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#mha villains

so here is my new My Hero drawing. Chapter 266 I think broke all of us who love the villains so I wanted to draw a happy picture of the LOV group. I’m also change my signature to be more simple. 

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Recently redid some art of my bnha oc, Hisako Hajime. I had the sketch saved from the old version and reused the sketch to make a new version after getting a new device and doing independent art classes. The mandatory quarantine really gave me time to focus on it as well.

Hisako Hajime, or better known by her alias, Jikan, is a well known villain on the internet due to her livestreaming most of her crimes, or recording them to later upload. Known for her quirk- Bated Breath, which allows for her to “stop time” when she holds her breath for over a second. During this she’s able to move around, and is able to move other people and objects as well. Pixels appear after usage, a signal that she’s used it if she hasn’t moved, but primarily is a remnant from her fathers quirk. 

When she was younger, she strived to become a hero after her parents died when she was 5. Highly ‘encouraged’ by her adoptive mother, she began training her quirk extensively, through training herself to hold her breath for long period of time, to learning gymnastics and martial arts. But when she turn 13, after she had a few bad encounters with heros and those wanting to be heros, her mind had enough evidence against the fact that heros were good, and that she should strive to be one, that she was able to break free of her adoptive mothers quirk: Suggestion. Whether by accident, or purposefully, Her adoptive mother Kumiko had used her quirk to make her strive to me a hero. Realizing this made Hisako believe that Kids were brainwashed into becoming heros by society. Despite this she stayed with Kumiko until she was 16, then running away the day she was supposed to start attending classes at UA.

At first called a vigilante, now a villain at age 19, She has a fairly large following on the internet, where she often talks about her experiences and view points. She doesn’t care about her identity very much, but when she’s out in public she changes into green eye contacts to hide the bright pink clock eyes she has. Along with changing her color scheme. This usually allows her to go out as a regular citizen, and if things go south, her quirk allows for easy escape. She wants to get rid of the society that idolizes and encourages impressionable Kids to become heros, and wants to expose heros for what they are, and she willing to do anything to do it. She has a Saviors complex, a very distorted one, but she genuinely thinks her work is necessary.

She has a mask that when she presses the button on her cheek, forces her to hold her breath until she presses it again. She wears this whenever she is committing crimes to guarantee that she can use her quirk even if she’s running out of breath.  

Power:2/5 D | 2/5 D

Speed: 5\5 A | 6\6 S

Technique:4/5 B | 5/6 A

Intelligence :3/5 C | 3/5 C

Cooperativeness: 4/5 B | Breath Control: 6/6 S

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Found some drawings I did of AFO and OFA as kids. so I cleaned them up and colored them. Also I still think All for One looks like Deku and may be his dad. but hey thats just a fandom guess. I also know that the fandom is back and forth about black or white hair with him. I went with black but I may make I white haired one of these doodles as well.

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❝  Y/N! We need your help right now! ❞

summary: You have always tried to find your place among the Yakuza members. In the end, it succeeded, and your boyfriend liked to use your nurse services in his own way.

tags: headcanons; villains!au; yakuza!au; current relationships; romance; light!fluff; smut; nsfw

{!} warnings: mention of sex and some kinks (like choking, spanking, bongage, praise/beg kink, blood, et cetera)

healing!quirk; You have a similar quirk to Recovery Girl. You can heal another person really quickly.


Originally posted by urarakas


↘ You joined the Yakuza group quite spontaneously because you were Hekiji Tenga’s younger sister. He was the one who told the group about your healing abilities. This thing interested Shie Hassaikai’s leader to the extent that he hired you. And so your first two years passed. You were a nurse who treated group members, sometimes cooked meals for them, and sometimes cleaned the whole house because Overhaul loved order and clean space. It was on your hand. As long as you had a home and escort you did what the leader told you.

↘ After over two years, Overhaul began to see you somewhat differently than you would a normal subordinate. Your devotion, purity, kindness and submission caused him to saw you in other way. You felt the same feelings, but you didn’t change your behavior towards him. You were still submissive to him and fulfilled his every request. No wonder that after the next few weeks, when sex came to your life, he took full advantage of it.

↘ He was a leader not only of the group but also of your sex life and relationship. He gave you orders, admonished you, praised you and punished you when you deserved it. Just like now.

↘ Chisaki loved to see you in delicate frills, lace and underwear. It strengthened him in the fact that you are submissive and fully devoted to him. Although he wasn’t a supporter of closeness, this physical contact and such clothes suited him.

↘ He didn’t like to labor, sweats and dirty his hands with slaps or ropes. Instead, he chose cleaner solutions such as hot conversations, mentioned sexy clothes or teasing your person with feathers or ice. Oh, yes. Chisaki loved to see your goosebumps and hear your pleading moans when he wasn’t moving, just tempting you with little additions.

“Kai, please. Please touch me with your hands!”, “Stop tempting and torturing me, it hurts!”, “Chisaki Kai, please, fuck me!”

↘ You shouted loudly, sometimes forgetting about other household members, and your boyfriend only smiled mockingly, reminding you that you are forbidden to use such dirty and ugly words. Then he teased you even more, and when it was enough for him, after few minutes he took his plague mask off his face and kissed your body or mouth.

↘ Sometimes, of course, you begged him for sex in this mask, because, ummm, he looked super hot in it.

↘ But more often, he put it on the table (because he didn’t want to get her dirty). He just was like that.

↘ He definitely preferred to be a top; to see your sweet face, to see your all reactions and reminded you not to close your pretty, pure eyes.

↘ He loved to praise you and, if it necessary, reward you with words and gifts; like new clothes, jewelry and lingerie. He liked to see you in them during your next sex. Of course, he didn’t spare bad words sometimes. He didn’t like to punish you, but time to time…

“Watch your words next time, baby, because you’ll get more punishments. An angel like you shouldn’t use curses and such dirty sentences like this.”


Originally posted by dailybnha


↘ You joined to Yakuza quite by accident. One day, a year ago, a villain came across you. Of course, at that moment you didn’t know who it was, but seeing his wounded hand and bleeding head you couldn’t stand still. You cured Kurono quickly, and he thanked you, then he took you for tea. To the Eight Precepts of Death base. At the first moment, half of the group wanted to kill you, but eventually they accepted and respected you as their homehelp, their the nurse and Eri’s babysitter.

↘ It didn’t take long for the Kurono to fall in love with you. Finally, you saved his life that day and he owed you a debt of gratitude. Then this gratitude turned into a desire to learn you, care about you, give away feelings… And so time passed, and you agreed to your first date, then a kiss, and then also sex, which soon became an inseparable element of your life. Over time, you got to know your tastes and body better. And you discovered how big pervert is in your boyfriend’s mind.

↘ Unlike Overhaul, Hari wasn’t afraid to use his hands for anything more than embracing your waist or fingering you.

↘ Kurono loved all forms of BDSM. He loved spanking you, choking you, chewing your pure skin, calling slutty names on you. Of course, gagging or tying you was also exciting.

↘ No wonder, then, that each time he used these things to give your two the greatest pleasure.

↘ Just like now, when you lay with your back to him with hands tied behind you. Your exposed ass was red because of spanking and bites. And that was just the beginning.

↘ Again, unlike Chisaki, he got to the point very quickly. He was crazy and always hungry for you, so in a few moments slow sex changed into a sharp fuck full of colorful marks and blood.

“Hari harder!”, “Faster, baby, faster, I’m begging you!”, “Fuck me, until I’ll faint, damn it!”

↘ Who would Kurono be if he didn’t comply with these requests? So he didn’t hold back, moving his hips even harder to fully satisfy you.

↘ By the way, Hari loved to see you in this position; when you turned your back to him, full of hickeys and teeth bites. An equally favorite sight for gray-haired was the one when you sat on him and top over his. Often with a blindfold or gag in the mouth.

↘ After all, he was the one who expanded your toy collection with new vibrators, handcuffs or whips.

“Y/N, can you handle even more fun and speed?” He asked with a low voice. Then turned you over and grab your throat. After that, with tears in your eyes, you nodded, relying on his grace.

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OK OK. I’ve said it before.

But y'all were too busy shipping hot wings .

Letting Hawks into the league is like dating someone who cheated on another person with you .

A cheater will cheat again. A traitor will betray again.

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