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#bnha bakugo x reader
miyagoldenhour · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
→  pairing: bakugo, todoroki, kirishima, hawks, dabi
→ warning: smut
→ gen tags; ask box; navigation + taglist: @trifliz​   
Tumblr media
↬  falling in love with bakugo katsuki is like driving your car down the fast lane like no one is watching; it's thrills down your spine and a pulsing in your head; feeling breathless when he kisses you; being bonked on the head with test papers while studying; holding his hand while drive to nowhere in particular; passionate kisses that make your toes curl; seeing him at the pool and flushing like a cherry; late night phone calls where his gruff and husky voices makes you feel funny; watching him take down bad guys with a smirk on his face and never feeling more attracted to him in your life; it's knowing that with all his cold shoulders and complaining translate directly into how much he cares.
↬ bakugo katsuki falling in love with you is seeing you smile and scowling at that fluttering feeling in his chest; it's kissing your hand when he's holding it while no ones looking; feeling a heated urge when he sees you at the pool wearing that; study dates where he can't help but think how cute you look while you chew on your pencil; late phone calls where your soft voice lulls him to sleep; trying his best to impress you while he's blowing up shit, proud of himself; pretending he doesn't care but scared that if he showed you how badly he wanted you you might run away; seeing you walk toward him in the hallway with this glow and he never wants this to change. ever.
Tumblr media
↬ falling in love with shoto todoroki is like watching cherry blossom petals fall around you like a dream; it's gentle touches and longing looks; standing right next to him whenever the two of you are in the same room; it's because even when all you see and hear is chaos, he is the only sense of calmness and right everywhere you look; him giving you soba noodles that he so happened to accidently make too much of; his hand from his cool side touching you and still leaving a burning sensation on your skin; switching which side you walk on during dates depending on the season; seeing him as not just hot and cold, but warm and cool.
↬ shoto todoroki falling in love with you is breathing in fresh air on a chilly autumn day, hugs and cuddles for the first time; kisses that make a warmth in his chest blossom; being scared of losing you after villain's had attacked ua, holding you tightly against his chest; not being able to sleep and going to your room to chat; going to cafe's and having to be dragged away; whispering your name like a prayer in your ear when you're about to come, watching you sleep so peacefully afterwards; your eyes, filling with compassion and heartache and love when he talks about his childhood and father; his pride, when you don't take shit from his father and stand up to him; his world, right in front of him this whole time.
Tumblr media
↬ falling in love with kirishima is like stepping into the sun after being exposed to night for years; it's seeing him smile and a thousand emotions exploding in your chest; his support no matter what path you take; his love overflowing you like a current, reminding you how beautiful you are to him; his determination, filling you with a sense of pride; working out with him, telling you how "manly" you look; constant cuddles, so much that the other student of class 1-a tell you to get a room; getting the best hugs, ones that lift you off the ground and make your stretch out your legs like a leopard; loving kirishima for the selfless man he is.
↬ kirishima falling in love with you is admiring your strength and courage to be who you are and pushing him to be his best every day; it's soft cuddles in the bath, loving when you touch his long hair; it's walking you home from school; talking about you so much that bakugou threatens to blow his head up; texting you wholesome shit to see if you'll smile in class and then getting his phone taken away; it's having you officially join the bakusquad because you're practically a member anyway; it's the whole room lighting up when you enter; always being as close as humanly possible, because you light a warm flame inside of him.
Tumblr media
↬ falling in love with hawks is like running your hand into a steady stream that turns into a mighty river; it's watching him fly and your heart travelling with him; it's that smile of his that turns your insides to mush; him carrying you through the sky and kissing you on some rooftop; lunch dates where you just talk about whatever; seeing him on the pro hero charts and feeling a rush of warmth, congratulating him with a peck on his cheek; it's visiting his apartment at night, when the darkness begins to consume him; it's his wings wrapping around you both to pull you close as he fucks you from behind, murmuring praises into your ear and hold you throughout the night as he spoons you from behind, the haziness of the night swallowing you whole.
↬ hawks falling in love with you is watching you from buildings, worried about your safety; sometimes it's refusal to talk about work and you desperately calling out to him; later it's delicately kissing you on the head, as you bury your face into his chest; it's seeing you trust him, believe in what he's doing; listening to him talk about his past; it's thinking about you at night, grasping at the empty bedsheets next to him; standing to close to you in the morning at work, making you flustered with the attention; it's locking his office and using his wings to shield you; it's you gently cleaning his wings for him while he traces your hips in the shower; it's seeing you today and the next day and the next.
Tumblr media
↬ falling in love with dabi is like dousing yourself in kerosene and hoping you don't light aflame, and enduring as skin peels and blisters; it's watching him closely, too closely; it's catching his attention and finding yourself in an unknown basement, kidnapped; questions and questions but never about how you are, just who and when and where and why; it's seeing the sadness in his eyes, wanting to take it away even when he is your captor; it's joining the league, because as much as he hid his distress at the thought of you leaving, you knew; it's going to his bedroom at night because it's too cold and risking being turned to ash, just at the promise of a little warmth; it's him looking at you with wonder and curiosity as you hold his face in your hands without disgust, even kissing him.
↬ dabi falling in love with you is cold-blooded fear; it's something nostalgic and foreign in his chest that he doesn't want anymore, but it's heavy when he steps close to you; it's keeping watch over you the longest, though no one mentions it; refusing to answer to your questions, but still listening to your one-sided conversations; it's feeling his shoulders unclench when he hears your voice; it's panic in chest when shigaraki talks about letting you go again since you're not a treat to the league; it's aggressive tears that sting his face and creating a burning sensation again when he even thinks about it; it's ecstacy swallowing him whole when you tell everyone you're staying; it's holding you so tight he could break your bones when you slip into his room at night, afraid he'll break if he lets go; so he doesn't.
Tumblr media
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ultimate-astridwriting · 8 months ago
Hello! I really love your works! Can I request Bakugou, Todoroki, and Shinsou fighting and making up with their s/o? I don't see any rules (my clumsy ass might've missed it), so I'm not sure what your guidelines are, sorry! I hope this request is okay ^^
Bakugou, Todoroki and Shinsou fighting with gn! reader
dw this was perfect. thanks for requesting and hope you like it❣️
Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
I feel like this specific fight would be from jealousy
Your boyfriend, Bakugou, had been avoiding you all day and you were sick of it. You found him alone in an empty classroom and decided enough was enough
You walked into the room and blocked the door, making him unable to leave
“Katsuki, talk to me. You’ve been avoiding me all day and I wanna know why.”
“I’m busy right now. I don’t have time to deal with your shit so get out of my way.” he angrily huffed.
He pushed past you but before he could leave you grabbed his arm and yanked him back.
“No, we’re gonna talk about this. You can’t just keep ignoring me.”
“Fine. Wanna know why I’m so pissed? That asshole from 1-B flirted with you all day, don’t think I didn’t notice. You could’ve told him off but you didn’t. God, are you just that desperate for attention.”
You didn’t know what to say. All you could hear was the words that Bakugou just uttered. He was always an asshole but he’d never yelled at you before let alone say such harsh words.
“I did tell him off but he wouldn’t stop touching me. I didn’t wanna tell you because I knew that you’d do something stupid and get in trouble for me again. I can’t believe you think that I’d do that to you. Do you really not trust me that much?”
You didn’t give him a chance to answer you just turned and ran. Bakugou was left feeling guilty but he decided to give you space and apologize when you came back.
It was now dark out and you still hadn’t come back. He’s been waiting in your room for about 3 hours now and there was still no sign of you. Bakugou was starting to feel worried but that disappeared as he saw you come through the door.
He saw your tear stricken face and he engulfed you in a hug. You lightly pushed him away but he knew you didn’t want him to let go. You were about to ask what he was doing in your room but he spoke up before you could.
“I’m sorry about what I said. I should’ve trusted you and not assumed what was going on. I love you and I would never want you to feel like I don’t trust you. I shouldn’t have let my anger get the best of me.”
You stayed quiet for a couple of seconds quietly processing everything he just said. You knew it wasn’t easy for him to admit he was wrong.
“It’s okay, Katsu. I shouldn’t have tried and hidden it from you either.”
He quickly cut you off. “No... it wasn’t your fault. I should’ve been more understanding. Now can we stop with all this sappy stuff and go back to normal.” he said trying to lighten the mood.
You let out a breathy chuckle and responded. “Wanna play Mario Kart?”
“You think you can beat me, idiot. I’m the best at Mario Kart.” he tossed you a controller and sat you right beside him.
“Whatever you say... simp.”
He glared at you but there was no malice behind it.
“I’ll let that one slide. Now shut up and play the damn game.”
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
Todoroki wasn’t one that was good with words or even relationships
You were trying your best to be understanding but sometimes it felt like you were the only one that cared
It seemed like he didn’t put in any effort and you were giving away all your love and not getting my in return. You felt empty.
You decided that the best choice was to talk to him about it. You weren’t the type to hide your feelings, that was one of the things he liked about you.
You invited him over to do your homework together and you decided it was the perfect time to bring it up.
Todoroki noticed that you seemed distracted as soon as he got there so when you said you wanted to talk he wasn’t really surprised
You told him how you felt and you expected some comfort and reassurance but his face stayed indifferent and he remained silent which made you feel frustrated.
“Sometimes I feel like you just don’t love me. I mean why are we even dating, Sho?” you hesitantly asked.
“You’re exaggerating , Y/N. I don’t understand why you feel like that. I’ve told you before that I care about you, I don’t know what else you want from me.”
“I want you to show me you love me too. I always feel like I’m not enough for you and I jus- we- maybe we shouldn’t be together anymore.”
You stood up and attempted to leave the room but Todoroki stopped you. Grabbing your arm when you tried getting past him.
“I’m... sorry. Don’t leave.”
“I can’t do this anymore, Sho. I’m sick and tired of being the only one who tries in this relationship, I’m tired of feeling unwanted... I- I deserve better than that.”
You tried to push past him again but he still held you in place.
“You- you can’t leave. I’m sorry I’ll do better I know I’m not good at any of this but...” he took a deep breath and said the theee words that you’d been dying to hear.
“...I love you. Give me another chance Y/N. One more chance to make things right.”
You knew how hard it was for him to say that and so you decided to open up your heart and trust him once more.
“One more chance” you agreed.
“Let’s sit back down we have homework to finish.” you were about to move away and take a seat but he pulled you back into his arms and held you tighter.
“No, homework can wait. I want to spend more time with you just like this.” a small smile graced his face as he felt you smile into his shoulder.
“Let’s get on the bed, dummy. It’ll be more comfortable.”
He picked you up and slowly placed you on the bed. He lied down and pulled you on top of him and started stroking your hair. You felt more and more tired in his arms.
You felt safe and warm. Just before you fell asleep you heard his soothing voice whisper in your ear.
“I love you, Y/N”
You snuggled further into his chest feeling overjoyed and eventually drifting off to sleep.
Shinsou Hitoshi
Tumblr media
Okay this fight was also because of jealousy but the other way around
There’s an new exchange student in UA and much to your distaste Shinsou was the one chosen to show her around
You didn’t get jealous easily after all you trusted your boyfriend but this girl was pushing it
It was pretty obvious that she had a huge little crush on Shinsou and it was getting on your nerves
She would constantly be touching him whether it be putting an arm around his shoulder or placing a hand on his forearm. Not to mention how she’d ask for help about the stupidest things
This went on for two days and your patience was running thin. You took action and asked Shinsou if you guys could talk
You pulled him somewhere more private to tell him what was bugging you.
“Does the new girl know you have an S/O?” you asked.
“Um, I don’t know. Maybe?”
“You didn’t tell her you were taken?”
He could tell from your tone that there was something bothering you.
“No? I don’t really see why it matters that I’m dating someone. I doubt she gives a fuck.”
“Are you serious, Shin? She’s practically attached to you 80% of the time and she flirts with you not stop. How the fuck haven’t you noticed? you didn’t mean to sound like a bitch but you were done.
He gave you a look of disbelief. “Is that why you’re so mad? Are you jealous. What do you not trust me or something?”
“Of course I trust you. It’s not you I’m worried about, it’s her.” you sounded like an idiot but you didn’t care you were fed up with having to watch your boyfriend with another girl.
“You’re being stupid, Y/N. She isn’t flirting with me. You can’t just assume that every girl I talk to wants me.” he was done with this conversation so he picked up his things and left.
Shinsou and you stopped talking after that fight. Neither one of you wanted to admit you were wrong. He still accompanied her wherever she needed to go and you tried your best to avoid them
One day while you were trying to get a drink from a vending machine when you felt someone’s presence behind you.
You got up and turned around only to be met by the exchange student.
She stood there glaring at you until you finally spoke up.
“Did you want something or are we just gonna fucking stare at each other all day?”
She gave you a smirk and said.
“I heard you and your little boyfriend broke up. I’m glad, he deserves so much better. Don’t worry though I’ll make sure to take good care of him for you.”
You quickly left and started walking to nowhere in particular. Hoping that maybe it’d help you calm down and think. You heard someone calling out to you and saw that it was Shinsou.
You were surprised to see him trying to talk to you but you looked forward and kept walking.
When he caught up to you and he forced you to look at him and you were caught off guard when he passionately kissed you. All your anger disappeared and you found yourself kissing back.
He pulled away first and took hold of your hand.
“I heard what she said to you and you were right. I’m so sorry about what I said. I just didn’t believe you because I thought why would she like me?”
You knew what he meant. He had opened up to you about his insecurities before and you hated that he felt that way because you wanted him to see that he was perfect in your eyes.
“What are you talking about? You’re an amazing guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you. Too bad though cause you’re mine and they’re gonna have to fight me if they ever want you.” you joked.
He gave a dry chuckle and with shit eating smirk asked. “Where were you going anyways?”
“I’m gonna be honest. I have no fucking clue, all I knew was that I wanted to get the fuck away from wherever she was.”
“You’re weird.” he placed a kiss on your nose making you giggle.
“Don’t lie you know you love it.”
“Damn right, I do.”
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drakenology · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
the yakuza wife - yakuzaboss!bakugo x housewife reader - inspired by @hanji-is-life ‘s sexy ass. 
yakuza au
tw: violence, sadism, mentions of blood, smut, cum, cussing, daddy/ddlg kinks undertones, mentions of guns, very much harley quinn and joker only joker actually loves harley in this ya know?
Tumblr media
“where the fuck is my money?” bakugo asks this bludgeoned man tied up to a metal chair in some god forsaken warehouse god only knows where. 
“please sir, i’ll get it to you as soon as I can! please stop!” the man pleads, flinching when bakugo raises his fist to land a mean left hook into his jaw with a dark chuckle. 
“you know you shouldn’t borrow from people if you have no intentions in payin’ em back. it’s fuckin’..” he pauses before taking a crowbar and bashing the man in both his knees, blood curdling screams filling the empty space. “rude!”
bakugo smirks as the man begs for mercy, pulling a set of pliers of his pocket and holding them up to the man’s face to tease him, grabbing by his neck to make him meet his intimidating gaze. 
“shoulda thought of that before trying to playing me for a fuckin’ fool.. hey, I wonder how many teeth I can pull outta ya before your weak ass passes out.” he grunts, waving the plier in his face until the sound of his phone ringing stops him from doing anything.
“you’re lucky I gotta take this.” he mumbles, taking a piece of dirty cloth and shoving it into his mouth to keep him quiet.
bakugo turns away and rolls up his sleeve, setting up his tools for torture as he answers the phone. 
“hi baby!” you chime, at the mall having the time of your life with his credit card. 
“hey. ‘m workin’ whaddaya want?” he says, holding up his pliers and sitting them down on the table as his hostage screams in the background. 
“just checking on you, dummy! whatcha want for dinner, hm? i know you haven’t eaten yet.” you say, holding up different dresses to your frame to imagine yourself in them. “hey, pink or powder blue?”
“pink. and ‘m not hungry. you’ve got security with you, right baby?” he asks, kicking the man onto the floor with a loud thud. 
“of course. you won’t let me leave the house without them.” you respond, not even paying attention to the muffled screams you hear in the background. you’ve learned not to ask too many questions when it comes to being a yakuza wife. 
“gotta keep my baby safe, right? listen, princess I gotta go. i’ll be home before 9 okay?” 
you suck your teeth and roll your eyes, “fine. be careful okay?”
“always am. love you baby.” as he hangs up and returns to his task. 
Tumblr media
the difference between you and katsuki was night and day. everyone knew you to be so sweet and kind; unbeknownst to them all how you ended up with a cretin like Bakugo. even though Katsuki was immoral in many ways, he knew marrying you was the right thing to do. who else would want to dress his wounds and pick out his suits for the day?
katsuki demanded you quit your job. in fact he came with you to put in your two weeks notice, tough scowl staining his features as your boss signed the approval with shaking hands.
from that day on he ensured you were well taken care of and that marrying him and becoming his housewife came with many perks.
for starters, your husband was loaded. all those years of extorting and money laundering paid off every time you come home with a couple shopping bags from the mall.
katsuki loved lavishing you in the finest of everything, adoring how you look in designer. so much so, he fucks you by the bay window of your luxury penthouse, the Chanel dress he just bought you hiked up over your ass as his calloused fingers make way into your mouth. you’re pinned to the glass, bare breasts pressed against the window as he railed you from behind. and he wonders why you turned out to be a spoiled brat.
your gifts always made you stand out above the rest. many men fawn over you and he knows this. just a small price to pay for having a fine ass wife. but if anyone ever forgot their place, if anyone ever got to close. well. that’d be the last time you’d ever see them. course you have no idea why. but even though katsuki loved you with all his heart, you could be a real pain in the ass. you were so bratty, especially when he was busy. 
one day you came trotting into his office in the middle of some business deal. whatever. your jimmy choos popped and you needed a new pair before the yacht party you were attending started. 
“daddy’s taking care of business right now, okay? go wait outside.”
“no! you promised we’d go shopping! I need new shoes what the fuck am I supposed to do with these?” you whine, pouting like usual to get your way. bakugo’s brow raised, walking towards you and gesturing for the meeting to continue without him. his hand rested on your lower back as he escorted you out.  
he fucked your brains in in the next room for disobeying him, panties around your ankles, your charm anklet jingling as he picked up your legs. 
“spoiled fuckin’ brat. told you to wait didn’t I? hm? or did you make a scene ‘cause you wanted my dick?” your head hangs back as your hips are held down by him, thrusts brutal as you cry for him to slow down, face turned away from his. he grabs your chin and turns you around harshly with his scarred and calloused hands, bruised knuckles turning white with a tight grip. 
“look at me when i’m fuckin’ talkin’ to you.” 
he came inside you when he was done, pulling your panties up for you as it dripped down your leg. 
“now.. back to what I was doin’. tell the driver to take your ass home.” he huffs with a zip of his pants and a shake in his sleeves to fix them. bakugo leaves you on the desk, leaving the door cracked for you to leave when you got yourself together. and when you did you could hardly hold yourself up, holding your high heels in your hand as you limp to the car waiting outside for you. 
Tumblr media
having a yakuza boss as a husband was always exciting. something in you liked the danger; the thrill.
you tell this tale to your other socialite girlfriends and they almost never believe you.
you were out with bakugo on a date when work called. to your dismay, he had to get up and leave. you insisted on being brought along, hating being left alone in that big house that was often empty without him. he agreed but only if you promised to be quiet like a good little girl. 
when you arrive at some warehouse (the same one mentioned earlier), a man was already hog tied on the ground, muffled screams behind a piece of duck tape as bakugo ripped it off. you sat by a table, legs folded in annoyance. this interrupted date night? you scoff and fold your arms. 
“ah. good seeing you old friend. remember me?” he asks, taunting him a little with a gun in his hand pressing it against his jaw as the man let out muffled pleas for him not to shoot. 
“you tried stealing from me. fuckin’ idiot. my boys caught you in some hotel with your little girlfriend. did you think you were gonna have a victory fuck after you made off with my money, hm?” bakugo asks, hitting him upside the head with the butt of his pistol.
you jump at the sound of the blow, a small part of you turned on watching your husband beat the crap out of a complete stranger. your pussy starts to ache when you peer over at bakugo’s strong tattooed arms as he flung his jacket aside, rolling his white sleeves up to ensure his expensive suit doesn’t get soiled. 
“oh fuck, where are my manners? this is my lovely wife, y/n. say hi baby.” he coos at you, a switch from rough to gentle when he spoke to you. you smile and wave, the hostage sobbing out a weak greeting when bakugo demands him to. 
“anyways. what’d you do with the money, asswipe? gonna tell me or are you gonna make me fuck you up in front of my pretty wife. god, look at ‘er, ain’t she gorgeous? you know I was about 30 minutes from railing her before you had to go along and ruin our night. I should kill you right here.” bakugo turns his head towards you with a sick look in his eye. 
“whaddaya think, princess? what should I do to this motherfucker, huh?” he asks. 
“smack him again. he ruined date night.” you grumble, folding your arms. 
“he sure did, baby.” bakugo says, punching the hostage in his jaw. he gestured for his men to crowd around him, all of them taking turns kicking and beating him with metal bars. katsuki walks towards you and pulls you into a passionate kiss, a bit of blood on his knuckles as he pulled your hair. god, this whole situation was sick. but why was it so hot?
bakugo carries you away to the car, tells the driver to fuck off somewhere while he rails you in the back seat, knowing his men will take care of the rest of what he started inside the warehouse. you straddle his lap, bouncing up and down on his stiff cock as the car rocked back and forth. the car windows fog up as your body heat commingled throughout the space, your hands pressing against the glass to gain to balance as you rode his fat cock. 
“fuck, daddy. you’re so hot when you’re handling business. ooh, you’re dick’s so hard.” you purr, bakugo’s hand pinching and playing with your breast as his hips thrust upwards. He smirks at you, almost a bit shocked you got as turned on as he did from the pain he inflicted.
“hmm, I know baby. god, you’re sick. getting this wet from watching me beat up some punk. dirty fuckin’ girl.” he huffed into your hair, leaving sloppy kisses on your neck followed by harsh nibbles.
truth is even though you were so sweet and caring, you had a dark side no one knew about. I mean why else would you marry into the yakuza? 
you were both fucking insane. 
Tumblr media
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katsuverse · 7 months ago
Hypothesis, Honey. — masterlist
Tumblr media
“I dare you to kiss the delivery guy...on the lips, of course.”
A drunken night led you to kiss a complete—yet gorgeous—stranger. You felt no regret, believing it was just a single chance encounter. However, in an odd twist of events, you were now stuck doing a thesis with the guy you kissed on that fateful night—Bakugou Katsuki.  
Tumblr media
↪ Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader ↪ Genre: Social Media AU, College AU, Fluff, Crack ↪ Warnings: Contains Mature Content (17+), Swearing, Eventual Smut, Future chapters will contain explicit content ↪ Updates: Every Friday at 10/11pm (GMT+8) ↪ Status: 12/21/2020 — on a break. ↪ Taglist: CLOSED.
A/N: even though this is my first smau and series ever, i hope you enjoy reading it! hopefully, it doesn’t suck as much.
Tumblr media
LEGENDS: 🐝 - contains a written part; 🔞 - contains nsfw content
Tumblr media
—PART 1— 
🍯 introduction: Y/N’s side • Bakugou’s side
🍯 prologue – are you challenging me? ( 🐝)
🍯 001 – the power of bakugou katsuki
🍯 002 – holy shit.
🍯 003 – well, it’s nice meeting you?
🍯 004 – this is fine
🍯 005 – stressed out
🍯 005.5 – officially a simp for kirishima
🍯 006 – spank me hard daddy 🥵
🍯 007 – through the night ( 🐝)
🍯 008 – just a tiny bit!
🍯 009 – meet the fucccbois
🍯 010 – competition or sexual tension?
🍯 011 – bakubro's bs
🍯 012 – creepy bastard (tw: stalking)
🍯 013 – dumbass. ( 🐝)
🍯 014 – how to know if you’re in love
🍯 014.5 – a manly heart to heart talk ( 🔞)
🍯 015 – good girls deserve a reward
🍯 016 – gingineer squad
🍯 016.5 – maybe that’s love ( 🐝)
—PART 2—
🍯 017 –  in the rain ( 🐝🔞)
Tumblr media
🍯 playlist.
🍯 y/n and katsu’s tiktok dance challenge
🍯 a tiktok video perfectly describing chapter 14
🍯 if hypothesis, honey. was in filipino (chapter 15)
Tumblr media
© katsuverse 2020-2021 - All rights reserved. No work shall be reproduced, reposted, modified, translated in any form or by any means. 
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violetnotez · 11 months ago
HC: The Boys Taste Their S/o’s Chapstick
Anonymous:  could I request headcannons for shinso, mirio, denki, sero, and bakugo kissing their s/o and tasting their chapstick ? Or if you want or when they realize their s/o takes care of them in really subtle ways that they didn’t really notice it at first ? i love your blog so much 🥺❤️
Hey babe omg Im so happy you like my blog!!!! Also this ask OMG I have been wanting to write it for so long!!!! Im a sucker for these super cute and fluffy headcanons, so thank you so much for the idea!
Pairings: Shinso x reader, Mirio x reader, Denki x reader, Sero x reader, Bakugo x reader
Warnings: some might get suggestive, but none of these are full blown NSFW! Just a sprinkle of spiciness, thats all!
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚
Tumblr media
Flavor: Cherry Vanilla
Your currently trying to get ready for bed with Shinsou, his purple hair cascading against the pillow as he’s scrolling through Insta
defintely looking at cat vids
Youre just BEAT from the day- work, school, practice, whatever your life entails it just felt so incredibly tiring today
Of course, Shinsou seems to have other plans
Once he sees you come out of the bathroom, your hair wet, your skin dewy from washing, your body only wearing one of his oversized shirts and some small shorts....
man is gonna wanna be allllll over you
“Damn, kitten who allowed you to look that hot,” he’d purr, his eyes drinking you in as he propped his body on his elbows to get a better look
You’d roll your eyes, a smile on your lips-
Lowkey a perv for his s/o fight me on this
Once you sit down on the bed, its over
Shinso’s hands are all over you, his palms trailing under your shirt as he leaved lazy kisses on your neck
“Cmon, baby, lets have a little fun before we sleep....”
Just tell him your tired, and he’ll comply, turning super fluffy and cuddly in a matter of minutes
Reluctantly tho this boi is horny when hes horny
“Ahh my kitten’s tired? Fine then, you need your rest.”
He’ll lean in to give a sweet kiss, unknowingly of how flavorful you taste now with your chapstick
And OHOHOHO after that its OVER
The taste of vanilla bursts in his mouth, the scent of cherry becoming more prominent-
When did you start tasting so good?
He honestly wont know how to react- he’ll shake his head and blink a few times, “The hell-?” spilling out of his lips
He grabs you buy the chin, his thumb swiping against your lips gently
Once he sees the faint red sheen on his digit, it kinda dawns on him whats going on
You catch on to his confusion, a small giggle spilling out of you as you tell him its just chapstick you bought since your lips felt dry
He’ll just give you a lazy smirk, his lilac eyes a royal purple as he eyes you
This man cant HELP HIMSELF
He’ll lean in for another kiss, this one lasting much longer and more passionate as he tried to capture that taste again
“Do me a favor and keep wearing that kitten,”
M I R I O 
Tumblr media
Flavor: Birthday Cake
Im so proud of fidning this picture im sorry it just matches so well
You had just gotten out of the locker room, your UA uniform a little wrinkled from being balled up while you were training
You walked out the metal doors, your lips feeling much softer than usual- you were in desperate need of chapstick after that particular lesson
Thanks UA for having training grounds that blow up every 5 seconds and spray dust everywhere
But thankfully Neijire is the best person ever and hooked you up with some super cute chapstick
Since it was new and just sitting in her book bag, she just told you to keep it
You had to admit though, you really liked it- the packaging was pretty cute, it was nice on your skin, but the SMELL
You felt like a bakery was near you every step you took
And everytime you licked your lips it tasted like sweets, which was an amazing addition
Makes ya wonder how safe it is to consume makeup 👀
Mirio is the cutest boyfirend though-wherever your class is, he waits for you outside and walks with you until you have to go your seperate ways
So, as usual, he’s waiting for you outside the locker room, a wide grin plastered on his face
Once he sees you walk out of the doors, he’s already bounding over, his arms swinging cause hes always just so happy to see you 
“Hey sunshine!” he greets you like any other day, his voice just radiating happiness
Some days though, Mirio will kiss the top of your head as he grabs your hand and walks you to his class
Other days, he’s a little more bold, instead leaning down to give you a kiss on your lips as he snakes his hand around your waist
You can tell he’s feeling a little more *frisky cause he’s got this mischievous glint in his eyes
ehhhh why not indulge him?
So you get on your tippie toes, leaning in to him and planting a quick kiss on his lips
But thats when Mirio gets confused- did you eat something?Is it cake? CInnamon roll? Cookie? But whatever it is, it tastes GOOD
“Sweetie, did you buy something from the vending machine?” he asks, a confused grin on his face as he eyes you
You laugh, not realizing that Mirio would be affected by your new chapstick too, 
“Oh no, its just a chapstick Niejire gave me, I think its cake batter flavored- do you like it?”
Mirio licked his lips , savoring the lingering flavor on his skin
“You batter belive it!”
*cue the groaning
Tumblr media
Flavor: Pina Colada
So Mina, bless her little music crazed heart, somehow won a pack of tickets from a radio station to a new water park opening up not too far from UA
It was superrrrr expensive to get in, but the music station hooked all you guys up with VIP tickers, a private cabana, food, THE WORKS
You had been running around with the group all day
(except Bakugo- he either went to the lazy river or the surfing simulator thignie cause Kaminari said he would wipe out and wanted to prove him wrong)
Everybody else wanted to do everythingggg, from ride the craziest rides to trying all the food the park had
By the end of the day, you were completely beat and just wanted to rest
Mina was sitting beside you in  the cabana (again, thank you radio station for hooking some teens up!), just searching it for snacks the boys hadnt eaten
“Aww cmon, really?! We have chapstick but no food?!”
Your head instantly perked up at the sound- chapstick? God, you could deifnitely use some right now from all that chlorine and sun...
You asked Mina to toss you one, the pink skinned girl throwing you a tube as she grumbled about how “piggy” boys were
You checked the flavor on the tube, the fruits on the side label instantly telling you it was something tropical
As you were putting it on, the boys of Bakusquad were bounding up the steps, their feets covered in sand-
“Guess what?! We got Bakugo to go in the wave pool! Isnt that crazy! It had sand on the bottom, like a real beach-”
Kirishima was just gushing and super excited, Bakugo looking like a pissed off wet cat next to him
You sat up quickly, happy to see your boyfriend, his spiky hair all wet from the day and his boxers dripping
As Kirishima and Sero were messing with an extremely annoyed Bakugo, you went and grabbed the boys some towels, giving the last one to your boyfriend
“Aww thanks babe,” he gushed out, his hands grabbing the towel gingerly as he leaned to kiss you
But wait- you tasted- really sweet?
Kaminari pulled back slightly, a small smirk on his lips, cause damn, that tasted really good
“Did you eat some fruit or something? Cause you taste super yummy babe-”
You  pointed to your lips as you told him how Mina found some free chapstick lying around in the cabana
Kaminari just gave you this really blissed out stare as he sneaked one more peck from you- he was kinda wishing his friends weren't here, cause hed totally be making out with you with that yummy stuff on your lips...
“Do me a favor and dont take that stuff off, okay? Until we get back to the dorms,”
He sent you a small wink, weaving behind you inconspicously, and giving your bottom a playful pinch
(Also before you left Kamianri most definitely dumped the whole jar of chapsticks into his backpack)
Tumblr media
Flavor: Peppermint
You and Sero had just gotten coffee from a little cafe when it starts to rain
Like alottttttttttt
And of course it happens when your right outside, waiting for your ride to take you back home
So you two are just standing there like weirdos with the rain POURING, Sero holding up his jacket over both of your heads
But honestly, it’s not doing much to block out the rain, so honestly-why not have some fun?
You run out of the fabric, instantly feeling your whole body get drenched as you start twirling and laughing
“He-hey wait, babe!”
Sero’s gonna be laughing, and now y’all playing a wierd game of tag
Aghhhhhh so cute tho 🥺🥺
He catches you pretty quickly, his tape grabbing your waist and pulling you to him,,,
You instantly collide with his chest, your cheeks rosy from running around so much and your hands resting on his chest
Sero gives you the biggest grin, his finger under your chin and raising it to look at him
“You know your the biggest tease I know?”
He laughs, placing a kiss on your lips-and omg why are you minty? and it feels soooo good to him, cause honestly mint isn’t a bad flavor-
“Hey babe whatcha got on your lips? Did you eat-gum or something?”
You just laugh and tell him it’s some chapstick you got (imagine the mint eos U KNOW THE ONE)
He asks if it’s the egg chapstick OML 💀
Yes Sero the egg chapstick
His lips are parted a little, his eyes wider than usual cause he’s lowkey confused on how he liked that so much
But he send you another huge grin before he kisses you again-
“I think your gonna need to wear that more for me, yeah?”
Tumblr media
Flavor: Cinnamon
Bakugo has ben practically forcing you to wake up at ungodly hours with him to train
He says its cause “youre getting weak” but really he’s a total simp for having such close contact with you
Also he’s a little brat and put his all into it  so you cant ever beat him, which boosts his ego for some reason?
“Hah, that really the best you got?” he scoffs down at you, his calloused hands pinning you to the ground as his body cages you in for the umpteenth time
Honestly, its hard to fight when your 1) annoyed about loosing and 2) have your hot as hell boyfriend pining you to the ground
But thankfully
He was starting to overheat, his breathe coming out in low pants as  strands  of hair began sticking to his forehead
You felt one of his palms begin to slip ever so slightly near you, and on instinct you knew you had to do something, you finally had an opening-
so you caused a distraction 
Your hands quickly flew to the nape of his neck, pressing his head down to your so you could kiss him square on the lips
Bakugo was completely confused in the best way possible- he didnt expect that to happen, but hell, hes not complaining-
until his lips start to tingle
“-the hell?!” he sputters out, his mind trying to figure out what was going on just before you successfuly flip him over, with you now on top
You stared down triumphantly at your boyfriend, not knowing how well that worked- until you noticed how shiny Bakugo lips look
He begins mashing his lips together, trying to rub it off since you had his hands pinned down
“The hell is on my lips? Agh, dont tell me its that weird ass lip stuff that supposed to make your lips bigger or something-’’
Ummmmm how does he know about lip plumping lip gloss? Question for a another day-
“Its chapstick silly,” you giggle, “-cinnamon”
Honestly, he’s gonna like it-this boy likes spicy things and the fact that “spicy” sensation came from his s/o....shoooottttt he is in love
Of course
He’s gonna act like it’s wierd or something, cause HES wierd
“Cinnamon? You couldn’t get something normal like cherry or grape?”
You scrunch up your nose, cause yeah your not for those flavors AT ALL, and Bakugo finds his chance
He quickly flips you over, your back now against the floor and his body on top of yours
“Cmon, baka don’t tell me thats seriosuly all you got-“
Don’t remind him that you were able to flip him over tho he’ll turn red and tell you to shut it
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ultimate-astridwriting · 8 months ago
Hey! I saw your headcanons for Midoriya, Kirishima, and Mirio catching their s/o masturbating to them and I was wondering if you could do the same thing for Todoroki and Bakugo...? (If you haven’t already) I just found your blog this morning and your writing is ✨amazing✨💗💖
Bakugou and Monoma catching reader masturbating to them
note: hehe ty!! and here is your request. I did Monoma instead because I didn’t have any ideas for Todoroki but as soon as I do i’ll write it💗
Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
• Smug bastard
• You’ve been dating for a while
• He’ll probably be surprised at first and then get really into it
• Will tease you about it a lot
• It’s a huge ego boost for him. The fact that you’re thinking about him while doing something so lewd just gets him going
• He’ll help you but not without making you suffer just a little
You guys were invited to Denki’s birthday party. Bakugou told you he’d come and pick you up and went on a whole rant about being on time and not making him wait long. He entered your apartment using the spare key you gave him and saw no sign of you.
“Y/N? Oi idiot, are you done getting ready yet?” he yells out. Still no response, he could see that your bedroom door was closed which was a bit unusual but thought that maybe you were just changing. He sat down on the couch, grumbling to himself about you being a dumbass.
He’s been waiting for a while now and you still haven’t come out of your room. Tired of waiting he walks up to the door, getting ready to open it and give you a piece of his mind but all the words he was ready to spew out dies in his mouth as he sees you.
You were spread out on the bed, fingers plunged deep in your pussy while one of your hands was playing with your nipples. He felt his pants get tighter as he committed that image to his memory.
“So this is what you were doing, princess. You’re just that much of a slut that you couldn’t even wait until after the party.” he made his way towards you, now palming himself through his slacks.
“Oh? Getting shy now, keep going, we’re just getting started after all.” his cock was now exposed and it made your mouth water, you just wanted to choke on his cock and drink his cum. He could see the way you were looking at him and it made him want to ruin you.
“Don’t just stare at it, open wide, princess.”
Neito Monoma
Tumblr media
• You guys had a weird relationship you weren’t friends but you didn’t exactly hate each other either
• You had to work with each other since you were both from the same energy
• He annoyed the shit out of you but you had to admit he was good looking
• Monoma on the other hand goes out of his way to bug you because he’s taken a liking to you
• Smug bastard 2.0
• Will never let the incident go, he’ll constantly remind you about what he saw
It was your “day off” if you could even call it that. You’ve been working your ass off at the agency and you decided to take a break since you’ve been stressed these past few weeks. You loved your job but the paperwork was never ending not to mention you had to work with one of the cockiest guys you have ever met, Neito Monoma. You’ve had some dirty thoughts about him but decided not to push it since you were coworkers.
You pulled yourself out of your thoughts as you sat on the couch, pulling out your laptop and immersing yourself in the huge amount of work that you had to do. After a couple of hours, you decided that you’d done enough, you quickly put away your things and got comfortable. It had been a while since you’d gotten any action and you were extremely pent up.
You closed your eyes and imagined him there with you, touching you, making you feel good while he had that cocky smirk on his face. The one he always had... but you forgot one little thing
Monoma and you had agreed on meeting up at your place because he needed some documents that you had, to finish his paperwork. He knocked on the door but got no answer, he tried texting you but he also got no response. Not knowing what to do he settled on texting you he came by and setting up another meeting time.
As he was about to leave he heard something from inside you apartment. Curious to what it was, he attempted to open the door and was surprised to see that it was unlocked. He cracks the door open just enough to see through and as soon as he saw you he couldn’t peel himself away from the view.
You were situated on the couch using a 6 pink dildo, bouncing up and down on it. He felt like a pervert but he wanted to see more, he began imagining that it was him underneath you making you moan, filling you up with his cum when he heard something that made his eyes widen.
You moaned out his name. You dirty girl, you were imagining him while fucking yourself on that toy. He slipped inside, closing the door and quietly making his way towards you.
“I didn’t know you were such a slut, Y/N. Leaving your door open too it’s like you wanted me to see you like this.” you opened your eyes and felt ashamed, you couldn’t believe he saw you doing such a disgusting thing and moaning out his name.
You tried to explain yourself but he quickly placed a finger over your mouth and shushed you. He brought himself down to you and looked at you with such want it made you even wetter.
“I’ve wanted you for so long and seeing you like this, all desperate for my cock is really turning me on.” he takes off his shirt exposing his well built body.
“Let me have you, I’ll make you feel so much better than that, little thing, you have.” no words were coming out of your mouth so you pulled him onto the couch, straddling his thighs as you took off your shirt and exposed yourself to him.
“You better not just be all talk, Neito”
He cups your cheek, pulling you in closer. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. By the time I’m done with you, you won’t want anybody else’s cock but mine.”
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corpseblouse · 6 months ago
omg i love ur stuff already can u do headcanons for bakugou, shiggy, and hawks for degradation and size kink w a short reader? tysm!! <3
Tumblr media
size kink
Tumblr media
warnings: size kink, degradation, dacryphilia, squirting, overstim., daddy kink, cunt slapping
includes: katsuki bakugou, tomura shigaraki, keigo takami (hawks)
a/n: ajsudhddk this is my first ask and i’m so excited for you to read this!! and thank you so much :)) i’m really glad you’re enjoying my work!!
Tumblr media
katsuki bakugou
Tumblr media
∴ loves to tease you about how small you are, he’s the type of person to compare hand sizes (which riles him up for some reason)
∴ loves to see you ride him, so he can properly watch his cock stretch your wet little cunny
∴ he uses degradation just to feel you get even tighter around him, because he knows you love the pain
∴ although you’re on top, he will still buck his hips up into you just to pound your little cervix <3
you mewl out, hands reaching down to grab bakugou’s hands as you feel the head of his cock intruding your tight little hole. the difference in hand sizes has bokugou’s cock painfully twitching, craving to be inside of you. he’s laying beneath you, smirking while staring at where the two of you meet.
“come on slut, take my cock deeper.” he grunts out, craving the feeling of your wet spasming cunt around his length. you lightly huff, bracing yourself for the rest of his seemingly never ending cock.
once you reach the hilt, you stall softly rolling your hips trying to get used to his impressive length. “look at my little slut, grinding her wet cunt down on my cock... such a dirty girl, huh?” he teases, snapping his hips up towards yours.
you tighten around his cock feeling every vein and groove, making your already sensitive walls flutter around him. you almost feel like you’re going to pass out from how much he’s filling you, it’s overwhelming.
“poor little thing, cant even bounce on my cock correctly. let me help you with that.” bakugou plants his feet flat onto the bed, and starts pounding into your dripping cunt. your eyes roll to the back of your head, feeling the tip of his cock continuously nudge your cervix; it’s a feeling you can’t get enough of.
the pain of being stretched out mixed with the pleasure of being fucked dumb on bakugou’s cock is what brings you to your nearing high. you cream around his cock, tightening painfully around him.
your orgasm is what triggers bakugou’s, your little cunny milking him for everything he has.
Tumblr media
tomura shigaraki
Tumblr media
∴ the size difference between the two of you is pretty noticeable. the way shigaraki’s hand devours your own and the way his feet are almost twice as big as yours!!
∴ shigaraki loves to use your small size to his advantage, which is why he doesn’t prep you
∴ he loves when you’re in pain, he loves being mean to you, laughing in your face as you cry, and just practically folding you in half while pounding into your cunt <3
∴ he prefers being on top, just so he can take charge and do what he wants
“you’re going to be a good little girl and take my cock, okay?” shigaraki says, folding your legs onto your chest painfully pressing down.
you’ve already cum three times tonight, once from his fingers, and twice from his talented mouth; needless to say, you were absolutely spent. your little cunny was spasming around nothing, your clit was puffy and swollen, and your thighs trembling under his touch.
“please... i cant take anymore.” you whine out, hoping he’ll take some mercy on you. shigaraki releases one of your legs, and his hand slaps down onto your engorged clit. you squeal, trying to force your thighs to close but the grip he has on your other thigh is way too strong.
“are you saying you can’t take my cock, baby?” he pouts, slapping his hand back down onto your entire cunt this time. you feel you tight hole clenching, and the coil in your stomach tightening, you needed just a little bit more and you would be cumming. his large hand was able to cover the entirety of your cunt, making his cock throb even more.
“well, too fucking bad whore.” shigaraki seethes, slapping your cunt once again. this time, you feel yourself cumming. shigaraki watched as your juices flowed out of you, your clit was visibly throbbing and tears were streaming down your face from the overstimulation.
instead of letting you come down from your high, shigaraki pushes his cock into you. you feel the breath getting knocked out of your lungs as his cock pushes past your tight rings and presses against your womb. he grabs onto your other leg, pressing it back against your chest. he starts with a ruthless pace, chasing his own high and not caring about whether or not you were cumming.
it didn’t take long for your high to build again, but this time it felt much different. you let yourself release, clenching your eyes shut and arching your back off of the bed. you suddenly feel shigaraki pull his cock out and furiously start rubbing at your sore clit. your eyes snap open, seeing a white liquid coming out of you and shigaraki’s eyes glued to your cunt.
the high was intense, it left your ears ringing and vision blurred. you finally felt yourself coming down from it and relaxing down into the bed. you suddenly feel a warm substance on your stomach and open your eyes to see shigaraki pumping his cock, and cumming on you.
“fuck, that was hot.”
Tumblr media
keigo takami
Tumblr media
∴ i think he’s more of a soft dom. he’ll have you crying and whining while softly degrading you.
∴ doesn’t think much about the size difference between the two of you, but knows that it’s something you admire (and enjoy) so he takes note of that.
∴ he loves to see you cry for and on his cock, he thinks you look so pretty while doing it :(
∴ he likes to take you from behind because he knows he can hit deeper and get you even more whiny
hawks is pounding his cock into your cunt, using your hips as leverage. your eyes roll to the back of your head feeling his cock get deeper and deeper with each rough thrust.
“come on puppy, tell me who’s pounding your slutty little cunny,” hawks teases, trying to make sense of your babbling nonsense.
“y-you daddy, you’re fucking me so good daddy..” you draw out, feeling him angling his hips and hitting at your g-spot over and over again. you whine pressing your blushing face into the bed sheets, trying to hide your fucked out face.
“aww.. is my little baby shy? come on, look at daddy.” hawks condescendingly says, grabbing a fist full of your hair and forcing eye contact. your eyes are glossed over, a dazed look on your face. you were feeling absolutely euphoric getting fucked out on his cock, and he knew it by the way your eyes kept rolling to the back of your head.
“such a dumb little slut, cant even keep eye contact... poor little thing.” the faux sympathy in his voice makes your cunt clench even harder onto his thick cock. “fuck, i can barely even thrust into your cunt and your clenching even tighter?” hawks’ thrusts stutter a bit, knowing you’re about to orgasm.
“come on whore, cum on daddy’s cock. i know you can do it, pup.” hawks draws out longer thrusts, knowing you loved it when you were able to fully feel his length inside of you. your thighs threaten to shut, scalp faintly stinging from the grip he still has in your hair.
“daddy!” you yell out, cumming around his length and feeling the grip leave your hair. your face falls onto the bed, thighs still quivering and cunt fluttering around his throbbing cock. hawks still keeps at his hard thrusts, trying to reach his own high.
“come on baby, let me feel you squeeze around me one more time. i know you can do it, puppy. just squeeze daddy’s cock, just like that slut.” his hips start stuttering, and curses leave his mouth as he pumps his load inside of you. spurt after spurt leaves the head of his cock, and into your hole.
he slips his cock out of you and falls onto the bed next to you. he grabs your waist, and lays your head on his chest.
“you did a good job, baby.”
© all works belong to corpseblouse 2021, do not repost or modify.
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katsuverse · 6 months ago
Entangled Warmth
Tumblr media
With cold air invading your space due to the heavy rains, you seek a specific warmth. Fortunately, your husband was there to provide for your needs.
PAIRING | Husband!Bakugou Katsuki x Wife!Reader WORD COUNT | 1k GENRE | Fluff TAGS/WARNINGS | Language, Sensual touching (but not in a sexual way!), Sweet n’ Spicy kind of Fluff
A/N: i suddenly got inspired when I remembered the manly body heat scene of part 1 Jojo. A lil bit self-indulgent because it’s been raining for days and I want Bakugou to warm me up 🥺
『BNHA Masterlist』
Tumblr media
Large, somber clouds loomed over the horizons, casting the suburbs with leaden hues—dull and ashen. Any chances of a warm, golden orb rising from its slumber turned bleak. Along with the dreary landscape, several drops of rain pelted all over the ground, dampening the pavements, as a cold breeze glided across the area.
A wisp of frosty air made its way to your home, welcoming itself through the cracks of the window. Even through the solace of the blanket enshrouding your frame, you felt a glacial sensation elapsed on your skin, eliciting a whine that strayed from your lips.
Shifting from your position, you squirmed against the soft mattress to find a source of warmth. As you lay on your side, you came into contact with the solid built of your husband. Your mouth curved into a smile.
Your hand immediately moved, setting it on the valley of his pronounced pectorals. A rough grunt pleasantly resounded in your ears as you dragged your hand down.
Under the slow caress of your palm, you felt the firm swells of his muscles against the flimsy fabric of his top. A sliver of warmth cascaded to you with every touch. As soon as your fingertips brushed the hem, you quickly tucked your hand under the material and placed it in the middle, meeting his bare skin.
Your chest heaved as you let out a blissful sigh.
Bit by bit, the lingering wintry feeling dissipated; A blazing heat scorched through your soft skin, melting the glacial ice that glazed your complexion. However, that wasn’t enough for you. You could still feel a speckle of the cold weather.
Your hand pressed circles on his stomach, drawing more heat to your body. You couldn’t help but tremble at the delightful sensation of the prominent mounds of his abdomen. Your fingertips burned as you felt the dips and rises of his muscles under your touch. Each defined curve sent a pleasant tingle to your spine.
“The fuck you’re doing, woman?”
As you slowly opened your eyes, an explosion of crimson hues painted all over the pale complexion of your husband greeted your vision. A giggle erupted from your throat, seeing his flustered state.
Continuing to lovingly stroke his abdomen, you quipped, “Body heat.”
“Stop violating my body!”
“But Katsu,” you whimpered as you leaned your forehead on his shoulder blade, “I’m freezing.”
Grinding his teeth, he snarled at you, “I’m not your fuckin’ heating pad, ya’ shitty woman.”
You only hummed at the notion, indifferent to his harsh claims.
“You became one as soon as you married me.” You chimed as a chuckle escaped your mouth, hearing several grumbles coming from Bakugou. “Maybe you should’ve thought of that before slipping a ring on my finger.”
Despite his incessant complaints, Bakugou didn’t make too much of an effort to remove your prying hand. You were well-aware that contrary to what he was insisting, he enjoyed the feeling of your hand on his skin. You could tell by the slightest quiver of his body and the quiet sigh he drew out.
After a few moments, your lids began to feel heavy as Bakugou’s heat lulled you back to sleep. Before you can fully return to your slumber, a ping sound echoed.
You felt a rumble rippled on your temple as Bakugou groaned.
“What the fuck is it now?”
His hands reached out to his phone, extending his taut arm to get it from the bedside table. As he opened it, the glare of its screen illuminated Bakugou’s face, contouring his chiseled features.
“What’s up?” you weakly mumbled, lifting your head to peek through his messages. You snorted, witnessing how lame his replies were. It was too brief and concise to the point that it was only a word. It amazed you that a single response from him can easily shatter a conversation.
“Can’t you put more effort into texting people?”
“I don’t want to deal with those damn extras.” Bakugou scoffed, pressing the recent message with his thumb.
“Oh, KMart is having a 25% discount on all items for a week,” you remarked as your eyes scanned the text.
“Get your ass up.”
Then, a harsh sound of slap reverberated. You yelped as Bakugou smacked your ass; its plump flesh jiggled at the contact of his large palm. As he withdrew his hand, a stinging pain left its wake that seared through your skin.
“We’re going to buy some groceries.”
You aired out a groan, not wanting to leave the comforts of the bed. All you wanted to do was indulge in the pleasant warmth the whole day. Before he could even move a muscle, you draped your leg over his limbs as you wrapped your arm around his slim waist, encasing him with your body.
“It’s raining,” you countered as you drew closer to him, “and it’s cold.”
As your eyes met, tones of e/c bore deeply into his crimson ones as if relaying a message. Unspoken words exchanged through the heavy gaze. As Bakugou saw a thin sheen coating your irises, he clicked his tongue.
You felt the mattress shifted under your weight as he turned around to face you before nuzzling his head on the crook of your neck. As he took a deep breath, your sweet scent wafted to his nose, earning a pleased hum from him.
Breathing out, he mumbled, “Shitty woman.”
Small fits of giggle erupted from your lips as hot puffs of breath danced over your complexion, tickling your skin. Your hand darted up to Bakugou’s toned chest–pouring it with the same attention as you did with his abdomen–before saying, “But you love me.”
His palm sneakily slid under the waistband of your bottoms. A gasp escaped your lips as you felt a sudden heat scorched through your underwear; a rough, calloused paw engulfed the firm globe of your ass, kneading it ever so gently.
“I wouldn’t have married your dumb ass if I didn’t.” Bakugou whispered against your neck.
Slowly, both of your consciousness flickered with each soft and warm caress you gave to each other; each tender touch lulled you to sleep along with the rain’s lullaby.
Soon enough, a chorus of faint snores filled the room as both of you drifted off to dreamland, still entangled with each other’s warmth.
Tumblr media
© katsuverse 2021 - All rights reserved. No work shall be reproduced, reposted, modified, translated in any form or by any means. 
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ali-seu · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
requested by ann!
pairing: bakugo x fem!reader
contains: smut, praise kink, size kink, breeding kink, mating press (ooh) aftercare at the end!
w.c: 1.3k
a.n: head empty, its 2:30am here rn lul 
Tumblr media
Eyes screwed shut in pain, you trembled above Bakugo’s cock, squeezing his biceps for balance. 
“Shit, baby, you’re doing so well,” he grunted, reaching behind him to grip the headboards.
His cock twitched as he dragged his eyes over your trembling body, your thighs quivering as they straddled his hips. The head of his cock finally popped inside your unyielding walls, slick drooling from your cunt as it desperately clung to his girth. 
“It hurts, Bakugo,” you whispered, tears rimming your eyes.
He choked back a groan, the bed rumbling as explosions assaulted the poor wooden board. Fuck, this was bad; he didn’t know how much longer he could hold himself back. Something about watching you struggle to take his cock degraded him into his base instincts, stripping all his sanity and reason away. (He didn’t have much to begin with, anyways.)
Fuck her. Breed that fertile cunt. Fill her with your seed. Spray that cunny white. Breed her. Breed—
He shook his head, the wooden headboard crumbling underneath his tightening grip. “Baby, can you take more?” he strained out.
Biting your lips, you nodded.
Groaning, he slowly angled his hips up, pushing deeper into your cunt.
“Ah–stop, stop,” the pained whimper tore from your lips as you shuddered, curling into his chest.
“Shh, baby,” he crooned, kissing your neck with soft butterfly kisses. When he was sure his hands had cooled down, he pushed his fingers into your swollen lips. “Suck them for me.”
You obliged, running your tongue down the grooves of his skin.
With a wet smack, he pulled the slender digits from your lips and sunk them into your cunt, finding your hardened clit with ease. 
“That cunny’s so wet for me,” he hissed, stroking tight circles into the pulsing bud. “Fuck, if you weren’t strangling my cock right now, I’d be eating that cunt until you were screamin’ up the cops.” He pinched your clit, earning him a surprised yelp from your lips. 
“Please,” you moaned, shivering wildly, “it feels so good…”
“Shall I make you cum on my cock? Huh?” he grunted, speeding up his fingers. “Barely an inch in and already creamin’. Such a pretty cunny, so good for me,” his cock jumped when he felt you lock up, hovering over that edge of ecstasy.
With a snarl, he lurched forward to clamp his teeth into your neck.
Your gummy walls choked his cock in a vicious frenzy as you cried out in pleasure, slick dribbling from your entrance and pooling around his cock. Pleasure racked up and down your body in violent spasms, eyes rolling back and back arching in his grasp.
Bakugo hissed, the aching pleasure of your pulsing flesh almost too much for him to handle. He needed to feel more, he needed to feel his cock cramped inside your sopping cunny, needed to feel the hard kiss of your cervix against his head. “Baby, I can’t hold back, ‘m sorry, fuck, ‘m sorry—” 
He jerked his hips, sheathing himself all the way inside your cunt. Ash clouded up behind him as steady streams of sparks crackled from his palms, tendons straining in his neck as he fought to keep himself still.
Twitching in pain and pleasure, you focused your gaze back on his pained expression. “Bakugo, I feel so full,” you hiccuped, tears streaming down your cheeks. “It feels so good.”
He captured your lips with a gentle kiss, desperately holding on to the last strings of his sanity. “Baby, I’m–I don’t have,” he scowled, trying to find his words, trying to tell you he was about to lose it. “Don’t, baby–”
“Want you to fill me with your cum,” you groaned out, already half lost in the pleasure.
Heat prickled your skin as Bakugo gripped your hips and jackhammered his cock inside your tight cunt, each brutal thrust bruising the slick walls. He was so fucking big, so fucking thick; the veined shaft grinded into all the right places, short-circuiting your nerves with rapture.
“Shit, shit, shit,” you keened, clawing at his chest, “f-feels so good! Oh god, Bakugo, I–”
Your words shriveled inside your mouth as you finally caught sight of his eyes. The piercing intellect of those red irises had blunted away completely, his gaze unfocused and hazy. “Bakugo…?” you breathed out, flinching when a snarling grin twisted his features.
“Gonna breed that cunt,” he panted as he bounced you up and down his cock, “gonna fuck a baby into that womb, gonna make you mine.” He pushed you over into a mating press, pressing your thighs into your shoulders. 
You cried out as each thrust slammed into your cervix, the thick head managing to press into your g-spot at the same time. It was too much, too fucking much—the tension inside your core was almost painful, muscles aching from the drawn-out strain.
His grunts and pants tickled the shell of your ear. Bakugo crouched over your folded body, hips pounding your back into the creaking mattress. “Fill that pretty cunny with my seed,” Bakugo growled, each thrust angled to mash his head against the tight entrance to your womb.
And when the seal of tension broke, the convulsions of ecstasy had you screaming in bliss. Again and again did the whirls of euphoria drool through your bloodstream, sucking out all conscious thought from your perception.
Pleasure was a drug that had you devolving into nothing but a bundle of nerves, nothing but the continuous throbs of your cunt, milking his cock for all its worth.
It feels so good.
When you finally came down from your high, the first thing you noticed was the pool of semen leaking from your folds and soaking the mattress. A particularly hard thrust then jerked your attention back to your lover, sweat plastering his hair to his forehead and drool tracking down his chin.
You swallowed, trembling as his cock ground against your g-spot over and over again. How many times had he come already? Two, three times? Frankly, you’d lost track of time after floating through that dizzying orgasm. 
“Gonna… gonna breed you,” he shuddered, the words already becoming a mantra, “need to fill you more.”
“Bakugo,” you shivered, “you’re going to o-overstim me. T-too sensitive,” a high keen erupted from your throat as you felt the familiar tension return.
No, you couldn’t come again, it was going to be too much, too fucking much. “Please, please, please, no–fuck!”
Full-body spasms shook you from your core, your vision glitching with crackles of blue and white. You were going to pass out. High-pitched ringing pounded your ears as static-filled darkness covered you, drowning everything out until all you could feel was pleasure.
“... baby… baby please… hey, hey!” A ringing slap shook you from your stupor.
“You okay?” relief flooded his features as he collapsed beside you, his hands quivering as he stroked your cheeks. “God, you scared me for a moment.”
You sighed out a breathy laugh, curling into his warm chest. “You did too, ya prick,” you grimaced playfully, feeling up your sopping cunt. “How many loads did you shoot in there? Three, four?”
“Four,” he admitted, the beginnings of a frown forming at the corner of his lips. “I’m sorry,” he pulled you into his embrace. “I lost it for a while back there. Fuck, I’m glad you’re okay.”
“Shh,” you cooed, rubbing his back. “You would never hurt me, Bakugo.”
He grunted. With a heavy sigh, he rested his chin against your head, his hands rubbing your stomach. “Sorry, it’s just–god, it’s so fucking stupid,” he sighed. “I just… fuck, I just want…” he trailed off with a huff, his eyes fluttering shut. Shitty instincts, he cursed internally.
You hummed softly, kissing his collarbone. “I understand, baby. We have time to think about it,” you clasped the hand on your stomach. “We’ll figure it out, love.”
“Yeah,” he sighed, tossing a hand over your shoulders. “Together, baby. We’ll do it together.”
Tumblr media
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ultimate-astridwriting · 9 months ago
can you do the ignoring for 24 hours prank for bakugo, denki, todoroki, tamaki, and sero?
Ignoring for 24 hours prank on Bakugou
Heyyy!!! I loved this sm and I had a random idea for Bakugou so here’s his but dw i’ll be doing the others too. Enjoy :3
Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
He would not take this well let me tell you
You and Denki are childhood friends so you guys are really close and he’s actually the reason you met Bakugou in the first place
Anyways you decided to hangout with Denki today and play some video games since Bakugou was planning on training with Kirishima for the afternoon
While you and Denki were chilling you got a text from Bakugou asking you if you wanted to go out and eat since he was done training
You immediately said yes and told Denki you had to leave since you and your boyfriend were going out
“What? Are you serious F/N? You’re such a simp. Don’t you think it gets annoying seeing each other everyday I mean I bet you couldn’t even go one day without talking to Bakubro”
And that’s exactly how this whole mess started. It was hard because although he wasn’t one for PDA you guys usually spent time with each other outside of class and so was pretty obvious that you were clearly avoiding him
The first strike started off with ignoring his texts. He wasn’t a hopeless romantic but he did care enough to send you good morning and good night texts to which you usually responded to somewhat quickly but today you had to resist the urge to text back since you’re a stubborn bitch who didn’t wanna admit denki was right
So you put your phone down and started getting ready for school
The second strike was in class. Your normal morning routine went something like this. You’d get to school and chat with Mina and Sero and before the bell rang you’d start walking to class since you always pass your boyfriend standing in the hallway and end up walking the rest of the way to class with him and sitting in the spot beside him
He claims he doesn’t do it on purpose and it’s just a coincidence that he runs into you but we all know that’s a lie
Anywayssss today you decided to stay with your friends and ended up walking into class with them instead of Bakugou. Now at this point he was a little salty you ignored his texts and now you don’t walk with him to class
But the thing that really ticks him off is when you don’t even look at him
You enter the room sensing his gaze on you but instead of meeting it like you’d normally do you pretend you don’t notice and sit in the only open spot other than the one beside him which was a pretty dumb idea since it was beside Deku
Mans is officially pissed. He tries to think of why you’re ignoring him, maybe he forgot a special day? or he said something a little to mean? but nothing came to mind
He decided he’d try and talk to you after class but it seemed like you’d already ruled out every single way he could talk to you.
When the class was given time to practice sparring you rushed and went with Denki, when he waited for you outside a class you somehow hid in a crowd and got away and while he was waiting for you to sit beside him during lunch you went and sat with your friends from 1-B
He was pretty much fuming by the time school was done. You tried to leave the class as quick as you could but unfortunately he was quicker he grabbed your arm and pulled you into an empty storage closet
“Oi, what the hells the matter with you. Why’re you avoiding me?” yet he’s met with silence
“Seriously idiot what’s up with you? Did I do something wrong?” and again no response
“Come on if I did something wrong just tell me.” but you still refused to meet his gaze
Now from your point of view you felt terrible. You didn’t want him to think he did anything wrong but you also weren’t ready to admit Kaminari was right just yet. You decided you’d try and stay quiet, push through and explain everything to him tomorrow but what happened next was something you didn’t expect.
“Y/N if... if I did something wrong can you just tell me? I-I can’t handle this. If I pissed you off then yell at me, swear at me, punch me I don’t care but please don’t push me away.” while he was saying this he grabbed your hand and you couldn’t stop yourself from looking at him and my god you felt like an asshole
He looked so sad. You’re pretty sure you’ve never seen him look so desperate. You immediately engulfed him in a hug and told him why you were ignoring him
“Are you fucking serious, dumbass. That’s the stupidest reason I’ve ever heard of so what if you can’t go a day without talking to me? Who gives a shit. By the way remind me to beat up dunce face tomorrow.”
“I know I’m sorry you know how stubborn I am and hearing Denki say that kind of made me think that maybe you felt the same. Maybe I am annoying you and you’re just not telling me cause we’re dating. Also I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t hear the thing about threatening to beat him up.”
“Tch if you were bothering me I would’ve told you, stupid. But that’s never happening because I wouldn’t be dating you if it did.” he said finishing off with a chuckle
“But seriously don’t pull that shit on me again. I swear to god I’ll beat your ass next time.”
With a small nod you agreed. He laced his hands with yours and pulling you out of the room and into the direction of his house.
“Cause of that prank you’ve gotta make it up to me with cuddles now okay, idiot”
“Awhhh Katsu, I knew you were a big softie. Just admit it you love me and my cuddles and you’re just trying to make up a reason to get em.”
“S-shut up you dumbass.” with a slight blush on his face he let go of your hand and started walking even faster
You chased after him yelling.
“Babe I’m kiddinggg don’t take it seriouslyyyy~”
That’s all folks
send in requests/ asks :)
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drakenology · 6 months ago
Dumb Little Housewife
husband!bakugo x housewife!reader
Tumblr media
warnings: smut, dumbification kink, unprotected sex, degradation, daddy kink, housewifey stuff ya know?
author’s note: hii! so this is for the new year new kink event with @butterscotchbaku . i’m a little early whoops I couldn’t help myself. go follow her page and all that junk her work is pretty amazing and i’m a HUGE fan ugh her blog is so cute 🥺. and make sure to check out some of the work that participated in this event as well. Hope yall enjoy!
6:30 am, you wake up just before Bakugo to make him his breakfast. You yawn and grab your robe off the back of the bedroom door and tip toe to the kitchen, careful not to wake your sleeping husband on the way out. You hum a little tune while you scramble some eggs and fry a little bit of bacon, happy to please the one you love.
You were grateful he could offer you such a carefree lifestyle. You cook and keep the house clean while Bakugo saves the world, brings home the cash and fucks you nice and good every night. What an even trade. Even though you wouldn’t mind working Bakugo insisted that you stay home, eager and willing to support you both. As you brewed some coffee for you and Katsuki, you find him trudging to the kitchen with a loud and abrupt yawn.
His hair was a mess on top of his head, eyes half lidded and droopy. He’s really at his sexiest when he looks half dead. You smile and hand him his mug as he walked towards you, pulling you closer to him by your waist. You giggle and give him a sweet kiss on the lips.
“Good morning, honey!” You say cheerfully. Bakugo takes a sip of his coffee and sits down at the table.
“G’Mornin.” He said groggily, sleep coating his already deep voice. The sound is almost like sex itself, making the spot between your legs lightly quiver. “‘M workin’ from home today so I’ll be a little busy.”
You pout, almost whine when you hear that Bakugo will basically be at home all day just to ignore you. On top of that you suddenly had an itch only he could scratch since you’re too dumb to get yourself off correctly. Or at least that’s what Katsuki would say. You sigh, feeling particularly bratty this morning and lean against the table in front of him just enough for your robe to droop down and give him a full view of your ample cleavage.
“You can be a little bit late can’t you, Suki?” You mewl, handing him his plate to eat. Bakugo shook his head, staring down into your robe. He was almost persuaded by the sight of your breasts alone but work had to come first even if his hot wife wanted to get fucked right there on the dinner table.
“No I can’t. And don’t try anything while I’m working either, Y/N. You’re already on thin fuckin’ ice.” Bakugo said with his mouth full. You roll your eyes, recalling a few nights when you pushed Katsuki to his limit but he couldn’t punish you right then and there because of work or something or other.
You took full advantage since you and Bakugo hadn’t had sex in about a week since he’d been swamped with hero work. Whether it be sending him videos of you fucking yourself with shaky and clumsy fingers or pictures of you bent over with your pretty panties showing under a dress you wore; you were really pushing your luck.
You pout, grabbing his and your dishes and loaded the dishwasher, hiking your robe up a little to show off your ass in the new thong you bought as you bent over to close the door. Bakugo walks out of the kitchen, smacking your ass hard enough to make you cum right there on the spot. You were already a little wet and needy. You gasp, closing your thighs together as you’re almost brought to your knees by just a strike to the ass.
You had an idea. An idea that was sure to make Bakugo ditch work and fuck you into a stupid bumbling mess.
8:30 am, You walk into the bedroom just past the office Bakugo had set up in to start his work and throw off your robe, adjusting your bra to push your boobs up a bit more. You strut into the office in nothing but your underwear, Bakugo not even turning his head to face you. He was too busy typing up some stupid report or whatever. You grab his chin and pull his head to face you, hovering over him to bury his face between your breasts.
“Y/N so help me...” He hissed, blushing profusely as you climb into his lap. You start to grind up against his thigh, moaning softly as you feel friction for the first time all morning.
“Can’t even work in peace. If only you could see how fucking desperate you look right now.” Bakugo said, only slightly giving in by grabbing your ass with one hand, the other still trying to work.
You bit your lip and blocked his vision of the computer screen with your head and continued to grind on his leg, annoying Bakugo to no end as you completely disobeyed him for the last time. He groaned, stopping his typing to wrap his hand around your neck and pull your ear to his lips.
“You just don’t listen, huh? If it’s dick you want, I’ll make sure you get it all, ya dumb slut.” Bakugo growls into your ear, nipping at your earlobe as you feel yourself get wetter at his lewd words and insults. Bakugo stands on his feet, lifting you up with him as he plopped you onto the desk. You rub your thighs together excitedly as he took your wrists and pinned them above your head.
“Since you can’t keep your fuckin’ hands to yourself.” Bakugo said, yanking your panties to the side with fervor. You gasp as the cold air of the room greet your slick pussy, the feeling quickly being replaced with Bakugo’s thick digits findind their way inside. You whimper, trying to rub your clit to help bring your orgasm closer only to be restricted by your strong husband.
“Nuh uh. Don’t you fucking move. This is what you wanted, right? Now sit and take it like a good whore.” You mewl at his words once more, loving when he talks to you like this. God you couldn’t even compare to the fullness he gave you even with his fingers. Your head was in the clouds now at this point, Bakugo taking one hand to pinch and play with one or your nipples to emphasize the pleasure as he sped up his movements.
Sloshing sounds filled the office, your sopping wet pussy now being abused by Katsuki’s fingers as your slick coated his hand and dripped down your ass onto the desk.
“You’re making such a mess, baby. You’re a sloppy little slut, aren’t you?” Bakugo remarks with a smug look on his face, knowing you’re way too dumb to even form a sentence right now. You bumble and nod, not making a lick of sense when you speak as your moans overtake your own rational thinking.
Katsuki laughs at your dumb little face, tongue lolling out as you pant and cry out for more. Your vision becomes hazy as you come so close to cumming, pleading for Katsuki to make you cum on his fingers since you were being so good only for him to laugh at you. He stops his movements as soon as he felt you were even slightly clenching around him, causing your breathe to be uneven. You let out a pathetic sob, your legs shaking uncontrollably as you come down from your almost high.
“Ooh... So close.” Bakugo mocked. “What’s the matter? I thought this is what you wanted. Don’t tell me your punishment’s too much for you.” You shake your head no, the only thing you have the strength to muster as you pant and rub your thighs together to start up your high again.
He lets your hands go and stands you up to bend you over the desk, your wobbly legs barely able to keep you stable as you stumble around. Bakugo chuckled darkly at the state of you, almost ready to ruin you completely over and over again to get you off his back for long enough to get some work done.
“You know what’s coming next, hm?” Bakugo asked lowly, sending convulsions into your pussy at the thought of what he was about to do.
“N-No daddy p-please don’t.” You beg. He was about to spank you, enough times to make up for all the punishments you’ve missed. You whimper as you feel a sharp strike against your ass, the sting fading into delicious pleasure as your slick dripped down your thighs.
“Count.” Bakugo demands, striking you again causing you to yelp and whine for him to stop. “I said count. Not beg. You get two extra for that.”
“Th-Th-Three!” You squeal as he strikes you again. At this point you’re drenched and regretting even pulling this stunt on your husband, forgetting all about all the things you’ve been doing to him to tease and piss him off.
Smack after smack almost sent you into orbit as your eyes rolled to the back of your head with each hit. You huff as you reach the last hit, your pussy clenching around nothing as you hold yourself back from cumming.
“Th-thirteen-fuck! Thirteen.” You whine, your head burried into your arms as you sob. Bakugo was laughing at you the entire beating, loving the way your body jolted with every blow he delivered to your juicy ass. He was hard as a rock at this point and really wanted to fuck you into oblivion.
“Hm.. I think you’ve learned your lesson. Whatddaya think, princess?” Bakugo asked rubbing circles into your sore ass cheeks.
“Yes! God yes please fuck me, Daddy. I need youu. I’ll be good I promise I won’t bother you anymor-“ You ramble, whining and begging until Katsuki shut you up with a nice filling. Your pussy deliciously stretched to accommodate his impressive size, sobbing into your hands as you cover your face.
You’re so happy your husband was filling you to the brim that your eyes start to tear up, the feeling of his dick kissing your cervix enough to make you clench around him bliss. You let out loud high pitched moans along with frantic thank yous and I love yous as Bakugo ruts into you like a bat outta hell.
“Ya like that? Huh, baby? I know you fuckin’ do, ya little whore.” Bakugo hissed into your ear, already knowing the answer as you babble nonsense into the desk. “That’s right baby take me. Hah, you feel so fucking good right now.” Fuck he was killing you, but it felt so good. Bakugo was fucking you so hard you could hardly keep up with his pace, holding onto the edge of the desk for dear life as he pounded your poor pussy. White lights flash behind your eyes as you come close to cumming for the second time, this time harder than the last. You try and as permission instead coming out as a bumbling mess unable to even form a coherent sentence as Bakugo fucked you into euphoria.
“I-I’m g-gonna- Hah! Ughhhn, sh-shittt- ah! D-d-d-daddyyyy!” you whine
“I can tell you’re close. My poor stupid baby can’t even tell me she’s about to cum for me.” Bakugo said, rutting into at a sudden sloppy pace as he comes close to his own release. You loved his last few thrusts before he came, cumming way before he does from the feeling of his cock throbbing profusely inside you.
You’re a screaming spectical now, your spongy walls clamping down on your husband’s big fat cock, Bakugo cooing praises into your ear as he came hot inside you right after you from the feeling of your tightness. You seemed to milk him for everything he had, Bakugo slowly pulling out after fucking his seed into you to watch his seed spill out of your used up pussy with glee. Bakugo smacks your ass one last time and pulled his pants back up, you still unable to move from the desk as he led you to the bathroom to get you to clean up.
“Ya happy now?” Bakugo said starting your bath as you sat on the edge of the tub. You nod, still hazy and drunk off Bakugo’s dick. He kissed your forehead and ran back to the office after hearing his skype going off. You giggle and wait for the bath to fill, deeply madly and truly in love with the man who just demolished you.
“Oi! Don’t let the water overflow, you idiot!”
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katsuverse · 8 months ago
Breakfast is Served!
Tumblr media
After an exhausting night, you never expected to be greeted with a good morning.
PAIRING | Husband!Bakugou Katsuki x Wife!Reader WORD COUNT | 0.8k GENRE | Smut WARNINGS | 18+ Content, Aged-Up Characters, Reader being Horny
A/N: something short i’ve written while thirstin’ for our blasty boi 🥵 i’m experiencing some technical difficulties so there’s a chance that i’ll be reposting this. please bear with me 🥺
special thanks to 💖: my 2 irl friends + @katsushimaa​ for beta reading this fic! and i’m sorry for making y’all sin
『BNHA Masterlist』
Tumblr media
Warm, golden rays seeped through the glass windows, gently kissing your skin to greet you a good morning. Squirming under the sun’s heat, your hand darted toward the other side of the bed.
Landing on the flimsy material of the bedsheet, a shiver ran down from your spine as you felt a glacial sensation nipped your fingertips. A groan rumbled from your throat, disappointed at what welcomed you. You were expecting to caress a set of defined ridges, feeling the firm curvature of each mound under your touch. At every contact with it, a burning sensation would sear through your fingertips, causing a delightful tingle coursing through your skin.
Due to the lack of warmth you were seeking, you fluttered your eyes open to see the other side of the bed empty. Your husband wasn’t there.
“That’s why,” you mumbled as you sat up from your previous position. The smooth fabric that covered your body slowly slid down, revealing the bare canvas of your skin. With your gaze straying down, heat suddenly swarmed your cheeks at the sight of crimson spots that littered all over you. Some of them even graded into blue-ish hues.
Then, the memory of last night came back to you, etching a sinful image on your mind. Bakugou’s large body hovered over yours as he vigorously pounded into your drenched pussy.  Along with his rough grunts, the room was filled with lewd sounds of skin against skin; his balls loudly smacked against your ass. Every single ruthless rut of his hips brought you closer to your release as his cock brushed against your g-spot. His name continuously rolled off your tongue in a wanton chorus.
A deep and hoarse voice resounded delightfully in your ears as he spoke, “fuckin’ cum for me, babe.” His thumb sloppily drew circles on your clit, driving you to your orgasm. Bakugou let out a deep growl, feeling you convulsed under his grasp as you cum all over his cock. “Good girl,” he rasped, continuing to thrust into you as he chased his own release.
“Fuck–” a groan erupted from his throat as he spurted loads of his warm seed into you, filling you to the brim with his cum.
Reminiscing the sweet sensation you felt last night, you rubbed your thighs together, alleviating the growing heat in your core as its walls clenched around nothing. A feeble whine escaped your lips, feeling your arousal slowly dripped and covered your folds. You were getting horny in the first hour of the morning. However, without lasting a few minutes, it vanished into thin air as soon as a rich and delicious aroma reached your nostrils. You felt a grumble on your stomach.
Sighing, you stood up and went to your shared cabinet. A lingering ache throbbed on your muscles as you searched for comfortable clothing. Still exhausted from last night’s activity, you got the nearest article, which was Bakugou’s black shirt.
After putting on his shirt, you headed to the kitchen, where the source of the pleasant smell is.
Your eyes sparkled, seeing the familiar brown rolls—with steam coming out of it—that settled atop of the table. It was your favorite bread. Without wasting another second, your hand grabbed the soft pastry, instantly taking a bite out of it.
You moaned as the bread crumbled down, melting under the warmth of your mouth; a robust flavor exploded, letting you savor its taste. Sighing blissfully, you continued to munch down until not a speck of a crumb was left. You were about to go for a second round when you felt strong arms wrapped around your waist and a firm body against your back. Strands of hair rose as a warm tingle elapsed on your skin when you felt a hot puff of breath grazed on the nape of your neck.
“You’re not even going to greet your husband a good morning?”
Bakugou pressed a soft kiss on the juncture between your neck and shoulder, eliciting a delightful shudder from you. Turning around to face him, you parted your lips open to reply, but your words died down. Instead of greeting him a good morning, you were the one who was greeted by a good morning.
Without a shirt clad on his body, taut muscles blessed your vision, witnessing every dip and curves. E/C irises became opaque, smeared with lust as it slowly wandered down his body. His grey sweatpants hung loosely around his hips, revealing his v-line. Because of its thin fabric, you could see the outline of his huge dick.
Seeing it once more, your tongue slid across your lips. Oh, the things that you could do with it, pouring all of your love, attention and desires.
Suddenly, your salacious gaze on his crotch was interrupted. Bakugou tucked his fingers under your chin, lifting your head to meet his gaze. A fiery blaze trailed over your skin as he rested his forehead against yours. With a heavy rasp, he asked, “what the fuck are you lookin’ at, hah?”
Your nimble hand sneakily went to his crotch, pampering his dick with gentle caresses of your palm. The corner of your lips tugged upward, hearing a groan slipped past his lips, as you said, “just appreciating my breakfast.”
Tumblr media
© katsuverse 2020 - All rights reserved. No work shall be reproduced, reposted, modified, translated in any form or by any means. 
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mythiccheroacademia · 9 months ago
- “get your son/daughter”
Tumblr media
𝕙𝕠𝕥 𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝 𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕥𝕤: 𝕚𝕟 𝕨𝕙𝕚𝕔𝕙 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕕 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕘𝕖𝕥𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕖 𝕚𝕟 𝕒 𝕓𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕤𝕖𝕙𝕠𝕝𝕕
𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤: 𝕔𝕦𝕣𝕤𝕚𝕟𝕘, 𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕒𝕤𝕤 𝕓𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bakugo Katsuki:
your son had been sent home for getting in a fight and you and bakugo were furious
although he was kind at heart, your kid had always been rough around the edges
but this was unacceptable
katsuki fixed a harsh glare on him, silently promising punishment
you on the other hand were going off
your son sunk further into the chair as he was scolded
as you went on about his recent bad behavior, he finally got fed up with your rant and groans,
“okay mom, I get it. can you just shut up about it already”
it’s like the jazz record stops
jeopardy music starts playing
you can literally feel how cold the air suddenly gets
your kid realizes what just came out of his mouth and looks to his dad as katsuki looks to you and then to his son and then back to you
he watches you watch him
there’s a moment of complete silence before your son screams as you literally lunge after him
youre fast but katsuki’s faster
he had years of hero training to thank
he catches you just before you reach across the chair and you just go ballistic
even tho bakugo’s pissed, he tells your kid to apologize
bc he’s lowkey struggling to hold you back 💀
it just such a mess from there on out lmao
Tumblr media
Shinsou Hitoshi:
it was clear to hitoshi on this very day that your daughter held zero value for her own life
bc if she did
there was no way
absolutely no way she would’ve cursed at you
not in this christian household
“that’s so fucking annoying” your daughter muttered in response to you telling her she couldn’t go to a party tonight
it was quiet and supposed to be for her ears only but your daughter was never good at whispering
hitoshi froze with a sandwich halfway in his mouth
your daughter, processing her mistake, widened her eyes in horror
there was something about the way you blankly stared at your kid that made everyone in the room’s hair stand up
“did you just...cuss at me? me? in my own house?”
she starts to profusely apologize and wilts w each word bc you just stare and stare and stare
you hold your ear and lean in
“no, repeat to me what you just said bc I don’t think I heard you right”
(when they tell you to repeat, do not do it)
you take a step towards her and shinsou grabs your arm to keep you in place bc he wasn’t in the mood to see a homicide today 💀
“D/N, go to your room. you’re not going to the party,” he says and your daughter is thankful for a way out
“yes sir,” she she yelps before high tailing her butt outta there 😭
you turn to your husband w the straightest face
“you know that’s your daughter, right?”
“i know, babe” 🙄 (it’s not like you went 50/50 on her or anything)
“good. so you get her, or I do” you calmly say before going back to the dishes
shinsou only laughs
he loves your crazy ass
Tumblr media
Kaminari Denki:
your three sons thought they were the fbi or some shit and could sneak back into the house undetected
so imagine their surprise when the chair turns to reveal you
arms crossed, bonnet on, robe secured, and belt in hand
“so where you three been at 2 am in the morning?”
they look at each other with wide eyes, bottom lips quivering to say something
“uhhh w-we went out to get something for dad!”
then another chair twists around to reveal kaminari
legs crossed, hair up, robe secured, and belt in hand
“is that so?” he asks, brows raised in surprise
that’s when they started shivering
the second oldest tries to cover them and says, “y-yeah! dad, didn’t you mention that D/N said she wanted that um uhhh toy last week?”
the final chair turns and reveals your youngest 8 yr old daughter
hands folded, scarf wrapped, robe secured, and belt in hand
she innocently tilts her head and chirps, “when did I say that?”
at this point, it was over for them and they knew it based on the dark looks on their parents’ face and the evil growing smirk that appears on their sister’s lips
they start throwing each other under the bus, talking over one another, and trying to explain why they were “forced” to leave the house even when they were told not to
you raise your hand, and there’s an immediate silence
“three things are gonna happen,” you say. “your sister is going to pick the belt, your father is going handle you three today, and I’m gonna go to bed bc I’m tired. but best believe when I wake up, youre asses are mine. do I make myself clear?”
your three boys want to cry as their sister conveniently picks the thickest one. “y-yes ma’am,” they sniffle
with a satisfied hum, you get up and take yourself and your daughter to bed who leaves with a taunting wave over her shoulder
denki waits for the sound of the bedroom door to close before looking at his three idiots w a tired sigh
him: “ know I gotta beat your ass, right?”
them: “yeah :(“
you didn’t see much, but you and your daughter had a very peaceful sleep that night
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maehara-san · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: AU! Katsuki Bakugo x F!Reader
Summary: After looking for months for a job position you finally get an opportunity at a big company. Being the assistant of the angriest person was going to be a lot harder than you thought it would be.
Warning(s): strong language, fluff, angst, cheating
Schedule: Tuesdays and Saturdays 🐥
Part 1: First day and it's already awkward... great.
Part 1.5: Talks with my Pickachu 💛⚡
Part 2: The literal firestorm
Part 3: I can’t believe you’ve done this 
Part 4: The second big bang 
Part 5: Change of plans! 
Part 6:  Unexpected guest(s)
Part 7:  A new surprise 
Part 8:  Hey guys! I made it! 
Part 9: And they were roommates 
Part 10: Walk away and then panic 
Part 11: Horribly wrong 
Part 12:  A bubbly feeling 
Part 13  Sweet and sour 
Part 14: Hello it’s meee
Part 15:  Don’t trust the female 
Part 16: Don’t stop the paaaartyyy
Part 17: There is no feelings...right?
Part 18: I guess we’re playing then 
Part 19: Just my boss 
Part 20:  Got fired maybe...fuck
Part 21: A new kind of friendship 
Part 22: Not looking back...nope! 
Part 23:  Not enough to keep 
Part 24: Lunch with a side of Gremlin 
Part 25: New girlfriend and friendly friend 
Part 27: Whiskey on the rocks 
Part 28: Why is Adult love this HARD?
Part 29: Porcupine acts!
Part 30: I am confusion. 
Part 31: A promise is a promise 
Part 32: Strawberry feelings 
Part 33: Gentlemen from heaven 
Part 34:  Bad nightmare  
Part 35: And out came the truth 
Part 36:  The booger is out 
Part 37: Taking a leap  
Part 38: Romance and nosiness  
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xoxo-teddybear · 4 months ago
The Silent Treatment - Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou x f!reader
Warnings: slight angst, slice of life, crack(ish?), fluff, cursing
Summary: Bakugou is very asshole. A shithead. A professional dick if you will. And Y/N, being his girlfriend is very much aware of that. So when he takes it too far, she has to make sure he learns his lesson.
A/N: just a quick lil cute thing, totally not spelled check
“Hey babe!” Bakugou said as he walked into the living room to find his girlfriend reading a book. He plopped down next to her and just relaxed in the feeling of the soft cushion. The little shit felt like messing with his girlfriend today.
Y/N had already been having a pissy day. After arguing with her boss, forgetting a few items back at the grocery store, and losing her new pair of headphones, she just wanted some peace with her cup of tea and a good book. Now, she has her loving boyfriend to comfort her as well. This day was surely taking a turn...right?
“Hi love, need something?” You asked calmly with the most melodic voice. Your voice. His favorite sound in the world. The sound of you just put a smile on his face which is a huge oxymoron to what this motherfucker is about to say.
“Nah, just wanted to talk to my princess,” he said while resting his head on your stomach, resting in between your legs and wrapping his arms around your waist. You awed at him but didn’t notice his little devil smile. “I had the best dream last night.”
“About what Suki?” You asked while petting his soft hair.
“Yeahhh. You went mute for the day. Fucking paradise.” Once the words left his mouth you stilled your actions and felt your eye twitch in annoyance. Your hand on his head stilled and slightly tugged at it. In any other circumstance, Bakugou would’ve groaned at the tug (kinky bastard) but he was too busy chuckling into your tummy.
You exhaled roughly through your nose and pushed Bakugou off of you in a very polite way. He rolled onto his back onto the actual couch and watched as you crossed your legs, close your book, and pick up your tea mug.
“Hmph!” Was all that you “said” as you tilted your nose to the air and walked away. Bakugou just snickered as you left. He thought it was adorable when you were mad over tiny inconveniences and thought it was hot as fuck when you were yelling at him, but today, you won’t be doing neither.
About 30 minutes had passed and Bakugou had awoken from his nap on the couch. He fell asleep after you walked away but now missed your touch. He sat up, stretched, and went to find you. He walked around the house until he spotted you relaxing in the jacuzzi in the backyard. He grinned at your relaxed look and went to change.
A few minutes later Bakugou had came out to join you in the hot tub. Your eyes were shut as you relaxed in the bubbling water, and so Bakugou was able to get in without being seen. He relaxed into the water as he scooted closer to you, eventually grabbing a hold of your waist.
“Hi baby,” he said as he attempted to place you in his lap but you looked at him with an unimpressed look as you scooted away. “Y/N?”
You grabbed your towel and stepped out of the tub. You wrapped yourself in the cloth as you walked back into the house, completely ignoring Bakugou as he spoke to you.
“Wha- you’re just gonna leave? I just got in with you,” he pouted. He opted to stay in the nice warm water for a bit but once you closed the door he groaned and sunk deeper into the water. He let the water go just above his mouth and right below his nose as he blew bubbles into the tub out of annoyance.
‘The fuck is up with her?’ He thought to himself.
Time passed and Bakugou came out the tub. He went back to his room to change into some gray sweats and a black long sleeve (and yes he pulled the sleeves up a bit because he knew you found it attractive and if y’all don’t, well I do).
He walked into the kitchen and spotted you seemingly eating dinner. He noticed a plate for him but kind of frowned at the fact that you didn’t wait for him. He saw you placed the plate on the other side of the island, far away from you, and so he pulled the plate over and took the seat next to you.
“Hey, princess? You gonna tell me what’s wrong?” He asked but you said nothing as you just ate in silence. “Silent treatment huh?” No words.
“Baby, is this about what I said? I was only kidding Y/N,” he said as he tried to wrap his arm around your waist but you pushed it off and he groaned. “Fine. Be that way, you’ll get over it. Come talk to me when you’re done acting like a brat.”
Bakugou just grunted as he ate his dinner in silence right next to you. You finished before him and walked away after you washed your dish and this time it was Bakugou who snubbed his nose in the air at you. If it was the silent treatment that you were gonna give then it was the silent treatment that you were gonna get....sorta.
“BABYYYY PLEASSEEEEE!!” He whined while poking at your leg. You were currently in your home office typing away at your computer doing work when Bakugou came in about 25 minutes after he finished his dinner. He couldn’t help himself. He missed you.
You continued to ignore Bakugou as he poked and shook you for attention. You gave him nothing all day and he was getting close to his limit. Please believe he wasn’t getting shit after that brat comment.
“Princessss, c’mon! It was a joke baby, let’s go to sleep, yeah?” He begged. You looked at him with a bored expression and saw his smile as you finally gave him something. You turned back to face your computer and his smile dropped again and was replaced with a scowl. “Y/N, I was just messing with you. I love the sound of your voice and I love you. So quit ignoring me and come give me love!” He demanded.
When he noticed you weren’t budging, he stood from his seat and pinched the bridge of his nose as he mentally counted.
He gave in and forcefully turned your chair and threw you over his shoulder. You didn’t speak to him but you squirmed and shook trying to get out of his grasp.
“Aye, aye,” he smacked your ass to get you to stop, “quit it. I’m tired, and I want sleep, and we both know I don’t sleep unless my teddy bear is with me, so shush.”
You looked at him when he told you to “shush.” As if you hadn’t been doing that all day. He just squinted his eyes as he knew what you were thinking. “You know what I mean shitty woman!”
Bakugou stormed into your shared bedroom and dropped you onto the mattress. You didn’t even try to run away. You had decided that, yes, you are indeed tired but you refused to give a certain blonde any attention. You stretched on the bed and Bakugou was in awe of your cute state but quickly snapped out of his trance when you turned on your side and gave him your back.
Bakugou got into bed along side you and scooted closer. He pressed himself against your back but once he made contact, you scooted farther away. And so, he scooted himself closer again but just like before, you scooted away. This went on about 2 more times before you scooted and fell off the bed.
“Y/N? You okay, love?” He asked as he looked down at you. You popped up from the floor, on your knees and grumbled to yourself as you vented quietly. You stood up and continued ranting as you tried to walk away to sleep on the couch but before you could get away from the king sized bed, Bakugou grabbed your wrist and pulled you on top of him. “Ignore me all you want but I’m not sleeping without my cuddles.”
You sighed as you gave in. You allowed him to hold you but you refused to speak. Bakugou rubbed circles onto your back as he inhaled your scent but he missed the sound of your voice. The sweet sound that was something similar to honey.
“Baby...I’m sorry.”
You looked at him when he apologized and raised your brow. A verbal, genuine, apology from Katsuki Bakugou? This you’ve gotta see.
“I know I shouldn’t have said that to you and even if I was only was pretty fucking mean. ..But I hope you know I love the sound of your damn voice. I love you, dumbass. And I would never ask you to stay silent because....*sigh* ‘cuz your voice, you talking to me, you being with me, and just you in general keeps me sane. So I’m sorry. Okay? And I love you..” he said with a growing blush as he stared at you with a flustered face.
You smiled and went up to peck his lips and then give him a loving kiss. He jumped at the sudden contact but quickly melted into the kiss. He smiled as he finally got to revel in the sweet intimate moments like this. The sweet moments he’s been missing all day.
“I love you too Suki.” Oh how he craved to hear your voice. He loved the sweet sound and missed your loving tone. He pulled you in closer and just held you tight. He doesn’t plan on letting go.
“I’m so sorry. I will never make you upset like that ever again.” He bargained but you only shook your head.
“Katsuki, I was just messing with you today. I had an annoying day and that little joke just sent me over the edge but you know I never take your mean quips to heart. You’re rough around the edges but that’s just who you are and I don’t mind it. I love everything about you, even if you’re a jerk sometimes,” you teased and flicked at his nose. You giggled as he whined and tried to soothe the spot you hit. “You don’t have to censor yourself around me. Okay?”
Bakugou smiled even more. He loves you so damn much. Not only did you know he was just a little abrasive, but you accepted him for all his brunt behavior. You truly did love him. “Thanks princess,”
He sealed the deal with a sweet kiss to your temple as you giggled at the warm feeling of his soft lips. He pulled you down to his chest as you both cuddled up for the night. You sleeping is the only time Bakugou will ever be okay with you being silent. But never again will he ever allow himself to get the silent treatment.
A/N: Guys, I’m so sorry. I’ve been in such a slump and I feel like im reaching a writers block. It’s not even like I don’t have any ideas, I do! And I even have multiple unfinished pieces in my drafts but I just don’t have any motivation to finish :( sorry Cubs, don’t worry, I’ll try my best to finish them as quick as I can. Idk, should I take a break?
I’m already in the middle of a story and I don’t wanna leave those who are reading on a cliffhanger.
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katsuverse · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
@bakugous-mamas​​​ asked: Can I request Bakugou x fem!reader where katsuki has had a long and stressful day at work and he just wants to cuddle with y/n! (Like head in her boobs holding her close🥺✨? )
a/n: thank you so much bb for requesting this! i wrote this after my exam bc i was so stressed and i just want to hug bakugou 🤧anyway, you don’t need to but listen to hug by svt 💖it’s one of my comfort songs hehe. enjoy reading!
Tumblr media
PAIRING | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader WORD COUNT | 0.4k GENRE | Fluff, Slight Angst (if you squint) TAGS & WARNINGS | Swearing and just Fluff :3
『BNHA Masterlist』
Tumblr media
Inspired by Hug – SVT
❝ Whenever it's hard [for you], you can get a hug from me ❞
Stacks of papers rested against a wooden desk; its towering form loomed over Bakugou. Screwing his tired eyes shut, he heaved a heavy sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Fucking hell,” he mumbled, feeling a painful ache throb on the side of his temple.
Today was a shitty day, Bakugou concluded. There was an endless amount of paperwork he had to do. Moreover, there were too many damn extras bothering him. He just didn’t want to deal with this shit anymore.
Fluttering his lids open, he eyed his phone, thick fingers tapping against its cold surface. With a final intake of air, his hand reached out for it before fiddling with the screen.
my (cute) angry man 💖: you home?
Your lips curved into a smile, reading your boyfriend’s message. Unlike Bakugou, you didn’t have to worry about your work since your boss was kind enough to give you a day off. With a chuckle escaping your lips, you immediately typed out your response.
my (cute) angry man 💖: you home?
(y/n): yes 😚why?
Then you never got a reply back.
“Fine then,” you fumed, puffing out your cheeks, as you hadn’t heard from him for 30 minutes.
Soon, you heard harsh knocks on your front door. As you opened it, you were immediately hoisted up from the ground. A pair of strong arms enveloped your form, heat surging through your body as your boyfriend carried you. Your face pressed against his firm chest, allowing you to hear his heartbeats.
“Katsu,” you gasped, a sudden warmth invading your cheeks. “Wh-what are you doing here?”
Bakugou only grunted at your question, shuffling his feet to your bedroom. Before you even knew it, Bakugou laid you on the soft cushions of the mattress. Once you were sprawled on the bed, Bakugou was all over you. His well-built frame engulfed yours; his arms wrapped around your waist, burying and nuzzling his face between your breasts.
He took a deep breath, inhaling your scent. As soon as it hit his nostrils, a groan reverberated from his throat, loving your pleasant smell. Its vibrations tickled your chest, eliciting a giggle from you.
“Had a bad day?” you asked. Your hand gently caressed his head, running your fingers through his unruly blonde hair.
“A fucking shitty day.” He grumbled, his grip on you tightening.
You hummed in response, continuously petting his head. Bakugou didn’t need to elaborate further. You can tell how stressed he was just by his vice-like grip on your body.
“You know, we can stay like this for a while,” you said.
“Good, because I don’t plan on letting you go any time soon.”
Bit by bit, Bakugou relaxed under your soothing touches, your calm heartbeat lulling him into a peaceful sleep.
Tumblr media
© katsuverse 2021 - All rights reserved. No work shall be reproduced, reposted, modified, translated in any form or by any means. 
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mythiccheroacademia · 9 months ago
What You Fight About
part 2
Tumblr media
A/N: just something I thought about
Headcanon: what you two would fight about the most
Warnings: toxic behaviors, yelling, cursing, angst
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Midoriya Izuku:
his absence
being the number one hero is demanding
it’s also been his dream since he could remember
you understood that, but that didn’t mean it didn’t frustrate you when he’d disappear for days at a time
izuku tries to balance his job and home life
but it isn't enough
You and Izuku don’t fight much. In fact, you never really do. You’re both so compromising that disagreements rarely happen.
But when your kid is involved, that complacency slips away. Even when it comes to one another.
“I’m done talking about this.”
“Honey, why won’t you just listen to me?” he begged, but the irritation in his tone gave it more sharpness than he intended. “[S/N] doesn’t need the tutor. It’s just the teacher.”
You began to pick up the leftover toys from floor more so to expel pent up energy rather than to simply clean. You scoffed, shaking your head. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Excuse me?” Midoriya snipped. His eyes followed you as you discarded the toys and crossed your arms beside the couch, finally giving him your attention. “I think I know my own son, Y/N.”
Izuku cared so much for your child and you knew that. But that underlying message your brain processed within his words pissed you off.
“And you think I don’t?”
“I just don’t think you’re giving him enough credit.”
An incredulous laugh left your lips before they moved into a frown. “He’s failing 4th grade, Izuku. We can’t move him to a different classroom every time he gets a bad grade. At some point, we have to take responsibility! He needs the extra help!”
“You just don’t understand,” the hero muttered, running a hand through his hair.
What he said shouldn’t have set you off, but it did. Everything suddenly flooded your head. All the stress you had to deal with alone bubbled up your throat and exploded.
“No, you don’t understand!”
“Yes I do!”
“How!? You’re barely in his fucking life anyways!”
It went silent shortly after that.
The outburst felt good, but the aftermath made your squeeze with guilt. Izuku’s frown softened into shock before melting into something deeper than pain.
Once your words finally processed through your head, you immediately tried to take it back.
“Izuku, I didn’t mean that—”
“Yes you did.”
You thickly swallowed and averted your eyes to the floor. He was right. You did. You’d been wanting to say it for so long, but this wasn’t the way you planned to deliver those thoughts.
Your gaze moved back to your husband once he gathered his duffle bag and slid on his shoes.
“Baby,” you sighed, your voice much softer than before. It was almost insane how easily the anger left you. “Where are you going?”
You wilted with his next words. “I’ll stay over at the agency. To give you some space. We’ll talk more after we’ve both cooled down,” he sadly smiled.
Despite the hurt silver-lining his green eyes, Midoriya softly held your chin and kissed your forehead. Something he always did when your disagreements didn’t end on a good note. As if to reassure you that, even though he was upset, he still loved you all the same.
And that just made you feel worse.
“Don’t worry about [S/N]. I’ll take him to school tomorrow.” He paused to look you in your eyes. “I love you, always.”
“I love you too,” you quietly resigned and watched him disappear behind the front door leaving you to let your head fall into your hands.
Tumblr media
Bakugo Katsuki
his jealousy
bakugo is confident in many areas of his life
it’s one of his qualities that won you over
but he still had those tiny insecurities that showed up in large ways
aka losing you
and he had no idea how to handle it
The alcohol probably wasn’t a good idea considering Bakugo was already noticeably pissed on the way to the house party. But everyone assumed it was just another one of his moods he’d get over sooner or later. He wasn’t a drinker, but a beer or two usually loosened him up.
However, your friends looked at each other with worry behind the door to the room you two were in. Despite the party lights and booming stereo, they could hear the angry muffled yelling you two were doing.
You were 100% drunk, but you were 110% sure this man was telling you to stay away from your friend. Your best friend.
“If it’s one thing you have, it’s the audacity,” you sassily quipped.
“I’m not fucking playing around with you, Y/N,” Bakugo snapped with too much bite than you cared to hear. “I want you to stay away from that two-bagged eyed bastard!”
“You always do this! Shinsou’s my friend!”
The redness in his ears wasn’t only from the drinks as his nostrils flared with barely contained irritation. “Friend my ass. You didn’t see the way he was looking at you, and that fucker had the nerve to grab you in front of me!”
“He was moving me out of the way!”
“He fucking felt you up is what he did!”
You smacked your teeth, entirely done with the argument. You weren’t getting anywhere. “Now you’re just being delusional.”
Bakugo pinched the bridge of his nose and blew out in a desperate attempt to calm himself. A feat even he was surprised about considering the situation. He tried so hard to not be as explosive, to reign in his emotions, for you. But his jealousy burned hot within his veins.
“Y/N. I’m asking you, as your man, to put some distance between you and Shinsou,” he lowly warned.
Maybe it was the wrong thing to say, but the words flew out of your mouth before you could stop them. “Like hell I will. Hitoshi’s been here longer than you have by years. I’m not gonna drop him just because you feel insecure.”
That withered away any form of self-restraint Katsuki had left. He felt exposed and hurt. And dealt with that the best way he knew how.
His hazy brain clouded over with anger and he went on the defensive.
“I bet you want him.”
“What? No I don’t?”
“You’re probably sleeping with him behind my fucking back,” he dryly laughed. “Am I not good enough anymore? Is that it?”
You were quickly sobering up. “What the fuck is wrong with you!? Of course not! I’m not a cheater!”
“Then why won’t cut him off, damn it!?”
Your voices rose in volumes too high for comfort. The crackle in his palms didn’t scare you one bit, but it was enough for Kirishima and Mina to come in and try to separate you two.
You ignored their pleading and the two of your found each other in the other’s face.
“Why are you so jealous!?”
A resounding slap cut him short. That seemed to snap him out of whatever alcohol induced rage he was in. However, Bakugo only had a moment to register your expression of disgust before Kirishima pulled him away.
“Fuck you, asshole” was the last thing you said before Mina lead into the hallway.
Kirishima watched his friend’s breathing turn ragged with each puff.
“Come on, man. Let’s just—”
“FUCK!” Katsuki roared before throwing a nearby water bottle to the floor. He fisted his hair and clenched his teeth.
He messed up. Big time.
And as upset as he was with himself, he couldn’t help but be even angrier at the thought of who you’d run to first.
Tumblr media
Todoroki Shouto:
how blunt he is
he was a bit socially inept and you loved him for that
but sometimes, you get frustrated
todoroki does too because 9 times out of 10 he doesn’t understand why
when you get angry, he completely shuts down bc he doesn’t know how to handle it any other way
and it didn’t help that he was petty asf
You looked up and folded your lips in a tight line. It was the same monotone answer he’d been giving you all day and it was getting on your nerves.
“Sho, baby, can you at least try and act like you somewhat care about this vacation we’re planning,” you said as sweetly as possible.
Although you were annoyed, you understood that things flew over your boyfriend’s head sometimes and, hopefully, a little nudge would point him in the right direction.
“I’m listening, prince(ss),” he dimly responded.
He didn’t bother to look up from the papers he was reading at the table and it made you huff. Folding up the magazine, you just stalked your way out of the kitchen.
“You know what? Don’t even bother. I’ll do it myself.”
That made Shouto look up. His brows furrowed in confusion and he caught your hand before you could completely pass by him. Why were you suddenly upset? He told you he was listening.  
“Hey, wait. What’s wrong? Did I do something?” he asked.
You let him pull you in between his legs. He looked genuinely lost and it was enough to soften your exterior.
“I just feel like you don’t care sometimes,” you said, deciding to just be blunt.
“Huh?” he hummed. “What do you mean?”
You shrugged. “I don’t know…it just seems like you don’t have an interest in anything I have to say if it doesn’t involve hero work, your family, or something like that.”
Todoroki took offense to that. Of course he cared about what you had to say. He loved you. Just because he wasn’t gripping on to every word you spoke in mundane life didn’t mean he didn’t care.
There were ways to express his thoughts, but Shouto wasn’t always the best at gently doing it.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t agree,” he said.
You looked off to the side for a second before looking down at him. “Well that’s how I feel,” you retorted.
“I’m sorry you feel that way, but you’re wrong.”
You watched him for a moment, waiting for him to explain himself. However, he just stared back at you as if there was nothing else left to say. The silence was sickening.
You snatched your hand out his grip. “Okay, Shouto,” you bit and left.
He hadn’t heard his first name in a while.
Your boyfriend dumbly blinked already feeling more lost. He didn’t understand why you were so angry.
He called Midoriya about it and was told he was being intolerant. The entire conversation honestly made him feel like an asshole and Todoroki didn’t like that at all. So he gave you some space before finding you in the kitchen again, this time equipped to right his wrongs—even though he still wasn’t entirely sure what he did.
He called your name once and instead of responding, you just kept going about your task. That sort of miffed him, but he tried again. This time, you hummed back but the tension behind it made him feel defensive for some odd reason.
“Can we talk about this morning?”
“What? Are my feelings suddenly valid to you now?” you sarcastically replied.
Todoroki raised a sharp brow at your attitude and decided he was over it already. Here he was trying to apologize, and you were being difficult. He wouldn’t fight with you over something so insignificant.
“Fine. When you’re done with your little tantrum, we can talk about this like adults.”
You’d never spun around so quickly. “Really, Todoroki?”
Last name basis. Petty.
But he was even pettier.
“Yes, really, [L/N].”
His half-lidded bored stare made your scalp prickle.
“Fine. Me and my little tantrum are gonna go somewhere and you can plan the vacation all by yourself like the adult you are.”
“Fine. I’d probably get it done faster anyways.”
You let out an offended gasp. “Fine!”
“Fine!” he tsked, crossing his arms.
You two looked away from one another and stomped out of the room in childish anger.
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drakenology · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Baby, Have My Babies - Ejiro Kirishima
summary: you and your pro hero fiancé take a romantic getaway for valentines day with one thing on his mind; baby making.
author’s note: oh hai! so this baby is for the corruption event @ultimate-astridwriting and @bummie is hosting for valentines day! shout out to them for including me 🥺. check out the other works that participated and as always enjoy!
warnings: smut! (minors no peeking!), breeding kink, use of the word “daddy” in the sack, unprotected sex, soft dom!kiri, prohero!kiri (the big bulky one with the long hair), dirrrrty talk, I cuss a lot and Kiri nuts a lot. all characters are aged up!
The night Kirishima proposed was a beautiful valentine’s night to remember. There you were, at one of the most expensive restaurants anyone could sit at in the middle of Bora Bora (your dream vacation spot), head empty. Just the image of your boyfriend, now fiancé kneeling down on one knee to pop the prettiest question.
“Will you marry me, baby?”, Crimson eyes full of love and adoration for you and only you as you gasp, your breath stolen as you watch him pull out the biggest diamond fucking ring you’d ever seen. Of course you said yes. Why the fuck wouldn’t you?
That same night you arrive at a hotel you were staying at in Bora Bora (the most romantic location to spend your valentines day). Kirishima saw to it that yours and his things would be taken up to the suite he had already reserved and decorated to surprise you.
You open the door swiftly, Kirishima’s chest swelling with pride when he hears your girlish squeal at the sight of the romantic decor (all done by yours truly). Flower pettles littered the carpet leading to the bed where countless gifts and a huge teddy bear rested. The room was covered in candles and roses and love. It smelled sweet like vanilla as a slow piano track played softly in the background. It was like a page out of a romance novel just opened up right in front of you.
Your eyes well up with tears at the wonderful gesture. Kirishima was always a romantic; his love language being gift giving and grand gestures, but he truly out did himself tonight. As you exclaim oo’s and ah’s at all of the suites glory you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist.
“You like it, honey?” He asked, leaving a trail of fluttering kisses along your neck as you swoon at his touch.
“I love it. I love you, Kiri.” Gushing as you spin around on your heels to reach up and kiss him. Instinctively, He hoists you into his loving arms; your legs wrapped around his waist, his hands firmly gripping your ass as one falls to push all the teddy bears off the bed he needed you in.
He lays you carefully onto the bed and admired your body from way up there (boy is tall), drinking you in and groaning at the sight of your face looking up at him all flushed and innocent-like. God, he couldn’t wait to ruin you completely and thoroughly.
“I’ve been thinking baby..” Kiri started to say, ripping your poor dress in half with his seemingly handcrafted hands and chuckling at your high pitched squeak. “What if..” after pressing a wet kiss on your midriff, trailing the attention down just above where you wanted him. “..we tried *kiss* for a *kiss* baby..?”
You shudder at his minstrations, biting your lip as you feel him prod his thick fingers over your clothed pussy. You wince at the sound of his groan at the feeling of your wet pussy practically sticking to your panties.
“So whaddya say?” He persisted, cock growing at the burning question. You were already so drunk on him, his mouth leaving open mouthed kisses over your covered heat causing you to slowly lose focus on anything other than the thought of just being railed already.
“M-Mm-hm..” You manage, nodding your head as you feel Kirishima smirk against your panties.
“You gonna let me, baby? Gonna let me fuck that cunt? Hm?” At this point he’s slurping on your pussy as he’s talking to you with that filthy mouth of his. God yes, you wanted to say but he’s devouring so good the only thing you can say is his title.
“D-Daddy! Ughhn fuck.” You cry, nearing your end surprisingly fast as his soft lips wrap around your aching clit.
“C’mon, baby. Cum all over my fucking mouth.” He huffed against you, humming into your pussy as he reattached his lips onto the throbbing bud. You arch your back up off the bed, toes curling and eyes rolled at the back of your head as you do as you were told.
Curses leave your lips as Kirishima continues his assault on your pussy, fucking you through your orgasm and working on a second one as he now has those fingers inside you. You gasp, whimpering as he hooked his fingers just like always to drive you crazy. Works everytime.
“Daddy, p-please. S’too much!” You lament, trying to pry your poor overstimulated pussy away from the hungry beast devouring you.
Kirishima loves when you try to escape him; an ego trip floating in his mind as he watched you writhe and struggle to leave his strong grasp.
“Uh-uh baby, where ya goin’?” He teased, latching his mouth onto your pussy as he fingered you. His lips were replaced by his warm tongue, licking and sucking as he stroked your walls with his fingers. You melt under his touch, worrying that the other guests staying on your floor could hear your desperate cries for more.
“God, give it to me. Fuckin’ give it to me.” Kiri soothed, feeling your hands tangle into his long red tresses as another orgams ripped through your whole body. Your thighs clamp around his head as you shake like a leaf. He paused for a moment to take in your half-ruined body, hungry for the satisfaction completely railing you into a stuttering mess.
Kirishima sits right up and grabs your face to plant a sinful kiss, tongues tasting each other as moans exchange between the two of you.
He pulls away, slick coating his chin as he hoisted himself on top of you. He propped himself up on one arm, the other taking his bulging cock into his hand to tease against your dripping folds.
“So fucking wet, baby.” He panted, “Ready for me? Want my dick inside you? Huh baby?” He cooed, the only thing he can hear is an out of breath and whiny little baby begging for his dick.
Kirishima sat up, pulling you off the bed as he wrapped your legs around him. You mewl at his brut strength, him lifting you with such ease throwing you for a loop. You wrap your arms around his neck as he prodded himself at your soaking wet pussy, sinking your body down onto him as you both moan at the feeling.
“Gonna fill you so fucking good. You like that? You love it when I fuck you like this, dont you?” He rambled, your gummy walls felt so good wrapped around his swollen cock. His hands gripped your ass as he slammed you down onto his dick, the sudden deepness causing your nails to sink into his back.
You shriek everytime your pussy took him in, back arching as the head brushed up against your g-spot. Your legs are shaking again, watching your feet as they dangle at either side of Kirishima’s body. His thrusts are strong, purposeful as he used you like a fuck toy all while standing up.
Your pussy made embarrassing noises, Kirishima commenting as the assault continued more forcefully.
“Shiiit. I love your fucking pussy. So wet. All for me, yeah?” Your response frantic nonsense.
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Yes, daddy. G-give me more.” And so he does; his grip on your hips tighten as he slams you down slower and harder repeatedly hitting your g-spot at a new angle as he hunched over with you in his arms.
He started thrusting up into you, his large hand smacking down on your ass as he pounded you into nirvana.
“Mmm, you feel so fucking good, baby. Want me to fill you? You like it when I stuff you, huh?”
There was the familiar feeling coming yet again, stomach flipping and eyes fluttering as you sob into Kirishima’s neck.
“God, yes daddy! Cum inside me please, I-I need it.” You gripe, grabbing hold of one of your breasts as you attempt to grind into his thrusts in time with him.
“You need it, baby? Oh, I’m gonna give it to you. Just cum one more time for me.” He huffed, the feeling of your sopping wet walls clamping down onto him slowly becoming too much.
You pant, your face pulling into that little fucked out face Kirishima loved as you scream his name. Your whole body ignites, curses leaving your mouth as you cream all over his dick.
“Yeahhhh. That’s it baby. ‘M gonna fill you-fuck! I love you.” Kirishima said frantically; rutting into as few times before unloading himself inside you.
You feel his cum fill you up deliciously, the feeling of his dick throbbing inside you as he oozed causing you to whine. You feel him fuck his cum inside you; eager to breed you before pulling you off of his cock with a satisfied groan.
“Fuck sake.” He gasped. You were always such a good fuck. It should be illegal for your pussy to be that good. As he pulled out of your used hole, you felt the thick liquid drip out of you as Kirishima carried you to the master bathroom which was also candlelit.
“Let’s get cleaned up and keep this going. I can’t wait to see you waddling with my baby inside you.” He manifested. You hum into his chest as he cradled you like precious cargo, running the hot water for a bath for two.
“Love you” You slur, lazily dipping a finger into the bath.
“Ditto, babe.”
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dolliedarlin · 3 months ago
“ m o m m y ! ” | 04 ⏤katsuki b. 
Tumblr media
p a i r i n g : single dad prohero bakugou x neighbour famous baker reader
s u m m a r y : katsumi loses her temper, bakugou sorts out his feelings and you go on a date - things are never easy but the least you could do was be understanding
l e n g t h : 8.4k
g e n r e : fluff ; angst ; single dad bakugou ; neighbour reader ; baker reader ; bakugou is stuck on his feelings ; katsumi is disappointed and angry at bakugou ; katsumi and kirishima are good at planning ; katsumi and ren meet for the first time ; katsumi, ren and kirishima make a great team of cupids ; bakugou can’t ice skate ; cuddles ; yn is an angel ; yn is so understanding ; we don’t deserve yn! ; uh oh ; rivers are a no no
w a r n i n g : curse words ; mentions of drowning ; mentions of loved one passing 
a / n : i’m sorry this took me so long to write! it actually came out longer than i ever anticipated so you dolls are getting fed today! i hope it was worth the wait for you! please enjoy the read while i go to bed finally! 
Tumblr media
As expected, the organisers of the gala didn't waste any expense when embellishing the venue in order for it to be suitable for the prestigious heroes atop the various wealthy sponsors and celebrities that would also be in attendance. Despite the decorated setting, Bakugou wasn't feeling too good. There was a weight sitting uncomfortably in the pit of his stomach that made him feel nauseous, which wasn't helped by the decorated dead weight hanging onto his arm as if he was her lifeline.
"I told you to quit clinging onto me, didn't I? Don't use me as an extra crutch when you have your own two feet to stand on," Bakugou scoffed bitterly, looking at said woman with disgust. In the past, he would have been able to put up with multiple women trying to vie for his attention but he was far more irritable tonight. The reasoning behind it was obvious but the stubborn hero was in denial. Why did he even bring this stranger with him in the first place?
"But, Katsuki, I'm your date-"
"Don't call me that," he quickly cut her off. You, yourself, have hardly called him by his first name, so why should she be able to throw it around so casually? It was far more pleasant sounding whenever you called his name too, mainly because you never squeaked and squealed the way she did so your voice didn't scratch his ears like nails on a chalkboard. In fact, your voice was soothing and sweet, much like the many baked goods you were infamous for creating.
He could have gone alone to this gala like he usually did. What in the world made him think that bringing a complete stranger was a good idea? Shrugging off the woman, Bakugou wandered off to the refreshments table at the corner of the venue and grabbed a glass of wine from a roaming waiter. Finally away from the gaze of most attendees, Bakugou slipped into his thoughts under the mature taste of wine.
A distance away was his abandoned 'date' and he watched her as she looked around searching for him but she'll have no luck; he made sure that he was well hidden and moving every so often she wouldn't think to look in the same place twice from the sheer size of the gala. His aimless floating amongst the crowd finally led him to his group of friends and fellow hero colleagues, amongst them was none other than, Kirishima and his significant other.
"Ah! Bakugou!" the instant he heard the red-head's familiar voice, Bakugou wasted no time in getting to Kirishima and his date, Akina, "How are you doing, my man?" Kirishima and Bakugou shared their usual regards, composed of tightly clasped hands and touching shoulders.
"Good evening, Bakugou-san," the elegant lady standing by his friend's side greeted as the two esteemed heroes parted, a greeting that the blonde returned with a silent nod.
"Good evening, Akina, how are you and Ren doing?"
"Very good, thank you," she smiled and gestured to his glass of wine with her own.
"I never knew you were a wine guy,"
Bakugou shrugged and eyes the drink in his hand with indifference, "I'm not one for alcohol at all, usually" this made Akina's brows furrow with concern for a moment before she quickly stops herself and raises a curious brow instead.
"Any reason why tonight is any different?"  
Bakugou hums to himself for a moment, still eyeing his glass of deep red wine. It was a very good question. And he didn't know how to answer.
" idea,"
Kirishima, sensing a disturbing difference in his friend's demeanour but knowing not to pry further in such a public event, changes the topic, "Where's your date, I remember little Katsumi saying that you were bringing someone really special tonight," this peaks Akina's interest.
"Katsumi? Is that your little girl Bakugou?"
"Yes," the explosive hero sighs and runs a hand down his face before downing the rest of his wine, "and that person isn't here,"
"What's wrong, man?" Kirishima asked with obvious concern as Akina nodded with equal worry beside him. They were perfect for each other, "This isn't like you...don't tell me something happened with Katsumi? She seemed so happy when we talked and she told me the news about you finally having a date for a social event," Bakugou growled, not knowing how to explain himself. The inner guilt and the conflict of emotions raging through him about you was tearing him down more than he'd like to admit and it's the most emotionally exhausted he's been ever since his beloved passed away.
Noticing the downward shift in mood immediately, Kirishima excused himself, "I'm sorry Akina,"
"You're just being a good friend; you shouldn't be sorry for that Ei, " the two shared a small smile and a brief kiss before the red-headed hero led Bakugou to an outdoor balcony, away from perked ears and prying eyes. Along the way, they witness Sero and Mina dancing the tango in the middle of the dance floor, attracting many eyes due to their hypnotically synchronised movement and carefree spirit. They even caught sight of Kaminari joking around with a woman who couldn't stop laughing at his dopey character, the connection between the two was visible to the naked eye as the electric blonde grinned and kissed the extinguished lady's hand. Although seeing the rest of their friends brought a smile to Kirishima's face, Bakugou only felt ostracised by their merriment. Tonight was supposed to be a good night and now he was already feeling regret and guilt over the way he treated you atop going behind his daughter's back. His broken promise will come to light soon, he just hopes that it takes a while so he can fully prepare himself.
"Tell me what's wrong," The two were already out on the balcony and Bakugou didn't even realise until Kirishima brought him back from living in his head too deeply.
"Nothing's wrong, dumbass,"
"Yeah right, didn't your daughter teach you it's bad to lie?"
This makes Bakugou chuckle and absentmindedly blurt, "just like her mother," Kirishima laughed along with him at the statement.
"She was definitely one of the better heroes out there, perfect for you,"
"Exactly," Bakugou almost teared up. Allowing himself to fall for you would be betraying his first love and that didn't sit right with him but it meant betraying the current love of his life, Katsumi. His was juggling his morals and it was driving him insane. It's never this hard when he has to fight a villain, it's so straightforward whenever he's battling a criminal but when it comes to his daughter and the people he holds dear, it's a different story. Raising Katsumi alone was a struggle he had to endure whilst aiming to be number one but it made him a better person because she was a lot like her mother, righteous and never afraid to call him out on his bullshit. For sure, she would chew him out like a starved dog for his wrongdoing tonight and he wasn't looking forward to it.
"You can tell me what's wrong, you know," Kirishima assured from beside him as he leaned against the railing on his forearms, "I'm always here for you, man,"
"I know, I just...there's a lot happening right now, it's nothing for you to worry about Shittyhair,"
"I don't believe you,"
"I don't care if you believe me or not, just quit worrying already, it's my problem so I'll take care of it myself," there was silence as Kirishima contemplated what he should say next.
"...all I'm going to say is that you should just follow what this is telling you," Kirishima softly jabs at Bakugou's chest, right where his heart should be, "There's no need to overthink things, bro," another silence follows as Kirishima quickly flashes back to the emotional reaction Bakugou had at the mention of his deceased love, "Leave the past in the past and move on to a brighter future,"
Not long after that, Kirishima makes his way back inside to stand beside Akina again as he bid his friend a good night. Bakugou had a lot of assessing to do considering his feelings  in the meantime and decided to call it a night early. This was all just a big charity event and he had already made a generous donation so he can leave at any given time.
The hero sighs in relief that it's gotten pretty late so he's sure Katsumi's already in bed. For now, he'll do his best to prepare for when the questions come in the morning.
Tumblr media
Upon arriving home and seeing the familiar sight of his front door, Bakugou sighs in relief. Leaving the gala was the best decision he made that night. It was the best decision he's made ever since he decided to distance himself from you. As much as he wants to deny it, there's a deep ache within his chest that yearned for just the sight of you or even for the melodious sound of your voice. You had a way of captivating others whenever you entered a room, one glance and a complete stranger would be entranced, not only that but you also always seemed to be singing whenever you talked, so reposeful and dulcet was your voice that you could easily pass for a siren on land.
Regardless, Bakugou is sure that his little firecracker is already tucked into bed as it was already way past her bed time. It's currently ten at night so the explosive hero ensures that he treads inside as quietly as possible, not wanting to alert his daughter. Instead, he wanted to seek out the babysitter in order to provide payment for her time before seeing her out the door as per usual.
"Bakugou-san," came a sudden whisper as Bakugou almost jumps out of his skin from taking his shoes off at the door.
"Shut up," he hisses at the individual,"I don't want Katsumi waking up," reaching into his blazer pocket, he clasps an envelope of money and hands it to the babysitter, "here's your payment, thank you for taking care of Katsumi tonight. She's in bed, yes?" Bakugou carries on with tucking his shoes off to the side, expecting the usual answer of Katsumi being in bed already only to grow angry at the answer he's given.
"W-well...she didn't want to go to bed so..."
Bakugou flashes a menacing look and hisses, "Even if she puts up a fuss, you tuck her into bed and don't take no for answer, this is part of your job!..." seeing the babysitter visibly shaking from the growl in his voice makes the blonde relent and force himself to stay calm, "Just get out, I'll tuck her into bed myself. I've already organised a cab for you to get home, it should be arriving down stairs in a few minutes,"
With a soft expression of gratitude, the babysitter bids him goodnight, her voice shaking as she gathers her things and puts on her shoes to begins her journey home. The night isn't over yet and the tension in Bakugou's shoulders return. Knowing that it was just his beloved daughter, however, lessens the load considerably.
"Oi! Dad!" came the call of his daughter just as Bakugou passes the living room door on his way up to her room. Katsumi doesn't usually refer to him as just 'Dad' so the blonde raises a brow, especially at her tone as it was neither welcoming nor warm like it usually was.
"Katsumi, why are you still not in bed, firecracker?" Bakugou rubs at his temples as he slowly approaches her. She's stood in the middle of the living room with her arms folded, brows angrily furrowed and an impatiently tapping foot as if she was counting the seconds it took him to get to her. Katsumi was the splitting image of her mother whenever she was about to rain hellfire on him and it did nothing to help his distress from the night so far.
"That's not the point, Dad! Why weren't you with (Y/N) at the gala?!" Bakugou's eyes flash with panic, which makes Katsumi all the more angry.
"How did you-"
"I know because they were broadcasting it live!" this makes Bakugou curse under his breath and avoid eye contact with his daughter at all costs. He knows what a broken promise means to her so he was definitely getting chewed out for this.
"Don't curse! Swear Jar!" she points to the right side of the living room where a jar was labeled with that exact name and was partially filled with bills of cash and a collection of coins.
"Not now, Katsumi," Bakugou kneels down to her level, "I know I broke my promise but-"
"Yes you did and I'm really angry at you dad!" her voice rose with her puffed-up cheeks and almost made him wince at how she was no longer addressing him as 'daddy'. It emphasised her rage more and Bakugou couldn't stand being on the receiving end of her temper, especially having him be the cause of it made him feel incompetent as a father.
"You need to understand that there are a lot of things going on and some promises have to be broken,"
"That's just an excuse! You pinkie promised and you should never break a pinkie promise; that's a crime!"
"No it's not,"
"Yes it is because Uncle Nari said so," her statement reminded him of the first time Denki made a pinkie promise with her, drilling the concept of promises into her head and about how much her mother valued keeping one's end of promises. Bakugou didn't see a problem with it until the electric hero weaponised the fostered belief in his daughter to subject him to more interviews than he was willing to take up. Granted, it was all for the betterment of his career and fight to become the number one hero but Bakugou still didn't appreciate the electric blonde for using his own daughter against him.
"Everything isn't as black and white as you think, firecracker, you'll understand when you're older,"
"No! I'll never understand why you would ever break a pinkie promise dad! Never! You probably really hurt (Y/N)'s feelings since she couldn't go to the gala and dance and have fun!" Bakugou sighed but she kept going, huffing and puffing and getting red in the face as she shouted her little lungs out with all the passion she had in her small body, "Who was that other lady? She's ugly! She's not as pretty or as nice as (Y/N) and you know it! I bet she doesn't smell like cookies or sing good lullabies or bake really well either! If she's not any of those things than she's not a nice person and you shouldn't have been with her dad!"
"You need to go to bed-"
"Not before you apologise to (Y/N)!" And with that, she storms past him and runs out to your apartment. Bakugou tries to bring her back before she could reach your door but after the exhausting day he's had, he found himself lacking the energy to keep up with his raging daughter. No matter what he does to bring Katsumi back, his little girl wouldn't budge from her stance at your front door. She wouldn't spare him a glance as he tried to pull her arm away only for her to forcefully thrash her arm out of his grip so as to bang her fist repeatedly against your front door.
Katsumi continued to refuse his attempts to bring her back home and, although he knows he could easily throw her over his shoulder, he didn't want to use excessive force on her. He watched in vain as she continueed knocking on your door until you finally pulled it open wearing the cutest pajamas he had ever seen. You were dressed-down but still looked so beautiful and, despite him still being dressed for the gala, Bakugou knew that he didn't look as astounding as you tonight. He'd never admit it, though, how his heart stopped beating for a moment when he was finally able to see your face, hear your voice and breathe again.
"Katsumi-chan? Bakugou-san? What are the two of you doing here?"
"Dad needs to apologise!" Katsumi huffed as you raised a brow, this is the first time you've heard her address him so curtly and without the usual loving intonation in her voice.
"Your dad doesn't need to apologise for anything, dear," despite your statement and disregard of the situation, you still haven't been able to bring yourself to lock eyes with the explosive blonde and, he hates to admit it, but he wishes you would. It was understandable that he wanted to go alone as it was a, somewhat, forced pledge made by Katsumi but seeing the live broadcast and seeing that he arrived with another woman made your heart tear.
"Yes he does because he broke his promise, he even went with some strange ugly lady with an ugly dress and ugly smile and ugly nails! He hurt you and that makes him a bad person," she begins to cry as you kneel down and bring her into your arms, rubbing comforting circles into her back as you try to soothe her.
"Don't cry now, cupcake, it's alright...I'm okay, see?" you pull away slightly and smile to reassure her as Bakugou looks on, not knowing how to process the scene. The two of you just fit together so well, how was this even possible? He never needed anyone else as he raise Katsumi and if it wasn't going to be his former beloved then nobody else would be good enough to stand by him yet, here you were, breaking down all of his expectations. He didn't know what to feel.
"No! He needs to say sorry and he still hasn't!" she wails in your arms, sobbing into your shoulder, "I wanna stay with you tonight! Please, I want a sleepover with you,"
Worriedly, you finally let yourself meet Bakugou's ruby-red eyes but only for a very brief moment, "I'm happy for you to stay the night Katsumi-chan but you need your fathers permission first," you expect Katsumi to turn and asked for her father's consent but she only shakes her head vigorously as she continues to press her face into your shoulder.
"Dad's permission doesn’t matter! I hate him and I mean it this time!" your eyes widen and you take a moment to process what she just said with full confidence and bitterness. It looks as though Bakugou needed the same amount of time, if not, more, to comprehend it too.
"Katsumi that isn’t very nice to say," you become stern as you see the hurt flash in Bakugou's eyes, missing the panic and distress seep into Katsumi's own.
"But it’s the truth! I hate him! He's stupid and mean and he's a promise breaker!" she wasn't budging so you finally address the man in question.
Looking up at the stunned hero, you ask, "is she allowed to stay the night?..."
" she isn’t,"  
You expected as much, "you heard your father Katsumi-chan, I can’t have you stay tonight,"
"No! You let me stay all those other times! And even when dad said no, we made him say yes, remember? Make him say yes, now too! Please!"
"This time it’s different Katsumi, I’m sorry," you really were as you pull away from the blonde girl, finding it easier now that her arms were losing their strength. Whether it was from physical or emotional exhaustion, you don't know, "please return home and sleep well, I’m sorry I can’t tuck you in today," you give her a soft kiss on the forehead and an apologetic smile before turning to softly close the door whilst wishing them a gentle 'goodnight'.
Katsumi stares on at the closed door with increasing tears pouring from her eyes. She’s gone completely quiet now, only hiccuping when her heart stutters in her chest from the heart break she had to endure in that moment. This couldn't be happening.  
"Katsumi let’s go home, you need to sleep, it’s way past your bedtime," Bakugou moves to hold her hand for the umpteenth time that night and for the umpteenth time, again, Katsumi pulls away from his advances. This time her gaze is directed at the floor and her voice his quiet and chilling.  
"I hate daddy," this one statement makes Bakugou’s heart drop. He knows it’s not a result of a tantrum that makes her say meaningless things, instead it's purposeful and it frightening that his precious daughter would hate him so candidly, "because of daddy, (Y/N) doesn’t want to be with me..." her small sniffle makes the world come crashing down, "I really hate daddy."
Tumblr media
The night before, Bakugou couldn't bring himself to slip into a peaceful slumber despite committing to a healthy sleep cycle around his duties as the number one hero. Katsumi's words of hatred ate away at him all night and it ultimately lead to a panicked call being made and spending the majority of the night talking everything through with Kirishima. He told the red-head everything, even revealing all that was to say about what happened with you so far, how you've made such a natural and strong connection with Katsumi and, despite admiring you for your sincere efforts with his daughter, the swell of adoration blooming within his chest for you made him act out bitterly at the idea of potentially going against his deceased beloved. It was all a mess of words to Bakugou. He allowed everything to spill from him naturally and without order; it didn't matter to him, at the time, whether or not it was comprehensible to the listener in the situation.
There was no need to worry, however, Kirishima knew exactly where he was coming from, especially after going to school and growing up with him, the red-head knows how Bakugou works and listened to all that he had to say. By the end, Kirishima suggested he take a day off work and babysit Katsumi the next day but not before advising that he apologise sincerely for the mistake he made. It was a lot to ask and Bakugou would have refused if he wasn't so sleep deprived and emotionally shattered.
The following day, it wasn't a surprise that Kirishima was at Bakugou's door flashing his signature sharp-toothed grin and bouncing giddily, ready to take care of his favourite niece. For Bakugou, it'll be a tough day to go through but he's relieved that one of his best friends were taking care of his daughter for the day.
"Remember what I told you last night?" Kirishima asked as he stands beside Bakugou at the kitchen counter, cooking up breakfast for Katsumi.
"I'll apologise to Katsumi," satisfied, Kirishima brings the cooked breakfast to the girl in question at the table as the blonde gets to work on cleaning.
Upon finishing up with the cleaning and drying of his hands, Bakugou looks over to see that Katsumi was already halfway done with breakfast. Taking a seat across from her, Kirishima took that as a sign to make himself scarce and made the excuse of needing to go to the toilet so as to give them privacy.
"Firecracker?..." Bakugou pauses, waiting for a response, "Katsumi?..." still no response, "Katsumi Bakugou," all he was able to achieve was a fleeting glance but that was all he needed, "I'm sorry for upsetting you and for breaking my promise...I didn't know it would upset you this much. I should have talked to you and (Y/N) about it first, I'm sorry," still not getting a response, Bakugou sighed and stood from the table, "You're uncle Kiri is taking care of you today so be good,"
Bakugou planned to pick up breakfast on the way to work with a coffee and tried to hug his daughter goodbye like they usually did at the door but Katsumi turned in Kirishima's arms and tucked her face into the red-head's shoulder instead. Defeated, Bakugou sets off to work but not before leaning in to give her a short peck on the cheek. She didn't return his affection but, at least, she didn't pull away.  
"See you after work, firecracker," there was no response and Bakugou travelled to work sleep-deprived and dispirited. Either way, he wasn't going to let it bring him down and distract him from his duties, no matter what happens at home, he refuses to let it impact him substantially at work no matter how heartbroken he was.
The day progressed and as Katsumi finds herself sitting at the table having lunch with one of her favourite uncles, she finds out that he's become a dad to a little boy despite not being blood-related. This immediately peaks her interest as that's exactly what she wants with you.
She starts with little questions, "What's his name?"
"He's called Ren and he's four years old,"
"He's younger than me! Does that make me his oneesan?" Kirishima throws his head back in laughter.
"I suppose it does, huh?" they grin at one another, "I'd love for the two of you to meet, you'd like each other very much,"
"I'm sure I will if you're his dad, uncle Kiri!" Katsumi chimes happily before pausing for thought, "But how come he's already four years old? He hasn't been a baby yet..."
"He has, I just haven't met him until now,"
Katsumi's eyes widen comically and Kirishima has to hold back a snort of laughter, "And you're already his dad?!"
"Well~..." Kirishima sing-songed, "not really but I'm his father figure and he's grown to call me his dad over time,"
"That can happen?"
"Of course it can! I'm proof!"
Katsumi goes quiet, "I want that with (Y/N),"
"Katsumi, listen to me," Kirishima stares softly but sternly into the ruby eyes that were so reminiscent of his best friend's, "it may be possible but it isn't always so simple," this wasn't the answer, Katsumi wanted, "your father has had a lot to go through raising you alone and without your mother around. When they got together, Katsuki was the happiest man alive and that happiness was made ten-fold the instant he heard news that you were going to be coming into the world,"
"Dad really loved me, huh?"
"Yes he did and he still does," this brings tears to her eyes.
"Even though I said all those horrible things?"
"Even then because your dad doesn't know when to quit; he doesn't know when to quit loving you or your mom," Katsumi was silent.
"But...she's not here to watch me grow up...(Y/N) is,"
"That's true but you have to be patient with you dad, he really loved your mother,"
The defeat translated into Katsumi's form as her rigid stance slumped into the softness of the sofa cushions, "...But I- doesn't he also really like (Y/N)?"
"I think he does,"
"Right?!" she's upright again, her eyes sparkling with an abundance of stars, "Daddy can like (Y/N) and be with her at the same time, that doesn't mean he has to stop loving my mom!"
"It's gonna take a while for him to realise that," Kirishima watches Katsumi take on a pondering pose as he holds back a chuckle, "why don't we plan something out for them? And I'll help you carry it out?"
"Yes please, uncle kiri!"
By the time Bakugou arrived home, Kirishima was still there with his daughter but this time, she was willing to speak to and acknowledge him, just that alone made the strength come back to him and erased an entire day of fatigue from his toiled muscles.
"Yes, firecracker?" Bakugou kneels down to her level.
"I will forgive you as long as you apologise to (Y/N) properly and make it up to her by going on a date!" by now, Bakugou was willing to do anything to get into his only daughter's good graces as well as make up for his mistake; this was the perfect opportunity.
"Anything for you, firecracker,"
"And for (Y/N)!"
"And for (Y/N)," Bakugou chuckled.
Tumblr media
Before the meat of the plan could be served, Katsumi needed to do some scheming with you first and Bakugou allowed her to spend the day with you. With that information, you happily allowed Katsumi to become the main subject of your day and took her to work with you, again, with Bakugou's explicit permission. You were happy that they had mended their bond and that Katsumi wasn't as tearful and broken as the last time you saw her. Truthfully, you were so worried about her that you contemplated paying a visit the next morning but withdrew yourself. You knew that Bakugou was a good father so he'll be able to take good care of her and you clearly weren't welcome before him any time soon so you had to hold yourself back. Your faith was well placed as the duo were back at your doorstep two days later.
"Thank you for not being angry at Daddy, (Y/N),"
"Not at all cupcake," you assure as you move about, tending to the large ovens of your bakery, "I don't know why he did what he did but your father is a man that doesn't do things without good reason, he may not go about things the right way but the good intentions are there," you make sure to lock eyes with Katsumi as you state your final statement, as if to further emphasise your point, "and what more do you really need?"
"'re too good for Daddy," this makes you laugh aloud with your head thrown back.
The day goes on and you and Katsumi have the best time playing about in your bakery's kitchen, almost getting cavities from the amount of 'taste testing' the two of you were doing. Either way, it was filled with laughter and fun activities that you wouldn't trade the memories of for the world. Soon enough, you were carrying Katsumi home as she carried a box full of goodies to share with her father when they arrive back at the penthouse.
"Sooo..." Katsumi began, side eyeing you bashfully as you both approached the established apartment building.
"Soooo~" you mimicked and giggled, "what do you want to say, dear?"
"When are you next free for the whole day?" you raise a brow but answer nonetheless.
"Hmmm, Saturday? So two days from now," you smile at her as she grins back, "Why? Are you gonna ask me out on a date?~" you tease playfully.
"Nope! But I know someone else who will~" she sang and refused to answer any of your questions for the rest of the journey back.
For the past two days, Bakugou had been brainstorming ideas with Katsumi on what to do during the date. At first, he believed that it would only be one day of planning but as soon as it moved onto the next day, Bakugou couldn't help but become mildly irritated.
"Does it really have to take two days of planning?"
"Daddy, do you want me to forgive you or not?" Katsumi snapped, which had Bakugou raising his hands in surrender.
"Alright, you're the boss,"
"Good! Now stop whining, everything has to be perfect!"
Tumblr media
"Bakugou-san?" after hearing a knock at your door, you smiled to yourself and hurried to open it, expecting to see Katsumi after her devious insinuation two days prior but were shocked to find her father, instead. It wasn't unpleasant to see him, you were just worried that Katsumi somehow, forced him into this, "What are you doing here? Is Katsumi in trouble, somehow?" you slowly become frantic with worry for the little girl and Bakugou mentally admits that you worrying for his daughter makes his heart soar.
"No no, that little gremlin is alright," it's time to correct his wrongdoing and he's nervous but willing to do this for Katsumi, "I came here to apologise for how badly I've treated you..." You silently stare at him as he looks away in bashfulness and shame, meeting your eyes again several moments later, "and I know a simple apology isn't going to be good enough so would you consider going out on a-...on a d-date?" by now the explosive hero was red in the face with his brows angrily furrowed to form a menacing scowl, as if to disguise his embarrassment over his uncharacteristic proposal. Your continued silence was beginning to intimidate him more than most villains he's faced against, which is shocking. If it weren't for him glancing your way briefly and seeing the soft smile forming on your face, Bakugou wouldn't know what he would have done to save himself.
"Did Katsumi put you up to this?" you tease, leaning against the door frame with your arms loosely crossed.
Chuckling, Bakugou straightens his shoulders and pulls a somewhat guilty look, "She wouldn't forgive me otherwise...and, besides, I was a dick to you and you didn't deserve that, I'm really sorry about what I did-"
"What did you do?" you pressed, amused by his stuttering at the question but also endeared by his sincerity.
"For pushing you away and distancing myself when you did nothing wrong, for subjecting you to my anger...and for taking somebody else to the gala," he couldn't meet your eyes from the remorse he was subjecting himself to in that moment.
"...why did you do all those things?..." you know it's wrong to press further on such a private and sensitive topic for him but you needed to know where you stood.
Bakugou turns away, "...I can't tell you right now..." for the first time, in a long time, fear grips him and steals his breath away, he's scared about what you may think of him.
"That's alright," that one statement makes me breathe again and he turns swiftly to see your gentle smile and beautiful eyes stare back at him with understanding, "you can tell me when you're comfortable enough, in the meantime, I'll be getting myself ready for our date, I'll try to be ready in 15 at the latest," with another smile, you close the door and leave Bakugou standing stiffly and stunned at your doorstep. He never expected to be forgiven so easily by you. If it was him, he wouldn't have had the same level of understanding you just displayed, even his old love didn't have the same amount of patience and understanding as you. It gave way for a dangerously beautiful emotion to blossom in his chest an emotion he hasn't felt since the love of his life passed.  
Tumblr media
Not too long into the date the two of you set out on, you immediately noticed Katsumi, another little boy and a familiar hero adoring spiky red hair looking on at the two of you having your picnic at the park from a hedgerow not too far away. Their disguises were so obvious, they stood out like a sore thumb. Bulky sunglasses and a sophisticated all black attire to adorn all three. They looked like they stereotypical spies who belonged in a cheesy spy films.
"They've been following us ever since we left, the little boy is my nephew and shittyhair's son, do you want me to shoo them away?"
"No no," you giggle, "it's quite comical actually," in an attempt to disguise your laughter, you take a bite of your sandwich and awe at how delicious it is, "goodness, what did you put in this sandwich to make it taste so good, Bakugou-san?"
"Stop joking around, it's just normal ingredients," dismissing the three onlookers to your picnic, you now are having to stifle your giggle from how adorable the grown man looked with such a prominent blush on his face.
A distance away, Katsumi punches the air in victory at the scene.
"Everything is going well for operation lovey-dovey," Katsumi locks eyes with the younger boy beside her and they both smile with a victorious nod.
"It sure is," Kirishima agrees and leads the two kiddos to a nearby bench, holding both of their miniature hands in his massive ones, "but aside from that, let's grab some ice cream, sound good?"
"We get ice cream, Pa?" Ren muses from the red-head's left side, making the hero nod happily.
"Uncle Kiri is the best!"
"Papa is the best!"
"What's your favourite flavour Ren?"
"I like what mama likes!"
"What does your mama like, then?"
"Your mama has good taste,"
"Yup! What does Sumi-oneesan like?"
Kirishima is in heaven, listening blissfully to two adorable kiddos that just about reach his knees, chatting away at his feet. Hearts and flowers could very easily be animated in the air surrounding them considering how adorable they both were. If Bakugou were to have another child, he's such Katsumi would make for an amazing older sister.
The next stop of your date was the ice skating rink.
"This is the part where (Y/N) is supposed to be really bad at ice skating so Daddy can catch," Katsumi angrily stomps her feet, ignoring her uncle's suppressed chortles as Ren tilts his head in curiosity, taking in the odd scene before him, "So why is it the other way around?!"
Bakugou was flailing around like a headless chicken as you stood of to the side, perfectly stable and taking to the ice fairly well, "Don't laugh at me, woman!"
"I'm not!...well~"
"This is for Katsumi...this is for Katsumi," Bakugou was practically sacrificing his pride in front of you but he was grateful that there was nobody else on the rink except the two of you as he had rented out the entire vicinity. The only problem was that it made the three spies keeping an eye on them all the more obvious as they occupied the seats furthest from the ice, binoculars fixed onto their eyes. It was unsettling at times but you were able to dismiss it.
"Would you like a hand there, Bakugou-san?" you sweetly offer.
"J-just this once!" the grown man snapped as you rolled your eyes playfully.
"Yes yes you big baby,"
"WHAT?!" the blonde yelled, his voice bouncing off the walls as you finally let yourself laugh loudly, that is, until the explosive hero lost balance in your hold and sent himself and you flying to the cold, hard floor.
"Well...I guess this is kinda what I imagined..." Katsumi mutters, staring on as you and her dad rub at your sore limbs until you finally look up and make eye contact with one another. The trio watched as realisation of the intimate pile on the two of you were subjected to came to mind and you instantly pushed each other away.
"AHH-" Katsumi lashed out in frustration but was luckily cut off by Kirishima's hand over her .
"Pa, Sumi-oneesan said they were supposed to kiss then,"
"Well...I guess not everything goes as planned,,"
"Daddy needs to be more romantic!"
After this, there was a movie that was too mature and action-packed for the kids so Kirishima had to drag a whining Katsumi and a cheerful Ren to another movie theatre for a more child-friendly film. It was really too bad as Katsumi would have witnessed her two favourite parental figures cosying up on a reserved sofa seat newly installed by the cinema. This was just their shadows however and so she wouldn't have been able to notice the crimson red dusting her father's cheeks for the thousandth time that day.
You really smelled like baked goods and you were soft in his arms. It was a feeling he had missed for a long time. With his chin resting on your head, yourself curling up in his larger figure and your fingers absentmindedly tracing patterns into his forearm, Bakugou's focus was most definitely not on the film playing out for him to see.
"I hope this is alright," you whispered, giving a final shuffle as you settled into a comfortable position almost sitting on his lap sideways. Throughout, you were blissfully unaware of the hero's flustered state.
"You're fine," he managed to utter, the gruffness of his voice more evident at his hushed tone.  
"Mmmm~" you were very content, "you smell nice, Bakugou-san," Bakugou is an expert when it comes to explosions but the explosion of his heart was not one of them so, as he panicked about the repercussions of that for the whole film, you happily stood at the bridge of almost falling asleep in his arms.
The day finally ends with a dinner at a popular restaurant, where your three spectators occupied a table no more than three meters away. Again, you and Bakugou made the conscious decision to not point them out despite how flagrant their disguises made them appear. Now, they had embellished themselves with fake moustaches, fedoras and a trench coat, they even kept their sunglasses on inside the restaurant. The little boy that made up a third of the trio actually had his moustache constantly slipping off and so Katsumi, with her beautiful blonde hair tucked up into her fedora, kept fixing it for him as you and Bakugou ordered your meals. They made this date better than it already was and you were grateful.
Over dinner, conversations were as smooth and humours as they have been the entire day and you were happy to soon be ending the night in such a jovial mood.
"Thanks a lot for putting up with me," Bakugou suddenly says, arbitrarily and making you look up from your meal, "I know I'm a hard person to get along with so appreciate your effort with trying to get along with me and...and not pressuring me into saying anything I'm not comfortable with disclosing," with this, you smile and reach for his hand so as to comfortingly caress his skin with your thumb.
"Bakugou-san, I understand that things get hard sometimes and that people make mistakes, it's the same case for the people that are healing, whenever you need somebody to talk to, I'll be there for you but if that time isn't now, then I'm not going to pressure you into doing or saying anything. Please don't think of me as someone that will precive you differently just because you aren't willing to open up to me entirely. Take your time, there's no rush,"
You're so understanding and patient…a lot like his belated love.
"Thank you," Bakugou didn't know what else to say except those two words. He wishes he could say more, anything to express the amount of gratitude he feels towards you but the smile you send his way was enough to inform him that you already knew and that it was okay. But that wasn't going to be good enough for Bakugou. He had to say something more, "I like you," it takes both of you a moment to comprehend his confession and when the two of you simultaneously look to the side, you realise that the trio of spies hadn't been able to see the confession as they were too busy scarfing down their food. Thank god.
"I like you too, Bakugou-san," in shock, Bakugou stares at you and finds that your flustered beyond belief at your own confession. It appears as though you were caught up in the moment as well. Katsumi sure had a knack for building up romantic relations, he was beginning to feel quite proud.
"But-" the blonde stutters, not wanting to lead this further than it needs to be led, "I'm not ready to move on yet..." the implication of his statement stunned you. Was that why he's been hesitant all this time?
"That's perfectly fine, Bakugou-san,"
"You're an amazing woman, (Y/N), hard-working, kind, patient and understanding, your perfect," Bakugou begins, releasing his thoughts and emotions on the plate before him, "but I can't give you false hope when I can't stop thinking about Katsumi's real mother," your nodding along in understanding, not offended at all, "She was my first love and I feel as though I'm betraying her if I so much as think of someone else, even though I know that it’s already been five years,"
"Five years since..."
"Since she passed away,"
It was then that you were finally able to piece together the entire story and it was heart breaking.
"Bakugou-san, please don't feel bad and just listen to me..." Bakugou meets your eyes, "I am not going to pressure you into a relationship that you're not ready for even though the feelings are there. It's completely understandable why you would be hesitant and I don't blame you. I'm not angry. I'm not sad. I just want you to know that I appreciate your transparency since this is clearly a sensitive topic for you. I don't intend on replacing Katsumi's mother in your heart when she has a place there specially for her, I'm grateful that she was able to give you Katsumi before her passing and I bet that she was a phenomenal person for giving birth to such a lovely little girl,"
There were truly no words to express how much Bakugou was grateful for you being so perfect.
Tumblr media
Weeks passed and even though such dates became a regular occurrence for you and Bakugou, sometimes even including Katsumi, the two of you never made it official and it became the main source of frustration for the little girl at the centre of both your worlds. So, naturally, on an outing just between you and Katsumi, she doesn't miss the chance of confronting you.
"Why aren't you and Daddy together yet mom- I mean (Y/N),"
"It's just not the right time yet, my love, please try to understand," you try to reason, wiping away the stray crumbs on her cheek from the snacks she had been munching on.
"But you two made up didn’t you?"
"Well, y-yes we have but-"
"And you both like each other, right?"
You don't know why but having Katsumi point out the mutual feelings between you and her dad has your heart racing, making a humble nod hard to muster, "w-we do-"
"So why aren’t you getting married and living happily ever after like in the movies?"
"I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that, cupcake," you find her imagination adorable, though.
"Why can’t it?" unexpectedly, she begins to get teary eyed and has you fumbling about in your hardback for tissues, "I want you to be my mommy so please," as your kneeling down and wiping her tears away, she’s whimpering and looking a lot more timid and broken then her usually spitfire, headstrong self. It breaks your heart.
"I’m sorry, my love," you hold her in your arms tightly and begin to strokes her hair, "but you need to understand that it’s not that simple and there are a lot of adult feelings and issues involved,"
"Wh-why do grown ups have to be so weird about everything?" huffing angrily, Katsumi wipes away her tears almost aggressively, with her small fist as you reach up and let her blow her nose into your offered tissue.
"I know right?," you laugh softly and nuzzle noses with her, bringing a small smile to her face, "grown ups are so weird,"
"Very weird!"
"We should be more like you," you boop her nose and the both of you giggle.
To cheer Katsumi up more, you text Bakugou that you're going for a walk by the river with Katsumi, where you know there'll be an ice cream stand nearby. Not even a minute goes by and you immediately get the approval you needed however, like a worried, overprotective dad, he reminds you to be careful with Katsumi, especially because she can’t swim. To that, you promise to take good care of her.
"The river is so pretty!"
"Right? But you know what's prettier?" you gesture off to the distance.
"Ice Cream!" without a second wasted, Katsumi was running off, declaring a race to the stand with a laugh as you try to clamber up to her speed.
"Katsumi wait you silly girl!"
"If I get there first I get double scoops!"
"Says who?"
Just as Katsumi was running on the elevated path by the river, a powerful tremor shakes the land as a resounding boom echos from the distance and sends her falling into the river. Acting on pure instinct, you jump in after her with a horrified shout.
"KATSUMI!" you couldn't swim either but you couldn't just do nothing when someone so precious to you was in danger. As a consequence of the shaking of the earth, the river was also sent into a furious frenzy of waves that you battled through to reach Katsumi. You don't know how you made it but with pure adrenaline pumping through your veins, you managed to hoist Katsumi up and out of the ferocious river, relaxing at the sight of her safely on land and immediately getting swept away under a torrent of muddy blue.
Closer to the city centre, Bakugou was on patrol and was promptly alerted to the villain attack. A villain that could create devastating calamity by producing heavy sound waves with a clap of his hands was causing havoc in an area near by. Not too far from the river Bakugou had remembered that you and Katsumi were taking a stroll beside. His heart racing and with gritted teeth, Bakugou rushes to the site, praying to all gods that the two of you were safe.
He arrives just in time to see you haul up his daughter to safety before being engulfed by an angry wave. The violent mountains of water were so powerful, they were hard to swim through for anyone of any caliber in swimming. Nevertheless, Bakugou checks up on his daughter first, assuming you'd be capable of staying afloat and having faith in how capable you were.
Coughing violently and with tears in her eyes, Katsumi screams at her father upon registering his presence beside her, "Daddy! Save Mommy! Please! I-I don't think she can swim!"
Tumblr media
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katsuverse · 8 months ago
Wrong, Sweet Cheeks.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Study sessions with Bakugou aren’t always what you expected it to be. Sometimes, it ends up with you being in a lewd situation.
┃PAIRING: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
┃W/C: 0.8k
┃GENRE: Smut
┃TAGS/WARNINGS: 18+ content, Aged-Up Characters (3rd Years/College), Orgasm Denial, Fingering, Quirk Play
A/N: i just got this idea at 1am. y’know this was supposed to be a fluffy study session but it turned out to be smutty one 🙊let’s just hope this stays on the tags 🙏 
『BNHA Masterlist』
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The rounded curve of your ass settled on the hard surface of wooden floors. Your body pressed tightly—leaving not a single inch of space—against a well-defined torso. With your top hiked above your chest, a blazing heat scorched all over your bare back as its prominent muscles seared through your skin.
With a keen whine slipping past your lips, you squirmed under the vice-like grip that enshrouded your form. Small shocks of tremor pelted all over you, delighting every nerve, as two rough palms sensually caressed the soft swells of your breast—kneading it while harshly tugging and tweaking its perky buds. 
Your hand that sat atop of the coffee table staggered, losing its ability to firmly hold the pen; heat immediately pooled down your thighs, dampening the flimsy fabric of your panties.
Then, a calloused hand made its way to your abdomen, leaving a pricking pain at its wake, as it emitted several sparks against your complexion.
“Katsuki,” you mewled out, arching your back.
A wet muscle licked a curt, short stripe against the shell of your ear. Then, a warm breath ghosted over your moist skin. 
“What’s the fucking answer, Princess?” 
“The limit is equal to four–“ your sentence ended with a broken moan as Bakugou tucked his hand under the waistband of your shorts and underwear. His fingers gathered your wet slick, lathering it to your sensitive bud, before slowly pressing tight circles against it, sending multitudes of shockwaves throughout your body.
“Do you think that’s correct?” His tone became dangerously low, accentuating the gruff sound of his voice, as he settled his other palm in the middle of your stomach, leaving your chest unattended. A shudder crept to your spine as a searing heat alarmingly spread on the expanse of your skin.
You weren’t exactly sure if you got the right answer for the equation. That is the reason why you wanted your boyfriend’s help. You were having a hard time understanding the new lesson on your Calculus subject, leaving you confused at the problem set given. Coming up to him, you assumed you were going to have a grueling study session, but you didn’t expect to end up in such a raunchy position.
Not knowing what to answer nor not wanting to think even further, you guessed, “yes?”
Then, a loud crackle was heard throughout your room. You let a high-pitched squeal at the stinging sensation that burned your skin.
“Wrong, sweet cheeks.” 
You gasped as Bakugou buried two thick and long fingers into your cunt, stretching its tight, velvety walls.
“Fuck,” a grunt strayed from his lips. Your insides squeezed around his digits, hugging its form tightly. He placed his lips beside your ear before harshly sucking its sensitive flesh, causing a mewl to spill out from your mouth.
“Try again.”
He began to move his fingers, pumping in and out. Along with its thrust, he continued to tease your clit with the calloused pad of his thumb, relentlessly rolling it. At first, it was set to a slow and steady space. As moments flew by, the rhythm he had was completely forgotten as Bakugou frantically worked on you. Lewd wet and squelching noises bounced off the walls, filling the room with filthy sounds.
Mustering all your strength from your quivering form, you attempted to properly hold your pen as you solved the problem again. However, the clear print of black ink blurred in your vision.
Who could even focus if they were in your position?
As his hand vigorously busied itself with your pussy, the other returned to your breast, massaging the soft flesh once again; its forefinger played with your pert nipple, flicking it. At his relentless assault on your body, your mind fogged with heavy, dark clouds as coherent thoughts vanished into thin air. 
Suddenly, you choked out a moan at the electric wave that shot through your core; his fingers suddenly curled inside, grazing a spongy spot in the process. Bit by bit, you were losing your sanity as he kept hitting that spot. 
“S-six?” your voice faltered, turning into a whimper. The knot in your stomach teetered, threatening to snap at any given moment.
“Fucking. Try. Again.” Bakugou growled in your ear.
You couldn’t handle his teasing anymore. 
Slamming down your pen to the table, you rocked your hips to meet his frantic thrusts. You tilted your head backward, falling at the curvature of his broad shoulder. Once your eyes met his fierce ones, Bakugou’s lips curved into a devilish grin. He saw your irises graded into dark tones as desperation painted all over its hues.
“I’m close, baby. Please, please, please let me cum. Shit, I’m gonna cum–“ you screwed your eyes shut and curled your toes as waves of euphoria was about to crash down on you. But, it never came.
Instead, an intense throb welcomed your ruined skin, earning a sweet cry from you.
“Hell no,” he withdrew his fingers from you, then languidly traced the intimate outline of your wet slit. Your legs quivered at the feathery touches—light and barely lingered—on your sensitive entrance.
“You only get to cum when you get the correct answer.”
Another set of a harsh spark hit your stomach.
“Get back to work, Princess.”
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