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Izuku for the situation plz

Why of course!


𝐅𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝗼𝐧 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐞🏝 (5)

Character: Izuku

Situation/place: coffee date☕️


Feel free to request a character (It does not have to be from bnha) and I’ll create a situation/place and outfit for them!

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fun fact! the constellation on todoroki’s cheek is the capricorn one! since he’s a january baby

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I drew Midoriya again bc i love him with all my heart

there’s two versions - black lineart and colored lineart !! i hope they look alright !! i also tried out a different style of coloring and shading so !!!!

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Shouto: My dad doesn’t scare you away, does he?

Izuku: Not at all. I stood up to him once

Shouto: You did? What did you say?

Izuku: At the sports festival. He wanted me to hurt you to teach you a lesson, so I went off on him. I told him that you’re your own person and that you’re nothing like him

Shouto: Oh. I feel something

Izuku: You feel something?

Shouto: Warm. My lips moved of their own accord. Humor, maybe? I think I’m amused?

Izuku: You’re happy, love. That’s a good thing

Shouto: It’s new. I like it

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Shouto: Thank you for always having my back

Izuku: Of course! I’ve always got your back. And your front, and your sides. I’ve always got you! Haha

Shouto:…what does taking someone from behind mean?

Izuku: Excuse me?

Shouto: Does that mean you have someone’s back? If you take them from behind?

Izuku: Oh gosh! No!

Shouto: So you don’t take me from behind?

Izuku: We can talk about that later

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Midoriya: We really should tell Aizawa and All Might about us.

Todoroki: Why?

Midoriya: I don’t like keeping secrets from All Might, and Aizawa is our teacher… I mean, we have been seeing each other for months, and-

Todoroki: *grabs Deku’s hand* Fine, come on.

*The couple walks into the teacher’s lounge.*

Todoroki: We’re dating.

Midoriya: *red faced and hiding behind Todoroki, whispers* Why did you do that so bluntly?!

All Might: Congradulations, Young Midoriya and Todoroki!

Aizawa: *holds out hand*

Present Mic: *sighs, handing Aizawa five bucks*

Todoroki: You were betting on us?

Aizawa: Don’t let it go to your head. We have bets on all of you.

Midnight: I won ten dollars last week when Kaminari ran into the news bulletin!

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~ A few days into quarantine ~

Todoroki, looking into the camera: “Hello, welcome to my vlog series on the many ways my roommate is being hella cute and is driving me insane with the desire to kiss him.”

Todoroki, shifting the camera around to see Midoriya just sitting reading: “Way Number 1: Existing.”


Bakugo, looks up from his phone scowling: “Fucking- Kirishima, I want to kiss you.”

Kirishima, sighing in relief: “Oh thank god, I was starting to get worried it was one-sided- So…?”

Bakugo staring, face red: “So fucking what?”

Kirishima: “Do you want to?”

Bakugo: “…fuck, fine.”

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summary: midoriya bakes cookies, gets really cold and wet, and warms up again with some help from his trusty classmate / space heater

warnings: fluff

word count: 1,374

author’s note: my first tododeku fic! this is also the first fic i’ve ever written for any fandom that wasn’t reader insert and it was very fun to write so i think i’ll do more. deku and shouto aren’t officially together in this fic but they sure do like each other!!

It’s a cold night. Buildings and street lamps blur into a watercolor parody of the evening outside, framed by the window of the train. Izuku snuggles into himself quietly on his train seat, not looking forward to the moment he’ll have to step back outside into the brisk winter air. For now, the stuffy air of the train is a comforting buffer, and the box of fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies on his lap warms both his mind and body. 

His stop arrives too soon. Tugging the edges of the worn, black beanie down over his ears, Izuku stands and approaches the train doors. The moment they swing open, his breath is stolen from his lungs and swept away into the frozen unknown. Reluctant steps carry him forward and onto the outdoor platform, wind whipping the ends of his hair into an all-out tantrum across his forehead. Izuku squeezes the box of cookies tighter between his mittened palms. Gritting his teeth, he sets out toward the school dorms.

The walk is only about 10 minutes, but about 2 minutes in, the sky decides that the journey wouldn’t be complete without a fresh, soothing dose of freezing rain. By the time Izuku approaches the school gates, his teeth are chattering relentlessly and the cookies rattle in their box on account of his trembling hands. He shuffles across the school grounds, willing the sky to stop shedding frozen tears, and begging his limbs to carry him home before they seize up from the chill. His jacket is waterproof, but doesn’t have a hood (stupid) so the rain has happily found its way into Izuku’s collar, pooling around his neck before eagerily slipping down the expanse of his back. His breath catches at the cruel sensation. Almost there. 

The dorm fills his view as his resolve wanes. The shaking has gotten much worse after the rain leaked down the back of his shirt. Izuku almost drops the box of cookies as he fumbles with the contents of his jacket pockets, searching for his keycard to enter the building. He curses quietly when he accidentally tosses the card a few feet away with his tremors. He retrieves it clumsily, unlocks the door, and nearly faints with relief as he enters the building. The dorm air greets him with the warmest embrace he thinks he’s ever felt in his life. Still trembling, he makes his way through the small lobby area with squelching feet. Freezing water still dribbles down his neck and he gasps in discomfort. Izuku yanks his soaking wet beanie off his head with wet mittens. Everything is wet. And cold. A far cry from the warm, cozy night he just spent baking cookies at his mother’s apartment. Now it’s late and all he wants is to strip off his wet clothes, take a hot shower, and crawl into his warm, dry bed.

Izuku rounds the corner into the main common area and immediately stumbles to a stop, wet shoes squeaking against the floor. Todoroki is sitting alone at a corner seat, a steaming mug of tea and a thick book on the table in front of him. He’s leaned over the book thoughtfully, fingers tracing the rim of the mug absentmindedly. At the sound of Izuku’s squeaking entrance, he raises his head. His eyebrows lower the slightest bit. Izuku knows he probably looks miserable - soaking wet, teeth chattering, limbs trembling - and he tries his hardest to stifle his shaking. He attempts a smile that he knows isn’t convincing, judging by the way Todoroki’s eyebrows furrow even deeper. 

“Caught in the rain?” he asks simply. 

“Yy-ea-eah.” Izuku cringes at the pathetic wavering of his voice, and starts walking towards his classmate. He’s still shaking like a leaf despite his efforts to relax his jerking muscles.

“Your lips are blue.”

“Hmm-m? S-sounds about ri-ight.” Izuku whips his head back and forth as he walks, feeling water spray off his hair in every direction like a dog after a bath. He reaches Todoroki’s table and unceremoniously places the tin of cookies and soaking wet beanie next to the mug of tea. He tosses the wet mittens next to them, and proceeds to unzip and remove his traitorous jacket. Now in only a T-shirt, gooseflesh breaks out along Izuku’s arms as his bare, wet skin makes contact with the air.

“You were at your mom’s?” Todoroki asks quietly as Izuku rubs his arms frantically, attempting to create warmth through friction.

“Yeah, did some bake - oh, J-jesus. Did some baking. Took a li-itt-tle longer than I expected.” Izuku breathes air into his cupped hands in an attempt to heat them back up. Another shiver rattles its way up his spine, his teeth cracking together in the process. He winces.

The silence that follows is strangely heavy, and Izuku looks back to his classmate. Todoroki is already staring. His gaze is calm and calculating. His eyes bore into Izuku’s face, and flicker down - probably to the goosebumps on his skin. Curiosity outweighs Izuku’s patience. “What?” he asks.

Todoroki stares for another moment. Then he shakes his head slowly. “You really… You’re ridiculous.”

Izuku balks. “What?!” he asks again, this time incredulous. He doesn’t deserve this treatment. He’s been through enough tonight. His muscles continue to tense and quiver unforgivingly as he huffs through clenched teeth.

“You are,” Todoroki says, suddenly rising from his seat. He grabs something from behind his chair and rounds the table over to where Izuku sits. Something is pulled over Izuku’s head and shoulders – a blanket? No, it’s a big, comfy sweatshirt. Izuku raises his arms and wiggles himself into the soft, blissful heat. The hood lands on the top of his head, framing his face, and he closes his eyes as warm relief floods his veins. “I wasn’t going to say anything,” Todoroki continues from behind him. “I wasn’t going to offer you any help, because it’s your own fault for not checking the forecast and dressing appropriately. But you’re too ridiculous. You look like a confused, shivering baby bird.”

Izuku’s eyes almost pop out of his face at that comment, and he opens his mouth to argue, but a pressure on the top of his head stops his mouth from moving. He can’t argue now. All his body can focus on is the warmth – the pure heat that’s seeping into his scalp and spreading down, down into the rest of his body. He’s aware that it’s Shouto’s left hand on his head, and it’s just the effect of his quirk at work, but the sensation feels like having the sun smile directly down on his scalp on a hot summer day. He can’t avoid the relieved, pleasured sigh that frees itself from his lips.

“Mhm…” Izuku responds, happily accepting the insult that was thrown his way a second ago. “Baby bird, yeah. That’s me.”

Todoroki chuckles quietly. The grip of his hand changes slightly, from a firm pressure to a hesitant caress, and then his hand is gone. Izuku opens his eyes again, watching as Todoroki returns to the opposite side of the table, sits down, and grabs at the tin of cookies without hesitation. “I gladly accept baked goods as payment for my heating services,” he mumbles, popping the lid off and looking up at Midoriya with a question in his eyes.

“Deal,” Izuku says, feeling his mouth stretch into a grin. Todoroki returns his attention to the cookie box and plucks one from the neatly stacked assortment. He takes a bite and meets Izuku’s eyes once more as he chews. His eyebrows lower and he nods passionately in approval before dipping it in his tea and turning back to his book. Izuku reaches across the table and snags a cookie for himself, freeing his fingertips from the too-long sleeves of Todoroki’s hoodie. As he takes a bite, he huddles a little deeper into his seat. 

The comfortable warmth in his chest - the one he felt while baking with his mother, while watching the city whiz by from his seat on the train - slowly returns. The frigid fingers of his trip home are all but forgotten as he and Shouto silently snack their way through a third of the box.


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Everyone is assuming that Todoroki’s fav disney movie would be Frozen. I disagree.

It would be Cindrella. The clasic animated one.

He would be around 7 when he managed to sneak and watch it while hiding. Why hiding?

Well as older sister let me tell you, that we (older siblings) don’t really like hanging with younger, because they’re the ones to get all the attention. So while Fuyumi and Natsu would be close, Shouto would be excluded from their fun time. He also didn’t want endeavor to find him watching movie.

Both Sho and Cindrella had their mothers taken away from them and are stuck with abusive guardian.

Shoto would be moved to tears when he saw Cindrella get her happy ending, because it meant he would get one too.

So that night, before he went to sleep, he made himself a little ice sculpture. It was pumpkin carriage, just like the one from the movie. It would always remind him that he would eventually get his happy ending.

Now, years later at the sports festival he met this green haired boy who even though didn’t know Shoto, helped him find/remember something important.

That day Todoroki Shoto was found by his prince.

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