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#human condition
jackalopiel · 9 months ago
100 good questions to ask your friends at 4:02 am when you can’t sleep (can also function as an asks list)
Are you bothered by your cosmic insignificance?
Do you mourn for a place or person you’ve never known?
Do you really think there is somebody for everybody?
Do you place any value in gender roles?
Do you have to be related to be family?
Are your platonic relationships just as valuable as romantic or family ones?
Are you in love? Do you want to be?
Do you think you can put love into categories (family, platonic, romantic, etc.) or is it just one general sensation?
Would you be happy with a life without romance? 
Are you always going to be a little in love with somebody?
Would you change your appearance if you could?
Do you have the feeling you’ve lost something you might have had in another life - whether it be a person, a place, a world, a language, etc.?
Do you believe in reincarnation?
Would you want to be reincarnated?
Do you think you’re special, or just another person amongst billions? Can you be both?
Do theoretical ethical debates have any value? Is it important people discuss ethical dilemmas, e.g. the trolley problem?
Did you have imaginary friends? Do you still have them?
Are you religious? Do you think your religion is ‘correct’?
If you aren’t religious, do you wish you were? Why?
Do you want a grand adventure?
Do you have somebody, whether it be a friend or stranger, who you think you could have loved if the circumstances were different?
How long does it take you to fall in love with somebody?Is the sensation of ‘falling in love’ or ‘being in love’ better?
Is love about convenience or something more? Can it be about both?
Do you think you really understand your gender and sexuality?
How fluid is your concept of gender and sexuality?
What’s the most life-changing choice you’ve made so far?
Are you afraid of growing old?
Would you want to live forever? How about for a billion years, a million, a millennium, a century?
Do you believe in some form of god/s?
Are your choices fated or of your own free will?
Do you have a hunch about how you’re going to die?
Do you believe in star signs?
How old do you have to be to be considered an adult?
Was your childhood happy?
What are you missing from your life?
Have you ever met someone who had a very similar personality to your own? Did you get along?
Do opposites attract?
Is your life what you expected it would be five years ago?
Do you know what you want out of life?
What makes a person ‘good’? Are you a ‘good person’?
What fundamentally matters do you?
Is freewill an illusion?
Do you create art? How do you define art?
How often do you lie? Is all lying inherently bad? Are you generally truthful?
Do you want to be remembered after your death? What for?
Is true world peace ever possible?
Do you have to suffer to truly understand the human condition? What is the human condition? How can you really experience it?
Are you free? Will you ever be? Can anyone be truly free?
Do you hold yourself to higher standards than you hold others?
What do you expect from a friend or partner?
What question could you ask to find out the most about a person?
Do you justify all your beliefs or have you just inherited/absorbed some?
Which beliefs do you have that is most likely to be wrong?
Can human really understand the complete nature of the universe, space and time?
Is a conscious what makes someone a person?
What do you think about artificial intelligence?
Do you thinks humans are obsessed with escapism (books, video games, movies, etc.)? Are you looking for an escape? Do you think that’s a bad thing?
Are we eventually going to ‘run out’ of new combinations for music, art, language, etc.? Is there a limit to human creativity?
What do you think the next era of music will be like?
What do you think the next era of fashion will be like?
Do we live in tumultuous times, or do they just seem so strange because we’re living in them?
Would you want to meet a clone of yourself? Would you like them?
How confident are you, really?
How consistent is your perception of time?
What age should people be allowed to vote? Should children and teenagers be allowed to vote?
How do you feel about the idea ‘an eye for an eye’?
What’s the worse thing a person can be?
How do you feel about monogamy?
Can you be in love with someone and still fall in love with someone else?
What’s the tragedy of your life?
Would your life make a good play?
Should people be prosecuted for crimes that weren’t considered crimes at the time?
Would you fight for your country? Do you feel a sense of loyalty to your nation?
Do you believe in gender equality in every aspect?
Do we have a moral obligation to care for others? To what extent?
Do you crave approval and/or praise?
Is there comedy in all tragedy and tragedy in all comedy?
Are you ever going to be satisfied?
When you are sad, do you listen to music that conveys your emotions or music that makes you happy?
Is your music organised by mood or sensation or do you just listen to everything at any time?
Would you marry a friend if they needed you to (e.g. for citizenship)?
Are you a deep person?
Given the chance to live your life on Mars, with no hope of returning to Earth but with the promise of scientific discovery and glory, would you take it?
Are you who people think you are?
Do you think you would be happier if you had been born a different gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, nationality or religion?
What’s your toxic trait? Are you trying to improve yourself and fix it?
Do you anger easily?
Are you a jealous person?
If you lost all your memories, would you have the same personality?
Given the chance to reset your life (with none of the knowledge you currently have), would you take it?
Is hate as strong as love? Who do you hate?
Do you speak multiple languages? Which do you dream in? What language would you want to learn?
Do you draw meaning from your dreams, or do you disregard them?
How would you describe yourself when you love? Do you love forcefully, unconditionally, gently, quietly, desperately?
Is unrequited love real love?
Is your perception of yourself similar or the same to how others perceive you?
Are you overly analytical?
Do you ever feel that you are really a terrible person, and only act good out of societal or some other obligation?
Do you believe in magic? Are you superstitious?
What belief do you have that isn’t logically grounded, but you still firmly believe in?
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johbeil · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Bonjour tristesse
Ageing brutalist apartment buildings for social living from the 1980s, Roma EUR. Olympus 35 RC on Adox CHS 100 B&W film.
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acknowledgetheabsurd · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
“When the throne of God is overturned, the rebel realizes that it is now his own responsibility to create the justice, order, and unity that he sought in vain within his own condition, and in this way to justify the fall of God.”
Albert Camus, The Rebel
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jareckiworld · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Cang Xin — Consumption Frequency   (golden color on rice paper, 2020)
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pratchettquotes · 18 days ago
"I've never even heard of these!" said Ponder Stibbons. "The possibilities are amazing!"
"Everyone says that when they first hear about them," said the Senior Wrangler. "But when you've been a wizard as long as I have, my boy, you'll learn that as soon as you find anything that offers amazing possibilities for the improvement of the human condition it's best to put the lid back on it and pretend it never happened."
Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent
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stilldeancas · 7 months ago
Dean Winchester and emotional intelligence.
From season 1 to 15, Dean is constantly learning from his previous experiences:
Tumblr media
He used to not talk about things that bothered him in early seasons but then he slowly learns to open up in later seasons and listens to people when they need a safe space to be vulnerable.
Tumblr media
From the very beginning, Dean is shown to be the one getting lasting relationships. He's the one that gets close to people and we know that because the show puts extra emphasis on showing those relationships flourish.
Tumblr media
The reason for that is because he gives himself room to improve: he listens, gets to know people, and creates a profound bond w/ them. He makes an active effort to be on the same page as them. He can read people.
Tumblr media
He could tell something was off with Cas when he was under Naomi's control.
Tumblr media
He could tell when Sam was not okay.
He always knew how to speak to kids:
It shows adaptation on his side, he's making an effort to relate to these kids (through his own experiences.) They meet him on the same ground because Dean makes sure they know they can trust him.
That doesn't mean he understood everyone but that only proves that he pays more attention to how people feel in later seasons.
Tumblr media
He instantly knew something was off with Charlie and he knew how to approach her when she had to let go of her mom.
Tumblr media
Even after the events of season 10, he ended up having a closer relationship with Claire.
Even if he doesn't admit it, he knew how to get to Jack.
Tumblr media
Dean and Cas are the heart of this. Dean started to open up more thanks to Cas and Cas started to feel human emotions because of Dean.
They both allowed vulnerability around them and encouraged the other to let go of the idea of dealing with their problems on their own. They both learned to love and appreciate who they are by letting the other in their space/heart.
This brings me to link his understanding of his emotions to his sexuality.
People in the fandom have already established that Dean is not NOT letting himself feel. He doesn't suppress his feelings. He is restraining them and that's a different thing:
he's attracted to both men and women but he chose to not show it. He's emotionally aware of how as a man he's perceived by society and actively choose to display only one side of him, the side that fits into the heteronormativity of society.
Now let's talk about the purgatory scene:
he knew he had anger issues a long time ago and he didn't talk about it with anyone.
For a very long time, he doesn't talk to anyone at all. He doesn't talk to Sam because he doesn't want to be a burden, as the older sibling myself, I can confirm that it's a common thing.
However, things change when Cas comes around. It is significant because the dynamic is different, with him Dean gets to be vulnerable. Cas allows Dean to be wholeheartedly himself or at least we get to see glimpses of that other side of him he's so good at concealing.
Tumblr media
So, even if he's still not letting everyone in, with Cas it's different. When he's on his knees praying to him, he admits he always knew he had anger issues and not talking about them was a choice. He is aware of it, which demands a certain grasp of human emotions.
He also says that he doesn't know why. Or maybe he knows. It just wasn't the time for him to talk about it since he was scared to lose Cas. I believe, if the show had the guts to go there, dean would have been able to just be who he always wanted to be.
All that to say that most of the time, when he gets angry it doesn't necessarily means that it's about the actual actions of the other person like in s15 with Cas. He's aware that it's not about Cas, it had nothing to do with him, it's about what he felt internally.
Throughout the show, he learns to be more in touch with his feelings. He learns to recognize and process and channel them in a way that benefits him and those around him. That is a sign that he improved his emotional intelligence.
Tumblr media
Dean never got to people through violence, it was always by opening his heart.
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desideriumorsa · 2 months ago
the uncapitalised i, is so much more beautiful than being grammatically correct. it is raw. it shows the smallness of being human, it reeks of vulnerability. urgency. recklessness. Desperately needing to speak, express, write, without worry for grammar.
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blackswaneuroparedux · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
La peinture est un art, et l’art dans son ensemble n’est pas une création sans but qui s’écoule dans le vide. C’est une puissance dont le but doit être de développer et d’améliorer l’âme humaine.
- Wassily Kandinsky
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write-as-rains · a month ago
Are we searching for love or just a deeper human connection?
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eternalsatan · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Erlend Mørk: “The Good Seed”
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elizabethanism · 15 days ago
"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful."
Samuel Johnson
The History of Rasselas
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acknowledgetheabsurd · 6 months ago
Nothing is given to men, and the little they can con­quer is paid for with unjust deaths. But man's greatness lies elsewhere. It lies in his decision to be stronger than his condition. And if his condition is unjust, he has only one way of overcoming it, which is to be just himself.
Albert Camus, Resistance, Rebellion, and Death (The Night of Truth)
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jareckiworld · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Igor Morski — Driving force for growth. It is not always possible to buy what you need!  (illustration, Deloitte University Press, 2015)
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wishingwellfairytales · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
There must be possible a fiction which, leaving sociology and case histories to the scientists, can arrive at the truth about the human condition, here and now, with all the bright magic of the fairy tale - Ralph Ellison
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awed-frog · 4 months ago
If you want to get a head full of thoughts today, try this:
“We know that language helps not just communicate with others, but also helps us categorize and it also gives us some sense of consistency and continuity over time,” Rossano said. In other words, self-awareness and language could be connected, as language gives one an ability to communicate a sense of self.
Also it’s about a talking dog who’s asking “Dog what dog is?” and wondering why she’s a dog.
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vampire-goth-pirate · a month ago
I have always loved using stained glass as a metaphor for the human condition. Taking fragments of different things and sticking them together to form a whole. Its what we do and what we are simultaneously. Frankenstein would have envied the monsters we are. The pictures we make. And how beautiful when seen in the light.
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