pace never falters. His hands try and find purchase anywhere they can- the soft of your hip, clasped around your neck, but settle on clutching high up the slide’s wall, angling himself to fuck up into you.  Eventually, after another slow slip of his legs, he gives up- just content to grind his hips deep into yours, animalistic and wild and desperate to be as deep as possible. The zipper of his jeans dig into the plump of your ass and the denim is coarse against your inner thighs, but those senses are overpowered by the knot of pleasure building in your core.
"Augh, c-can I- oh god, keep squeezing me like that-" Fukunaga sighs. He's close, you can feel it in the tremble in his legs. Despite the cold, his brow is dewy with sweat and each huffing kiss tastes like salt. "C-- can I cum inside you? Is that okay? That okay, hon?"
You don't answer immediately, lost in your own impending high, and he whines, high and tight and completely wrecked. "Honey, I'm so close. So, so close.  Y-you gotta tell me to pull out right now or else I'm-"
“No, don’t pull out,” you wrap your legs around him tighter, bucking up into him, looking for something, anything, to push you over the edge, “‘m so close, Sho. Don’t stop- don’t cum-”
“Fuck-” he bites down on your shoulder, his rigid body quivering against yours as he tries to hold himself back. Each snap on his hips makes the metal button of his jeans bite into your skin and you think you’ll end up with a bruise- something small and round and perfectly circular on your inner thigh. “Please cum, god. Please fucking cum- I can’t- you’re so fucking-- god, please- I’m-”
He cums, hard.
 Shivering against you, damp breath against your cheek, a warm, slick feeling fills you with every pulse of his cock. His rhythm loses it’s steadiness, each jagged thrust displacing a mixture of his spend and yours with embarrassingly loud squelches, but he doesn’t stop. It’s all too much and you follow suit, stars prickling your vision as you come undone.
When you can finally open your eyes again, you’re staring at the real stars, peeking through the thin blanket of clouds  that cover the night sky. Fukunaga is still draped over you, pressing quick, chaste kisses to your cheek.
“You okay?” he asks, lifting his head just enough to catch your gaze. 
“Better than okay.” you tap his shoulder, his weight becoming uncomfortable. “You?”
As he props himself up again, he flashes you the ‘OK’ sign with his fingers, his thin smile creeping back onto his face. “Gold star.”
You snort, now pushing him awake forcefully in fake annoyance. He withdraws slowly, watching how his cockhead teases creamy strains from within you.
“Hey, be careful-” his fingers collect his dripping spend, scooping it up and pushing it back inside your tender cunt. “This playground's rated three and up- my kids are too young to go down the slide.”
“Ugh, that’s not funny!” 
Fukunaga, fiddling with his belt, just winks. “It’s funny enough to get me a sixth date though, right?”
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inkykeiji · 6 months ago
you’re like a drug to me, a luxury, my sugar and gold
Tumblr media
character: gojou satoru
genre: smut with a sprinkle of fluff at the end
notes: aaaaah first jjk fic ever!!!! uhhh this is honestly just pure smut and punishment, satoru is a Bad Daddy, and it’s set in a curseless AU | title cred: handclap by fitz and the tantrums
warnings: 18+ minors dni, dubcon/noncon, slight size difference/size kink, belly bulge, spanking with a belt, rough sex, minimal prep, minimal aftercare (at first), toxic and unhealthy relationship (satoru is mean n a bad daddy!), daddy kink/slightly implied ddlg dynamics, praise kink, dacryphilia
words: 3.1k
And although you can—and do—get away with a lot, you can’t get away with everything. A little brattiness he can handle, a little brattiness he thinks is cute. But on the days when you’re really misbehaving, purposefully (or not) breaking every rule, acting out and refusing to listen, rejecting any bargain or compromise with him at all—well, he’s only human.
And he snaps.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gojou Satoru is a bad Daddy.
He’s a sweet Daddy, a silly Daddy, a Daddy who’s almost incapable of saying no. He’s a Daddy with a massive sweet tooth, a Daddy who frequently allows both of you to have dessert before dinner—sometimes dessert for dinner—and a Daddy who gives his princess nearly everything she desires, weak to your pretty pout and puppy-dog eyes and please, Daddy?’s. He hates to deny you, aches at the thought of you being even just a teensy bit displeased, because he wants his baby happy, always.
It’s his fault, really, you’re saying, insisting, when he calls you a spoiled brat. Because, honestly, it is; Satoru is entitled—he always has been, born with a not silver, not gold, but platinum spoon in his mouth—and his little princess is entitled, too.
Because he gives you anything and everything you ask for the moment the demand leaves your mouth, dotes on you hand and foot, absolutely adores you, lavishing you in the finest silks and prettiest lace, always indulging you just as much as he indulges himself—as much as he has always been indulged, growing up filthy rich.
Because you weren’t always like this; or, at least, you weren’t always this brash about it.
But years of getting exactly what you want, exactly when you want it, has forced your attitude to change, to shift.
You haven’t changed, Satoru tells you one day, a tub full of melty ice cream in his lap as he shovels another spoonful into your mouth, waning sun bathing the penthouse terrace in translucent gold and coral, brilliant colours reflected in his crystal eyes. “I didn’t do anything—I simply revealed your true nature,” A devious little smirk spreads across his lips, eyes glinting in an almost ominous nature, and you shiver. “You’ve always been a selfish materialistic brat, haven’t you?”
Well, you guess he has a point.
And although you can—and do—get away with a lot, you can’t get away with everything. A little brattiness he can handle, a little brattiness he thinks is cute. But on the days when you’re really misbehaving, purposefully (or not) breaking every rule, acting out and refusing to listen, rejecting any bargain or compromise with him at all—well, he’s only human.
And he snaps.
It’s always something little, after a day full of disobedience, that does it, that finally lights the fuse and forces an explosion. Something that would normally be inconsequential, something he’d usually laugh off with a coo and a loving pat to your head.
Because you fought him on bedtime last night, then fought him on going to university this morning. You demanded pancakes for breakfast and when he denied them to you, because he’s got an important meeting in the afternoon and thus hasn’t the time to make them, you refused to eat anything at all—only to whine and bitch and complain about how starved you were for the entire duration of his conference. And yet, throughout it all, he was the perfect picture of patience, endlessly cool and nonchalant in his responses to your multiple tantrums.
Until you rushed into the kitchen in a famished frenzy, diving straight for the cookie jar and shoving three in your mouth.
“Sweets are not an appropriate dinner, baby,”
The words are sighed out in pure exasperation, his thumb and his forefinger pinching the bridge of his nose, lids shut tightly.
Eyebrows furrowing, you tilt your head in confusion, speaking around your mouthful. “Since when?”
His eyes snap open, blazing azure glaring at you with such an intensity it makes you flinch, cookie crumbs turning to ash in your mouth.
“Since forever,” he seethes, mask of impassivity finally beginning to break.
“What?” you laugh around the word, but it trembles. “What are you talking about? You rarely enforce that rule—especially since you don’t even follow it yourself!”
“It doesn’t matter,” he snaps, nostrils flaring with a particularly harsh exhale. “I am the boss, and what I say goes,”
“Daddy!” A sock-clad foot stomps against the marble floor as you whine out the word, arms crossing tightly over your chest. “That isn’t fair! You can’t just—”
“Enough with this attitude!” he snarls, moving like a crack of lighting as he lunges at you, lithe arms embracing you in an iron grip. “I can, and I will,”
And then he’s hauling you over his shoulder, one strong arm wrapped around you and pinning you draped over his body, delivering swift, harsh slaps to your ass every time you kick your feet or beat your fists against his back, while every whine and complaint earns you another spank in his mind, mentally tallying them up and vocalizing the thought a moment later.
“You’re being a meanie,”
“That’s twelve,” he growls.
“I don’t care!”
“So what?”
“That’s nothing,”
And that—that gets you to pause, but not to halt, not to stop, potent brattiness mixing with fury as it boils in your chest, the need to defy, to disobey, burning through your veins.
“I-I can handle that,”
“Thirty,” his voice is calm—serene, almost—and ice cold. There’s an underlying challenge sown into it, daring you to try him again, to utter another word. He’ll go higher, you can almost hear his apathetic voice floating through your mind; he’ll go as high as he needs to in order to teach such an ungrateful little brat a lesson.
Thirty it is.
The buckle of his favourite belt jingles as he undoes it, that dainty clink! forcing shivers to pebble across your naked skin, pressing your chest further into the foot of his bed, fingers curling in cashmere.
You’ve developed a love-hate relationship with that belt; it’s so fun when you get to undo it yourself, gentle fingers tugging and toying as you squirm eagerly in his lap, yet the clank and clattering of that heavy buckle as nimble fingers skillfully unfasten it and pull it from the loops of expensive trousers is almost menacing, carrying with it portentous threats it fully intends to see through.
He never warns you when the first strike is coming, reveling in the way your muscles are coiled in tension, in foreboding anticipation; basking in the surprised yelp that bubbles up in your throat.
“Relax,” he tells you with a callous chuckle, leather squealing between large, smooth hands as he folds it. “And count,”
It’s his usual response, predictable and scripted by this point, but he never seems to tire of it, notes of delight lacing his voice.
And that first blow never counts.
Gojou Satoru may be a bad Daddy by most standards, but his punishments are harsh, brutal, and cruel, and they happen to be one of the only things he takes seriously in life.
There’s rules to each of his punishments—so many rules he’s made you write them out multiple times, until your hand ached and fingers cramped and the heel of your palm was swollen, so they’d stick in that pretty empty little head of yours, so you never forget—and his spankings are no different.
You are not to move until he tells you to. You are not to speak unless spoken to. You are to count each lash, loud and clear before the next strike lands. Each mistake, each misstep and slip-up and refusal to comply, will earn you one extra slap. The tool is to be decided based on the severity of the offence.  
The belt, all rigid rawhide and sharp edges, cuts into the supple flesh of your ass with each easy, nonchalant flick of his wrist, abrasively snapping against you.
Each collision of leather against flesh sears a tingly sting into your skin, biting rapidly rising welts into your ass and sending spiky jolts of agonizing pain bolting up your spine, the pain fading to a dull throb for just a moment before another blow is delivered.
“Gorgeous,” Satoru murmurs to himself halfway through your punishment, the word nothing more than a little huff of breath. You don’t dare respond, simply crying out the next number as he lands another harsh blow to your abused skin. He doesn’t think he’s ever heard a more beautiful sound, he continues, voice appearing faint and far away, mingling with the combined symphony of the crack of leather and pathetic whimpers muffled by sheets.
“It’s incredible,” he says, louder this time, voice dripping with wonderment, as if he can’t believe he’s created such a magnificent piece—the streaks of blood staining once perfect, unblemished skin; the high-pitched whines and sharp cries of each subsequent number; the resounding slap of the belt against your bare ass that evokes it all.
The whole thing sends a surge of intense power rushing through his veins, the tingling buzz it leaves behind enthralling and invigorating. You don’t need to look at him to know this, don’t need to see the way his eyes shine with it, the way his chest heaves with it, the way his entire body trembles with it—you can feel it in the atmosphere surrounding you, can feel the shift as his ego saturates the air, as his pure superiority bleeds into it, dense and suffocating, stimulating and revitalizing.
It infects your body, seeping in through your skin and flooding your veins, re-instills the need to be submissive, the ache to be good, providing you with the strength to endure.
The punishment lasts for forty-five excruciating minutes, accumulating a total of thirty three spanks—the extra three tacked onto your original punishment of thirty, one for each time you broke a rule. He’s on you in less than a second the moment it’s over, belt dropping to the rug-covered floor with a distinct thump as soft, eager palms roam your sweaty body, lips crushed against yours, still trembling as they spill pitiful whimpers into his mouth.
The luxurious bedroom—all cream and gold and drenched in sunlight—is blanketed by backhanded praises, warning you not to be a brat and just take what he gives. He’s sadistic when he gets in moods such as these, a feral glint in crystal eyes as large hands hastily flip you over—so fast it knocks a gasp of his name from your chest—seemingly unconcerned about the fresh blood oozing from the thin swollen welts that embellish your ass staining his thousand dollar sheets.
“Daddy needs you now,” he growls when you try to protest, breathing erratic as fingers flex on your hips, squeezing and kneading before pressing down hard, a silent order to stay fucking put. “And you’re going to be a good little girl for your Daddy now, aren’t you?”
Of course. Of course, because you are a good little girl, his good little girl.
But he’s a bad Daddy.
And, like a bad Daddy, he defers aftercare—it can wait, he practically snarls as he drags you to the edge of the bed, folding your legs up on either side of your body, knees nearly nudging your jaw; and foregoes prep almost entirely—two slender fingers slipping between your slick folds, prodding your hole and deeming you wet enough to take him.
And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t absolutely love it when he gets like this, when that façade of indifference finally shatters to pieces, replaced with desperation, with urgency, with neediness.
Your head lifts from the plush mattress, neck straining a little as you watch him push his trousers down his thighs through bleary eyes, residual dewdrops of tears clinging to spidery lashes. His cock bobs a little as he kicks the pants off, and it’s just as pretty as he is, smooth and symmetrical and perfect in every way.
“This would be part of your punishment,” he pants out, speaking over your cry of discomfort as he begins to shove his cock into you, little cunt aching as it attempts to accommodate the sudden intrusion. “If you didn’t love it so much, fucking slut,”
“Daddy!” The pet name claws its way up your throat in a yelp, hands scrabbling against his shoulders, nails digging into his flesh through his Armani button-up in an effort to steady yourself, eyes squeezing shut against the severe burn that accompanies the stretch. “Gonna—Gonna tear me in half,”
“You’d think you’d be used to this by now,” Satoru muses, voice already returning to its apathetic playful lilt now that he’s half buried in your cunt, breathing already calmed. A malicious little smirk decorates his lips and he observes you as if awestruck, one of his hands moving to trace the curve of your cheek, cold fingertips soft against your scalding skin.
“So beautiful like this,” he whispers as he finally bottoms out, hips pressed flush against the back of your thighs.
And you are, fresh tears that glitter the way his eyes do in the waning sun streaming down your cheeks, leaving the prettiest streaks of salt staining your flesh; lips swollen from merciless teeth sinking into them, an attempt to silence yourself, to keep those whines and complaints of Stop, Daddy! and Hurts, Daddy! safely stored in your throat.
Your little hole flutters around him, still struggling to adjust to his girth, and his head droops forward, long tongue unfurling from his mouth to lap at the bitter water adorning your face, slow languid strokes from your jaw to your bottom lashes, replacing shimmering tears with viscous saliva.
Saccharine sugar stings your nose, sticky toffee bathed in decadent chocolate and garnished with a touch of vanilla enveloping you in a sickly sweet embrace.
Such a scent—his scent—starkly opposes the vicious snapping of his hips, setting a merciless pace from the very start, blunt nails biting deep half-crescents into your flesh as they hold you in place.
But the pain only heightens the pleasure, contradicting sensations clashing together with every one of his brutal thrusts, cashmere feeling as rough as sandpaper against your raw, wounded ass. Thorns of pain pierce through your abdomen and shoot up your spine, back arching off the bed, and the muscles in your thighs flex and clench with every slam of his cockhead against your cervix.
It’s potent and intoxicating, a heady exhilaration clouding your brain and flooding your veins, and soon there are tears leaking from your eyes again, dribbling into your mouth and mixing with strings of drool that coat the words you’re babbling out.
Blood rushes in your ears, procuring a deafening ring, and you’re not even sure what you’re saying anymore, voice vibrating indistinctly in your chest as saliva soaked mewls ooze from your mouth. Your Daddy’s staring down at you, condescension etched into his pretty features, eyes morphing from dainty crystal to the navy of a tumultuous sea, framed by strands of cream and ivory dripping with sweat.
And he’s so big, too big, stuffing you full to the hilt with each ruthless piston of his hips, mattress trembling beneath you from the sheer strength; and it’s so much, too much, you swear you can feel him in your tummy, can see the way your lower abdomen cutely bulges in synchronization with every pounding thrust.
You must say it in some way, in some shape or some form, because the patronization varnishing his features melts away, sharp smirk dissolving into a genuine grin, blue eyes lightening with pure adoration.
“Such a good girl,” you think he’s saying, through it’s hard to tell when your eyelids keep drooping, hard to hear when a symphony of broken moans and hitched whimpers and the sharp slapping of skin against skin blanket the room, reverberating off the walls of your skull. “You’re such a good, good girl for me,”
Yes, Daddy, you want to say, such a good girl for you, only for you.
“Y-Yours,” you manage instead, locking your arms around his neck and clinging to him.
“Mine,” he growls, possessiveness lacquering his eyes, brilliant and bright and shining with devotion. “That’s right, mine,”
It only takes another three thrusts before you’re gushing all over his cock, the intense spasming of your cute little cunt drawing the prettiest whines from the back of his throat as he rams into you.
“Beg for it,” he demands, and although it’s an order, it comes out more like a plead, desperation sown into his voice. “Beg for Daddy’s cum,”
You obey immediately, words spilling from your lips without a second thought, automatic and instinctual. Please, Daddy, gimme your cum? Please, please, pretty please, want your cum, Daddy, fill my belly with it, Daddy, I need it, need it so bad, please?
He gives you what you want only a moment later, cock throbbing almost violently as he fills you with thick, scalding cream—so much that you’re sure it’s dribbling out of you, trickling down your ass and onto his pristine sheets—and you roll your hips up, attempting to milk him for more.
“G-Greedy,” he pants out, but there’s a dazzling smile slapped across his face, and so much love in his eyes it’s nearly overwhelming, a fresh wave of tears casting a gleaming shield across your own.
He notices immediately, both of you wincing a little as he pulls out, a wrecked little whine escaping your mouth.
“My poor little princess,” he’s saying as he untangles his briefs—Balenciaga, this time—from his trousers, abandoned in a heap on the hardwood.
“Daddy,” you rasp, a frown marring his face, fingers encircling your ankles as he helps you unfold your stiff legs.
“I know, I know,” he’s murmuring as gentle hands pull the soft clothing up your silky thighs. “It hurts, I know baby, Daddy’s gonna make it feel better now,”
A shiver courses through your body, and he tuts, nimble fingers making quick work of the buttons on his shirt, shrugging it off before he hoists you up and drapes it over your shoulders, tenderly threading your arms through the sleeves.
It’s cozy, and warm, infused with his scent—melted sugar and expensive cologne—and you snuggle into it, weak arms pulling the material tighter around your body, swathing it in comfort. Tears prick your eyes again, blearily blinking them clear as you glance up to find him backing away. A noise of indignance sounds in the back of your throat, eyebrows knitting together as you make grabby hands for him.
“I’ll be right back, princess,” he reassures you as he laces your fingers together and allows you to pull him back towards you, voice soothing like a lullaby. Fingers trail along the curve of your cheek then trace the line of your jaw, palms smoothing hair back from your face. “Daddy’s just going to go get the first aid kit so he can clean you up, okay?”
“‘N then food?”
He coos with a little chuckle, cupping your head as he tilts it up towards him, eyes overflowing with fondness.
“Yeah, baby, and then food. Whatever you want, it’s yours,”
Gojou Satoru may be a bad Daddy, but he is also your Daddy, and that makes him the best Daddy.
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rae-writes · 6 months ago
Dsmp angst/fluff prompts
Eret, Philza, Sapnap, Karl, Technoblade, TommyInnit, Badboyhalo, DreamXD x reader (Separate)
word count : 2.k
warnings : mentions of blood
synopsis : Angst for each character with some fluff to even it out, enjoy and suffer :))
“I think I might be falling in love with you.” 
All of L’manberg sat dispersed inside the van, tending to their wounds- either minor or more serious. Sapnap and Punz had ambushed your group alone and managed to injure everybody, besides Niki and Eret, who weren’t present. 
“N/n? I got you a damp cloth.” Eret frowned at your bloodied uniform, and frowned even more at the smile you still managed to keep. 
“Chin up, Eret, tis but a flesh wound.” You wiggled your brows, taking the cloth from him to wipe away the blood sticking to your skin. You hummed one of Wilbur’s songs as you worked before you were stopped by Eret taking over.
Blood coated his fingers as he slowly dragged the cloth over your skin, “I think I might be falling in love with you.” His white eyes glanced up from his glasses, “So you can’t keep getting hurt like this before I figure it out.” 
Your mouth opened and closed for a few moments until you just smiled, “Yeah? I guess I’ll have to oblige then, Eret.” 
“Was it all a lie?” 
<Tubbo_ was slain by Sapnap using [Sapnap’s Schlong]>
<TommyInnit hit the ground too hard trying to escape Dream>
<WilburSoot was slain by Punz using [Punzo Blade of Justice]>
<ItsFundy was slain by GeorgeNotFound>
Your eyes nearly burned a hole through your coms pad as you stared at the four notifications in disbelief. They finally wandered up to glance over everyone in the room before they landed on the man who betrayed you. 
“Y/n, I-”
“Was it all a lie?” You didn’t have to elaborate, he knew. When you received no answer, you turned your attention to Dream, “Kill me.” The man’s dark chuckle didn’t even frighten you anymore.
“Dream- you said you wouldn’t hurt them!” Eret was held back by Sapnap.
“But they’re asking me so nicely to kill them. I can’t resist that face, can I?”
<Y/n_L/n was slain by Dream using [Nightmare]>
As a crown and royal cape was placed on Eret’s person, he couldn’t help but feel disgusted. “It wasn’t a lie. I love you, Y/n.”
“Stay with me forever.” 
“This biome is so cool, Phil. Look, it’s a mooshroom!” You poked your head more over his shoulder to look at the rare landscape.
He chuckled, “Keep moving over my shoulder and you’ll be dangling down before we even land.” A quick dive to the ground left you both on your feet, Phil shaking with laughter at your ‘what the hell was that’ expression.
“Phil. Phil, please- I could have died.” You dramatically waved your arms around, entertaining the blonde, before he pulled you into his chest.
“Stay with me forever.” Phil’s blue hues twinkled with love and hope as his wings wrapped around you. “You’re the only thing I need as long as you stay. I’ll make it happen.”
You thought back to the totem of undying in your enderchest, quickly understanding what he meant. Living forever seemed intimidating but…”As long as I have you, I’d be happy to live a thousand lifetimes.” 
“Please, just let me go.” 
Crisp autumn leaves fell delicately to the ground. The sun was up just high enough to cast a warm, ethereal glow among them. Their hair was tousled from the playful wind, eyes glowing with excitement. The only thing wrong with this beautiful picture was the red leaves underneath them- it wasn’t natural. It was blood. 
A flurry of black feathers rained down with over a thousand crow caws. His blonde hair shone like pure gold, but his face was stricken with panic and knowing intent. His mouth opened to speak, but a tired voice spoke first. 
“Please, just let me go.” your voice was pleading as you rose your bloodied hand up to Phil. “I’ve lived too long- I’ve seen too many things. You can go on without me.”
“I can’t! I...I’ve lost too many people.” Blue eyes darkened, even if the soft look stayed. “I’m sorry, Darlin’. I have to.” 
A shiny totem was forcibly placed into your hand, seconds before your final breath gave way. A green glare flared to life, glowing all around you before you gasped, alive once more. You looked to your love with tears lining your lash line, begrudgingly accepting his hand once it was held out to you. 
Canon lives : 1 2 3
Totems of undying used : 100
“Please marry me.” 
TNT was raining from the sky, forcing you to dodge and weave through the holes in the ground in an attempt to not get blown up. The red block came inches away from your face until you were tackled and shielded from the explosion. 
Sapnap held himself over you, eyes filled with worry, and a general disbelief at the entire situation. “Y/n...Please marry me.”
Stuttering, you looked at him incredulously, “We’re in the middle of a war, Sapnap!” You were quickly yanked up into his arms. 
“That’s the point! Dream took Clay from me, I’m not letting him take you away! Especially not before we get engaged and have a big, dumb, cute wedding with Alex and Karl…”
You frowned at the tears pricking his eyes, rubbing them away while you switched to a smile, “Okay. I’ll marry you, Sappy. We’ll get really poofy wedding dresses and Alex can wear one with me. You and Karl would look very handsome in suits.” 
Sap laughed, nodding excitedly while you both allowed the tears to fall. The explosions sounding in the background paired with Alex and Karl’s screaming for you brought you back to reality. 
“Let’s win what we can from this. Then we’ll move out somewhere and build our own home- and get you and Alex those dresses.” 
“Don’t leave.” 
You gritted your teeth, looking back and forth between Alex, Sapnap, and Karl. “You forgot to tell him- our Fiance- we were building a literal Kingdom of our own?!” Gripping Alex’s trembling hand in yours, you held up the other to stop the two boys from coming closer. 
“Mi’s okay, you didn’t know.” Quackity brought your hand up to kiss it before he tried wiping away the tears that were forming in your beautiful eyes, “Hey, hey, don’t cry.”
“You were alone Alex! How can I…” You looked at Sapnap, “You could have told him. YOU TOLD ME YOU DID! Karl I can accept, he literally has amnesia some days, but you?! The one who BEGGED me to marry you- the one who told me we’d all have a happy little wedding together. You let him wander alone?” 
Sapnap’s throat started closing up when you spun around, hand still tangled with Alex’s, “No! Don’t leave!” His hand reached out and grabbed your free one, spinning you back around to face him, “Don’t leave us...Don’t leave me.” 
You furrowed your eyebrows and squeezed Alex’s hand, “I...I just need some time, Sap.” You glanced at Karl, “Goodbye for now.”
“I could never forget you.” 
Your fingers ached from countless page turning and book placing but you didn’t mind; Karl’s library always gave you a sense of comfort. 
“Thanks for organizing all my books- it must have taken ages to put them all in alphabetical order.” Karl leaned against a barren bookshelf, gazing at you in adoration. 
“I wanted to, don’t worry!” You turned around, nervously ignoring the breathlessness you got from his intense gaze, “We don’t want you to forget more than you already are, so I figured this might help.” 
“I could never forget you.” 
The book you were clutching tumbled out of your hand, being caught delicately by the man in front of you. Your heart fluttered almost violently as you looked up at him in shock. “K-Karl…”
“I’m serious.” His hazel gaze was intense, “No matter what, I’ll never forget you. Not in a million years- no- not even in an immortal lifetime.”
The shine off the gold edge of Karl’s white and grey swirled journal shone brighter at his words before it died down. 
“I believe you, Karl.” 
“I can’t promise anything.” 
“Karl! Karl-“ You gripped his sweater desperately. It was fading to black. “Karl, please! can’t!” 
Karl’s once loving hazel eyes were now solemn, “I have to, Y/n. I have to keep going- to keep living and telling these stories.” His hands gently untangled yours from his shirt. 
You shook your head, choking down a sob, “Don't forget about me.”
“I can’t promise anything.” 
Your eyes widened and your knees buckled. They crashed against the grown as you blankly watched Karl walk through his swirling portal. You screamed out when he was gone, glaring at the books around you, like they’d bring him back. 
<KarlJacobs has finally come home. Welcome to The Other Side>
“Tell me again.” 
“Y/n? Why do you…” His brows furrowed, “Why do you stay with me?”
Glancing over at Techno, you couldn’t help but smile softly : No matter how strong he was, sometimes the words of his enemies truly got to him. “You shouldn’t listen to Quackity, Tech. I stay with you because I want to and because...I love you.” The two of you hadn’t said anything of the sort to each other but perhaps this would soothe his nerves.
Techno tensed, glancing down at you in disbelief. His expression then melted, surprisingly quickly, into one of anticipation, “Tell me again.”
You laughed giddily, scooting closer to the hybrid to nuzzle your nose against his jawline, “I love you Technoblade.” You gave him a kiss on the forehead, “I love you,” A kiss on the nose, “I love you,” and a final kiss on the lips, “I love you.” 
Techno was practically breathless, staring at you in complete awe. With his ear twitching cutely, he let out excited snorts, rubbing his head against your chest. “Again, please.”
“Don’t make this harder than it already is.” 
You were silent the entire journey, sitting atop Carl with a far away look. When you arrived at the destination, you were in a plains field, which caused you to shed some of your layers. Techno held a hand out for you- one that you ignored- as you slipped down off your horse. 
“Y/n...Don’t make this harder than it already is.” His red eyes followed you, grimacing at your teary expression. “Y/n-”
“It’s not fair! Phil has one life and he gets to go, but I don’t?! And don’t you dare say it’s because he can handle himself because I can too!” You flinched slightly when his hands encased your arms roughly, looking at him in shock.
“I can’t fucking lose you, alright?! I won’t. So you are gonna sit your ass in that bunker with Carl and wait until I come get you!” Noticing the fear in your eyes, he toned down his snarl and softened his eyes, “Please.” 
You swallowed the lump in your throat and nodded stiffly, turning around to grab Carl’s rein and lead him inside. You heard Techno sigh before he walked away; Once he was gone, you wrapped your arms around Carl’s neck and sobbed. 
“I’ll never let you go.” 
Despite being 20 feet away from it, the lava below you warmed your body up tremendously; you were starting to sweat. Your forearms tensed, fingers digging into the netherrack under them in an attempt to keep yourself on the ledge. 
“Tommy-” Your voice was panicked- pained even- at the sudden breaking of multiple nails. “Tommy!” Clawing at the red ground with one hand, you stretched out the other towards the blonde. 
He yelped when you slid backwards, leaping toward the edge to catch your wrist before you fell into the pit. Tommy winced at the snapping sound under his grip before he tugged you up and into his chest. 
Your breath was labored as you rested against the equally breathless teen. Your body started shaking involuntarily from the shock, but Tommy always made you feel better. 
“Don’t worry, N/n. I’ll never let you go.” 
“Don’t ever let me go.” 
You had sprinted all the way from the Tundra to Pandora’s Vault. The message on your communicator pad shone brightly as you frantically looked around for any sign of him.
<TommyInnit whispered to you : Y/n?>
“TOMMY?!” A hoarse voice responded to your yell, making your head snap over to the sound. You gasped, timidly stumbling forward a few steps. 
Tommy stood leaned against the wall of the entrance with dull eyes, dark bags underneath them, and shoulder length un-kept hair. “Y/n…” 
You launched forward when his eyes welled with tears, wrapping your arms tightly around him as if you were holding him together. You let a few tears fall, but tried to focus more on the sobbing boy in your arms. 
“Y-y/n! It was so horrible being locked up in there with him, I-“ Tommy’s expression was frantic and mortified. “Don’t ever let me go.” He went back to burying his face into your neck. 
“I’d never even imagine it, Tommy. I’m right here- always.” 
“I never thought love could be anything like this.” 
“Bad? Will you hand me those chocolate chips?” You had flour dusted over your apron and a bit on your face, but you still looked like the most cheerful mortal the demon had ever seen. 
He chuckled, leaning up to grab them from the cabinet, “Here you go, muffin.” As he watched you finish up the last batch of muffins, he found himself smiling fondly. 
You put the tray in the oven and turned, blinking at the loving stare your boyfriend was giving you. “Baaad, stop staring! You’re making me flustered-“ 
“You know, I never thought love could be anything like this.” Humming thoughtfully, he let his hands wander to your waist, “I mean, I’m a demon. We were born being told love wasn’t for us.” 
You hummed back, admiring his half-human state before rubbing his horns gently, “Well, maybe you found it because I was made for you.” You grinned at his surprised expression, laughing when he ducked down into your shoulder.
“Made for me, hm? I like that.”
“I don’t want to lose you too.” 
Bad’s white-washed clothes were all you could focus on. The chains binding you together and to the room were nothing compared to the ones twisting and turning at your heart. 
His tail swished nervously, “Muffin...I’m sorry about this but-“ Bad sighed, nuzzling his face into your neck to avoid the conversation. 
“You’ve changed, Badboyhalo.” You ignored his flinch at the use of his full name, “This isn’t the demon I fell in love with.” You furrowed your brows, thinking back to the cheerful nine foot demon in red who wouldn’t dare hurt a fly. 
“I don’t want to lose you too!” Bad’s voice was as loud as a roar, echoing around the room painfully. His breath stuttered at his own decibel level, looking at you sorrowfully. 
Your bottom lip trembled, “You already have.” 
“Run away with me.” 
The wind rustled through your hair, no doubtably causing it to tangle, as you stood on The Ender Dragon itself. You were flying around the End domain, laughing and cheering at the adrenaline filling your body. 
“Having fun?” 
Looking down at the masked man, you grinned and plopped down in front of him, reaching up to steal the obscuring object, “I am. Are you?”
X smiled, green eyes twinkling with adoration, “I always do with you.” His eyes stared off into the black abyss before looking back at you, “Run away with me.” 
You hid your surprise well, instead giving him a teasing smile, “Run away with a God?” Yelping when he dragged you into his lap, you relented, “Where would we go? What about Cla-“ 
“We would live here, in the End. As for Dream, he doesn’t need you- or any of your friends for that matter. You know that.” X nudged your nose with his, “So stay here. With me.”
“I wish I’d never met you.” “ don’t mean that.”
You had gone into L’manberg to get food ingredients and got stopped by the President himself. He was very nice; easy to talk to. 
“You should come visit more often, Y/n~” Wilbur smiled as he set down your basket for you, “I-“ His pretty brown eyes misted over. 
You gasped, backing up slightly at the neon green threads curling around his neck and wrists. The man was turned and forced to walk away- like a puppet. 
“Well that takes care of that. What a nuisance. Come, Y/n.” X landed behind you, gripping your hip protectively. 
You spun around and pushed him back, “What the hell was that?! I was having a conversation with a friend, X! I’ve known Wilbur before I even met you!” 
“That low-life was just trying to get in your pants! You are mine, goddamnit. MINE!”
You bit your lip at his crude words, closing your fists when they started shaking, “I wish I’d never met you.” 
X’s eyes dimmed, peeking out of the ‘D’ in shock, “ don’t mean that.” His hands reached back out to grip at your waist, pulling you closer so he could take his mask off. 
You sighed, lifting your neck up as the familiar green string encased it, “Let go of me, XD.” You knew he wouldn’t. 
“Never.” The threads tightened, “Let’s go home now.”
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Best Draco/Hermione Fics Dramione Shippers Read in 2020
A few days ago, I asked you what were the best Dramione fics you'd read in 2020. Here's the huge list of your excellent recs (in alphabetical order):
A Creature Most Unusual by JMilz: Draco Malfoy is on a mission. Unfortunately, Hermione Granger catches him in the act. When she sees that he has adopted a rather unusual magical creature, she becomes determined to make sure he takes care of it. Little does she know, the animal may hold her key to eternal glory . . . and a whirlwind romance. M, 9 Chapters, 24,460 Words
A Little More Alive, Far Less Lost by MGL_Dramione_Lover: After Draco's post-war trial, he finds himself attending his 8th year at Hogwarts with Hermione. As remorse and acceptance replace anger and hate, the old enemies begin a friendship that sparks into much more than they ever hoped for. Hermione's goal as Head Girl is to banish old prejudices and unite the school while Draco's only wish is to become a man worthy of her love. M, 22 Chapters, 84,823
A New Light by mithrilstarlight: Draco spent six years doing his best to keep his head down. Then he runs into Hermione Granger. Turns out, they actually have a lot in common.Chapters posted M/W/F. T, 18 Chapters, 33,876 Words
A Second Look by RiverWriter: Her best friend's life was a mess and she would have done anything to make things better for him and his sons. So, when she found her former enemy in a similar situation her heart went out to him as well... and the beautiful blond baby in his arms didn't hurt his case. It was certainly enough for her to give him a second look. M, 30 Chapters, 127,243 Words
All that is Rare by smithandbarrowman: In the wizarding world, it has long been assumed that men are Alphas and women are Omegas. However, when Hermione Granger discovers that assumptions are rarely factual, her status as one of only a handful of female alphas that has ever existed has men falling at her feet.But there’s only one man she wants, and like the male alphas before her, the hunt is on until he bears her mark. E, 31 Chapters, 119,755 Words
All the Wrong Things by LovesBitca8: Sequel to "The Right Thing to Do" - Draco's POV. Part 2 of the "Rights and Wrongs" series. E, 24 Chapters, 160,297 Words
All You Want by senlinyu: Eighth Year at Hogwarts was supposed to be Hermione’s. And it is, just not in the way she expects. Omegaverse fic. E, 36 Chapters, 172,651
apples & cream by LovesBitca8: She could have taken her things and gone through his Floo without a word. She could have ignored him on Monday morning, as though last night had been no more than a fever dream and too much Firewhisky. But she’d come back to bed. Inspired by the lovely NikitaJuice's "apples & cream." E, 1 Chapter, 1,426 Words
Beginning and End by mightbewriting: Years. Broken into months into weeks into days—into hours, minutes, seconds—into moments. Simple at one end, complex at the other. In Draco’s experience, moments, even when simple, had a habit of becoming irretrievable. Moments grew, stretched, multiplied into ages and eras that defined whole stretches of measurable time. Draco regretted several moments in his life, some within his control, some without: all of them irretrievable in nature. At a certain point, wedged between ‘what-ifs’ of his own devising, he’d stopped trying to keep track of those regrettable moments: now and then, pushing and pulling, coming and going, beginning and end. Moments were only moments for just as long. After that, he had no control. A Draco POV prequel to Wait and Hope. E, 48 Chapters, 242,100 Words
Bells on a Hill by HeyJude19: Left by his fiancée a month before the ceremony, Draco never got his dream wedding, so agreeing to assist Granger with her own wedding planning to distract himself from his broken engagement seems like a great idea—though Draco probably shouldn't fall in love with the bride-to-be. Based very (very) loosely on The Wedding Singer. T, WIP
Bending Light by scullymurphy: Draco Malfoy was in exile, though they called it protection. It was the summer after sixth year and he'd taken Dumbledore's offer, defected to the other side and been sent away to a small town in Italy for his troubles. No magic, few rules, and not a lot to do - until Hermione Granger showed up. M, WIP
Break for me by Ada_P_Rix: COMPLETE _______________ "-I told them this wouldn’t work.” He cut in through gritted teeth as he kept his eyes on Hermione, making her pulse quicken and she couldn’t help but clench her thighs together at the rough, husky tone of his voice. He didn’t miss it; his eyes landed on her thighs and they darkened even further. “I can’t help her when all I feel like I want to do is pin her down and fuck her into the mattress.” _______________ Hermione gets into a little accident at work and is infected with a hybrid potion created to cause certain heightened side effects. Draco offers to stick around to give his work partner a little support ... if he can Occlude long enough to resist her... E, 7 Chapters, 45,107 Words
Breath Mints / Battle Scars by Onyx_and_Elm: For a moment, she's almost giddy. Because Draco Malfoy's been ruined by this war and he's as out of place as she is and — yes, he has scars too. He's got an even bigger one. She wonders whether one day they'll compare sizes. E, 51 Chapters, 148,908 Words
Bring Him to His Knees by Musyc: Draco is on the case of a murderer, but to investigate, he needs a fake relationship - and a kink club play partner. When Hermione volunteers to take the role, both do their best to maintain the lie without letting each other know the truth: neither of them are acting. E, WIP
Calendar Boys by anne_ammons, Nadiapolyakova (Rijaya83): She had thrown out the idea on a lark, but now Hermione Granger was tasked with bringing the charity calendar to life. What was one more thing on her list? An art/writing collaboration between nadiapolyakova and anne_ammons - twelve photos and a piece of the story behind them. M, WIP
Cherry Mint by dirtymudblood: "He could smell her. Even multiple train cars away, he could smell her. Except, Draco didn’t know who she was. He ignored his natural instincts to pant like a dog and follow the scent to the omega in the beginning stages of heat. Instead he willed himself to rub his knuckles against the rough wood of the table in front of him." E, 27 Chapters, 58,081 Words
Dark Water and Dying Eyebrights by bexchan: One of them is desperately trying to remember their past while the other is forever trying to escape theirs. It's seven years after the war and Draco has managed to avoid almost everyone from Hogwarts, living a lonely life on a small island, far away from the wizarding community. But a familiar face in a cafe window capsizes his world into chaos. Dramione. EWE. Memory fic. M, WIP
Difficult by provocative envy: COMPLETE: "I should," I repeated. "But I don't want to." And then he smiled, and I was wrecked. HG/DM. M, 30 Chapters, 87,041 Words
Don't Look Back by Onyx_and_Elm: It’s the smell of it. Chemical. Bitter and sharp as a raw edge on metal. Just a hint of it as she passes him at breakfast — but enough to stop her dead, mid-step. There is Wolfsbane in his tea. E, WIP
Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time by monsterleadmehome: She scoffs. “If you must know, he ‘elected’ me because he thinks our shared animosity will keep you in check. He’s also not worried about you trying to shag me as a distraction.” He leans back, stubbing out his cigarette on the banister. His eyes rove over her from crown to toe and back. She lifts her chin and tries not to shiver. “Well, he’s right about that.” Lucius Malfoy hires Hermione Granger to whip his son into shape so he can find a pure-blood bride and receive his inheritance. What could go wrong? E, 10 Chapters, 48,092 Words
Draco's Gift by TriDogMom: Draco gives Hermione a gift because of an instructional YouTube video. M, 1 Chapter, 1,705 Words
Dragon in the Dark by GracefulLioness: The battle is won, Voldemort is dead, but the war is far from over. In the new Death Eater regime, Draco Malfoy does what he must to survive and keep his mother safe. Now a highly trained assassin, Draco has learned to think of his targets as inhuman beings, but when he is tasked with killing someone from his past, he can no longer hide from the horrors of the world around him. E, 31 Chapters, 164,782 Words
For a Present Under the Tree by grace_lou_freebush: When Draco and Hermione eloped, the Wizarding World turned against them. Hermione is stuck in a low level, low paying Ministry job with no hope of upward movement. Draco can't even convince someone to hire him. Now, it's Christmas, and Draco knows Hermione deserves the world - or at the least a Christmas gift. He finds the perfect hair comb to replace the horrid Muggle brush she's been making due with, and he'll do anything to afford the paltry present so he can have something to put under the Christmas tree for his wife. Making a beeline for the jewelry box containing the hair combs, Draco rifled through them, landing on an ivory comb with queen anne rose carvings and gold filigree detailing. He brought it to the startled shopkeeper and set it down gently. Pulling his sixth generation Malfoy heirloom pocket watch from his coat, he shoved it in the wizard's face without second guessing himself. "I would like to make an exchange." E, 1 Chapter, 10,141 Words
Fortuitous by MrsRen: Recently divorced Draco doesn't believe in the ideology of having one true love. He certainly doesn't expect to meet his match in a Halloween themed coffee shop, but fate has a peculiar way of giving you just what you need. M, 13 Chapters, 93,695 Words
Fuck, Marry, Avada by Lilian_Silver: Some years after the war, the gang meets up at the Leaky to play a silly game, with very real consequences. E, 1 Chapter, 3,106 Words
Give Me An Hour by RZZMG: As the war continues to rage on around them, Hermione Granger decides to seduce fellow Order Member, Draco Malfoy, one night while at Grimmauld Place... and everything between them changes after that. Fic follows the "five times" trope, and is dedicated to raspberryjukebox. One-shot. A/U-Extended War scenario. Dramione. Drama-Romance-Hot Shag! COMPLETE! M, 1 Chapter, 3,251 Words
Good Girl by arabellaleyes: Hermione is tired of their normal routine in the bedroom. What will happen when she asks Draco to spice things up? One-shot. Complete. M, 1 Chapter, 9,000 Words
Hindsight by floorcoaster: It's a New Year and Hermione decides it's time to make some changes. T, 12 Chapters, 167,694 Words
How to Love Thy Neighbour by WhatSoMalfoy: After her relationship with Ron falls apart, Hermione attempts to juggle a personal muggle life with a professional wizarding one. After encountering her high school nemesis in the most unlikely place, Hermione adds another ball to the juggling mix. M, 14 Chapters, 41,992 Words
How to Move On by longdistance: It's been nearly a decade since the war. A long time since she locked herself away. A long time since he faced his mistakes. She's what he wants. He's what she needs. It's time for both of them to figure out how to move on. M, WIP
Hydrotherapy by eilonwy: Draco finds a trip to the showers after playing Quidditch... enlightening. E, 2 Chapters, 7,163 Words
I Choose You by melanoradrood: At the end of Fifth Year, Hermione finds out why It is that none have approached her with a Marital Contract, the only way she can remain in the Wizarding World after Graduation. It has already been signed by her Magical Guardian, someone she has never met - she is to be the next Lady Malfoy. A year and a half later, she is a married witch, but still, Draco Malfoy, who had chosen her above all others, had not spoken of it. In fact, they barely spoke at all. And when trouble heads their way, Hermione means to change that. Really, she means to change a lot of things. E, 5 Chapters, 24,527 Words
Isolation by Bex-chan: He can't leave the room. Her room. And it's all the Order's fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something's going to give. Maybe his sanity. Maybe not. "There," she spat. "Now your Blood's filthy too!" DM/HG. PostHBP. Now complete with epilogue. M, 49 Chapters, 284,050 Words
It Happened in Egypt by bionically: Wandless in Egypt: Draco's stranded in Egypt, but luckily, there's a Granger in sight. Now, if only he could be prevented from strangling her. Fun times abroad: It was supposed to be a leisurely solo trip down the Nile. Hermione didn't factor in one blond man from her past and all his drama. Then, of course, there's the fact that everyone's after him. Much hilarity ensues. Maybe. *** A rom-com adventure/mystery featuring two unwilling partners on the run from Lucius Malfoy, alien-hunters, Muggle police, and local wizards engaged in a civil war. T, WIP
Love and Other Misfortunes by senlinyu: Draco Malfoy is dying. He's part-Veela and needs his mate to survive. Post-war, Hermione Granger is a workaholic, up to her eyeballs in legal activism on behalf of Magical Beings, and hasn't yet noticed that Malfoy is the Magical Being who needs her most. “Because I don’t want to be saved by you just because you feel like you have to.” He was properly furious now. “I’m in love with you." Hermione stared at him. She knew but somehow hearing him say it made the air shimmer with magic. "I’m in love with you,” he said again, despairingly. “And that means I want you to be as happy as you possibly can. And you won’t be, not with me.” M, 23 Chapters, 98,584 Words 
Manacled by senlinyu: Harry Potter is dead. In the aftermath of the war, in order to strengthen the might of the magical world, Voldemort enacts a repopulation effort. Hermione Granger has an Order secret, lost but hidden in her mind, so she is sent as an enslaved surrogate to the High Reeve until her mind can be cracked.Now illustrated by Avendell. E, 77 Chapters, 370,473 Words
Measure Of A Man by inadaze22: To truly know someone is to differentiate between who they once were, who they are now, and who they're capable of being. Hermione realises the duality of one man as she rectifies what she knows of the past and begins to understand the pieces of who Draco Malfoy is now: a father, a son, and a man. E, WIP
Meet the Malfoys by raven_maiden: 4 Works, 21, 442 Words
of flavoured names and coloured sounds by Pink Panda (Ejacyeolation): "He doesn’t question it at first, the fact that sounds have colours and words have flavours. He grows up with it, grows up seeing powerful ruptures of colour when his mother plays the piano and softer, translucent bursts when the people around him speak. His father’s voice fills his vision with sombre oranges and lilacs while his mother’s is a pleasant mix of delicate greens, blues, and greys. The word father tastes like wet wood and the word mother tastes like the pumpkin juice the house-elves frequently serve him."In which Draco just wants to know what colour Hermione's moans would be. He also wants to know if her skin would taste as sweet as her surname or maybe as intoxicating as her given name. E, 2 Chapters, 10,351
Once Upon a Night by longdistance: One night will change everything. M, 17 Chapters, 57,444 Words
One and Done by PacificRimbaud: Hermione Granger has a career she loves, friends she can depend on, and a nice set of hand towels for her new flat. She's single and tired of tiresome men, but that doesn't stop her from wearing beautiful lingerie underneath her serious Ministry skirts. Or having pictures taken in naughty knickers. Just once. For herself. Draco Malfoy doesn't get upset at the sight of blood, which is good, because he sees a lot of it. What he doesn't see a lot of is Hermione Granger in her unmentionables. Usually. A series of meetings and mix-ups in which one cannot possibly mean done. E, 4 Chapters, 35,011 Words
Our shared silence by Vofastudum: She wakes up one morning and everyone is just gone, vanished like they never existed at all. Everyone but Him. And in this silent solitude, he's all she has. Hermione and Draco alone in empty castle. Mystery and a plot twist you didn't see coming! EDITED 10/2020 M, 17 Chapters, 40,149 Words
Pinned by bionically: Draco doesn't know what he's expecting when he follows Blaise down a dark alley, but it certainly isn't this. For a man with an addictive personality, this isn't going to turn out well. Assigned trope: Voyeurism *** Or, a chance encounter with a frizzy-haired witch from his misbegotten past in the last place anyone should have expected to see her sets Draco's disordered life on its ear. The path to redemption is truly paved with unexpected surprises. E, 20 Chapters, 110,886 Words
Really Sell It by RoseHarperMaxwell: Draco's having a rough eighth year, and Hermione's going to make it better for him. "Well, it’s clear what needs to happen.” She gripped his chin, tilting his head to make sure she hadn’t missed any injuries, before looking straight into his eyes. “You’re my boyfriend now.” *Featuring fake dating, exhibitionism, and sex-positive Hermione Granger. Submission for Farewell to Summer: The 31 Flavors of Smut Fest. E, 1 Chapters, 7,612 Words
Remain Nameless by HeyJude19: How did it feel? It felt like he was barely holding it together. She, of all people, should shun him. Or yell at him. Curse him. Spit at him. Take out her wand and blast him off the face of the earth. It was crushing guilt and relief and confusion all at once when he looked at Hermione Granger. The monotony of Draco’s daily routine had become both a lifeline and a noose. But this new habit of grabbing coffee with Hermione Granger is quickly becoming a reason to get out of bed and is unfortunately forcing him to re-evaluate his inconsequential existence. Hermione is living her life in fragments, separate pieces scattered about, and she can’t find a way to step back and let the full picture form. Why are morning meetings with Draco Malfoy the only thing that make sense anymore? E, 51 Chapters, 312,315 Words
Remember Us As War (but call us forgiveness) by Anyaparadox: Following the devastation of the Battle of Hogwarts, The Wizarding Population Growth Act is put into effect. All witches and wizards will be matched with their most compatible partner. Failure to comply will not be tolerated. Survival is key. Hermione reminds herself of this. Survival. She can fix this, if only she can survive. The war has made this a task she is equipped for. Marrying Draco Malfoy will hardly be the worst thing she's ever endured. M, WIP
Ring A Ring O' Roses by Gallivant: Dark Magic, Dark Wizards and a mysterious and deadly Dark Flux, which, in the wrong hands, has the terrifying potential to mass-murder Muggles and Muggle-borns ... It’s been fourteen years since the end of the Second Wizarding War and the Wizarding World is settled, stable and seemingly safe… Hermione Weasley has it all: a loving family, a successful career - and happiness… of sorts. But a series of unexpected events is about to turn her life upside-down, threatening those she loves, fatally undermining the peace between worlds that has prevailed for centuries … changing life as she knows it, possibly forever. If working with Draco Malfoy was the last thing Hermione Weasley ever wanted, falling for your enemy was the least expected. A quest to thwart a magical weapon of mass destruction has devastating consequences. A race to save the world, becomes a race to save themselves… M, 65 Chapters, 527,141 Chapters
Set Fire to the Rain by HarleyQuinn1317: What happens when the one you're destined for is the last person you should ever be with... When the Ministry of Magic asks for volunteers for their Marriage Initiative, Hermione Granger must come to terms with the one terrible deed she committed during the Second Wizarding War. Can she find it in her heart to forgive herself and finally learn to let love in? E, WIP
Sex and Occlumency by Graendoll: Hermione didn't escape from the war unscathed, and when she finally decides on a solution to her problems she's left to explore it on her own. A chance encounter with Draco Malfoy sets her world on it's head and leads her down a path towards healing that she would never have anticipated. E, 18 Chapters, 65,079 Words
The Art of Seating Etiquette by inadaze22: Hermione believes that every problem has a solution, and that solution can be found in a book. That is, until Draco starts sitting to her right every Friday. She has no answers until help comes in the form of an unlikely source: Ron Weasley. E, 1 Chapter, 9,734 Words
The Auction by LovesBitca8: In the wake of the Dark Lord’s triumph over Harry Potter, the defeated must learn their new place. Hermione Granger, former Golden Girl, has been captured and reduced to human chattel. Sold to the highest bidder as the top prize at an auction of Order members and sympathizers, she is thrust into the rabid, waiting hands of the Death Eaters. But despite the horrors of Voldemort’s new world, help—and hope—seem to arise from the most unlikely of places. PART 3 of the RIGHTS AND WRONGS series. E, 41 Chapters, 325,702 Words
The Binding by Curly_Kay: “Okay, what we know so far.” Hermione listed, "One, our magic is drawing us together. Two, we can use each other’s wands. Three, there were actual sparks when you touched me."After an infant binding ritual magically joins Hermione and Draco to counteract the Black family blood curse, they must navigate the secret binding through their years together at Hogwarts. E, 35 Chapters, 175,451 Words
The Carnal Club by Ada_P_Rix: COMPLETE The Halloween Ball is fast approaching with Hermione at the helm.... What a delightful time to suddenly learn of a centuries old secret sex-game club that is currently ran by a Blonde haired Slytherin. Oh, and it only happens once a year every October, when the winner takes all at the Halloween Ball ...The First Rule of Carnal Club: You do not talk about Carnal Club. E, 8 Chapters, 43,306 Words
The Disappearances of Draco Malfoy by Speechwriter (batmansymbol): The night that Harry and Dumbledore return from the cave, the Death Eaters are delayed from reaching the top of the Astronomy Tower for one more minute. Draco Malfoy lowers his wand. A Deathly Hallows rewrite in which Draco accepts Dumbledore's offer to fake his death and go into hiding with the Order of the Phoenix. T, WIP
The Erised Effect by Ada_P_Rix: Hermione and Pansy work in a shop together. Draco, Harry, Theo and Blaise all work together at the Ministry. They all meet up every Friday at the pub to have drinks. Pansy has a new fantasy potion that she likes to call 'The Erised Effect' that she's keen to try out on willing participants ... Boys are so easy to manipulate when alcohol is involved .... E, 13 Chapters, 88,852 Words
The Fallout by everythursday: Hermione learns about growing up through the redemption of Draco Malfoy. E, 49 Chapters, 310,229 Words
The Figures of Figuring Out by Vofastudum: You were the biggest riddle in my life. You were the one I couldn't figure out. You were the only thing I couldn't find a pattern to. You were something I couldn't look up from any book. Unwritten, with no instructions. And I was used to finding solutions! Post-war eight-year secret romance. Edited 12/2020 M, 13 Chapters, 26,951 Words
The Flat in Bath by Ada_P_Rix: Loosely inspired by 365 Days...-- Malfoy grabbed her chin, forcing her to look directly at him. “Don’t you dare, Granger...” He told her roughly as his intense gaze bored into her own. “I fucking forbid you to come until I’ve had enough of you...” Draco caught her cheeks now between the fingers of his free hand and then snapped her head to the side and licked her earlobe, trailing down to her jawline. “ flutter of those delicious walls of yours and you’re going to wish you never opened your legs for me.” -- __________________ Hermione is kidnapped during a raid and taken captive by someone who doesn't plan on 'torturing' her in the conventional way... E, WIP
The Gloriana Set by ThebeMoon: The War is won, and Hermione Granger is back at Hogwarts as an “Eighth Year”, feeling reckless and determined to shed her prim bookworm persona. She will do as she pleases, and anyone who doesn’t like it will see the business end of her wand. Also returning is Draco Malfoy, universally hated but determined to restore his family’s name. Hermione’s hopes for a quiet school year are quickly dashed as she contends with mischievous First Years, killer plants, enchanted hair accessories, a totally inappropriate Moaning Myrtle, renegade Death Eaters, a nice vampire, a poorly named study group, a depraved party, and mysterious, threatening blood messages on the castle walls. We have redemption, partial redemption and (sadly or hilariously) no redemption at all. Throw in a snarky, disturbingly attractive Draco with his own secret agenda, and we have a very slow-burn Dramione with a side of who-dun-it. COMPLETE! M, 81 Chapters, 271,830 Words
The Library of Alexandria by senlinyu: The Library of Alexandria is not for just any witch or wizard. Many bookworms may try but few are permitted to pass through its doors. The books residing there are ancient and powerful and, if one happens to make a mistake, the consequences can be rather—novel. E, 6 Chapters, 26,383 Words
The List by AureliaBlack90: After her divorce, Hermione decides to get out of town to recover from the pain of her lost relationship and the miscarriage she suffered a year previously. She arrives in the Cotswolds depressed and aimless but compiles a list of things to do that she hopes will help her get back on her feet. In the midst of her journey to find healing she keeps running into Draco Malfoy, who is nothing like she remembered him. He invites her into his world, and Hermione finds exactly what she was looking for - in the place she least expected it. E, 10 Chapters, 70,526 Words
The Manuscript by alexandra_emerson: Five 1/2 years after the war, in the middle of a big fight with Draco, Hermione finds a manuscript. It’s a retelling of her and Draco’s love story, written by him. She never realized how much he was struggling before she read his words. Snippet: I could spend my whole life apologizing to you Hermione, and it would never be enough. Post-war, angst-filled Dramione with a happy ending. M, 21 Chapters, 154,918 Words
The Memory of You by PotionChemist: Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger fell in love against all odds, but there was one big problem — he was already married. Pressured, Hermione does something she promised herself she would never do again and erases their affair from his memory. Completely devastated, she avoids seeing Draco or the Malfoys at all costs. But is their love too strong? Are they inevitable? What will happen if he finds out about their previous relationship? E, WIP
The Mountain and The Sea by AlexisDanaan: Hermione Granger was perfectly happy with her life, her job as a Healer Trainee, her ugly cat and her cute little house in the countryside. And then Draco Malfoy had to go and mess that all up, typical git. Post-Hogwarts, EWE, OOC, creature!fic. E, 12 Chapters, 40,441 Words
The Nietzsche Classes by Beringae: The Ministry takes action against the remaining prejudice in the wizarding society and asks Hermione for help. “What do you want? Money? Power? Name your price, Granger. I’m not about to let pride get in my way when an Azkaban sentence is on the line.” M, 15 Chapters, 45,807 Words
The Phoenix Potion by FedonCiadale: Twenty years after the battle of Hogwarts.... Harry is head auror and is worried about cases where Muggleborn children meet with accidents, Ron is a famous Quidditch keeper. Both haven't talked to Hermione for ages and certainly not to her husband, Draco Malfoy. Narcissa Malfoy struggles with a curse, and Neville and Luna try to stay friends with all. The key to solving the problems may lie in the past, a time nobody really wants to revisit and some can't. T, 111 Chapters, 237,745 Words
The Potioneers by omnenomnom: They need each other unfortunately. Hermione has tricked Draco under her tutelage, arrogant attitude and all. But she would be simple to think he would accept it quietly. They have both have secrets to hide, old wounds better left to fester, and a world full of mermaids, dragons, and magic to explore. T, 53 Chapters, 196,559 Words
The Pretense by Colubrina: Voldemort died, but the Death Eaters live on. Hermione Granger traded herself to Draco Malfoy in exchange for safe passage for core Order members. Now he's pretending to love her, Narcissa is pretending to believe that, and Hermione is walking a tightrope behind enemy lines as she figures out what is going on. Unfortunately, people fall off tightropes. (no non-con) T, 50 Chapters, 108,164 Words
The Right Thing To Do by LovesBitca8: Hermione felt the pounding in her ears again. She would see him for the first time since the Great Hall, gaunt and stricken at the Slytherin table with his mother clutching his arm. She hadn't meant to look for him. Not in the corridors, not beneath the white sheets of the fallen, not on the way to the Chamber of Secrets with Ron, but she was a stupid girl. E, 36 Chapters, 174,911 Words
The Seven Year Witch by TheLastLynx: A boy and a girl have been meeting – coincidentally – for seven summers. While they pretty much hate one another most of the year, for those secret summer moments, they manage to see each other in a different light. But will that be enough to bring them together? A Dramione story about growing up and changing perspective, told along - and in-between - the lines of canon. M, WIP
Thirty Times Lucky by galfoy: "Granger, I can't hire you on any longer," Draco said. Hermione stared at him. Losing her job might actually mean losing the War, and she had to bargain, but there was literally nothing she had that he would want. Or was there? M, 2 Chapters, 7,128 Words
Traditions by raven_maiden: She straddled him slowly, still biting her lip, her hands on his shoulders. He held her hips tightly as he stared up at her. “So beautiful,” he whispered, and she flushed prettily, like she always did from his compliments. “You never need to hide from me.” ** Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy fell in love during the war. One year later, they're heading home for the holidays so he can finally meet her parents. There's just one teeny little problem: her parents think they're both Muggles. E, 14 Chapters, 68,767 Words
Waifs and Strays by Kyonomiko: War leaves a lot of orphans in its wake. Hermione is one, by her own hand, and she struggles with the realities of her situation. When she finds an orphaned familiar, it seems meant to be, giving and receiving comfort helping to heal her fractured heart. Unfortunately, the animal is actually a wizard, and he has his own issues. M, 31 Chapters, 118,152 Words
What You Think Is Right by icepower55: Six years after the war, Hermione parents are dying and her marriage to Draco is crumbling. Nothing seems logical in her life anymore. Her healer tells her to start writing about it, so she does, as a way to figure things out, and remind herself along the way. Hell is proximity without intimacy -Dante's Inferno M, WIP
When the Bell Tolls by everythursday: As a Dark revival begins to rise four years after the war, Hermione Granger is placed on the assignment of putting an end to them – and her first task is to recruit the Ministry's best hope and last option in the form of Draco Malfoy. E, 20 Chapters, 148,033 Words
Wreck by JMilz: Serving as Minister for Magic, Hermione Granger is finally at the peak of her career. With a beautiful family, a successful book, and the public on her side, her life should be a fairytale. Unfortunately, there is trouble in paradise, and when Draco Malfoy pays her a visit, she begins recalling their history and questioning her marriage. The reality is: every relationship is hard. M, 53 Chapters, 187,992 Words
Thanks to every person who contributed (I hope I've mentioned everyone. If not, let me know. 😊): @certified-arsehole @fedonciadale kiwim22 @really-sad-devil-guy endless-musings @headfullofnargles @pinksunsets-world @rosseliz01 @dramioneden @all-consuming @elricsister @injailoutsoon12 reclusivebird @mariakov81 @notthatchhavi @mordanbooqs @haaatch @hpsassenach @ybaeby @farmgirl-in @coyg-81 @eiramrelyat metterschling-plus-two @a-maidens-fantasy @sansacat @vofastudum @lexayeon @1800-rewrite @aneiria-writes @anonymouslydramione 
It took much longer to compile this list than I thought it would. Hopefully, I didn’t skip anything. 🙈
Happy New Year. May it be better than the previous one and full of great Dramione fics and fanarts! 🥳🥳🥳
And here’s the 2019 list:
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hearts1ck · 9 months ago
demon!dream team headcanons
yall wanted it, here is my stupid brainrot because i fucking love demon shit,,, is it the religious trauma or the anime phase from middle school? we’ll never know. also apologies this is definitely more character-design oriented lmao?? and it’s also pt. 3/3 of the 1k follower celebration !!!!! :D once again, thank you all for your support, you guys are my favorites, i hope you enjoy this significantly more... spicy post after the last two
warnings / 18+ headcanons involved, i might reblog w/ a sfw version; definitely a lot of sacrilege i think so be wary if ur sensitive to that!!; mentions of penis piercings if that squicks you (i will forever wonder why it does not squick me); somnophilia mention (there's a slight warning right before)
- we know. we all know:
(banging pots and pans) speaking of demons, pride demon dream,
NO ACTUALLY I'LL KEEP GOING. pride demon dream, wherein pride is considered like Sin Prime for the deadly sins (i think it's the Biggest in catholicism? correct me if i'm wrong i'm no catholic lol). BIG rack (big horns) because of course he'd have them. idk what they are but he's smug about it. tall and skinny like a veggie straw but he Looms, probably manages to be intimidating as an actual demon (but we're into that here so no biggie). consider. tail and wings as well
anon got it fucking RIGHT. pride is basically the... point at which all other sins originate? and so i’d wager the most powerful one. i like the idea that dream has ibex horns with really strong ribbing, but not a dramatic curve – they slope behind him and add so much visual weight to the top of his height he literally cannot help but loom, despite how skinny he is and snap-able his arms are
- not a particularly long tail but definitely a skinny one, probably one that fades to a black arrow point... it adds a subtle elegance and is prehensile but he doesn’t use it much
Demon Dream is definitely a pride oriented demon. Cocky mf. And George would be sloth since he’s always sleeping through important shit. Great. Now all I can think about is demon dream team. For some reason I can imagine Dream having big elegant wings bc he’s like a fallen angle or something. I want demon Dream to hug me and wrap his wings around me~🐻
i love the idea that dream is a fallen angel OH WOW. (+ i think pride is also common with rebelling angels so... IT FITS A LITTLE TOO WELL) his wings are big, definitely sweeping, soft, and well groomed (... pride demon shit...) and because he was originally an angel, they’re feathered too. probably a little ragged though from getting kicked out of heaven
- ... scarred up face behind the mask from getting kicked out of heaven, maybe...
- not the biggest canines, i like to think of this art ‘cause it shows how off-puttingly feral he can be sometimes, + the facial scarring that’s making me THINK
- littered in pale green and gold jewelry, oh my god let me take a moment for this. because he doesn’t have natural claws (fallen angel thing maybe?) he has golden claw rings and hand armor, studded with variscite... maybe even gold chain body and thigh harness... and peacock feathers tied to his stuff...
- ridiculously comforting for a pride demon. hilariously enough, i don’t think he even does that much strongly negative work – rather, he gets summoned to give people confidence more often than not (in a purely dsmp context... i can imagine half of his drive for power is actually being tired of this) especially considering the way he helps smaller streamers 
- his wings get all fluffed up when he’s annoyed and competitive and being vulnerable about it... if he’s not being vulnerable about it he purposefully looms and lets his funky lil fangs show
- and while we’re on the topic, (wing anon come get your juice) his wings are the most sensitive. just brushing the feathers down makes him melt a little, and touching the boney tops makes him blush more than he should ... massaging the base makes him shiver and chub up instantly, he’s bound to jerk and grind up against you without really knowing what he’s doing
- he’ll hide you or curl you into him with one wing sometimes... maybe because of his angel history, he’s definitely more inclined to using them than his arms sometimes
- “doesn’t use his tail much” UNLESS he’s using it hold your leg in place, tightly wound around your thigh so your legs don’t kick from overstimulation while he gives you head
- cockiness upgraded. pulling your hair back while hitting from behind, the other hand on your nipple, rumbling through his own soft moans to growl out some shit like, “feelin’ so good around me, can’t go minutes without my cock, can you? that’s okay, you deserve it –,” he punctuates it with a harsh thrust, “listen, you deserve this, me deep in you –,” and he gasps around you tightening around him
- why am i thinking of cock rings... he’s all “i can last w/o begging, put it on me,” and his dick looks so pretty in it, but it becomes obvious eventually he cannot last without begging and he’s so pissed about it, he has half a mind to fight it before he gives up and angrily spits out a string of pleases 
- ... fucking you in front of a mirror so he can show you how pretty you are, praising you the whole time
- SUCKING HICKEYS INTO THE SKIN AROUND HIS WINGS MAKES HIM INSANE. if you do it long enough he jerks and gasps and his fists go tight as he chokes out an “oh,” and comes in his pants
- as we know from earlier... definitely a sloth demon. he’s hypnotic in that way, eyes often half-lidded as he stretches all languid wherever he is... he’s got the smallest horns of the dream team, smooth, skin colored, and grey-tipped where they poke about three inches out of his hair
- grey bat wings with a membrane so thin you can almost see through it when he stretches out... they’re actually really pretty where they melt into his back and sides. his tail is similarly soft and grey, tufted at the end with dark fur
- not so much jewelry, maybe a couple rings, both almost exclusively soft ribbon collars and soft, pale fabric clothes that seem like endless folds around his body... except when he needs to make a formal appearance, which is when he goes a little all out, maybe with the help of a particularly doting pride demon, probably wears a porcelain corset or belt over some sheer silky fabrics that float around him 
- but i think that his sloth-orientation is strongly the image he uses for his work as a sloth demon – he’s purposefully making sloth seductive to whoever he’s trying to tempt. his real self is more chaotic, more loud, more like, well... george! and that’s how he acts with his demon friends and ... probably how he acts after getting to know the reader....
- george gets triple-hit with sensitive everything, horns, tail, and wings... he gets so shivery – he shudders when you rub at the base of his horns and tail and has the prettiest blush under his closed eyes when he gets hard under all the soft material he wears
- his wings are so soft please and you know he’s comfortable around you when he stretches them over you as you sleep, since george isn’t that touchy
- purrs!! the motherfucker purrs! especially when you figure out the middle ground between feeling good and oh god he’s messing up the sheets again. cause then you just have your hand petting his wings while he curls into your shoulder and rumbles like a very pretty refrigerator 
- this might surprise you but demon george can and will fuck you against a wall. he has a lot of surprising strength and he’s disturbingly good at rolling his neck to the side like he’s secretly and incubus to attack your ear while he’s got this slow grind-heavy rhythm going on
- sloth demon so obligatory somno, both ways: the pleasure is dream-like at first, fuzzy and hard to pin down, until the real world starts to materialize – the texture of your bedsheets under one hand, and the thick feeling of george’s hair in the other. you awake to george in-between your legs and going to town, head moving with how into it he is, and the second he looks up at you with those dark eyes the pleasure crests and you can’t help but come on his tongue, drawn out and sensitive... and george grinds up against you in his sleep, crying out like he’s hurt when he comes under his sleep clothes... he lets you inside him while he’s sleeping, too, if he’s too lazy to even wake up. he moans and whines in his sleep as you fuck him through it, eyes fluttering like he’s almost there... but honestly he likes being in a half-dream state while you’re deep in him
- and again, sloth demon, so the amount of times he’s gotten you (and others) to literally give up days of work for sleepy massages, food he’s summoned and hand-fed you, as well as sex... my god the mf is powerful and he knows it
- demon george floating around, tied to you by a collar or harness. just think about it. he’s snoozing in his cloud-like pool of silk and cotton and his delicate neck has a soft lavender bow, maybe even accented with lace, that you put on him yourself (’cause he’d be to lazy to do it for you) and from the ring just under the bow is the leash you have him on, in the same color
- the way he rides you with that sleepy, uncaring look and tired smirk... he doesn’t go fast at all, even when you ask for it. he looks down at you while he chases his own slow and steady pleasure like he knows you can’t do anything about it
- why do i feel like he sparkles when he comes? like he just glints like starlight for a couple beats afterward. is this internalized bottom-phobia
- wrath demon who dabbles in some other work when he can and can control/produce fire. we’ve established his chunky, smooth horns, probably a thicker version of yak horns + his strong, shorter tail (not stumpy, though – i realize that my scale for an average demon tail is really really long, so i’d put sap’s tail at...... 2.5 ft? he does not have wings (idk why but i feel like he’s got human blood in him, like his grandad was a cambion or something) but he has some nice claws on those big hands of his 
- big big BIG canines, top and bottom row of teeth, and... forked tongue.......... please he’s the one with the forked tongue PLEASE
- to detail the body jewelry because it is ridiculously obvious i cannot help myself: red bronze chains draped around his wrists and shoulders and tail, with topaz cuts dripping from them ... maybe even topaz nipple piercings, though i Doubt. i am emotionally connected to the frenum ladder though even though thats even more unlikely... but listen the burnt coppery colored bars tipped with orange topaz up the underside of his dick......
- i think sin jobs subtly change things abt demons, like if sapnap were to work a sloth job for a little bit he’d still get the half-lidded, hypnotic eyes that george has despite being a wrath demon, so if he worked a lust job / was an incubus for a little bit he’d start to get ruts (you’ll understand once you get to bbh’s bit) and just not know what the fuck to do when his first one hits?? one hand working his dick while he messes with the sensitive base of his tail, flushed and half-clueless ...
🍄: wait.... demon,,, dteam... 👁 their horns r sensitive nd so are the base of their tails nd if u wanna hear them let out pretty lil whines,,, your strokin them nd he purrs but he falls apart as soon you put your mouth on them,,,, as for tails if they have long enough tails they will either throatfuck you w them or just tailfuck you Ɛ> can we mention wings too bc wing worship,,,,, can u tell i want to dom and be dommed by demons
he mostly does it from behind so he can pump into you while sucking bruises into your neck and back, his cock pressed against the small of your back... you can feel his smile when you come on his tail of all things
- sapnap ALSO purrs... it’s a little different from george because of his big fangs, like the energy is less purring cat and more ... the tiger who you barely avoided pissing off is now completely disarmed and asking for more pats
- ... which is to say, he loves petting. maybe a little more than he should for a wrath demon but he will settle on your chest so fast if you just run your hands in his hair and over his shoulders... and he does it right back baby
- has the tendency to put his arm up over your shoulder, hand next to your ear while fucking you, not really intentionally – regardless it never fails to make you feel smaller, regardless of your height... it’s amazing
- because his jewelry is so hot all the time, you get the opposite of usual temperature play with metal (or just. more in general because body jewelry always warms up to room temp when it’s next to a body), it’s like a bright brand when he drags his hands up your thighs and over your ass
- maybe if he’s particularly unhinged... either from aforementioned rut or a rough summoning or just straight up being too turned on by you ... he’s definitely moaned out a burst of fire. the only time he was so lost it nearly hurt you was when he’d grunted out a burst of it and a quick head tilt made it hit the wall next to your ear... maybe the sudden shock of heat was hot (haha) though
- because yes. demon sapnap can also fuck you against a wall. all of them can
- also while we’re here, yeah he does sneeze fire. what about it.
- loves when you specifically act bratty so he can get pissed and take it out by fucking you into the floor, even if he gets stupidly embarrassed about it afterward – embarrassed about fucking you without shame, not necessarily about the pissy-ness. he never really goes for hitting, though, despite being rough with you, since i think there's this fear that because he’s a wrath demon he’s destined to hurt you and he really does not want to do that
- which might be why it feels a little bit like penance when you scratch his back, and hard, when he drills you. he loves the feeling and it’s proof you can hold your own to him... which is a tiny bit hot when you ignore the angst
- i said it before and i’ll say it again. using his horns like a handlebars while you give him head. he’s offended the first time you try it because, come on, but then maybe you push him down and yank him back and he cannot help the loud whine that falls out his mouth, dazed from the sudden shift in power
badboyhalo: (because come on, we’re talking demons guys)
- ... lust demon.... LET ME INDULGE, OKAY! because bbh actually has a startling amount of self control i imagine he’s really good as any sin because he can manipulate humans from a position where he’s barely affected – maybe he actually worked in wrath for a bit and trained sapnap – but he has a tendency towards lust and eventually committed fully to it
- his horns are long and tapered and shoot straight up – sort of like oryx horns (a little shorter) if they were smooth – and a brilliant opalescent red color. think fire opals... his claws are the same!! (and really really sharp, sharp enough to slice with just a bit of pressure...) 
- dragon-like wings and tail, maybe charcoal scales with a paler underbelly and membrane? very long and prehensile tail that’s very strong
- BLOOD RED BODY JEWELRY! OH MY GOD! black chains, tear drop red apatite gemstones, probably more focused on the torso, stomach and tail... oh and demon bad definitely has a dick piercing, more likely a prince albert where the ball is another gemstone
- i feel like. okay hear me out, because knifey is a genius:
Hello I’m here with the beautiful reminder that Bad’s smp character is 9’6 and that he could literally wrap an entire hand so his thumb and finger meet around your neck or thigh with that height and body proportions. As well as the fact that it’s very common in fanlore about demons in general that they go through heat/rut cycles.
Also Bad as an incubus- thank you for your time- -🔪 who really needs to stop sending asks and actully talk to you via dms about this shit as apparently you follow them and they gosh darn died a lil-
I FEEL LIKE BAD CAN CHANGE HIS SIZE. it’s his specialty power or whatever like sapnap’s fire! he mostly oscillates between his avg human height (i’d put it around 5′6, 5′5??) and his natural demon size at ... 9 fucking feet tall lmao
- again, because of his self control, his methods are usually to seduce the human while appearing relatively unaffected, so by the time you’ve lost it and are begging for his cock, face pressed against his pants while his hand threads through your hair... he just smirks at you
- ... he doesn’t reveal his glasses until he gets comfortable, but i think it’s so cute that he’d be casually hanging around hell or the demonic realm with his cute nerd glasses ... like he’s this elegant, long incubus who chills in those glasses. i love it. i love it
- definitely had you grind against/ride the length of his tale while you held onto his neck and begged for more stimulation ... and he’d laugh a little and say “alright,” very sweetly before tearing bits of your clothes with his claws and just running them over your skin
- knifey pointed this out already but the size. of his hand. around your waist. he can just hold you where he wants... press you to him while you (attempt to) ride him
- when he LOSES his self control? oh man. he knows how to go about ruts but he’s a little bit thrown that you would want to spend it with him. after a couple of pre-rut days where he’s handsy and possessive he tries to hold back, he really honestly does, but it really falls apart quickly and he ends up plastered to you, grinding the underside of his dick against your entrance cause he’s too horny to guide it in, even after coming over and over
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ddarker-dreams · 19 hours ago
okay but zhongli only getting pissed off when someone insults you is kinda hot maybe he doesnt have to sleep on the couch tonight for once
angry zhongli is so HNNGNNG because even then, he'd be in complete and utter control of what he says, but physiological changes to his body reflects his inner rage. his fangs getting sharper, the pupils in his eyes turning to slits, draconic scales of gold appearing on his bicep... that'd be a sight reserved only for those who'd slight god darling in some way. whether it was speaking of them lecherously, or spitting on the name of vephar, he can't allow such blasphemy to stand. especially if this was during a time he was ruling as the lord of geo. what sort of precedence would he be setting if people could disrespect his spouse without consequences?
gods would hold their tongue rather than risk earning rex lapis' scathing wrath. a hellfire of stone would rain down upon their land otherwise, and that's just a warning, not the enactment of judgment itself. no one knows for sure what happens if you insult rex lapis' spouse without offering hasty apologies and sacrifices, mostly because no one has survived the onslaught. there are lots of theories floating around teyvat.
one in particular was brought up by a fledgling sumeru scholar, who happened to being conducting research around qingce village. there's a statue made of rock on the outskirts, which bears an uncanny resemblance to a human being. the people who lived there for generations assumed it was carved in a person's likeness, though no one ever knew who. that wasn't enough to deter the scholar. when he upon the statue, he marveled at its detail, everything was present from each individual strand of hair to the calcified veins in the statue's eyes. he had seen many statues in his time, but this one was different. uncanny. the people who lived in qingce grew up with the phenomenon, so they never gave it much thought.
so he did some digging.
after months of rummaging through tattered scrolls, translating them, and piecing together the history of the area, he pieced things together. a newly restored painting of a nobleman perfectly resembled the statue, down to a scar on his forehead. accounts from the time tell of the nobleman's exploits. he had made quick riches by claiming to have found the river where the god vephar bathes. the possibility of seeing liyue's renowned god of love, whether for lecherous reasons or pure curiosity, drove people to pay absurd fees for the opportunity.
the scholar assumed this nobleman was a liar as no further records spoke of him. as he looked deeper, some details stood out to him. a tragic landslide had struck around the same time a little north of qingce village, killing dozens and wounding many more than that. those who were recorded among the dead had great wealth to their name. enough to be able to afford the exuberant fee the nobleman asked for. it could be a coincidence, the scholar told himself, but he couldn’t stop thinking about whether or not they were connected somehow. 
with this in the back of his mind, he went around to ask the children about local legends and the like. the children he spoke to rattled of many, but one of them was related to the statue he was researching. they said that at night, if you listen close enough, you can hear the gravely voice of a man begging rex lapis for forgiveness. most adults write it off as superstition, but the scholar was willing to follow any lead, so he did. 
sure enough, one night, he swears on his life that he heard it too. it was so quiet that it could’ve been mistaken for the wind. 
the scholar then wondered to himself... is this a punishment the lord of geo enacted upon a man who breached vephar’s privacy? if his math was correct, then the nobleman lost to history would’ve been stuck in the stone for 1,500 or so years. there’s no way rex lapis would do something like that though... right? 
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thighs-of-betrayal-blog · 3 months ago
Caring for You
Request: Sebastian Stan x assistant reader where reader stopped by the grocery store to buy some of her cravings (as it is her monthly period and took too long to pick on chocolates and snacks. She had a limited budget though, so she opted to buy less and the cheaper ones, and Sebastian happened to see her (but she didn't see him) and saw what she was trying to choose from and he bought those items she chose to leave, and surprised her with it?
A/N: Thank you so much for this request!! I loved it. I haven’t written for Sebastian for a hot second, so this was really nice. It’s short, but sweet, and I hope you enjoy! As always, feedback is appreciated :)
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Assistant! Reader
Warnings: pure fluff, cursing, slight mention of alcohol
Tumblr media
The cart’s wheels roll across the tile floor, speeding towards the dessert section. You’re standing behind it, keeping up with its pace as you push it towards your destination. 
It’s been a long week, to say the least. Being Sebastian Stan’s assistant, you’re required to be on set with him at all times and since he’s been filming season two of TFAWS, you’ve been having 13 hour days with him, every day of the week. 
On top of that, you just received your monthly visit from mother nature, officially making this the worst week of your life. Don’t get me wrong, you love what you do, but you’ve been pushed to the edge and you desperately need a break. And, some dessert. Your cravings are hitting you hard. 
Scanning the shelves, you find what you’re looking for: chocolate. 
Picking up the first one you see, you turn it over to read the back. Bingo. Everything you wanted. And then.... You check the price. 
“$35 for chocolate?!” You yell. “Is it made out of fucking gold?” 
Realizing there’s a woman standing right next to you, you smile sheepishly. “Sorry.” 
The woman stares at you for a few seconds before walking away. 
“O-kay,” you mutter, placing the chocolate back on the shelf. “Well, fuck that one.” 
Looking over to the right, you see a less cheaper version and pick it up, placing it in your cart. “Good enough.” 
Leaving the aisle, you continue to shop around the store for the other things you want, not realizing that Sebastian had just witnessed your entire chocolate ordeal. 
Arriving back home, you instantly throw off your shoes and head for the couch, chocolates in hand. 
Turning on the TV, you’re about to turn on Netflix until your phone rings, Sebastian’s name printed across the screen. 
“Please don’t tell me I have to come back to set,” you say as soon as you pick up. 
Sebastian laughs. “No, nothing like that. I’m actually on my way to your place. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” 
“See you soon!” 
You stare in disbelief at your phone. And then, you realize your apartment is a mess. 
“Shit!” you yell, jumping up and running to grab the vacuum from the closet. 
Quickly vacuuming the entire living room and kitchen, a sudden knock on the door stops you. 
When you pull open the door, Sebastian is standing on the other side, a grocery bag in his hand. 
“What’s that?” you ask, pointing at the bag. 
“It’s for you.” He hands it over to you and you rummage through, immediately noticing the expensive chocolate you wanted to buy just a few hours ago. 
Pulling it out, you show it to Sebastian. “What is this?”
“I know it’s chocolate. It’s just so weird because I was literally looking at this exact same chocolate at the store a little bit ago, but I didn’t end up buying it because it was too much money.”
Sebastian looks away from you, instead opting to reach for a glass out of your cabinet. “That is weird. Funny how that happened.” 
“Yeah… funny.” You stare at him from across the counter. 
After he pours some wine into a glass, he turns towards you. “What?” 
A knowing look crosses over your face. “You saw me at the grocery store, didn’t you?” 
Sebastian scoffs before heading towards the living room, completely ignoring you and your question. 
“You saw me!” you yell, following him to the couch. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 
Trying to distract himself from your prying accusations, he grabs the remote and scrolls through Netflix. 
Ripping the remote out of his hand, you put it back down on the table, one hand set on your hip. “You still haven’t answered my question.”
Sebastian stands up and walks up to you, placing his hands on top of your shoulders. “Okay okay, maybe I did end up at the same grocery store as you at the same exact time as you and just happened to walk past as you were picking out chocolates.” 
“Uh-huh. Keep going.” 
“Okay! And, I watched until you put the chocolates back, so I decided to get them for you.” 
“You didn’t have to do that.”
Sebastian pulls you into a hug, resting his head on top of yours. “I know this week drained you and I wanted to help in some way. Plus, getting you those chocolates meant I had to bring them over here and see you, so…” 
Pulling away from him, you raise your eyebrow in question. “You wanted to see me?”
Blushing, he looks down at his feet. “Yeah, you know you’re really fun to be around and the chocolates gave me a reason to see you.” 
“You never need a reason to see me.”
“I’ll remember that for next time… Although, I was hoping next time we could go out. On a date.” 
“You want to go on a date with me?” 
Sebastian lifts his hand up to your cheek. “If that’s okay with you, doll.” 
Smiling at him, you wrap your arms around his neck. “That’s more than okay with me.” 
“Good… Can I kiss you now though? I don’t think I can wait until our official date.” 
Chuckling, you lean in. “Please do.” 
Right after you say those words, Sebastian’s lips are on yours, kissing you softly. 
And, you both stay like that all night. Wrapped around each other, sneaking kisses and eating chocolates.
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cosmostae · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: You pay the price for tricking your stepbrother into believing that you’re innocent. 
Pairing: Fem! Reader x Yandere Kim Taehyung
Warnings: murder, non con/dub con, mean dom tae, punishment sex, branding (cigarette burns), throatpie, usage of sex toy, face & pussy slapping, breeding kink, implied forced impregnation, big dick tae, humiliation, degradation, slut shaming, dirty talk, multiple orgasms, mention of vomiting, yandere behaviour 
Word Count: 3.2K
For this request:
Tumblr media
A/N: focusing on getting several of my requests done ♡ this is on the smutty side!
Tumblr media
Butterflies eternally clipped to your hair, flowers blooming effervescently behind your ear, shy and tongue-tied with strips of ribbon weaved through your pigtail braids – Taehyung had thought that you were innocent.
Misty eyes and fluttering lashes, artificial blush dusted heavily on the apex of your nose and the apples of your cheeks, earrings which dangled like poisonous yet honey-coloured and honey-sweet laburnums upon your shoulders. You stepped into his life in soft and ethereal tulle, a dream come true, dress layered like the petals of a baby pink rose that he wanted to bury his nose into.
You were the daughter of his new stepmother, a bouquet of baby’s breath tied with twine in your hands whilst his father stood with your mother at the altar. Light poured through the stained glass windows, jewel-like colours flickering like rippling water upon the church’s wooden floorboards and you glowed like an angel in a crown of flowers.  
There was the scent of dying blooms, their ghosts looming in the air, sickly sweet in his nostrils. The stolen lilac of your mother’s perfume and the hazy gloom of his father’s shadow as they faced each other in the light, followed by the crescendo of applause as their lips met one another. When you stumbled over the steps, Taehyung gripped onto your hand, so much smaller than his. He did not relinquish his grip even when you had found your footing, held it as though he wanted to monopolise your hand forever, because Taehyung was falling.
He was indifferent to his father’s remarriage. Taehyung’s father saw the bottom of the bottle more than he saw his own son. He frequented the casino, a large bioluminescent fish tank, blinded by the bright lights but unable to see the sharp teeth of loan sharks. Drowning in debt, Taehyung was always the one to pull him out of the quicksand.
Taehyung had moved out a long time ago, after he graduated and landed a high position in a company through the withering connections from his father’s glory days. Once upon a time, he was the CEO of a company that he sold off despite his promises to hand it over to Taehyung one day. Fortunately, his father’s friends placed their trust in him, deeming him to be much more responsible than his predecessor.
Taehyung knew that the woman who could possibly be attracted to his father would not be much better.
But he did not expect that he’d gain a stepsister who was so sweet and innocent.
Taehyung would come over to his father’s house much more than he did prior. With you there, it was heaven on earth. You were the forbidden apple that tantalised him. There was a glint of the devil within your angel eyes when he found himself lost within your gaze, a glimmer of innocence where the light shines into your pure soul, a snow-white gleam that he wanted to melt away with his red-hot lust. You’re temptation incarnate, with a purity and innocence waiting to be corrupted in ivory thigh-highs that begged to be tainted.
He would slowly run his hands over the cotton. Soft but not as soft as the flesh of your thighs which he sank his fingers into, pulling you onto his lap whilst he seated himself on the edge of your bed. It was a canopy bed, befitting a princess in which you slept every night surrounded by soft toys and arms wrapped around your largest teddy bear.
Taehyung would request you to take a photo of yourself on the phone he had bought for you. Shyly, you would snap a photo of yourself in bed before drifting into the land of sweet dreams. A darling who never touched herself. A darling who always went to sleep at 10pm sharp. Taehyung would jerk off to the thought of you grinding your sweet, wet pussy against your teddy bear inside his head. You were the good little girl that he always dreamt of possessing in which he desperately wanted you to call him daddy.
Skirt hitched high enough for him to see your cotton panties whenever you were seated on his lap, he chuckled fondly at the way you buried your burning face into the crook of his neck. He’d allow his hands to wander all over your back, revelling in the way you shivered at his hot touches. You would squirm, lips accidentally brushing the shell of his ear, making his cock harden in his slacks.
But he’d calmly sit there, large hands caressing your bottom whilst you babbled to him about your day. You’d confess to him softly that your dream was to obtain a prestigious job so you could take care of your mother and she’d never have to put her fate in another man’s hands ever again. Fingers twisted in his tie, you fiddled with it nervously as you asked him for money to purchase textbooks, unconsciously pulling him in closer where he could smell the vanilla in your breath and the sight of your breasts underneath your shirt. He’d wordlessly hand the money over to you but not before asking for a kiss on the cheek first.
You’d pepper soft kisses all over his face, bouncing up and down on his lap in excitement. His heart felt warm like the lust stirring within his loins. He wanted more but did not want to make you uncomfortable. In his eyes, you seemed fragile like your heart which thumped like a rabbit in your chest. He wanted to take it slow, to preserve your innocence before you fully bloomed from a lily into a rose.
Although there were times he’d ask you to sit very still whilst he tugged on your panties to lovingly look down at your pretty little pussy, itching to rub his index finger on your clit. You’d cover your embarrassed face with your hands which he’d take into his to press kisses all over your twitchy fingers. Every single visit, he fetched a pair of your lace underwear from your drawer to use for later.
Naturally, he thought that you were a virgin. Gently, he wanted to make you bleed, on snow-white sheets with rose petals when his cock enters you for the first time. He wanted to be patient and sweet, making you bloom for him where your scent would intensify like jasmines in the twilight.
Innocence colours everything in the brightest hues, unknowingly he romanticised you. You were an angel who could do no wrong, a nymph that he wanted in his bed. You would never have to lift a single finger, never have to worry your pretty little head and just be his dumb cockslut princess, let him breed you over and over again.  
But Taehyung should’ve known that all things truly wicked started from innocence.
Your mother had always been a gold digger who had worn countless diamond rings on her finger. The silver lining to a silver gold band, representative of the commitment of marriage, was the financial security. The inevitable divorce that proceeded only guaranteed alimony. She raised you to never trust a man’s heart and to be heartless when emptying their pockets. She was a cynic but it was her cynicism that ensured there’d always be food on your plate and a roof over your head. Hence, despite the fact that your beliefs had changed after you fell in love with your boyfriend, you respected her ways. She did not expect you to be studious and you were not suited for academics either in which everything you told your foolish stepbrother were lies.
Despite your mother’s experience in luring rich men, marrying Taehyung’s father was a mistake. However, the two of you were quick to realise who really had the money in the Kim family and you soon became bait. You’d send him photos of innocent eyes and parted lips, finger in between your teeth, and squeal in happiness at the money that appeared in your bank account afterwards.
You always told Taehyung that your bedtime was 10pm, simply so he would not bother you at night when you’d sneak out to meet your boyfriend and spend half of the money with him. The other half was reserved for your mother who praised you for your efforts. You assumed that Taehyung was a businessman, with all the expensive suits that he wore and the endless stream of money that he spoiled you with. Everything was smooth-sailing but the beginning of the end was when you received a text from your boyfriend.
Meet me at Paradise Hotel, babe xxx Room 144
And here you were, in Room 144, with Taehyung’s cock shoved deep inside your sore throat, flooding your mouth with his cum.
Above you, Taehyung leisurely smokes, burning cigarette resting in between his slender fingers. Wisps of smoke rise from the cherry-lit end, floating into the air, making everything in your vision appear like a vignette. Hot tears drip down your burning cheeks, splattered with pre-cum where he slapped his fat cock against your face, making you feel every vein on his thick shaft. Your nostrils flare as his large hand pushes your nose right into his pubic hair, forcing you to take all of his cum which shoots out of his slit in torrents.
Your knees are bruised from where you kneel on the carpet, his leather shoe grinding into your pussy until your thighs are quivering. The tip of his shoe trails up and down your clothed cunt, lace underwear exposed for his merciless eyes. His leather belt is snaked around your wrists, restrained behind your back, in which he had growled, “You should be grateful, whore, that I didn’t fucking whip you with it instead.”
You heave for air when Taehyung pulls his cock out from between your swollen lips. However, his hand makes quick work of his throbbing cock, a second load of cum landing all over all your face and dripping down your chest, soiling the black silk of your skimpy dress. He’s biting down on his bottom lip, the veins on his thick neck prominent, the bracelets on his wrist oscillating as he turns you into his cum dumpster. A thick glob of cum gets stuck in your lashes and you blink helplessly at him with one eye.
Taehyung takes a slow drag of the cigarette and exhales the smoke right into your face with a cruel curl of his lips. Your eyes water and you splutter, a mouthful of cum and drool dribbling all over your chest and thighs.
His fingers scoop up the puddle of cum in your lap. His hand approaches your mouth, cum glistening on the pads of his fingers, proffering it to your lips. However, when you open your mouth to obediently wrap it around his digits, Taehyung slaps you right across the face.
You whimper pathetically whilst he smears his cum all over your fucked out, tear stained face. It smudges your mascara, making you look lesser than a cheap whore. Dead was the angel that Taehyung worshipped and adored. A bed filled with rose petals is replaced by ivory sheets splattered with blood. If he could no longer make you feel the pain of being deflowered, he’s determined to make you feel pain in other ways.
It’s only payback for the pain he felt when he saw you leaving your house at midnight and entering another man’s car, kissing him filthily in the dark, like nobody could see the two of you.
But he did.
You blink rapidly, voice shaking, “I’m s-sorry, T-“
But before you could finish your sentence, Taehyung balls up his silk tie and stuffs it into your mouth.
He grips your chin. His dark eyes piercing into yours as he taunts, “What was that, baby? I didn’t quite catch that.”
Your bruised knees shift uncomfortably and Taehyung’s eyes glance toward them.
“Aw, do your knees hurt, princess? Is that why you’re whining like a little crybaby?”
Taehyung sits down on the plush mattress and yanks you up with him, throwing you across his lap like you’re nothing more than a rag doll. You whimper, head hung low whilst his hand flips up your dress and smooths over your ass. “Is this better, baby?”
His palm gives your bottom a sharp spank. “Why aren’t you answering daddy, huh? Do you want to be punished? Is that it?”
You frantically move your head from side-to-side but it’s futile. He rips off your lace panties, callous to the way it hurts you when the lingering remnants of fabric snaps back against your skin. Taehyung coos, “Was that too rough of daddy, baby?”
Tapping the excess ash from his cigarette onto the back of your thighs, he huffs. “But why do I need to treat you gently? When you’re just a good-for-nothing whore, hm? Forgetting who you fucking belong to.”
Taehyung slaps your pussy and he can feel just how wet you are by the way your arousal clings to his fingers. He growls, “You’re the dirtiest slut, princess. You love this, don’t you? You love being humiliated, you love being treated like a dumb cockslut.”
His nails scratch your scalp before pulling on your hair until your eyes prickle with even more tears. “You should’ve told me sooner so I won’t have to listen to your bullshit, angel. I could have just given you what you wanted and stuff you full with my cock. At least then, you might actually deserve my money. But because you use my money, you belong to me. Understood, slut?”
Taehyung takes another puff from his cigarette. “Why don’t I remind you by leaving my name on you, hm?”
For a moment, it is silent except for your heartbeat ringing loudly in your ears. You did not know what to expect but you scream when you feel the excruciating, fast prickling pain of the burning cigarette pressing into the delicate skin of your asscheek. Taehyung does not let you escape, even as you thrash wildly in his lap, his arm presses down hard on your nape. He keeps you anchored there whilst your eyes burn with tears.
Inevitably, the mark would remain there for years, The blinding pain has your eyes clenched shut, clawing into the mattress as your stepbrother continues to press the cigarette stick along your smooth flesh in a slow succession of purple crescents that spell out -
Taehyung’s fingers flutters over the blisters that are already beginning to form. “You look like a work of art, baby.”
Your entire body is shaking but he flips you over onto your back, spreading your legs wide open for him. He blows smoke onto your dripping wet pussy before stubbing out the cigarette on the mattress.
“I have a gift for you, angel.”
Taehyung leaves you on the bed, walking over to the nightstand. Curiously, you turn your head and your eyes widen at the Hitachi vibrator wand in his hands. A famous sex toy, known for being a powerful vibrator with 6000 vibrations per minute, that had women cumming instantaneously. He twirls it in his grip before crawling back in between your legs.
Taehyung smirks, “You’re in for so much fun, baby.”
With the click of a button, the vibrator comes to life. A loud, intense buzzing that sets your nerves alight. Taehyung presses the wand to your clit and intense, penetrating vibrations immediately shoots through your entire body. You buck your hips but Taehyung’s hands hold you down, forcing you to feel every moment of it. It was so powerful, buzzing at full-speed against your sensitive nub that you saw white as you came instantly in seconds. The orgasm that hits you is brutal, leaving your clit raw and your legs shaking as you came down from your high.
However, Taehyung does not move the vibrator away, simply lowers his head so his tongue gives your tender pussy a hard lick. You mewl weakly as Taehyung’s tongue parts your folds before slithering down to wriggle inside your hole. His tongue fucks in and out of you, slurping on your sopping wet cunt whilst forcing your legs to remain wide open. Your curled toes dig into the mattress, the combination of his dextrous tongue and the powerful vibrator making you scream. You squirt all over the sheets and onto his face and it does not take long for the smell of urine to permeate the air.
But even then, Taehyung keeps the vibrator there. You frantically shake your head, pleading him for mercy, as he slaps his fat cock against your wet folds. He uses your slick to lube up all eight inches of his cock which already feels like too much as he pushes in the tip.
“Isn’t it only fair that I use you like you used me, angel?”
Taehyung slides his cock all the way into your abused cunt. The vibrations from the sex toy are so strong that Taehyung could feel them too as he pounds into you, not allowing you time to adjust. The stretch is painful but your plush walls accommodate his hard shaft that fills you up deeply. The loudness of it drowns out the lewd squelches of his length pummelling into your tight, wet pussy. You might not be an angel but your pussy feels like heaven wrapped around his cock.
Your cunt has a vice-like grip on him, sucking him back in whenever he pulls all the way out. You look fucked out, eyes rolled to the back of your head as your pussy continually convulses around his length, the vibrator giving you mini-orgasms every thirty seconds.
“Is this too much for you, baby?”
You frantically nod. Mercifully, Taehyung removes the vibrator. But then he flips you onto all fours, slamming his length deep inside you until his blunt head is kissing your cervix. You moan when he stills inside you, balls deep, grinding slowly into the upper limits of your entrance.
You cry out in pain when he spanks your sore ass before pummelling his cock right back into you. Every stroke has his cockhead tapping against your cervix, throbbing to shoot jets of cum into your womb. The force of his thrusts has your body moving back and forth, wobbly on your knees with only Taehyung to hold you up. Taehyung croons into your ear, “Do you wanna know where your boyfriend is, angel?”
Taehyung presses down on the back of your head, forcing you to lower your eyes onto the ground.
On the carpet is your dead boyfriend, eyes bulging out of his sockets, with a knife plunged inside his heart. Based on rigor mortis, he’s been dead for hours, probably from the moment Taehyung sent you that text from your boyfriend’s phone.
At the stomach-churning sight, you vomit right onto the corpse. Taehyung’s silk tie falls out of your mouth and you rapidly inhale oxygen to fill your lungs. But Taehyung only fucks you harder, ramming his hips into you faster, unforgivingly making you moan louder whilst your eyes rest on your deceased boyfriend.
“Y-You killed him!” You sob into your arms. “You’re gonna go to fucking jail!”
Taehyung laughs and presses his hand down on the side of your head, looking at you right in the eye. “Why would I? I own this hotel, baby, and now I fucking own you as well. You’re a good-for-nothing whore but I’ll give you a purpose, angel. I’m going to breed you, fill you with my cum and knock you up. I’ll be so proud of you, everyone will be so proud of you, baby. You’re going to work for the money and life that I gave you by carrying my children and taking my fucking cock.”
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