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#grunge soul
zyremidas-kinhelp · 6 days ago
💛 Ghostbur Phone Wallpaper for Anon 💛
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Ghostbur requested: A phone wallpaper with yellow and blue, Friend, wings, a reference to Niki and any aesthetics.
(Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Wallpaper)
Art Credit: 💙
Heyo, sorry that this took as long as it did Ghostbur ._. I think this ended up pretty good tho? :0 I went a tad bit experimental in combining some elements from a few aesthetics and I think it ended up pretty good!!
I don't know very much about Nihachu but I briefly looked at some kin aesthetics for her and I think I got the slight reference down? Ye
Let me know if you want anything changed, again I'm really really sorry it took this long :( /g
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blookspooks · 8 days ago
hey guys. I wish I could stop burdening the people I love with my insecurities
my insecurities ruin everything
It's so hard to believe. It's so hard to trust. It's so hard to make promises. It's so hard to give away a part of myself again
but I still love you so much
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