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Tony Stark: Peter’s really sweet, I kinda like acting like his dad from time to time, it’s therapeutic; however, I respect the fact that May and her husband raised him, and that his own parents loved him very much before they passed, so I would never want to take the kid away from her-

Adoptive Irondad writers: … but what if we just… kill her

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Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes is gayer than BBC’s Sherlock ever was. 

And I’m so here for it. 

(Also, I’m so here for Bobby, but that’s another thing entirely.)

Praying next year will indeed deliver the third installment, as Bob and Jude keep promising.🙏🙏

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Originally posted by thetony-stark

Summary: You move to New York to focus on your art but end up working as an intern at Stark Enterprises

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader (friendship)

Word Count: 2880

A/N: for the purposes of this story Stark Enterprise is set out like an office building in New York and the story does not follow the same timeline as the movies. Reader has just found out Peter is Spiderman. Also, spelling and grammar is not my strongest skill so please be kind :)

Part Five | Masterlist

- - - - - 

You wake up on a hospital bed in a medical lab. Your eyes flutter open and you look around, taking in your surroundings. There’s some sort of medical monitor attached to your finger and some pads stuck to your chest with wires that lead to a machine which is bleeping in sync with your heart rate. You sit up slowly, looking around you for some idea of where you are. There’s a man sitting at a desk with his back to you, studying something through a microscope. He hasn’t noticed that you’re awake.

“Where am I?” You ask quietly and the man jumps up from his chair to look at you, knocking something over on the desk as he does. 

“Somewhere safe” he replies nervously, holding his hands up to show he’s not a threat “FRIDAY? Could you Tony she’s awake please?” 

You look at him confused. 

“Already alerted him, he’s on his way” a voice replies from somewhere, you look around trying to figure out where. Tony comes running into the room, sees you and looks relieved. He comes up close to you and takes your hand in his.

“y/n, you’re okay!” You can hear the relief in his voice. 

“What happened to me? It felt like my body was on fire…” you trail off reliving the pain in your memory.

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