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#mammon x reader au
Imagine a Medieval  AU where Mammon is an orphaned petty thief...
and you’re a single aristocrat who catches him stealing your gold coins. But as you prepared to give punishment, you see his eyes full of defiance. Amused, you take him under your wing. You don’t have a spouse or a kid, so you teach him to become your successor. 
“You can stay here and die like a dog, or you can come with me and live.”
Through the years spent together, you become comfortable with each other as benefactor and beneficiary. Then you become friends.
And then you begin to notice the small things... 
You find him looking at you when he thinks you’re unaware. He doesn’t eat unless you’re there with him, and he doesn’t listen to anyone but you. 
“Is there something you want to talk about, Mammon?”
“You’ve been staring at me for the past five minutes.”
“Wha--I was not! Who’d stare at you?”
You pretend not to know because you think it’s just a crush that’s going to fade with age.
But it doesn’t.
And then, one night, everything just changes.
Mammon is introduced into high society as your heir, but one thing leads to another and he’s no longer that petty thief you found on the streets. 
He was the missing prince of the country and now its soon-to-be king.
Mammon doesn’t want to leave, and a part of you doesn’t him to go, but you think of this kingdom, and you tell him to pack up.
“Why are you pushing me away?”
“I’m helping you do the right thing.”
“You don’t know that.”
“They don’t even know if I’m actually the prince. Why are you forcing me out?”
“Oh, I get it. Your little project to create the perfect heir got ruined and you want me out so you can find a better replacement, is that it?”
You part ways. He leaves in the gaudy carriage the royal palace sent him. 
You don’t talk. (Well, you tried during his coronation. But he ignored your congratulations and flirted with the country’s noble ladies.)
You don’t write letters.
You don’t tell him how much you miss him...
But one lazy Sunday afternoon, the same gaudy carriage wheels into your property.
Mammon steps out and you greet him politely, as one would regard any king. You invite him inside for tea and he just nods. A thick, invisible wall separated your hearts.
You spend the first thirty minutes together in pregnant silence. The tea is now cold and the sandwiches are soggy. 
But then, he finally speaks up, and in a voice that’s not too loud or too soft, he says, "They want me to take in the neighboring country’s princess.”
It’s no secret that the royal advisers are already begging him to marry for political reasons.
"So I've heard,” you answer like an outsider.
"I don't want to though."
"... I know."
"But I have to, and you agree."
You’re quiet for a moment, letting his words hang in the air before replying, “I do."
He gives you a wry smile. Then he spins around and looks out the balcony, strings of sunlight outline his figure. He has grown so much from the boy you caught stealing gold in the streets.
Mammon then speaks: "I live in a palace made of marble."
"I'm well aware."
"Solid marble, and it's decorated with all these fancy paintings, and the curtains covering the windows are supposed to be super expensive—"
"Your Highness, I—"
"—quiet, your king is talking." His tone is playful and you roll your eyes with equal lightheartedness.
"The palace is big and it's full of suck-ups who will lick my boots if I ask them to. Can you believe how ridiculous it sounds? I used to fight for scraps of stale bread but now I get to eat a whole turkey and no one gets to stop me.” He shakes his head. 
“I still remember those days... if I wanted a place to rest I’d have to find a customer and my bed always changed, but now I have my own bed with clean sheets that smell like lavender." His gaze is directed far away. "I live in a palace made of marble, and I thought I'd be happy. But I’m not.”
He turns to face you. There is no haughtiness in his expression, only a tiny, tired smile.
“I miss you,” he says, voice cracking. “I miss you so much that I can't even taste the turkey they prepare just for me, I can't sleep in my own bed because it's too big and too cold and too soft and ... you're not there to wish me 'good night.'” 
He takes a step towards you. “I can't bring myself to be thankful for my marble palace because it means giving up what I have with you."
"Your Highness—"
"Let's run away."
"Let's run away. I'll snatch as many gold coins as I can and we can run away together, like they do in those books love so much."
"If you do that, people will revolt."
"I love you. I want to be with you, more than I've ever wanted to live in a palace made of marble."
"I want to grow old with you, I want to see you with wrinkles and grey hair."
His voice pierces the air and you’re left with silence.
After a moment, breaks it again, "Don't stand there looking at me like you don't want to do this, because I know you, and I know you want me, too."
You look into his eyes, his beautiful eyes that are clear and honest and filled with nothing but love, and you lean in to kiss him. 
He tastes so good and sweet and you don’t ever want to come up for air. But you have to, and when you do, you brush your hand over his cheek.
“I want those things, believe me, I do. But I look at you and I see a good man, a man who cares more than he lets others see, a good man who steals bread so he can give them to the little boys and girls in the orphanage that is barely standing. I see a good man who can be a good king.”
“I want to stay by your side as your spouse, Mammon, but if I do that this country will be burned to the ground without the protection of its neighbor.” You pull back your hand. “I won’t make you choose between me and all the little boys and girls that need you...”
He whispers your name.
You push him away.
“Goodbye, Mammon.”
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sketch-guardian · a month ago
Why I keep posting old stuff? Maybe the reason is that in this period I couldn't find the time to draw because of school😭🙈 But anyway-
I'm not sure if such a thing already exists (I think it does? But with Mammon being a merman instead) but I thought of a Obey Me AU a long time ago, one where MC is a merfolk (in this case a mermaid since there's my oc Camy) and Mammon a surfer🤷🏻
In this drawing, Mammon is offering his spare shirt to MC (Camy) in order to let her cover herself, since she is very self conscious about her appearance. Since then, they started to develop a nice friendship and in the future...something more✨
P.S: In this AU, MC (Camy) likes to bring Mammon seashells and pearls, because she knows he likes shiny things
Tumblr media
Have a nice day/night and stay safe everyone!
Hope you enjoy💜
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nomedsuna · 2 months ago
Chapters: 3/? Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!, Obey Me Rating: Mature Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Original Female Character(s), Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!) & Original Character(s), Main Character & Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Main Character/Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Reader, Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!) & Reader, Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!/Female Reader Characters: Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Leviathan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Lucifer (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Asmodeus (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Satan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Beelzebub (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Belphegor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Solomon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), God (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Simeon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Luke (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Diavolo (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Barbatos (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Michael (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Demon Brothers (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!) Additional Tags: Angst, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Violence, Death, Slow Burn, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Fear, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Pacts, Pact Mark, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Slow Build, Long, seriously, its gonna be a long one, Strap in, Pining, Mutual Pining Summary:
You end up in the Devildom with nothing but the clothes on your back and no one to trust. Slowly you become closer to the demon brothers and especially close to the white-haired demon chosen to be your guardian. But as the months pass by your life in the Devildom takes a turn, what was supposed to be a year-long exchange program turns into something much more dangerous.
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thewritingginger · 3 months ago
Obey Me! Brothers React: Baby?!?
Tumblr media
This is a VERY old request that I actually found I had when scrolling through my blog lol
I liked it so much so I did the thing. It also gives some fluff between all the sin I have in my WIPs 
Probably the calmest out of the bunch
“Are you okay?” “I’m prepared to take responsibility and make sure you’re happy.”
Makes sure you have your doctor appointments and goes with you
Very attentive to your needs
Over all he is pretty organized and prepared . . . on the outside
On the inside he’s a bit of a hoverer, but never too obvious. Just kinda stands to the side and observes,”just in case” you are carrying precious cargo afterall
Also he won't say it outloud but seeing your growing belly makes his pride shine the most and very territorial of you more than usual You are his and everyone will know
Kinda low-key didn’t not-not try to impregnate you but you didn’t hear that from me…
You and lucifer ended up having a Baby Boy Great another boy in the house
“Am I just destined to be surrounded by boys my whole life?” “I can always try to give you a girl. Just tell me when.” 😉
Yeah you’ll probably wait a year or two to actually plain for another baby, that is if Lucifer doesn’t “if it happens it happens”you again and BOOM baby #2 smh
Not as strict as one may think when thinking of Lucifer’s parenting style
Mammon definitely has something to say about that 
Does like to try and keep to a daily schedule of when they not just eat and sleep but also scheduled play and study time when they get to that age
He may need an ambulance
JK but he is a bit of a nervous wreck
Wait till he finds how birth works
But after the initial shock he is still worried about you
Maybe a bit overbearing
“Mammon, I can walk! I’m pregnant, not crippled.” “What? I can’t carry you around for no reason now?”
You end up having a Baby Girl
Cue panic mode!
Must protect baby girl at all costs Daddy mode engaged!
“My Love, you don’t have to watch her all night. She’ll be fine.” “I don’t know that!”
That dad that gets upsetty spaghetti if a “snot-nosed brat” messes with his perfect daughter on the playground
Levi.exe has stopped working
Try turning off and turning on and try again later
Wasn’t ready for you to say it
I mean sure you guys do do the do, bUt hOw?!?!?
“Can we go back?” “Levi this isn’t a video game level.”
Don’t get him wrong he’s not mad just scared!
He’ll get into it after he has time to process it 
“I guess it would be nice to have another player when your busy.”
Started “practicing” with a life simulator game
You and Levi had a baby boy!
Games galore! 
When your little boy is still a baby obviously he can’t play video games with Levi but Levi has surprisingly really liked playing peek-a-boo
You do find Levi with your son on his chest as he plays video games most of the time when he’s watching him 
Is about tied with Lucifer on the calm factor
Actually knew before you told him
“How the heck did you know, I just told you.” “Your period was late.”
Read all the books he can find on parenting and newborns in both humans and demons
You kinda wished he didn’t read so much because it went from ‘just wanting to cover all bases’ to being a bit of a worry wart and always “helping” you and “informing” you
Can you say Papa Bear!!! VERY protective!!!
Will damn near bite someone's head off if they bump into you especially w/o apologizing
Reads and/or plays music for the baby every night
“They say they can start to hear and recognize things in the womb at about 18-24 weeks. I have so many books I’d want to show them so might as well start early.”
Finds himself talking to and kississing your belly when your asleep late at night
“I promise I’m gonna make sure I’m the best Dad for you!”
Does touch your belly though everytime he kisses you
You and Satan had a Baby Girl
Truely a Daddy’s girl! She definitely has him wrapped around her little finger
He denies it but it’s true lol
Checks under the bed for “the scaries” every time she asks 
“You know Daddy will always protect you!”
Obviously the one to teach her to read and write. Making sure they get at least 30 mins of reading time together where they take turns
You’ve walking into the library many times to see Satan laying on the couch with your daughter on his chest, both asleep
At some point he finally admitted to you that he’s scared to “let her go”
He wants his baby girl to be his baby forever but he knows sadly she has to grow up but he hopes that when that happens they still have their book discussions and reading time together
It’s how he bonds with her the most.
Okay. Okay. I’ll stop cuz we should know I love Daddy Satan so I’ll stop before i get out of hand lol
Ok but really he is excited
“With my charm and your cuteness, this child is gonna be the most sought after person in devildom.”
The day you told him he started preparing their room. Filling the room with bins of stuffed animals and toys
And clothes. Lots and lots of clothes.
“Asmo we don’t even know the gender yet.” “That’s ok! What ever we don’t use I guess we’ll just have to make another for those.”
He is gonna be in for a rude awakening literally when the baby comes
Say goodbye to your beauty sleep Asmo 
You and Asmo had a Baby Girl
When he found out you were having a girl, demon lord help this new doll baby
Dress up everyday 
Loves parading her around in his arms or the stroller
“Excuse me, Princess coming through!” 
Telling him you were pregnant made him really happy!!!
“I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else.” “You’ll be the best mother.”
Of course he was nervous but he had you and you always knew how to make him feel better
And when the stress of the actual baby came up he just focused on what he did know
Snacks. Snacks. & more Snacks!!!
Your pregnancy cravings were arguably the easiest part of your pregnancy for him because he was always down to go get them for you it also gave him an excuse to get more snacks for himself too and he got to try all your favorite snacks and weird concoctions you’d want.
You and Beel had surprise, surprise. Twins!!!! Fraternal Twins to be exact, a boy and a girl
One baby was scary enough but, multiply it by two!?!? Oh nelly.
But Beel really has a way to calm you.
Divide and conquer is your modo
He’ll bathe and clothe them and you feed them Beel has helped with the feeding but somehow the food seems to disappear rather fast and the rest you share and tag in and out of
I’m sorry. He must have heard you wrong.
Maybe he is still asleep and this is a dream
But nope. It’s not! You are tellin his face that he had accidentally put a … baby… inside you…
“Are you really pregnant?” “Yup” “I’m telling you right now I’m getting rid of it if it interferes with my sleep.”
Yeah… that didn’t happen :)
He lost sleep, yes. But although annoyed he was even shocked with how attached?!? He was to the child
Oh you had a boy!
You thanked the heavens for not “gifting” you with twins
A plus is your little boy takes after his father when it comes to sleep
Altho he’s still a baby so restless nights are still very much in your future 
Belphie gifted him his very own special pillow :3 He was sick of his kid stealing/hogging his
I kinda went into them as parents bit oops  I got too excited lol
Maybe I can do more Daddy AUs in the future if that’d interest anyone.
I hope you enjoyed reading this, I really liked writing it.  I can’t be the only one obviously that really likes Daddy AUs :3
I love the fluff and I hope you do too :D
~ Undateables Reactions ~
💛 ~
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tuskzemike · 3 months ago
TW: Hanahaki.
Angels fall.
With their bloody wings, their shattered haloes and their vengfull darkened eyes they fall, it is quite a beautiful sight, the death and rebirth of something so pure and celestial.
Demon however don't fall.
They don't exist by nature you see, there is no being that was simply born a demon or a sinner, they were all once partially pure and partially celestial, they either fell from the heavens with promises of brutal revenge or dug their way into this nightmare with prayers to him who would no longer hear what they had to say.
So it was rather gruesome to see a demon and a sinner fall.
Especially if it was a demon you were quite fond of.
He sat infront of you, chest heaving and trembling with each breath, hands gripping the armrests, claws digging into the expensive cushions, he still looked at you with those sweet, green eyes but now they were bloodshot and dry, his lips were bloody as they mouthed words to you, petals fluttered to his lap every once in a while, what he said, you couldn't quite make out but it seemed important to him so you sat and listened.
Even as the ache of your lungs brought you to your knees and onto his lap he continued to talk, maybe he was threatening you, maybe he was telling you what to do, maybe he was connffesing to you or maybe he was just talking, talking to fill the silence he had created, talking to fill the silence he had created out of such pure emotions, talking to fill the silence of stinging eyes, overstuffed lungs, trembling shoulders and dried, burning snot.
Your ribs shook and trembled, a few petals fell on top of your head they must've been light as love but you felt like someone had placed the world on you head, you lift your head, just one more taste of those vibrant eyes, just one more illegible word, just one more dry tear and then you'll let go and he'll be happy.
He looked down at you eyes now wet and whispered in the most faint, scratchy whisper ' I'm sorry '
Well maybe demons could fall pretty too.
Or maybe just sinners.
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carson-asmo-lover · 3 months ago
Harpy Mammon x gn reader
Obey me monster au part 1
This is based off the art done by @yandereskies harpy mammon is here. I will be making parts for all the brothers, I also kinda wanted to make this a choose your own adventure story but I wasn't sure if enough people would actually participate so I'm just doing a small thing first to see how it works out. If enough people do I may make the future story's have more choices.
Simply comment which place you would like to visit first, it will pick which brother I will do first and the one that gets the most goes first.
The words is filled with monster, young and old hear story's about heroic adventure slaying these ferocious monsters. The dead body of the monsters always fetching a hight price at any market, it's common for once a sightings of a monster there will be multiple inspiring monsters slayers hunting it down.
You never liked that, as someone who study monsters from afar without killing them. You know they are sentient and don't deserve such treatment. Although many of them may fest on human flesh, that's more from a lack of available prey and defending themselves.
Of course as someone with very little fear, no self preservation and a impressive natural talent in magic you choose to try to save some of these mystical creatures yourself. Which in the end may be a horrible idea that could easily result in your death, but hey someone has to do it. That you idea was rock solid, you would help unite monsters so they can help defend themself against hero's and hopefully move them away from the whole eat human thing.
So you pack your bags full of books about monsters and other things you may need on such a long journey and headed out leaving your old life behind for a new one. Leaving the packed capital city for a new life of adventuring into the woods in search for any sign of monster's.
It wasn't long till the capital was no longer in view and the forest was getting more dense, the tree growing bigger and stronger from the lack of human interference. It also wasn't long till your life of researching monsters in the comfort of your home caught up to you, and you could barely walk anymore. Choosing instead to go rest on a near by tree.
The shade of the tree helped cool you down, but your exhaustion caught up to you and before you knew it sleep over took you. It wasn't long till you hear the something rummaging through your bag, it took awhile for your brain to catch up with what was happening.
Once you did you bolted up, sleep quickly falling away from your mind. You opened your eyes to find the sun had set and some shadowy figure was dumping out your bag, your books and food was scattered around. it was hard to see but you could see the shiny reflection of what you could only assume was your ring which was missing from your finger.
"Hey! What do you think your doing, that's my stuff" you jumped up quickly mumbling the incantation for a light spell. The light poured over the creature, startling them and before you could get a good look it was gone. Only leaving behind a few stray feathers and your mess and slightly ripped up bag. The feather where large and smooth to the touch, the dark black colour almost shined from the light.
Your feeling where conflicted, on one hand you where so excited to finally found a monster but annoyed that your belongings where scattered around and stolen. You quickly collected your left over belongings then tried to find any traces of where the monster could've gone.
Thankfully you are well versed in magic and you can easily trace where he went using the few feathers he left behind. The spell was simple enough, a magical line leading you in the right direction but it seemed that the harpy flew hard away. Your sighed already dreading the walk but followed the magical trail.
You where slightly thankful for the lightened weigh of your bag thanks to the stolen items. The sun already started to set when you arrived to where the the spell lead them. In front of you was a huge iron oak tree, which near the top was a nest that obviously belong to the harpy. You could see the glimmer of stolen gold and jewels, even from the ground it was clear it was filled with many stolen items.
Now your stolen items weren't all you where worried about, so many expensive items means that at least one hero was hunting them down. You needed to find them immediately and make sure their safe. "Hey! What are you doing here?"
You jumped at the voice behind you, quickly turning around to find the harpy. In his winged arms was the stolen items of another traveler. his white hair was fluffy and look similar to a cloud, his body was covered in dark raven feathers that glimmered slightly in the light of the new day. He was adorn with a plethora of golden jewelry, some of which only peaked out beneath his feathers.
He let out what he must've meant to be a growl but had more of a chirping to it. "Whatcha ya doing staring at me huh!? Are you planing to steal every thing in my nest? Ha I'd like to see you try, a measly human like you could even dream of stealing from the great Mammon!" He continued to ramble on about how great he is, almost completely forgetting your there.
Was he trying to threaten you to leave or just trying to show off, you weren't sure. His feathers started to puff up as he ranting about how great he was, you decided to end this rant knowing that with the light of day came hero's tracking him down. "I'm not here to take any of your things, well maybe take mine back, but you have to be careful cause with so many stolen items there has to be at least a few hero's hunting you"
Mammon glared at you, this feathers puffing up more as he scoffs at you "oh come on, some measly hero's couldn't kill me! Plus aren't you a hero as well?" It was obvious that he didn't trust you and was keeping his distance.
"I'm not a hero, quite the opposite actually. I don't want to hurt you" He started to circle around you trying to get a good look at you, after a few seconds of him staring at you he gasps dropping the stolen items in his wings as he started them to flap them excitedly.
"You're the sparkly light person!" He dropped all pretenses of being worried about you, instead excitedly moving near you. Behind his glasses you could practically see this eye sparkle with excitement. "How did you do that!? Can you do that again, I need to see it!"
You where overwhelmed by the sudden change of behaviour but you quickly preformed the light spell a small ball of light forming in your hand. He gasped staring the the light like a excited child, he smiled at his childish excitement finding him so adorable.
He looked up at you eyes still shining "your so amazing! And you can do this all the time!?" You gave him a small nod, this was all he need to know. Next thing you know he was flying up to his nest with you in his claws, the ground slowly moving away from you.
Once you got to the nest Mammon dropped you into this, it was a less then comfortable fall giving the nest was filled to the brim with trinkets that where just haphazardly thrown into them "h-hey what are you doing? You can't just grab me and throw me into your nest"
Mammon gave you a small confused look before smiling "this is where I put all my sparkly treasures!" If his child like glee and adorable mannerisms didn't make you blush being call his treasure definitely did. You could feel your heart flutter, as he continued to stare at you expectantly.
"W-wait you can't stay here, there are going to be hero's here any minute" Mammon huffed frowning, already annoyed with the mention of hero's. "Hey I'm not going to let some hero's separate me more my little treasure"
You sighed it wasn't going to be easy to get him to leave, but you smirked an idea coming to mind "okay how about you travel with me, I can make the sparkly light and I have many other spell that do similar things"
Mammon gasps at the idea, considering it. "Really!? Okay just let me collect the treasures I want to keep!" He excitedly started to rummage through the items, at the same time you managed to find a few of your missing ones as well. "Thank you for joining me, i know it's hard to leave this behind but it's going to be safer for you"
Mammon stopped collecting his belongings to stare at you, he smiled at you brightly. "Nah I don't mind, it'll be alot easier to find new treasures when I'm traveling around with you! Plus you must have a bunch of spell that would be useful, can you turn coal into gold?"
You chuckles at this, making a mental note to look into spell like that. "Well I do not remember anything of the top of my head, but I can look into it" you could tell that he will be a handful but still an adorable handful.
Mammon did sigh about it, but quickly moved on after a few minutes of stuffing a bag full of items, he was all ready to go. You managed to find a cloak that covered his more animalistic parts, making much easier to travel without attracting any unwanted attention.
Once Mammon flew both of you down he awkwardly tried to pass you back your stolen right with his wings. "H-here you better be happy, the great Mammon doesn't give things back to just anyone" there was a soft blush on his face as you smiles and out the ring back on.
Now with a new friend by your side and more adventures in near future there was so many places your could go. The nearest places that was high in monster activity was the jungle to the south which had a plethora of interesting fauna and flora to the north was the slime valleys which was filled with obviously slime.
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asmos-pet · 4 months ago
Chapter 6: The Aftermath
Chapter six of the Obey Me! Mafia AU. This is a Mammon fic with a F!Reader. Chapters will be posted more frequently now that I’m done with events!
Characters: Mammon, Lucifer
Warnings: mentions of alcohol, slight manhandling 
Word Count: 1.1k
Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
You didn’t get as much satisfaction as you thought you would blowing up at Mammon, but the bewildered look on his date’s face made it more than worth it. With his hand locked around your wrist, it was the second time this night that he’d forcibly dragged you out of the club and behind closed doors.
“Ow- let go of me!” You snapped, “You’re supposed to-”
“If ya don’t shut up, I’m gonna make you.” He replied, jerking you through the door and up the stairs. You scrambled to keep up with his pace, practically having to jog in order to match his huge strides. Luckily, it wasn’t a long way to your room. 
When he opened the door and walked inside, flipping on the lights, you immediately realized that this room was much nicer than your tiny apartment. With lavender colored walls and hardwood flooring, there was a queen bed and a matching vanity in the corner. You even had your own personal bathroom. 
“Wow… Well… thank you.” You finally said, breaking the silence.
“Don’t. I’m only doin’ this cause I have to.”
Rolling your eyes at his rudeness, you knew you shouldn’t have thanked him. After the way he had treated you all night, it truly was unwarranted. “Fine, I take it back. Get out. I’m exha-”
Before you could finish, Mammon pushed you up against the wall, pressing your body into the wall as he looked down at you. “Tell me what I’m supposed to do one more goddamn time.” It was a challenge, an unmistakable and blatant threat. 
With that, your mouth snapped shut, eyes lowering to stare at the ground.
When it was clear you weren’t going to fight with him, he nodded to himself. “That’s what I fuckin’ thought.” To your surprise, Mammon brought a hand up to brush across your bottom lip, slowly dragging his finger down your chin to the curve of your breasts. “Oh, well look at that… You’re not so bad when you keep that mouth of yours closed.”
Freezing up, you couldn’t help but swallow hard at his actions, his blue eyes alone enough to pin you in place. He was giving you whiplash - the way he switched from intimidation to… was this seduction? It sure as hell felt like it.
“What? Now that you’re cornered ya have nothin’ to say?”
“I- I-” You stammered out, daring to bring your eyes up to meet his. 
“You- You what?” He smirked, cocking an eyebrow at you and retracting his hand only to place it beside your head on the wall. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”
“No.” You were grateful that your voice sounded more steady than before. “I’m just-”
“Flustered? Hot and bothered?”
“No!” However, to your dismay, you could feel your cheeks start to burn from both his directness and his proximity. If he’d only take a couple steps back, your mind would stop malfunctioning.
“Mhmm…” His eyes flickered down, staring at your lips while his tongue flicked over his own. “Then why is your heart beating so fast?”
Now, to that, you honestly didn’t have an answer. You, yourself, were extremely confused as to why he was able to elicit such a reaction out of you, especially after everything he’d said to you in the past several hours. 
Fortunately, it seemed to be a rhetorical question when he continued on, musing out loud. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you like the compromising position you’re in… What if I were to just…” You were about to question what he meant, your eyes widening into saucers as Mammon started to lean in slowly, bringing his lips down to yours.
That’s when you came to your senses. It was automatic the way you brought your knee up hard, instinctual even, just as it was for him to double over, a loud grunt sounding in the room. “Fuck!” Mammon shouted, dropping to his knees, hands going to shield his groin. “You bitch!”
If you were nervous before, you were terrified now, bolting away and climbing over the bed so you could keep the large obstacle between the two of you. “I’m-”
“You’re dead - that’s what ya are!” He finished, struggling to get back up on his feet. “Dead and pathetic! You thought I’d actually want to fuck you? Get a fuckin’ grip!”
“I’m sorry!” You shouted in a panic, holding your hands up in a truce. “Please- Wait, I didn’t mean to!”
A shiver ran down your spine the man growled before you, striding over to the bed and placing both of his hands on it. “I don’t care!” He was in the process of jumping over the bed when someone cleared their throat loudly, causing both of you to stop what you were doing and shift your attention to the new person in the room.
“I came to see if Y/N made it to her room, but I see there were no problems.” It was Lucifer standing in the doorway that neither of you had bothered to close, face just as unreadable as before. It was unsettling the way you couldn’t tell what he was thinking. “Oh, don’t let me interrupt. That is… unless you were about to do something you shouldn’t have.” His crimson eyes were focused on Mammon. “You know, like harming our guest.”
Pushing himself off the bed, Mammon was still seething, but it was clear there’d be nothing he could do about it. Not to you anyway. “Fuck this. Fuck her. All she’s gonna do is cause us trouble. I’m outta here.” And with that, he stormed out of the room, continuing to curse underneath his breath, leaving you alone with Lucifer.
“Well, I believe that settles that.” He said, his eyes finally turning to acknowledge you. “I trust you’ll make yourself at home, yes? Breakfast is at nine on the weekends. I suggest you get some rest before then. Goodnight, Y/N.” Without another word, he pulled the door closed behind him.
Flinging yourself on your bed, you grabbed a pillow and pressed it against your face, screaming at the top of your lungs. For the first time since you’d arrived, you felt like you could actually let your guard down, shoulders slumping in exhaustion.
While the room was nice and the bed was comfy, you still longed to be back at your apartment, considering how tonight might’ve gone differently had you canceled on your friend. And that’s what you feel asleep thinking about, hanging on to the last shred of normalcy you could find.
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Chapter 4: The Brotherhood
This is part of my Obey Me! Mafia AU, a Mammon fic with a F!Reader.
Characters: Mammon, Lucifer, Beel, Satan, Diavolo, Simeon, Asmodeus, Levi
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol
Word count: 1.2k
Chapter 1 | 2 | 3
After you’d calmed down a bit, the men escorted you back up the stairs to the maroon room, Mammon grumbling underneath his breath the entire time. The only thing that shut him up was Satan threatening to shoot him in the foot, and, even then, he still cursed at him. 
You watched as Lucifer crossed the room, pulling out a key and opening the polished mahogany door on the opposite side of the room. “Satan, go get Levi. We’ll need to run a background check on her. Diavolo, get a hold of Solomon, and, Mammon if I hear another word out of you, I promise you will not like the outcome. Make yourself useful and contact Belphie.”
Following after them, you walked into a room with a long wooden table in the center, chairs lined on either side. “Asmodeus, go let her friend know she’s safe. Tell her you found her drunk and called her a taxi. Oh, and, Simeon, make sure no one reported any gunshots to the police. I’ll be back.” After finishing giving out orders, Lucifer also left the room, leaving you alone, awkwardly standing with Beel.
It was silent for several seconds before Beel cleared his throat, pulling out a chair and sitting down. “Well, you might as well sit down, right? You still look a little pale.”
Sighing heavily, you had a million questions running through your mind but you were far too tired to try and get answers. “I guess you’re right.” You took a seat beside him and laid your head in your hands. “So, what is this? A cult?”
“Um.. I think Lucifer can explain it better than me. My name’s Beelzebub, but everyone calls me Beel. What’s your name?”
You turned your head slightly, peeking at him. While extremely tall, he truly didn’t seem too intimidating - not compared to the other men you’d met tonight. He’d even stood up for you after the shoot out. “I’m Y/N. I’d say it’s nice to meet you, but…” You trailed off as the events of tonight played through your mind yet again. 
“Yeah, it wasn’t the best of circumstances. But… It wasn’t the worst, either. I’m alive thanks to you.” A soft smile spread across his face, but it quickly turned into a frown. “I’m sorry you got involved.”
The sincerity in his voice made you lift your head up, finally raising your eyes to meet his. “It’s okay, really. Besides, it wasn’t just you. Mammon was the one who thought I was working for somebody.”
“Oi!” The loud outburst made you cringe, head whipping around to find none other than the person you were just talking about. “Shut your fuckin’ mouth. You don’t know shit about me.”
“Mammon.. Don’t talk to her like that.” Beel’s frown deepened, eyebrows knitting together. 
“The last time I checked, you’re the one that obeys my orders.” He snapped back, yanking a chair out and swiveling it around, sitting on it backward.
Before the conversation could progress any further, people started returning, the chairs in the room slowly filling up with an array of strangely… alluring men. None of them seemed to be related to each other, but there was an obvious comradery among them. 
All of their faces were vaguely familiar, except for the one who walked back in with Satan. With a computer tucked against his side, the man had vibrant purple hair that swooped down into his auburn eyes. 
Once they took their seats, Lucifer stood up at the head of the table, eyes glancing around at all of you before speaking. “First things first, we need to make sure everyone is on the same page. There was an attack on The Fall tonight. Judging by their clothes, I’m certain it was the Bloods. We were able to fend them off, but I doubt that’s the last we will see of them.”
It was then that you finally realized just what you had witnessed - a gang war. 
“Now, I’m sure you’ve all noticed that we have someone new joining us.” Lucifer continued, everyone’s eyes non-so subtly turning to you. “From what I understand, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it was assumed she was involved with another gang in some way. Barbatos has since proven that incorrect; however, this is an usually unique situation.”
Your eyes stared at the table in front of you, unwilling to meet any of their gazes as you were now aware just how dangerous these men were. Beel had seemed friendly, but, even then, he’d still grabbed you in the hallway when you’d been so close to escaping. 
“As stated previously, we were targeted by the Bloods tonight and she ended up in the middle of the brawl. As a result… She’ll be staying with us for the foreseeable future.” 
“What?” You couldn’t help the question. This information was news to you. “No, I’d really like to go home.”
There were several snickers, Lucifer sighing. “Yes, I’m sure you would, but I’m also sure you’d like staying alive. Is that a correct assumption?”
“I mean, yes, but-”
“Then, I strongly suggest you listen to my advice. While it’s not a guarantee that they will come after you, it is still a possibility, and, if they do, you will be defenseless. That, I can guarantee. We have several spare bedrooms here that you can pick from. But. I will not force you to stay here. It makes no difference to me whether you live or die.”
You shivered as the seriousness of his words sunk in. He was giving you an out, an opportunity to walk out of here and go back to your apartment. You could continue on with your life and pretend that nothing had happened. You could.
But then you would have to live with a constant cloud of paranoia every time you went out in public. Every time you saw someone wearing red. Every time someone looked suspicious. And then what would you do to protect yourself? How would you fight someone with a gun? Or multiple people at the same time? And what happened if Sabrina was with you?
Raking your fingers through your hair, the decision was yours. But it didn’t feel like you had a choice.
“Okay.” You nodded slowly, bringing your eyes up to meet Lucifer’s. “I will stay. For now.”
Your admission was met with various reactions, but you were focused on the man in charge. That was until Mammon raised his voice. “You’ve gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me. We can’t just have a stranger walkin’ around here unsupervised. Maybe she’s not a traitor, but that doesn’t mean I trust her.”
“Ah, an excellent point, Mammon.” Lucifer grinned, taking a seat. “Since you’re the one who brought her here in the first place, you’ll have the pleasure of looking after her.”
“What?!” He stood up, face warped into an ice cold glare. “That’s bullshit!”
Lucifer merely leaned back in his chair, crimson eyes practically glowing with delight. “Oh? Well… the last time I checked, you’re the one that obeys my orders.”
Chapter 5
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thatoneitaliangirl · 4 months ago
Obey Me! AU where everything is the same, but the reason the brothers are so attracted to MC is because they’re a religious virgin saving themselves for marriage which makes their soul pure and desirable to demons-
The brothers not understanding why their so attracted to them.
Freaking out, because they’ve never been around humans this much, so they’ve never come across a pure soul.
The angles bonding with MC over religion and also being drawn to them because of how pure their soul is.
The angles being able to see their soul and after the brothers mention it to them one day being like “Well, that makes sense, since their soul is so pure and all.”
The brothers realizing this and low key either freaking out, or finding it intriguing.
Certain brothers also low key wanting to corrupt MC. *cough Asmo cough* 
MC being a cute and innocent bean- not quite understanding certain things.
Alternatively, MC understanding everything but being nice about it.
Alternatively again, MC understanding everything and countering it with their own witty-ness.
Lucifer being shook by their religiousness, but over time accepting it and loving them anyway.
Mammon freaking out every time he’s near MC, afraid to touch them or ruin their perfect soul- I mean hey, those are rare- and he’ll be damned if he lets anyone else have it-
Levi being hesitant to show them certain anime because of nudity or mature content- low key worried sometimes that he’s corrupting their soul- after all, Henry is awesome and noble and perfect, so MC can’t be any less than perfect in his eyes.
Satan being a little shit and wanting to see how far he can push them before they get uncomfortable or break. Studying how they react to certain things and taking notes in his definitely NOT creepy little notebook.
Asmo laying on the flirt SUPER HARD and making it his personal mission the be the one to take their virginity, even if he knows they’ll never give in. No ones gonna be able to do it better than him- just saying.
Beel being the cinnamon roll he is and being super respectful of both their religious views and personal preferences. Them being so pure kind reminds him of Lilith.
Belphie being super upset and bitter at first. I mean a human AND one that’s religious? Come on- how could he not hate them? But them being so pure he can’t help the attraction and eventually gives in- in the end, if Beel approves, than he’ll approve.
The angels and MC getting together every week to hang out, talk religion, and pray together.
Solomon studying the effects certain spells on a pure soul- exchanging notes with Satan.
Diavolo being attracted to their soul too but knowing from the beginning why and accepting it. Also curious what would happen if he were to make such a pure soul his partner- 🤔
Barb also knowing from the beginning why he’s attracted to their soul, but being chill about it.
Other demons wanting MC’s soul, and the brothers having to keep watch and be even more cautious of MC walking around the Devildom.
And possibly more. Please add- I need this in my life. If you make a story based off of it- I beg you to btw- please tag me, I wanna read! I’m desperate over here!
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Chapter 3: The Crash
Here’s the third chapter of the Obey Me Mafia AU. This is a Mammon fic!
Characters: Mammon, Asmodeus, Lucifer, Satan, Barbatos, Diavolo, Simeon, Beel
Warnings: Gun-use and resulting injuries
Word Count: 1.6k
Chapter 2
“I’m Lucifer. But everyone calls me Boss.” That was all he said to you before turning to Diavolo, raising an eyebrow. “What is she doing here? I assume we have important matters to discuss if Simeon is here.”
Diavolo just sighed and shook his head. “Mammon thinks she’s connected to some of the disturbances Simeon was just telling us about. Apparently, she was snooping around behind the bar.”
With that, everyone’s eyes flickered to look at you. Fighting off a shudder, you were struggling to stand up for yourself while surrounded by such intimidating men. The more of them you met, the more convinced you were that they were using code names. Lucifer? Satan? At this point, you were just hoping you hadn’t gotten caught up in some insane cult.
“Look, I don’t know what you guys do here.” You said quickly, trying to get a word in while you had enough courage. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, I swear. Please- Just let me go and I won’t say a word and you’ll never see me a-”
“Enough.” The blonde one snapped. “Your words don’t matter. Mammon.. Are you sure she wasn’t trying to get a free drink?”
“Actually, maybe that’s the case...” It was Asmodeus that spoke this time, taking a couple steps forward. “I gave her and her friend free drinks. Hmm.. was that not enough? You’re a greedy one, aren’t you? I’m surprised you and Mammon don’t get along better.”
“Oi! Why are ya givin’ out free drinks?” Mammon piped in. “Look what happened!”
“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I own this place? You’re just mad because you fucked up and tried to gag an innocent girl!” Asmo shouted back.
“Will you two shut up?” Lucifer’s voice was ice cold, tone gravely serious. “Diavolo, go get Barbatos. Tell him he’s needed here right away.”
A couple minutes later, the door opened again, Diavolo walking back through along with yet another man, the black hair framing his face tipped with indigo. “Diavolo said you requested me, boss.” 
The group of men parted, revealing Lucifer, the smug expression still on his face. “I need you to check if this girl is lying.”
With a curt nod, the man you assumed was Barbatos walked over and took a seat on the opposite end of the couch. “Please sit down.” His face was expressionless as he gracefully took off his gloves, reaching a bare hand out, palm-up. “If you would lay your hand in mine, ma’am. I mean no disrespect.”
You didn’t need to look around to know everyone was staring again; you could feel the weight of gazes on your back. While he was polite, it wasn’t like you could decline, hesitantly following his orders. 
“Thank you.” He replied before lying his other hand on top of yours. Despite having worn gloves, his fingers were freezing. “Now, just answer the question. Did somebody send you here to steal information?”
“Are you involved in any gangs?”
“...Are you aware of the Brotherhood?”
It seemed your interrogation was over when Barbatos released your hand, standing up to address Lucifer. “It appears she’s telling the truth.” 
His words were music to your ears. You were sure how valid his lie detecting skills were, but you were grateful he’d cleared your name nonetheless. With Mammon’s claims disproved, hopefully they’d just let you go. You were more than willing to pay for the drink you didn’t steal and then you’d never have to step foot in this place again.
“Knew it.” Satan snipped, glancing down at his green nails with a triumphant smirk on his face. “Mammon fucked up again.”
“Hey! Don’t fuckin’ forget I’m higher up than ya.” You honestly expected Mammon to pull his gun out again, but he seemed to be more reserved in the presence of his higher up. “I’m the Underboss - You’re just a lousy advisor!” Still, ‘reserved’ was pushing it. 
“Be quiet!” Lucifer hissed, stepping in between the two of them. “Both of you. You’re acting like children. Stop making me regret assigning you roles of authority.”
Between all of the bickering, you couldn’t help peering at the door. There was no reason you should be there any longer and Sabrina was probably worrying about you. But you couldn’t leave - not without your stuff.
“Ahem…” It probably wasn’t the best idea to interrupt their argument, but after having a gun held against your head at point-blank… Well, you wanted to get the fuck out of there. “Hi, I’d like to leave now.”
“Ah, yes.” Lucifer answered. “That reminds me. Barbatos, wipe her memory.”
It took a couple seconds for his words to sink in before you stood up, starting to back away from them. Screw your wallet. You could cancel your card and there was always your spare key. “Wait… Stop! What are you going to do to me?”
Mammon was the first to take a step forward, chuckling lowly. You could’ve sworn there was amusement glinting in his eyes, but you didn’t look long enough to be sure, leaping around the couch and bolting for the stairs.
Climbing down the steps as fast as you could, all you had to do was make it down the hallway and out of the door. Then you could blend in with the crowd and lay low until you found Sabrina. She had to be looking for you too.
However, when you made it to the bottom of the steps, you immediately ran into something big. Someone big. While they remained unmoved, you stumbled backwards from the impact and landed on the ground with a thud.
“I’m sor-” A man with red hair towered above you, staring at you quizzically. “Wait, who are you?”
It was then that the men chasing you made it to the top of the steps, beginning to run down, taking three of them at a time. You had no time to waste, pushing yourself up and sprinting for the door.
“BEEL, GET HER!” There were various yells from behind you, the sound of footsteps getting closer. You were a couple yards from the exit when you were snatched off the ground, your feet continuing to run but no longer making contact with the ground. 
“Let! Me! Go!” You shrieked each word at the top of your lungs, hoping someone in the club would happen to walk by and hear you. You were so, so close to freedom; your whole body felt like it was full of electricity. But, despite all of your thrashing, you were no match for the strong arms that held you. 
“I have her! What’s going on?” The man restraining you yelled. 
He was in the process of carrying you back toward the stairwell when the exit opened, in walking three more men, all dressed in red. “Just how many of you are there!?” You cried out in frustration.
“Huh?” When the redhead turned around to see what you were referring to, his entire body tensed up, arms squeezing you even tighter. “GET DOWN!” That was all you heard before he dove to the ground, gunshots ringing out from behind you. 
The scream that tore from your throat was raw, saturated with fear as your life was literally in the hands of someone else. You didn’t realize you’d closed your eyes until there was a loud yelp after another series of shots, opening them just in time to see one of the men in red stumble backward to the floor, a hand going to apply pressure to his gunshot wound.
“There’s too many of them!” Another one of them shouted, grabbing onto the fallen man and yanking him up. “Retreat!” You watched the three of them scramble, dodging the berate of bullets and slipping back out from the way they entered. 
It was only then that you felt like you could breathe again, sucking in gulps of air as your eyes frantically darted around to look at all of the bullet holes that littered the walls. “I- What just h-happened?” Your voice sounded hoarse, like you’d spent the last hour yelling your lungs out, but you didn’t care. You’d never been that close to death in your life.
The redhead slowly released his hold of you, breathing heavily as well. “I… was going to ask you the same thing.”
The rest of the men filed in, surrounding the two of you with concern painted all over their faces. “Beel! Did you get hit?” Well, concern for him.
“No, I’m… I’m alright.” He responded, lifting himself off the ground. His eyes flickered down to look at you, extending a hand forward to help you up. “She warned me. If it wasn’t for her… I think they would’ve shot me.”
The room went quiet, everyone’s attention shifting to you as you stood up. Mammon was the first one to speak, returning his gun to the waistband of his jeans. “The only good thing to come from her bein’ here. Let’s wipe her already. We have shit to do.”
“Wipe her?” Beel took a step forward, shielding you protectively. “She just saved me.”
“Beel’s right. Not only did she help him, but she did it in front of our rivals.” It was Lucifer that spoke. He seemed utterly unfazed from the fight, none of his composure from earlier missing. “They’re going to think she’s a part of the Brotherhood - or at least an associate. She could be targeted.”
“So fuckin’ what?!” Mammon retorted, hands flying in the air in exasperation. “That’s what she gets for stealin’ drinks. Consider it karma!”
“Mammon, she’s staying. That’s final.” Lucifer snapped back before circling to you. His crimson eyes glinted at you from over Beel’s shoulder. “Welcome to the Brotherhood of Sins.”
Chapter 4
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asmos-pet · 4 months ago
Chapter 2: The Spiral
The second chapter of the Obey Me Mafia AU! Reminder that this is a Mammon-centric fic.
Characters: Mammon, Asmodeus, Diavolo, Simeon, Satan, Lucifer
Warnings: Attempted kidnapping and gun-use
Word Count: 1.4k
Chapter 1
It didn’t matter how hard you dug your heels into the ground; the man pulling you out from behind the bar had a solid grip on your wrist and you were no match for his strength. “Wait, no! It’s not what it looks like! I swear I-” 
His head whipped around to scowl at you, but he otherwise kept walking. “Save it. Now, I’m gonna ask you again.. Who sent ya?”
Eyebrows furrowing, you kept tugging at your arm but he wasn’t budging. “I don’t know what you’re talking about! Let go of m- Wait!” When you took a second to look at your surroundings, you realized he was leading you toward an ominous looking door, painted so that it blended in with the wall. “No! Where are you takin-”
With one swift yank, the man jerked you into his arms, using one arm to lift you up while the other covered your mouth. If you were anywhere else, someone would’ve noticed. But, in an abandoned part of the bar in nearly pitch black darkness - your abduction was going overlooked. 
Kicking your legs, all of your protests were muffled as he forcibly carried you to the door, pushing it open with his back and slipping inside quickly. He waited for it to close before surprisingly setting you down. You were about to dart around him in an attempt to escape but suddenly there was something shiny pointed against your chest.
It felt like the air was sucked out of your lungs when you finally registered the man was pointing a gun at you, point-blank range. 
“Mmm, I’d shut that mouth of yours if I were you.” He taunted, the corners of his mouth twitching upward. “What? Thought if they sent a pretty girl we wouldn’t hurt her?”
Your mouth was dry, heart pounding in your chest, but you didn’t move an inch, frozen to the spot. “P-Please.. I don’t know what you’re talking about- I swear, I just came here for my friend’s…” You trailed off as he brought the gun to the center of your forehead, body physically shaking in fear.
“Can’t say ya don’t look cute pleadin’ for your life.” His muted smile grew into a sinister grin. “But I’m runnin’ outta patience. This is the last time I’m gonna ask. Aww, don’t cry.. It’s too early and too late. Eyes on me, sweetheart. Now. Who. Sent. You?”
You could feel tears pricking your eyes, no doubt about to overflow, when there was a shout from behind you.
“Mammon, stand down! Now.” The voice was harsh, final. “You know what happens if you disobey my orders on my territory.”
For a second, you didn’t think the man was going to listen, but he slowly lowered it, shoving it back in the waistband of his jeans. “C’mon, we were just playin’ around. Well… sorta. She’s a thief, Diavolo.”
Sucking in gulps of air, your legs barely supported your weight as you turned around to find yet another man. “Playing around? My god, she’s crying.” His kind eyes contrasted sharply to his burgundy hair, blue orbs looking over you. “I apologize for him. He has a bit of a temper.”
“Woah, woah, woah. She was snoopin’ around behind the bar. And she looked hella suspicious waitin’ outside in line. You think someone could’ve sent her?” 
The redhead shook his head, finally turning to address Mammon. “I think it was just a couple of coincidences. Look, sometimes one - or two - happen.. That doesn’t justify pointing your gun at her.”
“Tch…” You could see Mammon roll his eyes from the corner of yours. “Whatever, it’s still sus-” He stopped mid-sentence as the door you had previously come through opened up, someone walking into the hallway. Someone familiar.
Asmodeus jumped a little bit when he saw everyone standing there, a hand flying to his heart. “Wow, you guys really know how to scare someone. I- Hey…” His eyes widened as they landed on you. “Oh, it’s you again! What a coincidence!”
All hope that they were going to let you go was out the door, Mammon crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow at Diavolo before the latter looked down dejectedly. “Fine, you’re right. She's suspicious.”
After patting you down and confiscating your cell phone, wallet, and car keys; Diavolo led you around the corner to the end of the hallway. You half-expected them to walk you outside and force you into a car, but a set of stairs were revealed when the door opened.
“You know the Boss isn’t going to like this.” Diavolo commented as you guys climbed the stairs. “If you truly thought she was a spy, then your execution was… sloppy.”
“You’re so fuckin’ lucky we’re not on the other side of town.” Mammon snapped from behind you. “I’d like to see ya say that when I can actually challenge ya to a fight.”
The first thing you noticed when you reached the top of the stairway was that the second floor was absolutely nothing like the first. With maroon walls and dark hardwood floors, it was sparsely decorated yet somehow still seemed finer than the club. 
“You lookin’ for an exit?” Mammon asked, narrowing his eyes at you. “You’re not gonna get far. And, even if ya do, we’ll find you.” 
You tried to brush off his threat, keeping your mouth shut despite his question. It was rhetorical and it seemed you dug yourself deeper into a hole when you started talking anyway. No one believed your explanation so it just really wasn’t worth your breath. Apparently, you needed to speak with whoever this boss person was. You needed to do that and then he’d understand that this was all just a huge miscommunication.
Amid your self-reassurance you heard someone jogging up the steps. Expecting another sketchy looking man, you didn’t quite believe your eyes when a police officer emerged in the doorway. Frantically leaping up, your hope came rushing back. “Help! Please, they won’t let me leave! I didn’t do anything wrong and…”
You tapered off when everyone except the officer began chuckling, Mammon laughing boisterously. “Simeon, did you see that? Phew… She thought you were here to help her!”
And, within seconds, your hope came tumbling right back down. 
The dark-skinned officer met your gaze, wordlessly looking away after a couple of seconds. “I’m here to report several disturbances to the Caporegime.”
You were surprised when the Diavolo stood up, eyeing you skeptically in the process. “What kind of disturbances?”
“There have been several sightings of known members of rival…” Simeon glanced at you and then back to Diavolo before finishing. “...Groups. Close to The Fall.”
Mammon raised his hands in exasperation, blowing out air. “That’s what I’ve been tryna tell you guys! She’s a fuckin’ scout! We should make an example out of her, cut a couple fingers off and send her back.”
“What?!” You couldn’t help but burst out, jaw dropping. “I’m not with anybody! I mean- I’m here with Sabrina but it’s her birthday and-”
“Don’t you raise your voice at me!” He leaned forward, angrily jabbing a finger in your direction. “Ya think I haven’t heard a cover story before? Pffft- This is bullshit. Can we at least gag her? I’m tired of hearin’ her scream.”
“Ahem, well. Fortunately, you’re no longer needed, Mammon.”
Everyone’s head spun around to the source of the new voice, a blonde man with glimmering green eyes that stood near the doorway, taking his beige trench coat off. 
You were expecting a snarky remark but everybody stood up in the room instead, straightening up just as the people in line had done for Mammon. Stumbling to your feet, you barely made it in time for a man in an all black suit to walk up, wearing a crimson tie that matched his eyes. Midnight black hair separated in a side part, he carried an aura of authority. 
“That’s enough, Satan.” He muttered before glimpsing around at everyone, coming to you last. His eyes rolled over you once, a smug expression surfacing on his pale features. “I’m Lucifer. But everyone calls me Boss.”
Chapter 3
Tags: @theshove @santa-denise @silent-lrk @slipperyslideyday @gatchagay @silverdahlia @soft-kittenwitch @radghostgirl @hhhany82
*If you would like to be tagged for the upcoming chapters, just leave a comment! :) and thank you for reading!
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saeyoungchoismaid · 4 months ago
You text the brothers that you can’t sleep
Genre: fluff (except for Asmo ig lmao) Warnings: Asmo being Asmo  A/N: I couldn’t sleep one night, so instead of doing something normal, I decided to write these
More with Obey Me!
Tag List: @mexicanmagick, @animefreak-247, @jungialo​, @fanfictwarrior, @ohbbobeyme​, @zeldan7​, @otome-otakuwu​, @fandomsarepainful,  @azcela​, @lilithbirthedme, @niphredil-14, @gamelovers-posts, @virtualmemmecollector, @collarjessie, @officialdevorak​, @katelynwithpaint​, @buzzybeebee​, @thesoftkittylexy​ ✦ if you would like to be added or removed, comment or send an ask :)
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asmos-pet · 5 months ago
Chapter 1: The Fall
As promised, here’s the first chapter of the Obey Me Mafia AU! Reminder that this is a Mammon-centric fic. 
Characters: Mammon, Asmodeus
Warnings: Alcohol consumption
Word Count: 1.9k
You groaned as your cell phone rang for the fifth time, eyes narrowing at it in frustration. You didn’t even need to look at it to know who was calling you. It was the same person who had called four previous times, and it didn’t seem like they were going to give up any time soon.
Against your better judgement, you grabbed the phone and swiped to answer. “Look, before you say anythin-”
“No, no, no. You look, Y/N, it’s my birthday. Do you know how often we get to celebrate it?” Sabrina started, interrupting you almost immediately.
“...Once a year?”
She sighed in exasperation, no doubt rolling her eyes. “I’m serious, your ass better be getting ready. Why don’t I hear you getting ready?”
Resisting the urge to groan again, you knew fighting with her wouldn’t do you any good. Not only was she the most stubborn person you’d ever met, but she was also your best friend. As much as you didn’t want to go clubbing, there was no possible reality where you didn’t go to her twenty-first birthday party.
Besides, it would finally give you the opportunity to use your ID for the first time. Despite being the legal age of drinking, you still hadn’t gone out to a bar - no matter how much Sabrina nagged you about it. 
“Fine, I’m getting ready.” You finally conceded, shaking your head when you heard an excited squeal from her end of the line. “I have no idea what to wear.”
“Ooh, remember that black dress I wore to that party on eighth street? I’m pretty sure I was so drunk I ended up leaving it at your apartment!”
Sure enough, when you glanced through your closet, Sabrina’s dress was hanging to the side. Your eyes widened when you realized the entire back was open. “Sabrina! I can’t we-”
“I’m gonna stop you right there!” Sabrina interrupted again, not taking any excuses. “I’ll see you there at nine! Don’t be late!” Before you could get another word in, the line went dead as Sabrina hung up on you. 
You tossed your phone on the bed, reluctantly pulling the black dress from the hanger and muttering to yourself. “Not like I have a choice.”
A half hour later, you were pulling into the parking lot of the club, eyes searching for Sabrina’s car. You’d ended up wearing the dress, throwing on some short pumps and leaving your hair down with the limited amount of time you’d had.
Sending Sabrina a text to let her know you were there, you joined the line of people waiting to get in. It’d gotten colder now that the sun was down, but that didn’t seem to discourage any of the women around you, most of them wearing short, revealing cocktail dresses. 
The line moved fairly quickly for its size, and you were nearly at the front, only a couple spots away, when you heard the loud rumble of a car approaching. You found the source several seconds later - a pure white tesla that was heading straight for the line. 
Your jaw dropped as the car braked at the last possible second, several people gasping in shock. You were expecting someone to yell at the driver, the door opening to reveal a man with hair as white as his car, but everyone around you suddenly straightened up, averting their eyes.
Eyebrows knitting together in confusion, you were the only one who seemed to acknowledge his presence… and it came at a cost.
“You got a fuckin’ problem?” The man barked at you, head snapping in your direction when he noticed you staring.
You could immediately feel your cheeks start flushing, shaking your head vigorously. “N-No…”
“That’s what I thought.” Then he dismissed you entirely, tossing his keys haphazardly over his shoulder, not even looking to make sure someone caught it. “Let the night begin!” Putting on a pair of orange-tinted sunglasses, he truly looked the part of the asshole, especially when he skipped the entire line and just walked in.
Thankful he was gone, you gave your ID to the bouncer and walked underneath the velvet rope as he lifted it up for you, finally allowing you entrance.
When you walked inside, you were met with booming music, the smell of alcohol, and a gigantic swarm of dancing people. It was a little overwhelming but it was to be expected. Sabrina had chosen the most popular bar in the city - The Fall.
With a circular layout, the bar itself was in the center of the room, a series of glass shelves filled with expensive liquors enclosed by a black granite countertop. There were several bar stools, but the majority of the seating comprised of the leather booths lining the wall, leaving the dance floor in the shape of a donut. 
It truly was a high-end club, holding exclusive events every so often that required the police force shutting down the streets downtown. What happened at them, no one knew, but that didn’t stop people from gossiping. The rumors were always far-fetched - celebrity alcohol anonymous conferences, black market auctions, gang meetings. All of them sounded ridiculous and, with no actual substance behind any of the claims, you didn’t believe a single one.
Your eyes searched the floor for Sabrina, but it was overflowing with people and the dim lighting only made things worse. For a moment, you thought you saw a glimmer of pink weaving throughout the crowd, but you lost it completely, walking directly into the person in front of you.
Stumbling backwards, you were about to topple over when a slender arm slid around your waist, steadying you just in time. 
“I’m so sorry!” The apology instantly flew from your mouth, looking up at the person who had saved you. “I should’ve been more careful!”
“No worries, love! It was my pleasure to catch you.” The man reassured, smiling warmly. He didn’t seem bothered in the slightest, kind eyes looking down at you through his champagne-colored fringe. Leaning down, his lips brushed against your ear. “But you should be more careful. You never know who you might run into around here.”
“Hey! Y/N, you’re late!” A familiar voice shouted over the music. Tearing your attention away from the mysterious man, you were met with none other than the birthday girl. “Who’s that?”
The man retracted his hand, straightening back up to give her the same charming smile. “Just a helpful stranger who was heading on his way.”
“Thank you for catching me.” You said before turning toward Sabrina. “I got here as fast as I could. The line was pretty long. But- You look beautiful! Happy birthday, Sab.”
She was practically glowing, wearing a skin-tight nude dress with her pink hair styled into space buns. “Thank you! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! C’mon, we need to get you a shot.”
You were about to grumble out an excuse when the man spoke again. “Birthday? Oh, dear, you ladies do need some shots! I’d like to buy you two some drinks, if that’s okay?”
“Yes!” Sabrina replied quickly, batting her eyes up at him. “We’d love that.” Resisting the urge to facepalm, the only reason you didn’t protest was because it was the one day of the year you couldn’t. “What’s your name?”
“Asmodeus.” He answered, “Here, follow me. We won’t have to wait for drinks.” Then he turned on his heel, beginning to weave in between groups of dancing people. “What will you two have?”
Sabrina grabbed your wrist, following behind him as he headed toward a closed section of the granite bar. Your jaw dropped when he merely walked behind it and started pulling out glasses. “Um… should you be doing that?”
His rosey eyes twinkled, a smirk spreading across his face. “Don’t worry. No one’s going to say anything. Now, what will you have?”
“Tequila!” Sabrina bubbled, taking a seat on one of the bar stools. “She will too!” Turning toward you, she proceeded to whisper-yell. “Isn’t he cute?”
“He could be a serial killer!”
“...So?” Sabrina sent you a wink right as Asmodeus turned around and set three shot glasses down in front of you both.
“Alright, ladies. Cheers! To the beautiful lady’s birthday! May there be many, many more.” He announced, picking up one and downing it swiftly. 
You followed his lead, cringing a little at the taste, and set down the empty glass with a clink. Truly, a couple shots wouldn’t hurt. You couldn’t handle your liquor as well as Sabrina, but you weren’t a complete lightweight.
Ironically enough, it seemed Sabrina had started drinking while looking for you, her subtle slurs indicating she wasn’t sober. You couldn’t tell whether the blush on her face was from the alcohol or Asmodeus’s compliment, but you had a feeling it was the latter when she giggled loudly. “You aren’t so bad yourself.”
Eyes flickering between the two of them, you could tell they were about to hit it off. Asmodeus had made him and Sabrina some cocktails, the man coming back out from around the bar holding them in his hands. “I know, love. Now… would you like to dance?”
She hummed, looking at you with a frown, and you could tell exactly what she was about to do. “Actually, I came here to be with my f-”
“You came here to celebrate your birthday.” This time it was you interrupting her. “It’s fine, Sab. Seriously, I’m going to get another drink.”
The beaming smile on your friend’s face was more than worth the sacrifice. Besides, dancing wasn’t your thing. It worked out for the both of you this way. Even if it meant you sitting alone at an empty part of the bar. 
Eyes searching for a bartender, you doubted one was going to come and just open the part up for you. With the lights completely shut down, it was probably supposed to be off-limits. Regardless, it’s not like that had stopped Asmodeus from going back there. Perhaps it was the tequila kicking in, but… if no one had said anything to him, then what were the chances they would say something to you?
You sat there for several more minutes, monitoring the area, but it was like Asmodeus had said. No one even glanced your way, far too caught up in themselves to notice some random girl sitting to the side. 
Scooting over, you slowly made your way toward the section of the counter that lifted up, looking around one last time before pushing it up and walking around to the other side. It was then that you realized you had no knowledge of alcohol, shocked at the plethora of choices before you.
You were searching for a bottle of wine when there was a loud slam on the counter behind you. “What are ya doin’ back there?!”
Your eyes widened into saucers, whirling around to see the owner of the tesla glaring daggers at you, already lifting up the counter. “I- Wait-”
“No fuckin’ free drinks!” He snapped, reaching out and wrapping his hand around your wrist. “Hey.. I know you! You’re the one with a starin’ problem. You come here lookin’ to start trouble? Who sent ya here?”
“No, no, no - I swear, I didn’t know-”
“Don’t wanna talk? Well, looks like you’re shit outta luck, darlin’. You’re comin’ with me.”
Chapter 2
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thatoneitaliangirl · 5 months ago
Obey Me! Soulmate AU Lucifer 2
Sorry, I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a hot minute there. I’m just going through some stuff, don’t mind me!~ I really hope you like this. I was planning on making it longer, but I felt like I left it off at a good place. I think I may finish off each story one by one, since I’m on a roll with Lucifer’s story, but it depends on my mood. I may start on Mammon’s part 2 soon, so you never know! Next part is either Lucifer part 3 or Mammon part 2 lol. I really hope you like it!!! 
When I was a little girl, scary movies always excited me. I would get on my hands and knees to beg my mother to let me watch them, even if I knew I'd have nightmares. There was just something about being scared but not being in danger that really made me happy. As I got older, it became an obsession. Horror movie posters littered my walls, and all other kinds of merchandise, some even rare items, surrounded me in my day to day life. But what always made my day was ghost stories. Some classic bumps in the night, others intense cases of demonic possession. Eventually, movies weren't enough of a thrill. I needed the real thing.
 "Are you sure about this, _____? I mean, I know you're into that freaky shit, but this is getting a little too real for me." _____'s best friend Monica says, holding herself in her arms.
"Oh please, Monny! It's just a little ghost hunt. Nothing to be worried about!" Her golden eyes widen as she gawks at her friend.
"Nothing to worry about? Girly, you know damn well I don't do ghost shit. That's all you, my friend, and honestly, I don't feel like dying before graduating high school!" _____ rolls her eyes, but this doesn't stop her friend's ramblings.
"You're following the information given to you by some rando on the internet you only met last week- he's probably leading you into a trap! This is one of those cases you see on HLN where the young, unexpecting girls get taken to be sex trafficked."
"We're not gonna die. And it's not even confirmed that there are ghosts here," _____ lifts up the broken chain-link fence and motions for her friend to enter.
"Wait, we're going through all this trouble and you’re not even sure if it's actually haunted?! Are you kidding me?"
"Look, if you're that much of a scaredy-cat, you can wait outside. I just want to snap a few pictures to post on my blog." Biting her lip and shifting from side to side, Monica weighs her options.
"Okay, fine. Just don't take forever. My mom wants us back before dark," Monica says, pouting.
"And don't call me a scaredy-cat!"  _____ smirks.
"Okay, okay . . . Scaredy-cat!" She laughs, lightly jogging away from her friend and towards the abandoned building. With her flashlight in hand, _____ sneaks around the back under some fallen tree-limbs and clicks her tongue.
"If I remember right, the guy said it would be about . . . Here!" Finding the boarded window she was looking for, _____ slides the board up and enters the hole. She drops down into a dark room, the only light seeping in through the cracks in the worn wood covering the window. Quickly turning on her flashlight, the young girl takes a look around what appears to be the basement of the run-down house.
"He seemed to have left out the fact that my little 'tour' would start in the basement, but I can work with this." _____ takes a deep breath and scans the area. Besides some creepy old toys, nothing really interests her here.
So, she finds the door leading upstairs and slowly makes her way up the creaking wood. The leaky pipes and several rainstorms since the abandonment of the house have not been kind to the drywall and wood structuring. Reaching the top, _____ shines her flashlight around, taking in the once white walls of the family room, now covered in mold.
"A little Damp-rid would do this house some wonders, I'm sure." Her camera flashes as she takes her first shot, making sure to get in the ripped couch and fallen portraits. Had vandals and old age not did their thing, this house would have been in perfect condition.
"The people living here just up and abandoned it with no warning. Seems . . . Suss if you ask me.” She scrunches her face and shrugs.
"Alright, let's do some exploring." Shaking off her shakes of anticipation, _____ ascends the stairs leading to the second floor with caution. Despite her lack of fear for the paranormal, she still fears falling through the dampened wood flooring and having to explain to her mother why she's in the hospital getting tested for tetanus. A sudden sound above her makes her stop for a moment, halting the loud creaking of the stairs.
"What the Hell . . . ?" What sounds like a light tapping across the floor above slowly moves forward toward the stairs and ending at the door at the end of the hall. She shines her flashlight there, but it begins to flicker and dim.
"Shit! I just changed these batteries!" She bats it with her palm, but it does nothing as it fades away. The hinges of the door screech as it slowly begins to open, so slow that it's barely visible. What little light is streaming through the cracks of the boarded windows seems to almost be absorbed by the darkness inside the bedroom. _____ gets closer to the door, feeling an immense pull to open it and go inside. Her goal of capturing pictures long gone from her mind as she reaches out and touches the handle.
"_____! Are you done yet?!" Her friend yelling to her from outside startles her and she removes her hand. She releases a breath she didn't know she was holding and tilts her head to yell back.
"Uh, Yeah, almost! Be right out!" Her feet tap against the wood flooring as she descends the stairs, but pauses and takes a look back at the door all the way at the end of the hall.
"It'll only take a second . . . " She says to herself, never removing her eyes from the darkness within.
"Come on, _____! We're losing daylight!" Biting her lip, she lifts her camera and snaps a few photos before running back to the basement and out of the small window. Just as her friend said, the sun is almost below the horizon.
"Oh shit."
"Oh, shit is right! Let's get out of here!"
 Growing up the way I did, I never really thought too much about what that day meant. Though every once in a while, I find myself thinking about that house. Monica and I left that town not long after we graduated, but the longing I have to go back has nothing to do with homesickness.
"Hey, look! I never thought I'd be seeing these pictures again!" Monica laughs, holding up the small box filled with photos from _____'s old camera.
"Is that prom?" She asks, making her way over to Monica with curiosity.
"I think so," She holds up more photos of the two girls in dresses holding hands with a boy and another girl.
"It has to be. Look, there's Jonah!" _____ rolls her eyes and groans.
"God, I hoped I would never have to see his face again. Burn the pictures!"
"No!" Monica holds the photos to her chest protectively.
"Just because you hated your date, doesn't mean I hated mine!" _____ laughs.
"True. Okay, you can keep 'em! I have all these on a hard drive somewhere, so I'll have plenty of memories!" The smile on Monica's face slowly begins to fall at _____'s words.
"Do you really have to go? I know I've said this like a thousand times, but how do you know you can trust this man?" It's understandable that Monica is concerned. I mean, most people would be if their best friend meets a guy and less than a month later moves out with them.
"I'll be fine. I promise. And I'll write all the time!" Monica groans.
"Exactly, you'll write! I mean, where even is this place that you're going, huh? No cell service, no internet? It's like this guy is taking you completely off the grid, and that's what worries me. He's not forcing you to do this, is he? Cause if he is-!" _____ grabs Monica's shoulders and looks her in the eye.
"Nobody's forcing me to do anything! I love him . . . Perhaps it's a little fast for most people, but I know for a fact that we're meant to be together. Please, trust me on this." The brunette's shoulders sink as if finally accepting _____'s answer.
"Fine. But just know that I don't like him!" A smile makes its way onto _____'s face and pulls her hands back.
"I guess if you don't like him then you won't want to be here tomorrow." Her head snaps up making her brown curls bounce around her head.
"Why?" The ghost hunter smirks and checks her nails.
"Well, my boyfriend and a few of his brothers are coming over to take most of the boxes. I wouldn't want you to be upset, so it's probably best if you stay away."
"Are you kidding me?! Of course, I'm gonna be there! I'm gonna give this bastard a piece of my mind! First, he takes my best friend away, and then he thinks he can just walk up in here and not even ask for your hand in dating from the one person that counts?! Oh, I'll show him! And his brothers too!" Fuming, Monica starts to pace, her arms flailing animatedly.
"Are you gonna give them all a stern talking to, mother dearest?" She stops in her rambling to glare at _____.
"Keep giving me backtalk, and I might just give you a stern talking to. With my fist!" _____ retaliates by throwing a couch pillow.
"Oh, it's on, girly!"
 "_____, are you awake?" The young woman shifts in her sleep, stretching before opening her eyes.
"I am now. When did you get here?" Lucifer smiles, moving some hair from _____'s face.
"Only a moment ago. I didn't mean to wake you, I had just thought you'd be up." _____ takes a look at the clock on her nightstand, her eyes widening.
"Holy shit! It's almost two?" The tender moment is lost as she jumps out of her bed and runs to her adjoined bathroom. A smirk makes its way onto the demon's face, watching her frantically trying to brush her teeth and hair at the same time.
"There's no need to rush, my love. Although the sight before me is breathtaking, I'll go keep my brothers' busy loading boxes into the portal. Wouldn't want them stumbling in here and seeing something only I should see." The cheeky bastard leaves the room, and _____ looks down at her bedtime apparel consisting of panties and a large shirt.
"Well, that's not embarrassing or anything."
She quickly finishes getting ready and heads down the stairs to an argument.
"It's your fault!" Levi yells, gesturing to a box at his feet.
"Me?! What did I do?!" Mammon yells back, defensive.
"You made me drop it with your stupidity! If you hadn't been acting like a big baby, we would have most of this done by now!" The box in question happens to be the small box filled with photographs.
"Hey guys, don't worry about it! It's just some pictures. I'll clean it up, no biggie!" The two demons blush and look away, a bit ashamed to be yelling in front of the girl.
"Sorry, _____. If Mammon actually did his job, we'd be out of here by now."
"I'm helping!" Levi rolls his eyes.
"If by helping you mean complaining, then yeah, you've been a big help!" Mammon crosses his arms and glares.
"Oh, like you're any better? Just two minutes ago you were complaining about how you're arms hurt! These boxes should weigh nothing to you!" As the fight continues, Lucifer comes up next to her and sighs. I'm sorry about my brothers, _____. Would you believe me if I told you they actually volunteered to help?" _____ laughs.
Over the course of knowing Lucifer, the young woman has grown close to his brother's as well, mainly the two standing in front of her. Mammon likes her ghost adventure stories, and Levi just likes the fact _____ is willing to listen to his rants. Even Satan has enjoyed a few human books recommended to him by the lovable ghost hunter, and they often discuss murder mysteries together over text. It's no surprise to Lucifer that his soulmate gets along so well with his brothers. He cares dearly for his younger siblings, and _____ provides the care his pride prevents him from showing.
"I believe it. But, you know, brothers will be brothers," She smiles up at him, unknowingly making his heartbeat just a bit faster. Her eyes widen a bit and a small gasp leaves her lips as she takes another look at the clock.
"I forgot to tell you, but Monica is-"
"Where is he?!" The front door slams open, halting the never-ending argument and making _____ pout.
"Monica, any damage left gets taken out of my deposit. Could you be a bit more careful?" The brunette crosses her arms and scans the room, reading all three men, and assessing the situation. Her eyes narrow at Levi, making him whimper slightly and shrink under her gaze. Next, Mammon, who just crosses his arms back and raises a brow under his sunglasses. Her eyes land on Lucifer and her glare turns to a scowl. Target acquired. She dramatically raises her hand and points at the demon.
"You." Confused, he points to himself.
"Me . . . ?"
"You're the one that's stealing my sister from me!" _____ sighs and puts her head in her hand.
"Here we go." Monica walks over, practically chest to chest with Lucifer, though there's a notable height difference. Lucifer coughs awkwardly, looking down at the female.
"Is there a problem?"
"I don't know, is there?" _____ sighs again.
"Don't 'Monica' me! I don't care how big and muscular he appears to be, he better square up, cause he's not taking you without a fight, sis!"
"This is ridiculous, Monica. You can't fight him." Her glare deepens, never breaking eye contact with Lucifer.
"Watch me." She raises her fist.
"I don't think you want to do that," Lucifer speaks up, temporarily halting her actions.
"There's nothing you can say to me that'll- Put me down!" Lucifer picks up Monica by her shoulders and gently holds the kicking and screaming girl until she gives up trying to escape.
"Are you done?" Huffing and puffing, she nods and he places her back on her feet.
"You are a truly worthy opponent. I'll be more prepared next time. Until then, you have earned my blessing. For now!" _____ rolls her eyes, and Lucifer smiles at her.
"Thank you. I apologize for not meeting you sooner. My work prevents me from leaving, and what little free time I have I use to talk to _____. It was wrong of me to not speak with you before arranging this." Monica looks at Lucifer, still skeptical.
"Hm, wise words and a wise decision, trying to butter me up. But I won't give up that easily!"
"Is she always like this?" Mammon asks, leaning up against the wall.
"Always like what? Amazing, beautiful, cautious, careful, caring, concerned??"
"Woah, slow down 'C for Catastrophe', I think you just come off as a little strong sometimes, Monny. Maybe tone it down for the newcomers, alright?" Pouting, Monica agrees.
"Okay, maybe I can be a bit overbearing." _____ raises an eyebrow, but doesn't say anything.
"That's an understatement," Leviathan says under his breath earning a death glare from the brunette.
"I hate to cut this short, but we should really be going." _____'s head snaps up to look at Lucifer.
"What? Why? You just got here?" His face saddens as he looks down at her, holding her hand in his.
"I know, but I need to head back. Certain duties require my attention," He pulls _____ close in a hug and puts his lips to her ear.
"And Lord Diavolo was only able to keep the portal open for a certain amount of time." His warm breath on her neck sends a shiver down her spine and a blush to her cheeks. She hugs him closer and nods before letting go.
"Alright, I hope you guys have a safe journey back!" She waves to them, Lucifer giving her a quick peck on the cheek, not really one for PDA, and they head out of sight through the front door. Monica clears her throat and looks down at the ground.
"Sorry." Genuinely surprised, _____ turns to her friend.
"For what? You were just being a good friend!"
"Not that," She sighs, and wrings her hands together.
"I didn't know his time here was limited. I didn't mean to keep you from him." _____ smiles and pats her friend on the head, which earns her an annoyed scowl.
"It's okay, Monny, don't worry about it! How about we make some tea and chill for a bit? I still have some packing to do before next week." The shorter female smiles and nods.
"Definitely! I'll start the water!" She rushes off to the kitchen, leaving _____ in the living room. It's true that she's upset she didn't get to be with Lucifer for very long, but she doesn't blame her friend. Magic is something she still doesn't understand but knows there are certain limitations. 
Maybe if she had gotten up earlier, she could have talked with her soulmate a bit more, but she was just so tired. Her dreams kept her up tossing and turning most of the night, much to her displeasure. She doesn't remember exactly what they were about, but they weren't pleasant, and she's not sure if she actually wants to remember them. 
Monica working to heat up the water, _____ decides to clean up the scattered pictures from the fallen box. There's no particular order they should go in since they were pretty much haphazardly thrown in there to begin with, but she tries to start from the bottom, attempting to keep some sort of linear timeframe of when she put the pictures in there.
"Eventually I gotta go through these and get rid of the junk. I don't think I want Lucifer seeing me at fourteen with braces, pigtails, and eyeliner up to my temples." She gently shuffles through the pictures, tossing them in as she goes, until she reaches the last group. 
Undoubtedly the darkest of them, they immediately stand out from the family beach days and the cringe selfies. _____ picks them up, and examines them. The first few are of crumbling walls and boarded up windows, no doubt an abandoned house she's been to, but that's not what strikes her as odd. She never kept her hunting photos with her normal ones, especially back then. 
Her mother would have killed her if she found out, so she would always develop them and put them in a lockbox under her bed. The last few photos in the bunch show a dark hall, and it's as if all the heat rushes from her body. A cold chill replaces any warmth she may have had as she looks from one picture to the other, the hallway becoming darker and darker before it goes completely black, the door at the end the only thing visible. 
While she remembers taking the pictures, she doesn't remember ever actually developing them. It was her first abandoned house- thinking back it would have been weird for her not to take a look at them. But the more she tries to remember, the more she can't. It's as if she's blocked it out somehow.
"You okay, girly?" Monica places her hand on _____'s shoulder, breaking her from her thoughts.
"Uh, yeah, sorry. Got a little distracted is all," She places the pictures at the top of the box, closes it, and puts it to the side.
"Now, how about tea?"
The two girls spend the rest of the night packing and chatting, almost making _____ forget about the pictures. Almost. It isn’t long after Monica leaves that _____ finds herself drawn to the small box, knowing that the pictures are just a few feet away. A ringing from her pocket startles her, and she pulls out her DDD. The caller ID says Lucifer, and she smiles knowing how late it is. This is most likely his first break since he got back.
"Hey, are you okay?" Her smile drops a bit at the urgency in his voice.
"Yes, why? Is everything alright?" He sighs on the other end of the phone sounding relieved.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to worry you. I felt that you were in danger, and the pact was calling to me." Sure enough, the pact mark on her arm is glowing a beautiful blue, bright enough to shine through her shirt sleeve. She lightly rubs it, willing it to stop, and the glow slowly fades.
"Sorry, I didn't even realize I was doing it. It's just . . . " _____ bites her lip, looking over at the box.
"_____, what's wrong? Are you in danger?"
"No," Sighing, _____ turns away from the box and heads to her bedroom, attempting to put it out of her mind.
"I was just anxious . . . I miss you." He chuckles a little, making her heart race.
"I miss you too. I'm sorry I had to cut our afternoon short, but Lord Diavolo needed me. The higher demons are still . . . Skeptical about our father's decision. They've become nervous, and there have been talks of a coup."
"Oh, wow," She never really thought about it, but it makes sense why people would be skeptical especially demons. To them, it may seem like some plot to take over the Devildom.
"How's Lord Diavolo handling this news?" She's spoken to Lord Diavolo a few times, and he's always seemed like such a nice and positive guy that really cares about his kingdom and its citizens.
"He's upset, but not surprised. But he knows my brothers and I are on his side, so if a coup were to take place, they wouldn't get very far."
"I'm glad. How are you handling this? Want to talk about it?" She's concerned for him, despite knowing how powerful he is. His workload before was intense, but now she's sure it's even worse. He barely gets to sleep, and she can hear it sometimes when he's on the phone with her. He's even fallen asleep on the phone, much to her disappointment. She feels guilty every time that happens, because he's clearly tired but still staying up late to talk to her.
"I would love to, but unfortunately, there's not much I can say . . . "
"You never know who's listening, right?" He laughs.
"Yes, I'm sorry. But I can tell you that all of this will be sorted before next week. I'll make sure of it." The determination in his voice was enough to know he was telling the truth. Once Lucifer makes his mind up about something, it gets done.
"I believe you! But even so, I'm sure my presence might stir up the higher demons. Maybe it's best if I and the other girls stay here until the Devildom calms down." She's heard of his brother's soulmates before, though she's never actually talked to them. But it's not hard to assume that they are going through the same things she is, feeling the same things, and wondering how their lives are going to change.
"At the moment, any plans for you or the others to come here are still on track. But, I'm afraid you may have a point . . . "
"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I know no matter what you decide, it'll be the right choice. I have the utmost confidence in you, hun." Lucifer clears his throat, flustered.
"I'm glad you do. Your safety is my top priority. One of them."
"I can only imagine the work you have right now. I'll let you go." _____ glances at the time. It's pretty late for her, and the time difference isn't too far off from her own.
"I'll call you tomorrow as soon as I can. Sleep well, my love." For him not to protest hanging up the phone, he must really be swamped with work.
"Sleep well." Laying down, _____ can feel her eyelids falling heavy and pulls the covers over her shoulders. Despite her pleasant thoughts of her love, her dreams are anything but.
To be continued ------
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void-chickadee · 5 months ago
How the Mammon, Satan and Lucifer would react to MC being a road racer
So essentially this is going to be an Iketani kind of situation where the boys are unaware of the fact that MC (who is a new transfer student at RAD) is an amazing road racer. And so this will be the situation in which they learn of MCs badass skills and how they react. Also MC drives an Black Hachiroku because I said so! 
- This would 100% be a situation where Mammon is trying to improve his downhill time and before he even knows what’s happening a black 86 pulls up behind him. 
- I’m sure Mammon thinks he’s fast but he is absolutely no match for the 86. 
-It doesn’t really seem like they’re trying to race him, but it only takes two or three corners for the 86 to overtake him. 
-He’ll manage to keep up pretty well but the obviously whoever is in this car has far superior technique. 
-At some point the 86 pulls off to a small parking area and Mammon follows wanting to know who this driver is. And he almost loses his mind when MC, the new transfer student at RAD, steps out of the car. 
-Mammon would be super stoked to figure out that MC is a road racer, and a damn good one at that.
-He’ll probably act super chill and not make a big deal out of it even though internally he’s freaking out and wants to ask a million questions about how they got so good and why they didn’t tell him they were into road racing. 
-He would try very hard to convince MC to join his racing team, and I feel like after they do join MC and Mammon would be racing all the time, just for fun. 
-They would likely become the most formidable pair of road racers and like a drifting power couple.  Their speed record would be unbeatable. 
-He wouldn’t even be surprised, Satan would be the one brother that would know that MC was a road racer before everyone else and would not make a big deal out of it. 
-He would just casually bring it up in conversation at lunch one day and then it’s MC’s turn to be surprised and not know know what to say. 
-They thought they kept it a secret so well...
-Turns out others also like to practice drifting late at night and Satan has quite a few connections that told him there was a new 86 in the area.
-He would definitely challenge MC to a race right away, just so he could see for himself how good they are. They can’t be better then him...right?
-WRONG! They are way better than him and he’s a little upset about it, but from that point on he keeps a close eye on MC and hangs out with them quite a bit. 
-He probably wouldn’t ask to race again unless he knew for sure that he could beat MC. But he won’t be shy about asking how they got so good and he would probably want to ride shotgun while MC is drifting so he can try to steal their flawless technique. 
-I imagine that Luci is more of a mentor for people within his racing team. He doesn’t really race all that often but he is certainly the best.  
-He probably was mentoring one of the younger members of the team when MC’s 86 shows up. 
-At first he isn’t so impressed but the way that this outdated car so effortlessly overtook his teammates car, as if the hachi didn’t even realize they were there. That is not something he sees everyday. Even the worst members of his team are above average skill level. 
-When he finds out that MC is the diver of this mysterious 86 he isn’t happy at all. For a few reasons.
-One, he doesn’t like that there’s a wild card out on the road that isn’t part of his team, 
-Two, he was tasked with being MC’s mentor when they transferred to RAD and he feels he has some responsibility for their safety, and drifting is certainly not a safe activity!! 
-In the beginning we would be super against it and would try to get MC to stop, but we all know that is not going to happen. Eventually he would accept that he can’t stop MC and would ask (probably more like force) MC to join his team. (if he can’t stop them at least he could keep an eye on them).
- After a while he stops worrying so much and accepts that MC has natural intuition and skill, but even so, he’s rarely thrilled when he hears about someone challenging the 86. 
-Without fail, he is overanalyzing every opponent that MC faces, giving them advice on how to handle a difficult corner, and of course, he’s in attendance at every race they is participating in
-Without even realizing it he’s become their biggest supporter. 
Thank you all for reading my first HC ever!! If this is popular or I get a request to do any of the other brothers then I’ll probably write another one :)
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tuskzemike · 6 months ago
You were supposed to be happy for them.
You were supposed to congratulate them on their sister's return.
You were supposed to be down stairs laughing and cheering with the brothers.
"But you're not." Satan sighed out.
"İ'm not, and ı'll never do those things again."
Satan wiped his eyes with the heel of his hand and went to get your suitcase "İf you wish so."
And you dug your nails into the tender skin of you palms, yes, yes you wanted this, you couldn't live like this at least not here. Because the moment they saw Lilth you were forgotten, the long, emotional talks with Mammon? Gone. Playing games with Levi 'till you felt like you're thumbs were gonna fall off? Gone. Spa days with Asmo? Gone. (Trying)Cooking with Beel? Gone. Cuddling with Belphie under a blanket with two cups of hot cocoa? Gone. Lucifer's newfound sincerity and friendlyness? Gone. All forgotten and left upstairs to rot as they cry of joy in the living room.
Just then without a single knock the door opens and in stumbls Lilth.
"Oh Satan i've been looking all over for you, why don't you come downstairs and have some fun?"
Her smile is blinding, no wonder the brothers picked her over you, she still looks like an angel. Satan mumbles out something about being tired and goes back to helping you pack but it seems that Lilth dosen't care/realize all that much.
"MC do you think we could chat for a bit?"
You raise an eyebrow and gesture for her to carry on.
"No, no privately."
Outside your now ex-room she wraps her arms around your neck and kisses you cheek.
"İ just wanted to thank you, they told me about how much you helped them and about with Belphie and everything."
Her finger press aginst your neck as gentle as they can, almost no pressure yet the phantoms of that night coil around you and hiss.
"Does it still hurt? İ-İ'm so sorry what and imdecent question to ask, just thank you for looking after them, it's really wonderus how close they've grwon to you."
She blushes a pretty shade and Helen hisses from her new home.
"Maybe one day we'll ve just as close?"
Back in you room you open the suitcase take out the 'famliy' photo you had taken last year and kiss Satan on the cheek and write your new address on some scrap paper.
"Don't ever give it to them."
"İ won't."
And that night with sin dripping out of your eyes you flee the Devildom, hopefully, for good.
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rulerofmyworld · 6 months ago
For the Crown I
Pairing: Satan x MC Wordcounter: +900 words (it’s a short one y’all) Warnings: None?
Summary: Kicked out of your home, you have nowhere to turn until your childhood friend/local barkeep hands you a job listing...  Starting tomorrow you’ll be working as a servant?!!
(gif not mine!!)
Tumblr media
It was a cold Sunday morning when you were thrown out on the streets by your “lovely” cousin. His demand you get a job ringing loudly in your ear as you walked through the muddy streets of your town. He had thrown you a single bag you could fill and a raggedy coat to wear just so he could keep his conscious quiet. He wasn’t a bad man, or at least not always but he did have a greedy streak to him and now when you’ve just come of age. He found it was time you paid him back for his kindness. You tugged the flimsy coat tighter around your shoulders, pulled up enough to cover your chin.
The morning wind wasn’t kind to you yet you put on your brave face and made your way to the town square, hopefully finding a job listing in the tavern’s announcement board. Instead of wallowing over the loss of a roof over your head, you saw this as a chance. A chance to finally get out of this godforsaken village. 
You swung open the doors, letting the scent of beer and sweat wave into your nose. You recalled the times your father would bring you here after a successful hunt, how you would sit on his shoulders as he clinked his beer mug against that of a friend or stranger. His kind smile inviting everyone to join in. How you desired to be young again and to run up to him at the edge of the forest as soon as you saw him return, how you longed to sit on your mother’s lap close to the fireplace while he reads you stories. How you wished for his warmth, yet all you had left was the emptiness he left behind. 
The bar was warm, yet you couldn’t shake the feeling of sadness pressing against your eyes. Almost begging you to burst out in tears. Luckily you were quickly distracted by the cheerful calling of your name. 
 “Y/n!” A man shouted, his tone familiar and warm.
 You looked up to where it came from, smiling when you saw it was no one else but the barkeep Mammon. The man is known for burning multiple kitchens, asking more money than necessary and having the most enchanting smile. 
“It’s been a hot minute,” he laughed as you came closer, “I almost thought ya had left Heatings.” God, you wish.
 You let out a soft chuckle at that and shook your head, “unfortunately not.” Mammon let out a laugh, leaning over the counter to hug you. His cheeks were flushed, like usual, after pulling back. He always had a little crush on you. 
“So what brings ya back to my humble bar?” He asked, gesturing around him to flaunt the beautiful handiwork of the establishment.
You sighed, “I got kicked out.” Mammon’s eyes widened, his grin quickly disappearing. 
“Shit, Y/n. I’m sorry.” You waved your hand in front of your face, “You’ve got nothing to be sorry for.”  He shrugged, “I’m still ya friend.” You laughed a little and nodded at his words. A drink quickly appeared before you on the bar. 
“Have a drink with me, “ Mammon suggested, pointing to the chair and drink. Reluctantly, you sat down on the barstool that was just plain uncomfortable. “If ya want ya could stay here? I’ve gotta spare bed?” He offered as you sipped the unknown concoction, one that was clearly not meant to be drunk in the morning. You shook your head but smiled gratefully. 
“Thank you but I don’t think I could stand staying in Heatings any longer.” Mammon nodded, a dejected look appearing on his face before he quickly smiled again. 
“I just remember!” He rushed from behind the bar, dodged between costumers, stools and tables to the wall left of the door. His fingers traced the posters, announcements, job listings and other things before pulling one off. He was quick to rush back, standing before you in no time. “Here! Look!-” His hand shoving the paper towards you- ”This might be your chance!”
New maid-/man-servant wanted.
Where: Devildom palace.
Come at noon, 18 October. 
Job starts immediately upon hire, lodging included. 
“Oh shit,” you whispered as you went over the details of the job, “this might actually be my chance!”
Mammon nodded with a smile. He pushed the paper in your hands, “Do it.”
Before you could say anything he was already putting your bag in your free hand and pushing you out of the door.
 “Don’t come back to Heatings! Ever!” He shouted before closing the door behind you. Bewildered you stood on the town’s square, the paper rough in your hands. You looked at the clouds above, the pink hue from the sunset disappearing, making place for the soft blues and yellows. In your heart, you knew he was watching over you and so your mind was made. 
With a nod and a smile, you set off to the nearest post coach stop, hoping you could hop onto it quickly. This could finally be your chance. 
Your only chance to never come back. 
As soon as the door closed behind him, Mammon made his way back behind the bar, yelling that he was closed until noon. The small number of dwelling costumers left soon thereafter, leaving Mammon in a quiet bar with empty chairs and a breaking heart.
He sank to the floor behind his bar, his lips quivering. 
“Please do come back.”
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mammonrights · 6 months ago
We’ll Be Royalty ch 3
a/n i got,,, carried away. also dont @ me for adding more world building stuff i swear i have no chill. but, the plot is,,, kind of happening now. lol 
wc:2.5k warnings: guns??, blood??  song: roman holiday- halsey { masterlist } support my ko-fi!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Mammon wasn’t kidding when he said it was a long drive. 
You have no idea how much time has passed, your leg still bouncing with nervous energy as you look out the window. It’s quiet, neither of you having the words to say. Mammon understands your silence, but he feels bad that your thoughts are all stuck in your head. He glances over at you with pain in his heart. He didn’t want to do this, deep down, to take you away from everything you had but he needs you. 
He chews on his tongue for a long time, words bouncing around his head to try and find what to say. What does one even say in this situation? ‘Hey, sorry for kidnapping you. I really need someone to help me take down Lucifer to get revenge on him for turnin’ me into a demon. And since I’ve pretty much always loved ya, what better partner than you?. ’ His eyes go wide at the thought and he turns to look at you. 
“I didn’t just say anythin’ out loud, did I?” Mammon’s panicked voice finally breaks the silence. You turn and look at him, confused. “Uhh, no...” Your eyes stay clear of him, avoiding any eye contact. “We’re almost there… Why don’t I get ya somethin’ to eat and we can talk? I-I know your mind’s gotta be movin’ a mile a minute and I’m sorry.” His words taper off, you can hear the regret in his voice. Why was he so adamant about taking you with him then?
You’re silent for a moment, pondering if you really want to eat. Or talk, for that matter. “Yeah.” You muster, eyes trained straight ahead at the road. Mammon frowns, guilt sitting low in his stomach. He’s gotta make it up to you, somehow. He knows how fucked up this is, but his vow to protect you is deeper than you know. 
You pull down a dark driveway, the path leading to a surprisingly nice house hidden behind a thick wall of trees. Mammon pulls up, routinely checking the perimeter before pulling you inside. His haste makes you realize just how dangerous of a situation you just walked into. There was something gnawing at your gut, telling you to escape through the night but your brain shuts out the idea. 
Anyway, you had Mammon back. There was so much you wanted to say to him, so many questions. So many feelings you buried deep down that resurfaced as soon as you saw his face, felt his body against yours… 
"You okay?" Mammon's voice snaps you back to reality. "I-I mean, I know that's a dumb question, but I wanna make ya as comfortable as possible… Anything ya need, I'm your man, okay?" He places a gentle hand on your chin to pull your gaze to his. You melt instantly, memories flowing into your head as you look into his eyes. 
**You looked at the clock just as it was about to strike 3am. There was a knock on your window before Mammon slid his way through. You smile when he finally steps foot inside, scooting over to make room on the bed. Holding out your hand, you tug him to you when he’s close enough. “You’re late.” You whisper, his lips meeting yours a moment later. “Hey, I said I’d be here. I’m your man, remember? I wouldn’t let ya down like that.” Mammon chuckles against your lips, hands landing ever so comfortably on your waist.  “Ya know, your mom is gonna flip if she ever catches us.” He gently pushes you flat onto the mattress, climbing on top of you. “Well then I guess ya gotta make sure you don’t get us caught.” 
Mammon watches your eyes, he can see that you’re deep in thought and almost doesn’t want to interrupt. “Hey…” He whispers, trying to gently pull you back. “What’s goin’ on in that head of yours?” He frowns when he can see your eyes refocus on him. Your cheeks flush, averting your eyes in hopes he didn’t see. “I just… You used to say that a lot.” You whisper, heart thumping in your chest. 
Mammon raises an eyebrow as he thinks for a moment, then smiles. “What, that I’m your man?” He asks, wrapping an arm around your waist. “I know it’s been a long time, but I still am…” Mammon whispers, voice low as if you’re both in a crowded room and he wants only you to hear. “We should talk.” Your tone is just as hushed. He’s silent for a long moment, like he’s trying to process what that really means. All that ‘talking’ entails right now. 
With a nod, he takes your hand and leads you further into the house. 
“There’s a couple other people who come through here, but we’re the only ones home right now.” Mammon explains, leading you down a hallway with multiple bedrooms before finally bringing you inside one of them. You add that to the list of things to talk about. He sits down on the bed and you crawl in next to him as if a reflex told you to. Your face flushes now that you’re this close to him again, the odd mixed feelings hitting you. 
You look into his eyes and there’s an overwhelming sense of comfort, even though there’s something hiding behind the comforting blue hue. “We’re gonna start trainin’ tomorrow, okay?” Mammon adds, like he’s trying to avoid the subject of talking. You stay silent for a moment, processing that Mammon was likely talking about training you to hurt people, or at least defend yourself against people who want to hurt you. You couldn't stomach the thought right now. 
"Did you mean it? Back there when you said you thought I was taking pity on you?" Your face still holds a red tint as the memories flood back from earlier in the night. How natural it felt, how sickly sweet it felt to enjoy that knife blade sliding delicately against your skin. You try not to think about it but your head still spins at the memory. 
 Mammon's eyes widen at your question, mouth agape as he thinks. "I… Well, yeah." He starts, now looking away. "You were everythin' I wasn't… Good with school, with people… Had a good family and friends." He sighs, shaking his head. "And even though I tried so hard not to drag ya down, I always did… Hell, I'm doin' it right now." He laughs. 
There's a snicker by the door and you look up to see a man with purple hair, around Mammon's age peering in. "Are you spilling your sob story to your new recruit? Trying to get pity points to get your dick wet?" The man pouts out his bottom lip. "I don't blame you, she sure is a pretty one." He turns to look at you, a smirk on his face. "Hey baby, if you're handing out blowjobs for pity stories, you better be willing to put out for all of us!" His laughter is short lived.
Mammon disappears from your side at an instant, pushing the other man to the wall with his arm at his neck. "If you even fuckin' look at her without her explicit permission, Levi, I ain't hesitatin' to put your head through the fuckin' ground." He growls, pushing harder on the other's throat. Levi's hands fly up to pull Mammon away but it's no use. "Fucking chill, man…" He coughs, struggling to get his words out. "I'm just messing around, she's obviously yours." There's a slight hint of jealousy in the other's voice as Mammon steps away.
 "Just remember that I don't need you… You're the one who needs me. I won't have ya undermining me. Understood?" Mammon shoots a glare back and Levi nods, though you can see the anger on his face. "Aye aye, boss. Keep your fucking pants on." He huffs and turns to leave, arms crossed over his chest. You sit tucked into the corner of the bed, still trying to comprehend everything that has happened. 
Mammon sees the look in your eyes and sighs. "I'm sorry… He's a fuckin' asshole sometimes. Can I get ya some food? Water? Anything you need, I got it." He whispers, a hand coming to rest on your cheek. It's warm, soft, and you find yourself melting into his touch once more. There's a million conflicting thoughts running through you, it's making you dizzy. After a moment of thought, you shake your head. 
"I think I just want to lay down…" You whisper, unable to muster any more volume in your voice. Mammon feels a pang in his chest, seeing the emotions flashing in your eyes. He's the asshole here, bringing you into his fucked up life like this. "Do ya wanna lay here or in my bed?" He brushes hair behind your heart, voice soft and soothing just like old times. "Um, here is fine." You flush, wanting nothing more than to lay with his strong arms wrapped around your torso again but you're trying so hard to keep your distance. 
This may look like Mammon, the boy you loved with all of your heart, but he's not the same. Something is missing when you look into his eyes, as much as it pains you to say. You can't fall right into his arms again. And yet, you want to. So badly. Mammon let's the silence hang heavy in the air before letting out a low sigh. “O-oh, okay. Yeah, that’s fine…” He clears his throat, trying to ignore the disappointment settling in his chest. Of course, you need space. He should be more understanding… 
Mammon stands, leaving you alone on the bed once again to dig through the closet. He returns with an extra blanket and pillows and kisses your forehead routinely. “Here, I’ll be back in a sec to give ya some clothes okay?” He practically sprints down the hall to his own room, grabbing an old shirt for you to use. “I hope this is okay for now, we’ll get ya some new clothes soon.”
You start to strip without a second thought, pulling your shirt over your head to replace it with Mammon’s. He tries to avert his eyes out of respect, but he keeps glancing over to take small peaks at your body. He feels heat rising through his body and does his best to ignore it, though his cheeks burn a soft pink color no matter how hard he tries to push it down.  
You kick off your pants and crawl under the covers as you feel your energy drain. You’d been running off of straight adrenaline for hours at this point and your body has finally had enough, heavy eyelids no longer able to stay open. Mammon tucks you in, watching the small smile spread across your face. “I’ll wake ya up when it’s time, just relax…” He whispers, pushing hair out of your face. “I’m here’ta protect ya.” And you start to drift off with those words floating around your head.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
It’s not long before Mammon is shaking your shoulders frantically, pulling you from your exhausted slumber. “Get up, c’mon. We gotta go, now!” His voice is panicked, and barely after your eyes open, you can hear why. There’s gunshots coming from somewhere, you can’t tell if they’re coming from outside or in the house but either way, your heart starts to race. “What-” You start to speak, to ask about what the hell was happening but Mammon shushes you. 
“Quiet.” He hisses in your ear, leaning over to pick you up. “I ain’t got time to explain, just stay fuckin’ quiet.” Mammon’s hands come around you, holding you in his arms as if you weighed nothing. You can’t begin to understand what’s happening, still wearing nothing but Mammon’s shirt and your panties, which in any other circumstance would have Mammon going absolutely crazy but right now, he can only worry about getting you out of this situation safely. 
There’s a voice coming from down the hall, deep and menacing the closer it approaches. “Search these rooms, he has to be here somewhere. And find that girl, she’s a valuable hostage.” Mammon’s arms tense as he holds you, anger taking over. He takes a few deep breaths, trying to contain himself because how fuckin’ dare he come here. 
Without another thought, Mammon’s hopping out the window just as the door bursts open, causing you to cling to him. “What the fuck is going on?” You whisper, mostly talking to yourself. Mammon doesn’t answer anyway, only sprinting you to his car with Levi doing the same. “Fuck, man. You lead him back here?!” He shouts over the gunfire, leaping into the car as Mammon sets you in the backseat. “What, do ya think I fuckin’ brought him here with a fuckin’ welcome present or somethin’?!” 
The engine roars, bullets ricocheting all around you and the car. The sound rings in your ear, something you're sure you won't forget soon. “Keep yer head down.” He whispers back to you before flooring in the opposite direction of which you came. Two cars follow you, but they don’t seem hostile, you figure maybe they were other residents of the house. “I guess we’re moving to fucking plan B.” Levi grumbles in the passenger seat, glancing back over his shoulder. “This is your fault, girly.” He glares at you, pointing his gun at your head. 
"Do you think it's a coincidence that as soon as you're brought here, he fucking shows up? I certainly don't think so." You can see his finger move, hovering over the trigger like he’s about to press it before Mammon's elbow comes up and hits his nose. "Do you wanna fuckin' die? Cause you point a fuckin' gun at her like that again and you're dead. No one will fuckin' recognize your body when I'm done with it. Ya got that?" You’ve never seen such anger, such honesty, in Mammon’s eyes. That sick sense of heat flares up deep within you and you curse yourself for it. 
Blood runs down Levi’s face, yet he holds his glare at Mammon. “Whatever, just get us fucking out of here.” He mutters, wiping the blood onto his sleeve. He turns to look at you again, at least this time without the gun. “Hope you’re ready, princess” He spits, malice dripping off every syllable.  
And no, you’re not ready. You’re not sure you ever could be ready for this. But for Mammon? You’ll have to try.
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calicomold · 6 months ago
Leviathan: *Wearing a white shirt*
Lucifer: "Levi, is that a lip mark on your shirt?"
Asmodeus: "Oooh, are you finally getting laid~?"
Leviathan, flustered: "Whuaat n-no way! I'm not a fucking normie! That's just the design of the shirt!!" *hurries out of the room*
Lucifer: "That was MC's lipstick, wasn't it?"
Asmodeus: "Yep, I would know, I gifted that shade to them."
Satan: "Yeah, and the size of the mark was exactly the same as MC's lips too."
Everyone: "..."
Belphegor: "Satan, what the fuck?"
In Leviathan's room
Leviathan: *dipping his lips into fabric paint so that he can make a kiss mark on his shirt*
Mammon, bursts into the room: "HEY, LEVI, HAVE Y-"
Mammon: "..."
Leviathan: "..."
Mammon: "Pfft, what. Are you that desperate for people to think you get laid?"
Leviathan: "It's not what it looks like!!"
Mammon: "Oh, I think it's exactly as it looks like. HEY, GUYS LISTEN TO THIS!"
Leviathan, in his demon form, his tail wrapped around Mammon's neck: "Tell no one or you die."
A few days later in the dining hall
Leviathan: *Wearing the same shirt*
Beezlebub, internally: So it was the design after all. It's rare for both Satan and Lucifer to be wrong about something.
Asmodeus, wiping a nonexistent tear: So my poor brother is still keeping his chastity. I should take MC lingerie shopping one of these days to help these two!
Lucifer: The color seems a little different than before, is it the lighting?
MC: Did he forget to wash his shirt after last time or... No way, Levi can't be cheating on me. Haha silly mind, focus on your food.
Mammon: What's happening?! How come no one is mentioning the obvious!!
Satan, still analyzing Leviathan: No, the size of the lip print is definitely different than before! You can't fool my eyes, I know what I saw!
Satan: Wait a minute, are those his own lips?! Don't tell me! *bursts into laughter upon realization*
Everyone @ Satan: ?????????
A few hours later back in Leviathan's room
MC: "Levi, tell me the truth. Are you cheating on me?"
Leviathan: "No MC, of course not! I would never cheat on you!"
MC, pointing at the lip mark: "Then explain this."
Leviathan: "Y-you're misunderstanding. I... I made this myself."
MC: "You don't need to lie to me, I get it."
Leviathan, blushing: "MC, that's really not it! I'll tell you the whole story if you promise not to laugh. And don't tell anyone!"
A few moments later:
MC: "So you're telling me that you made this lip mark yourself because you were embarrassed to tell others you're involved with me? That is absolutely ridiculous."
MC, now laughing: Oh my god, that's so absolutely ridiculous that there's no way you made it up! Oh my fucking god!! I mean, Diavolo! I can't believe this!"
Leviathan, embarrassed and blushing like crazy: "MC!! You promised not to laugh!!"
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gacha-happy-ending-here · 6 months ago
Obey Me! ❥ Little Hero
a/n: me, falling in love with another au i made? it’s more likely than you think. anyway, for today, the ‘post people didn’t ask for but i’m going to write anyway cus i’m an idiot’ is this post. i just really wanted to write more about the supervillain au so here it is! just some headcanons i suppose warning: character death, 
basic information
so, i was thinking that like? obviously, they would’ve inherited all these superpowers from their parents, right? so who the hell are their parents that they have such diverse superpowers in between them?
well, their mother had the power of mimicry. she could copy basically any superpower if she could have some of their dna. that could be their blood, their spit, etc
she also can change her hair colour, skin tone, eye colour, etc but just not her like actual physical features like the shape of her nose or the pointiness of her chin or something
their father was a super psionic who could read people’s minds, control people’s minds, control objects around him, etc. psionic just means someone who’s mutation has to do with their mind
their mother and their father both had horns so that’s where their fucked up horn genetics come from lol
and then, to explain their varying hair colours and eye colours... well!
when they were born, they actually had normal genetics like their hair or eye colour matched their parents’ hair or eye colour
and then, as they grew older, their hair and eye colours shift a lot until it settles on one (or two) colours and it’s usually not the original colour they were born with 
the only ones who kind of did the whole shifting thing before settling on their original colour was lucifer and kind of belphegor (becos belphegor did get white colour in his hair)
their parents’ theory is that it has to do with their mother’s freaky mutant powers but they’re not sure. their mother’s power had been unstable when she was younger so maybe?
their family was pretty much lower class. there wasn’t really many jobs their parents could take becos they were the face of the rebellion
they subsisted on odd jobs their parents would take in between marches/demonstrations and donations from people who’d support the cause
their parents were super kind and amazing people who tried to make ends work and give them the greatest childhood they could have
their parents also pretty much adopted as many mutant kids as they could which made things harder for them but it was easier when the mutant kids grew up and could provide
lol imagine having eight biological kids (becos lilith is alive in this au and you can pry that from my cold dead hands!) and then like a bunch of other adopted children
they at least had a really big house to live in becos their father’s family was super rich but they only left him the house and then a meagre amount of money
their parents, however, suddenly got assassinated along with several other leaders of the rebellion/mutant rights group while they were assembling to protest another law
it was a law that would force mutants to identify themselves as mutants and to carry some sort of id or something that says ‘yeah, i’m a mutant, here are my powers, here’s my weaknesses, here’s how to get me into a pair of handcuffs should you need it’
which is fucked up and mutants argued that this would make it easier for humans to target them and abuse them
humans argued that mutants shouldn’t fear the law if they aren’t going to do anything that results in them needing to be identified and handcuffed
Tumblr media
i was thinking of giving him the super power of making people fall asleep but then i though! haha! i can give him the power of hypnosis!
so, whenever you stare at his eyes, you get hypnotized and he can mentally make you say or do anything he wants
but like within reason? he can’t make you do anything you don’t have the capability of doing by yourself
like, if you’re a fucked up person and you have it in you to kill someone, he can make you kill someone
but, if you’re super nice and killing someone is against your morals, he can’t make you do it
he can also extract information from people this way cus he can be like write down this specific information and, if you have the capability to do it or if that information is in your head, he can make you
it won’t work if like, let’s say, he’s trying to make you betray government secrets and it’s not in your moral code to do that cus then you won’t
also, using his hypnosis a lot makes him like super duper sleepy right afterwards
he also has a cow tail which he can use to whack people with? but it really doesn’t do anything for him. it just means he has to make holes in his clothes all the time lol
growing up, he loved humans with all of his heart and truly believed what his father and mother spouted which was to fight violence with peace and to react with kindness
however, when his parents were killed, he started doubting
he didn’t want to completely abandon the idea which is why he’s sometimes against whatever lucifer says they should do and why he’s so rebellious against lucifer
but like also, part of him is like maybe lucifer is right...
doesn’t do much outside of their villainy. mostly just hangs out in their lair and takes naps
he’s more of a defence/intelligence person than an offence person so he’s only brought out when they need to gain some intelligence or something but never for attacking
Tumblr media
he’s super fucking strong and he’s super fucking smart. thatse it!
like he could probably crush a piece of coal into diamond if he wanted to 
is that how that works? all i remember is that it takes a lot of pressure to turn coal into diamond
anyway, yeah, his mind is basically a super computer and he remembers everything he reads and sees perfectly. things he hears are a little bit more iffy but he still has good memory
he also has a weird tail like most of his brothers and, also like most of his brothers, he can’t really do anything with it
he’s another one of the brothers that really looked up to their parents and believed in everything that their parents talked about
also, as an intellectual, he knows that fighting violence with violence will just prove to the humans that mutants are the beasts humans thought they were
does lucifer listen to him? no. does it make satan hate him? hell fucking yes
i mean, hate him in that sibling way that siblings hate each other cus, like, you know, as soon as someone actually threatens lucifer’s life, satan is on that shit like white on rice
becos family is kind of the last thing they have and their parents died and satan fears the thought of losing his brothers, one by one
so he’s protective of them, no matter how much he claims they annoy him and that he hates lucifer
he often just wastes his time like reading books in various public libraries that allow him access (cus some are anti-mutant) or he’ll be surfing the net for information
satan doesn’t have any real jobs outside of their villainy either. he’ll try to get some at libraries or in cafes or something 
but he doesn’t keep them for more than a year cus there’s always another anti-mutant asshole that ruins the job for him or gets him fired
he’d like to say he’s used more for information things but like the brothers use him to smash things all the time and it irritates him
satan, probably: all the intelligence in the world and all you wanted me to do is this?? *uses his head to smash through a wall*
Tumblr media
ahhh, the brains of the operation
he completely takes after his father. the hair, the powers, the looks, everything. he looks like how his father looked when he was lucifer’s age
the only thing he doesn’t take after his father for is that he has a pair of black bird wings. other than that, they’re practically twins
that also means that lucifer also has psionic powers
he hasn’t mastered it like his father did but he was well on his way to
his father didn’t have anyone to teach him about his powers so he had to slowly figure it out on his own
lucifer, on the other hand, basically learned almost all his father had to teach him
lucifer can move everything with his mind barring some weight limitations, he can read people’s thoughts if he thought hard enough, he could see through other people’s eyes and he could make people see things that aren’t there
he was supposed to learn more but, then, their father died
when his father died, lucifer took it the hardest becos he was really close to their father. the closest out of their brothers, one could say
lucifer threw himself into trying to find out who killed their parents and, when he found out it was an religious anti-mutant non-profit organization, he snapped
he got tired of humans and how they almost always just took and took and never gave back
lucifer thought that mutants just let humans take whatever. they wanted one of their rights, they just took it and mutants didn’t do enough to prevent them
if that was how humans were going to be, lucifer didn’t want to have peace with them. lucifer thought that, perhaps, it was time for a reign of mutants
usually, lucifer is the one that plans all their villainous exploits
he targets all of the extremely violent anti-mutant organizations, he tries to get secrets into the government to prevent them from passing anti-mutant laws, etc etc
he’ll also order hits on people he knows have a lot of power and who are extremely anti-mutant
Tumblr media
so his power is that he can just eat anything
lol okay, so beelzebub’s power is super speed. he’s just really fucking fast to the point where it’s like he can control time
it seems like he controls time becos he can move a lot in the span of like one second
he can take bullets out of the air or catch a fly for example or literally anything. he’s just really really fast
he also has two fly wings that he can use to fly in the air and, yes, he’s really really fast in the air too
his fastness, however, has one downside and it’s that his metabolism is also very very fast
that’s why he’s always hungry and why he has to constantly eat or he’d get tired very fast
he’ll demolish a whole feast with his super speed lol you should’ve seen how terrible he was as a baby. he’d finish like ten bottles of formula easy
now, he tries to hold jobs but, like the others, can’t because of his obvious demonic 
when their parents died, beelzebub wanted to kind of continue their legacy and make sure that their words were remembered by the mutant rights groups that followed them
however, eventually, lucifer stopped his work and declared that they would be going with a violent revolution instead of the calm and peaceful revolution that their parents wanted
on one hand, beelzebub agreed with lilith, satan and belphegor in that they should do whatever they can to pass on their parents’ teachings
on the other hand, beelzebub is dedicated to his family and he won’t do anything to go against it
so, if lucifer orders that they do something, beelzebub listens and he encourages satan, belphegor and lilith to do the same thing too
now beelzebub just rests at home, does whatever he wants, maybe has a walk where he steals food, but that’s really it
he gets jobs every now and then to earn money but he mostly just waits until lucifer has another job for him
Tumblr media
leviathan has the power to control water, the power to control electricity and the power to control electronics
the power to control water and electricity is simple. he can control both as long as they already existed. he can’t have them appear in the middle of nowhere
the power to control electronics is a bit harder to explain
it’s kind of like he can wave his hand and a computer is unlocked, the data he’s looking for is on the screen, everything is fine and dandy
it also helps with video games cus, usually, he doesn’t need to move his fingers. he just needs to hold the controller in his hand and his mind will get the players on the screen moving
that doesn’t mean he’s any better at video games though lol but he is really good becos of years of practice and not just becos he was born with the talent
it also helps with electronic things like electric doors which he can just open with his mind
the only limit is that he can’t make the electronic device do something it can’t do
like, for example, he can’t make a refrigerator get super duper hot. the refrigerator can only go either cold or room temperature
his powers also allow him to fix electronic devices cus he’ll just put his hand on it and immediately know what’s wrong
he can only manipulate the software though so he has to manually fix the hardware himself
which is what he does for a living. he’s one of the brothers that earns the most just cus he fixes up computers, works information tech stuff, is a freelance coder, etc etc. also, he kind of games on the side lol and he’ll get donations and stuff from fans
he just doesn’t ever show his face so that people don’t know he’s a mutant
he jumps from working at one company to another just cus, sometimes, they’ll ask for his paper work and find out he’s a mutant from his pictures
he’s kind of a switzerland in the family which is that he’ll go with the flow, not really taking a side
if his family is together and everyone is okay, he’s happy
Tumblr media
has the power of emotions loool he’s basically an empath
there’s a rumour that he can make you fall in love with him just by looking at his eyes but it’s actually just his brain making you feel like you’re in love with him
to be affected by his empath skills, you have to be a certain distance from him so like he can’t affect you if you’re too far away
usually, he just uses his powers to make people fall in love with him and give him a lot of money or gifts lol
he has a lot of sugar daddies and mommies trying to get him to marry them, giving him presents and allowances, etc etc but their love for him is shallow
he’s completely aware that, not only is he influencing their emotions, but they’re also in love with his looks and nothing else
they fetishize the fact that he’s a mutant and call him exotic, their own little incubus, and it secretly disgusts him but he can’t do anything about it cus their little (read: big) family needs all the money they can get
that’s where he’s usually at, to be honest. he’s just out there, trying to get money, prostituting himself (kind of cus he’s a sugar baby so sometimes it’s not about the sex), and working for the family
usually, the family doesn’t need him anyway. there’s not really a lot of things they could use his powers for
sometimes, they need him to convince people to do things when belphegor’s hypnosis doesn’t work but that’s few and far in between
when their parents died, asmodeus was very distraught just cus he was really close to their mother. but, eventually, he was also one of the first to get himself out of that depression
asmodeus realised that the world wasn’t going to stop just cus they were grieving and it sure as hell wasn’t going to help them in any way
as for his opinion on lucifer, well... he’s on lucifer’s side. he’s seen first hand, just like a lot of his brothers, how the humans treat mutants
unlike some of the brothers, though, he’s also seen how they treat ‘compliant good mutants who do their jobs’ cus that’s how all his sugar mommies and daddies treat him and it’s patronizing and disgusting and fetishizing
Tumblr media
mammon, i think, was the hardest to think up of something for 
i eventually settled on just giving him her mother’s powers so he has to drink someone’s blood to be able to use their mutation
the limitation of his mutation is that his dna starts rejecting the dna of whatever mutant he tried to copy the mutation from
so he can only use their mutation for a certain amount of time. usually, a couple of hours but less if they disagree with his dna that much
and it takes a lot out of him. sometimes, it makes him feel dizzy and sick
also he can’t turn into them so he’ll still look like himself and he didn’t inherit his mother’s colour changing capabilities
what he did have in exchange, however, is super strength (not as strong as satan but definitely up there lol) and he can mimic the voices of other people
oh, and he has bat wings which he can fly with but, more often than not, he’s not using it and they’re just folded in so he can hide them
when their parents died, mammon just kind of got depressed for a really long time, got snapped out of it by lucifer and then decided that he’d live a life without restrictions
whatever he wanted, he’d get and whatever he wanted to do, he’d do. his life and the lives of his brothers were so short and, though they were powerful, they could be easily snuffed out
whenever he’s not doing chores for lucifer, he’s out doing whatever he wants to do
usually, that means hanging out with asmodeus at rich people parties, going out clubbing, trying out all these various get rich schemes, committing crimes that’ll bring them in some money, etc
he thinks that lucifer has a point and that there’s no way they’ll be able to see freedom in their lifetimes if they’re peaceful
being peaceful is too slow and it might not even work. he thinks that a violent revolution is the only way to go becos violence is the only language that non-mutants understand
he’ll follow his brother lucifer to the ends of the earth, even though he disrespects him a lot
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