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Happy Halloween 🎃

With Halloween around the corner, you may be thinking of carving up your pumpkin, but have you thought about what you’ll do with the remaining flesh?

Be sure to check out my tasty low calorie healthy pumpkin pie recipe over on, you’ll be surprised just how many nutrients can be packed into a dessert.

Take care and stay healthy 😘

Dr Nora 💉


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If you are a doctor, we can assume how busy you must be caring for your patients most of the time in a day. We can assume that you least understand what digital marketing is. So, we will not get into technical terms and help you understand why digital marketing is important for doctors. In simple words, it cuts down your marketing costs yet reaches most of the audience. Besides, if you plan to hire an agency to do the job for you, we can assure that you can focus on your primary job, that is treating your patients and we or the agency can help your audience reach you.

1. Establishes Your Clinic Online

With digital marketing, your website can go online. The primary thing that we will do is create a website that is responsive and easy to use. It’s important to provide all the information related to your experience, services, location, etc. Further, with a website it becomes easy to book appointments online instead of calls. Your patients can reach you online via chat or web forms if necessary. Payment gateway is a big boon these days. With this, you need not worry about the payments as well. Other than your website, your website goes social on various social networking sites like facebook, instagram, etc. This way your patients have easy access to you.

2. Builds Doctor-Patient Trust

For any business, trust is the foundation with no exception to the medical field. A patient comes to you trusting and hoping that you will treat him/her. This can be built easily with the help of digital marketing. There are various ways that can be done. For example, blog posts and videos on various health conditions, treatments or case studies can build that trust among your patients. They won’t visit you with just some hope or expectation but with trust. Other forms include email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

3. Customized Marketing Strategy

With a custom strategy we can spread awareness on topics more patients may don’t know about or have myths built. Every doctor or clinic has a unique speciality. With the right strategy that can be highlighted to increase traffic to your website thereby generating leads. We also create your profile on various directories for more exposure. SEO techniques like on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO are done so that search engines give your clinic on top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

4. Cuts Down Marketing Cost

Marketing costs a lot but digital marketing doesn’t. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that consists of plenty of other marketing techniques like SEO, SMM, SEM, content marketing, etc. Each has its own benefits and techniques but all comes at affordable prices. With a drop in budget on marketing, you can plan to do more for your patients and your clinic.

5. Keeps Your Patients Updated

Giving discounts on tests that your hospital or clinic offers or a brief on various packages, etc. can be sent to all your patients so that they utilize them and generate more leads to you. In this pandemic, it has become more important to keep your patients well informed about the disease, precautions, immediate treatment tips if infected, etc. easily through blogs, emails, social media channels and videos. If you are not utilizing digital marketing now then you are losing a lot.

6. Video Marketing has Huge Scope

People are more and more interested in health than ever before due to this pandemic. Everyone is searching for precautions and how to boost immunity or what to do if they are infected. Doctors are very busy treating the COVID patients and at this crucial time, it became very important to reach the audience to alert them quickly. This can be done easily through videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine and it can not only help you reach a wide population but also give you many leads.

If you are a doctor and struggling on how to proceed with digital marketing or even to digitize your clinic or hospital then we are here for you. We will take care of it from the very beginning. Reach us now.

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So I have a lump in my upper right abdomen… they did a cat scan and didn’t see anything in the spot where the lump is but they found a cyst on my ovary from it and saw that my liver is slightly enlarged. Maybe from my endometriosis. I have to get an ultrasound now of my ovary to see what kind of cyst I’m dealing with and also of the upper right to see what is there as the doctor can feel it. If it turns out to just be my liver, I want to know more about why it is enlarged. It’s kinda creepy having a cyst and an enlarged liver at the same time cause it makes me worry there’s something wrong.

I swear keeping up with my medical issues and doctor appointments is like having two full time jobs. But all the health stuff is worse. It’s time consuming, disheartening, discouraging. I get the ultrasound of the ovary on Monday so we will see what kind of cyst it is then and what to do about it. Hopefully it’s just your average one and will go away on its own but I will make sure to keep monitoring it.

Tomorrow I have the dentist again after work but at least I’m nearly all caught up with the dentist and I found one I actually LOVE! It’s made me be less afraid!!! Soon I will be able to get some Invisalign/smile direct club braces. My dream! My teeth aren’t too crooked but I want them to be perfect! Haha

I truly feel like a badass sometimes. Cause there are many days when I honestly really want to give up. I could just try to go on disability and there’s no shame in that, I’ve been dealt a hard hand with many different ailments. But I’m trying my best, and some days I’m proud of myself for kicking ass and doing what I need to do that day. It takes a lot of strength and will to keep on trying.

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Again at the doctor
Again with a weight.
But never again
because back then, more than meds
it was sacred witchcraft, it was a mundane spell

Again at the table
I am to be dissected - again
I’ve collected all kinds of impressions and scraps
I’ve taken photographs of my brain
to do this well and do not fail

Because I am not dead,
and if I am brought back from them
I will do my best
to keep this heart I was given
by some God loving and strange

(I am not Sylvia Plath.
so relax! this is just an assessment
of something uncrucial
something in the way
of your path to the stars)

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Nó, retira esa droga, que no luche
por más tiempo del doctor… ¡Es muy tenaz!
Ven, que el latido de tu pecho escuche.

         ¡Ven, acércate más!

Dime, ¿quieres curarme? ¿Sí? Pues eso
fácil es y un remedio hay eficaz:
¡pon tu boca en mi boca y dame un beso
         que no acabe jamás!

En la agonía | Julio Flórez

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