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#perfuma spop
likeshe-raorleave · 11 hours ago
Scorpia: I got the cake!
Perfuma: This says “Happy 15th Birthday Froyo!”
Scorpia: Oh no, she’s going to be 16 isn’t she?
Perfuma: Her name is Frosta
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frostaoftheday · a day ago
Tumblr media
Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: Worried Princesses (Ft. Castaspella).
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cyanisbirdmom666 · 2 days ago
Can u do spop for the fandom questions please?
YES I’ll do SPOP! But first things first, I shall warn you Anon (and everyone else reading this). I have some very unpopular SPOP opinions that you may or may not agree with. You’ve been warned. Don’t hate me
From this post
SEND ME MORE FANDOM ASKS they’re really fun to do.
Fandoms I can do:
PJO, Owl House, LOK, and Amphibia.
Tumblr media
First character I ever fell in love with:
ENTRAPTA! From the theme song! Literally I saw her in the SPOP intro and fell in love with her design, her smile, her eVeRyThiNg. In the beginning of the show I was as just waiting for her to be introduced.
A character I used to love/like but now I don’t:
Catra and Mermista (and Perfuma a bit). I used to think Mermista was kinda funny but after seeing the way she treated Entrapta in Season 5 (and Perfuma) I started to dislike her.
Catra on the other hand, after she literally stabbed Entrapta in the back (and started to treat Scorpia really bad), I started to hate her. A lot.
A ship I used to love/like but now I don’t:
I used to be fine with Catradora. Indifferent. I don’t like it much now. I would’ve preferred Glimmadora (Glimmer x Adora). I feel like they sped up Catra’s redemption too much, and honestly it felt rushed (the romance I mean. No, them dancing in Princess Prom isn’t romantic, Catra kidnapped Adora’s friends afterwards and Adora wasn’t happy during the whole thing. No, Catra abusing and scratching Adora isn’t romance either. No, their childhood memories aren’t romantic either, Catra was being very possessive over Adora and hit her multiple times. The only ‘romance’ was the ending when they kissed). Glimmadora also seemed to be what the show was going for (at least to me it seemed that way). Also I should probably add that I used to see Adora and Catra as sisters so Catradora is SUPER weird to me...
Favorite character EVER:
ENTRAPTA! With Hordak and Adora as close seconds.
Prettiest character:
Hmm this ones tough. I’m stuck between She-Ra and Perfuma (she looked really pretty in “Princess Prom”). I’m going with Perfuma.
My most hated character:
Probably Catra. Or Horde Prime. Or Shadow Weaver. Ok I dislike a lot of characters. I’m going with Catra, since Horde Prime is supposed to be hated (and Shadow Weaver too).
Have you not been paying attention (I’m joking)? ITS ENTRAPDAK.
Catradora. Again, it felt rushed and for the longest time I saw the two as having a sisterly bond.
Favorite episode:
Yeah it’s Huntara.
Favorite season:
Season 3.
Least favorite season:
Season 5.
Character that most everyone loves, but I hate:
Catra. I don’t loathe her, I just think the writers could’ve done a better job with her redemption? She definitely deserves to be happy, don’t get me wrong but it felt VERY rushed and strange. Being completely honest here, after Season 3 she felt sort of irredeemable to me. She definitely needed more than one act of good on Horde Prime’s ship. More than a measly sorry for sending Entrapta away to Beast Island (I still swear she only apologized because she was scared Entrapta would mess up the chip-surgery-thing). She needed more than a few episodes.
I’d also like to say, that the princesses weren’t even uncomfortable with her presence! Frosta reacted ‘correctly’ (in character I suppose) by punching her, but the other princesses didn’t even care about it that much?! I swear the princesses cared more about Entrapta ‘betraying’ them (listen they were the ones that left HER behind thinking that she died. Besides, Catra also manipulated Entrapta into thinking that her friends don’t care about her, of course she stayed in the Horde! The people in the Horde (mainly Scorpia and Hordak) treated her better than the princesses, why would she leave?) than Catra suddenly changing sides and being with them?!? Catra?! THE PERSON THEY’VE FOUGHT WITH THE MOST? CATRA WHO LITERALLY KIDNAPPED BOW AND GLIMMER!?!? CATRA WHO ALMOST ENDED THE WORLD BY OPENING A PORTAL?!?! CATRA WHO KILLED ANGELLA BY OPENING SAID PORTAL?!?
C A T R A?!
Sorry I got carried away there, let’s continue.
“You’re a piece of garbage but you’re still a fave”:
Hmm don’t have one.
My “Cinnamon roll who deserves better”:
Adora, Scorpia, and Entrapta. They’re all cinnamon rolls who deserve better.
My “This ship is nasty but I still love it”:
Don’t have one.
My “They’re cute/ but not too invested”:
Hhhhhhhhhhh probably Scorfuma.
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frostaoftheday · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: “In fact, we’re sorry for making it worse during the Coronation”.
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fandomtrxsh19 · 3 days ago
Imagine the Inner Circle of ACOTAR went to the world of Etheria and met the Best Friend Squad and the Princess Alliance of She Ra.
I feel like some ic members and best friend/ Princess squad members are pretty similar ( such as Catra and Nesta, and Perfuma and Elain)
The two universes are extremely different and unique and I think it would be really cool to see how the IC and the high fantasy world of Prythian would interact with the futuristic, high tech planet of Etheria.
Here’s how I think it’ll go down:
The IC could find a way to winnow to Etheria and after some time, would meet the Princess Alliance/ the Best Friend Squad
Chaos and shenanigans ensure
Cassian and Adora: *does the spider man meme*
Nesta: *sideeying Catra* Is she yours?
Catra: *sideeying Nesta* Yup. I’m guessing he’s yours?
Nesta: You’re in love with a big, buff dumbass, too?
Catra: Yup
Nesta: Nice
Catra and Nesta: *fist bump*
I come up with weird crack concept ideas DONT JUDGE ME
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tippenfunkaport · 3 days ago
Secret Seamista Wedding
For today's Seamista Week offering, I wanted to share a treasured headcanon of mine that I am too lazy to make into a full fic. One of the fun things about Sea Hawk and Mermista's dynamic is that the timeline of their relationship is kind of nebulous so it's not exactly clear when they are together or not. And along those lines, I propose...
Sea Hawk and Mermista got married during Season 5.
OK, hear me out.
Sea Hawk and Mermista are clearly closer after the events of Boys Night Out. They are fighting side by side when the Heart of Etheria goes off. However on and off they were before, there's no doubting they are clearly "on" by the time Prime attacks. When we see them during Perils of Peekablue, they are also closer than we've ever seen them, working together as a unit, Sea Hawk getting jealous when he finds out Mermista set fire to someone's boat.
And if you think about it, it makes sense. Mermista has just lost absolutely everything. Twice. And Sea Hawk has been there for her through the worst of it. And the world is literally ending around them and I can easily see her realizing how important he is to her and that this may be the end of everything.
So I think one day, shortly after Darla took off and things started to get really bad, Mermista was like "Donnnnn't make a big deal about it, but I think we should, like, get married before we all die. Or whatever." They asked Netossa and Spinnerella to be their witnesses because they were the members of the alliance least likely to blab or be weird about it. At Mermista’s request, they didn’t tell anyone else besides Castaspella who performed the binding ceremony.
Then Mermista gets chipped and we have that great moment where Netossa comforts Sea Hawk and it's because... she knows. And it's why he's so close to Castaspella when the rebellion moves to the cave. Because she knows too and it's comforting to him to be able to talk to someone who understands without having to hide anything. (Which is better than what it looks like, aka that Casta is hitting on Mermista’s bf while she’s chipped.)
But eventually, he does tell the rest of the rebellion. You know how I know? Because when Sea Hawk is distracting Mermista in the final battle, that's not random. It was planned. And at least Perfuma if not the entire rest of the rebellion was in on it. Which means, everyone else had to have known for sure that Mermista really did love Sea Hawk despite her protestations or they wouldn't have risked everything with that plan.
And obviously one very cute interpretation of his “I love you, dearest" being the thing that snaps her out of being chipped is that it’s the first time he’s ever told her he loves her. But the thing is… I have a really hard time believing Sea Hawk has never told Mermista he loves her before. Mermista would take forever to tell him, yes, but Sea Hawk? That man was ready to propose on Day One.
I prefer to think the reason that particular “I love you” is the one that snapped her out of it was because it was a line directly from their vows. A reminder of the future they promised each other once the war was over. And THAT’S what broke through her mind control.
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sapphicstarlight · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
this is messy as hell cuz i only spent two minutes on it but....... perfuma with dark hair /pos
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adoralupin · 3 days ago
There are some of my She-ra headcannons
-Double Trouble are the best giving gifts
-Every time that the princess aliance stay up all night playing games the teams are Adora, Mermista and Bow , Catra, Glimmer and Double Trouble and Scorpia, Frosta and Sea Hawk.Perfuma, Entrapta and King Micah keep cheering up the teams.
-Catra loves king Micah, like she loves to talk and drink tea with him for hours.
-Adora really enjoy going to George and Lance’s house and Catra loves to see Adora that excited.
-Sea Hawk enjoy making angry Lonnie 
-Glimmer likes Glee and everybody makes fun of that
-Catra is chill with all the princesses except with Frosta, Frosta really intimidates Catra.
-Frosta loves chess and anime.
-Glimmer hates math so bad
-Double Trouble burn boats with Sea Hawk when they’re bored
-Entrapta loves to go to Salinia
-Bow sing in the shower
-Bow like to make playlists for everybody especially when somebody is feeling low.
-Adora is a Sherlock fan, and no just the show she keep reading the books and crying over Johnlock.
-Bow is swiftie and hhis favorite album is Speak Now
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Frosta: Are you free at around 8 p.m on Friday?
Scorpia: Yeah, why?
Frosta, to Perfuma: What about you?
Perfuma: Yes, I’m free.
Frosta: I’m not! You guys can go ahead without me. Enjoy your date!
Scorpia and Perfuma, both blushing: What-
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frostaoftheday · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: “There, there, Glimmer, it’s not your fault that ice statue got beheaded, in fact, we must admit that it’s all our fault for stressing you during your Coronation”.
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camscendants · 4 days ago
Asking my brother what the names of the She Ra characters are within this picture
Tumblr media
Micah: Himself
Frosta: An overwatch character
She-Ra: A league of legands character
Entrapta: A Pokémon trainer
Bow: An Avatar the last air bender Character
Scorpia: “has a very bad taste in unnatural hair color” (how dare you)
Perfuma: Floaty
Glimmer: Is going Super Saiyan
Mermista: Korra (he was confident in that one)
Wrong Hordak: Creepy
Swift wind: Moose
Catra: Her *points to the picture of her I put on the fridge*
Sea Hawk: *limp hand*
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frostaoftheday · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: “I’m feeling like I’ve been beheaded like my ice statue”.
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bat-burrito · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Let me see that you swallowed it, open your mouth.
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lgbtanimatedoftheday · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The LGBTQ+ animated character of the day is Perfuma from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power! She is sapphic!
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frostaoftheday · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: "And do you know what I just remembered?”
“What, Frosta?”
“That my birthday is in a week!”
“Oh, right, we must prepare something for Frosta!”
And so, we celebrate the second anniversary of “Frosta of the Day”, in which, even through the show has already ended, we’re still going strong with our beloved Princess of the Kingdom of Snows!
Thanks to everyone for the support, and thanks to the staff of “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” for creating this show, and to Merit Leighton ( @meritleighton ) for doing a great job voicing Frosta during all those seasons!
Remember, in a week we’ll have the birthday of our beloved Princess of the Kingdom of Snows, and in 15 days, we’ll have the first anniversary of the Series Finale of “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”!
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