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Hello to all my lovelies!! Man, today I am bowled over. Somehow, someway, I have 1000 FOLLOWERS!!! 1000!!! How?!?!

For this occasion I want to open up my requests for you guys. So, if you send an ask with an idea for Loki, Steve, Bucky or Natasha from Marvel, Jonathan Pine, Thomas Sharpe or James Conrad you’ll get a personalized story.

I don’t know what else to do to honor your faith in me but write… so I will! Any and all suggestions will be considered excluding incest, pedophilia, or anything that gives me the creeps. I keep on the smutty side, but will cross the road into fluff, angst, action or drama as needed.

You all know how to make a lady happy!! Xoxo - Your Wordynerdygurl

P.S. a little Loki gif, just for good measure… and to honor the magnificent beast that brings my smut filled stories to life! ❤


Originally posted by hjbender

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Author’s Note:  @your-highnessmarveloffered up a challenge a couple of months ago and I took on a prompt.  Then the world went and got screwy, which is not an excuse for my tardiness, but is maybe an explanation as to why this is being submitted so late.  My thanks to @your-highnessmarvel​ for baring with me and letting participate in such a cool event!

Also, I hope everyone is going well… staying healthy and observing personal distancing guidelines!  

Also, also, you know I love the love, so comment, reblog, request a story, send an ask, join the tag list, follow me and/ or otherwise feed my need for validation!

Also, Also, also, @sammy-jo1977​ is my cheerleader, reader and writing buddy!  Thanks for being so great to me!!

Pairing:  Loki x Female Reader with Natasha stopping in for a visit

Summary: My challenge prompt was Loki, On a Street Corner, Right after the rain.

It was a hot and steamy night, after drinking at the bar.  Loki sets the stage for you, if you’re brace enough to perform.

Warnings:  SMUT, Thigh riding, fingering, voyeurism, mention of FMF threesome


Originally posted by doug-the-cat

“How much room does one person actually need?  God!”

You couldn’t help the frustration from filling your voice.  Loki, taking up the entire park bench, his legs spread as wide as possible, was now eyeing you darkly from under a curtain of rain damp raven hair.  “Everywhere I sit is my throne.”

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Author’s Note:  Howdy everyone!  I hope you are all staying Covid-Free, sanitized and sane!!  To that end, I hit 700 followers recently, which is just about the coolest thing that could happen, so thank you all so much!

This little story was suggested by @just-random-obsessions​ and @thenatallie​… putting you naughty vixens on front street, just to show that I love writing requests!  If you have one, reach out!  And as always, love, likes, reblog, comments, tags, requests… all that is appreciated!!

Summary:  Loki, lots of hands, reaching out… touching him… touching you.

Pairing:  Loki x 3 females

Warnings:  SMUT.  I mean, the real request was “something really dirty involving Loki” followed by “bottoming”… so, Multiple Partners, Oral, Bottoming, and Loki.


Originally posted by peter-parkers-backpack

Hands.  So many hands.  Running over his naked torso, raking across his tight thighs, rasping along his spine.  How many?  Too many.

Closing his bright eyes, Loki sighed into the soft sweetness of so many hands focused on his pleasure.  That’s what they were for, surely.  The way one would grip tighter and another would release lightly.  This one would dig into his porcelain flesh while it’s cohort would rub, relaxing the muscle of his neck or shoulder.  Overwhelming sensations were bringing Loki to a state of bliss he previously only dreamed of and he was willing to follow these hands blindly if it ended in ecstasy.

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