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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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#I have no life


Shinsou- Go away. I’m not sleeping. I’m dead. Leave flower and get out of my dorm.

In a different part of the school


Aizawa: The problem children can fend for themself today. I’m dead go away.

*Todoroki awakens from his sleep*

Todoroki: My secret love child instincts are tingling

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Hey, Anon. You’re not alone, and the fact that you’re choosing to share your work with anyone at all is admirable! That’s an incredibly hard thing to do, and it can be really frightening when you’ve poured so much heart and soul and time into a fic and don’t know what anyone else will think of it.

Truthfully, the hit number can be intimidating on any site, and on the AO3 especially, since your brain tries to tell you that number being so large compared to the number of kudos means lots of people have clicked on your fic, decided they hated it, and stopped reading. It can be incredibly discouraging, but that ratio isn’t a good way to gauge fic popularity. 

People rereading your fic because they loved it so much? They can’t leave kudos again, and they can’t leave kudos on every chapter if it’s a multichapter fic; if they want to let you know they’re there or that they’re back, they have to comment, and that’s rare.

There are also a few people like me, who tend to comment but also forget to leave kudos, which will skew your ratio. Oops.

I’m not sure if you having a tab open to read a fic at some point that reloads whenever you open and close your browser will up your hit count, either, but it probably does might.

And, when it comes down to it, a lot of people are silent consumers. Some people might love your stuff but wrongly think that leaving multiple kudos on multiple fics (or comments if they ever comment on fics) is annoying. It’s not, of course. It’s great to know when someone likes your fics enough to binge read them! But if people aren’t creators themselves, they don’t necessarily realize how delightful it is to realize that someone read through a lot of your fics at once, and they might not be aware of how much that support means to people or how much its lack can be crippling.

Truthfully, though? My kudos to hit ratios are worse on my popular fics than on the fics barely anyone reads–about 8% compared to 14%. I know it’s hard to ignore the difference in numbers, but it’s not your best indicator of how much people like your fic.

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Adrian Pucey, a pretty bish

  • He is super pretty,
  • Has me simping
  • Those were just facts,oops
  • He is bisexual
  • Why? Did you see how he eyed Oliver Wood?
  • No? YouTube it.
  • Yes? I fucking know right
  • One of the tallest bitches of his year
  • He looks good at math
  • But also history
  • when worlds collide
  • Adrian is quiet
  • But savage
  • Doesn’t like bullying
  • So why is he hanging out with bullies?
  • Peer pressure
  • Adrian would dye his hair pink to piss someone off
  • smokes
  • helps younger students 
  • is a good student 
  • has no specific aesthetic
  • would punch you 
  • regret it but never apologize 
  • if you call him pussy instead of Pucey, you’ll end up blocked and ignored 
  • accidentally leaves you on read 
  • Adrian can’t multitask 
  • paints his nails black
  • no other colour
  • because he is ✨edgy ✨
  • accidentally mean 
  • Once he called McGonagal “mommy”
  • not mom, Mommy 
  • on purpose 
  • and Dumbledore “daddy”
  • thank god Albus didn’t hear it
  • chaotic good
  • smells like roses 
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So, I hate Meruem. Before you come at my throat, I have my reason. Just a heads up I’m only where the first human ant surrenders after Meruem and the Royal Guard is like “Peace! I’m out!” Anyways, the reason I hate Meruem is because not only did he kill my favorite ant Peggy (the penguin looking one), but he also ATE HIM !!!! I- WHY PEGGY?! I loved Peggy! 😭 Anyways thanks for coming to my TED talk. 💚

-FG Out

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Emma!!!!! 😭

your detective skills are 👌👌

Yes I am neat and organised. I would say organization and time management are my top skills. (Bail hit me up to be your PA ✌)

Did you figure out the cooking thing from me gently bullying you about ramen?? I’m sorry!!! Every year that passes I become more and more like my Nona 😩 I would always say I hate cooking but I hate HAVING to cook. I actually enjoy working in the kitchen if its because I want to make something, especially for someone I care about. I just hate that when I’m hungry I have to do something about it and for doesn’t magically appear

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I am! i think im u/Jax-Matsuo on reddit? i dont know💀 i forgot, i got bored of reddit

and im @ talkfastruby on wiki (this @ is based on songs so please dont mind)

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