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Doctor Trashbite! Being a horrible bloodthirsty were-possum hasn't effected his bedside manner one bite! This medical marsupial should have been banished from the hospital days ago but he's just so damned devoted and good at diagnosing that this doctor remains!
-jouste the drawbarian
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The Heart’s Ballad (Marc Spector x desi!reader)
Warnings: only mentions of needles and injuries (nothing graphic)
Summary: Something is wrong with the BP machine 
Word count: 881 words
Tumblr media
A/N: LMAO BASED ON A TRUE STORY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA (@pakhiya and @softieekayy definitely know the context of this)
Gif is from @bladesrunner
☾ .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
Marc scoffed at the idea of going for a health screening. He, afterall, is still an avatar of an ancient god with incredible healing abilities and his body was as healthy as ever.
Khonshu looked over at the pamphlet that you had given Marc and let out a loud, wild laugh, making Marc jump. He turned around and watched as Khonshu clutched at his bony chest and gasped for breath.
“You really think my avatar needs to go for a health screening?” He snorted through his huge beak and it was now your turn to glare at Khonshu.
“May I remind you, grunge big bird, that you and I are in the same field of work.” You raised your eyebrows and snatched the pamphlet out of Marc’s hands.
That's how you met Marc Spector. You were working the night shift at the hospital and he was knocking at your office window at a dead hour one night, covered in blood. Marc had told you about his secret identity and for a while after that you and him had developed an awkward friendship that soon blossomed into a proper romantic relationship.
You and Marc always worked odd hours, you being a highly demanded doctor and him being the protector of travelers of the night and the both of you had worked your relationship around your complicated schedules.
Your hospital was having free health screenings to promote their upcoming program and you wanted Marc to join just so that you could show him what you loved doing. 
“Y/N, sweetie, I’m just saying that it'll be a waste for me to be there when someone else could get screened.” Marc bargained, grabbing your hand and pulling you close when you tried walking away. 
“Oh come on, you don’t have to do every test, Spector, just some of the basic things.” You frowned at him. 
“Also, I just kinda want you to be there.” You added with a small whisper.
Marc chuckled and nodded.
“Alright, but no needles.” He said sternly.
“Deal.” You smiled, kissing his cheek.
☾ .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
You cooed at the baby that you were holding in your arms, pinching her cheeks as she squealed with laughter. You were dressed in a long dark blue kurti and wore your lab coat over it, stethoscope draped across your neck.  Marc watched as you weighed the baby and took her temperature, a dreamy smile on his face as he watched the both of you giggle. 
“Careful, my knight, anymore and your pupils may turn into hearts.” Khonshu lazily warned.
Marc loved the stark difference between you and Khonshu, when in reality the both of you were very much the same. Whilst he always associated Khonshu with death, destruction and pain, he had always loved the calming and healing power you emitted from your very being. 
Marc was in awe with your ability to heal someone without special magic and watching you now seemed like a divine intervention. Your keen love of helping someone in need was what drew him to you, what pushed him to ask for your help on that one fateful night. 
“Marc! Oh raja you came!” you exclaimed, a little too loud, as soon as you spotted Marc, startling a few people who were at the stations beside you.
Marc grinned at you and you walked towards him, looping your arm around the crook of his arm. You showed him around the few stations that were situated in tents, explaining what each of the stations was for. A volunteer greeted the two of you and took Marc’s details, inviting him to sit down as they pulled out a blood pressure machine. 
“Doctor Y/N? Umm, Mr. Spector’s blood pressure and resting heart rate is way too high.” The volunteer said, frowning at the reading.
You took a quick look at the readings and gasped, glancing at Marc. You quickly dragged your stethoscope and hooked it onto your ears, holding the chest piece flush to where Marc’s heart was.
Sure enough, it was beating so rapidly even though Marc was sitting down on a chair. 
“Silly mortals.” Boomed the bird beside you.
You raised your eyebrow at Khonshu, urging him to continue, looping the stethoscope around your neck again. 
“Do I need to state the obvious Doc? You’re making him like this.” If Khonshu had eye balls he would have most definitely rolled them at you. 
Your face heated up and you stared down at Marc, who had a sheepish grin and a light dusting of pink across his nose and cheeks. The volunteer facepalmed at you and Marc’s facial expression.
“Sir, I need you to calm down so that I could get a correct reading and doctor, I think it's best that you leave the tent.” 
You smiled and ruffled Marc’s hair, leaving the tent and waiting for him outside. Two minutes later, Marc joined you and intertwined his fingers with yours, a dopey expression painting his handsome features.
“Didn’t know I had that effect on you Spector.” You said, your lips curling into a small smirk.
“Hey, you're the one making my heart explode, my angel.” He said, sweetly leaning his head on your shoulder.
“I love you too, Marc Spector.” you said, turning slightly to kiss his nose. 
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Painful Maneuvers by saraubs
Teen | 11k | 1/1
Still, whether or not the nurses want to hear it, Derek has some serious issues with the way Stiles skates around the ward, upending instruments and scattering papers and chewing on pens. His scrubs never fit right and are always riding up to show patches of smooth, pale skin and his hair is frankly pornographic. It’s just so…unprofessional.
Stiles is a hyperactive Obstetrician. Derek is a grumpy Midwife. It's true love (and babies!).
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some of my favourite cardiology themed postage stamps from the past
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Why did he come for my neck like this?
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Star Trek: Voyager
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"I'm sorry, what was your name again?"
"Dr. Otto Octavipuss"
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Didn't teach you that in Harvard, huh?
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Journey’s End
Tumblr media
(how it should have happened)
- reposting because I noticed a mistake and my perfectionist demon couldn’t take it :(
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The absolutely bonkers changes my Blades in the Dark character - the extremely cursed doctor Basira - went through. From a game that wrapped up about a year ago.
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She said it's either Mighty Thor or Dr. Jane Foster
Get it right!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I don’t know if we ever had an actual bird plague doctor but uh... here you go? There’s a raven inside.
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My doctor retired and Ariana Grande took their place, she sang everyone’s diagnosis, test results, and health records. I took a co-vid test and she sang a song that she made for people who tested negative. It was weird.
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Star Trek: Voyager
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