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#Therapy for Superheroes

Summary: After the accords and the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man the government decided all super-heroes need therapy. While Captain America, his best friend, and Iron Man have their fights; Thor and Loki try not to kill each other. How can you help them? The only way you see is helping these heroes relax…

Pairing: Loki x Reader, a hint of Thor x Reader (you’ll see)

Warnings: angst, language, dirty talk, sex as negotiation strategy, smut, unprotected sex, rough sex, anal/vaginal sex, double penetration, oral (female receicing (barely), fingering, ass play, hair pulling, manipulation, ‘heat’, degrading, a hint of dub-con (blink and it’s gone), voyeurism, semi-public sex

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“I don’t like this concept of therapy. This can never work, Midgardian.” Loki is arrogant, glancing at you now and then but most of the time, he ignores you, playing with his fingers.

“Well, you still can go back and let Thor rip your head off.” Smirking you cross your legs, licking your lips to make another note.

“Oh, you like playing games, huh? Did you play with my brother too? Do you think I don’t know he took you to Asgard to show you he’s the better brother!” Loki is smirking as he gets up to tap your shoulder and your room changes into Thor’s chamber.

“I think you should stop this right now, Loki. Tricks are not allowed today. Sit on the couch and tell me about your and Thor’s problems or just sit there and let the hours pass.” Pissed at his arrogance you form your lips into a thin line, ignoring the trickster’s presence.

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For your avengers therapy fic, would you consider and Clint with Loki part?

The next part is a Loki one (You can check the series masterlist to find the already outlined pairings). I want to write the planned ones first and might add more Avengers like Sam or Clint later. Whatever comes to my mind. I’d like to write Clint and Sam in a smutty pairing for a while…tho.

The next one will be released as always on Sunday.

Therapy for Superheroes Masterlist

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tonight’s/this morning’s “am I problematic” dilemna: why is the first fat adult character I’ve decided to project onto also ‘nasty’ in multiple senses of the word? There are plenty of characters who are both fat and hygenic, selfless, generally pleasant, etc. Also I find the idea of being confident/wanted while also objectively fat and gross to be empowering because I see myself as fat and gross but I definitely often feel unwanted and have no confidence. Is this internalized fatphobia, and as usual am I -phobic for even asking this question of myself

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I want to see Bruce Wayne deal with the loss of his parents in a healthy emotional way (because we all know that Batman is NOT“healthy emotional way”

And I don’t mean he stops being Batman (because normal people in everyday life dedicate themselves to a profession or cause because of something that happened to them in the past). I mean that when he was a kid, Alfred took him to actual therapy and Bruce did everything he was told to do and took proper steps in his life towards a healthy mental and emotional state.

So kid Bruce meditating everyday to settle his thoughts and finding healthy outlets (like running or playing the piano). Kid Bruce going into CBT and talking through the trama with a professional therapist. Tween Bruce beginning exposure therapy starting with loud noises and working his way up to sitting in the lobby of a gun range (and maybe way down the line actually shooting said gun at gun range). Teenage Bruce going to group therapy on a weekly basis with other victims and witnesses of crimes. Adult Bruce traveling the world and training to be Batman, but calling his therapist on a monthly basis to check in.

Heck, I think the therapist would be in on the whole Batman thing. Maybe not one hundred percent supportive of it, but Bruce talks about it to them (all the horrible things he’s seen, the people he failed, etc) and they can’t tell anyone because “doctor-patient confidentiality”. Said therapist also tells Bruce when he needs to take a break from the whole “Batman” thing and go work at the Gotham’s Children center or focus on work a bit more. (And Bruce listens… unless it’s an emergency). Heck, I think Bruce would help LEAD the group therapy sessions at this point.

Batman is a public known supporter of therapy and promotes that all JLA members have a therapist they trust (he gives his own therapist’s business card to anyone who is hesitant). Batman also teaches members how to approach and handle emotionally distraught witnesses, victims, and criminals. Heck, he probably starts a group therapy session for any members who need to talk (Black Canary leads the sessions).

Bruce Wayne pushes for optionaly therapy in Blackgate and Arkham (obviously not all the criminals– Joker would definitely kill his for a laugh) for any criminals who want it. Not saying it “fixes” them but it may help them try and fix their lives.

**note- I know therapy isn’t a solution for everyone and for everything. Even with professional help, people still struggle with various issues. The feelings you feel are very real to you and should be addressed with help from family, friends, and those who care for you.

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Chapter Summary: The boys go to their first day of school

Author Notes: This chapter is on the shorter side, but I hope everyone still enjoys it! Thank you for reading!

Content Warnings: I don’t think there are many in this one, all sides sympathetic, anxiety, school (please tell me if I forgot anyone!)

Word Count: 3.1K

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