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deadlypoetacademia · 8 days ago
write 'maybe' in the tags and put the first tag that comes with it
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deadlypoetacademia · 10 days ago
I don't like to open up in front of anyone but i can talk to some people for hours. I am always sleepy during the day time yet i never slept before 3 a.m. I am an introvert who loves parties and adventures and wanna explore the world before death.
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deadlypoetacademia · 16 days ago
for the new ask game - i think your blog would taste like fine wine😌😌❤️
Just googled the taste of fine wine and all i want to say is thank you love ❤️
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deadlypoetacademia · 17 days ago
there's always this character in every book who adores and takes care of everyone. No doubt how tough the situation is, he is always there to comfort. And i think this is the reason why he becomes sweetheart of not just the fictional world but of reader's world too
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deadlypoetacademia · 19 days ago
reading is like being in the shower. don’t wanna start and dont wanna stop
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deadlypoetacademia · 19 days ago
i may act like i’m sassy but if you’re mean to me there is a 900% chance i’ll cry
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