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blu-joons · a year ago
Tumblr media
He Comes Home From Tour
A Valuable Patient Of Yours Dies
He’s Your First Boyfriend 
He Drops The Lunch You Made For Him
Friends With Benefits
You’re Fearful Of Being Touched
Your Daughter’s First Day Of High School
He Calls You Clingy
Celebrating His Birthday
Baking Christmas Cookies Together 
Watching A Pantomime Together 
Crisis Talks 
He Makes You Feel Bad About Your Weight 
Cooking A Meal Together
Celebrating Your Anniversary
He Forgets Date Night 
You Break Up, But His Son Tries To Bring You Back Together (Part 2) 
Helping Him When He Gets Embarrassed 
You Feel Insecure About Your Weight 
He Meets Your Parents 
Seeing Him After Your Breakup 
Dating Jin Headcanon A-Z
Tumblr media
He Asks You Out In College
You Write A Song Together
The Boys Visit Your Newborn For The First Time 
Celebrating Their Daesang Award Win
Talking About The Future
You Suffer With Chronic Pain
Coffee Shop 
Helping Him To Tie His Tie
You Have Essential Tremors
Winter Mornings
You Think He Likes You But He Gets With A Different Girl
He Breaks Down From A Lack Of Sleep 
Remembering When You First Met
Your Daughter Asks Him To Be Her Dad
You’re Admitted To Hospital, But You Don’t Tell Him
Giving Birth To Your First Child 
Comforting You When You’re Feeling Low
He’s Scared You’ll Break Up With Him 
Fans Are Rude To You At An Awards Ceremony
You Feel Insecure About Money
Surprising Him After Your Surgery
Taking Care Of His Diet
He Proposes
You Walk Out From An Argument
Cuddling You After An Argument 
He Meets Your Daughter 
Celebrating Your Anniversary
He Helps When You’re Feeling Homesick
He Calls You On Tour
He Calls You By His Ex’s Name 
Celebrating Your Daughter’s First Birthday
Tumblr media
Looking After Him When He’s Ill 
He Comes Home But You Aren’t Around
He Wakes Up But You’re Not There 
Exposing His Vulnerable Side To You
Telling Him You’re Pregnant After You Break Up
Attending A Christmas Lights Switch On Together 
He Calls You Clingy
You Get Rejected From A Job Offer
Writing Letters For Him Whilst He’s On Tour 
Love Letters 
Looking After Him After A Long Day
Getting Lost In A Foreign City Together
Coming Home To You After A Long Day At College
You Pick Up On Each Other’s Habits 
Helping Your Learn A BTS Routine
You Have A Breakdown From Stress
You’re Scared To Date Because Of The Fans
He Comes Home From Tour
He’s Your First Kiss
Tumblr media
You Injure Yourself
You Give Birth To Twins
Looking After You When You’re Ill
Rainy Days
You’re A Tour Guide In A Museum
He Feels Insecure About His Talents
My Puerto Rican Princess
Writing A Song About Him
You Can’t Sleep At Night 
Telling Him You’re Gay
Deciding Where You’ll Spend Christmas
You Fall Asleep Backstage Together
Decorating The Christmas Tree
Meeting At The United Nations 
You Overhear Fans Being Rude About Him 
Taking Care Of You On Your Period 
He Comes Home Early From Tour
Taking Care Of Him When He’s Drunk
Looking After Him After A Long Shift 
Helping His Daughter With Her Homework 
Simply Just Friends
He Surprises You On Your Birthday
Please Notice
He Takes Care Of You When You’re Ill 
He Accuses You Of Being A Gold Digger
He’s Insecure About His Height
The Boys Find You Crying At A Movie 
Telling Him You’re Pregnant After You Break Up
He’s Insecure About The Bond You Have With Your Child
He Gives You His Varsity Jacket 
Going On Your First Holiday Together
Cooking Italian For Him
Helping You With Your Chronic Pain 
Your Parents Divorce
You Have A Fear Of Needles
Helping You Through A Hard Time 
Tumblr media
You Think He’s Cheating On You
He Takes Care Of You During Your Pregnancy
Helping You Cope Through A Stressful Time
Finding That His Hands Are Bigger Than Yours
You Can’t Fall Asleep Without Him 
The Morning After The Night Before
Helping You Through A Panic Attack
Going Christmas Shopping Together
He Does Your Makeup
He Faints At The Studio
He Calls You In The Middle Of The Night After An Argument
Watching Christmas Movies Together
You Cheat On Him 
He Invites You To Live With Him In Korea
Saying Goodbye At The Airport 
Telling Him You’re Bisexual
Taking Your Daughter To Visit The Boys At The Studio
Helping Him With His Chronic Pain
Meeting The Boys For The First Time
Helping You Cope With Your Homesickness
Getting Your Daughter Ready For Kindergarten
He Feels Insecure About His Height
He Cheats On You
You Get Jealous
He Has A Panic Attack
Falling In Love With Taehyung’s Best Friend
He Meets Your Family
He Takes Care Of You When Your Cramps Are Bad
He Proposes To You
He Feels Insecure About Going Back On Tour
Seeing Him After Your Break Up 
He Comforts You After A Breakup As Your Best Friend 
You Adopt A Cat
He Finds You Practicing Your Hula
Tumblr media
You Cheer Him Up When He’s Down 
Doing A Gucci Photoshoot Together 
Taking A Trip To Paris Together 
Treating Him On Date Night
Kissing On A Rollercoaster 
Red Lipstick
Spending Time With Your Family At Christmas 
Cosy Nights By The Fire
Taking His Son To Visit Him On Tour 
Telling Your Son That You’re Pregnant
Celebrating His Birthday
He Proposes To You
Saying Goodbye At The Airport
Seeing Him After Your Break Up
Taking Your Bubbly Baby To The Studio
Your Child Has Down Syndrome
You Move Out Of His Home
Finding Out You Can’t Have Children
He Likes You, But You Are Already In A Relationship
You Join Him On A V Live
You Get Jealous
You Interrupt His V Live
You Accuse Him Of Cheating
He Introduces You To The Wooga Squad
He Forgets Date Night
You Overhear Fans Being Rude About Your Relationship
Showering Him With Affection When He Comes Home From Tour 
Telling Him You’re Pregnant
Tumblr media
You Bump Into Your Ex
Having A Fear Of The Airport Because Of Fans 
He Says Something Hurtful In The Middle Of An Argument 
He Draws Tattoos On You 
Meeting On The Set Of A MV Shoot
You Suffer With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
You Dye Your Hair 
Making You Walk Home In The Rain
The Fans Find Out About Your Relationship 
Red Lipstick 
Taking Care Of You After Surgery
Showing You Around Korea
Helping Him To Shave In The Morning 
You Have A Secret Podcast Together 
He Takes Your Virginity On Your Wedding Night
Helping You Through Pregnancy
Opening The First Door Of Your Advent Calendar
Arguing At Christmas
Going To A Christmas Market Together
Arguing With You Whilst Pregnant
Looking After Him After A Long Day
Writing Christmas Cards Together
He Gets Protective ~ Brother!Jungkook
Finding Out Your Young Daughter Is Pregnant
Exposure (Part 2)
Your Pet Dies
You Forget Date Night
Meeting The Boys For The First Time
Games Night
He Loses His Wedding Ring
Helping You Sleep Whilst Pregnant
Cuddling Him Back To Sleep
Meeting At A Karaoke Bar
Calling Him On Tour
Telling The Fans You’re Pregnant
He Calls You Annoying
He Gets Jealous
Taking Your Daughter To The Studio
He Finds You Skipping Meals
My Time
He Finds Out You’re Fluent In Korean 
Telling Him Your Deaf 
You Cook Together
Your Son Ignores His Korean Culture
He Gets Competitive During Games Night
You’re A Writer
Finding Out You Were A Bet
He Takes Your Child To The Studio, Not School
You’re Hesitant With Affection
He Has A Breakdown From Stress
You Discuss Having Children
He Finds Your Tattoos
You Suffer From Depersonalisation Disorder
Spending Time With His Young Family
He Cooks For Your Birthday
Vlogging Your Pregnancy During Lockdown
You Think He’s Cheating On You
Dating A British Girl
You’re In A Relationship, But He Confesses To You
He Convinces You To Take A Break From Your Studies
He Confesses To You
You Meet During Bon Voyage
He Encourages You To Eat On Your Birthday 
He Sings A Song You Wrote On The Album
Seasons with Jungkook Headcanon
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justcallmenikki7 · 2 years ago
BTS Reaction To: Them Getting Jealous & Scenting You (Hybrid!Au)
Summary: Your hybrid boyfriend is jealous and wants to scent you to mark his territory 
Warnings: possessive!bts, mentions of sex in a way but not? Just possessive hybrid behavior(?), and nothing really it’s just light stuff of the smut side like marking and scenting.
Note: my maknae line trick or treating reaction got deleted some how and now I’m mad along with some of my other works. Also, I got my senior pictures in and I’m so happy with how they turned out!!!
Tumblr media
“What are you doing?” You asked your boyfriend as he rubbed his head along your thigh.
“Rubbing my head, why?”
He began rubbing his head on the side of your stomach, stopping a few times to sniff around the area. Not being satisfied with it, he growled and began rubbing his head harder, making you laugh.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” You giggled, pushing his head away from you lightly.
“You smell like them.” He growled, ears pulled back and tail swishing back and forth slowly.
Realizing what he meant and why he was acting strange, you let out a giggle at his jealousy. Pulling him back down to you, you curled up in his arms. His legs were thrown over yours, tangling them together, tail wrapped around your hips securely, and face hidden your neck. An approval growl came from his chest.
“You have nothing to be worried about, Micha is in a loving relationship with his boyfriend.” You told him, biting back your laugh.
“Oh.” Jin paused, “Well, I’ll just make sure everyone else knows.”
Tumblr media
“Can you get off of me.” You half-heartedly asked, more like commanded, your hybrid boyfriend as you both walked down the street.
“No.” He answered, nuzzling his face into your neck as close as he could, tail wrapped around your waist.
You don’t know how he hasn’t tripped from how he was walking. It has to be a hybrid thing and their six sense, you concluded. You were knocked out of your thoughts when Yoongi growled at a stranger that walked a little to close to you.
“Yoongi! Stop acting childish.” You scolded, smacking his arm. A yelp came from your mouth when he bit the skin of your neck, not to hard to draw blood. “Okay, that’s it.” You growled, walking into the nearest ally and pushing Yoongi off of you in irritation. Ignoring his protests, “What has gotten into you, Min Yoongi?” You demanded, glaring at your boyfriend.
“You don’t smell like me, so I’m scenting you.” He bluntly stated, not affected by your glare.
Lost for words, you looked at him confusedly. You’re still fairly new to dating a hybrid and learning about them and how they act. “Oh.” Was all that you could muster up.
Taking your off guard-ness as an advantage, he molded himself against you again, making sure that his scent was the only thing he could smell on you. Not even trying to push him off, you walked the rest of the way home like that- your boyfriend attached to you (literally) and having to put up with him and his growls of warning.
Tumblr media
“Jagggiiii, stop moving around.” Your boyfriend whined, hanging off of you like a child to his mother at a store.
“Hobi, I’m trying to clean the house and you’re being no help at all.” You laughed, not even bothering on pushing him away.
You know that he’s trying to scent you, having just gotten back home from your family’s home. He hated that he could smell your cousins and people that he didn’t know on you and not his scent.
“I would help if you smelt like me, but you don’t. I can smell them and not me!” He whined, trapping you in his tight grip while he licked at your neck.
Smiling to yourself, you allowed your boyfriend do his thing, not bothering to finish cleaning the house side you knew there was no point in trying to put up a fight with your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
There was no point in trying to argue with your boyfriend who was a wolf hybrid. They were dominate by nature, so trying to reason and change their mind when they were jealous/possessive was pointless. You couldn’t blame your boyfriend or be mad at him since he couldn’t help on how he acted due to his true nature. But sometimes you wish that he did for times like now.
Your work had just hired a new guy and you were his trainee. From the beginning you knew that this was going to cause conflict with your boyfriend since he hated smelling men- especially ones he didn’t know- on you. You tried your best to cover up the new guys scent with perfume, but that didn’t help.
So here you were now, laying in your shared bed with Namjoon and him scenting you like a mad man. Growls of irritation and disapproval came from your wolf as he found a spot where you smelt like the newbie. Sucking a mark on your hip, he lick and bit at it, making sure that it’ll stay there for a long while.
“Joonie, calm down.” You laughed, breath uneven.
“No, you smell like another man when you should be smelling like me. You’re mine and he should be aware of that.” Namjoon growled, looking up at you with pointed ears and a look of possessiveness evident in his eyes.
“Don’t you think he’ll get the hint from this?” You asked, directing towards your hickey covered neck and chest.
A growl of approval sounded from his chest when he saw his work, a smirk making its way onto his face. “I don’t know, I think I should take precaution... just in case.” A mischievous smile on his face when he continued on scenting you.
Tumblr media
“Jagi?” Your sweet puppy asked you. “Can we cuddle?” Jimin asked, pulling on the hem of your shirt lightly.
Smiling up at him, you closed that you were reading., “of course, baby.” You opened up his arms to allow him to crawl in them.
A pleased purr came from him, making you smile. As you two were cuddling, you began to notice how he sniffed you and then rubbed his head against you at the spot he sniffed. Ignoring it, you continued to read your book. His actions began to distract you from reading when he started to growl and lick at you.
“Jiminie?” You asked him confusedly, “Why are you scenting me?”
Pausing his actions, he looked up at you with a look that you couldn’t make out. “You smell like someone... and I don’t like it.” He answered, ears pulled back in distaste. “So I’m trying to get rid of it.”
“By licking at my shirt?” You questioned, eyebrow raised, smile playing at your lips.
Blushing, he hid his face in your neck. “Jagiii,” he whined in your neck, licking at the spot. “Don’t laugh at me.”
“You’re too cute for your own good, Jiminie.” You cooed, scratching at the spot behind his ear. A whine came from him again, making you smile at how easily you can make him embarrassed.
Tumblr media
“Taehyung, I swear to God... if you don’t let go of me I will make you go sit outside and wait for me to finish shopping.” You threatened, getting fed up from how jealous your boyfriend was getting.
“No, I don’t like the guy and he should know that you’re mine.” He growled, not letting go of you.
“Taehyung, he’s not even over here. He’s helping another customer. He was only asking if we needed help with finding anything!” You stated, turning around to face him.
The look that your boyfriend is giving you should intimidate you, but you were used to this kind of behavior that it didn’t even faze you anymore. Crossing your arms, you held his gaze, but to only back down when an intimidating growl came from his chest.
“I don’t give a fuck what he was doing, he shouldn’t have touched you. Now, I need to show him that you’re taken and that you’re mine.” Your boyfriend growled, hands pulling you into him softly. “If you want to continue shopping, then go ahead. But I’m not going to let you go of you.” Following his statement, he wrapped his tail around your midsection while licking and nuzzling at your neck.
Giving up, you continued your shopping while your boyfriend hung off of you like a leech. And Taehyung made sure that the guy knew who you belonged to.
Tumblr media
“Noona?” Your sweet bunny boyfriend asked.
“Yes bunny?” You answered, resting your chin on his chest to look at him.
“Why do you smell like another man?” He asked, not bothering to hide his jealousy.
“Because I helped with the new neighbors move in today while you were at the studio. They’re a newly wedded couple!” You answered, excitement laced in your tone when you talked about the new couple next door.
The thought of marriage and the topic alone had always made you excited.
Jungkook frowned at that, jealous that your attention had been on another man- even though he was taken. It didn’t settle well with him. Instead of answering you, he began to rub his scent on you.
Even though the mans scent wasn’t very strong, Jungkook made sure that it wouldn’t be noticeable to him. He pressed kisses all over your neck and the sides of your head, licking at your shoulders for good measure. Smirking in triumph, he began to notice how the males scent began to come very faint to where his nose couldn’t even pick it up. Continuing with his ministrations, he started to rub himself on your side so his scent became stronger to him.
Trying to not laugh at him, you laid there as if you didn’t notice his actions. It took twenty minutes for Jungkook to be satisfied with how you smelt and he finally settled down.
“You good, bunny?” You asked, humming at the loving kiss he pressed against the side of your head.
A purr came from his chest as his answer.
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blu-joons · a year ago
Tumblr media
You Feel Insecure
The Moment They Realise They Love You
You Make Them Cry Happy Tears
A Member Walks In On You Both Thinking You’re Doing Dirty Things
You Flinch In The Middle Of An Argument
You Find Them Smoking Because Of Stress
They Find Out You’re A Classical Singer
They’re Feeling Down But You Cheer Them Up
You Can’t Sing
You Gets In A Bad Accident
How He Looks After You After Sex
You Suffer From Idiopathic Hypersomnia
How Sex With Them Is
He Proposes To You
You Struggle To Show Emotion/Affection
They Are Overprotective Of You
You Are Stood Up By Friends
You’re Studying For A History PhD
You Wake Up With A Night Sweat
You Suffer From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
You Have A Quiet Voice
They Notice You’ve Started Your Period
You’re Lead Singer Of A Rock Band
You’re A Member’s Little Sister Expecting A Baby With Another Member
They Get Jealous Of Your Guy Friends
You’re A Nurse
He Looks After You Through Surgery
You Struggle To Cope With Stress
They Find Out You’re Ticklish
You Meet His Parents For The First Time
They Think You Like A Different Member
They Find That You’ve Fainted
You Have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Taking Care Of You After Surgery
You’re On The Autistic Spectrum
They Find You Smoking
You Suffer With A Skin Condition
You Suffer A Nasty Injury As A Dancer
They Help You Learn Korean
They Spoil You Without Reason
Finding Their Heavily Pregnant Partner Doing Chores
They Have A Nightmare, But You Aren’t There
Singing Their Solo Songs For You
Being Teased Because They’re Whipped
They Confess Their Feelings But You Reject Them
Helping Them Dye Their Hair
You Don’t Have Many Friends
They Impulsively Kiss You
Celebrating Your Anniversary Together
You Break Up With Them
You Break Up With Them Pt.2
You Don’t Have An Ambition In Life
Comforting You During A Panic Attack
Taking Their Family On Vacation
Helping You Through An Emotional Time
Your Pet Dies
Giving Them A Massage After A Long Day
Your Parents Passed Away
They Find You Dancing
They Hear You Swear For The First Time
You Have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
You Have Curly Hair
Looking After You After A Long Day
Your Child From A Previous Relationship Doesn’t Like Him
They Find You Wearing Their Shirt
Your First Time Drinking Alcohol
You Have An Asthma Attack
Picking You Up From A Night Shift
The Other Members Don’t Like You
The Other Members Don’t Like You Pt.2
The Condom Breaks During Sex
You Receive Hate
You Have A Fear Of Being Touched
You Hit Him Where It Hurts
Their Plus-Size Partner Feels Insecure
You Discuss The Meaning Of Girlfriend
You Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Your Daughter Has Her First Relationship
Meeting Your Same Sex Parents For The First Time
Another Member Accidentally Makes You Cry
Taking Care Of You After Major Surgery
You Cut Your Hair Short
Your Parents Worry That You’re Dating An Idol
You Cry Yourself To Sleep
Looking After You During Your Period
Finding You Asleep Over Your College Work
The Fans Love You After Announcing Your Relationship
Taking You On Your First Holiday Abroad
They Notice Your Baby Bump For The First Time
You’re A Doctor And Take Care Of Them When They’re Ill
Seeing Him Shirtless For The First Time
You Have Trichotillomania
Your First Date
You Have Long Hair
Showing Your First Signs Of Being Pregnant
Interacting With Your Baby Bump
You Get Into A Skateboarding Accident
You Have Endometriosis
Going On Your Honeymoon
They Make You Cry Happy Tears
You’re A Self Made Billionaire
They Get Needy For Your Attention
They Find You Feeling Homesick
Taking Care Of Them After A Long Day
You’re A Basketball Player
He Drunkenly Confesses To You
You Kiss In Front Of Your Child
Finding You Cuddling Another Member
You Have Cystic Fibrosis
You Hide Your Surgical Scars
Finding Out You Have Nipple Piercings
You Have A Water Birth
They’re Your First Kiss
You’re Insecure Because You’re Petite
You’re A Violinist
You Win An Award At An Awards Ceremony
Waking Up The Morning After Your Wedding
Their Child Plays With Their Pets
They Find You Cuddling Their BT21 Plush
You Suffer An Injury Onstage
Your Child Tells Them “I Miss You!”
You Go To Your First BTS Concert
They Stand Up For You
You Graduate From College
You Play Guitar
Helping You Through A Hard Time At College
You Were A Fangirl Before You Started Dating
Your Child Asks For A Sibling
Calling Him By A Pet Name
He Sees You Front Row At A Concert
Getting Into An Argument Because He’s Overworking
Taking Care Of Another Member
You Have A Hard Time Giving Birth
Showering You With Kisses
Waking Them Up From A Nap
Your Child Throws A Tantrum
Looking After You When You’re Ill
Telling Him You’re Pregnant
Asking Them To Be Your Plus One For An Event
You Have Hyperacusis
You’re An Artist
You Fail An Important Exam
Picking Your Child Up From Kindergarten
You Suffer From Eczema
Spending Christmas Together
You Feel Bad That They Spend Money On You
You Have NF1
You Adopt A Baby
Showing Them Affection With A Small Gesture
Working Out Together
Another Member Likes You
BTS As Dads
When Your Baby Kicks For The First Time
Your Child Asks To Sleep In Your Bed For The Night
The Boys Find A Photo Of You As His Lock Screen
Holding Your Baby
He Loses Your Child At The Store
When You Pout At Them
He Worries About You Becoming Sick Again
He Finds You Reading Fanfiction
You Ask Permission To Do Simple Things
You’re A Pilot
You Don’t Drink Alcohol
He Picks You Up From College
People Point Out Your Child Doesn’t Look Korean
You Have Bipolar Disorder
You’re A WWE Wrestler
Staying In With Them During The Pandemic
You’re A Doctor In The Pandemic So He Can’t See You
You Snap At Him Without Reason
Asking A Member To Be Godfather Of Your Child
You Have Lupus
You’re Messy
Your Child Walks In During A V Live
You’re Still Anxious After A Fight
Your Baby Bites His Finger When Teething
Bang PD Finds Out About Your Relationship
You’re Italian
Looking After Your Child Without You There
You’re Taller Than Him
He Worries That You Eat Small Portions
You Have A Nightmare
You Love Kissing His Nose
You Feel Insecure Because You’re Older Than Him
Your Child Doesn’t Like Living In Korea With Them
You Try To Break Up With Him Because His Parents Don’t Approve
You’re Insecure About Your Body After Giving Birth
Doing A Maternity Photoshoot Together
Doing A Photoshoot With Your Newborn Baby
He Thinks You’re Cheating With Another Member
Your First Time Being Affectionate In Front Of Another Member
Your Child Takes Their First Steps
You’re A Police Officer
You’re Insecure About Your Braces
The Boys Meet Your Baby For The First Time
Your Child Gets Clingy
Fans Are Rude To You Because You’re Indian
You’re A Member’s Little Sister
He Confesses, But You’re Not Ready For A Relationship
You’re A Pianist
You Feel Insecure In Your Girl Group
You Struggle With Motion Sickness
You Have A High Tolerance To Alcohol
He Features In One Of Your Vlogs
Taking A BTS Quiz And Getting A Different Member
You Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
You’re French
Your Child Gets Jealous Of Their New Sibling
You Have Driving Anxiety
Your Child Comes Out As Gay
You Have Fibromyalgia 
The Boys Tease Him For Helping You With Chores
You’re A Fan Of Musical Theatre
Finding Out Another Member Used To Be Your Bias
You’re A Volleyball Player
He Wants To Break Up With You Because Of Hate From The Fans
You Bump Into Your Childhood Bullies
When Your Child Says Their First Word
He Asks You Out At A Fan Event
You Reunite At The End Of The Pandemic
A Relative Of Yours Calls Him A Member Of The Family 
He Asks You To Go On Tour With Him
Your Niece/Nephew Calls Him Uncle
You’re A New Fan Of The Band When You Start Dating
You’re Filipino
You Interrupt His V Live Whilst Heavily Pregnant
You Take Care Of His Pet Whilst He’s On Tour
You Suffer With Migraines
Being In Korea Overwhelms You
You Vibrate When You Laugh
You Bump Into Your Ex
You’re A Plus Size Model
You’re Brazilian
Your Dog Is Protective Of Your Baby Bump
Your Child Has A Panic Attack
You Feel Insecure Because You’re Younger Than Them
You Feel Insecure Because You’re Taller Than Them
You Have Sleep Deprivation
Taking Care Of Him When He Gets Ill
They Get Cuddly
Kissing His Neck
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sopeverse · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
updated: 26/06/21
(m): mature content 
Tumblr media
puns by @heartkook
strawberry roses by @peekaboongi (m)
the stranger by @btssmutgalore (m)
washing machine by @btssmutgalore (m)
off limits by @floralseokjin (m)
father of six by @army-author
happy kitty by @jincherie
currents by @yeoldontknow (m)
petals by @bloomsuga (m)
sweeter temptation by @yminie (m)
minx by @bangtangurlarmy (m)
dear ophelia by @noir0neko (m)
roomie by @hobibliophile (m)
a lullaby on canvas by @jincherie (m)
a mans treasure by @koophoriia (m)
choking gold by @submissive-bangtan (m)
good for me by @ppersonna​ (m)
last november by @kithtaehyung​ (m)
letting you go by @honeyj00ns​
opaline moon by @missgeniality​ (m)
Tumblr media
the early shift: first sip by @hobidreams (m)
snowdrop by @submissive-bangtan (m)
makeshift chemistry by @jungblue (m)
what you did last summer by @winetae (m)
off the deep end by @boymeetsweevil (m)
heavy suga by @kinktae (m)
soul bound by @luffles424 (m)
this is sigma by @prolixitae (m)
helping hands by @btsiguess (m)
aidoneus, my love by @seokoloqy (m)
bad boys bring it to you by @yuengi (m)
rings by @mygsii (m)
moonlit throne by @hobidreams (m)
play me like a melody by @borathae (m)
in a dream you touched me by @borathae (m)
Tumblr media
hot rod by @kinktae (m)
no rest for the wicked by @seokoloqy (m)
blue kiss by @minflix
let’s put on a show by @readyplayerhobi (m)
studio by @joonbird (m)
sonic rain by @jungblue (m)
fake love by @aquaminwrites (m)
heat by @writtenyoongi (m)
far away by @bangtanprincesss
daddy’s little peanut by @readyplayerhobi
forever or never by @readyplayerhobi​ (m)
coffee run by @jjungkookislife (m)
love ; always by @yeoldontknow​ (m)
Tumblr media
burst by @littlemisskookie (m)
all night by @ironicarmy (m)
holy by @benexolence (m)
falling storms by @seokjincoffee
overhear by @hvllevator
the rich man’s crochet club by @kpopfanfictrash (m)
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Tumblr media
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spell bound by @minflix (m)
wasted times by @kpurereactions (m)
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justcallmenikki7 · 2 years ago
BTS Reaction To: They’re Only Soft For You (BadBoy!Au)(School!Au)
Summary: your boyfriend who is known as the “bad boy” in your school only is ever soft for you and everyone who witnesses their softness towards you is always shocked by it.
Genre: badboy!au, school!au, Goodgirl!reader
Warnings: none, just fluff
Notes: i’m not as thrilled for Jungkook’s but this idea popped in my head and i wrote this in two hours, so i apologize for my terrible writing and for any grammatical mistakes.
Tumblr media
You had Jin wrapped around your fingers and everyone in your school, including the teachers and other staff, knew it too. 
Every time you walked down the hall with your boyfriend, who is feared by the student body, stared at you both in shock. That reason is because you’re the complete opposite of him - literally. You’re much nicer than him, more polite, and friendly. 
Truth is, so is Jin, but to the people he likes and who doesn’t irritates him- which includes his family, friends, and most importantly - you. 
So, seeing him act in such a way towards you shocks them. 
Especially now.
“Hey Jinnie? Can you hold my hair back so I can get a drink from the water fountain?” You asked your boyfriend sweetly, glancing up at his tall frame. 
If it was anymore possible, his eyes softened even more at you, nodding his head. “Of course, baby.” Moving your hair so it was pulled back away from your face, making sure there weren’t any stray hairs that would possibly get wet. 
As you were getting a drink, the students around you stared in shock, seeing how Jin was doing something so out of his character. Even though they see something like this every week, they still cannot get use to it. Without you knowing, Jin glared at all of them, the same look that can scare them into thinking that they’ll have to deal with him alone. When he felt you stand up, his death glare was long gone and back was his adoring look for you.
Oblivious to the looks, you stood up on your tiptoes and planted a thankful kiss on your boyfriend’s cheek. “Thank you Jinnie, now, let’s get to the library so we, or I, can study.”
Smirking, Jin wrapped his arms around you shoulders to bring you in close to him. “You know me so well, baby.”
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi hated school dances with a passion. 
The thought of them always made him scowl and roll his eyes, stating that they are stupid and worthless. 
And that is what he is at right now against his will because you begged him to go to it.
He was leaning against the wall, cringing at the crappy songs that were being played on the speakers, watching you dance with your friends. His gaze never left your dancing, only whenever a guy would stare at you for to long so he could give them his death glare. Your sight always made him happy - you made him happy. And what came with that is giving into your puppy dog eyes, being to weak to say no to you.
The upbeat song turned into a slow song, causing you to stop dancing and excitedly make your way towards Yoongi. 
A cheeky grin was on your face which made Yoongi roll his eyes at you in a goofy manner.
“Would you like to have this dance with me, Min Yoongi,” you said in a fake posh tone. 
Wanting to see you smile, he cleared his throat, “I would be honored to have this dance with you, Miss Y/N.” His reply had you giggling which made Yoongi smile down at you.
Yoongi brought you into him, his arms wrapped around your waist tightly, your front pressed against his. Your arms were wrapped around his neck, fingers playing with the ends of his hair. 
“You look beautiful tonight, kitten.” He whispered into your ear, deep voice making your body tingle.
“And you look handsome, Yoongi.” You complimented back, kissing his neck. 
You could see your friends gawking at you and Yoongi out of your peripheral vision, still shocked that you could make the Min Yoongi soft. Your best friend was smiling fondly at you from beside you who was dancing with their date, making you happy that she was happy for you. 
Tumblr media
To say that it was a shock that one of the feared BTS boys was dating a girl like you was a shock. You - a book worm, quiet, sweet girl - was dating Jung Hoseok - a rude, scary (according to a lot of people), rough guy. 
Sometimes it was a shock to you also because how in the hell does someone like Hoseok like someone like you? This was something you always thought and have voiced once to your boyfriend, which resulted in him showing (in many ways) on why he does. 
At school people always whispered about how different acts towards you than anybody else. 
Like now-
You were leaning into your boyfriends chest as you sat with him and his friends underneath the big oak tree that was outside by the school. You had a book in your hand, reading your favorite novel, while the other hand was used to put chips in your mouth. Hoseok had his arms wrapped around your waist, chin perched on your shoulder, occasionally pressing kisses along your neck and cheek. 
“Dang it,” you muttered, accidentally staining a page of your book from turning it with your hand that you were using to eat with.
“What’s wrong, baby girl?” Hoseok asked, frowning when he heard your upset voice.
“I accidentally stained one of my pages because I was using this hand to eat with and turn pages.” You told him, frowning. 
“Here, let me feed you while you read so you don’t do that again.” Hoseok offered, handing you a napkin so you can wipe you messy hand with before grabbing the bag of chips you brought. 
Agreeing, you cleaned your hand off before you went back to reading. As Hoseok fed you, every now and then laughing with you whenever he acted as if the chip was a plane, the people who passed by were stunned. They would have never imagined Hoseok to act like how does with you before you two ever got together. Now that you two are together and how acts towards you -soft and kind- they cannot wrap their head around it. 
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon is a nerd.
No one would ever believe that because of how he acts and who he hangs around with. Also because of him being the leader of the schools bad boy clan. But they began to see his nerdy side in class after you two started dating. 
But they also didn’t believe that Kim Namjoon would go for someone that is the complete opposite of him; which shocked them whenever you and Namjoon began dating.
“But how is it A? Are you sure it is not C?” You questioned, looking at your boyfriend in confusion. 
“Because, babe, of how..” Namjoon began explaining on why it is A rather than C. 
The students who sat beside you and in front of you were stunned to see how Namjoon explained the process and problem to you so nicely and understandingly. Never had they seen Namjoon so nice to someone who wasn’t his friend (he is nice to someone who is nice to him first, but no one ever sees that situation). 
“Oh, okay, that makes sense!” You exclaimed, finally understanding it the problem. “Thank you, Joonie.” You thanked quietly because you knew that he didn’t want anyone to hear your nickname for him.
“You’re welcome, babe. Now, onto the next problem.” Namjoon smiled down at you, love and admiration in his eyes.
And for the rest of the class period, the kids who were sat around you and Namjoon were quiet, listening to your boyfriend explain each problem to you, to scared to ask him for help on the problem.
Tumblr media
Jimin was known not to do anything domestic.
He has had pass ‘girlfriends’ in the past - mainly flings. With those flings, he never liked to do anything that involved being a boyfriend. He just acted as if they were another person that didn’t matter to him, but helped him with his needs. 
So, whenever you, the ‘good girl’, someone who never had a relationship, got with Jimin- everyone assumed that you were going to be another fling. They all felt pity for you because you are a nice girl. 
It was a huge shock when you and Jimin were seen doing couply activities- like going to the movies, holding hands in school, and you both dating for almost seven months. Everyone was purely shocked that the Park Jimin is in an actual relationship for more than a week. 
So whenever Jimin was around you, he turned into a huge ball of mush. Every time that they heard Jimin laugh, coo at you, or just act like an actual fluff ball, they were stunned. 
Because what had happen to the Jimin who had a different girl a week?
And Jimin loves it- he loves you. And it is very obvious.
“Happy birthday, baby girl.” Jimin greeted you, kissing you all over your face. 
“Thanks, Jimin!” You giggled at Jimin’s way of greeting you.
“I got you these,” he showed you the flowers. “I hope you like them, I know that you like Daisy’s, but they didn’t have any, so i got you the Sunflowers, which is your second favorite flower.” Jimin explained. It was clear that he was nervous about your reaction to the first part of your present. 
“Jimin, I love them!” You squealed, looking at the flowers, taking them from your boyfriends hands. “They’re perfect, I love you so much!” To show your appreciation, you kissed him on the lips and hugged him tight.
The people that were around were all gawking at how you can make the Park Jimin nervous. A few people were happy to see that Jimin has changed and is happy with someone. 
Tumblr media
Before you met Taehyung, he was wild. As in, he never, ever, listened to anybody and was never controlled. He was always doing something crazy, like pulling a prank on a teacher or student, even graffiti a locker. 
Taehyung was never controlled.
Until you came along.
Long story short, when Taehyung first met you he was head over heels for you. He was so entranced by your beauty, personality, everything about you. So, realizing that he had to probably calm down on his wildness due to knowing how sometimes it bothered you, he quit all of his acts. This surprised everyone because how could someone control the Kim Taehyung?
“Ugh,” you groaned out, bending down to pick up a book that had dropped.
“You okay there, Princess?” A familiar voice asked, causing butterflies to errupt in your stomach and your heart to do flips. You felt a arm wrap around your waist and a kiss be pressed to the side of your head.
“Yes, it’s just that I have to carry so many books and it gets to the point of being too much. I hate having to come back to my locker after every hour, so I try carrying them all at once to avoid being late.” You admitted, trying to balance your books in your arms.
Taehyung frowned down at you before grabbing your books, ignoring your protests. He hates seeing you stress out, so he’ll do anything to prevent that from happening.
“No, I’ll carry your books, Princess.” He stated, cutting you off from your protests. 
At his actions, the people who were around were astonished by his actions. Even though this sometimes happens, everyone always seems to get surprised by it. 
“She is so lucky.” You heard someone whisper, making you blush.
“It’s me that is the lucky one.” Taehyung stated truthfully, leaning down and giving you a kiss on the forehead. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook was a cocky guy. 
He knew he was hot and he knew that him and his friends were feared in their town. He used that to his advantage to get whatever he wanted.
But that all stopped when he met you. 
You had changed Jungkook by keeping him in line when he needed to be put back and had helped keep his short temper under control. 
Sometimes, that temper got tested by how people acted and made snide remarks about him and his friends. 
“What the fuck did you just say?” Jungkook growled out, turning around to face the person who made the remark.
“Jungkook,” you warned in a calm, yet soothing voice. “Don’t listen to them, he is a douche and you shouldn’t waste your energy on someone who is a negative person.” You told him, rubbing his shoulders.
What came a shock to everyone who was expecting a fight was Jungkook agreeing to not fight. They all stared at Jungkook and you as you both walked away from the scene.
Jungkook wrapped his arms around your shoulders, bringing you in close to him. You smiled up at him, happy that you got your boyfriend to avoid a detention or suspension. 
“I love you.” Jungkook promised, leaning down to press a kiss to your head.
“And I love you too.”
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justcallmenikki7 · 2 years ago
BTS Reaction To: Them Crying (Mafia!Au)
Summary: you threaten to leave and they begin to cry for the first time in front of you.
Warnings: angst, crying, cursing
Notes: jin’s, yoongi’s, and namjoon’s plot was stuck in my head, so i did theirs before everyone else’s. I’ll have the others up hopefully soon!
*Jin, Yoongi, Namjoon*
Tumblr media
You couldn’t stand it anymore.
You couldn’t stand your boyfriend always treating you differently when his gang members were around and how he treated you when they were. He treated you as if you weren’t his girlfriend. It made you feel like complete and utter crap. You haven’t told him yet because every time that you do go and tell him you get nervous that a fight might break out and you hate fights. 
But this time is different. 
You had tears streaming down your face as you packed your bags quickly. This time Jin stepped over the line for you and you have had enough of it. 
“Babe? What are you doing?” Jin asked you, his voice sounded panicked.
“I am done with you treating me as if I am nothing to you. Every time that gang is around, you treat me like crap and i am done. I’m leaving, Jin.” You told him, not giving a second glance towards his direction. 
“No, please don’t leave. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to feel like that, i do that so they don’t know my weakness which is you. I love you Y/N, please don’t leave.” Jin begged, tears beginning to form in his eyes.
“How am i suppose to believe that you love me when you treat me the complete opposite in front of your gang? It’s pretty fucking hard.”
Next thing you knew was a pair of strong arms wrapping around your hips and a face being pressed into your back. The sound of Jin’s loud sobs was sounded throughout the room. 
“Baby, please don’t go, I’m begging you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel like that. I was only trying to protect you, not hurt you. You’re the most important thing to me. I’ll stop it, please don’t leave me.” He begged, tightening his grip on your hips.
“Jinnie, calm down.” You try to say in the most calming voice that you could make. 
“N-no! I treated you poorly out of stupidity when I should’ve been treating you like a Queen in front of my men! I drove you away when I should’ve been pulling you closer. I am so fucking stupid. I made it easier for you to get hurt when i should’ve been making it harder for them to hurt you.” He wailed out, not calming down the slightest bit. 
“Jin listen to me.” You demanded, “I’m not going to leave you, I promise. Please calm down, baby.”
You know that you both have more to discuss about, but you both needed to calm down and rest. You felt Jin nod against your back, his body shaking. The sound of him trying to even out his breathing was evident due to his loud intakes of breath. 
Tumblr media
You always knew that Yoongi was cold and was hard at expressing emotions, but sometimes it really hurt you. 
It sometimes it felt like he didn’t even love you. You prayed that it would change but it hasn’t and you have came to conclusion that you shouldn’t be in a relationship like this anymore. Even though his inner men’s girlfriends tried to tell you that he does love you and that you’re wrong on this, you still stuck with leaving. You couldn’t see it at all. 
Now, here you are stuck in a crappy motel a few towns over from where you use to live with Yoongi. 
You couldn’t stop crying because it felt as if your heart was ripped out of your chest. Yes, Yoongi was basically emotionless, you still loved him with all of your heart. 
A loud banging came from the rooms door, causing you to jump. Getting up, you walked to the door and opened it, greeted with Yoongi, 
For a while, you both stared at each other, taking in one another’s appearance. You were shocked with how disheveled he looked. He had bloodshot eyes, messy unkempt hair and his suit was wrinkled. 
A deep sigh of relief came from him and next thing you knew you were in his arms.
“Thank fucking God you’re okay.” He mumbled, “What the hell were you thinking? I thought i fucking lost you.” You felt a tear hit your shoulder and you couldn’t believe that Min Yoongi - the most cold hearted, feared man was crying in your arms. “I’m so fucking sorry,” he croaked out, hugging you tighter, the sound of his heaving filling the room.
“Yoongi, please calm down. Please calm down.” You told him, running your fingers through his hair.
Once he calmed down, he still wouldn’t let you go.
“I know that I am not good with expressing emotions, but Y/N, i do love you. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He whispered into your ear, “Please don’t give up on me. I should’ve done better on showing you my love. I’m trying my hardest, please don’t leave me.” 
“Okay, I’m sorry, Yoongi.” You apologized.
“You have no reason to be sorry. Let’s go home. I am never letting this mistake to happen again.”
And he didn’t let it happen.
Tumblr media
“I’m leaving!” You yelled, turning around to storm out of your boyfriends office.
You didn’t get far before you felt his gentle grip on your forearm. 
“No you’re not.” He protested, “You’re not leaving me.” 
“Yes I am!” You stated, “I cannot fucking deal with this anymore! You’re never here with me. You’re never living up to your promises. You’re always coming up with excuses on why you couldn’t make it to the date or just anything that we have planned. I am done with empty promises from you. I want a boyfriend that makes it to the date or is a few minutes late, a boyfriend who keeps his promises. I love you Namjoon, but i am sick of being let down all of the time by you.” You told him honestly.
Namjoon was quiet. His face was neutral, but his eyes betrayed him like they always did. His eyes were tearing up and his right eye was twitching which meant that he was really upset. You began to feel the hand that was holding onto you shake violently. 
“No, no, no.” He whispered, voice cracking. His neutral expression broke, now showing his true emotions - heartbreak and fear. 
Dropping to his knees, he wrapped his arms around your stomach, pressing his face into you. Loud sobs raked over him, his whole body now beginning to shake. Never in your life would you imagine Kim Namjoon, leader of the number one most feared Korean Mafia leader, on his knees crying. 
“Please don’t leave me,” he cried, voice muffled. “I’ll get better, I’ll be better! I’ll cancel everything just for you! But, please, please don’t leave me.” He stated, “I love you so fucking much, please don’t leave me.” He begged, looking up at you with the most heartbroken expression you’ve ever seen.
Nodding, “Okay, I am not leaving.” You promised him. “But keep your promise, Namjoon. Please don’t break this promise, or else I am truly leaving.”
And he never broke his promise.
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gukyi · a year ago
the courtship chronicles | ksj
Tumblr media
summary: dating has never been anywhere near your list of priorities, but kim seokjin is nothing if not determined. and when he comes to the rescue and accompanies you to your friend’s wedding, he decides to request only one thing in return: for you to let him take you out on fake dates and shower you in fake affection, and show you how much fun dating can be. he just needs to remember to keep the part where he’s been in love with you under wraps.
{friends to lovers!au, fake dating!au}
pairing: kim seokjin x female reader genre: fluff, comedy, and emotional hurt/comfort! word count: 20k a/n: big, big, big thanks to @aurawatercolor for commissioning me for this piece!! i honestly am so happy with this fic and even happier to give my main man kim seokjin the love and attention he deserves!!! this fic is pretty much slow burn from start to finish, so enjoy!
check out the post-script drabble here!
“You’re bringing a plus one, right?” Cynthia demands on the other end of the line, voice frazzled and breaths quick. “You better, because I already factored it into the wedding budget. There will be food meant for a plus one for you which I already paid for so you better bring one. I paid for it already.” She’s running in circles, trying to make her point. It’s clear she’s got an awful lot on her plate as it is. 
“Can’t I just eat their serving myself? You know I’m a growing woman,” you plead. Cynthia and the rest of her bridesmaids have been on your back about bringing a plus one ever since she got engaged. 
“No, you have to bring a plus one. Even if it’s your mom, Y/N, I don’t care,” Cynthia says. She makes to say something else, but then pauses. “Actually, I do care. Can it please be a date? Even like, someone you met off of Hinge. I don’t know. Not your mom. Don’t bring her. That would be only a little weird,” she corrects herself. 
“Weirder than some stranger I met off Hinge?” You ask pointedly. 
“No. At least they’re around your age. I want to see you applying yourself, Y/N!” Cynthia scolds. “Go out there and find a man! Pick him up off of the street if you have to! Anything!” She rallies. “Being single is cool and everything but being in love is just as fulfilling!”
“Of course you would think that, you’re getting married tomorrow,” you tell her, sighing. Can’t she just accept that you aren’t really looking for a relationship right now? And haven’t been looking for one since you graduated college three years ago?
“I love my future husband, thank you very much. We plan on leading a very full and extraordinary life with our fifteen dogs and eighteen geckos.”
“Okay, Miss We Bought A Zoo,” you tease. 
Cynthia laughs. “Pretty soon it’ll be Mrs. We Bought A Zoo, thank you very much!”
You hear a knock on the door, turning to check the kitschy cuckoo clock you had found at a flea market for five dollars for the time. It’s six on the dot.
“I have to go, Cynthia, Seokjin’s here,” you tell her, already making to hang up the phone as you head towards the door, using your shoulder and ear to hold it in place. “We’re making a family dinner for two, tonight.”
“Bring Seokjin! He’ll charm the shit out of my mom, I just know it,” Cynthia tells you. “Bring him! Tell him to clear his fucking calendar for tomorrow.”
“Bye, Cynthia,” you say as you reach out for the doorknob, twisting it to reveal your grinning best friend with a bag full of goodies on the other side. “I have to go.”
“Send Seokjin my love! I don’t even expect a wedding gift from him! His presence is enough!” Cynthia shouts, loud enough for Seokjin to hear everything despite the phone not even being on speaker. You hang up before Cynthia can say anything else to goad Seokjin into accompanying you to her wedding, sending an apologetic smile his way. 
“Sorry, that was—”
“Cynthia?” Seokjin finishes with a grin. You usher him into your apartment, letting him place his bag on your kitchen countertop as he pulls out two wine glasses to get the party started. You sigh, helpless. “Yeah, I figured. She’s getting married tomorrow, isn’t she?”
“She’s uber stressed, if that’s what you mean to say,” you correct, joining him in your kitchen as you start to unpack what he brought, countless tupperware containers filled with vegetables, meats, pastas. There’s even an entire bag of rice. Does Seokjin really think you have no rice in your apartment? Seriously? 
“I can imagine,” Seokjin agrees with a laugh. “Thank god you and I aren’t getting married anytime soon, right?” With a flourish, he produces a bottle of red wine you had been saving in your fridge for this very occasion, filling up half of each wine glass. 
“I’ll toast to that,” you say, smiling as you hold up your glass. Seokjin swirls the wine around in his own before holding it out. 
“Here’s to not being romantically involved whatsoever!” Seokjin hurrahs, and you laugh at his honesty as your glasses clink together, the sound echoing around your kitchen. “Who says you need to be married to prepare a kickass meal together.”
“You’re in charge of the meat,” you immediately tell him. You’ve never been the biggest fan of handling it. Vegetables are much more your speed. They also don’t get angry at you when you make a mistake cooking them. Besides, Seokjin’s always been the better food mediator between the two of you. 
“Like always,” he teases, giving you a nudge as he pulls the pots and pans from the cupboard beneath the counter and hands you one of the seventeen different cutting boards you have in random places in your kitchen. You don’t know what it is about them, but every single month you find yourself buying a brand new cutting board. They may as well be drugs. “You should really branch out and try cooking beef sometimes. I’ll teach you, hey? So you don’t have to be scared of it.”
“I am not scared of cooking beef,” you tell him sternly, flinching when Seokjin places the meat in the oil-slick pan and it begins to sizzle and pop. 
“If you say so, Y/N,” Seokjin singsongs. “You know, I’d make a pretty good teacher. I reckon I could show you a thing or two about cooking.”
“Okay, Mr. Cooking Is My Passion,” you say, scrunching up your nose. “Just because I can’t make a damn filet mignon does not make me a bad cook,” you tell him, “whose soup do you ask for when you’re sick and in bed with a cold? That’s right, mine!” You poke his chest for good measure, making him put his hands up in surrender. 
“Alright, alright, I concede,” he says with a laugh. “Your soup is delicious.”
“Thank you,” you say, proudly. “How about I make a couple of servings while you cook the meat?”
Seokjin blows a kiss your way. “Y/N, You know just the way to my heart.”
An hour later, you and Seokjin have whipped up an impressive set of dishes, from your homemade vegetable soup to his traditional bulgogi bibimbap, a small bowl of kimchi in the middle of the table accompanied by some sauteed vegetables and a serving of glass noodles. There’s enough to feed a family of four (one of whom could be a ravenous high-school football player) on your table, and yet, you and Seokjin never fail to finish it all. 
Seokjin takes one bite out of his bulgogi bibimbap and moans in delight, tossing his head back as he holds out two thumbs up, chopsticks clanging onto the side of the bowl as he drops them. “Wow,” he says loudly, patting himself on the back. “I’m amazing. Gordon Ramsey wants what I have.”
“There’s no way it’s that good,” you tease, even though it most definitely is that good. Seokjin is, without a doubt, the best chef you have ever met, the best chef whose food you have ever had the pleasure of eating. If he weren’t employed by a publicity company he would almost certainly be the owner of the best restaurant in the city. The New York Times would visit his restaurant and write a five-star review to be published in the paper the next morning. You take a bite of it yourself, chewing it slowly and pretending to ponder its flavor. It’s delicious. It’s never not delicious. “Hmm… it’s alright.”
“‘Alright’?” Seokjin shouts, slandered. “Just ‘alright’?” He slams a fist onto the table in anger. “This is blasphemy! It’s amazing!” Grabbing the knife beside his plate, he holds it under your chin dramatically, glaring into your eyes. “You better retract that statement, or else!”
“Or else what, Mr. Kim?” You say, desperately resisting the urge not to burst into laughter. Seokjin’s not doing much better, lips pursed tight in an effort not to cackle aloud. 
“Or else I’ll have no choice but to eat all of your bulgogi bibimbap for you!” He cries, reaching over with grabby hands to take your plate away from you. 
Just as he suspected, you hold on tight to your plate, refusing to let such good food go into the mouth of someone who has his own plate. It’s then, as you’re playing tug-of-war with your food, that Seokjin finally breaks into chuckles, hiccuping out his laugh as he concedes and lets you eat your food in peace. 
“Just as I suspected, peasant!” He says proudly. “It’s delicious!”
You put a heaping chopstick-ful into your mouth. “It really is, Seokjin. You always do such a great job.”
“I’m honored,” he says, bowing slightly. “Food is what brings people together.” He holds out a piece of kimchi in front of your mouth, and you eat it obligingly. “Speaking of bringing people together, what was Cynthia shouting about on the phone?”
“Oh, just her wedding, you know,” you tell him with a shrug. “The usual. She’s desperate for me to bring a plus one,” you say. Marriage is disillusioning her. She thinks everybody around her should have a love like her own. And while it is a wonderful, fairytale-esque thought, you just aren’t really on the same wavelength. You never have been. “She even factored it into the budget to guilt-trip me into doing it.”
“Why don’t you?” Seokjin asks, downing a spoonful of soup. “Going to a wedding alone can’t be too much fun.”
“I won’t be alone,” you protest. “I’m one of her closest friends. I’ll know a bunch of people there.”
“Yeah, but you won’t have brought someone who, by way of how plus-one’s work, will be obligated to be by your side the entire night. Who are you gonna dance with when Crazy in Love comes on, huh?” Seokjin points out. 
You frown. “I can dance by myself.”
“Yeah, but a plus-one would make it more fun! You guys can dougie, or whatever it is the cool kids do these days. Is dabbing still a thing?” He dabs, just to make a point. It’s cringey and awful and hilarious, all at once. 
“Stop, stop, you’re embarrassing yourself and I’m the only other person here,” you plead. “You and Cynthia are so on my ass about bringing a date, God. I just—I’m not really interested in anybody right now. Dating just isn’t my thing.”
“Has dating ever been your thing, Y/N?” Seokjin asks, even though he clearly knows the answer already. “I don’t think you’ve been on a date since sophomore year of college. Do you even know what dating is, anymore? Love?”
You roll your eyes. If there’s one person who’s a bigger hopeless romantic than Cynthia, it’s Seokjin. The man has an entire bookshelf of romance novels in his bedroom. He waxes poetic about falling in love every other day, about coming home to a significant other, a family, to cook for, to spend time with. He’s been on more Bumble dates in the past year than you can count on both hands and feet. 
“I know what it is,” you defend yourself, “I’m just—I don’t really believe in that, for me. I don’t ever see myself having it. I have friends. My family. That’s good enough. I don’t need romantic love.”
Seokjin scoffs. “What? You mean to tell me you don’t ever want to fall in love? Never ever? Come on, Y/N. Love is great! It makes you feel warm and happy, like one of those giant Costco teddy bears. Those are the material equivalent of love. Haven’t you always wanted a giant Costco teddy bear?”
“When I was five, yeah,” you tell him. “Listen, Seokjin, I get it. Love is great and amazing, I’m just not that interested. You and Cynthia have been trying to get me to go on a date for years and it doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever.”
“What about dating is unappealing?” Seokjin inquires. He’s determined. And you, the best friend, are weak. 
“I don’t know, having to meet new people, talk about yourself, try to see a future with them. It seems so tiring,” you say, sighing. Seokjin looks positively bewildered, because of course he enjoys dating—he’s so charismatic, charming, and outgoing. Even if a date goes poorly he still ends up with a new friend. “I’m just not that into doing that stuff.”
“Psh,” Seokjin says casually, skeptical. “I bet that if you just gave the whole dating thing a try, you might actually like it. You haven’t gone out on one in so long—maybe it’s different than what you remember. The last time you did it, we were all just college students.”
“Ugh, don’t remind me,” you groan. “How exactly do you expect me to ‘give the whole dating thing a try’, then? Last time I checked, I wasn’t particularly interested in anybody.”
Seokjin pauses, pondering for a moment as he taps his chin with his pointer finger. Then, like a smack to the face, it hits him all at once, and in his excitement, he pounds his fist right onto the prongs of the fork by his plate. “Ow, holy shit!” He shouts, excited nonetheless.
“Oh my God, are you alright?” You ask, a little concerned and a lot amused.
“I’m fine, I’m fine,” he assures you, rubbing the side of his palm. “But what I was about to say, is why don’t we go out?”
You sputter, choking on the soup you had just taken a sip of. “I-I’m sorry, what?”
“Why don’t we date? It’ll be fun!” He says happily. 
“Seokjin, we’re friends,” you say. 
He shrugs, carefree. “Yeah, sure we are. But think about it: since we’re already so close, you won’t have to worry about introducing yourself to someone new. You won’t have to go through the whole tell me about yourself thing, we can just jump right into the dating part! It’ll be fun and you’ll get to see what dating is like past the introductions. How about it?” He asks. 
He thinks it’s brilliant. 
You think it’s ludicrous. 
“But, Seokjin, are we actually going to date? Like, be a couple? Because I don’t know if that’s what I was really aiming for with our friendship today,” you say hesitantly. You love Seokjin, sure, but you aren’t in love with Seokjin. You’ve been best friends since college. Won’t it be weird if you suddenly start dating? And doing other couple-y things?
Seokjin waves a hand around like a nonchalant businessman. “No, we won’t actually be boyfriend and girlfriend, or anything,” he promises. “It’ll just be fake. Make believe! Think of it as a dating test-run. What do you say?”
“You sound too enthusiastic for me not to be worried,” you tell him tentatively. He’s like an energetic salesman. It’s a little frightening. There must be some fine print you aren’t looking at. Something that you’re missing. “Are you sure about this? Like, do you want anything in return?”
“Anything in return to help my best friend find love?” He asks, scandalized. “Of course not!”
You frown. 
“Okay,” he gives in, “maybe some more soup. I’m about to visit my mom and she loves it.”
“Why don’t I just come with?” You suggest. Seokjin’s mom is the second-best chef you’ve ever met. Somewhere along the line, Seokjin took what he learned from her and improved it ten-fold. 
“Even better! Mom’s been begging me to bring you around sometime. How about it, do we have a deal?” He asks, holding his hand out. 
You sigh. He’s your best friend, and all he wants in return is for you to visit his mom with him. What’s the worst thing that could happen?
“Sure,” you say, conceding. “Why not?”
Tumblr media
Seokjin’s first order of business as your self-appointed brand new not-real boyfriend, is to accompany you to Cynthia’s wedding as your plus-one. He does actually find a wedding gift on such short notice—a fairly new cookbook from which he had memorized the recipes already, so it was no longer of use to him. Because of course, Kim Seokjin is the only person on Earth who memorizes the one hundred recipes in a book just because he wants to. Where does he find the time?
[May 18th, 3:18PM]
Seokjin: Are we wearing matching colors? Seokjin: Or is that too senior prom?
You: As long as you don’t show up wearing white you should be fine
Seokjin: >_> Seokjin: You know that if I wore white the groom would drop everything and marry me instead ;-)
You: Only because of your charm You: I’m wearing pastel pink! I don’t suppose you have anything in your closet to go with that, do you?
[Seokjin is typing…]
[May 18th, 3:20PM]
Seokjin: Oh, Y/N, you don’t even need to ask twice
An hour later, Seokjin pulls up to the curb outside of your apartment complex in his Volkswagen, which is every bit as charismatic as he is, right as you’re scrambling to tug on your most comfortable heels (as if such a thing could exist!), running late, as per usual. The ceremony begins at 5:30 and you and Seokjin were meant to leave for the venue at four. 
It is 4:19. 
Frazzled, you rush around your apartment movie-montage style, tweaking strands of your hair in the mirror in the hallway and nabbing your bottomless bag on the coffee table. It’s not even really summer yet, but your apartment doesn’t have air conditioning and it’s becoming more and more of a curse as the globe slowly warms multiple degrees over the years. The true loser of climate change, rather than the polar bears, the bees, and coastal cities, is you, who thought renting a place with no air conditioning would be just fine. 
Desperate not to open the door to Seokjin with your forehead dripping, you dab off the beads of sweat gathered by your hairline with the skirt of your dress—whatever, you were going to sweat in it at some point—right as you hear the first knock. 
Seokjin’s fashion choices are usually rather conservative. He does work a somewhat menial half-office job, so he can’t roll up to his desk wearing the exceedingly stylish and exceedingly adventurous clothing that Namjoon and Taehyung wear, which, in turn, limits his closet. Lots of plain or argyle sweaters pulled over dress shirts with the collars peeking out, lots of navy jeans, lots of white sneakers and loafers. The only clothing item Seokjin does experiment with is socks, of which he has an impressive collection, ranging anywhere from corgi butts to Santa Claus. 
You didn’t really know what you were expecting when Seokjin said you didn’t need to ask twice after mentioning that you were wearing a pastel pink dress. He does own a couple of pink things, but as far as you’re aware (and you’re pretty aware, considering you’ve been best friends with him since the beginning of college), it amounts mostly to his sock stash and a couple of sweaters, which he most often wears under denim jackets or over dress shirts. 
What you most certainly aren’t expecting when you open the door is to see Seokjin standing on the other side in a full-on suit, a light grey color that complements the peach in his skin tone perfectly. More so, however, you hadn’t at all anticipated for him to be wearing a perfectly-matching pastel pink dress shirt underneath, complemented by a rather obnoxious bow tie with red hairs littered all over it. 
“Wow, okay,” you say, blinking just to make sure that your eyes are working perfectly. “It’s May, why do you look like Valentine’s Day threw up on you?”
Seokjin opens his mouth to send a witty response back to you, but the moment he lays his eyes on you, it’s as if all of the words have fallen from his lips. He swallows, hands fumbling with the bouquet in his hand. “Don’t say that to me like you aren’t also wearing the most Valentine’s Day dress I’ve ever seen.”
“It’s a pastel pink midi dress,” you tell him, frowning. “At least I’m not wearing something that has cartoon-y red hearts all over it,” you accuse, pointing to his bow tie. 
Seokjin gasps, offended. “Hey! This is my lucky bow tie. It’s never steered me wrong when it comes to love.”
You scoff. “I don’t think Cynthia and her fiancé need your bow tie’s help today. Have you ever seen someone more in love with another person than they are with each other?”
Seokjin pauses. He sighs a little bit, like there’s something weighing on his mind he refuses to divulge. You won’t press. You may be best friends, but you aren’t mind-readers, and sometimes, there are some secrets that have to be kept even from each other. Yours is that when you guys were juniors in college and Seokjin was running late for class because he was desperate to find the last Pop-Tart in his apartment, you had actually eaten it the night before when he was in the bathroom. 
You wonder what his is. 
“You never know,” he finally says, “we could always use the extra luck, don’t you think?”
You nod, “I suppose. What’s with the flowers? You know you aren’t supposed to bring them to a wedding. They probably have enough flowers as it is.”
As if caught off guard by the flowers held in his very own hand, Seokjin turns his gaze down to look at the bouquet, a collection of baby’s breath, tulips, and carnations. “Oh,” he says, speechless. “Well, I was dropping by the flower shop anyway to bother Hoseok, and he said that they had some leftover stock that nobody wanted because they were a little smaller than the other flowers, so he gave them to me at a discount. They’re for you, I guess.” Like a nervous high schooler going on his very first date, he shoves them towards you, making you step back to avoid getting punched in the chest. 
“Seriously? You didn’t have to do that, Seokjin,” you say happily, pleasantly surprised at the bouquet. Sure, some of them are a little wilted, a little dehydrated, but you get flowers so infrequently (in fact, you don’t think you’ve gotten any since Seokjin sent you one of those singular rose grams during your first Valentine’s Day at college), that the gesture is as good as gold. 
“Eh,” he says, shrugging casually. “I don’t really have anybody else I would want to give them to.”
Gleefully, you take them from his outstretched hand and immediately rush to put them in some sort of vase. You, like the piece of millennial trash that you are, end up using a random empty mason jar you find in one of your kitchen cabinets. 
“What time is it?” Seokjin asks, looking around for a clock. 
“Late, we have to go,” you instantly respond, shooing him out of the door and darting down the stairs because the elevator in your apartment building is about four hundred years old and doesn’t even have a light bulb inside of it. You cram into Seokjin’s tiny white Volkswagen, which just screams hipster-mom-in-her-forties, and he speeds off at a velocity that tiny Volkswagen beetles were not meant to go at. 
Surprisingly enough, you make it to the wedding venue with a few minutes to spare, which you largely attribute to the fact that Seokjin was driving faster than some of the SUVs on the highway on the way over. He isn’t a bad or reckless driver. He’s just a driver with certain priorities that rank higher than the act of driving itself. 
“Ah, the smell of nervousness and love,” Seokjin says as you step out of the car, inhaling dramatically. “Smells like a wedding.”
“Smells like the ceremony is about to begin,” you say, and you both rush over the pebbled path to the entrance, giggling like a bunch of high schoolers as you stumble through the front doors very ungracefully. 
“Wow,” Seokjin says, impressed at the extent of decoration. Cynthia had been raving on and on about how she was aiming to have a sort of romantic, Impressionist art painting vibe to the wedding, lots of pastels, flowers, twinkling lights. “This is very impressive. One hundred out of ten.”
“Cynthia’s been planning this for months, so I’m sure she’ll be pleased to hear it,” you say, ushering yourselves into the main wedding hall as the rest of the guests file in from chatting outside as the clock ticks down. There are two seats close to the front that Cynthia’s saved for you and your plus-one, which she most certainly will be very happy to see you have brought with you, in the form of your best friend, Seokjin, of course. 
“Aren’t you excited?” Seokjin whispers as everyone settles down. “Can’t you feel the love in the air?”
“It’s not in my genetics to feel that sort of thing,” you retort back, earning a pout from your best friend in return. 
“Well, it’s in mine, and let me tell you, Y/N, it feels like love!” He exclaims happily. “You should be basking in it.”
“Are you?” You round on him. No point in not practicing what you preach. 
“Always,” Seokjin says, gazing at you happily. He seems so content, in this very moment, about to watch a ceremony that will bond two people together for the rest of their lives, devote themselves to each other, wholly and completely. “I’m always basking in it.”
Then, the officiant steps up to the microphone at the front of the room. Seokjin reaches his hand over to grab yours, letting it rest in his palm on his lap, and the ceremony begins. 
Going to weddings as a child, even as an adult to a fairly distant coworker, they’ve always felt so detached from you as a guest. Sure, the ceremonies are wonderful and you’re happy for the newly-married couple, but it’s almost as if you’re watching a movie and instead of being another character, you’re part of the audience. When you leave the wedding venue, when all of the dancing and eating and celebrating is over, you forget all about it, and you move on with your life. 
But knowing the two people standing up at the altar as more than just coworkers, or a distant relative, knowing them as friends, as near family, tints everything in a rosy pink. It’s the most beautiful wedding ceremony you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. It’s humbling and real and unrehearsed, romantic and funny and meaningful all at once. It makes you feel warm inside, truly, truly happy for your friend and for what is to come in the next chapter of her life. 
Crying was pretty much unavoidable. It was mostly on Seokjin’s end—he’s not as close with either of them as you are, but he certainly loves love much more than you do—but some tears were shed on your end, as well. This is the sort of thing you’d want to talk about for years to come, even after you walk out, in the hopes that a constant reminder will prevent it from ever fading from your memory. 
As weddings go, the next part is the best part: free food. You get to your tables and Cynthia’s fancy (and expensive) caterers come whooshing around with bottles of wine and pitchers of water, filling up the glasses on your tables as the wedding party prepares to enter. You’re seated next to some other old friends from college, ones you recognize and ones you don’t, and ones that Seokjin is very happy to start chatting up the moment you take your seats. 
“Are you here together?” One of the men—you think his name is Nathan(?)—asks, pointing to the two of you. 
“No,” you say. 
“Yes,” Seokjin says. 
You both turn to glare at each other as Nathan—no, maybe Noah—furrows his brows, clearly having not received the response he was aiming for. Seokjin makes a bunch of aggressive and dramatic facial gestures to remind you that you two are fucking dating, remember? Even though it’s not actually real, and that was the part you were focusing on. The not real part. 
“We are,” you correct awkwardly, even though Whatshisface seems to have moved on from the topic. “He’s my plus-one.”
“I’m not as tight with the bride as I am with one of her closest friends,” Seokjin says jokingly, even though you’re the only one who laughs. 
“Yeah,” one of the girls chimes in. “You guys were best friends in college.”
“Still are,” you say, grinning. At least you don’t have to lie about that. 
“So cute,” the same girl says romantically. “I wish I could fall in love with my best friend,” she turns to the man she’s with who clearly doesn’t want to be here whatsoever. “You guys must be so happy.”
“It’s not always a walk in the park,” Seokjin warns, and you don’t have time to smack him in the chest and ask him what the hell he means by that, as the officiant taps onto the microphone to begin to announce the entrance of the wedding party. 
As each couple, each bridesmaid and groomsman, walk through the door, you can’t help but wonder why Seokjin said it wasn’t always a walk in the park to be together. Are you that awful to fake date? 
“Can I have everyone’s attention, please?” Cynthia’s father asks, tapping his teaspoon against the wine glass in his hand. “I’d just like to make a toast.” He turns to where Cynthia and her fiancé are seated, and he looks on the verge of tears. “For as long as I’ve lived, I’ve never seen two people love each other so selflessly. When they’re together, they make grey skies turn blue, turn night into day. All I can wish for you both is that you will forever be each other’s best friend, each other’s rock. There is no greater joy in life than to get to spend the entirety of it with your best friend. Congratulations, Cynthia and James. We are so lucky to know you both.”
Everybody begins to clap. 
Everybody, except Seokjin. 
You notice that his hands are resting in his lap, and when you turn to look at him, you see his eyes welling up, his smile soft and wistful. 
“You alright?” You ask quietly, giving him a nudge with your shoulder. 
Seokjin looks back at you like you’ve caught him off guard. “Me? Yeah.”
“You’re crying,” you point out. 
He shrugs, blinking to let the tears roll down his cheeks. “I just love that,” he explains. “Love knowing that some of us can be so lucky to spend the rest of our lives with our best friends by our sides.”
 According to the ancient law of weddings, the reception is where all guests are mandated to get out of their seats and boogie-oogie-oogie. At least, that’s what Seokjin says, when the food gets whisked away and the space morphs into a dance floor, tables in the center cleared as the bride goes to change in her mandated second dress, because one just isn’t expensive enough as it is. Seokjin just seems to know everything about weddings. It’s almost as if he’s planned one himself. 
“Just wait until all of the stuffy, traditional dances are over,” Seokjin whispers into your ear as Cynthia and her father share a dance. Seokjin looks like he’s about to jump out of his seat, desperate to get onto the dance floor. “You’ve never seen me dance at a wedding.”
“I’ve never seen you dance at all,” you correct, excluding all of the dabbing he did in 2016 when it was still a cool thing to dab. 
“Then you’re in for a real treat,” he says smugly. 
Sure enough, the moment the rest of the guests are invited onto the dance floor to drop it low, Seokjin is the first one out of his chair, and you, the second, begrudgingly dragged to the center by your over-enthusiastic best friend. He’s always been absolutely shameless in everything he does, which makes for high confidence and low embarrassment, two things you are certainly not the strongest in. Which is exactly why you end up side-stepping awkwardly like a geek at senior prom, while he uses every single one of his limbs to express his passion for whatever generic pop song is blasting through the speakers. 
Cynthia’s never been one for niche, hipster music.
“Come on, Y/N, have a little fun!” Seokjin encourages, grabbing onto your wrist and rapidly waving it up and down, making you shake. 
“You can have enough fun for the both of us,” you tell him, still just as aware of everybody else’s opinion of you as you were in high school. Some things really never change. 
“Impossible! Come on!” He says, and you have no idea what dance move he’s about to break into from his positioning, and then you suppose you’ll never know, because the song immediately switches to an acoustic one by Ed Sheeran, which is the most generic type of slow song you could possibly think of. 
“Grab your boys and girls, everyone,” the DJ says, a random white guy who definitely would prefer to make mixtapes in his basement than do this shit. “This one’s for love!”
You don’t even have time to take another step before Seokjin is grabbing your hand with his own and pulling you in close to him. He holds your one hand out and places his other on your waist, and instinctively, you rest your hand on his shoulder. 
When you went to senior prom in high school, your date was this terribly nervous friend of a friend, who asked you because you both didn’t have a real date to go with, and you figured it would be better to go with an acquaintance than nobody at all. And it was sort of fun, because you sat at a table with all of your friends and ate decent senior prom food, and it wasn’t in your stinky high school gymnasium but a fairly nice country club. But when the only slow song of the night came on, thus ensued the most awkward three minutes of your entire high school career. 
This is by no means an exact science, but you figure that the people you are closest to are the people you can slow dance with without it being terrible and awkward and awful. You did it with your parents when you were a little girl in the living room of your family home. You did it with Cynthia at two in the morning one night when she had just gotten dumped by this absolutely rotten boy. 
And now, you’re doing it with Seokjin. And it isn’t terrible or awkward or awful at all. You sway to the soft strums of the guitar and it feels just right. The feeling of his hand in yours, on your waist, of yours on his shoulder. There’s less than a six inches of distance and you feel as close as you have always been. Seokjin feels so natural. He always has, and you know that he always will. There’s no doubt when it comes to him, no regret. 
“Isn’t this nice?” Seokjin asks, grinning at you. 
“Only because it’s with you,” you say back with a smile. Seokjin beams. 
Later, when the slow dance is over and you make your way back to your table so you can watch your best friend make a fool of himself from a distance. Cynthia drops by, blissful. 
“I knew you’d bring Seokjin! He’s charming the pants off of my mom as we speak,” Cynthia says happily. You both crane your neck to see him teaching Cynthia’s mom the floss, outdated as per usual. 
“Yeah, I mean,” you say with a shrug, “who else was I going to bring?”
“He makes you happy, doesn’t he?” Cynthia asks. She looks proud. She deserves it. 
You turn back to look at Seokjin, on the verge of tears of laughter as Cynthia’s mom successfully flosses for the first time. He’s so wonderful. The light of your damn life. “Yeah. He does.”
Tumblr media
When the fair comes to town, you don’t find out from posters stapled to utility posts and taped to traffic lights. Nor do you find out from word of mouth, from the two strangers in your favorite (slightly overpriced) coffee shop ahead of you in line. It’s not even your coworkers who mention it to you in passing one day because their eight-year-old has been begging them to go but they can’t because they have a dentist appointment.
It is, because who else would it be, of course, Seokjin, who texts you at 4:18PM on that Saturday and says:
[May 27th, 4:18PM]
Seokjin: I’m on my way over to your apartment to pick you up Seokjin: Don’t ask questions
And it is, in every possible way, the scariest thing you have ever received on your phone. Seokjin’s always been one for spontaneity, but ever since the two of you graduated and stopped feeling the urge to go out to McDonald’s at three in the morning, random activities have become less of a rule and more of an exception. But it’s a Saturday, which means you don’t have to go to work, and it’s near-evening, which means you’ve been sitting at home doing absolutely nothing all day as it is. And it’s May, which means that the sun only sets at seven at night and there is so much to be done in this wonderful weather. 
So, Seokjin’s on his way. 
You spend the next seven minutes (Seokjin lives approximately eight minutes by car from where you live, not that you’re counting, or anything) changing out of the yoga pants you’ve been wearing since you returned from work Friday evening and trying to make yourself look as presentable as possible. You don’t know where he’s taking you. He could be bringing you to an alley to murder you for your inheritance. He’s definitely on your will, that’s for sure. You want to look nice. 
Seven minutes later, you see his tiny white Volkswagen pull up outside your apartment complex as you’re slipping on some sandals. He hops out of the driver’s seat and scurries into the lobby, which signals to you that he is a man on a mission, and you are simply the best friend who gets roped along for the ride. He knocks on your door thirty seconds after that, and you linger for a few moments so as not to seem like you’ve been anxiously awaiting his arrival. 
“Let’s go,” Seokjin declares in lieu of a hello. He reaches out to grab onto your wrist, pulling you out of the door as you frantically make sure you have your bag with you, otherwise you’ll be phone-less, key-less, and lip-balm-less. Three equally terrible fates. 
“What? Now? No explanation, nothing?”
“I parked in the no parking fire lane with my blinkers on, which means we have to go right now. We also have to go because I am very excited about where we are going,” Seokjin elaborates, though it does nothing to clarify the situation at hand. Other than the fact that if you don’t get into his car right now, he’s got a ticket to pay. 
“But where are we going?” You ask again, as Seokjin and you scramble down the stairs to make it to his Volkswagen before the security guard in the lobby starts shouting at him for his illegal parking job. 
“The fair!” Seokjin says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “Did you see it was in town?”
“No,” you say dumbly. 
“Oh,” Seokjin says awkwardly. “Well, it is, and I feel like we haven’t seen each other in a while—”
“It’s been three days.”
“—and we haven’t gone out on a real date yet, you and me.” Seokjin explains as you get to his car. Luckily, there is no angry security guard nor a ticket underneath his windshield wiper, so you slide into the passenger seat and he drives off. 
“Yes, we have,” you object. “Cynthia’s wedding counts as a real date.” He was literally your plus-one. What more could define the word ‘date’?
Seokjin scrunches his nose up in clear disagreement. “No, it doesn’t,” he argues back. “Cynthia was going to tear your arm off if you didn’t bring me with. That was a date out of obligation.”
“Aren’t all of these dates out of obligation?”
You expect some sort of witty response, but instead, you’re met with silence as Seokjin opens the driver’s side door, the two of you looking over the top of his Volkswagen wordlessly, each waiting for something. 
What? It’s not like you’re wrong. Seokjin is taking you out on dates to get a feel for what a real, blossoming relationship is like. Except this isn’t real, and your relationship is far from blossoming. It’s bloomed, already. Into an irreplaceable friendship. 
“Yeah, well,” Seokjin sputters, for once in his life, speechless. “It doesn’t matter,” he says, sitting roughly in the driver’s seat as you get into the passenger side, watch as he fumbles to put the keys into the ignition. “Don’t you want to know what a first date is supposed to be like?”
“You don’t have to take me on a fake first date just to spend time with me,” you tell him, the two of you facing forward, staring at the road in front of you as he drives. The radio is playing, some generic alternative rock song that neither of you are familiar enough to warrant turning up the volume for. Seokjin’s always preferred listening to the radio over his own music. Something about ambience while he drives. “We can spend time together wherever. Even if we’re just in my apartment.”
Seokjin’s wonderful and the best and one of the (if not the) greatest people you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, but he doesn’t need to do all of this for you. It’s enough for him to text you in the morning to remind you to drink a glass of water before you eat anything to wake your body up. Enough for him to leave leftovers from your dinner nights in your fridge, so you can savor the taste of his food after he’s gone home. Enough for the two of you to be as you used to be, as you always have been and always will be. 
Seokjin scoffs, honking at a driver who sped through a red light. “Those aren’t dates, Y/N,” he explains like it’s the most obvious thing in the entire world. “They’re just ways that we spend time with each other.”
“So then what makes this a date? What’s the difference?” You demand. Seokjin’s not making any sense. Sure, you aren’t nearly as well-versed in the dating scene as he is, certainly haven’t been on as many as he has, but from your limited knowledge, you’d always thought that what makes a date is not the setting, not the time or location, but the person you spend it with. 
Arguably, that would mean that all of the nights and days you’ve spent with Seokjin could, by that definition, be dates, but that’s obviously not the case. You’ve always just been friends. 
“It’s a date because I say it is,” Seokjin declares. “You wanna know what makes a date? It’s when the two people—or more, depending on how you swing—decide that it is a date. It’s just a label.”
“If it’s just a label, then why are you making such a big deal out of it?” You ask. You know you’re being a bit annoying with all of the questions at this point, but who’s to say you couldn’t have spent the evening curled up in your apartment and called that a date as well? 
“Because,” Seokjin begins, sighing. His hands are gripping the steering wheel so hard, his knuckles are turning white. “Because,” he repeats, “if someone really wants to impress you, then they will make a big deal out of it. Because you deserve it.”
Eventually, Seokjin pulls into the giant open field designated for parked cars, and expertly squeezes into this tiny space between two absolutely massive SUVs, likely once filled with five children and two very, very tired parents. Sure, you both only have about six inches of space to shimmy out of his car, but it was a good parking job nonetheless. 
“Get you a boyfriend who can park as well as I can,” Seokjin says, patting himself on the back as you head towards the entrance. 
“Why would I need a boyfriend when I have you?” You tease back.
You wait for a cheeky response from Seokjin, turning to look at him when he delivers the blow, but it never arrives. Instead, Seokjin reaches a hand down to grab onto yours, and you walk hand in hand towards the entrance, wordless. He pays, which makes you angry, but he tells you that you can buy a funnel cake for you to share to make up for it, and that’s good enough. 
In movies and books, a fair is a very high-school event for people to attend. Lots of bright flashes of color, loud noises, and junk food, which are three things that society believes deters anyone over the age of nineteen from attending. You can’t name a single piece of pop culture that features two fully-grown adults eating cotton candy and sitting in a ferris wheel carriage. Because the moment you turn twenty, your back starts to permanently ache and noises louder than the sound of your refrigerator making ice give you a headache, of course. 
Seokjin, of course, has never been one to let the media define him. 
He lights up like New Year’s Eve the moment you walk through the gates. Like a child on Christmas day. 
There’s a difference between being immature and being youthful that people often fail to realize, confusing the two, or worse, thinking they’re the same thing. But there are sixteen-year-olds out there who are more mature than middle-aged adults, and there are middle-aged adults who still act like they’re going through puberty. Seokjin was immature when you first met him, the same way all college freshmen are, but over the years lost that mindset while still never parting with the youthful part of himself, the part filled with childlike wonder, with innocence and hopefulness. It has always been part of him. 
When Seokjin looks at the world, he sees it bathed in light, in color. He sees people in their most wonderful form. Sees every day, every moment, as something worth remembering. Sees the future as something worth looking forward to. 
You’ve always envied that about him. Perhaps it’s just in your nature, but you’ve always been jaded, a little cynical. 
A realist and a dreamer. 
And they always say that opposites don’t really attract. 
Here at the fair, Seokjin is more than prepared and willing to have enough fun for the both of you, even as you pull up to one of those impossible-to-win water-squirter games. He’s already pulling out his wallet to hand a couple of bills to the angsty-looking teenager behind the booth. 
“You know that these are totally rigged, right?” You ask, chuckling to yourself as Seokjin rubs his hands together with a wide-eyed excitement. 
“Just because they’re rigged doesn’t mean winning is impossible,” Seojin says confidently, taking a seat and gearing up to begin. You stand to the side, arms crossed, waiting to be sufficiently unimpressed. “What are you doing standing there? I paid for both of us.”
Before you know it, Seokjin is pulling you down into the seat next to him as the teen counts down, giving you a very monotonous three seconds before the bell rings and you have to aim weakly-pressurized water into the mouth of a faded plastic clown. 
You’ve never had the best hand-eye coordination. On multiple occasions, Seokjin has tossed you a fruit, a bag of rice, something non-dangerous and relatively large, and on multiple occasions, you fumble to grab it and it eventually ends up on your kitchen floor. It takes you about half of the minute you’re given to blow up the balloon to get your aim straight, and by then, Seokjin’s balloon could eat yours for lunch. 
“Pick up the pace, Y/N!” Seokjin teases, relishing in his lead. This is embarrassing, and you’re better than this. And yet.
“It’s working against me and you know it!” You defend yourself. Because their unfairness is the reason Seokjin’s about to win and you’re about to lose. 
“How can you say that when I’m doing so well?” Seokjin laughs, and his balloon pops the moment that the sixty-second countdown ends, an underwhelming blare of celebratory music playing through the speakers at the corners of the tent. 
A sad little “Better luck next time!” echoes from the clown in front of you, and you slam your water gun on the table as Seokjin gloats in your face, the teenager coming over to hand Seokjin his prize, looking dead on his feet. 
“What should I get, hmm?” Seokjin asks. 
The selection is pretty weak. A lot of Frozen merchandise, two-dollar stuffed Olafs and capes with Anna and Elsa’s faces on the back. A couple of nondescript stuffed animals, from glittery lizards to pastel teddy bears. What looks like a generic-brand Whoopee cushion. 
“You don’t want a stuffed Olaf?” You ask innocently. The design is a little off, so it looks like Olaf is staring into your soul, Mona Lisa-style. 
“Hmm,” Seokjin says, pretending to think about it. The poor kid looks like he’s about to faint from boredom, desperate for two fully-grown adults to stop acting like they don’t know what prize to pick from an amusement park booth. “How about the pink teddy bear?”
Very on-brand for him. The teen hands it to Seokjin and the two of you go on your merry way, Seokjin demanding the two of you go to stuff your faces with funnel cake before rounding out the night on the ferris wheel. 
“For you,” Seokjin says, holding the teddy bear out to you as the two of you stand in the surprisingly-long line for funnel cake. 
“Me?” You ask, eyebrows raised in disbelief as your fingers curl around the fluffy fabric. It’s softer than you thought it would be. 
“Yeah,” Seokjin says, certain. “To remind you of me.”
You grin, holding the bear close to you. Sure, it’s a little bit kindergarten, like the cute boy on the playground placing a quick kiss on your lips before the teacher calls everybody in after recess ends, but the gesture is more than enough. To know that Seokjin won something, even something as plain and inexpensive as a prize from a fair, and his first and only thought was to give it to you, well, that makes you happy. “I don’t need a bear to be reminded of you,” you muse. Not when there are pieces of your friendship lingering everywhere you walk, from your apartment to your old university to your mind. 
“Can’t hurt to know you’re always thinking about me,” Seokjin says, and it’s not greasy or smug or weird. It’s honest.
You laugh. “When am I not?”
Funnel cake starts with a black t-shirt and the two of you arguing over who’s going to foot the ten dollar bill, much to your dismay. Even though Seokjin had explicitly said that you could pay, since he covered your entrance ticket, he still makes a big deal about doing it himself in front of the poor funnel cake girl, who definitely doesn’t get paid nearly enough to watch two grown adults fight over a ten dollar funnel cake. Eventually, you get your way and successfully hand the girl a ten dollar bill and she hands you a paper plate piled high with funnel cake as you begin to search for an open place to sit. 
“Just because I said that you could pay for the funnel cake doesn’t mean I actually meant it,” Seokjin says with a frown as you scope out a place to sit. At evening’s peak, it’s nearly impossible, which leads the both of you to a curb next to a recycling bin piled high with plastic cups, stained with Coca Cola and Fanta, knees up to your chin as you crouch over a single plate of funnel cake.
“Isn’t this cozy,” Seokjin says with a grin as a burly middle-aged dad steps on Seokjin’s clean white sneakers to throw something away. 
“We’ve been in more cramped quarters before,” you say. One of the many instances that immediately comes to mind is when the two of you were trapped in a closet in a frat house for nearly two hours because two people on the other side were having sex, the entire time. It was a good bonding experience. The two of you got very acquainted with each other’s scents. 
Seokjin’s hasn’t changed. Still sweet, sugary and vanilla from all of the baking he does, and a little bit like raindrops.
You wonder if Seokjin thinks the same about yours. 
“You know I don’t mind where we are and what we’re doing when I’m with you,” Seokjin says, and it sounds like a line straight out of a Hallmark movie, cheesy and cliche and rehearsed. But it’s none of those things. Seokjin says it and it’s real. And it’s the sort of thing that makes you wonder if you’re ever as true with him as he is with you. 
“Even when we’re sitting on the ground and eating funnel cake next to a recycling bin in a fair filled with messy children and their deadbeat parents?” You ask. 
Seokjin nods, taking an enormous bite of funnel cake. “Yes, even then.”
“True love,” you muse. Very few people would you do this for. Seokjin is one of them. 
Seokjin coughs at the words, his whole body shaking, and the powdered sugar from the piece in his hands goes flying, like a tiny little blizzard, falling onto his skin, his shirt, his lips, and everywhere in between. Snowflakes. 
Funnel cake ends with Seokjin trying to wipe the white dust on the front of his pitch black t-shirt away with a napkin, and only smearing it further into the fabric, cotton turning sticky from the sugar. It looks like a cocaine bust gone wrong. It looks only slightly not-kid-friendly. 
“Am I addicted to cocaine or did I just spill powdered sugar on myself?” Seokjin jokes, much to the horror of a family passing by, the mom giving you and Seokjin an alarmed expression as she picks up the pace. “It was powdered sugar!” Seokjin calls after them, making the two of you laugh. “Or it was cocaine. Whatever you want to believe.”
“You’re too soft to do cocaine,” you tell Seokjin, a very strange sort of compliment. 
“Maybe powdered sugar, though,” Seokjin says with a laugh as you heave yourselves off of the curb, tossing out the paper plate and dusting off your hands, flakes of powdered sugar falling to the ground. “Ferris wheel?”
“Anything you want,” you tell him, letting him lead you towards the ride, lit up like a Christmas tree. 
It’s as if every possible holiday threw up on the damn thing, a jumble of rainbow flights flashing erratically as a generic carnival tune plays in the background, sluggishly moving on its axis. It couldn’t have been built before this century. 
You squeeze into the carriage, clearly built to fit a child and their father at most, let alone two adults who both don’t have a regular exercise schedule. In order to fit, you have to stretch a leg over Seokjin’s lap and lean so that part of your shoulder is against his chest. It’s… cozy. It’s most definitely not the most cramped either of you have ever felt. 
“This is the part where I pretend to yawn and then stretch my arm over you,” Seokjin says matter-of-factly, as if that particular action is a mandatory part of the date.
“Oh, is that proper first-date etiquette?” You tease. 
“Only for me,” Seokjin says, cheeky, and it’s the greasiest thing you’ve ever had the misfortune of hearing. Even so, you let him fake yawn, melodramatic and totally contrived, feel as his arm comes to rest on your shoulder, hand swinging down over your side. Instinctively, you reach up to grab it with your arm, letting the two of you sit like this as the ferris wheel creaks, slowly moving you upwards. “Aren’t you having the best first date ever?”
“It’s the only one I can remember,” you admit, especially since it’s still in progress. 
“That means it’s the best.” Seokjin grins. 
“And the worst,” you add on, making Seokjin laugh. 
Finally, finally, finally, you reach the top, overlooking the entire fair, lit up in the night in a warm pink and yellow haze. At this hour, only the teenagers are left, families having gone home for the night, and you can hear the cheers even from up here, hear the laughter and jokes and chatter. it’s a sort of ambience you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to before. One of an active night, filled with people, and you, far away enough to be out of the action but close enough to enjoy it nonetheless. 
“Isn’t this nice, Y/N?” Seokjin asks, the two of you looking out into the distance, wishing you could stay like this forever. “When we’re up here, it feels like I can forget about everything and just think about now.” If only you could stay like this forever.
“And what are you thinking about, right now?” You ask, head resting on his shoulders. 
Instinctively, his arm moves from your shoulder to your waist, tugging you into his side, letting you rest your legs on top of his own. Seokjin’s never needed to be more honest than he already is. He says what he means, and he means what he says.
It’s always been so easy when it comes to him. 
He lets out a breath, and you can feel his chest rising beneath your hand on his torso, feel the subtle beat of his heart beneath your fingers. 
Ba-dump. Ba-dump. Ba-dump.
He rests his head atop yours. “You,” he says.
Tumblr media
Seokjin, a man of his word, holds up his end of the deal like he does everything else: honestly and fully. Little has really changed about your relationship dynamic—he still sends you good morning texts and reminds you that you need to drink your eight glasses of water (which you never do, and he consistently does because he’s an organized man with perfect skin). Still randomly comes to your apartment with two brown bags filled with groceries to last you the next two weeks. Still makes time for you.
But now, it’s all being done under the guise of courtship. Of what it’s like to have someone romantically interested in you. 
Of course, Seokjin’s not actually romantically interested in you, but he does a damn good job of pretending to be. For the sake of this whole thing. Seokjin still has one objective in mind: get you to believe in love again, and that all of these things he’s been doing, from taking you to the fair to dancing with you at Cynthia’s wedding, are means to accomplish an end. 
(The stuff in between, the texts, the calls, the visits, those are just part of your routine.)
It feels completely normal and totally unnatural, all at once. Like a new kind of relationship neither of you have really ever delved in before, toeing the line between friendship and this other feeling, one without a name. Seokjin will do something that you and he have always done, long before any of this was in motion, like ordering Indian takeout to your place unprompted, and then he will say that that’s what people are supposed to do when they’re courting someone. As if he is the end-all be-all of chivalry. 
Truth be told, you can’t wait for this to end, for things to go back to the way they were. You never did set an official fake breakup date (if that’s what it’s even called), but you suppose that that means that you can just call it off whenever you’d like. You don’t feel as though anything he’s doing is working. He treats you just the same. What is there to fall in love with, other than familiarity?
But Seokjin’s diligence makes you diligent, too, which is why you’re standing in your kitchen, outnumbered by vegetables (ten to one, which means they could definitely kill you if given the chance—and opposable thumbs), a gigantic pot on your creaky gas stove, boiling soup swirling inside. Even though your kitchen is nowhere near the level of organized and systematic as the Chopped set, it certainly smells like it. Your cooking can hardly compare to Seokjin’s (you roughly chopped vegetables and put them in broth, he makes kimbap for fun), but, like all other aspects of your life, he rubs off on you, one way or another. 
Seokjin seems to think that this transference of his personality will apply to how he feels about love, too. But time can only work so much magic, and ever since freshman year of college, for the seven years you’ve known him, it’s always been like this. 
You let the soup simmer on your stove as you begin to pack up the food scattered on your counter, unsure when next you’re going to use it, especially since your daily meals usually consist of leftovers and, if you’re feeling exotic, stir-fry. It’s then that you hear the knock on your door, and you don’t even need to think before you’re scurrying over to pull it open, revealing Seokjin leaning over to peek happily into your peephole.  
“Look who it is, for a change,” you say sarcastically.
“You mean your favorite human being in the entire world who is about to take you to see his mom and enjoy a nice home-cooked mom meal?” Seokjin corrects obnoxiously, making you laugh as you let him inside. 
“You blackmailed me into this,” you remind him, pointing an accusing metal soup ladle his way. “You convinced me that you’re doing me a favor by treating me like someone you’d want to court, and tricked me into making an enormous pot of soup for your mother!” A lose-lose situation. 
“I am doing you a favor,” Seokjin defends. “Don’t you love having a doting, attractive young professional taking you out to fairs and ordering you take-out? This is what the beginning of a relationship is supposed to look like.” Emphasis on supposed to. “Also, I accompanied you to Cynthia’s wedding after she had been talking your ear off trying to get you to bring a plus-one, so…”
A dirty, dirty play. 
“Fine, you win,” you concede. You did really appreciate him coming, especially so last minute. “I better hear nothing but pure, unadulterated praise coming from your lips when you eat my soup, or else.”
“I would have showered compliments on your soup even if you hadn’t sent me a thinly-veiled threat,” Seokjin says proudly. “What kind of a best friend would I be if I didn’t?”
Perhaps one that confused you a little less. 
You spend the entire car ride to Seokjin’s mom’s house (who lives forty-minutes out of the city) listening to him ramble on about how desperately his mother wants him to get married, settle down and have kids or a dog or two. The two of you still have half of your twenties to go, but the moment he graduated, Seokjin got a steady job and a nice apartment in the city, which immediately equates to marriage material. 
At least, that’s what his mom thinks. 
But those aren’t the sort of things that make Seokjin marriage material. You’ve known him for years. Ever since he first spoke to you, it was immediately obvious he was always the sort of perfect, dreamboat husband material that teenage girls fawn over, that characters in anime fantasize about. 
At the most basic level, Seokjin is goddamn attractive, and even if you’ve seen him in nothing but tighty-whities as a nervous eighteen-year-old, seen him with tomato sauce in his hair, seen him sick with a cold and strep throat, you can’t deny him that. He’d got the sort of looks that make people on the street take photos of him, thinking he’s a celebrity. 
But not only is Seokjin undoubtedly gorgeous, he’s an entire package. He’s an excellent cook, capable of impressing any and all parents, hilarious, charming and charismatic. Professional but never dull. He does his part in group projects, studies for his exams, listens to the music recommendations you give him even if they aren’t his style. The girls he dated in college knew exactly what they were doing when they went out with him. They were attempting to secure their future. It’s a shame none of them stuck, not like you, Elmer’s glue on his skin. 
Seokjin’s mom, the lovely woman she is, is under the impression that Seokjin became husband material when he graduated, got a job and moved to the city. But you know better than anyone—Seokjin’s always been husband material. Now, he’s just old enough that he knows he could be looking for himself. 
When you pull into Seokjin’s mom’s driveway, a little suburban home with a freshly-mowed font lawn and flowers by the mailbox, she’s already opening the front door and scurrying out, still wearing her slippers. 
“Eomma!” Seokjin says happily, getting out of the driver’s seat as she bounds towards him, the two of them wearing the same smiles on their faces. Like mother, like son. “It’s been a while.”
“Too long!” She chides, smacking him slightly. “You have to come and visit me more often. I don’t live that far away from you.”
“I’m busy, Ma,” Seokjin says with a roll of his eyes. “I have a job.”
“A job and no wife!” She exclaims, though her attitude immediately changes the moment you exit the car, pot of soup still warm in your hands. “Y/N!” 
She rushes over to give you a hug as well, albeit a much more careful one. She looks positively thrilled to see you. Seokjin’s mom has always liked you, even when you were an insufferable eighteen-year-old. They would invite you over for their Chuseok celebrations every year, and sometimes to their New Year’s Eve parties, if you were in the area over winter break. 
“No wife yet, Eomma,” Seokjin says. 
“You look so pretty, Y/N,” Seokjin’s mother tells you. She takes the pot from your hands wordlessly, refusing to listen to your protests as she shoos you both inside. 
The house smells of a home-cooked meal, savory and salty and sweet all at once, and you can see several dishes already laid out on the table. It’s both a familiar sight and scent, something you all too frequently experience whenever you barge into Seokjin’s apartment around mealtime. Seokjin immediately joins his mother in the kitchen, scrambling around to help her finish cooking, as you wait awkwardly by the table, easily the most inexperienced of the three of you. 
“Is this your soup?” His mother asks. 
“Yes, I thought to make some to bring tonight,” you say with a smile. Seokjin’s mother beams. 
“Delicious! Seokjinie always tells me how much he loves having it when he’s sick. You take care of him very well,” his mother grins. She places it on the stove, turning on the heat to warm it up. 
“Only because he does the same for me,” you say, sending a grin Seokjin’s way, one he returns instantly. 
The rest of the meal preparation (which doesn’t take long, especially with an extra pair of equally-gifted hands) goes by like this, Seokjin’s mother heaping compliments onto you as you stand there, helpless, watching as the two add the final dishes to the dining table. Seokjin dodges every question about his lack of engagement, always deflecting and shifting the topic to something you’ve done. Maybe this is why he wanted you around…
Finally, when dinner is ready, the three of you sit down, eager to pick up your chopsticks and dive in. 
“Seokjin’s father is away on business,” his mother explains after you note the empty place setting. “He sends his love!”
“I knew I was missing the dad jokes,” Seokjin says with a shake of his head. “Luckily, I can make up for them with my own.”
Seokjin’s mother laughs. “You must get a lot of this, don’t you?” She shoves an extra serving of fish onto your plate, letting it plop on top of the kimchi she had previously spooned onto the dish. “Eat, eat. I made it for you.”
“Oh, thank you,” you say with a smile. You’ll probably walk out of this house with a food baby the size of Jupiter. You always do. “And yes, but it’s nice. I like spending time with him.”
“Oh, thank God,” Seokjin says dramatically, a hand to his chest. “I was worried about that, for a second.”
“You two have always been inseparable,” his mother comments. “Don’t tell me this is why you haven’t married yet, Seokjin-ah.”
“What do you mean, Ma?” He asks over a mouthful of naengmyeon. “You know that I’m waiting to get married.”
Seokjin’s mother scoffs, shocked. “What? But Y/N’s right here! You two make an excellent couple.”
“Eomma!” Seokjin admonishes, even a little taken aback himself. You had no idea this was the secret plan his mother’s been plotting, all this time. It seems both you and him were just operating under the assumption that she was doing what all mothers do when their children are adults—dreaming out loud for grandchildren. 
“I’m sorry, did I misread something? You two are a couple, aren’t you?” His mother asks, positively bewildered. No wonder she’s been grilling Seokjin so hard about getting married. She had thought he was halfway there, already. 
You open your mouth to correct her, but your mind gets the best of you. Isn’t this what Seokjin wants? For people to think you’re a couple? For the true dating experience—are they, aren’t they? 
“No, Eomma,” Seokjin says, interrupting your thoughts. You turn to him, brows furrowed in confusion. “We’re just friends.”
Nobody mentions marriage, dating, or love for the rest of the meal. 
You excuse yourself to the bathroom once everyone is finished, Seokjin’s mother shooing you away from the kitchen sink, refusing to let you partake in any sort of clean up as the honorary guest. You’re glad to get away, the tension palpable and thick, looming over your heads, a reminder to all three of you that friends is all you have been, and friends is all you will ever be. Strangely enough, Seokjin had seemed the most disappointed out of all of you, even more so than his mother, whose dreams of grandchildren were crushed before her eyes. 
You wonder why. 
If Seokjin had been so adamant about the two of you calling yourselves a couple at the wedding, then why did he backtrack here? Was it his mother? Was it you? What could have made him change his mind?
As you walk back to the kitchen, you can hear the two of them having a conversation, hushed voices so as not to alert you. You take a step back from the entryway, hiding behind the wall to eavesdrop. 
“You must see the way she looks at you, Seokjin-ah,” his mother says. 
“No, Ma, that doesn’t mean anything,” Seokjin says, voice cold. 
“Yes it does, my boy,” she says. “Can’t you see it? The way she cares for you.”
“That’s just how it’s always been.”
“Seokjin-ah, please. You’re being stubborn.”
“Eomma, believe me, I know better than anyone else that we’re only ever going to be friends.”
“You don’t see it, then?” His mother’s voice is sad, helpless. “The way she loves you.”
You hear Seokjin suck in a breath, a deep, heavy inhale, weighed down by his thoughts. At that moment, you decide to round the corner, pretending like you haven’t hear a thing. 
“Y/N!” Seokjin’s mother exclaims happily. “Your soup was delicious. You’ll have to come over more often so I can keep having it.”
“I’ll have Seokjin send home a thermos with it,” you joke, lightening the tension you can still feel lingering in the air. 
“Ah, you’re too kind!” She says, sending you a warm smile. Seokjin hasn’t turned around from where he’s facing the sink, yellow rubber gloves up to his elbows as he scrubs the dishes clean. “Seokjin-ah, you must remember to bring Y/N more often. I love seeing her.”
“Yes, Eomma,” Seokjin says dutifully. When he finishes, he packs up the leftovers his mother is sending him home with, placing tupperware after tupperware into a plain brown bag. “Y/N, ready to go?”
“Yes, it’s getting late,” you say, the words stiff on your tongue. Seokjin seems closed off, bottled up. There’s something he’s not saying, and you can feel it weighing on his tongue. “it was lovely to see you again.”
“Of course!” Seokjin’s mother grins. “You must visit me again soon. I’ll be waiting!”
“Bye, Eomma,” Seokjin says as you head to the front door, pulling on your shoes as he opens the door. “I’ll see you soon.”
“Remember what I said, alright, Seokjin-ah?” His mother says, pulling him in for a hug. “You mustn't ignore what’s right in front of you.” You can’t help but wonder if maybe, you had overheard something you weren’t supposed to. 
In the car, you ask, “What was your mom talking about? When we were saying goodbye?”
Seokjin shrugs, nonchalant and calm. It’s so plain that it’s uncharacteristic of him. “Oh, nothing.” You hate not knowing what really lingers in his thoughts, rests deep in the pit of his heart. You want nothing more than to reach over and promise him that, no matter what, you’ll always be by his side. “She just wants me to look out for myself.”
Even on this clear night, the moon and stars visible above your heads, your mind (and heart) couldn’t be foggier. 
Tumblr media
In your freshman year of college, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 had just been released on DVD, digital, and Blu-ray. Seokjin, the eighteen-year-old genius he was, had brought a projector to school that year, and so, one chilly November weekend, you and him set up in an empty lounge with a perfectly white wall and watched (spoiler alert) Voldemort get Avada Kedavra-ed at one in the morning. 
Ever since, monthly movie nights have been ingrained into your routine, even when Seokjin was in London for a semester in your junior year and you used a shady website so you could stream Netflix movies together. You think, that semester, you watched every Certified Rotten movie on Netflix possible, relishing in being able to joke about how terrible the films you were watching with your best friend. You almost thought you would break your tradition, just because of how difficult it was to organize. 
But still, you persisted. 
Of course, now, in the age of platform subscriptions and renting on YouTube, it’s a lot easier. Seokjin has a subscription to every movie-streaming platform under the sun, which means that by default, so do you. One of the many perks of having Seokjin as your best friend. 
As two mostly-functioning adults in the real world, this is how your movie nights typically go: you will alternate apartments as the designated living room of the weekend, the host is in charge of arranging a pre-show dinner, and the guest is in charge of bringing a bottle of wine as a gift. You eat dinner, drink wine, and watch a movie together, either on the couch, or, in emergencies, in bed. The host always chooses. Three years out of college and running, neither of you have been able to come up with a system more foolproof than this. 
Tonight, it is Seokjin’s turn to host, which you always prefer because he cooks dinner on his own instead of giving up and ordering takeout like you always do, and because his couch and bed are much more comfortable than your own. Not that you frequent his bed. Because you don’t. You just know that from your limited experience, it’s much more comfortable than your own bed. It’s probably his mattress. 
When you arrive at his apartment, his door is already cracked open, resting on the door frame as you can hear him whistling a tune you don’t recognize. Almost like he’s been expecting you, or something. 
“If you leave your door open like this, you’re gonna get robbed,” you announce, forgoing a hello as you barge inside, the apartment smelling of smokiness. “Whoa, what the hell are you cooking? Lava?”
“I accidentally set off the fire alarm,” Seokjin explains, back turned towards you as he bends down to pull something out of the oven. “That’s why the door’s open.”
“Oh, not because you were expecting a guest?” You tease, placing the bottle of wine on the counter as you join him in the kitchen. 
Seokjin turns around to reveal a baking dish with four chicken legs, drenched in a sauce that smells of spice and flavor, charred on the skin. Gourmet restaurants couldn’t even compare. 
“No,” he jokes. “I was gonna eat all of this food and drink this wine by myself.”
“Hey, that is my wine!” You shout, making grabby hands towards the neck of the bottle. Seokjin raises a single eyebrow, unimpressed, as he dishes up the food, two chicken legs a piece on some luxurious paper plates. “Fine, I guess we can share.”
“You know you can’t resist me,” Seokjin tells you, and you hate it, because it’s true. 
 As you finish up, washing the pots and pans as Seokjin puts away the various bottles of seasoning on his counter, some of which you can’t even name, he asks, “Couch or bed?”
You turn, scandalized, swatting him with a fork lathered with soap, “So forward!”
Seokjin rolls his eyes. “Ugh, you know what I mean. You know I don’t mind where we watch our movie.”
(So long as he’s with you.)
You give the two options not another second worth of thought. You’re in the mood to lounge around on Seokjin’s terribly comfortable mattress tonight. You’ve had a rough past week at work, and sometimes, if you complain enough, Seokjin will massage your shoulders as you watch the movie. 
“Hmm… bed, please!” You say like a child, wrapping up the dishwashing as Seokjin grabs his laptop from the coffee table by the couch. You skip into his bedroom, giddy and only the tiniest bit wine-drunk, Seokjin following like the heavyweight best friend he is. 
Seokjin’s bedroom space has always felt so familiar to you. Plants along the windowsill, shelves with photos of his family, an enormous full-length mirror for gratuitous outfit-of-the-day pictures. Even in college, it felt this warm, this cozy. When you knocked on the wooden door of his dormitory at midnight to go out and get McDonald’s, coming back and gorging out on your McNuggets, it felt like this. 
People always say that your bedroom should be your little sanctuary, a home within a house. But instead of your own bedroom giving you that comfort, it’s Seokjin’s. Here, more so than anywhere else, you feel safe. Warm. Loved. There’s something magical to it. 
“What are we watching?” You ask happily, jumping onto his bed and grabbing the nearest plushie to hold onto. Seokjin plugs his laptop charger into the nearest outlet and sets it up on a couple of pillows for optimal viewing pleasure, the two of you leaning against a mountain of pillows as he pulls up Netflix. 
“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, have you heard of it?” Seokjin asks, clicking play on the movie. 
You furrow your brows as you curl into him, letting your head rest on his chest. “Really? I thought you were gonna pick something cool, like Interstellar, or something. Not something my fifteen-year-old cousin loves.”
“First of all, your fifteen-year-old cousin has great taste,” Seokjin tells you, offended. “Secondly, just because this is a teenage romantic comedy doesn’t mean it’s any less cool than Matthew McConaughey in a spacesuit, okay?”
You’re still skeptical. The New York Times gave To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before a pretty decent review, but you have long outgrown your teenage coming-of-age romantic-comedy movie phase, even if you still quote Clueless regularly. As you’ve gotten older, your movie nights have transitioned away from young adult books turned into movies and more towards films that people like Lupita Nyong’o star in, movies with sad endings on purpose. So this is very out of character, especially for a movie junkie like Seokjin, who sends you weekly movie reviews of the latest indie divorce drama.
You snuggle in closer, accepting defeat. It is Seokjin’s turn to choose, after all. And you suppose, that after a long week of unforgiving work, you could use this time to unwind, mindlessly watch a movie geared towards high-schoolers instead of analyzing some unknown French historical drama. “Alright then,” you tell him. “I trust you.”
Famous last words. 
You always have a habit of putting your trust into your best friend at the absolute worst times. Example One: In junior year, when he swore that the new salad place on campus was delicious until you got food poisoning from their chicken. Example Two: The summer after you graduated, when he promised you that roller skating was “easy” and “fun”. Example Three: Two months ago, when he blackmailed you into letting him take you out on dates after promising to go with you to Cynthia’s wedding. 
Example Four: Right now, as you’re snuggled up together like two birds of a feather, watching two sixteen-year-olds agree to fake date for personal gain. And even though they’re high schoolers, and even though he’s going through with it to get back at an ex-girlfriend and she’s trying to recover from her disastrously-mailed love letters, it feels too similar to be something that Seokjin just happened to stumble upon. 
You turn to look up at Seokjin, the movie a distant hum in the background, hardly at the forefront of your mind, but he doesn’t spare you a second glance. Instead, he pulls you in closer, wrapping an arm around your torso as his fingers dance across your own, mindless. He doesn’t have a damn thing to say, a rarity in your relationship, letting the movie do the talking. 
I think it’s funny, the boy says as the two main characters sit in this absolutely ancient diner, you say that you’re scared of commitment and relationships, but you don’t seem to be afraid to be with me. 
Well, there’s no reason to be, the girl responds casually. Unbothered. 
Why’s that? He asks. 
She shrugs, nonchalant. Because we’re just pretending. 
You feel Seokjin’s grip tighten, feel his skin pressing against your own, the exposed part of your stomach where your shirt has ridden up. It’s almost like he’s afraid to lose you. The mere sensation, one you have felt hundreds, if not thousands of times before, sends shivers down your spine. 
“You cold?” He asks softly, pulling up the blanket that’s crumpled up by your feet, placing it gently over your bodies. 
You couldn’t care less about the movie playing in front of you. Not when Seokjin’s this close, not when he’s got his arms wrapped around you, not as you feel his soft breaths against your forehead, as he tucks you underneath a blanket. You’re frozen still next to him. You think that even your heart has stopped. 
Dozens of movie nights, but never one like this. Dozens of cuddle sessions, dozens of nights in. But this one feels brand new. 
Seokjin adjusts himself, turning in towards you. You can’t even feel yourself breathing. 
When did this start happening? You ask yourself. Why do your palms feel clammy? Why does his touch leave little embers along your skin? 
Traitorously, your mind responds, a question to a question. 
Hasn’t it always been like this?
Tumblr media
Tuesdays have always been your least favorite day, because they’re Monday’s shitty cousin. They’re far enough into the week to have you not complain about it being the beginning of the week, but they’re too soon into the week to warrant any excitement about it ending. At least, when you wake up to go to work on a Monday, you know it’s a Monday. When you wake up to go to work on a Tuesday, you think it’s a Wednesday. Tuesday is the day of the week that wears a mask and tries to make you think it’s something else. 
After the printer jamming, salad dressing getting spilled on your pants, and your coworker losing his cool in the break room and breaking a cabinet door off of its hinges, you think that, when you get called into your boss’s office in the middle of the afternoon, there could be nothing worse for him to tell you. 
Instead, you walk out of his office with a brand new job title and a salary increase to match, positively ecstatic as you bounce all the way to your desk, whipping out your phone to text, well, who else?
[June 16, 2:43PM]
You: I GOT IT!!!
You: thank u jinie 8) now i can buy us more expensive wine for our movie nights
Seokjin: :D Seokjin: I’m so proud of you, you’re amazing!
And it’s the sort of text exchange that makes your heart soar, even more so than the promotion itself, because there is truly nothing more fulfilling than sharing your accomplishments with the people closest to you. 
You pack up later than usual that day, sitting at your desk for a little bit longer as you wrap up some emails and reorganize the space, determined to make it suitable for someone who just got a kick-ass raise. You’re leaning underneath your desk to gather your belongings, plopping your phone charger and a couple of nice blue pens into your bag, when you feel a sudden tap on your shoulder, scaring the absolute bejeezus out of you.
“Ow!” You shout as you bang the back of your head on the underside of your desk. Angry and in pain, you turn to face the asshole that’s just given you a bump on your scalp for the next week, only to find your expression lightening the moment you lay eyes on Seokjin, fresh from work with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Shocked and pleasantly surprised, you say, “Oh.”
“Don’t sound so excited to see me,” Seokjin jokes, rolling his eyes as he reaches a hand out to help you up. “You alright? I didn’t mean to scare you like that.”
Rubbing the nape of your neck, you shake your head. “No, no, I’m alright. You just caught me by surprise. What’s all this?” You ask as Seokjin reaches his hand towards you, the flowery scent permeating the air around you. The bouquet in his hand is a collection of various pastel-colored flowers, baby’s breath and lilies, carnations and hydrangeas. 
“A congratulations,” Seokjin says in lieu of any other sort of explanation. “You deserve it.”
“You make it sound like I’m pregnant,” you tell him, grabbing your bag as you double-check your desk, making sure you haven’t left anything behind. 
“Oh my God, are you?” Seokjin asks, eyes wide. 
You laugh, shaking your head as you accept the flowers graciously, immediately holding them up to your nose. “No, I’m not, Seokjin. You’d be the first to know. But this is so sweet of you, you didn’t have to come to my work like this.”
“Well, how else am I supposed to pick you up for dinner?” 
Stopping in your tracks, you knit your brows together in confusion. “Dinner?”
“The reservation is at 5:45 so we’re already cutting it close,” Seokjin informs you, offering no explanation. “Come on. I had to pull a few strings to get this, so over my dead body will we arrive late.”
Seokjin reaches down to take your hand in his own, giving you no time to ask any more questions as he tugs you out of your office and into his little white Volkswagen, the scent of the flowers filling the air in between the two of you. 
When Seokjin somehow manages to get a parking spot a block away from the restaurant in question, your mouth practically drops open. 
It’s a cozy Lebanese place, complete with more plants you could ever dream of owning, and an outdoor patio decorated with warm fairy lights, lanterns hanging from strings above your head. It’s been ranked one of the best restaurants in the city for years now, and it is practically impossible to get a table (that is, unless you book a year in advance). 
“Seriously?” You ask, in awe, as Seokjin leads you towards the restaurant, the flowers resting safely on the passenger seat. 
“Of course,” Seokjin says like it’s nothing. “You deserve it.”
You aren’t a moment too late, the hostess happily seating the both of you at a corner table on the outside patio, the evening breeze sending flutters through your napkins as she hands you your menus and the wine list. 
“How did you swing this?” You ask, blown away as Seokjin grins. 
“Well, you know my friend, Yoongi?” He asks. You remember him, having met him a couple of times at Seokjin’s few-and-far-between house gatherings. He’s a dainty man with colorful hair who’s got the biggest alcohol tolerance you’ve ever seen. “He’s a food critic, so I had him do me a favor…”
“You didn’t have to do all of that for me,” you say. Seokjin probably owes Yoongi his first-born child, now. 
“But I wanted to,” Seokjin says firmly. “What kind of a best friend would I be if I didn’t celebrate something like this with you?”
Seokjin must know, after all of these years, that you aren’t one to make a big deal out of things. That you vastly prefer staying inside, curled up with a good book or an even better best friend, over going out and getting wasted, over eating at a too-expensive restaurant with portions the size of your fingernail, because that’s who you are. And still, he insists, because that’s who he is. Someone who thinks that everybody deserves a little celebration in their lives, a little love from the people closest to them. 
“You’d be my best friend no matter what,” you tell him, because it’s true. Because Seokjin has always been and will always be that person: the one you’ll never second-guess. “Even if you had gone home after work and passed out on your couch, you’d still be my most favorite person.”
Seokjin grins. “I’m your favorite person?”
“Well, other than Yoongi,” you tease. “After all, he did get us this reservation.”
“Can’t believe that I’m second best to a friend you’ve met like, twice,” Seokjin says, mock-offended. “How am I supposed to compete with that?”
“You’ll find a way,” you muse. He always does. It’s incredible—ever since you met Seokjin, you don’t think anyone’s ever quite stacked up to him. Nobody has ever compared. 
“I’m really proud of you, Y/N,” Seokjin says, the two of you clinking your wine glasses together to celebrate your promotion, celebrate the night, celebrate being together. “You deserved that position more than anybody else.”
“You don’t even know half of my coworkers,” you joke. 
“But I know you,” Seokjin reminds you. “And I know that you’re the most hardworking, determined, focused person I’ve ever met. When you want something, you get it.”
“What?” You ask, a hand reaching out over the table to caress his own, thumb rubbing against the back of his hand. “You’re like that, too. You’re honest and real and certain.” They’re traits you’ve always admired about him, things that you wish you could be but know that you’ll never compare to him. 
“No,” Seokjin says, with a shake of his head. “I’m really not. I wish, though.”
Seokjin’s the truest person you know. What secret could he be keeping? Why hasn’t he told you? Doesn’t he know that you’d care for him, stay by his side no matter what? Not a damn thing in the world could ever make you leave him. 
Your waiter comes around to take your order, and you and Seokjin order a variety of appetizers that you fully intend on sharing with each other. You’ve never really been able to keep to your own plates. There is something so genuinely wonderful about sharing. Afterwards, Seokjin launches into this hilarious story about some old college friends that he had recently heard back from, ones that you’d met once or twice during university but never cemented a real friendship with, unlike Seokjin. 
Quite honestly, you couldn’t care less for them or what they’re doing, but Seokjin is so animated, so vivacious and excited to be telling you about them, that his words are music to your ears. Nothing makes you quite as happy as Seokjin when he smiles, when he laughs, when he’s fucking effervescent. His joy brings you joy, and you suppose that that’s really what it means to care for someone. To love them. When even something as simple as being in their presence makes your heart feel lighter. 
In the evening light, illuminated by the warm flame of the lanterns littering the sky above you, the fairy lights along the fence that encloses the patio, the house lights from the building next door, Seokjin glows. The way his body bounces as he speaks makes it look like a yellow halo surrounds him, his gold jewelry glinting when it catches the light, shimmering. He looks straight out of a movie, straight off of a red carpet, warm brown eyes and an honest smile to match, charismatic and golden and real. 
The craziest part is that he’s always looked like this. Always outshined everybody, no matter his surroundings. Every day, you wonder how on Earth you could have gotten so lucky to have been able to meet him. How blessed you are to be his best friend. How fortunate you are to love him. 
When your meal arrives, the two of you take a break from laughing aloud in this ambient, cozy restaurant, likely bothering all of the people within a twenty-feet radius of your table, and dig in, only emitting the occasional groan of pleasure. It’s no wonder this restaurant has been ranked the best in the city for years on end. Every bite explodes on your tongue, decorates your taste buds. You won’t be surprised if, next time you go over, Seokjin’s recreating every dish you have tonight. He’s always had a knack for it, anyway. 
“You know,” he says over a mouthful of zucchini, “you’re my favorite person, too.”
Normally you’d say something cheesy and dramatic, something along the lines of a sarcastic I’m touched or even a self-deprecating At least I’m number one at something, but instead, you smile softly to yourself. You always knew you and Seokjin were entwined with each other, but it makes your heart flutter to hear him say it for himself. 
“I know,” you murmur. “I’ll never forget that.”
“I don’t know, I just—” Seokjin begins, pausing. It’s not the sort of stop where he’s trying to figure out what words to say. He already knows. He’s just waiting to see if they’re the right ones. “You know, it’s always been you, Y/N. A lot of my life has always been uncertain, but you—you’re the only thing I’m always sure of.”
Tumblr media
Afterwards, Seokjin walks you to the door of your apartment, the two of you lingering in the doorway, him refusing to leave and you refusing to say goodbye. 
“Don’t forget these,” Seokjin says, handing you the brown paper bag filled with your leftovers, various to-go boxes filled with treats. 
“What? I thought you wanted them,” you say, eyes wide. “Don’t you want them as reference for a recipe?”
“No, it’s alright,” Seokjin tells you with a shake of his head. “I’ll remember.” 
“Are you sure?” You ask. Seokjin nods, certain. He’s got a steely expression to him, one filled with determination. There’s something he’s not saying, and you’re almost positive it’ll come out tonight. Maybe he knows that you ate that Pop-Tart in junior year. Maybe he’s about to get his revenge. To protect yourself, you smile, telling him, “I had a really nice time tonight, Seokjin. You didn’t have to do all of this for me.”
“I wanted to,” Seokjin repeats. He need offer no other explanation. “Any excuse to spend time with you, I’ll take.”
You laugh. “I suppose that that’s what this whole pretend-dating thing is about, right?” 
Seokjin’s face goes blank.
“Well,” you say, shrugging as you reach out to grab his hand. “Dinner tonight, isn’t that the sort of thing you’d do on a date? That’s why you took me out to celebrate instead of just bringing over some wine and takeout. I have to admit, you’re pretty good at this whole dating thing. Must be why you offered, right?”
“Y/N, I—”
“All of those romantic things you said, us playing footsie underneath the table, getting the reservation from Yoongi, I mean. You’ve always loved pulling out all of the stops. You’re giving me such unrealistic expectations for dating, you know?” You chide, grinning as you toy with Seokjin’s fingers amongst your own. Looking up at him, he looks frozen solid, gazing at you with an unreadable expression. “Hey, is everything alright?” Your hand trails up to his shoulder, forcing him to meet your eyes with his own. 
They’re swirling in ink. 
And then, he leans down, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you in, and presses his lips against your own. Shocked, you gasp into his mouth, feel the heat of his lips on yours as he kisses you, fervent and desperate, like he’s got something to prove. You feel your heart race, dropping the brown paper bag by your side on your hardwood floor as he presses in closer, insistent. It’s as if your entire body shuts down at his touch, at the feeling of him against you, on you, surrounding you. 
Eventually, your mind comes to, flickering back to life after being entirely short-circuited, and you pull out of his grasp, pushing him away with your palms against his chest, gasping for air. 
“Seokjin, what the—”
“I’ve wanted to do that since I met you,” Seokjin tells you, and no longer does what he say sound like a line straight out of the Dating 101 Handbook. It sounds honest, and what once was something you treasured about him has morphed into fear, into words you dread coming from in between his lips. 
“No, that’s not—”
“What do you mean?” He asks, insistent. He takes a step towards you, and it makes you take a bigger step back. Being far away from him makes you ache, but being close to him is absolutely unbearable. It’s impossible to know which one your heart would prefer. “That’s how I feel. That’s how I’ve always felt.”
“I can’t—I need—” You stumble over your words, backing up into your living room, hand reaching out to the doorknob. You don’t know what you can’t do. You don’t know what you need. All you know is that your heart hasn’t stopped racing the moment his lips met yours, and that you aren’t sure what will happen if Seokjin stands outside your apartment any longer. “I just—”
“I know,” Seokjin says with a nod. His face is beet red and he looks just as breathless, sending your way a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “I know that you don’t feel the same. But I just—I wanted you to know.”
“I don’t know what I feel,” you whisper to yourself, eyes boring holes into your shoes. “How could I?”
“Y/N,” Seokjin says, reaching a hand out. “I’m sorry—”
“No,” you interrupt. “Don’t apologize. Just—please, just go. Please.”
Seokjin doesn’t protest. Not as you shoo him away, not as you begin to close the door in front of him. 
The door is nearly shut, barely inches away from the door frame, when you hear him call your name. “Y/N,” he says. If you were any more heartless, you’d shut the door, let the last thing you hear from him be your own name. But you aren’t, and not once have you ever closed the door on Seokjin. Not now. Not ever. 
“Yes?” You whisper, terrified of what he might say but too desperate to avoid it altogether. 
You hear him hiccup. You don’t want to see him cry. 
“You’re my best friend.”
Tumblr media
(Kim Seokjin prides himself for being a man of few mistakes. He has good time-management skills, triple checks his entire apartment every time he leaves, and only illegally parks in the fire lane when he knows he won’t get a ticket. He’s got great foresight, makes educated decisions, and generally feels as though everything he does will benefit somebody, in the long run. 
You always tell him that you envy how put-together his life is, how picture perfect it seems—stable job, nice apartment, meals prepped and ready to go in his fridge. And even if you aren’t nearly as obsessed with falling in love as he is (and he’s willing to admit that, at least), you tell him that it’s admirable that he has all of this time to go on dates with women he’s met off of Bumble or through a friend of a friend, making an effort to go out into the world and do something with his love life. 
The truth is, Seokjin has been on more dates in the past year than to work events in the evenings and on weekends, but he’s never seen the same person twice. Sometimes, he ends up with a phone number punched into his contacts and a promise to meet again as friends, but most of the time they pat him on the back after it’s over and tell him that they hope he’ll get over his ex soon. 
Seokjin hasn’t had a real ex, a real breakup, since sophomore year of college, when his long-distance girlfriend from high school told him she couldn’t bear to listen to him how much he loves his new best friend any longer. 
It doesn’t take a genius to guess who that best friend is. 
Seokjin’s always been sort of foolish, a little too forward at the best of times and terribly obvious at the worst of times. Always holding out hope that maybe one day you’ll pick up on all of his slip-ups, and he’ll stop acting like a bumbling idiot around you. 
Admittedly, he had gotten pretty fed-up by the time he invited you to dinner to celebrate your promotion. He rolled up to your office in a silk button down and a bouquet of the nicest flowers Hoseok could find, brought you to a restaurant you had been dying to go to ever since you moved to the city, and told you that you were the one constant in his life. And he thought that maybe, just maybe, you would realize. And he wouldn’t have to do everything by himself. 
It’s a wonder that you hadn’t figured it out. 
At least, not until you said goodbye to him, standing underneath the wooden door frame to your apartment, and he leaned down and kissed you. 
Seokjin is a man of few mistakes, but he’s almost positive that that one was the most costly. He had been psyching himself up in his head the entire ride home, telling himself I can do it, I’m gonna tell her, what’s the worst you could do? 
As it turns out, the worst you could do is reject him. 
Seokjin knows you don’t feel the same way. He doesn’t need to go on any dates, doesn’t need to read any more novels or watch any more movies to know that. Maybe you had known all along, you just never knew how to let him down easy. Maybe you were just hoping that if you never acknowledged it, it would go away, age like fine wine, bottled up for an eternity. 
But when he was standing in the flower shop, lingering behind the counter as Hoseok insisted he knew the perfect bouquet to make, there was a little spark in his heart that thought, maybe. Just maybe. 
“Think she’ll like it?” Seokjin had asked hesitantly, fingers curling around one of the petals of the lilies in the bouquet as Hoseok rang him up. 
“What do mean, of course she will!” Hoseok says. He has long been witness to Seokjin’s fruitless efforts to get you to see how he feels. “She’d be a fool not to realize.”
Seokjin’s never been sure if you were the fool, or if he has been, all along. 
“I don’t know, Hoseok,” he had said with a sigh, handing over his credit card. “I feel like telling her might be the wrong move.”
“Why? From what it sounds like, you two are really close,” Hoseok had asked innocently. He even shimmied in a tulip, squeezing it into the middle of the bouquet with nimble fingers. “Are you afraid she’ll say no?”
“I’m afraid I’ll ruin everything,” Seokjin had told him. He’d rather keep you close as a best friend than lose you entirely in the hopes of confessing. That has always been his priority. It always will be. 
Hoseok had laughed, disbelieving. Seokjin had bitterly assumed that he’s never been in love with a best friend. It sucks hard, but Seokjin was in no position to ruin Hoseok’s day by telling him that. “You won’t ruin everything, Jin. You’re a wonderful guy with a great personality. I think it’s worth telling her, you know?” Seokjin did not know. “Like, if you don’t, you’ll never know what could have been.”
And perhaps that was the reason that he leaned down to press his lips against yours. On the off chance, the miniscule possibility that you might feel the same way. His mother had been absolutely insistent that you were in love with him, and while he trusts his mother’s instincts, Seokjin’s known you much longer and much closer than she ever will. And you were never in love with him. Friends is all you have ever known with him. It’s all that the two of you will ever be. 
You’re lucky, Seokjin thinks as he sulks around in his apartment, having decided to give your relationship some space after he completely annihilated it the Tuesday prior. Unrequited love isn’t something he’d wish on his worst enemy. It’s a ray of sunshine surrounded by clouds. It’s the constant reminder that even though what you already have will never be enough, losing it entirely is a fate much worse. 
On the bright side, at least you still tag him in Facebook memes.
Seokjin gets a phone call from an unknown number that Saturday evening, as he cooks a meal for one and pretends that his apartment doesn’t feel bone-crushingly empty without you to fill up the space. He lets the phone ring all the way through the first time—he’s not in the mood to bait those scammy telemarketers tonight, and gets back to cooking. And then his phone rings a second time, same number, and suddenly Seokjin feels as though it might be something urgent. What if it’s a coworker whose number he doesn’t have? Oh God, what if it’s his boss?
“Hello?” Seokjin asks, picking up the call and holding his phone between his ear and his shoulder. 
It’s Cynthia.
“Cynthia?” Seokjin asks, just to make sure he’s not wrong. “How did you get my number?”
“I looked you up on the White Pages,” Cynthia tells him. Oh, yes. He forgot that that existed. “I would have asked Y/N, but she would have gotten suspicious.”
“Oh, uh…” Seokjin hesitates, chuckling nervously. “Y/N? Have you, uh, spoken to her recently?”
Cynthia lets out a deep sigh on the other end, what sounds like a billion thoughts weighing her down. “Yeah, she and I had a girls’ night last night. My husband’s away on business.”
“Oh, how are you both doing?” Seokjin asks. He has the decency to pretend that he hasn’t been positively miserable the past few days.
“Wonderful, thanks,” Cynthia said. “Seokjin, did you kiss Y/N?”
“It was a mistake,” Seokjin immediately says. He shouldn’t have done it and now he’s paying the price. He has no idea how long it will take to repair your relationship, or, even worse, if you’ll just go back to the way it was before and pretend it never happened in the first place. “I wanted to tell her that, but I haven’t seen her recently.”
“Don’t,” Cynthia says harshly, making Seokjin jump a bit, wincing as some hot steam hits his bare skin. “Don’t tell her it was a mistake.”
“What do you mean?” Seokjin frowns. Isn’t that what you want? It’s blatantly obvious that you don’t really want a relationship at all, let alone with him. Seokjin doesn’t know what he was thinking when he thought he could change your mind. He was just being selfish. The chance to get to date you under the guise of guidance, and he snatched it up at the first opportunity. 
Well, look at him now. 
“She’ll be heartbroken if you tell her that,” Cynthia tells him, and Seokjin nearly pours boiling hot water all over his arm at the words. “You can’t.”
“What do you mean, heartbroken? She doesn’t want to date me. I’m the one in love with her. I’m the one who should be suffering,” Seokjin says into the phone, his heart starting to race. He wills himself to calm down, to act like everything is normal, but he can’t stop thinking about you. About what Cynthia had said. 
“No, you’re wrong,” Cynthia says. “You couldn’t be more wrong even if you tried. You might be in love with her but she loves you back. She does, I swear.”
Seokjin’s brain nearly short-circuits, the power sparking. “What?” He asks, too hopeful for his own good. “She can’t. I’ve loved her for so long, but we’ve always just been friends. That’s what she wanted.”
“She wants you, Seokjin,” Cynthia says firmly, almost as if she’s reaching through the phone to knock some sense into him. “She didn’t realize that she loved you until you kissed her. And then everything fell into place.”
“You’re lying,” Seokjin says, even though he knows that Cynthia isn’t. 
“Want to know why she hasn’t really dated anyone since midway through college?”
Is it the same reason Seokjin hasn’t, either?
“She was waiting for you,” Cynthia tells you. “She just didn’t know it.”
Seokjin’s about to faint. 
He can hear Cynthia smiling through the phone. “She’s always been waiting for you.”)
Tumblr media
[June 21st, 1:22PM]
Seokjin: I’m on my way over to your apartment Seokjin: Don’t ask questions
You’ve long learned by now to listen to Seokjin, to never question his methods. And for once, when you receive a suspicious text out of the blue that says Don’t ask questions, you aren’t scared. You’re thrilled. 
The last time you went this long without contacting each other was when you were just starting to become friends in college, during orientation week where you met five hundred people a day and forgot all of them by the next morning. You and Seokjin eventually caught up with each other when you started seeing each other in the halls of your dorm, living onto a few doors down from each other. 
You didn’t want to be the one to initiate contact. Seokjin had kissed you and then instantly looked like he regretted the entire thing. He had been sitting on his feelings long before you knew that yours even existed. He deserved the space. 
You, well. Cynthia, the wise, wedded woman she is, seems to think that communication is key. Perhaps that’s why she’s been so successful in her love life. 
There’s a knock on your door six minutes after you received the text, the fastest he’s ever gotten to your apartment. 
When you open it, you find a familiar sight: Seokjin, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, a bouquet of flowers in his hand, and a nervous grin on his face, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet like a teenager about to ask his crush to the school dance. 
“Long time no see,” you tell him. 
“I missed you,” Seokjin says honestly. “I really, really did.”
“I did, too,” you tell him. It’s impossible to be away from him. You figured that out briefly when he went abroad in junior year, but were brutally reminded this past week what life is like without him to light it up. And it’s dull. Empty. Missing something. 
“These are for you,” Seokjin says. It’s an entire bouquet of tulips, red and yellow and orange and pink. The scent immediately wafts through the air, brightening up your sullen apartment. 
“They’re beautiful, Seokjin,” you tell him, pressing your nose against the petals as you take in the aroma. The flowers are gorgeous, but Seokjin, as always, steals the show. 
“I was going to bring takeout, but then I thought that you might have already eaten lunch,” Seokjin tells you. 
“Then we can do takeout for dinner,” you suggest as an alternative, fishing through your kitchen cabinets for a vase to put out on your countertop, filled with the tulips and carnations and lilies and hydrangeas. The bouquet he had given you on Tuesday is sitting in your bedroom, and you’re giving it all the plant food you can get your hands on, determined to make them last. 
“You want me to stay for dinner?” Seokjin asks, an eyebrow raised. 
It’s high time you were honest, too. 
“I want you to stay forever,” you admit, and it feels as though the dam has broken, like the first droplet has been spilled and the rest is soon to follow. “I can’t tell you how much I hated being away from you like this. Everything in my life revolves around you.”
“I think about you, every day,” Seokjin says as he comes up to you, joining you in the kitchen as you fill an oversized mason jar with water. “Scratch that. Every hour. Every minute, every second. You’re always on my mind.”
“I thought that was just how you were best friends with someone,” you tell him, feeling the warmth of his body as he stands next to you. “I thought that all of the kind gestures, the traditions, the words, that was what being best friends was. And it is. But I never realized that that was what being in love was like, as well.”
“I thought you’d never figure it out,” Seokjin muses, and it sounds so sad but he looks so happy. “I was ready to never tell you. I was too nervous, every time I’m near you I get all sweaty.”
“You were just going to be in love with me forever?” You ask, turning to him. The thought devastates you, the idea that he was willing to never tell you, to love you silently, for the rest of time. He would have never known what could have been, would have never allowed himself that luxury. And he was okay with it.
“I would rather love you on my own than lose you,” Seokjin tells you firmly. “You’re my best friend. That will never change.”
“But nothing,” Seokjin interrupts. “I had made that decision. I was willing to live with it.”
“That’s what people do, isn’t it?” You ask, reaching out to hold his hand in your own, as you have done so many times before, and will do so many times more. The feeling never gets old. The spark never fades. “When they’re in love.”
“I don’t know how you never noticed,” Seokjin jokes, laughing more at himself than you. “I thought I was being so goddamn obvious. Any time I said or did anything that even slightly alluded to the fact that I was in love with you, I started panicking because I thought you’d figure me out. And you never did.”
“I think I just needed a bit of coaxing,” you tell him, hand reaching up to turn his face towards you, palms resting on your cheek. “I would have loved you, forever. I just needed you to tell me that you’d love me, forever, too.”
“I’ll do you one better,” Seokjin promises with a grin. “I’ll love you forever and a day.”
Seokjin leans down, big palms resting on your waist as he finally, fucking finally, presses his lips against yours. It’s soft and warm and cozy, the heat enveloping you as you hold his cheeks in your hands, let him push closer and closer, refusing to let you go. The feeling sends warmth through your veins, sparks a fire in your body that you wouldn’t will away even if you wanted to. Seokjin kisses you, and you kiss back, and it feels like a promise. With your lips against his, and his against yours, you tell each other, that you were meant to be together, and that you always will be. 
You had always wondered why you were never really interested in dating anyone. Never wanted to find someone new, a relationship filled with love and laughter and joy, never wanted to go out on fancy dates and tiptoe around each other, a nervous confession on the tips of your tongues. But now, as Seokjin giggles into another kiss he presses against your lips, you know: you already had exactly what you were looking for. 
Tumblr media
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↳ check out the post-script drabble here!
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blu-joons · 2 years ago
BTS Reaction: How He Looks After You After Sex
Jin is super cuddly, he peppers kisses all over your face, making you squirm in his hold. He reminds you how appreciative he is to have you in his life. Typically, the two of you just lay for a while, Jin will let you catch your breath, massaging your shoulders to relax you and make you feel comfortable.
“I didn’t realise you were so tight, let me smooth things out.”
Tumblr media
Yoongi loves for you both to have a nap after sex. He rolls away from you, confidently laying on his back with a smug smile knowing he’d made you feel that way. When you were ready, you’d roll into his chest and cuddle into his side, the two of you falling asleep, your head rising and falling with the beat of his heart. 
“Did I make you feel good baby?”
Tumblr media
Hobi knew you liked to clean yourself after sex, so he would carry you into the shower. Of course, he would join you, washing your body and hair, massaging your scalp with shampoo in his hands. It was incredibly sensual, his hands all over your body, smiling proudly to himself that you and your body were his. 
“You smell so good sunshine, so damn good.”
Tumblr media
Namjoon loved to relax you, he’d cuddle you close to him, pulling a blanket up over the two of you. The two of you would just lay together and talk about anything that came to mind, All the dominance he had during sex disappeared, your soft, kind-hearted Namjoon returned, cuddling you with lots of kisses. 
“You are honestly the most beautiful girl in the world.”
Tumblr media
Jimin showers you with compliments after sex, telling you just how much he loves you and how much you mean to him. He loves to run his hands through your hair in the hope you’ll return the favour. His locks are a little damp, from all the hard work he’d put in, but you didn’t mind, parting his hair, moving it out of his face. 
“You make me feel like no one else has done before.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung responds well to you, if you want to cuddle, he’ll cuddle, talk and he will respond, sleep and he will happily hold you whilst you settle into your nap. He truly was the most selfless human in the world, doing whatever made you happy after you had made him feel so happy during the events that just unfolded. 
“Thank you for choosing me to spend your life with, I love you.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook goes incredibly shy after sex, so he likes to pull you into his chest, hiding your face in the crook of his neck. Sweet nothings are spoken, hands run along your hips, light tickles to make you laugh, whilst he catches his breath. Your hands reach up to play with his hair whilst he took care of your needs.
“I have to pinch myself sometimes that I’m able to call you mine.”
Tumblr media
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justcallmenikki7 · 2 years ago
BTS Reaction To: You Calming Them Down When They’re Angry
Mafia Au
Summary: you help calm down your angry boyfriend who just so happens to be in the mafia.
Warnings: mentions of guns, language, and mention(s) if killing.
Note: I love everything that has to do with the Mafia!Au, so I decided to make one of my own. I also ate spaghetti noodles while doing it so my life is complete
Maknae Line
Tumblr media
Jin’s usually not the one to get severely angry and lose his temper. He usually takes his temper out on the training mat, allowing the training to help him relieve stress. But, right now is not the situation for that.
“What the fuck do you mean one of our men lost our shipment?” Jin roared, fists slamming down on the table top of his desk.
You frowned at your boyfriend, hating to see him this angry over something. You knew how much this shipment meant to him, but you also knew it wasn’t going to effect them very negatively in any way. But in this case, Jin doesn’t see it or does see it, but is too stressed out to realize that it’s not that important as he makes it seemed to be.
“I-I-I don’t know how, Sir. I gave the dealer the order and he wro-“
“I should probably kill you right here and righ-“
“-Jin.” You cut him off, voice soft and disapproving.
You could see him immediately tense, but relax at the sound of your voice. Walking over to him slowly, grabbing the gun from his grasp and laying it on the table. Cradling his face in your hands, you made sure his focus is on you so the guy could leave from Jin’s wrath.
Jin instantly relaxed in your touch, eyes closing, face nuzzling into your palm. “You do things to me, Jagi.” He mumbled, kissing your wrist.
You only smiled in reply, happy that you got him to calm down.
Tumblr media
It only took certain things to piss off your boyfriend. And when those certain things pissed off your boyfriend, you prayed for those who ever did pissed him off, because he has no mercy.
You can hear his booming voice from the kitchen- and his office is three floors up. Frowning, you don’t know what or who pissed him this off, but you need to make sure that you don’t have to clean up blood later - and to make sure your boyfriend doesn’t lose it anymore.
Stalking to his office, you quietly made your way into it, giving an apologetic smile to Namjoon and Hoseok who watching the scene unfold. You noticed a body coward in the middle of the office, shaking violently from fear. You could see that he had to be at least 20, if not 18 or 19 years old. Taking pity on the young boy, you made your way over to Yoongi who hasn’t even noticed your presence yet.
Wrapping your tiny arms around his waist, you could feel him calm down instantly. Wanting to keep his intimidating persona on, he scold you.
“Jagi, what do you want? I’m in the middle of something.” His voice firm, but his body betrayed him by melting into your touch once you started rubbing your palm over his chest.
You ignored him, moving yourself so you could have his line of sight on you. Giving him a gentle smile, you cuddled yourself into him while pressing kisses to his neck. He began to relax even further into you, now drawing his attention away from the fearful boy.
“RM, J-Hope.” Yoongi called out to his two guards.
“Yes, Sir?” They asked i’m simultaneously, making you giggle into his chest at them.
“Take him away to the cells for now.” Yoongi commanded, not taking his eyes off of yours.
“Yes, sir.” They complied, quickly doing as told.
Once you and Yoongi were left alone, he finally fully relaxed in your hold. Picking you up, he sat you on his desk, moving in between your legs. Laying his head on your shoulder, he allowed you to take control over his senses and make him relax.
“The things you do to me, Cheonsa.. the things you do.”
Tumblr media
The door to your mansion was thrown opened, causing you to almost jump out of your skin in fear. Going to grab the gun from the lamp table by your couch, you were stopped by Jungkook’s frame coming into your sight.
“Your boyfriends in a bad state, and I’m here to warn you because you shouldn’t go anywhere near him.” He panted, hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.
“Why can’t I go anywhere near him? Is he okay? Is he hurt?” You asked, standing up from the couch, going to run to his room only to be stopped by the Maknae.
“He’s not in the right state of mind, Y/N. He could hurt you.” He stressed to you, eyes pleading for you to not go and see your extremely angry boyfriend.
“I don’t care, Kookie. I need to make sure he’s okay, now let me go.” Your tone authorative, holding no room for agrument.
Doing as told, you made your way to your boyfriend. When you made it to outside of his office, you can hear glass breaking and loud strings of curse words. Taking a deep breath, you knocked on the door loud of enough for Hoseok to hear you.
“Go the fuck away, Jeon.” Hoseok growled out in anger.
“Hobi, it’s Y/N.” You voice was shaky, but calm and soft.
You could hear Hoseok pause in his movements, making you worry your lip into your mouth. The sound of his footsteps made your heart beat fast. Opening the door, you were met with a red faced, blood shot eyes, dress shirt unbuttoned messily, Hoseok.
“Right now isn’t the time, Baby.” He told you, voice low and croaky.
Ignoring him, you pushed your way pass him, grabbing his hand in the process. Not fighting you, he allowed you to drag him to the couch that was pressed up against the front of the window. Making him sit down, you crawled up on to his lap, facing him. Smiling at him lovingly, you began to massage his shoulders and pepper kisses all over his face.
Relaxing at your attention, he sighed deeply in containment.
“I love you, Baby.”
Tumblr media
The loud screaming and yells coming from your boyfriends office was causing you a headache and to worry. This has been going on for nearly three hours and all you wanted to do was cuddle with your boyfriend and watch a Disney movie.
But that wasn’t going to happen any time soon it seemed like. Your phone binging caught your attention.
Jin: come and calm down your boyfriend before his vocal cords give out.
Replying to him saying that you were on your way, you made your way to your boyfriends office. The yelling increased as you got closer, flinching from the loudness, you opened the door.
“Y/N, leave.” Your boyfriends hard, cold voice had you jumping. Ignoring the nervousness from getting yelled at, you looked for Jin. Once your eyes landed on him, he gave you an encouraging nod to come on in.
Looking at your boyfriend, you could see that he wasn’t pleased from you ignoring him. Giving him a sweet smile, you could see that he wanted to smile back at you, but not doing so so he wouldn’t show weakness in front of the person who caused him to be this angry.
Making your way around his desk, you grabbed his hand and began to rub circles on it with your thumb.
“Joonie,” You cooed quiet enough so he could only hear. “You need to calm down and not hurt your voice from all of the yelling.” You pouted.
“Kitten, you need to leave so you don’t have to witness this.” Namjoon’s voice was husky and croaky from all of the yelling that he has done.
Not answering, you wrapped yourself around him, peppering kisses all over his clothed chest. Your rubbed up and down his back in a comforting manner, having Namjoon become putty in your hands. A deep sigh escaped him, head dropping to your shoulders.
“Jin, take this burden out of here while she has my attention.” Namjoon ordered, wrapping arms around your waist.
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gukyi · 2 years ago
raspberry truffles | ksj
Tumblr media
summary: how to fake date your best friend: step one: don’t fall in love with them. failed step one.
[friends to lovers!au, fake dating!au}
pairing: seokjin x female reader word count: 5k genre: fluff warnings: obscene amounts of lindor truffle consumption, holiday mischief, seokjin being lovably obnoxious, the usual. a/n: hi. i know it’s been over a month since i last posted a fic. i hope this trashy fake dating drabble makes up for my absence. based on a true story. yes, this happened to me. well, most of it. please enjoy!
“Are you sure Taehyung’s gonna like it?” You ask, holding up the shirt in your hand with a look of skepticism. Seokjin had insisted that it was right up Taehyung’s alley—an obnoxious red heart pattern covering the entire article—but you’re not sure if he’s actually being genuine or duping you into getting a terrible gift for your mutual friend for his birthday. You’re not going to say it’s not Taehyung’s style, but you’re also not going say he’ll totally love it. It’s kind of a garish, kitsch shirt.
“Believe me, he will,” Seokjin says with the confidence of a talk show host. As if he is the all-knowing god of mutual friend’s birthday gifts. You know fully well that he had completely forgotten about Taehyung’s birthday until you texted him a couple of days ago to ask if he would come out shopping with you. “He’s into shit like that.”
You hold the shirt out in front of you to inspect it. “I don’t know, Taehyung seems more like an Urban Outfitters trinkets kind of guy to me. I feel like we should get him a giant Gudetama plushie or something instead,” you say hesitantly.
“That’s Namjoon,” Seokjin informs you pointedly, and automatically you have to agree. Namjoon looks like he’s waltzed out of the Urban Outfitter’s men’s section on the daily.
You feel around for your phone. “Should I text Jungkook and ask him what he thinks?”
“What? No way,” Seokjin says, hand already going to block you from getting your phone from your back pocket. You attempt to ignore the feeling of Seokjin’s large palm on your ass, but he hasn’t seemed to notice the compromising placement of his hand. Probably for the better. “Don’t ask Jungkook. He doesn’t know Taehyung like I do.”
“They’re dating,” you remind him.
“That’s exactly my point,” Seokjin says matter-of-factly. “Jungkook sees all things Taehyung-related through love goggles. Everything about Taehyung’s perfect to him. He’d be the worst person to ask. Trust me, I’m the best one. You’re in good hands. Don’t you have faith in me?”
“I almost never have faith in you, Jin,” you say as you approach one of the many checkout stands scattered around the Macy’s. True to the holiday season, the line is a good seven other patrons long. “You better be right. Hey, gimme one.”
You reach over into the bag hanging from Seokjin’s wrist, fingers rustling around for a chocolate.
For some unknown reason, the two of you consciously, willingly, and sober-ly bought two whole pounds worth of Lindt truffles from the store in the mall, and now you’re walking around gorging on them. You spent over twenty minutes picking out each individual flavor, taking your sweet time to inspect and select which ones would be the most vital to your growing collection. It may just be the worst purchase the two of you have ever made, and once Seokjin (under your supervision) spent actual money on a bicycle without any wheels from a garage sale in your neighborhood.
“The guy checking us out at the Lindt store probably thought we were insane,” you continue, pulling out a regular milk chocolate one and stuffing the entire thing into your mouth. You crumple up the wrapper and stuff it back into the back, to be dealt with later.
“He probably thought we had excellent taste in chocolate,” Seokjin corrects you proudly over a mouthful of chocolate. There’s a smudge of brown at the corner of his lips you’re dying to wipe off but because you enjoy when your best friend walks around like a fool, you make no mention of it. “Here, try a raspberry one.”
You reach out to grab the magenta-wrapped candy but he moves it out of your grasp in the blink of an eye, dangling it above your head like a demon with a couple of inches on you. He’s not that much taller than you, he’s just insufferable.
“Hey, fuck you,” you declare indignantly, reaching up to grab it. Seokjin goes so far as to stand on his tiptoes in the middle of the checkout line at Macy’s, unwrapping the chocolate with gentle fingers as he towers over you. “Fuckin’ Christ, Seokjin.”
“Open up,” Seokjin singsongs as he returns to his normal height, moving it back and forth over your lips like a mother bird feeding her babies worms as you angrily wrestle him for it.
“I’m not a two-year-old,” you grumble, but Seokjin is relentless and you can’t really do anything except indulge him. He seems so intent on feeding you and you want the chocolate enough for you to not wish to fight him for it.
“Come on, please?” Seokjin begs, puffing out his bottom lip as he slowly begins to lower the chocolate to your mouth. You roll your eyes, make a mental note to get him back for this later, and open your mouth obediently, letting your best friend smile contentedly as he drops the truffle onto your tongue.
“I hate you,” you inform him politely over a mouthful of chocolate.
“Yeah, yeah, I hate you too,” Seokjin says with a grin, his laughter warm and bright.
You and Seokjin pass the rest of the time waiting in the checkout line by going through his camera roll. At your most recent friend gathering, Jimin and Hoseok had snatched up Seokjin’s precious iPhone X and proceeded to spam his photos with various action shots all taken in quick succession. The joke’s on them, though, because Seokjin’s phone has 512 gigabytes worth of storage and now he’s got some prime blackmail material.
Eventually you reach the front of the checkout line, a kind-looking middle-aged woman standing there with the red Macy’s nametag pinned onto her shirt. Seokjin lingers back since it’s not his purchase, a couple of steps behind you as he fingers through the two-pound bag of chocolate the two of you bought together (why did you do that).
“Did he tell you to get this?” The lady asks you, motioning to Seokjin.
You sigh. “Unfortunately, yes. But it’s for a friend’s birthday,” you clarify, still a bit unsure as to whether or not Taehyung will actually like what you’ve gotten for him. It’s too late now. “Can I get a gift receipt with that?”
She nods, pressing on the computer screen in front of her before scanning the item. Behind you, you can hear the rustle of plastic, and you turn around to find Seokjin stuffing not one, but two whole Lindor truffles into his mouth at once.
“Hey! Hands off, Kim! We paid for those together, you know,” you scold, catching your best friend red-handed. Or, red-lipped would be the better term. He smiles sheepishly before chewing the chocolates already in his mouth, quickly swallowing down the offending food with a guilty grin.
“Men,” the clerk comments. At least she understands you.
“I know, right?” You say in response as she hands you your shopping bag and sends you on your merry way. You’re busy stuffing the receipt in your hands into your coat pocket as Seokjin links arms with you, leading you towards one of the many exits in this oversized department store.
“Hey, want another?” Seokjin asks, holding out a stracciatella truffle—your personal favorite—your way. You nod, letting Seokjin unwrap the chocolate and place it on your tongue as you head outside.
Tumblr media
King Seokjin™ (7:47PM): Y/N King Seokjin™ (7:47PM): YOU’RE NEVER GONNA BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED King Seokjin™ (7:47PM): I’M FUCKING SPEECHLESS King Seokjin™ (7:47PM): FUCK IT I’M CALLING YOU
As you pick up your phone from the table beside you, the screen already alight from notifications, the device begins to vibrate in your hands as Seokjin’s contact photo—a picture you sniped of him mid-burrito bite—appears on screen.
“Y/N!” Seokjin wails into the phone, making you jump slightly. Not that you’ve never picked up one of his calls and been met with just a shriek before, because you have. They just catch you off guard. You have the loudest best friend. “You’re never gonna believe what just happened to me!”
“Let me guess,” you interrupt. “You found a stray cat and now you’ve taken it into your house and named it Guacamole. Or you bought a Fender guitar at a yard sale for like, fifteen dollars and now you’re going to become a rock star. You invented a new cake recipe. Saw a twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk. Got signed to a modeling agency.”
Seokjin laughs, hearty and warm into the phone. “All good things, but no. This is better! Wilder! Crazier!”
“What could be crazier than you getting signed to a modeling agency?”
“First of all, fuck you,” Seokjin declares. “Gigi Hadid wants what I have. Second of all, no. I went back to Macy’s because my mom needed me to return one of those fancy expensive coats she bought because she said that the color makes her skin look green. Which, it does, so I’m glad she returned it.”
“Can you get on with this? Jungkook wants me to play him in Mariokart at eight,” you whine, knowing how long-winded Seokjin gets with his stories. He would make a fantastic stand-up comedian.
“Tell Jungkook he owes me two dollars and seven cents for eating three of the Lindt truffles that we got a couple of days ago,” Seokjin adds on. You are wholly unsurprised he calculated the exact amount. “Anyway, let me finish my story. Okay, so I went to Macy’s, right? And the same lady that checked you out for Tae’s shirt helped me return my mom’s coat. And I don’t know, maybe I looked sad or something, because she took one look at me and said, to my gorgeous face, mind you, ‘Oh, did she break up with you? You should have treated her better!’”
It feels like your mouth drops open in shock. Thank God this isn’t a video call.
“Wait, what?” You ask, sufficiently speechless. Did the Macy’s checkout lady really think the two of you were dating? It seems kind of laughable. Sure, Seokjin’s your best friend but you don’t know if the way you behave around him is similar to the way a couple would act. If at all.
“I know!” Seokjin exclaims. “And I didn’t know what the fuck to do so I just stood there awkwardly and nodded. This is slander.”
Before you’re about to ask why, your best friend barrels on.
“Like, how dare she think I make an inferior boyfriend? Excuse me? I would make the best boyfriend in the entire world,” Seokjin declares, as if he has any sort of scientific evidence to back up his claim. In all of his years of living, Seokjin has never been a boyfriend. A fact that shocks you most of the time when you think about it, because Seokjin is incredibly attractive and funny and kind and quite frankly, top-notch boyfriend material. “If we were dating I would treat you so fuckin’ well. Take you on dates to amusement parks and sacrifice my wellbeing by getting on the biggest rollercoasters with you. I’d buy you funnel cake and then I’d tell you that I can make it better. Then I’d make you better funnel cake. And I would pay for your meals only when you wanted me to, like when we split the cost for our two-pounds of Lindt chocolate. And I’d laugh at all of your jokes even though mine are superior in every way. I’d go to stores and see dumbass things that remind me of you and then I’d buy them and give them to you. I’d—”
“You sound really intent on proving this lady wrong, Jin,” you interrupt, Seokjin’s voice getting progressively more determined with every sentence. Like he’s going to change this lady’s mind. Like he’s going to just up and become the best boyfriend you could ever ask for all so he can tell the Macy’s checkout lady to suck it.
“Yeah, I am. I’ve been slandered against,” Seokjin says. You can practically see the furrow of his brows, the resolution lacing his features. “Don’t you agree, Y/N? If we were dating, I would be the best boyfriend you’ve ever had.”
Your mouth opens to respond to him with some witty comment like you do with everything else he says, but your tongue is dry. Red alarms blare in your brain. Even if only for a second, you don’t like thinking about what it would be like to date Seokjin. Because you know—of course you fucking know, he’s your best friend, he’s been your best friend for so long, it’s as if you’re already—
“Christ,” you say, resting your head against your hands.
“You know what?” Seokjin keeps going, paying no attention to the resignation in your voice, the subdued tone of your words. “I’m gonna prove this lady wrong. Tomorrow, you’re coming to Macy’s with me and we’re gonna hold hands and I’m gonna be the best fake boyfriend you’ve ever had.”
“Tomorrow’s Tae’s birthday bash,” you remind him, the only thing you feel confident saying without your words betraying you.
“Cool. Even better. We’ll drop by Macy’s, tell that lady to suck it, and then we’ll just drive straight to Tae’s. Sound good?”
You don’t think you’d have the heart to say no to him even if you tried. “Yeah, I guess.”
“Good. Good plan.” You think the conversation will end there when, “Be prepared to be swept off of your fucking feet tomorrow, Y/N. I’m gonna be the best boyfriend you’ve ever had. The best boyfriend the world has ever seen. I’m gonna be so in love with you tomorrow, Y/N, you won’t know what’s hit you.”
The line goes dead.
Tumblr media
The very first stop that you make when you and Seokjin return to the mall as part of his ridiculous, convoluted scheme to prove the Macy’s lady wrong is the Lindt store. It’s only natural—all roads lead to chocolate. That’s just how life works.
“Two pounds or one pound?” Seokjin asks as he plucks one of the plastic serve yourself bags from the shelf.
“Who do you take me for?” You respond with your eyebrows raised, as if to challenge him. Like you’d ever settle for anything less than the absolute most. “Two. Pour up, bitch.”
You and Seokjin slowly begin to pick out your desired chocolates, two of this one and four of those and ten of these—”Seokjin, what the fuck?”—as you make your way around the section of the Lindt store meant for losers like yourselves to waste away their day looking at truffle flavors. It’s a good thing that you and Seokjin have similar tastes when it comes to chocolates, because every time Seokjin motions for you to choose the next flavor you end up selecting one that you know he’ll like just as much as you.
“This didn’t seem as heavy the first time around,” Seokjin comments with his hands full as you march up to the register.
“Maybe you’ve gotten weaker,” you tease softly as you fumble for your wallet, operating under the assumption that you’ll split the cost like last time.
“No, it’s alright,” Seokjin says with a hand on top of yours, blocking you from opening your wallet.
“What? Seokjin—”
“Please? Come on, I gotta get in the boyfriend mood. Just this once, alright?” He pleads, puffing out his lower lip. Maybe you’d argue more if it weren’t for the way he asks you with such gentle eyes, or how he’s already gotten out his own wallet, or how he’s been swearing up and down that he’s going to be the best fake boyfriend you’ve ever had. You won’t take that away from him.
Besides, you’ve always been weak for him.
“Fine,” you huff out as Seokjin happily hands over his card to the guy behind the register, who looks like he doesn’t get paid enough to watch gross, overly-romantic couples be gross and overly romantic in front of him. Seokjin gives you the greasiest wink you think you’ve ever beared witness to, and with that the cashier hands you your purchase and bids you farewell.
Tumblr media
By the time you’re rounding the corner into Macy’s, Seokjin’s expression has changed from that of chocolate-made satisfaction to pure, unadulterated determination, brows set and eyes hard. It sort of makes you laugh, the look on his face, because never have you seen him look so driven just to prove somebody wrong. The lady might not even be working today.
It’s weird, because even though the lady was last seen working in the men’s section on the first floor, as you enter through the second-floor entrance by the shoes, he grabs your hand. It is by no means romantic, not gentle or soft or delicate, but he grips your palm tightly and interlaces his fingers with yours purposely and it makes your breath hitch in your throat all the same. It’s not as though the two of you aren’t touchy with each other anyway, because you definitely are, but you’ve never held hands before. Not like this. Not in the dating way. Not in the way that feels like if Seokjin lets you go you’ll drift away, out of his reach.
Suddenly your hand is held tightly in his and for some reason, you aren’t looking forward to when he’ll let go. In fact, you’re rather dreading it.
You’re passing by the women’s sections, steps slow but meaningful, and Seokjin leans over to tell you to pick out something that you like and something that you’ll wear often.
“What, why?” You sputter out as he guides you through the racks of clothing, sections disheveled from the holiday season. Seokjin’s always had a good eye for style and particularly great taste, even if he does toe the line between fashionable and questionable every now and then.
“Well, first of all, it can be your Christmas gift,” he reasons jokingly, a finger gun accompanied by a wink pointed your way. “Second of all, we’ll need to buy something to have a valid excuse to approach the checkout line.”
“But I don’t—Seokjin, we stopped getting each other Christmas gifts a long time ago,” you remind him, the memory of the two of you deciding that buying material objects for each other wasn’t up to snuff for your relationship playing in your mind. And then, softly, “You know that your company is enough of a gift to me.”
He shrugs, pulling a soft pink sweater from a clothing rack, one that looks to be about his size rather than yours. “Well, then consider this one of those things that reminds me of you that I just had to buy you, alright?”
You end up in the same line you stood in several days ago with a pink sweater hanging from your arm. Seokjin makes sure that every time he pulls out a Lindor truffle from the bag he offers you one as well, unwrapping it with long, nimble fingers before placing it on your tongue.
“We should have just gotten Taehyung some chocolate,” you realize belatedly, staring down at the packet hanging from Seokjin’s wrist. It’s half-empty. Have you already eaten that many? “We wouldn’t even be in this predicament in the first place.”
“If we had gotten Taehyung some chocolate, Jungkook would eat it all,” Seokjin tells you, making you laugh. “And besides, I don’t really mind this. Being your boyfriend, or whatever. It’s fun.”
His words stun you into enough of a silence to last the rest of the journey up the line, up until there’s a single patron in front of you.
“This is a team effort, alright?” Seokjin says to you, grin spread wide on his face. “I know that you’re going to pale in comparison to my incredible talent and flawless boyfriend abilities—,” a laugh, “—but you gotta have your head in the game too, okay? I can’t do this without you.”
“This isn’t a soap opera, Jin,” you remind him softly.
“Yeah, well, it’s about to become one. And just in case you forgot, I love you, Y/N.” Your eyes widen at the sound of his voice, the words on the tip of his tongue—they are words you have heard leave his lips plenty of times before, but never in the way that they do now—but before you can react any further, the customer in front of you is moving out of the way and Seokjin is pressing his hot, wet lips to your cheek in a crushing side kiss.
The lady behind the checkout desk probably looks as shocked as you do.
“Just this?” She asks as you place the sweater down on the counter, too afraid to turn around to look at the expression on Seokjin’s face.
“Great taste, right?” Seokjin asks the lady, forcing you to look up at him. He’s got the biggest smile on his face, proud of his choice, your hand still held tightly in his. You’re almost positive the lady can’t see it from her position behind the counter. “Picked it out myself.”
“Don’t flatter yourself too much, it’s not that exciting,” you reprimand lightly, hoping the comment is enough to warrant girlfriend behavior. Whatever that is.
“You wound me, Y/N,” Seokjin says with a hand to his heart, feigning injury. “Move over, I need to get to the card scanner.”
You scoot over complacently, allowing Seokjin to purchase the item with a swipe of his card. When the price appears on the little screen on the card reader, your eyes nearly pop out of your head, having failed to realize how expensive the sweater was as Seokjin stuffed it into your hands. Surely he must have known, or he wouldn’t have picked it up.
“Seokjin, what on Earth—” You immediately say, making to fight with him.
“Just let me, Y/N,” he pleads. “Please? I just want to treat you.”
“You deserve it, you know?” Seokjin asks, turning you so that you face him directly. He’s got the same look in his eye, determination and focus lacing his features. Like he’s daring you to challenge him. “You’re so wonderful, all of the time. And you treat others with so much kindness and respect. You’re funny without having to try super hard like me, and you’ve been dealing with my shit for so long that I’m surprised you haven’t up and left.”
He gives your hand a firm squeeze from under the checkout counter. A reminder not to argue with him, even if only for a couple of minutes.
“And I love you,” Seokjin finishes, too firm and secure to be an afterthought. Too easily said for it to be something he felt obligated to add on.
The lady looks sufficiently endeared as she hands you the plastic Macy’s bag, giving the both of you a smile as you turn to leave. Seokjin looks incredibly pleased with himself and pulls you into a side-hug, crushing your ribs in the process.
“You never let me down, Y/N,” he declares successfully, releasing you from his limb prison. “Thanks for letting me be your boyfriend for an afternoon. I’m ready to go raid Taehyung and Jungkook’s apartment.”
You hum in response, letting Seokjin ramble on about how he was worried he wouldn’t be a good enough actor to fool her and how he really thought she would see through the whole thing without any interruptions from yourself. If he’s noticed how resigned you are, he’s made no comment.
“You know I hate it when you buy me things,” you tell him softly as you’re walking out of the store, fingers fiddling with each other as you stare down into the bag in your hands. There’s a sweater in there that you wish Seokjin hadn’t bought you and a feeling in your heart that you can’t get rid of.
“Pay me back later if it bothers you that much,” Seokjin tells you.
You stay silent.
Tumblr media
Christmas lights decorate Taehyung and Jungkook’s apartment, taped up along the walls and windows and wrapped around their grossly millennial white Christmas tree, radiating a soft, warm glow that seems to make everything more romantic than it should be.
You’ve been sitting on the couch the entire night, nursing a cup of kombucha in your hands as everyone around you celebrates, shouting and cheering and screaming. Seokjin disappeared from your sight the moment you walked through the door, always the life of the party.
There’s a sweater in the trunk of his car and a nagging voice at the back of your head.
Taehyung loved the gift you got him, if it’s any consolation. He had opened all of them right after Jungkook wiped most of the icing off of Taehyung’s birthday cake and onto his face, using it as perfect leverage to kiss it off of him, much to everyone’s minor disgust. As he gave you a hug of thanks, Seokjin winked at you, as if to say, “Don’t you trust me?”
You worry that you trust him too much.
Seokjin bought Taehyung Super Smash Brothers for his birthday, and immediately the video game became the object of everyone’s attention as Taehyung rushed to plug the game into his Nintendo Switch. As you swirl around your kombucha, Taehyung and company are furiously shouting at each other, aggressively mashing the buttons on the controllers in their hands.
“Hey,” a soft voice says next to you. You turn your head to see Seokjin, his soft palm placed against your back to get your attention. “Wanna go outside? It’s loud in here.”
It’s loud in here, too, your brain supplies unhelpfully.
Your best friend pulls you up from where you’re seated, leading you to the balcony outside Taehyung and Jungkook’s kitchen, overlooking a rather dinky part of town. It’s not the greatest view, and by no means is it peaceful or quiet, but it’s enough. He seems to be nursing a cup of kombucha as well. Taehyung and Jungkook never really did alcohol.
You stand in silence for a few moments, letting the fresh air wash over you like waves on the shore, the tide pulling you in before pushing you back.
Then, “Thanks for helping me pick out Taehyung’s gift. He really liked it.”
“I knew he would,” Seokjin responds. “You should have more faith in me.”
“I have enough faith in you, Seokjin.” You sigh.
Car honks. Police sirens. Chatter. Wind.
“If you really don’t like that sweater, I’ll return it. It’s no big deal,” Seokjin speaks up. “I know you don’t like it when I buy you things.”
“It’s not that, it’s just—”
“I wanted to tell you that everything I said in Macy’s today, that’s true,” Seokjin continues. Your breath hitches in your throat. Boyfriend or not, you’re the greatest person that I’ve ever met. That I think I’ll ever meet.” You feel him as he comes up next to you. “There’s nobody like you, Y/N.”
“You don’t mean that,” you say, more to yourself than to him.
“Of course I do,” Seokjin says. “I’d do anything for you.”
“Then would you kiss me?” You whisper softly, hoping that the sounds of the traffic below will drown out your voice. Hoping that the words will just fade into the air around you without Seokjin even realizing.
He places a hand on your arm before pulling you into him, large palms tracing up and down your figure. Seokjin reaches up, brushes away a stray strand of hair. Lets the soft pad of his thumb gently press on your cheek.
“Don’t make me say it again,” you mutter to yourself, eyes tracing the laces of your boots.
“Y/N,” Seokjin says, tilting your head up so that your eyes meet his dark brown ones, the Christmas lights decorating the apartment reflected in his irises, like golden stars in a sea of black. “Do you even need to ask?”
Before your mind can catch up to your racing heart, you feel his lips pressing against yours, warm and soft and perfect. He pulls you in closer, leans in further, holds you tighter. It’s not a deep kiss, no tongue, no biting. Just lips. Just lips and the feeling of him, of your best friend, of Seokjin in everything that he can be.
He pulls away softly, standing up tall once more. His cheeks are tinged pink. His smile has never been brighter.
“You know,” Seokjin says. “When I said I loved you, I meant that, too.”
There’s a sweater in a Macy’s bag in the trunk of a car, and another kiss on your best friend-turned-boyfriend’s lips that you fully intend on stealing.
Tumblr media
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blu-joons · a year ago
BTS Reaction: They Find You Cuddling Another Member
“What’s going on here then?” He smiled, walking into the dressing room to find you cuddled up against Jungkook’s side.
“She was cold,” Jungkook informed him, running his hand along your side. Jin nodded, sitting on the other end of the sofa, wrapping his arms around you both.
You couldn’t help but chuckle as two bodies tried to keep you warm, wrapping their arms tightly around your frame. “I agree, Jungkookie cuddles are the best cuddles.”
“Jin,” you smiled, “aren’t you supposed to be a jealous boyfriend at this point and pull me away from Jungkook and tell him I’m yours.”
He hummed, already feeling sleepy in the embrace. “I would, but I understand why you’d want a Kook cuddle. Everyone wants a Kook cuddle. Even me.”
“You’re ridiculous, you know that?” You asked.
“Maybe, but right now I’m toasty and warm.”
From between you both, Jungkook giggled, feeling very caught up in the middle. “The two of you have such a crazy dynamic, I feel like such a third wheel.”
“Don’t worry Kook, if anyone is a third wheel right now, it’s me,” Jin teased, earning himself a jab in the hip from you. “I’m just kidding jagi.”
“We can quite easily remove you from this cuddle Jin.”
“No, please don’t. It’s amazing.”
Tumblr media
“Namjoon!” He yelled as soon as he saw your frame laid against his lap. The two of you were asleep, both quickly waking up.
“She’s trying to sleep hyung,” Namjoon scolded, looking down at your tired body. “I didn’t even realise she had fallen asleep on me; I promise.”
He walked over, picking you up in his arms, carrying you to a spare seat. “She’s only meant to cuddle me, I’m her boyfriend, why didn’t she come to me?”
“Probably because she knew you were busy,” Namjoon reasoned, “you know how much she hates to disturb you. She probably didn’t even realise it was me.”
He knew Namjoon was right, there was nothing really to be jealous of. “I know what you’re saying, it just made me jump when I saw her cuddled to you.”
“I get that, but she’s just sleepy.”
“She looks so cute when she sleeps, it’s adorable.”
You settled in his lap, as he tucked your head onto his shoulder. “I appreciate that you’re jealous, but this girl loves you more than anything in the world.”
“I know, and I love her. I just wish I could be around more to look after her, like today, she shouldn’t have been scared to come and find me to cuddle.”
“She is though, but that’s only because she’s proud of you.”
“I know, she really is incredible.”
Tumblr media
“Jagi,” a voice cried out as your tired head tilted on Taehyung’s shoulder. “Don’t cuddle up to him, come cuddle up to me instead.
“Hobi, I’m tired, and comfortable, stop worrying,” you sighed continuing to rest your head onto Taehyung’s shoulder, winding him up more. “Stop being childish.”
He shook his head, stamping his feet on the ground. “I’m your boyfriend, come over here instead. I don’t like you cuddling up to him, it’s not fair.”
“If you want me, come and get me,” you teased, noticing the anger across his face. Without hesitation, he stood up and walked over, standing Taehyung up to swap places.
You sighed as he slumped down beside you, bringing your head onto his shoulder. “Go and sit where I sat Taehyung, no one else is allowed to sit next to her.”
“I was comfortable too hyung.”
“I don’t care about you, stop letting my girlfriend cuddle you.”
You sighed, resting against his side, feeling his arm wrap tightly around you. “Don’t be mean, it’s only like having a pillow. Don’t snap at Taehyung, he’s harmless.”
“From now on, you only cuddle me, no one else. I won’t allow it,” he huffed, pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head.
“Stop kicking up a fuss, it’s no big deal, seriously.”
“Not now you’re back where you belong.”
Tumblr media
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” A voice asked, walking down the corridor. You spun around as Hobi walked towards you, noticing your tears. “Come here.”
“I’m alright,” you softly smiled, feeling his arms wrap tightly around you. “I just had a bit of bad news, but it’s alright, no need to worry.”
The door slammed shut as Namjoon walked out, noticing the two of you in the corridor. “Everything alright?” He nervously asked, looking between you both.
“Hoseok was just looking after me,” you smiled, wiping the tears from underneath your eyes. “He’s a good friend Joon, looking after me.”
He nodded, pulling you into his arms. “Thanks for looking after her Hobi hyung, you’re so sweet. What’s wrong jagi?” He asked, turning his attentions to you.
“I’m fine, just had a little moment, but I’m feeling better.”
“I’m sorry that I wasn’t around to look after you.”
You giggled, smiling across to Hobi. “I was good by myself, but this hero found me and gave me a cuddle, it wasn’t as good as yours though.”
“Of course not,” Namjoon proudly responded, “no one cuddles as well as I do.” Hobi gasped, shaking his head at Namjoon’s comment.
“The two of you are incredible, I’m lucky to have you both.”
“I’m still better than Hobi, don’t forget that.”
Tumblr media
“Jin hyung, no!” You walked into the room, feeling an unfamiliar pair of arms wrap around you, hoisting you up in the air. “She’s mine, let her go!”
“Not anymore!” You went sure what was going on once you realised you were wrapped in Jin’s arms, looking at Jimin across the room. “She’s mine from now on.”
Jimin sprinted across the room, tickling Jin in his weak spot, his hips, allowing him to let go of you. “You’ll never get a girlfriend as amazing as Y/N anyway.”
“Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?” You asked, struggling to catch your breath having been passed between the two boys.
Jimin nodded, wrapping his arms tightly around you, “Jin’s feeling lonely so he threatened to take you away from me instead.”
“I bet Y/N prefers me anyway really, I give good hugs.”
“Yeah but I give better hugs, and you know it. Tell him Y/N,”
You sighed at how childish they both were. “Jimin does give good hugs,” you smiled. “Anyway, I know for sure the right girl will come along for you eventually Jin.”
“I want cuddles though, and you can give them to me. The boys suck at cuddles, not like you do though, I’m better than Jimin anyway.”
“You’re both great, it’s not a competition.”
“I’m still better though jagi, always.”
Tumblr media
“Let me claim that space,” Taehyung spoke, settling the other side of you from where Yoongi sat. “Why is she resting on you? What’s wrong with her?”
 “She’s exhausted, she was asking to go back to the hotel ages ago, but you were busy,” Yoongi informed him, smiling softly at your slipping figure.
Taehyung bought his hand under your head, tilting it away from Yoongi and onto his shoulder. “That’s much better, when she wakes up, I’ll take her back.”
“Don’t get upset that I was cuddling her, I just wanted to make her comfortable,” Yoongi asked of him, to which Taehyung nodded.
He understood him completely. “I’m glad you were around to look after her rather than let her sleep uncomfortably and hurt herself hyung.”
“She looks like she’s going to pretty content for a while.”
“Cuddles always help her sleep better, it’s weird.”
Yoongi slowly stood up, giving the two of you a bit more space. “I’ll let the boys know what your plans are, you need to look after her tonight.”
“I will,” Tae smiled, sitting patiently with you in his arms until you began to stir an hour later. “Morning sleepyhead,” he teased as you woke.
“Where am I? Are we back at the hotel yet?”
“We’re on our way now, don’t worry jagi.”
Tumblr media
“Here she is!” The boys all flooded into the room at the end of the gig, they were sweaty and gross, but you didn’t mind. “We hope you enjoyed the show Y/N.”
“We’re exhausted,” Jimin smiled the first to give you a big hug, irritating Jungkook who stood behind him. “What did you think?” He asked, lingering perfectly.
You glanced behind him at Jungkook, softly smiling. “Hyung, step aside, she’s not your girlfriend. I know what you’re doing and it’s not working.”
“Judging by the sound in your voice it’s working perfectly,” Jimin teased, stepping aside in order for Jungkook to give you a hug, squeezing you gently.
You pecked his cheek lightly, “the show was amazing, and so were you. Every time I see you on stage it just makes me so proud of you.”
“I’m really glad you enjoyed it, I made sure I was perfect.”
“You are always perfect, don’t worry about that.”
His arms stayed wrapped around you for a few moments. “Do you think we could do something tonight, just the two of us?”
“Of course,” you smiled, “what did you have in mind? You need to shower before we do anything first though, you’re a bit smelly.”
“Can we just go back to the hotel and cuddle?”
“If that’s what you want, of course, we can.”
Tumblr media
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justcallmenikki7 · 2 years ago
BTS Reaction To: Them Being Clingy
Summary: your hybrid boyfriend is in the mood for cuddles and very clingy.
Warning: fluff, Taehyung making inappropriate remarks and being a goof
Note: I wanted to try a Hybrid Au! Tell me what you think please!
Tumblr media
“Jin, let me finish my homework, then we can cuddle.” You groaned out, shoving Jin off of you half-heartedly.
“But I wanna cuddle, I haven’t seen you in forever.” Jin whined back, nuzzling his nose into your neck, licking at it in the process.
Rolling your eyes, you tried to concentrate back on your homework, but with Jin’s need to cuddle and him nuzzling your neck was drawing you away from your work. With a heavy sigh, you shoved your books away from you and crawled up to the headboard. You can hear Jin growl in approval before he laid himself in between your legs and have his head laying on your chest. His tail wrapped securely around your thigh, making sure you wouldn’t try and move away from him.
“Comfy?” You asked with a giggle.
“‘M perfect.” He answered with a happy pur.
Tumblr media
“Jagiiiiii,” Yoongi whined out as you tried to get up from your guys bed.
“Yoongi, I need to pee.” You groaned out, trying to escape from his grasp.
Once you finally got out of his grasp, you hurried to the bathroom to empty your bladder. When you were finished, you made your way back to your bedroom only to be met with a pouting Yoongi. His ears were flat against his head and his arms crossed. You can see that his tail was flicking behind him in annoyance.
Trying to keep your smile from showing, you climbed up on to the bed and cuddled yourself into his side. You can see his ear twitch when you began to tickle his arm, one of his favorite things.
“Yoongi, I’m sorry for having to use the bathroom. I want to cuddle more now. Please cuddle me, I’ll tickle your back and scratch your ears.” You promised, tickling his arm to show your seriousness.
“And you’re going to play with my hair?” He asked, finally caving in.
“Yes, I promise.”
And the next thing you knew was Yoongi pouncing on you, demanding you to tickle his back first instead of playing with his ears.
Tumblr media
“Hoseok, What has gotten into you?” You groaned out as you shopped for groceries, softly pushing your German Shepherd hybrid off of you, only for him to cling on to you more.
Not answering you, he continued nuzzling his nose into your neck, his hands holding onto your arm. Rolling your eyes, you continued shopping, giving up on trying to push him off of you.
A whine escaped his mouth when you had to yank your arm from his grasp to grab a box of cereal. When you set the box into the cart, your arm was yanked back to him with a content sound.
When you were done with getting your groceries, you made your way to the check out line. As it came to your turn, you had to push Hoseok off of you.
“Hope, I gotta put the groceries up on the thing so the cashier can ring them up.” You told him, your voice soft so he would cave in easier.
A whine of protest left his mouth as he let go of your arm. The cashier gave you both a loving smile, finding the whole scene adorable. When the groceries were all ranged up and put into the cart, hoseok attached himself to you again, face nuzzled into your neck and hands gripping your arms.
“You two are the cutest.” The cashier gushed in awe.
Smiling at her, “thank you, but he’s on his clingy day.” You laughed.
“Am not!” Hoseok protested, not moving his face from the crook of your neck causing both you and the cashier to laugh at his antics.
Tumblr media
You were confused. Why? Because your usual dominant, harsh (but loving) Wolf hybrid, Namjoon was acting as a pup. This was unusual for him because as he did love cuddles and such, he only did it for a short amount of time. But right now, he wasn’t letting you go from your position in his arms.
It’s not that you didn’t like it, you loved it, you were just very confused. He’d whine and tighten his grip on you whenever you tried to get up. But when you did get up Namjoon kept himself attached at your hip.
“Joonie.” You cooed into his head, running your fingers through his hair.
“Hmm?” He hummer against you, continuing to bask in your touch and attention.
“I need to start making dinner so-“
“-No, stay here.” Namjoon growled, tightening his grip on you.
You couldn’t help but smile at his actions, loving how he is wanting to cuddle. Leaning down, you pressed a kiss to his forehead and muttered a small ‘okay’, which resulted in a loud purr of approval from your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
“No, don’t go.” Jimin pouted to you as you got up to get something too eat.
“Jimin, I’m just going to get us sna-“
“-I don’t care, cuddles.” Jimin whined, his hands making a grabbing motion towards you.
“I’m just going to the kitchen, Jimin. If you can’t handle that, then just come with me.” You sighed, rolling your eyes.
You regret (but don’t regret) saying that.
Walking into the kitchen, your boyfriend/golden retriever hybrid was clinging onto you all the way there. His nose was nuzzled into your neck, his arms wrapped around your waist, and his tail wrapped around your arm securely.
Once you got your food, you walked back to your guys shared bedroom with a plate full of snacks. Jimin quickly let go of you to jump into bed, only for him to drag you down with him carefully to avoid making a mess. He situated himself to where he laid in between your legs with his head resting in the crook of your neck.
You didn’t say anything as he made himself comfortable, only smiling down at him. Even though he could be clingy, you still loved him with your whole heart.
Tumblr media
“Taeeee, let me goooo.” You groaned, struggling against your huskys strength. “I’m hungry and thirsty.”
“Y/Nnnnn, I don’t careeeee. You promised cuddles.” Taehyung mimicked you. “And if you’re so hungry, you can gladly ea-“
“Taehyung!” You yelled out, looking up him with wide eyes. You were met with a mischievous look.
“Ow! What was that for!” Taehyung whined, rubbing the spot where you flicked him, his ears pinned to his head. “That’s not nice.”
“For being inappropriate, that’s what it was for.” You scolded, “Now, I’m going to go to the kitchen and make something to eat, you’re welcome to join me.”
“But I dont wanna get up, I just want to cuddle you.” He whined again, flipping you over so you were on your back and he was pinning you down. He pressed your forehead against yours, giving you a cheeky smile in the process. “Hi.” He giggled, kissing your cheeks.
You smiled up at him, not being able to resist it. “Hi.” You giggle back. “What do you want to eat? There’s pasta, rice, -“
“-You.” Taehyung said in all seriousness.
Tumblr media
Doing the laundry isn’t hard, it’s actually quite easy to be honest. But trying to do it while your boyfriend, who’s 200 lbs of pure muscle and a fox hybrid, is hanging off of you is quite complicated.
You usually don’t mind his clinginess and affection, but the need to get your chores is making it frustrating. You just can’t say no to your boyfriend when he’s looking all innocent and adorable.
“Kookie, let me just finish this load then we can cuddle, Okay?” You said, giving him a small smile and shove to his shoulder.
“You’re going to take forever though.” He whined, not letting up on his grasp.
“Just give me 5 minutes and I’ll be done, I promise.”
A whine left his lips, but complied anyways. He watched you closely as you finished the laundry, not taking his eyes off of you for a split second. When you were finished, you were instantly pulled in Jungkook’s chest and hauled off to the living room where the couch was.
Laying down first, he pulled you on top of him and nuzzled into your body. You didn’t say anything to him, you only allowed him to do what he pleased. Closing your eyes, you drifted off to a deep slumber in your boyfriends grasp.
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