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#eight precepts of death

(I had an idea to start adding suggested songs for certain scenarios. The songs definitely help develop ideas. The song name is the title. Anyway, have some Setsuno angst)

~Fool For You~

[Song is by Zayn]


“Alright, I know it’s late but just give me a call when you can.” 

“Hey it’s almost 3 a.m, could you at least text me where you’re staying so I know you’re safe? no pressure. Love you, bye!”

“Hey, I see you requested 98 dollars from my account. I went ahead and approved it just in case you needed it. Call me back when you get a chance.”

“Hey…It’s uh…It’s been like 3 days. Could you let me know you’re alright at least, Please…call me!” 

Setsuno sat patiently by his phone and tried his best not to overload her voicemail box. These past months kept repeating themselves over and over again. She’d leave with a friend, and wouldn’t come back for another 3 to 4 days. She always had time to request money from him over the app, but never enough time to text him back or call him. Setsuno gasped when he finally heard the front door opening behind him. He turned from his spot on the couch and watched her enter the house carelessly. “Hey babe! I missed you! I was starting to get worried about you being gone for a while and-”

“Ugh Toya. I literally do this all the time. Could you please get off my back.” She cut him off as she walked into the kitchen and got a mug of coffee. “Oh…Yeah, you’re right! It’s just that I worry so much and I never know who you’re with. I haven’t met your friend yet so I’m not sure about stuff.” He admitted sheepishly. She glared at him from the kitchen and rolled her eyes, taking a sip from the freshly poured coffee. He always had coffee waiting for her in the morning, even when she disappeared sometimes. “Hey so I was wondering, how was your trip? Where’d you go? What did you spend the money on? I’m not mad, just curious! I mean, it kinda put a dent in our funds lately, but I’ll make the money back.” Setsuno spoke cheerfully. His girlfriend groaned in annoyance and gripped at the sides of her hair. “Literally, it’s none of your business. I’m fucking grown. Could you please mind your own business?!” Setsuno quickly got up and joined her side in the kitchen. “Oh babe, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to offend you! It’s just that…well I missed you so much.” He reached to hug her from behind. His hands traveled up her side while she began to text on her phone. Toya could never fully see it because she had a privacy screen and tilted it away from his vision all the time.

He trusted her anyway.

He began to gently kiss at her neck until she sighed in annoyance, locked her phone, and placed it harshly on the counter. “Toya please don’t. I’m not in the mood.” She then abruptly went to take a shower and lay down. “It’s, okay. Maybe tomorrow…” He said quietly to himself as he heard the shower water start up. The last time they had sex was 8 months ago. He made it a goal not to force her into anything, but he surely missed her intimacy. When they first got together, she would want it every single week. Things were changing but he didn’t mind.

He loves her.

He needs her. 

The news the next day dropped at a dime. She gathered most her things and broke up with him so suddenly, claiming that she needed space. He was broken but he accepted it. Maybe a week or two later she called him for the first time in forever and he felt his heart hammer out of his chest. “Toya, come pick me up. Send me some money too so I can eat before you get here.” Her familiar voice run out from the speaker. He quickly grabbed his keys and went to get her. It hadn’t been longer than a week back together when she cheated on him. The remorse wasn’t held on her face. No guilt, no comfort, nothing…She left him with not a cent to his name. He trusted her, he gave her another chance and she broke him into a million pieces. He was hurt, but he would do it all again for her. It must’ve been his fault right? Something that he did? That’s why his phone rang with her name on the screen he immediately picked it up. “Toya, I miss you…can you come get me so we can work this out? Oh, and send me a little money so I can take care of some business first.”


“Okay, I’m on my way.”

[This love is tainted…]

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Hi! Can I request a setsuno and a fem s/o reader with some domestic fluff and maybe a daughter? if your comfortable writing for a specific gender :)

(Soft Setsuno Hours. Anyway, as usual the reader is probably going to be neutral, unless otherwise for more specific stuff like match ups)

~What it takes to be a Hero~



Toya watched on happily as you tried to capture fireflies in the backyard with your daughter. His greatest joy had always been the day she was born/adopted, and you two took her home. This descended you both into the journey of parenthood, and it was life changing especially on his end. He smiled when you finally captured one of the bugs and showed the glowing hand to your daughter. She giggled with delight and Toya swore he was on cloud 9 just from the sound of it. While you two continued to frolic, he started to clean the rest of the residue from the grill surface. As a family, you all had a cook out day in the backyard. It would’ve been complete with a family camp-out but Toya was worried about the evening mosquitoes biting you two too much. 

“Alright you two! It’s really dark out here now. Let’s head in!” He called out to you two. You picked up your daughter and brought her inside, stopping at the living room couch and carefully placing her down. “It’s about time for you to get some sleep, my little bumblebee.” You told her, using her nickname she developed from her interest in the insect. “Awwwwww, but I’m not tired! Can I stay up just a little longer pleeeeease???” She attempted to use her puppy-dog eyes on you. She knew you were weak to it, so you quickly changed the direction of it. “Uh…Ask your father!!!” You smiled nervously at Setsuno. He rolled his eyes and you and chuckled lightly. “No kiddo, it’s time for bed.” He went to gently pick her up. You smiled at them before heading into the kitchen to wrap up the leftover bbq. Toya stood the child at the bathroom door and squatted down to her eye level. “I already ran you bath water a little earlier before I called you inside. I added the color bubbles and your rubber ducks too. You bedtime clothes are on the counter as well. Now don’t forget to wash behind your ears AND brush your teeth young lady.” The girl smiled widely at her father and hugged her tiny arms around his neck. 

“I love you, daddy.” She spoke into his ear. Toya swore he was tearing up. In fact, when she went into the bathroom he actually let a tear fall. While she was bathing, he went to sit with you on the couch. “Reruns of the same show again? Sheesh, you need to update your catalog y/n.” He teased you. You rolled your eyes and playfully punched his shoulder. “Oh hush. You know I fell asleep last time I watched this episode. Then the other time I tried to watch it, you got a little too handsy with me.” You winked at him and he blushed at the memory. “Sorry about that, heh.” He quieted down and almost fell asleep beside you until you two heard a familiar tiny foot pattern echoing through the hallway. Moments later, your daughter jumped onto both of you with a loud giggle, and the strong scent of bubblegum bath wash. “Alright, you did it! Okay, now you know it’s time for bed right?” Toya looked into her tiny eyes. She began to pout until an idea popped into her tiny head. “Ok, I’ll go to bed…if daddy reads me a bedtime story!” She looked at you two eagerly and squealed when Toya nodded his head. You watched the two of them travel down the hall before starting the episode once more. 

Once inside the bedroom, the little girl shot to her bookshelf and pulled a red, blue, and yellow book off the shelf. “This one daddy!” She excitedly handed him the book. He smiled and took a seat on the edge of her bed. She clumsily shuffled into the bed and got comfy under the covers. “Alright, let’s see.” Toya read the cover of the book and rolled his eyes. “Are you sure about this one, bumblebee?” He tilted his head at her. She excitedly nodded and waited patiently, tiny hands gripping the blanket in anticipation. He sighed and opened the book. “Lil Might, the tiniest hero…” As Toya read the book to her, it hadn’t been long before she began to get tired. By the time he was finished, she could barely keep her eyes open. He tucked her into bed, and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Just as he was about to flick the lights off he heard her tiny voice. “Daddy, what do you have to do to be a hero?” She asked sleepily. “Hmm…I’d imagine school or something. Maybe you have to be willing to help a lot of people, and go out into dangerous places a lot. I’m not really sure about it. Now, get some rest, bumblebee.” Before he could flick the light, she spoke up again.

“But you don’t do any of that, and you’re still my hero.” He swore he was about to cry. He looked at her sweet smile and realized she was finally asleep. He smiled, flicked the lights off, cracked the door, and headed into the living room where you were. “I don’t know what it takes to be a hero, but according to her…I am.” He smiled widely. 


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So some thoughts have been plaguing my mind for a year now. Last year when I was reading the Overhaul arc I started thinking.. would the situation be better or worse if he was her actual father?

It’s still absolutely horrid regardless, but would it make it slightly even more so if she was his daughter?

I personally don’t know. On one hand, the thought that someone could do this to a child in general, especially their own, is horrible. It makes make me wonder how long he was doing that to her. Then it would lead to “where is the mother?”. Or even what kind of woman would want to have his child.

On the other hand, i feel like it would be worse if she was just some random kid. It would make me wonder how many other kids he’s done that too. Either way it’s disgusting..

I suppose he is connected to her so it isn’t like they’re complete strangers. Her grandfather took him in when he was a kid, so he isn’t just some random guy that took a little girl off of the street. He’s her uncle technically.

I really wonder.. how long has he been doing this to her? How long has he even known her? She was 6(now 7) when she was first introduced in the Overhaul arc and it seems like she was like 3 or 4 when she lost her father and was abandoned by her mother.

So I’m going to assume that she’s been in his “care” for like 2 years.. like when and how did it start though? How long did it take him to craft this idea? I’m pretty sure he has always thought about it but like how did he find out that her blood is key?

I don’t know if I’m misremembering. It’s been over a year since I’ve read that chapter and I just started watching season 4 so I don’t remeber everything correctly.. but why would her grandfather leave her to Overhaul?

Like why is he the one that was supposed to raise her? I’m probably remembering wrong but I stg I thought that he told Overhaul to care for Eri.

Looking at the flashbacks from Overhauls past we could tell that he wasn’t all there. Definitely not the best candidate to raise a kid. When we saw him as a teen he felt cold and calculating like he didn’t care about anything or anyone.

And has anyone else noticed that Overhaul is listed as Eri’s foster father in the wikia? He’s her uncle.. not her dad. In case anyone was confused.

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Chrono, in an interview: “I’ve noticed that Overhaul has begun to avoid me as of late. He won’t even be in the same room as me. I wonder what I’ve done to upset him so much?”

Interviewer: “so Chisaki, can you provide us with any information on why you’ve been ignoring your friend?”

Overhaul: “Yeah, I dont want the Coronavirus, so I’ve been keeping my distance”

Interviewer: “oh no! Has he tested positive for the virus?”

Overhaul: “oh, no not at all. But his name sounds similar so I’m not taking any chances.”

Chrono: “wtf!?”

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I'm craving tabe. Please give me some tabs head can one of a Scenario with him and his s/o. Im desperate. 😭😭😭


~Zoo Date with Tabe~



-So honestly you were the one to suggest this date with him so it could be something different from going to restaurants all the time. He agreed with you. Of course he was never tired of food, but it would be a nice mix up from the same old dinner dates. So you both slip into some comfy clothes for the warm day and head out to the local zoo!

-Lucky for you two, the prices were half off for the day so you had a little spending money for the food, balloons, and the gift shop! Those were small stops compared to where you wanted to both go first. The zoo was a pretty good size so you had to pick a lower starting point and work your way back up towards the center. “Zebra?” Tabe asks as he pointed at the hand map you got from the ticket booth. You happily nodded and linked arms with him so visit the zebra first! 

-Tabe happily watched as you snapped pictures of the Zebra while he read the information slate next to various African themed items next to it. He admired the masks most of all and wondered for a second what he would look like if he wore one of them instead of the burlap sack he wore. Your cute giggles snapped him out his trance and you pulled him away to go look at lions and elephants. He smiled and mocked the growls coming from the Lions mouth as the feeder went to take care of the animal. You got some great pictures of the Lion during feeding time, and Tabe was sure to make a mental note of getting them printed out the next time he went to the post office. 

-Around the time you two left the African exhibits and made it to the Jungle side to see the Lemurs, you heard Tabe’s stomach growl. You both stopped to get a few snacks and talk with each other on the benches near the Lemur exhibit. “Like a monkey cat, huh?” Tabe joked as he pointed at the ring-tailed Lemur hovering closely to your food from the other side of the cage. You laughed and nodded at his observation. (Mentally you wanted so bad to give the Lemurs some of your snacks but you knew it was bad for them to eat, so you didn’t risk it). 

-You eventually made it to the reptile exhibit, but Tabe refuses to look at the spiders for fearful reasons. However, he LOVED the snakes and various small lizards in the tanks. “Hmmm…” You looked up at him and waited for him to continue. “Aquarium next time?’ He offered you. You nodded in agreement and marked it down in your calendar as your next date idea.

-Tabe ended up buying you a few balloons once you passed the vendor, so yo let him tie them to your wrist so they wouldn’t float away. Then you two proceeded to see the Australian exhibits and everything else in between (secretly swearing to pet an Emu someday even if it killed you). Finally, at the end of the date you two went into the gift shop. Tabe let you hold onto the money while he went to the bathroom.

-Big mistake…

-When he came out of the bathroom you had purchased a stuffed version of your five favorite animals, a butterfly catcher, a pair of matching hats, a sprite, and a wooden bowl engraved with a few elephants and giraffes, Tabe rolled his eyes and chuckled at your enthusiasm. he had to be sure to bring a little extra money for the next date so you could get a few fish plushies as well!


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Even with the will of the entire world, you just couldn’t tame his emotions. Frustration swelled within you, because you were exhausted from having to constantly mind him. Your relationship usually allowed proximity and romance, without him lashing out and attempting to eat away at your flesh. Genuine adoration was shielded behind that mask, but the thought of expressing too much of it was terrifying to him. Given his societal status, he had never before known such a pure and authentic love. This wasn’t something he wished to ruin, and yet the venomous ticking in his head, the whispered voices…they were perpetually hunting for creative, new ways to tarnish his remaining chances with you. It wasn’t a controllable force, but it could be temporarily subdued, by the melody of your voice.

Every lyric that rolled off your tongue was Heaven (or as close as he could access), softening the abyss of his mind. It was ephemeral, however, and every second that ghosted past in your absence felt like Hell. The demons who shackled and repressed any traces of optimism that might creep into his system, appeared adoring towards you, and so provided a little leeway in your company. When you abandoned him, even for a mere moment, they returned, their taunts more aggressive than before. They informed him of his dependency on you, and how very tired you were becoming, as a result.

But…how could he function, with a degree of normalcy, without you? Although, yet another matter niggled the back of his brain: your relation to the young head of the Hassaikai, Overhaul. The connection hadn’t been completely fleshed out, so he wasn’t sure if you were siblings, cousins or something else, but he could concede that it frightened him, ever-so-slightly.

What would transpire once the news surfaced? A simple, yet violent argument? A fatal fight? For as much as he was deemed insane and incapable of empathy or affection, he truly craved your kindness, your divine presence. It was that which bestowed upon him a sense of security, of home. He never wished to be the cause of your demise, or your split from the organisation. An alien love had settled within his core, and instead of consuming it, he had nurtured it. If you ended up suffering injuries because of him, whether they be physical, emotional, psychological or anything in-between, the grief would devour his heart. Behind his burlap sack mask, beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, as his nerves illuminated. His hands started to tremble. The fear, the demons, they were invading his head again. Overhaul had rescued Soramitsu, yes, but that was inconsequential.

Such a powerful figure commanded the utmost respect from his inferiors, not this. To Overhaul, it could manifest as scorn, as a ‘trash-is-dating-your-relation-in-an-attempt-to-usurp-your-post’.

Surely, he wouldn’t even consider his pleading, his insistence that the truth was far more benevolent! If honesty permeated him, Soramitsu didn’t see why you had chosen him. Often, only a singular word attained liberation from his lips, and it wasn’t something worthy of adoration. Why? Why did you claim to love him, so very dearly? Why did you gaze upon him, as an awe-struck child, learning to interpret the stars? And…why hadn’t he refused your advances?

Ah…perhaps it was the introduction of love into his otherwise worthless existence, that had so mellowed his heart. It was something which he hadn’t fully realised, and which his mind agonised over, for many moons. Feelings of neglect bubbled away in the pit of his stomach, as time trickled by. You were still nowhere in his immediate sight, and that was filling him with worry. His mind and mood dropped further into their depressive cavern, as he imagined what tortures Overhaul could be subjecting you to. You possessed a mental strength far superior to his, but it was generally nigh-impossible not to break under such agony. His knees wobbled with the anxiety, forcing him into a crouching position on the ground. What was presenting such an issue, that you would break your promise to him?

You never betrayed his trust.

Yet, maybe an hour had passed since the time that you had suggested. The panic was eating him alive. Had you encountered someone with foul intentions, or had you simply fallen out of love? Were you really busy, or simply in hiding? Soramitsu just couldn’t be certain, and the desperation was killing him, slowly. How would he ever hope to function without your help, without your guidance? Even his illustrated emotions were unsure of themselves - should crystalline tears be falling, to signify his sorrow? Should screams tear apart his lungs, because of an unrelenting anger? Or…should he retain his silence, as a testament to his emptiness? All three were competing for validation, but he didn’t know which to grant an audience.

As he brooded, these feelings only developed in ferocity. Almost like a relapse, food was once more on the brain. It happened suddenly, eclipsing the final few scraps of rationality, which had lingered since your previous visit. Despite the relatively short period in which you had disappeared, his heart thundered with malice, misery and rejection. This relationship was still fresh, still brimming with bashful side-glances and awkward half-smiles, yet he sincerely cherished it with all his faculties. Had your numerous, supposedly affectionate encounters simply been a nicety? Were those ever-burning embers of love real, or a façade? Did you pity him, or did you revel in his hopeless confusion?

Eloquence aside, would his deepest, innermost emotions - the ones that caused his nerves to explode with an unfamiliar comfort - ever reveal themselves to you? The very worst circumstance, he fretted, would be for you to turn tail and flee, the moment his lips parted. But…but surely that sort of cowardice, of discourtesy was unachievable for someone as wonderful as you…right? Soramitsu placed a hand on either side of his burlap sack mask, desperately searching within his soul, for a sign of reassurance. It might be mentally and physically draining, attending to him around the clock, or ensuring his lack of rampage, but it didn’t automatically predetermine that you would just walk out of his life…right? His overactive mind needed an answer - one to ground it again.

“Sora! Oh my gods…” Those heavenly echoes sliced straight through his thoughts of desolation and self-contempt, as a knife to the flesh.

The tepidity of your embrace was something for which he had long yearned. He understood himself to be wholly undeserving of such a loving gesture, yet his quivering hands failed to shove you aside. He couldn’t! He refused to impart even the most minor injury on to your delicate skin. You caressed him with a tenderness that should have been reserved for someone else - someone who carried an air of stability, of maturity. You didn’t require his filthy love, and you never did. His deplorable appearance was that which should be scrubbed from your life. He didn’t wish to taint your grace any further.

He didn’t even deserve to touch you.

But…wasn’t it above his station, to spurn your courtship?

“Soramitsu? What’s going on, sweetie? Did someone hurt you?” The concern penetrated your heart, and this was reflected in your voice.

This whole ordeal was painful - agonising! His vocal chords strained with the effort, but he was determined to respond.

“Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-You…I - It w-w-was y-you…”

“Me…? How did I - what…? Did you…did you really mean that?” The quiet cracks which fractured your words were ungodly; why was he cursed with such inarticulacy?

The abnormal dejection crossing your features, the sniffling, the near-waterfalls of your eyes…No! Anything but this! He couldn’t bear your current expression. If only his words could be repealed…If only he had been more careful! What had he set in motion? Could his crime ever be absolved? Shaking his head over and over, desiring the phrases which would inevitably dispel all this negative energy, Soramitsu started to choke on his own sharp breaths. Tears threatened his heart with thousands of red-hot pokers. Your form was convulsing in its sorrow, but you hadn’t moved away, not even by an inch. Soramitsu relinquished his voice - words couldn’t possibly aid him now. Rather, despite his unwavering anxieties, he rested a hand on your shoulder. The connection was feather-light, as though you might shatter, or gain an intense disgust for his touch.

Neither of those harrowing ideas occurred in reality, to which he thanked every god and goddess in the universe.

[Word Count: 1414]

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Several people’ve sent me asks to share their appreciation of these characters and/or my bullship but since I’m… super late to answer… consider this as a general “thank you”. OTL

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(This is a pre-done/non requested scenario because I’ll be away today, hanging with my best friend!)

~First Argument with Hari~



You lay with your back against the bed, staring at the ceiling for what seemed like hours now. It would’ve been such a peaceful moment had it not been out of anger and annoyance. Hari Kurono wasn’t a perfect man, but he still tried to be better for you. He only wants to make you happy but sometimes he slipped up. It was never bad enough, and you two could always work past it. Today it seemed to surpass that certain comfort level. “Wow, here we go.” You said in annoyance and the clock on the bedside table signalled yet another hour had passed. Finally, before 30 minutes into the hour came down, the front door opened up. You didn’t budge when you heard his familiar voice call out to you. He did it 2 more times before the sound of the spare bedroom and the bathroom door opened. Finally the bedroom door opened and he sighed in relief. “Y/N you didn’t hear me call out to you? Why didn’t you replay, baby?” He sat on the side of the bed and reached out to you. Quickly, you turned so your back could face him.

“Hari, what time is it?” You asked, trying not to let your angry tears take over the firm tone in your voice.

“7:26 p.m…why?” He questioned as if nothing was wrong. Suddenly he went ’Ohhhh’ in realization. “Shit baby, I’m so sorry. Things got out of control at work and I lost track of the time.” He honestly admitted to you. Normally this would’ve been enough to forgive like usual. This time, it was a bit more serious. “You promised you’d be back by 3 so we could celebrate my birthday together. I blew everyone off today so I could spend time with you. I told them that I would see them tomorrow instead. I’ve been in here since you left for work this morning.” You said dryly. Hari simply sighed and rolled his eyes. “Well I mean, I never really promised it.” You quickly flipped around and sat up to face him. “Excuse me Kurono? Care to repeat that?” You glared at him. He gulped realizing that he may have fucked up.

“I just…I never actually like…promised?” He carefully repeated the words. He could feel his heart drop at the way tears immediately started to flow from your eyes. “So fuck me, I guess? You suddenly feel the need to promise stuff to me or it won’t happen now? I spent my whole birthday staring at the ceiling and waiting for you to get home just for some shitty fucking apology from you??? Yknow what Hari? I’m done. I’m just…I’m done.” You quickly got up and rushed to the spare bedroom, locking yourself in when you heard his footsteps rush behind you. “C'mon y/n. Please open the door? Please???” Hari knocked a few times and proceeded to beg you. Too late because you had shoved headphones into your ear, blasted your favorite playlist, and laid down on the spare bed to cry yourself to sleep. By the time you woke up it was just around 11 at night. You sighed and mentally prepared yourself to make up with Hari. When you opened the door you were met with a hallway filled with balloons! You smiled and rolled your eyes.

“Hari?” You called out to him. “In here, babe!” He replied from the kitchen. You went to find him there, opening the oven with oversized mitts and pulling out a freshly baked cake. On the kitchen table was confetti that had spread to the floor below. There was also a card and an unopened present. In the living room, your favorite movie was on TV waiting to be played and there were blankets, snacks piled on top waiting for you. On the living room table? A single condom. You giggled and turned to see him struggling with icing the cake. “What’s all of this huh?” You asked with a laugh before going to help him with the cake. He sighed in relief when your steady hands replaced his shaky ones.

“Happy birthday y/n. I’m sorry I fucked it all up earlier. I know it’s late and technically wont be your birthday in another hour. I still figured we could celebrate now instead of never. Could you ever forgive me for being such a fucking mess?” You shushed him with a tight hug before looking up at him. “You’re a mess, but you’re my mess. I forgive you.”

Then you kissed him in such a way it almost made you want to forget about everything else except that little package on the living room table…


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(This is a pre-done/non requested scenario because I’ll be away today, hanging with my best friend!)

~A Mile in Tengai’s Shoes~



-You and Tengai normally got along better than this but for the first time you had a small argument with your friend. “Well since you think it’s so easy then have him for a day.” Tengai threw his hands up in defeat and went to go relax somewhere. You rolled your eyes and turned to look at Rappa from across the room while he lifted a single weight repeatedly. “How hard can it be? He’s my boyfriend after all.” You bent to tie your shoe and stood back up. Walk a mile in my shoes. Tengai’s words echoed in your head. You laughed to yourself until you looked up and Rappa was gone.

-“What the fuck!? When did he-” suddenly you heard the sound of blows being exchanged in the hallway outside. You quickly rushed to the doorway and shouted as Rappa and Katsukame duked it out. You were risking your life getting in between them, and luckily they hadn’t hit you. “Kendo, get your ass back in that room right now!” You reached up and yanked at his ear, pulling him into the room and closing the door with a lock.

-Rappa shifted from being your cute idiot boyfriend to being the most annoying being on the planet within 15 minutes. He kept pacing the room like a zoo animal, breaking his weights and claiming they weren’t strong enough, then proceeding to ask you the dumbest questions you’d ever heard.

-“Aye y/n, you wanna fight?” He asked as your rubbed your temples trying to obtain a single moment of peace. “For the 100th time today, NO KENDO. What is going on with you? You never ask me to fight when we’re at home together.” He shrugged at your words. “Well of course not! We’re renting that place. I cant fuck it up too bad.”

-At one point you brought him something to eat to which he replied that he didnt feel like it. So you took it back and when you returned he asked where it went. “In the kitchen, why?” You replied to him. He simply frowned and said he was feeling hungry again. You gritted your teeth and brought the food back. He stared at it for a bit and sighed. “WHAT???” You asked him with annoyance. “I’m not hungry again.” He replied.

-You wanted to kill him at this point and you were 90% sure he must do this stuff just to keep from being bored at work.

-By the end of the day, Tengai returned to check on you and to apologize about earlier. He came into the room and saw you meditating passionately while Rappa was destroying a punching bag in the corner of the room. You noticed Tengai’s presence and quickly got up. “Meditating is the only way to try and block him out. I’m sorry Tengai, but I think I like my boyfriend better outside of work. Good luck.” You quickly left the two alone and gained a newfound appreciation for Tengai’s patience.


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After the last chapter, we’re now back in the present day, and the reader goes through with Overhaul’s plan, without knowing much, to be bait for The Vipers—a rival gang who has been causing issues for the Shie Hassaikai recently. But things rarely ever go exactly according to plan. (AO3)

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Can you do some headcanons for what if Deidoro found out his s/o was having/adopting kids?

(TWO Sakaki stans at the same time with similar requests? Heck yeah!!! Two birds, one stone!)

~Deidoro and Kids~



-So Deidoro had the absolute worst day at work and he literally began to wonder if he could just quit altogether (spoiler alert: no). So he comes through the door and needs the only 2 things that can bring him joy after a day like this: Sake, and your beautiful face. When he comes through the door, your sitting on the couch and holding a white shoe box with a serious look on your face. Deidoro’s head went a million miles an hour. ’Shit! Did I put away the dishes before work this morning? Did I put the toilet paper on the holder upside down! Did I mess up the decorative towels in the bathroom!?!?!?’ He’s trying to figure out why you have that expression.

-“Dei, come here please?” You lightly tap the empty space next to you on the couch and watch as he cautiously shuffles over to you, removing his mask and placing it on the table. You placed the box in his lap and kept your hands on the lid so he wouldn’t open just yet. “Uhm…so how much do you love me?” You ask him nervously. He scratches his scalp and sighs in relief. You’re not mad at him, you’re nervous! But…why?

-“How much do I love you? Well, I dont day drink every single day anymore. So I’m figuring you must be pretty damn special y/n. What’s buggin you?” He waitd for your reply. You simply mumble to yourself and pinch your brows, signaling deep thought. Then, carefully, you nod at him and lift the lid on the box. “Well the reason I’m asking why is because of this.” He looks inside the box and confusion crosses his face. Inside there was an empty bottle, a diaper, a stuffed bear, and a peace of paper. “Shit baby, who’d you rob!?”

-You laugh and flick his head. “Just grab the paper and read it.” He obeys your wishes and opens the tiny paper to reveal a message:

“You’re going to be a father.”


-Deidoro stays at a distance for a while. He complains a lot, and pretends he hates this but he never tells you to stop. He never fully leaves. In fact, he’s watching a bunch of baby shows and picking up information necessary towards being good parents. He’s the one that schedules those baby workshop classes, or the one that reads up on the orphanages around town. He’s the one that baby proofs your home. He’s the one that picked names (if you need one). Literally complains the whole time, but will not let anyone near his kid once he has them in his arms.

-He’s a great dad! He’s a little misguided on a few things, but he’s doing his absolute best. His complaining either dies down, or becomes his weird way of showing affection to his kid (kinda like how big brothers tease their younger sibling yknow) Most of all, he cuts back on his drinking to a bare minimum at least until his kid gets into highschool


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