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Quick guide to scam spotting
You get an ask to reblog a pinned post! But something seems odd. Let's see...Does anything get checked off on this list?
Someone who followed you recently
Ask says to answer privately
Pinned post is for an animal
Anything checked off? Ok! Now for another check on the list. Scroll the blog a little and check the posts. What gets checked off now?
Pinned post is a day old or so
Random posts all reblogged minutes apart
Very few posts are seen
So did you check off anything new? Alright! Now for the final list of things to check. If you search the username/etc in tumblr search, do you see anything on this list?
Several alerts
Screenshots showing the pinned post from other blogs
Ask is copy/pasted to many users
Some asks calling out the asker for scamming
If the blog sending an ask has checked off all these marks, then congrats! You spotted a scam blog in the wild. Please make others aware of it's existence to ensure it's dealt with properly.
If you appreciate this tour guides tips to spotting scammers, feel free to throw pocket change at me so I can buy some food.
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Time for a digital declutter:
Clear desktop
Delete apps you don’t use
Delete downloads/screenshots
Organise everything into folders
Give every document a clear name
Delete your emails (!!!)
Unsubscribe from email lists
Check and install updates
Turn off any social media notifications you don’t need
Organise your pictures into folders
Do the same with apps
Go through your Facebook friends list/people you follow on Instagram
Unfollow anything that makes you feel insecure
Clear browser history and bookmarks
Back up anything that’s important
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
from ml.books
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lyralit · 22 days ago
how do you *make* a character? like from scratch ;-;
ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋʟɪꜱᴛ
First name
Middle name(s)*
Last name
Hair colour
Eye colour
Birth date
Birth sign
Significant qualities
Living location*
Living conditions
Wants / needs
Birth parents
Legal guardian(s)*
Close relations
Marital status
Years in school
Schools attended
School habits
Eating habits
Sleeping habits
Physical abilities
Obsessions / addictions
Preferred weapon*
Species & Ancestry
Otherworldly abilities*
Mortal enemy*
Living conditions
Survival skills*
Love interest
Survival skills*
Persons of interest
*if any.
tag list -- @jessicas-story-blog22 // @lumiinere // @the-sand-dune // @freaks-at-a-stoplight // @stardustbee // @battlecriesandroses // @solangewrite // @elvelour // @chaosbungone -- reply to be added / removed
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furiousgoldfish · 4 months ago
Have I been emotionally abandoned by my parents?
Lack of interest, attachment, bonding and positive engagement
My parent has never shown a lot of interest in what I want in my life
My parent has told me it doesn't matter what I want
My parent doesn't think much of my personality
There's not many (if any) parts of me that my parent likes
My parent doesn't do both-sided conversations with me; either I'm just a listener, or telling them exactly what they want to hear
My parent doesn't indulge with my opinions, experiences, interests
My parent dismisses, argues, humiliates or ridicules my opinions, interests, dreams
My parent expected me to feel and think only what they feel and think
My parent dismisses, humiliates and argues opinions and feelings that in any way differentiate from theirs
My parent only spends time with me if they have to, or to use me
My parent doesn't have activities they enjoy doing with me, we don't have any traditions we enjoy together
My parent doesn't approve or praise me for the work I do
My parent doesn't show support when I'm trying to gain a new skill or experience
My parent isn't invested in me learning and developing (except if it's for their personal gain)
My parent makes me feel as if they'd rather not have me as child
My parent isn't interested in giving me compliments, hugs, attention, approval or time
My parent convinced me I'm not important enough to have their attention
My parent gets angry if I want their attention
My parent blames me for wanting attention and shames me for it
I rarely or never felt acknowledged, seen, heard and accepted by my parent
I don't feel valued or loved by my parent
Lack of protection
My parent doesn't care if other children belittle, outcast, or bully me
My parent blames me for the getting hurt by other people
My parent thinks I should settle my problems without involving them
My parent dismisses me/gets angry with me if I try to tell them about scary or hurtful experiences I had
My parent claims I shouldn't have gotten involved in problematic situation because it's too much for them to handle hearing about it
My parent failed to protect me from a person who groomed me
My parent groomed me to accept abuse and neglect as normal
My parent failed to protect me from a sexual predator or harasser
My parent acted as a sexual harasser or a sexual predator towards me
My parent failed to protect me from an abusive friendship/relationship
My parent failed to be on my side after I got hurt/mistreated/molested by a relative, teacher, or peer
My parent failed to protect me from the abuse from the other parent/relative
My parent subjected me to institutional abuse and claimed that I deserved it
My parent sent me away to go thru an abusive program and claimed it was the right thing to do
My parent knew I was getting abused, and didn't stop it
My parent acted as if they weren't my parent while I was getting abused
My parent blamed me for getting abused by another parent/family member, and accused me of causing it
My parent doesn't care if I get abused by another family member, as long as I don't ask for help or speak out about it
I don't think my parent cares for what I'm going thru
Lack of care during stress, trauma and pain
My parent rarely or never reassured or comforted me if I was upset
My parent dismissed my depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, self harm
My parent had no patience for my feelings, and didn't pay attention to how I was reacting to a traumatic or stressful situation (moving, loss of a family member, accident, violence, trauma)
My parent preferred if I didn't show any big emotions and would lose their patience or snap at me if I was too vulnerable or crying
My parent shamed me or punished me for expressing anger or rage
My parent didn't take care to be gentle and warm with me when I was vulnerable or hurt
My parent didn't offer reassurances or uplifting words when I felt hopeless or spiraled down
My parent didn't teach me how to deal with grief, anger, shock or pain
My parent didn't tolerate me expressing negative emotions
My parent was likely to punish me for expressing negative emotions
I didn't feel safe showing pain or vulnerability in front of my parents
I felt that my parents found my vulnerability repulsive to see
I never felt safe confiding my true feelings to my parents, in fear of being dismissed or worse
My parent prodded or humiliated my emotions of stress, fear, worry, panic, grief or pain
I had to emotionally take care of my parents and understand how they felt if there was a stressful or traumatic situation going on
Lack of patience, kindness and compassion
My parent expected things of me that I wasn't interested in doing
My parent set expectations for me that were not realistic for a child
My parent had no patience for me to learn and expected me to know everything in advance
My parent showed no joy in me learning, and instead berated me for not doing things good enough
My parent had no forgiveness for my mistakes
My parent punished me for making mistakes
My parent had no patience for me not understanding everything at once
My parent snapped at me or punished me for being confused or reluctant
My parent shamed me for my inexperience, lack of knowledge, lack of skill
My parent never invested a lot of patience or time in order to teach me something
My parent wasn't interested in my growth except in how it would fulfill their expectations
My parent didn't consider my happiness when they were setting goals for me
My parent expected me to cooperate and act happy regardless of what I was going thru
My parent made sure I knew my emotions didn't matter if i didn't accomplish what was expected of me
My parent made me feel like I was supposed to be a robot rather than a child
I felt like things would be better if I had no emotions at all
Lack of stability
My parent only cared for me on specific days when they were in a good mood
My parent would sometimes blow up and attack me for something I could usually do without being yelled at
My parent didn't care if I had to tiptoe around them in fear of their rage
My parent's rules or goalposts would change day to day; one day something was fine, another it wasn't
My parent would sometimes attack me for not following the rules that were never made clear to me
My parent's personality would change completely if they were under stress or influence (alcohol, drugs)
My parent subjected me to experiences of domestic violence, fighting, screaming, trauma
My parents had me witness them fighting or very hateful displays and never emotionally took care of me afterwards
I felt responsible for their domestic situation and worried I was the cause of fighting
My parent used to love me at some point when I was a child or successful in some area, but as the situation changed, their feelings changed, and I felt it my fault they stopped caring
I worried I was doing something to cause my parent to not love me anymore
I felt I was not worthy enough for my parent to feel any love towards me
I could never be sure what to expect out of my parent, and it caused insecurity and anxiety
My parent spent a big chunk of their life away from me, not keeping consistent contact
My parent disowned me, or disowned me for a certain period of time
My parent spent weeks/months/years completely unavailable to me
My parent hid my existence and made me feel like I was a shameful secret they kept
My parent had a life that I was never a part of and wasn't allowed to come close to it
Lack of acceptance and threat of abandonment
My parent compared me to other "preferable" children to tell me what I should be like
My parent showed no interest to accept my personality, or my identity the way it is
My parent made it clear I will be punished if I act like myself
My parent argued against my plans and goals and tried to convince me I would never make it
My parent made me feel as if if it would be better if I didn't exist
My parent convinced me it's a crime for me to exist as I am
My parent made me feel as if I'm the least important family member, and the family could do (or would do better) without me
My parent told me they'd prefer if they didn't have me
My parent threatened to kick me out
My parent threatened to abandon me
My parent threatened to put me into an orphanage or a home
My parent called or threatened to call the authorities on me
My parent threatened they'd leave me to to fend for myself without teaching me how
My parent made me terrified of being alone
My parent made me feel like I will always, no matter what I do, end up all alone
 If 5 or more of these statements are true for you, or even 1 from the 'Protection' category, you have experienced emotional abandonment from your parent or caretaker. This experience is beyond painful and damaging for your emotional well being, and is likely to cause major issues with self love, feeling of self worth, feeling of safety and trust, developing relationships and intimacy, and mental health.
If you are dealing with abandonment issues, struggle with insecurity and trust in your relationships, and generally feel like you have a big black hole inside of you, know that this is the normal way your brain is reacting to severely painful abandonment. Your ways of coping are there in order to protect you from future abandonment, and your issues a result of many unmet needs you parents were responsible to meet. This is how anyone would feel after being abandoned. The way you're dealing with it is not your fault, and it doesn't mean you should be shamed or that something is wrong with you. You are trying to put your life back together after abandonment. Your brain is just trying to make sure you don't have to experience that debilitating pain of being abandoned and left alone again.
To read more about what the opposite of emotional abandonment looks like, read 'What is parental abandonment, and what does emotional care look like'.
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if God put so much detail in a snowflake , what makes you think your life is any less important .
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writingwithfolklore · 5 months ago
Planning Master Checklist
I just recently started a new project, and after you’ve been working on the same old project for years it’s so easy to forget how you started—how you managed to get to where you are. I truly believe the blank page is one of the most exciting parts of writing—but it can also be paralyzingly daunting sometimes, so I’m putting together a handy-dandy planning checklist for you to come back to whenever you’re planning something new!
(This is really more for planners, pantsers you do you.)
Figure out…
1. Theme
- Motifs
- “Feel” of the story
2. Character
- MC
- Close allies/teammates/other POV characters
- Antagonist
Major Character Development:
- Objective
- Goal
- Unconscious Need
- Disrupting Characteristic
- Formative Event
- Backstory
- Voice
If you need a more in-depth explanation of all this, visit my “Character is Plot” post!
- Secondary characters (allies, friends, important minor characters.)
Minor Character Development:
- Objective
- Goal
- Core characteristics
- Formative Event or brief Backstory
*You don’t need all these characters. I try to make as few major characters as I can starting out and add more only if the story demands another. These are just suggestions for characters that you can create in this step, depending on what your story calls for.
3. Outline
- Set up
- Inciting Incident
- First Act Turn
- Fun and Games
- Midpoint
- Things get Worse
- Second Act Turn
- Crisis
- Climax
- Resolution
“Outline” post should help if you’re stuck here.
4. Worldbuilding
- Homes/classrooms/jobs (minor settings)
- Minor characters (worldbuilding characters—fill out world, may not impact plot as heavily)
- City/town/village/settlement/etc. (larger setting)
- Weather
- Culture (ethnicities, languages, major economy)
- Mythology (beliefs, superstitions, if applicable)
- Brief history
*As a side note, this is a place it’s really easy to get too large and grand. If you’re writing a fantasy, maybe your story will require you to create an entire world and several countries… but I leave worldbuilding to last so that I don’t waste time making anything that doesn’t directly serve the story. I don’t need to know the weather on the other side of the world, who the mayor is, and what the conflict they have with their neighbours if I’m writing something that takes place entirely within a small town bubble.
Just something to think about. You know what’s best for your story, but don’t be afraid to zoom in.
5. Research
- Characters—backstories, hometowns, hobbies, skills, jobs, education, etc.
- World—mechanics, mythology, architecture, look and feel
- Outline—look back inwards to your planning, does it all line up? Are there inconsistencies with how you know your city works and what needs to happen in your plot? Or a character’s skill versus the world they’re in?
6. Question everything
That sounds ominous. I mean, ask really critical questions about your plan so far. If something isn’t going to work, I want to know now rather than when I’m halfway through my draft. So here’s some good questions to ask before you start writing.
1. Are all my characters necessary?
Go through each one and ask, if I take them out, what will happen? If the answer is “everything will fall apart” keep them, if the answer is “Character B could take on their role and nothing else would change.” Or “I’d lose a cool friend for my MC but nothing plot-wise would change” Take them out, adjust as necessary.
2. Have I done my research?
If the city you’ve created rains a lot, have you lived in a place that rains a lot? If not, research how much rain is a lot vs. a little, what happens if it rains for weeks without end, think about how the city has adjusted for the weather. As a hint, I’ve lived in a place where 20 inches of snow is nothing, and we’re still walking to school. I’ve also lived in a place where less than an inch of snow shuts down the public transit system. Know as much as you can, and base as much as you can off what you know.
There’s quite a lot of parts to go through when asking this question, but trust me, it’s worth it. Keep a separate doc or journal page to make sure you remember everything you have left to learn. Characters, outline, worldbuilding, have you done your research?
3. Do my characters inform my outline, or is my outline informing my characters?
Do you have to cause a character to act out of hand to make a plot-point work? It’s going to be really hard to make that be believable. Don’t change the character, change the outline. Your characters can’t chase your outline, your outline must meet your characters. Remember, character is plot!
4. Can I put everything to words/Know the specifics of everything?
If you have something around the lines of “then they figure out what the charm meant” or “the monster has dark powers” you’re more likely going to reach that point in your story and not know where to go next. I hate playing catch up in the middle of a draft, because now I’m researching powers for my monster and none of it works within my world and the characters have no way to know the things they need to know—it gets complicated.
So put everything into words. “The monster is a shapeshifter and can form animalistic but not human traits, needs to be recharged by the full moon, and says ‘babalabagooie!’ whenever he does it” cool, now you know. Get specific, and if you can’t put it into words, you don’t really know it. I hate when profs say that to me, but now I’m saying it to you. Sorry.
Best of luck in your planning!
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dollsofrainbowhigh · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ayesha Sterling 💍 Silver and White (Rainbow Divas)
"I am the finer things in life."
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teoremas-do-tempo · 7 months ago
Lista - Antes que 2022 termine!
01 – Tomar banho de chuva 02 – Correr descalça na rua 03 – Presentear um estranho que parece triste 04 – Escrever um diário 05 – Aprender outra língua (inglês?) 06 – Deitar no chão para ver as estrelas 07 – Ir ao cinema com os amigos 08 – Mudar a vida de alguém 09 – Dormir em uma ligação 10 – Conhecer pessoas novas 11 – Plantar uma arvore 12 – Tirar fotos engraçadas 13 – Revelar fotos antigas 14 – Cantar que nem uma idiota no chuveiro 15 – Ver relâmpagos 16 – Ler teorias da conspiração 17 – Dormir sem ter hora pra acordar 18 – Passar o dia inteiro brincando com seus cachorros 19 – Mandar mensagem para amigos que não conversa mais 20 – Se fantasiar no halloween 21 – Navegar de barco 22 – Mergulhar 23 – Se permitir cometer alguns erros 24 – Ver a si mesma se recuperando 25 – Tomar banho gelado enquanto escuta suas musicas favoritas 26 -  Brincar com alguma criança 27 – Ir a sorveteria e experimentar todos os sabores de sorvete 28 – Assistir a todos os filmes de Harry Potter em um dia 29 – Cantar junto com os amigos em uma roda de violão 30 – Enviar memes para seus amigos 31 – Rir tanto até ficar com dor na barriga 32 -  Ir a um show 33 – Doar roupas que não usa 34 – Jogar RPG 35 – Ir à praia 36 -  Fazer trilha 37 – Virar a noite e ver o sol nascer 38 – Praticar exercícios físicos 39 – Cortar o cabelo sozinha 40 – Ir ao salão para arrumar a cagada que fizer no cabelo 41 – Ir ao museu 42 – Dançar sozinha 43 -  Pixar um muro 44 – Economizar dinheiro 45 -  Tirar carteira de carro 46 – Fazer um piquenique 47 -  Escrever uma música 48 – Comer uma fruta diferente 49 – Aprender a fazer tsuru 50 -  Correr na rua a noite 51 – Pescar um peixe com a mão 52 – Soprar bolhas de sabão 53 -  Fazer uma descoberta 54 -  Fazer uma festa em casa quando seus pais não estiverem 55 – Praticar violão 56 – Expor uma obra de arte 57 – Acampar 58 – Fazer uma fogueira sem fósforos 59 – Dirigir uma moto a toda velocidade 60 – Inventar palavras novas 61 – Beber um bom vinho 62 – Tomar banho ao ar livre pelada (especificamente a meia noite) 63 – Correr uma maratona 64 – Passar uma semana longe do celular 65 – Fazer outra faculdade 66 -  Prestar um concurso 67 – Parar tudo para sentir o cheiro de terra molhada durante uma chuva 68 – Fazer o segundo furo na orelha 69 – Aprender receitas novas 70 – Subir uma montanha 71 – Achar um trevo de quatro folhas 72 – Tomar banho no rio 73 – Comer sua comida favorita até não aguentar mais 74 – Veja as luzes noturna em um ponto alto da sua cidade 75 – Comemore seu aniversario pra valer 76 – Vá a um parque de diversões 77 – Leia pelo menos 10 livros.
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Tumblr media
Hello Kitty self-care checklist
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peoplefromheaven · a month ago
The start of a new month:
Clean out purses
Set monthly goals
Make plans with family and friends
Schedule appointments
Review and prepare for any birthdays, weddings, etc
Deep clean
Go over budget
Clean out the fridge
Plan your to read list
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themascfactory · 2 months ago
Starter Openers:
Do you have a BMI requirement?
Do you require a mammogram?
How did you get involved with trans healthcare?
Have you attended any transgender conferences?
How many Top Surgeries have you performed?
How many Top Surgeries do you do regularly?
Will you be doing the surgery yourself or will less experienced surgical residents take part? If so, how will they take part?
Will you provide a letter for getting my gender marker changed on ID documents?
What types of Top Surgery procedures do you offer? Tell them what you prefer and why.
Is there a Top Surgery procedure that you prefer?
What Top Surgery procedure do you think would best suit my needs and goals?
What are my options for scar shape and placement? What dictates the angle of the scars? Can I choose straight vs curved? What will my incisions look like? Will they meet in the middle?
Where will the nipple/areola complex be positioned? Mention AND use your photos here.
With Peri-Areolar/Keyhole, can you do a nipple reduction during the initial surgery?
Will you perform Double Incision without nipple grafts? (No-Nipple Result) What is the success rate for nipple grafts? / What is the complication rate?
Do you use Drains? Why/why not?
Will my surgery include male chest contouring/liposuction? Is there an extra "cosmetic fee" for this?
What techniques do you use to reduce the chances of Dog Ears?
How long will the surgery take?
What type of facility will my surgery be performed at? (Ex. Ambulatory/Day surgery clinic, local hospital, academic medical center.)
Do any of the nursing staff at the facility have specific training for working with transgender/gender-nonconforming patients?
Will I be provided with a compression binder or do I need to buy my own? + where to purchase one if I need to?
Will I need to stop hormones or my other medications prior to my surgery? Or after? For how long?
What is the recommended scar care?
How many post-op appointments should I need? Are included in the fee? How many and at what interval?
What is cause for concern in the healing during weeks 2-8 versus what is "normal" healing?
What is the most common complication/complaint during recovery your patients report? What is the best way to help prevent that?
What aftercare products (if any) do you recommend and at what point in recovery would I begin using them?
What fraction of patients seek a revision and for what reasons? How frequently are revisions needed?
How much nipple sensation should I expect?
What is the chance of developing a hematoma?
What is the chance of developing a seroma?
What other complications am I at risk for?
What symptoms should I be on the lookout for?
Who do I contact if I think I have a complication?
If a complication happens, what is the protocol for managing it?
There is a family history of breast cancer. What do I need to know about this with regards to Top Surgery?
Do any of my medical conditions or medications increase complication risks?
What should I bring with me from home on the day of?
Do I need to stop taking Testosterone before surgery?
Do I need to stop taking any other of my medications before surgery?
Will I need to have any blood work done or do any other lab tests prior to surgery day?
Will you be providing detailed, written pre-op and post-op instructions?
Is there a pre-op appointment prior to surgery day?
How long can I stay post surgery?
Will I be able to go home the same day as my surgery?
If being released the same day: How long will I need to stay at the surgery center after I wake up?
Does the surgery facility have an on-site pharmacy where my caregiver can pick up my post-op medications? Discuss any prescriptions you may need and bandage treatment with your surgeon.
Is there any outpatient care? Rehabilitation service or place to stay for care after surgery? Does insurance cover this?
If coming from out of town: How long will I need to stay in town after surgery?
If coming from out of town: Do you have arrangements with any hotels for reduced-cost stays for patients?
When will my post-op appointments be?
What medications will I be prescribed after surgery?
I can't take opioids. What are other options for pain management?
When will I be back to normal daily activities?
How soon after surgery can I be on a plane?
When can I go back to work with a [desk job/physical job]?
What do you recommend for scar treatment?
What do you not recommend for scar treatment? Things to avoid?
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badinstinct · a month ago
always respect a caring mom
dont talk if you have no clue
be what you want your kids to be
always search for more
But five:
dont take more than you need to survive
And six:
dont use dirty tricks
believe everyone could reach heaven
Because eight:
you don’t need to be great, straight or perfect
Treat yourself divine
because nobody else can
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furiousgoldfish · 2 months ago
signs you were not doing well as a child:
you spent most of your time in your room/alone, not because you wanted to, but because it was the safest thing to do
you had to worry about whether you’d be able to eat safely that day, or if you’d be met with insults, attacks and/or being chased away from food
you wanted to inflict harm onto yourself and felt it was normal to want to harm you
you inflicted harm onto your body
you spent a long time having imaginary conversations in your head where you tried to prove somehow that you were not as bad as everyone make it seem, or that someone cares about you
you sank into obsessions in order to get thru whatever was going on
you felt as if you were barely making it thru, and if there was just one more thing you’d have to deal with, you wouldn’t be able to take it
you had wild fantasies about someone taking you away from all of this and taking you somewhere safe where you wouldn’t be despised
you never felt at home, you felt like you didn’t have a home
you looked for every possible place to hide, in order to feel safe for a little while, both to keep your enjoyment secret and in case of a danger, you needed to have a hiding place
you were scared of all of your enjoyment being taken away the second people found out
you had to spend more time doing chores or taking care of others, than you could spend developing your own friendships and life
you felt inexplicably and endlessly lonely, you dreamed of one day having friends and it felt unreachable, impossible, like asking for too much
you never cried, or hid when you cried, feeling ashamed and weak
you over-indulged into a tv show, or a computer game, or a piece of media, to the point where it didn’t feel like you lived at all unless you were interacting with it
sometimes the insults and the shaming you endured got to you to the point where you believed things would be better if you didn’t exist
you were constantly trying to check if your parents actually cared for you or not, and took any tiny hint of attention, even negative attention, as a possible proof that they might care, but you could never know for sure which it was
you were scared of getting abandoned, getting kicked out of the house, getting left on the street, you even tried to plan what you would do if it happened
you had moments when you felt like the worst person to ever live
you thought about ending your life, to stop the pain 
you felt guilt and shame so large, you thought there was nothing in the world that could possibly redeem you
you ran to hide when your family member would come home, you couldn’t bear being seen in ‘their part of the house’ (living room, dining room)
you were reluctant to admit anything that was bothering you to your parents or caretakers, because you already knew they would either blame you, or use it against you
you spiraled into dark thoughts, all on your own, telling no one
you experienced feeling so numb and lifeless, you didn’t know what was wrong with you, and it scared you
you couldn’t imagine yourself going far in the future, or accomplishing much at all, you felt it would be a miracle if you’re alive later on
you tried to blame yourself for anything that had ever happened to you, trying to get control over it, trying to make it so it doesn’t happen again
you got into media that is restricted for children (extreme violence, gruesome horror and gore, sexually explicit and sexually violent materials) and you absorbed it and told no one about it
you endured being harassed or violated by a predator and told no one about it
you were constantly scared of what everyone else was thinking and saying about you
you were ashamed of things you did and said and worried endlessly that somehow you caused something bad to happen
you felt as if your worst fear would always, always come true
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skullywullypully · 6 months ago
Silco: Guns?
Sevika: Check.
Silco: Knives?
Sevika: Check.
Silco: Blackmail?
Sevika: Check.
Silco: Shimmer?
Sevika: Check.
Silco: Baby formula?
Silco: Baby formula??
Sevika: I forgot the baby formula...
Silco: *huffs* Then how is Jinx supposed to eat then?
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Tumblr media
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