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#kim taehyung oneshot
jkeuphoriadreamland · 6 months ago
The Temp ⭒ KTH
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳Pairing: KTH x reader E2L 18 + M  ↳Genre: Enemies 2 lvrs, smut, fluff  8.2 k ↳Synopsis: Hired as a temp to replace your friend on maternity leave, you hope to get your foot in the door and be hired permanently. What you don’t expect is the asshole of a boss who is set on making your life a living hell every chance he gets. ↳Warnings: smut, Dom!Tae, unprotected sex, dirty talk, cum shot, slight infidelity, hair pulling, ass slapping, mentions of arranged marriage, mentions of divorce, sexual tension, inappropriate use of a desk, heavy pining, a*shole Tae, sexual frustration.
A/N: Header by the lovely @outromoni  love you wifey <3
Tumblr media
He pressed the secretary button a few times, his frustrations bubbling over without him being aware. There was just too much to get done and his wife made sure to remind him of all the things he wasn't doing as a husband. He couldn't blame her, she was right, partially. The elephant in the room was that they didn't love each other and neither one of them had to say it. Of course, as he has always done, Taehyung obeyed his parents and married the girl he'd been arranged for since he was ten. He knew the moment he saw her she wasn't for him, and so did she.
The door to his office opens slowly and Taehyung grunts in annoyance at the fact that his secretary was taking so damned long to enter. She knew better than this. Looking down over his files, he signed the final document and looked up only to find that his secretary wasn't his secretary.
"Who are you?" He should have been kinder, his tone made it clear he didn't like the new intruder, so he cleared his throat and started again. "Where is Suri? She always wraps up everything for me."
Nervously you clear your throat before explaining. "I'm ____, I'm here to replace Suri while she's on maternity leave. I'll be here for the next two months."
Two months! Taehyung could scream! He did not need for his secretary to be taking any leave at a time like this, especially maternity leave. When the hell had she been pregnant? "I see. I don't have time to train new employees. You do know what you're doing, correct?"
He eyed you meticulously, like he was looking for a flaw, and it made you feel exposed and judged. You heard about his temper thanks to Suri's warnings, so you were quick to reply before he got more upset. "Yes, Suri taught me everything."
"Good. I need these to be at downtown by lunch, and I take my lunch by 11:59 a.m. sharp. Is that understood?"
"Yes sir." Grabbing the envelope, you politely smile and turn to leave before he could make you feel any smaller. Having gotten a taste of his personality for yourself you made sure to be as efficient as possible without having to see him more than was necessary. Reaching your desk you realize you had one hour before his lunch was due and you had yet to order it. Pulling out the notepad Suri left, you look at the day and realize it's a Tuesday. "Hmm, Tuesdays means black bean noodles." Thankfully Suri had left a menu of the places he likes, so you put in the call and freak out when they tell you they've had an issue with a small fire, and the meal will be late. You're already on edge and start to wonder if you should order from another place, but that might just cause more trouble. It was only your first day and you already managed to fuck things up before noon.
"How late exactly?"
"We can have a guy there by 12:10?"
The poor girl on the other end sounded just as stressed as you and you calmed down realizing it wasn't her fault things were going this way. Agreeing to the time, you contemplate whether or not you should let your boss know. If you did he might get mad at you for bringing his food late and if you didn't tell him he might be upset you hadn't let him know. Hoping for the best, you go with your instinct and pray you don't get fired before the end of the day.
When the clock hits 11:59 your stomach dips and like clockwork he buzzes you. You struggle with answering, but decide you should walk into his office to let him know his food would on be ten minutes late. It's not like it was a big deal. Pushing your shoulders back, you take a deep breath and open his door.
"Yes, sir?"
Without looking up from his desk, Taehyung continues to write, making you wait for him to acknowledge your presence. "It's late."
"Yes, sir. I's just that..."
"I don't want to hear excuses, miss....what was your name?"
Finally looking up at you, his gaze pierces you and you swallow hard trying your best to hold back your tears.
"____, my name is ____."
"Okay, Miss ____. It's already 12 and my desk is empty of my lunch. Tell me why that is."
The veins in his hands pop out of his skin as he squeezes the pen he's holding. You could tell he was upset without looking at him directly. His voice was already low and the sudden tapping of his shoe draws your eyes. It took you much too long to reply, and just as he was about to give you an earful, the delivery guy popped his head into the room huffing and puffing.
"Did somebody order black bean noodles?"
Grateful for the pink and sweaty face of your delivery savior, you grab the bag thanking him profusely before turning back to give the food to Taehyung. Thinking you had done your job, you go to leave, but your name on your enemy's lips drags you back.
"You don't really expect me to open this bag and set my food on that table do you? When Suri was here she did all these things. I thought you said Suri tra-"
"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir." You take the bag from his desk as politely as you could because in reality all you wanted to do was drop the black bean noodles all over his lap and call him an asshole since that's what he really was. In all the weeks you trained with Suri you had never met him, not once, but you always knew he was a dick. The only reason you didn't do what your anger insisted upon was because you needed this job. You set up the table and huff out in annoyance quietly before turning to leave, but when you do, you find he is right behind you and is a lot taller than he looked when he was sitting behind the desk.
"Thank you, Miss ____. You'll only be here a short time and then I'll have my competent secretary back. You may leave."
The way it took every ounce of self-control for you to walk out of that office without popping him in the eye should have earned you a trophy. Closing the door behind you, you could have sworn you heard him chuckle, but that would have been the opposite of what his true nature was like. His reputation was plain and simple, he was mean, mean as hell and he didn't have mercy on anyone. Everyone said he had some sort of chip on his shoulder and that he was unhappily married, but why the hell should that be your fault? Deciding you needed to clear your head, you walked off towards the break room to grab a water bottle. It's only a few months....just a few months.
Before you know it, it's five in the evening and time for you to leave. As per Suri, it was essential to let his majesty know when you were leaving, so you make your way to his door and knock. He doesn't answer right away and you knock again only to be reprimanded by his booming voice.
You didn't want to admit it, but the sound made you jump. The last thing you would dare confess was that you were afraid of this man, but the truth was he did intimidate you. The worst part was the way he treated you, as if you were some ridiculously stupid girl.
"Sir, I am on my way out."
"Yes...yes." He waved you off as if you were irrelevant. Rolling your eyes, you start to shut the door, but once again he calls you.
"Miss _____. I need you to set these letters by the front desk so that they can be mailed off bright and early."
Nodding you go to grab the letters that are neatly organized behind his desk, but in your haste you drop them. You look back hoping he didn't see a thing and also making sure he doesn't see you bend down to grab it. You successfully grab them and quickly leave.
The problem was Taehyung had noticed. The glass mirror across the room facing his desk let him get an eyeful of your legs in that pencil skirt you were wearing. He wondered if that wasn't a violation of the office dress code. Averting his eyes once you stood straight, he shifted in his seat adjusting himself underneath his slacks and pressed his thighs together. Of all the secretaries they could have sent, you were the one they chose. When you walked into his office earlier that day he thought for sure you'd lose your nerve and run out crying, but he liked that bit of attitude you carried under the surface.
He almost lost it when you came in without his lunch. He had called his favorite place asking for them to be late on purpose and then changed his mind ten minutes before insisting they be there at his usual time. If it wasn't for the fact that he was a loyal customer they might have denied him, but then again, nobody denied him. If there was one thing he loved about being at work was that he commanded his space. His "wife" wasn't around to ruin it for him, and he was glad she never bothered showing up. He knew she only stayed with him for his money, and he hoped to finish the five years successfully so that he didn't have to give her a penny, but lately he's been wanting to terminate it sooner; the last six months taunting him endlessly.
They agreed to the divorce each other once the five years were up, and the contract for the amount of money she'd be entitled was already written up, but of course she did all she could to get under his skin. So much so that she even slept with several people he considered friends. He wondered if she hadn't promised them some sort of recompense for their actions. Whatever the case, he was over it. You, however, were proving to be a nice little distraction. Closing his laptop, he smiled mischievously while packing his things already excited for the next day.
Before he walked into his office he had played over and over in his mind what he would say to get under your skin today, but when his door swung open even before he could put his hand on the knob, he almost lost his footing and tripped. There you were with the most smug look on your face and his hot chocolate in your hand.
"With whipped cream, sir, just as you like it."
Taehyung didn't know what to say, you had beat him to the punch and he almost laughed out loud until you walked past him and your perfume punched him in the gut. Strawberries...fucking strawberries... It would seem that you were set on being on your 'A' game today and he felt his arousal stirring.
Try as he might, he had a bit of trouble focusing on his work, although he was already ahead of things; something he took pride in. He never liked having things hovering over his head, nor did he like tardiness. He had to be efficient or else his father would come tearing into his office threatening his position. He was truly sick of everyone and now he had you distracting him. Deciding that if he saw you he'd be able to move on and finish work, he buzzed you. As soon as you walked in he regretted his decision. It seemed that in your haste to be present you had left your sweater behind and he was getting a very lovely view of your figure. Swallowing inconspicuously he managed to get himself together and thought up the reason as to why he called you in the first place.
"Have you ordered my lunch?"
"Yes, sir. I have also made sure that it will be on time."
You had beat him to the punch, so he started thinking of what else to say, but he couldn't help undress you with his wandering eyes. When you cough, he looks away and back at his desk, the papers there giving him another excuse. "Miss _____. I need you to scribe for me. Please have a seat."
You panic already aware that you were inappropriately dressed and that you hadn't brought your notepad. You want to curse yourself for making another mistake and are about to run out and get it when he opens his desk and pulls out what you need.
"I always have a spare."
You nod and go to sit across from him but he stops you. "You cannot scribe from the other side of the desk. The applications are on my screen and you'll need to scribe the dates and names of the clients as I give you the notes."
Quickly you grab the swivel chair from across the room and make it to his side before he opens the information on the computer. You don't know exactly where to place the chair and hesitate a bit. Without looking, he grabs the armrest and places the chair a few feet away from his own. Being so close to him was not sitting well with you, but you already fucked up once today and you weren't about to give him the satisfaction. You sit and he begins to read without giving you time to prepare. Mindlessly you jot the information down and start to feel really proud that you've caught up and are now only waiting for him to say the next thing. The entire time he doesn't look your way and you're extremely thankful.
After about forty five minutes you think you're going to pass out, but thankfully he finishes the final file and closes the folder on his laptop. "I hope you were able to get all of that. I need those typed up and in my office before you leave tonight."
TONIGHT? What the hell was he on? It was Friday night and you were almost done with the day and now he decided it was a good idea to throw this at you. This would obviously take you a little longer than five, but what could you say? "Yes, sir."
You get up to leave, already so close to vomiting, but when he gets up with you, you panic and turn to look at him which makes your bump into him and drop your notepad. Apologizing ,you go to pick it up, and so does he causing you to bump heads. The scene is straight out of some ridiculous rom-com and you just want to run away and never return. Taehyung, on the other hand, thinks it's hilarious the way you panic. He was only trying to move the chair back for you, but he could tell being close had an effect. He wasn't sure if it was good or bad, but it entertained him nonetheless.
"Sir, I am so sorry, sir. I didn't mean to...I was..."
"It's okay. No harm done."
For a moment there you thought he was being nice, but then he opened up his mouth and ruined it. "By tonight, Miss ____. I'll be here late."
He went back to his desk and you went to yours more pissed than yesterday. The man really had some nerve and you were about two steps away from walking out of the building and keying his car, but you were a lady and you promised Suri you would do a great job replacing her. She was a good friend of yours from university and you were so glad she reached out to you when she needed someone to take her place. She knew you'd been looking for any type of job to help you gain experience and she truly had looked out for you, so you couldn't just walk out....not now.
Before you knew it the moon was up in the sky and the lamp at your desk was the only thing illuminating your desk. The last word typed, you press print and thank the gods it was only seven in the evening. Reaching up to stretch, you massage your neck and make your way to get the copies already eager to drop them off and leave for the weekend. Everything prepared, you make your way to Taehyung's office ready to knock, but your fist never meets the door. Instead you hear his low and sultry voice humming a song. You weren't familiar with the tune, but the way it sounded coming from his throat was incredibly alluring.
From the first time you met him, although you knew he was an asshole, you couldn't deny he was handsome. And when you heard his voice you were certainly shocked, but that was all thrown out the window when he used it to reprimand you and make you feel stupid. After a few minutes of allowing yourself a chance to accept him as semi-human, you knock and his tone changes. "Enter."
You do so quickly not wanting to make eye contact in case he asks for another task. "Here's what you asked for. I'm on my way out. See you on Monday."
Fuck! Please don't ask me for more work...pleasee
"Thank you."
"Sir, I really can't stay I--" You pause mid sentence taking a minute to take in his words. Did he just say thank you?
"Y-You're welcome."
Taehyung nods his head and goes back to his desk while you stand there confused. You should have just walked right out of his office, but this small moment of weakness would be a good opportunity for you to get on his good side. Before you can stop your word vomit, you approach his desk. "Sir, I just want to say thank you for not getting rid of me. I know I'm not Suri, but she helped me get in and I really don't want to let her down....I know you don't exactly prefer me, but I am going to do my best and in the future I hope to work for this company...
"Miss _____," Taehyung interrupts, "did you want me to assign you this file due by the morning?" He quirks up a brow and you quickly bite back the next thing you are about to say.
"No, sir. Thank you, sir."
Turning on your heels, you walk right out of the office in record time leaving Taehyung a dizzy mess. Your very presence was starting to affect him and that was the last thing he needed. It was almost like he was a teenage boy again, hormones out of control and volatile. He can't remember the last time he even touched a woman. For sure it hadn't been his wife. He'd done his job as he was supposed to on their wedding night, but soon after they slept in separate bedrooms and he just couldn't find it in him to care. He had tried to make it work, tried to pretend that he could love her, but she was never in it for him. Sighing, Taehyung pulls his jacket off the back of his chair and prepares his bag to leave. Your perfume was still lingering and he wasn't going to be able to focus anyway.
After a restful weekend you make sure to get to the office and do a better job than you had done last week. Taking a look around before you leave, you smile when you see the hot chocolate neatly set on his desk, his pillow fluffed, and his files ready and organized. He would certainly appreciate this, and if your conversation on Friday was anything to go by, you were expecting him to be nicer. The slamming of his door behind you jolts you and you quickly stand away from his area making sure to be presentable and ready to do your job.
"I need you to fax these over to the head of our department and return to scribe."
With your hands cupped in front of you, it takes a minute for you to get in gear, the tone of his voice not what you were expecting. It seemed Mr. Moodswing hadn't changed at all.
"I'll get right on it."
He doesn't bother acknowledging your presence after that. You saunter over to the fax, angrily pushing the paper in and dialing the number. He really had some nerve. You did everything right and yet he still wasn't happy. Maybe he should do his own work....if you just walked right out he couldn't stop you...he's just....
You jump at your name, his voice way too close for comfort. Had he heard you mumbling under your breath?
"Oh and, Miss ______, I also need you to shred these."
Placing the folder on the desk beside you, he lets the tips of his fingers rest on the manila folder while his eyes rove over your face. He doesn't speak, doesn't move and neither do you. For a moment you thought he would fire you, but he steps a little closer and you shut your eyes in wait. When you hear the beeping of the fax and the papers running through, you release the breath you were holding and peek through your lashes.
"I said I needed these sent asap."
In a split second he's gone, but his presence still lingers and there is nowhere else you'd like to be but hidden in the storage closet. What the fuck was that, and why had you closed your eyes? The man was your enemy yet here you were closing your eyes like some love sick's's fine....just breathe.
The rest of your day is a nightmare. You try to get your work done, but his shadow in the office window had you jumping every second. He hasn't called for you in hours and you really don't know what the hell he must be thinking. At this rate it didn't matter because you were pretty sure you were ruined and one foot out of the door. Honestly, you were so close to giving up and just thinking about getting another job altogether. His attitude and this job wasn't worth the stress.
Buzz "I need you."
Instantly you're up and your curse yourself for being such a jumpy idiot. Once at his door, you hesitate as always, but the fact that he hated to wait made you push through and walk right in. You stand in front of his desk and as usual he doesn't give you the time of day. "Sir? You wanted me?"
Your words shouldn't have affected him so, yet here he was thinking up an excuse for having called you in. He'd been struggling with a million this entire time that made sense and now he was stumped. The strawberry scent coming from you wasn't helping the matter. "The applications we did on Friday need to be amended. I'm going to need you to stay later in order to finish them."
"Yes, sir."
"I also ...Could you please look at my screen and let me know who was the last client we left off on?"
You don't hesitate, not wanting to get reprimanded again. When you walk around his desk, he stands to give you room and you squeeze in the tight spot to look at the screen. "I believe it was, Mr. Yang. Right here." You point unaware that he's fit himself right next to you and is now leaning over to where his face is perfectly next to yours.
"Ah, yes."
At the sound of his voice in your ear you turn toward his face instantly wanting to die. Up close like this he was even more handsome and the way his eyes were set on your lips wasn't helping the matter. All of this was wrong, he was your boss and you were just imagining things. You straighten up and attempt to move, but he blocks you with his body and pins you between him, his chair, and his desk. To any onlooker it would seem like you were just having a normal conversation, but the heat radiating off his body and the way his breath had picked up said otherwise. The truth was, your body was also having a response, and although every fiber of your being tells you to run, you stay.
"W-will there be anything else?"
When he gets even closer you lean back further onto his desk, your ass already partially sitting. His lips come within inches of yours and this time you're certain he's going to kiss you, but the phone on his desk rings bringing you both back. The sound repeats in the background while the both of you stand awkwardly trying to think of the best way to remove yourself from the situation.
", that will be all."
He pulls back and you high-tail it out of his office. Shutting his door behind you, the heat consuming your body makes you want to faint and you find yourself walking straight to the elevator and right outside to gather some air. Taehyung, however, had nowhere to go. You were right outside of his door and the swelling in his trousers was impossible to hide and aching like hell. He doesn't recall the last time he had such an episode and he shouldn't have done what he did. You were obviously respectable and knew you shouldn't respond to him. Fuck. The discomfort becomes too great so he runs over to his door and locks it. The moment it clicks he palms himself, the ache barely satiated as he strokes himself up and down. With his forehead pressed to the wood, he slides his long and lithe fingers into his pants. The moment his hand makes contact, he sighs out in pleasure. He was fucked....truly fucked.
The next few days are the most awkward as he doesn't even call you into his office once. You begin to wonder if maybe he wasn't turned off by you, but quickly shut it down knowing that that should not be your worry. He was married and he was your boss. Plain and simple. When Friday night rolls around once more, you hesitate to leave, the light in his office making it clear he still wasn't going anywhere. You feel guilty and want to make things right, so going against your better judgement, you open his door without knocking. He's so busy at his computer he doesn't notice you at first.
"Sir, I--"
"Shit! Oh, Miss _____. Sorry, you scared me."
"I'm so sorry. I... I just wanted to tell you I was leaving...and you haven't asked me for anything for the last few days so I was wondering."
"No, I'm fine. I don't need anything. You may go."
Strangely his words sting a little and though you know they shouldn't, you can't help yourself.
"Did I do something wrong? I'm not quite sure...and I just wanted to apologize..."
You're getting close to his desk and the last thing he needs is another bout of blue balls.
"Please don't apologize. You've done nothing wrong...truly."
"I don't agree. I feel like I may have allowed some things...and I"
"Miss ____, please. me when I tell you you've done nothing wrong. If there is anything I need, you surely cannot give it to me. So please, leave."
The pounding in your heart increases and the blood rushing to your ears is probably very obvious to him. The way he managed to make you feel wanted and hated was a true talent. There were so many things wrong with what you did next, but the truth was, you were tired of being tortured and you needed to know if you hadn't just imagined all the teasing. You come around his desk and he follows your movements turning his chair to meet you. His legs are spread open, and the way he sits in the leather with his suit and long legs turns your stomach upside down.
"I don't know what that means, sir...but...I can tell you're not always in a good mood...and well, I don't want to be the cause of that."
You notice him sit up straighter, but he doesn't get up and you feel exposed standing above him. Though he's sitting, you still feel smaller. "Also, I think you shouldn't have to work so's Friday night and..."
While your mouth moved, Taehyung watched your lips, whatever you were saying going in one ear and out the other. Your fucking scent and nearness wasn't good for him , but here you were again being a stupid clueless girl. Getting up, he enjoys how your body freezes and starts to back away. Good girl, you should be running. But of course you don't, your curiosity always getting the better of you. You look beautiful as ever, and now that you've stopped talking he was a little sad. He liked your voice, though you rambled, and then the thought of you whining out his name suddenly crossed his thoughts.
"And you think you know what's best for me?"
The low vibration of his voice flows through your body and settles right between your thighs instantly. You wish he didn't have this power over you because he really was such a fucking jerk.
"I didn't mean...that..I think...I think I should leave..."
Of course you don't get the chance to move; Taehyung is much faster. His arms pin you to the wall behind you and you fall back against it praying that you don't do what you're about to do. As much as you want it, you also know it's bad, but ohhh....he smells so fucking good and you can't recall the last time you've been with anyone.
"Do you really want to leave? I'll let you go if you ask. It's just that...I've been struggling a lot here. You see, you are extremely beautiful and I, well....I'm married to a greedy gold digger who never loved me. And so, I've been," he pauses, "neglected."
His breath fans over your face, but he doesn't get closer, and neither one of you is touching the other, but it feels like you could combust. You can't speak and don't want to. Everything he's said is a lot, and you feel sorry for him. You don't know much about his personal life, but if you were his wife, you certainly wouldn't neglect his cock. And my god is it a cock. You can feel it slightly tap your thigh whenever he adjusts for balance and you wonder if you'd even be able to take him.
"I don't know."
"You don't know?" Taehyung growls, turning toward his desk to swipe everything to the floor. You flinch at his actions and in the next instance find yourself face pressed against the expensive mahogany wood of his desk. Your hands are behind your back being held together by just one of his own, and the other is near your hairline brushing back the stray hairs that have covered your eyes. He's leaning over you, his thickness pressed firmly against the curve of your ass, and all you can think in the moment is that you hope he can't see the wetness leaking onto your panties.
"Let me jog your memory. You walked in here to see if I needed you, right?"
You don't know if this is a trick question and every time he grinds against you, you forget what words even are. He apparently doesn't like you taking long, thrusting himself harshly against you in order to make you speak. The only thing he manages to get is a small whine which seems to satisfy him.
"So now you have nothing to say? Hm? It's funny how you can never shut this fucking mouth whenever you're near me, but now with my cock nestled between your ass cheeks you're silent as a mouse." He's so close, the roughness of his words coating your ear, and at this point you're sure you've soaked through onto his slacks.
"I think you need to learn some manners."
Unsure of what he means, a sharp slap makes everything clear. The thin material of your skirt allows you to feel the pain without a buffer. This time you do cry out embarrassed that you were being so obviously needy.
"Fuck, you're so perfect."
Another slap and then another. Each one is worse than the previous, the sting now throbbing the flesh he seems set on bruising. You can feel him leaning over you, tears slowly sliding over your cheek at the ache his large hands delivered. Just when you think he was getting started, he lets go of your hands and lifts you up. With his face turned away, he moves back allowing you space to leave and doesn't say a word.
Shame washes over you and you feel like the cheapest whore alive. You wipe your smudged mascara a bit and tidy yourself as you walk toward his door. Hand on the handle, you pause for a moment to see if maybe he'd have a change of heart, but there is nothing. You walk out feeling empty and pathetic. Whatever just happened, could never happen again. On Monday you would make sure to leave your letter of resignation.
Even before the office opens, you use your keys to enter the building. You're not even dressed, already sure you've lost the position. As you make your way to your area, you notice that Taehyung's lights are on. Did this man ever sleep? Silently you creep toward his door and slide the letter halfway through before rushing to leave, but his door bursts open behind you.
" _____, wait!"
You shouldn't listen, you should just run and leave before you give in to him, but as soon as his hand touches your shoulder you fall to pieces. You don't know why you started crying when he was nothing to you, yet you couldn't help it.
"Please don't. I am so very sorry. I should never have..," he starts.
You realize he thinks you're crying because of what he's done, when really you want him just as much as he wants you. "No, sir...please. I am ....I don't regret it...I just know I shouldn't like you as much as I do. You are not available and I have to find another job because this is highly inappropriate."
Taehyung sighs in relief, happy to know that you were indeed into him. He wasn't sure if last night he had gone too far in his actions. You hadn't spoken a word and he was sure he had misread everything, but now with you here, he could tell he hadn't. "I know...I mean...yes I am not available, but...I...I filed for divorce last night after you left. I realized I was so unhappy and that I needed to be free of her. She'll be getting half of everything, but it's worth it if I can just move on with my life. I thought you hated me for sure." He chuckles sweetly and for the first time you think you can actually see the real man that he is deep down.
"No, I don't hate you. You just intimidate me. Last night...last night was..."
"Y-yeah, intense, but...I liked it. I'm sorry you're getting divorced."
"Please don't be, I've been wanting to for a long time. Did you just say you liked it?"
Feeling shy suddenly, you smile and nod your head. "Yeah, but...the truth is, I wouldn't feel right about doing anything more with you...while you're still legally married."
Though your words hit hard, he knew they were right, and the fact that you were so honorable really struck him. "I can respect that. So, please say you'll stay. I promise I'll be good."
"Okay, I'll stay."
Suri was back to work before you knew it and the time in between went by very quickly. Taehyung had kept his promise and treated you like a respectable employee and you endured it. The truth was you wanted him to take you on his chair, on the rug, and over his desk several times, but you kept your mouth shut about it. The tension between you both had reached devastating levels, but you held on.
You were now working at a different department, one floor above his. Try as you might, you wished you could go down and see him but there really was no reason for you to do so. It seemed like he was getting over you quickly because you hadn't really spoken to each other since you left his office. Suri had acclimated to her regular position quickly and you began to wonder if maybe you hadn't been some temporary distraction for him. Maybe he had used you and that's all you were to him, a fun little distraction.
As your day comes to an end you make your way to the elevator sighing at the pathetic life you led. You'd probably go home and drink a few glasses of wine in your tub while listening to a break-up song before eating your bodyweight in ice cream. It didn't matter now. Pressing the button, you lean back against the cold steel, closing your eyes . When the elevator stops abruptly, you assume someone is getting on, but when you don't hear anyone, you open your eyes. In front of you, holding the elevator doors open, stood Taehyung. He looked amazing, and you started to feel even more depressed. You never thought you'd run into him since he was always working, but it seemed today fate had other plans.
How awkward. Two grown adults not knowing what to say was truly baffling.
"I know I shouldn't have, but, I bribed your security guard to tell me when you I promise I'm not a stalker or anything."
Your heart jumped a little and you hoped that this all meant something good. "Why would you do that?" You tried to ask subtly, but your lips were already twitching into a smile.
" see, I sorta have some good news and I wanted to show you."
"Oh? What is it?"
"It's in my office."
Tilting your head to the side in question, he simply offers up a smile and extends his hand for you to take. For some reason you don't have a million things to say and you're happy for it. Somewhere along the line you had both become a little more comfortable with one another so this wasn't really too strange. Plus, he'd already beaten your ass on his desk, so it's not like he didn't know you on a personal level. The memory makes you blush, but thankfully Taehyung is focused ahead dragging you along in excitement. You wonder what it is he has to show you. It's not like you haven't been to his office several times. A little piece of you hopes he bought you several dozen roses as an apology, but that was wishful thinking.
When he steps in, you follow right behind. He's quick to come around you and shut the door, the action startling you half to death.
"Are you afraid someone will see?"
"I don't give a fuck who sees." With a sharp intake of breath, Taehyung grabs your face and kisses you slowly and desperately. It was like he'd been waiting for this moment for so long and the way he walked you backward until your back hit the door had you dizzy. One minute you were barely talking and now his tongue was shoved down your throat with low hums and moans filling the air. He was insatiable, every swipe and lick against your lips breaking you down further. You had an argument ready, every reason for this to stop already on the tip of your tongue, but when he shoved his knee between your thighs, you forgot it all. His knee was pressing higher and higher, the ache in your core so close to being satiated. His body was now pressed completely against yours, and you don't even remember when it was that he had pinned your arms above your head.
You can barely catch a breath, the room temperature rising several degrees and the sweat on your brow slowly sipping past your temple. You couldn't believe how traitorous your body was when it should be telling you that the thing to do was run away. At this point it was too late. You were one hundred percent sure you were soaking his knee with your arousal. The fact that you chose not to wear underwear in order to prevent lines in your skirt was suddenly a blessing. When his knee finally pressed right against your heat, you whimpered and he bit your bottom lip, his tongue soothing over it immediately after.
"Fuck, you don't know how long I've been waiting to hear that. Come here..."
"But...oh god I don't know why I'm about to say this, but...your wife..."
"Ex-wife. My divorce was just finalized."
"Yes. Now please tell me I can have you because I'm about to lose my mind."
No further explanation was necessary. Pulling him close once more, you kiss over his lips tenderly while running your hands through his soft, wavy hair. You don't know exactly what was taking over you, but you wanted him to feel special and loved. "You can have me."
Taehyung had never heard sweeter words in his life. The need to take you had become too much. Without warning he rips your skirt straight down and lets it pool at your feet. He grins wickedly when he realizes you were completely bare this whole time. "My. My. is my lucky day."
Lifting you up, he carries you over to his desk where he lays you flat on your back and fits himself right between your thighs. Slowly he grinds against your core, taking his time to worship your lips. He makes his way down your neck and then realizes you were still wearing your blouse. "I've been wanting to mark up this pretty collar for so smell so delicious...strawberries are my favorite." Undoing the tie, he tugs at the neckline and starts kissing and biting along your clavicle, his teeth nipping at the tender flesh at the juncture where your neck meets your chest. Frustration bubbling over, he pulls at the end of the blouse and lifts it over your head.
Your shirt gets thrown across the room and the lace bra you had underneath was also gone in a flash. His hands are everywhere, his eagerness driving you to the edge. The man was still completely dressed, yet here you were drenching all the papers beneath you. "We s-should...really clean these off," you struggle to speak with the way he works slowly over your belly, so very close to the center of your need. He simply chuckles and looks up at you, eyes piercing and intimidating. "Leave them. They're my divorce papers with her signature. I feel it best I fuck you nice and good on top of them to seal the deal."
His words sent you both into a ravenous greed. Your hands are busy clawing at his shirt while he struggles to remove his belt and pants. It all happens so quickly, but not fast enough. You're kissing each other sloppily, hunger overtaking you, and then he presses himself into you, sliding in effortlessly as if he were made for you. The penetration is heavenly, the groan falling from his lips causing you to squeeze even tighter. His hips stutter slightly but he's back on your mouth, hands on your hips stilling your movements because he knows it's been so long since he's been with a woman and he's about to embarrass himself.
"Baby...pretty baby...please," he giggles, "please just wait. I--"
"I don't want to wait. Fuck me. Please fuck me."
Your cries are all he needs to hear. Pulling you up by the hair, he kisses you deep, stealing your moans. His hips begin a slow rhythm, rolling in slow circles while his tongue dances with your own. You tighten your legs around his hips, grinding against him for all you're worth, almost at your breaking point. He growls low, head now dipped in the crook of your shoulder, your teasing motions already getting him to the edge. "Turn around..."
"I said, turn around."
Unsure of what he means, you unhook your legs and start to get up, but Taehyung is already moving your body easily. He presses your face into the desk and hikes your hip up and kicks your legs open. "This is how I've always wanted to take you...naked, legs spread...ass up...all for me."
He runs a finger over your spine and lines himself up with your cunt pushing right in. He doesn't wait, his hips smacking into you without mercy. You reach out to grab for something, anything that will keep you from sliding back and forth over the divorce papers that lay beneath your breasts. He slams and slams into you, bruises already forming on the sensitive skin he marked up with his handprint not too long ago. Reaching in front of you, he easily finds your clit and starts to massage it just right, as if he knew your body all along. You're so close, orgasm already building in the pit of your stomach, and you can feel he's close too, the size of his dick growing inside of you filled with the cum he's about to release.
"Where, tell me where..."
He doesn't have to ask twice, you already know what he means. "On my ass..."
With that, he grunts and works his finger faster over your nub. You rise up on your tiptoes as you feel yourself climb to the precipice, and then you reach it, body shaking and overcome by the sensation. Taehyung continues to thrust into you, insatiably pounding until you're crying out his name, saliva falling from your lips over the papers, yet you have no shame. When you fall back down, Taehyung pulls out his length and it only takes a few strokes before he's cumming all over your ass.
You can hear him grumble and snarl, the attempts he's making at keeping his voice down futile. He falls over your back for a few moments, his lips kissing over skin before he's backing away. You can hear him shuffling around pulling tissue out and wiping himself clean. You would feel embarrassed by your compromised position, but it was too late now. Within minutes he's behind you again. He stands there in silence and you feel exposed. You glance back over your shoulder semi-offended that he's just standing there staring at you "Is there something I can help you with?"
"No, but damn, you look so fucking good with my cum all over you like this."
You can't believe the audacity, but he makes it all better when he cleans you off and turns you around to sit you on his desk. Without saying a thing, he leans in and kisses you tenderly, the mean angry façade he always wore seemingly erased from his face. "Thank you."
"For sitting on top of your divorce papers with my bare ass?"
Taehyung laughs, "No, for bringing back my happiness. It's funny how you couldn't find your brave words before and now I have to deal with this sass. Did I not teach you any manners last time? I would have thought not being able to sit on your ass for a few days would have been enough."
"You noticed?!"
"Mhmm. I noticed lots of things."
"Oh? Like what."
"Like," he kisses you, "when you would walk up to my door about to knock but change your mind, or the cute little outfits you pranced around in when you entered my office, and how you jump whenever I call your name."
"Oh, wow...that's embarrassing."
"I don't think so, baby. I like you. When I asked if I could have you, I didn't just mean over my desk. I would really like to...try more."
Smiling like an idiot, you interlock your fingers with his and kiss him again. "Of course, I'd love that. Now, how am I supposed to walk out of this office with a torn skirt?"
Remembering what he had done, Taehyung winks at you and grabs his jacket from the floor.
"When we get home, I'm going to buy all the short skirts you want. No panties."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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n3onguts · a month ago
5 times he said i love you. | kim taehyung
Tumblr media
summary — different versions of ‘i love you’ told throughout the course of a relationship.
pairing — kim taehyung x f!reader
genre&tags — slice of life au, fluff, angst out of nowhere???, a terrifying lack of plot and direction (i cannot stress enough how unedited this story is. at some point, it got away from me and i just needed to be rid of it), taehyung making terrible choices while drunk, healthy-eating propaganda, pettiness and pride being the pitfall of every relationship, yk how it is
warning(s) — mentions of alcohol consumption and intercourse (but it's chill, they're both adults)
w.c. — bordering on 5k but pretty easy to digest
a/n — yes i have been working on my drafts (!!!), don't really wanna think abt them tho bc my laptop broke like two days ago, right when school's about to start so i'm not doing v good rn :/ anyways i've had this story in my head for a while ever since i read this one fic that used this same format (if i can find it i'll be sure to link the author as my inspo!) so i just wanted to get it out of my system. i'm not rlly a hardcore fan of bts (gotta admit tho... yoongi's passion for making music is so mmmmm), but when i started writing this i used taehyung's name as a filler for the guy character and it kinda just stuck. i hope u still enjoy, and as always, if u have any feedback, i'd love to hear it! :)
Taehyung loves your apartment.
He loves it in the morning. Waking up to the sound of sizzling, of wood against metal, lightly clanging in your kitchen as you whipped up breakfast-for-two. Exiting the comfort of your bedroom to find early solace in the domesticity of the sight before him — you, with your sleep-ridden hair and bare legs peeking out from under an oversized tee. Messy and mussed but still looking oh-so-fucking-angelic, crooning along to your favorite Etta James record playing in the background as the rising sun bathes the scene with its glow. Solid hands wrap around your waist from behind as he rests his head in the crook of your neck. Syrupy kisses come in place of a greeting and contented sighs seep out when you break apart: all he could ever want, and more.
He loves it in the afternoon. Both of you on your lumpy couch in the living room; your head in his lap, his hands in your hair. Everything in its place the way it should be. Happiness is home-grown and laughter permeates the air perpetually. You tap-tap-tap away at your laptop, which rests on your chest. He tries to pay attention to whatever’s on TV, but his eyes always end up on you.
He loves it in the nighttime. Dancing together in front of the bathroom mirror before bed, toothbrush still in mouth. Lights off, lamps on, the safe warmth of your thick comforter enveloping you two. Legs intertwined as your dainty fingers trace his features, like you’re trying to commit a map of him to memory. Minty lips follow to sleepily graze against the trail you’ve left — starting at the top of his forehead, along his cheek, down the bridge of his nose, and, finally, after what feels like eons and then some, pressing onto his patient mouth. The evening does something to you both: honest words are exchanged with less resistance. Admissions of pleasure and confessions of pain spill out after dark, until you both succumb to the exhaustion, bodies interlaced like puzzle pieces.
Taehyung loves your apartment, he really does. He’s told you that numerous times. It’s a lot easier to say than what he actually wants to, but, well, those three goddamn words? They relentlessly attempt to claw out of his throat.
So he waits.
In the dim moonlight, the white noise of the city below acting as the soundtrack to your romance, he waits.
He waits, and when he’s certain you’re fast-asleep — chest gently rising and falling at a measured rate, cheek taking ownership of his chest — Taehyung surrenders to the feeling.
Glancing at you through drowsy eyes, he mouths it in the dark, rapid yet cautious, like a secret and a promise meant only for the night.
I love you.
Tumblr media
Friday night — he found himself stuck at some bar, God knows where, struggling to stay upright.
Just one shot, Taehyung's sober self had stupidly claimed. One shot, and I’m done. But once his surroundings had started to go out of focus, and all he could make out were the cheers of his equally-idiotic friends, egging him on, well, how could he not succumb to the cloying pull of his own recklessness?
Alcohol was a shitty lover; it was bittersweet moments interspersed with short-term euphoria and long-term regrets. Side effects almost always included the following: (1) the ill-advised ballooning of his usually-muted ego, (2) a sudden and asinine surge of confidence, and, finally, (3), the mistaken belief that his present actions would have no future consequences, as though tomorrow would never come.
But tomorrow always did, and a half-dead, hungover version of him was always left to fix whatever mess he had made the night before.
Tonight, it seemed that drunk-dialing you was on top of his to-do list of mistakes to make. Clumsily, phone in hand, Taehyung summons your contact number, a familiar feeling of home washing over him once he spots your name at the top of his screen through heavy-lidded eyes.
It’s barely midnight, but half of him expects you’re already passed out, too glued to your bed from exhaustion to pick up. The other half — soft, daring, wishful — hopes that you aren’t.
It takes 3 rings before he hears your sleep-ridden voice hum through his line, “Hey. What’s up?”
For a moment, sobered by a split-second semblance of level-headedness, he hesitates.
“Hello? You there?” You patiently wait for a response, but worry laces your tone. Time to buck up and get this shit over with, he realizes.
Taehyung’s voice is timid, gentle, a juxtaposition to his booming surroundings, which are awash in a red glow and brimming with a sea of sweaty, intoxicated bodies. “Did I wake you?”
“Not really.” He hears you shift in bed, most likely sitting up to focus on the conversation. “Where are you?”
His response comes out slurred and ambiguous. “Um. Out?”
“Ah… you’re drunk.” He mentally curses himself for being so easy to read; you must be so annoyed, having your sleep disrupted by some boozed jackass. Instead, you laugh knowingly, and a wave of calm rolls over him. You don’t hate him, thank God.
Buzzing with a newfound self-assurance, the words start slipping out with much more ease. “Well, just a little.” You laugh again, and he’s grinning now, something wide and goofy and uninhibited.
“That sounds fun,” You murmur. “As long as you’re okay and you’re alive.”
“No—” He sighs dramatically. “I’m in agony. I wish you were here.”
“Oh, really? And why is that?” He can practically envision you as you say this: eyebrow quirked and delicate lips pulling into a faint smirk.
“I miss you less when you’re next to me.”
“O-kay, stupid. You know, you’re cute—” Taehyung pumps his fist in the air in celebration. I’m cute! He rejoices. “But you’re drunk.”
“What?!” He exclaims, and he hears you giggle at his sudden outcry.
Eyelids fluttering at the melodic noise, he imagines you’re seated at the foot of your bed, hugging your knees. Your ear is warm from the phone pressed against it and your toes are curling along your mattress. There’s a glint in your eyes as you speak to him, probably relishing in his current state of ill-advised inebriation. He’s making a fool of himself, he understands that much, but he doesn’t care — he’d run through the streets naked, if you willed it.
“You are, though.”
“I am, yes.” He concedes, nodding ruefully.
Another giggle. God, he’d never get tired of that. “Wonderful. So, do you have any more nice things to say to me while you’re drunk?”
You weren’t taking him seriously — couldn’t, seemingly. You were teasing him, he was sure, but he didn’t want that.
“I’d still miss you if I was sober, you know. Probably more so. The alcohol helps tamp it down a bit.”
“I kind of wish we were attached by the hip — or, like, I had a leash that I could use to drag you around with me.”
“Oooh… Kinky.” Now it’s his turn to laugh.
“No, hey—”
“Hey.” You interject, voice a bare whisper.
“I…” Taehyung massages his temples out of frustration. He wishes you would just listen. His restlessness has two fingers down his throat, pushing the words out before he’s even ready. “Look, it really doesn’t fucking matter whether I’m at some bar or at your place: I want you next to me always. You haunt me everywhere I go, and I’m tired of trying to escape it. Because, well, um, you know— Shit. I love you, okay? Sober or not. Dead or alive. Stupid or whatever the opposite of stupid is.” He pauses to take a breath. “Me. I’m the opposite of stupid.”
Silence consumes your end of the line, and it implores — no, demands him to fill it. The world around him seems to slow as he rambles on, “That’s why I called you. I wanted to tell you that I love you.” Hope overcomes him. “Fuck, man, do I love you! And I know you think it’s the alcohol talking or whatever — which, sure, yes, Jose Cuervo did help push the words out — but I’ll still wake up tomorrow morning and you will still be my first thought, just the way you are every single fucking day.”
A tense quiet lingers, terrorizing him. Finally, after what feels like a millennium in his drunken stupor: “Smart?”
Your voice is tender, lighthearted, yet simultaneously consoling — he could sense a masked apprehension that you were deliberately trying to keep hidden.
“What?” He eventually stutters out.
“The opposite of stupid is smart.”
Oh. “Yeah. Um. That’s me.”
“Uh…” You begin and he absolutely despises how patronizing you sound. “Let’s just forget about this, okay? I get it: you think you love me and that’s really sweet, but…”
As soothing as your voice attempts to be, it’s a stab in his gut as he realizes that you don’t believe him — or maybe don’t want to.
He doesn’t say anything.
“Um, so, I’m a bit tired, I think I’m gonna go back to bed.”
A monotonous ‘sure’ leaves him reflexively. There’s a numbness that takes root inside of him as he stares straight ahead.
“Take care of yourself, please. Text me tomorrow morning so I know you’re okay, alright?” You hang on for a few more seconds, expecting a half-hearted acknowledgement from him, but you get nothing in return.
Taehyung hears a final, careful ‘bye’ muttered from your end before the line cuts. He lowers his phone down from his ear, resting it on the counter next to him. For some reason, it feels oddly heavy now. Stuck in a daze, he stares at the device like it’s an alien—
What the fuck had he just done?
Tumblr media
“Tae, why would we ever need this much Jjajangmyeon?” You scold as he haphazardly scoops an entire row of instant noodles from the shelf into your shopping cart.
He shrugs, “It’s easy to make — you know I’m shit at cooking. Plus, it’s quick. And filling.”
You give him a withering look. “And full of sodium! Do you want a UTI? I swear to God, if you get sick, I’m not taking care of you.
“You say that but last time I did, you took a 3-day leave from work and rubbed my supposedly-smelly feet until I fell asleep.”
Grunting in response, you huff and he hears you mumble something along the lines of, “But they are smelly.”
You turn away from him to gingerly return the packets back into their place, ignoring his cries of protest when you leave only two behind — one for him and one for you. “Shut up. Why would it matter if you’re shit at cooking? You have me.”
At this, Taehyung smirks, leaning against the shelves like a quintessential rom-com lead. “I do?” He asks, voice dripping with innocence but eyes sparkling with mirth.
Grumbling, you wave a hand to dismiss him and he stumbles back dramatically, as though he’s been shot. You roll your eyes, “Will you behave? I feel like your mother.”
“Are we roleplaying right now?”
“We won’t be tonight if you keep being so annoying.”
“Okay— Sorry, sorry. My bad. Got the message. Behaving now.” He gestures to show that he’s zipping his lips.
He pulls out his phone to check your grocery list for what you two need next, eyes squinting to read the screen. Without missing a beat, you fish in your bag for his glasses and hand it to him. Taehyung pauses to look at the specs in your hand then back at you, before nodding gratefully and accepting them.
“It says we need bread next.” He announces, and you walk ahead to find the aisle containing bread. He maneuvers the cart to follow the route you leave behind as you check the aisle markers, zig-zagging along the pathway like a little pinball machine.
“Here!” You call out. Up ahead, you disappear into one of the aisles, and moments later, he enters said aisle to spot you trying (and subsequently failing) to reach the bread you want on the top shelf. You stop tiptoeing when you see him rush over.
He grabs the nearest loaf, one that’s eye-level to you, and waves it in front of your face, “Why not this one?”
You send him another withering look. “That’s white bread, Tae.”
“And so?”
“It’s super processed.”
“Yeah? Well, I’m young.”
“And you’ll die young if you eat garbage. Will you just get the whole-grain bread I was reaching for?”
“I don’t understand why you’re so concerned about these things — I’m an active guy, I’ll be okay.”
“Well, I’m sorry I care about your health.”
He wants to laugh at the scene before him — you, with your arms crossed and your eyebrows hardening like a petulant child — but he knows that would only irk you even more.
“No— Hey— C’mon.” Taehyung tries to pull you into a hug, but you swerve and swat away his attempts to close the gap between you two. “I’m glad you do. I’m very grateful, actually.”
Your pursed lips melt into a soft pout. “You just— You don’t know what a demon white bread is! I read an article about it the other day, and it’s made of refined grains, Tae! Refined grains.” You explain hysterically, hands buzzing around with the air of someone who's just divulged an incredibly juicy secret. “They’re chock-full of sugar and preservatives! And these preservatives have chemical names that no one ever questions because they can’t understand it, so they just accept it! You can eat a whole loaf in one sitting, Tae. I don’t want you to contract diabetes or something worse.”
When you finish your tirade, you go quiet, and when he looks into your eyes, dark pools he wouldn’t mind drowning in, he can’t tell whether he wants to laugh at your absurd worry over him or cry at your sincerity.
Instead, he smiles. It’s unrestrained, crinkling the corners of his eyes. “That’s a bit of a far reach.”
In one swift movement, Taehyung grabs the loaf you were eyeing earlier and hands it over nonchalantly. “But I do love you. So I’ll try my best not to.”
Perhaps it’s because he’s just said he loves you for the first time — terrifyingly sober, under the harsh fluorescent lights of your local supermarket, after you’ve lectured him about his health and as he casually tries to give you bread — that you stare at him for longer than he’d like, eyes peering like he’s become transparent. But he stands his ground.
He shrugs, tossing the loaf into the metal cart behind you. He thought your inability to respond might bother him, but, surprisingly, it doesn’t. In fact, he doesn’t think he minds much. Taehyung always assumed loving someone with certainty would be like an immediate thing, a singular, specific moment he’d have to seize with confidence or it would pass, leaving him wrecked with nerves and regret. But, as it turns out, certainty could wash over him during the most mundane of instances and love would slide out easily into his words, as though it always belonged. Maybe it had.
“You love me?” You say, and when you do, it almost sounds like a wish. One he’d go to Hell and back to grant.
He looks at you like you’ve just told him that the sky is blue or the Earth is round. “Yeah. Of course, weird-o. Was I not clear enough with my profession of love earlier?
You shake your head as you laugh. “No, you were.”
Taehyung nods, satisfied, moving past you to push the cart in search of the next item on your grocery list. But before he can, he feels a pair of small hands clutch his arm and a face nuzzle into the wide expanse of his back.
“I love you too.” You muffle, voice humming warm air against his sweater. “Which is why I’ll let you get a pack of Oreos.”
“Fuck yeah!”
“But just one.”
Tumblr media
Stumbling inside your apartment, you rush out of your boots and head straight for your bedroom, locking the door. A few footsteps behind you, Taehyung follows, disgruntled by your brisk pace.
“Y/N!” You can hear him from inside your room, where you’re sat on the bed, staring into space as you try to process what had just ensued during the car ride home from Jin's dinner party.
“Your ‘friend’, huh?” You're staring stonily ahead, eyes carefully fixated onto the cement floor of the car park.
He’s still settling into his seat, shuffling on his seatbelt, too busy to really comprehend the challenge you’ve just initiated. “What?”
“When Jisoo asked you to introduce us, you said, and I quote, ‘Oh, this is my friend, Y/N.’ You called me your friend.” Gone is the acidity that laced your tone mere moments ago, replaced by an almost mechanical voice, something carefully constructed to mask feeling.
Taehyung stops what he’s doing to look up, finally taking notice of your cold demeanor. He frowns, “But you are my friend.”
“So that’s all I am to you? Just your friend?” You whip your head to face him now, fully, arms crossed. You’re devoid of emotion as you await an answer from him. He, on the other hand, looks utterly confused.
“What— No, of course not—”
“No, you were right. We’re friends. We are.” You cut him off. “Just friends. You’re correct.”
“I didn’t mean anything by—”
“I know. Which is why it’s no biggie.” You shrug, switching from robotic to indifferent. He can’t decide which is worse. “Let’s go home. I’m tired.”
You turn away, finished with the conversation, but he isn’t.
“I don’t understand— You were in such a good mood at dinner. What the fuck is happening?”
Looking at him again, you smile now, a sedative Taehyung won't fall for. “Nothing. Nothing’s happening. Can you start the car now? It’s freezing.”
Frustrated, he shuts up and does as he’s told, punching the keys into the ignition. You two sit in aggressive silence as he exits the car park.
The city roads are relatively bare, save for a few trucks driving along the highway. Passing street lamps illuminate your face in intervals, and every so often he looks over to check on you. When the car reaches a stop light at an intersection, he speaks up.
“I didn’t mean anything by it. Honest. I didn’t.” His phrasing is wary, but heartfelt. So much so you almost want to put the matter to rest.
But pride is the only thing you’ve ever known — your child, a monster you’ve nursed back to health when wounded and fed when starved. You’ll be damned if you back down now.
“Right. It’s okay. We’re fine. I swear.” It’s terrifying how easily these lies breeze out of your mouth, without so much as a pause.
“I mean— We never had a discussion about our label— I just assumed—”
“I get it. No harm, no foul. We’re friends.”
“It was just automatic in my head, and I don’t know why. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
At this, you let out a cruel laugh. “Jesus, Tae, let’s not jump to conclusions here. Don’t assume I even care enough about you to get hurt by something as stupid as that.”
His face contorts as though he’s been bitten. “I understand that you’re mad, but you don’t have to be so unnecessarily mean.”
“I’m not being mean. I said I get it, right? You think our situation is too difficult to explain and blah, blah, blah. Now, can you focus on the road?”
When the traffic light turns to green, he steps on the gas pedal. Any and all discussion is once more extinguished, up until you reach the warm basement parking lot of your apartment building.
You’re gathering your things, about to head out of the car door, when you feel his hand pull at yours.
“I really had no ill intent when I said that. You’ve just always been my friend, so I had no other word for what we are now.”
You twist your head to see him, eyebags accentuated in the shadows, pleading with you to understand. You grip him tightly back, a sickeningly sweet smile etched onto your lips, “Like I said, we don’t have to discuss this anymore. We are friends, Tae, you were right.”
“We’re friends— I’m your friend! The friend whose bed you spend more nights in than your own. The friend who knows that you brush your teeth in a specific order because that’s how your grandma taught you when you were nine— Or that your favourite compliment is when people tell you that you look like your dad because he’s your idol. I’m that friend! The friend who takes off from work the minute she hears you’re sick, who learns how to make Japchae exactly how your mom did. The friend who’s held you when you’ve cried, cleaned up your sick when you’ve gotten drunk, and swallowed your goddamned cum! The friend you fucking said ‘I love you’ to! Just fucking friends!”
Your furious shouts echo throughout the empty space, bouncing from wall to wall so that even when you've finished your rant, eyes frenzied and hands done flying, Taehyung can still hear your words create a cavern of guilt in his chest.
Fast-forward back to the present moment: there's a knot in your heart as you get ready for bed. Looking at your reflection in the mirror as you brush your teeth, you wonder, is loving someone supposed to be this hard?
“Y/N, please. I’m sorry. Open up.”
You gargle the last of the water in your cup and spit, wiping your mouth and smoothing down your pajamas as you head for the door. Opening it up, you assume a pleasant facade.
“What’s up? Sorry for the wait, I was changing.”
If your nonchalance deters him, he doesn’t show it. “I’m sorry. I realized I never said that. I’m sorry I called you my friend— I wish I hadn’t.”
“Tae, I told you, it’s not a big deal, we’re goo—”
“No, we’re not.” He runs a tired hand through his hair. “If you had introduced me as your friend, I’d feel fucking terrible. I’d feel so put out.”
You stay quiet, and you don’t want to, but you can feel yourself cracking.
“Friends don’t say I love you like that. And I love you like that. I’m sorry.”
You let a sigh escape. Your mom once told you that you housed a terrible anger, one you’d hold onto no matter how exhaustive it could be. But when he looks at you like that — disarmingly earnest in his sorrow, like wounding you wounds him — you want to raise a white flag in surrender, want to promise him you’ll do everything in your power to douse your pride.
You rest your forehead onto his chest and you hear him exhale in relief. He envelopes his arms around you (a cocoon you think you never want to leave), burying his nose into your hair.
“I should’ve just called you what you are: my girlfriend.” Taehyung whispers, a final reparation. “You’re my girlfriend, right?”
You pray no hesitance bleeds out into your words. “I’m your girlfriend.”
Tumblr media
“You’re my girlfriend.”
“I know.”
“And I’m your boyfriend.”
“I know.”
“So if you know, then why—” Taehyung exhales out of his nose. “You can’t treat people this way, Y/N.”
“I know.”
He’s standing across the room, arms crossed as he berates you. You really want him to leave, but if he did, you’re certain you’d run after him. You also want him to hold you, but if he did, you’re sure you’d only push him away. Feelings are stupid like that.
You poke craters into your lumpy mattress, chin resting in between your raised knees. Parts of you feel guilty, and perhaps that’s why you’re avoiding his gaze. But you’re also stubborn. I’m entitled to be selfish about my pain, you think.
“You’re supposed to— Why won’t you—” Lots of words swim in his chest. Taehyung wishes he could just reach inside and pull out the right ones, because all of the ones he uses only make you seem farther away. “You can’t keep doing this, Y/N.”
“Doing what?” You spit out, all poison. Why? You wonder. You’re clearly in the wrong here.
“This.” He gestures towards you like it’s obvious. “Holing up in your own little world, refusing to let anyone else in. And then when I come to you to try and understand, you make me feel like I’ve done something wrong.”
You open your mouth to say haughtily that he hasn’t, but you’re cut off.
“God, Y/N, you know— It’s actually fine that you’re like this. I don’t mind if you shut everyone out, don’t mind if you’re hard to reach, because I’ll put in that effort. You expect me to give and give and give, and you know what? That’s fine. It’s fine with me. I’ll say sorry first, I’ll concede, I’ll swallow my ego, I’ll let you win. I don’t mind.”
You fiddle with your bedsheets, eyes fixated on them so hard you think you might burn a hole through. You shouldn’t be, but for some reason, you’re irritated that he’s confronting you with all your wrongdoings and letting you get away with it.
“I don’t mind! Really, I don’t. I’ll let you do whatever. That’s how much I love you.” He runs a hand through his hair, exasperated. “All I ask for in return is that when I knock on the door of this little cage you’ve built for yourself, you let me squeeze in beside you.” His voice tapers off, “I’ll make myself small, won’t be a bother— Won’t even take up that much space, really. I just want to be in there with you. That’s all I want. That’s not much, is it?”
You want to tell him you’ve always lived like this — behind a smoke screen, inaccessible, like connection is a tap you can just turn on and off. Hurts less that way.
When you glance at him, guilt swells. Did you do this to him? Taehyung’s face looks worn; his eyes, desperate. A flicker of sadness pierces through your gut. You let him infiltrate your life, carve out a designated space for himself in your daily routine, and when he tells you he loves you, drunk, you refuse to believe it; he tells you again when he’s sober and you still can’t. You hate it when he introduces you as his friend, but get scared when he refers to you as his girlfriend.
You don’t know when it all turned to shit. Maybe it started during that week he was too busy to contact you, and you retaliated by ignoring him for the next two. Maybe it was because of that time he called you ‘difficult to be with’, and how no matter how many times he apologized, you couldn’t prevent that cancerous little seed of insecurity from burrowing itself in your mind. Or maybe it’s always been shit, and you’ve just been too spellbound to look at things with a clear head.
You try to absolve yourself of any blame, try to convince him as well as yourself: “I never asked you to do any of that. You did that to yourself.”
His hands implore you to see reason. “But that’s what a relationship is. You don’t ever have to ask— I’ll still be here anyway, still be waiting. That’s what loving someone is.”
There’s a phenomenon in psychology known as Stockholm Syndrome: it’s when a kidnapping victim forms an emotional bond with their captor. It seems irrational, unlikely. How could anyone fall for a person who’s hurt them? Defend them like none of that pain ever happened? But people do it everyday, you realize. People settle — they make compromises, they let themselves get stepped on, they excuse their chest aching as part of loving someone.
You let Taehyung’s words drift into the cold air of the room. The scene has slowed down. He’s sitting now, on the edge of the bed, and he looks like a husk of himself, as though getting all those words out has sucked him dry. You look outside of your window and notice that it’s drizzling.
“Did you bring a coat?”
“Huh?” He follows your line of sight. “No, I didn’t.”
“You can borrow my umbrella.”
From your position on the bed, you watch the rain fall, and from the corner of your eye, you see him tilt his head at you, like you’re a puzzle he’s trying to figure out.
“Don’t you ever get tired?” When you inquire, it comes out casual, without the cadence of the argument you just had.
“Being here. Waiting.” A pause. “Loving, I guess.”
Taehyung shakes his head firmly, obediently, like he’s confident his love will be enough for the both of you. “No. Never.”
The next time you speak, you can hear two hearts break. “I do.”
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springalwayscomes · 2 months ago
필요한 손 - The hands you need
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Plot: These days are tough. Your nail artist exam is getting closer and even though you have everything under control you can’t seem to control yourself from stressing. Thankfully, tonight Taehyung came home before you and instead of just taking a shower and sink in your bed - as he could perfectly do after rehearsing for more than eleven hours - he made you dinner. And he’s willing to help you with your exam too, with his hands.
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Established Relationship,
Wordcount: 2.7k
Content Warning: fingering, cunnilingus, cum eating
Author’s Note: I hope you’ll like this. It’s short but warm as homemade tea in winter… I haven’t posted this year and honestly I don’t want to pressure myself because I feel like good results won’t come if I do that. A part of me wants to say something more about what’s coming but another part doesn’t because I’m afraid I will end up with not finish what I‘m doing it and say things that won’t come true. Just know I’ve been working on something very long since February and it’s still in writing process. I hope it will turn out good and that I’ll get to publish it! In the meanwhile I leave this one here. I hope you are enjoying your holidays and that everyone is safe and healthy💜
Tumblr media
Today’s been a long day. Both stressful and productive, one of those days that make it hard to understand which of the two worlds describes it better, if awful or good. Your nail artist exam is close and the stress is starting to get to you even though you’ve been studying and seem to know everything you need to and have everything already under control. That’s why you can’t help but feel released when you arrive home and open the door. The lights are on, which means Taehyung came home before you and is probably cooking dinner while humming to one of his favorite songs. These days he’s obsessed with Stand By Me, he sings it under the shower, hums it before he falls asleep and lowly as he caresses your cheeks at night. Sometimes he would sing it looking straight into your eyes and your heart would skip some beats as you wonder what you did to deserve him. These thoughts are the ones who first welcome you back home and let you exhale a deep breath. The day is over, finally, or at least outside.
«Tae, I’m home!» you slightly raise your tone to make him hear you from the kitchen, you can already hear him sing, but it’s one of his songs. It’s probably still stuck in his head after he’s been rehearsing the whole day.
He doesn’t miss a second, his face comes out of the corner and gives you one of his boxy smiles that make your heart throb even after all the time you’ve been together, eyes lighting up at your sight.
He lets out a groan of release and raises his eyebrows.
«Come here, hurry up» and he’s back in the kitchen. You lick your lips and leave your coat, purse and shoes in the hall before you do as he says. After this type of day all you want is to spend some time with him. Taehyung is bending towards the oven, putting inside the oven dish, red pot holders hiding his beautiful hands that you’ve been thinking about for the whole day. You wait for him to shut the oven, and all you can do right after is hug him so tight from behind that he finds it hard to breathe at the beginning, nuzzling your face into the back of his shoulder. Taehyung opens his mouth to say something but closes it right after. He just smiles as he listens to your breath, his hands still covered with the pot holders reaching yours on his waist.
«Are you tired?» he lovely asks. You can hear it from his voice how much he hates it when you stress out and overwork yourself, but it’s that type of hate that makes him want to take even more care of you. You nod against him, the part of his sweater where you’re hiding is starting to become very hot because of your continue breathing. His hands wrap around yours before he realizes he still has the holders on, so he quickly removes them and lets them fall on the counter.
His warm hands are the softest skin you ever touched and felt against yours, that’s the same thought you had since the first time he touched you and it’s still the one that’s stuck in your mind every time he touches you, and feeling them on your hands makes you melt. He guides your hand towards his lips, leaving a soft peck on the back and one on each finger as he unfolds your other arm from his waist with his free hand. Instead, he intertwines his fingers with yours and guides you in front of him, holding you against him just as tight as you did with him before. His waist is totally joined to yours and his eyes are totally stuck into yours.
«I made you pizza» he whispers. His breath hits your face as he speaks and you look at him.
«Pizza? How long have you been home? You rehearsed for more than eleven hours you-»
«You’re not even thanking me» he instantly pouts. A cute habit of his, it gets you every time.
«Thank you so much» you whisper back, pecking his lips. Finally, you’re home. You can say it officially after you kissed him. Taehyung smiles against you and hugs you tighter, hugging you totally to him.
«Please don’t stress yourself» he lowly lets go. You close your eyes and let him guide your head onto his chest as you both slowly swing, something you do from time to time.
«It’s just because of this exam» you justify.
«I know. But please-» he stops himself to caress your hair and to reformulate the sentence.
«I can help you study tonight if you want» he pecks your forehead. You shake your head. You want to practice tonight.
«Tonight I need your hands»
Silence falls in the kitchen and Taehyung’s eyes widen for a second, he smirks right after.
«My hands?» he lowly asks. You nod and raise your head to look at him.
By the way he’s smiling you guess he didn’t quite get what you’re saying, you’d dare to say that he totally missed what you’re taking about, but when you try to open your mouth he doesn’t let you speak.
«Okay, you can do it» he nods, bringing his hand in front of his face just to watch it.
«Do you want me to be your model at the exam?» he quietly proposes. Your mouth is still hanging open, not because of the question but because you thought he totally misunderstood.
«There are some of your fans in my class and they don’t know we’re-»
«I’ll take pictures with them. If you want me there, otherwise-»
«Don’t you have to ask Bang-»
«I already did today. He said it’s okay. I didn’t know if you had a model so I asked anyway, just in case» he smiles at you.
This is one of the reasons why you love this man. Taehyung is your source of happiness, hope and everything that makes you go on. He takes care of you just like you do with him, you guide each other when you’re lost and walk hand to hand when you both know the road. You collaborate and respect each other, trust and relay on each other.
«Nomunomu saranghae» you let go. His smile grows even bigger, his eyes shine just like stars in a deep dark night, forehead touching yours.
«I love it more when you tell me in Korean» he whispers.
«I’m gonna have to say it more then» you smile.
Taehyung is lost, totally. You have a power over him that he’s not able to control, and all he can do is give in. His lips touch yours and finally welcome a real kiss, one where your tongues meet and you melt into each other, strongly and passionately, but a loving type of passion. One that softly whispers “Saranghae”, infinitely, and “I’m gonna take care of you”, and again “You’re my home”.
Taehyung licks the petals of his lips right after you part, leaving his tongue in the left corner of his lips, hanging out just a little from between his teeth as he softly bites it. It makes you hold your breath and he sees it, as clearly as water. Your foreheads are against each other one more time, and he brings a strand of your hair behind your ear.
«Can I take care of you now? With my hands?» his whisper is so low that it’s almost impossible to hear, but you heard it anyway. As loud as a bomb, and your cheeks heating up are already showing it.
«Release all your stress…» he kisses the corner of your lips.
«Let me help you, love»
You give up right away. There’s no need in faking it, you already gave up at the beginning of his question and all you can do is nod and welcome his touch. Taehyung smiles at you and guides you to the chair, kneeling down on the floor as he opens your pants and helps you with them and your panties too. His hands look so big on you and it makes you even more aroused than you already are. And the way he looks at you, gosh you swear you’ve never seen something so beautiful. He makes promises only with his eyes just by looking at you, and he’s willing to respect every single one of them.
He promises he’s going to be by your side every time you need him and every time you don’t. He promises he’s going to give you all he can and more. He promises he’s going to marry you.
He promises he’s going to love you forever. He promises he’s going to respect and take care of you for forever. He promises he’s going to have a family with you. He promises that his arms are always going to be your hideout from the world. He promises you that he’s always going to put you first, before him.
He promises you he’s going to make you feel good, now in this moment and forever. He promises you he’s going to make you come and release all the tension and the stress building up inside your body.
He leaves kisses on your tights and caresses on every part of your skin, love on every millimeter. He kisses your mound, and your inner thigh making you shiver. And then he starts, slow and consuming, fire and oxygen. Every touch makes you want more, squirm more, moan more. And Taehyung can’t get enough of it, not even close. He promises with his eyes that he’s going to make you cum so good that you’re going to want another one. And he’s totally willing to give it to you, even more if you want.
«Does it feel good like this?» he asks lowly, husky voice and heavy breath as he massages your clit just the way you love. You nod, opening your eyes just to see him look at you with those eyes of his that make you feel totally safe and welcomed. Ready to give you love, as much as you want and need and even willing to remain with nothing left for him.
«You’re so beautiful» he whispers, kissing your clit. It makes you moan deeply and without control, and the action makes him chuckle. The air coming out of his mouth hits you and you end up guiding his face towards you, basically begging for his lips.
Taehyung smiles, helping you open your legs more and immediately giving in and drowning in you. He sucks, kisses, plays with you in all the ways he can, massaging your thighs as he glances up at your face.
«Tae, I’m-»
«Let me help you more»
You don’t have time to understand what he said, two of his long fingers make their way inside you and all you can do is bite your lips to fight the loudest moan you’ve ever let out. Taehyung sucks your clit, the feeling makes you feel like you’re about to faint, he moves his tongue on it at the same time and you really think you’re in paradise. What you did to deserve him, you don’t know. He’s just as desperate to see you, to make you come and it makes you die inside and born again from love and desire, passion. He moans when he lets go of you with a dull wet sound, looking at you again as you stand on the edge of the cliff. His nose is wet with you, and the sight makes you clench around his fingers.
«Nae sarang» he lowly moans griping.
«Cum jagi, make me happy nae sarang»
He sucks your clit again and you totally let go. Your climax hits you so hard that you can’t do anything else but shake as Taehyung keeps moving his fingers inside you and raises on his knees to kiss your hips. His arm comes behind your back, hugging you as he keeps moving and then kisses your forehead and your lips.
«Saranghae» he whispers.
«Saranghae» you say back. «I knew you thought about this when I told you I needed your hands» you chuckle. Taehyung laughs and finally takes out his fingers from you, drenched and totally wrapped in your juices and cum. He taps them on your lips and gives you one, waiting for you to open them and welcome him inside your mouth. You suck yourself off it, knowing that Tae loves when you do it, especially from his fingers. He smiles as he watches you, waiting for you to end so that he can taste you on his middle finger as if the whole meal he had until now wasn’t already enough.
«Thank you for this» you say as he brings his finger to his mouth. Taehyung shakes his head.
«Thank me more after dinner» he even winks, and you end up bursting in laughter. He licks his finger and then kisses your lips again, passionately and lovely just like before, and he promises one more thing. He’s going to be whatever you want him to be. Your stress release, your shoulder to cry on, the person you’re going to hate the most and also the one you’re going to love the most. He wants to be all he can for you, just like you for him. He wants to love you in all the possible ways and wants you to do the same.
«TaeTae» you call him when he’s back down on his knees to raise your panties and pants. His head raises to watch you and your fingers caress his hair.
«Jinjja nomunomu saranghae, nae sarang»
«Nomunomu saranghae» he smiles again. A second later his eyes are wide open as if he just saw a ghost.
«Pija!» he almost screams, immediately getting up to check the pizza in the oven. You watch him let out a relieved breath as you fix your panties.
«Let me do it, I like doing it.» he pouts at you when he turns around.
«The pizza is fine, it’s not burnt. Why did you put this on already, I wanted to do it!» he whines as you stop touching your clothes. Taehyung smiles seeing you surrender so fast.
«Let me do it»
It’s really a thing he likes to do, dress you up. He does it all the time when you make love in winter. You’re always worn out or too lazy to get up and wear clothes and it’s not even a problem since you have his arms around you and the covers, but he gets up and puts you his shirt and your panties on - sometimes even his boxers-. He likes to take care of you in ways that no one could ever. It makes him feel even more grateful to have you. Sometimes you’d just stay laying in bed naked for the rest of the night and Taehyung would be enough to warm you up and make you feel at home.
«After dinner can I do your nails?» you ask. You lift your hips to help him with your pants and he answers with a nod but stops right after.
«Don’t they hurt if I-» your laugh is impossible to hold back at the sight of his long index and middle finger together, he moves them as if they’re entering inside you one more time.
«I don’t know if-»
«Tae!» you can’t control your laugh and Taehyung ends up pouting again.
«Don’t make fun of me» he whines.
«I’m not- thank you for worrying, baby» you smile at him when you regain your control.
«It was just unexpected» you chuckle.
«Don’t they, though?»
«We’ll remove them right after» you smile at him.
«Oh, okay» he pecks your forehead as he goes back to close your pants.
«Tae» you call.
«Thank you, jinjjaro» you really are thankful. For everything he does for you, for taking care of you and cooking you pizza when he could’ve just taken a shower and lay down in bed since he’s been rehearsing for the whole day, for helping you let go of your stress, for reminding you that you have someone to count on who’s willing to help you always, for making you happy.
«I just need you, I don’t need anything or anyone else» you whisper. Taehyung’s arms wrap around you as he places between your legs, still kneeling on the floor.
«I need you too. Just you.» he lovely whispers back, cutely brushing your nose with his.
«I love you, jagiya. Saranghae.»
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jimidol · a year ago
Paris - one | kth
Tumblr media
main pairing : ex-husband!taehyung x reader
genre : angst, smut, fluff
warnings : fingering, protected sex, praise, creampie, cursing, body worship 
words : 4,604
summary : Two years after your divorce, you went back to Paris, the city that you and your ex-husband adored. This time around you were with your friend that wanted badly to visit this wonderful city. But while visiting the Louvre with your friend, you unexpectedly meet your ex.
author’s note : Hi loves, i am so sorry to post this a bit later than it was supposed to but here it goes. I put my entire heart on this and I have never loved so much writing something. Bringing my passion for arts and Paris in one shot feels good and it just feels right that it is with Taehyung. This might have some mistakes but I still need to review it and correct the mistakes. Thanks for your patience ! Enjoy the one shot !  
tag list : @blueversailledreams @mintxxxy @jannoda @bonnyskies @jiminssizzles @kpoptrashforlifeuu @monosjoons @monvieesdaebak​ @xanny91 @jiminisnotavirgin​ @aretha170​ @tangledsparkles​ @ultdaeguboi​ @youremyjinearth @invincibletaetae​ @imluckybitches @fleurmoon @baepop @dreamwithunicorn @mytaetaey @flowerpetalshun​ @1-in-abillion​ 
Tumblr media
Five years ago, after your wonderful honeymoon in Costa Rica, you went to Paris for a trip of a week. It was a city that you and your ex-husband loved so much and you would always go there when you had the opportunity. 
But three years after your wonderful wedding, you divorced. Things got pretty hard between you two and the divorce became quite an obvious solution to end all your problems. After that it was kind of hard to live alone again, you were used to be with someone even though it was hard to live with that person. 
Though, the hardest part came after when you find out that he found someone else just some weeks after. Knowing that he had so easily moved on devastated you and you felt like he never truly loved you all those years. 
Now, two years later, you feel so much better and you have turned the page. He’s part of your past and he made you happy for a while. 
And you’re back in Paris. For the last two years, you didn't come here, too scared of how you would feel remembering all those times you came here with Taehyung. You’re here with your friend, she has been dying to come to this city for so long and you promised her that you would come with her since it’s your favourite city in the whole world. 
“Man, this is beautiful !” She says looking around her completely astonished by the beauty of the Louvre Palace and you smile seeing her happy. 
You take some pictures of the Palace and of your friend in front of it before you queue to go the museum to contemplate the paintings and sculptures. This was yours and Taehyung’s favourite part and deep down you’re a bit sad to not be with him. You would’ve been standing in front of every painting and discuss for hours about it. 
All your friend was interested in is to see La Joconde while you would die to spend some hours in front of everything because you love art with your entire soul. 
You visit the museum with your friend and explain her all the things you know about every piece of art exposed. She’s very intrigued by everything and asks you a lot of questions, wanting to know more. 
“This is the Venus de Milo.” You say looking at the sculpture of Aphrodite standing in front of you. “And it was found in the greek island Milos in the beginnings of the nineteenth century.” 
“It is wonderful.” She says. 
“One of the prettiest sculpture here.” You smile looking at her. 
“It is my favourite piece of art in this museum.” 
Your entire world stops moving when you hear his voice. You were not expecting to meet him here but you’re not surprised to hear his voice here. This museum is his favourite place and he comes four times in a year, wanting to admire pure masterpieces.   
He is standing right behind you and his eyes only seem to stare at you. In the middle of this crowd, he recognised you and he was happy to see that despite your divorce you keep coming here. But mostly, he was happy to finally see your face after all those years. 
He has always loved this sculpture and when you were married, he used to call you “his Venus de Milo” because you were the prettiest living piece of art to him. You always loved that nickname.
For your first wedding anniversary, he booked a small trip to Greece and to the island of Milos. It felt like paradise and he treated you like a queen. Everything about this statue reminds you of him. 
Your friend doesn’t know your ex-husband, you met her after your divorce and she only knows that you were married previously. Talking about him was always hard for you and she never forced you to talk about him, so she doesn’t know anything about this man.  
“I totally agree with you.” Says your friend looking at Taehyung with a big smile on her face. You, on the other hand, keep looking at the Aphrodite, not wanting to see his face. “It’s beautiful.” 
He steps forward to be closer to the sculpture and his body is now closer to yours in between you and your friend. You can feel your heart racing when you can smell his sweet perfume and your eyes only stare at the sculpture but your mind keeps thinking about your ex. His left hand brushes against your right one and it sends shiver through your body. 
“I’m pleased to see you again, yn.” He whispers with his deep and hoarse voice, not wanting your friend to hear it and your face turns red. You’re not ready to face him, not yet. You cross your arms over your chest and try slowly and discreetly to move away from Taehyung. 
“Did you know that this was the first statue from Greece to be exposed here ?” You say to your friend trying to ignore Taehyung’s presence and your friend looks surprised. 
“And it was also the first sculpture to be shown incomplete.” He adds looking at the sculpture and then at you. He’s completely mesmerised by the fact that you look hotter than you did two years ago.  
“Wow, yn, it seems that we found someone that is as passionate about art as you.” Replies your friend looking at you and your ex-husband. 
“Yn.” Taehyung repeats. “It’s a beautiful name.” He looks at you and you’re trying as hard as you can to not look at him. You know he’s doing that to have a reaction from you so he can see your pretty face but you won’t give him what he wants. 
“Y/f/n, we should get going because we still have a lot to see.” 
Your friend looks at you completely confused. Since she has known you, she has never seen you refusing to flirt with a pretty face. 
“I would like to know a bit more about this Venus de Milo.” She says insisting on staying here with Taehyung. You roll your eyes and you sigh. She looks at your ex and smile at him. “What more do you know about it ?” 
You decide to leave them and to wonder in the gallery to look at the others sculpture but you take some glances at your friend to be sure that she doesn’t leave this room without you. You avoid looking at the man next to her. 
In front of you stands the Ares Borghese, a representation of the Greek god of war Ares and he was also the lover of Aphrodite. Some years ago, Taehyung was your Ares and you were his Aphrodite. 
“Some years ago, my wife told me that she could see my body in this statue.” You can feel Taehyung’s breath brushing against the skin of your neck and you close your eyes. Before you will leave the museum, this man would have killed you. This is too much for you and the fact that he refers you as his wife and not his ex-wife makes you feel some kind of weird things inside your stomach. 
“Ex-wife.” You correct him and you open your eyes. 
“At the time she told me that she was my wife.” He replies. “She was my Aphrodite and I was her Ares.” 
“What game are you playing, Taehyung ?” You ask a bit annoyed that he’s torturing you since he has arrived here. 
“I’m playing no game, yn. I’m just stating some facts.” You know this man all too well, he’s not just stating some facts, he’s pushing you so you can finally look at him. 
“Where’s my friend ?” You look around and you don’t see her. 
“She went to the bathroom, she’ll be back in a minute.” He answers and steps closer to you. His body is brushing yours and it feels like electricity. You’re surprised that two years later this man still holds a lot of power on you. “It’s been a long time.” He whispers and he bites his lower lips. He can see how tense your body is and man he’d give any thing to make love to you again. 
“And my life was way better without you.” He smirks and a small laugh is audible. 
“You’re lying, yn.” He leans closer to you and his lips are brushing against your ear. “Don’t forget that we were together for five years before we were married for three years. I know you too well, honey.” 
Sometimes you just wished to not have been married to him. 
“You knew me.” You say insisting on knew. “I’ve changed since the divorce, Taehyung.” 
You finally decide to turn yourself and to look at the man that once was your husband. You’d be lying if you said that he’s not as hot as before. 
His hair is longer and his dark locks now fall on his face. His hair was rarely long during all the time of your relationship but you’re loving this new look on him. He is wearing a long black jacket and an old camera is hanging on his neck. Below his jacket he’s wearing a green satin shirt with a black jeans, revealing his long legs.  
He is also looking at you and admiring you. You are wearing a long red dress with sleeves and he always loved seeing you with a dress. He notices that you had dyed your hair in a lighter tone, it’s almost not noticeable but he sees it. Your hair is also longer and damn, he finds you so attractive. 
Last year, he found out through Jungkook that you were dating a guy. Hearing that made him regret even more to not have tried harder to save your marriage because he still loves you. His love for you never faded away and he’s convinced it will never fade away. 
“Aah you’re both here.” 
Your friend finally joins you and you suddenly wish that she was not here. 
“I will leave you finish the museum.” Says Taehyung smiling. His eyes leave you for a split second before looking at your friend. 
“It was a pleasure to meet you Taehyung.” She says smiling at him and she starts heading to somewhere else, leaving you alone with your ex. 
“My number hasn’t changed.” He whispers before leaving you.
Tumblr media
You’re alone at a café and you keep looking at your phone. You know Taehyung’s phone number by heart, you composed it so many times in the past. Seeing him at the Louvre made you realise that you have so much to talk with him. 
yn : hi Taehyung, it’s yn. could we meet to discuss ? 
You lock your phone and look at the beautiful city. You’ve missed Paris so much and being here feels like being home. You take a sip of your coffee and try to understand what people are saying around you. Coming to Paris so many times made you learn French, you’re not an expert in the language but you can understand most of what people are saying and you can say the basics. 
taehyung : hi yn, no problem. where do you want us to meet ? 
It’s probably better if he joins you here at the café. Being in a hotel room is probably not the best option, specially after how flirty Taehyung was in the Louvre. 
yn : i’m at Le Castel Café 
He perfectly knows this café, you have already come together here. 
taehyung : on my way 
You enjoy the view and get lost on your thoughts. It’s crazy that you get to see your ex-husband here, far away from where you live and that you’re going to have the conversation you should have had. 
Completely lost on your thoughts, you don’t see him coming to you. “Can I sit here ?” Your eyes leave the passersby and look up at him before nodding. He sits in front of you and asks for a coffee to the waiter. 
“I actually didn’t think that you would call me.” He says looking simply at you. 
“Seeing you at the Louvre just made me realise I have things to say to you.” You explain him and he nods. 
Now that he’s even closer to you, you can see how handsome he still is. He has pushed his hair a bit back and you have a better view to his sweet face. He still looks like a god to you. 
“You know, the divorce was really hard for me because even if we weren’t able to have a conversation, I still loved you.” You tell him. “And it hurt even more when I found out that you weeks after the divorce you were with someone else. It felt like you never loved me.” 
He looks down at his hands, a bit nervous. “I made a lot of mistakes in my life and the biggest one was to not fight for you more.” He looks up at you and places his hand over yours, wanting to touch you. “We were going through a hard time and instead of trying to solve the problem, we just decided to divorce. I hated being alone and not feel you around me anymore. I tried to find someone to take you out of my mind but it didn't work.” 
You can only understand how he felt. You hated being alone after being with someone for eight years and you wanted to take him out of your mind but nothing was working. Even dating other guys and fucking some strangers didn't change anything. 
“I was devastated and I thought that I had lost you forever. I did a lot of stupid things during those last two years and I wasn’t even able to come to Paris because it would make me think of you.” He tells you and you can see how broken he is. His thumb caresses your hand and feeling his touch feels good. 
“Then why are you here ?” You ask frowning. 
“Jungkook wanted to visit the city that I loved so much but he’s sick and he couldn’t come. He forced me to come anyways and here I am.” You simply nod. “And I don’t regret it.” A small smile appears in his face. “I got to see how prettier you became.” 
You blush, not expecting him to say those words to you. 
“I love what you did to your hair, it looks beautiful on you.” His gaze on you is intense and he intertwines your fingers together, you let him do it loving the feeling of his skin against yours. 
“And that red dress looks fire on you, yn.” 
He stands up and takes his chair to sit next to you. 
“Seeing you at the Louvre made me realise how bad I want you back in my life.” He says. “I still love you so much and I know that I wouldn’t love anybody else like you.” 
He places his hand on your cheek and caresses it with his fingers. You close your eyes, loving it. “I want to prove you that we deserve a second chance, yn.” 
Tumblr media
After a long walk together in Paris with your ex-husband, you head back together to your hotel. He wants to be sure that you arrive safe and sound to your room. 
“Where’s your friend ?” He asks when you enter the room. 
“She went to do some shopping and she will eat at the restaurant of the hotel.” Shopping is not too much your thing. You prefer to watch an exhibition or other thing more instructive, specially in Paris. 
“So, you’re all alone until tomorrow ?” He asks you and you nod. “Can I keep you company ?”
You’re surprised by his question. “You’re asking me if you can sleep with me ?” 
“No.” He says. “I was meaning to stay with you a bit more before I go back to my hotel.” 
You accept his offer and you turn the tv on before laying on the huge bed together. After a while, you rest your head on his shoulder and his hand slips under your dress before caressing your thigh. Your legs press together at the feeling of his hand so close to your core. 
You rest one of your hand over his thigh, grabbing it like you’re holding for your life and your head leaves his shoulder. “Tae, what are you...” You gasp, feeling the slight tickle of his hair on your neck as he leans in.  
His lips leave light butterfly kisses over the sensitive skin, making you sigh out at the feeling. It has been so long that you haven’t felt his sweet lips against your skin and it feels like you’re completely on fire. “What are you doing ?”
He lifts up his head, both your faces so close to each other. You can see the insistent fire in his eyes.  “I want to touch you, yn.” He confesses. 
Your heart is seized with emotion, the last time he said that was more than two years ago. Taehyung always had a wild sex drive but it faded away months before your divorce. He didn’t want to touch you and you didn't want him to touch you. 
“It has been a long time since you wanted to touch me.” You confess to him. 
“I know, yn.” He acquiesces. “But everything was so different back then, we were like in a war and even if I wanted to touch you, you didn't want it.” And you know he’s right. 
You nod quickly, breath hitching. “But now I want it, Tae.” His cute eyes turn completely dark of lust. “Touch me.” 
You don’t have to say it twice. He unbuttons your dress, revealing your entire body to this gorgeous man and he bits his lower lip as he looks at you with marvel. “Your body is so much toned that it used to.” 
“Jungkook has dragging me a lot of times to the gym.” 
“Fuck ! He did right !” His large palms slip under the small of your back, guiding you to arch it so he can slip your dress off. He throws it to the floor and his hand lowers to touch your skin, making you shiver. 
Taehyung dips his head and his lips find your skin, leaving a trail of kisses. You let out a sigh at the intimate way he moves down your shoulder, over your collarbones, to the swell of your chest. As his hair tickles your skin, it sends tingles running down your spine. 
Your nipples are peaking, wanting Taehyung to give them all his attention. “Tae…” You breathe. 
His voice vibrates slightly against your skin. “You’re so beautiful.” He praises. “You’re even prettier than the Venus de Milo.” Your hand finds its way to his hair and your fingers play with his dark locks, snatching a groan out of him. 
It feels like an eternity before he takes out your bra and free your nipples. His mouth reaches one of your nipples, closing around it and you cry out at the feeling of his wet and hot tongue. He takes his time worshipping your breasts and sucking your nipple as his hand shifts once more to play with the other. 
A part of you desperately wants to push his head between your legs or to bring his body closer to yours and demanding him to fill you but you have been waiting for this moment for years now. You don’t want this moment to be over any sooner. 
After some minutes, he leans to the opposite breast to run his tongue over it and you gasp. His hands on the other side to move before what it feels like a lazy eternity but this time they run between your breasts, then down your stomach before slipping under the worn elastic waistband. His mouth leaves your nipple. 
“My sweet Aphrodite lay your back on the bed.” He asks with a sweet tone and you obey. He watches you move and then, he decides to take off your panties. He hisses when his fingers run over your mound and immediately dip into your folds. He begins to massage your clit, using your own wetness to lubricate it for a smoother slide. 
You let out a moan, legs spreading more to make more room for his sizeable hand. “Tae.” You pant out again, moaning when he begins pressing kisses to your stomach. 
“Fuck, I love this new transformation of your body.” He murmurs against your skin, his voice vibrating against your body. Even as you feel his cock getting harder in his jeans, he doesn’t grind his hips against your body, focussing only on your pleasure. 
“Taehyung.” You call him gasping. 
“Yes, baby girl ?” He asks sweetly and his movement on your clit slow down, making you rocking your hips against him searching for more stimulations.  
“I want to kiss you.” He looks at you with surprise, he was not expecting that but he’s loving it. Out of surprise, his fingers go lower, parting your folds and you moan. 
A smile crosses his face and he joins his swollen lips to yours. Last time this happened felt like an eternity ago and it feels like heaven. You definitely missed him. Just as you place your hand on his neck and kiss him, he breaches your walls with two slick fingers, making you cry out into his mouth.
He smiles and keeps massaging you from the inside. “It feels good, honey ?” You nod, closing your eyes as you focus only on kissing him properly and your tongue runs down at the corner of his lips so that he parts them for you. He continues to work you open and his fingers are so long that even the most minimal movements take your breath away.
Even with his clothes on, you can feel Taehyung’s hardness against your hip, his leg is crushing over one of your thighs to keep you still. As your pleasure rises, he slips a third finger inside you and uses the base of his palm to rub against your clit. Pleasure starts to rise and you know you’re about to come at any time. But you want more. “Please, Tae, fuck me.” 
He smirks and presses a soft kiss against your lips. Hearing you saying that is something he never thought hearing again and it makes him so fucking happy ! 
“My Aphrodite is needy.” He sits up and takes his fingers out of you.  
He strips himself quickly, wanting to fill you up so bad and he lays closer again to you. Immediately you feel his erection against your thigh, heavy and wet with precum. He presses a soft kiss against your lips and then, he takes a step back. He takes from his jeans a condom and put it in. He aligns himself at your entrance and you hold your breath as he pushes forward, his head entering you slowly. 
Both your breathings are the only thing that could be heard in your hotel room and you tremble as he fills you up completely.  “You’re okay ?” He checks in and he gives you a moment to adjust. 
You nod. “I’m ready, Tae.” You clench around him, making him understand that you’re okay. “Fuck your Aphrodite like Ares would do it.”  
Taehyung lets out a groan and just like that he starts to thrust, punching the air right out of you. Your fingers grip the sheets like you’re holding for dear life.  
Every rock of his hips grinds his cock into the base of your clit and you grind your hips against him, seeking out for more with every thrust he gives you. “Fuck, it’s so good.” You manage to say. “I missed you so damn much.” 
Missing every single part of your body, his hands are all over you. Running over your thighs, stroking your back, gripping your ass to meet every thrust. You look deep into his eyes and you can see the desperate hunger in his eyes. He has been dying to do this for a moment and he wants to savour every second of it. He loves feeling your walls all over his cock and he loves to see how you moan of pleasure under him.
His hair is getting messy from his actions and from the fact that you’re pulling his hair. And  you find him extremely gorgeous. Light moans fall past his swollen lips, rushing louder every time you clench around him.
The movement of his cock deep inside you is seeking pleasure and giving pleasure mindlessly and it’s not ruthless, like it used to be before. You barely even talk, enjoying every second. It has been a long time since you both didn’t want to make love to each other. Every single touch, every single thrust and every single moan brings you both closer to the edge but you don’t want it. You want this moment to last forever. 
His lips find its way to your neck and leave wet hot kisses. You lose your mind to this primal moment between the two of you. You can’t even tell if you’re making any noise, completely lost in those divine notes that slip off his tongue. He focuses on thrusting harder and you dig your fingers into his shoulders, trying to meet his thrusts but every moment your pleasure increases it just gets harder to make your body obey.
“Wanna feel you cum all over me, honey.” He confesses and you gasp when you hear his voice. His fingers find their way to your clit, pressing it between the pad of his thumb and his cock. Immediately, your eyes roll back as you feel heat rushing through you. “Fuck, Tae.” You cry and your core pulses with every thrust.
Your orgasm begins to quickly approach and your mind is just overwhelmed with the feeling of his cock moving so deeply inside you. Taehyung seems to be also delirious with pleasure and his hips begin to thrust faster. His thumb speeds up, wanting to bring you closer to the orgasm. 
“I’m gonna cum, Tae.” You warn him and the stimulation begins to be too much of what your body can handle. Your toes curls, you pant and whine every time his length pulls out and you wait before your orgasm to hit any second. 
“Kiss me.” Taehyung speaks. 
You have barely enough time to reach out his lips before you’re cumming around him. Still seeking for his own end, Taehyung thrusts into you and makes out with you messily. He groans into your mouth when you tighten. You keep kissing him as he finally begins to spill inside the condom. His body tenses and grinds his hips rather than thrusting. 
It takes you a few moments to come down and he lays next to you after pulling out of you and taking out the condom. You’re both breathing fast and you look for a while at the ceiling before looking at him. 
“This was so good, yn.” He says with a big smile on his face. 
“This was more than good, Tae.” 
His eyes lay on you. “I hope you can give us a second chance because I would love to do that more often.” 
You smile at him and then lean closer to him. You brush your nose against him before pressing your lips against his. “I’d love to be with you again.” 
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staycult · 9 months ago
the odd ones out.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing — taehyung x reader
genre — college au, aspiring pilot!taehyung and foreigner!reader
warnings — eventual smut and cursing, further warnings will be mentioned before each chapter.
synopsis — in which you travel to korea to learn about their language and culture for a class (thinking you'll have a great time and experience) until kim taehyung, the close minded student body president, decided to make your life close to living hell just because he hated outsiders like you.
chapters (ongoing) —
character's board —
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
coming soon...
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uwuyeosang · 11 months ago
10/11: Taehyung→Deepthroating/swallowing
- Pairing: Kim Taehyung × Female Reader
- Genre: Smut/ Oneshot
- Warnings: Oral/ Deepthroating/ Swallowing of semen
- Word count: 1.5k
- A/N: This one is eh to me tbh, could’ve been better but I ain’t feeling well so yeah, but nonetheless if you enjoyed it, find the rest of my Kinktober here.
You walked to the kitchen to refill your empty cup with the same drink you’ve been having the entire night. This party was kind of boring, and you wanted to leave. Obviously you couldn’t, seeing as it was in your house. Your sister decided to impulsively throw a party while your parents were away on a business trip, and needless to say you had to supervise. Having a sister the same age as you was never easy, and it didn’t make it easier that she was friends with the popular kids at school. Meaning, all of them were here at this party, and you just had to make peace with it.
After you got yourself another drink and made your way back to the living room, you saw that a particular silver headed boy was sitting in your spot. He knew that was your spot, because the second he made eye contact with you he smirked that famous boxy smirk of his. 
This had you fuming as you walked over to him to go and claim your spot back. “Scuse me Tae, that’s my spot” you tilted your head and spoke with fake sweetness in your tone. “Sorry sweetheart, I just came here for the game. But it seems like the only spot left is on my lap.” he retorted back as he patted his thigh. Indicating that you could sit on it. You looked over, only to see a group of people forming a circle, meaning that they were going to play some stupid party game. There was other spots open, you just assumed he was trying to get with you.
You scoffed at Taehyung as you walked over to the opposite couch, plopping yourself down. You had nothing better to do so you might as well join the game. The game being played was Would you rather, and unfortunately the one you pick, you have to do. The game dragged on, most of the questions involving some sort of physical action or is sex related. You were about to call out, before your best friend said “Y/N, Would you rather…” she stopped, placing her pointer finger on her chin as she thought, and as if she was struck by lightning, she continued. “ Suck Taehyung or Jungkook off” Her eyes held a devilish sheen as you looked at her. You then look over to Taehyung to see him smiling widely as if he just won the lottery. “That’s not fair...You know Jungkook is my sister’s boyfriend” you said as you internally cried, knowing you only had one choice. Taehyung stands up and walks over to where you’re sitting and puts his hands on the couch top behind you. “So… let’s get going, you know this dick won’t suck itself.” he said as he started walking in the direction of the stairs. "Yeah, and it won't be able to to ANYTHING after I bite it off." you yelled in his direction to which he laughed. You huffed as you got up. “You’re gonna be so done when I come back” you say to your best friend before stomping after Taehyung.
You walk up the stairs, trailing behind him. He had nice broad shoulders and his hair looked really soft, obviously you see him a lot because he’s your sister’s friend, but you’ve never paid attention to his details. It wasn’t that he was attractive, he was just a straight up asshole. A player, so that’s why you don’t want to get involved with him. If he sleeps with you, it doesn't mean anything. Just because his dick likes you, that doesn't mean he does.
Upon entering your room, Taehyung waited for you to come in before he closed the door behind the both of you. He walked over to the fluffy white chair that was placed in the corner of your room and sat down in it, taking out his phone. You just stood there, not knowing what to do. Taehyung seemed to notice your confusion and looked up from his phone “Why are you just standing there? Sit or something.” he said before his eyes found the phone that looked microscopic in his big hands. You looked at him even more confused than before “I thought we came here so I could…” you didn’t even finish your sentence before he stopped you. “It’s not like you want to anyway. We can just wait it out, besides I doubt that you’re even any good.” he said as he chuckled. Your mouth widened at his statement, where did he get that bullshit from? “And why do you think so huh?” you asked offendedly. “Well, there’s gotta be a reason why you’re the least popular twin” he said as he shrugged it off like it was nothing. This made you really mad, because you chose to be the more reserved twin. You didn’t want popularity and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that, but for some reason he linked your sexual experience to your social life. Very dumb of him.
You walked over to where he sat and sank down on your knees in front of him. You threw your hair into a messy bun and prepared to give him the best head he was going to get to date. He looked down at you with his eyebrow cocked and just looked back at his phone. You rubbed your hands over his thighs and brushed over his cock in order to get him a little more hard before you undid his jeans' button. He completely disregarded you as you pulled his pants down to mid thigh before palming him through his briefs. Once he was semi hard, you pulled down his underwear as well, making his dick slap against his stomach.
He was big, like really big. Not like that surprised you though. You expected it, and you couldn’t wait to have him shoved down your throat. You grabbed his dick lightly with your left hand, pumping him slowly to get him fully erect, but when you looked up at him you realized he was still not paying you any mind. You just rolled your eyes and gave his angry red tip a few kitten licks. He bit his bottom lip and looked at you out of the corner of his eye, trying his best to contain himself. You knew he was enjoying it, because you were very observant, and the moment you made eye contact, you took your chance. You kept looking him in the eyes as you started bobbing your head up and down, every time you went down you took a little more of his large cock in your mouth. He couldn’t handle the fact that you were looking at him while completely devouring his dick and it showed when he threw his head back and bucked his hips upwards. You laughed slightly, which sent vibrations over his wet cock. You placed your hands on his hips, pressing him down in order to keep him from fucking himself into your mouth. He wanted to talk shit, so now he had to deal with it.
You started bobbing your head a little slower, coming back to his tip and placing a few more kisses. He groaned when he didn’t feel your warm mouth over his dick and you smiled at neediness, very different form his previous statement. You put your mouth back over his tip, and shoved his entire length down your throat, stopping just before you gagged. You held it there before retracting again and taking it back in. He was so shocked at the unexpected feeling that he grabbed your head, as he groaned for you to keep going. Hearing these sounds leave his mouth made you your chest swell with pride. You repeated this multiple times, while also hollowing out your cheeks around him. By this time the drool was dripping down the sides of your mouth and your jaw hurt, but you had no intentions of stopping. You came back up, putting your tongue flat against the bulbous vein that stood out on his dick, licking it as you removed his dick from your throat. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” he said as you did that. You immediately shoved him back down your throat as you felt his thighs start quivering, making him release his hot seed into your mouth. You waited for him to shoot every single string of cum into your throat before releasing his dick with a pop. He slouched in the chair as he breathed heavily “Fuck Y/N that was hot. Open your mouth” he said, leaning forward and grabbing your chin. You opened up wide for him, letting him know that you swallowed every last drop. He let out a breathy laugh. "Everything huh?" he said as he leaned back.
You got up from your knees as you wiped the drool mixed with precum off of your mouth. He also got up, quickly tucking himself back into his jeans before making his way over to you, preventing you from exiting. “If your mouth can do that, I wonder about that pretty little cunt.” he said, his face dangerously close to yours. “Well you’re not gonna find out” you whisper as he leans even closer, before ducking away from him and exiting the room.
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junepops · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
[5:04 p.m.] With the wind against your rosy cheeks, you’ve never felt so alive.
When your lips part, a chorus of delighted trills escape your mouth, partly lost in the swishing of the breeze  as it rushes past. Its coolness seems to light a spark in your soul, causing your eyes to sparkle gleefully, and for your lips to curl slowly upwards into an iridescent beam.
Here, up above in the clouds, you feel like a bird — so elevated, so free. 
From beside you, Taehyung watches you silently with his arms dangling off the side of the hot air balloon gondola, something flickering in his eyes as he finds himself smiling softly at the mere sight of your elation. His eyes study your face carefully — the curve of your cheeks, the faint splotch of pink blossoming on your freckled nose, the ripple of your hair as it flutters daintily against the orange sky. 
You’re far too busy to notice his gaze fixated on you, as you continue admiring the breathtaking sunset as it stains the expanse of sky with its brilliant colors, an ombré of pinks, purples, reds, and golds.
Meanwhile, Taehyung’s occupied with treasuring the image of your sweet smile, storing this sacred memory in the utmost secured, loving place in his heart. 
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jizemderler · a year ago
Wedding (Kim Seokjin)
A/N: Attention SMUT ahead. I saw the pictures of him at the wedding of his brother so I wrote this. Enjoy!!
Tumblr media
Jin was looking around the room nervously while you were fixing his tie. “Hey Popstar.” you called him knowing that he hated that nickname. He rolled his eyes and you chuckled. After you were finished with his tie you brushed your palms over his shoulders to flatten his black suit. He was still nervously moving and you finally cupped his face to keep him still. “Hey.” you said again making him look into your eyes. You smiled and you could see his worried features. “It’s going to be fine.” you said and he sighed defeatedly. “This is horrible.”
“No it’s not. Come on.” you said and leaned in to give him a peck on his lips. “It’s a small ceremony. There are no paparazzis and Oppa needs you with him.” you said and he looked away, sadness filling his eyes. “I think he would appreciate it more if I didn’t show up.” he said and you shook your head. “No, Jin. You´re his brother. Family. He needs you to be there.”
“You don’t get it. It’s supposed to be his big day and no matter what I do people will shift their attention on to me.” he said now seeming really selfconcious. “I´m really sorry that I can´t take you with me. That will just throw everything out of proportion.” he apologized and you sent a warm smile his way. “Don´t be sorry. I totally get it. Just enjoy the day with your family and make your mom happy.” you said and he suddenly wrapped his arms around you. “I don´t know how you can be so good towards my family even though they´re giving you a hard time. Especially my mom.” he said after placing a kiss on top of your head and you chuckled. “That´s not true, Jin. She´s just worrying about her son. And that´s her right as a mom.” you said trying to ease his mind. His mom was giving you a hard time. She didn´t like you very much and sometimes it did hurt your feelings and put a strain on your relationship with Jin, but you overcame everything together. He was about to say something when the door to the dressing room was pushed open and his mom walked in, wearing a beautiful yellow hanbok, making you two pull apart. Both of you bowed to greet her and she nodded back. “We´re ready to leave when you are.” she said towards Jin and he nodded. “I´ll be right out.” he smiled at his mom and tried to play off his nervousness. “We´ll see you tonight, Y/N.” his mom adressed you and you smiled politely. “Have a great ceremony. I´ll congratulate Oppa and Unnie when you´re back.” 
His mom nodded at your answer and turned away towards the door. “I´ll wait outside.” she said and you were surprised that she didn´t drag Jin out of the room. You put your hand against his back and pushed him forwards gently. “Go. I´ll see you tonight. Have fun.” you said and he gave you an apologizing kiss before going after his mom. 
You spent the evening doing things you didn´t have the time to do usually. There must have been a few people who snuck photos and posted them online without anyone recognizing because you saw photos from the wedding online as you scrolled through social media. You were snuggled up on the couch, some random show running on tv while you were on your phone. A smile spread across your features as you saw Jin on the photos. He was really trying hard not to draw attention. He was nervously clasping his hands or standing in the back at a table greeting new comers. His tall and broad statue didn´t help his attempt not to draw attention. You would have some calming down to do when he came back from the wedding. 
It was late at night when you heared the lock of the door click announcing that they arrived. When someone walked ino the living room you expected it to be Jin but found his mom walking up to you. You stood up immediatly to welcome her and she sat down on the couch next to you. “Do you want to drink anything?” you asked politely but she just shook her head and patted the seat next to her. “Come on sit down. I need to tell you something.” she said and your eyes widened. What could be this important that she needed to talk to you at this time of day?
“I know I didn´t particularly welcome you to the family.” she said and you started an attempt at denying it but she stopped you with a hand gesture. “I gave you a hard time this whole time but..” she said and looked away from you,”as I heared how you talked to my son today while he was getting ready for the calmed him down, never said a bad thing about us even though it would´ve been your right - I cursed about my in laws whenever they were not around and I was alone with my husband - you´re always trying really hard to make him happy and you take care of him. He looked like a lost puppy at the wedding without you.” she said in one go, as if it cost her all her energy to say that. A big smile spread across your face. “I´m still unsure if you´re the right one for my son.” she said trying to hold up her pride,”but as long as he thinks you are, I´m going to be nice to you.” 
“Thank you. This means a lot to me.” you thanked her and before she could say anything footsteps got closer and Jin was standing in the room. “What means a lot?” he asked and a hint of horror passed the features of his mom, afraid you might tell him what his mom just did. “Nothing. She just brought some photos and food back for me from the wedding.” you lied and she exhaled in relief. “I´ll get going.” she said and got up. “Aren´t you staying the night? It´s late.” Jin said but she shook her head in denial. “No way.” she said and was her old self immediately which made you chuckle lightly.
He tried making you tell him what you really talked about but you just brushed it off everytime. He was lying in bed next to you with his arm wrapped around your shoulders and your head resting against the side of his chest. “I’m proud of you Jin.” you said into the dimm lit room and he placed a kiss on top of your head. “I’ve done nothing to be proud of. You’re the one pulling me through all of this.” he said and you rolled your eyes. He was the worst at accepting praise. You swung your leg over his hip to sit on top of him and smiled down at him. He looked surprised at your actions but very happy nonetheless. He rest his hands on your hips and let his fingers glide under your oversized shirt. His cold fingertips against your warm skin gave you goosebumps. “Did you miss me while I was gone?” he tried teasing you but you were feeling too confident to be teased by him. “Baby I know for a fact that you need me more than I need you right now.” you said sliding your hands down in between your legs to fumble with the waistband of his shorts. “All that built up tension...” you purred and stroked over his member,”has to go somewhere.” you teased him back and his eyes changed from bright and peacefull to dark and lustfilled in seconds. “I mean...” you said sliding your hands back up and under his shirt to pull it up. He lift his torso for you to pull his shirt over his head. You breath catched in your throat at seeing this beautifully built man laying in front of you in all his glory. The moonlight was shimmering on his toned skin and made him look extra delicious. “I saw the photos and you were looking really,...” you kept talking while tracing his lower abdomen with your fingertips while slowly grinding your hips against him,”really stressed out. Keeping all that stress can’t be healthy for you.”
He growled something under his breath as the friction of his shorts sent sensations to his brain that would push him over the edge shortly. “Babe..” he hissed as you picked up your pace and his grip got tigther on your hips. You lift your arms above your head signaling him to take off your shirt and he did that immediately with no hesitation whatsoever. He leaned up to take your bra off too and tossed it to the side before leaning in to place kisses on your chest. When he sucked and played with your nipple you let out a statisfied moan and you could feel him smile against your skin. He moved up to your throat and arrived at your ear with his wet kisses while he kneaded your breast with his hand firing himself up. You could feel him growing harder and harder underneath you. You were already dripping wet from all of the action and the fabric seperating you drove you crazy. He captured your lips with his and you grind harder against him to pull a deep moan out of him. “Take them off.” you said in between kisses and he did while you took your own panties off. You were about to climb back on top when he arched a brow and you smiled at him. “I’ll take care of you today.” you said and let you fingers tangle in his hair while climbing back onto his lap. You wrapped your hand around his leangth and stroked him a few times to get him fully ready. While you sat up to align him at your entrance, he cupped your face and kissed you passionately. As you pushed down on him he let out a low groan and burried his face in the crook of your neck. “Fuck me.” he cursed at the sensation of your walls clenching around him. “Shit...” he said breathlessly and you smiled enjoying your own high. You tucked at his roots while he streched you out real good. You bit yourself into his shoulder while trying to adjust to his girth. He started kissing your shoulder and neck softly when he realized that you were having a hard time adjusting. “’s been so long.” you moan in to his shoulder and the moan leaving your lips makes him want to pound into you until you’re left moaning his name. He’s been on tour before the wedding and when he came back he was so wrapped up in the wedding preperations that there was no room for you two to catch up. “I need to move.” you beg him after adjusting and realizing that he has a firm grip on your hips not allowing you to move even an inch. “If you answer my question.” he says suddenly out of the blue and you pull away to look at him. The tiny movement making you both wince in desire. “What? Ask me. Hurry.” you say impatiently and he smiles. “What did you talk about with my Mom?” he asks and your eyes almost fall out of your head.
“Jin!” you scold him while slapping his chest,”how can you ask me about your mom while your fucking dick is inside of me?!”
He laughes at your reaction and kiss your lips. “Major turn of.” you growl after he pulls away. “Tell me.”
“No!” you exclaim and try pushing off him because this is getting ridicilous. You manage to move a few inches and the friction blows both of your minds after not moving for such a long time. “I never thought soaking would be this pleasing.” he panted against your lips while both of you tried really hard not to move. “I know.” you breathed, the tiny argument from seconds ago long forgotten. “I don’t think I can handle you moving.” he moaned while holding onto your back and a devilish smile spread across your face. His hands were already trembling and he wasn’t holding on as hard as before so you could easily move up to let him slide out of you. Both of you moaned in unison at the feeling and you pushed back down immeaditely because the emptiness felt horrible. “Jin-...oh fuck.” you cursed, not able to form a logical sentence, while you kept grinding on him picking up your pace.
“You feel so good.” he praised you and slid his fingers between your folds and started circling your clit harshly to add to your pleasure. You took your lower lip in between your lips, closed your eyes and leaned your head back to enjoy the sensation of his fingers. “So beautiful.” he breathed and you clenched around him which made him moan out in pleasure. “Jin..” you tried to warn him that you were close but just couldn’t gather your thoughts. When he felt you getting closer he finally thrust his hips up to meet yours which made you cry out his name. “Right there, right there.” you moaned and he drowned it in a kiss. “I’m so-...” you pressed out and he nodded knowingly. “Cum for me baby.” he purred into your ears and nibbled at your earlobe before sucking at your sweetspot. That pushed you off the edge and you came moaning his name through the entire apartment. Your statisfaction made him follow close and your movement became sloppy while both of you rode out your highs.
You were back in cuddling position just without clothes this time and much much more statisfied and relaxed. Your eyes were closed because your eyelids were heavy and when something came to your mind you smiled to yourself. “Jin?” you whispered sounding very sleepy. “Hmm?” he stirred and you chuckled. “She thanked me for taking good care of you.” you said happily and snuggled closer to him. There was a long silence and you could practically hear his inappropriate joke coming. “If you make an inapropriate joke about me taking good care of your dick while I’m talking about what your mom said, your sleeping on the couch tonight. Try me.” you warned him and he chuckled nervously while pulling you closer. “You are taking good care of me.” he finally said and you rolled your eyes before both of you fell asleep happily.
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btssunnyboy · a year ago
— Infatuated Desires — Yandere! Actor Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
He was only supposed to play a psycho on a movie, what happens when he personally starts to develop the same intentions as his character?
Word Count - 5,063
Warning - Yandere behaviors, stalking, profanity, unwanted kiss on the forehead, murder, a picture of said body is shown to your character as well. Blood and gore.
BTS , NCT , ATEEZ , Reqest Open.
You’d think with the countless times Kim Taehyung has played a love interest, he’d be able to focus his emotions on one thing at a time. But obviously that statistic couldn’t be more wrong. He’s never truly felt that tug in his heart for someone, that little bit of excitement that should ignite within him whenever that someone is around. No matter how much he tries nothing, not a single spark, comes from his pity attempts at love. It was honestly embarrassing, seeing as the public eyes have noticed him with many potential people, but it always ends up in disaster as he somehow can’t figure out his feelings for them. Although it’s been over a few dozen tries, if it hasn’t worked out by now is it ever going to?
Rose, his manger, has done countless things to try and boost his “love” appeal, if you could even call it that. Despite his very open and caring characters on screen his true persona could not be more different. He’s very much a keep to himself type of person, making sure his voice is in the background of conversation, so that it doesn’t draw unnecessary attention towards him. Also making sure that each and every encounter is as simple as one, two, three. After all, why does he need a real life love interest so much, how could he ever benefit from that?
“Will you at least look over the script! For once it’s a thriller type of romance!” Rose tried to persuade her client to at least take a glimpse of the script. And she wasn’t wrong about it being a thriller type of romance, the only thing she left out was the fact it was a horror, thrill romance. But seeing the way that Taehyung could pull off a loving husband one minute into a mere hermit crab the next. His range is impeccable, he’d definitely be able to pull off the psycho that they need on the big screen. Once more Rose’s eyes settled on the uneasy man, as she tried to maneuver the thick script into his grasp. “I’m begging you to at least look at it.”
A heavy huff of air passed through his lips as he begrudgingly took the script. The name, Infatuated Desire, printed in bold lettering across the top of the page. From the title alone he could already piece together the type of movie this was going to be, and it certainly wasn’t anything he’s dabbled into before. A psycho fuckboy type of character who becomes obsessed with someone that was the apple of his eye all along. Taehyung cleared his throat loudly, as he spoke his question, “So basically I’d be playing a dumbass college boy who can’t keep it in pants because he wants someone to notice him?”
“I mean kinda, but he gets more evil and manipulative as the story goes on! He tricks the character, Rue, by acting like he doesn’t give too shits about her, but he does change in the middle of the movie!” Rose exclaimed as she tapped her fingers against her cheek. This could actually be a learning experience for him, seeing a new side of himself on screen might break him out of his secure shell. The shift of his eyebrow was making a pit form in the depths of her stomach, his quietness was a tell tale sign of his discomfort. And right now he doesn’t seem too happy with the events that are taking place. “Would showing you a picture of your co - star make things any better?”
Her question seemed to go in one ear and out the other. A bland expression stayed glued to his face, as his eyes raked over the words on the paper, then to meet Rose’s small stare. He rolled his eyes playfully as he gestured towards the gold phone laying a inch away from her. A small squeak of excitement exuded from her as she quickly typed away on the glass screen. Those long acrylic nails made a pleasant sound as they tapped a rhythm on the phone. A playful chuckle passed through his lips, and he started to joke, “Any day now.”
“This is the beautiful co-star named Y/n L/n! And I know she doesn’t look familiar because this is actually going to be her break up movie!” He tried to focus on the excitement that laced her voice, but he couldn’t. Surprisingly, right now the only thing he could focus on was you. Well, the picture of you that adored his agent’s phone. There wasn’t anything special or out of the ordinary about this picture, it was simply you in an old coffee shop, and yet you looked ethereal. The way the old lights made your eyes shimmer, and your dazzling smile made his heart fill with an unfamiliar type of emotions. For lack of better words, he was stunned by all the beauty that was taking place in this photo.
“Oh, I didn’t expect that.” His reply was quick, as he knew he was already taking too long to respond. But he can’t seem to string together a coherent sentence that truly captures the beauty within that small screen. Maybe working in a new role won’t be so bad, but he just hopes your personality is as nice as your looks. If they are then maybe, just maybe he’ll actually try to socialize a bit better with this co-star.
“See, I told you this would be a great deal! And I met her when I was picking up the script, and she's as sweet as they get! Maybe you two will become friends! So are you gonna do the movie?” Rose exclaimed as she clutched his hands excitedly, and watched as Taehyung’s face remained bland. A small groan of annoyance bubbled in her throat, as he stayed silent.
“And she is definitely going to be in the movie with me?” Taehyung questioned once more, as his free fingers delicately traced the spine of the script. Refusing to give Rose the victory of meeting her eyes, they stayed trained on that stupid script. But, nonetheless a special script that somehow brought someone like you into his life, and he was going to make sure to keep you in it.
“Absolutely, honey! Now it’s getting late, get some sleep and you two will officially meet tomorrow!” Rose gushed while packing her bag. A bright smile taking over her face, as she mentally got excited about the two of you meeting. She saw exactly how his eyes lit up when he first saw your picture, maybe you’re the key to help him over his shyness when he’s off camera. “I’ll see you tomorrow for rehearsal!”
Taehyung bid her a quick goodnight as he whipped out his phone. Typing in your username as fast as the speed of light, he needed to see your face again. The mere sight of it calming him down within an instant, and he cherished that feeling. Being so well known and having eyes constantly on you could be overwhelming sometimes. That smile on that cute face of yours was more than enough to set his mind at ease, and he just wishes that he could see it in person sooner than tomorrow. For the first time in a long time Taehyung was actually able to fall asleep with a peaceful image on his mind.
Rose immediately noticed the pep in Taehyung’s step the next morning. A smile that was brighter than his usual one, and she loved to see it. She loved seeing him genuinely happy for once, and right now she’d do anything to keep that smile on his face. A soft hand was rubbing comforting circles on his back when they first entered the table read. Everyone’s eyes snapped towards new entering people, bright smiles coming to their faces as they noticed a familiar set of people
“I’m so glad you were convinced to take the role, Mr. Kim! If you would please take a seat next to Ms. L/n and we’ll go over the plot and start shooting soon!” The director spoke happily as he gestured towards the open seat. Taehyung’s eyes fell onto the brown cushion that was placed within the seat itself. A little hesitation was noticeable in his walk. He didn’t want to overstep any boundaries by sitting too close or anything and the last thing he wanted to do was make you uncomfortable in any way.
“You can sit, I promise I don’t bite.” You teased light heartedly as you patted the seat next to you. A quirked eyebrow in his direction almost like a sign telling him to hurry it up. And his heart quickened in pace, he was terrified that his shirt was moving in the same rhythmic pattern. He didn’t want to appear weird if you noticed just how anxious he got from meeting you. Without wasting another second he hastily planted himself in the seat beside yours. “I’m, Y/n, but you probably knew that already! I’m really excited to work with you.”
Once more his heart started beating rapidly at the sound of your voice. It was like music to his ear, and he could listen to it on repeat for days. He thought of how sweet you seemed online, and how cute you were in your photos, but now he’s even more astonished about the beauty you hold in real life. Everything is enhanced, from the way your eyes are shining in the office light, to the small laugh lines you have surrounding your mouth. Oh, the list could go on and on, and he’d gladly sit down and list off everything he finds amazing about you. And it’s only been a few minutes. Soon he noticed your head tilt in worry at the fact he hasn’t spoken yet, and he mentally scolded himself for having the audacity to leave you with no response. “Oh, yeah! I’m quite excited to work with you as well. I hear this is your first first film, and I hope it launches your career.”
“Thank you so much, that truly means a lot coming from you.” You whispered, as you tried to shake his hand in a professional manner. And he felt his body shut down when your skin came into contact with his. The soft sensation paired with that honey voice was driving him crazy. Almost like it made him malfunction and it was starting to take a toll on him. Why were you so different, he’s had flings in the past, but right now he doesn’t want a fling. For some reason why he wants things to work, he wants this five second professional meeting to turn into a five year relationship. All of these thoughts were racing through his mind, and it was starting to worry him about how quickly he became attached. Usually it’s the other way around.
“I presume we’re okay with heading into shooting now?” The director questioned as he looked at yours and Taehyung’s agent. Seeing both of them shake their heads, the crew knew it was game time. They were ready to make this horror romance a hit on the big screen. “Let’s make some magic, shall we!”
Everyone scattered in the direction of the director. All of them panicking to get the extras into place, and make sure the two stars of the move are front and center. Your hastily steps were no match for Taehyung’s as he easily caught up with them. “I hope you don’t mind me tagging along. I just think it might be good to get some friendly conversation in before shooting.”
His voice was soft spoken, and that was one thing you liked about him. He never rushed his words or tried to make a big deal with his presence. Either you noticed him at that moment or he faded into the shadows, no in between. Before he got a chance to leave you jumped on the opportunity to bother him. “I don’t mind at all, in fact I think it would be best if we got to know each other.”
“Me too, if you don’t mind me asking why did you pick a movie like this for your start up career?” He inquired as he kept a small pace with you. As well as trying to keep a good distance between each other as well. Even though it might be a little hard considering the feelings that are taking over his body right now. The temptation to pull your body close, and feel those soft lips against his was growing. But you only just met, and somehow he feels like he’s known you a lifetime already.
“To be honest with you, my agent saw a horror type movie and just jumped on the deal without giving it much thought afterwards. He said something about showing everyone I can play a serious role right from the start, that's why they won’t see it coming if I’m doing something different.” You admitted, while fiddling with the sleeve of your shirt. His eyes never left your shy figure as you tried to avoid eye contact with him. But why were you trying to avoid it, he genuinely liked talking to you already, and the sound of your sweet voice was still like music to his ears. For some reason his mind latched onto the word he in your sentence, and it made a pit form in his stomach, and his hands clutched tightly together.
“Don’t be embarrassed by that, Rose, did the exact same thing and now look at me.” Taehyung tried a lame attempt at a joke, and shockingly you let out a little chuckle. Oh god, even you laugh was adorable. This was all new territory for Taehyung, usually he has to pretend to be interested in his co-stars, asking questions, and faking a shocked reaction. But you seem so genuine that faking anything is out of the question, he wants your everything. He wants to know what keeps you up at night, what’s your biggest fear, what’s your most devastating secret to this day.
“I just hope my career turns out as good as yours. You’re amazing, honestly.” You mused while giving him a small smile. Everything you’re doing is somehow making him fall deeper and deeper into your love spell. But truth be told, he doesn’t really mind. Without thinking he reached forwards and grasped your right hand, and didn’t break eye contact.
“I just know you’re going to be the most beautiful star, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.” His actions seemed innocent, like a friend that was trying to give a small pep talk to someone in need. But the way he was gripping your hand like his life depended on it, was a whole different story. A small jerk was delivered to his hand in an attempt to take away your hand, something about this interaction now, felt off. And you didn’t want to deal with that.
“Thank you, Taehyung, but we’re falling behind. We need to get situated for hair and makeup.” It was obvious that was an excuse to get away from his close behavior. His head tilted in confusion, why are you trying to get away from him? He’s trying to be vulnerable, he’s trying to show that he can be loving, goddamn it! With a slight nod of his head, you walked off in the direction of the makeup staff. If he doesn’t play his cards right then you might quit the movie before it’s even begun, and he definitely couldn’t have that. _______________________________________
Everything was fine at the start, like it was picture perfect. You as the bright eyes and bushy tail lead, paired with the ever soft, and shy co-star who looks like he wouldn’t hurt a fly. But obviously looks can be deceiving, because you never expected Kim Taehyung to act like this.
“Oh come on, Rue. He’s bad news I’m just trying to keep you from getting hurt.” Lucas, Taehyung's character tried to persuade your character into ditching a date last minute. His voice was stern as he followed along behind you, with his wide steps. A soft echo of his shoes hitting the pavement filled you ears.
“Oh, like you’re any better. You’re probably a walking STD, and besides at least Sam knows how to keep it in his pants.” You spat out harshly towards him, as you yanked your head in his direction. A small smirk came over his face, and the temptation to smack it right off was growing. With a few moments of silence you knew it was time to turn around and walk away, before you could even get a step away his large hand yanked forcefully at your forearm. “Lucas, let go. You’re hurting me.”
“Next time, princess, I’d think twice about mentioning another man's name when you’re in my presence. Now I strictly forbid that date to happen, and if you want to keep little Sam safe you better not go tonight.” Each word seemed like it was laced with pure venom. A sinister glint was sparkling in his eyes, and for some reason why you felt like this was much more than a character. This sensation felt too real for it to be a made up scenario. The way his hand was clutching your arm tight enough to leave bruises was worrying you, and he seemed genuinely upset about the fact you spoke another man's name.
“Lucas you’re scaring me, I mean it! Let me go and leave me the hell alone!” That was real panic laced in your voice as he got closer to your face. His warm breath lingering on the tip of your lips, and it was paralyzing you. The thought of him actually kissing you was sending you in a spiral. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.
“I mean it, Rue. I will kill him, mark my words. If I ever see you within ten feet of that guy, I just want you to know his blood will be on your hands.” He seethed as he forcibly shoved your body to the side. A scowl written across his face as his shoulder collided with you for the last time. The small action made sheet panic shoot through your body.
“Cut! That was amazing, you two, really nice work. We’ve got enough footage for today! Pack it up and head home.”
You bid everyone a small goodbye as you gathered up all your things. Making sure to examine them, just to be clear that everything is the way it’s supposed to be. It might seem weird, but you still can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. Like someone’s eyes are always watching your every move. It was traumatizing just to think about. Even right now it felt like a shadow was following you right for the perfect time to strike.
“Hey! It’s just me! Calm down.” Felix ushered as he retracted his hand from your shoulder. The look of terror that crossed your face made panic shoot through him. He didn’t mean to scare you at all, in fact he was just trying to be friendly and ask if you wanted to grab a bite to eat. “I’m so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I was just gonna ask if you wanted to go to dinner.”
A light laugh floated through the air, as you tried to regain your posture. You rubbed a hand over your face, and stared at your other co-star. “Of course, I would love to. And I’m really sorry about getting all jumpy, it’s just I keep feeling weird.”
“Do you wanna talk about it?” Felix asked with real concern as he started to take your bag. His eyes were trained on you as you started to speak. “Is this about Taehyung?”
At the mention of his name you felt eyes on you. The sinking feeling in your gut was growing, but you needed to get this off of your chest. “It’s just I know he’s playing the role in the movie, and I get that. His character is crazy, but it seems like he’s starting to act like it in real life.”
“Can I tell you something, but you have to promise to keep it to yourself.” Felix whispered as he placed his hand on your lower back, and tried to pull you a bit closer. Your head ducked down so both of your heads were positioned towards the ground. “I keep seeing him stalk your social media accounts on break, and every time you have a scene with another dude, he goes berserk. I heard him yelling at his agent about this too.”
The sudden pound of information made you stop dead in your tracks. You knew this wasn’t just a gut feeling, it was real. Those psychotic tendencies were starting to bleed into his real personality. If this keeps happening he might end up hurting someone, just like he does in the movie. Oh, god you never be able to live with yourself if you ever found out you’re the cause of someone’s demise. “Maybe we shouldn’t go to dinner together.”
“Y/n, I’m not scared of him if that’s what you’re worried about. I don’t care if he gets rough with me, because I really like you and I thought we could get to know each other better.” Felix relaxed his soft grip, and left his hand fall back to his side. A smile playing on his feature as he waited for you to give him a response.
“Are you sure about this?” You needed a real answer, because if anything does happen you’d never be able to live with yourself. Even if you did like Felix, Taehyung still made terror strike the the center of your heart. “I just don’t want you getting hurt.”
“You’re definitely worth the risk, Y/n.” Felix smiled as he gestured towards your hand. A small difference between him and Taehyung. On one hand Felix is soft, and gentle with his touches. Taehyung is forceful and a little bit rough. “So should we go?”
“Yes, lets go.”
That exchange of words was absolutely disgusting. How dare that asshole plant fear into your heart. Looking at a social media page is fine, and he was only talking to Rose because he was worried about the other actors. They seemed like they were the type to take advantage of a sweet new comer, and he could not let that happen. You were so pure, not yet corrupted by this stupid dog eat dog industry. He just wanted you to stay that way forever. Right now the only thing on his mind was getting rid of the impure person that was planting seeds of terror within you.
Taehyung watched like a hawk as you two walked to the little diner down the street. Hand intertwined with one another, and he fought the urge to get out of hiding and attack now. But his original plan was much better, the element of surprise would surely get his message across. A message that stated all he had to do was stay away and he wouldn’t be involved in this predicament. When he finally knew you two were in the confinements of the diner he raced off towards Felix’s house. As soon as he picked the lock he welcomed himself into someone else’s safe space.
It was at least an hour before he heard Felix unlock the door. Taehyung was so lucky he lived walking distance away so no car was in sight at all. He stood directly behind the front door, as he waited for the perfect time to strike. The moment he had a clear view of Felix’s head he smacked the blunt end of the hammer on it. Making sure to put enough force behind it to knock him out. And out like a light he went. Pretty soon Taehyung propped Felix up in a chair, and duct taped his hands and feet to the chair.
“Come on, pretty boy wake up.” Taehyung taunted as he smacked the hammer against the wooden table. A fearful jerk from Felix made his heart swell with joy. He should be scared, because he decided to mess with someone and make it seem like Taehyung was the bad guy. On the contrary he was the good guy in this game, he was getting rid of the people who were out to harm you. “I’m guessing you understand what you’re in this mess.”
“You’re a sick bastard.” Felix spat at Taehyung's face. As he tried to wiggle his arm free of the multiple layers of duct tape that were wrapped tightly around his arms and legs. Before he could even finish another sentence a harsh blow of the hammer collided with his left knee. Searing hot pain shot through his body, while he physically felt the bones in legs start to crumple. “Why...are you doing this.”
Taehyung wanted to laugh at the state of misery he had put Felix in. The way fresh tears were cascading down his cheeks every few seconds, and deep breaths he was taking to calm himself down was just adding to the thrill of it all. “You know, you were never on my list of people I hated for this movie, because you kept your distance from her. That’s all you had to do, but you just had to go off and tell her all about the shit you’ve supposedly seen me do. You shouldn't have tried to take her away from me.”
“She’s scared of y-you.” The victim stuttered as they tried yet again to wiggle themselves free. A dark look overcame Taehyung's face at the mention of you. “You’re psychotic, she’s scared you’re gonna hurt her.”
“That’s a lie! You’re lying!” Taehyung bellowed as he raised the hammer in a fit of anger, and smashed it down on Felix's skull. Taking the forked in and out with rapid motions. He was lying! You can’t be scared of him, you’re not supposed to be scared of the good guys! And Taehyung’s a good fucking guy! “She’s not, she’s not scared of me! I know it!”
He took a step back to get the full picture of his work. The gaping hole in the side of his head was slowly leaking blood, and it was staining his blond hair. Then his eye was falling right out of the socket. The nerve ending being the only thing to hold the eye in place. After a brutal beat down the enemy is gone, and now you’re officially free and safe! Right now the only sound in the entire house was the clicking of his camera, he was going to prove he had gotten rid of all the bad guys. “Oh she’s going to be thrilled tomorrow!”
Taehyung got to play the role of the grieving coworker once more. As they shared the heartbreaking news of the murder of Felix. For once he was fighting back a smile as he watched your body go numb. You were just in shock that the bad guy was finally away for good! Now was the perfect time to show you all of the evidence. His hand grasped yours, and yanked you into a nearby room. Your eyes widened in horror as you tried to fight back in his grasp, the last thing you wanted was those filthy hands to touch you.
“Please calm down! I’m not gonna hurt you, I just want to show you something!” Taehyung admitted as he struggled to pull up the picture on his phone. As soon as he did he placed the blinding screen in front of your eyes and forced you to look at the photo. The photo of Felix’s mangled body.
“What the hell is wrong with you!” Your words were muffled from his hand being placed around your mouth. Questions were racing through your mind, were you next, was the main one. Right now all you wanted to do was leave,run away, and never look back. “You sick freak! Let go of me! I’m calling the police!”
“Oh, dear. Good luck with that, haven’t you realized by now I’m a master of disguise! Besides do you really think they’re gonna believe you when you were the last one with him. You could have easily been in his house after you date.” Taehyung started as he held your body close, and let your head rest against his chest. Taking in the sweet scent of your shampoo. The lavender smell put him at ease.
“Taehyung! let me go!” You tried to thrash around once more. To no avail as he just tightened his grip around your body. Almost cutting off your air supply, but he soon pulled your body away from his. Cupping your face in his hands, as he wiped your cheeks softly. Making sure every last tear was gone from your perfect face.
“Don’t worry, baby! All the bad guys are gone, and if anyone else tries to get in my way, they’ll meet the same consequences.” He smiled as he placed a small kiss on your forehead. “And remember if you don’t want this to happen again you’ll stay by my side forever. Do you promise?”
With a shaky lip, you tried to muster up the courage to tell him off. Tell him he’s a psycho that deserves to rot in hell for crimes he’s committed. But right now he’s still a stronger competitor, and he’s right. Who would believe you over him. “I promise Taehyung.”
“Good, now that wasn't so hard was it! Keep this charade going, when we go back out there, if anybody asks you needed a shoulder to cry on. But if you mention this to anybody they will meet the same fate, sweetheart, and I love you so much.”
“I love you, Taehyung.” You sighed, because you had to play along. If you didn’t you knew someone else would meet the same grave that Felix did. As much as you hated this man, you needed it to seem like you were in love with him. Then when he least expects it you’re gonna make him pay for everything he’s done.
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ladyartemesia · 4 months ago
Well umm I saw your brother best friends fic rec post and I wanted to ask if u have any good recommendations for some taekook x reader fics or just taehyung fics inn general 💕btw love ur writing ( all I want for Christmas is you had me squealing💕🙈 )
Ah! I’m glad you liked my story! Sorry I don’t know many taekook x reader fics BUT—
I did a whole Taehyung Fic Rec List HERE.
Tumblr media
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jkeuphoriadreamland · a year ago
Forbidden Touch||KTH
Tumblr media
Pairing: Step!brother Taehyung x f reader Genre: Stepbrother!au, 21+ SMUT, one shot Warning: smut, taboo themes, degradation, name calling, daddy!kink, fingering, hair pulling, marking of the body, unprotected sex, cum pie, dom themes, sub themes, dirty talk, licking, daddy!kink, spanking with a belt, etc. If you are easily turned off or offended by such fics THIS IS NOT THE FIC FOR YOU! A/N: This goes out to my girl @kpopyandere​ for inspiring me with her dream. I hope I did it justice.
It was late and you couldn’t sleep, not with the incessant pounding of your head and the throbbing between your thighs. The headache was easy to deal with, just take a pill and boom, all better, but the other problem you knew could only be relieved by one person; one that was off-limits.
His father met your mother a year ago, and you didn’t know you were going to be getting a new brother until a few weeks before the wedding. And now in your bedroom alone, filled with the knowledge that Tae was just in the room across from your own, you become obsessed. 
You cringe internally knowing that your feelings were wrong. It was completely taboo to have this type of infatuation for a step-brother, but it was becoming overbearing. 
Sadly you were home from school, so you couldn’t just run away from this torment. You would give anything to go back to campus in order to be as far away as possible from the hot demon that lay only a few feet away from your room. The newlyweds were on their honeymoon, leaving you to hide in your room in order to avoid the man that tormented you since the day you met him. You knew there were attractive men in the world, but he took the cake.
“I will not have lustful thoughts. I will not have lustful thoughts.”
Your head pounded cruelly and you were beginning to think that the pain was associated with the deprivation your body was going through. Before your parents left, Tae made a display of rolling his tongue sensually on various occasions during dinner. You wanted to believe it was the dinner he was eating, but his eyes told another story. Your mother never saw it, and you swear you imagined the ghosting of fingers over your knees under the table.
Even when you all gathered to watch television, days before the wedding, he’d purposely sit by you and lift his arm up and over to your side. He didn’t quite hug you, but his proximity was enough to have you clenching your thighs. You knew he knew. The lopsided grin he held every time you flinched wasn’t hard to miss.
Silently you curse your newly married parents. Why did they leave you alone? Gripping at your head to stave the pain, you can’t take it any longer, getting up in search of pain medicine. 
You huff out upset that you would have to leave your room. You went to bed early for a reason, yet you could still hear him moving about. You open your door slowly, using every inch of your body to absorb the creaking sound it makes. Stepping out quietly, you look in all directions before heading to the restroom to find what you need. With quiet steps you arrive at your destination quickly grabbing the bottle of aspirin. A sigh of relief slips past your lips when you see no sign of him. Just as you’re about to enter your room, a huge smile plastered on your lips, a large hand grabs your wrist, pulling you back and against the wall.
“Why have you been hiding, _______?”
He smiles devilishly, so close your mouth, you can almost taste him. The grip on your wrist is firm as he holds it against the wall. If you really wanted to, you could run away, tell him to leave you alone and hide in your room, but you find you can’t. You’ve already been tortured enough, and knowing that he’s willing to be this daring has you falling to pieces.
“I--I  haven’t been hiding. I just..I didn’t feel well.” You shake the bottle of medicine, grateful that you came up with your lie so quickly. Tae’s eyes turn to your hand, and then back to you. He eyes you up and down, and you feel naked under his gaze. You really should have changed out of the large, white, worn out t-shirt you loved. It wasn’t something for others to see, but now he had, and when his gaze stops at your chest, you curse your erect nipples.
Your entire body was on fire, goosebumps spreading faster than the flames of an inferno. He could sense it, you knew he could. His eyes glanced up at you once more before dipping his mouth down, tenderly kissing at the naked flesh he was able to access.
You whimper and he chuckles, slowly kissing his way up the column of your neck to your ear. “You’ve never been able to hide your emotions, _____. Don’t be a liar. Only bad girls lie. Tell me the truth. Do you like my mouth on you?” Just the sound of his deep voice reverberating against your sensitive flesh has you dropping the medicine bottle in order to reach for the wall behind you. Your knees buckle slightly, and Tae gets closer, pressing himself into you.
“Do you need help, baby?”
You can’t look at him, this is wrong….so wrong. Yes, he wasn’t your real brother, but the bonds of marriage made you family, right? You can’t think straight, not when his other hand traps your wrists above your head while the other snakes its way up your thin shirt. 
“Tae...we shouldn’t...I-- I can’t...please….fuck.” His mouth over your nipple silences you, the hand hiding beneath the thin cloth of your tattered pajama inching its way to the band of your panties.  Your nipple clearly visible for his greedy eyes, the material soaked through with his saliva.
“My, my,’re even prettier than I thought. You know….I just couldn’t resist. I’ve liked you since the first moment I met you. I know you liked me too, right?”
Everything seems hazy, your focus completely on the agonizing way he slips his hand into your panties, easily cupping your heat. You clench your thighs in reaction, already beyond wrecked for him. He knew you wanted him, and now he would be able to feel the evidence of it.
“Is this all for me, baby? Fuck. You’re so wet. Were you thinking about me? How much have you always wanted this? Hmm? Tell me. Be a good girl, baby. Tell me.”
He growls against your neck, fingers slowly sliding back and forth between your folds while his mouth leaves your skin decorated in a sea of purple bruises. You hold back your cries, worried that someone will hear even though you’re both alone. You feel some guilt, but it’s being washed away quickly. When a finger penetrates your entrance, you can no longer hold it in, whining out desperately for his touch.
“That’s it. What a good fucking baby you are. So good for me. Mmmm, I could listen to you forever.”
When he lets go of your wrists, you wrap them around his neck, wantonly meeting his mouth for a searing kiss. His tongue invades your mouth, stealing your breath before you can even deny him. He adds another finger into your warmth, and you widen your stance, welcoming the feel of the stretch, moaning hopelessly into his mouth. You can feel your edge coming, his fingers drilling in and out of you in a perfect rhythm mercilessly tapping your clit with the palm of his hand.
Unable to hold the kiss, you pull back for air, gripping onto his large shoulders in a frenzy to come undone. He’s staring at you, as you whimper pathetically, head pressed against the wall, neck of full display.
“Look at you, so pretty. I made those. Remember that. Remember who can make you feel this good, _______.”  When he sees you hold your breath, just about to reach your high, he slides his fingers out of you, quickly turning you and pressing you against the wall.
“Tell me you want this, want more. Tell me you want me to fuck you, or I walk away and this never happened.”
Stripped from your orgasm, you try to process the one chance that he’s offering to end this sin, but you can’t.  “Fuck me, god...please fuck me, Tae. I need it.”
With a sinister smile, he comes close to your cheek kissing it reverently before he rips your panties off of your body. “As you wish.”  He presses your head forward, pulling your hips up, and spreading your legs wider. “So pretty, and all for me.” He swipes up your pussy once with two fingers and your legs shake at the sensitivity. In one swift move, he rips your favorite t-shirt up the back and it hangs loosely off your arms while you support yourself against the wall.
“You may have a new daddy, but I’m your daddy now.” He removes his belt, sliding it off with one hand before looping it. Undoing his zipper, he pulls out his length stroking it a few times before he speaks. “This is your last chance. Are you clean? I’m clean.”
He’s so close, you can feel him against your heat, poking at your entrance teasingly. You don’t even care what he’s saying, the only thought in your mind is of him being inside of you. “Yes, I’m clean. I’m on the pill. Just fuck me.”
Irritatingly smug, he smirks and doesn’t wait any longer, sliding right in, pushing his way fully to the hilt. One of his arms comes around to support you at the waist as he stops to give you time to adjust. “Tae,’s so big..”
You’re left breathless and even more so when he slides back slowly only to plunge himself back in. He builds up a stride, and you’re feeling elated, until a harsh smacking sound resonates through the room. You yelp in pain, when the realization of what he’s doing hits you. The leather of his belt delivers a painful bite, your skin immediately welting. 
“Ow..ugh..Tae what---”
Another hit lands near the flesh he has already punished, and you can feel the tears stinging at your eyes. “Please...I’m ….”
“This is for being such a dirty fucking girl. Look at you, fucking your brother. Bad, bad….girl. What would our parents think? Look at how you take my cock so well.”
On the fifth hit, your nails scratch the paint off the wall, your back arching fully against the pain. He hits several times, each hit punctuated with punishing words. Dirty girl. Filthy girl. Slut for her brother’s cock……
Throwing the belt to the ground, Tae wraps his hands over your hips and begins pounding into you without restraint. Reaching for your hair, he pulls up your body, pressing you against the wall once more, as your back arches into him. It hurts so good, and you can’t help but reach back to touch him, feel for him…
“Tae, I need you…” He hears you easily, dipping his head forward to kiss you sensually. An arm wrapped around your waist, he continues to hammer into you, the sound of skin slapping against skin bouncing off the walls. He’s getting close, the clenching of your walls easily bringing him to his end.
“Such a tight pussy, so good. Fucking squeeze me, baby. I wanna fill this pretty pussy up with all my cum.” He doesn’t stop rolling his hips, aroused even further by your cries.
“Yes, please cum in me. I’m such a dirty girl...please..”
Your words are his undoing, he feels his stomach tighten, the telltale sign that he’s already there. His breath quickens, the coil ready to burst at any moment. When he hears you beg for his cum, he swears out, growling low as he releases himself inside of you. His hand reaches around to your clit, knowing that you were already on edge before he turned you into his dirty slut. Your high hits you fast, and you squeeze against him, hearing him whimper for the first time against your neck. 
“’re so perfect.” He holds you close, using the wall to support both of your bodies. You’re both left panting, unable to recover. Slowly he steps away, sliding out of you carefully. He turns you around and kisses you hungrily, a hand cupping your heat once again.
“I want you to keep this inside of you all night. I want it to remind you of how dirty you are. I want you to remember how you begged for my cock to fill this tight little cunt. You wouldn’t want to anger daddy, would you?”
You shake your head no, unsure what he would do if you disobeyed. “Good girl.” He kisses you on the lips tenderly, picking up your tattered clothing to hand it to you. Getting on his knees, he spreads your legs open, licking a stripe up your cunt, and then closing them quickly.
“Goodnight, ____.” He eyes you seductively making you feel ashamed. You turn to enter your room, clenching you walls with everything you have in order not to spill his seed. It’s hard to keep it all in considering he just licked at it and spilled so much of it inside of you. You waddle to your dresser finding a new pair of underwear and another shirt. Slipping them on you’re careful not to touch the skin that he marred with his blows. Crawling onto your bed, you sigh blissfully. Wrapping the blanket over your figure, you cross your legs and hope that nothing slips out, or maybe you do.
“How upset could he get?”  Flat on your bed, you open your legs wide, sliding your fingers down over your body. Just when you’re about to use his cum to get yourself off, you hear a knock on your door.
“You’d better behave in there, baby. I know what you’re thinking.” The tone of his voice has you pulling your hands back, closing your thighs together quickly. What had you gotten yourself into?
↳ All works are ©️ jkeuphoriadreamland Do not upload, copy, translate, steal any of my works.
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n3onguts · a month ago
goodbye, dignity. | kim taehyung and min yoongi
Tumblr media
summary — there are rules to follow when you’re having casual sex, but it seems you plan on breaking all of them.
pairing — kim taehyung x f!reader; min yoongi x f!reader
genre&tags — college au, fwb au, angst!!!, bts are frat bros, y/n is emotionally-guarded (i think she’s a bad bitch, but others might call her cold), taehyung’s in denial because of course he is, yoongi’s dressed as killua from hxh so naturally he’s an agent of chaos even if he doesn’t mean to be, and also everybody’s sex-positive! yay! but terrified of commitment whoops
warning(s) — 18+, implied smut, heavy alcohol consumption (please be aware of your tolerance, guys!! always drink responsibly)
w.c. — almost 5k
a/n — if u want ur friends w/ benefits situation to work, absolutely do not do what these people do. i might make this a series if enough ppl want but for now the ending is what it is! also i keep finding myself writing more and more bts-related fics but what can we do, the muse works in ~mysterious~ ways 🤷🏻‍♀️ love u very much, enjoy as always and leave feedback in the replies
They say it takes an average of 2 months to form a habit — 66 days, to be exact.
When you think about your routine, think about the trivial things you fill your days with, the actions that become automatic after so much repetition and next steps that seem natural because you’ve done them before, you realize that, without you even noticing, Taehyung’s slot himself into it with relative ease.
You don’t have an exact answer for the when of it all, or the how, but you know he has, because when he texts you to ‘come over’ at 11:21 P.M., you don’t question it. You just think, might as well get this over with, the way you would for a morning class or a vaccination or a vodka shot. And you go over. And it’s always the same.
You’ll knock on his door, and when it opens, Taehyung’ll greet you with his warm, airy mouth clamping down on your impatient lips: no warning, no nothing. And once you’re tangled with him, clothes falling to the floor and limbs intertwining, the rest of it proceeds in chaotic order. Sometimes you’ll ride him like a demon, and sometimes he’ll drill into you like it’s his first time ever experiencing the miracle that is the female vagina. Normally, sheets will get pulled, but occasionally hair or muscles too. There’s also never any musical accompaniment to set the mood, just ragged breaths and the sound of wet skin slapping.
And when you two finish, you’ll crack a joke — something stupid and corny like, “Do you validate parking?” or “So… Do I just go out the same way I came in?” — and he’ll offer an obligatory laugh. You’ll stumble back into your jeans before daylight breaks and head out with such haste Taehyung sometimes wonders if you’re a mere figment of his imagination.
You like it this way. You get to brush over the niceties, ignore all the pleasantries, and never care if you look ugly or awkward or like someone who hasn’t showered in 3 days (hey, man, college is tough, no judgment), because Taehyung doesn’t mind, he just needs a body to cram and you need one to consume, so everybody wins.
Every now and again, he’ll do something off — kiss you like you’re a China plate or ask a too-personal question or suggest you stay even when he’s been ticked off your to-do list — but these are usually anomalies, outliers that you make clear to him are not things you’re interested in keeping a part of your routine.
There aren’t really any rules to this thing you two have, whatever it may be, but it’s never been necessary, because the singular condition for your relationship, saturating your every move, has always been definite for both parties: don’t take this seriously.
Thank God that it’s Taehyung whose dick you’ve been noncommittally bouncing on, since he’s probably the most easygoing man you’ve ever met. Where others might fall in love or get you to fall for them, he’s able to perfectly skirt the line between interested and detached.
It’s only an added bonus that he’s pretty, the kind of pretty that almost seems mundane after so much exposure and then boom one day it just hits you all over again.
Besides his address, his contact number, and the fact that he’s easygoing and pretty, you don’t know much else about him. And you’d prefer it to stay that way.
Oh, sure, you might catch glimpses of the personality behind the fine wall of meat, might form an impression from certain quirks he has (like the ‘emergency drawer’ filled only with apple-flavored juiceboxes and condoms, or the Squirtle plushie that sits in his gaming chair), but you never go past that. You wouldn’t allow yourself to. You’re not bothered by what he does outside the confines of your relationship, the vicinity of his room. If you were, an idea would start to form about what kind of person he was, and that would inevitably make you curious, and inevitably force you to investigate, and inevitably lead to a crush, and inevitably end with the shattering of your heart. It’s the natural progression of things.
So once or twice (or thrice, if you’re feeling extra frisky) a week, you set aside an hour from your day to ruin his bed and maybe your panties.
Like how you’ve just done moments ago.
You’re sitting at the foot of his bed, pulling your socks back on when he quips from behind you, “I should start charging you for all the laundry I end up having to do after your visits over here.”
“Oh, yeah?” You turn around to look at him, an absentminded smile tugging at your lips. “Well, I seem to lose a lot of lingerie whenever I visit, so either I can’t keep track of my own underwear or you're building a collection.”
He vibrates when he laughs, like he can’t contain all the happiness he has in his body. He raises his hands in surrender, “I plead the fifth.”
You hop off the bed, set to leave. Your hands are already on the doorknob when he clears his throat, preparing to speak.
“What’re your plans tomorrow?”
You feel yourself growing antsy. “Not sure. Why?”
“Well, the frat’s throwing a Halloween mixer tomorrow.”
“Oh. Cool.”
“Joon put Jin and Hobi in charge of party-planning and they’re going all out. Jin’s hyped up on making all these themed drinks — I’m like 90% sure the one he calls ‘Paranormal Slime’ is literally a mix of plain Jell-O and 150-proof absinthe — and Hobi’s just happy he has an excuse to go ham at the craft store.”
“I’m familiar with the two.”
“Right. Yeah. So…”
You tilt your head. “So…”
“You should come by. It’ll be fun.”
He says it like it’s a casual invite, like he couldn’t care less whether you go or not, like it’s something he just thought of, like hey, why not, right? But you know better, know when people say something but mean something else, can tell the difference between actual apathy and practiced nonchalance.
The air in the room shifts. He’s banking on your answer. You suddenly become very aware of how his waiting gaze chains you to the ground.
When you sigh, his mask slips into disappointment — but only momentarily.
There are certain things you just don’t do when you’re having sex casually, and one of them is put in effort to see your fuckbuddy outside of the bedroom. Going out of one’s way to do anything implies care. And care, of course, implies romantic interest. And, as everyone knows, romantic interest spells out the end of casual sex. Once you leave the threshold of your little universe together, reality becomes unavoidable — it rams into you like a train.
But when you look at him, eyes betraying his feigned disinterest by practically oozing out hope, you can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t.
So you say yes. “Okay. I’ll go.”
His face contorts when he tries to tamp down his grin. You want to laugh at how smug he looks.
“Awesome. I’ll see you at 9 tomorrow, then? In costume?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Think I might go as the Joker. How about you?”
You shoot him a smirk, “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, huh?”
Tumblr media
It’s almost 10 P.M. and you’re still not here.
Taehyung refuses to admit that he’s been counting down the minutes until you arrive — not to Jimin (who offered him a sympathetic shake of his head and a Smirnoff shot at 9:30 when Taehyung asked if he had seen you around), and definitely not to himself.
He keeps catching himself searching each room he finds himself in, wading through seas of sweaty bodies and scanning faces cast in harsh neon lighting. For what? Taehyung hasn’t figured that out yet.
He’s on his fourth lap of the entire party when Jin thrusts a foreign red concoction into his hand. Taehyung gladly accepts (anything to dull the low thrum of disappointment boiling in his belly). ‘Drink’, he thinks Jin mouths — it’s hard to hear over the booming of whatever early-2000s club track Jungkook’s queued up — so he does. Shuts his eyes and downs it in one go like a goddamned macho would.
A pretty girl saddles up to him immediately after, and it makes sense. Alcohol and women go hand-in-hand for him. She’s decent-looking, not out-of-this-world, not you, but good enough for the night.
The girl (she introduced herself but Taehyung didn’t bother to listen) seems to know this dance well. She makes herself small — giggles at his jokes, leaves light touches in the right places, tucks her hair behind her ears all timid-like — so Taehyung can play predator. If he told her he’d fuck her right then and there, in this dark corner at some college party, he’s certain she’d comply, certain she’d give her all to him without a challenge.
You’re nothing like this girl, he thinks, because all you know how to do is take.
His timing’s terrible though, maybe the work of some gods above who are conspiring against him, because when he leans over the girl’s shoulder to whisper in her ear that his room’s right upstairs, he sees you. And when he does, his scope of the party instantly shrinks, blares red with alarm signals as it zones in on you and only you.
Looking unfairly like an angel.
A literal one, because that’s what you’re dressed as.
It’s a scene straight out of a movie: you, staring back at him from across the room. Mini white dress and little, long legs. The angel wings you're wearing make you glow, like there’s a permanent spotlight looming over you.
He half-expects you to amble over, but you don’t. Send a supportive thumbs-up is what you do instead.
Confusion must be plastered all over his face because you answer by gesturing towards the girl currently attached to his side (and who he almost forgot about). There’s a knowing smile on your lips.
In an alternate universe, maybe you would’ve cared enough to break the two apart. If you were a more fragile girl, someone a little looser with her heart, and Taehyung was the fuckboy you turned soft, then perhaps things might be different. Perhaps you’d cause a scene, flee crying and he’d have to run after you, give a whole monologue about what an asshole he is and what a mistake it was, that sort of thing. But you don’t break that easily and Taehyung’s no villain you’re meant to redeem — just a guy who likes pussy.
The girl keeps trying to climb him like he’s a set of monkey bars, and it’s starting to annoy him. It shouldn’t though, because she hasn’t really done anything, except not be you, which she can’t be blamed for.
The truth is: he’s happy you’re here. Glad that you showed up, kept your vow to, because, well, that’s gotta mean something, right?
And, yeah, he’s not surprised at how lax you were about seeing him with some random chick. That’s just the way you are. Ironclad with your words when you say no-strings-attached. Cheering him on like you’re his wingman and not covered in his hickeys under your clothes.
But he is disappointed. Just a little. Mostly with himself, though. Because even though you didn’t care, and even if there was no rational reason for him to, he still did. Still felt guilty when you saw him with her. Still wanted to regurgitate an instinctive ‘sorry’ and make you promises of monogamy he can’t keep.
He doesn’t know why.
Taehyung shakes his head in hopes that all these you-related thoughts might fly out as he does. It would do him good to declutter. Lord knows he’s been trying to rid his brain of you for a while now.
He looks back at the girl in his arms. She’s pouting, peeved that he hasn’t been awarding her the attention she so rightfully deserves.
She’s actually very pretty, he realizes, in a way that’s very clean and constructed. He’s had one-night stands with lots of girls less glossy and put-together than her.
He shouts over the music, “What’s your name again?”
“Sana!” She shouts back.
On the other side of the room, you melt into the crowd, back turned as you glide through it. He watches your wings disappear under the hallway arch and into the distance. He commands his feet, ‘stay’, but they follow you anyway.
“Um— Fuck— I have to— I need to—”
Taehyung pushes a bewildered Sana off. He’s at least nice enough to look sheepish. “I’m really sorry.” He gets out as he rushes away.
He bowls through masses, looking for you. A repeat of earlier, but now with intent. He spends hours entering dark rooms and exiting them, again and again and again until the party’s worn out.
At 2 A.M., once all the people have dissipated, he bumps into a tipsy Jimin stacking empty solo cups in the kitchen and asks once more if he spotted your angel wings at all throughout the night, only to be met with the same pitiful response Taehyung got at the start of it.
Where could you have gone?
Tumblr media
You’ve never been a fan of parties.
It’s not because you hate drinking — far from it. When the guy upstairs gives you a stomach made of steel and an appetite for anarchy, it makes it hard for you not to be a goddamned champion at it. You’re always first to win a drinking game and last to fall victim to the night when you go out clubbing.
And it’s also not because you haven’t been to any, because you’ve gone to your fair share since your freshman year. But it’s always the same ugly tableau. Humid rooms packed with raucous people. Dried vomit crystallizing on grimy bathroom floors. Boys getting sloppy-drunk and girls blacking out. You’re not one to judge, but it’s depressing to look at with near-sober eyes.
After a while, it gets monotonous. So you just stopped going completely, declining any and all invitations that came your way.
Up until last night, when Taehyung asked you to come and you agreed.
What the fuck possessed you to do that?
You were immediately greeted with a Dixie cup of green jelly (must be that ‘Paranormal Slime’ Taehyung told you about) from Jin — dressed like the Cheshire Cat, smile and all — upon entry.
“Haven’t seen you at one of these in a hot minute.” He comments as you accept the brew. He doesn’t appear to be wasted: trust Jin to be in charge of getting everyone plastered but not get plastered himself.
You give him a nonchalant shrug, “Not my thing. You know that.”
“I do.” Jin nods. He’s a year above you, a drama major — fitting, since he subsists on attention. He’s also the de facto host of the school’s podcasting show, originally supposed to be about school-related news but which he’s since revamped as him talking about whatever he damn well pleases for an hour every week. It does pretty well, and that’s how you met him as a freshman, when you signed up to be his sound mixer after his first one quit. “What brought you here then?”
“Nothing, really.” Your eyes flit around the room and Jin can already tell what you’re gearing up to ask. “Seen Tae around?” It comes out more eager than you meant it to.
“Uh…” Half the frat has already caught you barreling out of Taehyung’s room, still slipping on your shirt, so you know they all know, but Jin’s face grimaces like it hurts him to answer. “Think I spotted him in the living room.”
“Cool. Thanks.”
You brush past him, ready to be enveloped by the swarm of drunks littered near the entryway, but before you are, you feel Jin’s hand stop you in your tracks.
When you turn, he looks a little too nice, like a nurse readying to deliver a diagnosis. “He’s… preoccupied right now.”
You know what ‘preoccupied’ is code for: he’s with another girl.
“Ah. Right.” Your voice sounds hollow to your own ears, “Good for him.”
Jin doesn’t look convinced. “If it’s any consolation, he was looking for you earlier.”
“Seems like he found someone else, though.”
The laugh which comes out of you sounds bitter and fake, and you start to despise Taehyung for resigning you to this role — the girl who doesn’t know any better, the one who people feel bad for.
“Ew. Don’t give me that face.” You scrunch your nose. “Makes me feel ill.”
“I’m not making a face?”
“You are. You’re making a face like you want to say sorry.”
“And I swear to God, if you do, I’ll punch you.” You raise a balled-up fist to show him you mean business.
Jin tries for a smile, but it still has ‘apologetic’ written all over it. You’re now determined to get the fuck away from this guy.
“You’re cramping up my style.” You roll your eyes. “I’m going.”
You walk with purpose, but without an end destination. The crowd sticks together like honey, elbows and lips brushing against one another’s, so it takes lots of pushing and excuse me’s just to get to the next room.
It’s more of the same when you arrive: people chugging kegs-on-kegs-on-kegs and sucking face as if it’s a goddamned competition. The music is deafening, thumping like blood through the walls and floors. You spot a few people you recognize, but they’re too far gone to notice you.
And then you see him. Taehyung.
He’s in his Joker get-up, like he said he would be, and he looks distressingly handsome. Could-ruin-your-life-and-you’d-let-him handsome. He’s also with a girl, and she’s the kind of cute you could never be — shiny and basking in it. Stationed in his arms like that’s where she’s meant to be, and you wonder if you’ve ever looked like that next to him. Probably not.
It’s not that you’re jealous, because you’re not. You’re not miserable, and you don’t feel like sulking away. It’s just weird to see someone else wrapped around him the way you’re used to doing. Cements the fact that you’re not his one and only — not that you ever thought you were, but now you’ve been confronted with undeniable proof.
Thing is: you haven’t slept with anyone else besides him in two months. You dropped all your other options, and he climbed from his number 3 position on your list up to number 1. Not out of love, but out of convenience. He fucks you best and he’s the easiest to deal with — ready on demand to satisfy your needs.
So this is good, you think, makes it easier in the long run. It gives you the green light; you put all your eggs into one basket and now this is the go-ahead to get back to your old ways.
But your insides still feel odd and now you also feel out of place. There’s no reason for you to be here.
Taehyung’s noticed your presence and you’re having a hard time deciphering his reaction — across the room, in the shadows, you can almost make out a frown on his mouth. He probably didn’t expect you to come. Maybe you misread him last night and he really was just extending an invitation out of courtesy.
Either way, you know when you’re no longer needed. So you force your lips to quirk up and hope it passes for a smile.
Right about now is when you could use a smoke. From inside the house, the backyard looks promising, wide and lush and undisturbed by sloshed college students.
You’re ready to bail, but you hesitate before you do, pausing to take Taehyung and the girl in one last time. He’s still watching you with that nauseous expression on his face.
They look good together, you decide, picturesque.
Tumblr media
It must’ve rained sometime during the night, because the air outside is fresh and cold —the result of nature's best cleansing agent, water.
The noise from inside is contained once you shut the porch door, and when you survey your surroundings, it seems like a place far removed from the one you’ve just left. Quiet, empty, still. Whatever knot was coiling in your belly disentangles itself when you breathe in.
“Am I dying?” A deep voice interrupts your meditative state.
There’s a boy sitting on the dark wooden steps. Yoongi. A glass of whiskey sits idle in his hands. He’s peering at you like you’re an illusion.
“Aren’t you an angel?” He nods towards your wings. “Is it finally my time? Have you come to collect me?”
You snort. “Not sure you belong in Heaven, bud.”
He makes a face like you’ve stung him, but you both know it’s just for show. You're not particularly close to Yoongi: he's a year older, a senior like Jin. You know he’s Taehyung’s frat brother, have spotted him — at night, on your way out — in the kitchen making coffees, and you know he’s a music major (hence the late-night caffeine boosts), but that’s the extent of it. Regardless, you decide then and there that you don’t hate his company.
Crossing the porch, you claim the seat next to him.
“Careful.” He warns. “The wood’s wet.”
You shrug. “S’okay.”
Neither of you have much to say to each other, but the silence isn’t awful — quite comforting, actually. A reprieve from the emotional hellscape you were just in.
You take out a smoke hidden inside your bralette and fish around for a lighter but find none. “Aw, shit.” You mumble to yourself.
“Forgot my lighter at home.”
Yoongi reaches into his back pocket and presents you with one, “Use mine.”
You accept gratefully, flicking the switch a few times to light your cig until you hear the satisfying hiss of burning ember. The red glow at the end of the stick shines bright when you take a drag, but dies out once you exhale.
Beside you, he’s staring at his drink, swirling the liquid inside the glass absentmindedly.
“Taehyung’s inside, I think.”
You sigh. You’re beginning to hate the association.
“I know. He’s busy, though.”
He doesn’t need you to expound. Yoongi hums in acknowledgment — so it’s clear he knows what ‘busy’ translates to — but he doesn’t offer you any sympathy, and for that, you’re thankful.
You take a good, long look at him. Messy silver hair. Loose white tee over a navy blue turtleneck. Plum-colored basketball shorts. “Who’re you supposed to be?”
He gives you a wicked grin, “You know Killua?”
“From HunterxHunter? Love that show.”
“Exactly. My hair was already dyed platinum so I realized this was the natural next step.”
“Huh. That’s pretty ingenious.”
“Well, that is what they call me — ingenious Min.”
You roll your eyes, but you’re smiling. He parts his mouth open to take a swig from his drink — unfurls his jaw like he wants the liquor to coat the entire surface of his tongue — and after he swallows, he licks his lips as though he’s trying to savour every last drop.
“Needed a breather?” He nods his head towards the bumping party inside the house, muffled by the walls.
You take another long drag before you respond, “Yeah. Not really a fan of parties in the first place.”
“I get that.” And you can sense that he really does, that you and him are alike in that way. “So why’d you come then? I mean— I live here so I don’t really have a choice, but you on the other hand…”
There’s something frigid and expectant about the look you give him, and he instantly understands.
“Oh. ‘Cause of him.”
It disgusts you to hear it out loud. “Ugh. Don’t say it like that. I sound desperate. Like I’m in love with him.”
He tilts his head, “I know you aren’t, but that’s the truth, isn’t it? He invited you and you’re here.”
“You’re making it a bigger deal than it is. He and I— We’re barely friends. Acquaintances, at best.”
“...Who fuck.” Yoongi deadpans.
You groan, put your head between your knees like you’re going to be sick. “Can we talk about something else?”
“No.” There’s a gentle knock on your shoulder. “You sure you don’t like him?”
His next words slide out of him with ease: “Good. ‘Cause my room’s just upstairs.”
You release yourself from your own hold, mouth agape in disbelief at the man sitting on your right. His composure remains the same — no shift in his expression to indicate that he just prompted you to fuck.
You stomp out your cigarette on the porch. “Are you serious?”
“But what about like — Jesus, I don’t know — bro code? Isn’t that a thing?”
He hums thoughtfully. “Are you his girlfriend?”
“No.” It makes you wince when you say it.
Yoongi raises his eyebrows like he’s made his case. You came outside for peace of mind and, in the blink of an eye, you’re being propositioned.
You're incredulous. “I can’t believe this.”
The image of Taehyung and that girl flashes in your head. He got with someone else, so what’s stopping you? There’s an intimidatingly pretty boy beside you and he’s straightforward and confrontational just the way you like it and he’s telling you he wants to sleep with you, so what’s stopping you?
“Believe it, woman.”
“You’re ridiculous. I don’t even know you.”
“You don’t need to know someone to have sex with them. You just need to think they’re hot.”
You almost want to laugh. “And you think I’m hot?”
“Well, I’ve been trying to hide a semi since you came out here and sat beside me.”
“Tempting. And you think I think you’re hot?”
“I don’t know. Do you?” His grin is an open invitation, and when you remain quiet, he already knows that you’ve accepted.
Tumblr media
Yoongi tastes like whiskey and black coffee. He doesn’t rush, doesn’t hurry, is agonizingly slow just to torture you. He maps out your body with his mouth, leaves a burning trail wherever he goes.
You question your impulses when you see him deposit himself between your legs. You can rationalize this decision all you want — try to remain steadfast in your reckless selfishness, argue that you don’t belong to Taehyung and never have — but you know this can only end badly.
“Still thinking about him, huh?” Yoongi quips from below. The stream of moonlight from his window makes the sweat on his forehead glisten.
Too late, you realize, there’s no going back. He dives his tongue into you like it’s a promise, “Don’t worry. I’ll help you forget.”
Tumblr media
Yoongi’s knocked out cold next to you when you wake up the following morning. The sunlight is blinding and you’re sore all over. There’s a bad taste in your mouth, like your spit has dried. When you started sleeping with Taehyung, you made it a rule never to spend a night at the frat.
You’re more careless now.
You slip on your dress — wrinkled after being bundled up and haphazardly thrown onto Yoongi’s floor — and grab your wings from his desk. As quietly as you can, not wanting to disturb his rest, you tiptoe out of the boy’s room, ready to leave.
When you turn to head for the stairs, you bump into Taehyung. He has a towel slung over his bare shoulder.
He rubs the exhaustion out of his eyes and blinks like he can’t believe it’s you. His brows furrow, “Y/N?”
“Hi.” You whisper breathlessly, hand rushing to pat down your matty hair.
“Where’d you go? I was looking for you last night.”
He scans your appearance just as your eyes instinctively dart towards the door you just closed.
“Why were you in—” Taehyung’s face turns blank. His voice suddenly sounds far away. “Oh.”
“Um. Yeah.” You’re in desperate need for a shower right now. “Look, I— I have to go.”
You reach to press a swift kiss on his cheek. The softness of your lips leave a ghost of feeling on his skin, but it’s fleeting. He’s become unresponsive. “I’ll see you around, yeah?”
You don’t wait for a response.
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alpacaparkaseok · 9 months ago
Happy Holidays - BTS Style
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
8. “Is this cliche? It feels cliche.”
20. “Merry Christmas, bub.”
Pairing: Taehyung x reader
Your main concern about Taehyung wanting to go ice skating on Christmas Eve was that there would be crowds of people and you wouldn’t be able to get more than two seconds of peace. 
Looking back, you realize that you should have been more concerned for his tailbone. 
Skating over to where he lays sprawled out in the middle of the empty rink, you stifle a laugh as he stares up at the ceiling with veiled anger. 
“How’s it going down there?” You ask, coming to a stop beside him. He just grumbles something under his breath about being sick and tired of falling. Assessing the situation, you decide it might be best if you both take a break. 
Slowly kneeling down on the cold ice, you shiver as you lay down beside your boyfriend of nearly a year. Without even questioning your actions he extends him arm so you can rest your head on it. 
Taehyung is wearing his black rimmed glasses, and he looks rather striking wearing the hand-knitted scarf you labored over for nearly three months. You were planning on giving it to him tomorrow, but when he mentioned you’d be going ice skating you figured that now would be as good a time as any. 
He put up a fuss about you giving him such a thoughtful and beautiful gift, but you just rolled your eyes as you told him that it was nothing compared to the fact that he literally rented out an entire ice skating rink on one of the busiest nights of the year. 
“You know, I technically didn’t rent it out,” Tae mumbles under his breath, apparently reading your thoughts. “I just convinced them to stay open for a couple more hours.”
True enough, you suppose. The owner of the small rink on the eastern end of Seoul was all too happy to stay open a little longer for someone of such high status as Taehyung. The only thing Tae had to do was take a few photos to post onto Twitter and this place will most likely be booming year round from now on. 
“Alright,” you whisper. “You win.”
Turning to look at you with an adoring expression, Taehyung smiles. “Oh, I know.” He presses a sweet kiss to your temple before sitting up. “Have I mentioned how much I love my scarf?” 
You laugh, adjusting it for him. “Yes, about ten thousand times.” You frown, picking at a fray in the yarn. “Is this cliche? It feels cliche.”
Taehyung chuckles, gently removing your hands from the scarf and getting up onto his knees with no small amount of effort. “Yes, but in the best way. C’mon, let’s go for another spin.”
Getting up to your feet, you slide over to Taehyung and help him up. He nearly knocks the both of you over in his attempt to straighten up, filling the ice skating rink with your shrieks of laughter as another Christmas song starts to play over the speakers. 
Checking the clock on the wall, Taehyung gasps. “It’s almost Christmas!”
You lead him over to the wall, making sure he has a firm grip on the edge before he tries to edge forward. “Wow, already Christmas again.”
“This is by far the best one, though.”
Taehyung’s words take you off guard, and you shoot him a quizzical look. “Why’s that?”
He flails his arms as he tries to get you to come back over to him. When you finally arrive safely before him, he looks at you seriously for a moment. 
“I probably shouldn’t say it. You don’t like cliche things.”
You gasp, pushing his shoulder and quickly grabbing him before he can fall down again. “I didn’t say that I didn’t like them! Spit it out, Kim Taehyung.”
He laughs, pulling you closer to him even as he begins to skate backwards from the move. His eyes grow wide as he realizes what’s happening and his grip on your hands tightens. 
He keeps moving slowly backwards, too afraid to try to stop for fear of falling and simply pulls you along with him. Maybe it’s the way you’re smiling at him or the setting of the decorated ice rink that finally gives him the courage to say it. Maybe it’s the song playing or the fact that in just a couple of minutes it’ll officially be Christmas. He’s not quite sure, but all he really needs to know is that he finally feels like it’s the right time. 
“Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is always great. I love it. But this year, it’s different. This year, everything seems brighter...more distinct. It’s Christmas, and I’m in love. I can’t help thinking that it doesn’t get much better than this.”
Even though you’ve known for a while now that this relationship was heading in the direction of love it still comes as a shock, hearing it for the first time. Although you’ve been together for almost a year, if you count the time you’ve actually been able to spend together outside of your crazy schedules and traveling, you’ve really only been together for a few months. 
And he loves you. Standing there looking at you with the kind of look you’ve only seen in paintings, chin buried in the depths of the scarf you knitted and his hair a little mussed from all the times he’s fallen, you realize that there was one time he fell that you didn’t even notice. 
Since when had he fallen in love with you?
You’re so lost in the shock of the sudden turn of events that you completely miss an uneven spot in the ice and it sends you flying. 
Taehyung tries his best to cushion your fall, grabbing you in your arms and groaning as his tailbone hits the ice. Your knee comes down just as hard, leaving you hissing in pain as you look up at Taehyung with tears in your eyes that are a mixture of pain and elation. 
He laughs the kind of laugh that has his whole chest shaking, making you laugh as well, dropping your head on his shoulder. 
It’s the sound of a clock chiming that has you looking up, seeing Taehyung’s wide eyes as he grins. He looks down at you, pulling you in a little loser before planting a long kiss on your lips. 
As he pulls away, he brushes your hair back. He’s still laughing a little from the recent events, his cheeks red. Closing his eyes, he brushes his nose against yours. 
“Merry Christmas, bub.”
You sigh, feeling absolutely heavenly despite the throbbing pain in your knee. “Merry Christmas, Tae.”
A few minutes later finds the two of you limping to stand in front of the ice rink. You snap a few photos for Tae to post before he asks the owner to take a photo of the two of you. Cheeks burning red, you limp over to stand beside him, his arms coming to rest on your shoulders and pulling you close to his side. As the owner is finding the best angle to take the photo you remember with a start that you forgot something. 
“Taehyung-ah!” You shout. He looks at you, startled. 
“I love you, too.”
The camera flashes, capturing Taehyung’s broad boxy smile and he pulls you in closer to his embrace, eyes wide as he marvels at how beautiful cliche things can be.
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Paris - two | kth
Tumblr media
main pairing : ex-husband!taehyung x reader
genre :  fluff, exes to lovers
warnings : a lot of fluff, some cursing and tiny bits of angst
words : 3,300
summary : Things have changed in the last five years. After seeing your ex-husband back in Paris five years ago, you decided to give a proper second chance to your relationship and you have been the happiest. And five years later, you surprise Taehyung with a trip to Paris to announce him something…  
author’s note : Hi loves, i couldn’t wait anymore to post it, so i am posting it now. i really hope you’ll love this second and final part of Paris. it is different to not put any smut on it but i really loved writing this. love you all and thanks for reading my writings 💜
tag list : @blueversailledreams @mintxxxy @jannoda @bonnyskies @jiminssizzles @kpoptrashforlifeuu @monosjoons @monvieesdaebak @xanny91 @jiminisnotavirgin @aretha170 @tangledsparkles @ultdaeguboi @youremyjinearth @invincibletaetae @imluckybitches @fleurmoon @baepop @dreamwithunicorn @mytaetaey @flowerpetalshun @1-in-abillion @ggukkieland @youremyjinearth​ @aa-ronpa​ @jenotation​ @nekee-lilac02​ @kookie-monsteur​
Tumblr media
It has been five years since you gave a second chance to Taehyung.
Seeing him back in Paris was really the best thing that had happened to you because since then, you’ve been so damn happy. Waking up with him by your side every morning, going out together, watching stupid movies and laughing when the main character is stupid as fuck and simply being together is what makes you feel alive again.
If five years ago somebody would have told you that you’d be back with your ex-husband, you would have never believed them. For you, it was basically impossible to get back with him but now, you are just grateful that you both met in Paris and that you decided to give each other a second chance.  
Scared to divorce again, you refuse to get married again. Some of your friends have been asking if you’d get married again and it really annoys you a lot. You don’t understand why it is so important for the others that you get married again. The first and only time you got married, it ended in a divorce.
“Where are we going ?” Taehyung asks you while looking at the big screen in the airport.  
“Honey, I told you it’s a surprise.” You grab his hand and walk to the gate indicated in the screen.
He stops walking, not wanting to go further without knowing where he is going.
“You know I am too curious.” He looks at you with big puppy eyes, trying to make you speak.
“You can try as much as you want, babe,” you press a small kiss on his nose, “but you won’t make me speak.”
You literally can’t wait to see his face when he will finally find that you’re going back to Paris. For the last five years, you weren’t really able to go back to the city that reunited you and you know that he has been dying to go back.
“Can’t I have like a hint ?” He desperately wants to know where you are going.
“Babe, in a matter of minutes, you will know where we are going.” You softly caress his sweet and adorable face. “Just be a little more patient.” He presses his face on your hand and closes his eyes. Looking at him with tenderness, you bring your free hand to his now fluffy blonde hair. Taehyung has never been the kind of person to dye his hair, he was always scared to damage his beautiful dark hair.
But he made a bet with his friends and lost it. So, they made him dye his hair blonde, making him cry for some days before doing it and you have to admit that he is even hotter in blonde. There is something about the blonde Taehyung that gets you all turned on.
“Now let’s go before we lose our flight.” You press a soft kiss on his lips, and he smiles, loving the way your lips feel on his. He nods and you guide him until the gate. You notice some people looking at you, it’s probably because you are matching with your boyfriend.
Wearing matching clothes is now something you like doing and you do it very often. Your friends have told you that it was something very cliché to do but you don’t really care. It makes you happy to be matching with him and it is all that matters.
Taehyung is wearing a black turtleneck pullover with black pants and you are wearing a long black dress with a beret, one of your favorite accessories. On top of that, you are both wearing a long brown coat.
You look at the gates while passing by and you head to the gate 57. You have to walk a bit, but you don’t really care, after that you’ll be sitting on the plane for a long time. Your heart starts beating fast and your hold on Taehyung’s hand tightens. You know he’ll love the city where you’re going but you’re nervous about the little surprise you prepare for him once you’re there.
This is not just a trip; this is way bigger than that.
The surprise you prepare for him is the reason you booked the flights because you want to do it in a very different and original way.
When you arrive at the gate 57, you stop walking and you let him look at the screen to finally find out where he’s going.
“Paris ?” Taehyung asks before looking at you with his eyes wide open. He is so happy to finally go to Paris, his favorite city and now the only city he cherishes.
“Yes.” You smile big at him and he grips you before lifting you up and making you spin in the airport while he screams of happiness. It makes you giggle and your heart melts at how happy he is. All that has always matter to you is his happiness and it is the only thing that will always come first in your life.
“We’re going back to Paris !” He says in the middle of his euphoria. Stopping spinning around, he puts you back down and he cups your face in his hands before pressing passionately his lips on yours. His tongue licks your lips and you open your mouth, giving him full access to your mouth. Your tongues meet and you feel little butterflies on your stomach.
“Thanks, thanks, thanks my love.” He looks at you and all you can see is all the sparks emanating from his eyes. You can tell that he’s more than happy to go to Paris and you can’t wait to reveal him the surprise you have for him. “Thanks for this amazing birthday gift !”
Tumblr media
You have landed in Paris some hours ago and you have slept a bit when you arrived at the hotel. You were super tired, due to the jet lag and also due to all the excitement around this journey. Taehyung couldn’t stop talking about how happy he is to go back to Paris, especially since this city is the reason that you’re back together.
Now, you are awake and looking at your sleepy boyfriend. He looks like an angel and even after all those years, you could spend hours looking at him. His little beard that he always shave is being visible lately, you have told him to let it grow to see how it will look on him. For the moment, it is just a cute little beard.
Your hand finds its way to his hair and caresses it. His hair is super soft, he takes good care of it, he’s too scared to end up bald because of the hair coloring. You push his hair back revealing his forehead and you simply smile.
He’s so fucking handsome, you think. And he is all yours.
You decide to stop touching his hair because you’re hungry and you are going to call the room service for a good meal. But when you were going to stand up, a hand grabs your wrist. “Where are you going ?” Looking over your shoulder, you see your boyfriend half awake.
“Calling the room service.” Taehyung lets go of your wrist. “I am starving.”
His head falls back on the pillow and he passes a hand on his face. “And after that, we will go to the Eiffel Tower because I’ve missed this so much.” You say while putting on the bathrobe given by the hotel.
“Me too.” He mumbles as he sits on the bed, his back against the headboard. “We could eat out instead of calling the room service.” He proposes but you shake your head.
“No, I am starving, babe.” You reply while taking the menu. “I wouldn’t be able to wait any longer.” He nods and you sit next to him to choose what you’re going to eat. The menu offers really exquisite meals and you want to eat everything proposed in the menu.
Taehyung ends up choosing for you both and you decide to get ready while you wait for the food to come. For you, it’s a blue jean with a white shirt with long sleeves and for him, it’s a black jean with a white shirt.
The room service is quite fast, you just had the time to get ready before it arrived, and you eat everything really fast. “You were not joking when you said you were starving.” Taehyung looks at you with big eyes, he has never seen you this hungry, but he can understand it. You didn’t eat a lot in the plane.
After that exquisite meal, you leave the hotel room and head to the Eiffel Tower, holding hands. You know by heart how to go there; this city has no secrets for you. And every step you do, your heart pounds harder on your chest.
In a matter of seconds, your little surprise will be out and you’re a bit scared of his reaction. You don’t know for sure how he could react and that is the scariest part.
“You’re okay ?” Taehyung askes you, feeling your hands getting sweaty.
“Yes.” It is a very small yes and you perfectly know that he doesn’t believe you, but he doesn’t insist on it. He knows that if you want to tell him what bothers you, you’ll do it.
Once in front of the big iron monument, you stop and stand in front of your boyfriend and ironically, your ex-husband. Now, you’re all sweaty, your hands are shaking, and you could swear that your heart is going to leave your chest.
You can do this, yn.
You try to gather all your courage to not run away like a wet chicken. Taehyung notices how stressed you are and holds your hands.
“Ten years ago, before you proposed to me, you asked me if I would love to start a family with you.” You start speaking with your heart. “I told you that it was my biggest dream, but my family would never accept me to get pregnant of a man that is not my husband. During the first months of our marriage, you confessed that it was that sentence that pushed you to propose and it really warmed my heart. For me, it was so beautiful that you were welling to get married to me just to be the father of my children.”
Taehyung sees your face again when you had that conversation ten years ago. He was young and completely in love with you but also completely stupid. At that time, he thought that all he needed to do was to marry you, but he completely forgot that he needed to keep showing you love and to fight for you when times where harder.
And he regrets it, because today, you don’t want to marry him again. He knows perfectly that today, he wouldn’t have done the same mistakes but now, it is too late.
“But then, married live seemed to be harder than we thought, and we decided that kids were for later. It was too soon, and we were too young, it was the excuse we were using. I don’t know what happened in between the moment we discussed for the first time to have a family and the moment we got married. I still try to understand it, but no right answers come to my mind and I just feel sorry for that version of myself because she didn’t fight harder for her dream of being the mother of your children.”
Taehyung’s heart squeezes, he feels more than sorry to have let you down.
“I am very sorry Tae to have given up when you need me the most.” A small tear falls down on your face.
“Hey, babe,” his thumb cleans that tear, not wanting to see you cry for mistakes you both make years ago. “don’t be sorry for something that I am also responsible for.”
“I regret that so much because I wanted to make you happy and we really wanted to start a family before we got married but then, it all just faded away and we never talked again about kids during the three years of our marriage.”
“We were completely dumb, and we just let our stupidity drive our actions but now, we are together, and it is all that matters to me, princess.” He caresses your cheek with his thumb and for a little moment you close your eyes. You have discussed this a million times in the last five years, but you always feel so sorry for those three years of marriage. You feel like it was a total waste.
“I know, Tae.” You mumble. “I know but I will always feel sorry and I think that lately this feeling has grown bigger because my hormones are a complete mess right now.” He frowns not understanding what you are meaning.
Now, you just have to say it. You just have to reveal to your boyfriend the real reason of your little trip to Paris. “I am pregnant.”
Taehyung feels like his world stopped for a split second. He cannot believe what he just heard. You’re caring his child, something he has been dying to hear for the last ten years and he got to get married and divorced before it would happen.  
“I had some suspicions; I was very emotional lately and I couldn’t stop thinking about the real reason that got us married in the first place. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I decided to do an ultrasound to be sure that it was true, and I saw the baby.” And that moment you wished Tae was there with you. “I wanted to tell you in a very special way, and I thought that doing it in Paris for your birthday would be the perfect moment.”
He doesn’t know what to say or what to do, he’s brain is still processing the fact that he is going to be a father.
“When did you find out ?” It is the only thing he could think of.
“Two weeks ago.” You answer without hesitation. “It was really hard to hide it from you, but I wanted this to be special. For you.”
Taehyung pushes you closer to him and holds you tight in his arms. “Babe.” He whispers in your ear and tears start rolling down his face. But those are tears of happiness.
“Wait, babe.” You push him back. “It is not over.” He simply nods. “I love my family, more than anything and I know that they would reject me if I have a baby out of marriage. I am not strong enough to lose them and I want to have my parents by my side during this whole pregnancy.”
Now, it is his heart that is racing fast in his chest. He knows what’s coming but he doesn’t have the time to really think about it because you ask the question.
“Kim Taehyung,” you take a small box from the pocket of your coat, “would you marry me again ?”
You show him the ring that you bought for this special occasion. It is not something very fancy or very expensive, but you know that it is a ring that he would love.
Those last few days, you kept running everywhere to buy flight tickets for Paris, to book the most perfect hotel for the occasion and to find the most perfect ring for this proposal. Although you were very stressed, you wanted things to be as perfect as possible.  
Even though, it annoys you so much that people keep asking when you are getting married again, you wouldn’t want to have this baby without being married to their father. And you wouldn’t want to deprive your baby of your family. You’d marry Taehyung a million times to give a proper family to your babies.
Your boyfriend is totally surprised by all of this. He was not expecting all of this, hours ago all he knew was that he was going somewhere for his birthday. Now, not only does he know that in some months he will be a father, but he also knows that he is marrying you for the second time.
“I’ll marry you a hundred times if needed, princess.” A big smile appears in his handsome face and you put the ring on his left ring finger. Some months ago, you would have never thought that you would be proposing to him but here you are, doing it. It is very original; you don’t know anybody that proposed to their boyfriend. It is always the way around but it will be a fantastic story to tell to your little baby in some years.  
His lips find yours and he kisses your fervently. You have forever changed his birthday into this beautiful moment, and he knows that the next ones will never be as magical as this one. Right now, he wants to make love to you right here to show you just how much he loves you.
“I love you so fucking much, yn.” He says on your lips.
Today, you know that your divorce happened for a good reason. It happened to make you both realize how much you deeply love each other and that it was for sure the most stupid thing you did.
“And I can’t wait to be your husband and the father of all your children.” He leans his forehead against yours and looks deep into your eyes. “How long ?”
You perfectly know that he’s asking how long you have been carrying this little human.
“I was ten weeks when I found out, so I am twelve now.” You say. “Our baby will be a June little monster.”
Taehyung kisses you again. “Thank you for all those surprises, princess. You have forever changed my birthday into the most special day.”
You both stay like this, holding each other in front of the Eiffel Tower in the city you deeply love. Paris has a totally new meaning to you, not only it is the city that brought you together again but it also now the city that got you engaged again.  
Tumblr media
“This is a bird, Paris.”
Taehyung is sitting on a chair while your little daughter is sitting on the other one and he is drawing a little bird on a sheet of paper.
She was born seven months ago, the first of June to be precise and you decided to name her after your favorite city, Paris.  She is the living proof of your love and your love for her is without limits.
“Maybe it is better if you show her a real picture of a bird.” You say to your husband. “You’re really bad, we can barely see that it’s a bird.”
“Don’t listen to your mother, baby.” He whispers to his daughter. “She’s just jealous of my talent.” You roll your eyes but smile at them. Taehyung is the sweetest when he’s around Paris and he constantly covers her of love. She definitely is a daddy’s little girl and you’re already concerned about how she’ll react when she’ll be a big sister.
This little princess has both given you a massive baby fever and you want to have more children. You’re just waiting for her to be a bit older before being a big sister.
You and Taehyung got married only a month after your proposal, wanting to be married as soon as possible because you wanted to focus only on the arrival of your baby.
And this right here is all you have ever wanted, and it is all that makes you happy.
You just need your Taehyung and your Paris.      
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xlovelyyoongix · a year ago
the no-harm list| kty
Tumblr media
Prompt: You live in a city where crime runs rampant. One day, you save a young boy’s life, not knowing that he is the Crime Lord’s son, and you have just joined the No-Harm List.
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Mafia 
Word Count: 1660/ One-Shot
Date Posted: 5/18/2020
Warnings: Violence, death, blood and gore 
Rating: M
It was a typical afternoon in Tucknott City. The loud shots of gunfire, slicing through the air in the distance, police sirens blaring as their vehicles race down crowded streets, and the usual exhausted expression plastered across citizens' faces as they bypass one another, dreading the experience of living in a vile place like Tucknott. 
Believe it or not, Tucknott was once a lively city. Musicians on every street corner, markets booming with fresh fruits and vegetables, and children playing on the playgrounds. A city that was once a habitable place to raise a family now plagued with organized crime and gang war.
Once the death toll of residents reached an all-time high, people were evacuating Tucknott by the hundreds, deciding to raise their families any other place but here. 
But for those like yourself, with a minimum wage job that barely paid the bills, and school that left you in debt, you had no other choice but to try your luck in the city and simply pray you'd wake up to see another day. 
Working your corner-store job, you sit behind the counter, pencil tapping agitatedly against your open textbook, mind riddled with utter confusion as the unanswered math equation tautly stairs back at you. It was moments like these that made you want to drop out of school; hell, you even considered quitting your barely minimum wage job to become a stripper, making just enough to pack up and leave this godforsaken town. Too bad your parents raised you to have morals, or you'd already be on an oiled down pole in some sleazy club. 
The bells hanging from the entrance door jingles, alerting that a customer has entered the shop. "Welcome to Steve's Convenience Store," You announce boringly for the 100th time today, sliding off your stool to stand and greet the guest. 
"Ma'am, please help me!" A boy, no older than 7, stops in front of the counter, frantic. His black hair glistening with sweat, thick blood streaming down his face as his chest heaves heavily, gasping for air. "T-they want to kill me!" His brown eyes wide in fright, small body uncontrollably trembling. 
"Hey, hey, hey, calm down " You assure, body moving from behind the counter. "Who? Who is trying to kill you?" You place a soothing hand on the boy's shoulder, hoping to ease his shivering frame. 
"T-the Triple Threats, they're chasing after me." He manages to say through a stuttering dry throat. 
Your heart sinks as soon as the boy mentions the name. The Triple Threats weren't just some petty group of thieves, they were mafia and also the cause of this city's spiraling turmoil. It was apparent this kid was in grave danger, and soon, you would be as well. 
With no time to think, you grab the boy by the hand and rush him to the back of the store. "Hide in here. Without a keycode, they can't get in." You quickly finger the 5 digit pin, unlocking the door to the freezer. "It's a little cold, but I'll come back for you." You fumble the jacket off your body, wrapping it around the boy's shoulders for comfort and warmth. 
"W-wait!" His small hands grip onto your uniform shirt, eyes glossed with fear "W-what about you?" 
Right. What about you? What exactly was your plan? With everything happening so fast, you had no idea what would happen next. Still, you muster a courageous smile, assuring the child. "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." You say, fighting back the nerves and anxieties swirling within you.
The child nods, taking a step back, allowing you to slam the metal door shut. "Okay," You breathe out an airy sigh as you manage to the font of the store.
With the rush of panic coursing through your nerves, heart-wrenching thump dances within your chest, breath becoming uneasy and body shaking in place, you can only pray that the Triple Threat Mafia don't walk through the door. 
Unfortunately, the sound of the front door bell's jingle again. Five men, dressed in black suits with red ties, parade into the shop, knives, and guns in their hands.
"W-welcome to Steve's Convenience Store," You announce shakingly, holding back the terror riddled within your body. 
"Where is he?! Where is the little shit?!" The man you assume to be the group leader spits angrily as he takes authoritative steps towards you. His sizeable round body towering over your frame, his jaw clenched angrily, displaying a row of yellow stained teeth.
"Sir, I don't know what you're talking about..." 
"DON'T PLAY DUMB WITH ME, BITCH!" His booming voice yells, hot saliva slapping across your face. "We saw him run in here!" His meaty hand reaching for his slacks, pulling out a polished black handgun. "Either you're gonna tell us where the little bastard is..." He cocks the weapon threateningly with a hard clank. "Or my bullet is gonna find a new home in your head." The gun now firmly pressed between your eyebrows. 
Your heart stops. 
Your blood runs cold.
 Your body feels incredibly heavy. 
This was it; this was the moment you were going to die. Your many years in this godforsaken city would finally come to an end... but is that what you wanted? To die? 
Maybe you should hand the boy over? Even in this damn city, you had so much you want to live for. Graduating, getting married, starting a family of your own, you'd be able to do all the things you wanted, and all you had to do was get the boy from the freezer. 
What would you do? 
What would you decide?
"I already told you...," You swallow down the anxious lump that grew in the back of your throat, hands nervously clutching into tight fists. "I don't know what you're talking about." As soon as the words left your  lips, you knew you made the right decision. It is a decision that meant sacrificing your life to save another, and knowing that, you could leave this world without any regrets. 
"Tch," The mafia man groans at your statement. "You stupid bitch." Unremorfuly, he cocks his gun, seconds away from pulling the trigger. "Now, you die." 
Your teeth grit into the flesh of your lip, eyes slamming shut, allowing the memories of your friends and family to plague your mind. Your heart drops at the thought of them depressed and mourning your death. You wish you could apologize for this, to tell them not to worry, that your final moments on this earth were spent thinking of them...
Your body flinches at the loud pop ringing within your ears, soon followed with the sensation of warm, thick liquid splattering across your face. 
As the loud shots of gunfire continue, your tense body remains frozen, eyes plastered shut, afraid to make any sudden movements. 
"WHERE IS HE?" You hear a man yell desperately, his large palms tightly gripping hold of your shoulders, shaking your hazed brain awake. "Where is my son?!" 
Still terrified, You slowly open your  eyes. A male with wavy black hair, honey skin, and piercing jet eyes, staring relentlessly into yours. Your lashes flutter, ears still ringing with white noise as you try and process the reality of the situation.
You were still alive. 
"Answer me, please!" His deep voice ripping through the air. "Where is my son?!" He yells again, voice shaken with fright.  
You looked past the male, observing the pile of dead bodies lying in a pool for their own blood. A horrific scene you had only seen in horror and action movies. Which could now never compare to the real thing. 
It was him, he was the one that did this. Killing every single man that threatened to take the life of his son. Realizing it was now safe, your shaken finger points to the back of the store. "I- I hid him in the freezer," You stutter through a dry throat.
The male releases his hold on you, tightening his lips into a line while huffing out a breath. "I'm sorry for being rough with you." He takes a step back, casually walking over the dead mafia littered across the floor. "Could you please take me to my son?" 
Unable to fully process the situation, you slowly nod, making way to the back of the store. As soon as your fingers enter the passcode, the metal door opens, revealing a terrified boy crouched down with hands over his ears.
"Beakhyun!" The man that saved your life crouches down to embrace his son. 
The boy opens his eyes, the moment he realizes he's safe, he jumps into his father's arms. "Daddy!" He yells, smile gleaming from ear to ear. 
The male picks up his son, carrying the boy on his hip, only to face you. "You risked your life to protect my son." His thick brows furrowed thoughtfully. "And for that, I indebt my life to you." 
Finally, the cloud that once fogged your scattered brain brought you back to reality, now fully able to process the situation that just took place. "I-I, uh..." Stuttering, you were unable to find the words to say. One moment you were seconds away from death, and now a handsome young father with a silver pistol hanging off his hip was thanking you. "I-it was the right thing to do." A heavy breath exhales your lips in a mutter.
The handsome young father chuckles, finding your comment amusing. "You speak as though your bravery shouldn't be praised." Placing his son on the ground, the male walks towards you. His thin black suit splattered with the tasteful blood of his enemies. "I am Kim Taehyung, leader of the Red Blood Mafia. And you, my dear girl...," His lean body now towering over your own as his palm cups the side of your cheek, thumb swiping away splattered blood. "Have just joined my, No Harm, list." 
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bangtan-madi · a year ago
on the 6 a.m. train — kim taehyung
Tumblr media
Pairing — Taehyung x Reader
Tags — best friend!Taehyung, older brother!Jimin, unrequited love, one-sided pining, a realistically happy ending, eventual friends to lovers
Genre — angst (like a shit-ton by my standards lol), fluff at the end 
Word Count — 5.9k
Summary — An unrequited love is the most difficult to get over, especially when the healing process is interrupted by another's sudden revelation.
Warnings — language, mentions of infidelity
Soundtrack — Drown by Boy In Space
Request — @mytaetaey​
A/N — Okay love, you wanted this to be super duper angsty so I hope you like it lol! I think this is the saddest thing I've written for BTS thus far, and I usually don't do angst so...fair warning I couldn’t help but write a happy ending lol. Now, if you'll excuse me, I intend to write fluff only for the next week. (Also this ended up being so much longer than I originally intended so sorry for the delay in finishing!)
Tumblr media
There comes a moment in every person's life that they must decide whether or not the one they love is worth giving up their own happiness for. The line between the healthy amount of support and care that loved ones give each other is often convoluted, never easy to see, only ever clear in hindsight. Sometimes it takes time and distance away from that person for you to see whether or not this pain is worth it.
You desperately need that time. You crave that space. The past seven years, particular the last six months, have been full of secret longing and wholehearted adoration towards a certain person who never returned your feelings. It hurt you to see him look at you as his best friend's little sister, and it absolutely crushed you when he looked at another woman with desire.
The way he looked at her, you wanted that.
But no longer.
Gripping your suitcase tightly, you turn and step up the stairs, onto the platform of the train station. The sun is just rising over the cityscape, bringing a subtle hint of gold across the buildings. You will miss Seoul and all her beauty. The way the birds chirp at dawn, the way the city sings at night, the fact that all your best memories are here.
You shake your head and focus on the near future. Your home has been Seoul for the last seven years, but before that, it was Busan. And that coastal haven calls to you once more. Your birthplace and family are awaiting you at the end of this train ride, and that fact makes leaving a little easier. There are few things that your mother's kimchi and your childhood bed cannot fix.
In your pocket, your phone buzzes for the umpteenth time this morning. You looked at it the first few times the calls and texts came in but have ignored it ever since you saw the context. 
Don't go, your friends begged. Please stay. He feels the same. He's an idiot for not seeing it. You don't have to go, [Y/n].
You hadn't told any of the members where you were going, when you were leaving, or if you were leaving at all. All they know is that you're gone from the dorms in the morning when you usually join them for breakfast, and all your most important belongings are gone. The only two people you've told of your choice are your mother, who has known of the whole situation or some time, and your boss at BigHit, who agreed to let you work remotely for a few weeks.
Nothing they say will change your decision, so you retrieve your phone from the pocket with the intent to turn it off. The screen illuminates once again, and you read the contact name.
And below his name, a message:
"I called your mother. She told me where you were going and where you are now."
You swallow hard at his words, and another text pops up.
"I'm coming to you. I've been an idiot. Please don't get on that train."
You look at the time of arrival on your ticket, then at the clock on your phone. The train is ten minutes out, as you arrived early, and you pray to god that it arrives before he does.
Your decision has been made; you are leaving Seoul, your friends, and the man you love unrequitedly behind.
To strengthen your resolve over the next few moments, your attention shifts to the events of the past six months, every single thing that has led to this decision.
Tumblr media
"We love you, Army! See you next time!"
You could hear their voices from the stage. Even from behind the scenes, with the crew rushing about with the last seconds of the show, Namjoon's voice was crystal clear. It had been a long night of performing, and you were worried that they had overexerted themselves on their last stop of the tour. They were all beyond exhausted, and you knew Taehyung always pushed himself far over his limits. From backstage, you could tell him fading between their songs. 
A few moments later, the lights turned off, and the music began to fade. The boys disappeared under the stage, out of sight of the Armys, and were instantly ambushed by staff. You struggled to get closer, desperate to make sure they were okay.
You spotted your brother Jimin first. He was covered in sweat and breathing hard, but otherwise he looked okay. Namjoon and Hoseok were in similar states. Seokjin and Yoongi seemed to be tired but overall doing okay. Jungkook looked exhausted and had oxygen placed at his nose and mouth, but his attention was on someone else.
Taehyung laid against the support beam of stage, his breathing erratic and eyes glazed over. He was in terrible shape, and all of the members' attention was on him. 
Jungkook shoved the oxygen away from his face and asked it be given to Taehyung. When the youngest started to keel over, the staff member returned it to him with a promise to find another.
You grabbed a spare oxygen mask from the table behind you and pushed through the crowd, kneeling by Taehyung's slumped figure. With a gentle smile, you pressed the mask portion to his mouth. "Breathe in, Tae. Just breathe. You're a little low, is all."
Taehyung did as you ask, breathing shallow, unsteady breaths in tempo with yours. To assist in cooling him off, you shoved the thick jacket from his shoulders and down his arms. Yoongi saw what you were trying to do and jumped in to assist.  
"He pushed himself way too hard for the last song," Jimin coughed. 
"He always does that for his solo," Namjoon murmured. 
Turning towards an employee behind you, you asked, "Can you get me a bottled water, please?"
The girl nodded and ran off, quickly returning with what you asked for. You thanked her quietly and once Taehyung had a handle on his breathing, you offered the beverage to him. "Can you drink?"
He nodded, coughing a bit as you pulled the oxygen away. As he scarfed down the water like a man who hasn't had a drink in days, you ran your fingers through his sweaty and unkempt hair. He always loved it when you did that, said that the gesture made him feel relaxed and peaceful. You did it whenever you could, even if he never saw it as anything more than platonic. 
Seeing the red in his face fade as the water bottle emptied, you turned to the other members, all of which look equally exhausted and drained. "Go get changed and wash up," you stated with a soft smile. "He's gonna be okay."
"Are you sure?" Jungkook rasped worriedly.
You gave the maknae a reassuring expression. "I got him. Go. We'll catch up."
Seokjin gave you a knowing look, just as Hoseok flashed a sneaky wink before walking off with the others. 
After the roar of the crowd and staff started to die down, it was just you and Taehyung for the next several minutes. Between the oxygen and the water, by the time the others had washed up and changed into traveling clothes, you were bringing him back to the land of the living.
When he blinked away the haze from his eyes, his gaze finally shifted to meet yours once again. You offered a smile as you brushed his unruly curls from his forehead. "Hey there, welcome back."
For the first time since the show ended, Taehyung smiled. "Hi."
"You okay? Do you need anything else?"
He shook his head slightly, pulling himself up into a proper seated position. "'M okay. Just a little light-headed. And hungry."
At the last comment, you laughed and ruffled the curls a bit. "You really scared everyone, Tae, including and especially me. Why do you always have to go so hard?"
The brunet offered a shrug and leaned into your touch. "Just wanted to give the Armys a good show. Especially for the last one, you know?"
"I do," you agreed, "but you have to take care of yourself, too, you big idiot." Your hand dropped reluctantly from his hair, resting instead on his forearm. "C'mon. Let's get you to the dressing room. One of the boys or staff can help you change and wash up if you need it. Can't wait too much longer. Our plane leaves in a half-hour for Seoul."
Taehyung gave a dreamy smile as you mentioned South Korea, a place none of you had been in months since tour began. "Mmm, that's right. We're going home." He allowed you to haul him to his feet, keeping a steady arm around his waist to help him carry his own weight. "You didn't have to stay with me like that. I'm sure it was scary. Another staff member could have done it."
You shook your head adamantly, gazing up at Taehyung. Even covered in sweat and over-exhausted, he looked stunning in the dim stage lighting. "I had to make sure you were okay. Someone's gotta take care of your stubborn ass."
The twenty-four-year-old gave scratchy laugh at your retort, coughing slightly halfway through. "What did I do to deserve such a great friend?"
In his compliment, your heart stung a little. 
Friend. Of course. What else would you be?
Tumblr media
The phone buzzes in your hand, bringing you out of a six-month-old memory. Taehyung's name flashes brilliantly on the surface, and in a moment of weakness, you answer.
"Please, don't hang up. I didn't think you'd actually answer, but now that you have...please just..."
"What do you want, Taehyung?" you ask, keeping your voice monotone and controlled despite the roots of hurt spreading in your chest.
"You're on the six a.m. train to Busan, right?" Your lack of response gives him all he needs to know. "I know I'm cutting it close, but please, don't get on that train before I can talk to you. I owe you that. Please, [Y/n/]."
Tears form in your eyes, but you push them away. "You've been cutting it a little close for six months. I don't want anything from you; you owe me nothing. I—I need to go."
"No, no, please. Don't leave just yet. I know I've been stupid and blind and an absolute idiot. I've been absent from your life and haven't put in the work with our friendship the last six months. I didn't see that you were hurting, and I didn't see that my feelings had changed in the last seven years. I wasted so much time, especially the last half-year, on people and things that didn't really care about me. I don't know how to make up for that."
Your brows furrow angrily, and you grip the phone tighter. "You should have thought of that before you started dating her."
Tumblr media
As it turned out, Taehyung met his girlfriend at that very concert. She was a special guest, another idol from an extremely popular girl group. You hadn't realized it at the time, but that night sparked something between the two idols that eventually led to a full-blown relationship.
After the flight back to Seoul, Taehyung was rarely at the dorms. When he was, he was giddy ad blush-y and very puppy-like. It was clear to everyone, especially you, that something was different. So when he told the group a few weeks later that he'd met someone, no one was shocked. 
"Her name is Sun-ji," he explained one night as you both were clearing the kitchen of takeout trash from the meal. The rest of the boys were doing other things, but you wanted to spend time with one of your closest friends. One you felt you hadn't seen in weeks. "She's been on break from tour with her group, just like us, for the past month. She went to our concert in Tokyo! That's where I ran into her before the show. We just hit it off and...I really like her, [Y/n]. She's nice and so pretty and she gets me."
You bit your lip and forced your voice to stay even and your face to remain joyful. "She sounds amazing, Tae. I'm...really happy for you."
Taehyung flashed his infamous boxy smile, ecstatic at your false approval. "I really hope you'll like her, too. I wanna bring her around sometime soon, just to hang out or something."
"Sounds nice." You brushed the last of the styrofoam containers into the trash. "Look, I'm tired. I have an early day tomorrow. I'll see you later, I guess."
"Goodnight," he calls after you.
"Yeah, goodnight."
Hurrying to your dorm room, you quickly slipped inside and shut the door behind you. As soon as you were in the privacy of your own space, you let the tears cascade. Every emotion you'd pent up the entire night, ever since Taehyung brought up his girlfriend for the first time, let loose. You laid on top of your covers, curled up into a ball, and let the night take away any hope you had of that being your role.
You had waited too long. You'd let your fear and lack of action take away your chance to tell Taehyung how you really felt.
Now it was too late. He had someone else. He had Sun-ji.
And he was sickeningly, overwhelmingly, all-consumingly enamored with her.
Tumblr media
"That's on me!" Taehyung's sharp reply comes as a surprise; it's the first time you've heard him upset at you in a while. You used to bicker and fight all the time, before Sun-ji that is. Ever since she came into his life, it was you that was consoling him after their arguments.
And those were not playful and silly, nor were they fixed with a simple apology and tight embrace.
"I know I fucked up! She was not who I thought she was. She's manipulative and controlling, and I didn't see it until I was too far in. She took be away from everyone I cared about: you, the members, my family, everyone. She was poison—"
"—That you willingly went back to, time and time again!" you snap, earning stares of other people at the station. "Six months, and do you know how many times I saw you crying because of her? Do you realize how many nights I had to pick up the pieces of your heart after she broke it? She cheated on you, and you still went back to her! I never, ever would have done that, Kim Taehyung."
"I don't have an excuse or justification...other than I was blinded by the good times."
"I know, but even in those times, I knew it should have been me," you reply, your voice tearful. "I was jealous, that's true, but when I saw you smiling because of her, I knew I could make you happier. I could make you happy without the baggage or pain or guilt that she brought with her. Or if not me, someone else! Hell, anyone else would have been better than her."
There's a pause before Taehyung sighs heavily. "Do you remember the first night you found me crying?"
You nod, even though he can't see, and shuffle where you stand. The memory is an uncomfortable one, but one you'll never forget. "Yes."
"I should've left her then. Not the second time, or the third, or two weeks ago when I finally cut her off. I should have stopped seeing her right then...and I should've seen how much I cared for you."
Your eyes close, and a few tears fall down your cheeks. "Too little, too late, Tae. I'm glad you cut her off, I really am, but I have to go. I hear the train. Please, don't try to stop me. You'll only make this worse for everyone."
"[Y/n], wait—!"
You end the call without hearing the end of his sentence. Turning your phone completely off and slipping it back into your pocket, you wait out the remaining couple minutes in memory-induced silence.
Tumblr media
You found him curled up on the sofa, a blanket laid over his child-like figure, eyes and nose bright red. He'd been crying for an hour at that point and assumed he'd have much more time to himself as the other members and you weren't supposed to be home until the evening.
How unlucky he was that you had left the studio early. When you departed, you were exhausted, but now seeing Taehyung in such a vulnerable state, you were instantly revived. Hurrying over to kneel by the side of the sofa, you pulled the blanket down from his face.
"What's wrong?" you inquired, brushing your fingers gently across his cheek.
Taehyung wiped his nose with the back of his sleeve and blinked his tears away. "Shit, you weren't supposed to see this."
"But I have, so tell me what's wrong."
The brunet sighed and shook his head. You could tell by the way he was breathing and the way his eyes were watering that it was taking every ounce of strength he had not to break down again. "Sun-ji and I had a fight, that's all. I'm okay."
Your free hand rested on top of his. "Are you?"
Between your reassuring touch and concerned voice, it only took a few more seconds for Taehyung to crumble. His whimpers returned with the tears, and he reached out for you instinctively. You allowed him to pull you into the sofa with him, into his arms that caged you against him. The space was small, but with half of his frame lying on top of yours, his face buried into your shoulder, you made it work.
Though surprised at his sudden show of affection, you knew it was coming from a place of hurt and need. He needed someone to comfort him, someone he knew that wouldn't hurt him or push him away. Whatever Sun-ji and he had fought about, you resisted the urge to curse the woman for putting your best friend in such a state. 
Curling around him, you nestled your arms around him and rubbed soothing circles along his shoulders and spine. Every now and then, you pressed a chaste kiss to his messy hair and whispered sweet nothings. Over the next half-hour, his sobs faded to sniffles once more, and his grip on you loosened to a comforting cuddle.
"You wanna talk about it now?" you asked, feeling his grow sleepy against you. 
As you reached down to brush his tears off his cheeks, Taehyung turned his head so that his nose pressed against your neck. "I think Sun-ji is cheating on me."
Your entire body grew rigid at his whisper. "What makes you think that?"
"I saw her texting flirty stuff to someone who wasn't me. And the other night, at an event, she was sitting really close to one of the idols she'd performed with in the past. I think they used to date, but the way she was touching him...I..." He trailed off and shook his head slightly. "I confronted her about it, but she said I was being overprotective and territorial. So...we fought."
Not knowing what to say, you simply held him a little tighter and hoped that your touch was a comfort. "I'm so sorry, Tae."
"She made me feel like I was seeing things, like I was making things up or...or that I was stupid or something." Taehyung sighed heavily. "I mean, it's been three months. I thought...Well, maybe it is me..." 
"No one should be treated like that. And for what it's worth, you're one of the most observant people I know. You don't see things that aren't there, you don't make things up, and you're far from stupid. She the idiot for treating you like this, or making you feel like you're not enough."
Taehyung gave a small laugh at your response. "You really don't like her, do you?"
You shook your head. "Not when she treats you like this. You deserve better."
"So do you," he murmured. "Seriously, [Y/n], you're always there for everyone, especially me. You deserve the world. I know you've said you're not really interested in dating right now, but if you ever change your mind...just be sure they're not going to break your heart. It's not worth it."
You bit your lower lip and rested your chin on his hair so he couldn't see your face. If he only knew how you'd gone against that advice for seven years now. Loving your best friend without them loving you back, that's enough to break anyone's heart.
Tumblr media
The train can be heard before it can be seen. The high-tech piece of mechanical wonder speeds down the track at several hundred miles per hour, finally delivering on the promise of escape. Another minute and you'll be on your way to Busan.
Taehyung calls your name like it's the last thing he'll ever say. Voice loud and deep, he shouts it once more. As you turn, you see him bounding down the side of the platform. His eyes are wide, and his chest is heaving from the run. The station itself is expansive, and the platform is far from where he could have driven. He's come all this way to see you, and that alone is no easy feat.
You clench your jaw, trying to maintain your resolve as he approaches. "I asked you not to come."
"And I didn't listen." Taehyung slows and stops a few feet away, giving you some of the distance you asked for. His face shows confusion and guilt, some of which you're sure is there due to him showing up despite your request. "I couldn't let you leave without telling you how I feel, and not over the damn phone. In person."
"Don't play with me, Taehyung, please," you murmured, keeping your eyes away from his.
"I'm not. I'm completely serious." He takes another step closer. "Do you know why I finally broke it off with Sun-ji?"
"Because she's an unfaithful bitch who had it coming?"
He shakes his head. "No. If that were the only reason, I may have given her another chance. I would've hated myself, but you know how I give too many chances." A pause. "I broke up with Sun-ji because I finally hit me that I wasn't in love with her. I was never in love with her, and I never would be. And it hit me again that this was because I was already in love with someone else. Someone who's been my best friend for seven years, someone who's been there for me when I wasn't there for myself, someone who's been my strength and backbone ever since we became friends. I was head over heels for the only girl who's always been in my corner from day one."
The weight of his confession hits you. The longing expression on his face, the tears in his eyes, the emotion in his voice, all of it is heavy and meaningful and everything you've wanted to hear. And yet, you hesitate in your response. "I...Tae..."
"You don't have to say anything," he assures softly. "Just let me talk, then you can do whatever you want, I promise." After taking another step closer, Taehyung's lips tug at the corner to create a tiny smirk. "When I finally broke down and told the others, they called me an idiot. And I have been, for not seeing you until now and for not seeing that you felt the same. Your brother called me a moron, and I can't blame him. I don't know why I'd been so blind for so long, but now that I see you, I refuse to let you go without telling the truth."
He reaches for your hand, and you allow him to take it. His grip is tender and gentle as his fingers lace through yours. Taehyung's brown eyes have always been a weak point for you, but the way he's looking at you now—as if you're the only person in the world—is enough to make you shiver.
"[Y/n], I love you. Not just as a friend, but as something...something more. All that time I wasted with Sun-ji, I should've been spending with you." His grip on your hand tightens, as if giving emphasis to his confessions. 
His gaze drops from yours as he continues. "I know our lives are crazy...and love is confusing and I'm doing this in all the wrong order, but please let me prove it to you. Give me the chance to treat you like you deserve. It's taken seven long years, but I finally see that all that time I called you my best friend, I was slowly but surely falling hard for you. It was so gradual that I didn't know it until I was in too deep.
"I know I'm too little, too late," he whispers, a wistful smile forming on his face as his free hand raises to cup your cheek, "but the heart wants what it wants. And mine desires you...if you'll have me."
You feel your cheeks burn as his words come to a stop. Despite not saying a word for the last several minutes, you feel breathless. The platform around you is bustling; hundreds of people are boarding the train, but your attention is solely on the man in front of you. It's like the world has faded away, and all that exists is you and Taehyung and this unnamed thing between you.
And yet, even after all of that, you still feel confused and hurt and lost. It's not as if your heart isn't singing in response to his epiphany; having him return your love is all you've ever wanted. And yet, you've finally come to realize that you need to take a good look at your life and your feelings. That's not something that can happen in five minutes, on a train platform, after a heartfelt confession. You know your feelings for Taehyung are long-suffering and strong, but you owe it to yourself to give both you and him some time to think.
It's such a paradox; the moment your best friend comes to you confessing his love is the moment you've finally become okay with it being unrequited.
The universe truly is a strange and ironic place. 
"If you'd said that to me six months ago, I would've jumped at the chance," you finally say. "But now? I much has happened, and even if you didn't love her, you really liked Sun-ji. I don't want you to see me as a backup or a fall-girl. I know now that I deserve better than being a second choice."
Taehyung's features soften at your reply, as does his voice. "You're never someone's fall-girl. You're no backup or second choice. If I thought of you like that, do you really think your brother or the other boys would've let me live?"
"True," you chuckle.
Your best friend mirrors your smile, glad to see the tension fading. "I know I'm over simplifying this, but I'll ask it anyway. Do you like me?"
Your response is immediate. "Yes."
"Do you love me?"
"Of course, I do—"
"—Not as a friend," he clarifies. "As something more."
"Because I do."
His words aren't casual. There's an err of honesty and vulnerability to them. It causes you to let your walls down even more. You reach up to place one of your hands against his on your cheek, while the other drifts to his wrist. "Me, too. You know that, apparently."
"Then what's the issue? I know, it's a childish view on love, but can we just...start over? Start fresh?"
"I want to," you reply, looking up at him and realizing you both are closer than before, a breath away from each other. "More than anything, believe me. But I need time and space, Tae. I need time to think and work things out. I need to sort through my feelings and figure out what I really want. I need to get out of my head and heart and just..." Your sentence trails off, and you lower your head in embarrassment. "I'm sorry, I'm probably not making any sense."
"Hey, look at me for a second." Taehyung places a reassuring finger under your chin as you glance up. He flashes a mini-version of his signature boxy smile as he says, "If you need that space and time, then please, go to Busan. Go and think about your future and what you want and what you feel. I don't want to force you into anything you don't want to do. I've put you through enough. Take the time. Take the distance. Just know that if you decide you still want this—if you still want me—I'll be right here waiting for you. I'm not going anywhere unless you want me to."
"You'd really let me go, even after all that?"
Taehyung nods, though his expression is somewhat sad as he does. "You're a grown woman. You can make your own choices. If that means that you chose someone other than me, or if you chose to stay as friends, I...I can find a way to be okay with that."
An overwhelming sense of love and adoration flows over you, and you lean into his touch a little more by pressing his hand closer to your cheek. "How about you come to Busan with me? I think some time to talk might do us good, away from the craze of Seoul and BTS and kpop. Where we can be just us. What about that?"
Your best friend's face brightens by a thousand, and he moves his hand from your face to his pocket. He retrieves a slip of paper and holds it up with an eager grin. "I bought a ticket in hopes that you might say something like that."
"You weren't going to force me, huh?" You cock a playful eyebrow, and Taehyung blushes.
"I was only going to use it if you decided you'd give me another chance. I wouldn't have gotten past the gate if I didn't."
"You've got balls, I'll give you that," you laugh, rolling your eyes as Taehyung continues to give a cheeky grin. "You really broke up with Sun-ji because of me?"
"Yep. Best decision I ever made--well," he stops mid-sentence, correcting himself. "Actually, second-best. Best was running here from the bus stop. I definitely wouldn't have made it if I took an Uber."
You shove him away with teasing hands, scoffing out, "You're crazy."
Taehyung doesn't let you get far. He chases after you slipping an arm around your waist and hauling you against him. His face comes incredibly close to yours; nose brushes against nose. His eyes dart from yours, down to your lips, and slowly rise back up. "Crazy about you."
"Okay, the cheesy lines are stopping right now, otherwise you're not getting on that train."
His eyes flicker from your face to the tracks behind you. His smile drops, brown eyes growing wider. "Um...about that...we gotta go."
As you turn your head, Taehyung grabs your hand and pulls you towards the train. The automatic doors are starting to close; you both were so caught up in each other and your mutual confessions that you must've missed the last call to board. Taehyung catches up just before it closes, and even though the alarm blares out of annoyance, the sides part once again. 
Once you're both on-board, the doors close behind you. Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows and comments, "Cutting it close?"
"Seems to be the theme of the day," you retort, grateful to have made it with both Taehyung and luggage in tow. In a sudden realization, you eye his empty hands. "Wait, you didn't pack anything!"
"Um, yeah! You were going to leave, and it's six a.m. I didn't exactly have time to pack a bag. I barely made it in time to get a ticket."
Suddenly bursting into laughter, you lean your forehead against his shoulder. "I love you, but you are a huge idiot. Looks like shopping is on the agenda for this afternoon."
"Says the girl who got on a train at six in the fucking morning," he grumbles. "But I love you, too." Taking your hand once more, Taehyung presses a chaste kiss to your hair, causing you to look up at him in surprise. All he does is smile, a light dusting of pink across his cheeks. "C'mon, let's get a seat before this thing starts moving."
Nodding, you allow him to tug you to the back of the car, passing by several other people who are similarly attempting to get situated before departure. You find the farthest pair of booths to settle into, far away from the others. Taehyung takes the one across from yours, and helps you put your luggage in other overhead bin. 
As your companion settles into his seat, you flash a grateful smile his way. He tilts his head as he responds, "What's that look for?"
"For giving me the time I need," you respond, knocking your knee against his. "And for spending some quality time with me. Feels like it's been forever since it's been just us two."
The boxy smile makes an appearance, and Taehyung pulls your feet onto his lap, a gesture he did often before Sun-ji. "In the end, you'll always be my best friend, [Y/n]. No matter what."
The train begins to move. Within seconds, both of you are on your way to Busan. Eventually, the conversation fades to blissful quiet. Both of you are feeling the effects of a six a.m. train ride across South Korea. Taehyung's gaze moves to the window, sleepily watching the scenery go by until he falls asleep with your feet still in his lap.
Your attention remains on him. Despite being tired, you're far too full of a complex variety of emotions to sleep. Joy and excitement, relief and hope, and love. 
Love above all else.
There comes a moment in every person's life that they must decide whether or not the one they love is worth giving up their own happiness for. The line between the healthy amount of support and care that loved ones give each other is often convoluted, never easy to see, only ever clear in hindsight. Sometimes it takes time and distance away from that person for you to see whether or not this pain is worth it.
Though it took some time and distance, the outcome is just as you'd hoped. And you knew then, on that homeward bound train, that Taehyung was worth it all. 
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ohpretty-baby · a year ago
6,690 miles
⇥ pairing: kim taehyung x reader ; soulmate au
⇥ genre: kind of fluff, mostly angst
⇥ synopsis: meeting your soulmate during vacation wasn’t ideal. especially when he lived on the other side of the world
⇥ warnings: cursing once i think
⇥ word count: 4.6k
this was a request by an anon! thank you for requesting this :) also i know it was supposed to be fluffy but i kind of got carried away with the concept of your request and i added the soulmate aspect to it i made it kind of sad :,) i hope you still enjoy though (if not, feel free to request again!)
i think i’ve just been in kind of a funk so it translated into this aha, i love you guys ! <3
Tumblr media
“Excuse me, sir?” You gently tapped on a broad shoulder of the man that had his back turned to you as you spoke, “Would you be able to take a picture of me?”
He turned around, his stature towering over you. The cold Parisian night air flowed through your skirt, leaving goosebumps all over your skin. You pressed it down with your hands, making the long black skirt return to its shape. You tucked a few loose strands behind your ear as you waited for the man’s response eagerly. He stood over you, glass eyes piercing through yours, examining you from head to toe. Pure confusion was painted on his face.
You gulped as you took in his appearance.
His soft brown hair fell slightly over his hooded eyes and they pierced intensely into yours. His hands were shoved in the pockets of his brown trench coat, and he was somewhat slouched in a calm, composed manner. He stood poised and collected and had an elegant air about him. A decorative red scarf was tied neatly around his neck and a pair of black rimmed glasses seemed to sharpen his features even more.
The lights of the Eiffel Tower glossed over his smooth skin, highlighting his handsome face perfectly. His soft lips curved upwards and he nodded in response to your question. You flashed a bright smile as you handed him your phone and backed away from him, getting ready to pose. You fixed yourself, attempting to get rid of the random folds and wrinkles on your clothes so they could accentuate your body nicely.
He crouched down in an attempt to get the best angles possible for the photos. It was a relief that you had chosen a good photographer.
The only thing was that he wasn’t much of a talker.
The silence, save for the chatter of other people, was dense, making you feel awkward under his gaze. It weirded you out, having a silent photoshoot. He payed no attention to it, however, continuing to take what you had hoped were pleasing pictures of you. He was deep in focus, squinting at you and pointing at different spots for you to stand at. You would simply nod in response, complying to his requests.
It was times like these where you wished language barriers didn’t exist.
The man was silent until you unconsciously started looking down at the ground. Behind the camera, he could tell that you were uncomfortable and he frowned slightly.
“Look at me, darling.”
His voice had a soothing, deep timbre that colored every word he spoke. There was a slight gravel to it, catching anyone’s attention quickly. You felt your ears perk up at his words, shivers running down your back.
What was most notable was the strange feeling spreading through your hand.
You gawked up at him when you felt a bright, tingling sensation in your wrist. It then slowly started to burn as you tried to ignore it. Your lips were parted, your arms falling limp to your sides, and you were stiff in your posture.
You couldn’t tell if you were more shocked because of the fact that he could speak English this whole time or the fact that he was your soulmate. Not daring to even try to see what it looked like, your hand was glued to your side.
Right when you were about to ask if you could see his wrist, the man interrupted your thoughts.
“You alright?” He lowered the phone to see your face, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost...”
You decided not to address the tattoo burning on your wrist.
While you were lost in your thoughts, you remembered hearing about some people having a soulmate tattoo with someone that didn’t want anything to do with them. In those cases, the other person didn’t even have a tattoo with their words. Maybe this was the case with you. There was no chance that you were his soulmate, even if he was yours. He lived on the other side of the world. Neither of you had enough time to genuinely learn about each other and fall in love.
Not to mention that you were returning home to America the next day.
You cursed yourself, wishing that you could have met him earlier in your trip. Maybe if you had gone to the Eiffel Tower the first night, this wouldn’t be that big of an issue.
You felt a twinge of pain in your heart. This was nothing like what you expected it to be.
“Oh,” You chuckled awkwardly, running a hand through your hair, “I zoned out for a bit, sorry.”
He clicked a few more photos as you had been smiling naturally. He examined at the photos with a satisfied look on his face, and handed you your phone. You thanked him, gratitude spilling out of your lips.
“Of course,” His hands returned to his pockets, “But I do have to mention one thing.”
Your heart started beating rapidly, and you tried to hide the fact that your breathing was getting shallower by the minute. You attempted to keep your composure but the curious gleam in your eyes hid nothing.
Time seemed to reach a standstill.
This was it, wasn’t it?
Maybe he got something on his wrist too. Maybe he’d show you and you’d run into his arms. Maybe then the two of you could figure out a way to be together.
You held your breath as he opened his mouth to speak.
“I remember hearing something about it being illegal to take photos of the Eiffel Tower at night.”
With just those few words, you felt your mood drop immensely. Your shoulders drooped down, and you realized that you had been clutching the fabric of your skirt so tightly that your knuckles turned bright white. Your hands relaxed and you opted for fidgeting with the folds of the fabric instead.
“Ah, really?” You kept your eyes on your sneakers as you kicked at pieces of dirt and debris around, “I didn’t know that.”
“I suppose it can’t be helped, though,” He shrugged and rubbed his nose, “It is a tourist attraction after all.”
He stood next to you, and the two of you faced the Eiffel Tower. You stared at the night lights, dread and woe filling your heart. Trying to focus on sightseeing, you averted eye contact with him and you tried to block him out. You also tried to ignore the fact that you were standing next to your soulmate, helpless, as the two of you stare at a famous tourist attraction.
There went your soulmate, right out of your hands.
“I’m Taehyung, by the way,” He whispered, careful as to not disturb the peacefulness of the scenery, “It’s a pleasure to take your photos.”
“I’m Y/N,” You responded just as cautious, eyes fixed on the yellow lights beaming back on you, “It was nice meeting you.”
“Have you been to Paris before?”
“You tell me,” You quipped, earning a rich laugh from Taehyung. You smiled to yourself in satisfaction, your face heating up.
His laughter rang through your ears, muffling any other noise around you, but it was obvious that you didn’t mind. Even though the night was pitch black, save for the bright yellow lights, your world seemed to be colored pink as you found yourself laughing along with him.
You couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes would crinkle up and how his eyes twinkled even more now. Or how his nose and cheeks were dusted a soft red because of the cold air. It was almost as if the world moved in slow motion. You forgot about the rest of the people as you completely soaked in Taehyung’s presence.
“So...” The world resumed as he spoke, your ears perking up at his words, “What’s a pretty girl like you doing at Paris all by herself?”
You giggled at his question.
“I don’t know,” You shrugged, “Just needed a vacation, I guess.”
Before Taehyung could speak, you felt a harsh shove at your side. You yelped as you landed in Taehyung’s arms and you spun around to figure out who had pushed you. Two kids were running around, one of them bumping into you with their elbow rather roughly. Taehyung held you close to him and steadied you, helping you get back on your feet.
Everything was a blur, but all you knew was that you felt safe in his arms. A warmth spread throughout your chest. He smelt of citrus and lemongrass, his scent drowning out the rest of your senses and flooding your nose.
It hurt a little more when he let you out of his grasp, the cold air hitting your skin once again.
Apologies spilled out of your lips every second, almost as if you were in a trance. Taehyung put his hands on your shoulders, bringing you back to earth. He gave a soft smile before reassuring you that you were okay. He asked you if you were alright and you nodded, smiling back at him.
A silence fell over you once more, making you feel stuffy and suffocated even if you were out in public. You checked your phone to see the time, and realized how late it had gotten.
“Ah, well,” You placed your phone in your purse, “I’m quite far away from my hotel. I should be going. Thank you for everything.”
It was like your mouth was speaking for you, your words foreign on your tongue as you heard yourself speak. You wanted nothing more than to show him your wrist, but Taehyung had shown no signs of him having your words on his own wrist. Even now he was so poised, so elegantly relaxed. Like nothing had affected him.
Like nothing had happened.
You imagined what it would be like to see him in his pajamas, what it would be like to wake up next to him. You wondered how he’d look in the morning, how his skin would glow as the sun would filter in through the window and shine on him. You thought about what it would be like to have breakfast with him, how you would crack jokes with him over morning coffee and how he would roll his eyes at you and continue eating.
Your curiosity had gotten the best of you, making you fall in love in seconds with a man you had just met.
And here you were walking away from him and making your way to a taxi.
You felt dumb, becoming heartbroken over someone who had only said one or two sentences to you. Only a few words from him and you were already head over heels. You sighed, getting upset with yourself as you felt tears prick your eyes.
That was when you felt a tug on your hand, making you turn around. You were met with Taehyung’s eyes once more. They looked a little softer, slight desperation peering through. You stared at him, your heart beating rapidly as you waited for him to speak.
His hand was rough and dry against you, the coarse skin surprising you slightly. Your hand fit perfectly in his. Images of you and him holding hands as you walked through the city flashed through your mind and you wanted to curse yourself. Your brain was already coming up instantly with unrealistic scenarios.
But that didn’t matter as you felt Taehyung’s gaze on you, your eyes getting lost in his.
Once he realized what he had just done, he let go of your hand immediately.
“There’s um,” He shoved his hands in his pockets, “There’s quite a bit of pickpockets here...”
Your head cocked to the side as you patiently waited for his next response.
“And my hotel is probably closer than yours...” He scratched the nape of his neck, his voice lowering, “Even then, I still get pickpocketed sometimes.”
“Ah, really?” You frowned, bottom lip jutting out in a small pout, “I should probably be careful on my way back then, right?”
“How about I take you to my room?” Taehyung blinked, face heating up at what he had just said. You stayed quiet, a bit shocked by his boldness.
“I mean, not like... that,” He ran a hand through his hair, averting eye contact with you, “Like, you can stay for the night. Unless you don’t want to. But I’d advise it- Not because I want to get into your pants, but because it’s really not safe! I promise-“
You burst out laughing, making Taehyung shut up rather quickly. He awkwardly chuckled, smiling sheepishly at you. You wheezed, clutching your chest in an attempt to catch your breath.
“Why not?” You responded quietly, and Taehyung perked up at your words.
And that’s how you found yourself in a stranger’s bed, aimlessly clicking through the different channels on the hotel tv. Your hair was slightly damp and you were clad in a soft white robe, waiting for Taehyung, who was in the shower. You felt your heart melt when you heard his lovely singing as he cleaned himself. The sound of water rushing in the bathroom seemed to accentuate his melodies, calming you as you listened to him.
You took the chance to take a look at your wrist, seeing the pretty black ink on written on your skin. You bit your lip, tapping your fingers on the words.
“Look at me, darling.”
You laughed through your nose, air blowing out of your nostrils quietly. Thank goodness his words were pretty. It was a blessing and a curse that his words looked so beautiful on your skin. Even if you were never going to see him after this trip, at least your tattoo was cool.
It would be an interesting story to tell your friends. At least, that’s what you told yourself in order to comfort the fact that you really had no chance of seeing him after this night.
Your heart sank as you realized that the night would soon come to an end.
“You doing alright there, Y/N? Are you comfortable?”
You quickly shoved your hand under the sheets and refocused your attention to the television.
“Yeah,” You said nervously, “I’m good. Great. Wonderful, really.”
Your vision landed on Taehyung’s figure. Your face flushed up and you suddenly wished you hadn’t taken your eyes of the show you were “watching”.
He was clad only in a towel, water droplets covering his whole chest. His whole skin was tanned and his whole body was tone, displaying just how fit he was. You decided not to focus on his chest as you realized that he could probably see you peeping at him. Water dripped from different strands of his hair and fell onto his face.
You tried to keep your cool although your wide eyes and red face showed otherwise. It was obvious that Taehyung could notice this, but you kept up your futile front.
“I ordered champagne,” He said calmly, ignoring that he was half naked in front of a complete stranger, “Let me get changed and I’ll be there with you, yeah?”
You nodded, hands fidgeting with the fabric of your robe. You tried to keep up with the show playing on the screen, but you soon gave up since it was all in French. Your head fell onto the bed post as you stared up at the ceiling. Your hand flew to the thin, dainty chain on your neck, and you rolled it in between your thumb and index finger. You let out a sigh, feeling some of the tension leave your body while Taehyung was changing in the bathroom.
A loud knock was on his door, and Taehyung, now clad in sweatpants and a grey hoodie, quickly ran to answer it. He thanked room service, politely grabbing the bottle and glasses and shutting the door. He walked over to you triumphantly, showing of the champagne to you rather proudly. You giggled, feeling the bed shift under his weight. He handed you a glass and placed his own on the nightstand next to the bed.
You felt yourself jump as the cork flew off the bottle with a loud pop!, making Taehyung chuckle at your response. He poured the drink into your hands and then placed some of it into his own.
He clinked his glass with yours before taking a large gulp of the champagne. You took a small sip, feeling it bubble down your throat. You licked your lips, savoring the first taste of the drink.
“Who knew I’d be spending my night in Paris with a man I met an hour ago?” You joked, examining the bubbly drink.
“Who knew you’d be drinking with him in his bed?”
“Yeah,” You murmured, “Who knew...”
The two of you spent the night sipping on champagne, the drink making you feel light and giggly. The next few hours were filled with shameless, drunken flirting, but neither of you cared nor were flustered by each other’s words. It’s not like either of you would remember the next day.
In your intoxicated state, you learned that Taehyung was a touchy person. He had his arm wrapped around you snugly as you laid on his chest. He’d often run a hand through your hair, brushing it gently through his fingers. He would drunkenly place soft kisses on your head as the two of you talked, the television playing quietly in the background.
You also learned that he was quite the talker.
From his numerous stories, you discovered that Taehyung was born in Korea. He told countless anecdotes of growing up there, making you laugh at his goofy antics and the problems he got into when he was younger. He complained about how hard it was to learn English and how he envied how you were so fluent, since it took him so long to be able to have a simple conversation with someone.
You imagined what a younger Taehyung looked like, imagined what it would have been like to go to high school with him. While he was talking, you yearned to grow old with him, falling deeper and deeper in love with him as the more time passed with him.
He told you of his friend Jimin, who he had been friends with since high school. He mentioned all the trouble the two of them they got in, and how they still get into trouble now. He said that the two of you would probably get along, but Jimin would get upset at the fact that Taehyung took you to his hotel room after meeting you in one day. As he spoke, you wondered what it would be like to meet his family and to meet his friends. They must all be wonderful if they’re deemed right by Taehyung. You wished for nothing more than to be seen as worthy in Taehyung’s eyes.
“So, what’re your stories?” His words cutely slurred together, “Who exactly is Y/N?”
Once you spoke about yourself, it turned out he was a pretty good listener after all. He listened to everything you said intently, nodding when you said something, laughing when you laughed, and adding little comments or snickers here and there in order to make you laugh or tease you.
That night the two of you shared and confessed many things with each other. You found out that Taehyung used to play the saxophone, and he learned that you couldn’t hold a note for shit. He learned that you had a fear of heights, and you discovered that he had a terrible habit of biting his nails when he was younger. He told you how his mother would yell at him because his habit would make his hands look ugly. You took the time to examine his pretty hands and you told him to thank his mother.
Everything was light and happy in Taehyung’s hotel room. It was apparent that this was the happiest the both of you had felt in a while. To you, everything felt incredibly real. You concluded that Taehyung must have been your soulmate, because you’d never felt such a strong connection with anyone before.
Especially with someone you had just met that night!
So with the champagne giving you sudden courage, you sat up so you could be face to face with Taehyung and prepared to show him your wrist. You had to confirm with him that you were his soulmate first, though.
“Tae,” Your words drawled out slightly, “Do you believe in soulmates?”
“What do you mean?” His head drooped to the side, staring at you, “Of course I do.”
“Do you have one?” You giggled, not noticing how close your face was to his. His breath hitched slightly, but he shook it off quickly.
“I don’t know,” He shrugged, words spoken in a teasing lilt, “Do you?”
“Well, I don’t know either!” You looked at him with curious eyes, giggling once more, “Do you want one?”
“Not really.”
His words sobered you up, almost like you were getting his with freezing cold water. You laid back into the bed, dejectedly staring at the open air. Taehyung noticed this shift in mood, and he nudged you gently, trying to figure out what had changed. When you wouldn’t budge, he wrapped his arm around you again, pulling you close to him. You wanted to punch him as your eyes went blurry with tears.
“...Why don’t you?” Your voice was quiet, trembling. You clutched onto the material of his hoodie tightly, your head pressed against his chest.
If he knew something was strange with your sudden, quite random, questions, he didn’t say anything.
“I guess I’m scared,” His eyes were shut was he rested his head on yours, “What if I’m not good enough for my soulmate?”
“Well, that can’t be true.”
“I guess I’ll know when I find them.”
“I guess so,” You whispered, voice shaky.
It was as if a dagger pierced your heart. You bit your lip, holding back sobs.
Taehyung didn’t respond to your words, opting to place another kiss on your head. You wanted to disappear. Your predictions had come true.
He was your soulmate but you weren’t his.
“I wanna go to bed, Taehyung,” You murmured, words vibrating against his chest.
He nodded, letting you out of his embrace. Your turned your back to him, covering yourself in the sheets. Taehyung stared at your figure, trying to decide whether or not he should hold you again or not. You couldn’t tell if you wanted him to.
All you knew was that he was too good to be true. You fit well in his arms, but you didn’t think he realized that. It was as if you could only acknowledge the fact that your body felt perfect against his.
“Y/N, Can-“
“If you want to,” You responded, already knowing what he was going to say.
Soon enough his arms were around your waist, and you were engulfed by his citrus scent once more. A few moments later you heard soft snores coming from him. Your body felt heavy, like you were going to sink in his bed. Tears quietly rolled down your eyes and onto the pillow, your body slightly trembling. The television was shut off, only your soft cries heard in the silence of the hotel room.
What you hated the most was that Taehyung’s body felt warm and his embrace felt safe. He felt right. You couldn’t describe it enough. Just being in his arms felt right. Even if you felt uncomfortable in his room, being in his arms was enough for you. And you hated that.
You felt your eyelids droop down, and soon enough you drifted off to sleep.
Tumblr media
The next morning, Taehyung woke up alone. The sunlight burned into his eyes, slightly blinding him and waking him up instantly. He rubbed the sleep crusted away in his eyes, and he felt his heart sank when he realized the absence of you.
Memories of the night before flashed into his mind. You resting on his chest, you giggling at his dumb jokes, you cutely turning red from drinking too much alcohol. All he could think of was you. You with your soft eyes and kind smile. Your soft hair and your small figure. He thought about how you felt in his arms, how your body slotted perfectly in his embrace.
Then dread filled his heart as another memory played in his mind.
“Do you want a soulmate, Taehyung?”
“Not really.”
Taehyung wanted to slap himself at his words. Sure, he did truly feel like he wasn’t enough for his soulmate, but your reaction made his own heart break. He realized that he truly wasn’t enough for you. He let his stupid fears get into the way of you being with him.
You left behind nothing. There was no note on his night stand that had your number on it, no note telling him that you had to go, no note telling him that you enjoyed your time with him. You were just gone, without a trace, without a hint of you ever being there, save for your vanilla scent stuck on the sheets and the image of you burned in Taehyung’s mind.
Taehyung grabbed his phone, quickly going to his camera roll. He swiped through numerous photos of you that he had taken on his own phone without you noticing. He smiled sadly, eyes fixated on his screen.
You looked so happy in the pictures, your smile showing how absorbed you were in staring at the lights of the Eiffel Tower. He admired the wonder and twinkle in your eyes as you watched the crowds around the famous tourist attraction. He came across a photo of your back facing him as you kept your focus on the Eiffel Tower. The wind was shifting around your hair and moving it gracefully in the photo. You looked like you came straight out of a movie. He wished for nothing more than to be able rewind and restart everything with you.
He wanted the ending where you ended up with him. Not the one where the two of you never speak again.
Dropping his phone on the bed, he pulled strands at his hair in response to his own stupidity. Why didn’t he show you his tattoo? Why was he so dumb? What was holding him back?
He was terrified. You were so perfect to him, and he couldn’t see himself being enough for you. He was afraid that if you got to know him more, you’d end up losing feelings for him. He wanted nothing more than to have a home with you and see you every single day.
He yearned to have you with him again, falling apart as the seconds passed. He wished he could’ve had the chance to grow up with you, to get married, to take you to all of the places you wanted to go to. He wanted to have kids with you, see what they’d look like and how they’d act. He yearned to feel the happiness he felt when you were around him.
Now the only thing in his mind was the feeling of regret.
You were right in his hands and now you had slipped away from his reach in mere seconds.
Taehyung rolled up his sleeve to look at his wrist. He tapped his fingers onto the black words as smiled sadly, imagining your calming voice in his ears. He imagined that you were in front of him, handing him your phone as you waited expectantly for his response.
“Excuse me, sir? Would you be able to take a picture of me?”
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jizemderler · a year ago
HI THERE BEAUTIFUL!! sooo I did my best here I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
You were going through your closer when Taehyung walked in to your shared bedroom. “Hi.” he said kissing your temple and walking past you towards the bathroom. “How was work?” you asked him raising your voice a little so he would hear. You heared him groan while walking back out with a old white shirt and some shorts on. “That was a quick change?” you said arching a brow and he shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t you have any appointements tonight?” you asked because he usually had dinner plans with his associates from the company. “I cancelled them. I’m tired.” he said while sitting down on the bed and you looked at him through the mirror. His hair was tousled from changing his clothes and his eyes were really looking tired. You turned around with a warming smile on your lips and walked towards him. You stood between his legs and cupped his face with your hands. He rest his hands on your hips and pulled you closer. “Get some rest while I’m gone. I’ll take care of you when I’m back alright?” you said and gave him a peck on his lips. “Wait you’re going out?” he asked while furrowing his brows. “Yeah. Gina invited me to dinner. We’re going out for some dumplings.” you smiled and his serious expression confused you. “I remember telling you to NOT go out today.” he said in a low voice and you rolled your eyes. “It’s just dinner. I’ll be back in a few hours.” you said and wanted to step back but he held you in place with his grip on your hips. “No I’m serious. You can’t go out today.” he said and this already ruined your mood. “What are you talking about?” you said freeing yourself from his hands and stepping back. “You can’t.” he said and you groaned. “Not this again!” you whined and rolled your eyes while turning away. Every now and then Taehyung would get really obsessive and forbid you to go out. Not for long. It was always just one night and if you went out he would follow you very close. Since you wanted to be alone with your friend there was no chance of doing that today.
“Tae I’m not your property.” you said and he nodded. “I know.”
“So stop treating me like I am.” you growled and he got up from the bed. “I’m not. Seriously. I never controll anything you do. But you have to listen to me when I say you can’t.” he said as if it was the most plausible thing. His calm voice and behavior made you even more mad. You tried sneaking out, leaving and ignoring him whenever he wanted you to stay home but none of it worked out. So you found a soloution in staying home but not talking to him. “You’re driving me fucking crazy.” you said throwing the dress you held in your hand to his feet and walked out of the bedroom. You were mad, no fuming. So to prevent anything worse happening he didn’t cross your way.
You cancelled on your friend and told her that you couldn’t make it. You ignored his attempt at making it up to you and left him hanging. He planted himself on the couch where you had to see him while walking around the house. You were in the bathroom cleaning your stuff when you recognized his suit scrunched up on the floor next to the sink in the corner. “This mother fucking bitch can’t even throw his dirty clothes away properly.” you cursed under your breath and bent down to pick it up. As soon as you unfolded the material you let out a gasp. The white dress shirt was drenched in red colour what looked like blood. You covered your mouth with your hand and rushed out to the bathroom. As soon as you reached the living room you planted yourself next to him and pulled his shirt up. “Are you hurt?” you asked worriedly and all anger was long forgotten. To loose all that blood he must’ve gotten injured really bad. “” he said confused and pulled his shirt back down while whincing in pain at the sudden movement. Your eyes widened and you tucked at his shirt again. “Yes you are! Where’s your wound? What did you do?” you asked while examining his body and he tried to shield his body from your gaze.
“What are you talking about?” he said finally jumping up in order to get away from you. “I saw your shirt.” you said and his eyes were about to fall out from his head. “Shit.” he growled under his breath. “I’m not injured.” he said while holding his hands up and you squinted your eyes in disbelief. “Take your shirt of.” you said and he rolled his eyes. “Come on babe. That’s ridiculous.”
“Okay, okay!” he gave in and pulled his shirt over his head and spinned around himself once to show that he had no wound. His quick movements didn’t hide the bruises on his back though. “What happened to your back?” you said reaching out your hand to touch his skin but he flinched away. “Nothing. I-...” he started but stopped when your head snapped up to look at him when the realization hit you. That was not his blood. It was someone elses. And there was alot of it.
“Taehyung what happened?” you asked and you saw him obviously getting nervous. “Babe. Let’s sit down for a second.” he said trying to hold your hand but you flinched away. “Who’s blood is that?” you yelled at him in horror and he hated the scared look in your eyes. He hated himself for being the cause of it. “I’ll tell you let’s just sit down.” he begged you but you couldn’t wipe the images flooding your mind. What kind of horror could’ve caused such an amout of blood. “There is a reason why I didn’t want you to go out at certain nights.” he said and confused you even more. What did that have anything to do with his blood stained shirt?
“I’ll tell you everything. Just sit down. Please.”
After he finished explaining to you what he did for a living and that the company was just a facade to hide what his real profession was, you couldn’t hold back a disgusted sound from leaving your lips. You couldn’t react any further though. Everything you knew and loved about him vaporized into thin air. “Please say something.” he begged after a long moment of silence but you stood up without looking at him and walked to your bedroom. You were packing a few things when he entered the room. “I know you’ll hate me even more but I can’t let you leave right now.” he said carefully and you glared at him. “After...what happened today. They’ll be out on a hunt for me and my family.” he explained and you wanted to punch him. “You’re the only person I have close to a family.” he added with a tiny voice and you couldn’t believe your ears. You let the bag fall out of your hands and tears filled your eyes.
“Who are you?” you asked and your voice broke into a sobb. He wanted to step forward and pull you into a hug and wipe the tears away. But he knew for a fact that if he touched you right now you would punch him with no hesitation. “You won’t have to see me-..just...please stay in the house.” he asked you and you turned your back on him not able to handle to look at him.
You don’t know how the night passed. You cried the majority of it thinking back at your moments with Tae. You couldn’t believe that everything you lived was a lie. When the sun started seeping through the thick curtains you swung your legs off the bed and stood up. Your head was pounding from the lack of sleep. You walked in to the kitchen to fill yourself a cup of water and drank it hastily. You heared heavy footsteps coming closer and Tae leaned against the doorframe. Unsure what to do or how to act. He didn’t want to loose you. It felt like you were slipping through his fingers.
“I can’t bring myself to hate you.” you admitted to yourself and him and put your glass in to the sink. “And that makes me hate myself even more.” you added and looked up in to those brown eyes that used to give you so much love and security. “I don’t want to hate myself Tae.” you said and he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He stepped forward and pulled you into a tight hug. You could hear his heart pounding in his chest. He looked like, smelled like the Tae you loved. But knowing what he was capable of and what he did made you shudder. You leaned your forhead against his chest and shut your eyes. “Please let me go Tae.” you begged and tried not to cry. “Please let me hate you more than I hate myself.”
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gummygowon · 10 months ago
cariño | kim taehyung
Tumblr media
word count: 684
genre: fluff :))))
established relationship!
warnings: none
the clicking sounds of your laptop never stopped even after your boyfriend came home from practice. 
you were busy finishing your many homework assignments and projects tonight. the music coming from your laptop went unnoticed as your mind was scrambling trying to finish a report for your english class while worrying about the other eight assignments waiting to be finished. 
to say you were overwhelmed and stressed was a big understatement but none of that matter because your teachers happened to not really care about their students’ mental health and still piled on homework and projects. you could’ve sworn they were giving out a lot more work to do then before quarantine.
ever since classes started back up again for your university, you have been nonstop working. sometimes you were even more busy than your boyfriend and that says a lot considering he was an idol who literally practiced for hours on end. 
taehyung had taken a great notice on how school was pushing your limits but there was so little he could do since he also had a hectic schedule. but that didn’t stop him from trying to make your life a little easier. for example, if you were still working by the time he got home from practice he would make you tea to keep your energized for the rest of the night. or if he had things to do really early in the morning he would make you breakfast and leave it in the kitchen for you along with a little note. 
tonight, however was different. he could sense that your stress levels were off the charts as soon as he walked in the front door.
“lots of work?” taehyung asked as he kissed your cheek.
you sighed, running a hand through your hair. “yeah, i’ll probably have to pull another all nighter.”
he rested his chin your shoulder, “i’ll make you another tea when i get out of the shower, ok?” 
“thank you, baby.” it was your turn to kiss him back. you were smiling when the two of you guys pulled back.
once taehyung had come out of the shower with wet hair and his pjs he went straight into the kitchen to start a kettle. after, he placed the tea kettle on the stove he walked back to you, giving time for the water to boil.
he gasped when his favorite song came on, “turn it up, please.”
you didn’t verbally respond but turned up the volume.
“eres, una obra de arte,” he sang along, dancing softly to the song. his deep voice contrasting the artist’s soft voice.
you looked up from your laptop, smiling at him dancing. taehyung noticed your gaze and motioned for you to stand up which you just shook your head to.
“dance with me please.” he begged as he hugged your waist.
“taehyung, i gotta finish this paper.” you kindly denied. as much as you loved your boyfriend you really needed to finish.
“just, this song please.” he convinced. “i’ll go back to making the tea when it’s over.”
“just one song, kim.” you said as you let your boyfriend pull you up from your desk.
“of course, ma’am.” he smiled at you as he pulled you closer into his chest.
your hands intertwined together as you guys swayed to the song. 
“cariño, eres un amor”
“cariño, pintas en color”
you rested your head on his shoulder as the two of you guys danced along the room. you let your worries about your grades and deadlines fade away for just a minute.
the only thing you focused on was him. 
you listened to his heartbeat as taehyung sang along to the song softly. the warmth from his body felt comforting and relaxing. almost like home in a way.
a place that would welcome you with open arms no matter the hour or the situation. somewhere you could come back to peacefully without a single worry.
“something about you, babe”
you smiled at him, lovingly before giving him a warm kiss. “i love you.”
taehyung grinned into the kiss, “i love you, mi cariño.”
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hisunshiine · a year ago
𝔊𝔢𝔫𝔢𝔰𝔦𝔰 [ℜ𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔩𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔰 𝔭𝔞𝔯𝔱 𝔱𝔴𝔬] | 𝕜.𝕥𝕙| ⚠️💦🔞🥰
𝕃𝕒𝕤𝕥 𝔻𝕒𝕪 𝕋𝕠 𝕊𝕒𝕪 𝕀𝕥: Revelations and Genesis (2-shot)
Part 1 Part 2
And then you were gone...
Tumblr media
Or so you thought.
The orgasm was just that strong that you blacked out. You were roused by Tae, who was kneeling on the bed, watching you, his hand stroking along your cheek as his low voice talked to you, prompting you to wakefulness.
“Y/N, I think… I think we’re okay.”
“Really?” Your voice was hoarse, and Tae smoothed your hair down on your head.
“It was a meteor… A massive one, maybe that’s why people were so confused about it being the sun. I-I’m scared to find out where it hit though… I’m sure a lot of people died...”
You sat up, feeling both relieved and saddened at the loss of life you know had to have happened.
“Tell me what I missed?”
Taehyung laced his fingers with yours.
“I remember the bright light, what felt like an earthquake, and I think I blacked out for a few? And then I ran outside and saw people were hugging and screaming that we survived.. so I’m praying it’s true.”
Tumblr media
“Oh my god! We really didn’t die?” You ask, still not fully believing you could be so lucky to get to continue living; spend your life with the man in front of you. “We need to go see my parents, we need to figure out what’s going on!”
“Wait, slow down baby.”
He pulls you back down, your naked body pressed to his as he seats you on his lap, arms wrapped around your waist.
“But Tae—“
“No butts unless it’s yours. Nothing is happening right now. Everything will be the in chaos, so let’s just… stay in this bed. Tomorrow we can figure out how to live in this new world. Tonight, I just want to be inside you.”
He said this last part lower, his lips grazing your ear as he kissed the soft part just behind it.
Tumblr media
“Stay with me tonight, please.”
You debated. What do you do? He was saying everything you wanted to hear.. that you were safe and alive, but a part of you felt like you should go to your family, you were sure they were looking for you..
All thoughts of leaving left your mind as his teeth closed on your neck, firm but not painful, and his arms lifted you up by your waist. Soon you felt the gentle pressure of his erect cock nudging your core and you sat back onto it, walls spreading to allow him entrance. Once seated, Tae helped you rotate your hips as he waited for you to adjust to his girth.
His hands moved to your breasts, fingers pulling and tweaking your nipples until they were pert, and then moving to palm your full breasts in his hands, enjoying the way you fit in his hands.
The slow circles of your waist brought the head of his cock nudging your g-spot, tingles racing through every nerve in your body at every kissing of his throbbing tip to your bundle of nerves. You could feel when you gushed, a copious amount of your wetness now coating his dick and you wanted more, wanted to continue to build that delicious pressure in your lower abdomen.
Taehyung groaned in your ear when you began to bounce slightly, trading cockwarming circles for friction and fucking.
“Fuck baby, I can’t believe you made me wait for this.. but I’d wait all over again to be balls deep inside of you.”
Tumblr media
His breathy words were sending you higher, and you began to bounce harder, high pitched whines pulled from your throat as Tae began to thrust up into you, meeting you stroke for stroke.
“That’s is baby, fuck you’re gonna make me cum, you’re so tight…”
You lick your lips, panting as you reply.
“Me too.. god, Tae, you’re so… fucking… big. I love it. I love you.”
He buried his face in your neck, uncaring to the way your hair stuck to his sweaty forehead. He clutched your breasts to your chest as he sped up, now pummeling you from below as he chased both of your highs.
“Don’t stop Tae, please don’t stop…”
“I won’t baby, not until I fill you with my cum, put a fucking baby in you…”
You moan, the idea that you get to have kids with him makes you feel heady, and the orgasm that accompanies it leaves you breathless and trembling; pleasurable currents traveling the entirety of your skeleton. You spasm clench around him, but he lifts you off of him, laying you down back onto the bed and quickly moves over you, his lips finding yours.
His knee nudges your legs apart, and without help from his hands, which frame your face, he thrust deep into you.
Tumblr media
Your hands both dive into his hair and he rolls his hips into you.
Tumblr media
Tongues clash as he swallows down each moan he elicits from your body, and you feel yourself start to build again, toes curling.
“Fuck, I’m gonna… again…”
“Yea?” Tae asks, almost breathless, “good. I want to feel you suck me in. I want every orgasm from you ever.”
You mewl, a high pitched keening sound that tips Taehyung over the edge. His last thrust into you sends you climaxing as well and your legs lock him in close, and he can feel the way his cum spurts out into you, hot and messy until you’re filled with his seed.
He lays on you, his long frame holding you to him as you both try to catch your breath.
“I love you, Y/N. I.. I want to spend my life with you.”
You giggle, ecstasy from the sex making you feel euphoric.
“Well, I hope so.. We didn’t use condoms and I’m not on birth control, so the chances that I’m pregnant feel like they're high?”
He slides out of you and picks his torso up off of you so he can look you in your eyes.
“I hope so.” His voice is calm and steady; there’s no denying that he truly feels this way.
“God, I hope the first thing they do is turn on the electricity… it’s fucking hot.”
The happiness of surviving what was to be the end of the world, that there was a future had you feeling giddy, along with the clarity that Taehyung WAS your future, as well as the action of sharing yourself with him completely.
“Let’s… try this in the shower then… cool off.”
“How are you ready to..” Your gaze drops down to see his cock, at full attention again.
“I’ve been wanting to make you mine in every way since the first date, baby. I thought I would only have one chance, and now that I have more?”
He climbs over your body and scoops you bridal style into his arms.
“... I’m not going to waste it.”
Your giggles echoed down the hall as he carried you into this bright new future, with him.
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