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I’ve seen a lot of people’s takes on how King Creativity would look like if he was to come back somehow. My take may not be a king but… yeah I got nothing, this boi just don’t have the royal touch. 

My idea of how he’d come back was if during the split only the two most extreme branches of creativity (Good & Bad/ Light & Dark) were what was splitted off of him (along w the smaller aspects he had developed like Ego and Nightmares) into the creatitwins & that he didn’t have enough things to embody so ended up in a sort of cryostasis within Thomas’s mind and that he was only able to come back because of his new role of Neutral Creativity and Obscurity. 

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Patton never liked being alone in the imagination.

Not because it was actively scary or anything, no, he adored going on dates with Remus there.

But because he knew things were hiding within it.

Roman had dealt with those things many times, one of them had wound up following him out.

Virgil had dealt with them, to, but never to the extent that Roman had.

Patton, Patton never wanted to go through that.

He remembered sleepless nights when he was a freshly formed side, when his only responsibilities were emotions and to be full of love and sunshine.

When he was at the mercy of morality.

He was in control now, yes, but the responsibilities were terrifying to him now that he knew what they meant.

He knew Romulus was harmless now of course, and he had no intention of causing an issue with him.

But Romulus’ prescience in the mindscape.

Brennan’s ability to impersonate and imprison Virgil for several weeks without even one side noticing.

It scared him.

It made him question what else might be lurking there, what might be able to return from it.

“Pattycake you’re making your worry wart face again,” Patton let out a small help as Remus pulled him back into his lap, calloused hands moving to grab at the fat rolls accentuated by a crop top.

“Mouse! that tickles!” Patton said, grabbing Remus’ arms and bursting into a fit of laughter.

“Good! I wanna hear you laughing! No thinking, only pretty little Patton giggles!” Said Remus, now moving to attack Patton’s neck, earning a shriek of laughter.

“Ok ok! I’ll stop thinking!” Patton said, proceeding to cross his eyes. Remus lay his forehead on Patton’s and followed suit.

They like that for a while, until Patton was struck with a sudden jolt of terror.

“Pattycake? What’s wrong? What happened?” Remus had sat up before Patton jolted forward, narrowly avoiding a forehead collision.

“Bad feeling-” Patton said, latching to Remus’ arms.

“About?” Remus prompted.

“Something in the imagination- I- I think-” Patton’s breath hastened.

“Its him isnt it?” Remus’ eyes widened in understanding.

“I have to go check- Remus please I cant let him get in here like the others- please-” Patton tried to fight his way past Remus, and with enough shoving, finally broke off.

The imagination was cold and dark, just as he remembered his room had been when he was younger.

“Dad? I know you’re in here.” Patton tried his best to put on a brave face.

“Oh? Dad am I? I thought I told you to call me Father.” Patton stiffened as a growl sounded from the house.

“And quit grimacing. You look better when you smile.” Doyle stepped out from the shadows. He looked exactly as Patton remembered him.

Blue sweater, gray tuxedo jacket, gray dress pants, Patton could almost smell the sawdust.

“I dont take orders from you anymore.” Patton’s voice was quivering now, it was one thing to talk to a disembodied voice, but a completely different thing for it to for looming over you.

And it was even harder feeling leather come in contact with flesh.

Patton wasnt sure when he got back to the mindscape, only that his face felt v e r y numb.

“Pattycake! What the hell happened in there!” Remus was worried, that wasnt a good sign.

“I-I cant feel my face- he- Remus what did he do to my face?” Patton said, trying to get a look at his reflection in any nearby surface.

“Oh you poor thing…” Remus said quietly, scooping Patton up into his arms.

“I’m taking you to Virgil, me Roman and Romulus will handle my bother-in-law,” Remus said, before sinking out.

DOUBLE BUBBLE DISCO QUEEN- HEADED TO THE GUILLOTINE-” Virgil’s P!ATD karaoke session was cut off by Patton and Remus’ sudden appearance in his room, and punctuated by a scream.



Roman and Romulus had arrived on the scene shortly after Virgil’s declaration of terror.

“Patton what’s on your face?” Virgil had already rushed over with a kit, Patton flinched as he ran his hands along his face.

“I dont know- he said I needed to smile more and then I just- blacked out-” Patton said, flinching every few words.

“Hold on… He? What do you mean he?” Virgil moved his hands away for a few seconds.

“That’s what I need Ro and Ru for, the in-laws are back,” Remus said, he and Roman shivered slightly.

“You go after him, I’ll fix all this nonsense-” Virgil said, pressing something wet to Patton’s face.

It was heaven when all the wire was finally removed, but Patton’s face was now coated in blood, and holes.

“I wotn be able to fix it all, just think of it as new freckles, and try not to move your face to much ok?” Virgil said quietly, Patton merely nodded.

He went to bed in Remus’ arms secure in the knowledge that the hyenas they considered like children were feasting on the bones of a man who never put thought into the feelings of other people.


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I’ve seen a lot of varying interpretations for what the original creativity would look like. But allow me to introduce:

Shape Creativity

A creativity made up of varying shapes and colors. the only part that isn’t shapes is the hands, and that’s only because they’re made of felt like he’s some sesame street pal. I imagine he wouldn’t really have a name, just be called “Kid” or “Creativity”.

This wouldn’t be creativity w/o hints to Roman and Remus snuck in a smidgens. ;)

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Thomas: I mean… while we’re here… Romulus and Remus should try it…. but I don’t even know where the others’ are and if they’re even marked…

*Romulus and Remus both do that and the same thing happens*

Logan: Yeah theyre most likely not mar- *notices the other two* Oh come on!!

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This is my present for the lovely Ari (aka @sandersarefamily)! They requested some creativitwins adventures which I was more than happy to do :D. I would also like to thank @sanderssidesgiftxchange for creating and hosting the event, it was a lot of fun!

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Virgil could hardly remember when or why it happened, just that he’d gone to bed one night with Roman’s arms wrapped around his waist, and woke up with a second set beside the first.

He’d wanted to scream when he saw Romulus, until he realized the white-sleeved arms still around his waist, and felt Roman’s breathing blowing his hair gently.

“What the hell is going on?” Virgil whispered,just quiet enough to wake the two up.

“What do y-” and Virgil felt himself being pulled off the bed, Romulus still just waking up, so he knew it was Roman that had pulled him.

“Wait a minute- why am I-” Romulus began to speak, he was wearing a confused expression, which was odd, Virgil had never seen him confused before.

“There was another split- that has to be it or I’d be unconcious-” Roman whispered, Virgil looked frantically between the two.

“But why! Why would there be a split! I thought everyone was happy!” Virgil finally spoke again, mind racing.

“Oh nononono baby everythings fine- I’m alright, sometimes it just happens, you’re alright, everythings ok,” Roman was quick to pick up on the signals, and judging by the worry on Romulus’ face, he’d noticed to, but hadnt wanted to voice it.

“I’m going to check the imagination’s library for answers- dont. Move.” Virgil wrenched himself away from Roman, and looked between him and Romulus. Save for color schemes and eye color, they looked bear identical, even Remus had more difference than this.

Virgil had walked alone in the imagination many times, but he hadnt gone back since Remus had been accepted, after all, who knew what changes might happen from that.

And he found out soon enough when something hit the side of his head.

He woke up tied to a stake, piles of hay scattered across the floor underneath him.

“Oh great, I’m finally getting tried for witchcraft.” Virgil murmured.

“I’m imaginary by the way so this isnt going to be as effective as you’re hoping,” he continued, stiffening as he heard a very familiar laugh.

“Oh Virgil, this isnt a trial, this is an execution,” a man with stark white hair and green eyes stepped out from the shadows.

Brennan,” Virgil snarled, now actually making an attempt to break his bonds.

“Its really unfortunate that no one remembered where I was, first Janus cant keep me quiet anymore, and then Remus’ guardsmen disappear completely, it’s as if I’d never been imprisoned at all,” Brennan said with a laugh, striking something on the hay.

“Now I know you wont die of course, but you’re going to suffer, you’re bound here, and those chains will only get tighter the hotter they become,” Brennan said as the fire began to rise, Virgil could feel the sting already.

“What about when I’m summoned hm? Itll look suspicious if I show up covered in flames or melting or not at all,” Virgil retorted, coughing as he felt smoke enter is throat.

“Oh Virgil, so naive arent we,” and Brennan was no longer upstanding before him, instead replaced by a near identical clone, save for one thing, his hair was more blue than purple.

“You arent going to get away with this!” Virgil tried glfrantically to stamp out the fires and break his bindings, only for it to begin rising faster.

“Oh I find that very doubtful,” Brennan said with a grin, before disappearing.

It seemed like hours had passed, hours of excruciating pain and misery, it made Virgil wish he truly could die.

And then it was over, he felt something swing at the ropes, and he collapsed.

“That bastard,” came Romulus’ snarling voice.

“He split us because he knew youd run off!” And there was Roman’s, sounding annoyed and exasperated.

“Where is he?” Virgil muttered, voice dry and hoarse from smoke inhalation.

“Remus needed to practice taxidermy,” Roman said, shrugging.

“Can we get you back together?” Virgil said quietly.

“I actually think- I like- not being in charge of ego and confidence anymore, I like just being romance and creativity,” Roman said quietly.

“And I like not being an evil garbage pile,” Romulus replied with a laugh.

“So what does this mean for us?…” Virgil said, turning to Roman.

“Do you mind sharing?” Roman said with a tilt of his head.

Virgil thought for a moment.

“No, not one bit,”


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Patton was always excited when it came to dates with Logan, Logan was so kind and sweet and gentle and passionate, and he always made Patton feel safe on dates.

But even more important was how good he was at planning them, every little detail was exciting and there were always so many things to look at.

Tonight, Logan had set something up in the imagination, it had taken the form of an enchanted forest, almost like it was in space.

“Lolo you’ve really outdone yourself, this is beautiful,” Patton said, smiling as he ran his hands through the leaves of the trees.

“I thought you might like it, but it’s not done yet, I’ve got something special set up further in,” Logan said.

“Oh really?” Patton said, smile broadening.

“Mhm, I think you’ll enjoy it quite a lot actually,” Logan replied.

And soon enough they came upon a clearing, a table was set up in the center with dozens of types of food and drinks.

“Lolo!” Patton gasped, clasping his hands together over his chest.

“I knew you’d like it,” Logan said, running his fingers through Patton’s hair.

“You’ve really outdone yourself Lolo,” Patton said, leaning his head against Logan’s shoulder.

“Well, shall we?” Logan asked, gesturing to the table.

“I think we shall,” Patton replied.

It was all going well for so long, until the forest suddenly went dark.

“Lolo? What’s happening?” Patton grasped around until he found Logan’s hand.

“Stay close Pat, I’m not sure yet,” Logan replied.

“Oh isnt this a pretty sight? So sorry to crash the party, but the imagination is closed today,” a loud and commanding voice sounded from the woods.

Romulus,” Logan growled, Patton looked up at him with surprise.

“You know him?” Patton said.

“Oh of course he knows me, he helped create me,” Romulus said with a grin.

“What!” Patton squeaked.

“We’d both been reading the story of Jekyll and Hyde, it was only meant to be an acting performance, Roman wanted to go for realism,” Logan said all to calmly.

“For someone so smart, Logan, you dont have a lot of common sense,” Romulus said with a laugh.

“Logan’s got plenty of common sense! Plenty more than you’ve got!” Patton said.

And then his throat felt cold, almost frozen.

“Is that any way to talk to your king?.” Romulus snarled, Patton tried to respond, but he couldnt seem to speak.

And then he felt himself falling to the ground, he couldnt seem to control his own actions anymore.

“Patton? Patton can you hear me? Its gonna be ok Pat-” and then Logan went quiet as well.

“You know, I’ve already got a prince and a duke, but that hardly makes up a proper court,” Romulus said with a laugh, and then Patton finally saw him.

Dressed in black and red,with bronze accents throughout, eyes an odd mix of charcoal and blood red, grinning as though he’d received the best news of his life.

“But I still need an alchemist and a gentleman-in-waiting for my prince,” and then everything went dark.

Patton’s head felt fuzzy when he woke up. Looking down he saw that he was dressed in same blacks and reds as Romulus, though his outfit was composed of a black vest with red accents, a white long-sleeved polo shirt, black pants, and black boots.

He looked around, and saw, sitting in front of a vanity, none other than Virgil, dressed in a black dress, with a blood red choker around his neck.

“Virgil?…” Patton approached him, Virgil looked almost dazed.

“Are you here to help me get ready?” Virgil said in a monotone voice.

“Ready for what?” Patton asked.

“Romulus and I are getting married, remember?” Virgil replied, as though nothing was wrong with this sentence.

“Oh- Uhm- of course, but I just have to stop by the alchemist’s first-” Patton said.

“Oh, ok,” Virgil replied “have fun,” and Patton was racing off.

He flung the door open to a nearby tower, and there was Logan, dressed in robes of red and black, looking just as confused as Patton felt.

“Oh Lolo thank goodness nothing’s happened to you yet-” Patton flung himself into Logan’s arms.

“Patton- are you alright? Nothing’s happened? He hasnt hurt you has he?” Logan said, moving his hands over Patton’s body, checking him for injuries.

“I’m alright- its Virgil I’m worried about- it’s like hes been locked in some kind of- trance- he said he and Romulus were getting married,” Patton said.

“Well that’s obvious, Romulus calls him his prince, and we’re trapped in a castle with very obvious roles, clearly, Romulus is trying to rebuild the imagination into a kingdom of his own image,” Logan replied.

“What are we going to do?” Patton asked.

“I dont know yet, but itll be alright, I promise, now go help Virgil get ready, if hes already fallen under some sort of spell its likely Romulus knows what happens in his room, it’s best not to get in trouble for not being there,” Logan said, Patton merely nodded, and tried his best to keep from crying as he walked away.


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Romulus: *Exists*


Remus: 👁👄👁

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Is it me or do we just all accept that King Creativity looks like this

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hey,,, sorry,,,

the song is love like you be rebbeca sugar

words: 356

contents and warnings: angst, hurt/no comfort, grieving, character death mention (the split), possible kingceit,

ao3 link


Janus let the silent tears fall from his face as he tightly held the old photograph against his chest.

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King do be lookin like a bit of a pirate tho

I did this over any other looks so I wouldn’t have to shave ngl

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hey @5am-the-foxing-hour i heard you like kingceit so have some i’m sorry for the end

note: i’m sorry for throwing shade at the people who called janus gilbert

words: 287

contents and warnings: og creativity (named romulus), tooth-rotting fluff, then at the last moment pure angst, kingceit, 

ao3 link


Deceit pouted to himself as Romulus laughed, after a moment romulus just chuckled silently to himself before wrapping his arms loosely around deceit.

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