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More gays from my old ass sketchbook 馃憦
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a Texas girl gon tear it up every time! a Texas girl gon be A WHOLE DIFFERENT TYPE OF FINE EVERY TIME! a Texas girl gon WOW u every SINGLE time!!!
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may you become hornier and hotter this year
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emily and lou being weird rakish royal bird cousins and riffing off each other, finishing each other鈥檚 sentence, and making all my dreams come true
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I let my Discord Server Make a SBI Comic (Part End)
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Previous Part
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May we have a small ivorycello please. for pride month 馃ズ馃憠馃憟
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happy pride month to her!!!
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gilded morning
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ot7 x reader but Yoongi focus, domestic!bts I suppose, y/n is afab聽
genre: smut, lil bit of fluff
an: the Yoongi spit kink/being ot7 was all in my dream the rest I filled in bc I could not stop thinking about how the dream might have ended if my cat didn't wake me up :/
content warnings: making out, grinding/dry humping, hair pulling, spit kink, edging, fem fingering, Yoongi gets possessive in a very lowkey way, technically public sex (they鈥檈 in the living room but no one else directly is)聽bratty sub!reader x Dom!yoongi, Yoongi likes to play with readers tits, good old fucking (p in v), unprotected sex (dont do this),dirty talk, mentions of pretty light subspace, aftercare, Yoongi is worried he literally broke your back, (playfully) jealous maknae line.聽
A dense, warm arm presses over your chest, cushioning you against a solid body. The feeling is comforting, almost more so than the buttery soft sheets underneath your back. You can鈥檛 quite remember which one of your boyfriends you ended up falling asleep with last night, but the heat radiating off of him had you snuggling into him further. Your neck is titled at a weird angle but it鈥檚 not enough to bother you yet, just simply enjoying the closeness for a few more moments.聽Having just left the grips of sleep, it takes a few minutes for your brain to catch up to the feeling and realize that the arm belongs to Namjoon, who is snoring on without a care in the world. You would love nothing more than to spend the rest of the morning wrapped up with him but the incessant urge to pee is enough to get you slithering out from underneath his arm. His dark eyebrows furrow at the movement but he must be too sleepy to get up, as he simply clutches the sheets where your body had just been. You land a kiss to his forehead before skittering off into the closest bathroom in the house with a silent promise to be right back.
Hoseok is already there, occupying space in front of the mirror with a hand tugging through his sleep-mussed hair. Lean torso on display and sweatpants riding low on his hips, he turns around once he spots you in the mirror and immediately wraps you in his arms. He ruffles the hair at the crown of your head out of habit-a relic of the time where you still all insisted you were just good friends- and traces nimble fingers down the back of your neck in a way that has your spine tingling. You momentarily forget about the pressure in your bladder and seek out his lips, kissing him languidly as you're both still in the process of waking up. It鈥檚 a slow, sweet kiss until Hoseok nips at your bottom lip, pulling a needy keen from your chest. He giggles, nose scrunching cutely as he scratches at the back of your scalp causing you to melt into the touch.聽
鈥淗obi, please,鈥 you whine, although you don鈥檛 really know for what. The stirring in your stomach has grown more intense. He seems to know this as well as you do, if the teasing smile on his face means anything.聽
鈥淚 have to take a shower, baby, but Yoongi and Jin are in the living room,鈥 his voice is low, making your stomach flip even as he detaches himself from your body and turns the shower on. Only slightly disappointed, you finally pee and wash your hands as he strips and steps in, steam already fogging the glass. You feel better now, lighter, but the stirring Hoseok started is still a quiet buzz as you head into the living room to seek out the other two who are awake.聽
Jin and Yoongi are sharing the loveseat with the console in the middle, which was often a point of contention for the fact that it made cuddling more difficult. Yoongi is asleep, reclined in the seat with his hands folded on top of his stomach. The sight makes you giggle, despite the increasing desire in your bones. Jin is reclined in a similar state but awake, watching something on his phone as you approach with no warning and plop yourself on top of him.聽
鈥淛innie,鈥 You immediately coo, burying your face into his neck and pressing a lingering kiss there. The video on his phone pauses and his arms wind around your body, hand immediately slipping underneath your shirt to rub up and down your back. His body is warm and solid beneath you, your legs on either side of his hips as you snuggle into him. Your hips rock against his and you feel his chest rumble with a low moan. The hand rubbing your back moves to clasp your hip, encouraging your movements as he meets you halfway, cock beginning to harden. He groans, plush lips parting in a filthy display as his hair splays against the headrest of the loveseat. You can鈥檛 resist the urge to nibble at his neck, emblazoned by the growing wetness between your legs.聽
鈥淏aby...鈥 Jin tries, voice strung out as you suck a bright red mark to the junction of his neck and shoulder.聽鈥淧etal,鈥 he tries again, firmer this time, tugging on your hair lightly to turn your attention his way. His grip on your hair has your eyes watering, mouth hanging open out of instinct. Your hips continue to wiggle against his own, the press of his cock right up against your slit making you feel dizzy even with the layers of fabric between you. Eyes finally leveled with his own, he heaves a sigh and shakes his head.聽
鈥淣eedy little baby, I鈥檓 sorry,鈥 he begins, and you feel your heart stutter at his apology. Your pussy throbs in need as you stop grinding against him. He looks pained as he grabs for his phone and shows you the time.聽鈥淚 have an appointment at 11, baby. I have to go get ready.鈥 His face scrunches at the idea, feeling just as disappointed as he knows you do. You let out a long, loud whine at the idea of being denied release from yet another one of your boyfriends. Jin softens, kissing your hairline, and wraps his arms around you to maneuver you into the seat he was previously occupying. You鈥檙e feeling stubborn, face flushed because you know you鈥檙e being childish but you just want to cling onto him for a few more minutes if you can.聽
Fingers drum over your back, and for a minute you think it鈥檚 Jin continuing to persuade him off of you, but then Yoongi鈥檚 gruff voice fills the space behind you and you know he鈥檚 awake. Your heart expands at least two sizes as you finally relinquish your hold on Jin and clamber over the console to sit in Yoongi鈥檚 lap.聽Jin kisses your cheek quickly before he goes, shooting a grin to Yoongi as you鈥檙e already starting to wiggle in the younger mans lap.聽
Yoongi鈥檚 eyes sparkle with mischief and you grin, feeling hot under his gaze. Wordlessly, his hands slip between your legs to feel the sticky mess between your legs. If he hadn't been the third one to wind you up, you might have been embarrassed, but the only thought in your mind now was a desperate need for relief.聽
鈥淵oongi, please,鈥 your hips are moving over his hand without prompting, already knowing he was going to make you work for it. With your hands free, you plant them on his shoulders for better leverage. Sparks of pleasure rip through your stomach at the way Yoongi鈥檚 thumb circles your clit. Your head spins as a long needed release starts to approach under the work of his fingers, orgasm whispering its close proximity.聽
鈥淵oongi, I- I鈥檓-鈥 Cruelly, he yanks his hand away from you, ripping a strangled cry from your throat at the loss of sensation. It was far too early for him to play these kinds of games with you, but his cool expression told you you would be in for a long ass ride.聽
鈥淟et鈥檚 get this off,鈥 his instructions are simple as he rids you of your t-shirt before crawling his fingers down to the waistband of your shorts; pulling them down with your panties in one go. It鈥檚 a struggle to get them off of your legs because of your position, but Yoongi supports you around the middle as you lean back and throw the garments somewhere behind you. Yoongi is still fully dressed, black t-shirt just slightly disheveled.聽
鈥淥ff, please, Yoons,鈥 you tug at the waist of his own shorts, frustrated at the lack of skin to skin contact.聽
鈥淗mm, needy baby this morning, y/n?鈥 He teases, capturing both your wrists in one hand to stop your movement. You nod ferociously, hoping he would take pity on you. He just grins, a lazy, gummy smile that makes your veins thrum with anticipation.聽鈥淲ords, love, or I can鈥檛 give you what you want.鈥澛
鈥淧lease take off your shorts,鈥 your voice is meek, worn out from the morning already.聽
鈥淲hy should I do that, love?鈥 Yoongi was enjoying this, taking his time to tease you as you writhe naked and desperate in his lap. Frustration is making your brain muddled, and you whine pitifully as you rut your hips against the meat of his thigh. You briefly wonder how long he was awake while you were wrapped up in Jin, how long he had been plotting to make you suffer like this. Frustration turned into anger as he remained still under you, that cocky look on his face doing nothing but infuriating you when you were this needy and you can see the full outline of his cock just inches from where you need him.
鈥淔ine. I鈥檒l just go find Hobi.鈥 You huff, wiggling your wrists out of his grasp and going to make your way off of his lap. Deceptively strong arms wind around your back, pulling you back down into his lap with strength that made your pussy throb. You still under his hold, slightly smug at the fact that that seemed to have struck a nerve with him. Seeing that you weren鈥檛 going to leave, Yoongi wasted no time to yank at your hair, sending a tingle of pain and pleasure across your scalp. As if your mouth hanging open wasn't enough of a giveaway, the rush of arousal that leaves you at the pull reveal just how much you like the pain. You can feel your resolve slip under his hold and Yoongi chuckles, leaning up so that he can whisper into your ear as his free hand creeps up to hold your chin.
鈥淵ou and I both know he can鈥檛 give you what you want right now,鈥 his fingers creep further up, curling around your bottom lip to hold your mouth open. Spit pools in the back of your throat and Yoongi tuts, nipping at the skin right underneath your ear as he continues to talk.聽鈥淚sn鈥檛 that right, baby? I鈥檓 the only one that knows what you really want when you hang your pretty little mouth open like that, right? Everyone else thinks it鈥檚 fingers...鈥 he licks at the shell of your ear,聽鈥渙r cock...鈥 he pushes himself into you just right, allowing you to feel the full weight of his cock pressing into your now bare pussy.聽鈥淏ut it鈥檚 none of that, is it baby?鈥
You try to swallow but his fingers keep your mouth open, trembling under his intensity. Another tug at your hair sends all thoughts of not answering out the window.聽
鈥淗mmmpf,鈥 You slur around his hold, tongue running over the tips of his fingers as you finally choke out what he wants to hear. 鈥淪pit in my mouth.鈥 You make out with surprising clarity, not that it mattered, since Yoongi knew exactly what you needed already. He was the only one you had ever admitted your little indulgence to. Not out of embarrassment, but mostly out of the fact that you had solid evidence he shared the same feelings.
Finally satisfied, he lets go of your lip and you take the moment to swallow as he lays the top half of your body over the console, just enough that you have somewhere to lay your head that allows him to hover over you. You feel triumphant when you see Yoongi take a deep shuddering breath to calm himself and stand up, shedding his clothes in one go. His cock stands to attention, thick and pale, as perfect as you remember it to be every time. You feel yourself go loose at the sight of it bobbing in the short few steps he makes over to you. Although the angle is a little weird, he situates himself over you on the loveseat, your thighs trapped under the weight of his pelvis as he leans over top of you. From this angle you can see all of his hair falling around him, the longer dark locks driving you near to insanity with just how perfect he is.聽
Two long fingers tap at your mouth and you open it obediently. Yoongi鈥檚 eyes darken and you can feel his cock jump against your stomach. The waiting is the worst, but soon a thick, translucent glob of spit is descending from his pretty pink lips and before you know it it鈥檚 landed in your own mouth. It鈥檚 warm and your eyes water at the feeling paired with the satisfied look on his face. You swallow, head spinning, and Yoongi leans down to give you a sloppy kiss, all spit and tongue and you love it so much that you almost miss the way he begins to swipe the head of his cock against your clit. You keen, trying to shift your hips enough that he can slip inside but Yoongi is far too busy with attacking your tits, lapping at one of your nipples and simultaneously pinching the other. You know that once he gets into a groove he鈥檚 hard to dissuade, so you let yourself enjoy the sensation of him sucking your nipples into hard peaks that he can play with to his hearts content.聽
鈥淵oons,鈥 you gasp at a particularly hard bite. He smiles around you, eyes scrunching up mischievously as you squirm. In his moment of distraction you鈥檙e able to snake your hand between your bodies and wrap your hand around his cock, catching the pre-cum at the tip and dragging it down his impressive length. You love the way he feels under your touch, soft skin and pulsing veins that you cannot ever get enough of. He detaches from your chest, cursing loudly at the feeling as you work him faster.聽
鈥淔uck, baby, that feels so good,鈥 he gasps, pushing his hair back off of his face, the sheen of sweat he鈥檚 worked up making him look ethereal above you. His jaw ticks as you palm at his balls and he growls, pushing your hands away from him as he heaves in a breath.聽
鈥淣uh uh, baby. M鈥 not cumming anywhere if it鈥檚 not inside you.鈥 Your stomach flips at his words and before you even have time to beg, he鈥檚 pushing two fingers into you. His face shifts into one of concentration as he works you faster, scissoring his fingers for the sole purpose of stretching you open for his cock.聽
鈥淒unno how you're still so tight, baby. Every time,鈥 he grunts, running a free finger over your clit experimentally. Immediately you鈥檙e keening, the feeling of his hands working you closer to the orgasm he denied you earlier making your toes curl. He crooks his fingers just a bit, keeping up his steady pace to abuse your g-spot. He鈥檚 so bulky, hovering over you as his arms flex and bend to bring you to the edge. Your walls clench around him and he groans, swearing to himself.聽
鈥淪queezing me so good, baby. Are you gonna cum on me? Get my fingers all wet?聽鈥楽 the only way you鈥檙e gonna get my cock in you. Come on, sweetie.鈥
鈥淵oongi, I鈥檓 gonna cum-鈥 He simply nods, hair falling forward, and the small gesture he gives as he鈥檚 absolutely wrecking you sends you over the edge, cumming so hard your vision goes white. After an entire morning of being built up, the release makes you sag into the loveseat, body singing with relief. Yoongi marvels at the mess you made, groaning at the taste of you on his fingers as he slips them into his mouth and sucks them clean.
鈥淭aste so good, baby.鈥 He traces his hand down your side, grounding you with the gentle touch as you recover. When your senses come back to you, the sight of Yoongi鈥檚 cock stood at attention against his stomach, angry red at the tip, pushes you back into action. Your legs part to beckon him back in, and he sucks in a breath at the sight. He grasps his cock in his hand, stroking himself a few times before he refocuses on your face.聽
鈥淎re you okay, baby? Sure you can take it?鈥澛
鈥淵es, Yoongi, please. Just fuck me already.鈥 The whiny tone of your voice makes him chuckle as he leans back down, hand on his cock to help him guide into you.聽
鈥淪o mouthy, baby, what are we gonna do with you?鈥 He coos and smothers you with a kiss as he begins to push into your pussy, the stretch familiar and welcome. You鈥檙e still sensitive from your last orgasm but desperate to have him inside of you as he鈥檚 finally sinking in.聽As you become too lost in the pleasure to return his kisses Yoongi resorts to laving at your neck, surely adding bites that will bruise by nightfall.聽
No matter how many times you took him or any of his bandmates, the stretch still took your breath away as he pushed himself in to the hilt. Yoongi groans at the feeling of your walls fluttering around him, balls snug against your ass as he adjusts to the warmth.
鈥淵ou take me so well, baby. Fuck. You feel so fucking good.鈥 A throaty groan fills the air as he plants his foot onto the couch and snaps his hips. Pleasure shoots through your stomach, the feeling of his cock dragging along your inner walls setting you alight. The slow pace is just enough to let any whispers of oversensitivity to disappear and leaves you quickly wanting more.聽
鈥淵oongi, ple-uh,鈥 you stutter as he hits your gspot with perfect precision. You swallow thickly, trying to choke out your request. His hand grips your thigh tightly, squeezing the flesh as he continues to fuck into you.聽鈥淔aster, Yoons,鈥 you finally spit out the words and he heeds them immediately.
鈥淔aster? Hmmm, needy,鈥 he comments, readjusting his grip on your thigh to open you up more to his cock.聽His pace picks up immediately, the speed of his hips pushing you further up the console of the loveseat. Your hands flail, finding purchase on his wide, pale shoulders. A constant string of moans fall out of your mouth, which only spurs him on. Yoongi smirks, and without warning, leans down and spits directly onto your clit. Although you certainly didn鈥檛 need more lubrication, Yoongi knew exactly what the sight would do to you. He runs circles around your clit and you see stars.
鈥淗oly shit, fuck. You鈥檙e so hot,鈥 your voice cracks, in complete disbelief of his behavior. Your orgasm is fast approaching again, making your veins feel electric as Yoongi works over your clit relentlessly. Your walls clench around him erratically, and he smirks to himself at the feeling.聽
鈥淣asty little baby, clenching around my cock just because I spit on you.鈥 He growls as he leans down, changing the angle of his hips to somehow be more punishing as tears escape without your permission.聽
鈥淎we baby, don鈥檛 cry.鈥 He reaches for the wetness of your face, abandoning his grip on your thigh and wiping away the tracks. If it聽weren鈥檛 for his cock ruining you, causing the tears you could have chalked the moment up to sincere concern. Your stomach burns with anticipation, orgasm cresting so fast that you can barely warn him before it washes over you. You cum with a scream that doesn鈥檛 even sound like your own, all your worries washing away with it as you enjoy the floaty bliss. Yoongi grunts, chanting your name in a giveaway of his own high approaching without relinquishing his work on your clit.聽
鈥淐ouldn鈥檛 even tell me, oh fuck, that you had to cum, huh? So fucking good, baby, I鈥檓 gonna fill this cute little pussy right up for you,鈥 Even in your hazy state you can tell he wanted to say more, had more nasty thoughts running through his head, but he cums before he can get to them. The hot feeling of his cum flooding your pussy makes you feel light headed again, body instinctively sparking in arousal again even as Yoongi stops his movements.聽
Yoongi slumps against you, spent and breathing heavy as he slowly drags his cock out of you. Disregarding the mess between your legs he goes right for you, dragging a calloused hand over the perimeter of your face as he starts to coax you back down.聽
鈥淗i, baby,鈥 his breath fans across your face, a gentle reminder that he鈥檚 actually there, and a dopey smile stretches your lips as you start to come back to your senses. He kisses you deeply, sweetly. A kiss that has no intent other than to comfort and worship you as you recover from your morning.聽
鈥淵oongi,鈥 you finally find your voice again, and although it鈥檚 hoarse, Yoongi responds in praises.聽
鈥淲e have to sit you up, baby, your back is probably sore.鈥 He sounds apologetic, but you honestly hadn鈥檛 even noticed the twinge in your back until he began to pull you upward, into his lap. More of the mess between your legs leaks out and you whine, embarrassed by the feeling now that you鈥檙e mostly out of endorphins. Yoongi simply shushes you, holding your body close for the warmth he knows you鈥檙e craving. He speaks to you in slow, dulcet tones until you can finally respond with more than noncommittal hums, and carries you gingerly to the bathroom where the shower is already running. He washes you off under the hot stream, sharing giggles when he examines your back for any evidence of bruising or breakage. Yoongi pulls you to his room, shutting down protests from the youngest three boys about not getting to see you yet today, and settles you into his bed for a long overdue nap.聽
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The Catholic and The Beast鈩
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yes that's something that franky would do
Tumblr media
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Nick Nelson having his bisexual awakening after being attracted to both Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom is true representation
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Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh going for the Olympic gold medal in kissing is the only reason I鈥檓 alive right now
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Ameen to that.馃槆馃檹馃尫
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Best wishes
Tommy wants safety and a home. Techno took his home and is besties with his abuser :) Bedrock Bros crumbs am I right lmao (c!Tommy's POV)
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