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dayvoidkyoto · 2 days ago
so we're gonna bully marvel into fixing our good miss she hulk like we did for sonic right?? RIGHT ???????
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incorrectmarvelquote · a day ago
Tony: [telling a story]
Peter: But what happened to the guy?
Tony: He died
Harley: Ah he was DC to JC
Tony: What?
Peter: [sigh] He was Discharged to Jesus Christ
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luvindowney · 18 hours ago
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I LOVE this picture 💛 💛
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inncorrectmarvelcast · 2 days ago
Scarlett Johansson: Favourite horror movie? Mine’s Hereditary.
Robert Downey Jr: Poltergeist.
Jeremy Renner: The Conjuring.
Chris Evans: High School Musical. After watching it, I spent my whole time in high school terrified that the entire school would start singing something and I’d be the only one who didn’t know the lyrics.
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downeyrobjr · a day ago
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alyssinmymind · 17 hours ago
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I'm 𝑜𝒷𝓈𝑒𝓈𝓈𝑒𝒹
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nerdbrazil · a day ago
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dailyrdj · 2 days ago
The unscripted series, with a working title Downey’s Dream Cars, is produced by Team Downey.
As Downey and his team of experts revive classic cars, they also look to restore a battered global environment by creating eco-friendly automobiles for the 21st century.
“My goal is to showcase that it’s possible to keep the integrity of classic cars while leveraging new tech and innovation to make them more eco-friendly. I’m thrilled audiences will get to see this series on Discovery+ later this year,” said Robert Downey Jr. in a statement.
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itsagentromanoff · a day ago
Bucky: Okay, now, try to pick one of us up.
[Steve walks over to Tony, lifts him up]
Tony: What are you doing, man?
Steve: You looked the lightest.
Tony: All right, put me down.
Steve: Okay. You're dumb and lazy.
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modernstoner · 5 months ago
twitter porn link ༊*·˚
‣ these links are twitter ones because boy, do I spent a lot of time on twitter and I saw few creators making these porn link and decided to make my own.
‣ this doesn't have everyone so I apologize if your favorite character isn't here. [part 2] also, [bonus.]
'*•.¸♡ avengers edition ♡¸.•*'
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛tony stark
tony thigh fucking you in your dress.
throat fucking dom!tony.
enemy!tony punishing you.
husband!tony taking you out on the dinner table.
tony breeding you.
: ̗̀➛ steve rogers
steve taking your innocence.
thigh riding steve.
getting off sub!steve.
steve eating you out.
boyfriend!steve fingering you.
: ̗̀➛loki laufeyson
loki torturing and teasing you.
loki teasing through your panties.
sucking loki off as he come.
loki railing you on the couch.
rouch sex with enemy!loki.
: ̗̀➛bucky barnes
bucky eating you out.
69 position with bucky.
bucky fingering you while kissing.
doggy style with bucky.
riding dom!bucky.
: ̗̀➛peter parker
peter fucking you after school.
peter teasing and fingering you.
first time with boyfriend!peter.
peter eating you out.
sub!peter sucking on your tits.
: ̗̀➛wanda maximoff
wanda eating you out as you ride her face.
dom!wanda edging and torturing you.
scissoring with wanda.
dom!wanda fingering you.
wanda sucking on your tits.
: ̗̀➛pietro maximoff
giving handjob to sub!pietro.
riding pietro.
pietro eating you out on the couch.
doggy style with boyriend!pietro.
fucking pietro in the car.
: ̗̀➛thor odinson
riding thor.
dom!thor playing with your cunt.
thor fucking you from behind.
thor teasing you with his cock.
dom!thor punishing you until your a mess.
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inknopewetrust · 8 months ago
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lukeishope · 10 months ago
Me: Wow I can’t believe it’s canon that Natasha and Tony both survived Endgame :)
MCU: That’s not canon though
Me: You just made every possible timeline real with the Loki season 1 finale so aCTUALLY—
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bebx · 9 months ago
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Tom Holland after someone leaked the trailer
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downeyrobjr · a day ago
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frenchublog · a month ago
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Irondad PART 2
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cherrysofticecream · a year ago
When you watch the movie for the hot middle aged actor you have a crush on
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nikolatexla · a month ago
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Happy Birthday Robert John Downey Jr. who turns 57 today! 🎉 (April 4, 1965)
Robert John Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe
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dinainwater · a month ago
When Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber for insulting his wife, everyone cheered. Robert Downey Jr even publicly praised Bloom.
Now Will Smith does the exact same thing and he's getting flak.
Not taking a stance in this, I just find the double standard weird.
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petite-madame · a month ago
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Digital watercolor portraits inspired by my AU, The Order of the Avengers - (2022)
If you want to see more of this AU, you can check the characters portraits (HERE, HERE and HERE) but also the 2022 Calendar (HERE and HERE). And some cute Steve and Bucky HERE. ❤
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kevinfeiges · 25 days ago
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Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (2015), directed by Joss Whedon
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