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kyri45 · a month ago
U guys I think I get now why we all love Bruno
Because I can bet on the gods that when you saw him, the subconscious of your mind saw someone who you guys simped as well more than 4 years ago...
Someone who too was an outcast to the family, because they all thought that they left them all
Tumblr media
Someone whose name could not be named in the house, or even the talent he had of which he was known for
Tumblr media
Someone who, after being left out, started living in forgotten places
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Someone who even though the family despise him, still LOVES them with all his heart
Tumblr media
Someone who's a little bit of a weirdo, but incredibly caring
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Someone who had a deep connection to the other outcast of the family, the 2 sharing the feeling of not belonging
Tumblr media
Someone who after many years was finally reunited with their family
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and I love them both.
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cactus-stories · a month ago
Teen!Bruno Madrigal x Foreign Fem!Reader 「Chapter 1」
Tumblr media
This is probably gonna be a short fic instead of a one-shot, I wanted to start it on their teenage years, but will probably make the rest of the story pass by after the birth of Luisa, Isabela and Dolores!
Read it on AO3
Bruno Madrigal. You've heard this name so many times since you and your family moved to Encanto, it wass as if the guy was the only talk on the village. Be it via hushed whispers, disapproving gossip or even revolted screams, everyone always had something to say about him.
Being knew in the village meant you hadn't met the Madrigals yet, curious about their powers and what they would look like! The only one you've seen so far was Señora Alma, the lady being kind enough to introduce you to a few of your neighbours.
Now, a week has passed and you still haven't had the time to meet many people, more focused in helping your parents get habituated.
"That Madrigal boy is a magnet of bad luck! You and your family better stay away from him!" your neighbour commented one day, as you were helping your mom hang some clothes to dry outside. "Came to my son one day telling him he was gonna be in pain, and wouldn't you know? The very next day he broke his arm!"
Your mom hummed along, not really paying much attention to the older woman. She seemed to have taken a liking to you, already joking about how you and her son were the same age, nudging you into talking to him as much as you could.
"But why would it be his fault?" you asked, confused. "Did he break his arm or something?"
"He wouldn't dare, he's skinny as a stick, that one! It was his bad luck! If he had kept quiet it wouldn't have happened!" she seemed enraged about it. "Alma needs to do something about that boy, or else he'll keep spreading his curses around!"
The conversation didn't seem to be going anywhere, so you decided to tune it out, the older woman ranting about the boy to your mom, while you hummed to yourself. Finishing your task quickly, you blew your mom a kiss, waving to your neighbour and deciding to finally check out the village properly.
Crossing the bridge that connected one half of the village to the other, you heard the soft clicks of tiles tapping against each other, following the sound for a bit, stopping in front of Casa Madrigal, smiling softly at the sweet aroma of passion fruit in the air.
"Hii! You're new here, right? Mamá told us about you!" a red haired girl happily skipped next to you, colours lightly shifting around her as she spoke. "I'm Pepa Madrigal! But you can call me just Pepa!"
"Hi, Pepa!" you waved at her, introducing yourself. "It's nice to finally meet one of the famous Madrigals! Your family is pretty popular, huh?"
She laughed, linking yor arm with hers as she talked about her gift and how it usually got people's attention, walking towards the house and guiding you to the kitchen, where a brunette girl sat, munching on a piece of cake.
"Julieta! Look who I found right in front of our house! It's the new girl!" gesturing for you to sit down, Pepa took her place next to her sister, still happily chatting as she served you a piece of cake. "I was telling her about our gifts!"
"Ai ai, Pepita! Mamá told you not to go running your mouth already..." the girl said, jokingly, turning to you. "She's not overwhelming you, is she? She does that sometimes."
"No, no! I have no problem listening to you guys, really!" you waved your hands in front of your body, gesturing for Pepa to continue her story as you finished your piece of cake.
After a while, you noticed the sun starting to settle down, getting up and quickly thanking the girls for the chat, telling them you had to be home soon. They waved you goodbye, inviting you to come over any time, happy to have made a new friend.
As the days passed, you got closer to Pepa, accompanying her on her errands, talking about yout life before going to Encanto and laughing at her stories about her family, they were always very nice to you, but you still hadn't met the infamous Bruno, being told that he was either in his room or already left the house every time you came over.
On the other hand, it seemed like the villagers had even more to say about him than before, and it was starting to get in your nerves. Pepa and Julieta told you very few things about Bruno, but they were all positive, and you didn't get the hatred the people of Encanto had towards him.
You knew it made his sisters sad, hearing them complain about how it wasn't Bruno's fault what he saw on his visions, and they were your only friends there, so it was starting to get you down too. After passively listening to another of your neighbour's rants once more, you decided to go for a walk so you could cool off.
Her son didn't get the hint, apparently, rushing to your side as you walked towards the village's market, waving the cast on his arm, his mom too prideful and irritated to let Julieta take care of it.
"You've been awfully close to the Madrigal's lately, huh?" he started. "Did you get the weirdo to see your future already?"
"I'm sorry, who?" you cocked an eyebrow, turnining to look at him with an irritated look.
"You know, Bruno!" he reminded you, indignantly. "The one who broke my arm!"
"You broke your own arm out of sheer stupidity, Nicolas, Bruno was just trying to warn you." turning to one of the food stands, you looked at what they had for sale, still annoyed at the guy next to you, gesturing to his cast with your head. "And then you keep the pityful look, even after Julieta offered multiple times to help you out with that."
Nicolas let out an indignant huff, opening his mouth to complain once more, before looking behind you with a slightly frightened expression, and quietly gesturing for you to leave. You cocked your head, turning around to see a boy around your age, his skinny frame towering over you, a large green poncho almost engulfing him. He looked like he wanted to tell you something, but before he could even start, you were already warning him.
"Sí?" you locked your eyes on his, still annoyed. "I swear, if you heard me and are gonna try and tell me another puta historia about Bruno, I will not hold myself from doing something I might regret later."
"Well, I'll try not to be too egocentric." the guy in front of you gave you a short smile, before extending his hand for you to shake. "Bruno Madrigal, nice to meet you."
'Puta mierda'
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kemafili · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
encanto possessed
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moon-axolotl · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Credit: @moon-axolotl
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friendsofkorra · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Family Madrigal + hugging Mirabel (+ a kiss from Julietta)
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vengefulsokovian · 21 days ago
one thing i dislike in Encanto is when Abuela calls for everyone to come take a picture after Antonio gets his gift and they all gather together and not one person calls for Mirabel to get in the picture. smh
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kon1fer · 29 days ago
Not me simping for Bruno Madrigal-
Tumblr media
*husband material.
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meanya · a month ago
Encanto spoilers without context
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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todaysofthestinky · a month ago
I think Dolores and Mariano would make a great couple because Mariano is the type of dude to tell everyone just how much he loves his wife even when said wife is not around and dolores gets to hear him tell everyone how much he loves his wife
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peaches-in-a-pancake · 18 days ago
i found a hour and 10 minute loop of Camilo/Dolores' part in "We don't talk about Bruno"
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samrobac · a month ago
So Bruno would totally love his rats and when one sadly dies hell totally still talk about the rat, mourn it, tell stories about the funny why it would move it's whiskers.
So... Would that keep it alive in the Land of the dead of the events of the movie "Coco" are also accepted as existing in the same Canon?
And maybe Hector feeds one or two?
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jacuzziwaters · 24 days ago
How is it that I've waited so long to watch Encanto. Just finished it like an hour ago. That movie was beautiful. I'm so very close to writing a movie analysis. Each character had their own internal conflicts that they were trying to carry by themselves. Imma just do the characters that I remember at the moment. Please ignore any grammar errors or me not making any sense throughout this. Spoilers below the cut.
Isabela, Mirabel's oldest sister, always felt the need to be perfect. As a result of always trying to play this role of perfection she was limiting herself from achieving her true potential. And when she finally decided to stop playing that role and let it go she became much happier in turn. (Did no one else see the similarities between her situation and Elsa's? Was that just me?)
Luisa's character really resonated with me. She always had the weight of the world on her shoulders. She didn't allow anyone else to aid her on carrying her emotional burdens. She was also basing her value as a person by what she could do for others. In fact it's one of the lyrics in her song Surface Pressure, "I'm pretty sure I'm worthless if I can't be of service."
Finally Bruno. Ah Bruno sweet sweet Bruno. I love that little rat man. He felt that he was a nuisance and a misfortune for his family. So he decided to "run away" to protect his family from his visions. However, he lived his family so much that he couldn't stand being away from them so he decided to hide out in the walls of his home. I also noticed how he did small rituals that superstitious people do to ward off bad luck.
I'm surprised but not really surprised that everyone got their gifts at the end of the movie. (I mean they had that whole theme of "it's not your gift that makes you special but who you are as a person" but ok) I knew that they probably would but I also thought that it would've been interesting to see how each character would adapt to living as normal people. But then again it's Disney so. Anyways that was my take on 3 of the characters from the movie Encanto. If you mae it this far have a cookie 🍪.
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cactus-stories · a month ago
Teen!Bruno Madrigal x Foreign Fem!Reader 「Chapter 2」
Tumblr media
This story is honestly just some really self-indulgent Bruno fluff because I think he deserves the world and I'm glad you guys agree <3
I dunno if I mentioned it on the last chapter, but they're supposed to be around 16 right now! I'll make the timeskip clear later on, so don't worry!
Also also, this Reader is open to be from any nationality, but I write her with Brazil in mind, as that's where I'm from and so I feel more comfortable giving her traits I'm familiar with hahah
Read it on AO3!
The guy in front of you gave you a short smile, before extending his hand for you to shake. “Bruno Madrigal, nice to meet you.”
‘Puta mierda'
Surprised (and a little bit embarrassed), you looked at the boy in front of you. Feeling your cheeks heat up, you shake his hand, offering him a smile as you watch Nicolas slowly get away. As you let go of his hand, you notice his shoulders visibly slump, looking at anywhere other than your face.
'Oh, so that confidence was fake, huh?' you think to yourself, smile getting bigger as you introduce yourself.
"I'm happy to finally meet the infamous Bruno! Pepita and Julieta talk a lot about you!" you joke, noticing how he subtly lit up at your comment, before averting his eyes again, suddenly seeming very interested on the fruits the vendor in front of you was selling.
"O-Oh, Pepa and Julieta told me a lot about you too..." he smiled, sheepishly, scratching his arm lightly. "They really like you, you know?"
"Oi! We really gotta go, mamá will kill me if she sees me with him, you know that!" Nicolas exclaimed, already a few meters away.
Rolling your eyes, you noticed the Madrigal's gaze went back to the ground, the smile on his face disappearing, before being replaced with a neutral expression as he started to turn around and leave.
"Nicolas, you know the way home, you've lived here way longer than me." you waved him off, dismissively, stepping forward and lightly holding the sleeve of Bruno's poncho. "I was actually planning on making a stop at Casita to give something to Pepa, would you mind accompanying me?"
"Me?!" he looked confused for a second, eyes widening as he looked at your face for any signs of it being a joke. "S-Sure, I mean, I was already going back anyway."
"Gracias! Should we get going then?" linking your arm with his, you start heading to your friend's house, feeling the boy next to you tense up. "Oh, I'm sorry! Is it okay if I do this? Pepita did it when I first got here and I just kinda picked it up from her."
"No it's... it's okay. Although I don't think you'll want to do that." he gestured lightly to the vendor with his head. "It's already bad enough for your reputation to be seen talking with the black sheep of the village."
Looking at the few people around you, all of them with shocked and confused expressions as they look at the two of you, you let out a laugh, pulling Bruno closer and starting to walk again.
"Oh, please, let them think what they want." You nudge his arm playfully. "I think I can handle a few mean stares if it means making a new friend."
He let out a short gasp, picking up his pace and looking the other way. If it weren't for how intently you were watching the boy, you would've missed his eyes glowing faintly in a bright green shade.
"What was that? Can you do it again?" you ask, excited.
"W-What was what?!" his voice turned into a squeak, the glow in his eyes flickering between bright green and that dark, almost hazel, olive.
"Your eyes! They're glowing!"
"O-Oh, it's part of my gift..." the glowing stopped, as he averted his gaze once again. "It's scary, I know, I can't really do much about it though-"
"It's really pretty! It suits you." smiling at him, you notice that you're already in front of Casita, letting go of his arm and going inside to look for your friends.
You head to the kitchen, hearing people chatting happily, noticing Bruno quietly entering the room, hair in front of his eyes as he picks up a snack from the counter.
"Hola, Brunito!" you hear Alma talking to the boy, moving a few strains of hair out of his face. "Oh, did something happen?"
"Julieta, y-your friend is here!" he exclaims, before turning around to leave the room as quickly as he could, eyes glowing a bright green.
And with that, he disappeared, 'probably heading to his room', you think, turning to Julieta and Alma with a confused expression.
"Did I do something wrong?" sitting next to Julieta, you watch as they exchange a knowing look, before Alma excuses herself to go take care of her plants.
"So, you've met Bruno." your friend smiles mischievously, leaning closer to you and offering you an arepa. "I'm surprised, he's usually on his own. I wonder what happened for him to get that flustered..."
"O-Oh he was... oh no! Julieta no me digas que-" you bury your face in your hands, shamfeully. "I didn't mean to, I swear!"
"What did you do?" she asks, smile growing even more at your embarrassement. You mumble something, wanting to bury yourself into a hole. "I can't hear yoooou~"
"I just said his eyes were pretty..."
"Oh my- PEPITA! CORRE AQUÍ!" she screams, excitedly. "You won't believe what our lovely friend just diiiiid~"
You feel your face as hot as fire, praying for the ground to open up and swallow you whole, as you watch your best friend come down the stairs in a flash, eyes shining as brightly as two stars as she finally stopped next to you.
"Does it have anything to do with our little Bruno skipping past me with eyes as bright as the moon herself?" she teased, seeing you melt even more into a puddle of embarrassment.
"It wasn't on purpose!!" you exclaim, defensively, watching as Pepa sat right next to you, propping her chin on her hands and leaning on the counter to get closer to you. "I just blurted out what came in mind! It's not that big of a deal to compliment people where I come from!"
"Compliment?!" your best friend screams, excitedly. "Julieta, what did she tell him? Please, I need to know!"
"Well, if you must know..." the Madrigal starts slowly, watching as you silently beg her to drop it, doing any signals you might think of. "She told him he has pretty eyes~ Isn't it cute?"
"Awwwwww, que preciosa!" she squealed, practically shooting a rainbow into your direction. "If it makes you feel better he looked quite happy about it."
"He.. he did?" you look up at her, curiously. "Well, I'm glad then! I'll make sure to compliment him again next time we see each other!"
They looked at each other, surprised, and Julieta shot you a soft smile, picking up the few plates scattered around, leaving to go clean them as soon as she could. You see Pepa preparing herself to say something else, when you take a small note from one of your pockets.
"Well, enough about me, I have something for you!" she took it from your hands quickly, opening it and scanning it happilly. "It's from Félix, he said he wanted me to give it to you as soon as I could."
Successfully distracting her from your situation, the both of you started talking about Pepa's latest crush, this guy from the village called Félix. You could see how happy he was while talking about him, and decided to just listen for a bit, trying to ignore the fluttering sensation in your chest after what Pepita had said.
Meanwhile, Julieta excused herself after doing the dishes, promissing to hang out with the two of you another day, saying something about cleaning her room before disappearing upstairs.
The brunette walked to Bruno's tower, knocking on the door and waiting a few seconds before entering the sandy room. She saw the boy sat down next to the base of the stairs, engulfed in his poncho and murmuring something to a few rats around him.
Julieta lightly tapped his shoulder, making him turn to her on a rush, rats running to hide in random corners of the room. Noticing the faint glow still present in his eyes, she sat next to him, smiling cheekily before starting to tralk.
"Soooo.. anything you wanna talk about, Ratoncito?" his eyes widened a bit before his shoulders slump down, gaze going back to the ground.
"I-I don't think so..."
" Come on, you know I'm always here to listen to you, right?" nudging his shoulder lightly, she sat closer to him. "Even about the new villager~"
"T-There's nothing to talk about! She was just being polite, it wasn't anything!" Bruno exclaimed, pulling the hood of his poncho to cover his own face. "She was probably scared of me and didn't want to get me angry at her."
"Bruno! Don't you dare say that!" slightly annoyed, Julieta hold his face in her hands. "She wasn't scared, she looked so worried about you when you left so suddenly!"
"She wants to be your friend, Ratoncito. And she's our friend already, we trust her." using her thumb to caress his face, she started getting up. "We want to see you happy, and this might be a good thing for you! Don't give up before you ever start, okay?"
taglist: @lunnybunny12
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kemafili · a month ago
Tumblr media
to tjhe tumblr ask 
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misguided-ghostz · 28 days ago
My issue with Encanto was the ending. Abuela emotionally abused Mirabel for years and drove Bruno to runaway and somehow everything get resolved within 5 minutes at the end. Like no. That’s not how trauma works.
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baylecn · 21 days ago
My attempt at Mirabel
Tumblr media
Also a headcanon: Mirabel made mini sweaters for Bruno's rats the are the same colour he wears
Tumblr media
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cactus-azul · a month ago
I loved Encanto, it was such a pretty movie, the story is amazing and it move me so much TwT
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toaster-hair · 24 days ago
something about “we dont talk about bruno” is that felix tries telling the story with pepa, but after she says “are you telling the story or am i? >:(” he instead just adds little notes to support her singing
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venting-cactae · a month ago
Encanto broke something inside me with the talk about famílias latinas and the whole story about older generations fucking up younger ones in sake of tradition.
I bawled a bunch of times at the cinema and now I'm listening to the soundtrack on repeat, I think it hit too close to home lol help
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whooly-shep · 11 days ago
Do you think when farmers needed water during dry season they would just tow out Pepa to the fields and make her upset so it would rain, cause if so 😬
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