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Under The Red Cap

It’s really too bad that Roy was manslaughtered by Wally because if he was killed by a supervillain, I can either have the satisfaction of a Red Hood Roaring Rampage of Revenge or Roy coming back wrong and demanding Jason why he didn’t avenge him

Then Jason be like “oh so that’s how that feels like” before capping zombie Roy in the head

Batman: “So do you forgive me…”

Jason: “No, fuck off”

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True, but “miscarriage and separation” while horrific is…like…a recognizable human trauma, not “my kids were rebooted out of existence and my wife doesn’t remember them or me”. I think it’s fair to portray the latter as exacting even more of a toll, and even if you did take it as basically equivalent having that happen a second time would be a new degree of weight all its own.

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Some of both - King I think had a very deliberate point to make about the hollowness of Rebirth as executed and the ways it had in fact *destroyed* Wally emotionally in the process of making him a living symbol of vague goodness and hope (a story that’s simultaneously the reason I actually like Heroes in Crisis in spite of its profound and fundamental failings, and also the reason it’s a story that shouldn’t have existed in that shared universe given the necessary repercussions), DiDio I think just wanted Wally off the table.

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