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Wait a minute, you’re meant to tell me that we’re supposed to like the white, superhero male who’s Christian, supports capitalism with a trophy wife, is six feet tall, and uses his fists instead of his brain effortlessly, and not the deeply troubled super villain who is incredibly smart with a much more deep and interesting backstory that makes sense and connects us with the readers more, and actually is thoughtful to minorities?

Would have never guessed.

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A troublesome gang of superpowered rogues who are always getting up to trouble in New Prime City.

  • Punch Buggy
    • Hercule Cabuto
    • Super Bug Strength and Durability
  • Shadow Box
    • Malicia Maddox
    • Shadowkinesis (Shadow punches)
  • Snow Day
    • Lance Winfield
    • Cryokinesis (Generates Snow)
  • Camp Fire
    • Blaise Yu
    • Pyrokinesis
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Why do evil geniuses exist the way they do? By that I mean why are they evil? They make gadgets, so they can’t be too insane, not to mention these gadgets would probably be bought off of them in an instant, so what’s even the point in crime? They’d already be sitting on a mountain of money. There’s literally no reason a genius should be evil.

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One of those dumb concept in the vein of “cure for the cancer”, that make no sense once you think about it for more than a few seconds, are “evil superheroes”. Like, dude. Those are just supervillains. Notice how “superhero” consists of two parts - “super” denouncing some vague extraordinary quality, and HERO, because they fucking save people and fight others who want to hurt innocent civilians, by definition, without exception. Now, superheroes can be technically also antiheroes, that is, morally grey characters that still perform heroic actions. In fact, exploring the line between a superhero and a supervillain it’s actually a brilliant idea if done in an insightful manner. But if they are simply evil, then they just fall under the supervillain banner, and there isn’t anything clever or inherently subversive about that. Like, congrats, you created a supervillain maybe using some insignia of a morally upright character. That doesn’t make it an “evil superhero”.

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Good evening, it’s a wonderful day to love villains!

Tell me which beautiful baddies have stolen your hearts and senses lately. Do you want to kiss them? Do you want them to kiss each other? Do you want them to be given a nice heated blanket and a book on making better life choices? Or do you just want them to conquer the world and usher in a new era of stylish darkness? There’s not really a wrong way to do it.

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So I sent you a link to this over twitter, but a recent poll held on Disney's Avengers Campus gave out a list of the top ten Superheros, Top ten Supervillains, and Top 5 most wanted Superpowers. I thought it'd be neat to know which order you would put those in if you had to rank their top lists in order of your preference.

Going with my holistic feelings regarding the winners:

Superheroes: Captain Marvel < Aquaman < Wonder Woman < Captain America < Iron Man < Wolverine < Black Panther < Spider-Man < Batman < Superman

Supervillains: Mystique < Thanos < Penguin < Harley Quinn < Venom < Magneto < Loki < Catwoman < Joker < Lex Luthor

Superpowers to possess: Time travel < Invisibility < Healing < Superhuman strength < Superhuman intelligence

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Ever since Batman basically turned the Wayne Towers into weapons meant to take down monsters the size of Godzilla, the citizens of Gotham have started worrying about the entire city secretly being a weapon. Could it turn into a jaeger? A gundam? What about Voltron? Nobody knows for sure, but that doesn’t stop all of Gotham’s villains from taking precautions agains a killer robot bat mech the size of Gotham City.


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“Super Villains” is OUT NOW!!!
ILL rhymes by me and @jarvmakesmusic. Ominous banger soundscape by @drugs_beats. Sometimes you just have to put the MF DOOM mask on and put in that work. Go find it on streaming and run it up!!!
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