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#Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

So you know about “The Messiah and the Tower of Ai” vocaloid?

Imagine Jiang Cheng as the chosen Messiah.

Still thinking who would be the others but for sure Wei Wuxian and Jiang Yanli would volunteer to go with him and take the last two blessings.

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Tong Dao Shu Tu / Same Dao Different Paths The Untamed Fanvid Version (a must see) ->

All: “We all meet at Nightless City!” 🎶🎶

Freakin’ g o o s e b u m p s

You lookin’ for quality BL?

You want yaoi?

You want yaoi with plot?

You want yaoi with plot with actions?

You want yaoi with plot with actions with drama?

You want yaoi with plot with actions with drama with supernatural powers?

You wanna laugh? You wanna cry 3x or more? I’ll give you a reason.

You want slowburn? Romance that makes sense? You want longing?

“And there was only ONE BED” - you wanna keep gasping this as MC deliberately and shamelessly drags s/o to be in this situation?

You want good looking characters?

You want complex characters? You want to get confused; to get mad or feel sympathies and le a m b i v a l e n c e for each and every character?

Well, you’re in L U C K❗❕❗❕❗

MDZS gOt It AlL. 👏 fOr. 👏 YoU‼️✨

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WY: Lan Zhan, I have a confession.

LZ: *gasp* *eyes with glint, ears turned pinkish* (we’re technically married but-) You do?! o.O *cough cough* I-I mean.. Let’s hear it.

WY: I’ll admit. Remember the times when I used to bully you and gave gifts on your birthday? But then you kept rejecting me. I think I was actually wooing you and there was a part of me.. who was kinda hoping.. of making you my bottom. Cuz you were really beautiful.

LZ: …

LZ: Worry not. I’ll make the necessary preparations if you want to do top.

WY: Really?! *eyes glint*

LZ: No.

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How would not people remember Wei Wuxian? He’s the only person who gets close to Hanguang-jun. He’s a clown. He causes chaos around. He is afraid of dogs. He does flute. He even remembered Wangxian. Now tell me, Yiling Laozu, how will our Hanguang-jun not remember you? >~<

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I’m really thankful that this happened in the Manhua though it didn’t happened in the donghua and in the series adaptation due to the censorship. But what I really like about this scene, and did touched my heart, that Wangji could no restrain himself anymore. And also, he bit Wei Wuxian, wondering if that bite would scar, so someday, Wei Wuxian would remember him. In fact, this desire of him did happened. Wei Wuxian remembered him, he was the first person he remembered after being reincarnated. And my wangxian heart today is getting hyped!

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If Wei Wuxian didn’t break the Stygian Tiger Amulet and didn’t have Lan Wangji to stay by his side, then probably their tales would end up like Xiao Xingchen and Xue Yang. And maybe, Lan Wangji might end up like Song Lan if Wei Wuxian didn’t happened to be reincarnated again. This is really all thanks to our Director Nie Huisang!


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People need to stop ignoring the fact that Jiang Cheng lost his core because he was distracting the wen cultivators so wwx wouldn’t get caught.

They’re ALL self sacrificial idiots.

Jiang Cheng and Wei Ying gave up their golden cores for each other. Wei Ying does not get some moral high ground because he gave up his core. They all get dumb bitch points for not bothering to solve the entire plot by just communicating.

(rip this is edited now bc i’m sick and my english went a bit to hell)

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