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thedustyshehnai · 7 months ago
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Look after you- The Fray
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mattieishomo · 8 months ago
i love him. so much, more than anything. and i’ll love him for as long as my soul exists. i’ll love him through any life i have to live. we might not be ready in this life and if we aren’t then i’ll wait for him in another. i’ll wait for as long as i have to. all i know is that, whatever end my soul may meet, i want his soul to be the one that meets it with me. he’s all i’ll ever want. he’s my person, my soulmate. i don’t call him mi alma for nothing. i just hope we’ll be able to find each other again, in one of the lives after this.
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damselindistressme · a month ago
I know you won’t read it but I have to let you know-
The day I met you was one of the magical days of my life. When you looked at me and hugged me it was like you and I had a connection in past life and to me it was like I found my home in you. Sitting by your side in silence looking at you is my peaceful thing to do. Hearing your voice everyday even when we don’t have anything to talk about still makes me happy for rest of the day. Seeing you smiling in video calls I keep taking pictures of you and when I miss you I look at those pictures. You have no idea how much you make me happy. And how much I love you.
I am so great full to the Universe that it sent you in my life. I don’t know whether we are endgame or not but you changed my life in a good way and I’ll always keep you in my heart for the rest of my life. ♥️
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thesarcasticpacifist · 9 months ago
I hate arguing.
We don’t do it often so we’re no good at it.
Our times apart are hard.
But when I finally landed in your arms I felt everything melt away.
All my anger and frustration.
All my confusion and tears.
The world around us grew quiet.
The air was easier to breathe.
My heart quickened and slowed simultaneously.
Your arms are where I’m meant to be.
You’re my home.
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glorfys-glorioushair · 2 months ago
Who knew listening to Billy Joel while writing Spy x Family fanfiction could be such a mood
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a-poets-muse · 5 months ago
Moving house
Leaving the one place I lived
And knew
All my life
Was simple
An unexpected nothing
Because of you.
Leaving the only place I ever thought could feel like home
Where I learned to walk, talk, drive
Where my loses and wins
All of my living memory
Leaving it
Felt right
Because of you.
I didn’t leave home
I left a campground
I didn’t leave my family
I moved on with my family
Home had not been home for years
Because of you.
My home
My heart
My life
It all feels right
I feel complete
Because of you.
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eru-lloyd · a year ago
idk probably erwin whenever I liked/rb-ed/read fics other than “erwin smith x reader”
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sheismyhealer · 8 months ago
A te véleményed számít egyedül.
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cowboydiaz · a year ago
I'm thinking about Billy Joel ! Buddie again and @morganofthefairies @achillestiel and @bi-as-folks I'm going to make it your problem tomorrow so good luck in advance <3
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meep-meep-richie · a year ago
Saturday video is done🤩
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hot-cherri · 2 years ago
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then-i-saw-you · 4 years ago
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kitamars · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
interview shenanigans except you get one brushed-over marriage announcement (by accident) and then a 30 minute argument about sliced bread
original post here:
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quigley-yy · 6 months ago
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Listen. they were a little. A LITTLE BIT. Yk.
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soulinkpoetry · 6 months ago
I want to blend with your waters….become one with you.
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queerhalo28 · a month ago
Harry placing “Love of my Life” right after “boyfriends” for the tracklist is the literal embodiment of “you’ve got my devotion but man I can hate you sometimes”
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stilinski-void-04 · 6 months ago
“Can we rewind it back to the ‘I’m lame’ part? Cause you are not” “No, thanks. No, yeah, I appreciate it. I’m not saying I’m lame…”
Tumblr media
“You are amazing. You are amazing.”
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adhd-peterparker · 6 months ago
Ned: Here’s your birthday card!
Peter, opening it: Aw, thanks Ned
Peter: Did you handwrite asdfghjkl ily?
Ned: And I meant every word.
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thisiswhereikeepdcthings · 5 months ago
I'm kind of surprised that I haven't run into any fics yet where Tim's parents bring something Super Cursed back from one of their archeological digs and either Baby Tim or Robin Tim has to deal with the fallout. Have you/your followers ever encountered one?
I haven’t seen any like that but now I’m very interested
Anyone else seen something along these lines?
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magpie-trove · 2 months ago
I’m becoming a firm believer in the idea that parents should not go around telling other people the faults of their children no more than they think their children or friends should go around telling other people their faults
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