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he must have been fantasizing about me as I slept, because it was like his energy manifested in my dream. In the dream I was just laying down on a bed in a room by myself (I’ve been dreamin a lot lately about bein in/comin into a new place/home), and then he appeared out of nowhere. but he didn’t appear fully, it was like he was a ghost. he was a hazy white, I could see thru him, and his outline was white too. And he was making out with me laying on the bed, and I felt every bit of it and was just as pleased, but it was like I wasn’t responding all the way, because he wasn’t fully there in the dream. he wasn’t solid or tangible, it was like he was just…only energy, or a figment of my imagination. but he kept going, and I was aroused and… lols vocally expressing that, but it was like I couldn’t do anything back. it was interesting….maybe he was awake thinkin of me while I slept, or maybe I was just fantasizin about him even in my dreams 🤔. idk which one….

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You know those thoughts, emotions that almost seem to haunt you? 

I felt your nod - ‘yes’

Well you’re in luck. October (the eeriest of all) is the month to face them. 

Channeling energies under the 10th month, alongside the opening with a full moon, provide us with a time of potential existential growth. 

But in order to truly grow, to finalize the foundation for the end of the year, you must face all that you have carried to this point. 

From there ask yourself - ‘what serves my life, what doesn’t?’ Sit with this if necessary, grab a notebook, record yourself venting - anything to release what has built up. 

Do not fear.

Ironically all that is hovering over you, is all that you’re holding on to

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The signs as Bath & Body Works fall scents
Aries: spiced apple toddy
Taurus: pumpkin pecan waffles
Gemini: leaves
Cancer: white coconut caramel
Leo: white pumpkin
Virgo: mahogany teakwood
Libra: sweet cinnamon pumpkin
Scorpio: frosted cranberry
Sagittarius: marshmallow pumpkin latte
Capricorn: cinnamon caramel swirl
Aquarius: pumpkin apple
Pisces: sweater weather
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