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#tysm for bearing with me lol
nobodyeverasked2 years ago
Requests: Open! Yay~
In addition, I鈥檓 adding
As groups I鈥檒l write for!
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morelike-bi-light2 years ago
leah or bree
Well, Leah on account of I'm far too old for Bree lol, but let's not kid ourselves, the answer would always have been Leah, I'm obsessed with her, shes my wife, I'd give her the world in a sweetly wrapped box with a bow if she had want of it, shes my moon and sea where victoria is my sun and sky. bree is my stars, I love her, but she babey
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restinpeacesensei3 years ago
Tumblr media
still a more in-character love ending. (this is a parody of ouran high school host club)
#pls don't take it seriously he stills loves the people who are kind to him very much!!!! ;////;#boueibu#akoya gero#my art#my comic#i drew this the same day i drew the heart full of little akoyas after i got out of the hospital but didnt finish until now LOL#the akoya valentine i did reminded me of this lololol#talisman975 1) your comment made me SUPER happy!!!! thank you so much!!! ;;w;; 2) waaa im so happy you think it fits him LOL!!!! XD#kira-7 waaa thank you so much!! im so happy you think it's cute!! ;;w;; i hope everyone has an ibushi too u///u#animecreator3000 omgggg i want to look at your tags whenever i feel sad or something bc these are the most precious things!!!#thank you so much uwaaa!!! >////< to be compared with a budgie is an honor omg im sure your budgie is ADORABLE and lucky to have you!! ;;w;;#im so happy arima looks like a mom! we need to give him one of those best mom mugs ;u;#i love how you said kin and akoya look so comfy in their bed and so smol and so cute! i feel like they get cuter as you describe them! >///<#tysm for noticing akoyas frilly pillows and the shine in their eyes!! ;;w;; i did put it there to be extra adorable im so happy you said so!#TYSM FOR NOTICING THE PLUSHIE LOL and the thing above the bed is a mobile aaaa im so happy you like them!! ;;w;;#THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH WAAAAAA IM SOOO HAPPPYYYY!!!! >////<#j-ellyfish waa im so happy you suggested a goodnight story yes that would be perfect!! ;;w;; tysm for calling them sweeties omg so cute!! ><#warm herb tea is such a lovely cozy idea as well!! ;;U;; arima would make them feel the comfiest and safest ever TuT#silvormoon the best arimama! ;;u;; and OMG im happy you said you hope they dont fight over the plushie LOL i was thinking that too!!!#i love how you called it a teddy bear but it's an alpaca i mean this nicely like when u see a lizard and say it's a good dog#(even if it wasnt intentional) im happy you noticed akoyas ruffled pillows!! ;u; and OMG yes there are stars to soothe kinchan as he sleeps#i wonder if it glows in the dark like real stars ;O; they could put those sticky glowing stars on the ceiling#kinchan would insist that they replicate actual constellations precisely.....#godtierluigi waaaaa thank you im so glad you liked it!! ;////;#ironpaladont uwaaa thank you for saying arima is a good mama it's so cute ;///; he needs to get one of those best mom mugs or shirts#the bedtime story would be the perfect final touch thank you so much for thinking of it!! ;;w;;#mostlikelytofangirl OMG thank you so much for remembering that comic!!! XD you are right arima is the one perfect for the job!!!#I LOVE THAT YOU NOTICED THE LLAMA/SHEEP/ALPACA LOL it is a reference to alpakoya XD!!!#i love how you said the room is precious and akoya and kin can merge with the pinks and purples omg ;O; they sound like clouds..#mercysorrows waaa im so happy you pointed out kin and akoyas eyes omg!! im so happy theyre adorable and arima is caring tysm!!! ;;3;;
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slasherwhxre2 months ago
Approaches you in a dark alley in a long trench coat and a hat
Opens trench coat and hands you envelope full of cash
May I have your pick of killers accidentally hurting their girlfriend / getting her killed ? Pre-entity or in trial whichever you pick.
The sweet sweet angst is too good and your writing is chef锟 kiss
Fades in the dark
the entrance LOL, tysm <3 that's a very good idea, might expand on it later, but for now.. let's go murderers.
Tumblr media
DbD Killers: Accidentally Hurting Their S/O
|| Characters: Danny 'Jed Olsen' Johnson, Ji-woon Hak, Michael Myers, Bubba Sawyer, Amanda Young
Tumblr media
Danny 'Jed Olsen' Johnson:
Had his knife stabbed you by mistake?
Danny has excellent memory, yet he can't remember.
He thoughtfully caresses the mark with his thumb.
"Is that me?"
You look at the fresh injury on your arm. "Not sure."
He stops.
"You're not a very good liar."
"I'm not鈥" Suddenly, grabbing your chin, he makes you look into his eyes. "Does it hurt?"
"N.. no." You try to shake your head, "Feels fine."
He lets go. Good. Maybe next time, then.
Tumblr media
Ji-woon Hak:
A long horizontal cut on your waist.
It stood out on your skin and looked to him like something his small blades would do.
Ji-woon runs a finger over the hurt flesh, careful not to press too hard on it and wake you. Did I do that?
He doesn't necessarily feel bad about it.
Merely thinks you need to run faster in trials with him.
A bit curious, if anything, it does make him feel a bit funny. It's his mark on you, even if it's not like the rest he's given you.
Ji-woon wonders if you even know about its existence. "At least I missed." He says, snickering to himself.
Perhaps he'll kiss it better once you're awake.
Tumblr media
Michael Myers:
Michael knows. Too little, too late, but he knows. He can't help but feel bad about it, he broke your trust. No doubt it's his hand imprinted on your neck with a purple mark.
He had lost control in a trial, and you paid the price.
Michael doesn't know what came over him, other than his evil nature.
Wanting to make it right, he lifts you in his arms, taking you to a secluded place where you hopefully can heal.
As much as he wants to be there when you wake up, the Entity needs him. He hopes you'll forgive him and goes on to finish his job.
Tumblr media
Bubba Sawyer:
Bubba didn't realize you were the one fixing the gen.
Looking at the blood dripping down your shoulder, he whimpered sadly. Thankfully you had let out a painful shriek and fainted before he could do actual damage.
He crouched down to your level to caress your face, crying a little. Bubba doesn't want to see you hurt, it's unbearable to him.
He gets up and walks away, going as far as he can to let other survivors know it's safe to heal you.
Tumblr media
Amanda Young:
She'll never be stealthy in a trial with you, that's for sure.
"Fuck, sorry."
Once she realizes it's you, she looks around to see if anyone's around to witness her actions. When the coast looks clear, she removes the reverse bear trap from your head. "Don't do this for them, though."
"No promises."
"Yeah, yeah." She slaps your butt, "Go on now."
Tumblr media
taglist: @prettycutebunny (you <3)
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kannabot2 months ago
Hi hi, can I request childe, diluc, kaeya with an s/o who gets injured very badly that they die (they thought they did) but hear me out like few hours after the situation happened s/o comes out of nowhere/comes back to them all injuries gone as if nothing happened and they like ask how or how they thought they died and that鈥檚 when they just casually tell them theyre immortal ? Thankss
鈥淗ow they'd react to you dying and returning
Note : I鈥檓 sorry if I got to this so late, I took a break and left this unpublished from my drafts and was 90% done but I thought I should at least finish it now and post it! Tysm for the request <3
Characters : Childe, Diluc, Kaeya x gn!Reader
Warning/s : angst w/ comfort, death, injuries, mentions of blood, the men being all angsty and in mourning lol also a bit of crack because there鈥檚 no way you just casually telling them you鈥檙e immortal after dying is gonna be not funny
Song I was listening to while writing this : -
Tumblr media
鉃 He held you tightly. Holding back the tears as he watches you struggle to say something.
鉃 Were you trying to say you loved him for the very last time?
鉃 Were you saying goodbye? If it was the latter then he鈥檇 rather not hear it, it would just implicate that you were never gonna see each other again and he鈥檇 rather cease to exist聽
鉃 But if it was the first one then-聽鈥淚 know, precious. I know.鈥
鉃 You need not say it.聽
鉃 He gently wiped the blood from the side of your lips and brushed aside the stray strands of your hair blocking his perfect view of your face that was beginning to fade
鉃 The light in your eyes slowly dying and he couldn鈥檛 hold back the tears any longer.聽
鉃 With the last bit of your strength- you reached your hand to hold his face, feeling the warmth of his tears invade your nullified senses.
鉃 鈥淲e鈥檒l see each other again.鈥 He whispered, placing a kiss on your forehead, not realizing how soon the reunion would be.
鉃 And then you were gone.
鉃 Just this morning you made him tea and smiled so brightly, and now you鈥檙e laying lifeless in his arms and the sky began darkening, rain pouring down on both of you and
鉃 It was as if the sky sympathized with him, mourning as well and letting its tears wash away your blood.
鉃 He sat there still, not minding the rain and the feeling of his heavy clothes sticking to his skin when all he could think about was facing an inevitable future without you
鉃 Aside the tears disguised as rain drops cascading down his cheeks, he laughed.
鈥溾灥 You were always one step ahead of me, cheating in games and lying to get the upper hand. And now you break a promise to always be with me. I underestimated just how cruel you can be.鈥
鉃 But you can get worse
鉃 It took Zhongli arriving at the scene for Childe to finally move, Zhongli taking your body away aside Childe鈥檚 reluctance
鉃 how convenient that he worked at a funeral parlour.
鉃 Zhongli came in to work to find a cheerful Hu Tao celebrating at the thought of a new customer, but her smile disappeared when she saw you in his arms.
鉃 Childe was unsure of what to do
鉃 You didn鈥檛 have any family and barely had any friends aside Xiangling, Hu Tao, Zhongli, Ganyu and Xinyan.
鉃 Should he hold a funeral? Would you have liked that?
鉃 He felt too lost. Unsure of what to do next for this situation never came across his mind
鉃 When he envisioned the future, he imagined the both of you, greying and bearing the evidence of time on your wrinkled skins but now-
鉃 Is he supposed to grow old alone?
鉃 Would he have to make you wait wherever you are now?
鉃 All the while Childe was being angsty in your shared home, recalling the memories every item held- Hu Tao was taking your measurements for coffin fitting purposes
鉃 when your eyes shot open.
鉃 Hu Tao could swear her heart jumped out of her mouth when she shrieked so loud she probably shook the entire parlour- ghosts were not really scary to her and she never minded death but you
鉃 -being carried in, dead and opening your eyes out of the blue was sure to make cameos in her nightmares.
鉃 Wow, the very first moment back into the living world is spent calming down Hu Tao who was willing to curse your bloodline for scaring her (it鈥檚 a joke, don鈥檛 worry, she wouldn鈥檛 actually...)
鉃 After all that, you set off to find Childe-聽
鉃 You walked into your house feeling nervous.
鉃 First time coming back to life, kinda nervous
鉃 He heard the door open and close, guessing it was Zhongli, he let out a sigh.
鉃 鈥淣o I am not free for tea. I鈥檓 deciding what clothes to prepare for Y/N for the. . .for the. . .鈥
鉃 He can鈥檛 bring himself to say it.
鉃 He may be going around the house reminiscing but he still refused to accept it deep inside and saying it out loud would just make it real.
鉃 鈥淔or the funeral?鈥 You asked, appearing before his very eyes, and his jaw dropped to the ground.
鉃 鈥淵/N? What?鈥
鉃 You smiled sheepishly.聽鈥淚鈥檓 sorry for dying on you like that- but I鈥檓 back.鈥
鉃 His eye twitched.聽鈥淲hat do you mean you鈥檙e back?鈥
鉃 Were you a zombie like Qiqi now? WhAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?
鉃 鈥淚鈥檓 immortal.鈥
鉃 Oh, that makes sense-
鉃 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 just drop that on me after I felt the pain of losing you- I deserve an explanation.鈥
鉃 You heaved a sigh, seeing the red in his eyes, probably from crying and slowly approached him. You can explain in a bit, you badly needed to hug him right now.
Tumblr media
馃渹 Diluc stood in the cathedral halls feeling desperate, it was late at night when he barged in holding you as your blood left a trail for everyone to follow in his track
馃渹 Barbara was just finishing the rest of her duties and was about to turn in for the night when Diluc barged in and startled the remaining sisters
馃渹 She was quick to act and usher him to a room where Barbara can begin treating you but unfortunately- she had to force Diluc out
馃渹 She needed to focus- your wounds looked severe and Diluc鈥檚 threatening aura was not gonna help her in the situation
馃渹 It took Rosaria appearing from the shadows, dragging the man away and out of the room for him to actually comply.
馃渹 Barbara was thankful and began treating you, doing everything in her power to close the wounds causing you to lose blood the most and that was almost every single one
馃渹 She could feel you slowly slip away and was in tears as she continues to desperately treat your every injury
馃渹 Jean who heard about the commotion and was pulling an all-nighter decided to check on both you and Barbara
馃渹 Finding her sister crying at the bed you occupied.
馃渹 鈥淚t was too late, I couldn鈥檛-鈥 Barbara didn鈥檛 finish and just broke down in Jean鈥檚 arms
馃渹 Diluc then entered the room on cue and realized the situation right away.聽
馃渹 Jean calming down a bawling Barbara and you just lying on that table unmoving. Your appearance has improved with the blood washed away and your wounds cleaned but your eyes remained closed and he felt the world shatter around him.
馃渹 But he had no time for tears when you slowly got up, yawning even and looking around the room confused
馃渹 You blink in confusion, wondering why the three were watching you and why Barbara was crying-
馃渹 then the memories of the events that had you dying immediately returned and you chuckle nervously
馃渹 鈥淲hat. . .?鈥 Barbara was sure you died.
馃渹 鈥淲hat鈥檚 going on?鈥 Jean asked, equally confused.
馃渹 鈥淵/N? How?鈥
馃渹 With a very awkward smile you threw your hand out like you were showcasing a surprise.聽
馃渹 鈥淪urprise?鈥
馃渹 Safe to say, Diluc had to hold himself back from getting mad at your nonchalance, and instead just felt thankful that you didn鈥檛 leave him-
馃渹 the implications of your immortality and how that would change your relationship can come later.
Tumblr media
鉂劼燢aeya had a pleasant morning with you, kissing you on your way out when you left to go do commissions as you usually did and you unfortunately happened to receive one that required you to go to Dragonspine.
鉂劼燳ou saved it for last and that proved to be a huge mistake when you realized it has gotten dark and it鈥檚 too late to just go back when you finally managed to make your way up the mountain without freezing to death.
鉂劼燳ou however didn鈥檛 see the Frostarm Lawachurl that was concealed in the snow as it made a run for you
鉂劼燳ou were thrown a few feet back and dislocated your shoulder, so with a determined sigh you summoned your weapon
鉂劼營f you were any other normal person, you would have聽run away and hid until it was safe to go back down but you knew you鈥檇 be fine.聽
鉂劼燛ven if this Lawachurl was to rip out your heart right this second, you鈥檒l be able to walk around like normal tomorrow
鉂劼燬o you rushed in, weapon in one hand and unable to use the other
鉂劼燳ou managed to kill the Lawachurl but not before receiving a few more broken ribs and you can tell you were bleeding internally
鉂劼燙huckling to yourself at the wasted potential of finishing a commission today without fail- you sat in the snow
鉂劼燭he cold helped numb the pain so you didn鈥檛 mind just resting on it
鉂劼燳ou can tell you were slowly slipping away and figured it won鈥檛 be so bad if you died in the middle of nowhere
鉂劼燳our injuries will heal soon enough and you鈥檇 be able to go back down like nothing happened
鉂劼燡ust need to think of a perfect excuse for Kaeya who would absolutely be worried.
鉂劼燜eeling the last bit of your strength fade away, you closed your eyes. 鉂劼燗nd you died.
鉂劼燦o big deal, you鈥檒l wake up like normal in a day or two- depending on your injuries-anyway, but you hadn鈥檛 expected Sucrose to find you.
鉂劼燬he had run an errand for Albedo, involving his camp in the cold mountain and was making her way down when she found you and luckily she was accompanied by Aether who was lagging behind Paimon who kept whining about the cold.
鉂劼燭he two felt horrified, they couldn鈥檛 tell if you were still alive given your numb-cold body and their denial when they couldn鈥檛 feel a pulse
鉂劼燭he two rushed to take you down the mountain and made their way to the Cathedral to get you healed by Barbara but the moment they had you halfway into the city of Mondstat- reality has set in
鉂劼燬ucrose was whimpering as she tried her best to assist Aether who ran like crazy with you in his arms
鉂劼燩aimon was also crying but flew right ahead to inform the sisters and get Barbara prepared
鉂劼燢aeya was quietly observing Lisa scan the shelves to get him the book he needs when he heard a commotion outside so he went to check and saw Barbara rushing out of Jean鈥檚 office with a crying Paimon-
鉂劼燞e felt the urge to approach them and so he ran after them and asked
鉂劼犫淲hat鈥檚 going on? Is there an emergency?鈥
鉂劼營f there was then he鈥檇 try to help but Paimon unable to meet his eyes kept silent,聽
鉂劼燘arbara kept a calmer posture as she continued rushing to the Cathedral and smiled sympathetically at Kaeya
鉂劼犫淵/N is injured and they鈥檙e being rushed for treatment.鈥
鉂劼燢aeya felt like he had just received a whiplash hearing Barbara say that and ran faster than his legs possibly allowed, leaving a huffing Barbara to dash behind him and once they reached the Cathedral, Aether had also just arrived carrying you in his arms
鉂劼燢aeya grabbed you from him and felt his heart clench when he felt how cold you were, and kicked the Cathedral doors open ignoring the gasps from sister who found offence in the gesture and rushed you to a room where he knew Barbara treated critically ill patients
鉂劼燞e set you down and the moment Barbara began inspecting you- she knew
鉂劼燬he just stood there, in shock and her reluctance to move made Kaeya mad
鉂劼犫淲hat are you just standing there for? Do something. Treat them!鈥
鉂劼燢aeya hadn鈥檛 meant to scream at the girl but you were injured and your dried blood was a terrifying sight to see
鉂劼燬he鈥檚 a healer right? She should be healing you right now
鉂劼犫淚鈥檓 sorry but Y/N is no longer with us.鈥 Barbara quietly said.
鉂劼犫淎re you sure? Try checking again.鈥 Kaeya shook his head, denying the girl鈥檚 words.
鉂劼犫淭hat can鈥檛 be- I was- we were just-鈥
鉂劼燗nd he went quiet.聽
鉂劼犫淚鈥檒l clean them and their wounds but there is nothing else I can do.鈥
鉂劼爏he ain鈥檛 c6
鉂劼燘arbara proceeded to do as she told, making you appear better and it hurts more for Kaeya that you looked like you were just napping
鉂劼營f it weren鈥檛 for the blood on your clothes, he would鈥檝e assumed you have never been hurt at all
鉂劼犫淭hey鈥檙e really gone?鈥 Sucrose who had been quietly standing by asked.
鉂劼燦o one answered. Aether, Paimon, Barbara and Kaeya all remained quiet because they all weren鈥檛 ready to face the truth.
鉂 Everyone else then left and decided to give Kaeya space. He sat there right next to your lifeless body, feeling numb. He felt like he had just lost himself is now an empty shell left to wander around
鉂 Staring at your pale face, he started to blame himself. Had he been with you, would you have survived such cruel fate?
鉂 You died all alone, in the cold and wouldn鈥檛 have been found if Sucrose didn鈥檛 happen to go on a supply run at Albedo鈥檚 Dragonspine camp.
鉂 You would have also probably been buried in the snow that he would never get to see you again, at leat for the last time.聽
鉂 Then his tears began pouring, contasting with your cold hand that he held, his tears were hot and he cried silently. He had so much he wanted to say and do with you.聽
鉂 For you to leave him so early-
鉂 Is he hallucinating right now? Imagining your voice calling out to him is somehow sadder than just accepting the truth that you are truly gone.
鉂劼犫淥h, Love, please don鈥檛 cry I鈥檓 right here.鈥 He only realized how real the moment was when he felt the hand he held slip away and your cold hands are now on his face, wiping his tears away.聽
鉂 You still felt cold, dead. How is he to know that you鈥檙e really back? Wait- why would you be back!?
鉂劼犫淚 didn鈥檛 want you finding out this way but there鈥檚 no use hiding it now. . .鈥
END.requests are closed.asks open.
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sukirichi7 months ago
Breakfast: ingredient 64 + sugar 5 for inumaki
Okay, but like- what about inumaki's first kiss? His mouth is a very sensitive area and his first kiss would be a very intimate act, so here's what happens: reader and him are mutually pining BUT all everyone else sees is the sexual tension between them.
Somehow itadori manages to lock them in a dark small space, where they share their first kiss, yet they don't speak about it and to each other for a long time. At some point itadori (i swear this kid is a matchmaker) points out how y/n and toge can't even glance at each other and inumaki breaks. Late at night he shows up at reader's dorm, pins her to the wall and kisses her like no tomorrow. After they eventually have a rough make out with toge's shirt coming off, they lay on her bed where reader tells him she really likes him and he grabs her chin to stop her rambling and she looses it when she sees so much love and lust swirling in his eyes (they maybe have a third make out round 馃憖) and in the end they come to the conclusion they love each other and that they should have acted sooner on it.
I don't know if make outs count as nsfw and i read that you can write only sfw for inumaki, so it's okay if you can't complete this request. Just let me know you if can't.
Also get prepared to be spoiled spammed with asks.
鈥 馃嵃 strawberry shortcake anon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the first kiss with inumaki toge is as delicate as he is.
meal order: 鈽咅煡 + 64 (canon au) + 5 (mutual pining) + sensitive first kiss with inumaki, them trapped in a room + yuuji as matchmaker uwu + WALL PIN KISS YES SIR + basically hot af inumaki
warnings: nothing really, just make out sessions and implications of smut, also UH soft dom inumaki toge, i guess? unedited as always
song i listened to while writing: I.F.L.Y. by Bazzi
note: 馃嵃 anon TYSM for this request, my heart was legit doki doki the whole time. this totally reminds me of why inumaki was my first crush and he鈥檚 the reason i came to watch jjk lol i love him so much <3 i hope this is what you鈥檝e been looking for and that you like it! i had a lot of fun writing this one!
Tumblr media
鈥淵uuji, don鈥檛!鈥 You tried to scramble against the strawberry haired boy鈥檚 grip, but he was far too strong, and it didn鈥檛 help that Nobara鈥檚 riled up self was helping him push you back inside the storage room. 鈥淵uuji, Nobara, I鈥檓 your senpai, have some respect鈥斺 You don鈥檛 get to finish your words before you鈥檙e pushed inside, landing on the floor with a thud.
鈥淵uuji!鈥 You banged your fists on the door once you鈥檝e recovered, screaming at the top of your lungs. From outside the door, you heard the underclassmen giggle and run away, leaving you with your crush, Inumaki Toge, of all people.
Falling down into a squat, you wrapped your arms around yourself, refusing to look at him. You were only thankful that it was dark so Toge wouldn鈥檛 see how your pupils blew wide, your body responding at the soft scent of his perfume and laundry detergent. He鈥檇 been your crush for who knows how long now, and your first memory of meeting the cursed speech user burns at the back of your mind to remind you that it鈥檚 been years, and yet you鈥檝e barely spoken to him.
Unlike the other students, your cursed technique wasn鈥檛 the most useful in combat. Your technique allowed you to nullify the abilities of others, but the downside of it was that it didn鈥檛 have much advantage against curses, so you had to rely on your physical strength to exorcise.
On the bright side, though鈥
鈥淪o,鈥 Toge begins, shuffling away from the dusty wall and closer to you. Your heartbeat raced when his knees brushed against yours, thighs pressed against one another. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a victim of them too.鈥
鈥淗mm, guess so.鈥
Neither of you speak for a while. Toge himself wasn鈥檛 much of a talker, and he barely batted an eye when Maki and Panda hauled his ass inside the storage room. He was so calm and placid that your mind was in mess 鈥 both because you were comfortable and happy in his presence, but at the same time, your palms were so sweaty and the room was so stuffed you could barely breathe. It didn鈥檛 help that Toge was humming too, reassured that he wasn鈥檛 going to hurt you with his powers.
鈥淯hm,鈥 you started nervously, fiddling with your fingers. The silence stretched out thick and cordial that you couldn鈥檛 bear it anymore, and you turned to Toge with wide eyes, blinking back rapidly when he faced you as well, his deep purple eyes like a painting before you. 鈥淒o-do you know why we鈥檙e locked in here?鈥
Your palms grew wetter with each ticking second; Toge taking his time to answer.
Nobara had eavesdropped on you gushing to Megumi on how Toge looked so cute during breakfast this morning, and the girl immediately ran off to tell her best friend, Yuuji; the two of them sharing the same braincells.
Before you knew it, everyone split into two groups, your classmates dragging Toge away while Nobara and Yuuji manhandled you, hissing into your ear to man up and fess.
As if it was as easy as that! Inumaki Toge 鈥 albeit approachable and kind 鈥 was still the light of your life, the apple of your eye, and he barely acknowledged your presence the whole two years you鈥檝e been with him. He was much closer with Maki and Panda while you got along more with the younger ones (although you wouldn鈥檛 hesitate to redact that statement after doing this to you), so the chances of you ever striking up a full conversation with him were low.
You only admired him from afar, sighing dreamily into your hands while he trained with Panda. Megumi seemed to be the only decent one, silent and bored as ever while you rambled on tirelessly on how much Toge looked so buff under his uniform yet had the face baby, stating over and over again he was born just to drive you crazy.
You should鈥檝e known someone would find out one way or another, but heavens forbid, not him. The both of you were barely friends to begin with 鈥 you didn鈥檛 want to shatter whatever mutual respect you had for each other just because you crushed on him hard.
Mind running back and forth over the different ways Toge could reject you, because obviously someone had told him, or obviously he knew already 鈥 why else would he be locked here with you if your friends didn鈥檛 know something? It was getting hard to read his face from the darkness; the only thing you could make out were his long lashes and lips visible with his collar down.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, to be honest,鈥 he avoided your gaze, and you swallowed audibly at the sound of his husky voice; unused to speaking this much. 鈥淏ut鈥ut we鈥檝e got nothing to worry about. Gojo-Sensei or Nanamin will come around soon.鈥
鈥淥kay,鈥 you nodded at his words, cursing inwardly that this was your perfect chance to confess or at least try and be friends with him, but your whole body was burning, feet frozen in your place that you just couldn鈥檛 bring yourself to do it. You watched from the corner of your eye as Toge rocked back and forth in his heels, cheeks puffed out, and your eyes zeroed in on the snake tattoo beside his lips.
Toge rarely ever let his collar down to muffle his voice, so seeing him expose his lips like this almost felt intimate. He looked so pretty, long lashes fluttering on top of those warmed cheeks and strong arms wrapped around his knees.
He was just an arm鈥檚 length away. This was the closest you鈥檇 ever gotten with him, and maybe it was because you鈥檇 kept your feelings a secret for so long that it suddenly burst through. Faster than you could take notice of yourself, your arm reached out to cup his cheeks, thumb swiping against the tattoos. 鈥淧retty,鈥 you murmured, Toge stiffening up under your touch.
His eyes skewed over to yours, wide and unreadable, but there was something there 鈥 something burning. He had to bite down his cheek as you caressed his face absentmindedly, and it wasn鈥檛 until his fingers came up to your wrist that you realized what you were doing.
鈥淥h!鈥 you exclaimed, the warmth of his skin now searing because of your embarrassment. 鈥淭oge 鈥 I-I didn鈥檛 mean to 鈥 I鈥檓 so sorry! It鈥檚 just, your tattoos look so pretty and I鈥檝e always鈥斺
Your words are thrown right back into your mouth when Toge tugged you forward, sending the both of you toppling to the ground. Toge鈥檚 hands were delicate, just as delicate as your touch, when he cupped your face, his lips moving with yours. You were stunned for a moment before pleasure and fireworks exploding everywhere burst within you, prompting you to kiss him back in urgent fervor.
Toge鈥檚 lips tasted like candy, his sighs into your mouth melting your insides until you鈥檙e crumpling his shirt, eyes shut so tight in fear that maybe this would all disappear the moment you opened them.
Your hands travelled everywhere 鈥 from his shoulders, to his neck, his jaw 鈥 before it settled into his hair, the satisfaction of finally getting to run your hands through them has you weakening in his hold. Toge keeps his grip on your waist firm, almost possessive even, and he held you up both, sitting up while your arms wound around his neck.
A curse must鈥檝e possessed you because you moaned into his mouth when he nipped at your bottom lip, tugging it inside his mouth so he could taste your cherry chapstick.
He wasn鈥檛 in a better state than yours. As the cursed speech user, his mouth was one of his most sensitive parts, and it took all energy it had in him to not kiss you senseless right then and there, your lips swiping over his mouth in such a mind-numbing sensation.
It felt like his body was on fire, the heat licking up from his toes to right where you were pressed on him. Your lips on his was scorching, the soft sighs and moans you gave him only adding to the fuel.
Toge groaned as your nails subconsciously pulled at his hair, making him grind you down into the V of his lips, pressing your chest firms against his until there was no more space. Through the darkness and nearly airless atmosphere of the room, Toge still managed to take your breath away, your lips moving in synch and you were falling, falling, falling.
He effortlessly held your weakening arms up before he pulled away, both your chests panting at the sudden heated kiss. His eyes trailed down from your lust-filled gaze to the bow of your lips, where the flesh was plump and abused.
Toge鈥檚 thumb swiped over your lips that had you frozen solid because he looked at you so gently, delicately, almost as if he didn鈥檛 want to hurt you. But he never could 鈥 you nullified everyone鈥檚 powers and allowed him freedom in your space. You鈥檇 let him come again and again, welcoming him with open arms if he wanted so, and in that moment, you believed he did.
Although why would he want you?
Fears and insecurities struck a chord in you and you scrambled away from his lap, leaving Toge all alone in the ground. You ducked your head down to ignore the confused and hurt expression on his face, turning back to the door instead. 鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry,鈥 you rasped out in one breath, 鈥淚-I didn鈥檛 mean for that kiss to happen and I鈥檓 sorry if I made you uncomfortable. Please just forget this ever happened and I really wish you and I aren鈥檛 awkward for this. Okay, good night. See you around.鈥
Pulling your phone out of your pocket after cursing yourself for not thinking of texting Megumi sooner, you speed dialed the younger boy, begging him to unlock the door.
Megumi came around a few minutes later. Toge had long settled behind you, silent but still catching his breath from your previous lip-locking. His presence unnerved you and you rubbed your hands up and down your arms, praying to whoever divines self that Toge would forget about this as well. The moment Megumi came around, you leaped out of the room, leaving two confused boys 鈥 with one of them unknowingly shattered.
Tumblr media
The next few days were hell.
You and Toge hadn鈥檛 talked much at all before, but now, you both pretended as if the other didn鈥檛 existed. During class where there had to be pairings, you immediately sided with Maki and pushing Panda to Toge鈥檚 way, the latter frowning behind his collar every time you avoided his gaze.
You just couldn鈥檛 handle being anywhere near him after that kiss. You feared that your heart would combust and you鈥檇 further embarrass yourself in front of him, as if you weren鈥檛 embarrassing enough with how excited you were as you kissed him.
Gosh, what would Toge think of you now?
You bet he found you so weird, and your suspicions were only confirmed when he鈥檇 resorted to avoiding you as well. No more polite and cheery good mornings! in the hallway or asking what he had for lunch, no more random texting of memes at 3am because you both didn鈥檛 have friends outside the institute.
Pure silence from the other side.
It should鈥檝e comforted you 鈥 you wanted to stay away from him, right? 鈥 but you only grew restless. Your focus dwindled with each passing day, finding yourself at the back of Toge鈥檚 head longingly when he wasn鈥檛 looking, then sighing as you chastised yourself from being stupid.
To be honest, that kiss only made your feelings multiply tenfold.
Now that you knew how warm and comfortable Toge was to the touch, how his lips tasted and how his hair felt under your touch 鈥 you crushed on him impossibly harder than before.
You reached a point where you tossed and turn around in bed, unable to fall asleep; completely unaware that just a few doors down, he was doing the same. It had you thinking back to that day all over again, wondering why did he kiss you? If he liked you, why did he never talk to you? He never even noticed you before and you were always the first one to strike conversation, but because the others were always around, chats were limited, one-worded, and awkward.
That cursed technique of yours was still useless, after all.
鈥淲ould you please stop moping around?鈥 Megumi slammed his book down on the table next to you, and you jumped in your seat, clutching your pencil to your chest. 鈥淚鈥檓 tired of you eye-fucking Inumaki-senpai.鈥
鈥淲ha 鈥 ? No, I wasn鈥檛, what are you talking about?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檝e both been acting weird,鈥 observed Yuuji who stopped fighting with Nobara over who would win in an arm wrestling fight without special abilities: Gojo-Sensei or Nanami. Nobara nodded beside him, stealing Yuuji鈥檚 crisp chips before speaking. 鈥淵ou both can鈥檛 even glance at each other. All of us can feel that something鈥檚 wrong between you two.鈥
鈥淭hey probably fucked in the storage room.鈥
鈥淣obara, keep your voice down!鈥
鈥淲hy should I?鈥 she smirked, jabbing her thumb to an asleep Toge lounging on the field with Panda. 鈥淵our precious crush is asleep. He won鈥檛 know. But whatever, what did happen when we locked you both there?鈥
鈥淵ou all humiliated me, that鈥檚 what happened!鈥
鈥淲hat do you mean humiliated?鈥 Megumi asked this time around, and you buried your face in your arms, glancing over at Toge again. He was slumbering peacefully, his body shaded from the sun under the tree, and your fingertips itched with the urge to hold him close again.
鈥淗e doesn鈥檛 like me,鈥 you concluded with trembling lips, sending one last longing glance at Toge. 鈥淎nd I think I just absolutely ruined everything.鈥
Tumblr media
No matter how much your underclassmen tried to cheer you up, your spirits were never lifted. You trudged back to your room that night, tired and drained from all the events that you just buried your nose in your textbook, studying about curses for next week鈥檚 exams.
The words began to blur and you sighed on your seat, glancing at your phone. It was nearing midnight and the dorms were oddly quiet, but you guessed everyone just had a long day.
Soon, you brushed your teeth and moved to retire for the night when three soft knocks came from your door. Your hand stilled on your blanket, brows furrowed at who could it be this time of the night. After fixing your hair to make yourself presentable, you swung the door open, ready to hit Yuuji if he came here to drag you down to the movie room and force you to watch horror movies again when you were harshly pushed, the stranger kicking the door back.
You gasped as warm lips came crashing down to yours, your hands pinned above your hand with just one arm.
You didn鈥檛 have to open your eyes to know it was Toge who鈥檇 placed a knee between your legs to prevent you from falling; your knees already turning to jelly before you even registered it was him. The familiar taste of something sweet like candy and cough syrup coated your senses and you moaned in his arms as his hands ran under your shirt, making the hairs on your body prickle up in anticipation.
Toge took advantage of your moan, his tongue slipping inside before it clashed with yours. It was too much 鈥 his overwhelming scent, his tongue tasting yours, his hands squeezing your breasts tenderly 鈥 you were on the verge of falling apart.
Fire burned all over your body, pure instinct dominating your conscious mind as you pushed him back, Toge falling down with you scrambling above him.
He grunted at your sloppy actions of trying to tug his shirt over his head, but he complied, reaching up at the same time you leant down for another wet, heated kiss. The kiss this time around was far less gentle and more urgent; your mutual pining for one another tipping over the edge until all hell broke loose.
You settled into his lap as if it were a throne and he encouraged you to take it, to claim him because he considered you the queen of his world.
鈥淭oge, I,鈥 you rambled after every peck, unable to form a complete sentence because you kept wanting to kiss him. It was nearly impossible to pull away now that he held you so close, making you feel like home and driving you absolutely insane. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 do it anymore, mmhm, I want you so much 鈥 always have 鈥 I don鈥檛 want to avoid you and I just want to鈥斺
He stopped your rambling by grabbing your chin forwards, his lips molding over yours again and dancing with it like two perfectly syncopated performers.
Toge鈥檚 curious hands ravished every crevice and dip of your curves as he sucked on your tongue, tasting it fervently like a traveler memorizing his path. You shuddered when Toge鈥檚 nimble fingers travelled down to cup your ass to lift you upwards, pushing you closer and deeper into his mouth.
None of you cared about anything anymore. You could barely focus on anything but letting your hands roam free down his chest, Toge rutting up to you when your cold hands brushed over his nipple.
Needing air to breathe, you pulled away first, panting as your forehead pressed against his. You stared at each other, lips swollen and wet from the hot make-out session. You were sure that your adoration for him was clearly evident in your eyes, that your feelings for him sparkled and radiated like the bright sunshine鈥檚 warmth he always made you feel.
But that wasn鈥檛 what drove you crazy.
It was the fact his expression mirrored yours; only his had lust swirling around his dark eyes, an unexplainable plethora of emotions flooding through them. You were breathing hard and so was he, his soft pants warming your lips that were still sore from his hungry ministrations.
Now was the time.
It didn鈥檛 matter that maybe he didn鈥檛 feel the same way for you; you liked him so much. Your feelings poured over the glass and your eyes glossed over with how your heart frantically chanted his name, wanting nothing and no one else but him.
鈥淚 love you,鈥 you confessed, 鈥淚 fucking love you.鈥
To your surprise, Toge chuckled, pulling you forward until his chest was flushed against yours. He captured your lips for one last kiss, delicate this time around as his hands cupped your jaw. You tilted your hide to the side to deepen the kiss, and you sighed while Toge rubbed soothing circles at the sides of your jaw then down to your neck.
鈥淵ou better,鈥 he mumbled through your lips, 鈥淏ecause I fucking love you too, and I don鈥檛 want to play this game of push and pull anymore.鈥
It was your first time to hear such dominance in his words, to witness such need and possessiveness shine back through his eyes, his lips travelling to the sides of your face. Submissively, you arched your back to him and allowed him access to your neck, head lolling to the side. Even as Toge slowly but surely left little love bites to mark you as his, he was gentle and delicate, soft yet hard, bitter but sweet like the longing you had for one another.
Even as he had you trapped under his arms, his heat nestled into the deeper, intimate parts of you that only welcomed no one else but him; your lover was absolutely delicate.
And you only fell for him harder than you already have.
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chuuyasboots2 months ago
Hii I absolutely love your writing you're so good oml
Could I have hcs of atsushi, akutagawa, chuuya, oda and fyodor (sry if that's too much lol) with a s/o who's really calm most of the time but when they get mad, the get MAD like terrifying kinda level
Again, ily sm and take good care of urself <3
hi!! and tysm you鈥檙e so sweet 馃槶
atsushi, akutagawa, chuuya, oda, and fyodor with a calm s/o who gets SCARY when mad
genre: ???
warnings: i rly had to make things up to make the reader mad at these boys. so. bear with me if it seems unrealistic. also yelling.
pairings: atsushi, akutagawa, chuuya, oda, and fyodor x gn!reader (separate of course)
master list
Tumblr media
|| poor boy has never and would never do anything (purposely) to upset you
|| in fact, part of what he fell in love with was how sweet and easygoing you are
|| the two of you were just hanging out, laying together on the couch- you鈥檙e playing a game on your phone and atsushi is just content watching you
|| truthfully, atsushi was about to fall asleep. the way you provided a warm comfort from just laying on him was making his eyes fall shut
|| really, the game you were playing seemed relaxing enough- atsushi didn鈥檛 pay much attention to it
|| until you let out a scream of frustration, followed by several curse words strung together in a pattern that didn鈥檛 make sense to you or atsushi
|| you鈥檇 jumped up off of atsushi in your rage, and he was left laying there utterly shocked
|| when you calmed down and looked at him, he let out a hesitant laugh and just kinda sat there astounded
|| you obviously don鈥檛 know why he鈥檚 acting so shocked until he points out that he鈥檚 literally never heard your voice so much as raise before
|| he鈥檒l tell you afterwards that he thinks it鈥檚 cute that you got so worked up over some game
Tumblr media
|| now. aku doesn鈥檛 usually try to antagonize you, but he is very blunt sometimes
|| considering you鈥檝e never really gotten angry at or around him before, akutagawa wasn鈥檛 expecting your reaction when he told you he didn鈥檛 like the shirt you鈥檇 been trying on
|| in his mind, you鈥檇 asked his opinion on a shirt, he didn鈥檛 like it, so of course he鈥檇 tell you
|| he just really didn鈥檛 realize how much you鈥檇 been hoping he would like it
|| at first you ignore him, which aku does not handle well. as soon as you get home he鈥檚 trying everything to get you to talk to him: 鈥渨hat do you want for dinner?鈥 鈥渋 had a good time today,鈥
|| but it鈥檚 when he says 鈥渁re you mad at me?鈥 that you let your calm exterior drop and you raise your voice
|| 鈥渁re you serious, ryu? of course im mad! are you dense?鈥 you yell at him, his face full of surprise and his heart dropping
|| when you walk away, aku is literally speechless. cant fathom what you鈥檙e mad at or the fact that you can actually yell
|| when y鈥檃ll make up, he鈥檒l say something quietly about 鈥渋 didn鈥檛 even know you could yell鈥︹
Tumblr media
|| chuuya came home very drunk. he knew he was drunk, you knew it as well of course, but he insisted that he was fine
|| you really just wanted to help him take off his work clothes and change into something more comfortable, maybe take a shower if he was feeling up to it, but your boyfriend was being difficult, to say the least
|| 鈥 鈥榤 fine babe, just lemme sleep,鈥 chuuya slurred into your neck as he used your shoulder to help walk
|| he鈥檚 not fine, he can barely hold his balance by himself, and you know it.
|| 鈥渋m not letting you sleep in your filthy clothes, chuu, let me help you,鈥 you plead with him
|| then his drunk self decides to have an attitude with you- 鈥渨ell i don鈥檛 want your help,鈥 he says with a pout and trying to push himself off of you
|| you try to take his attitude lightly- he鈥檚 wasted after all, but when he nearly falls over into a door frame, you reclaim your spot right next to him and try to help him into the bedroom
|| again, chuuya slips out of your grasp. now you鈥檙e angry.
|| you give him a stern look, 鈥渘akahara chuuya. you need to listen to me now. i鈥檓 not messing around with you while you鈥檙e this drunk. let me help bathe and dress you, and then you can go to bed. understand?鈥 damn bae that鈥檚 hot of you
|| suddenly chuuya, even drunk chuuya, is listening like a dear, letting you take care of him as you wish. your only regret is not taking a picture of his face while you scolded him. the way his mouth fell open and his eyes widened- priceless.
Tumblr media
|| odasaku has always loved your calm nature, he found it gelled well with his own personality
|| but now, when he just won鈥檛 put down his laptop and take a break from working- you had to prepare to set your calmness to the side
|| you could tell he was overworking himself again. there was crumpled papers sitting on his desk, he鈥檇 come into the kitchen at least three times to refill his mug of tea, and he just looked tired and stressed
|| you鈥檇 told him about an hour ago that he needed to rest and take a break, to which he鈥檇 just waved you off saying he鈥檇 be done soon. obviously that hadn鈥檛 worked.
|| so when you came back in this time, you were determined to get him out of his office chair
|| 鈥渂aby?鈥 you creeped into the doorway, calling to oda softly. he hardly seemed to acknowledge you as his fingers typed away on his keyboard
|| you sighed. you were never one to yell, and you didn鈥檛 want to now. but he wasn鈥檛 even lifting his eyes from the screen otherwise鈥
|| 鈥渙da sakunosuke! i told you an hour ago to take a break, and you said you would. i鈥檝e been patient with you, but enough is enough!鈥
|| when i tell you mans spun around in his chair so fast- mouth hanging open, eyebrows raised.
|| 鈥渋- okay, love. im done now,鈥 oda stuttered through his shock, standing up and kissing your forehead sweetly
Tumblr media
|| fyodor isn鈥檛 one to show his jealousy in outward gestures. he knows you鈥檙e capable of putting others in their place, and he鈥檚 happy to let you
|| so while the two of you were at the bar one evening, and fyodor had briefly left you to use the restroom, he was intrigued to find another man sitting in his spot next to you
|| instead of barging in and taking his seat back, fyodor decided to watch you and what you would do
|| at first, you are calm as you tell the man that you鈥檙e here with your boyfriend, and that you鈥檙e more than happy with him, which is much to fyodor鈥檚 delight to hear
|| when the man doesn鈥檛 leave, however, and continues pursuing your interest- you start raising your voice slightly. still maintaining composure, but louder now.
|| after a third time of the man insisting that he could show you a better time than 鈥榳hatever boyfriend of yours鈥 could, fyodor was about to step in
|| until you stood up out of your seat to yell at the man
|| 鈥渨hat right do you have to be talking about him that way? you couldn鈥檛 show me a better anything if you were five times the man you are now! i love him and am very happy with him, so leave me alone!鈥
|| fyodor watches the scene, jaw hanging open in shock and awe
|| he鈥檚 so very proud of you for sticking up for yourself- but he鈥檇 never heard you yell like that before. like damn, he鈥檚 impressed and all sorts of newly in love
Tumblr media
thank you so much for the request and your very sweet words @weebumochi , sending love to you 馃挄馃挄
i hope y鈥檃ll enjoyed this, thanks for reading!!
requests are open :)
Tumblr media
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sakuatsutingz10 months ago
hello babes!! may i request kita, osamu and suna w a super puppy like crush? as in gets excited super easily, wants to get praised, is super affectionate, a puppy pretty much!! (lol i just noticed that this description also fits hinata) thank u babes and have a lovely day ^_^
WAIT I LOVE THIS聽 brianna thinks im like hinata so im taking this req HAHHBSHA also i didnt know what to title this so i hope hyper crush would do BYENFUHNJDFHG
but enjoy and tysm luv <3 - jamie !!
she's not like hinata, she is hinata
- brianna <3
Tumblr media
kita, osamu & suna with a hyper crush聽
masterlist here request or talk to us here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
boy doesnt mind !! <3
he honestly loves it and wants to make you happy forever
the only thing standing in between him and dating u is the fact both of u are both too anxious to even ask each other oUT BYEHSAHBFHGB
hand in marriage pls kita <3
he gives you these little gifts and trinkets like a teddy bear he saw at the store !! <3
would definitely smile if he sees you opening the gift with such joy in your eyes聽
im literally crying at how soft he is while writing this WHY IS THERE NO KITA SHINSUKE IN THIS WORLD I HATE IT HERE
he would praise and compliment you in the most random times but ure not complaining like i mean he loves u and u love him
wouldnt honestly hide his crush on u !!
that doesnt mean he would flirt with u or anything, maybe like he would just say more compliments than usual
when he finally asks u out you !! were !! ECSTATIC !!
u love it when he says smth good about u !!
its not the ego per say ,, more like you appreciate him appreciating u
if that even makes sense ..
鈥測ou have the most beautiful eyes.鈥 鈥測ou should smile more, y/n.鈥
kita doesnt cook but he would obv try for you so u can smile !!
he loves how youre the one to shower him with affections constantly
he also loves how you give him those puppy dog eyes when you ask him for something !!
thinks of getting you a dog someday to match your cuteness level !!
but we all know, no cute animal will ever match your level, and he knows that damn well <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if you got the guts to tell me samu wouldnt tease you if youre hyper you gmfu
would act like he doesnt know you were that affectionate in the stupidest times and ways as a way to tease the hell outta you
鈥渙h- y/n i didn鈥檛 know you were possessed by a puppy ,,鈥 鈥渟tfu samu i am a human鈥 鈥渟ounds like bs to me鈥
the banter might sound platonic to others
and so his crush on u is just that well hidden聽
but when the both of u are alone
you would bury your head in the crook of his neck聽
and his mind would just go ?@#$:#4鈥%:#?%@^%?Y$%^?
basically he short circuits every time
but he isnt surprised because since the two of you are friends he would know you would be very affectionate
but does he know you mean it in a non platonic way ?
the answer is both yes and no HAHHSGHSGHJAH
but at the same time his heart is just bursting sm bc the two of you are close together all the time <33
okay so confession time
you were both binge watching harry potter movies on his couch half cuddling lol
he would say random facts throughout the movies
like did yk abt the set of the first movie or wtvr
like stfu mister handsome
UNTIL he accidentally blurts out his crush on u and you were like
insert surprised pikachu face
鈥渄id you know that i love you?鈥
god damn you mister SMOOTH
you squeal and you suddenly shower him w kisses like omg
now u guys r full on cuddling urselves to sleep <3
gg for the hp movies
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ya'll like sun and moon
he's more quiet and reserved
and your very loud and outgoing
but it kinda works ya know ??
he could listen to you talk for hours
and sometimes will fall asleep while your going on rants about your day or random facts you know
you guys can always be seen together
and your a very touchy kinda friend
lots of hugs and affection !!
its one of the many things which got suna to fall for you
he started to notice the smaller habits you have
like how when your tired you mumble your words
or when you get happy you start to get rlly bouncy
most people assume ya'll are dating lol
and suna lowkey thinks it as well
that's why when he kisses you out of the blue you're like ??!
and you question him like why tf
which leads to the confession
more like him just being
"well, i assumed we were together? i guess i never asked, but you can't tell me you don't feel the same."
so after that day ya'll were together 鉁
not much changed about your relationship tho lmFSOJFJDJFJ
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xpeachesncream9 months ago
perfectly wrong | three
Tumblr media
summary: there were rules that had to be followed: no one could know about you two, there was no 鈥榞etting to know each other,鈥 and there was absolutely no emotional attachment allowed. if this could be done, there should be no complications. but somehow, the rules always get bended.
pairing: reader x fuckboy!kth
genre: college au | fluff, angst, smut
words: 2.1k
chapter warnings: cussing / mature language, mentions of sex, mentions of hickeys; nothing too crazy
tags: @soulstaes, @apollukee鈥嬄燖imluckybitches鈥嬧嬧 (pls lmk if you would like to be added to the taglist!)
notes: so even though there鈥檚 more chapters posted on my wattpad account, i highly recommend you stick to my posts on here since i have been revising and adding a bit to each chapter that i have posted so far. please also show some love to my jimin ff called off the grid :) tysm!
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Tumblr media
Your body clock is insanely accurate, especially having done this time and time again. Although you feel wrecked and tired as fuck, you still manage to wake up by 6:30am.
You never really stayed past 7.
You sit up and rub your face a couple of times before looking around the room to see where your pieces of clothing could be scattered. The curtains are drawn a bit now, and Taehyung isn't next to you. Which doesn't surprise you because he barely stayed in bed anyways.
Most of the time, he was already out the door for another quick fuck or to do shit with his boys, but the latter was rare. It was easy to believe Taehyung had a roster to cover his mornings, middays, evenings, weekends; a whole ass rotation. But who's to say - you're only assuming because you've seen texts from different people pop up on his phone before, and never had it been a familiar name.
You sigh as you sit up with the sheets still wrapped around your body as you try to pick your clothes off of the floor. You don't know why you're doing that in the first place when Taehyung has seen your naked body time and time again. Still, you didn't really know him like that and the thought of him potentially walking in on you during any normal circumstance makes you shy and somewhat embarrassed. You catch a quick glimpse of yourself in his closet mirror and you see the hickeys planted all over your breasts and about 2 visible ones along your neck. Your work was already cut out for you this morning since you definitely had to conceal those before seeing Jin oppa later.
"Ah, headache." You say to yourself as you finish getting dressed and walk out into this hallway. "Ow, fuck." You palm your forehead even though you knew damn well it wouldn't do anything to ease your headache.
"You alright?" You hear his voice from behind you. Where in the fuck did he come from? You weren't used to running into him like this.
"Uh, yeah." You just looked at him as he crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe that lead into his living room to look at you.
"You need anything for that?" You continue to stare at him, your eyebrows furrowed a bit because you don't know why he's talking to you and asking you these things. "Well?"
"No." You respond quickly. "I'm fine." You whip your head back down to your shoes so fast, you almost lose your balance. Taehyung rolls his eyes and grabs a pack of Ibuprofen from his kitchen before walking over to give it to you.
"Here." You look behind to see him handing you some meds, with one hand occupied with his phone. He glances up and sees that you're unsure of what to do, but it's lowkey irritating him that you can't just take the meds and let shit be. "Just take it and go." He sighs as he wiggles the pack in his hand one more time, signaling for you to grab it. "Stop making things weird Y/N, it's not a big deal."
"Yeah, thanks." You reply flatly as you grab the meds from him.
"Eat first, then take it." He says as he walks away from you, both hands now occupied with texting on his phone. You don't say anything though, and just exit his apartment. Honestly, you couldn't help but wonder. It was just weird coming from him and you weren't sure you wanted anything to do with it.
You bid a quick smile to the same security guy who saw you come in a few hours ago and quickly skidaddle to your car. Lol at the fact that not only were you here shorter than his shift, but the look on his face when he sees the hickeys on your neck. You couldn't wait to get home and take a long, hot shower to wash away your sins. You needed this (with a little bit of concealer), especially since you told your dearest oppa you'd hangout with him today.
Tumblr media
"Y/N!" Jin bends backwards as he yells at the top of his lungs when opening his apartment door.
"Your neighbors must hate your ass. It is barely 9am." You laughed as you walked in and threw your shoes and bag aside.
"So what, they can kiss my ass while they're at it." Jin says before doing a double take. "Yah, what happened? You're ugly today." You playfully smack him as he does his loud, windshield wiper laugh that you love before setting down a plate full of breakfast food and coffee in front of you. "Eat up, you look like you need it."
"Wow, you truly do love me." You pouted as you dug in, hoping this could ease your headache along with those meds Taehyung gave you.
"Unlike you, who only uses me for my good cooking."
"Hey, correction. I love you and your food more than anything in this world, alright?"
"That's god damn right you do." He leans over the counter and laughs. "So, what happened?"
"What do you mean what happened?"
"Why do you look like that?"
"Look like what? I don't get you." You laughed nervously, tugging up on your turtleneck sweater. He was never onto you like this, and you definitely didn't want to tell him you just got home not too long ago from getting your coochie wrecked by the campus fuckboy.
"You look more tired than usual."
"I just woke up with this random headache." He sees you pull out the Ibuprofen pack.
"How much did you and Jungkookie drink? And since when did you carry medicine on you?"
"I just happened to have one lying around so I grabbed it." You chuckle. "We didn't drink that much. He left to drink some more with Yoongi, but I was too tired to go. Any more questions, your honor?"
"Not right now. But I keep telling you, Y/N. You don't listen. You need to drink more water and eat your fruits and vegetables!"
"Here we go again." You continued to stuff food in your mouth as you shook your head and laughed. That was Jin's advice for everything, and he sounded worse than what your mom used to tell you. Sick? Drink water and eat your fruits and veggies. Bad breakup? Sucks, but if you drink water and eat your fruits and veggies you might feel better. "So what's happening with your caf茅, sir?"
"Aish, that's what I had to update you on." He says as he heads down to his room to change. "Hurry and eat, we're gonna go for a drive." So, you do as you're told and you finish your food, wash the dishes and scroll aimlessly on your phone until Jin was ready to go.
The car ride is pretty loud - the both of you singing [screaming] at the top of your lungs when familiar songs come on. He updates you about his friends and how he's potentially interested in this girl named Aiko that he had met recently from mutual friends. You tell him to go for it, but he says his priority at the moment is the caf茅. You just quietly agree and let him explain what his next steps are, but internally, you're hoping once this is settled, he goes for it and asks her out. You think your Jin oppa deserves a good woman who can take care of him and love him. He was precious to you and only deserved the greatest things in life.
"So, where are you really taking me?"
"My caf茅." He simply looks over and smiles from ear to ear. You gasp and pinch his side, careful not to make him twitch too much while he's driving.
"You got the place?!" He nods happily, making you shriek and clap your hands in the passenger's seat. Getting to the caf茅 is about a mere 15 minute drive from Jin's apartment. It's in a small town, which is nice because it isn't crazy hectic like downtown. You pull in towards the end of the road on the right, where there's a little bit more greenery surrounding the shop. Instantly, you felt like it was the perfect space for him.聽
The caf茅 itself was already beautiful. It had both stone and brick walls, giving it an edgier, rustic vibe. It wasn't too big, but wasn't too small either; just perfect. He walks around and tells you that the realtor's son wants to help design the interior portion so that it can completely reflect his vibe. Which, hey, he agreed to let him do so cause he feels he could use all the help he can get. Those were the next steps before other logistics, but he anticipates the store to be up and running soon. He also asks if you could help him with the menu and if you could help design a few things for him too, which you happily agree. You weren't an art & design major for no reason. Paintings, drawings and graphics were your shit. Your living room had a designated art space for you to draw, paint or do whatever the hell came up in your mind. You loved it and you found peace in it.
You stand in the middle of the caf茅, admiring how beautiful it already looks. Tears start to slowly fall from your eyes as you watch Jin dusting off the counters and happily looking around at every corner. He fucking did it, and words couldn't express how happy you were for him.
"Y/N?" Jin sees you looking up as you wipe the stragglers falling from your eyes. "What happened?" He chuckles nervously as he comes to you.
"Nothing." You lie as you cover your eyes with your hand.
"What a terrible liar." He laughs as he brings your hand down, revealing that you had been crying.
"I'm just really happy this is happening for you."
"Aish, you don't have to cry." He pulls you into the tightest bear hug. "No more crying." He pulls away just enough to wipe the remaining tears coming down. "I appreciate it but you know I couldn't have done this without you."
"Stahhhhhp." You playfully push him away. "You really did this."
"I'm serious for once!" He laughs. "So take it!"
"Let's go celebrate, on you." You say as you both burst into laughter.
"I spend so much money on you, I swear to god."
"I'm kidding! I'll treat ya, let's go." He does one last walkaround before you guys are headed off to lunch at a nearby sushi spot. Besides his updates, he begins to ask you about your life, how Jungkook, Yoongi and Hoseok were doing. Your love life.
Your non-existent love life.
"Like, completely non-existent?" Jin raises an eyebrow.
"Uh, yes? I don't know what else to tell you."
"Mhm." He says sarcastically.
"I'm serious!" You chuckled. "All the guys on campus are such assholes in one way or another. They want one thing, and one thing only." You felt your cheeks get hot because who the fuck were you to talk? You climb into Taehyung's bed like everything you've learned has been unlearned with the quickness - your morals, your self-control, your values, blahblahblah.
"I hope you know you deserve better than someone like that." Jin shook his head. "Don't ever waste your time on someone who can't put in the effort."
"No, I know."
"Yeah, but I also know it's easy to get caught up in these things." He looks at you, slightly concerned. Jin isn't stupid. He's picked up on your little habits. he knows you're up to something with the way you keep avoiding eye contact and especially with the way you acted weird, constantly tugging up on your turtleneck. You've been over his place before where you'd up and leave abruptly after checking your phone. Speaking of your phone, you kept that dear thing close to you like it was your only lifeline. But, he doesn't press on it. Whatever it was, was just going to have to wait until you were ready to spill the tea. "Whoever you interact with should be adding something to your life. If their presence breeds even the slightest confusion, or insecurity and anxiety, put them back where you found them."
You picked at your food. "I hear you." Is all you can respond with. When will you ever be ready to tell Jin about the casual shit you've been doing for months? Not only would he not understand, but he'd obviously be pretty disappointed to know you wouldn't respect yourself enough to walk away, especially since he knows you are more than capable of standing your ground. He's seen you do it time and time again.
So, why him? What makes Taehyung different? If he were ever to ask, you wouldn't be able to give him an answer.
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cosmosrivala month ago
My dash must be broken, cause it hid you from my dash ever since you've changed your name! I am appalled by this and now incredibly curious about your wonderfully looking OC! Is there lore to share?
OH NO!!! it's ok im manifesting my presence so i'll appear more often now 馃憖!!!!! JNDSJDJSDGFD
ALSO YES, Altair is my new OC !! She's been in the works for a little while now (i was gathering refs while waiting for my new computer...), since my tastes have changed quite a lot since the last time i made an OC that'd be... THE FACE? of my art/accounts!!! it used to be miss venus/luciaferul...
Tumblr media
big lore dump under the cut!! this'll actually help me out if i write it down lol sorry if it gets a bit long ehehee
The main idea behind Altie is that she's some sort of 'cleaner' working for the Yakuza with some "Pinch" of occupational hazard going on...
THO LEMME EXPLAIN THAT BIT LATER. She's very lucky in the sense that she got noticed by the kumicho of her actual family simply bc of her physical prowess and her ability to adapt to absolutely anything, as well as the fact that she was all alone in the world (both literally and figuratively). A disposable existence who had nobody basically!! She initially fled the fall of the soviet union after a certain event and worked as a sailor on merchant watercrafts and one of them brought her to Japan since it traded with... Shady People ... oop..
By physical prowess i mean that. she's STRONG AS FUCK. literally 6'4ft tall bear of a woman!!!!!!! wow!!!!! u ever seen a lady so huge before???!! SHE STICKS OUT IN A CROWD SO DAMN MUCH BRO!!!!! SHES RELAXED AS HELL and has huge big sis vibes and adores taking care of people since the b么s么zoku that ended up joining the yakuza would automatically be put under her charge (both bc shes good at this but also bc of mysoginistic reasons<3 the kumicho's son is insane.. anyway those young boys are her soft spot she's like. mother dog.). In the end, being a part of the jp criminal underworld gave her more freedom than before, she climbed the ranks with a lot of ease since her loyalty is born from gratitude and it's one of the strongest forms. She literally cannot betray her superiors, she can't do it.
... AND. this might be her downfall somewhat. It's a form of trauma when u think about it... ohoho... she's absolutely not perfect despite her initial kindness and this is something i need all of my ocs to have ? Like, back then, my previous main OC Venus was a MEAN GIRL like REGINA type mean girl but she got her ass handed to her and grew. Altair has been getting her ass handed to her since forever so she's used to bowing to superiors but this ended up ... making some sort of INTENSE anger grow inside of her?......... and let's say that... uhhh................... the only way she found how to properly cope with her need of an ounce of control in her life, her fucked up childhood, abuse and mistreatment from a certain someone in the family as well as ... THE EVENT that led her to flee her home country is........ well......
butchering up people hannibal style and justifying it by saying that shes riding her fam of some pests....................<3 but the problem is that she goes too far.
she's an interesting character i want to dev even further because i want to see how a killer with empathy would be able to hold on living with such huge amounts of guilt lost in the thrill of the killings!!! did she end up enjoying herself bc she had to cope or bc she truly likes it ? (STRAPS HER TO MY VIVISECTION TABLE) this is my 80s slasher movie aesthetic speaking btw. IF THIS IS HARD TO GET, I MADE A LIL GUIDE
Tumblr media
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lucylicious9 days ago
Heeey congrats on 100 again!!!! you deserve it, i'm sure more followers will come quickly! <333
Can I request a matchup for the event? English is not my first language so there will probably be some weird words, but I hope you can understand everything, sorry about that!
- Your personality
I'm ISFP and my zodiac is Taurus. i'm usually very shy, at least with people I dont know or i'm not intimate. But with my friends i'm much more comfortable and I like to make them laugh with whatever idiocy I do DKSMKFS
I also really appreciate showing my love to my loved ones and hate fighting (if I entered one I would probably cry 馃え), I prefer to resolve things with a calm conversation! also hardly get mad about something, I'm usually calm about things.
- Little habits of yours
- I usually eat sweets when I'm stressed, or sad, happy too- anyways, I am an ant
- I tend to think about things a lot so sometimes I look at a fixed point and get lost in my thoughts, so people just see me standing there looking at a random place LOL
- How other people would describe you
My friends said I'm funny, companion, empathetic and loyal, someone who is good to be friends with, and has good musical taste, my best friend told me i'm silly DKJWJFJSJF
- Favourite things to do
I love listening to music to accompany anything I do, or sometimes just dancing and singing. I also like to draw and now I started playing valorant!
I really like horror and thriller movies, besides watching anime of course eheheh
Oh and I love cuddling, my main love language is physical touch so-
- And if you're a minor or not
Yes I'm a minor <3
tysm for the event and I hope you are having a good day!!
Matchmaking event
pt.8| pt.1| pt.2| pt.3|pt.4| pt.5| pt.6| pt.7
a/n: WAAAA THANK YOU SO MUCH鈾♀櫋鈾 and your English is absolutely beautiful don't even doubt it! Yall are so adorable i just wanna put you guys in my lil pockets please (鈺モ暞锕忊暟鈺)喔 Hope you enjoy this sweetie!!
Ken Ryuuguji鈾(`蠅`)鈾
You and Draken were close friends for such a long time, it wasn't surprising when you both found out that you've developed feelings for each other
Draken knows you like the back of his hand, probably because he's been there and took care of you through it all so he knows what you like and dislike
You guys didn't act so differently as yoi were as friends, now just with different labels for each other(喙戙兓蠅-)锝炩櫏鈥
Its that cute trope where Draken looks unbothered with anyone else but shows more of his feelings when he's with you鈾
He's like a big soft teddy bear from your point of view and cuddles with him is just the best honestly
At first he didn't really wanted to be too obvious out in public or in front of his friends, but there are times when he accidentally calls you a certain nickname and everyone just figured out from there
Mikey was one of the first few people to know about the both of you and he made a few slip ups and there and two days later, Baji knows and then Mitsuya and the list just goes on and on...
So yea never tell your secrets to Mikey ig馃拃馃槶
Eventually everyone found out but they were nothing but happy for the both of you! Even some of them released cheers of happiness because they really wanted the both of you to get together (they being takemitchi, chifuyu and of course mikey)
Draken takes you out to eat sweet treats at those little cat cafes because he knows how much of a sweet tooth you are馃
Draken loves how calm and collected you are so whenever he's about to lose it, he just needs you to be by his side to calm him down (mikey thanks you for your entire existence馃檮)
Most of the times you've spent together, you guys watch scary movies while being all cuddled up against each other
Sometimes you pretend to get scared so he could embrace you in one of his infamous bear hugs(銇ワ浚 鲁锟)銇
Despite him being in a gang, being the leader's right hand man out of all people, he'll always have that one soft spot for you in his heart鈾
You knew he lived in a brothel, and he'd suggested that the both of you will just hangout at your place instead
But really, honestly you didn't think it would be that bad just visiting the place he grew up in just once, right?
He eventually brings you back to his home after your non stop requests(锝-_-锝)
The people there were actually really nice, and not what you expected really... But they were welcoming(*'鈻'*)鈾
You noticed how he hung up a lot of pictures of people he cares about in his life on his bedroom walls.
Then you noticed how there was that one area filled with pictures of when you and him took together with cute little heart stickers around it 鈾
He really does love you, even when he won't admit it himself sometimes. But he rather shows his love in his actions rather than his words because he thinks its better like that, no complaints here yeeee :;(鈭┞达箯`鈭);:
He even thought about marrying you one day when you both get older but who knows what your future holds hm? (takemitchi running away with very important info rn 馃弮鈥嶁檪馃弮鈥嶁檪)
But nonetheless, he promises that no matter what happens in the future he'll want to be in one where you're there by his side. So he vows to protect you from any harm that will be casted in your way侃(喙 藰 鲁藰)鄱鈾
Y/n: Drakennn... I'm sad :(
Draken: *holds out his arms for a hug* Hey its going to be alright鈾
Mikey: Takemitchi, I'm sad too :(
Takemitchi, restless and on his nth cup of coffee: Lol ok mood.
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shoichee7 months ago
hiii tysm for keeping this fandom alive... i was wondering if i could request hugging hcs for Moriyama, Kasamatsu, and Hayakawa? like what kind of hugs do they give, when, etc.?
Moriyama Yoshitaka
this guy is literally the definition of touch-starved LOL
once he finds his special someone, they鈥檙e gonna need to prepare themselves for TONS of verbal affection鈥 even if they don鈥檛 get his convoluted words half the time
that being said, he wouldn鈥檛 be awkward with hugs, but it鈥檚 his misinterpretations and poor executions of the hugs that make things awkward
in his MIND, he THINKS he鈥檚 being mega suave and totally seducing you with his mannerisms, and you鈥檙e just here like, 鈥渦mm鈥 you know you can just鈥 ask for a hug if you wanted one.鈥
鈥淎ccording to my research though, it鈥檚 better to approach this more poetically in order to be seen in a more profound light with the person you like.鈥
鈥淗uh? Are you actually trusting the internet more than me about what I want鈥斺
鈥淪orry, sorry, here,鈥 he would mumble in defeat and immediately bring you to nestle your head against his chest
this type of interaction would be very frequent in the early stages of your shared relationship, where Moriyama would try to salvage his poor social skills by hugging you against body, and him putting his hand to cradle your head while the other is around your waist
of course, even if you were exasperated with him, you can鈥檛 help but eventually hug him back and snuggle closer
canon: he鈥檇 have unique scents on him every once in a while, because he鈥檚 someone to use scented deodorant sprays (like citrus, in the Replace novel)
he鈥檇 actually be unintentionally charismatic with his actions? like, if he doesn鈥檛 open his mouth and wordlessly hugs you, his body just knows how to accommodate you:
sad? happy? clingy? affectionate? lazy? when he sees your current mood, he just somehow knows what type of hugs to give you鈥
he thinks the internet advice is working, but in reality, he鈥檚 just inherently very in-tuned with people鈥檚 emotions; for example, he鈥檚 one of the few people who can see straight through Kasamatsu and his inner struggles, and he鈥檚 always the first person to suggest roundabout ways to make him relax
so because of this, sometimes he鈥檇 make the most confusing statements and random trivias he found from his 鈥渞esearch鈥 just to try to look for an opportunity to sneak up and glomp on you 鈥渢actfully鈥 (never works, and you end up sighing that *sigh* before letting yourself be open on purpose for Moriyama to sneak in with a hug)
this dude is the type of guy who鈥檇 find every opportunity to hug you in front of his teammates to subtly show off how 鈥渆xperienced鈥 he was in dating LOL and then he鈥檇 probably say something like, 鈥淚f you follow the signs I told you guys about, you鈥檒l all be able to have cute dates too, you know鈥︹ all while giving that little comical pout and index finger point at them鈥 maybe flipping his bang to the side with that finger too鈥
but again, he鈥檚 touch-starved, so deep inside, he really, REALLY likes hugging you and wants to touch you every moment he gets
whenever he hugs you, he鈥檚 at his most 鈥渘ormal,鈥 where he drops the whole 鈥渇ate, elements, advice鈥 talk and just has normal conversations and genuine muses鈥 although a random corny line might slip out of habit
he hugs you before school, during school, after school, but rarely during practice or games or anything like that鈥 which is surprisingly odd
he鈥檒l hug you in front of his teammates during school no problem, but if it鈥檚 right before a practice or a game, he usually doesn鈥檛, mostly because he鈥檚 usually very concentrated on the upcoming challenge鈥 and not to mention, he鈥檚 a 3rd-year, so he does want to set a good example for the underclassmen in prioritizing the team first
he has no problem scouting for your face on the stands before a game starts though, and of course, he鈥檇 pester his team about how cute you looked in the stands
once games end, if you allowed him, he鈥檇 usually jog straight to you and would try to give you a quick hug before he鈥檇 go back to his teammates to the lockers
Kasamatsu Yukio
touch-starved guy #2, but is also afraid of physical contact
not because he doesn鈥檛 like it, but the concept of someone hugging him or him hugging someone for ROMANTIC reasons is so foreign
it鈥檚 the fact that he knows he鈥檒l get super sweaty, clammy, and stiff and he KNOWS he鈥檇 focus on everything but also on nothing, and at that point he鈥檒l just shut down鈥
so touch-starved that when he gets a hug from you, he鈥檇 be hyper-fixated on EVERYTHING about you and where you鈥檙e touching, and his brain would just overload
so the result is the same old Yukio being frozen and stammery and red
in other words, YOU have to initiate the hugs
whenever you hug him, he鈥檚 gonna first flinch and then respond by stiffly holding his arms out to support your weight against his body鈥 and then after a few seconds of contact, he would awkwardly pat his two hands on your back in this loose hug he鈥檚 doing LOL
all while being red, of course
but how much he hugs depends on how much you go up to him for hugs; as much as he grumbles and stammers and lamely complains, he鈥檇 never reject any of your hugs, even with the hesitant reciprocation
if you two are alone, he鈥檚 much quicker to hug you back鈥 if you hug him in public or in front of his teammates, he鈥檚 more likely to be frozen stiff and slower to pat your arms in a shy hug
however, the times when Kasamatsu would be at his lowest and most emotional are when Kasamatsu initiates the hugs first, often out of nowhere with fierce, tight holds while nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck/top of your shoulder
once he reveals his most vulnerable side like this to you in hugging you, it鈥檇 be huge milestone in which he would be more inclined to initiate physical contact without being in a flustered state
all in all, give the poor captain some time鈥 eventually when you鈥檒l reach a certain part of your relationship (see bullet points above), he鈥檒l be comfortable enough to hug you without being a mess
so when he finally gets to this point, he will always ask you for consent (or at least give you a heads up) before he hugs you or physically touches you with, 鈥淢ay I鈥?鈥 or 鈥淒o you mind鈥?鈥
and most of the time, or near always, you鈥檇 reply, 鈥淥f course, Yukio.鈥
鈥淭h-That鈥檚 good鈥︹
he鈥檚 still a reserved individual with a captain鈥檚 duty to uphold, so he鈥檚 not going to be handsy on his end in front of people; he鈥檇 literally DIE of embarrassment
expect 鈥渓oose鈥 hugs from him, he鈥檚 not gonna smush your face into his chest or give those extremely tight hugs, generally speaking
so what should you expect from his hugs? assuming that you hugged him first, his hands will always pat your back or rub soothing patterns of circles and swirls, almost in an unconscious effort to try to show you that he does love these hugs from you, even if it鈥檚 hard for him to show and express that sometimes
or if he has those shy moments, he鈥檇 try to half-heartedly pry you off in a grumbling fluster, but after grasping your arms around his waist, he鈥檇 immediately give in and just rub those familiar patterns on your upper arms while trying to convince you to wait until you鈥檙e alone with him to do these things
if he senses some sketchy people nearby or if you鈥檙e in a crowd full of strangers, expect a hand around your shoulder as he ushers you slightly closer to his side with a serious glint in his eyes, analyzing your surroundings (again, this will only happen once your relationship reaches at a later stage)
it鈥檚 only when the 鈥渄anger鈥 passes by and with his hand still on you that he realizes what he did and starts getting embarrassed again
key phrase with the Kaij艒 captain is: 鈥淭here鈥檚 a time and place for everything.鈥
Hayakawa Mitsuhiro
touch-starved guy #3, but he鈥檚 not afraid to pounce on you for the hugs
ever since he miraculously got into a relationship with you (according to his teammates, anyways), slapping his own cheeks to get himself in the mood for rebounding wasn鈥檛 as appealing anymore
not when he has you to hug and accidentally squeeze the life out of you
鈥淥h!! A(l)e you he(l)e to chee(l) me on, (y/n)-san?!鈥
鈥淢-Mitsu鈥 I can鈥檛鈥 breathe鈥斺
鈥淥-Oh! So(l)(l)y鈥! I [will learn] to be mo(l)e ca(l)efu(r) next time!鈥
鈥淢itsuhiro, please don鈥檛 worry about me! Go back to your teammates鈥 they鈥檙e waiting for you. Good luck on the game, okay?鈥
Hayakawa treats hugging like he does with basketball, putting 100% of his effort and enthusiasm into it鈥 and oftentimes, his hugs can be too鈥 explosive? they can be quite abrupt and intense
his energy alone would normally scare away everyone鈥攈ell, a lot of times, his teammates can鈥檛 tolerate it鈥 so everyone always wonders how you never seem bothered by his tendencies
but to you, his bear hugs make you feel very, very secure and loved, since he never has qualms about hugging in public because he鈥檚 always focused on you or the courts
initially though, his hugs definitely crushed your figure into smithereens, mostly because he鈥檚 never had to keep his strength in check
and he鈥檚 never had anything close to an intimate relationship, so he鈥檇 probably need a lot of time and positive encouragement/advice for him to learn how to be more delicate (or rather, tactful) when initiating hugs
he鈥檚 SO earnest that he鈥檇 totally treat your words/encouragement as a serious lesson and would try to 鈥減ractice鈥 hugging and ask:
鈥淚s this okay, (y/n)-san?!鈥
if you鈥檙e not around, he鈥檇 totally hug his teammates out of nowhere and definitely receive a few punches or kicks out of retaliation
鈥淚 am p(l)acticing [how to] hug, Kasamatsu-senpai!鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 do that! People will get the wrong idea!!鈥
鈥淲hy? Don鈥檛 we a(r)ways p(l)actice togethe(l) as a team, captain?!鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 completely different!!鈥
he has no tact, so whenever he sees you, expect a fierce hug as a greeting every time鈥 unless you tell him that you鈥檙e not a fan of the constant hugging or want to save it for private moments, he鈥檚 gonna keep doing it
just as your hugs hype him up for anything upcoming, when you hug him a certain way, they also have a calming effect on this excitable boy too
Kasamatsu literally reveres you because you鈥檙e the only one who can keep him in check
it鈥檚 when you do your calming hugs (that gentle squeeze around his torso as you slowly nuzzle against him) that his heartbeat slightly slows down and his breath exhales out steadily to let out the pent-up steam
those types of hugs from your end would allow you to see a 鈥渓ess-energetic鈥 side of him, where his voice might still be loud, but at least it鈥檚 still relatively indoor voice
still, a lot of his sentences are either incomprehensible mumbles or butchered exclaims, no in-between
鈥淪ometimes, it鈥檚 good for your body and mind to stop and relax, y鈥檏now?鈥
鈥淚-Is that so鈥! You a(l)e very knowled[geable] about these things! I [think] that is ve(l)y coo(r)鈥︹
鈥淵ou say that, but you鈥檙e one of the best offensive rebound players in the nation. That鈥檚 so much cooler, Mitsuhiro.鈥
鈥淚f I was coo(r) (r)ike you say, I wonde(l) why peop(r)e (l)un away [when I try] to ta(r)k? Mo(l)iyama-senpai says [it is because] I 鈥榟ave no cha(l)m鈥欌 I must wo(l)k ha(l)der [if that is the case]!鈥
鈥淲ell, I think your attitude and energy can be very refreshing. Everytime I see you, I can鈥檛 help but be motivated to work hard and accomplish like you do.鈥
鈥淚 am ve(l)y touched, (y/n)-san鈥!鈥
all in all, he will hug you every chance he gets (except when Kasamatsu roundhouse kicks him to curb him) and accepts all hugs from you (while being red and a little shy, but still enthusiastic)
prepare your waist/torso to be constantly crushed embraced, because that鈥檚 where his arms will always be around
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all-or-nothing-baby9 days ago
hiiiii 馃挮 content creator appreciation!! list five favourite sets/gifs/creations/graphics/art things/etc. you've made and send this ask to five other content creators!
hiiiii 馃挮 right back at you, you lovely hooman! tysm for thinking of me bestie!? *hugs you* and what a fantastic creator ask game btw! (we all love talking about our work, even if we pretend vehemently not too eheheh).
okies, seeing as this ask is from a (tip-top, go follow) TEEN WOLF blog, imma start with some sterek stuff...
1. YOU NEED ME TO SURVIVE. This piece of artwork is still my favourite stiles/derek piece and, imo, one of my best pieces in general. the amount of times i've tried to recreate... whatever it is i captured... yeah, no! seems to be a one off lol. but i strive! maybe one day i'll do something i like better :)
2. DRAW YOUR SWORDS is probably the personal favourite of my sterek fics. it doesn't have the most kudos/hits etc and certainly isn't a groundbreaking piece of writing, but i just... like it. it's an under 10k one-shot getting together fic w lots of UST which is then resolved. it has lots of feels. like, lots. look, it's basically emo porn and i like emo porn, okay? and i like them in this (sti and der-bear kinda wrote it really, not me).
3. MAGIC IS MAGIC IS MAGIC is maybe my favourite piece from my (quite extensive!) sterek poetry collection. listen, there's a few bloody wonderful people on here who seem to appreciate my humble attempts at verse AND I LOVE THEM LIKE I LOVE BREATHING... but generally speaking, my poetry doesn't really get much attention, which is fine; i adore writing poetry and will continue to pour out my thoughts into stanzas regardless. so, regardless of that, i love this piece. it's definitely not my best work but it's a derek POV almost stream of consciousness that kinda rhymes a bit and I just really, really enjoyed writing it and really, really enjoy reading it back, when i remember it's existence, lol.
and now some other stuff:
4. LAZARUS RISING is a destiel/spn quite recent piece of mine i really like. it's based on s04e01, same title, and it's one of those pieces where i set out to achieve something... and DID! as in, in turned out (pretty much, it's almost never exactly, you know?) the way i wanted it to.
5. BEAUTY & THE BEAST is my last choice. it's something new and us creators tend to like the new stuff we've made (until the next piece!). it's pynch art, my magical bois adam parrish and ronan lynch from the raven cycle/dreamers trilogy book series. i love using colour in my art... but also adore a monochromatic piece! i love love love the styles of artists like AUBREY BEARDSLEY and HARRY CLARKE and always try to capture just a little of the atmosphere they create (try being the operative word there) when i make black and white pieces, while still making the piece my own.
asdfhjkljjjjsksk i thoroughly enjoyed this! a hundred thousand thank yous for giving me the opportunity to show off @ohhalefire!!! imma get on sending this to some other content creators! <333
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restinpeacesensei3 years ago
Tumblr media
spring is here!
#boueibu#akoya gero#gero akoya#my art#hjvhfhds weeps;;;; thank you so much to the people who left comments on my last comic im so grateful;;;; ;;____;;#i always feel nervous and scared posting bc i dont know if anyone will respond or be nice to the characters;;;;;#so actually i was afraid to check for 2 days and instead hung around on twitter making nervous tweets trying to distract myself orz;;;#but i felt like i couldnt get anything done while i was nervous abt it ;;;;#so when at last i checked and saw your kind responses i was so relieved;;; T////T and i felt like i could finally do things again;;;#(like draw this kittykoya) im so grateful thank you so much;;; ;;/////;;#animecreator3000 waahh hh hh thank you so much for being so kind to me and writing such a gentle and caring comment omggg;; ;////;#are you not an angel to want to hug them both and comfort them so kindly and sweetly!! ;////; thank you so much for such compassion omg!!!#thank you so much for saying poor akoya and understanding it must be very embarrassing wahh;;; ;;////;; your sympathy means so much;;; T///T#im so glad you called ibushi super nice and a good friend thank you he is so thoughtful even when he himself was terrified;; ;;////;;#he felt guilty and embarrassed for causing akoya trouble but it wasn't his fault ;;#tysm for recognizing that he was terrified it means so much that you could tell!! ;;~~;; you're so gracious and thoughtful omg tysm!!聽 >///<#i am so grateful to be blessed with such a sweet and comforting comment omg!! ;;~~~;;#softlilvesta sbsbfgh TYSM IM SO GLAD YOU LIKE ARIMA IN IT it's ok im glad you were amused by the juxtaposition of the bear and snail LOL;;;#im to blame for making that part a bit comedic probably sbsgdg but i feel for him and im sorry hes scared#tbh when he saw that snail on the tree he probably got this horrifying thought that there could be snails on the ground all around them#anywhere he stepped could be a snail.... and he just. had to get out of there immediately#it was a marathon wasn't it omg ty for loving arima im so glad you do T---T#wahhhh thank you so much for saying poor akoya;;;; ;;~~~;; and that it's ok it happens;;;; it feels so comforting and means so much;; >///<#they were indeed both scared T////T tysm for knowing that and reminding them it's ok;;;; wahhh im so grateful;; ;;~~~;;#ironpaladont tysm for saying oh nooo akvhdg im always so grateful for your tags!! ;;~~;; I WONDER IF IT WAS A BEAR TOO LMAO#perhaps arima did save them after all even if he didn't seem too concerned about the bear originally#i love that you said it ended badly for both of them tho a;kvhdfh this is such an accurate observation tbh it really did...#poor akoya tho a;kvhdg tysm for being sorry for these hapless bbys;;; im so glad they were there for each other too T---T#tysm akvhsgd i always love your tags im so grateful!!! >////<
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bokutobabya year ago
ahh!! ur writing is just MUAH CHEFS KISS. ok bear w me on this one, can i request the karasuno boys @ kags having a sLumBer pArTy and the reader is his sister. where basically tsukki has a crush on her and when he sees her at the house he鈥檚 super flustered, then later in the night when all the boys are asleep they run into each other in the kitchen or whatever, AH I HOPE THAT MADE SENSE LOL. u can make it nsfw or sfw i trust ur abilities as a writer 馃槍
ok you are the SWEETEST AHH tysm for the support & and i hope u enjoy !! :鈥) p.s sorry this took me forever馃槶 | requests
tsukishima kei x kageyama!reader
鈥渢sukishima, did ya hear me?鈥 hinata said, shoving his elbow into the blonde boys side.
turning his head away from you 鈥 who鈥檇 came downstairs to bring some blankets for the team 鈥 tsukki adjusted his glasses and looked at hinata. 鈥渨hat do you want?鈥
hinata narrowed his eyes, looking between where he was just staring, and then back at tsukki. 鈥渇orget that, were you just staring at kageyama鈥檚 sister?鈥 being the naturally energetic person he was, hinata鈥檚 loud voice not only alerted you of their conversation, but the rest of the team sitting on the floor and couch around them.
you felt your face heat up slightly, as you nervously chuckled before handing out the last blanket and going back upstairs to your room.
the living room was silent, until a giggle from sugawara was heard.
鈥渢hat鈥檚 embarrassing,鈥 he added in between his laughter. 鈥渋鈥檓 sure she doesn鈥檛 appreciate you talking about her as if she鈥檚 not in the room.鈥
tsukki closed his eyes and groaned, ignoring the chatter and teasing (and glaring from kageyama) from his teammates.
ever since he found out about tobio鈥檚 twin sister, he鈥檇 been infatuated. at first it was ridiculous, him assuming anyone who looked and most likely acted like the 鈥渒ing of the court鈥 didn鈥檛 deserve a minute of his time. he even dreaded the moment he was told you鈥檇 be waiting for your brother in the gym until practice was over, but the moment his eyes laid on yours all of that resentment was flushed down the drain.
tsukki pulled away from his thoughts and dismissed both suga and anyone else who was ready to question hinata鈥檚 awfully embarrassing question.
sooner or later it was well into the night, and the kageyama household was filled with the soft snores of karasuno鈥檚 volleyball team. tsukishima was the farthest thing from tired, his mind traveling back to you.
he often thought about the way you were the complete opposite of each other and how someone would probably think he were lying if tsukki were to admit he鈥檇 taken an interest in you. weirdly enough he loved how energetic you were around school, always talking to your relatively big group of friends.
he didn鈥檛 understand why he liked how different you were from him, but he didn鈥檛 mind it.
sighing, he knew there was no way he鈥檇 fall asleep now. slowly getting up from his sleeping bag he wandered into the kitchen, searching through every cabinet for a glass.
鈥渢he shelf to the right, if you鈥檙e looking for a cup.鈥
tsukki鈥檚 heart skipped a beat at the sound of your voice, and he swiftly turned to see you.
an oversized tshirt covered your frame and held a pack of oreos in your hand, slightly grinning at his frightened face.
鈥渟orry, didn鈥檛 mean to scare you. i was just returning these.鈥
he watched carefully as you put the cookies back into the pantry. he鈥檇 never been alone with you before, and he was at a loss for words.
鈥渋 uh, yeah.鈥
he internally face palmed at his awkwardness. this wasn鈥檛 like him at all.
you giggled and shut the pantry door. 鈥渢obio was wrong i guess,鈥 you teased, 鈥渉e said you couldnt go a second without being annoying.鈥 and turned back around to head up the stairwell.
tsukki scoffed. 鈥渢he only thing that goes on in his head are volleyball and terrorizing hinata. he has no room to speak.鈥
stopping at the bottom step, you let out another laugh, covering your mouth so you wouldn鈥檛 wake the sleeping boys not so far away. the sound was literal music to his ears.
鈥測ou鈥檙e not wrong. you know one time, i was like, on this whole rant and when i went to ask for his opinion he mumbled something about needing a partner to do drills with!鈥 you exclaimed.
for the rest of the night, the two of you sat on the kitchen floor and giggled and joked about any and everything. it wasn鈥檛 long before the sun was starting to come up, and you hadn鈥檛 stopped yawning since.
tsukki let out a yawn himself.
鈥渉ey uhm, this was nice..鈥 he said, looking at you as you held your knees to your chest in front of him.
you smiled, feeling your cheeks warm up a bit. 鈥渋t really was, tsukishima. sorry for keeping you up so late though,鈥 you said sheepishly. he only shook his head, and leaned in a little closer towards you.
鈥渋鈥檇 sacrifice sleep to talk to you anytime.鈥
so although the rest of the boys put two and two together when they saw that you were the only two who couldn鈥檛 keep their eyes open all afternoon, and then went on to tease him even more than before..
it was worth it, and tsukki definitely wasn鈥檛 getting over this crush any time soon.
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kpopcanonsforchie9 months ago
Can I request a pegging a sleepy bambam while he holds on his stuffed animal?
Teddy Bear.
BamBam (Got7 x Dom!Reader)
Tw: Somnophilia,Pegging,Mommy kink
Tumblr media
sorry for grammatical or spelling errors im too lazy to check
It was around early morning when you woke up today. Today was an off day for the both of you but you always woke up early nonetheless.
You woke you slightly dazed and looked to see a sleeping Bam Bam next to you. What was quite a surprise to see that Bam Bam was surrounded by pillows and latched on to this big teddy bear. His body was curled up around it and made him look so innocent, angelic even.
You rubbed his back gingerly with one hand and ran your fingers through his messy yet soft hair with the other. Your hands moved under his shirt to caress his soft skin and smiled to yourself.
You wanted to suprised him today with something you'd know he'd adore. The thought of wanting to make him wake up to something so romantic might become true.
So with your strap-on you decide to pleasure him in his dreams. The pace was inconsistent because of you're haziness but you felt determined to make him feel good. As you kept a slow paced you caressed his thighs while looking at his sleeping face.
His breathing started to become a bit heavier and BamBam pulls his plushie closer to him. He moaned a little when you hit the spot in unexpectedly. You traced his jawline with your finger lightly.
You picked up the pace to a more normal one and kissed up and down his body.
"ngh please...,"he whispered half asleep and half awake. Bambam felt himself drift in and out of his sleep as you moved inside of him.
Meanwhile you took you hand,moved it under his shirt and played with his nipple for a little while.
BamBam fluttered his eyes which met with the suns bright light and squinted. He took the plushie and buried his face in it moaning.
"Mommy I'm so close...I think I'm gonna cum." he said quietly and slight embarrassed.
"Don't worry Baby," you smiled. "Cum for me my sleepy baby."
And with that he came stains moved to his shirt and his lower stomach. He whimpers and moans. You help him ride it out though and eaze out of it.
BamBam rub's his eyes and you meet his face to kiss him.
"Thank you, Mommy." he says happily.
"How about we wash up and get something to eat hmm?" you bargain.
"But," he says as he wraps his arms around your waist and lays his head in your chest. "Can't we stay just like this, for a little longer please?" He begs and looks up at you for your reply.
"Sure" you giggle.
"You get to be my own personal teddy bear now." he whispers.
hey anon tysm for requesting this. really means a lot to me. this is my second bam bam fic so i hope it's much better then when i first started. i really hope i didn't disappoint you and that you are impressed with this bc i would hate myself if you weren't lol.
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deadontheinsidebuta year ago
Hi may I have established relationship!au or married!au - wholesome, fluffy and romantic domestic hcs of kuroo, bokuto and atsumu having a big dog with their s/o (their s/o loves big doggies) and the couple goes jogging/exercising + playing with their fur baby in the park? If it's possible can you assign german shepherd for kuroo and siberian husky for bokuto? I'll leave atsumu's dog breed to you bc I haven't thought of a specific one yet so.. Thank you sm! Hope my request is okay!
AHHHH tysm for the request anon馃ズ鉁煉 this was so cute and I loved every second of it!!
married life! w/ Kuroo, Bokuto, and Atsumu 鈾 ft. doggie
Tumblr media
* Bokuto is a blanket hog and the poor boy doesn鈥檛 even know it
* He wakes up to you shivering and he鈥檚 immediately wrapping his juicy biceps around you to warm you up
* That honestly just ends up in a cuddle session with your Siberian Husky trying to wedge in between you two
* You two decided to name the puppo Bouquet (inspired by Bokay @janellion because ilysm)
* The only thing that gets you out of bed are the hunger pangs in your stomach
* You two have been taking couples鈥 cooking classes at a local restaurant so you two could have the best homemade meals
* And guess what? It鈥檚 bokuto鈥檚 turn to make breakfast
* He鈥檚 flipping eggs and frying the bacon like a pro and you鈥檙e admiring his defined back since the only thing he鈥檚 wearing is a 鈥渒iss the chef鈥 apron
* Breakfast is served!
* Your fur baby is leaping onto Bokuto because he smells like bacon and the two are having a playful wrestling match
* You can鈥檛 help but laugh since they鈥檙e so similar. Hell they even LOOK alike
* Bokuto hits the gym with you a lot but lately, you two have been settling for the dog park in order for your puppo to have some fun
* It鈥檚 funny because while you鈥檙e throwing the ball, both Bokuto AND your dog are fetching it
* You cherish these moments a lot more ever since Bokuto decided to go pro and doesn鈥檛 have as much time to spend with his little family
* But he makes up for it by giving you little massages before bed and telling you all about his adventures with the team
* It also helps that he brings up his wifey to his team every. damn. time as well
* Hinata never gets tired of it though and actually encourages it
* when Bokuto is away on work trips with the team, he sends you boyfriend memes that say 鈥渕e giving you all my love鈥 or 鈥渄on鈥檛 forget you鈥檙e so hot pls pin me down馃挆馃挀馃挒馃挊馃挅馃挐鈥
Tumblr media
* the sound of the 6am alarm rings and the barking of your German Shepard blares through the peaceful morning
* Groggily, you and Kuroo kiss each other good morning before changing into workout clothes for your 6am jog
* The sound of bird chirping and the matching pace of your running keeps you motivated
* Not to mention the shared AirPod you each wear cuts off if you don鈥檛 keep pace so keep running sis
* Your dog Candy, short for Calcium(Ca) Neodymium(Nd) Yttrium(Y) because Kuroo is a chem nerd, is wagging his tongue as he races past his parents
* Kuroo has taught Candy how to growl at the men who ogle at you and together, they form the Y/N Protection Squad
* The run is worth it though as you two enjoy a shower together
* Kuroo is a little... frisky in the shower but this is supposed to be a fluff so I鈥檒l leave it to your imagination 馃槍
* When you鈥檙e both done, he鈥檚 planting those sniffing kisses on your head because he just loves your fresh scent
* You two spend breakfast making pancake art and brewing dark coffee so that the entire house smells like home
* Just like Bokuto, he doesn鈥檛 get much time to spend with you outside of his job in the Japan Association of Volleyball so he makes it up to you with small gifts like roses and stuff bears when he comes home
* You take good care of Kuroo and make him special bento boxes that have cute little notes that are addressed to 鈥渕y hubby鈥
* Nights are fair game though and you two have a designated 9pm movie night every week where you two can spill your worries and struggles
Tumblr media
* you guys got a fluffy, cheerful, and lovable golden retriever
* Atsumu was confused at first because he wanted a BADASS dog and this one was wayyyy too soft on the eyes
* You snicker with Osamu as you say that his hair looks the exact same as your dog
* But over time, Atsumu falls in love with your fur baby and he鈥檚 already taught it all the tricks in the book
* When you guys go to the dog park, Atsumu is taking every chance he gets to brag about how well behaved his dog is compared to everyone else
* Walking your dog has become a bonding activity for the two of you
* He has a picture of you and the dog framed on the desk that鈥檚 on his side of the bed
* He kisses it every night before going to bed
* The dog sleeps at the foot of the bed and wakes you two up in the morning with kisses
* Atsumu has been wanting to knock you tf up for a while now LOL and you two constantly go shopping together just to look at baby clothes
* He鈥檚 also a great grocery shopper omg
* You two find happiest in even the littlest of things and get a boost of serotonin just from picking out what to cook for dinner
* Atsumu dresses your dog up for doggy pageants. And he WINS
* He鈥檚 very big on the whole cool dad/husband aesthetic so he鈥檒l post pictures of you two doing skincare together or videos of your golden retriever giving a high five
* You guys have do yoga videos at home as a family but it usually ends in a cuddle session because your golden retriever keeps interrupting each pose
* To maintain a healthy relationship with Atsumu being on a pro team as well, you two have something called 鈥淭ea Time鈥 where you cuddle and have tea while basically spilling the tea on the week鈥檚 latest gossip
* He鈥檚 the type of guy to text you at work after you send him your ootd to say 鈥測ou look great and all, but I can鈥檛 wait to get home and take it off of you鈥
Rough Taglist:
@janellion @darkdinosaurpeanut @personality-still-downloading @shrimpyblog @herakosmos
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sagessoftwings3 months ago
Hello! I loves your match-ups so I thought I would ask for one. So could I get a Marvel match-up with headcanons please? Tysm in advance!
So I'm straight (might be bi) but for now I'm gonna go with straight. I use she/her pronouns, my top 3 zodiacs are Leo sun, Aries moon, and Leo rising. And I'm a ENTP.
So I'm kinda short I'm 5'4, super skinny and petite, I don't weigh a lot and I get made fun of a lot for it, and I have pale skin and freckles all over my face and body. I have brown thick hair that goes down to my mid back and brown eyes! I'm not very curvy I have the body of a cereal box but hey I have some nice hips and thighs I guess?
When people first see me I look intimidating due to my resting bitch face but if you talk to me I'm pretty nice and warm! Once you get to know me better I can be very sarcastic well no actaully about 99% of everything that comes out of my mouth is sarcastic but hey I just love some good sarcasm! And I can be very reckless and goofy!
I'm also very feisty and if someone even looks at me wrong then it's I will not hesitate to put you in your place. I can be very stubborn and competitive as well. I also live by the saying "Fake it till you make it". Because thats literally what I do lol.
The other side of me is basically really bitchy and cold I kinda have trouble with feeling empathy torwards people sometimes and I tend to shut people out and isolate myself. I hate talking about my feelings and I cover those up too and I act fine but usually I'm not. Also anxiety sucks......and I have that really bad. I also push myself really hard with certain things to the point where it's just unhealthy and I can't stop myself usually other people have to step in and make me take a break for a while when that happens.
I love dry and dark humor that cracks me up a lot. And dad jokes too....I make a lot of those!
I loves 90's and 80's rock but 90' is the best and grunge music is just immaculate 鉁嬸煒. But I love anything under the rock genre basically.
I also have a grunge style like I love flannels, band t-shirts, combat boots etc.
I hate spiders I have a phobia of them and will literally die if I see one. And I love horror movies!
AHH OKURRR this one was a bit difficult but it was between Peter Quill or Wade Wilson because the energies match but umm鈥 why do you sound so hot? ANYYYWAAYYSSS
Tumblr media
he doesn鈥檛 wanna come off as annoying when you first meet but come on- what isn鈥檛 to like?
He questions your fashion sense and when you actually dress him like a normal human he thinks he looks like a farmer
You two have the best humor oh my god
It鈥檚 the best humor when you find someone with the same issues and make jokes about each other鈥檚 trauma 锟
He tried to be the strong confident man every basic woman falls for but when you laugh at him he knows he can be himself
he is the king of dad jokes
He is willing to do anything to make you smile
Even if it requires a tutu (which he secretly liked)
You two sooooo make mixtapes for each other ITS SO FUCKING CUTE UGH
This man is a teddy bear all the way and in my opinion I think his cuddles would be the best
He鈥檚 fit but still has the dad bod shape.. perfect for cuddles
If you have piercings he will totally go out of the way to buy you cool ones especially if their like little skeletons
He will keep it a secret but he totally wants to see you in his whole get up
The boots and EVERYTHING
He dreams of it 馃槱馃挦
If you need a T-shirt he will lend you anything you want
Also I totally feel like he has the classic black with red heart boxers and will proudly show them off
You two are very sarcastic with each other to the point where people around you would be slightly concerned but it鈥檚 just you guys鈥 way of bonding
I can totally see you two as the type to play around in a target or Walmart and then he鈥檚 always the one that ends up hurt but you two always laugh about it
He hates and I mean hates when rocket flirts or like breathes near you? He鈥檚 a little horn dog and Peter doesn鈥檛 like him
but rocket does need a little lovin too so don鈥檛 be shy to smooch his little head
He loves it when you tell him about his zodiac too like he鈥檒l go around and be like 鈥渙h haha that鈥檚 so Leo of you ahaha鈥 IDK WHY THATS SO FUNNY TO ME
he also has a habit of writing what he finds attractive about you or cute little habits you have in his journal and won鈥檛 show you unless you beg
He just gets really flustered when telling you that kind of thing that he likes to keep to himself because he finds you so special to him
he almost beat the shit out of Peter Parker tho-
And you two will have matching horror t shirts no questions because you don鈥檛 get a say so
He also makes bomb ass pop corn 馃槍鉁
But you two are like what everyone dreams of
The hottest 馃槱馃挅
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sips-tea-cutely4 months ago
Tumblr media
Shuichi and Korekiyo dancing
request: can you uh write a little thing where my favorite ship (saihara x korekiyo, basically self shipping for me..but i like it haha) dance in a room please
prompt: get stuck with a room with a person you feel really akward it idk head empty oops (kinda just love suite event)
timestamp: chapter 2 right after the motive videos are released, before the inscet meet and greet
notes : ofc bestie tysm for the kokichi edit 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ ily. also when all ur classmates want to bang you lol cant relate
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shuichi鈥檚 eyes were blurry. seconds later, they cleared, yet his mind was foggy. he was simply drinking tea with kokichi in the cafeteria when he suddenly passed out. he woke up in this... valentines-themed room? very strange for a school forcing students to kill. 鈥渁h, this must be the kama sutra building next to the casino.鈥 shuichi鈥檚 spine shook from the sudden voice. 鈥渙-oh. it鈥檚 just you, kiyo...鈥 shuichi shakily caught his breath. 鈥渨hy? had you been expecting someone else? say maki or kiibo?鈥 his bandaged hand move to his cheek as his head tilts. 鈥渘o, not really. i honestly just expected to be alone in here.鈥 shuichi鈥檚 eyes wander around for an escape
鈥渋f this is monokuma, i expect there to be no exit.鈥 and he was right. 鈥渟o i guess this is the next motive?鈥 the television lit up. 鈥渞ight on point! you鈥檒l stayin鈥 here with each other until one of you kill the other. the others are in the same situation so don鈥檛 go complaining that it鈥檚 unfair.鈥 monokuma was surrounded by gold and champagne. 鈥渃an we see them?鈥 shuichi asked. 鈥渘ope! that鈥檚 a big no-no! it鈥檒l spoil the trial if you all know who鈥檚 with who!鈥 and the television shut off again.
鈥渉ow peculiar.鈥 korekiyo mused at the monotone bear. 鈥渦ntil we kill each other?! i-i promised to kaede that we鈥檇 make it out of here alive... but we can鈥檛 stay in here forever too.鈥 shuichi started biting at his nails. kiyo鈥檚 hand gently caressed shuichi鈥檚 arm.
鈥渃alm down. monokuma wouldn鈥檛 bare the idea of us here forever. that鈥檇 simply be boring. for now, we must remain calm. his temper will break and he鈥檒l release us, unscathed.鈥 he pulled shuichi鈥檚 face closer to his and rubbed his thumb against shuichi鈥檚 cheek.
鈥渋-i..鈥 shuichi blushed at this situation. 鈥渟hh. give me your soul, i will reveal your beauty.鈥 he draped shuichi鈥檚 hand onto his shoulder and the other in his hand. 鈥渇ollow my lead.鈥 he calmly said whilst shuichi was still processing what was happening.
the two began to slow-dance to the room鈥檚 quiet melody. shuichi鈥檚 breathing calmed and his vision cleared. beneath the mask, kiyo smiled. he was delighted that shuichi was calmed by his presence
shuichi smiled. 鈥渢hank you for this, kiyo.鈥 kiyo breathily chuckled. 鈥渕y pleasure, shuichi.鈥
鈥渋-i鈥檓... thank you. i really needed your presence.鈥
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