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Interesting question I haven’t spent a lot of time pondering celebrities one its not realistic sooo its moot for me lol butttt lets see 🤔 two of the male celebreties I dig ( out of many)


Originally posted by yasmymelide

Mr. Gerard Butler I like to think is well endowed 😏😏


And well Mr. Vin here for some reason always has the rumor of not packing but he’s still sexy in my book

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1. Wich is the first anime you remember seeing in your life?

2. Wich is your favorite anime genre/demographic?

3. Wich are your top five favorite anime series (OVAS/TV Shows)?

4. Do you prefer to watch anime or to read manga?

5. Wich are your top five favorite anime characters?

6. Wich are your top five favorite anime couples?

7. Favorite anime era (60s/70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s or 2010s)?

8. Wich are your top five favorite anime movies?

9. An anime that you feel is underrated?

10. Top five favorite anime Soundtracks/OSTS?

11. Wich are your top five favorite manga?

12. Who are your favorite mangaka (manga artists)?

13. Have you ever watched any tokusatsu?

14.If yes, wich tokusatsu?

15. Do you have a favorite tokusatsu?

16. Wich anime/manga series would you like to make a crossover?

17. Favorite anime opening?

18. Favorite anime or manga quote?

19. A manga that you would like to be adapted to an anime?

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Hi!! Thanks so much for your message (sorry for getting back so late). I was in the same boat – I slowly phased things out over time (and am still phasing things out!!!), I wasn’t crazy nit picky about the little things.

Things I’ve noticed in my 4-year vegan journey are the non-vegan ingredients in candies (sometimes shellac, which is from bugs; gelatin, which is boiled bone fat; beeswax creeps in there sometimes…), vitamin D from most cereals is unfortunately not vegan, certain enzymes and dough conditioners in bread aren’t vegan :( Honey in cereals or bars or granola is one as well, which I know is of debate sometimes, but I usually try to avoid it unless my mom has already purchased it.

I still eat fresh bakery breads, because those are more likely to be vegan than processed breads. I basically stopped eating cereal once I found out vitamin D3 wasn’t vegan. In VITAMINS, be careful of Vitamin D3, omega 3, biotin, and collagen (which is virtually never vegan). If I think of any others I’ll comment below this post!!!

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That’s damn sweet!!! 🥺💕

O-Oh… well, thank chu so mochi, I am glad my grammar errors aren’t that visible.

I actually got an ask once, from an anon, correcting me about one of my Jimin drabbles, I used brand names and I was way too excited to post it, so I didn’t even re-read it, to correct the mistakes.

(I tend to do that when I am excited about my work).

It looks like I wrote Yve instead or Yves. I got mad back then, not because someone corrected me( btw, feel free to correct my grammar mistakes), but because someone was so intrigued by a name brand, to actually send me something about that, but no one corrected my grammar mistake, or the fact I sometimes write o instead of i (by mistake) and stuff like that.

Your English is pretty well, too💫💕

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Y’all I’m running out of requests! Get busy! Be as specific or generic as you’d like, I just need to know what you want to read more of.

In other news, Little Hands and Feet is my child now and updates will be every Wednesday (officially now).

One more thing! If you want to be tagged in new fics, send me an ask or a message and I’ll start a tag list.

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First of all : thank chu so mochi!!!💞 I hope you are healthy and staying safe!!! 💜💙💝

Second of all: @soft-hobi-hours baby, I know it’s you🤭💝 I have a question, can I please make it a full fanfiction instead of drabble? I like the idea🙆🏼‍♀️💫

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