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Philza was the first posted might as well be the first finished of the SBI+ Elytra animations right? These are a lot of fun to work on, can’t wait to finish the other guys! (Rough animation and only lined versions under the cut)
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Links to the other boys (Whatever stage is most finished for them atm)
Techno | Tommy | Tubbo | Wilbur 
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Just a quick video tutorial for a workaround for the gif link on Windows. I'll probably boot up my Linux VM to test if it's the same there after I post this. (EDIT: with how the file explorer on linux is, this method will not work there. If anyone wants to take a crack at Linux, let me know - I don't know enough about the Linux command line to feel comfortable messing with it too much).
I don't have access to a mac at the moment so I'm not able to test workarounds for that. If anyone wants to test it in the mac file explorer, please feel free!
The text in the video is under the read more, because I'm sure I'm going too fast to read it. This was like recording attempt #5 because OBS kept picking it up after I already pasted the link into the post, so I admittedly just wanted to get the video done / right finally.
Thank you to @hcneyteas for making me aware of this issue, because if Honey didn't mention the glitch with the copy/pasting of links to me I wouldn't have even thought of testing this out.
As most of you know - when you simply copy and paste a link to tumblr it will end up like this:
However, if you copy/paste the link into the upload file explorer like so, it should work like this:
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Please be aware that it will download to your your temporary files of your browser. (These are usually deleted very quickly, sometimes by the next time you open the upload thing - however, if you'd like to delete them faster you can delete them manually then clear out your recycle bin if you'd like).
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“I’m still quite socially awkward.”
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s2 David scream compilation. They put this poor boy though so much...
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had to get out a little idea that’s been stuck in my head for weeks..... 
I’m gonna make the second one a sticker and slap that shit on my computer babeyyyyyy 
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AUGUST 31 2020, LONDON — Rumors have been swirling for weeks since Remus Warden’s wife was seen moving into The Ritz London and today a divorce petition has been filed in London. Announced via her Instagram this morning, the former Mrs. Warden will now be using her maiden name Rita Zhang, connecting the Bellum Nova Director of Finance back to her father’s electronics empire in China.
Things appeared to be on the rock’s between the duo for some time after their last public outing pictured above, a music charity event to provide handmade blankets to children in need. It appeared the once fashionable couple were instead wearing the blankets. 
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G1 Climax 29 | August 12th, 2019
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all i see is gold - pjs (m)
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banner by the amazing @sunoope​ <33
pairing ↬ rich!jay x fem!reader + fratboy!heeseung
synopsis ↬ Jay would do anything to make his parents proud. Prove himself as the successor to his dad’s firm, be top of his class, have the right friends, be the perfect son. So when his parents meet you at a fundraiser they’ve organized and think the two of you are dating, he has to get you on board with his stupid plan. Too bad you just happen to be his most annoying rival.
genre ↬ college au, rivals 2 lovers, fake dating - angst, fluff & smut - MINORS DNI (here is a sfw version if you’d rather read that)
warnings ↬ SMUT (virgin!jay & virgin!reader, oral fem receiving, dom-ish jay & dirty-ish talk, fluffy ass morning after), language, food, heeseung is an asshole, rich ppl slander
word count ↬ 23,493
a/n ↬ helloooo!!! im so excited to share this hehe, hope u guys like it! pls keep in mind that this is my first time writing smut so i did my best and am now just praying for the best lmao. also i usually have a perm taglist but bc this has mature content i wasnt about to tag minors in it lmao &&& if anybody comes for me saying this is exactly like my hoon fic bc its e2l ish and has fake dating u’ll be blocked /j as always, likes & comments but especially reblogs & feedback are highly appreciated!!!! one of my fav parts of writing on here is knowing whether ppl like what i put out or not so its really important to me <333 enjoy !!!!
Tumblr media
« Actually, I think what you just said is complete bull. »
Jay rolled his eyes for the thousandth time in an hour and a few sniggers were heard around the room.
Your tutor sighed and said in an exhausted tone, « Y/N, keep it polite, please. This is still a classroom setting. »
« Right, sorry. » You cleared your throat and sat up straighter. « I completely disagree with your statement, Jongseong. Just because a movie has young teenage girls as its target audience doesn’t mean it is completely insipid and has no value. If you look at Mean Girls, for example-»
Jay scoffed. « Oh please, you’re not actually going to use Mean Gir-»
« Ah, would you look at the time? Class is over, » your tutor interrupted. « You can all go home and ponder the riveting discussion Jay and Y/N led today. »
You were pretty sure you heard a general sigh of relief from your classmates. To be fair, you couldn’t really blame them: it was only the first tutorial of the semester for that course and Jay and you were already at each other’s throats, having something to say about every little thing the other proposed.
« Oh, and Jay, I do have to side with Y/N here. There’s a surprising amount of things that can be said about that film, » your tutor said with an apologetic smile. You, however, were harboring a triumphant expression. Nothing better than having the tutor agree with you against Jay.
As you packed your stuff away, mentally congratulating yourself, Jay approached you looking visibly annoyed. « Seriously, Y/N? Symbolism in Modern Cinema? This is such a niche course, how did you even find it? »
You gasped dramatically and put your hand over your heart, feigning shock. « Why, I’m offended you think you’re the only one who’s allowed to love cinema, Jongseong. »
« Yeah, it’s my thing!, » he whined like a child, and you gave him a look that hopefully made him reflect on what he’d just said.
You started walking out of the room and he followed, a step behind you. « I mean, there’s no way you didn’t know I was taking this class. Are you like, obsessed with me or something? »
« Yes, Jongseong, that’s exactly the case. I’m sooooo obsessed with you, I took this class just to see you. »
You were obviously joking, but he looked at you with a smirk and said, « I wouldn’t put it past you. I wouldn’t put it past anyone, to be honest; I mean I am the most good-looking, smartest, richest guy on camp- Ouch! That hurts! »
You had just punched him in the shoulder, not wanting to listen to his self-indulgent ramblings. « Get your head out of your ass, Park. I just thought it would be an interesting class. Why are you even taking it, anyway? I don’t think a cinema course is gonna teach you much on how to run daddy’s company, » you asked him, a smirk teasing your lips.
He rolled his eyes (you thought they might stay stuck at the back of his head, with how often he did that) and took a tone one might use to speak to a child. « You see, Y/N, I also major in Visual Studies. I’m not a single honors Econ major like you. Loser. »
He’d added the last word with a playful smile on his face, purposefully trying to rile you up. You were about to reply with an equally witty remark when you heard your name being called out.
« Y/N! Wait up! »
You could recognize that voice anywhere. Your heart started beating a thousand times a minute and you felt your hands get clammy. As you turned around, you forced a relaxed smile and told yourself to stay calm, but as soon as you made eye contact with the boy, all rational thought left your brain.
« H-hi, Heeseung. » You heard Jay snort behind you but were too entranced by Heeseung’s presence to tell him off.
Enjoying your nervousness, Heeseung smiled at you and bent down so that he came directly face to face with you. « It was nice seeing you last Friday. You should come to our parties more often, not many people can set fire to the dance floor like you did. »
Your cheeks had already turned bright red when he’d called your name, but now you probably looked as crimson as a fire extinguisher. Over the weekend, you’d tried so hard to forget about that party where you had gotten black-out drunk and made a fool of yourself on the dance floor. Sure, you’d had a lot of fun, but when you remembered that Heeseung literally lived in the frat house that had hosted the pre-start of term gathering, you’d felt so embarrassed and wanted to never have to face him ever again. Yet here he was, and he had clearly seen you.
« O-oh, right, haha. Um, I was pretty drunk, but, yeah, um, it was f-fun. » You cringed at yourself. Where was the Y/N that had torn down Jay’s every argument just moments prior? You were usually self-assured and confident, but whenever you were around Heeseung, you didn’t know how to act.
Heeseung stood up straighter and patted your head. You thanked yourself for having washed your hair that morning. He chuckled and said, « That’s good to hear. Guess I’ll see you around, then? »
« Yeah!, » you said with a tad too much enthusiasm.
« Great. » As he walked past you, you didn’t need to turn around to see the nasty looks exchanged between Heeseung and Jay.
« Jongseong. »
« Heeseung. »
The venom with which they had spat the other’s name would’ve sent a chill down your spine any other time, but right now, you were too busy mooning over what had just happened. Like many girls on campus, you’d had a crush on him since freshman year; but unlike most, you’d never actually tried to do anything about it. Realistically, you could probably bag him: he could be seen with a different girl at every party and didn’t seem to be too picky. But you also couldn’t stand the idea of being just another drunk fuck to him. So, you’d never revealed your feelings to him, although he could most definitely see the effect he had on you.
As soon as he was out of earshot, Jay burst into laughter. You turned around and looked at him, arms crossed, waiting for him to be done. When he finally caught his breath, he had tears pooling at his eyes and was holding onto his belly.
« Wow, that was- wow. »
« There’s nothing funny about this, Jongseong. »
« Oh, but there is, Y/N. And you know what the worst part is? You could do so, so much better than that guy. I mean, he’s a Business major, for fuck’s sake. »
« And what’s wrong with that?, » you exclaimed, starting to get defensive.
« You’re studying Econ, Y/N. Dating a Business major, that’s like the highest betrayal possible. »
You rolled your eyes at his stupidity and started walking towards the exit of the building, bumping into his shoulder on the way. He started following you again and added, « It’s not even just about that, Y/N. You know his reputation, he’s clearly bad news. There’s no point in liking a guy like that. »
Because you knew how much he hated it, you always made sure to call him Jongseong instead of Jay, but right now you didn’t feel like joking around. « Look, Jay, I know you and Heeseung have this weird competition between the two of you of whose dad can make more money. But that doesn’t give you the right to tell me I shouldn’t like him. » And with a mumble, you added, « I can’t help liking him, okay? »
You were now walking side by side. Sighing, he said, « Whatever. When he inevitably hurts you, though, I’ll say I told you so. »
After flipping off Jay as your way of saying goodbye, you’d joined your friends in the cafeteria. You told them excitedly about your encounter with Heeseung, and as much as they wanted to support you, they couldn’t help but think your behavior at the party on Friday was hilarious.
« I wasn’t gonna show this to anyone, but I can’t hold it in anymore…, » Sunoo said, pulling out his phone. »
Having an idea of what he might be hiding on there, you quickly protested, « It’s been three days, Sunoo. I’m sure you can hold whatever it is longer than that. »
He looked at you with a sheepish smile and said, « It’s so funny though. »
Sieun and Keeho were urging him to show them, so you just hung your head as Sunoo pressed play. You didn’t even need to look at the video to know what it was: even in his drunken state, Sunoo had had the foresight to film you as you danced like there was no tomorrow, knowing this was a special occasion. Your friends tried to reassure you that you didn’t look that bad and you just seemed to be having fun, but their sniggers told you otherwise.
Seeing your defeated expression, Keeho felt a little bit bad. « Y/N, I promise you it’s not that bad. You’re very obviously drunk, and so was everyone else: if anybody remembers this, they’re probably thinking that you were fucking awesome. Can’t you see how everyone is cheering you on in the video? »
With an exasperated sigh, you replied, « I don’t care that everybody saw me. I care that Heeseung did. I only got drunk because I thought it’d help me relax and talk to him. I didn’t think I’d go wild on the dance floor. »
You saw your friends look at each other, then try to but ultimately fail to not burst into laughter. You wanted to get mad at them, but you had to admit the whole situation was pretty funny. You continued chatting for a while and you told them about the tutorial you had in the morning with Jay and how much fun it had been arguing with him.
Sieun was looking at you thoughtfully, until she said, « You know, I think it’s… » she paused for a second, « interesting, how much effort you put into getting into the same class as Jay when you could’ve directed that energy towards getting into one of Heeseung’s class. »
The sudden statement took you aback. « Well, I wouldn’t say I put that much effort into it…, » you attempted to defend yourself.
« Y/N, » Keeho started, « you literally asked Jake to tell you what courses he was taking this semester and when his tutorial was, and when you somehow managed to be enrolled in a class that’s supposed to be reserved for Visual Studies students, you made sure you’d be in the same tutorial group as him. I’d say that requires some effort. »
You huffed, mildly offended. « I- Well- I just thought it’d be fun to argue with him about something else than economics, you know. There’s only so much to say about that. » Your friends didn’t look very convinced. « Plus, there are no classes that Heeseung’s taking that seemed interesting, and even if they were and I managed to get into them, I just would’ve stuttered trying to answer easy questions. At least if I’m in a class with Jay, I know it’ll be fun. »
After that last sentence, Sieun looked at you like you had proven her point. What a smartass, you thought. What was she even trying to prove? Yeah, you liked arguing with Jay, that wasn’t a secret. That didn’t mean you liked him, or anything. Just the thought made you shiver. Dating Jay had never even occurred to you; as soon as you’d met, you were rivals, arguing about everything and anything. Sure, he was smart, and not too bad-looking, and he was really rich, and when he wanted he could actually be quite nice - but that’s not the point! Most of the time, he was just annoying and argued with you for no reason other than to rile you up, and had the most unreasonable opinions you’d ever heard. He took his money for granted and sometimes came across as so privileged it made you want to puke.
« Is no one gonna say it? » Sunoo asked, bewildered, looking around at your friends. « You sound like you like him, Y/N. »
Your automatic response was to go, « Pfffft, » but when Sieun and Keeho didn’t disagree with Sunoo, you looked at them, wide-eyed. « Are you guys serious? I don’t like Park Jongseong, that’s ridiculous. »
Sieun took your hands in hers and stuck her bottom lip out. « But think about it, Y/N. The enemies to lovers trope! »
You snatched your hands out from her grip and gave her a pointed look. « This isn’t a badly written fanfic, Sieun, and Jay and I aren’t enemies, we’re merely rivals. »
« Even better!, » she exclaimed.
« I completely agree with you, » Sunoo started, and turning towards you, « Y/N, you’re such a rivals to lovers type of gal. » You rolled your eyes, but Keeho was fervently nodding his head in agreement.
« By the way, did you guys hear about his parents’ company throwing a fundraiser? » Keeho said, piquing your interest, and you urged him to go on. « It’s for some charity, they’ve invited all the big names and apparently it’s gonna be huge so they need some people to waiter. I’m thinking of going, it pays really well and it’s gonna be so fancy, and I haven’t really got anything better to do on a Friday night to be honest. »
« When is this?, » you asked, trying not to sound too interested.
« In two weeks, » Keeho answered.
« Well, whatever Friday it is, I’ll be getting wasted, so count me out, » Sunoo replied.
« I’d come, but the idea of serving rich people as they give out ten thousand dollars when they could give a million and it wouldn’t even affect them in the slightest, not to mention having to do it with a smile on my face, makes my skin crawl, so no thanks, » Sieun deadpanned. She wasn’t wrong, but this was also Jay’s parents you were talking about. Not only would Jay be there, and your presence would surely piss him off, but his dad’s company was one of the top of the country and being introduced to their world, maybe even getting to know some people there, could really benefit you in the long-term. You’d never admit it to him, but you’d been dreaming of working there ever since you’d first heard of it. Nothing might come out of this, but it was worth trying.
« What about you, Y/N? You in? »
You looked at Keeho and said, « Yeah, let’s do it. »
The next time you saw Jay was for your Economics of Cities and Regions lecture a couple days later. As appropriate of the top students, you two always sat at the very front row along with only a few other brave students. Keeho was always bugging you to sit with him at the back, but you liked being able to look the professor in the eye so they could see how much attention you were paying to them. You listened carefully to the whole lecture, and when it ended, you turned to Jay and called his name in a sickly sweet voice, smiling as warmly as you could. He looked at you with a horrified look on his face.
« Please never do that again. »
Your smile instantly dropped. You should’ve known there was no point trying to be nice to him. « So, I’ve heard about your dad’s firm’s fundraiser… »
Before you could even finish your sentence, he interrupted you. « No. No way. You’re not working there. Nope. Not happening. »
« What? Why not? »
« Because this is an important night for me to make myself known as the CEO in line and I can’t have you distracting me. »
You didn’t question why he considered you a distraction and just pressed further. « C’mon! I promise I won’t be in your way. » He looked at you as if to say, I don’t believe you. « I need the money. »
« Then get a part-time job. »
« I already have one! And it doesn’t pay very well. »
He looked at you and crossed his arms over his chest. No, you didn’t notice how his shirt tightened around his biceps. Shut up. Exasperated, he asked, « Do you even know what this fundraiser is for? »
That hadn’t even crossed your mind. Why did you need to know what it was for? All you needed was to work there and make some money. « Pfft. No. »
He rolled his eyes at you. « You’re unbelievable. It’s to help students in need of scholarships. You know how my parents sometimes pay for students’ tuition fees? Well this is to encourage other CEOs of other companies to do the same. They’ve invited a few students to talk about why scholarships are important for them. »
Hm. Interesting. You thought it’d have been nice to be one of those students, but being a waitress was already good enough. You’d have to be quicker to get the role next time. « I’ll be part of the waitering team, so I won’t embarrass you, don’t worry. »
After a beat, Jay asked, « Why are you even telling me this? I can say no all I want, I’m not the one deciding on the staff. I’d just really, really appreciate it if you didn’t come. »
You eyed him for a second until realization hit you. Right. It wasn’t like Jay had any say in this, so why were you trying to get him to agree? It had just seemed natural to you that you’d talk to him about this.
You shook your head and said, « Well, I’m gonna go anyway. I just thought I should let you know. That way you know you’re gonna need to bring your best game to impress me. »
You noticed Keeho waving his arm impatiently at you, waiting for you to leave the lecture theater. Jay watched you walk away, and he couldn’t stop the smile spreading on his face.
« So… Y/N will probably be working at the fundraiser, » Jay said, looking down at his notes. As on most days, Jake and Sunghoon were over at his place, half-studying, half-messing around.
The two boys in front of him groaned in unison. He raised his head and added defensively, « What? I’ve barely said anything yet. »
« Yeah, but you’re talking about Y/N. Again, » Jake said, as if stating the obvious.
« You know, I’m actually surprised he’s managed to not mention her for that long. It’s been what, fifteen minutes since we got here?, » Sunghoon half-joked.
Used to his friends’ teasing, Jay ignored them and continued. « On any other occasion, I’d be more than happy to have her around » - which elicited another groan from Jake and Sunghoon - « but I really have to impress my parents and all the guests that evening. If I don’t, I’m gonna have to work twice as hard. »
Indulging his friend’s rant, Jake asked, « What’s wrong with her being there? She’s not gonna go around and tell everyone you’re a little shit as she hands them champagne glasses. »
Jay rolled his eyes. « No, of course not, but I’m gonna be hyper-aware of her presence and I don’t want it to distract me. » A third groan. « Plus, I don’t like the idea of her being there as a waitress. She should be with the students who talk to the guests, she deserves it more than anybody I know. »
After a beat, Sunghoon, with gracious subtlety and tact as always, added, « You know, if you had just manned up and asked her out in freshman year when you still had the chance, maybe you could’ve taken her to the fundraiser as your girlfriend and not have her go there as a waitress. Just saying. »
« It’s 2022, Sunghoon, nobody says things like ‘man up’ anymore. »
« You dumbass, is that all you’re hearing from what I just said-»
« What I think Sunghoon is trying to convey, » Jake chimed in, « is that this could have been avoided had you had the guts to tell her how you feel. But rest assured, my friend, it can still happen. No such thing as too late. »
« You always say that, but how the fuck am I supposed to ask her out when she’s only ever seen me as her rival? Plus, she’s head over heels for that prick. »
Sensing that Sunghoon was getting ready to deliver another one of his punchlines, Jake quickly replied. « Who cares about Heeseung? It wouldn’t be hard to make her see what an asshole he is. And once that’s done, you can just give her the Park charm, » he said, wiggling his eyebrows.
Sunghoon fake gagged at the thought of his friend trying to flirt, and even Jay had to admit he kinda hated how Jake had formulated his sentence. « That’s all I do though. As soon as we met, we got into arguing, and that’s just how we communicate now. She wants competition, so I give her competition. I don’t know what else to do. »
His friends sighed, unsure how to help him. « Did you ask her why she took that cinema course? I thought it was weird she asked me for all that info. She wanted me to keep hush-hush about it, too, » Jake asked.
Jay thought for a second, then answered, « I did ask her if she was obsessed with me. » A fourth, deserved, groan. « She just said she thought the class seemed interesting. She didn’t even know I was a double major, by the way. »
His friends chuckled, both thinking but not daring to say that, indeed, no one knew Jay also majored in Visual Studies. The three boys continued chatting for a while until they fell into silence and finally started getting some work done.
Jay managed to get you out of his head for a couple hours, but when his friends left and he was alone, his thoughts immediately drifted back to you. When the two of you first met in freshman year, you had become instant rivals, both top of your class, and always disagreeing on everything. He hadn’t minded the dynamic at first: he thought your ideas and the conversations that stemmed from them were always interesting, and he had a lot of respect for you. He wanted to know why you thought that way or what made you say certain things, and soon enough he wanted to know everything about you. He’d noticed things like how you chewed on your pen when you were in deep reflexion, or how you’d look intently at anyone who was talking, as if you were making mental bullet points of their arguments only to break them down afterwards. When he finally realized his feelings for you (not without help from Jake and Sunghoon, who thought he couldn’t get any more obvious), he felt like your rivalry-almost-turned-friendship had gone too far, and you’d think he was stupid for liking you. It didn’t help that your confident attitude always broke down in front of his arch nemesis Lee Heeseung, making it painfully clear that you had a crush on him.
That night, he kept tossing and turning in his bed, trying to fall asleep. He hated the idea of you having to be there as a waitress, handing out drinks and mini toasts to entitled guests who probably wouldn’t even look at you. There had to be a few strings he could pull, right?
In all twenty years of your life, you had never been to a place like this. As soon as you’d entered the lobby of the building in which the fundraiser took place, you’d been overwhelmed by the sheer extravagance of the room. Every surface was shiny marble, the ceilings were at least fifteen meters high and the whole place was lit up by many tiny wall lamps. You were almost scared to see what the actual ballroom would look like.
The fundraiser started at 8:00 pm but the staff had been advised to come earlier to help prepare everything. You went further in, and now that you had somehow acclimated to your surroundings,  you noticed how busy everyone was. People were running around, going from the kitchen to the back room to the main hall in quick strides. You tried getting one woman’s attention, hoping she could direct you to where you were supposed to go.
« Sorry, hi, where do the wai-»
She stopped dead in her tracks and barely looked at you before she said, « Are you one of the scholarship students? » When you didn’t say anything out of confusion, she actually looked at you and added, « Y/N, right? »
You had never seen this person before and had no idea how or why she knew your name, but you just slowly nodded your head. She smiled and said, « Great, » then told you to follow her. As she led you to another room, she explained, « We’ve got a script ready for you. You just need to learn it in time for tonight and then use your charm on the guests. Oh, and don’t worry about your outfit and all that, we’ve got it covered. Good luck! » And with that, she was off.
Script? Outfit? What was all this about? You panic-texted Keeho, telling him some lady had dragged you somewhere and told you to learn a whole script. When he didn’t answer after five minutes, you assumed he might be busy helping out. You looked around the room and noticed a girl you thought you recognized from one of your classes. You walked up to her, and after saying hi, asked her what the hell was going on here.
She looked at you a bit oddly, as if it didn’t make sense you didn’t know where you were, but clarified things nonetheless. « Basically, the six of us are going to be wearing these tags so that the guests know who we are, and we’re gonna give them a pity story about how we’re so poor but also so smart and able to change the world if only they give us money. That’s what the script is for, it just makes it a bit nicer. » Right, that’s what Jay had told you. But why were you here when you had signed up to be a waitress? You weren’t gonna complain, it just didn’t make sense.
Registering your still confused expression, the girl went on, « They’re also gonna give us nice outfits and make us look more presentable. But not too much, you know, cause a thousand dollar gown wouldn’t really fit with the scholarship kid aesthetic. » You laughed with her. You had to admit the whole situation was a bit ridiculous, but if it could help you out, you would take it. You had needed to take out a loan when you started studying, and the enormous debt you would be in as soon as you stepped out of college already stressed you out.
You learned your script, which was actually just more like detailed examples of the things you should say and what direction your conversations with the guests should take, until somebody called out your name, telling you it was time to get you ready. You were led to another room which was full of clothing racks holding fancy dresses and suits. Your immediate thought was that the clothes in this one room were probably worth more than your entire house.
You could only admire the room for a few moments before a stylist threw a dress in your arms and practically pushed you into the dressing room. You looked at the black dress before you started putting it on. It wasn’t overtly fancy; the girl you had talked to was right, it wouldn’t make sense for you to look like you were the richest person there. But it was formal enough, and surprisingly fit you like a glove. It made you look put-together but also accentuated your features in the subtlest way.
When you walked out of the dressing room, the stylist took a good look at you, pulling on the dress here and there, then stepped back and said absent-mindedly, as if thinking out loud, « Wow, he does have good taste. »
You didn’t have the time to ask her what she meant as she had already turned away, looking for jewelry to finish off your outfit. The earrings, necklace and ring she gave you weren’t huge 20 carat diamonds, but you’d never worn such delicate jewelry before, you were almost too scared to move with them on you in fear of breaking them. The stylist, however, didn’t seem too fussed, and as soon as she was done, said, « Well, that’s all for me. Off you go to hair and makeup now! »
Hair and makeup? You were going to get your hair and makeup done by professionals? You felt like a celebrity. Your whole life, your mom had cut your hair, and you got your makeup from the drug store.
While they didn’t make you look like a Capitol citizen from the Hunger Games, when they were done with you, the reflection that looked back at you in the mirror was so uncanny. You were still you, there was no doubt about that, but you looked like a perfect version of yourself which only makeup expertly applied could do. Although they’d never seen you before, the makeup artist had managed to accentuate or make disappear lines you had never noticed on your face before, and the hair stylist had done your hair in a simple but very flattering manner, letting it cascade naturally down your shoulders.
The stylists let you admire yourself for a few moments, knowing you probably weren’t used to such pampering, but soon ushered you out to the ballroom; the fundraiser was just about to start, and you needed to be there for the beginning of it. You were made to sit at a table with the other students at the front, close to the stage. An organizer came to see you and explained how the evening was going to go down. Most of the evening would be spent standing, chatting to the guests and persuading them to donate, except when the main course was served. There was no fixed seating chart, so you could go with whomever invited you to sit with them. All in all, your goal was to be as likable as possible, and get guests to understand why scholarships were important without sounding desperate, just like the script indicated.
You watched as more people trickled in, each of them looking richer than the previous, tapping your foot nervously. Soon enough, the whole room was seated, and a man you recognized as Jay’s dad arrived on the stage, welcomed by polite applause. You listened intently to his welcome speech, and you could see Jay’s presence and charisma in him; every word of his seemed to be thought out and to have purpose. He did a spectacular job at kicking off the fundraiser, and you were clapping enthusiastically when he was done, not expecting what he was about to do. He pointed at you and the five students you were sitting with, saying, « Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without these six brilliant students whom we have the honor of welcoming tonight. Would you guys wanna come up on stage with me?, » he asked warmly, although you all knew it wasn’t really a question. You all looked at each other bemusedly, but you didn’t have much of a choice, so you all got up and walked up the stairs to the stage.
You hadn’t realized how much people were attending until you were standing right in front of them. The bright spots lighting the stage made it hard to distinguish anyone’s face in the crowd which only made your position more intimidating to you. Thankfully, you didn’t have to introduce yourself; Jay’s dad did it for you, and after a few minutes, you were free to walk off the stage and start mingling with the guests. Whew.
As soon as the six of you stepped off the stage, guests started approaching you, engaging you in conversation right away. You were a bit taken aback, but remembered you needed to be perfect tonight, so you put on the most genuine smile you could muster. It was better having them come to you than you having to chase after them, anyway.
An hour and a half passed, and you had been engrossed in so many conversations that you hadn’t noticed so much time had already gone. The only time your attention had been pulled out was when Keeho came to your group, offering you toasts of caviar and bubbly champagne, and discreetly (or at least as discreetly as Keeho could be, which wasn’t very) gave you a wide-eyed look, which you returned. You had no idea what you were doing here and not working like him either.
When somebody announced the main course would soon be served, a lot of guests went to sit down, so you were now stuck with the most pretentious man you had ever talked to. All the other guests, no matter how rich or famous or successful they were, had managed to stay somewhat humble and not flaunt how much higher they were in society than you, but it seemed that it was all this man knew how to do. You knew you needed to stay polite even in front of scum like him, but it was hard giving him your undivided attention when he was going on and on about basic economic principles you had learned in your first year of college. Your eyes started drifting around the room, until they fell on a certain someone.
Lee Heeseung was here. Of course he was; his parents, although they were rivals to the Park family, were still huge names in your country’s economy, and they couldn’t not be here tonight. Heeseung’s presence wasn’t required, but you imagined it couldn’t hurt his image to be seen by many adults at a gathering like this one. He was standing by the bar, talking to a girl who was clearly trying to flirt with him, but he didn’t seem to be as into her. You hadn’t meant to stare, but his eyes soon met yours. You immediately felt heat rise to your cheeks. He didn’t break the eye contact, even when he replied to whatever the girl was saying. His eyes started drifting down from your face to your body, as if he was undressing you with his gaze. You opened your mouth and let out of a small gasp at the sheer indecency of the way he was looking at you. The sound you made made you snap out of your daze, and you turned your attention back to the man in front of you, who hadn’t even noticed you weren’t listening to him anymore, so enthralled he was by his own conversation.
You excused yourself, not wanting to be in Heeseung’s sight anymore. You weren’t sure what to make of the interaction: you loved the idea of Heeseung paying so much attention to you, but there was something about the setting and the fact that he was talking with another girl the whole time which made you a bit uncomfortable. Disheveled, you sat down at the nearest table, not paying much attention to who was there.
« Everything alright, miss Y/N? »
That voice was too familiar. Of course, you just had to sit next to Jay’s dad, aka one of the richest CEOs in the country, aka the man behind this fundraiser. You changed your expression from distressed to spirited, not wanting him to think you weren’t handling tonight well. Before you could say anything to reassure him, he added, « Not easy, is it, entertaining so many people? I’m sure you’ll get used to it. »
Relief automatically washed over you. You looked down and said, « It hasn’t been to bad, just depends on the person you’re talking to. »
He chuckled. « I thought I saw you talking to CEO Jung. Or rather like, CEO Jung talking at you. Sorry about him, he’s just the kind of person you have to learn to deal with. »
You continued talking to Mr Park, and he even invited you to stay at his table when the main course was served. He was surprisingly easy to converse with; he intently listened to you, even though he probably met infinitely more interesting people than you every day, and bounced off of your ideas naturally. You wondered how such an easy-going man could give birth to an argumentative boy like Jay.
You suddenly wondered where Jay was. You hadn’t seen him all evening, and he wasn’t sitting at his dad’s table either. You assumed he’d be busy with other people, but you couldn’t help be curious of his whereabouts. Not wanting to look around the room searching for him and appear disinterested in his dad, you just asked him directly if he knew where his son was.
Mr Park quirked an eyebrow and asked, « Oh, you know my son? »
« Yes, we’ve had a lot of classes together since freshman year, » you explained.
He seemed to be thinking for a second, until he started slowly nodding his head as if he’d just figured something out. « Of course, you’re Y/N. I knew that name was familiar. »
Why would your name be familiar to Jay’s dad? « Oh, did Jay mention me or some-»
Before you could finish your sentence, Mr Park said, « Ah, there he is, » gaze directed behind your shoulder. And indeed, as you turned around, you saw Jay coming towards your table.
« Dad, mind if I steal Y/N for a second? »
« She’s all yours, » he replied, sending a wink his son’s way. You looked at Jay and he seemed just as confused at his dad as you. He turned to you and looked at you expectantly, waiting for you to get up and follow him.
« It was really nice talking to you, Mr Park, thank you so much for your time. »
« Of course. It was lovely meeting you, Y/N. I’m sure we’ll see each other soon enough, » he said with a knowing smile.
You didn’t even try figuring out what he meant, and just walked with Jay as he took you to a quieter area of the ballroom. Most people had finished eating and had stood up again, so you’d needed to weave through them, and Jay put a hand on your lower back to guide you better. You ignored the warmth that spread on your skin where he touched you, putting it on the champagne glasses you’d had.
When you’d reached a spot where you could talk easily, he turned towards you and, with a smirk, said « I can’t believe you’re already charming your way up to my dad. You’re definitely ambitious, Y/N. »
You rolled your eyes but then remembered where you were and thought it might be best to not give in to Jay’s taunts here, so you kept your voice low when you replied, « I didn’t even do it on purpose. I just sat there, and he happened to already be at the table. »
His smirk only grew wider. « Right. » Then he stepped back a bit, and took a good look at you. Unlike Heeseung’s gaze earlier, the way Jay looked at you in that moment, like you were the only thing worth looking at in this beautiful ballroom, made butterflies erupt in your stomach. God, you really had had too much champagne. « I knew that dress would look good on you. »
You were absolutely lost for a moment, until things started piecing together in your mind. Jay knew you were coming… you were supposed to be a waitress, but turned out being one of the students… the stylist’s words earlier…
« Jay. Did you do this? »
« Do what?, » he said, innocent tone in his voice, but mischievous look in his eyes.
You widened your eyes at him and lightly slapped his arm. « You did! I- You- Ugh. Thanks, I guess. » You were beyond grateful, but your ego stopped you from being too showy about it.
He smiled at you, and you ignored how much you loved it. « It was no big deal. Just had to change your name from the waitering group to the student reps. Took me two seconds, » he said, looking down, bashfully admitting to helping you out.
« Why’d you do it? »
Because you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and everybody deserves to know about you, he thought. But of course, he’d never say that out loud, so he opted for, « I just felt bad for you, really. I know you like to think of us as rivals, so I thought the least I could do was to put us on equal footing tonight. »
You had a feeling he wasn’t telling you everything, but you weren’t going to press any further. You talked a bit more, the both of you enjoying a relaxed conversation after hours on being on your best behavior.
« Anyway, I’m doing the closing speech soon. I’m gonna be awesome, so look closely, yeah? » You knew he wanted to look cool, but you thought he sounded like an excited kid who was about to put on a show for his family. How cute.
You both went back into the crowd, and very quickly your name was called out by someone you had talked to earlier who wanted to introduce you to someone else. You quickly waved goodbye at Jay, a smile on your face. If anybody had seen him, they would’ve probably noticed how his cheeks fired up and how he waved excitedly back at you.
And indeed, he had been seen.
His dad had been talking with one of his partners, but tried to keep some of his attention on you and Jay. He couldn’t help but be curious as to why his son, who had previously never expressed any romantic interest in anyone, was suddenly making sure you attended the fundraiser as a student rep and not a waitress, and why he’d even gone the extra mile and chosen your dress for you. He hadn’t missed the way his son’s face lit up when he was talking to you, and how his gaze lingered on you as you walked away. But he also hadn’t missed how you’d followed Jay without hesitation, and how relaxed you’d looked talking to him. He thought the both of you acted as if it was just you two in a room full to the brim with people. When his wife joined him at the table, he’d told her about their son’s unusual behavior, and she said that she had noticed him looking around as if searching for someone a few times during the evening. They exchanged a knowing smile.
Heeseung had also noticed Jay leading you away from the crowd, and had intently watched your interaction, not even trying to make the girl he was talking to think he was still paying attention to her. He knew you had a crush on him; you couldn’t make it any more obvious. But he also knew how comfortable you were around Jay; he’d seen the two of you banter around campus, arguing about the new law that was being put into place or about whether pineapple belongs on pizza or not. Heeseung wasn’t stupid, he’d seen enough rom-coms to know that the girl always ended up with the friend she joked around with and not the hot popular guy that made her feel nervous.
Jay and him had been rivals since he could remember, and not rivals like you and Jay, but proper rivals, who actually had to fight for something. Well, technically, it was their fathers who were competing as CEOs of some of the top firms in the country, but since they were bound to take their place at some point, it had felt like their competition as well. Nothing was off-limits when it came to their rivalry, and you were most definitely not an exception, thought Heeseung. He couldn’t stand seeing Jay have something he didn’t. In that moment, he’d made up his mind: he had to have you.
But before that, Jay needed to give his closing speech. As soon as he’d stepped on the stage, the chatter started to quiet down, and everyone turned their attention to him. Much like you earlier, he hadn’t realized how bright the lights were when standing onstage. He could only see over a hundred people staring right at him, and his confident demeanor from moments ago crumbled at his feet. He scanned the crowd for your face, desperately needing something, or more like someone, to anchor him. When his eyes finally found yours, he felt strength regaining his body. His mother followed his gaze and found you looking right at her son, sending a reassuring smile and thumbs-up his way.
Jay’s speech went very smoothly, and everybody congratulated him for it as they left the room.
Back home after a stressful but rewarding evening, all Jay wanted to do was take a shower and pass out in bed. But his parents had other plans.
« So…, » started his mother, a mischievous glint in her eyes.
« So?, » Jay asked, already fearing whatever his mom was about to say.
« Y/N’s a nice girl, » she simply stated, hoping Jay’s reaction would give her more to go on.
And oh boy did it. He immediately started blushing and stammering at the sudden mention of your name. He knew you’d spoken with his father at the fundraiser, but he didn’t think his mom would bring you up.
« Y-Y/N? Yeah, I guess. But what about her?, » he said, trying to sound uninterested, but blatantly failing.
His parents exchanged a look. « C’mon, son, » his dad started, « you don’t need to hide something like that from us. We’re very happy that you’ve found a nice girlfriend like Y/N. »
A nice… girlfriend? Was Jay hearing this correctly? Did his parents actually think you two were dating?
As he stared at them wide-eyed and mouth agape, they just chuckled softly at him. « It’s okay, Jay. She made a dazzling impression on all of the guests tonight. She’s exactly the kind of person you should be dating, so don’t worry about us getting in your way of anything. We really approve of your relationship. »
Jay started laughing in disbelief, and his parents just took it as a sign of his relief. If only they knew. « Right, » he said between chuckles, « thanks, guys. »
Why he didn’t deny what his parents were saying was beyond him. A part of him didn’t want to disappoint them by telling them the truth - his mother had always urged him to get a girlfriend, saying he wouldn’t have the time for dating later in his career. Another part of him loved the idea of dating you, and it hurt him too much to shatter that thought.
So he just agreed and thanked his parents, saying he was glad they liked you.
« We really did, » said his father. « In fact, you should bring her over for dinner sometime this week. It’d be nice getting to know her in a less formal setting, don’t you think? Ask her what she likes, I’ll ask the chef to cook it specially for her. »
« S-sure, » Jay said, too panicked to come up with an excuse for why you couldn’t come for dinner. He tried thinking of ways he could convince you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a night that didn’t end up with you trying to pull out his hair, but pulled blank. What the hell had he gotten himself into?
It was 10:43 am and you were waiting for Jay in front of the library, which was where he’d asked you to meet the previous night, right after the fundraiser. Apparently, there was something he needed to tell you, and you were absolutely dreading it. Jay always had a lot of things to say, but he’d never felt the need before to warn you in advance that he needed to tell you something. Those kinds of messages were never very pleasant, and even less so when they came from Park Jongseong. Rereading the messages, you really couldn’t figure out what was so important that required you to take a break from your weekly Saturday morning study sessions.
00:44 menace: hey y/n 00:44 menace: u up? 00:44 you: eww dont fuckboy text me jongseong 00:45 menace: sorry 00:45 you: go away im trying to sleep 00:45 menace: not trying hard enough obviously 00:45 you: shut up 00:45 you: what do u want 00:46 menace: i need to tell u something 00:46 menace: can we meet up tomorrow morning? 00:46 you: wtf 00:46 you: what is it ??? 00:49 you: jay ??? 00:49 menace: uhhh 00:49 menace: i’ll tell u tmrw :D 0:49 menace: library 10:45? 0:50 you: ughhhhh 00:50 you: yeah whatever 00:50 you: this better be worth it istg 00:51 menace: gn y/n <3 00:51 you: EWWWW
All night and all morning, you had tried to figure out whatever it was he needed to tell you, but the only thing you were sure about was that it had something to do with the fundraiser, since he’d texted you after it. Had he finally realized how superior in every aspect you were to him and would finally bow down to you? That seemed pretty unlikely. Did one of the guests there really like you and had spontaneously decided to pay for your studies and offer you an internship at their company? Were they impressed by your intellect and wanted you to become their kids’ private tutor? Possible. Or even better, maybe it was Jay’s parents whose attention you had particularly caught, and they wanted to reward you in some way. What if they wanted him to date you? Ha, you mused, there’s no way they’d think that.
But apparently they did. You were sitting at the library café with Jay, who’d wanted to postpone delivering the news as much as possible and had bribed you with the promise of free hot coffee. Well, free for you, at least. Not that a coffee would create much of a dent in his bank account. After five minutes of chit-chatting, you were getting annoyed with him and didn’t understand why he was being so uncharacteristically awkward and asked him to cut straight to the chase. When he told you his parents thought you were his girlfriend and wanted to have you over for dinner this week, it took all you had to not spit the coffee right in his face.
« Are you kidding me, Jongseong? I can barely pretend to be your friend, how the hell am I gonna pretend to be your girlfriend? »
Jay ignored the pain your words caused, telling himself you were just shocked by the sudden revelation. « I’m sorry, Y/N, I just- I panicked, and I didn’t know how to tell them the truth. They seemed so happy, » he said, head hanging low. You knew he was genuinely sorry, because he’d almost never actually said those words to you, so he had to mean them. The only other time you could think of was when he’d dropped his water bottle all over your laptop. The next day, he’d offered you a brand new MacBook with all of his notes already downloaded on it.
You sighed, unsure what to make of the whole situation. At any other time, your first reaction would’ve been to flip Jay off and tell him to get out of his own mess, but you felt like you owed him after what he’d done for you at the fundraiser. Even though he made it seem like no big deal, it still meant a lot to you that you’d gotten to spend the evening making yourself known to the guests and not serving them smoked salmon toasts, and that was all thanks to him.
« I guess I do owe you one, Jongseong. » His head snapped up and he looked at you with the most hopeful eyes you’d ever seen. « But before you get carried away, » you warned, « this is a one-time thing. Find an excuse, say we broke up or whatever. Fake dating is like, the most predictable trope ever. »
Ignoring that last sentence, he leapt up out of his chair and came over to your side, engulfing you in a surprisingly warm hug. He muttered at least a thousand ‘thank you’s into your hair before realizing hugging wasn’t something you guys did and he might have just made things way worse. To his relief, when he took a sudden step back, you didn’t look upset at all, but rather amused at his sudden burst of excitement.
He returned to his seat and cleared his throat. « Right. Thanks a lot, Y/N. My dad likes to have family dinners on Thursdays, so it’ll probably be then. I’ll uh, I’ll take you there, so don’t worry about that. »
You chuckled at him. « You know I’ll never let you live this down, right? »
He sighed and shook his head, saying, « I know. But I’d rather have that than disappoint my parents, to be honest. » He smiled at you as if to take away some of the gravity of what he’d just said. You thought it wasn’t something he wanted to delve into, so you took a sip of your coffee and brought up the topic of this week’s tutorial for your cinema class, knowing it was a surefire way to start an argument with him.
On Tuesday, you were sitting at the cafeteria with your friends. Keeho was telling them how fancy you’d looked and how you’d managed to charm everyone.
« You were so amazing. I feel like I should be jealous, but I know I could never do what you did, Y/N. When you’re a waiter at that kind of event, those rich people don’t even register your presence, so they just say the wildest shit in front of you. Apparently, CEO Cha is having an affair with CEO Liu’s wife, whoever they are. »
You chuckled at your friend’s rant, even more thankful towards Jay that you didn’t have to spend your evening like that. The four of you continued chatting, which mainly consisted of complaining about how you already had so much work only two weeks into the semester. You were intently listening to the niche topic Sieun was learning about in her Bio class when someone dropped a bag on the table right next to your tray. The letters ‘Gucci’ were written on it in the iconic but simple font.
Your gaze went from the bag to the person holding it, and of course, it was none other than Park Jongseong himself.
« Hey, Y/N. Hey, guys, » he said, giving your friends a simple nod. They all replied with a confused ‘hi.’ You were just staring at Jay, wondering what he was doing here.
« I got you something for tomorrow night, » he explained. « Gotta wow the parents, you know?, » he said with a wink.
« Uh-huh, » you very cleverly replied. You could feel your friends’ gaze ping-ponging between you and Jay.
« Well, let me know if it fits or not. See you tomorrow. » And with that, he was gone as quickly as he’d arrived. You turned back to your friends, and their confused faces echoed your own.
« What are you waiting for?, » Sunoo nudged your arm. « Take a look inside! »
Obeying him, you took the bag on your lap and pulled out a magnificent green satin dress that was a lot more elegant than the one you’d worn at the fundraiser. You guessed Jay really did want for you to make a good impression on his parents. It seemed to be quite long and to not show too much skin, which you appreciated. You could only hope it would look as good on you as it did seeing it like this.
As soon as you’d taken it out, you’d heard your friends gasp.
« Oh. »
« My. »
« God, » they’d said in turn, obviously mesmerized by the gift.
You handed the dress to Sieun who clearly wanted to admire it up close, and looked into the bag in case there was anything else. You were maybe hoping for a pair of earrings or a necklace, but it was wishful thinking. Instead, you found a sticky note which read, ‘Wear the accessories and shoes from last week. I can’t spoil you too much just yet. -J’
You hadn’t even noticed Sunoo was reading the note over the shoulder until he put his hand over yours in what seemed to be a confidential manner and said, with all the seriousness in the world, « Y/N, be honest with us. Is Park Jay your sugar daddy? »
Sieun and Keeho’s head snapped up and they stared at you expectantly. « What the hell? Why is that the first place your mind goes to?, » you said, almost laughing in disbelief.
Bewildered, Sunoo replied, « How can it not? The wink, the Gucci gift, the note? It screams sugar daddy! »
« Wait - didn’t he say something about his parents? I’m not an expert, but I don’t think meeting the folks is sugar daddy etiquette, » Keeho mused, taking this way too seriously.
You took a deep breath. There was no point in not telling your friends what had happened, so you explained the events of the past few days to them, from Jay changing your role at the fundraiser, to his parents thinking you were dating, to dinner with them on Thursday.
When you were done bringing them up to date, they all looked at you with incredulous look. After a moment, Sieun broke the silence: « Y/N, you’ve become a real walking rom-com. I’m so proud of you. »
Keeho was tearing his bread apart. « I don’t know. Fake dating is kinda boring, to be honest. » Sieun let out an offended gasp and Sunoo nodded in agreement.
« We’re not gonna be fake dating. Just for this one evening, I’ll pretend to be his girlfriend, and it’ll be over as quickly as it started, » you said, hoping that’d be the end of this conversation. Thankfully, your friends seemed to get the message, and although they didn’t seem convinced, they dropped the subject.
Clearly, you had no idea what you were in for.
When Jay rang your doorbell at 7:00 pm sharp on Thursday, you were just done applying a thin layer of gloss on your lips. That morning, he’d texted you to ask for your address and tell you to be ready at 7. You took a good look at yourself in the mirror and headed down the stairs to get the door, but your mother had beat you to it.
Not used to keeping secrets from her, you’d told her everything. She’d looked at you curiously the whole time, a slight smirk on her face as if she knew something you didn’t. And sure enough, when you were finished talking, she’d said, « I knew there was something between you and that Jay boy. You talk way too much about him. »
Absolutely appalled by her words, you’d tried to defend yourself. « Mom! I just told you, I’m only pretending, I’m not actually his girlfriend. If I did like him, you’d be the first to know. »
She looked at you with a knowing smile that moms loved to wear. « I do know. You’re the one who doesn’t. » You’d dismissed her with a roll of your eyes. Poor woman, she was probably already going crazy, you thought.
When she opened up the door, it revealed a very smartly-dressed Jay, bouquet in hand. He immediately handed them to her and introduced himself.
« Nice to meet you, Mrs Kim. I’m-»
« Jay, I know. Y/N’s mentioned you. »
« Has she?, » he said, a genuine grin appearing on his face.
« Just once or twice, » you interrupted, coming down the stairs. Taking your appearance in, your mom gave an approving nod, but Jay just stood there, mouth agape, transfixed by you. He only snapped out of his daze when he heard you call his name.
« You ready to go? »
« Uh, yeah, yeah. Let’s go. It was nice meeting you, Mrs Kim. »
« You too, Jay. Thanks for the flowers. I hope Y/N will be a good fake girlfriend to you tonight. »
« Oh, you told her?, » Jay asked you, looking somewhat disappointed.
« I wasn’t gonna lie to my mom about my boyfriend, » you said, nudging him out of the door. « Bye, mom! »
As you approached his car (which looked far too expensive to be in this neighborhood), he took a few quick steps in front of you and opened the door for you. You rolled your eyes, not wanting to let on how much you loved the gesture. « No need to go that far, Jongseong. Don’t try to woo me. »
He got in the driver’s seat, looked at you with a grin and said, « Might as well get into character now. » His gaze lingered on you for a second too long, and you started feeling self-conscious when his eyes moved up and down over your body. When you coughed, he suddenly turned his attention back to the front and started the car, as if he hadn’t even noticed he was staring at you himself. After a few seconds of silence, he said, « I really do have good fashion taste. »
Although he was technically complimenting himself, you caught yourself hoping he also meant you looked good in the dress he’d chosen for you. « You could have included shoes and jewelry, you know. I wouldn’t have taken it the wrong way, » you said with a playful tone.
« Sounds like you’re already getting used to a lavish lifestyle, » he retorted, making you smile sheepishly.
« I’m just not used to dressing up nicely like this. » You weren’t sure where the honesty was coming from, but something about being in a car with Jay made you feel like you could say anything. You were sure it was because of the fancy car and not the boy.
Jay wanted to tell you that if you gave him a chance, you could do this anytime you wanted. He’d buy you all the dresses you could dream of, and give you a taste of his world, which he so often found bland and shallow, but that he was sure you could light up in the blink of an eye. But he couldn’t say that, so instead, he said, « Yeah, I noticed. I don’t think anything you’ve ever done or said offended me more than that one time you showed up to class wearing a ‘where the hell have you been, loca?’ shirt. »
« Shut up, that shirt is amazing! »
« Maybe, but the movie it’s quoting is an absolute trashfire of a film, if you can even call it that, » he claimed, knowing it’d get a reaction out of you.
« Don’t talk shit about Twilight, Jongseong, or I’ll mess tonight up and your parents will think you’re dating a psycho. »
He turned to you with a smirk. « I’d like to see you try. »
You’d always known Jay was a confident man. It’s obvious in the way he holds his head high whenever he enters a room, or how he manages to stay calm and collected during an argument  with someone who’s practically shouting at him. And while he was always self-assured during your debates, seeing him act like this to practically flirt - could you describe it like that? - with you rendered you speechless. And you hated being speechless.
So you crossed your arms with a ‘hmph’ and looked at the window, turning away so he couldn’t catch your fluttered state.
You finally arrived at his parents’ house after a half-an-hour drive (« You live so far away, do you seriously drive to campus and back everyday? » « Yes, Jay, not all of us can live in a three-bedroom flat in the middle of the city »). As soon as you walked in, his mother greeted you with a warm hug, telling you how pretty you looked, and his father clasped your hand tightly, the lines around his eyes showing as he smiled at you. By the looks of it, you wouldn’t need to do much for them to like you.
You could tell Mr Park was a businessman by the way he didn’t beat around the bush when talking to you. As soon as you’d sat down in the (or at least one of the) living room for drinks and small appetizers, he asked, « So, Y/N, tell us about yourself. »
Having anticipated such a question, you started, « Well, I’m an Econ major-»
« Yes, but I know there’s more to you than just academics, » Jay’s dad interrupted with a well-intentioned smile.
You looked at Jay, hoping he could help you out. He just looked back at you as if he was waiting for your answer as much as his dad was. « Right. Um. Where should I begin?, » you said with an awkward chuckle. « I’ve always lived here. Or, technically, in the suburbs. Since I spend most of my time either studying, working at my part-time job or commuting back and forth between school and home, I don’t have much time for hobbies. I just use my free time to spend time with my friends or my family. » You looked at the three people in front of you, wondering if you’d said enough. After a beat, you added, « Sorry, was that too depressing? »
Mr and Mrs Park chuckled at you, and he instantly reassured you, saying, « No, no, not at all. Tell us about your family. »
You were expecting that one too. « Well, it’s just my mother, my little sister and me. But she’s at boarding school right now, so I only see her during the holidays. »
« Boarding school - that’s pretty impressive, » commentated Jay’s mom.
You smiled fondly at the thought of your little sister. « Yeah, she’s a smart cookie. Got there on a scholarship and everything. She likes it most of the time but she does complain about how the people there are all-»
You stopped yourself before your tongue could slip up, potentially offending Jay’s parents. But to your surprise, they smiled and, in turn, said, « Rich and self-centered? » « Little kids who think they run the place when they’re only fourteen? »
A surprise chuckled escaped you, not expecting Jay’s dad to use such crude language. An amused tone in your voice, you nodded your head and said, « Yeah, exactly. »
« Yeah, I know all about those, » he started. « Your boyfriend here might have been born into wealth, but my father’s company, the one I’m in charge of now, only started being successful when I was in middle school. My dad worked his way up from the ground, so he and I both know what it’s like to not be well-off. I’ve tried to not turn Jay into one of those rich kids who think they’ll rule the world just cause they have money, and… well, I hope I did a good job. »
You looked at Jay with a grin. He looked right back at you as if to say, I dare you to tell my dad he’s wrong. If this was anyone else in any other situation, you definitely would’ve told them Jay is one of the most privileged people you’ve ever met. But you promised Jay you wouldn’t make his life hard tonight, still looking at him, you replied, « Yeah, I’d say you did a pretty good job. »
Not wanting to make this awkward, you turned your gaze back to his parents, who were fondly watching the two of you. A maid came into the room to announce dinner was ready, and you all headed to the dining room. When plates of your favorite food arrived, you looked at Jay, astonishment written all over your face.
« How did you know? »
« You might’ve mentioned it here and there…, » he sheepishly answered.
As conversation picked up again and you exchanged with his parents over a bunch of different topics, from childhood memories to that weird new Netflix show that’s strangely addicting, you tried to ignore Jay’s stare that was burning into the side of your face.
« What about your dad?, » he suddenly asked, catching everybody in the room off guard. Noticing your confused look, he continued, « Earlier. You said it was just you, your sister and your mom. What about your dad? »
His mom furrowed her eyebrows at him and said, « Jongseong, leave her be. If she hasn’t told you, she probably doesn’t want to talk about it. »
You took a deep breath. « No, it’s alright. I don’t mind talking about it, I just don’t usually bring it up cause it makes people think of me differently? Like they start to pity me just because my dad’s out of the picture, when, really, it hasn’t affected me that much. I’ve never known him, my mom has always raised the two of us on her own. » You looked down at your hands. You hadn’t even realized you’d been fiddling your fingers. « It just seems too cliché, the poor girl who lives in the suburbs and is on a scholarship and doesn’t have a dad and redeems herself by having good grades. Which is why I like to usually keep it to myself. »
You looked back up at them and were relieved when you found understanding and not pity in their eyes. If there was one thing you didn’t want to happen, was for them to think you were leeching off of Jay or trying to get to his money. Even though you weren’t actually dating, it would’ve still damaged your ego if they had seen you that way.
A few hours later, dessert was finished, and you could tell everyone was starting to tire (or had had too many glasses of wine) by the way the conversation was starting to make less and less sense. Jay was looking at the three of you in amusement, stone cold sober, as he knew he’d have to drive you home later.
« Well, Y/N, son, we’re not going to hold you hostage here any longer. You still have classes tomorrow, » Jay’s dad said.
His parents led the two of you to the door as you gathered your coat and bag. « It was so lovely getting to know you more, Y/N. You truly are a sweet girl, and we can tell you’re making our Jay very happy, » his mother said, pulling you into a hug.
« You better treat her well, son, » said Mr Park. Jay looked over at you, and there was something in his eyes you couldn’t quite explain; all you knew was that it sent shivers straight down your spine. « I will, » he simply said.
« Oh, and Y/N, there’s an event this Saturday. It won’t be as fun as ours last week, but I’m sure you could find a way to enjoy it. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt for people to see what a nice, hardworking girlfriend Jay has. »
Jay and you exchanged a look, and the panic at the sudden invitation made you say, « Yes, I’d love to attend! » instead of finding a palatable excuse.
You exchanged final goodbyes with his parents, and as soon as you were in the car, you let out a hearty groan.
« My God, what’s wrong with me? Why did I have to say yes to that? »
Jay started the car. « I’m surprised too. If you had given me three seconds, I could’ve come up with an excuse for you. But I mean, I’m not gonna complain. »
You turned your head towards him, a pout on your face. « What do you mean? »
Keeping his eyes straight on the road, he answered, « Well, like he said, it won’t be a bad look for me to have you on my arm. As much as it pains me to admit, you’re charming and intelligent, and, » he spared a quick look at you, « I have good fashion taste, so you don’t look like an absolute fool in that department either. »
You snorted at his coyness. « Just say I’m pretty and move on, Jongseong. »
« Is that what I said, though?, » he asked, a devilish grin on his face.
You gasped dramatically, trying to appear as offended as possible. « Your dad literally just told you to treat me well, I’ll have you know. »
« They really fell for it, didn’t they? I have to say, you did a pretty good job tonight. Almost got me wondering if you’re not used to being people’s fake date for the night. »
« Yeah, it’s my side job actually. » You smiled at each other, and when the eye contact lasted a second too long, you both quickly turned your head to the road. « So, what’s Saturday night about?, » you asked, wanting to break the silence.
« Oh, it’s probably just another boring event where the grown-ups go to socialize and flaunt their wealth or their children’s prowess. »
« Wow, look at you being all critical. I thought you loved that kind of shit. »
« I like it when it has a purpose. Like a fundraiser, or a company opening, or whatever. But this is just another excuse for people to show themselves off. You don’t have to come, you know. I can probably find a way out for you. »
Without thinking, you immediately answered, « I’ll come. »
Jay glanced at you quickly, an eyebrow raised. « Wh- Really? »
You shrugged, trying to stay casual. « I mean, I don’t have anything on Saturdays. Might as well keep you company. Turns out you’re not always insufferable. » You’d lowered your voice for that last sentence, only half-heartedly admitting it. But of course, Jay wasn’t going to let you go with it.
« Huh? What was that? I don’t think I heard you, » he teased.
You gently nudged his shoulder, saying, « Shut up, you heard me. Just because I tolerate you slightly more doesn’t mean you’ve stopped being my number one rival. »
You’d never seen Jay smile that much. You sometimes caught glimpses of it when he was with his friends, but with you, he usually had an arrogant smirk, so seeing his genuine grin made your heart swell with joy you couldn’t explain.
« Of course not. I wouldn’t assume anything else. »
He dropped you off at your house and made sure you were inside before driving away. When you told your mom about your night, she watched you with a smile, that knowing glint in her eyes still there. When she tried hinting at you having feelings for the boy, you’d gotten off your chair and shouted, « Good night!, » straightaway heading to bed.
Saturday quickly rolled around the corner, and you were in your room with Sieun, trying on the two dresses Jay had given you to pick from. « They’re both good, I just wanted to see if you’d choose the best one, » he’d said. This time, he’d also included a new pair of shoes and a set of matching jewelry. Your friends kept teasing you about him being your sugar daddy (« you can’t deny it anymore, Y/N »), and you had to admit you were starting to feel a bit like that, even though you weren’t really giving him any sugar. He was just spoiling you like it was his day job.
He was right; both dresses were gorgeous. They were both black (you were starting to sense a pattern), but one of them was body-fitting with an open back, while the other cinched in at the waist and had puffy sleeves. You couldn’t deny that you looked good in the first one; Sieun had let out the loudest gap when she’d seen you in it. But you both agreed that it was on the riskier side, and it was probably more appropriate to wear the second dress.
You were laying on your bed, talking about this and that. It’d been a while since it was just the two of you, and it was nice catching up with her.
« So…, » she’d started, an impish tone to her voice.
« So? »
« Wanna tell me about Jay? »
You knew what she was trying to get at, but you weren’t going to give her what she wanted. « Well,  he’s rich and has a huge house. Not surprising. He drives well. He’s not half as annoying when he’s in front of his parents. Probably not trying to be as much of a smartass. He seems to think he’s all that. He-»
« Okay, okay, I get it!, » she said, laughing. « What I mean is, has anything changed between you two? »
You thought about it for a second. Something had definitely shifted in your perception of Jay. You felt it in the pit of your stomach every time he smiled at you. But it was scary: this wasn’t you and Jay. You and Jay argued, and riled each other up, and got on each other’s nerves. You didn’t crack jokes so you’d hear the other laugh, or agree without thinking when they asked you for a favor. It was confusing, so instead of voicing out those concerns, you simply said, « No. Not really. »
But your friend wasn’t buying it. « C’mon. The guy buys you dresses, gets your mom flowers, drives you to his parents’ for dinner. I know it’s not for realsies, and you’ve got integrity or whatever, but you can’t completely be indifferent to it, Y/N. Even you’ve got to admit Jay’s hot. »
You laughed at your friend’s reasoning. « Fine. Maybe he’s not just someone to beat anymore. I guess that’s what fake dating will do to you. But that doesn’t mean I have to say he’s hot. »
She turned to look at you. « Not even when he’s all dressed up? Or when he hands you a bag that has contents worth thousands? »
Her eyes were telling you that you had to agree with her. You tried to suppress a smile, not wanting to admit anything. Just because you and Jay had been rivals since you’d met didn’t mean you went blind every time you saw him. Of course, you knew how attractive he was. But you had conditioned yourself to never see him that way, so letting on that you didn’t think he was completely repulsive felt like betraying yourself.
Sieun laughed at your reaction. « C’mon! Say it! »
« Fine! I think Jay’s hot. »
« Do you, now? »
The sudden male voice made you and Sieun shriek. You sat up in your bed and found the source of the voice. Sure enough, Jay was standing in your doorway, leaning against the wall and clearly liking what he’d just heard. Your mother soon appeared behind him, explaining that he’d knocked and she let him in, telling him to go up to your room. She mouthed a ‘sorry’ and quickly disappeared down the hall.
« I’m not sure why it took you so long, but I’m glad you’ve come to your senses, Y/N. »
Sieun’s eyes were going back and forth between the two of you, until she stood up and said, « Well, I guess that’s my cue to go. Have fun you two, and tell me all about it on Monday, Y/N! »
Before you could protest, she had already left your room, sending Jay a wink as she passed by him. It was silent for a few seconds as you sat there in embarrassment, cursing the Gods for your awful timing. He walked in and sat down at the edge of your bed. « So, which dress did you choose? »
« The one with the puffy sleeves, » you replied, unable to look him in the eye.
He tutted, shaking his head disapprovingly. « Wrong choice. » You rolled your eyes. « Show me? »
This made you look properly at him. His smile was taunting, but his eyes were soft. With the way he looked right now, you thought he could ask you anything and you’d say yes. You hadn’t imagined that him sitting on your bed would make you stammer like a schoolgirl in front of her teacher crush, but here you were, almost rendered speechless by the mere sight of him. The fact that he was manspreading and leaning back on his hands, the top buttons of his shirt undone and his trousers stretching against his thighs, wasn’t particularly helping. More shyly than you intended, you told him to turn around and close his eyes, then quickly put the dress on.
« Okay. You can turn around now. »
This was already the third time Jay was seeing you all dressed up, but his gaze managed to make the heat rise to your cheeks every time. The corners of his lips rose slightly. « Wrong choice, » he repeated, making you roll your eyes, « but you still look really good, Y/N. »
You couldn’t stop the smile spreading on your face as you coyly replied, « Why thank you, Jay. »
« You gonna be ready to go soon?, » he asked, checking the time on his phone.
« Yeah, just need to put on jewelry and shoes, and I’m good. Sieun did my makeup for me earlier. » You put on the thin silver earrings and ring Jay had gotten for you and checked your reflection in the mirror. You put a hand to your collarbone, thinking the area looked a bit empty without a necklace.
« Should I wear the necklace from last time? It looks a bit weird without anything right now, » you asked Jay, keeping your gaze on the mirror.
« Um, I’ve got something, actually. I forgot to give it to you with the rest of the things. » He fished a small box out of his bag and got up to stand behind you. He took out the necklace and put it around your neck, asking you to hold your hair up. You complied, looking at his reflection in the mirror. His hands slightly brushed the back of your neck as he locked the necklace, and you had to keep yourself from visibly shivering at his touch.
He absent-mindedly let his hands slide along your shoulders until they came to a halt on the sides of your arms. His eyes met yours in the mirror, and with a smile, he said, « All done. »
Nothing, not even the fundraiser of the previous week, could’ve prepared you for how lavish this party was. Whereas the fundraiser has been in an 18th century ballroom, in the old part of your city where most of the architecture was traditional, this event was taking place in the new, rich part of the city where skyscrapers constituted most of the area. You were at the top of one of those skyscrapers, and from the huge windows that made up two of the four walls of the spacious room, you could see the whole city laid out right in front of you, as if it was yours to take. If having money meant seeing this everyday, you thought you could understand why rich people got addicted to it.
As Jay and his dad had warned, the atmosphere that evening was very different from that of the fundraiser. Instead of gathering for a cause, this just felt like an excuse to get drunk and eat tiny, tiny appetizers that probably cost a hundred dollars each, all while looking rich and fashionable. The room was quite dark, only the moon outside and the small LED lamps on every table bringing light in. You’d never seen such an impressive collection of alcohol (to be fair, you’d only ever been to frat parties where most of the alcohol was cheap beer and dodgy brands of vodka), and you were really going to have to restrain yourself from trying out every cocktail the barman offered. Although most of the people there were in their forties to sixties, and the younger people were only there thanks to their parents, the dress code wasn’t as formal as you’d have imagined it to be, and you saw why Jay had told you the dress you’d picked was the wrong choice. The women wore dresses that showed quite some skin, or didn’t leave much to the imagination, and the men had left their suit blazer behind and hadn’t buttoned their shirt all the way up.
It was all a bit mind-boggling at first, but you soon got used to it, and Jay’s warm hand on your lower back reassured you. At first, two of you had walked around together, talking to different people, and hoping you were making your ‘relationship’ clear to them. You were glad Heeseung or anyone that would’ve recognized you wasn’t there: you could handle pretending to be Jay’s girlfriend in front of his parents and other random people, but in front of the whole school, that would’ve been a whole other level of fake dating.
Watching people slowly slip into a drunk state as the hours passed was just about the only source of entertainment you got that night. You didn’t feel like drinking, and Jay couldn’t because he was driving you home later on. When most guests were beyond the point of being able to hold a coherent conversation, you and Jay took it as your cue to leave. You found his parents among the crowd to tell them goodbye, and you could tell they weren’t completely sober by the way they kept telling you you were amazing and made you promise three times you’d attend more of these events. Guess you couldn’t back out now.
And indeed, as weeks passed, it became a normal thing for you to accompany Jay every time he had an event to attend. Your wardrobe was going to burst from all the outfits he kept buying you, but you weren’t going to complain. Jake and Sunghoon, as sons of CEOs of smaller but still important companies, were sometimes present. They usually ditched these types of events, and you couldn’t blame them, but they still made the effort from time to time. You were already friends with Jake before; the two of you had lived in the same dorm building and kept finding each other in the study room late at night, then started to bond over insolvable questions and watered-down instant coffee. Sunghoon, on the other hand, you hadn’t had many chances to talk to, and you couldn’t lie, judging by his appearance alone, you had first thought he was even more self-centered than Jay. But after talking to him for literally a minute, you found that that cold facade quickly broke down and he was easy to talk to and very funny.
Heeseung wasn’t always at the events, but whenever he was, you couldn’t miss him. He always garnered attention, especially from the female guests, but he always kept his eyes trained on you. In all your three years of liking him, he’d barely spoken a word to you, so why the sudden interest? Usually, you’d have craved his attention; but for some reason, at those parties, you felt indifferent towards it. You hated how he was always with a different girl and never approached you, yet wasn’t trying to keep his glances towards you discreet at all. Jay noticed it too, and a couple times you’d even had to stop him from going up to Heeseung and asking him what the hell he wanted.
Since you didn’t have money to impress people with, you always tried to make a good impression with your conversation and intellect, but some nights you just weren’t up to it and spent most of the time laughing with Jake and Sunghoon, as Jay was often too busy talking to someone else. Tonight was one of those nights; half an hour into the party, an important businessman approached Jay and started talking to him, completely ignoring you. Feeling out of place, you looked around the room and found Jake and Sunghoon at the bar, six shots lined up in front of them. You had never gotten drunk at any of these events, not wanting to risk embarrassing Jay or his parents, but tonight seemed like it was gonna be the most boring one as of yet. So you gestured to Jay that you were leaving and joined the two boys.
« Room for one more?, » you asked when you reached them. They turned around and smiled at you; this was clearly not their first drink of the night.
« Of course!, » replied Jake, beaming at you. Without further ado, you each took a shot glass in your hand, clinked them and brought them to your lips, dipping your heads back. The burning of the alcohol as it fell down your throat was both repulsive and intoxicating, and you were soon reaching for the second one. The boys cheered you on and quickly imitated you.
Although you’d promised Jay you’d always be on your best behavior, as the evening went on, you never refused a drink that the servers approached you with or the boys offered you. Without Jay to make snide remarks about the snouty guests with, the evening was a lot less fun, so you couldn’t help but down every glass of alcohol that came near you; since Jake and Sunghoon were doing the exact same thing, none of you were realizing exactly how drunk you three were getting. At least, you weren’t going around the room, mumbling drunkenly to everyone; you were staying at a table in the corner, mumbling drunkenly to each other.
Jay was observing you from afar, trying not to worry and stay focus on the conversation (no matter how mind-numbing) he was having; but when he saw you almost fall out of your chair and burst into laughter right away instead of regaining your senses, he thought it was time to come check on you. He couldn’t help but feel guilty for having left you alone for most of it, and he knew Jake and Sunghoon never stayed sober through these events, but in his defense, he didn’t think any of you would go that far.
He took a seat in the chair next to you, leaning against his forearms so you could hear him over the music and chatter of the guests. He asked you how you felt, and you gave him a lopsided smile in response. « Me? I feel great. This place is awesome once you’ve had-» you hiccuped, « a few drinks. »
Jay sighed but had an affectionate look on his face. « Right. I think it’s time to go home. » He saw you open your mouth in what was probably going to be protest, so before you could say anything, he added, « And don’t even argue with me. I’m taking you home, let me just go get my parents first. You two figure it out on your own, » he told Jake and Sunghoon, who had already started to doze off on their chairs.
He got up and headed towards his parents, and you watched walk away him with a pout on your face. Your vision was blurry from the alcohol and you could barely make out any faces, but you waved in what you hoped was the general direction of his parents.
« She just keeps getting better, doesn’t she? Even when she’s drunk, she doesn’t embarrass herself, » said Mr Park when Jay announced your departure. « I’m glad you have her, son. » Jay was glad for the dimness of the room, which meant his dad wouldn’t notice how hard he was blushing. Even if it was all an act, thanks to his parents, he had gotten closer to you than he thought he ever would.
He bid goodbye to his parents and a few other guests, including Jake’s and Sunghoon’s parents, letting them know of their kids’ state, then went back to get you. The trek to the car wasn’t the easiest as tiredness had started to hit you and your body grew heavier against your will. You fell asleep as soon as your head hit the back of the passenger seat and Jay couldn’t help but think you were the cutest thing in the world. He then realized how far gone he must be to think you still looked precious in your current state.
The car ride was silent, your quiet snores and the soft chatter of the radio the only things filling up the space. Jay thought you were dead asleep as you didn’t wake up when he fished your keys out of your bag and carried you bridal style out of the car and to the door; but really, you just didn’t wanna have to walk. When he got to the door, though, you thought it would’ve been unfair to make him struggle that much, so you opened your eyes and quietly told him to let you on the ground. He walked you to your room, tucked you in bed and even got a wet wipe to take your makeup off for you.
As he gently swiped the wipe over your eyes, trying not to hurt you, your drunken state got the best of you and you asked, voice barely over a whisper, « Why are you doing all this? »
He didn’t say anything for a minute, and you thought he might not have heard you, until he replied, « Because I want to. »
When he was done and got up from your bed, the sudden absence of his presence around you made you panic, so you called out, « Jay? »
« Yeah?, » he said, and you hoped you weren’t imagining how expectant he’d sounded.
« Will you stay? »
You were too tired to even open your eyes, so you couldn’t see his reaction. After a second that felt like an eternity, he answered, « Of course. »
You heard him steal a pillow next to your head and lay down on the carpeted floor next to your bed. Maybe it was the remnants of alcohol in your system, or the new way in which fake dating him had made you seen him, or the fact that you felt like your whole world would collapse if you didn’t have him next to you in that moment, or all three of those things. All you knew was that something beyond your control made you whisper « come here » in the quiet of your room, and, when he got under the covers with you but kept his distance, made you wrap your arms around him and cling onto his shirt as if he would disappear.
You slept like a baby that night, but Jay barely slept a wink, the sound of his own heart beating uncontrollably keeping him awake.
You woke up that Sunday morning with a ringing headache, an upset stomach and a thirst you knew you wouldn’t be able to quench no matter how much water you drank. Your bed was empty, and the only thing that reminded you Jay sleeping overnight wasn’t a fever dream was his scent lingering on your pillow. You heard busy chatter coming from the kitchen and forced yourself out of your bed, although you would’ve rather stayed there all day. As soon as you opened your bedroom door, the smell of pancakes and sizzling bacon attacked your nose, and you hurried downstairs.
The sight of Jay cooking breakfast for you and your mother alone was enough to cure your hangover. You sneakily watched from the staircase as he expertly flipped pancakes and cooked eggs at the time, all while holding a conversation with your mom. You walked into the kitchen and took a seat next to your mom, trying to but failing to suppress a smile, then said, voice still groggy with sleep, « I didn’t know you were also a housewife, Jongseong. »
« I thought it was the least I could do after making you attend such an awful event, » he answered, and you thought he was being nice because your mom was there, even though she knew you two weren’t actually dating.
He kept that energy all throughout breakfast, making your mom laugh, and you watched him play his charm on her, glad you didn’t need to participate in the conversation. You thought that any mom would be lucky to have him as a step-son, but quickly dismissed it when you realized you couldn’t be thinking about Park Jongseong, of all people, that way.
Your mother hugged him when he left, and turned to you with a smile as soon as she’d closed the door.
« Y/N, there’s no way in hell you don’t wanna date that boy. Hell, if he wasn’t half my age, I probably would. »
You took a cold water bottle from the fridge and said, « We’re not talking about this, » as you headed up the stairs to your room. You ignored her and laid down in bed. Last night had given you a lot to think about.
After that night, you never got as drunk, not wanting to get into the same situation again. Your relationship with Jay had already changed so much in so little time, but now, there was a lingering tension that kept you on edge, and it wasn’t because the constant arguing. It was the way you couldn’t get his scent on your sheets out of your head and the way he couldn’t forget how you had hold onto him that night. You two had always said whatever was on your mind to each other, especially if it was something that would annoy the other, but now unspoken words constantly lingered between the two of you.
Your friends saw right through you; even though you tried to play it cool, it was still really obvious that you didn’t see Jay as mere competition anymore. You hadn’t told them about the time he’d slept over and made you breakfast, knowing you’d never hear the end of it; but they didn’t need to know about that to see something had changed. It was obvious from the way you talked about him, which had gone from irritated to excited, or how you never mentioned Heeseung anymore. One time, you’d even said « dating Jay » instead of « fake-dating, » and Sunoo had immediately picked up on that.
« That-that’s what I meant!, » you’d said defensively, but they’d all looked at you with teasing smiles.
Jay hadn’t been very discreet when he’d given you bags of designer clothes all over campus, like in the cafeteria, in a random hallway, or in a lecture hall, and given his immense popularity (you know, being handsome and rich and all that), a few rumors about you two dating were being spread around. But they hadn’t really blown up, since the both of you always denied them whenever someone asked you if they were true, because you didn’t need to keep the pretense at uni.
Until Mr Park happened.
You had waited all week, hell, all month for this: Jay’s dad was about to give a special talk for your Department and the School of Business on how to efficiently run a company, but most importantly, he would outline how to apply for a summer internship at his firm. You’d made sure to get there early so you could get a good seat. He noticed you when you walked in the amphitheater, and motioned you to come see him.
« Y/N! Lovely to see you, thanks for coming. »
« Of course, Mr Park! I wouldn’t miss it for the world, » you said truthfully.
« Come and see me after the talk, yeah? There’s something I want to tell you. »
God, what was it with Park father and son to announce things like that? Why not just say it straight away? You kept those thoughts to yourself and nodded, then sat down at a seat in the front.
You listened intently the whole time and took down rigorous notes. When it was over, you had to wait for about ten minutes as people asked him questions, until he finally announced that was all he had time for today. You headed down towards the stage, and complimented him on his talk. Most people in the room had started trickling out, but there were quite a few students waiting at the doors, clearly hoping to catch him before he left.
« Oh, thank you, thank you, » he’d said with a chuckle. He took a deep breath and said, « I realize now what I said earlier might have made you nervous, but I didn’t mean that. You’re not in trouble, so don’t worry. » You released a breath you didn’t know you were holding. Good. « I just wanted to thank you for being such a good girlfriend to Jay. I’ve always been proud of him, but I know he has a lot on his shoulders, and it’s nice to see that he has someone like you to rely on. »
You smiled at Mr Park, saying it was nothing, but you felt guilty. He truly believed in you and Jay, when the two of you were only pretending. Even though you didn’t feel like you were anymore.
« Oh, and for the internship, I’m sure you’ll understand that it wouldn’t look too good if I gave it to you. But don’t worry, I’ll put in a good word for you wherever you decide to apply. »
« Oh. Right. Of course, I understand, » you said, trying to keep the disappointment out of your voice. You exchanged a few more words with him until you said you needed to go study some more. As you turned around to exit the room, you noticed everybody who had been waiting for Mr Park was staring right at you, wide-eyed.
You tried to ignore them and walked past them to the doors, but a girl stopped you, saying « So the rumors are true, you really are dating Jay? »
You’d never seen her in your life and were a bit shocked that a stranger could demand information about your love life, but you nonetheless shook your head and started to say, « What? No. »
« Why are you lying? We just heard everything!, » said another voice.
« Yeah, it doesn’t matter anyway, just don’t lie. »
You weren’t even looking at them anymore; you were looking at Mr Park. Or more precisely, at his lecturer map wrapped around his waist. From where you were, you could make out a tiny red light on the mic; it was on.
As soon as you were outside, you called Jay. He picked up after a few rings, saying, « What? I’m at the library. » Ah, there was the Jay you knew.
« I’ll be here in two, come outside. »
« But-»
« Right now, » you said sharply and hung up.
Jay had wanted to scold you for disturbing him like that, but as soon as he saw, eyebrows furrowed and biting your lip nervously, worry overcame him. « Hey. You okay?, » he asked gently, putting his hands on your forearms.
« Yeah. Yeah, um, everybody knows. »
He looked at you questioningly, and when you wouldn’t explain further, he asked, « Knows what? »
« You. Me. That we’re dating. Well, they think we’re dating. »
« What? How do they know? »
« Your dad. He talked to me after his talk, and thanked me for being a good girlfriend, except his mic was on. So everybody heard. And you know how gossip travels here, so everybody’ll know by tonight, » you said, sighing in exasperation.
Jay seemed to think for a while. « Well, who cares if they know? We don’t have to change the way we act with each other. That’d be more suspicious, if anything. We’ll just have to not deny it when people ask if we’re dating. » You still didn’t look very reassured, so he added, « Plus, this isn’t a rom-com, Y/N. Just because I’m popular doesn’t mean hordes of girls will bully you for dating me. It’s not like I’ve ever led anyone on, so most people probably won’t care. »
You sighed again, taking his words in. « You’re right. That’s fine. I just… your dad told me I wouldn’t get the internship. And it’s fine, I can get one somewhere else. I just wasn’t expecting it, and I was really looking forward to working at your dad’s firm. »
His hands dropped from your forearms. He didn’t say anything, until he muttered, « Right. »
You looked up at him, and he was avoiding your gaze. Why wasn’t he surprised, or angry? Why wasn’t he reacting?
« Did… did you know?, » you asked, unable to keep your voice from shaking.
« Jay. Did you know?, » you repeated, sounding more impatient.
« Um. Yeah, I knew, » he mumbled. He still wouldn’t look you in the eye.
You scoffed, trying to grasp the situation. « Wh- you knew? And you didn’t say anything? »
« Sorry, » he said, eyes on his shoes.
« Sorry? That’s it? » You shook your head in disbelief. You almost wanted to laugh. « Since when? »
« Since the beginning, really. My dad’s not the type to favor people, and he wants to keep up his image. So if you’re my girlfriend, he wouldn’t give you the internship. »
You couldn’t say anything. Not getting the internship was one thing. You could get over it. But Jay knowing from the start and keeping it from you, that was what really hurt you. You could feel tears forming in your eyes, but you didn’t want Jay to see how much he’d upset you, so you just walked away.
« Y/N!, » you heard him call after you. He grabbed your wrist, making you turn around. The sight of you, teary eyes and staring at him with fury in your eyes, and knowing he was the reason behind it, made him so angry at himself.
« Whatever it is you have to say, I don’t wanna hear it, Jongseong. » He tightened his grip on your wrist before you could snatch it away from him.
« I’m so sorry, Y/N. I didn’t know you wanted that internship. If I did-»
« If you did? Then what? You wouldn’t have asked me to be your pretend girlfriend? You would’ve let me have a chance at the internship? » You rolled your eyes, scoffing. « Right. Save it. »
You managed to get out of his grip and continued walking away, ignoring him as he called out your name. When you were a few meters away, you turned around and said, venom only in your voice, « I hope you realize how selfish you are, Jay. »
That’s when he felt his heart break.
Jay had been right when he said people wouldn’t care about the two of you ‘dating.’ However, the people who did care were more confused than anything: you had gone from bickering non stop, to denying couple rumors, to not talking to each other. It’d been a week since your argument with Jay, and you didn’t want to hear him out. You didn’t want to have anything to do with him: you straight-up ignored him every time he tried to get you to talk to him, had blocked his number and shut down your friends and mom whenever they mentioned him.
You missed him; you missed his stupid arguments, and his stupid jokes, and his stupid face, and how he looked like he genuinely cared for you. Or at least, that’s what he’d made you think. And he’d made you think it so well, that you thought you might have been starting to genuinely care for him as well. Which only made his betrayal a hundred times worse.
You’d decided to drown your sorrows in textbooks, and spent most of your time that week at the library. One day, you were searching for that week’s essential reading in the Econ section, and as you took out the book in question, you saw a pair of eyes staring right at you. You tried not to shriek but you felt like your soul had left your body. You’d barely had time to gather your spirits when the culprit had come round to your side of the bookshelf, and of course, it was none other than Lee Heeseung. God, you thought, could that boy get any weirder?
« Trouble in paradise, or so I’ve heard?, » he asked in lieu of a normal greeting. Whatever happened to hello?
« That’s none of your business, Heeseung, » you replied curtly, opening the book.
He tried not to be taken too aback by your attitude. He was used to stammering and blushing Y/N, not you better not give me any shit Y/N. He wouldn’t say he disliked the change.
« I’m not sure why you thought dating a guy like Jay was a good idea in the first place, anyway. You could do a lot better, you know, » he said, and you couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony of it all. When you didn’t answer, he went on. « You know, we’ve missed you at the frat parties. I know you’ve been going to all those boring socials, but don’t you think it’d be more fun to let loose with us? »
This made you look up at him. He had that gaze again, the one you’d seen all those times, and you remembered why you’d liked him for so long. Something about his eyes, about the way he was waiting for you to say yes, made you say, « I’ll think about it. » You returned his smile and headed back to your seat. You did think going to his party would be fun, and you definitely needed it right now.
Plus, you had the perfect dress for the occasion.
Friday rolled around the corner quicker than you’d expected it to, and here you were, standing in front of the frat house’s door, Sieun, Sunoo and Keeho at your sides, in the tight black dress Jay had given you but you hadn’t chosen for that one event. They were all used to this kind of party, but you’d only been a few times, and although they’d all hyped you up for it, you suddenly felt yourself deflate.
« Guys, what if I just embarrass myself like last time? I don’t think I could live with that-»
« Nope! We’re not having this conversation again!, » exclaimed Sieun, already pushing you inside. « You look hot as fuck, and tonight you’re gonna have so much fun and forget all about Jay. »
Keeho and Sunoo gave her a stern look. « Sorry, » she quickly apologized, but you barely heard her over the bass of the booming music. It was 10:30pm and the party was well into motion. People were drunkenly dancing on the designated dance floor, and you tried to not conjure up memories of that last party. There were people everywhere you looked: on the staircase, in the backyard, in the kitchen.
Your friends and you headed first to the mini-bar and shot down some vodka for liquid courage. As you started chatting, trying to see who was there, Heeseung approached you.
« Y/N! You came! And you look really good, » he said, taking in your figure. He pulled you into a hug and you returned it warmly. The vodka was already having its effects, you thought.
« Can I get you guys a drink?, » he asked you and Sieun, Keeho and Sunoo having transported to the dance floor.
« Sure, » you said, smiling up at Heeseung.
Sieun looked between the two of you, and said, « Actually, I’ll join the others. Come dance with us soon, Y/N! » And like that, she was gone, giving you no time to protest. She thought she was being slick, that one.
You and Heeseung chuckled. He got you a red cup and you watched him as he expertly poured different juices and liquors in it. « So, what made you decide to come?, » he asked, handing you your drink. You took a sip of it and nodded approvingly.
« I just needed a good party. To let loose, like you said. Plus, who am I to deny an invitation from the great Lee Heeseung? »
Neither of you was sure where all the confidence was coming from. As soon as you’d said that, you looked down at your cup and smiled shyly. Heeseung looked at you curiously, but he couldn’t help grin as well. You chatted a bit more, drinking one, two, three cups of the heavenly concoction Heeseung made for you.
« Wanna dance?, » he suddenly offered, handing out his hand. Right at that moment, you saw Jay enter the house with Jake and Sunghoon. You saw him look around the room until his eyes zeroed in on you and the boy in front of you. Perfect, you thought. You smiled at Heeseung and took his hand without hesitation, letting him lead you to the dance floor.
Somebody had dimmed down the lights and Lost in the Fire by The Weeknd was playing loudly, creating a sensual atmosphere in the whole room. Your body started swaying to the music, and you were thankful for the alcohol in your system, ridding your mind of any negative or self-conscious thought; you were just enjoying yourself, exactly like you’d wanted this night to go.
You were completely getting lost in the music, when a pair of hands on the sides of your waist brought you back to reality. Heeseung got so close to you, you could feel his lips on your ear as they moved to whisper, « Having fun, princess?, » at which you nodded fervently, leaning your head back on his shoulder, closing whatever gap there was between your two bodies. His hands travelled from your waist to your hips and you could feel his broad chest against your back as you two moved rhythmically. From where you were, you had view on the living room. Jay was sitting there, a girl on his lap, but he was staring right at you. He never did this kind of thing at parties, so you knew he was doing it to get a reaction out of you, which only made the fire in you burn harder, and you blatantly started grinding against Heeseung.
When the girl started practically giving Jay a lap dance, you couldn’t look anymore, so you turned around and put your arms around his neck to face Heeseung. His eyes had completely glossed over and he was looking at you with a hunger you’d never seen before. Well, that wasn’t true - you’d seen him look at other girls that way, and you always knew what happened after that, but you chased the thought out of your mind, forgetting all about that promise you’d made to yourself of never becoming another one of his drunk fucks. Now that his attention was fully on you, you felt yourself wanting more. His hands travelled further down your body as he grabbed at your ass, bringing your hips closer to his. He bent down to press wet kisses up your neck until he reached your ear. « Wanna take this upstairs?, » he asked, sending shivers down your spine. You smiled at him and he took your hand once again, this time leading you to what you assumed was his bedroom. As you walked up the stairs, hand still in his, you scanned the room and sure enough, found Jay sitting on a couch, staring right at you. You thought the beer can in his hand might explode, he was holding it so tight. Feeling you slow down, Heeseung tugged at your hand, and you detached your gaze from Jay’s.
As soon as he’d closed the door behind you, Heeseung wasted no time in pressing you up against the wall and kissing you hungrily. You hadn’t been kissed many times before, and surely not with such energy, but you were sure it was supposed to feel better. Heeseung was in no measure a bad kisser, he seemed to have the technique down to a T and kept a perfect rhythm. But you felt no fireworks, no butterflies, no light-headedness you’d always hoped would come with a good kiss. There was just no passion to it.
After a few minutes of making out, and when you were starting to hope he’d get on with it, he said, breath irregular, « What would Jay say if he saw this, huh? Probably hates the idea of me kissing his precious girlfriend, don’t you think? »
The mention of Jay hit you like a ton of bricks. « Wh-what?, » you stammered, not letting Heeseung kiss you again when he leaned in.
« Jay? Your boyfriend?, » he repeated, looking at you like you were stupid.
You chuckled once. Then twice. Then you just started laughing. « Oh, Jay? We’re not actually dating, » you revealed, your filter completely gone because of all the alcohol.
« What? » Heeseung was peering down at you like he was suddenly revolted by you.
« We’re not dating, I said. It’s all fake, » you explained, returning his exact gaze.
It was his turn to laugh, apparently. « Wow. That’s impressive. You managed to fool me, » he said smiling, until his smile completely dropped. « Now get the fuck out. »
« Excuse me?, » you said, having none of his rudeness.
« You heard me. Get the fuck out. I don’t need to fuck you anymore now that I know you’re not his girlfriend. You’re just a random loser, and you’ve always been. »
You stared at him, confused as to where the harshness of his words had come from, when he was kissing you just seconds prior.
« Do you not fucking understand? Get out. You’re useless to me now. »
Just at that moment, the door burst open, revealing a very angry Jay.
« What the fuck did you just say to her?, » he growled, heading straight for Heeseung and grabbing him by the collar. The other boy didn’t seem fazed, smiling like the whole situation was funny to him.
« Aw, Jongseong is mad I’m not being nice to his little fake girlfriend? » You guessed Jay must’ve looked confused, because Heeseung continued, « Yeah, she told me. To be fair, I should’ve known even you wouldn’t date a fucking beggar like her. »
You weren’t quick enough to stop Jay from bringing his fist down to Heeseung’s nose. You swore you heard a bone crack. But as soon as you saw him get ready for another punch. You ran to him and held his arm, shouting, « He’s not worth it, Jay!, » and God, you almost wanted him to punch you because of how cliché that had sounded, but you truly thought Heeseung wasn’t worth losing any energy over.
Your voice seemed to make Jay snap out of his fury, and he looked at you, worry written all over his face. However, that only lasted a second, as his expression then shifted to something you’d never seen on his face before, and he grabbed your wrist, leading you out of the room. The commotion had gathered some attention, and you left the house under a bunch of people’s curious looks and chatter.
What was it with men grabbing you and leading you wherever tonight? With that thought in mind, as soon as you’d reached the front yard, you got your wrist out of his grasp, and demanded to know where he thought he was taking you. He grabbed your wrist again, and said « To my place. We need to talk, » and the tone in his voice told you it was safer not to test him. You got in his car and he was always a safe driver, but this time, he sped through the whole city, even burning some red lights, reaching his apartment in only a matter of minutes. You quickly texted your friends your whereabouts so they wouldn’t have to worry. The whole car ride had been silent but you could feel him fuming next to you, and you had no idea what to expect when you entered his apartment.
His place was exactly like you’d imagined it: modern, spacious, and way more organized that you’d imagined any other uni student’s flat to be, but also had a lot of personal touches. It was very Jay, and if it hadn’t been for the tension between the two of you, you’d have immediately felt at ease there.
Jay walked through the dark apartment to the kitchen, where he turned on a single light. You followed him, unsure what else to do. He leaned against his hands on the island counter, heading hanging down, and you went to stand on the other side of the counter, waiting for his next move. When his head snapped up and he peered straight at you, you could barely decipher the look in his eyes, but thought it contained a mixture of jealousy, anger, and hunger. He’d never looked at you that way before, and his gaze itself created a ball in the pit of your stomach. You told yourself it really wasn’t the moment, but you couldn’t help but feel desperately attracted to him.
« What the fuck were you doing with Heeseung?, » he asked, finally breaking the silence.
You scoffed. « What the fuck were you doing with that random girl?, » you retorted.
« I wanted to make you jealous. Now answer me. What the fuck were you doing with Heeseung? » He hadn’t hesitated a second before answering, and his confidence destabilized you. You’d guessed that had been his plan, but hearing him say it made you feel weirdly shy.
You couldn’t hold eye contact anymore, so you looked down at the counter, and replied, « I um, I was drunk, and I… I wanted to make you jealous too, I guess. » You looked back up at him, wanting to gauge his reaction. He was now wearing a smug look, like he’d won something over you. He slowly walked over to your side of the counter, and when he reached you, he towered over you and leaned to put his hands on the counter on each side of you, making you lean back against it.
« And why did you want to make me jealous? » He was so close to you now that when he had uttered those words, voice barely over a whisper, you felt his breath fan over your face. As much as you tried to keep eye contact, your gaze fell down to his lips, and you saw him smirk. He caught your chin between his index finger and thumb, nudging your head up. « Eyes up here, doll. »
Your eyes met his again. He was looking at you so intently, you thought your knees might buckle under you. He cocked an eyebrow, patiently waiting for your reply. « Because I…, » it was so obvious, but you hadn’t been able to bring yourself to say it, or even let yourself think it, before. « Because I like you, Jongseong. »
His smirk turned into a cheeky grin. « I like you too, Y/N. » You sighed out of relief at his words. You stared at each other for a few seconds, basking in the joy of your confessions.
« Can I kiss you?, » he said, the thumb that had been holding your chin coming to caress your bottom lip.
« I thought you’d never ask, » you breathed, and he leaned in, your lips meeting delicately. It stayed that way for a few minutes, until the pent-up feelings that had been threatening to come out finally did, and hunger and passion took over the kiss. Jay was kissing you like a man starved, and all you could do was return everything he was giving you. This was nothing like you’d imagined it; it was infinitely better. Talk about fireworks, or butterflies, or light-headedness, you felt like you were on another plane of existence, like a kiss that felt this good wasn’t humanly possible.
Your hands slipped under his shirt and the sudden contact of your cold hands against his warm skin made him shiver. You were glad to see you had as much effect on him as he had on you. Never breaking the kiss, he led you to his bedroom and sat down on his bed, gesturing for you to straddle his lap. Your dress rode up your calves a little bit, and he used this opportunity to pull it further up until it bundled up around your hips, leaving your lower half almost naked. You could feel how hard he was getting underneath your clothed core, and as the kiss grew needier, you started grinding against him, getting the both of you off. When you heard him groan against your lips, something snapped in you, and you wanted to hear that sound over and over, so you doubled down on your actions. His hands, which had been resting on your ass, came up to the nape of your neck, and he grabbed you by the hair, exposing your neck to him. He started pressing down eager kisses alone your jawline, throat, and collarbones. When he found a spot in the crook of your neck you particularly liked, he started attacking it like crazy, sucking at the skin and turning you into a moaning mess. One of his hands came to cup your breast and he was very glad to find you were not wearing a bra. Your nipple had hardened through the fabric, and he started playing with it. That, as well the feeling of him in your neck and against your core, was overwhelming, and you felt like you were about to pass out because of how good it felt. You didn’t know what to do with your hands as you alternated between running them over his arms and tugging at his hair.
As your lips met again, teeth almost clashing because of the intensity, you started unbuttoning his shirt. When it was off, you couldn’t not stare at him. You’d had an idea already, but you still couldn’t believe how toned his arms, chest and abs were. You thought to yourself, « God, he’s so hot, » and hadn’t realized you’d actually said that out loud until he jokingly said, « Yeah?, » looking up at you with the biggest smile. His hands ran over your calves, your thighs and your ass, sending shivers along the way, and he said, « You’re not too bad yourself, doll. » He kissed you with much more gentleness than before. « In fact, you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. »
You kissed him so he wouldn’t see the blush spreading on your face. He put his hand on your lower back, and guided you down on the bed until you were laying on your back, him hovering over you. He pulled your dress all the way up, helping you get rid of it. You were now left in only panties in front of him, and you would’ve imagined that to be intimidating, but his gaze was truly making you feel like a goddess. Nonetheless, you didn’t want to be the only one naked, so you tucked your fingers under his trousers’ waistband, gesturing for him to take them off. He chuckled but immediately obliged, getting rid of them in a matter of seconds. You had an even better view of his now fully-hard cock, and its size made you gulp. Your mind was quickly off of that, though, as he started trailing kisses all the way down to your breasts, taking one of your nipples in his mouth as his hand came up to the other. Your back arched at the sensation, and you only wanted more, more, more. Your fingers tugged at his hair and you breathed out his name between moans.
After a few minutes, he travelled further down your body, until he was face to face with your dripping core. He hooked his fingers under your panties, looking up at you and asking you if this was okay. You nodded impatiently and he chuckled at your reaction. How could you be so cute even in this moment? He took your panties off excruciatingly slowly. You wanted to take your time, but you also wanted him where you needed him the most.
You did feel a bit shy when he stared at your sex with the utmost wonder, musing to himself, « So pretty. » He slid a finger between your folds and added, « So wet, too. »
You had lifted your body onto your forearms so you could take a good look at him. He peered up at you and seemed to hesitate for a second before saying, « Y/N, I’ve, I’ve never actually done this before, » he admitted, his confidence from seconds ago completely gone.
« I haven’t either, » you shyly admitted as well.
His eyes widened. « Seriously? »
You let out a small laugh and your hand came up to his cheek to caress it. « Yeah. I’ve never had the time for a relationship, really… and I didn’t wanna lose my virginity to a random guy at a party, so here I am. » He looked at you with fondness in his eyes, and you wanted to melt under his gaze. « What about you?, » you asked.
« Well, I wasn’t cool in high school, and when I got to college… I never wanted to do it with anyone else but you. I was waiting for you. »
You had no words for how what he had just said made you feel, so you kissed him as passionately as you could, hoping it would convey your feelings. After a moment, he pulled away, and lowered himself down your body again.
« So, I’m a bit nervous… just tell me when it feels good, okay? »
« Okay. »
Without wasting another second, he licked a tentative stripe up your core, making you moan the loudest you’d ever had before. He took that as confirmation to go on and continued exploring your pussy with his tongue. You screamed out in pleasure when he found your clit, and when he started sucking on it, your thighs were shaking like crazy. You didn’t have any strength left in your body as your forearms gave out under you and you just lied down on your back, fingers still tangled in and pulling his hair. One of his fingers, and then a second, entered you, filling you up.
« Shit, doll, you’re so tight. How are you gonna handle my cock? »
He curled them inside you and they hit a certain spot that made you see stars, and you were coming all over his fingers and tongue in a matter of seconds, screaming out his name and a string of blasphemies. You had to physically lift his head from your core, telling him it was too much, otherwise he would’ve kept going. He gave you a sheepish smile and you couldn’t believe the boy grinning at you was the same one who’d just said and done all those lewd things to you. He pressed a small kiss on your inner thigh, then lay down next to you on the bed, taking in your flushed cheeks and blown-over eyes. He couldn’t believe he got to have you like this, in your most vulnerable state, all to himself.
When you’d calmed down from your high, you managed to say, « Wow. That was- wow. Are you sure that was your first time? »
He let out a soft chuckle and kissed your forehead, then trapped your lips with his own. You could taste yourself on his tongue, but you didn’t mind it. After a few minutes of lazily making out, you threw your leg over his to position yourself over his hips, and started pressing feather-like kisses down his neck. He’d made you feel so good, and you intended to return the favor, no matter how daunting it was doing it for the first time.
You felt him sigh at your touch, but before you could go too far down, he stopped you by bringing his hands to both sides of your face, making you look up at him.
« Did I do something wrong?, » you immediately asked, worry laced in your voice.
« No, no. God, no, you’re perfect, » he replied. « I just… I still feel so guilty for what I did, and I feel like I don’t deserve you right now. »
« Jay… »
He hid his face in the crook of your neck and held your waist tightly. « I’m so sorry, Y/N. You’re right, I was being selfish. I knew you wanted that internship, and I knew you wouldn’t get it if my dad thought we were dating, but… I’ve wanted to be with you for such a long time, and when I had the chance to have you, even if it was just pretend, even if it meant lying to you, I couldn’t bring myself to not take that chance. I’m so sorry. »
You had completely forgotten the events of that week, and of that night. Your argument with Jay and Heeseung’s words seemed light-years away. « How long have you liked me?, » you couldn’t help but ask.
« Since we met, » he admitted shyly. « I would’ve told you, but you seemed to enjoy arguing with me so much, I was scared you’d just make fun of me. »
Since you’d met… so, three years? And he’d never said anything? « To be honest, I probably would’ve made fun of you at first, » you joked light-heartedly. « But I also think it would’ve made me realize what an amazing person you are earlier. I’m sorry it took me so long. »
« That’s okay, » he said, finally looking away. « I would’ve waited my whole life if it meant I could have you at the end. » Butterflies erupted all over your stomach at his words. You kissed him like you’d stop breathing if you didn’t.
Now that Jay had gotten what he wanted to say off his chest, you’d hoped you could continue your previous actions, and once again started pressing kisses down his neck, but he soon stopped you again.
« I’m getting the feeling you don’t want me to go down on you, » you said, half-joking.
He grinned and closed his eyes, as if fighting himself back. « I do, I promise you, I do. » When he opened his eyes again, they were full of affection. « But we’ve got so much time for that later. And I think I’ll come in ten seconds if you suck me off. » You both laughed. His voice much softer, he added, « I just want to feel you around me. Would that be okay? »
Your core pulsed at the thought of Jay inside you, and you nodded, feeling a bit nervous. Jay gently lay you on your back again, and took off his black boxers so that the two of you were finally completely naked, revealing his throbbing cock. He was right, how were you going to handle it? He rummaged around in his bedside drawer for a condom, and put it on a bit clumsily. His body was hovering over yours, and as though he could feel your nervousness, he pressed soft kisses all over your face and neck, reassuring you. He lined his tip at your entrance, and looked you in the eyes, saying, « Tell me if it hurts and I’ll stop right away. » When you nodded, he entered you just a little bit, but it was already stretching you out like you’d never been before, and a wince escaped you. Jay immediately stopped moving, and your hands wrapped themselves around his biceps, holding onto him for support. You let out a deep sigh, and told him to go on. He slowly entered you, inch by inch, until he finally bottomed out. You both let out a hearty moan at the feeling.
He didn’t move for a few minutes, letting you adjust to his size. You had your eyes closed and were focused on relaxing, until suddenly the pain of the stretch turned into pleasure, and you breathed out, « Please, move. » He obeyed and started rocking in and out of you, making you feel each inch of his length inside you. You’d never thought a sensation like that was possible, and you were already intoxicated by it. You couldn’t stop any of the moans escaping your throat, and Jay took that as a green light to go gradually faster. Your bodies were moving at the exact same pace and you thought the two of you molded together perfectly, as if this was what you had been meant to do your whole life. His fingers were tightly gripping your hips as he thrusted into you harder and harder, making you moan so loud you were practically screaming in pleasure.
« Fuck, Y/N, you feel so good, » he said, throwing his head back and letting out a deep moan himself. Your hands roamed all over his body, unable to stay in one place at a time. He suddenly changed the angle of his hips and started hitting that spot inside you he had found earlier with his fingers, making your mind go hay-wire.
« Fuck, right there, Jay!, » you screamed out, as he brought your hips down to his faster than you thought was humanly possible. Soon, you were coming again, and the feeling of you clenching down around him made him shoot his release into the condom. He fell on top of you, unable to carry his weight on his arms anymore. He only had enough strength to pull out, discard the condom, and fall asleep, head safely rested between your breasts. You both fell asleep in seconds,  completely naked and arms around each other.
Jay woke up a few hours letter, a cramp in his arm because of how you were laying down on it. He softly pulled his arm away, trying not to wake you up. He checked his phone; it was 4:29 am. He looked down at you, admiring how soft you looked when you were sleeping. He still couldn’t believe his luck, it all felt like a dream to him. But then you shifted slightly, letting out a small whimper, probably because of a dream, and Jay knew this was happening for sure. He hugged you tightly, breathing in the scent of your hair, and, knowing you were fast asleep, murmured, « I love you. »
The sunlight peeking through the curtains and hitting your face softly was what woke you up the next morning. You were relieved to feel Jay’s arms around your waist as he hugged you from behind. You gently turned around, curious about what he looked like in the morning.
As expected, he was perfect.
You observed him for a while until his eyes fluttered open. « Good morning, handsome, » you whispered, your hands coming to push the hair that had fallen in front of his eyes.
« Good morning, » he replied, smiling sleepily. « Creep. »
You fake-gasped dramatically and said, « Am I not allowed to look at my boyfriend first thing in the morning? »
He cocked an eyebrow. « Boyfriend, huh?, » he teased.
You grinned at him. « Yeah. »
« Well, » he said, returning your grin and tightening his grip around your waist, « my girlfriend can look at me all she wants. »
You’d technically been dating Jay for almost two months now, but knowing it was finally real and not just pretend made you so giddy. You buried your face in the crook of his neck and kissed him there, trying to hide your shy smile.
He took your head and lifted it to place a delicate kiss on your lips, which you returned like it was second nature. When you pulled away, you jokingly said, « Mh. Morning breath, » but Jay’s eyes opened wide and he immediately put his hand over his mouth, asking, « Seriously? »
You laughed at him and pulled his hands down, going back in for a kiss. It soon escalated, and you were reminded of the fact that neither of you had clothes on when you could feel Jay’s hardness pressing against your thigh. He apologized shyly, but you told him it was fine, and that you’d take care of it.
This time, when you two made love, it was much slower and light-hearted than the previous night, as if the two of you had finally realized that you had all the time in the world and could enjoy every single second. It was the perfect thing to wake up to.
You two lazied in bed, alternating between slowly making out and daydreaming together, until his stomach rumbled loudly and you really needed to pee. When you joined him in the kitchen, he was heating up waffles on the stove. You hooked your arms around his waist, pressing your chest to his back, and he hummed softly.
« Jay?, » you whispered, lips millimeters away from his ear.
« Yes, doll? »
« I love you too. »
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twinkle-with-stars · 2 months ago
Astrology observations
Disclaimer: I'm not a professional at this. these are just what I've observed in people around me . do not repost or reword.
Here with the 5th one...
Tumblr media
♕ venus-south node aspect might have a past life lover with unfinished business, they might meet again in this lifetime and this meeting or person will effect your purpose of this lifetime (North node).
♛ venus-uranus in a chart doesn't necessarily mean a commitment phob. It simply means a person who likes to have their individuality alive in relationships.
♕ Children With 9th house placements or influence often are adopted or fostered, if not the case then might have connections outside the birth family that feels like family. As they tend to build their families on their own.
♛ mars in 3rd house have more brothers or masculine energy surrounding them in form of siblings and cousins.
♕ people with saturn in 5th house mostly are considered old-souls with strict attitude.they also have a hard time expressing their creativity and innocent, childish side.
♛ people with south node in 9th might have strong resemblance to their ancestors. Might even be known as the re-born version of that one particular ancestor.
♕ mercury in pisces or retrograde is a "trickster" placement because they have a flow in their thinking and ways of communication, they know how to get information out of you, because they're so soft spoken unlike a scorpio mercury that you would never see them as a threat to your secrets.but keep in mind that it's upon the person if they use this ability for good or bad or not at all.
♛ Leo risings often easily resonate with the setreotypical traits of their zodiac sign as they have sun as the chart ruler which is also our zodiac sign in western astrology.
♕ venus-chiron harsh aspects always struggles with the topics like luxury or Beauty. These people can easily see beauty in others but not in themselves usually they require other people to ensure them.
♛ virgo+Aquarius in a chart shows a person who's a social worker and happily and actively helps individuals out but they are always people with bigger visions. They're the type of people who want to build a legecy for their future generations.
♕ mercury in 7th house is a great placement for a lawyer. Why? Because mercury rules brains, thoughts, intellect and 7th house rules justice these people are really good at settling down arguments and even prove their point.
♛ mercury in 3rd people are smart we all heard that, but..talk to them and you'll have soo much fun these people have many words in their vocabulary invented by them only and plus funny? Oh yess they are.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♕ your 12th house might somehow relate to your south node giving you more detailed look into your past life through your bith chart.
For ex- I have sn in 4th, the house of cancer and my 12th house is also ruled by cancer stating the same themes.
♛ you tend to be jealous of people who have their sun as your North node. Credit @the-falling-star
Now I've checked this in my chart not jealous but yeah I do admire or envy geminis. Because their soul and ego is already what my goal is.
♕ Libras often find it hard to fulfill their promises, as they promise more than they can deliver because they want to say no to anyone.
♛ virgo/gemini or mercury in second house tend to have sharp features and small mouths.
♕ saturn-pluto individuals often have to go through painful transformations in order to learn their lessons. Some self-destructive habits or behaviour is a way of the transformation.
In this pluto's house placement shows the self-destructive habits and the position of Saturn shows it's impact or the area where the lesson is learned.
For ex- someone with saturn in 10th and Pluto in 4th with this aspect might purposefully pass alot of golden opportunities in career or not socialise(put efforts in building a reputation) because they don't want to sacrifice their innate comfort and don't want move because of the stubborness and obsession with the comfort of home.
♛ Neptune in 1st house people like to look pretty and cute but they also think everyone's there for just them. They kinda aren't good at understanding boundaries either theirs or others.
They have a hard time defining and understanding others boundaries which makes them kinda pushy without even knowing, these people come with good intentions tho.
♕ Lilith in 7th house not Only make people in social circles and partnerships jealous but they get jealous too and alot.
♛ Sun in 6th house people are very giving no matter what happens they'll always try to help you, solving problems kinda helps them relaxing.
♕ Beware of becoming lazy when your chart has a good amount of trines in it, as trines do give talent but they never give the drive to persue those talents and you tend not to work on your trines as you're already good at it( doesn't mean better than the rest).
♛ squares and oppositions in a chart is where you have drive and will, where you put efforts to become the best or atleast improve.
♕ when someone has a harshly aspected sun and have a difficult time living out their sun sign they tend to exhibit the most negative traits of the opposite signs.
Ex- someone with a harshly aspected sun in Aquarius in 4th house might be seen as rude, selfish, arrogant, attention seeker and a narcissist by the public because this person is exhibiting the most negative traits of leo sign.
♛ sun in 12th/leo in 12th people I've noticed always try to hide themselves, not be too much noticeable and come in people's eyes, they kinda go like "don't notice me" but they somehow are always noticeable.
Tumblr media
I'm done here for today. Do share your opinions on these and I would love to know thoughts on these.
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fictosimp · 4 months ago
First Night On the Job: Part 1 - Meeting Moon / FNAF:SB Moon/Reader / NSFW 18+
It’s the first night of your internship at Freddy’s and you meet a strange animatronic. This is pure smut so be warned!
Tags: Dub-Con, Robot Cock, Dirty Talk, Humiliation, Fingering, Vibrators, Penetrative Sex, Possessive Behavior, Implied Voyeurism 
Tumblr media
The clock struck twelve, marking the start of your shift. 
It was your first shift working at the Plex for your internship. You were training to become a security guard, and had hopes of working for a big casino or hotel in Vegas someday, but this place would have to do for now. You were happy your shift was at night, sparing you of having to interact with annoying children and parents. 
Freddy’s wasn’t all bad though. The food was certainly better than other pizza buffets, and the desserts were especially tasty. The games weren’t half bad either, and were actually quite nostalgic. Overall, an ok restaurant to work at, or, was it a restaurant? Or an entertainment center?
Your internship was going to be a month long, and was your first time working as a real guard. You really hoped that no one would try to break in, but who would want to break into a pizza place anyway? Overall, you hoped for an easy month.
You locked the main doors as your watch read midnight. The janitors were all gone, and it was only you and the bots. You were thankful you weren’t in charge of cleaning the place. You were the only guard on duty, but had the help of the bots in case something went wrong. You wondered where the main star animatronics were. Were they sleeping? Could they sleep? You were told they were “charging for the night” which sounded like a robot version of sleep.
The Plex wasn’t as creepy as you worried it would be. The fun neon designs made the place look pretty cool, especially in the dark. Your flashlight beamed in front of you, lighting your path as you began your rounds. Your plan was to inspect the building, make sure everything was in order, then retire to the security office where you’d watch over the building on the cameras. And have a snack. 
Bowling area, check. Mini golf, check. Main stage, check. All was good. The last place to check was the daycare. You approached the doors and noticed light seeping out from the bottom. Odd. You entered slowly and as quietly as you could. The large colorful room was fully lit. 
“Hello?” You called out. No one answered. You peered around, looking for a sign of life. You assumed the janitors must have left the lights on by mistake, since all main lights were meant to be turned off at night.
“If anyone is in here it’s time to go home, lights are suppose to be off!” You called out. You made your way to the large light switch, gave one more listen for anyone, then shut the lights off. You walked toward the door, but heard a yell.
“Wait! No..Noooo!” 
You whipped around and shone your flashlight toward the sound. It seemed to be coming from above you. 
“You weren’t supposed to do that!” A high pitched raspy voice shouted out. 
You lifted your light up to an entrance at the top of the room. A silhouette stood on a platform, hunched over. 
“It’s late and time to get outta here, why was the light still…”
You were cut off by a loud cry. It sounded like someone in great pain or anguish, and was raspy and cracked. 
You assumed at first that it was a janitor, but the shadowy figure stood up, and you saw that it was about nine feet tall, and not shaped like a human. You backed away as you heard a low growl come from the thing. It jumped, leaving the platform and landing hard on the ground on its feet. A normal human would have had their legs broken. 
Still backing away, you pointed your light at the thing. Standing tall was a moon faced animatronic, complete with glowing red eyes and a jester-like outfit. You let out a sigh of relief; it was only one of the bots.
“Oh it’s you.” You said. “Moon right? Yeh, I’ve seen you on the posters, and the statue upstairs.” 
Moon slowly walked toward you. 
“Why were the lights still on?” You asked. 
“They were on for HIM!” Moon said in a harsh low voice. 
“Oh I see, for the sun right? Well I’m sorry but its lights out at midnight.” You told him.
“Oh no nonono don’t be sorry. I LIKE the dark.” He answered. 
You gulped. “Well enjoy your night, I gotta get back to work.” You said. You wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, the bot was fucking creepy. 
“Yes yes I will, I will.” Moon said with a laugh.
You turned away, but suddenly a large cold hand grabbed your wrist, tugging you back. You yelped, almost falling over.
“Don’t you know what time it is!? You shouldn’t be out here this late, all alone.” Moon said, bending down to look you in the eyes. His face was uncomfortably close to yours. 
“D-Don’t worry Moon, I’m suppose to be out, I’m the new guard.” You said.
“Yes yes, new, a brand new toy. Should be asleep but you’re misbehaving.” He said.
You tried to pull your wrist from his grasp. “Hey, come on now, I g-gotta get going!”
“No can do, no can do. Naughty naughty, up so late. Must be punished, PUNISHED!” You swore his eyes seemed to get brighter. 
You yanked your arm hard, and were able to get your hand free. You decided this was too weird, and made a run for the door. You just about made it when Moon landed in front of you, blocking your way out. Just how high could he jump?
“Come heeeeeere…take your punishment! 
Was this thing going to try and hurt you, kill you? They certainly weren’t programed to do that, but the way it talked was fucking scary. It must be malfunctioning, it had to be. You turned around and made a run for the jungle gym. You climbed up as high as you could go and crawled into a slide. You placed your hands and feet on the sides, holding yourself still. 
“Shit!” You whispered to yourself. You just noticed that you had dropped your flashlight. The slide tunnel was pitch black. You tried to calm your breathing and think of a plan.
“Come ooouuut Y/N!”
It knew your name? How? Oh, the name tag on your shirt, of course. You slapped a hand over your mouth. You could hear Moon slinking around outside below you. It occurred to you that he probably had night vision, which was not in your favor. 
“I’ll only hurt you a little bit!” Moon said with a cackle. 
The next few minutes seemed like hours. It was quiet, and you couldn’t hear Moon. You wanted to escape but weren’t sure if it was safe to leave the slide yet. Suddenly you heard something below you, at the end of the slide. It was getting louder, closer. Tears formed in your eyes.
“GOTCHA!” Moon yelled as a robotic hand grabbed your ankle. 
“S-Stop, leave me alone!” You begged, tears falling down your cheeks. 
“I win! You…loooooose.” Moon said as your hands and foot slipped, sending you down the slide and into Moon’s grasp.
“Isn’t hide and seek a fun game, Y/N? But I have another game to play now.” Moon rasped. “A game only for naughty people who run away from me.”
One of Moon’s large hands reached for your shirt. His long, slender fingers undid the first button, then the next. You squirmed and tried to get up, but all of his weight was on your lower half. You dug your nails into the floor padding as Moon opened up your work shirt, revealing your bra.
Was he…no, he was a robot, he didn’t have those kinds of desires, right?
“Let’s get this out of the way now.” He said, ripping your bra right in half, allowing your chest to come into full view. Your nipples perked up at the exposure to the air. 
“Beeeeautifuuuuul.” He cooed, taking a breast into each hand and digging his fingers in. 
“Please, don’t, stop!” You begged, but he didn’t listen. 
“Don’t stop? Sure thing sunshine.” He said in a mocking tone. 
Moon moved his hands down to your fly, unzipping it and grasping the waistband of your jeans. Before you could protest, Moon had your jeans and panties around your ankles, then pulled them off, throwing them to the side. You gasped as the cool air hit your pussy.
“Look at you, soooo pretty, soooo scared.” He said, drawing his fingers over your thighs. You bit your lip and closed your eyes, trying to hide from the nightmare occurring. However, as a long metal finger reached your outer lips, you felt a wave of heat go through you. 
You gasped yet again as the finger traced your slit, stopping over your clit. 
“Ready for your punishment? Yes yesyesyes you look like you want it so bad.” 
Moon’s finger began to circle your clit slowly, making your eyes and mouth shoot open. You felt your wetness grow as Moon pulled your legs further apart and held your arms above your head. Slowly, Moon started to rub over your clit up and down.
You yelped at the sudden contact.
“Mmm so dirty Y/N, so dirtydirtydirty. So wet already.”
You let your eyes close halfway as more and more pleasure raced through you. His touch was good, and you couldn’t deny that you were very turned on. You thought a moment, and it seemed that the bot didn’t want to maim or kill you, so you relaxed a bit. Maybe you should just enjoy this?
His rubbing sped up, and you started to slightly buck your hips into his hand. 
“Very good Y/N, very good, so good for me, behaving so well, my little slut.” His robotic voice seemed to glitch a bit, perhaps from excitement. 
Your bucking became faster, and you were painfully aware of how empty you were, and you wanted desperately to be filled. 
“P-Please…” You yelped quietly. 
“Hmmm? What’s that sunshine? Speak up.”
“Please, I need…” You said, embarrassed.
“Yes, beg for me, begbegbeg!” Moon shouted. 
Suddenly, you felt a vibration on your clit, and realized it was his finger. 
“Ahhh m-more, please, more!” You cried, throwing away your embarrassment. You needed to be fucked there and then. 
“Very good, very good. Since you asked so nicely…”
Moon put a finger to your entrance. He slightly slipped it in, but not enough to fill you. You groaned in pleasure and annoyance, needing him to shove it in all the way. 
“What do you want Y/N?” Moon said with a laugh. 
“Put it in put it in!” You cried, throwing your head back.
With that, his finger slowly slipped into your pussy until it was in all the way, pressing up against your sweet spot. He curled his finger a few times, making your back arch. You began to hyperventilate, it felt too good. He began to pump his finger in and out, harder and faster. 
“So fucking wet, so tight for me. What a dirty whore.” Moon rasped.
He added another finger. They were so long and so thick and smooth, it was better than any toy. He jammed them into your G-spot, making your legs shake and making drool seep from your lips. 
“Do you know how pathetic you look right now Y/N? Letting me have my way with you, not putting up a fight at all. Fuck, so pathetic, you really are nothing but a fucktoy..” Moon yelled at you. 
His words and voice were so mean, but it drove you wild. The harsher he was the more aroused you became. 
“I’m keeping you here forever! Never letting you go! I’m gonna fuck you every night, all while HE watches! Moon said. 
Suddenly, right as you were starting to reach your climax, he pulled his fingers out. You whined at the sudden emptiness. Moon raised his fingers, glistening with your cum. He inspected them, playing with your wetness. You were embarrassed at how soaked you were. 
“Fuck, you wanted this so bad didn’t you.” Moon chuckled. “I think you’re ready for your reeeeal punishment now.”
You knew what was coming, and you could hardly contain yourself. 
Moon pulled down his shiny jester pants, allowing a long hard cock to spring out. It was coming out of a compartment, which made you think it was retractable. It was mostly shaped like a human cock, but had ridges along the underside, and was colored a swirl of blue and yellow. It had to be about eight inches, and was a good girth. 
“Are you ready to take me, Y/N” Moon said, leaning down over your face.
Before you could beg or whine or say anything, he spoke again.
‘Well, sluts like you don’t have a say so!”
He lined himself up with your entrance, and slowly pushed into you, stretching you out. You yelped and dug your nails into the floor pads even harder as your eyes rolled back. He kept going until the base of his cock was resting against your pussy. Animatronics didn’t breathe, but he let out a long sigh. 
“F-Fuck, you’re so warm and tight around me sunshine.” He cooed. 
He started to move back and forth, pushing in and pulling out, fucking you slowly. You needed him to speed it up, it felt amazing but you wanted more. The head of his cock jammed into your sweet spot, making you moan out in pleasure. His hands grasped your hips and guided them on his cock, like you were some sort of toy. 
You were too embarrassed to think about how you looked, eyes rolled back, half-lidded, drooling and whimpering. Moon sped up, slamming into you harder. 
“Mine, Mine! You’re mineminemine! Are you watching this Sunny? Seeing what we’re doing to the new guard? I bet you like it, don’t you.”
Moon talking to himself was odd, but the implication of being watched surprisingly increased your arousal.
“Fuck!” You cried out as Moon fucked you at an inhumane speed. You felt your climax approaching, feeling the tightness in your core as waves of pleasure crashed over you. 
“Such filthy language, Y/N, maybe you don’t deserve to cum, hmm?” Moon teased.
“N-No I’m sorry! Please!” You pleaded. 
Moon put his finger to your clit again and began the vibrations once more, rubbing up and down. This was it, you felt that your orgasm was about to happen.
“Goooood girl, so good sososo good. I want you to cum for me now, let yourself go, cum hard for me, now!”
His words sent you over the edge, and you screamed as your orgasm hit. Your pussy tightly clenched Moon’s cock, milking it. Your stomach flipped and your legs shook and you held your breath before gasping for air. 
“Fuuuuck, Y/N, take me, all of me, you’re all for me!” Moon growled.
You felt a gush of warm fluid shoot deep into you, filling you up. It kept coming and coming, so much more than a human could cum. You rode out your climax as Moon finished cumming inside you. 
Moon finally stopped thrusting, and pulled out. Cum from the both of you spilled out of your pussy, soaking the floor and his jester pants. 
“Messy messy messy, soooo dirty.” Moon said slowly as his eyes grew dimmer. 
You were breathing so hard you felt lightheaded. You just lied on the floor, eyes closed, collecting yourself.
“Moon, I…that was…” You couldn’t find the words to describe it. 
Suddenly, you heard Moon make a noise that sounded like a computer shutting down. You opened your eyes and sat up, but to your surprise, Moon wasn’t there. He was gone, and in his place was a bright yellow sun faced animatronic. 
“Wha…wahh..” It stammered, putting its hands to its face. 
Your eyes widened. This must be Moon’s counterpart. This must be Sun.
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joelsgeetar · 4 months ago
RZ!Michael Myers HC'S
Michael being protective & clingy.
Tumblr media
Alright so I've gotten random motivation to write for this version of michael. Why? How? Idk. Maybe I'm just a whore for fluffy slashers who just need a hug.
Oh and I often write him softer than canon & focus on his mental health/trauma so if that's not your cup of tea then don't read this or future fics.
If anyone wants tagged for rz!michael fics lmk.
Not proof read.
Michael's protective behavior has always been on display since day one. He's taken the time to latch onto you before you even caught a glimpse of his intimidating figure lingering in the shadows at night. After Michael figured out why he hasn't killed you he completely switched intentions and decided to protect you.
This can range from stalking to standing directly behind you. It all depends on what situation you're in. He's skilled with reading the room, feeling the energy from people. If he feels they're not so good for you then he won't hesitate to expose his hiding spot.
One of the main issues he deals with is Dr. Loomis - who constantly accuses him of kidnapping you and forcing a relationship. Obviously that's far from the truth. (Well, maybe he did snatch you away for himself but he wasn't aggressive about it..)
The amount of times people have tried taking you away from Michael eventually made him paranoid. Now it's rare for you to leave the house alone. He keeps tabs on you even if you don't know it. It's not healthy but in his troubled mind he sees it as being loving, showing affection by proving how badly he needs you.
Calling Michael clingy is an understatement. He's basically glued to your side unless he's doing his usual hunting sprees. This man will shamelessly follow you around like a lost puppy even if you're getting up for a drink. Part of him still can't grasp onto the fact that someone like you is willingly loving a man like himself. He's struggled with self esteem & self worth all his life so it's hard to relax and believe you'll be staying. Michael really tries to work on his insecurities but some days it's impossible to fight. That's when he gets the most clingy, especially during the night.
(Gif) Michael has a habit of dragging you in his direction and keeping you close, pressed to his chest somehow. He doesn't like to share. It could be a family gathering and he'd still feel bitter and take action.
Michael won't talk much. And when he does it's always one word, maybe two. Gruff and raspy, low with the vibrations you can feel rumbling through his chest. He only speaks when absolutely necessary (like if you're upset and crying for whatever reason) and if he feels apologetic about something he did.
Michael is extremely touchy. It's not always sexual. He could honestly go without sex if you weren't into it. But his touches are almost constant and borderline overwhelming. Sometimes he feels out of place, like his surroundings aren't real. And touching you is a perfect way to ground himself. You're his safe place and always will be no matter what.
This version of Michael has the worst case of separation anxiety. So if you work/go to college or anything similar he's not going to be happy about it. He won't force you to stay home since those things are important to maintain in life but deep down he wishes he could work like a normal man and provide financial stability so you could stay home and hug him whenever he got home. It's a secret daydream he's obsessed with. He craves a normal life with you.
Michael loves to hold your hand. His hands are fucking huge and yours are so tiny in comparison. He finds it adorable and probably squeezes your hand too tightly from feeling cute aggression towards you.
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tkdrawz · 3 days ago
People, let's not overreact about Knuckles.
Ever since the preview of Sonic Drone Home, I've been seeing a bit of worry in minor parts of the Sonic Community when it comes to Movie Knuckles' portrayal. Well, allow me to put your worries at ease:
Tumblr media
and him
Tumblr media
are NOT the same. Let me break it down:
As you know, the common backstory for every version of Knuckles so far is that they all are the last of their kind, originate from Angel Island and, with the exception of Boom, they all are guardians of and/or associated with the Master Emerald.
Tumblr media
Movie Knuckles was written to be an angry fish out of water. He appears to be very stoic, driven, and strict in dialect. He was a bonafide WARRIOR. In the same manner in which Sonic lost Longclaw, Knuckles lost his father and tribe on the spot as well, which resulted in both of them spending majority of their lives alone. However, Sonic was able to escape to Earth. While in hiding and fending for himself, Sonic studied the behaviour of human society, found several ways to entertain himself, figured out how to control and use his powers, and eventually became part a new family that loved and accepted him for who he is. Knuckles, on the other hand, was not granted that same fortune.
Tumblr media
Knuckles was left at that same spot his father said his farewell to him before the battle. I could only imagine how patient he was, how cold it was that night, how he sat there for probably days hoping that through the tall trees he'd see his father and tribe come back with the Master Emerald in hand, victorious just as his father probably assured him. But no, that did not happen at all. Knuckles could only infer (or go to the battleground and see for himself... HOW SAD! 🥺😭🤧) that Longclaw took out the entire tribe and Sonic got away. Thus beginning his "hour of sorrow". I'd think he was taught the one thing to do in the rare case that the entire tribe would be wiped out and he'd be the only one left: FINISH THE MISSION. TRAIN NOW, CRY LATER. What he knew was that Sonic is the enemy and the bane of his existence. Hate, confusion, and anger festered inside him for years, basically his motivation for living was avenging his family and fufilling the mission that they couldn't do: Kill Sonic and find the Master Emerald. In his words, he was trained since birth in all sorts of combat for his "destiny". And it was ON SIGHT the moment he was on Sonic's doorstep!
I would like to point out that it seems that he spotted the red flags throughout their journey together. And I'm sure Knuckles wanted to call him out, but he was convinced that Robotnik wouldn't betray him because he was his friend. After all, Eggman did call him his BFFFAE (Bestest Friend For Ever And Ever). Knuckles' tribe has instilled in him the values of loyalty and being a man of his word. And to do to Robotnik what he did to him would be wrong because they made an alliance.
And it's not like Knuckles was COMPLETELY unaware. First, the way he left Stone at the Mean Bean coffee shop to which Knuckles reacted by saying "Dishonor!" only for Robotnik to repsond by simpling saying "Dis is how I roll." Then there was his reaction on the mountain when Sonic helped an unconsious Tails instead of getting the compass. When Knuckles sees this, Robotnik replies "New friend, same pathetic weakness." And of course Robotnik eventually betray him. We, the audience knew that. Agent Stone knew that. And Sonic knew too, he was just shocked at the way he did it. Heck, I was too! The brutal insult that he gave to Knuckles (I mean, he practically SPIT on Knuckles with those words), only to steal the one object he quested his entire life for, and leave him to die in a crumbling underwater temple. And as he was drowning underneath giant debris, he knew he messed up. He was ashamed and embarassed. He failed his father, his tribe, and, more importantly, himself. And he couldn't blame anyone else, not even Robotnik.
Tumblr media
But, thankfully, Sonic saved him. And as some sort of retaliation, Knuckles saved him. During the hilarious impromptu sandball fight, when Sonic revealed that he couldn't let him die, Knuckles was surprised and curious as to why Sonic saved him in first place even though Knuckles gave him the 🍑 whooping of a lifetime. (That is, until Shadow shows up. 😏) And he was even more curious that despite the fact they both suffered traumatic loses of their rival families and failing multiple times, Sonic chose to be free-spirited, noble, and optimistic rather than revengeful and tied to his past. Sonic then extends his hand (and his heart) to Knuckles, saying that he found a new destiny, a new family and he could do the same as well.
Tumblr media
I said all that to say this, Movie Knuckles is not dense. Not in the slightest. He was simply misled and out of touch. He's just complex, and that's a lot for some people. (His words, not mine.) We can see in the movie that Knuckles is not entirely familiar with technology (especially Robotnik's), handshakes, sports, ice cream, or flossing (I repeat, especially Robotnik's). But he's not alone anymore, he has a new tribe of lifelong friends, who he now knows won't betray him. With the help of his friends and enough time, he will eventually adjust to the way things work on this pale blue dot, just like Sonic did. And that will probably be shown in Sonic Drone Home. (I'd LOVE to make an appreciation post and disect his character even further, but this ain't the post to do it!😅 Maybe later!✌🏾)
Tumblr media
Now Boom Knuckles on the other hand, is a different breed. As far as his backstory goes, it was mentioned that he came from Angel Island and he's the last of his kind. However, he doesn't guard the Master Emerald (which doesn't exist in the Boom universe nor do the Chaos Emeralds).
Tumblr media
He is one of the five protectors of the village he resides in. The rest being Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, and Sticks. It seems that the gang get along pretty well. They're already a "found family" of their own.
Tumblr media
Now personality wise.... *BIG F-ING SIGH* He was written to be the typical naive, comedic-relief token meathead of the friend group with the strength and body composition of a god (Or a steroid induced gym coach, take your pick.🤷🏾‍♀️) and a heart of gold. While he is headstrong, determined, and ready to fight (just like all the other Knuckles) Boom Knuckles is extremely sensitive and fails to understand the concept or overall message of simple everyday scenarios, except of course the breaking of gender roles. (Go to YouTube, type "Sonic Boom: Knuckles is a Feminist." Yeah. That really happened.)
Tumblr media
Now to be clear: Boom Knuckles VERY RARELY has his moments, but he is not smart. Not even average intelligence. He is NOT smart. Thus, claiming his role as the least preferred version of Knuckles in Sonic history. How unfortunate...
Don't get me wrong, I do love Boom Knuckles and accept his flaws and all. However I understand the reasons why he gets so much hate to a degree. Looking past the design choice and sports tape, the fans were not feeling the way he was portrayed on Sonic Boom. Of course we love to see comedy when it comes to Sonic media, but not at the expense of deminishing the qualities that made Knuckles a fan favorite in the first place. People want Knuckles to be taken seriously. And that's completely valid. Boom Knuckles can still beat the crap out of you. He just can't tell his left from his right or doesn't know how to count or would knowingly eat a napkin rather than burnt food or get blown up in the face 87 times by a bunch of exploding baby ducks before he realizes they're not real...🤦🏾‍♀️
Anyways, Sonic Boom is now cancelled. Buried. Sega won't even acknowledge them. It was cancelled not only because of the horrible reputation the infamous Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric game recieved, but the fact that Cartoon Network sabatoged the show from the start. First, they make the debut episode in Season 1 and every episode afterwards air at 7:00 in the mother loving morning! With only one commercial made to promote the show. ONLY ONE. Then, they shove literally ALL of Season 2 straight to Boomerang, the sister network that doesn't come with the main network in standard cable packages, resulting in lower ratings and viewership. Boom Knuckles is meant only for his respective cancelled universe and it's going to stay that way.
Where Boom Knuckles lacked is what Movie Knuckles had and more: charm, potential, character development, and uniqueness. Movie Knuckles comedy stems on his raw reaction and understanding of Earth stuff. Not stupidity. (Grab a knight from mideval times and bring them here to present. See how they react.) While Boom Knuckles' comedy relies on him not knowing literally basic fundamentals and saying or doing something stupid out of nowhere for the sake of being "the dumb one". Too many shows rely on that formula which is why great characters fail and shows eventually get cancelled or seen as mediocre. (Cosmo from the Fairly Odd Parents, B.O.B from Monsters vs Aliens, and Patrick Star at one point.)
Jeff Fowler, Pat Casey, and everyone else involved in the writing of the movie understood the fact that Knuckles was genuine and serious, yet a little gullible. And we, the fans, appreciated and deserved that! It's been a long time since we've seen such a more serious approach being taken on Knuckles that even lacked in the main series. It was so refreshing to see him in all his glory on the big screen that not only showed us the Knuckles we knew and love, but introduced his backstory in such a new light that helped us understand and empathize with him throughout the movie.
I promise you, I PROMISE YOU, that the SCU will in no way use Boom Knuckles as a refrence or stepping stone for Movie Knuckles. They have a good formula working for them and are super receptive to feedback. Ever since the Gangster's Paradise Gremlin in 2019, they learned REAL QUICK to humble themselves and listen to what we, the fans, want. They have absolutely no intention of jeopardizing the success they have now. We are the consumers after all and if we collectively don't like something, we'll let them know.
Movie Knuckles is Movie Knuckles and Boom Knuckles is Boom Knuckles. PERIOD. The only similarities they have between each other are their species, their red fur, and their names. That's it.
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gothoffspring · 3 months ago
Y'know what? i'm in a MOOD and we're gonna talk about it
First of all, I'm not trying to fight anyone or start beef with anyone in the community (unless you're the CEO of EA in that case PULL UP) so don't come for me? I love this community and this game. I'm just bringing light to a few things that I feel we have a right to discuss.
My Wedding Stories is riddled with glitches and bugs, as you can tell if you watch or see ANY of the EA game changers posts on it. Some core features are almost unplayable. Like, have we ever seen an early access release be THIS buggy? It's kind of incredible that the original release date was the 17th because it obviously was not going to be ready in time. Some of the issues people are experiencing are: wedding venues NOT letting you throw weddings (lol), wedding cakes spoiling instantly, guests not paying attention to toasts/first dances, guests not wearing formal attire, flower pals/guests not following directions, etc. All of those sounds like pretty integral parts of a wedding themed pack. I mean, even in the OFFICIAL livestream it was buggy as hell.. If you want more examples you can watch Plumbella's video or neecxle's because it sums up a bunch of the glitches and bugs people are experiencing. I do understand that the version that has been sent to the game changers is NOT the final copy, but still: If the original release date was the 17th, how much would they have been able to fix before the release? How much WILL they end up fixing? That's still to be determined, but Let's take a moment to look back on one of the most buggy game packs. Dine Out. I still experience bugs with this pack, you most likely still experience bugs with this pack. Hmmmm. I wonder when it came out?
Tumblr media
5+ YEARS! and this is just a fraction of the (recent-ish) google searches talking about dine out bugs. You'll find SO MANY MORE in the forums, for countless other EPs and GPs as well.
Tumblr media
This pack is STILL broken! We've been begging them for how long? They throw in ONE dine out bug fix every.... six months to a year maybe'? In my opinion, EA has absolutely proven they have become content with releasing buggy, somewhat unfinished content and they know they can get away with it because a (fairly large) majority will just grab onto the next pack or kit and forget about the glaring inadequacies of other packs. They are a multi Billion dollar company who has had a professional, highly skilled team working on this game for over 7 years and yet modders who often ask for nothing in return seem to be able to do it better than them. littlemssam, bienchen mods and the like are literal blessings to this community if you ask me. How many times have we seen modders release 'emergency mods' after new packs/patches to attempt fix the game? EA really seems to put so little time and effort into proper playtesting and bug/glitch fixing and release such.. subpar products? If they just put a BIT more effort into the actual game, a lot of the issues could have been avoided. Instead of that, though, they're like there's 8 more cas + build/buy kits coming out this quarter and don't forget to buy journey to batuu on sale 50% off this week only!
We are consumers. We are ALLOWED to want a decent product that is (relatively) bug free. A lot of us have invested upwards of a THOUSAND dollars into this game? I really don't think it's too much to ask for less buggy releases. I just wish that we as a community would hold EA more accountable for the amount of bugs and glitches that can still be found in the vanilla game to this day and the bugs and glitches that always haunt every new release because they have consistently sold unfinished products to make the most income lol
Tumblr media
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linawritestwst · 2 months ago
Would you be able to write first years with a shy, awkward, "soft" s/o? Thank you! ♡
first year students with a shy and awkward s/o headcanons (gn!reader)
Tumblr media
゚+*:ꔫ:*﹤ ﹥*:ꔫ:*+゚
you didn't specify which gender/pronouns you'd like the reader character to have, so i went with a gn!reader, i hope that's okay! thank you for requesting this!
ace trappola.
♡ okay, ace isn't the most patient type, so he won't understand some of your problems and why you're acting so shy. like, why are you always so quiet, come on, just say what's on your mind! but he loves you, he just.. doesn't understand you sometimes. he wishes you could be more confident, because you really are a wonderful person.
♡ if you're having trouble with saying something, like you're too scared or shy, he will say it for you. ace does have a sharp tongue tho, so he will most likely say a more rude version of what you wanted to say. he doesn't care much about it, he thinks that people should hear your opinion and it doesn't matter in which form they hear it.
♡ if anyone says something mean and tries to make fun of you, ace will do anything to protect you. yes, he makes jokes about you being too shy sometimes, but he does it out of love, he doesn't want to actually hurt you with his words. but if someone else does it, ace will put up a fight and make those people get what they deserve.
♡ even though ace says that you need to be more confident, he does like this soft personality of yours. it's actually pretty calming to be around you and he just thinks that you look adorable when you're too shy to say something like "i love you too" or "thank you". and you two complement each other very well, ace with his mischievous personality and you with your soft personality.
deuce spade.
♡ he's very understanding and he always asks if you're comfortable with anything, like a form of affection or going to a more crowded place. he just wants you to feel safe!! if he does anything wrong, he wants you to tell him!
♡ similar to ace, NO ONE can say ANYTHING bad about you if deuce is around. he's very protective and he can't let people make fun of you just because you're more quiet and shy than them. he may go a little too far, but he just loves you a lot and he gets very angry when he hears someone laughing at your awkwardness.
♡ he doesn't mind you being not much of a talkative person. he does get a little confused sometimes, because he may think that you're angry at him or you don't want to talk to him, but once you assure him that it's not like that, he's fine. but if you want to talk, he's always happy to do that!
♡ your dynamic is really cute, deuce is very caring and he's always glad to help you with anything and you don't let deuce get too violent and you help him to calm down. cater often comments on it, saying how cute you two are and that you two are a perfect couple.
jack howl.
♡ he's probably THE most protective boyfriend out of all of them. you always have to tell him something like "no, jack, i'm fine, you don't have to worry about me" or "jack, leave this person alone, they didn't do anything bad". but you're just so?? soft?? and cute?? and precious?? he has to protect you!!
♡ well, if you don't want jack to glare at every single person that talks to you, he will teach you how to protect yourself just in case. if you're not that strong physically, he will help you to protect yourself with words, like what to say in case someone talks bad things about you. it can also help you to become more confident!
♡ it's fine if you're a quiet type, it's actually easier for him this way. you two don't have to say a word, you spend time together and still have fun. if you want to talk about something, he will listen and if you have a problem, you two can think of a solution together.
epel felmier.
♡ you two get along very well and you felt a connection between both of you even before you started dating. and you also didn't judge epel when he showed you his more rude and aggressive side, which made you two become even closer.
♡ epel doesn't want to offend you at all, but he's just.. he's so happy that he's not the most awkward one in this dynamic. he can show you how strong and cool he actually is! he just wants you to be proud of him and him being your boyfriend!
♡ epel is totally okay with being the one who does most of the talking and people notice that he becomes more assertive around you. and it's actually quite adorable, how epel tries to protect you and impress you. and you're thankful to him for understanding how hard it is for you to talk, even though it's supposed to be so easy to do.
sebek zigvolt.
♡ oh wow, you two are totally opposite. sebek is LOUD and you're just this very shy and quiet person, and some people just can't understand how you two can be together. it did take some time for you to get used to sebek's voice, and when he noticed that you get scared because of how loud his voice is, he actually started speaking more quiet around you. and if he's doing something like that for you, he definitely loves you a lot!
♡ you two literally have the "excuse me, they asked for no pickles" dynamic. if you need to say anything, but you're too shy, just let sebek know. he will say it for you, like ace, and he will also do it in a much more aggressive form than you wanted it to be. but he does it because he loves you and because his human deserves to be heard!
♡ lilia loves to point out how soft sebek becomes around you and that he's ready to do anything to help you feel more safe and comfortable. sebek tells him to stop and that it's not like that, and you just smile because you know that lilia's right. sebek has changed a lot thanks to you.
♡ sebek actually feels kind of guilty when you two start dating and he remembers how he used to call you "a weak and useless human" like most of the other students. he even started to admire your personality and he knows that you're much stronger than he thought at first. but he still thinks that you could use some confidence.
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inklier · 6 months ago
➠ Dorm leaders in love! ft. Vil
Tumblr media
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland
Character: Vil x reader
Synopsis: How would he act like when he would be in love with you?
Warnings: Mentions of jealousy, slight possessiveness
Note: Hi! I am so happy to see that you all liked Leona's part ^^ so here it is, our dear Vil's version. Also thank you for your ask, nonnie! It gave me motivation to write this and I was so happy that you all were liking my first ever twst work. Comment and reblogs are very much appreciated ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— Vil would realize it very early that he had fallen in love with you. But even if he has put his feelings into words, Vil still doesn't know why he had fallen for you in the first place. Now, it's not that he's berating you, but you can just call it his curiosity about this entire matter. Curious as to how he was charmed by you, what was the first thing he liked about you, and what's funny is that he doesn't remember forming a crush on you, then did these feelings of romance enveloped his heart in the dead of the night and when he woke up, Vil was in love with you...could that be the case? Did someone cast a spell on him? That seemed to be likely, right?
— Silly, him! Of course, it wasn't. So the leader of Pomefiore gave it a serious thought, brows knitted as he stared out of the window of his room, yet his mind was focused solely on you. And after a few minutes, his furrowed brows started relaxing and a small and beautiful smile came on his lips. The answers to his questions were coming to him and the man couldn't be happier.
— What was the first thing he liked about you? Now that he had given it a thought, Vil knew the answer to this question. The first thing he liked about you was how kind, caring and honest you were. Your eyes had this strange glitter in them - they always seemed to shine with kindness and Vil found himself admiring this aspect of yours. But that wasn't the entire thing. One day, you had given him a compliment, and he found himself liking you. Now, he receives many compliments on a daily basis but your compliment...it felt so genuine and honest that he couldn't speak for a few seconds after hearing it.
— You had said, "Woah, Vil! Have I ever told you that you are the prettiest person I have ever seen?" And there was a smile on your face as your eyes took in the clothes he was supposed to wear for his next photo shoot which was in an hour. He was happy that you were admiring his clothes because Vil's breath hitched at your compliment and the red color on his cheeks was definitely a blush.
— After that, whenever he felt even slightly insecure about himself, your words came in his mind. Your adorable smile, glittering eyes, and your genuine words that made his heart flutter. And the insecurities would go away as soon as they came.
— He also adored your smile, it was the most prettiest one he had ever seen. Your positive attitude, that was something he needed in his life. The way you talked, laughed, and all the other things, Vil was in love with each and every one of them.
— Now that Vil knew about his feelings and how he had developed them for you, it was time to start thinking of his next step. But why was he even thinking about it in the first place? He was a gentleman, so of course, he had to court you. A happy smile graced Vil's face, eager to see his cute potato again.
— And the next day when he saw you at school, his attempts at wooing you began. He gave you flowers, a bouquet of red roses to be exact. When you felt cold, he draped something over your form. Vil gave you head pats as a way to show his obvious affection towards you. He even let you play with his styled hair! Now, that was something he never let anyone do and it showed just how much you meant to him. Would still call you potato from time to time, but now it's just because he finds it to be cute. Yes, Vil thinks it's cute because you are a tiny and cute potato. He's just smitten, okay? Don't mind him.
— I can see him being very protective of you. Vil never wants to see you get hurt, he holds you dear to his heart so of course, he doesn't. And makes sure that you don't get hurt. But if you do manage to hurt yourself, Vil would be quite mad at you. He might not show it on the outside, but man was he worrying about you on the inside. You will surely hear his scolding for being so reckless. But it's all in good nature since he cares deeply for you.
— And did I mention that Vil is very easy to get jealous? This man doesn't like it when other people try to get your attention. It doesn't sit right with him and a strange feeling starts coming over him, jealousy. At first, he nearly scoffed at the idea of being jealous. After all, why would he be? But the answer came soon to him when he saw you flashing a student (who was very much into you) that adorable smile of yours and Vil had never been so pissed off in his life. What if someone else made you fall for them? What would he do then? So, that's why he had to ask you for an answer and...confess his feelings.
— His confession came out of his mouth as if he had practiced it a thousand times, so calm and composed and in a steady voice without any hints of nervousness. "___, I believe I have romantic feelings for you. Would you like to go out with me?" He cursed at himself mentally, because he believed that was sort of cringey. And why were you just sitting there and looking at him? You looked cute though — ugh, he was getting more nervous as each second passed. But boy, he wasn't expecting you to confess your feelings as well and agree to go out with him. And did you just hug him? Oh my. Vil, he was about to combust from the happiness he was feeling. He wrapped his arms around you, trying to hide his smile.
— "Now you will be stuck with me and I hope you are ready for that. Because I won't be letting you go anytime soon, ___." He said, looking at you in the eyes and smiling at the way you got flustered at his words. He was just very much in love with you, don't mind him. But it was your own fault, Vil thought, to make him fall so deep in love with you. Not that he minded this feeling, not one bit.
Tumblr media
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silger · 28 days ago
(Russian version of this post for Russian speakers: X) Just for the record - I'm an ordinary human who can make mistakes. Please don't think that my words are real truth. This is just my subjective observation.
To begin with, as we all know (our wonderful Cockles fandom), there was something wrong with W*lker's situation from the first place.
For quite a long time (since the information about Winchesters was leaked), we have observed a very ambiguous situation. As we remember, J*red personally announced that Jensen will direct W*lker. While Jensen himself was in no hurry to officially inform anyone about it. Then a rather strange period of several months began, when J*red and Jensen talked about the “exact” dates of the directing, which wasn’t coming again and again. We don’t take the situation with “Rust”, because it’s a serious and, unfortunately, painful circumstance. Although it also mattered.
Then during the panel there was a conversation about Jensen's birthday, which was quite far from the date of this con. I wonder why Jensen would do this not in his any free time, since he promised it, but on his birthday? Why does he need such a specific binding to this date? What is it? A hopeless attempt to delay directing until the last possible moment, after which he can no longer find excuses not to do it? A very interesting set of circumstances, I think. Very strange, ambiguous and interesting.
Even if we abstract away from Cockles and look at everything from the point of view of Jensen fans, it still looks strange. When two celebrities come to an agreement on some kind of joint work, they negotiate the terms in advance and back it up with official documents, because nothing works without contracts. No one can just show up on set and say: "I'll direct it." This should be backed up by official document, right? Then, based on this whole situation, we can immediately come to the conclusion, which was obvious from the start. That this whole agreement was only in words without specific confirmations and deadlines, because Jensen wasn't sure that he would do it. He wasn't sure until the end.
Why? There are several reasons exist, I think.
First of all, Jensen was really busy. And unlike Jared, who likes to make strong empty statements, Jensen always plans what and how to do. And "squeezing" an apparently unsuccessful show between the schedule of more important and serious things wasn’t clearly part of his plans.
Secondly, the agreement was J*red’s pressure instrument from the first place, who knows how to press the right points and turn the situation in his favor.
And thirdly, another no less important detail, did anyone find the moment of pause of W*lker strange? Why would they put filming on hold for quite some time when, as Jared tried to tell us, the show was supposedly fine? What's wrong? Maybe because just no one needs this show, and there is no expected success from it? In this case, if we summarize it, then this didn't happen by chance, right? The suspension of filming and a deadline are directly interconnected. Because J*red knew that Jensen would really do nothing until this moment, and filming the second part of season 2 without him could be a complete failure. So, it is quite clear that these are interrelated factors.
But something else is more interesting here. I have always been curious personally, what does Misha think about all this? And what does he relevant for W*lker and the fact that Jensen "owed" Jared for no reason? We don't have information about all the details, we see only the tip of the iceberg. But Misha knows everything firsthand (from Jensen). This remained a true mystery, which, unfortunately, no one could solve, because Misha didn't share any emotions on this topic, and no one can read his mind. I had speculations, but they weren't backed up by any facts to indicate his thoughts on the matter. And I don't want to throw information without any basis.
But now the last con has happened, during which I finally saw something. Those were the seconds, and my brain exploded after this moment. It didn't occur to me right away to pay attention to it. When I was watching a video from someone's phones, I didn’t notice. But while watching the whole JenMish panel, when I had a long recording with the right angle in front of me, my eyes still caught it.
So, that was (who would have thought, yeah?) a question about W*lker. Oh, you all saw this moment, right?
It's their nature, yeah? When Misha waits with curiosity for Jensen's reaction to the question. They exchange glances, Jensen shrugs, it's okay. But.
Look at the beginning of the question again. And now pay attention to the first emotion on Misha's face. Not the one that appears when he tries to look in Jensen's eyes. Before it. When he abruptly turns his head. Just fix your attention on it.
Tumblr media
It's very strange expression, isn't it? It doesn't look like his standard calm face, or curiosity, or joking "yeah, got it." No. It's… strange. This was much weirder expression than his usual. I rewatched it a few times to make sure that I understood right. It's difficult to find an interpretation for this moment from the first time, however, the more I looked, the more I realized that this emotion is directly related to Misha's opinion on this matter. Not just this emotion, this whole moment.
I discussed this point several times with my lovely @astrariia and we both agreed on a few things. In order to see this, you need to slow down the frame. Misha's lips are pursed and his jaw is clenched. As if he understands that something not very pleasant will happen now. And not from a fan's side, but from Jensen's side, because Misha is looking at Jensen. What is this emotion?
Light irritation. This is the only phrase I could come up with. It immediately develops into their mutual exchange of glances, after which Jensen shrugs, and Misha has a different facial expression (crooked grin). Everything happens in less than a minute, but you can see it.
So. Light irritation. It appeared during the question about W*lker. And that sharp turn of his head? Why didn't he do this slowly how he did it many times before? What is this sharpness? And what's with the expression? These questions went round and round in my head for several minutes, until I realized that this was exactly what I thought of in the first place.
What's even more remarkable is Jensen. When Misha tilts his head, he does it on purpose to meet his eyes and see what Jensen thinks about it. The nod was a silent question. Something like "ready to answer?" Then Jensen looks up at him and shrugs like "do I have a choice?". Then a smirk appears on Misha's face and (again! It's happening again!) some kind of emotion flickers, which is difficult to interpret. It's interconnected with the first emotion, but is no longer it. It's something else. But why did he grin crooked? Was there anything strange in fan's question? No, it wasn't. It's about the topic of the question and what Jensen is going to answer.
And, as @astrariia rightly pointed out, there is an emotion like “oh, I want to watch how you will lie to them now”. Also, Jensen's intense gaze at the fan when he realized the question is about W*lker.
I’ve always wondered what the conversations were between Jensen and Misha because of this show, were they arguing or not. I don’t know. But, perhaps, these seconds answered my question.
Follow this silently emotion's sharing which they will never tell us about. Light irritation. Nod. Jensen shrugs like he's making excuses. Misha's smirk. Question keeps going, as if nothing had happened.
And this wordless exchange of something, clearly not intended for our ears, made me think that yes. Yes, W*lker was the reason for their conversations. And yes, he was probably their stumbling block. Jensen looks like he understands what Misha tries to say, but since he still has to answer the question, so now he can only shrug and to convey wordless something like “I signed up for this myself”.
I can't say how does Misha generally feel about the fact that, for example, Jensen played a character (as far as I know) in love with a girl named Cassie. Although W*lker has nothing to do with the SPN, and making such a reference to Destiel is simply disgusting of them.
Whatever the case, Misha knows how Jensen feels about certain things and knows that he'll have to lie to the fans because he can't tell the truth. And that's what his smirk seemed to mean.
We still have a lot of unclear points. But this convention convinced me of this completely. I don't know about you, guys, but it's enough for me to know that yes, there was something wrong with Jensen's involvement in this from the beginning. Misha (probably) initially didn’t approve of this, knowing where everything was leading. But to say what their discussions led to, unfortunately, is impossible.
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classylo · 3 months ago
calamitous love | bucky barnes
summary: part 1 | the announcement | Reader is a modern princess under immense pressure to marry before she takes the crown, she choose her Prince Charming four years ago… but he didn’t choose her back. He left her with a broken heart and her kingdom to rule alone. Four years later, reader is in an arranged engagement with a man who she can see herself loving… one day... everything seems to be falling into place until her original prince shows up at her engagement party determined to win her back before her wedding day. 
this is just the beginning... <3 
warnings: 18+; not too much just setting the stage, cuss words, mentions of death (reader’s father/king is deceased), a bit of angsty feels
Tumblr media
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
You lay awake, minutes before your alarm is set to go off. This was normal. Usually, it was because your brain was screaming at you to wake up, you have a million things to do, remember you have this meeting and this dinner.
Who needs an assistant when your anxiety keeps track of your schedule?
But this morning it was because you were awake all night. This was rare. As you normally could always sleep regardless of what the next day had in store for you. But last night into this morning your eyes were glued to the ceiling. Going through every scenario. Going through every past mistake. Going through everything that brought you to this day. Brought you to today.
Today you announce your engagement.
You’re just shy of 25. Some people will say that’s the perfect age to marry off. Others will say it’s about time, should’ve gotten married sooner. 
But you... you... would put it off longer. Possibly the rest of your life if the choice was up to you.
But alas...it's not.
There’s no rule or archaic law that states you have to be married before you take the crown. It’s just highly...recommended. No woman has ever ruled the kingdom before. Let alone, by herself.
Your father worked hard his whole life in making sure that you, his eldest child, his beautiful baby girl, would be his rightful heir to the throne. He was over the notion that only men could lead. He knew that if anyone was going to take care of his kingdom more than him it would be you. So, with his dying breath, he made sure that would be the case.
You weren’t sure whether to thank him or curse him. You loved your father and you loved this kingdom... you just weren’t sure if you were the best one to lead it. But your father and mother disagreed. Your mother was happy to take his place for a few years to let you finish your education but everyone knew the day would come and it would be your time to lead.
So you did just that. You received a wonderful education and were able to experience a bit of the world and all it had to offer. Now you’re back, ready to lead the kingdom you love. You’re ready for the day you officially become queen.
That day was 2 weeks away.
Well, two weeks and one day away, your 25th birthday.
While the parliament agreed to your father's wish, their one stipulation was that you would agree to marry if not already married by your 25th birthday. 
At first, you had no issue with this as you knew you’d be married by now. 
You had been dating the love of your life since you were 15, your father, unfortunately, passed when you were 20, and you just figured you’d be married to your real-life Prince Charming within 5 years.
But, things changed.
He changed.
He woke up one morning and didn’t want the life you had envisioned for the two of you.
He wanted to go away and never come back. 
If you ask him, he’ll say he asked you to come with him but your version is different. 
The fact he wanted out of this lifestyle meant he wanted out from you as well. You weren’t the girl he wanted in the end. He wanted so much more than you could offer.
So he left.
And you haven’t seen him since. You haven’t heard from him since. You haven’t thought of him since.
You were heartbroken for a long time. You never thought you’d move on. You never thought you could love again. 
But all broken hearts heal, even yours, and 4 years later you began dating your now fiancé.
Prince Harry of Arcadia. He was handsome, intelligent, and caring. He was at one point the most sought-after bachelor, but only had eyes for you.
Well, of course he did, it was an arrangement after all.
You two danced together at a gala and the rest is history. You agreed to marry him after he asked you during a romantic picnic he had planned and you set the date for the day before your birthday.
Everyone was getting their way.
Everyone except for you.
It’s not that you didn’t love Harry, you did. Just, not as a wife to a husband. You knew you’d get there eventually. You knew your resistance to Harry was because your heart had been completely shattered by the one man you had ever loved. You knew you were just playing defense. Trying to be careful, trying to protect yourself, but a part of you knew Harry would never hurt you the way He hurt you.
So, that’s why you’ve been staring at your ceiling all night into the morning. Trying to figure out why the hell you’re refusing to fall in love with your future husband. Is it because you’re still hurt? Is it because you’re still — no. No.
You will love Harry just like he loves you. It’s just going to take some time.
Yes, you’ve been with him for almost a year... but these things take time. Falling in love and staying in love takes time.
besides, it’s not like you and Harry have really dated or gotten to know each other. An arrangement is an arrangement. You technically don’t have to love him, but it seems he feels that way about you...so you guess you should at least try to reciprocate feelings. 
Your alarm finally goes off and you're quick to turn it off. You gingerly get up from your bed and head to the shower. You have approximately 30 more minutes of alone time before your secretary begins knocking on your door.
You shower, get ready, throw some comfortable clothes on and meet your secretary at your door before she even begins to knock.
“Good morning,” you smile.
“Your Majesty, you’re early —“
“Genevieve, please don’t call me that.” You beg as the two of you make your way down the castle halls.
Genevieve has been your person since you were young. Her royal title is “lady-in-waiting” but you’ve always thought that was silly. What is she waiting for, you’d ask.
“I’m sorry, but I have to start calling you that soon.” She says quietly.
“No, you don’t. We’ve had this talk how many times?” You ask as the two of you make your way towards the private dining room.
As you walk in, your breakfast is all laid out. Coffee, toast, fruit, and a little piece of chocolate. You like to start your day off with a little sweetness.
Genevieve ignores your comment and tells you the plans for the day. You have a meeting in an hour and then you’ll get ready for the engagement party tonight around 3. You’re set to arrive at 7, dinner will be served at 8, the party should be over around 9.
In and out, just how you like.
“Prince Harry has requested a dance with you.” She adds on.
“At the engagement party? Isn’t that silly? We’ll dance at the wedding.” You scoff.
Genevieve goes on to say that Prince Harry asked for a similar event to the one he met you at. You two will dance with other bachelors/bachelorettes until it’s time for you two to dance together. Then you’ll announce your engagement.
Eye roll.
“Y/N.” Genevieve snaps.
“I hate dancing. It’s stupid. Everyone knows we’re engaged anyways, I cannot believe my mother —“ you are cut off by the woman you were about to berate.
“Your mother what? Agreed to a traditional event? Yes, how dare she.”
You glare towards your mother. Her smart mouth was always annoying to you. Mostly because you got the same trait from her.
“Morning, mom.” You smile. It was disingenuous, no one was fooled.
“Good morning my love.” She says with a genuine smile.
You shudder at the words “my love” she knows that you hate this terminology. It is what He used to call you. You think she’d get the hint at your audible groan each time she said it, but alas, she doesn’t.
“It’s tradition, Y/N. Just go along with it, for me?” She asks as she takes a sip of her coffee.
You sigh. Never be defiant of your parents and their wishes. You agree with a nod and chug your coffee down. Your mother and Genevieve go over the guestlist for the millionth time and you were able to quietly sneak down to the kitchen to request another coffee.
Iced, two sugars, extra cream.
It was you and the kitchens staff's secret. A perfect, harmless, secret.
You attended your meeting with parliament, going over some new laws that were set to take place next month. You were back in your room ready for your makeup/hair staff to begin at 3 on the dot. Genevieve was impressed by your punctuation. Usually, you were the one who had to be dragged to makeup/hair.
You say there, emotionless as they toyed with different hairstyles and lip shades. Two hours later you were finally ready.
Your hair was styled back, you hated up-dos but that’s was the traditional look for this event. You convinced your team into doing a half up/half down type of hairstyle. It styled perfectly with the green silk dress you had been dying to wear. Your staff ‘oohed’ and gasped when you walked out.
“I can’t wait to see you in your wedding dress,” one of them remarked.
This made you smile. You loved your staff and they loved you.
You thanked each of them with a hug and right as you were about to leave a sudden knock occurred from your door. You looked around at your staff and smiles crept across their faces.
“What is going on?” You ask.
None of them answer you and you roll your eyes. You hate surprises. You head to the door, halfway expecting Harry to be at the other end, it would be like him to have some last-minute meeting.
You open the door and your jaw drops.
“Steve!” You scream.
Your younger brother Steve stood on the other side of the door with flowers in his hand.
You wrap your arms around him and pull him in for a hug. He laughs at your abrasiveness but eventually gives in to the hug.
“Hi, sis.” He says.
“What’re you doing here?!”
Steve had been away studying abroad and wasn’t going to make it back in time for the engagement party. Or so, that’s what you were told.
“I just wanted to surprise you. You think I’d miss this?” He asks, a cheeky grin plastered across his face.
You didn’t have many girlfriends, not to mention, close friends, but you and Steve had always had a strong relationship aside from sister and brother. In a way you envied him. He got to live a somewhat normal life. Never having to worry about taking over the crown...unless something terrible happens to you before you marry and have children.
“You idiot.” You slap his chest as he leads you down the hallway.
You beg him to tell you all about his adventures and so he does. As the two of you drive to your engagement party he tells you all about America and the people he’s met and the places he’s seen. You live vicariously through him and you almost ask the driver to take another loop before dropping you off.
“You okay?” Steve asks as the car stops.
“Yeah, j-just tired.” You playoff.
You turn to him and he can tell. He’s always been able to tell.
“Y/N, there’s something I have to tell you.” He says.
Before he can finish the car doors are being open and the two of you are being escorted inside. It’s a grand entrance as always. Your brother is introduced first and then you. You walk into the room and are met with standing applause. You weren’t sure why people always did this, just because of who you were, they felt the need to clap and cheer.
Once the applaud dies down, the music begins. Bachelors and bachelorettes take the floor and begin the traditional bullshit dance. You loved your kingdom, you loved traditions, you just hated dancing.
You dance around the room as some classical waltz blares. You chit-chat with some of the men, some of them congratulating you, others saying they wish it was them. You just smile and laugh them off. You sneak occasional glances at Harry. The women all holding onto him for dear life when it’s their turn. You don’t feel a bit jealously. 
Instead, you laugh. It’s funny that women adore him so easily. You wonder what they’d think of you if they knew you were merely fond of him.
The music hits a dramatic break as you’re being spun out of someone’s arms into another. Your eyes are closed as you move along to the beat, opening them as soon as you’re met with a pair of strong hands. 
One hand in yours, the other tightly wrapped around your back. The smell of this man is faintly familiar, your eyes make their way up to his and your heart stops.
It’s him.
a/n: *dramatic music plays*
part 2
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solomons-finest-rum · 3 months ago
In The Woods Somewhere — (werewolf!Alfie Solomons x fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
SUMMARY — Dating a werewolf is not a bed of roses. Especially a werewolf like Alfie, who doesn't let anyone get close to him. No, not even his girlfriend. When fate forces you to take care of him after the full moon, however, secrets are spilled and your feelings for each other overwhelm you both.
AUTHOR’S NOTE — Written for the lovely @retromafia and her Supernatural Celebration. The prompt I chose: "Didn’t anyone tell you about the big, bad wolf in the forest?" Congratulations on your milestone, Lily!!!! 🥰🥰🥰The title was taken from this song, I listened to the instrumental version on repeat for hours while writing it. As a side note, werewolves are probably my favourite supernatural creatures right up there with ghosts and vampires. I wanted to write something different than the usual "tough macho alfa" we see in the media and since I think both Alfie and Tom Hardy have no problem with their masculinity, this fic allowed me to get that story out there. I hope you enjoy! 🥰
WORD COUNT — 4,043
Tumblr media
It was supposed to be a romantic weekend—just you and Alfie, doing fuck all for two days straight. The plan was mostly to mindlessly binge on Netflix and enjoy each other’s company.
You were staying at Alfie’s since you shared your flat with two roommates. You loved them dearly and you were great friends, but they were both huge gossips and you were pretty sure one had a huge following on TikTok. All of that equaled no privacy and you couldn’t afford that—not with the kind of secret about Alfie’s nature you had sworn to keep.
So you took the train to Alfie’s on Friday after work. Since he practically lived on the outskirts of London, you figured it was as good a holiday as you would get with your measly corporate wages. It was fun, though. Alfie could make anything fun. It was part of why you loved the man so much.
You spent Friday evening in bed and then all of Saturday morning walking and just hanging out—talking, eating street food and enjoying each other. The plan when you came back to his place was to watch a movie together, but it quickly became clear from Alfie’s look alone what exactly he wanted to do to you.
As much as you enjoyed Alfie, you basked in the assurance that it was very much reciprocated. He could spend hours between your legs, making you tremble under his lightest touch until you fell apart and forgot your own name. That was exactly what happened as soon as you got upstairs and he had you all to himself.
After he was done with you, you fell asleep in his arms and would have been content to continue that blissful nap until the evening, but you woke up abruptly to find Alfie… packing.
He was frantically pacing around the bedroom, trying to find his clothes and other possessions, then pushing them into a duffel bag without any particular order or care.
“Alfie?” you croaked, sleepy and confused as all hell.
“I mixed up the weeks,” he informed you absent-mindedly. “Ya need to get up, sweetheart, yeah?”
“Get up. Get dressed,” he basically ordered you to do so, then turned around and continued packing. “I’ll drop ya at the station. Get dressed, all right?”
“What the fuck…” was all that you managed to say before you got up and did as he told you.
“What happened?” you asked, trying not to jump to the worst case scenario in your head, but failing miserably.
Alfie said something you couldn’t hear.
“I’m sorry,” he said then and for a second you almost believed him.
“Oh, fuck!” you huffed before you took out your phone and checked your moon phase app. “Fuck, Alfie!”
It was supposed to be a full moon tonight. To be perfectly honest, you stood there in disbelief for a good second or two before you finally regained control over your own body. You then grabbed your own backpack and started to pack as well.
“The fuck are ya doin' now, woman?!”
“What does it look like I’m doing?” You scoffed, now making your moves much faster and exaggerated than necessary to drive the message across. “I'm packing our bags, Alfred, that's what I'm fucking doing! You want to go into your transformation frantic and alone like bloody always, thinking you’re David bloody Lynch, doing your fucking method thing, that's fine! I mean, that's just dandy!”
“No! That’s how it’s been for the most part of our relationship, but I’m bloody tired of it, okay?! You can’t…!” You shook your head and tried to remember where you put your cosmetics bag. “You can’t keep doing this to me! You can’t keep fucking up like this!”
“I’m not!” Alfie rubbed his face with both hands.
“Yes! Yes, you are! You don’t even make a bloody effort, it’s all just fuckin’ old school with you, so look where your bloody old school calendar had gotten you, huh?!”
“No, Alfie. I’m the one who even told you about the bloody moon app, you don’t get to Y/N me.” You shook your head and grabbed the nearest jumper. It was actually his, but you fully intended to steal it.
“Luv, I’m sorry…”
“At this point just let me bloody come with!”
“Why not?!”
“Luv, it’s too dangerous for ya, we’ve talked about this.”
“Dangerous like what?” you sighed, trying to stuff your jacket back inside.
It seemed like the clothes you had previously packed now refused to be re-packed into the same damn backpack, despite your best efforts.
“Like I could kill ya.”
You looked at him then with such exasperation that he honestly didn’t know what to do with himself.
“Why is it that I’m the one who has the lunar calendar on my phone and you don’t?”
“Right, ‘cause I hate technology an’ I think it’s—”
“No,” you interrupted and finally zipped up your backpack. “It’s because you trust me to keep your secret. You want me to be included in your problems, subconsciously you want to let me help you manage this!”
“Stop with the bloody psychoanalysis, all right?!” Alfie signed and tried to hug you, but you wouldn't let him. “Stop,” Alfie pleaded with you. “Stop. Y/N, stop. Come 'ere, luv.”
“No!” You protested, but had a very hard time wiggling out of his tight embrace when he finally managed to pull you into a hug. “Stop that, I want to talk to you!”
But Alfie held you close and tight and stroked your back until you relented and finally let him console you.
“You’re a bastard, Alfie Solomons,” you muttered into his chest. “I fucking hate you.”
“Yeah, I know,” he grumbled, the gravelly tone in his voice rumbling louder as you pressed your ear to his sternum. “Though I’ve been called worse.”
“Oh, I can try harder!”
“Yeah, I know ya can,” he chuckled. “I know that. I deserve it. But I’m goin’. And I am sorry about this,” he said quietly and took his bag. “You—”
“Oh, I sure fucking hope there isn’t a It’s not you it’s me or a You deserve better than this, Y/N hangin’ in there somewhere, because I swear to fucking God, Alfie, if you even think, if a thought gathered in that bloody demented head of yours that I won’t go insane and Gone Girl you so bloody fast—!” You accentuated that speech by jabbing him in the chest repeatedly. Hard.
But all the bastard did was to hold your hand closer to his heart and hang his head low, like a guilty little boy.
“Right, I am sorry, sweetheart,” he repeated for what must have been a hundredth time this evening.
“Fuck you,” you croaked, understanding immediately where his reasoning was leading. “I just don’t get it.” You sighed and shook your head. “Why can’t I just stay inside, keep the cabin ready while you… You go and do your thing.”
“No,” stopped you and pulled you even closer. “No. We ain’t doin’ that, luv, I can’t take that risk. You’re the best fuckin’ thing that ever happened to me…”
“Did you just call me a thing?!”
“No! I—”
“You walked right into this one, mate,” you managed one last joke before you both got quiet again. “Why can’t I come with you? I promise I can take it.”
“No.” He was the first one to let go now. “No. Ya can’t. It’s too dangerous.”
“Too dangerous.”
“What’s so dangerous about you being out there?!”
Alfie sighed and shook his head.
“Other wolves,” he said finally.
“What?” you chuckled. “There are no wolves in England, they…”
But then the realisation hit you.
“Oh my God. You have a pack?!” Your eyes went round at the news.
But Alfie got eerily quiet all of a sudden and you both nearly jumped when the alarm on your phone buzzed.
“Fuck!” You turned it off and looked out the window in a panic.
Alfie followed your lead and cursed under his breath.
“The sun’s setting,” you said.
“Okay. Let’s go,” Alfie commanded, his entire demeanour changing completely. “Right now.”
“Said you wanted to come, fine, but we need to go!”
“All right, all right!
“Right now,” he repeated and took the bag. “Get your shoes, let’s fuckin’ go!”
You did as he asked and followed him outside. You got in Alfie’s beaten up Jeep and nearly got whiplash when he reversed and sped towards the road. You barely managed to fasten your seatbelt.
You drove in silence most of the way, but you didn’t mind. You got your way and was now content to look out the window, watching the sun cast its golden rays against the fields. You got out of the city and with how fast Alfie drove, you reached the woods in no time. You were actually amazed you got out of it in one piece and without any tickets.
“When we get there, you stay the fuck in the cabin,” was the first thing Alfie told you when you got out of the main road and he turned the car straight into the deeper part of the woods.
“Y/N, I need you to promise.”
You reached out for him and put your hand on his shoulder.
“Yes,” you assured him. “I promise. Let me do this for you. I want to help you with this.”
Alfie said nothing for the rest of the way. The tension between you was honestly unbearable, but you did not dare to turn on the radio. Finally, you turned towards a secluded, unbeaten path in the woods. The car shook so much that you barely had the time to think of what could await you next. Not that Alfie was particularly talkative either. In fact, the deeper into the woods, the gruffer Alfie got. You could see something was already changing within him.
“Should I get my silver bullets ready?”
“Very funny,” he scoffed.
You got to the cabin just as it was getting darker outside. The house itself was even more secluded than you originally anticipated. The wooden structure looked old, definitely not from this century. To be perfectly honest, it was exactly what you expected of Alfie.
He got out of the car first and got both your bags, then suddenly turned around and put them down. He rummaged through his pockets and without any explanation handed you both his car keys and the set of keys to the cabin.
“Take these. An’ don’t be scared to leave,” he said seriously.
“What?” You laughed nervously, but got quiet when you realised he wasn’t joking. “Are you…? How long will I be alone here?”
“For a while,” he sighed and, to add strangeness to an already bizarre situation, he took off his jacket, then his sweater and handed them to you. When he started to untie his shoes you took a step back.
“Yeah, ya wanted to come along, now you only got yourself to blame.” Alfie handed you the rest of his clothes. Suddenly, he turned around as if listening to someone's conversation happening nearby. “You need to go inside.”
And the urgency in his voice finally convinced you. You practically ran towards the cabin, nearly dropping everything you were holding on the way. You swore under your breath as you tried to fit the right key into the lock, but you finally managed to open the door. You closed the door behind you and tried to find the light switch. Thankfully, there actually was one.
You put down Alfie’s clothes on the nearby sofa and sighed, taking a proper look around. The cabin was exactly what you expected—a little dusty, old-fashioned, but much cosier than you anticipated. After you managed to calm yourself a bit and take a couple deep breaths, you realised your luggage was still outside. You ran out there to get it and noticed that Alfie was nowhere to be found. It was pitch black out and honestly you had no desire to stay out there longer than necessary.
You took one last look at the Jeep, or at least the large dark shape in the distance that used to be the Jeep mere minutes ago, then you quickly went back and locked all doors from the inside. You sat down on the sofa with a heavy sigh and looked around more thoroughly this time. For some inexplicable reason, however, you knew your mind was made up.
There was no way in hell you were leaving him now.
You got up and went towards the kitchenette to check if there at least was a kettle to make yourself a cup of tea. Just as you filled it with water and was about to look for a mug, you froze.
For the first time in your life you heard a pack of wolves howling. Suddenly, you felt very small and very frightened in the most primal sense of the word.
Tumblr media
You woke up abruptly and immediately felt a sharp, tugging pain in your neck. The bed upstairs was old and the mattress so hard and lumpy that you would rather think it a medieval torture device than any sort of a sleeping arrangement.
Just as your eyes had slowly adjusted to the bluish light of early dawn, you heard a loud thump downstairs. Scared to your core, you grabbed the hammer you had found last night in the toolbox under the sink.
You got out of bed and went downstairs. The first thing you noticed was how chilly it was. Shivering, you looked around the room until you finally noticed Alfie. He was curled up on the sofa, naked. One of the windows was opened; that must have been how he got in.
You dropped the hammer to the floor and rushed towards Alfie to check on him. You pressed two fingers to his neck to check for a pulse, but because you weren’t an actual medical professional it took you a couple tries to determine if he was dead or not.
The other sign of life, of course, was the half-growl, half-moan he let out as soon as you came closer.
“Can you walk?” you asked him in a hushed voice, though you weren’t actually sure why you were trying to be quiet.
He let out another growl, but you didn’t let it discourage you. You knew you wouldn’t be able to carry the man anyway, but you were damn sure you weren’t going to allow him to remain in such a state.
You closed the window first and then wrapped a blanket around Alfie. He always ran hot, as he had explained it was a side effect of his condition, but as he never explained how long it would take for a werewolf to get hypothermia, you weren’t prepared to take any risks.
He stayed motionless on the sofa, but at least he was breathing. You got yourself another blanket and sat down beside the fireplace, checking in on Alfie from time to time while you did your best to start a fire. You tried to catch a signal on your phone to google it since to be perfectly honest you had no clue how to operate a fireplace. Finally, desperate to get the man warm and tired of the failing technology, you improvised the entire operation and by some miracle you managed to actually start a proper fire.
“Alfie,” you gently touched his shoulder and he let out another grunt. You knew he was responsive, but basically lethargic. Getting that man in bed on your own would be impossible.
“All right,” you sighed and started to undress. “If Kathleen Turner can do it, so can I. Scoot.”
Fortunately, the sofa was big enough to fit you both. You cuddled Alfie from behind and wrapped the blanket around you. He smelled like black dirt, pine and wet dog. You groaned internally at the mixture, but stayed in place, deciding if this was the ultimate test for your relationship, you were determined to ace it.
You sighed and rested your head against his shoulder. Immediately, you felt his breathing steadied and he slowly reached for your hand, lacing your fingers together.
Well. At least he’s alive, you thought.
You tried to figure out what to do next. You had no clue. Over the course of your relationship, he had told you virtually nothing on what to expect after the full moon. Only now you realised just what a heavy toll it took on him.
You traced calming circles against his back and willed yourself to stay awake, but the crackling of the fire and Alfie’s steady breathing proved it impossible. You fell asleep like this, overwhelmed with the strangeness of it all.
Tumblr media
You woke up feeling disgusting and sweaty. You groaned and peeled yourself away from Alfie, but he grabbed your wrist and grunted in protest before you could leave the sofa.
“Don’t go,” he muttered.
“Welcome back.” You smiled at him. “Thought I lost you for a second there.”
“Don’t go.”
“I need to pee,” you answered bluntly. “And you need a shower, mister.”
Alfie grunted in what you hoped was agreement, because the musky smell he exuded was now three times stronger.
You got up from the sofa and went to the bathroom. As soon as you were done and turned on the shower, you heard a knock on the door. You opened and saw Alfie, still half-asleep and visibly exhausted.
“I’m… Gonna need help.”
“With what?”
“The… shower part.”
You took one good look at him and decided now that the state of him looked ten times worse in the light of day. You let him in and led him straight into the shower. Only now, when it was properly light out, you noticed just how bruised Alfie’s entire body was.
There were scratches all over his back, some dried blood around his temples and scalp, and dried mud basically all over his skin. Unfortunately, it was all over you, too.
“Okay, let me know if… Let me know if it hurts or anything,” you decided and let him lean on the wall while you gently washed the remnants of last night’s transformation from his skin.
“Everythin’ hurts,” he muttered, but he closed his eyes and let you do everything without a word of protest.
No wonder he needed help. His entire body was black and blue. You could only imagine the levels of pain he was in.
You washed you both until you ran out of hot water. Alfie leaned on you as you led him to the bedroom where he fell on the bed like a sack of potatoes.
“You want some water?” you asked, feeling the question a bit pointless, but as you had never nursed a sore werewolf before, you decided that you were entitled to your doubts.
“Just you,” Alfie muttered and pulled you down to lay down beside him.
You got under the covers and turned onto your side to let him be the big spoon this time.
“Are you a pack leader then?”
He grunted and you weren’t sure if it was a “yes” or a “no”.
“I heard wolves last night,” you explained. “As in, multiple.”
“Yeah,” he said.
“Are they your pack?”
“Well, what does that make me?”
Alfie chuckled at that and nuzzled your neck.
“A human,” he murmured. “Yeah. A very clean-smelling human… Who is way too good for this old dog.”
“Come on!”
“Mmmm… I’m serious, luv.”
“You’ve never been serious in your entire life!”
“Hush,” he nibbled on the delicate skin behind your ear. “I’m in pain, yeah? I need rest.”
You huffed at the audacity, but you did find comfort in the knowledge that if he was being playful again, then he was getting better.
“So from now on should we call it your monthly cycle?”
Alfie groaned and pressed you tighter to him, biting your shoulder this time and with much more force. You didn’t mind, though, and you laughed at your own joke while you tried to wiggle out of his tight embrace.
“Call it whatever ya want, woman, just let me sleep,” he complained. He had grabbed both your wrists in one hand and you had no way to go. You were more than okay with that.
“Fine,” you sighed. “But you are going to have to answer my questions.”
“Hmm. Later.” Alfie released your hands and nuzzled your neck again.
“Feeling wolfish, are we?”
“Mmm… Didn’t anyone tell you about the big, bad wolf in the forest?”
“Oh my God!” You laughed and turned around to face him. You took his face in both hands and kissed him. “Shut up. This is a serious conversation.”
Alfie hummed in response, obviously very pleased with his antics.
“I mean it,” you assured him and kissed him again to drive the point across.
“Mmm.” He licked your lower lip, then pulled you closer by the back of your neck.
You knew he was too exhausted for anything more, but after the events of the past twenty-four hours you thought a little affection between you was more than necessary.
“Will you let me come with you next month?” you asked.
Alfie chuckled and opened one eye.
“Ya think I’m gonna get soft ‘cause I’m half-kip?”
A pleasant shiver went down your spine upon hearing that gravelly tone.
“Don’t know,” you teased and placed a tentative peck on the corner of his mouth.
Alfie grunted and snapped his teeth right in your face, feinting a bite.
“Jesus Christ!” you moved away and he chuckled, obviously enjoying this very much. “You’re impossible!”
“Mmm… But I’m yours to handle now.”
You paused, taken aback by that raw honesty. Alfie was looking straight at you and you knew this was as close to admitting he needed you as the wolf in him would ever let him.
“Well,” you gently stroked his cheek and leaned in to rest your forehead against his. “Just promise not to eat me and we’re good.”
Alfie smiled at that and closed his eyes again.
“Riiight…” he sighed. “Promise not to call it my monthly cycle again an’ I won’t.”
“Deal,” he agreed.
You pecked his lips.
“I mean,” you murmured, “monthlies have a much better sound to it, AAAA!” You yelped and giggled as he grabbed you and tickled your side; a thing you probably hated most in the world.
He was serious now, you could tell.
“Mmm?” You grinned at him and let him rest on top of you, exhaling as you felt the pleasant feeling of his weight grounding you.
Alfie just looked at you and from his eyes alone you read very clearly this was probably the first time in a long time he had let another person see him like this; weaker, vulnerable, exhausted.
You reached for him and traced a line down the bridge of his nose. Brows drawn together, his eyes followed your finger much like a dog’s would in that situation.
“I’m not scared,” you assured him. “And I won’t leave just because you’re like this.”
“Don’t promise somethin’ ya can’t keep,” he replied darkly.
You shook your head and placed your hand on the side of his face.
“I don’t think I would change anything about you.”
“Well, maybe except for that smell,” you laughed. “What is that even?”
He smiled and buried his face in the crook of your neck.
“Fur,” he replied. “It falls out, but it takes a while for the… What’s it called…”
“Nah. I don’t wanna tell ya ‘cause you’ll start with the menstrual jokes again, right.”
“Oh my God, it’s hormones!” you exclaimed with glee.
Alfie groaned, but then nodded in defeat.
You were done with making fun of him, though, and just hugged him closer, hoping that would convince him you were serious about your declarations. Alfie seemed to believe you now and finally you both drifted back asleep, you holding your beloved wolf tightly and him still incredulous that a human could find it in her heart to love a monster.
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fairyfuyu · 7 months ago
glass in the park | hanagaki takemichi
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: friends to lovers w loser michi, really sweet sappy shit that makes my heart go thump ....... also listen to glass in the park while reading this (or the enitre submarine ep by alex turner please i beg)
wc: 9k
cw: nsfw 18+, timeskip!takemichi, afab!reader, disgustingly sweet content that will literally give you cavities, 2 seconds of angst, use of pet name ‘baby,’ pussyjob, unprotected sex, praise kink if you squint, creampie, cockwarming but not really ? idk, vanilla sex thats really fuckin sweet and intimate im ;-; this is just really fucking sappy dont look at me
a/n: this is just another installment of my never ending saga into my consistent self indulgence and inability to write shit that i do not fantasize about on the daily. dont @ me. also, thank u @kazutoraloml and @tokyosghoul for betareading i want to make out intensely w u both (hye come join the dark side and become a michi fucker its fun over here i promise)
!!!!! mdni !!!!!
Tumblr media
Takemichi didn’t know what the fuck he was doing with his life.
Here he was, 26 years old, working the same shitty job at the video store that he’s been working at since his college years, living a shitty life in a shitty apartment. Most days he walked through life on autopilot, not a care in the world for anyone, anything—not even himself. He’s completely lost any and all sense of what it meant to truly live, and for the longest time, he thought that this was really all he would ever accomplish. He had peaked in middle school and everything has just been downhill from there. Somehow, though, he managed to hold onto some shred of hope that there was more out there waiting for him. A better life to live. A better version of himself. Anything.
Takemichi was never really the relationship kinda guy. He had a girlfriend during his teen years, but that fizzled out as time went on and he never bothered to really try to get another girl. Too much work, he’d tell himself. Too much money wasted on dates. Too much anxiety about labels. Too much insecurity about his dick size—not that he had anything to hate himself over, but his girth alone had any girl he ever got with think twice when he managed to split them entirely open. He never wanted to hurt any of those girls, but he couldn’t help that he was gifted with such a fat cock.
Dick size aside, Takemichi just coasted through his life, making just enough money to get by and having plenty of down time to himself. Was it what he pictured when he was younger? Definitely not. Was he complaining? Maybe.
He stood in the partially empty video store, mind elsewhere as he searched the aisle glancing from the case in his hand then back up at the filled shelves. “Edward Scissorhands, The Evil Dead…” he mumbled to himself, pointer finger gliding along the various titles until he found the correct space for the movie in his hand. He let out a quiet click of his tongue once he found the correct place, wedging the copy of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in between copies of Escape from New York and Europa Report. At least he knew his alphabet, otherwise his work would be especially difficult.
Looking back down at the stack of DVDs on his cart that needed to be returned to their homes on the shelves, Takemichi glanced at the watch adorning his left wrist. Still an hour left until his shift ended. The little bell jingling at the entrance caught his attention; he whipped his head around to see you enter.
Shit, he whispered to himself, ducking his head back down, growing intensely shy at how attractive you were. A wave of self-consciousness washed over him as he pushed his cart to the back of the store, trying to avoid an awkward encounter with yet another pretty girl. It wasn’t everyday people like you came waltzing into the small video shop; the clientele mainly consisted of older people or young teens thinking it's cool to spend their days off perusing through dusty old shops like this, searching the shelves for any retro titles they’ve heard about.
He was the only employee on the floor right now, his manager was in her back office but in direct sight of him cowering behind a shelf. She called out to him.
“Hanagaki! Go help the customer; don’t act like you didn’t hear that damn bell ring.” She scolded, causing him to shudder.
He shut his eyes, trying not to focus on the lump that formed in his throat. Across the store, he saw you wandering around, mumbling incoherencies under your breath.
You trudged into the store, arms crossed and slightly irritated that your friend asked for such a thing in the first place. It was her birthday, so of course you felt guilty if you refused her request of having a movie night with a couple of your closest friends; you told her you would take the responsibility for finding the niche film she so desperately wanted to watch on this special occasion, but you didn’t expect your search to be so difficult. You started out with the chain stores, and when your hunt came up unsuccessful, you looked up a multitude of video shops in your area, even going to the lengths of calling them to see if they had your desired film in stock. Finally, an unsure voice confirmed that they did have a copy at the fourth store you contacted.
And so, this is how you ended up in the same store the ravenette worked at.
You glanced around, trying to look for someone to help you, but when you found no one, you just decided to take matters into your own hands and venture inwards, eyes scanning over the various titles.
Takemichi, still pushing his cart, came up behind you and nearly ran into you, his depth perception failing miserably due to his nerves. “Can I help you with anything, miss?”
His voice behind you startled you, causing you to jump a little. “Oh, you scared me there. I called earlier...about a movie called Paris, Texas?” You offered, readjusting the strap of your purse back over your shoulder.
Blue eyes widened at you; so you were the girl he talked to on the phone earlier. “Y-you must be ___ then?”
“That’s me!” You smiled at him, rocking onto the tips of your toes. “So...do you have it?”
Takemichi internally slapped himself in the face at not being smarter about this one; a normal employee would’ve pulled the title aside for a customer, but Takemichi is absolutely not a normal employee. He scratched the back of his head, turning on his heel and abandoning the cart, darting to the back of the store without saying a word. You cluelessly followed behind him.
“Uh…” he said, frantically scanning the shelves for the title. They’re in alphabetical order—why wasn’t he finding it?
Maybe he didn’t know his alphabet as well as he thought.
Dammit, he cursed in his head, she probably thinks you’re a dumbass now.
“Maybe I did pull it aside for you,” he thought aloud, heading towards the register to see if it was hidden beneath the countertop. He rummaged through the messy drawers, shifting papers aside with sweaty palms.
You continued your solo prowl, eyes immediately falling on the film in question. “Hey, I found it!” You called out to him, taking the case in your hands and meeting him back at the register.
His face now flushed at his shitty job he had done, a shaky hand took the DVD from you. “Sorry about that.”
“Oh it’s no problem.” You assured him, pulling out your wallet. “You seen it?”
He looked down at the movie. “I have, actually...for a class back in university. Wasn’t half bad.” He told you, ringing up your purchase.
You nodded your head. “Noted.”
The air between you stilled as he finished up at the register; you took the silent moment to study the man helping you. Dark hair, pretty blue eyes, awkward yet charming demeanor—dare you say you felt attracted to him somewhat. Your eyes travelled down to his nametag.
“Here you go, just bring it back by next Friday,” he said, catching your attention and holding a little brown bag with your DVD in it, as well as your receipt. “Hope you enjoy it.”
“Thanks, Takemichi.” You said, smiling warmly at him. “I hope I do too.”
He mirrored your smile, the blush coming back to his cheeks. Cute, you thought.
“Have a good one, ___.”
Takemichi hopelessly watched as you exited the shop, taking one quick look back at him before you disappeared amongst the busy sidewalk. He doesn’t know how long he stood there, staring at the glass door where he last saw you— - he was just brought out of his trance by his boss snapping her fingers in front of his face.
“Back to work, Hanagaki. Those DVDs aren’t gonna put themselves back on the shelves.”
Tumblr media
That damn guy from the video store was right—you did end up enjoying the movie, much more than you expected. Your friend was beyond excited that you actually managed to find a copy of the film, showering you with kisses when you tossed the case down in front of her. Her birthday was a success, thanks to not only you, but the help of that guy from the video shop.
Takemichi, on the other hand, anxiously waited for you to make another appearance at the shop to return the movie. He came in early, clocked out late, and even found himself searching the shelves casually to see if you had come at a time when he wasn’t working to return the DVD; luckily for him, it was always missing from its place next to Paranormal Activity.
He tried not to get too one track minded, but his life was just so…lifeless, he couldn’t help but dwell on the little things. The way his coffee was particularly delicious this morning. The way the weather outside was so nice, he walked to work today.
The way your smile was the first thing he saw when his shift started today.
It was a Friday. A gorgeous Friday at that. You had a slow morning—your absolute favorite. Music played in the background of your tiny apartment, swaying your hips to the soft beat as you made yourself breakfast. A cup of hot tea steeped next to the stove, a couple candles lit nearby as well. You cracked the window open to let in some fresh air from the beautiful day awaiting you outside. It was truly splendid.
You eyed the DVD case sitting on the end table in your living room, reminding you that today was the last day you could return it.
Then, it hit you. The guy. Takemichi.
Maybe he’s working again today.
Turning the case over in your hands a couple times, you mulled over the decision of when you’d leave. Considering you didn’t work until later, you settled on leaving now, maybe picking up lunch while you were out.
You found your way to the subway, enjoying the beautiful day while you could before descending beneath the streets and clamoring onto a train full of strangers. A few minutes passed and you were in front of the video store, eyes staring at the drop-off box next to the front door.
He probably isn’t even here today, you thought, plus if there’s a drop-off out here, why even go in in the first place? Will it be obvious that you want to talk to him again if you go in?
Without another thought, your feet carried you between the double doors, hearing that same bell chime above you as you entered. Immediately, you saw his blue eyes over the tops of the shelves, flickering over towards the entrance and finding you there. You offered a smile at him, holding up a wave as a greeting.
She remembers me, he thought to himself, a light blush creeping across his face at the realization.
Before he could reach you, another man approached you, donning the same uniform as Takemichi. “Hi, how can I help you?”
You looked between the new person and Takemichi, seeing the latter direct his gaze at the floor shyly. Stepping away from the other employee, you politely declined his help. “Oh, I’m actually here to see Takemichi.” You briefly explained, pointing a thumb towards the boy at the back of the store.
The man’s eyebrows raised in surprise. There was no way a girl like you could be here to see Takemichi. Absolutely no way in hell.
You didn’t wait for a response from him as you strided down the aisle to the brunette, who still remained looking at the floor. He wasn’t even trying to look preoccupied with the DVDs he was in the middle of reorganizing.
“I hoped you were working today!” You told him truthfully, taking the movie out of your bag. “I came to return this.”
He instantly looked up at you; now you had his undivided attention. “You hoped I was working today?”
You shrugged in response. “I wanted to tell you how much I ended up liking the movie. It was much better than I was expecting.”
A toothy grin crossed his face. “I’m so glad you liked it!”
“Yeah, so...here you go.” You said, holding out the case to him.
He took it from your grasp hesitantly. “You know, there’s a drop-off box at the front of the store.”
You nodded back at him, sending him a knowing smile. “Yeah, I know.”
Tapping his fingers nervously against the case in his hands, Takemichi thought to himself about how to continue the conversation. He didn’t want you to leave just yet, and neither did you, quite honestly. “So...have any other fun plans for today?”
You suppressed the smile tugging at your lips from the boy continuing the conversation. “Not much. I have work later on which I’m not really looking forward to since I’m closing by myself.”
“Oh, where do you work?”
You told him the name of the cafe a little too quickly. “Its, uh, over on the east side, you probably haven’t ever—”
“Are you kidding? I love that place!”
He doesn’t love that place. In fact, he’s never been, nor even heard of the place ever in his life.
You beamed up at him. “Awesome! You should come sometime!”
He felt his palms go clammy at your question. You wanted him to come see you at work. No one’s ever said anything like that to him before, and it made his heart race more than he ever thought it would. “Y-yeah, for sure!”
The way he stumbled over his words, voice cracking ever so slightly with his simple reply had heat rising to your cheeks. You had no idea why or how the brief interactions you’ve had with him make you feel the way they do. Maybe its his kind eyes, or maybe its his genuine nature, how he doesn’t try to say impressive things or try and use a dumb pick up line on you like countless men have used on you in the past.
You quickly glanced down at your feet, then to the store’s exit. “Well, I’ll stop distracting you and let you get back to work. I hope to see you soon, Michi!” You hated how easily the nickname rolled off your tongue, instantly regretting your choice in words because shit, you barely know each other, why would you be calling an almost-stranger by a nickname?
Little did you know, your unwarranted use of the nickname had him weak at the knees. The only person he’s ever known to call him that was his mom, even still at 26. But the name that makes him cringe when spoken by his mother, had his stomach fluttering with butterflies when spoken by you.
“Soon you soon, ___. Promise.”
Hearing that he had remembered your name from a week ago, you smiled back at him over your shoulder, shooting him a small wave before you left the store.
As soon as you exited, he let out the breath he didn’t realize he had been holding the second you stepped foot in the shop. His coworker approached him, looking at the brunette and back at you through the window as you walked away.
“I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, Hanagaki.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest and letting out a quiet, and somewhat jealous, scoff.
Takemichi fumbled with the case in his hand as he walked away. “S-She’s not my girlfriend.”
The balding man just clicked his tongue, shaking his head as he left his coworker to finish reorganizing the shelves, turning instead to greet the customers that just entered the building. “Hi, how can I help you?”
Tumblr media
The second the clock struck 8, Takemichi bolted out of the shop, running down the street to get to his apartment as quickly as he possibly could. The sun was beginning to set, the glorious day finally leaving but filling its place, a brisk nighttime with the slightest breeze.
Throwing his front door open, he entered his musty apartment and sighed at its messy state. When would he ever find the time to go through all his shit and actually clean for once? He stepped over dirty clothes strewn all over the place to make his way to his bedroom, deciding that it would probably be in his (and your) best interest to take a shower.
Apparently he spent a little too long daydreaming underneath the steaming showerhead, because by the time he hopped out and searched his apartment for clean clothes, it was already pitch black outside. A glance at the clock on his stove confirmed that it was, in fact, already past 9 o’clock.
Takemichi’s heart fell through his ass upon the realization.
He knew that the coffee shop you worked at closed at 10, but he had no earthly idea how long it would take to get all the way there by subway. It was all the way on the other side of town, it would at least take half an hour, but that's only if he was lucky. And then, who knows how far the closest station is to the cafe.
Regardless of the time, he still threw his shoes on, tossed a jacket over his shoulders, and found himself standing on the platform, staring into his reflection in the subway’s window.
Maybe it's actually open till 11, and you just got the time wrong, he thought to himself. But, what if you’re right, and you get there after it's closed. She’s not gonna let you in, she barely knows who you are, dumbass.
A full fledged debate ensued in his mind during the entirety of his trip, only growing his anxiety. He kept checking, and double checking the stops to make sure he was on the right train, worried that he would miss his stop or wind up in the completely wrong side of town somehow.
But thankfully, the universe was on his side tonight, and the subway came to a screeching halt a couple blocks from the cafe you worked at.
And the clock had just struck 10.
His feet carried him up the stairs out of the subway station, along the sidewalks and down the couple more blocks it would take to reach the cafe. Incredibly out of breath and hair probably a mess as it bounced with every stride, he saw the dimly lit storefront, the sole figure in the center standing out in his vision.
You appeared to be swaying your hips, presumably to a song playing over the loudspeakers, mind completely elsewhere as you sang along and wiped down the counters. Although you hated having to do all the closing responsibilities by yourself, you also loved the time it gave you to yourself, allowing you to put on whatever music you wished and dance your heart away as you made the cafe look all nice and clean for the patrons in the morning. If you had to do all this work alone, you at least had to make it fun.
You executed a particularly impressive twirl, waving your cleaning rag in your hand when you caught sight of a looming figure in front of the locked entrance. The little scare made you jump, dropping the rag to the floor, but your heart rate settled almost as quickly as it stopped once you recognized who it was.
Takemichi had actually come.
Sure he was a little late, but you know what they say: better late than never.
You bent down and scooped up the rag, jogging over to the front door and unlocking it to let in your new friend.
You can call him that...right? A friend?
Regardless, Takemichi smiled down at you as you opened the door. “Hi there, sorry I’m a little late.”
“You’re totally fine.” You waved him off, placing a hand on your hip. You noticed his slightly disheveled appearance and unsteady breathing. “Did you...did you run here?”
“Sort of…” He laughed, scratching at the back of his head. “I lost track of time and came here as fast as I could. The subway took a little longer than expected and then it was still a few more blocks to get all the way here.”
Your eyes widened at his explanation. “You took the underground to get here? How far away do you live?”
He waved you off. “Just a couple blocks.”
“How many is a couple?”
He looked around, bashful at the truth. “Oh, 3, 4...maybe 40 blocks away. On the west side. But it’s totally fine! I enjoyed the ride” He told you with a smile.
Your jaw fell to the floor. “Michi, you did not have to come all the way out here just to see me. I’m not that special.”
He just shrugged his shoulders. “I wanted to, though. You came out not once but twice to the video shop. It’s only fair that I came out here.”
Feeling a surge of confidence wash over you, your teeth slightly bit into your bottom lip. “Well, if we’re talking about fairness, you still owe me a visit.” Your teasing caught him off guard, but he played it off pretty well. “Here, you wanna come in for a minute? I can make you tea or something. Gotta make your journey out here worthwhile.
You stepped aside to allow him to enter, immediately shutting the door and locking it once again. Takemichi looked around at the foreign cafe, admiring the cozy decor and potted plants littered throughout the space. “This place is cute.”
Making your way behind the counter, you arched a brow at him, picking up the way he looked around, obviously never having visited. “Thought you’ve been here before.”
He eased himself into a stool at the bar. “Yeah, guess I got the wrong place.”
You found his unconvincing lie endearing. “Sure…” You teased him, filling up the pot and placing it on the hotplate to boil.
“How long have you worked here?” He asked, twiddling his thumbs atop the clean bartop.
You hummed in thought, grabbing a mug from beneath the counter. “Little over two years maybe? Didn’t really think I’d be here that long, but here I am, 4 years out of university and making my full time job what should be a part time job for some college kid.”
Takemichi laughed at your statement. “Please, at least you aren’t working at a video rental store. Like anyone rents DVDs anymore.”
“Hey, I did that one time!”
“You’re the first person that’s actually rented anything in months!”
The two of you found yourselves laughing at the situation a little too hard. Before you forgot, you made sure to ask him what kind of tea he wanted, to which he replied ‘whatever your favorite was.’
Green tea with honey it is.
Placing the tea bag into the mug, you scooted it over his way. He graciously accepted it, blowing the steam away. “Y’know, I got a degree in business. Seemed like a good option at the time, but I don’t think I’m cut out for the corporate world.”
You leaned against the bar onto your elbows. “What makes you say that?”
“Seems too…corrupt.” He said, staring into his cup. “Probably gonna be stuck at this same stupid job until I’m 6 feet under.”
“Hey, don’t be like that.” You replied, “You can always just find a new job! One that you actually like.”
“See, that would be easy if I knew what I liked. Do you like your job?”
You chewed on the inside of your mouth. “Yeah, it’s not hard and I like interacting with the customers. But I never really went to college, either, so my choices in terms of careers are kinda limited.” Takemichi took a sip of his tea, mumbling a quick this is really good before he took another, eyes still trained on you, silently urging you to continue. Before continuing, you let out a sigh, resting your elbows on the counter in front of you. “I danced my whole life, and I was decently good at it. Good enough to make it my job. But I got injured a couple years back which ended that dream real quick. So, here I am.”
“I mean, from what I saw earlier, it looks like you still got it.” He joked, referring to you dancing while cleaning before you noticed Takemichi outside.
Letting out a laugh, you carelessly wiped the counter down. “Yeah, I guess I still do, huh?”
“Better than I ever could, I’ll tell you that much.”
“Come on, you just move to the beat. It’s not that hard.” You assured him, coming out from behind the counter, reaching out for his arm. “I’ll show you.”
He allowed you to pull him towards an open area in the cafe, though reluctant. “I-I don’t know what I’m doing.”
“That’s okay, neither do I. Promise.”
Takemichi appreciated the evident lie you just told; it succeeded at making him slightly less insecure with his dancing skills, instead feeling a burst of gratitude at your gentle nature, actually wanting to interact with him.
The song playing on the loudspeaker ended, a new one immediately coming on. Recognizing it, he looked around. “Hey, I know this song!”
“Good, so it’ll be easy for you to dance then.” You said with a smile, dropping his hand out of your grip. You instantly started moving along to the beat of the music, encouraging your friend to follow your movements. “See? Not that bad, right?”
“I’m learning from the best.” He replied with a cheeky grin.
The two of you continued to dance to a multitude of songs, laughing and singing along to the ones you both knew until you were a mess of giggles. Even though you had just worked a full shift and it was nearing 11 already, being with Takemichi gave you a burst of energy. He was so fun to be around, and it felt like you had known each other for years from how easily you were able to talk with him.
Maybe you were best friends in another lifetime.
The current song coming to an end, you figured it was probably time for you both to call it a night. “As much as I would love to continue this, I do work again tomorrow and need to head home and get some sleep.”
Takemichi nodded understandingly. “Well, hey, I have off tomorrow so how about I come see you again, this time when you’re actually working.”
You smiled up at him in response. “I’d like that a lot.”
Since the tables had already been finished before Takemichi got here anyway, you just fled to the back room to grab your things, making sure to turn down all the lights and lock up once the two of you were outside.
“Did you drive here or-”
“Oh, my place is just a couple blocks away.” You told him, gesturing back down the street.
“Let me walk with you, then. It’s late.”
Your heart swelled at the kind gesture; while no guy you’ve been with in the past has offered to walk you home, Takemichi would be damned if he just walked away leaving you alone in the dark night all by yourself. He didn’t pretend that women have nothing to worry about when walking alone anywhere, unlike most guys his age.
The two of you walked down the dimly lit street, making casual conversation about how you both ended up here. You informed him you’ve lived here your whole life more or less, frequenting that same coffee shop you currently work at when you were younger. And he told you about how he came here for university and just stayed, never leaving his job at the video shop.
Before you knew it, you had reached your building, looking back at him and immediately pulling him into a warm hug. Having caught him off guard, it took a second for him to hug you back; he smiled at your head resting on his shoulder. “Thank you for walking with me.”
Falling out of the hug, he grabbed both your hands reassuringly. “Of course.”
You lingered for a moment before quickly leaning into him and pressing a chaste kiss to his left cheek. Grinning like an idiot, you turned around and opened the front door, shyly waving to him. “See you tomorrow, Michi.”
“Can’t wait.” He said breathlessly, face tingling at the innocent kiss you placed on his skin. He looked at the ground, feeling his face becoming unbearably hot all of a sudden, and smiled to himself before turning on his heel and heading towards the nearest metro.
Tumblr media
Guys have really never impressed you. In your quarter of a century of life, the men in your life have always fallen short. Your dad was nowhere to be found growing up, your older brother ran away at 16, and any boyfriend just turned out to be an egotistical maniac that only cared about getting in your pants.
Honestly, you were getting to the point where you didn’t think you’d give guys a chance again. Dating always left you feeling disappointed in the end, plus, you were quite happy being on your own. You could go anywhere at any time, do anything and find joy through living rather than in other people.
When you were at your best, that’s when Takemichi showed up. He only added to your happiness.
Days talking with Michi turned into weeks, and now three months later, he’s become an integral part of your life. He would come visit your cafe on Saturdays (and maybe one other day a week if he was feeling extra kind), you visited him during his lunch break on Wednesdays before you went to work, and on Mondays the two of you spent the entire day together since you both conveniently had it off.
Actually, Takemichi normally had Saturdays and Tuesdays off, but instead of begging his manager for a raise, he begged her to trade schedules so he could spend the worst day of the week with the person he liked the most.
Those are just minor details he’d be too embarrassed for you to know.
Another minor detail is the label placed on your relationship; there wasn’t one. You two have shared the occasional kiss here and there, sure, but what really drew you to each other was just sharing quality time with one another. Even if you were doing nothing, you were still so happy to be around him.
It was a Friday. A cold, rainy Friday. You were closing by yourself again tonight, but that wasn’t what was bothering you at all. It was the fact that your manager, Rindou, was on your ass the entire day. He never shut his damn mouth, practically breathing down your neck watching the way you cleaned the espresso machine between orders - apparently incorrectly every single time.
You had no idea what his reason was for being such a dick today; sure, he was a bit on the temperamental side and overall, an annoying person to be around, but usually you could handle it. Today, though, it was bothering you worse than ever.
You were in the middle of making a round of lattes, measuring out the appropriate amount of espresso necessary before loading it into the machine, but for some reason the portafilter wasn’t locking in place properly. Taking it out and trying again, attempting to force it into position, Rindou came up behind you.
“It’s because you can’t take care of the machine the way it's supposed to.” He scolded, leaning against the counter beside you.
You scowled at him, trying again at the task. “No, it’s because this fucking thing is ancient. It's about time this place gets new equipment.” With one last push, it locked in place. You let out a sigh. “Finally.”
He scoffed at your success. “Stop blaming your shitty job on everything else. Ever since you got that boyfriend of yours, you’ve slacked off. Especially anytime he comes in; he just distracts the hell out of you.”
Boyfriend. The word rang in your ear incessantly, and you could feel your face heat up the second Rindou spoke it. If you weren’t as stressed out and irritated at Rindou’s remarks, you could’ve cracked the tiniest smile at the mere thought of boyfriend and Takemichi in the same context.
Rindou’s shrill voice brought you out of your head. “Where is lover boy anyways? He too busy to see you today?”
“Shut up, Rindou,” You took the two shots of espresso and quickly made the two lattes, still feeling the eyes of your boss burning into the side of your head.
He wasn’t satisfied with his damage just yet. “Seems like a shitty boyfriend to me if he can’t come visit his girl on his lunch break.”
“Would you stop saying that! He’s not my boyfriend, asshole.”
Turning around, you glanced down at the name on the cups; just as you were about to announce the names of the customers, your eyes fell on none other than Takemichi standing on the other side of the counter, hands timidly folded in front of him and completely soaked from head to toe. Clearly, he didn’t know it began to rain during his commute, nor was he at all prepared.
Your mouth hung agape at the sight of him. “Michi…”
He looked like he was about to say something, but couldn’t get any words out. Instead, he just turned on his heel and quickly fled the building. Your heart instantly dropped. Of course you just said that because of Rindou’s relentless comments about him, you didn’t mean it at all how it sounded. You wanted him to be your boyfriend, but the fact was you hadn’t had that conversation just yet.
But now, it seems you’ve fucked things up.
You immediately darted to the other side of the bar, but before you could get far, Rindou called out to you.
“If you leave right now, you’re fired.”
You stopped in your tracks for just a moment, looking back at his smirking face. It wasn’t even something you had to think about; you just rolled your eyes before taking off through the crowded shop, all eyes on you as you burst through the entrance out to the sidewalk, apparently just having lost your job.
You ran down the street, immediately seeing his drenched head of hair a couple blocks away. At this point, you could care less about the pouring rain around you. “Michi! Please, I need to talk to you.”
He didn’t stop walking, not even sending you a glance as he shouted back at you: “Why, so you can make sure I know I’m not your boyfriend?”
“You know that’s not what I wanna talk about.” You said, reaching out for his arm. He finally stopped, pressing his lips into a thin line and looking at you. Panting, your eyes searched his for any semblance of absolution, but you found none beneath his raindrop heavy eyelashes.
He just sighed as you grabbed his hand in yours, noticing how hot and clammy it was despite the cold rain. Poor Takemichi was so nervous right now, it's been ages since he found himself in the middle of a conversation like this.
“Before you say anything, I just want you to know that if I did anything to make you uncomfortable at all, I’m really sorry. I thought you liked me and everything…” You were about to speak up as he bit his lip, hesitating before allowing himself to speak his next thought. He spoke before you could. “I know you’re way out of my league and I didn’t even know why you would ever go for a guy like me. It was stupid for me to have even thought you liked me that way. It’s fucking stupid!” He laughed, pulling his hand away from you and running both hands through his soaked hair. Every word he spoke just made you feel worse and worse, shattering your heart one by one. “Here I was, living a shitty life, and then you showed up, and I actually believed I had a shot with you! How fucking pathetic is that! I used to dread waking up because of how shitty my life was, and now…” He took a breath, hands resting atop his head. “You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up every morning, and it makes me so damn happy.”
You took a step closer to him, grabbing his hands once more. “Michi, I-” The words got caught in your throat when you realized it. “I’ve never been good at relationships, Michi. Ever. I was never good at loving other people and trust and communication and all that shit but...I’ve never felt any way about another person the way I feel towards you. I think…” you swallowed thickly, “I think I love you, and that’s such a big scary thing for me to admit, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel as scary since it’s towards you.” The way your voice was shaking the slightest bit, so vulnerable, had Takemichi’s heartbeat extra strong. You didn’t even realize the small tears welling up in your eyes from how guilty you felt for what you had said back in the cafe. “I’m sorry for what I said, I promise you I didn’t mean it. It’s just, my boss is such an asshole and I was so stressed the whole day...and he kept pestering me with questions about you and saying how since seeing you, I’ve gotten worse at my job. I shouldn’t have said what I said because I didn’t mean it, truly. It just came out. I just get nervous whenever anyone else brings you up because I don’t know how to act, y’know?”
He knew you were dead serious with every word that you spoke, and the gaze the two of you held was enough to pull Takemichi closer to you. He brought a hand up to your chin, tilting your head up and connecting his lips to yours.
Despite the cold weather enveloping you two, the instant your lips collided, warmth surged throughout both your bodies. This kiss was unlike any you’ve shared before; they’ve always been innocent little pecks here and there, but never actually on the mouth like this. He kissed you with such passion, as if he’s been waiting for this his entire life. Maybe that was you projecting a little, since it was really you who has been waiting their entire life to have their ‘kiss me in the rain’ moment. And who better to share it with than the boy to whom you just professed you love?
Just as he slipped his tongue to explore your mouth with, he quickly pulled away. “Just in case it wasn’t obvious enough already, I think I’m in love with you too.”
You just shook your head and smiled, taking his hands once more. “Come home with me.” You said, pulling him in the direction of your apartment.
He easily allowed you to string him along. “Are you sure? What about your job?”
You waved a rogue hand. “Oh, Rindou said I was fired if I left to come after you so I took that as I have the rest of the day off.”
“Wait, what? He can’t do that.”
“Oh, I know. He’s just bluffing, the place is hurting for employees anyways. I’ll go in eventually and talk to him, but tonight? I’d much rather spend it with you.”
The two of you skipped down the sidewalk, chasing each other down the few short blocks to your apartment, laughing as you continued to get even more soaked from the pouring rain. This was the most free you’ve ever felt in your entire life, and you’d be damned if you didn’t chase after this feeling every second from here on out.
Finally reaching your apartment, you stumbled up the stairs and threw the front door open, kicking off your shoes (which were also now soaking wet).
Takemichi apprehensively waited in the open doorway. You noticed this, and immediately walked over to him and forced him inside, kicking the door shut behind him. He always did this any time he would come over; it wasn’t often, but the few times he’d join you for a late night conversation over tea, he always found himself questioning whether or not he was actually worthy enough to be in your home.
You quickly fled to your bathroom, grabbing two towels so you both could dry off some; as you emerged from behind the wall, towel already working into your hair, Takemichi gratefully took the towel you handed him.
“I meant it, y’know.” You said out of nowhere. “The whole, ‘I think I’m in love with you’ thing.”
He nodded, smiling to himself as he took a step closer to you. “I meant it too.” You bit back a smirk as his fingers found the bottom of your sopping sweatshirt. “Let’s get you out of these wet clothes, yeah? Don’t want you to catch a cold.”
His words caught you off guard, and quite honestly, they surprised Takemichi as well. He had no idea where this burst of confidence came from. But you weren’t complaining at all; you gladly held your arms up in the air with a grin, allowing him to lift the material up and over your head. He dropped it to the side, slumping onto the hardwood floor beneath your feet. Standing there in just your bra, you let your own hands travel to his sweater, tugging on it, silently asking for his permission. He wordlessly gave you the green light, nodding down at you.
He kept his eyes trained on the way the lace on your bra clung to the supple flesh of your breasts; you noticed, and gently slid a strap off your shoulder. “This okay?”
Takemichi stopped breathing. It wasn’t like this was the first time he’s seen a naked girl before, it's just...you do things to him.
He nodded once more, tongue darting out to wet his lips as you let the material fall to the ground, revealing your hard nipples from being so cold and wet. All the blood rushed straight to his cock at the sight of you before him; you took notice of how a pretty blush crept across his chest before you, smiling at your effect on him.
Seconds later and the two of you had successfully gotten rid of your bottoms in a frantic manner, leaving you both standing there in your underwear. Neither of you dared to allow your eyes to drift to the small areas that were still covered. Instead, Takemichi was actually the one to make the first move, surrendering any and all thoughts to exit his crowded mind. Head now completely empty, aside from the one thing he could never stop thinking about: you.
His right hand trailed along the side of your body, gentle fingers barely grazing over your curves, brushing against the side of your breast, running along your collarbone up to cup your cheek. “You are so beautiful.” He said, swiping his thumb along your bottom lip.
You parted your lips at his gesture, welcoming his thumb into your mouth and sucking on it, making sure to maintain eye contact with the dark headed boy. He let out the quietest whimper at your action, feeling his cock becoming impossibly harder by the second.
And his lips were on yours once more, hungrily working against yours for dominance, though you were letting him win. You wanted him to break out of his bashful tendencies and instead, allow himself to savor his feelings and emotions. You wanted to give him what he really wanted, what he had been dreaming about for who knows how many nights straight and what you have been craving at the latest hours of the night for longer than you’d care to admit. The two of you wanted nothing more than to lose yourselves in each other’s beings, melding into one.
And that was exactly what was going to happen.
He lifted you off the ground, allowing you to wrap your legs around his waist as he carried you to your bedroom. Having reached your mattress, he sat down on the end of your bed, keeping his hands on your ass and your legs wrapped around him.
You gave him a quick kiss, grinding your pussy down against his hard dick. “Aw, baby, you’re already so hard. How did that happen?”
“It’s your fuckin’ fault.” He mumbled against your lips, kneading the flesh of your ass with his large hands.
Leaning back, you looked into his eyes and smiled coyly. “Oh, is it now?”
“Mhm.” His droopy eyes completely shut as your two hands rest on either side of his face. You studied him, so pretty in the dark bedroom, damp curls atop his head and toned chest just inches away from yours.
You swung yourself off of him, standing up straight and pushing your hair out of your face. He looked at you standing before him as you hooked a finger around your bottoms, sliding the skimpy fabric down your legs and kicking them to the side. He continued looking into your eyes as you did so, but the minute your eyes drifted to his crotch, he allowed himself to gaze down at your naked form.
Capturing a lip between your teeth, you took back your position in Takemichi’s lap, placing your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself as you dragged your dripping core against his stiff bulge. A shaky breath tumbled past his lips at the contact. “Fuck, ___. Please…”
You rose your hips off him for a fleeting moment while he shoved his briefs down the fat of his thighs just enough to let his aching cock out of its confines. He repositioned himself to lean back against your headboard, giving you the chance to get a good look at his member. Laying against his lower abdomen, his cock stared right back at you, bright pink and thicker than any you’ve ever had before. It had you practically drooling at the sight. You rest your hands back on his shoulders, grinding your slick folds against his dick, coating it in your arousal. He groaned, hands flying to your hips and drawing you back and forth against his cock.
As much as you loved humping him like this, you needed him inside you now; you slowly rocked into him once more, paying close attention to his cockhead and how it just barely dipped into your soaked hole. You gazed up at him with lust-filled eyes, pressing your lips against his.
You held the kiss, tongues continuing to move against one another eagerly as you lifted slightly up and positioned his tip exactly where it needed to be, before sinking down onto him. Feeling him split you right open, you squeezed your eyes shut at the slight discomfort that shot through your nerves with every inch you took. “Michiiii, you’re so big-” You whimpered, resting your forehead against his.
He dug his fingernails into your hips at how tight you were around him. “Shit, ___.”
You continued to ease yourself down onto his length, both of you mutually sighing once you took all of him, feeling the curve of your ass rest flush against his pelvis. Takemichi continued rubbing circles into your flesh as you adjusted to him, already panting and you haven’t even moved yet. “Just...give me two seconds…”
He just nodded, waiting patiently as you placed your hands on his chest, steadying yourself while rising up along his shaft and sinking back down on it. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the place where you connected. The lone fact that he was inside you was enough to make him cum; it truly was a miracle he didn’t cum on the spot the instant he entered you. Above him, you knitted your eyebrows together as you continued to slowly bounce on his cock, getting drunk on how well he filled you up.
“Fuck, ___, you feel so good around me,” He said, leaning away from the headboard and licking over your right nipple before sucking on it. His free hand found your other breast, groping it as he continued to kiss over your tender skin. He looked up at you, lips secured around your nipple, and your hazy eyes connected with his.
You smiled down at him, running a hand through his curls as you continued to rock your hips against his. The sensation of his wet kisses all over your chest drove you wild, serving as motivation to pick up your pace.
Once he was satisfied with the little lovebites he littered all over your chest, he laid back and pushed your hair out of your face. “So pretty...my pretty girl.”
“All yours, Michi,” You whimpered, feeling your thighs begin to burn.
Takemichi must’ve noticed your shift in stamina, because the next time you rose up along his cock, his hands found a home under your ass, holding you so he was able to thrust up into you. He couldn’t help himself; as much as he adored watching you fuck him, he couldn’t resist pounding his fat cock into your little pussy.
“Oh my fuck, Michi! Keep going…’M so close-” You moaned, falling against his chest and burying your face into the crook of his neck.
The next thing you knew, you were on your back with Takemichi above you, arms caging you underneath him and forehead pressed against yours. He kept rutting his dick into you mercilessly, the lewd sounds of skin slapping skin filling your tiny room. God, you were so wet, Takemichi couldn’t even believe it. Your pussy was heaven to him - he never wanted to leave this moment, but he could feel himself teetering dangerously close to the brink of his orgasm.
Taking your hands in his, he laced his fingers between yours and held them by the side of your face. “Fuck, I love you, ___.” He groaned, capturing your lips in another rushed kiss.
You cracked your eyes open, staring up into his, falling more and more in love with him as each second passed. “I love you baby. S-so much.” You panted, chest heaving with every thrust he gave you. “I’m…’m gonna cum,”
“Me too...where do you—fuck—where do you want me to cum?”
Clenching hard around his cock, you released a deep moan, feeling him in your stomach. “In me, cum inside me, please Michi.”
Takemichi didn’t need to be told twice. He pecked your lips sweetly. “Cum with me, love.” And so, you did, walls fluttering around his dick as his balls tightened, shooting his load deep into you. His hips stuttered as he continued filling you up with thick, hot ropes of cum.
He stilled himself, keeping his cock wedged between your folds as the two of you gasped for air, recovering from your powerful orgasms. You looked at one another with tired eyes, softly smiling before sharing an innocent kiss. He rested his head against yours once more. “I love you, ___.”
“I love you more, Michi.”
Tumblr media
The next morning, you woke up to the gentle pitter patter of rain outside your bedroom, soft light streaming in through your curtains and two arms wrapped around your waist. You blinked your eyes open, adjusting to the light and waking up some more. Takemichi was out cold behind you, mouth hung open with quiet snores falling past his lips. You shifted a little in his grip so you were facing him, tossing one leg over his and snuggling into him further. “Wake up, Michi.” You whispered, kissing his nose.
His eyelids fluttered in response, mouth closing and inhaling deeply. “ ‘M awake.” He mumbled, eyes still shut.
“Come on, I’ll make you breakfast.” You said, moving to roll yourself out of bed.
But Takemichi moved quicker than you, pulling you in tighter to his chest and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “Just five more minutes. You’re so warm.”
You hummed in reply. “Fine, five more minutes.”
“Did you sleep well, love?”
“Amazingly well. How about you?”
“Like a damn baby.” He replied with a light chuckle. “‘M kinda glad you got fired so you can stay here with me all day.”
You laughed at his statement. “We’re gonna have to get up eventually; besides, you have work tomorrow.”
He was silent for a moment. “I quit my job yesterday. That’s why I showed up at your work unannounced—I was gonna tell you there, but then, y’know...”
Your head shot up to look at him. “You quit your job?”
“Mhm, it felt right.” He said, pausing for a brief second. “Gotta find a job that makes me happy.”
You couldn’t help but smile. “Looks like we’re both gonna have to look for new jobs then, huh?”
“Guess so.” He breathed, opening his eyes and gazing right down into your. “I have a feeling we’re both gonna be fine.”
You felt the exact same way. Right then, everything seemed to be just as it should be. It was gonna be you and Takemichi taking on the world from here on out. And that made you happier than you could ever imagine.
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Tumblr media
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