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hello wifeyy 馃挄馃槡 i cant get over your harry art??? what the fuck you're so talented !!!!!!!! i'm making the middle one with the soft colors my new lockscreen btw thank you 馃グ馃挍 love youuuuuuu

i am screenshotting this and saving it forever, oh my goshhhhh, thank you thank you darling 🤯🤧🥰 you are the sweetest human, i love you!!

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Porque no entiendes que me tienes loca,la forma en la que me miras,en la que te mueves al bailar,en la que bebes como si no hubiera un mañana,como tienes a flor de piel tus sentimientos,la forma en que fumas como si te hubieran roto el corazón tantas veces que ni siquiera te acuerdas y la maneras en la que maldices,demonios girl,por ti seria el mismo demonio para que me llames todas las veces posibles.Tengo muchas que decirte pero creéme me llevaria toda una vida

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• I may stumble
But the leaves
Still brown
By the end
Of Fall
And the easiest
Collapse into
Cold Earth
And hibernated
Was knowing
You’d fall
Soundly asleep
Next to my
Being •

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Hello Darlings,

This is technically my second post today (go me), but the previous was made at about 1am. I’m terribly at falling asleep. I wasn’t able to fall asleep until about 5:30am, but that’s alright, it’s not like there was much to do today anyway.

I finally got myself to workout today. That’s been the most difficult thing about being back home. I don’t have the self discipline that I had while living alone. I’m not sure what’s different, but I can never seem to make myself be as healthy as I can when I’m living by myself. 

I also went for a lovely walk today - just myself and my music. There are few things that top that for me (my standards aren’t very high, are they?).

I hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy. 

All the Love XxX

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    love should be a soft thing like a flutterbird
    or the smell of spring and yet it rages in me like winter storms,
    all consuming white and I am a fool falling for the cold moon

    how wolves howl in desperation is how my soul cries for you,
    still you can’t hear so I carry on demented in want and if only I could put it into words

    I want to write all over your skin
    with my tongue and my lips and the tips of my fingers
    what a beautiful love letter that would be if only,
    if only

    deliver me the heart that beats in you
    I’ll drink your body like honey and read of your soul like papyrus

    could you breathe for me, dearest, my lungs tire of oxygen

    a writer will always write of what he knows and
    if these words hold your mirror, what do they say,
    what do they say, every sentence has its ending but if periods are bullets then darling,

    don’t shoot the messenger, he’s already dead.

— l.amb

06 love letters // napowrimo prompt by ragewrites

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Maximum Drama anon here: I ran out of characters but I thought you’d appreciate that I finished the fic perfectly as I’ll Make a Man Out of You also ended. It was a glorious experience that I think honored Dev’s character, specifically. Very enjoyable tbh.


You are so right. This really does honor the complete Devereaux experience. I’m shook. I just. ;s;ldfj;ldjffas;dlfjsd is where my emotions are right now JFC

So happy you enjoyed the fic btw 💜💜💜


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So I decided to put my playlist titled MAXIMUM DRAMA on to read your deniall btl fic and can I just share some gems that happened: Niall showed up to Dev’s to the tune of My Heart Will Go On, Dev realized this wasn’t just making out to Do You Hear The People Sing?, They started undressing to Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold, Dev appreciated Niall’s dick to Drive It Like You Stole it and blew him to Chariots of Fire, and Dev finally got off to Defying Gravity. Just thought you’d like to know :)

this is the best fucking thing I’ve read in my entire life, first of all. thank you so much for sharing; it truly is a gift.

now story time: Mr HH recently stopped working nights after two years, so he’s back to sleeping in the bed at night—along with our two big dogs & usually one of the cats. The animals sort of sardined me last night to the point where I woke up around 4am because I was super uncomfortable. So for whatever reason I check my phone—& this is what I find. I read it in a haze, then fall back into fitful sleep where I dream about Dev & how I can’t believe I forgot to write about his OCD in the DeNiall fic, the fuck????? LMAOOOO & then to wake up at a normal time this morning & read this absolute gift to humankind again…just thank you.

Chariots of Fire & Defying Gravity are really getting to me

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*once he leaves i sigh, my eyes getting watery as i rub my stomach* 馃殭

Seonghwa: *he turns on the bathroom faucet and splashes some hit water onto his face*

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