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can i kiss you? ♡ x
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the hunger games fandom crawling from its ashes today is my aesthetic
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just a fancy flock doing fancy flock things
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José Eduardo Barajas, Solitario (Windows XP/RM), 2017
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Donna Noble coming back to dw in 2023 like
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i would die for her no questions asked
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I lost my glasses
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Yes; he had done it. She was in the carriage, and felt that he had placed her there, that his will and his hands had done it, that she owed it to his perception of her fatigue, and his resolution to give her rest. She was very much affected by the view of his disposition towards her, which all these things made apparent. This little circumstance seemed the completion of all that had gone before. She understood him. He could not forgive her, but he could not be unfeeling. Though condemning her for the past, and considering it with high and unjust resentment, though perfectly careless of her, and though becoming attached to another, still he could not see her suffer, without the desire of giving her relief. It was a remainder of former sentiment; it was an impulse of pure, though unacknowledged friendship; it was a proof of his own warm and amiable heart, which she could not contemplate without emotions so compounded of pleasure and pain, that she knew not which prevailed.
- Chapter 10, Persuasion (Jane Austen)
- Persuasion (1995, Roger Michell)
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i think the next dracula daily should be pride and prejudice. i want to see tumblr read it like the daily gossip
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cute dorky eren brainrot :(
Tumblr media
highschool!au where eren is having a shitty day and is trying to get through the crowd of people to his next class but then...BOOM! he sees this girl in the crowd awkwardly trying to push through and he can FEEL his ears and cheeks burn
weeks later he walks up to her with a red face and is so fucking nervous.
you turn to see this 6'2 guy with sun-kissed skin and green eyes, hair tied in a low bun...and he's PANICKING. you're worried you somehow did something to this man you've never met so you slowly become nervous as well but then he just is like:
"u-hm hi" his.voice.fucking.cracks
you can see the horror on his face as he turns completely red, but your heart only flutters
"hi" you practically whisper as you strain your neck to look up at him...tho you noticed how his nails are digging into his palms as both of his hands are in a fist
"I'm eren" he avoids your eyes and you only stand there, feeling your cheeks burn at his dorky-ness
"I'm y/n" he gets a warm smile before remembering something and digging in his pocket to give you a little note with his number on it
"y-you don't have to call...it's just-"
"I will" you smile and he fucking dies on the spot
"AYO LOOK AT THE STUD!!!" jean roars as he walks up with connie and sasha next to him
"S-SHUT UP!" he panics again but you only giggle and his soul leaves his body
ps. he takes you to prom and carla takes a photo of you two together and calls eren adorable and he freaks out in embarrassment 
((part 2 where dorky eren has his first time with you))
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pocketclowns · 3 months ago
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☁️ Dreaming of GeitāShima by @eericross ☁️
This is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever seen, and photographs so well! I’m absolutely in love with this Japanese themed island, I can’t recommend more that you go see it for yourself!!
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choiyeonjuns · 7 months ago
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moments where yeonjun kills me (16/20)
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minmoyu · a year ago
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[210415] CQL 陈情令 Game | First Demo (Unconfirmed) Version - Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, Jiang Cheng, Wen Ning Characters
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yangjeongin · 6 months ago
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gif battle w/ @seungs @seungminhos @minhos @yangjeongin BIAS SWAP: haru’s bias (han jisung)
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ALL OF US ARE DEAD (2022)  ─ coming to Netflix on January 28, 2022
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seulgiology · 6 months ago
keep this a secret for me | kim taehyung
Tumblr media
pairings: professor!taehyung x student!female reader
words: 2980
genre: good ole smut and lil fluff if you squint with glasses on
synopsis: professor kim- taehyung, was the man that was going to satisfy your every sexual fantasy- well, that's what you kept telling yourself. every glance, every time he smiled at you, everything about him made you fucking ache. It's actually impossible to tell him this, but maybe he'll do it for you.
he locked the classroom door and sauntered back over to you and looked you in the eyes,
"can you keep a secret?"
warnings: my gawd the SEXUAL TENSION, cursing, age gap (19/28), intended lowercase, mentions of a corruption kink and praise kink, he’s unfaithful lol, they're a lil obsessed with each other, very very very minor dacryphilia and overstimulation, fingering, pet names, tae pretends he doesn't have a sir kink
a/n: admin 1 here :D. this can be read as a stand alone! i should've been working on my final, but instead i spent six hours writing the first (click here to read) and second parts to this two-shot, clown hours open. but these are arguably my favorite fics i've written on this blog, im very proud of them and i hope you enjoy it too :).
disclaimer: This is a work of fiction from our imagination. It is not intended that the plot, theme, original characters, idols, etc. portray any real-life events/people. Plagiarism is NOT tolerated on this blog. If you believe we have copied an existing authors’ work, please message us privately. thank you and enjoy :)
“of course I can,” and you meant every word you said. especially when it came to him, you wouldn’t tell a soul about anything he would tell you- or do to you. but, you wanted to play this game, albeit a bit (read: extremely) anxious.
“but, that of course depends on the content.” you dared, a cunning little smirk up at him, a mix of heat and shivers running through your nerves. he had you right where he wanted and you didn’t even realize it yet.
he accepted your attitude, or you thought he did until he began walking forward, which caused you to walk back. you made a slight noise at the feeling of the cold mahogany desk hitting the back of your thighs- he’s effectively driven you into a corner and you loved it.
a light scoff escaped his lips and he nodded to himself as if realizing there’s no going back now, and he was going to have his fun. chest-to-chest with your body leaning onto the polished wood, he looked over your features for any sign of hesitation. he would not proceed without audible and visible consent. but all he found in those beautiful features were pure, uncanny want.
“for a girl who never talks in class,” he paused there, gauging every shift in your movement, barely smirking and enjoying how you craved his undivided attention. you involuntarily sat more on the desk as his long legs moved to stand in between them.
“you sure do have a mouth on you.” immediately, a flood of something so wet flooded your underwear when he deepened his voice even more and looked at you the way he did. you were at a loss, chest moving up and down with the way you were breathing.
“what’s the matter, baby? don’t have anything to say now?” he chuckled darkly, rolling his eyes with such carelessness. this was the same guy who was joking with his class not even 10 minutes ago?
he reached his hand out and delicately tilted your chin up, his hand hot on your skin. you looked back at him staring you down, such an authoritative figure quite literally had you in his hands. you licked your dry lips and tried to contain yourself as you looked up at him through your lashes. his thumb stroked a soft patch of your skin and he grinned- the shitty lighting of the room couldn’t even take away your beauty.
“you can leave, and we can stop anytime you want-“ he began”
“i don’t want you to stop”
“ah, i'm not done talking yet, y/n,” he spoke to you in that demanding tone he only did when he needed the class to quiet down. but him telling you directly made you ache even more.
“yes sir” you whispered, never breaking eye contact as his hand on your face gripped a little tighter. he was so gorgeous.
sir. that little title shouldn’t be stirring up a reaction out of him like that. but, content with your response, he continued.
“if you do not want to continue, tell me and I will stop immediately. understood?” he cocked his eyebrow as he talked to you in a gravely serious tone, as whatever your response was going to be, it was going to change the trajectory of the next moments.
“i understand,” you said without a moment's hesitation.
“you still haven’t told me your secret, you know,” you were now on the daring side, now that you know his intentions, this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for since you stepped foot into his classroom at the start of the semester. you leaned more into him, ultimately giving him a sign he can come closer.
“i wish i could understand what you do to me… you sit in the back of my class with those short skirts on,” he began, your legs cautiously widening more when you felt his fingertips lightly gliding along the exposed skin. a pulsing feeling ruptured on your clit and he was barely doing anything. he was almost afraid to touch you, you were so small compared to him.
“and you think i don’t notice how you wear those revealing shirts,” his hand on your chin slowly and tantalizingly gliding along the skin above your collarbone- you proved his point with the tanked cropped top you were wearing. his voice was actively losing restraint and his hands trembled the more he felt you. he had to draw this out, not wanting this to end any faster.
but you, you were relishing in it all. you knew he could feel your legs trembling as his ministrations never ceased on your leg. in fact, when did your skirt rise even higher? you were breathing a little heavier than before, too impatient but too polite to urge him on. he slipped his hand up your skirt, cupping your supple thighs along the way, his thumb too close to the seams of your underwear.
“i can't help but think about how you’d look, panting my name on this very desk,” a moan of surprise escaped you and you closed your eyes in unmasked pleasure as his thumb gently pressed against your clit through underwear, and fucking hell were they soaked through and through.
you couldn’t maintain looking in his eyes anyway and he stifled another chuckle at your reaction, really hiding how that little sound affected him and his growing erection. he needed to hear more. so he leaned his body down and forward, causing you to lean back on your hands, one of his own hands supporting himself as he could now press more against you. you smelled so amazing, like vanilla and blossom flowers.
now having better access to you, his cold fingers took too long sliding the material of the underwear aside. you were watching his hand where it was winding its way up your skirt the entire time, shaking in trepidation and your leg slid up more on his waist, your nails audibly scratching the table the longer you waited for him to slip-
we’re words you both said at the same time, that feeling of both his middle and ring finger in your cunt was indescribable and the cold of his rings against your inner thighs was a major turn on in itself. and the squelching sound it made was absolutely filthy. he fucking loved it. he relished in the fact you looked deep in his eyes as he curled his fingers up into the soft spongy part of you, your legs instinctively trying to clamp shut. god, you were so fucking wet.
“i see the way you look at me like you want me to fuck you in front of everyone,” he breathed right before he left a hot kiss on your neck, one of your hands reaching up to hold his head there, softly gripping his tufts of hair. you couldn’t control the whimpering, biting your bottom lip and squeezing your eyes with the feeling of his fingers pumping in and out and in and out and-
“fuck, taehyung, please” you cried, now using your other hand to hold onto his shoulder, now supporting your entire weight on his strong form. he ignored your plea, continued pressing his lips to your soft skin, and flicked his wrist a little faster. he figured out you were sensitive there, your neck; you’d moan a little louder whenever he kissed there. so he kissed harder, sucking a bit on that specific spot you gripped his hair on, needing to hear you say his name again. and you did, much to his enjoyment.
“all of this is for me? your practically creaming already and i’ve only given you my fingers” he whispered in your ear, teasing you even more, living in the sounds your cunt made as you soaked his fingers. he sped up, he needed you around his cock now.
your body jolted on its own accord with his speed, full-on moans now poured out, and as much as he was going to come in his own pants from hearing it, he also couldn’t exactly be fired because of it. so he kissed his way up to your lips, effectively shutting you up. and you tasted wonderful.
you could cry, he was making you feel so so so good and now he had to top it off with kissing you? it was messy and sloppy, filled with no meaning, but you thought it couldn’t get better until he carefully pulled his fingers out of you and rubbed your slippery and sensitive clit. your eyes shot open and he pulled himself off of your lips.
“not too loud okay? you’re doing so good for me already, can you do that for me y/n?” he knew what he was doing when he talked down to you in that teacher's voice as he watched a tear fall from your eye and smiled at you in that chilling way. you were already so close. you nodded your head, but he wouldn’t accept that.
“ah ah, i need words baby,” he slipped his fingers back into you, your hand slapping against your mouth to cover your scream. fuck, what was he doing to you?
“i, shit- i understand,” it was pathetic, honestly. and he couldn’t wait any longer. you almost didn’t feel his hard length pressing against your thigh, your cunt squeezing his fingers now that you realize how close it is to you. you wanted to cum so bad, but you could wait, right?
he removed his fingers from you once again, and pushed himself back away from you, rising to his full height. you collapsed on his desk, spent from just his fingers. he looked down at your perfect body for about 10 seconds, taking in how sexy you looked breathing heavy and clothes messed up. it killed him he couldn’t have you in his bed-
his wife. shit. shit. shit, how could he forget! but looking down at you, he remembered how he wanted to feel you wrapped around him, and in that instant, all thoughts of his woman at home left him at once.
he reached next to your head where your hair splayed out and pulled out a condom, smoothly getting to work on it. and you watched him, couldn’t believe this was happening to you. he watched you watching him as he unbuckled his belt, you reaching in between your legs to touch yourself. everything he did made you want to combust, what type of power did he have?
you sighed out of content now that you rubbed your sore clit, thinking about how he will absolutely destroy your pussy soon. and he did not disappoint with his length. as soon as he pulled his slacks down to his knees, his girth slapped back against his stomach, the thought of that fucking you was driving you insane. you were lightheaded after watching him roll the condom down, his pretty hands on his pretty cock, you were absolutely delirious.
“that’s it,” he encouraged after you began fucking yourself on your own fingers, your other hand tugging on your breast through your shirt as you arched your back. it was a sight to behold, he could watch you like this for an eternity, pleasuring yourself in front of him with his desk materials everywhere around you. shit, you were making a mess out of yourself right now. he unbuttoned his shirt in haste and tossed it to the side, trying to figure out when it became so hot in the spacious room.
you didn’t stop as his large hands ripped your flimsy underwear and lifted both of your legs to his slim waist, his steaming skin against yours; you had to stop when he took your hand and stared you hard in the eyes as he sucked the juices off of them, your whimper overtaking you before you could hold it in.
“you moan so pretty for me baby, can you keep doing that?” he distracted you with that question, his tip just slightly teasing your entrance, you’re eyes already fluttering.
“hey, hey, eyes up here,” he pressed his weight on the back of your knee and you suddenly came to the present, just about to blackout from the edging.
“yes sir,” it was so weak and soft and he needed more. and when he pushed in, he surely got what he wanted. you were so tight and warm and wet he almost had to slip back out. you gripped his hand holding your leg and bit your lip, trying to not moan too loudly. the more he pushed in the more he felt you and the deeper he got. god was he going to go mad. the feeling you felt in your core, in your stomach, it was felt so good, and he was getting so fucking deep.
the sounds of his breathing mixed with yours made it an intense experience when he finally pressed his hips flat against yours. he began to love looking down at you, and you were so fucking wrecked. you looked back up with so much fearful anticipation, he knew he couldn’t hold back, not with you. you needed this. and he was going to give you everything.
“remember what i said alright?” was the last thing he said before he pulled out and rolled his hips in hard. fuck fuck fuck fuck. you didn’t realize you reached your hand in between your legs and pressed against his happy trail, wordlessly telling him it was already too much. he scoffed, letting it stay there, it was fueling his ego that he was already making you feel this good.
he kept that pace, not too slow, but hard, and deep thrusts. he was big and long enough to hit the perfect spot inside of you, effectively moaning his name like a mantra every time. you squeezed him so deliciously too, it was like you were sucking him back in, never wanting him to leave every time he pulled out to push back in. and damn he was close to coming with the way you felt. you looked at him once and whimpered so wantonly, and begged him.
“tae please, more, i want more,” you had no restraint on what left your mouth, and didn’t care either.
he gripped your hips and moved faster with more fervor now, adhering to your cries. his own low moans now mixed with yours, and he swore he felt you cream. he looked where his body met yours and he was right- a white substance now coated his cock and you were trembling so badly.
“you’re such a pretty girl, making a mess of yourself on me. doing so well, taking me so nicely,” he spoke to you, toying with your breast under your shirt, your hand on top of his. you whined out for him, your pussy being abused now with his other hand rubbing fine circles on your aching and neglected clit. you arched your back, wanting him impossibly deeper, wanting to feel him coat your walls and claim you as his.
“and i’m going to fuck you up so badly baby, you don’t even know it yet,” your professor whispered to himself, his hand now finding its way around your neck, your eyes shutting and body shaking; you were so so close. you were panting now uncontrollably, squinting your eyes to see his chest sweating, and his face already focused on yours.
“i wanna cum so badly, sir, i cant-“ you cut yourself off, your breath hitching when he began pounding into you, finding a rhythm that satisfied you both. and the sounds of skin slapping skin, his moans now getting louder than yours, he was making you feel absolutely euphoric. and you just kept calling him that name.
“say it again y/n” he grunted out, his hands now finding purchase on your waist, your legs now wrapped around his as he changed his angle a bit. you could barely even comprehend what he said, your eyes squeezing so tight you started seeing white. he fucked right in that perfect spot, and you just wanted more and more and more.
“sir, please,” you sobbed, you were at your breaking point and he knew it- cause he was too. you looked like a goddess in his eyes as he gazed down at you; pretty face scrunched in absolute ecstasy, one hand on your clit, the other gripping his wrist. he commanded you come for him, authority oozing from his tone of voice and you just had to comply with a broken cry of his name. he didn’t expect to see a few more tears fall from your eyes or the delicate strings of your release connecting to him.
he clumsily placed his hand on the table, the other lifting your leg even higher as he fucked his release into his condom, grunting out your name and a slew of curse words. the slight overstimulation made you scratch at his back but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the look on his face as he came in you.
he pushed into you weakly a few more times, milking everything out of you, needing to drag the moment out even longer. he gently rested your legs back down, not caring about the crumpled papers under you. he was panting, chest moving up and down, and he finally slip out of your soaping cunt, missing its warmth already.
as he began taking some tissues and pouring some water on them from his water bottle to clean the mess he made, he spoke to your fatigued body. mirth in his tone, but dangerous lust in his sharp eyes as you watched him in dazed wonder.
“if you can keep this a secret, i’ll tell you another one”
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Man addiction.
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toji who sees you laying on your stomach on the couch and slyly moves behind you. he taps the side of your hip and gently commands you to "lift up for me, honey." as soon as you lift your hips in the slightest he's already pulling your hips up to meet his. you feel his dick getting harder as he trails his fingers up the arch in your back to your neck and gently laces his fingers around it. he swiftly pulls your back to his chest, then puts a hand down your panties. as his finger skillfully swirl your little clit around, he asks, "you want me to fuck you, hon? hmm? c'mon, pretty girl, i'll fuck you real good. i just need you to say 'yes.'" you're so stunned that you can't really answer for a while. everything is moving so fast, but that's ok with toji. he'll just keep asking you if you want him to fuck you over and over until your dumb little brain finally responds and allows you to verbally respond with the barely-above-a-whisper "yes, please." you always respond to him with.
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