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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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“Spendin’ all my nights alone, waitin’ for you to call me.
You’re the only one I want by my side when I fall asleep.
Tell me what I’m waitin’ for. Tell me what I’m waitin’ for.
I know it’s hard, but we need each other.
Know it’s hard, but we need each other.

Back and forth.
I’ll take that if that’s all you askin’ for,
with my legs up on the dashboard,
only thing in my pocket is my passport, pa-passport.”

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New blog post up on the website. Going over our extractions and why they are best suited for patients. Normal grow room update and the plans for the outdoor grow 💯 💚

#waxroomfam #extractions #organic #cannabisgenetics #marijuana #ilovetogrow #nomorebho #seedtoextract #live #love #life #wax #terpedup #hilife #workerbee #sugar #organicextracts #worldwide #waxroom #greenthumb #massachusetts #newengland #dabsfordays #420life #practitioner #growlab #networking #clothing #420accessories #420culture

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Okay, internet. I did it. Are you happy? I made DALGONA COFFEE! How did I do it? Well it’s pretty easy ingredient-wise. It’s just equal parts instant coffee, sugar & hot water. But it’s labor intensive if you don’t have a hand mixer. Which I don’t. Also, I wasn’t sure if I had the right type of coffee and sugar. Recently bought just a small container of Nescafe Clasico. I think it was dark roast? Not sure if that mattered. I don’t have just plain sugar for some reason. I have Domino sugar w/ maple flavored granules. So go w/ what ya got, I guess!

- I wanted to make a good amount so I put 4 tbsp of each in a large bowl. Got the whisk and yep…whisked by hand for about 15 minutes. I stopped counting after 300. But it came together pretty well! I tasted it & it had a strong coffee flavor. Wasn’t sure if that was the type of coffee. Crap maybe I messed it up.

- But…I filled a glass with ice & poured milk in about ¾ of the way like you are supposed to. Then spooned the creamy goodness on top. Mixed it up and well…GODDAMN DELICIOUS! I guess the milk cut the bitterness. And it’s thick enough for 2 glasses! I mean, after finishing up the milky goodness, there’s a lot of the cream left over so you can add more milk for another glass.

- Also, I had a bit leftover in the bowl. And randomly, I decided to make one of those Duncan Hines box cakes I impulsively bought one day. And then realized I never bought any icing for it. I had less than half of a chili/cherry chocolate bar so I melted it a bit in the microwave & added to mix w/ a bit of milk. Sort of spooned it over some cake pieces & it was a nice touch!

Anyway, don’t think I’ll do this often (unless I get a hand mixer) but it was pretty damn good. (The coffee, that is). Have you tried it yet?
#dalgonacoffee #instantcoffee #sugar #hotwater #milk

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This was a collaboration with some of my friends!!! I’ve been getting into animal crossing and this pic was inspired some events. Everyone wants to hit me with something in Animal Crossing, ahah!

The people who drew for this pic were @alannahablar @nijiomii @ahjones94 @oilliepop @sweet-peachy @rosiegardenlove and @/Suhdami on Twitter! I hope we can Collab again, this was fun! This helped be a bit out of my block during this quarantine, pff.

Love you guys! ^^

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dear people of the internet,

hi hihih i an having a big suagr rush and my leg also keeps doing the shaky bouncing thing. i have ran up and back down the stairs two times already and im honestly having teh time of my life

i had a lot of candy and some how coco but i used teo packets of coco mix instead of one.

heres some screenshots of me trying ti communicate with people. good luck figuring out what im saying


ive calmed down a bit after running up the stairs a lot but my leg is still a bit shaky. ill be okay in the end

sincerely, 425

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“Levain Cookie”

Based off of NYC’s famous 6oz gigantic cookies from Levain Bakery.

Don’t forget to socially distance your cookies so they bake evenly without overlapping.

Also, you can chop up your own chocolate for a more rustic and dramatic appearance and also a more intense chocolate experience.

#quarantine #quarantinecooking #cookies #chocolate #quarantinebaking #choclatechipcookie #sugar #sweet #baking #instabaking #chef #levain #levainbakery #cookie #homemade #instafood #cooking #instafood #photooftheday #chefsofinstagram #recipe #eat #recipe #cook #instacooking #instafood #foodie #nom #tasty (at Sacramento, California)

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Some of you early birds will probably have already spotted this new piece in preview on my website:😏

Some technical details: this piece on Newton’s apple and the oh so sweet solution to all or problems is made on 120Gr/m³ paper 29,7x 21 cm with colouring pencils.

What are your initial assocoiations?

NOW in ALL the shops!😍



#FineArt #traditional #candy #apple #CandyApple #Newton #NewArt #Red #Fruit #Healthy #Shadow #Science #Positivism #FAAA #FineArtAmerica

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