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#men in love
men-of-colors · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Two happy sexy men make the world a happier and sexier place...
ಡಾವೀಡೆ ಜ಼ೊಂಗೊಲಿ ಮ. ಜೆಬ್‌ ಫಿತ್‌
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ima-simp-uwu · 28 days ago
♡ Accidentally Confession ♡
Warnings: Mostly safe. Fluff, Slow build and a hint of little angst
Character: Mainly Mammon and Diavolo
Note: Here take some fluff, your welcome ♡
Mammon was never they type to believe in ‘happy ever afters’
He never experienced it. Fate just likes to throw obstacles in every direction he goes, but he never cared about that at all.
Why should he?
All he needed was his brothers. They were his whole life and he swore that he’ll do whatever he can to keep this mess of a family together. Mammon thought that they would be the only ones in his life that he'll care about. Until they weren’t.
A certain red hair caught his attention.
Maybe it was his pure smile or strong yet gentle hands, maybe it was both.
The red hair demon kept running over to him as a lovesick puppy. Mammon can tell that he was touch starved, especially when he heard about the red hair childhood. He felt empathy for the demon. He knew what that felt like, although Mammon's childhood has been always surrounded by loved ones but after the fall. Everything changed, leaving him insecure. He once had Satan to help him block out the pain of his brother's sudden vanishment, but once Satan grew up. He was officially all alone.
So Mammon made a simple decision on letting him in. He really had nothing more to lose.
That decision changed his and that red hair demon's life for the greater good. 
They were first two close friends enjoying each other's company, glad that they both had each other's comforting presence.
That simple friendship blossomed into something bigger than anyone ever could imagine. Mammon was the first one who was attracted to the friendly lord. Mammon craved love and approval, Diavolo was the one who provided that love. With his simple compliments and kind gestures, it leaves Diavolo with a very flustered Mammon. As sad as it sounds, Mammon never felt so much love radiant on him. Diavolo gave Mammon a sense of comfort and approval he hadn’t felt in centuries. Mammon started to keep a close eye on the friendly lord. He noticed how much Diavolo enjoys pastries and tea. Every time he would take a bite or sip of pastries of tea his eyes would bright up like a little kid praising whoever made it. The more he got to know the lord, the more Mammon realized that he isn’t what Lucifer made him out to be but just a regular demon, with his own personality, not some perfect being. Diavolo made mistakes and he learns and improves from them, what Mammon doesn’t understand is why he was so keen on being friends with him. Mammon had such a bad reputation, yet the one and only future king wants to get to know him!? He didn’t know what to think about that. So Mammon asked. Diavolo seemed slightly confused by Mammon's sudden question. Yet he answered it truthfully.
“It’s because I wanted to get to know you for who you are. Not you sin greed, I believe that your sin doesn’t define who you are. I actually think your sin gives you motivation to be the better person, or demon in your case.” Diavolo gave a simple smile “I hope that answered your question Mammon.”
Mammon was shocked by his answer and he couldn’t feel a warm flutter in his heart. Yes, he felt safe in the friendly lord presence. That moment he decided to show his true personality to the lord, he decided to finally trust the lord. 
Diavolo was curious about the second born. He heard from Lucifer about all the trouble he made, but he didn’t think it was all that bad. 
He had to admit he was attracted to the white hair demon but he didn’t think anything about it. Diavolo wanted to get to know the demon, he soon realized that Mammon was wary of him. He didn’t know why. He ignored it though, Mammon’s questioning stares and just talked, the more time the two spent together the less often Mammon gave the questioning stare. Mammon’s wall of defense fully disappeared when he asked why he became friends with him in the first place. Diavolo gave him the most truthful answer. The moment Diavolo said those words, it changed everything. Diavolo got to see Mammon’s true personality. He was kind, gentle and passionate. The more he spent time with the white hair demon, he started to question either if he was a demon or still an angel. His kindness seemed unreal to him, Mammon seemed as an angel in the depths of hell, he was still shining bright no matter what crossed his path. Mammon onced completely stopped to buy some bakery bread and gave three loaves to a homeless child, the child seemed completely shocked and overwhelmed. The child first completely refused but after Mammon kept nagging him, the child agreed and happily ran home to tell his family the good news. Mammon smiled at himself. Diavolo blushed, he didn’t know why. These moments happened more and more. Diavolo didn’t know why, yet he didn’t dislike the feeling. He noticed himself stare at the demon more often, lightly blushing and spacing out. He noticed every time Mammon gets nervous in class he would always chew on the tip of his pencil. Diavolo made it a habit to check up on him. Diavolo offered his hand to Mammon, and Mammon took it. 
By the time the two of them completely fall in love with each other, the brothers notice the second born disappearance. The brothers felt a pang of envy for Diavolo, they never saw Mammon so happy. They could never make him that happy. The more the second born ignored them, the more they realized how badly they treated the second born. It seemed that karma was getting back at the brothers, after all the time they ignored the second born and insulted him, they all were determined to fix their ways, they were determined to become a better brother, not just for Mammon, but for all of them. The process of the brothers mending their relationship with Mammon, was a long process. Mammon was suspicious, he didn’t want to get hurt from them ever again, yet he craved for their love and approval. Diavolo walked Mammon through the whole experience, he offered advice and support. Even if Lucifer was his friend he sort of despised the brothers, he believed that Mammon was too good for them, he was too forgiving. Yet he knew that it was good for Mammon to mend his relationship with his brothers. In the end they all made up with Mammon, during the process the brothers got slightly protective over the second born. 
All of the brothers noticed the two interactions. The light blushing and stuttering. The consent staring at each other when one looked away. They felt unpleasant and immediately tried to pull Mammon away from the lord, but it was too late. Mammon was too in love. So instead of trying to prevent their relationship they decided to help the two love birds out, I mean only Asmo, Levi and Beel decided to help the love birds out. Lucifer, Satan and Belphie refused to share Mammon other than their family. Deep inside the three knew that Diavolo was perfect for the second born. Even a complete idiot could see Diavolo's flustered face when he stares at Mammon's face. His urges of making Mammon his, his true dedication and desire to treat Mammon right. To make Mammon his. The only reason why they aren’t dating each other is because of each other's denseness. Both of the two were too afraid to ruin their relationship right now by confessing their feelings for the other. 
Barbatos was getting sick of Diavolo ranting on how much he wanted to be with the white hair demon. He devised a plan with the help of the supportive three brothers and the angels. The plan was simple. Barbatos will convince Diavolo to have a student council dinner at a new and popular restaurant that opened. When they all arrived they paid the waiter to say there won’t be any more room for the two lovebirds, leaving them alone. With a help of Barbatos ability of looking into the future. Barbatos was fully prepared for any situation happening. 
The moment the waiter said those words, the two had a light blush on their flustered faces, Lucifer immediately tried to intervene but was pulled away by Beel. The two lovebirds nervously glanced at each other wondering what to say. Once the food came out all their nervousness came out. The two laughed and talked, enjoying their company together, forgetting about the others, watching their every movement making sure that this plan was a success. Before they knew it, it was late. It was all time to go home, and disappointed and frustrated Barbatos groaned. Lucifer signed in relief. They all thought maybe another time they’ll get the couple together until surprisingly Mammon made the first move. 
“Umm… Diavolo” He said shly. 
“Hmm..? What is it Mammon..?” 
Mammon paused for a long moment looking away from Diavolo making sure he didn't see his blush. “Would you like to walk with me in a park nearby?”
All of them paused for a moment. Lucifer, Satan and Belphie were not happy. The three were about to intervene until the other brothers made sure to cover their mouths. 
Diavolo gave a simple smile and said yes, he was happy to spend more time with the white hair demon.
The two were walking together in the park, not talking, just simply enjoying each other's  company. Diavolo noticed a human type of flower if he could remember correctly from Mammon’s explanations of flowers. It was a tulip. Diavolo smiled seeing the flower and slowly picked it up. 
“Mammon, close your eyes please.”
A confused yet trusting Mammon closed his eyes without a second thought. Diavolo simply places the tulip on Mammon ears. 
“Now you can open your eyes.” 
Mammon opened his eyes not understanding what he just did. Just then a gust of wind flew in their direction, making the tulip in Mammon’s hair fly away. 
“A-ah..” Diavolo looked at the petals flying away “The tulip…” 
Mammon quietly chuckled. He gently patted Diavolo’s back as a show of comfort. Mammon without thinking grabbed Diavolo’s hand pulling him towards the lake. Diavolo blushed at the movement, his heartbeat was beating so hard. “Come on Dia!” 
The nickname ‘Dia’ just came out randomly. They were just one day enjoying tea with each other and catching up until Mammon accidentally said ‘Dia.’ The moment Mammon realized what he said he started to blutter excuses. All Diavolo could do was laugh. Diavolo said Mammon could use that nickname in exchange that Diavolo is allowed to call Mammon a nickname. It was embarrassing for Mammon but he agrees, even so Mammon only calls Diavolo ‘Dia’ when they're alone.
They see the lake. The lake is magnificent. It’s filled with wildlife and plants, there's also aren’t lot of trees near the lake, perfect to see the moon and stars at night. Mammon smiled as he looked upon the night sky. Diavolo glanced at Mammon. He couldn't help but blush. “You look beautiful..” 
Mammon paused and turned to Diavolo. Diavolo was blushing when he realized what he just said. “W-what did you just say Diavolo..?”
A million things raced through his mind. 
“I-i Nevermind!” Diavolo was racing to run away. He had to retreat. Mammon quickly blocked Diavolo's path and cornered him.
“Tell me what you said” 
Diavolo blushed. He didn’t want to say anything right now. This position that he was in was making his flustered. Giving unwanted naughty thoughts. He muttered, Mammon didn’t hear and lift his eyebrow clearly confused.
He wanted to confirm on what he heard a minute ago, he didn’t want false hopes. 
Diavolo swallowed the clump in his throat. 
“I said, You look beautiful”
Mammon blushed he. Mammon quickly slapped his face. He accidentally slapped himself to hard.
“Ah..! Mammon!” Diavolo voice filled with concern. Diavolo gently lifted Mammon face, looking on the slap mark. He didn’t like Mammon getting hurt.
A voice in Mammon head spoke Come on idiot! Tell him your damn feelings already!
Was this the time to tell Diavolo his feeling for him. 
He nervously swallowed. “I really love you, Dia..” Mammon blushed. Diavolo had to blink his eyes several times. He grabbed Mammon hands quickly.
“Y-your not lying to me right Mammon?” 
An flustered Mammon only shook his head. Diavolo looked down at the small demon bellow him, he could have done a million things right now but instead he pulled Mammon into a hug.
Both of the two demons stayed in that hug what it seem like it was forever. 
It was finally official.
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onceuponatown · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From the book-
Loving: A Photographic History of Men in Love 1850′s-1950′s.
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moncapitainee · a month ago
Today…is S P O N E S.
Tumblr media
(One of the gay scenes i hold to heart)
McCoy and Chapel were up still working finishing reports and other stuff. “Hey Doctor McCoy, are you alright sir?” Chapel asked concerned a bit. “I’m fine Chapel thank you for asking though but really it’s just Spock. I don’t know why he hasn’t talked to me once in 3 weeks it’s pretty irregular if you ask me.” McCoy said. While finishing up his reports for the day. He has a bit of a crush on him but wouldn’t admit it at all. “You know what, I’ve noticed it too he couldn’t be upset at your for something you haven’t done or said anything wrong before he stopped talking to you?” Chapel asked “Nope, nothing harsh enough.” McCoy answered. Then they heard the Sickbay doors open and Spock entered.
“Mr. Spock me and Doctor McCoy were just chatting about you!” Chapel said jittery “I should get going Doctor see you tomorrow.” She waved as she left. “Dammit Chapel you had to leave…” McCoy muttered to himself. “Doctor I wish to ask you something.” Spock said interrupting the awkward silence. “Yeah Spock?” “Doctor- will you go on a date with me?” McCoy froze. ‘What did he ask me? I thought he- oh my Jesus.’ “Well- Mr. Spock- I-“ McCoy tripped over his own words, so to make up for it he kissed Spock.
Tumblr media
Spock’s cheeks turned a bright shade of green. “So- I suppose that is a yes?” Spock asked. “Mhm” McCoy nodded. “OH MY GOD I KNEW IT! THEY’RE IN A RELATIONSHIP!” Uhura shouted startling both men Spock and McCoy turned they’re heads quickly to see Uhura cheering. “CAPTAIN, SULU, CHEKOV, SCOTTY!” Uhura yelled in excitement running down the ships halls. “Oh no you don’t-“ McCoy said ready to run after Uhura put Spock simply pulled him back.
“Doctor that would be Illogical since she is already half way there it’s best to say as the captain says, ‘Leave it Bones.’” McCoy sighed “Alright Spock, but if we are gonna be in a relationship no more Doctor or McCoy.” The doctor declared. “Ok Len” Spock said giving him a small smile. “That- works.” McCoy said his cheeks a bright shade of pink.
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cloudhayato · 2 months ago
The nicest thing Byakuran has ever done is run a YouTube channel with Spanner where they cook really nice sweets.
Then Tsuna kills Byakuran and the channel stops uploading. Up until two years later where Spanner uploads a 1 second clip of his face and the description says “yeah this channel stopped uploading because my husband got murdered lol”
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the-flying-cloud-nj · a month ago
Happy Hump Day!
Tumblr media
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kenney-mencher · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wewerealwaysthere · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
GIF found here:
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she-scriptures · 25 days ago
She breaks rules. — She has joined him in expressing unfettered desire.
—Nancy Friday, Men in Love: The Triumph of Love Over Rage
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