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#Can't wait for Captain America 4
lastoftruebeliever · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” ― Brodi Ashton, Everneath
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x-mutation · 3 years ago
The stucky feels is going to be 500x worse in Avengers 4 and here’s why
heavy spoilers for IW below
The Russos said that those who did not play a central role in IW will be important in A4, meaning that Steve will probably be pivotal to defeating Thanos and reviving those turned into ash.
Aside from Loki, no central recurring character truly died yet and to make space for phase 4, there will be heavy casualties. Some of the original avengers will be dead for good. e.g. tony stark. RDJ has no reason to continue to be iron man for money or for his career.
And of course Cap is also in the danger zone cause he already have a pretty complete character arc and a trilogy.
But Bucky isn’t because of the whole “White Wolf” thing that’s just set up. Marvel wouldn’t bother uttering White Wolf two times and giving him a whole end credit scene just to kill him off one movie later.
One of the cast members (was it Seb?) said that in a4 there is an epic scene of everyone together. So that means resurrection happens before proper deaths. ie. Steve gets to see Bucky come alive and they get to fight side by side. It would be a sweet reunion.
Sacrifices have to be made in order to defeat Thanos. So imagine Peter begging, “Mr Stark please... don’t go” as Tony’s arc reactor goes out. Or Steve uttering, “I’m sorry Buck, can’t be you till the end of the line this time...” as he does some dumb selfless suicide action and gets blown into a million pieces or fall into a pit like Gamora (would be nice to have a corpse like superman but I can’t see Cap dying from stab wounds). Cue devastated Bucky as the role reverses. This time, Buck is the one watching helplessly as his bff dies in front of him. 
If marvel doesn’t want to kill off million dollar characters they can always pull a DCEU and show Cap breathing in his coffin or something. 
Even if Cap doesn’t die we still get to see his reaction seeing his supposedly dead Bucky come alive for the second time. 
And as long as Bucky is alive there will always be Stucky moments, and Seb still has five more movies in his contract.
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dailyreverie · 7 months ago
Hearing you whisper through the phone
A/N: This is the first time I'm writing for Writer Wednesday from the lovely @autumnleaves1991-blog ! If you write too, you can check it out on the link above. What came out of this is a fluffy Bucky blurb, and as I was writing I was also inspired by the last few lines of "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran. I hope you enjoy it!
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word count: 885
Warnings: Nothing but fluff. Spoilers from TFATWS episodes 4 and 5.
Tumblr media
The line rang as rain falled around the booth. Madripoor one night, Latvia the next one... You can't keep track of Bucky's location at this point. It has been almost three weeks of him being all over the world, and his touch is already missing on your skin.
That phone booth, half broken and dirty as it was, was the only way you had to communicate with Bucky. He didn't want you risking your safety by calling him from your cell phone, your very trackable and easy to locate cell phone, while he is fighting terrorists from all over the world. So you found yourself there every night, dialing the number you had already engraved in your brain, hoping that wherever he was in the world, he could answer so you could hear his voice.
You had heard the news all day. Captain America killed a member of the Flag Smashers with the Shield. Knowing your boyfriend and the way he feels for that shield you want nothing but to know he was alright.
A couple more rings are heard from the phone. Maybe he's in the middle of a fight, you think. Maybe he managed to get some sleep.
The ringing suddenly stops and silence takes its place for a few seconds until you hear him.
"Hello?" He asks, even though he probably already knows who's on the other side.
"Hi." The smile that reaches your lips as his voice fills your ears is unmatched.
"Hi, doll." His voice shifts to a lighter tone, and you can hear the smile in it. "You good?"
"I'm good." A sigh escapes your lips before continuing. "Where in the world is Bucky Barnes today?"
He laughs a bit at your question. "In the middle of a storm. How's Brooklyn?"
"Well that's a nice coincidence, we are in the middle of a storm too." Your eyes travel to outside of the phone booth, water hitting the glass loudly. "I saw the news Buck. That John Walker guy is as dumb as it gets."
He laughed slightly. "Don't even get me started." His voice was tired, both physically and emotionally.
"How are you doing?" You asked, getting nervous as you heard him sigh. "I don't want you fighting a fight that hurts you too much."
"That guy is done, Sam has the shield and Walker lost the title. No more Captain America." The sarcasm with which he said that last few words made you laugh, and you knew he smiled at his own joke. "We are just waiting on the lead for the Flag Smashers, but it might take a while."
You sighed at that, a while. That could be at least a couple more weeks without Bucky by your side, and you were not sure if you could handle it anymore. Your back leaned against the phone booth, feeling your eyes clouding with tears that were hinting to come out. Your fingers played with the cable attached to the phone.
"So where are you going to be waiting for the lead? Latvia?" You tried your best to sound as if the whole situation didn't affect you, but you knew Bucky could read you like the palm of his hand.
"No, I don't think so." His voice, on the other hand, was calmer.
"Then? Madripoor with Sharon again?" Right after you asked the door of the booth flew open, scarring you and making you turn around quickly.
The next thing you saw almost made your knees give up. Leather jacket and a stubble of at least 3 days, Bucky stood before you with rain falling from his hair.
"I'm staying home." He said in almost a whisper, his eyes were tried but they shined when they were met eith yours. Your tears mixed with your smile as you launched yourself forward into his arms, both of you getting soaked, but not giving a damn about it.
"How did you find me here?" You asked as you looked up at him, cupping his face between your hands, admiring his handsome features under the light of the lamppost.
"You mentioned the phone booth once, this is the closest one to the apartment." Bucky said with a smile. Even though you heard his voice almost everyday, hearing him actually there made your smile grow bigger.
You pulled his face to yours and pressed your lips together. Both of you missed that feeling, the closeness of your noses touching while your lips explored each other. You could never get enough of him, his scent and his arms invading your mind and making up for lost time while the rain bathed you.
“Knowing that you were waiting for me at home was the only thing that made me push through this mission.” Bucky said, caressing your back.
"I'm never letting you go again." You spoke against his lips, both of you smiling at that.
"I don't think I would be able to go again anyway." He replied, his arms tightening around your waist, pushing your back against the phone booth you were in just a minute ago. You looked at each other, a few seconds of silence as your eyes traveled all over his face. "Let's go home." Bucky said before kissing you again.
He grabbed your hand, lacing your fingers together, and began walking back to the warmth of your home to never leave again.
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sparklesandmarvel · 3 months ago
I can't wait.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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idy-ll-ique · 3 months ago
Pairing: Sam Wilson x F!Reader
Genre: Fluff overdose
Warnings: none
Requested: nope
based off this prompt
Summary: How Y/N's pregnancy cravings led to her becoming friends with Captain America, The White Wolf, The Scarlet Witch and Vision.
Author's Note: hiya peeps! i am in love with Sam Wilson. but like, who isn't? this is sort of an AU, but not really. takes place in phase 4 of mcu. enjoy!
Mm, that smells so good…
Y/N took in a deep breath as a sweet, sweet, tangy smell hit her nose. "You smell it, honey?" she cooed, cupping her bulging abdomen as her baby kicked once. Then the kicking increased and she groaned, heaving herself off the couch. "Baby, we can't have it, it's not our food. We already had dinner, sweet—" She whined when her baby kicked twice.
"Maybe they'll understand…?" she whispered to herself. Y/N was 8 months pregnant and lately, her cravings had been at an all time high. Every time she got a craving for something she couldn't have, the baby in her belly wouldn't stop kicking and she'd go to sleep upset, tired and hurt. And today, the baby wanted whatever the neighbors were cooking.
She wasn't really familiar with the neighbors; she liked keeping to herself, and with the addition of the baby and single parenthood, she didn't want to disturb anyone or break the peace. Soon, the kicking got really uncomfortable and Y/N grabbed a plate, walking out of the house. They'll understand, she told herself, they have to. If not then they're heartless cows.
"So, Wilson, you've got a nice apartment here, thought you were living with your sister and nephews at the docks," Bucky grinned, popping open a bottle of beer. "Moved out a couple weeks ago, didn't wanna intrude. Plus she has a boyfriend, it's getting kinda serious between them…" Sam chuckled, "Wanda, whatcha cookin? Smells really good!"
A very pregnant Wanda Maximoff walked out of the kitchen, a huge smile on her face. She was 7 months in with twins. "I'm cooking Borscht, it's a traditional Ukrainian recipe that I like very much. You're gonna love it," she gushed and Bucky raised his glass in mock toast. "Can't wait!" Just then, the bell rang. "I'll get it!" Sam shouted, walking up to the door.
He opened it and saw his neighbor standing there, holding an empty plate. Her head was downcast and she was squirming, fidgeting. Sam had seen her once or twice since he moved in; she was very much pregnant, and she liked keeping to herself so he never invaded her privacy. "Hi, how can I help ya?" He smiled at her. She got startled and looked up, opening her mouth.
Y/N was speechless. She already felt bad about asking her neighbor something like this and now he reveals himself to be this handsome?! "Hello…?" she snapped out of her thoughts and cleared her throat. "I— I'm sorry, I don't wanna intrude…" Bucky showed up behind Sam and she glanced at him, her eyes going wide.
"You have company, oh no, I'm sorry— not now, baby, let's just go—" she whispered, wincing and whimpering in pain when the baby started kicking again. Sam nodded his head towards Bucky who got the hint and left. He then walked outside and closed the door behind him, placing a hand on Y/N's shoulder. "Hey, you can ask me anything, what happened?"
"It's embarrassing…"
"Come on, sweetheart, I'm your neighbor! Sam, by the way, Sam Wilson." She gave him a timid smile. "Y/N Y/L/N. It's just… whatever you're cooking smells really nice and I got a craving; it's wrong, it's your food, your party and I'm intruding like an idiot, it's just— my baby gets really agitated when I don't get what I'm craving for and they kick all night, I'm so sorry—"
Sam grabbed both her shoulders, silencing her. "Don't be embarrassed by this. It's fine, you got a craving? I'll give you some of the food! Wanda, my friend who's cooking, is also 7 months pregnant, believe it or not. She'll be so happy to give you the food, it's a new recipe she's trying and the more people there to eat the better. Why don't you join us?" Y/N sniffled, the kindness of her neighbor and her pregnancy hormones reducing her to tears.
"You're so kind," she whispered and Sam laughed, giving her a warm hug. "But I don't want to intrude." He sighed but understood. "Okay, how about when she's done cooking, you take some of the food home? Will that be okay?" She nodded. "In the meantime, I'd love for you to meet my friends. Wanda especially, wanna come in?" Y/N agreed and the two walked into the apartment.
Bucky and Vision, who were in the sitting room at the time, looked up. Y/N gave them an awkward smile, raising a hand to wipe her tears off. "Hi there," Vision greeted. "Hello, I'm… I'm Y/N, Sam's neighbor, it's nice to meet you," she mumbled shyly. "Hi Y/N, I'm Bucky and this is Vision," Bucky introduced and she nodded. "So, um, there's gonna be a party here…?"
"Oh no, just old friends catching up over dinner. Wanda!" The woman walked out of the kitchen, her eyes lighting up when she saw Y/N. "Hey!" Y/N smiled at her. "Hi, I'm Y/N, nice to meet you." Wanda beamed at Sam. "Your neighbor? Very nice to meet you too, miss!" After a small conversation the Scarlet Witch went back to the kitchen while Sam coaxed Y/N into sitting.
"So, what brings you here?" Bucky asked, glancing at the empty plate. "Cravings," Y/N sighed as Sam followed Wanda to the kitchen, "My baby gets really agitated when I don't get what I'm craving, it's a problem… I didn't want to intrude, it's just… the food smells so nice and I… I actually want to sleep tonight. Just a tiny portion, I'll be gone before you know it."
Bucky frowned at her words. "Gone— hey, we don't mean to make you feel unwelcome here, why don't you stay for dinner? I'm sure Sam offered too, it's really not a big deal. You won't be intruding and Wanda will be delighted to have another member around who wants to eat her traditional recipe, right Vis?" Vision smiled at Y/N and nodded. "Yes, please stay."
"Okay, since you're asking so nicely," she joked and all three of them laughed. "Dinner's ready! Who wants some Borscht?!" Wanda exclaimed gleefully, walking out of the kitchen with a pile of plates and cutlery as Sam followed with a pot with steam coming out of it. "Guess what? Y/N's decided to stay!" Bucky announced and all of them cheered, Wanda giving Y/N a hug.
"That's amazing news!"
"Oh, you managed to talk her into it, how nice…"
Bucky smirked and swung an arm over Sam's shoulders. "Girls like me better than you, pal, accept— ow! I was joking!" Y/N giggled as Sam shoved Bucky off him, giving him a punch on the arm for good measure. "You two seem like really good friends," she commented and Vision scoffed. "You should've seen them when they first met. Couldn't stand each other."
"Oh please, every great friendship starts out like that, am I right?" Wanda nudged Y/N and she grinned. The five of them sat down to eat; Sam served everyone the Borscht. "So, how many months along are you?" Wanda questioned. "8, how about you?" "7, there's twins in there." Y/N gasped. "How lovely! I've always wanted twins, they're so cool."
"I used to have a twin brother," Wanda shrugged. "That's— wow. So, which one of the three is it? Or is he at home?" Y/N smirked. "Vision here, we got married a year ago, it was a small ceremony, only close friends." Y/N grinned at Vision. "Awesome! Congratulations, guys!" Vision and Wanda smiled at each other. "How about you, if you don't mind me asking?"
Y/N's mood dimmed slightly but she kept the smile on her face. "My ex, he got me pregnant. Not really much of a happy story; I love my baby, I really do but I'm gonna have to raise them alone; he said he doesn't even want to visit, let alone pay child support, I just— come on, I'm boring you with the story, I don't wanna be a Debby Downer," she waved in dismissal.
"That's so wrong of him! Give us a name and we'll make that bastard pay up," Sam glared, which made Y/N smile a bit. "It's okay, Sam, you don't have to. I have a nice job, and he isn't that good of a person anyway, it's better if he's out of my life for good. I can't wait to try the Borscht, Wanda." Dinner after that was fun and fairly uneventful.
Y/N was watching TV the next morning when someone rang the doorbell. She blinked and opened the door to see Sam standing there, leaning against the doorframe with a small smile on his face. "Sam, hi, what brings you here?" she smiled back at him. "Have you had breakfast?" Y/N frowned slightly and shook her head. "Not yet, I was just about to cook. Why?"
"Will you join me? There's a lot of Borscht left if you're interested." She grinned at him; how had she not introduced herself to him earlier?! "That sounds really nice, thank you for the offer! Let's go." The two walked to Sam's apartment and Y/N sat on the couch as Sam went to the kitchen to get the food. "I actually have something to ask," Sam began as the two sat down to eat.
"What happened?" Y/N questioned curiously, a hand resting on her belly as she ate the delicious Borscht. "I want you to tell me about all your cravings from now on. Anything you want, no matter how weird. I really want to help you, Y/N, will you allow me to do it? I just… I don't want you to suffer anymore, I'm here for you. A friend. Please?" Y/N blinked at him, shocked.
Surely he wasn't that nice? "You really want to do that?" she gasped. "I do. I feel really bad about how your ex just left you so vulnerable and full of responsibility, and he won't even help with the baby, I— I want to take some of the responsibility. It'll make me feel good." Y/N nodded instantly. "That's so nice of you, thank you! I'd love that, you offering to help… you're an angel."
Sam flushed slightly and rubbed the back of his neck, a goofy smile on his face. "Just helping a friend in need." The doorbell rang all of a sudden and Sam sat up, alert. "What?" Y/N whispered. "I'm not expecting anyone. Stay here." Grabbing a gun from a drawer near the dining table Sam put it in his back pocket and went to answer the door. Upon opening the door, he saw a man.
The man was dressed in black trousers and a band t-shirt, his hair a rough mess and a glare on his face. "Can I help you?" Sam frowned. "Your neighbor, Y/N, have you seen her? I'm her ex boyfriend." Sam's blood boiled when he introduced himself but he kept his cool. "I haven't seen her, I'm sorry. She isn't very social, you know and I respect people's privacy."
The man groaned and left. Sam returned to the living room, keeping his gun away with a sigh. "What happened, Sam, everything okay?" Y/N asked worriedly when he sat back down in front of his plate. "Don't be mad." Y/N's frown deepened with confusion. "Why, who was at the door?" He looked up at her. "Your ex. I sent him away. Did you want to talk to him?"
Y/N froze for a minute but then scoffed, wrapping her arms around her middle. "Thank you for that, I wasn't ready to see him. I'm not mad at you, by the way." Sam nodded and the two spent the rest of breakfast in silence.
"Y/N! I know you're in there!"
"Go away!"
Upon hearing the commotion out in the corridor Sam opened his front door, seeing Y/N's ex boyfriend banging on the door to her apartment. 3 weeks had passed since he showed up at Sam's house. "Is there a problem here?" he asked calmly and the ex boyfriend turned to him. "Dude, it's none of your business," he sneered but Sam simply raised an eyebrow.
"Y/N is my friend, I think I'd know when she'd want me to intervene."
"Well now's not the time, pal, go back in! Y/N and I are having a personal conversation," he scoffed. "Oh really? Because to me it sounds like she's asking you to go away," Sam rolled his eyes. All of a sudden Y/N's front door swung open and she stepped out, looking between both men. Her eyes lit up when she saw Sam.
Over the course of 3 weeks, Y/N had come to like Sam a lot. Along with being handsome as fuck, he was also really kind, sweet and caring; he bought for her all that she craved, let it be the middle of the night or the afternoon. She also found out that he was an Avenger, previously used to be known as the Falcon but now, Captain America. She trusted him even more, knowing he'd protect her from anything.
"Sam!" she smiled brightly, pushing past her ex to run to Sam. He gave her a tight hug, keeping an arm around her as they both turned to Y/N's ex, who was staring at them, jaw dropped. "A friend, huh, Sam?" he sneered but Sam only stared at him with disdain. "Don't talk to him like that! You weren't even here when I needed you, and now I have an awesome guy helping me with things and you suddenly wanna show up?!"
"No, you shut up! You're just a coward and— and an asshole and I don't want anything to do with you anymore. Leave and if you come back, I'll call the police on you, I swear—" Sam cut her off by chuckling wryly. "Sweetheart, I'm an Avenger, are you forgetting? Next time this guy shows up, call Bucky. I'll give you his number. I'm sure Buck will have a lotta fun teaching this guy a lesson."
Y/N beamed at Sam. "Okay!" Y/N's ex stared at the two, jaw dropped. "You're both crazy," he whispered, "Crazy maniacs, I tell you!" Y/N and Sam stared after him with broad smiles as the man left, grumbling under his breath. "Ugh, he's been showing up every day for 3 weeks, and today he created a scene. So sorry about that, Sam, I hope I didn't disturb anything."
"Aw, Y/N, you know I care about you. Don't worry, I was just watching TV. He shows up again, you call me first. I'm always here for you." Y/N gave him a timid smile, rubbing her belly. "I actually wanted to ask you something if you don't mind…" Sam nodded at her to go on. The truth was, he liked her too. She was super adorable, and the pregnant belly of hers made her glow like an angel.
One of the main reasons why he decided to help her out so eagerly was the fact that he wanted to get closer to her, maybe ask her out someday in the future. They would be a happy little family; Sam, Y/N and the baby. He was ready to look after them both, no bias to the baby. "...Sam?" He snapped out of his thoughts, blinked and shook his head.
"Sorry, sorry, got lost in thoughts. What?" The timid smile was back on her face. "I was just wondering if you'd like to go on a date sometime with me… of course you can say no, I won't mind, but I'd really like it if you say yes…" No way. "Y/N, I'd love to go on a date with you, that's fantastic! How about this Saturday, two days from now, at 8 we go to dinner?"
Y/N smiled brightly at his words. "Oh— okay, okay, that will be great! Yeah, yeah, Saturday works for me. So, um, see you then— or maybe before that if I need something, I—" Sam smiled at her endearing behavior as he skittishly ran back to her apartment, a giddy smile on her face. "The things you do to me, Ms Y/L/N," Sam laughed to himself as he went back to his own apartment.
A loud, wailing noise pulled Sam out of his slumber. He immediately sat up and checked his phone, walking out of his apartment to ring Y/N's doorbell. She opened the door with a tired smile on her face, greeting him with a quick kiss. "Little one giving you trouble?" he smiled fondly as the two went to the baby's bedroom, who was sobbing at the top of his lungs.
A few days had passed since Y/N had given birth, and since Sam and Y/N started dating. She had a little boy; they named him Luke. "The crying just doesn't stop," Y/N sighed, leaning against the doorframe as Sam entered the bedroom, picking Luke up. The baby quieted instantly, peering up at Sam with his big eyes. "There, there, don't cry. We gotta let your mommy get some sleep or she becomes very cranky."
"Hey!" Sam grinned at her. "I was only kidding, darling, you know I like you," he winked and Y/N shook her head. "Good thing I like you too." A few minutes later, as the baby fell asleep again, Sam's phone buzzed in his pocket. He took it out and saw multiple, hurried texts from Vision. "What happened?" Y/N asked him as he stared at the phone, trying to make sense of the messages. "I don't know."
Y/N grabbed his phone and looked through the cryptic messages, her eyes going wide. "Wanda is in labor! The twins are coming," she whispered and an incredulous expression showed up on Sam's face. "She's only 8 months in, that can't be right." Y/N slapped her forehead. "They're twins, Cap, they always come early. Go to the hospital, I'll see you tomorrow morning."
They shared another kiss, giving each other smiles. "I'll see you then." Sam then left the apartment, rolling his eyes at another weird message Vision had left him.
"For God's sake, you're a robot, how hard is it to type?!"
A/N: Thanks for reading, leave a like if you enjoyed!
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the-marvelclub · 7 months ago
steve rogers x reader one shot
Summary: reader has never been kissed before, she ask steve for help on how to do it. They’re only best friends so what could go wrong?
Author’s note: I haven’t write for a very very long time, so this is my first one shot in like 4 years and english is not my first language. Enjoy this messy self-indulgent fic. Feedback is always appreciated.
Tumblr media
With short but quick steps you arrived at his door on the other side of the hallway. To say you were nervous was an understatement, you felt like your heart was going to burst out of your chest and your hands were sweaty. You raised your fist once again determined to finally knock on the big black wooden door in front of you. How bad could it be? It was Steve anyway. 
Your best friend, the one who were there for you when you were so happy you could jump for joy because Fury had finally given you your first solo mission, when you were so bored he'd put on your favorite Dean Martin song and spin you around all over the living room, when you were so heartbroken because all of your dates were jerks who were only interested because you were an avenger and never really care for get to know the real you. He was your best friend in the whole world, and you knew you could always count on him. 
And it wasn't like you had feelings for him. Well, at least not anymore. His brief relationship with Sharon made you realize that you didn't even stand a chance, what were you thinking? He was Captain America for god's sake, you weren't even close to be his type. Yeah... you were completely over him.
Still lost in your thoughts you didn’t realized that you had unconsciously knocked on the door until a completly shirtless Steve appared in front of you.
Oh, this was such a bad idea.
"What’s wrong, doll?" he spoke, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes, you were so focused on how to tell Steve what you were about to tell him that you didn't even notice that it was already dark and there was no one in the hallways anymore.
"Sorry, I didin’t mean to woke you up, I didn't realize it was so late, I’ll talk to you tomorrow" you said quickly without being able to look him in the eyes.
You turned around to go back to your room, head down in embarrasment for waking him up when warm fingers grabbed your wrist and made you turn around.
"It's okay, I couldn't sleep anyway" he said and you knew by the way he had the pillow marked on his left cheek that he was lying, you sighed and nodded before entering to his room. The bed was unmade indicating that he had in fact been asleep, the whole room was dark except for the faint light filtering through the almost sheer curtains. Hesitantly, you walked over to the large bed with grey sheets and sat down on it while Steve closed the door behind him and turned on the small lamp on the little side table. He sat down beside you his eyes filled with concern looking at you intensely, and still with no shirt on. You swallowed.
"You smell really nice" you said the first thought that came into your mind. You mentally slapped yourself. 
“Well, thank you.” He snorted before a beautiful smile graced his face. You looked at him nervously, he was only wearing sweatpants that hung low on his hips, his dirty blond hair was all tousled and his baby blue eyes were looking at you amused. This would be harder than you thought, better spit it out once and for all.
"I need you to kiss me."
Well, that didn't go the way you expected. His laughter stopped and he looked at you with wide eyes, his whole body tense. You quickly got off the bed and started pacing around the room not daring to look him in the eye. "I know this is a weird thing to ask but you're the only one I can trust..." you turned to look at him only to find him in the same state as before, his eyes fixed on the spot where you were sitting on the bed seconds ago.
"Wait... Are you blushing?" you asked as you watched the red adorn his cheeks.
He cleared his throat and his blue eyes met yours.
"No, I'm not" he mumbled, running his hands through his tousled hair. "What's this all about, doll?." he got up from the bed and walked towards you, his eyes looking at you curiously.
"I... " you were suddenly nervous again. "I've never kissed anyone before" you finally admitted, closing your eyes tightly "and I need you to teach me how to do it." you mumbled, a crimson red painted your cheeks after the words had left your mouth. Watching him out of the corner of your eye, he was standing in front of you, arms on his hips in his usual Captain America pose and with his eyebrows raised in surprise. You spoke again before he could argue "And you're the only one I trust, Tony has Pepper, Bucky is away on a mission and if I told Sam i’ll never hear the end of it, but you know me better than anyone and I know you'd never make fun of me, you're my best friend so I trust you." .
He give you a puzzled look before speaking "Why now?" he said calmly. 
"Do you remember Eddie?."
"Barely." He stated, tensing his jaw.
"Well, tomorrow night will be our fifth date, and he already tried to kiss me but I got nervous and now everytime that i think he’s gonna do it I panic and I always make some lame excuse, he must think that I don't really like him or that there's something wrong with me."
"And do you...?" he said looking directly into your eyes “...really like him?
"Well... I think so... yes" you said "so are you going to teach me or not?
He sighed and lowered his head.
"You don't need to be taught how to kiss, doll, when it happens, happens, and if he’s the right person for you, it will come naturally. He won't care that you've never kissed anyone before." He spoke calmly.
"Steve...but what if I suck? What if he doesn't want to go out with me anymore?."
"Then he must be crazy."
"Please, I just need to know that I can do it, I want everything to be perfect tomorrow night, I wouldn't ask you if it wasn’t important to me" you pleaded.
He sighed, rubbing his hands across his face. 
"I can't" he murmured afer a few seconds of silence.
"Why not? Come on Steve, I remember how Sharon used to brag that you were an excellent kisser and..."
"It's not that, doll" he sighed. Tilting his head with his eyes closed, looking like he was in pain.
"Then what is it, Steve?” you murmured “Please don't make me ask Sam."
He looked at you intently for a few seconds before nodding his head, so slowly you almost didn't notice. Almost.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you" you repeated with a blissful smile as you strode over to Steve.
"Just once, to show you how it's done" he stated.
"Okay." You nodded quickly.
He sighed and close the remaining distance between you two you until you were face to face only a few inches apart, he slowly brought one of his hands up to your face and carefully brushed a strand of hair behind your ear and then placed his warm hand on your cheek.
"Relax, doll. I can feel you're tense." he murmured his warm mint breath invaded your senses, you tried to do as he said, your heart beating so fast once again but you knew this time it wasn't because you were nervous. It was something else. "Lick your lips" he said in a husky voice darting his gaze to your lips.
Oh, this was a bad idea.
“Like this?." you said, your body buzzing with anticipation.
"Mmm." he growled placing his other hand on the back of your neck bringing you even closer to him and his full lips "tilt your head a little, and just go with it" he said without taking his eyes off your lips before slowly moving closer to them and bringing his lips together with yours.
He kiss you.
His lips were warm and soft. You could feel the soft tickle of his breath beneath your nose, all of your senses taking him in. You felt your legs turn to jelly and you had to hold onto his broad shoulders or else you were sure you would fall to your knees. His lips brushed softly against yours before he took your bottom lip and sucked slowly, he tasted like mint and soft breeze and you could feel the pressure of his fingertips on the back of your neck as he moved his other hand down from your cheek to your jaw moving your face in sync with his. Before you could snap out of your daze and start to return the kiss properly he pulled away, but didn't move an inch away from you, his now dark eyes looked at your lips before meeting your eyes.
Before you could say another word, he had pushed you against the wall behind you, breathing heavily as your lips pressed together once again, only this time more passionate. You softly moan when you feel his whole body collapse with yours leaving you trapped between the wall and his bare chest. This time you grabbed him by his hair and pulled it a little before kissing him back giving it your best, lightly biting his lower lip like you had seen thousands of times in movies, he growled and opened his mouth slightly, allowing your tongue to slip inside, he lowered one hand and placed it on your waist pulling you closer to him, tongues hugging each other, starved for each other. 
You didn’t wanted to stop but you needed air, so you slowly pulled away before looking up at him, trying to meet his blue eyes but they were still closed, swollen lips barely parted. A second later, he had removed his hands from your body and had turned around standing too far for your liking, your body missing his warm and touch, evading your glance he put one hand on his hip and the other touch his lips.
"I told you you didn't need lessons, kiss him like that and I assure you you’ll have your sixth date" he said with a hoarse voice before walking out the door leaving you dumbfounded and with swollen lips wanting more.
read part two here
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superlocktvd · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
An ardent Marvel Fan here and man this scene is easily one of my favorites. The amount of strength Bucky has and to actually plunger that knife through the floor and that too with his non-metallic hand. 🤩😍🤯 I have seen more than often that for Bucky, his strength is often attached and linked with him having a vibranium arm but he is so much stronger than that. In episode 4 there were two instances (one when he pushes the person through the wall and asks him to stay there, and of course the gif part) where he could have killed the flag smashers but I guess he understands what they are doing at some level. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has easily become one of my favorite series and we have 2 more episodes left and I can't wait for them to air. Also can't forget Sam Wilson because he is an absolute Angel and not that there was any doubt of him being worthy of being Captain America and he is so amazing in every way Gif Credit
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sabrecmcstonyficrecs · 3 months ago
I’ve read through master list 4 so I’m not sure if it’s on a more recent one, but do you have any other non con or abuse fics? I don’t know why I like these because I’ve been through abusive relationships and they can get triggering 🤦🏼‍♀️ but they are some of my favorite to read. Thank you for doing this with all the rec lists! I’ve been going through them and you rec some amazing fics!
I'm assuming you are looking for non-con between Steve and Tony, so that's what I focused on (though there are some outside of that). Here are some suggestions, some of which are more dub-conish due to situation (i.e., mind control, slavery, etc.) and things that are true non-con. Note that all of these are tagged Rape/Non-Con, among other things, so mind the tags:
Per Aspera Ad Astra by @jellybeanforest-a-go-go: As a gladiator, Stefanus knows his body belongs to the ludus. Ordered to fight, to fuck, to kill, he doesn’t have the luxury to refuse even the smallest of requests, no matter how degrading. So, when he is hired out to Antony Staius as a bodyguard, he thinks nothing of it when he is asked to strip. The fact that Antony wants him to top though… now that’s a surprise.
A Nice Place to Visit by @jellybeanforest-a-go-go: The Purple Man gives Tony Stark everything he’s ever wanted.
Tony can't wait by @serinah80: Tony can't wait, but Steve has to. ;) OR: Tony kidnaps Steve to make him his own sex toy. (this one does have a safeword, fyi)
oh, what a tangled web we weave by Purrgatorio: “I wouldn’t worry so much about what I will do,” Tony purred, his hand falling to his lap to adjust the hard ridge of his cock in his slacks. He was close enough that he could capture each twitch, each spasm of Steve’s muscles. He was working his jaw so hard it was a wonder in itself that Steve hadn’t dislocated it trying to form a response. “I’d be more concerned about what you are going to do.”
A Borrowed Body by @dirigibleplumbing: After Steve shows up in San Francisco, Tony uses Extremis to make him strong and beautiful again. Tony wants sex in return, and Steve gives it to him—he owes this body to Tony, after all. Every month after that, he visits Tony to keep up his end of the bargain. That will just have to be enough for him.
And Nowhere to Go by nonymos: He gave a mocking, dirty smirk. “Basically, Rogers, you need to be worked hard and put away wet.” Steve’s gut did something strange when he heard those words, but he absolutely refused to acknowledge it as anything else than fury. Tony wants to find out about Steve's limits. Steve never knew how to back down from a fight.
Apparently Only One Meal from Barbarism by valtyr: The Savage Land: "All kinds of mutates and dinosaurs and big cheetahs and a surprising amount of acceptable nudity." - Spider-Man
Bound to Suffer by VenomousVore: Steve sneaks into the Stark mansion with one goal in mind. Taking the nineteen-year-old heir home, to live out a life of pleasure.
sun in an empty room by farawatt: Melancholy is dangerous. It's funny how you forgive the past to try and revive it.
the valley of the shadow of death by Anonymous: Steve is captured after breaking his allies out of the Raft. Sent to the Avengers Tower as a prisoner he suffers at the hands of his former friend.
Cleanest I've Been by @kiyaar: Tony, Steve tells him, like he is delivering news about a death, and the joke is on him. You're malnourished, he starts. You're. He falters. You're bondsick. No shit, Tony says. I can still feel you, Steve says, in his softest voice. Like he is terrified. Tony considers that in the space of a second before he's floating away again.
Take My Body Home by @kiyaar: After the events of Superior Iron Man, Tony sells Extremis to the highest bidder and finds himself living as an expatriate in Russia. Steve's never been good at letting go.
Belonging by Arbraza: Captain America wakes up in a world where he is a slave to the man who spent millions to recover him.
Gold is Conductive by viklikesfic: It’s easy enough to convince Steve to wear the rose gold cock cage, convincing him that it’s one of Tony’s biggest kinks, that he made the custom cage just for Steve. Well, technically, that’s not a lie. He built it specially, the gold hiding the weight of a detection-proof lining, in turn protecting a delicate series of components. Components that secretly train him with rewards, tiny electrical signals he doesn’t pick up on consciously that arouse him every time he goes deeper into subspace, every time he’s obedient to Tony.
Corrective Maintenance by deervsheadlights: Steve tightens his hold a little, stroking his thumb along the seam of the metal plate where it meets skin near the line of Stark’s jaw. "Tell me, Stark. How much of you is really dead?"
Fight Through it Together by orphan_account: An alternate ending for the episode "Emperor Stark": What if Tony hadn't been able to shirk Purple Man's control long enough to take him out with Steve? Purple Man has a few choice commands for Tony while he's under his control. Specifically, to rape Steve Rogers.
The Stallion by SecretSmutSquirrel: Tony considered the strange creature in front of him. How he longed to tame the wild beast, for the boy to sit at his feet and eat from his hand. Yet, beauty was found in his straight back, the proud lift of his head, the wild look in his eyes. It was something he’d always known - the charm of a wild stallion lay in his free spirit and independence. Taming one went against the course of nature. Keeping one would be a sin. When Steve runs away from the castle (again), Tony is forced to punish him. He also makes the painful decision to let him go. And maybe that's just what it takes to keep Steve by his side.
these, our bodies, possessed by light by fundamentalblue: “I always hurt you, don’t I?” Steve asks. He’s panting, exhaustion lining his features, as well as something that looks like regret. “Maybe that’s all you’re good for.” (revoked consent)
The old ways by fundamentalblue: “I want Tony Stark.”
Spoils of War by Medorikoi: Red Skull takes what is his, he always has. Steve just wishes Tony hadn't been caught up in it. A Red Skull Fuck-or-die.
The Stranger by @silkspectred: I wanted to go back to Peggy. But I wasn't thinking of Peggy, and the stone knew, and it led me here. Here. Hell.
Burns Like a Wildfire by UisceOneLove: Tony, like the world, once believed in Captain America. Locked away in a HYDRA lab, pushed towards his breaking point, he despised Captain Hydra.
Captain's Plaything by UnluckyWriter13: Steve punishes Tony for being bad. As Steve punishes him, Tony tries to remember what went wrong. This is non-con smut please know that before reading this.
The Blues by @resurrectedhippo: He can’t see Steve anymore, but he feels his breath on his back. A finger outlines his vertebrae, and Tony counts each one. Twelve down the thoracic. Five down the lumbar, and then Steve's pawing at his sacrum, fingers fluttering until he reaches the center of Tony’s ass. "There you are," he says, spreading Tony's cheeks. Tony sees Steve's shiny boots until he crouches to the ground, and then all that’s left are those stupid green trousers that should be blue. There’s a puff of air on his hole, then a dry finger circles the rim. It presses in, slow. Tony should be used to this violation by now. But he’s not.
Hang Man by @resurrectedhippo: Tony had shut those thoughts away in a corner of his brain, labeled it as an error. Steve would never look back, and there’s never been time for dreaming when the world suffered crisis after crisis. Not when Tony was running, rebuilding himself, planning to destroy planets, wiping Steve’s memories. This must be the punishment Steve never allowed himself to give.
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amarriageoftrueminds · 2 months ago
Can I scream about giant omega Bucky with you? 😭 he’s just so gorgeous 😭😭😭 he’s like an Amazon, and pre-serum Steve would be his tiny husband. I’m sorry for the dramatization but they are very cute to me
Omg yes please do it’s my absolute kryptonite! 
I love thinking about how people would view omega Bucky in an a/b/o verse where O is the equivalent of female to us because like... 
He’d be like the embodiment of every ‘not to be a lesbian but omg’ post. 
Think of some big strong badass brunette goth-Amazonian characters. 
Xena, Wonder Woman, Furiosa, Trinity, Jessica Jones, Private Vasquez, River Tam, Rosa Diaz, any Michelle Rodriguez character, Sarah Connor, as a cyborg. 
That’s how omega!Bucky would read to other people! 😩 
And y’know ScarJo’s husky voice, and how that’s part of her appeal? Bucky’s voice would be a husky voice for an omega, too. You’d never catch him putting on a fake soft/high girlie voice to attract alphas. 
My fave daydream AU for ages has been about trans-omega Bucky being in a couple with alpha Steve, who acts like a beta and that’s part of why Bucky likes him; because he isn’t being arrogantly controlling and throwing his weight around. 
And it’d be in a world where peoples’ scents are about who they're trying to attract, so straight demi-sexual Steve smells like a (scentless) beta to everyone (and gets treated like one) because he's been with Bucky since they were kids and isn't trying to attract anyone else (and also for health reasons). 
And that means, because he knows Bucky is an omega (and is trying to attract him with his scent even tho Bucky is maybe assigned b or a at birth), that Steve only gives off alpha-scent when Bucky is around. Like Bucky is literally what gives Steve a boost in status. 
And after Steve gets serum he's the alpha-est but omegas still can't get him to give off scent for them (and are like 'wait, Captain America's a beta?!') ...because he only does that when Bucky’s there. 
And then Bucky perhaps transitioning post-WS and still being 6′ 1″ to Steve’s (fuck it let’s go crazy) 6′ 4″, lookin' like a plus-size supermodel a la Ashley Graham, and because they’ve both got serum they’re the only ones that can really make each other feel like alpha/omega and ofc they’d have like soulmate level compatible scents. 
I like thinking about how sexual dimorphism (trimorphism?) would affect this too, his and Steve’s looks in this ‘verse? Like, pre-serum Steve wasn’t very hairy (and wasn’t immediately after serum) but then in IW Steve has got Cevans’ beard situation going on. So, like, is that the alpha coming out? Would omega Bucky be the equivalent/opposite? Would it mean he has great skin? Great hair? More delicate bone structure? (Basically canon reasons for him to be an especially pretty twunk?)
Also like to imagine Bucky being bi and omega!catnip in this scenario and there being a running joke about if there are any lesbians around Bucky will find them and if he can’t find them he will create them. 😅 (Omega!Bucky taking Steve to lesbian bars and Steve being like ‘ugh finally I can relax in public without getting pawed at!’) 
And Bucky and Nat getting close as friends and her being like his unofficial omega-life coach, (and him in turn introducing her to the horrors joys of cat-ownership). Going to ballet / dance classes together, high end nail salons, hairdressers, spas; clothes shopping, paintball days, track days, firing ranges. Y’know, girl stuff. 🥰 
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stcveskent · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: angst, fluff at the end <3
What happenes when you build up courage to confess to  Steve Rogers that You're in love with him? He rejects. You've been in love with him for 4 entire years and he just says,"Y/n- i', We can't." And Why? Because you and him are collegues. This happened 2 weeks ago. And you started distancing yourself from everyone. Nat tried to talk, Wanda tried even Carol did, but you didn't wanted to.
The club or the bar specifically, has been your favourite place since the past 2 weeks. The only thing you've been doing is drinking. Worry is the only thing that covers Steve. He was worried alot, because He too have loved you since the past 4 years. But said 'no' because he cared for you.
"Steve?" Nat called him.
"Yes?" He asked coming out of his thoughts.
"What happened between you two?" She asked.
"Who are you talking about?"
"I'm talking about Y/n. What happened between you two?"
"Nothing did."
"You're a bad liar, you know that right?"
"Ugh! Fine! She said she loves me." He said.
"And what did you say?" She said sitting infront of him while putting her legs on the table knowing, this is gonna be a long story and a long,long,long lecture.
"I said that we can't be together?" He replies as he sips  a bit water.
"Are you kidding me? Steve, you've loved her since the past 4 years. Suddenly you just want to throw your feelings and reject her?"
"You think I've been happy after that? No way. Of course I love her, ofcourse she does too but what happens when anything happens to her all because of whom? Me! Because I'm Captain America, There are alot of enemies who wants me dead on any way, whether its in emotional way or physical way. It sucks! She means the world to me and I'm not ready to lose her for what I am." He finsihes and sighs.
Natasha looks at him, Nat and him had a very close, sibling like relationship. He shared to her, his deepest and  sadest secrets to which she always kept to her. When Yelena was found, It was Steve who hepped Nat with her Emotional situations. Never in the world they've thought they'd get this friendship.
Natasha sighs and places a hand on his shoulder.
"Steve, You know, she's an avenger too, and she's capable of saving herself, maybe try to understand what she's trying to say. She wants you as much as you want her. Think of it and go to her if you think I'm right, if not then its your choice, besides Y/n is like my sister. I can't see her miserable, she's been very upset and I haven't seen her in the past two weeks."
"I'll think about it, Nat. Thank you." He says and hugs her.
"I'll see you later, Now, I have to go to my boyfriend."
"Sure! Have a great night." He smilled
After thinking of the good times you and Steve had, it was your call on his phone.
"Hello?" He said.
"Heyyyy Stevie- Oh sorry, Captain- oh ma gawd, What - hehehe." You slurred from the other side and Steve was worried.
"Y/n? Where are you? Have you been drinking?" He asked
" Yes I'm drinking why do you care and I'm somewhere where I can enjoy drinking. Hehehe" you laughed.
"That's it! Tell me where you are now! I'm coming right away."
"God! Captain! You're so bossy. Always comes closer and then throw me and you don't even know how hard it hurts to be thrown away from the person you've loved since 4 oh-four yearss." You stuttered. Being drunk has its own perks. the thoughts that had been inside you for years were out now.
"Y/n? Stay wherever you are."
"Ugh okay okay."
Thank god, you're mobile's gps has been working which he traced where were you.
The bar was being cold.
A guy started hitting on you and you being drunk made it even worse.
"Hey baby, wanna come home with me?"
"Nooo pleaseee stayyy awaayyyyy" You said. Each syllable expressed longer. You stumbled and then the guy caught you.
"No no! Movee!" You said and he caught you tight.
"Go awayyy-" and Steve entered
"SHE SAID MOVE!" and he pushed him away.
"Steve? Oh Steveeee?" You looked at him and then you puked turning away.
"Don't look at me, Steve." You said and he gave you his  napkin
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yes. Oh god, you're spinning."
"Really?" He asked as you were in his arms and he held you tight.
"I think I'm gonna faint."
"Now?" He asked and then you fell on him.
He drove you and himself to his apartment. He knew where you lived,but didn't wanted you to be alone. Your eyes closed and he held your hand. You were so drunk and you knew the hangover was gonna happen.
He picked you up in his arms and walked to his bedroom. His eyes went to your clothes, covered in vomit.
He took your shirt off, and then he put on his shirt on you which was too large for you.
He laid you on his bed and you looked peaceful. He laid next to you and cuddled with you just like how you both did before you confessed your love for him and he rejected.
"I'm sorry, you're all here because of me, love." He said and placed a kiss on your forehead.
He doze off to sleep next to you,holding you in his arms as he wished this moment always lasted and if you were in your senses, you would've wished that too.
The sunlight crept through the windows through the beige curtains which Steve adored reaching your eyes as you groaned at the feeling of headache starting to occur. Steve have left for his run early and had returned home and was making some breakfast for you both.
You opened your eyes and looked around and sat up.
You thought maybe a stranger have brought you home.
Then suddenly, A Shirtless Steve entered the bedroom and looked at you.
"Oh You're up already. Good Morning." He sent a smile to you.
"Why am I here?" You snapped.
"Try recalling things." He said as he took a shirt from his drawer and pulled it down. His back muscles flexed and you were practically drooling at the sight of him. Your eyes went to yourself in the mirror placed right in front of you. You were not in your clothes. You were in his Shirt, which was too large for your body
"Wait- Did you undress me?"
"Not by choice."
"What do you mean by that?" You asked and glarred.
"Did you take the pills?" He asked
"Which Pills- God, Did we do it?" You asked
"Oh Dear god, Y/n no! The pills for your headache." He asked smiling.
"Not untill you answer me."
"Okay, fine! Yours were covered in vomit. Why're you so stubborn."
"Less than you."
"You should've get that drunk, y/n. Its not good for you."
"Well, this happened two weeks ago, not my fault." You taunted.
"Look! I'm sorry." He said
"Sorry? For?" You asked looking straight in his eyes.
"Y/n I know ,you're hurt that I didn't accept your feelings. I-i Love you too and Alot from the time I laid eyes on you. But We're Avengers, and many people want me dead. And I can't risk ypur life just because of me."
"Steve.. I-no Please. Look at me." You cupped his face as you stood on your knees on the bed az he sat in front of you, his eyes starring at yours.
"I can take care of myself. I love you alot and I'm sorry that I drink too much and lost myself but trust me, I didn't know what to do.... you were my only before and I was sad that I had no one. Please lets give it a try. Just once... please." You said and he kept his arms around your waist.
"I-, Okay." He said.
"Okay! We'll do it." He says and a smile occured on your face and in a minute he picked you up in his arms and took you to the kitchen
"Steve!!" You squeled as he picked you like you had no weight.
"What?" He said.
He placed you safely on the kitchen counter and handed yoi the breakfast.
"Before you do anything....Eat!" He said
"Okay!" You say and eat
"This is  amazing Steve!"
"Glad you loved it." He said and smilled.
You pulled his arm and he stumbled and was in front of you.
"I love you, I really really love you."you said as you cupped his face and he held you.
"I love you too, I love you alot." You smilled and just then you kissed him. This was a long waited kiss.
Just seconds later you pulled away, and then he breathed as your foreheads touched.
"Tha-Was the best." He said.
"The best life starts now..." And he smilled and placed a kiss on top of your head.
hi back again with fluff and angst 🥺 with my baby stevie🤍
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m-bennet · 7 months ago
ok, you all, guys, made me do it.
I have read a huge amount of hate posts without "anti-"  tag, so... I would like to express my opinion about my «favorite» statements.
let's start with... I don't know. maybe with the post that made me laugh all day long.
1) John Walker is a racist and sexist.
you've started judging him since he first appeared in series, telling that he is racist just because of the way he looks. just because he is white, blonde guy (with privileges). and I think, this thought rooted that's why when you see how he acts, you think that it's all about he had some prejudices.
I have rewatched scenes with John several times and I never saw it.
> scene with Olivia from episode 2 (his girlfriend, wiki says that she is his wife) and scene with Lemar from episode 4.
they are both the most important people for him. he can confess to them, show his insecurity, ask questions and he listens to their opinions. they are like soft spots for him, achilles heel. I don't know how even it's possible to be friends all life with black people, stay racist and being such loved by them... or you think that Lemar and Olivia are like victims of domestic violence? (I know, it's a bad example and I'm sorry for this).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> scene with Dora Milaje from episode 4.
I'm 100% sure that he would do the same thing if there were white/black men/women.
he acted like he thought Captain America should — be friendly, kidding around (even if jokes are not really funny for the rest), touch shoulders (of strangers, haha). he looked very confused and uncomfortable, by the way. so maybe it's not about being arrogant, he has some problems with communication sometimes.
yes, he acts like a dork, but because of lack of information about who exactly is standing in front of him (because he doesn't have to know all about Avengers and their friends) and he was nervous all the time (because the pressure of the Cap's mantle and the thing that Sam & Bucky preferred to work with criminal whom they helped realize prison break).
> scene from episode 4 when he asks Bucky "you'll let him do this?".
first of all we should remember that in military system exists well-defined hierarchy. someone is always in charge. that's the thing that all soldiers are used to. government picked John up literally on the way to the next mission, so he hadn't enough time to get accustomed to the rules of the superheroes' game.
second point is that he saw that Sam is confident in his decision and he tried to convince Bucky to interfere. NOT because Sam is black and Bucky is white. don't be ridiculous, please.
third point — maybe he has (or he thinks that he has) a bigger experience in such kind of missions and he is convinced that strategy "negotiate with terrorists" never works. he have already lost people, his mates, because he went through war, so maybe [2] he has some triggers about it.
why you don't judge Bucky being rude with Sam then? why don't you call him racist? for me it's just the same thing.
2) John looked proud of what he'd just done (killed terrorist).
I'm sorry? is it a joke? I could interpret his facial expression and small actions as he "did what he thought was right at that moment", but he was not proud.
war is "kill or being killed", "an eye for an eye". there you can't wait long to decide what to do (during combat operations, I mean, on the battlefield).
we should also remember that Walker have said  "three badges of excellence to make sure I never forget the worst day of my life. we both know that the things that we had to do in Afghanistan to be awarded those medals felt a long way from being right". so he is not a serial killer and still has his own moral compass.
he is not proud, he avenged the murder of his best friend (once again, he knew Lemar since school). about the way he did it... I think that serum is like a huge shot of testosterone/adrenaline, so you become more aggressive, nervous at first and all your rage turns in brutal violence.
he wasn't the bad person from the start, so I don't know how the quote "bad becomes worse" should work in this context. I think that creators made us think that way, because it's much more easier to judge than try to understand.
also there is a spoiler picture from next episode (I suppose). does he still seem proud to you?
Tumblr media
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sweetlyscared · 23 days ago
After the Rain Asks part 3
Y'all are bananas! I'm so happy so many of you have been enjoying After the Rain.
Like last time, I'll be answering everyone's asks here!
Answers that contain spoilers will be at the end!
Hi I recently read, After the Rain. It is wonderful! I can’t even describe how amazing it is! It’s like a beautiful renaissance painting How you capture the differences between both kingdoms! I love how you depict the reader and her personality and compassion! Its sad she had to change her dresses and stopped wearing flowers in her hair because of the Duchess. But I love that she put her own spin to her new attire! thanks for showing us how you envision everything!
Thank you so much!! I really wanted the two kingdoms to feel different, so the Reader had a much more difficult time adjusting.
A lot of this fic was inspired by Marie Antoinette's life (but not her death!). She's a very misunderstood historical figure. I don't base the Reader's personality on her, more so the idea of being moved to a different country where everyone hates you and there's difficulty with getting pregnant.
After the rain part four was amazing! I really can't wait until Amelia is put in her place tbh. I wanna see reader get comfortable again and wear her nice flowy gowns and wear her crown meant for a queen! - @punishmepunisher
Thank you! Amelia is awful and I love writing her!
I got to say that I absolutely love the angst in After the Rain! I hope there is more angst to come!! You are an absolutely amazing and phenomenal writer! I know a lot will disagree but I actually like when you write Steve as distant, mean, cruel, and hurtful to reader🤭. I love the direction you are writing him as! What can I say? I love the hurt!
Haha! Distant Steve is angst fuel.
He's not a bad person. He's just stubborn. But as we're seeing, he's regretting his earlier behavior.
“ Sam was the most diplomatic person on Steve’s council. Few could match his empathy…” // This feels like such an accurate understanding of Sam. Where Steve’s righteousness is what made him Captain America, Sam’s empathy did for him. I love this take.
Thank you! I believe that's Sam's super power-- his empathy towards others and how he does his best to understand people. It's why Steve often sends him to other countries in his place.
Oh no you didn't ! how could you do this to me it's 3:00 am and I just saw ATR 4 it's soooooo Long and I have a history test tomorrow 🥲 words can't express my feelings ☠️ - @saraaras17
Awww I hope you do/did well on your test!
THE SCREAM THAT LEFT ME WHEN I SAW YOU POSTED CHAPTER FOUR OF AFTER THE RAIN!! you fr just made my day with your amazing writing!!!! - @reveise
Aww thank you for making my day with your sweet comment!
Amelia I want to kill her so bad, please God kill her🤬😖 also first I used to hate Steve but now I don't, I can see him trying and a confused mess. So you did a really good job at writing ♥️♥️♥️
Steve's a complicated bean who has a lot of baggage he needs to claim before he can leave the airport. Our sweet reader is patient and understanding but even she has her limits.
She's cold?! SHE’s cold?! Taken to a new land, bound in matrimony to a man who gave the minimum for nine months, and he has the audacity to judge her. Steve keeps taking about couriers following King Joseph’s lead ….but can’t self reflect enough to see he sets the tone for courtiers now too? OMG…I’m with Bucky; let’s throw some hands!
Wonderful chapter by the way. I love your work.
In fairness, from an outside perspective, she would appear pretty cold given how formal and impersonal she is at first. It's just how she was taught to be, and she's learning that her mother's idea of a proper lady is far more rigid than Fearann's standards.
Though Steve is quickly finding out that all he's needed to do to see her warmth is just... talk to her.
Which is heartbreaking. It means none of the courtiers have tried.
Bucky needs to knock some sense into Steve. Maybe it will happen when he finally gets tired of his Queen seemingly preferring Bucky to him despite his “efforts” to get to know her.
I know he’s actually trying but I think he is doing the bare minimum and then gets disappointed when it doesn’t do much for him.
He's not doing the bare minimum on purpose! He just doesn't know how to talk to women, and he doesn't know where to start. His treatment of her is the elephant in the room, and until he addresses it, it's gonna be awkward. He's also not disappointed in her for her distance, he's disappointed in himself for not doing better.
But I do agree he can definitely be trying harder!
“You know, had you not been betrothed to Steve, I would have been next in line. My family is in good standing with his, and King Joseph was so fond of my father.”
Duchess please. 🙄 Steve hates I’m his father and it doesn’t seem like you two are friends. I think you were actually disqualified.
The funniest part is Steve doesn't even really know Amelia. Like, he doesn't dislike her, he just doesn't think about her at all. She's incredibly conceited, privileged, and entitled.
I see two ending:
Steve and our Queen reader fall for each other and become a power couple.
They become a power couple in appearance only. Reader is only able to accept Steve as a good friend and companion meanwhile Steve is just a simp for her hoping one day he can get her to actually love him.
Let's just say if Steve is to ever win her over, he has a loooong way to go.
I know that Peggy isn’t coming back but there is a dark twisted side to me that can’t help but think what if our dear reader tells Steve that he should find a way to see Peggy or she writes Peggy to come she Steve to make him feel better.
Just imagine the reaction.
Steve is floored because she knows about Margaret. Just how long has she known about Margaret?
Steve is also troubled because not only does she know about Peggy but she knows that is the reason he was so cold to her.
Steve is dumbstruck because she isn’t being snide or caddy about it. She genuinely wants him to see Peggy to make himself feel better because at least one of the should be able to see someone that they love and care for.
Honestly, the Reader would probably do something like that. I have something different planned though!
Steve assumes the reader knows about Margaret already. He still tried to hide it because he knows his feelings for her aren't right.
I imagine if she has a girl she will be terrified that Steve will just offer up like she was.
Or if she has a boy she be so relieved because he’ll won’t have to go through what she is going through.
Also imagine if she confines this to someone and it makes it’s way back to Steve.
If she had a girl, she'd be scared he'd use her as a bargaining chip, but she'd also just ask him up front if he'd do that. He wouldn't. He's also not happy with being in an arranged marriage, though he has yet to find out how awful her childhood was because of it.
If she had a boy, she'd definitely be relieved. She'd also feel like she's done her duty in giving Steve and heir, which would take a lot of stress off her.
For after the rain i noticed you put one sided buckyxreader and the way this recent chapter played out it seems as though bucky is feeling something for reader. i know you said there won’t be cheating in this fic but will bucky ever confess his feelings to the reader?? does steve have some sortve hint that bucky feels something for the reader??? - @reveise
He doesn't ever confess his feelings for her, but Steve figures it out at some point.
I'll just say I'm trying to keep the politics in this fics kinda realistic. It won't be suuuper realistic because I don't know how monarchies actually work lol. But stuff like cheating could result in the Queen being tried for treason (but obviously, it wouldn’t affect men who cheat). Not that Steve actually would, but it would still destroy her reputation. Bucky would never put her in that position.
Thank you all so much for your questions and interest!!
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darter-blue · 5 months ago
Hello darling! Let’s play! I am here to send you 5 questions. They are purely based on Hollywood movies. These are tough... play well.
1. 👱🏻‍♂️🔴🔵 &🧔🏻❄️😡🔪❤️
2. 👧🏼🎁📒🧔🏻🚤
3. 🔴🏝🏊🏻‍♂️🏨
4. 🔪🔪➡️👴🏻
5. 👩🏻😱📞📞👱🏻‍♂️🔫👨🏻‍🦲
If you look closer there’s something in common in these movies mentioned here😜. Good luck.
Hey hey gorgeous!!! Ooh, I've been waiting for this!
Okay, oh god, this is stressful 😬
1. Captain America and the Winter Soldier
2. Gifted
3. The Red Sea Diving Resort
4. Knives Out
5. Cellular
But hmmm... for the life of me I can't seem to figure out the common thread...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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davidmann95 · a month ago
DC's January Solicits? Specifically thoughts on Ennis Peacemaker and Waid/Mora Bat/Supes?
Batman: The Knight #1: I'm betting this is what was originally teased as The Legend of Batman awhile back. I'm tentatively down for it, if it's solely 10 issues of "and thus he learned to channel his rage...towards justice" I figure Zdarsky will do the good version of that, but I'm hoping for a more "tiny Bruce Wayne teaching himself how to dislocate every bone in his body and deciding he'd probably better also fit in learning how to build satellite headquarters and the history of puzzles just in case" approach.
Tumblr media
Detective Comics #1050: Dig those Bermejo and Fornes variants, but obvious why I'll actually be getting this (assuming this is a one-off springboard, rather than a feature that'll run for awhile before the new World's Finest book proper begins). While I wish the "here's the classic takes with big names!" title was held off until the new generation characters were better established, I think this is a perfect place for Waid at DC. Either having the keys to his boy + Batman and being paired with a generational talent like Mora will bring the best back out of him in the homestretch of his career, or it won't in which case this is out-of-the-way, Mora can do other stuff at the other time because he's a speed demon, and he'll probably move on fast if this flops anyway. Really positive risk-reward ratio.
Superman & Robin Special #1: Was so bummed until I saw this was a one-off. Genuinely can't tell what'd be funnier, if Tomasi's last word was "I WAS ROBBED" or "He's older now I guess? Sure, it's fine, get over it nerds".
Peacemaker: Disturbing The Peace #1: Finally, a sanctioned space within Big Two comics for Garth Ennis to write about how much he hates Captain America.
Tumblr media
Human Target #4: Jesus, Smallwood, spare some talent for somebody else
Justice League #72: Wait, is the Dark backup about to wrap up? Should I stick it out for a couple more issues?
Justice League Incarnate #3: Fuck you.
Suicide Squad #11: Fuck you too, how dare you think you've earned playing with Multiversity toys
Tumblr media
Superman: Son of Kal-El #7: The cover that lit Twitter on fire. If this was just a variant cover or poster there'd be no problems but it's sure a statement for this to drop as the real premise right after the end of Authority, if probably not quite what's intended. I don't think it'd be impossible for 'Superman joins a protest' to be a weak story by any means, but if anyone's gonna get there or subvert the obvious I'm not betting on Taylor. Wish Aquaman's sign said something about finny friends.
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idy-ll-ique · 5 months ago
Pairing: Chris Evans x F!Reader
Genre: nothing but floofy-floof
Warnings: none
Requested: nope
Summary: in which you can hear the voice of your soulmate in your head and Y/N's soulmate is someone really special— her celebrity crush.
Author's Note: Hiya peeps! do y'all know how long ago I wrote this fic, like— at least 2 years ago. damn. so in advance, im sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes or bad punctuation in the fic that I forgot to correct (apology for bad english 😌)
oh and
bold/italics - chris
only italics - y/n
Hey, you still there?
Y/N snapped out of a trance and focused on the voice. Yeah, yeah I'm still there, she thought to herself. She was hearing the voice of her soulmate, or rather, was speaking to him, telepathically. The thing is, you could hear the voice of your soulmate in your head. You could talk, hold conversations, but the only thing was that you couldn't ask for their name.
You had to guess. Most of the people made plans, like let's meet here or there and concentrate hard enough, I'll see your name written on a paper. It was a thing, I mean, if you concentrated hard enough, you could see what your soulmate was doing. It was like a cheat code of sorts. Most of them found their soulmate in that way.
You see, Y/N loved surprises, so she wasn't going to find her soulmate just yet. Y/N wanted to figure it out for herself. Your soulmate couldn't hear every single one of your thoughts, though (which was how she had zoned out mid-conversation). Listen, we should meet up sometime.
Aw, already? she thought with a pout on her lips. Yes, I'm very excited to meet you, I've been waiting for too long, the voice replied, chuckling. It was a manly voice, really deep and raspy. She loved it. When Y/N was small, about 4-5 years old, all she could hear were swear words and dirty thoughts; characteristics of a teenage boy.
From that, she inferred, that soulmate was much older than her, about 8-9 years older than her. She didn't mind, She was kind of into older guys anyway… But I like this game we have! Why do you want to ruin it? she asked, shaking her head. Alright, sweetheart, just for you, I'm holding back. But I don't have much patience, the voice laughed. Y/N smiled.
Without even meeting her, Chris loved the voice in his head. She sounded so sweet and welcoming, maybe she was younger than him. He couldn't wait to meet her. Chris had tried to plan their meeting for so long now, but she just wouldn't give in. She was also a feisty one. He smiled to himself as he walked down the street, engaged in thoughts about his soulmate.
In his haste, he accidentally bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry!" he blurted out, instead hearing a soft ouch, shit in his head. His brows furrowed. The lady he had bumped into just kept on walking. Are you alright? he asked his soulmate in his mind. Yeah, just bumped into someone while walking.
I bumped into someone just now too! he told her excitedly, still staring at the lady who had now stopped in her tracks. She turned around, scanning the crowd. Then she looked at him, but maybe she didn't realize that she had bumped into him. Holy shit, I see— Then it all went blank. See what? Chris questioned desperately.
He still wasn't sure whether the woman he had just bumped into was his soulmate or not.
Why can't I say the name of the guy who played the role of Captain America?
Chris froze and stared at the lady, jaw dropped. She was lost in her thoughts, confused. He slowly walked to her and stood in front of her; she stared back at him, her heart racing. This was her celebrity crush, who was currently looking at her as if she hung the moon. But why? Why was he looking at her like that?
"You can't say his name because that's me, you technically can't say his name because you aren't allowed to," Chris whispered to her, smiling softly. Her eyes widened.
"You! You're the voice I hear in my mind! Chris freaking Evans is my soulmate?! How did I not realize?!" The woman exclaimed, shocked. Soon though, she got a wide smile on her face. His eyes widened too, hers was the voice he heard as well! "What's your name?" he asked her as they hugged. "I'm Y/N Y/L/N," she replied, smiling.
"Wanna join me for a coffee?" he offered, holding his hand out. She put her palm on top of his and nodded. Both of them entered a nearby coffee shop. "So, what do you do?" he asked her after ordering two coffees. "Nothing. I'm unemployed right now, just got out of my last job. I gave an interview yesterday at Ralph Lauren, just waiting for a call back," she shrugged.
"Oh, into fashion?" he asked her, smiling. "Yeah, got my degree and all. Just needed a job, Ralph Lauren offers a good amount of money," she chuckled. Chris smiled again. "Reminds me of Rachel Green." She laughed more, which warmed his heart. Her laugh was adorable. Suddenly, her phone rang and she looked at him, wide-eyed.
He nodded dismissively and she picked up the call. She spoke for a while and when she ended the call, she had the biggest smile on her face.
"I got the job at Ralph Lauren, I'm starting tomorrow!" Y/N squealed. They couldn't have picked a better timing. "Congratulations, Y/N!" he told her, grinning. After spending some more time at the cafe, they parted ways. She went home while he went back to the sets where they were filming Avengers: Age of Ultron.
"Hi Chris, you were out for a long time, what's up?" Chris Hemsworth asked, smiling at Chris Evans as they stumbled upon each other. "Nothing, just met my soulmate, had a cup of coffee with her." The older Chris feigned nonchalance. "You what?! That's awesome, man! So, how is she, what does she do?" Hemsworth asked him excitedly as both of them walked inside.
Robert and Scarlett were there, talking. "She's so beautiful, I stopped functioning when I saw her. She works at Ralph Lauren, she's a fashion designer," Chris told him with a smile. Robert and Scarlett looked up. "Who?" Scarlett questioned. "Y/N," he said simply, sitting beside Robert. "Who's that?" Robert inquired. "My soulmate." Chris smiled, as if in a trance.
"Boy, you look like you're in love," Scarlett laughed. "Because I am, she's that beautiful," he told her adamantly. "Whoa, did you ask her out?" Robert snorted. "I'm back from our first date." We had our first date right now, didn't we? he asked her in his mind.
Of course we did, I loved it. Hope to meet you again soon, her voice replied and he could practically feel her smile.
Sure, I'm in town for a few more months, I'll mind-text you as to when I'm free, he told her, sporting a smile on his face. She outright laughed in the comfort of her own home. Mind-text? Sounds fun, she agreed and focused on the Netflix series she was watching, turning off the "magical telepathic link" between them.
Chris, too, focused on the others only to see them smiling at him. "Talking to her?" He nodded at Scarlett. A few minutes later, all of them went to another room to begin with the shooting of a new scene.
Y/N danced as she prepared dinner, singing along to You Don't Know Me by Jax Jones. It had been a month since she last saw Chris. He had promised her a date, but he didn't get time. She couldn't blame him, he was a busy man. Y/N was shouting the lyrics of the song in her head, unaware of the fact that Chris was snooping in on her mind.
Hey, calm down, she heard Chris chuckling in her mind and shrieked in real life. What are you— are you snooping on my mind? Chris! she thought, scandalized. He laughed more. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I wanted to ask you out. Are you free right now? We could meet in the same coffee shop, he asked. She grinned and nodded to herself. Of course, I'll be there in 15.
She quickly got dressed, wearing a pair of track pants and a t-shirt (like she was wearing on their first date). She didn't bother with her hair or makeup, it looked good anyway, she just bolted out of the house. Y/N entered the coffee shop to see Chris already sitting there, wearing a suit. She cursed herself mentally, making Chris look up.
He stifled a laugh. She went and sat in front of him.
"I'm so sorry I look like a single mother of two kids who hasn't slept in a year," she moaned, "I didn't know you were gonna show up in a suit." She facepalmed for good measure. "It's quite alright, you look beautiful. I wouldn't have you any other way, I should say. I'm coming back from a party right now, therefore the suit."
She blushed softly at his compliment. He ordered two coffees for them and they started talking. "So, how's your job at Ralph Lauren?" Chris asked, smiling at her. "It's amazing, I got promoted. Now I'm the head of the department, with my own office and all," she told him, smiling back. "That's great! Oh, congratulations, honey," he grinned.
"Thanks," she muttered, blushing slightly when he called her a nickname. "You look cute while blushing, has anyone ever told you that?" Chris winked as their coffees arrived. "No one, ever. I don't interact with people much, it's a tedious job," she half-joked, smiling.
"Really! So who are the people you talk to?" he joined in. "Well, there's my assistant, my mother, my bro and you. That's all. I've got some friends, but I rarely talk to them, only on the phone while texting, that is," she shrugged. "Nice, nice," he nodded as they finished their coffees. "Allow me to drop you home," Chris offered, taking out a key which she found out was for his bike as they left the café.
"No it's alright, I'll go," she refused immediately. "Nonsense, you're practically my girlfriend! I'm going with ya," he shook his head. They looked like an odd couple; one wearing a suit while the other looked like she had just woken up. Surprisingly enough, the one who looked like she just woken up had the best fashion sense among them. "Hop on," Chris grinned.
She sat down behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. Both of them chatted for the 2 minutes that took them to get to Y/N's home. Once they reached her building, she got down from Chris's bike and turned to him.
"Thanks, Chris, this has been an amazing second date. Can't wait for the third," she told him with a smile. "Me too," he smiled back. A few seconds later, she turned to leave but Chris suddenly grabbed her hand, turning her around. "Wha—" She didn't get to finish her sentence as Chris pressed his lips to hers. She kissed back, wrapping her arms around his neck.
"I just had to, sweetheart," he panted as they pulled away from each other, breathless. "Wow," she breathed out as Chris rested his forehead against hers. "So, um, see you on the third date, yeah?" Y/N giggled as they stepped away from one another, smiling. "I'll make it as quick as possible. Can't stay away from you, darling," he winked.
"How flattering," she winked back and turned to leave, purposely adding a sway to her hips knowing that he was watching. And fuck, was he watching. "Oh, the things you do to me, my dear Y/N."
"I heard that!"
A/N: Thanks for reading, leave a like if you enjoyed!
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shmaptainhotchner · 8 months ago
on va voir | chapter 4: barbershop quartet 2.0
Tumblr media
pairings: steve rogers x fem!reader
words: 1.6K
summary: in a time surrounded by lies steve tries to find the truth in you
warnings: vague mentions of injury, light angst
a/n: alright chapter 4 is here! hopw you all enjoy even though it’s on the shorter side :)
series masterlist
Tumblr media
"Hey man, what's up?"
You, Steve, and Nat were lined up at the back door of the house of a person Steve knew he could trust. You held a ripped piece of cloth to your forehead while all of you looked like you had just been through hell. Dirt stained clothes, partially singed and bloodied. You had to lean against Steve for support because Natasha was herself a bit too banged up to hold you.
The past few hours were blurry, you remembered waking up in an unfamiliar car, Steve was driving and Natasha was in the back with you, waiting for you to wake up. The fall was bad, your aching body told you as much, how you made it out alive you had no clue, but here you were.
"I'm sorry about this," Steve said quietly. "We just need a place to lay low."
"Everyone we know is trying to kill us," Natasha added.
"And everyone we don't know,"
The man, who Steve had told you was named Sam Wilson, stepped aside from his door to allow you all space to walk in.
"Not everyone."
Sam had led you, Steve, and Nat to the guest room where you were all cleaning up, preparing yourselves for whatever was about to come.
You sat on the floor, back against the wall, tired and sore as all hell wondering if maybe Zola was right. But not just for Steve, for you too. You had been working for HYDRA all this time, did your life really amount to nothing.
While Steve came out of the washroom Natasha headed downstairs and muttered something about checking if Sam needed help.
He noticed you staring sadly into space and came to sit down across from you, his back resting on the bed frame.
"You okay?" he asked softly and you let out a short breath of air from your nose, shrugging your shoulders, avoiding making eye contact with him. Steve just had those kind of eyes that if you stared into them you'd want to tell them everything. On multiple occasions you had found yourself revealing maybe a bit more information than you had intended all because of those damn eyes, it wasn't something you were unfamiliar with.
"Just sore, my head hurts a bit too, probably concussed."
"That was really amazing," he said. "What you did. You took one for the team, but if you for a second think I don't notice something else is wrong you're sorely mistaken (L/N)," he gave you a look, trying to coerce you into saying something.
You shook your head and used the wet towel you had in your hands to continue wiping away the dirt from your arms. "I think Zola's right," you said quietly.
"About what?" Steve asked concernedly.
"I-I know he was talking about you, but my whole life I've been a SHIELD agent. It's what I know, it's what I remember, it's who I am. I brought in people, helped people like Natasha, made them think they were going straight when in actuality we were all just unknowingly fighting for HYDRA." you explained. "My entire life isn't worth a damn penny."
"Don't say that," Steve frowned. "It's worth all the much more now (Y/N), if all you know is SHIELD then we have an advantage. You know how they think, you're the best person we have to stop them." he countered.
"It doesn't feel right Steve," you insisted, shaking your head. "It felt wrong since the day Fury died, even before we knew, I had a sinking feeling in my gut. And now I know why," you bit your lip.
"Why?" he pressed.
"Because I don't know what I am without my title. I don't know who I am if I'm not an agent," you whispered and sniffed, wiping your nose on your sleeve.
"Welcome to the club (L/N)," he smiled softly and took your hand in his, running his thumb across your knuckles. Your body screamed for you to move closer, but you kept your distance as he held that one small part of you in his hand. "Do you know what Batroc said to me when I managed to get to him face to face? J'ai pensé que t'étais plus qu'un bouclier."
"I thought you were more than just a shield," you repeated to him back in English and he nodded. "On va voir."
"Wait how did you-."
"You left the comm-link on." you gave him a small smile and he chuckled.
"But do you get my point?" he asked and you shook your head wondering how passive-aggressive sassy french comments would help your situation. "You've got to give yourself a chance to see what you are without the mask. You know what On va voir means. If you don't think you know who you are then,"
"We'll see." you filled in the blank.
"Exactly," he nodded. "And if you ever need a hand I might know a few things that could help."
"Like what?" you asked curiously.
"Well you might not know who you are as anything but an agent, but I think I might know some things about you that you might not have noticed."
You stayed silent, waiting for him to continue.
"I spend a lot of time at the facility, I don't have much else to do on my own time, but I know how you would go sit with Agent May every week before she was transferred again," Steve explained. "I was just confused why you were there out of your hours and when I asked someone they just said you come every day she had a shift and would just sit with her, talk about old times. You're probably one of the most loyal and compassionate people I know (Y/N), and I don't think that can be attributed to being an agent because I've met my fair share of agents who are anything, but that."
"You knew about that," you chuckled and shook your head. "Mel trained me, and after Bahrain, she just wasn't the same. Coulson and I both looked after her for a while, but after he died I tried to be there as often as I could. She helps me just as much as I help her, although people might not see it cause they can't understand how she communicates." you explained.
Steve nodded in understanding, "And of you're still in doubt, I mean look, you're still here. Even after I pushed you away. Honestly (Y/N), I'm glad you didn't listen to me."
There was a small silence between you both before you spoke up again, this time asking Steve a question.
"Do you trust me?"
"What?" he asked like he didn't hear the question to begin with.
"Do you trust me? I-I know near the beginning of this you didn't. You didn't really trust anyone. If it came down to it, would you trust me? And be honest."
"Yeah." he nodded. "I would. And (Y/N), I'm always honest."
"A-And I hope you know I wasn't following SHIELD, I'm not siding even with the good parts of the organization. Right now, I'm following you, you and Natasha," you said and Steve gave you a nod, devoid of emotion. "And when I say you, I mean Steve Rogers, not Captain America."
He gave you a small smile which you reciprocated right as Sam came into the room. You let go of Steve's hand and looked up to him to see what he had to say.
"Breakfast is ready if you guys eat that sort of stuff,"
"So the question is, who in SHIELD could launch a domestic missile strike?" Natasha asked, walking into the dining room from the kitchen.
"Pierce," Steve answered and you agreed.
"Who happens to be sitting on top of the most secure building in the world," you added.
"But he's not working alone, Zola's algorithm was on the Lemurian Star," Steve explained.
"So was Jasper Sitwell," Natasha said, putting the pieces together.
"So the real question is: How do the three most wanted people in Washington kidnap a SHIELD officer in broad daylight?" you sighed, pulling out a chair and sitting in it, taking the elastic from your arm and tying your hair up in a bun.
"The answer is, you don't," Sam said, dropping a file on the table in front of Steve.
"What is this?" Steve asked, picking up the file and taking a look inside.
"Call it a resume."
Natasha picked up a photo from inside the file and turned it to Sam.
"Is this Bakhmala? The Khalid Khandil mission, that was you. You didn't say he was a pararescue, Steve."
"Is this Riely?"
"Yeah," Sam nodded sadly.
"I heard they couldn't bring in choppers because of the RPGs," you said. "What did you use? A stealth chute?"
"No these," Sam said, passing you another file, which you glanced at briefly before passing it on to Steve.
"I thought you said you were a pilot?" Steve said, looking down at the blueprints of the machine, amazed.
"I never said pilot," Sam chuckled.
"Sam, I can't ask you to do this. You got out for a good reason."
"Dude, Captain America needs my help, what better reason to get back in?" Sam countered.
"So where can we get our hands on one of those?" Steve asked.
"The last one is at Fort Meade, behind three guarded gates and a twelve-inch steel wall."
Steve looked at you and Natasha and you both shrugged.
"Should be a piece of cake," you smiled. "Plus, Steve, looks like you've got yourself a new barbershop quartet."
"And plans for Saturday night,"
Tumblr media
feedback and reblogs are always appreciated! feel free to send me an ask to be added to one of my taglists (please specify) - mimi
@just-here-to-escape-from-reality​ @hesvoid34 @screwunsaidemily @katrina765 @poppin-peters​ @awaywithtime @mystic-writings
@kelieah @amortensie
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9!! Part 9!!1!1! >:0
Evan: You actually rank you're friends by their appearance???!
Jared: Calm down, number 2.
Alana: Everyone, synchronize your watches!
Connor: I don't know how to do that.
Evan: I don't have a watch?
Jared: Time is a construct.
Evan: Apparently, we're getting someone new in the group. (Miguel)
Zoe: Did you steal them?
Jared: New or used?
Evan: Wonderful responses, both of you...
Zoe, setting down a card: Ace of spades
Connor, pulling out an Uno card: +4
Jared, pulling out a Pokemon card: Jolteon, I choose you.
Evan, trembling: What are we playing
Connor: Can I be frank with you guys?
Jared: Sure, but I don't see how changing your name is gonna help.
Evan: Can I still be Evan?
Zoe: Shh, let Frank speak.
Alana: You know those things will kill you, right?
Jared, pouring another glass of whiskey: That's the point.
Connor, smoking a cigarette: We're trying to speed up the process.
Evan: *Nods while eating raw cookie dough*
Connor: On a scale of "damn Daniel" to "fre sha vaca do", how are you feeling?
Zoe: In between "It's an avocado, thanks" and "how did you defeat Captain America", but as a solid answer I would say "I don't need a degree to be a clothing hanger". How about you, Jared?
Jared: Probably "Road work ahead"
Alana: I speak many languages. But this
Alana: This is not one of them
Evan: How did any of you not hear what I just said??
Connor: I've been zoned out for the past 2 and a half hours
Zoe: I got distracted about halfway through.
Jared: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.
Zoe: I think we're missing something...
Evan: Teamwork?
Alana: Cohesion?
Connor: A general sense of what we're doing?
Zoe: Yo is Jared sleeping, or dead?
Connor: Hopefully dead, I hated his guts.
Evan: Ah, same.
Jared: Okay, first of all fuck you-
Zoe: Is stabbing someone immoral?
Jared: Not if they consent to it.
Connor: Depends on who your stabbing.
Evan: YES?!?!
Alana: Why's Jared so sad??
Zoe: So he took one of those 'Which character are you' tests.
Alana: Go on
Zoe: He got Evan.
*Squad reactions to being told "I love you"*
Alana: Thanks fam!
Connor: Oh no.
Zoe: *Cries* I love you too
Jared: Sounds fake but okay
Evan: *A flustered mess*
Miguel: Can I get a refund?
Evan: Croissants: dropped
Alana: Road: works ahead
Zoe: BBQ sauce: on my titties
Miguel: Shevacado: fre
Jared: Miss Keisha: fuckin dead
Connor, grumpy and tired: I didn't understand a single word of that and I hate every single one of you.
Alana: Just be yourself!
Connor: Be myself? Alana, I have to one day win Miguel over. How long did it take before you guys started liking me?
Evan: ...Couple weeks.
Zoe: 16 years.
Jared: Jury's still out.
Connor: See, Alana?
Connor: "Be yourself". What kind of garbage advice is that?
Evan, walking into his apartment: Hello people who do not live here.
Jared: Hey.
Alana: Hi! :)
Zoe: Hello.
Evan: Guys, I gave you the key to my apartment for emergencies only.
Connor: It was an emergency
Connor: We ran out of doritos.
Zoe: Hewwo.
Alana: Hihihi!
Evan: Hello, humans.
Connor: Three kinds of people.
Miguel: I want pudding.
Connor: Four kinds of people.
Connor: Five kinds of people...
Evan: Would you guys be there for me if I was going through something?
*After Good 4 You*
Alana: Nope, absolutely not.
Connor: I hope it sucks, whatever you're going through.
Zoe: I hope it emotionally scars you for the rest of your life.
Miguel: I hope you reach out to me so I can ignore you.
Jared: Can't wait to go to you're funeral knowing I could've changed that outcome.
Evan: If I accidentally sat on a voodoo doll of myself, would I be stuck forever in that position, forced to starve to death?
Jared: How should I know?
Zoe: You say, as if we don't use you as a source of information on the occult.
Jared: *Sighs*
Jared: You wouldn't be stuck.
Evan: Dandelions symbolize everything I want to be in life
Jared: Fluffy and dead with a gust of wind?
Evan: Unapologetic. Hard to kill. Feral, filled with sunlight, bright, beautiful in a way that the conventional and controlling hate but cannot ever fully destroy. Stubborn. Happy. Bastardous. Friends with bees. Highly disapproving of lawns. Full of wishes that will be carried far after I die.
Connor, high as a kite: edible
Evan: Do you ever want to talk about your emotions, Jared?
Jared: ...No.
Connor: I do.
Evan: I know, Connor.
Connor: I'm sad.
Evan: I know, Connor.
Heidi: So, how was your day?
Evan: We almost got surprise-adopted.
Heidi: What..?
Jared: We almost got kidnapped.
Heidi: Oh, okay.
Heidi: *Slams on breaks* wAIT, WHAT?!
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