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#background character
sea-sslugger · 4 hours ago
Sometimes I wish Venture Bros would be more popular but considering its from the early 2000s and has that humor style in the beginning, idk I feel like a lot of people will be turned off by how controversial it could be in the first season </3 but like . it gets better i promise <3
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anderperrytheplatypus · 7 hours ago
Imagine Christopher's face when Knox started to read his poem "to Chris" in class <333
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janiedean · 8 hours ago
Now for something completely different but how do you think the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy will age/be remembered? Do you think there's any hope for Finn/Poe content in the future?
in order:
how it will age: people are already trying to forget it now so it won’t hold up to the OT and in retrospective even the PT will fare better bc those had the nostalgia factor and at least they told a coherent story as bad as it was written
how it will be remembered: badly because most of the audience hated that plot and it was so bad it objectively ruined the whole thing in  retrospective and if you get the wholeass washington post article abt it... also like let’s not even gonna lie everyone is pissed off they killed off the one character people outside the internet actually found interesting so good luck with that
strmplt content: from the actual canon I think zero bc while I have no idea re what john b*yega wants to do (and honestly his complete lack of tact when it came to kmt’s treatment about killed any interest I had in his career anyway) because on one side he sounds pissed with dsney on the other he didn’t exactly complain about jj’s choices re his character which imvho were insulting af, I doubt that oscar is*ac wants to come back to that shitshow after they did that whole crap drug runner poe retcon and he’s 100% in the right because what the fuck so I highly doubt the both of them would come back, from the fandom... I mean considering that at this point they managed to do a level of gatekeeping/throwing out anyone who even writes smth more nuanced than ‘they hold hands and kiss and there’s a swear word int there so I can slap a pg13 rating on it’ idt there’s much good news for that either but ://
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nia1sworld · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We got awesome background characters in Helluva boss don't we?
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hydrab · 15 hours ago
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alicec-666 · 15 hours ago
"Looking for something?"
Tumblr media
Decided to draw these guys after quite a while ^^"
I keep forgetting about one OC after another, shame on me XD
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sunriseheadlights · a day ago
Tumblr media
Redesign of an old character! This is Wade, son of the god of winter. Trying to figure out how I want to rework his story but I'll probably keep the basics of is the same, though I'm sure there's a bunch I don't even remember and even more I never wrote down. (I had to look up his damn name lol)
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i-cant-draw-faces · a day ago
Tumblr media
Pulling out another oldie. I made this one a while ago when I was first starting. I can do faces decently I guess when it’s sort of cartoony? I haven’t drawn anything in a while because of school. Hopefully I’ll free up some time soon. Also I have 11 followers now :) thanks a lot guys🥺🧡
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grokebaby · a day ago
Tumblr media
Lockjaw! Decided he needed his own ref post because I keep trying to look for him in the one post he was mentioned and failing.
- He/him
- Full grown (Same age as Deirdre)
- Punisher/security guard of the Hellish courtroom. He usually hangs out there and assists whenever someone needs to be taken out (of the courtroom)
- The facial scars are a result of impaling ZZZ and eating their heart. In exchange he now has a neat hypercharge power where he can make himself stronger for a certain period, and shoot energy beams out of his mouth
- Backside really stiff with a thick skin layer that acts as armor. The spikes are heavy and durable. His vision has majorly decreased over time, and he isn't extremely fast, but a tank doesn't need to be
- One of Deirdre's good friends. He's not the wisest, in fact he's very impulsive, quick to anger and headstrong like a bull, but he has a good heart
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