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Throwback to year 6/7 where I was a fucking weeb in the worst way possible.

I’m talking using Japanese words completely wrong and then getting pissed at people for not knowing what I was talking about.

I’m talking about Naruto running around school when I was later.

I’m talking getting really into “yaoi” ship but being disgusted by real gay men and hating lesbians all together.

I’m talking only playing anime OPs and nightcore when I was with my friends and refusing to let them play anything.

I’m talking about harassing random creators when they didn’t do something I liked, specifically anything ship related.

I’m talking shipping paedophilic ships because I was too young to realise how fucked up the power dynamic was.

But hey look at me now, I only butcher my native language, I can now run like a new born deer, I’m fucking gay for women, and I hate paedophiles. I’ve changed

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