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#Robert Downey Jr
Tony: Pepper, I want a kid.
Pepper: Do you mean a fourth kid? Because you already have three.
Tony: No, I don't.
Peter, Harley, and Nebula, eating breakfast with them: Yeah, we have no idea what you're talking about.
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We couldn’t find a babysitter. and so Robert had to take it on set. and I played it in a movie. He was gorgeous as a puppy, and at the age of 7 he was an arrogant and confident boy. I knew he was a big mature boy, and we watched him in amazement.

Robert Downey Sr, his son Robert Jr.’s first acting roles in the 1970s. telling.

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A Silent Voice: Chapter 9

Notes: I mean no disrespect by writing or posting this, and in no way do I take the themes and topics discussed in this series lightly. So if you’re triggered by any of this, I suggest not reading it.

N/N = Nickname

I’d also like to apologize if this chapter is in any sloppy.

Message me or leave an ask if you want to be tagged!

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Female!Reader (slow burn)

Characters: Ben, Melonie (briefly), any other characters I failed to mention

Chapter Description: Time seems to slowly roll by, and you’re stuck wondering and questioning everything about your relationship.

Warnings: Spelling/grammatical errors, mention of dissociation (possibly poorly written), mention of insults, probably a curse word thrown in somewhere, mention of abuse, flashback, if I missed anything else please let me know ⚠️

Word Count: 2,093 (give or take)

Masterlist: Click Here

Previous Chapter: Click Here

You listen to Ben drunkenly ramble on. He’s on some kind of mission to prove that you’re the worst possible girlfriend imaginable. He’s throwing insults left and right, some you’ve heard about a million times already, others… well, there’s a first for everything, you think solemnly.

Ben’s friends, unsurprisingly, are laughing and agreeing. They never liked you, and you’ve come to accept that. That’s just how it is.

Your arm has all but gone numb from Ben’s grip on it. You’re certain he’ll leave behind a bruise. You faintly feel stinging on the bottoms of your feet from being poked and prodded from Frank’s broken beer bottle. Your cheek felt vaguely sore from where Ben hit you. Your mind feels muddled, sluggish. Everything Ben is saying feels far away. You feel like you’re floating outside of your body, just watching everything unfold. It’s happening all in slow motion; Ben’s mouth moving, his friends laughing and agreeing. You’re not paying attention to what’s being said anymore, because it’s exactly what you’d expect. It’s what he’s been saying to you over the last couple of years.

But when he lets go of your arm and shoves you away, causing you to stumble back a little, you feel yourself get pulled back into your body. You instinctively grip your numb arm, rubbing your hand up and down the tingling skin in a desperate attempt to soothe it and bring any feeling back.

Ben’s looking at you, a scowl on his face. You see his mouth moving but the words feel muffled, and you shrink as his gaze becomes more heated, more angry. Your shoulders slump and your eyes lower to the ground. Ben wants complete submission. Maybe you shouldn’t have interrupted him, then he wouldn’t be so angry with you. You should’ve let him talk, degrade you in front of his friends. You should know better than to do or say anything that upsets him.

You know that’s your cue to leave, that he doesn’t want you around, but you also have glass to clean up. If you leave the broken glass on the ground, one of them is bound to hurt themselves, and you don’t want to be responsible for that. You’re also unsure if Frank still wants you to get him another beer. The way Ben is looking at you, you’re certain that’s unlikely. It’s not like he can’t get up and get it himself, you think bitterly, grabbing the broom and dustpan in the kitchen. They just like taking advantage of people.

Eddie likes to think all women are the same. He likes to spout how women only want one thing, and it’s a man’s money. Well Ben doesn’t have a lot of money. And when you first met him, money was the last thing on your mind. You were completely smitten by him, even when everyone else noticed the red flags, you ignored them in hopes that the relationship would even out. Even when you became isolated, Ben was there to comfort you and make you feel better. Until you realized he was the one who isolated you in the first place.

You could leave, you think as you walk over to where the broken glass is. But then what? You don’t know anyone here outside of work, and even that is saying a lot. You just started your first day of work so it’s not like you know your coworkers all that well anyway. If you call your parents, would they answer? It’s been years since you’ve contacted them, would they even want anything to do with you? What about your old friends? Do they even care anymore? A heaviness falls on you as you sweep up the broken glass. You haven’t seen or heard from anyone back home in so long, you wouldn’t be surprised if they forgot about you.

Maybe you deserve it.

Glancing up, you see Ben is now moving to sit with his friends. The three of them are talking about whatever, nothing that you consider important. They’re loud, laughing, practically shouting over each other to get a word in. Funny, how Ben is the only one allowed to have a good time while you’re stuck feeling miserable.

Looking away before any of them notice, you go to empty the dustpan into the trash. That’s when you hear a whistle.

“Sweetheart,” Frank calls, his tone sounding almost condescending, “I’m still waiting on that beer!”

Dumping the glass into the trash can, you put the broom and dustpan away and grab Frank a beer out of the fridge. The very last one. Do you tell them? If you do, they’ll expect you to go out and buy some more. If you don’t, then you would get some time to yourself. You’d be able to text Melonie and have a little time to recover from earlier. But you also know that if you don’t say anything, you’d deal with the consequences later. Do you want to deal with that? Not really. Do you care at the moment? Not really.

Closing the fridge, you walk over to Frank and hand him his beer. He smirks and winks at you as he takes it, but you don’t respond.

You instead make a beeline for your bedroom.


You closed and locked the bedroom door once you got in. You didn’t want to be bothered. Sitting on the edge of the bed, you let out a heavy sigh. At work, you were overwhelmed with anxiety and self-doubts. You let Ben’s words get the best of you, much to your embarrassment. But you’d been told they want you to come back. They complimented how you worked on Scarlett. They… supported you. No doubt it would’ve felt amazing if you hadn’t drowned yourself in your own negativity.

Even the actors were being patient and kind with you. They wanted to get to know you, they were being funny and overall genuine people! But you couldn’t return their kindness in full because of your emotions.

You became so hellbent on whether or not you’d prove Ben right, on what’s the appropriate thing to say to your coworkers, that you eventually lost control. What little control you actually had.

Taking out your cell phone, you text the directions to Melonie and your apartment number. Tossing your phone on your bed, you start moving back to lay down on your pillow. Closing your eyes, you try to relax enough that you can get a little sleep in.


“He’s looking over here.” Your best friend, Elisa, subtly nodded her head in his direction with playful mirth etched on her face. The two of you were at your favorite café, taking the day to catch up. What you hadn’t expected was to be told was your college crush was there with his friends, as well.

“He is?” you whispered, unconsciously grabbing her hand, giving it a squeeze. Elisa nodded. You peered over your shoulder, and that’s when you saw it; a handsome face and sparkling eyes that met yours in an instant. He’s sitting at one of the many tables, his friends talking amongst themselves. A small smile came across his face the longer he looked at you. Your face warmed as you quickly turned to look at Elisa. “What do I do?” you hissed.

“Don’t freak out,” she murmured, giving your hand a comforting squeeze. “You can start by not freaking out, okay?”

Taking a deep breath, you let it out with a nod.

“Good.” Elisa nodded. “Let’s just pretend we’re having an interesting conversation. I’ll keep an eye out.”

“God, I feel like I’m in middle school,” you grumbled, the blush still evident on your face. “You’ll at least tell me if he comes over, right?”

“Of course,” Elisa smirked. “What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t?”


“Are you sure about this?” Elisa was half-laying, half-sitting on your bed, her brows furrowed and a heavy frown on her face. She looked almost… worried. She’s watching as you get ready for your date, fixing your hair and make-up.

“What do you mean?” you asked.

“I mean,” she started, “you and Ben have been dating for less than six months and he’s already asking you to move in with him. Doesn’t that seem a bit fast to you?”

You looked back at her, a frown on your face. “I think it’s sweet he wants me to live with him,” you answered. “Besides, it’s not like I said ‘yes’ or anything.”

“I know.” Elisa sat up. “But come on, Y/N. That seems a bit quick. Xander and I didn’t move in together until a year and a half after we started dating.”

“Well, everyone’s different.” You shrugged.

“Okay, Y/N,” she sighed, “since you’re clearly not going to listen to what I have to say, I see no point in staying here.”

You quickly stopped what you were doing. “You can’t leave,” you exclaimed. “That’s not fair, Elle!”

“It’s totally fair.” Elisa gave you an irritated look. “You’re not listening to me or anyone else.”

“Only ’cause you’re all judging him before you can get to know him.”

Elisa nodded, heading toward your door. “I’ll see you later, Y/N.”


You were sitting next to Ben, a smile on your face as you listened to his story. Elisa, her boyfriend Xander, and your other friend Aaliyah were all sitting around the table. You and your friends had been planning this day for weeks, wanting a day for all of you to just hang out.

Except Ben didn’t want you to go by yourself. He was under the impression that you’d be distracted by Xander, so he decided last minute to come along.

You didn’t argue.

“Aaliyah, you’re looking really good,” Ben said after finishing his story. His eyes were looking at her almost predatorily.

“Um, thanks,” she responded apprehensively, looking at you in confusion.

“Are you working out?” he asked.

Aaliyah nodded wordlessly.

Ben hummed. “Maybe you can take Y/N with you next time,” he stated. “She’s getting a little chubby.”

You automatically chuckled. He’d been making comments like that all too often. When it wasn’t derogatory comments on your clothes, it was your weight. You’d always had a little bit of a tummy, but you never considered it an issue. And he didn’t either, in the beginning.

“Dude, seriously?” Xander said. “Who the fuck says that, especially about their girlfriend?”

“That’s kind of a dick thing to say, Ben,” Aaliyah added, her gaze hardened.

“It’s okay,” you said quickly, interrupting any further comments. “Really, he’s just kidding.”

“Well it’s not funny,” Elisa started, her gaze fixed on Ben. “And I’d recommend he take his own advice before he makes comments about other people’s weight.”

Ben’s face darkened as he looked at Elisa. You put your hand on his, hoping to calm him down. He was starting to show the extent of his temper, and having him go off in your shared apartment certainly wouldn’t be ideal.

“I think we’re gonna call it a night, Y/N.” Xander was keeping his gaze fixed on Ben. He didn’t like the energy he was giving off. Not to mention the obviously insulting comments were a definite problem. “Thanks for inviting us,” Xander added.

“Oh, um, yeah.” You sat up, plastering a smile on your face. “Thanks for coming.”

“I’m gonna go too, N/N,” Aaliyah added. “Maybe next time we can actually have some time with you.” She threw a dirty look Ben’s way.

“I’ll see you guys later,” you said, trying to ignore any comments directed to your boyfriend. You walked with them to the front door, waving them off as they left. When you closed the door, you swallowed thickly. You could feel the anger radiating off of Ben.

“I don’t want you seeing them again,” Ben exclaimed, abruptly standing from his seat on the couch. “Those bitches think they can talk to me like that in my own home.” He scoffed.

“Hon, it’s okay I’ll talk to them.”

“No,” he snapped. “I don’t think you understand, but when I say you’re not seeing them again, that means no contacting them either.”

You were opening your mouth, ready to respond…


A fist slamming on the door jerked you awake.

“Y/N!” Ben’s sharp tone made you scramble out of bed.

You fumble to unlock and open the door, and when you do his angry face is all you see.

“Is there something wrong?” you stammer.

“Who the fuck is at the door right now?” he seethes.

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- You ever been to Germany?
- No.
- Oh, you’ll love it.
- I can’t go to Germany.
- Why?
- I got homework.
- I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that.

— Captain America: Civil War

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