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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#Rooster Teeth Animation

Blake: Do you ever regret marrying Ruby?

Weiss: Lately she’s decided the best way to let me know she wants a kiss is to t-pose in front of me until I kiss her, so that’s the closest I’ve come.

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RWBY AMV - I’m a Ruler (Salem 2020)

Sharing another fan-made RWBY AMV… This one features the “Boss Villain” Salem… Her mission is to destroy Remnant and mankind… According to her it’s the only way rid herself of the curse of immortality bestowed on her by the Gods… If mankind is in chaos and divided… the Gods will deem mankind fallible and will wipe their world from existence… That would be Salem’s ticket out of the curse… Hope you enjoy this RWBY AMV… Stay tuned for the next one… It’s in the works… Thanks for watching!!!

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RWBY AMV - Devil In Disguise (Raven 2020)

Dropped another RWBY AMV… This one is about Raven… Yang’s mom who abandoned her when she was a baby…  Explains the anger issues she suffers with… Underneath those eyes of fire is a beautiful soul that wears
her heart on her sleeve… and will risk life and limb (literally) to protect the people she loves… Everyone on the “Yang Protection Squad"  would love to strangle that deadbeat of a mom… but since Raven is the Spring Maiden…  Yang could possibly inherit those powers if something happens to Raven and she dies… Well enough with the back story… Keep a look out for the next creation… I am working on it… Hope you enjoy my RWBY AMVs… I enjoy making them… Thanks for watching!!!  

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“A Part of the Team”


There comes a time where Weiss Schnee burned things through her extreme training  for a new technique that led to that 

an incorrect Team RWBY quotes comic special thanks to @jacketizer007​ cool art for the drawing and making it happen

source of the quotes is under here

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